Joe Helped Nate Bargatze Get Onstage the First Time


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Nate Bargatze

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Nate Bargatze is a standup comedian and host of the "Nateland" podcast. His latest comedy special, "The Greatest Average American," is streaming on Netflix.


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So when I started I moved to, actually I have a story with you about first starting. You were responsible for basically the first time I ever went on stage. I mean, almost in a comedy. I think Zany Chicago might have been the first actual club I went to. Is that or the comedy store? So I was friends with a buddy of mine, Josh Baker. He was in the band Prom Kings. Do you remember a band? I think yeah. And so we came out to LA to stay, hang out with him. And he, and so they knew you. And so this is, I mean, I think it's 2003 or 2004. And I've been to a comedy maybe a year. And so we come out and then you invite us to the show at the comedy store. So we come watch you. We sit in the front row. I remember all this stuff that's like a nightmare as a comedy. Now what do you think back? Then I didn't care. Had you been thinking about doing it already? I already started. I moved to Chicago. I was in Chicago with like Hannibal and Pete Holmes and TJ Miller and Kumail. Like that was kind of the group that was in Chicago. So we went from Chicago to LA to go just visit. And so we hung out with them. We go to your show. You introduced them at one of their shows. Because I guess you were good friends with these people or with the band or you like this band. And so you introduced them. And I remember I talked to you afterwards. Like we were like at the show and I'm like talking about comedy. I'm trying not to be, I'm having a new comic. So I don't even really know what to ask. You were very very nice. And then we go watch you and then you said you're going to go up at the comedy store. And I was like it was when you had to sign up for the open mic the week later. So you signed up for the Monday to go up the next week. And I was like well I was like I'm not going to be here. And you go I'll call. And then you got me on stage. You called and said hey he's just in town doing this. I'm a year comic. Look at this. It worked out. It worked out. They brought me up and they go this next comic is one of Joe Rogan's best friends. I mean the other comics are just furious. And I was like we met him last night. He's a very nice guy. That's a funny thing man. Those little like nudges and like little pieces of good like criticism or good you know a praise from a comic when you're starting out. Like that can go so far. I remember to this day like Lenny Clark. I'd done stand up. I'd done it for like a year and I'd gotten paid one time before. This is the second time I ever got paid. And I opened up for Lenny Clark in Pittsfield Massachusetts. This was after I think I've done this show. Really. Yeah. Is it Jay's Jay's in Pittsfield. Was it in a hotel. I don't think so. I've done a Pittsfield mask. It was like a nightclub. It was it was like one of the best road gigs. Like everybody get it. It was a three hour drive from Boston but it was one of those road gigs where everybody would get excited. And this was after Lenny had been on HBO. He was on the Roddy Dangerfield Young Comedian special. Whatever Ronnie called it. And so see just being around him was crazy. And then opening for him was even more crazy. And then after I got off stage he was like kid you're really funny. Like with that crazy Boston accent. Man that powered me through like years. Through years. I was like oh man I'm doing this. Like I'm I'm never quitting now. Like Lenny Clark said I'm funny. Fuck. Yeah. I'm good. It's the it's the it's gigantic. Like that was you doing that at that time. Hey I knew the comedy store but it's not like I even really. And then it was like going to New York and then be like I've already done the comedy store. And even as they open mic it was just I saw the world and I got to see the world and then talking to you at that the band. You were just talking about going up and like you got to go up like you know stuff that you say to comics. But it was like stuff that I didn't know at that time. And you realize you know that that's enormous. Yeah that's enormous. I did that Pittsfield mass gig. Because I was in New York. I opened up for Tony V. Oh I love Tony V. Yeah. And they I was the host. Got paid 500 bucks. It was crazy. Like I was like this is crazy. I've never been paid 500 bucks for a gig. It's packed sold out. I mean you just murder. And I thought maybe it wasn't a hotel. I don't remember. My wife who and me was a big night. They gave me 500 bucks cash. I end up later on that night I lose the $500. It just falls out. So the night goes from this amazing night with my wife for 500 bucks to now we're in a fight. And I and but I mean I still think I tell her every day because at the time I was like you ever going to remember this $500. Like I always kind of live by that motto. Like I'll get another $500. I bring it up still. I mean it's been 15 years. I still just go. You remember that $500. Like just to make that point. 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