Joe Rogan on Bert Kreischer's Dance Video


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Ari Shaffir

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But you're going to experience. I'm hoping that Bert and Tom both say that we cheated already because we're smoking some glass and we're good. Dude, the first year. I'll take everybody to dinner somewhere. Somebody said kombucha. They were like, kombucha are cheating. I was like, guys, do tell me right now if this is cheating because I'm done. Yeah. It's cool. I'm out. One of the great things about our contest is there's no real ramifications other than talking shit. You know, like Bert came in last, but what happened to him? What happened to him? Nothing. Nothing. He just talked. He just talked shit and then dealt with no repercussions. We all knew that we couldn't lose to Bert. That was that was a massive motivating factor for everyone, including Tom. Remember when Tom came back and he ran 13 fucking miles? He was done on injury. He was done. Well, he's sick. He got really sick. Yeah. Yeah. And he came back and the day back, he ran 13 fucking miles to try to catch up and he did catch up and pass him. And Bert was like, what are you doing? I thought I was winning. I thought I was going to win. Let's have a dance. What are you doing? What are you doing? I thought I was going to win. What about the, is there a belt this year? No, the belt stays. Second belt. I feel like there's no belt because it's not a competition this year. This is the problem. The problem, we're going to explain this folks on the sober October podcast, which is right after this. But the problem is we, none of us have the time for the competition. I can't go crazy. Why? What's different from this year to last year? I'm too busy. Is question. Yes. Is your schedule not exactly the same as it was last year? More podcasts for sure. Are you doing more podcasts? Yeah. More podcasts and other various activities outside of the podcast. And then the heat that I took from my family, like my kids didn't see me for a month. Yeah. That's why I thought I had some sort of chance. You guys had to be home, but I forgot that you guys also have gyms in your home. Yeah. I have a full gym. I had that 24 hour gym I would go to. That's pretty dope. Yeah. On the way home from Selah, that's where I got some nice points. Yeah. That's a good move. Well, you, when you first figured out that you could just watch a movie and that that distracts you enough to do cardio and you can get some pretty good numbers. I was like, oh, that's pretty smart because that does distract the shit out of you. It makes it way easier. Yeah. And then the workout would just be the movie that I watched. Dude, I'm already high from the cigar. I feel like we're out. I feel like we're out. I'm just hoping Tom and Burke come in and smell it. What? You guys smoke cigars? You guys smoke cigars? I didn't know we were doing the cigars as well. Oh, you guys are out. Oh, let's just win one. We'll stand on the platform together. First place. We don't have to compete. Let's have a dance off for first place. Come on. Dance off when he was talking dance off, I was like, he's just going to take his pants off. I know what he's going to do. And then he did that video and that's exactly what he did. He took his fucking pants off. That was what Big J did. Fucking first two years in a comedy when he was said he was terrible, he would do the pants off thing. Good move. And now it's a birth doing now 28 years in a comedy. Yeah, you should stop that. But people get mad if he doesn't take a shirt off. I know. He's a trap. I would be mad too. If I went to see Bert Kreischer his final time doing stand up in my city. What's the matter? That is loud. It sounds like there's a fucking tornado in here. Does it? I can hear it through the headphones. Is it because there's fucking cigars? I know. Damn, I got a head rush off the cigar. That's what I'm saying. We're high, dude. We're cheating. We're fucking for sure cheating. I don't know what I'm going to do, dude. This whole fucking, the Yankees are going all the way. I'm going to have to fucking go to Yankee games. We're out. We're getting hot. We're getting hot. We're going to take a drug test right now. We're getting levels of nicotine. We should be doing so, bomb Dr. Ober. We really should be going for it the other way. Switch it up. We can talk to those guys into it. Let's just switch it up, you guys. Some whiskey meals. Really go hard. Yeah. Mushrooms every other day. Yeah.