Joe Rogan: Ever Seen a Jaguar Tripping Out On DMT?


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Sturgill Simpson

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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan

Joe talks DMT

Joe ''your brain produces DMT during REM sleep'' Rogan


The other movie you guys have to see on the road? Grizzly Man. Have you seen that? The documentary? Yeah. Yes. The greatest unintentional comedy in the history of comedies. What could go wrong? What was the thing you showed us yesterday? Bear. Is that where it's from? The 80's movie? The Bear Eats Mushrooms? When he eats the mushrooms? Yeah, it's the Bear. I hadn't seen it, but maybe have you seen that? No, there's a movie about a bear who eats mushrooms. Jamie, look up the scene on YouTube. Yeah, it was 80. You gotta look it up. What is this movie about? Holy shit. It's about a... Yeah, dude. You can Jamie just say, holy shit. You gotta look at this thing. You gotta look at this thing. This happened. Yeah, but this is happening. Oh, these are Amadita mascaras. When I was a kid, this was fucking terrifying. Yeah. He like sees a butterfly or something and he's tripping balls. So this is a nature documentary. Well, it looks like a real bear though, so we're not sure. They did... I mean, I don't think that's what the bear is seeing. Maybe the bear's taking a nap, bro. Oh, this is hilarious. That Amadita mascara mushroom is a weird mushroom. That's that one that they think is... That's from the John Marco Allegro book, The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross. He attributed that to the birth of Christianity. Makes a pretty good outfit though. Yes, it does. The Santa Claus outfit. Fuck. Or the Pope. Yeah, the Pope. Yeah, there's a lot of connections between mushrooms and ancient Christianity. It's fucking really interesting stuff. Holy shit, what are we watching? This is what the bear is seeing. This is the bear. Bear's tripping balls. Bear's tripping balls. They glued a butterfly to him. He loves it. Look at that. You know that butterfly's not really there? Oh, it is real. Yeah. Oh, God. Who's that? Well, you ever see the jaguar tripping out on ayahuasca? Jaguars eat the... Either they eat... The pork. They're either eating the harmene or they're eating the ayahuasca vine. One of the two. It might just be the harmene, but whatever they're eating is having some sort of a psychedelic effect on them, and the jaguars eat these leaves, and then they're just lying on their pupils are dilated, and they're tripping balls. Like, obviously tripping balls. Like, to see a jaguar rolling around on the floor in the middle of the jungle after eating leaves. It's very strange. You've never seen that? No. Young Jamie, please. He's already got it. I was trying to find out what that movie The Bear was all about. I just found it. It's from 1988. What is it? I found the whole movie. I don't know. It's about the life of a bear. I don't know. It's a kids movie from France or something. It's a kids movie. I mean, Alison Wonderling. Find a jaguar high on DMT to trip. You watch this jaguar eat these leaves. Here it goes. Go full screen, young Jamie. Go full screen. Look at him. He's tripping. So this jaguar, he seeks out these plants, eats them, and then he's just lying there like, whoa. The thing about the people that take that ayahuasca too is they see jaguars. It's part of the vision. I wonder what they're doing is connecting to some jaguars that are out there tripping balls too.