Joe Rogan on the Police Officer/Wrong Apartment Shooting


4 years ago



Ari Shaffir

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Did you hear about that lady? It has nothing to do with that. But she just got convicted today of murder. She walked into the wrong apartment. Oh, a cop, right? Yup, she thought this guy was in her apartment. She shot him and killed him. She said, let me see your hands. Yeah. And from his point of view, it's like, who the fuck are you? Let me see your hands. Yeah. And she shot him. I didn't hear that part, but I just know that she shot him and murdered him accidentally. She thought he was in her place. Yeah. She, yeah, it's a tough. I heard her, like, crawling in the stand. Oh, yeah. And it was like, damn. But it's just like, I don't know. Why do you keep going and shooting? Right. I mean, I just don't shoot. Right. Did the guy run at you? Yeah. It's like, ah. Like, when do you shoot someone if you find them in your house? Is the training wrong? Why unarmed people are getting shot? It's not even like, hey, get out of here. Let's get this sandwich real quick. It's not even like that. I mean, you got it wrong. At very least, you got it wrong. Well, I've said this many times, and I think the vast majority of interactions that people have with police are positive. There's no problem. Yeah. And that's why you don't hear about them. But you hear about one every now and again. That's just because there's 300 million people. And if you count up all those one every now and agains, it seems like there's this fucking assault on unarmed people by cops. Those stories you're listening to over statistics. It's people that suck at being a cop. Yeah. Especially girls. No offense, ladies. But you're physically weaker. So you could get that gun taken from you. Someone's in your house. You live by yourself, maybe. And you see this guy in your house. And you're so terrified. Because it's like a monster. Like a big man is like a monster to a woman. Yeah. And then at the same time, that dude is in his apartment. Now he's dead. So that's also not great. Oh, it's terrible. But like. You're not supposed to just shoot people. Yeah, you're not supposed to shoot people. In her eyes, if she really thought that she was, that's why I don't understand how it's murder. Like what's the accident? Isn't manslaughter like accidental shooting? I don't understand any of that. How's it not manslaughter? Yeah. Do you know? I just was following the story a little bit. I remember for some facts from a few weeks ago that there were a lot of, there are at least three or four things in place here that like made it not seem like an accident. Like the door, for instance, the door in those apartments, I was reading like it shuts automatically. So I think she said it was like unlocked or it was kind of open. And everyone that sort of knows about that apartment, it's like, that's not possible. This door shut on. I'm actually behind you. You would have had to open the door physically. How could she open the door? Maybe it didn't shut all the way. I don't know. I don't know. I think they had a relationship maybe too or something like that. What? I don't know. I might be misremembering the facts. Oh, listen, you can't just say that. Let's Google this. Let's start Googling. I heard the guy she shot was a new Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Oh, and I heard you that. And he denied her that dick after a while. It's like no more dick for you.