Gad Saad: The PC Madness of #particlesforjustice


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Gad Saad

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Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing at Concordia University, and an expert in the application of evolutionary psychology in marketing and consumer behavior. He is the host of "The Saad Truth with Dr. Saad" podcast, and the author of "The Saad Truth about Happiness: 8 Secrets for Leading the Good Life."


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There was a gentleman. I just covered him on my on my YouTube channel. I Don't know who he is. His name is I think Noah Carl. He's a young I think postdoc at Cambridge University Who from all I know it, you know is a very reasonable gentleman who had been invited to speak at a conference on intelligence and because of that a bunch of folks decided to put together an open letter Arguing that Cambridge University should not hire this guy and so on this has now become the the standard way by which Debates are our resolve you you signed these open letters So for had another guy on and you should definitely check this guy out. His name is Alessandro strumia He is a physicist. Do you know this case? No, he's a physicist at University of Pisa Who is also a was a research scientist at CERN the the Nuclear Research Center in Geneva? He was invited to speak at a gender and theoretical physics conference everything is about identity politics and Of course the narrative was going to be you know, women are discriminated against in physics and you know, we need to help them, you know Improve their lot in physics and so on so he got up and he presented Bibliometric data. So let me just for your viewers explain what that is bibliometric data is Data that quantifies science. So for example, if I want to know Which discipline cites which other discipline I will look at citation patterns across disciplines does economics ever cite physics as physics ever cites Economics, right? So bibliometric data is a way to parameterize science And so what he did is he looked at for a given job in physics If a woman gets a job versus if a man gets a job, how many citations did they have? Citations basically how many other people have cited your work when you published it? So you and I might have have published 50 papers each, but you've been cited 10,000 times I've been cited 2,000 times therefore your work is more influential even though we've both published the same amount of papers and He showed through very objective data that for a given position women were getting the jobs at much lower citations Well that was construed as terribly offensive terribly sexist, you know Nazi like and so over 1600 scientists using the the Appalachian particles for justice. I'm not making this up. What you can go Particles for just young Jamie can check it out Yeah, and you can you can read their letter and it includes I think one or two of your former guests who? Have become a very anti fan of anti fan not Antifa Because to me they're they're sounding like intellectual cowards and fools who are these people? I think one of them is Sean Carroll You know that is I think he's gone sure he's been on several times Yeah, so he's on that list and I don't know I don't want to misspeak But I think maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson is on it, but maybe not so that one that one I'll hold off on that one But definitely Sean Carroll is on it because I've even tagged him and I said hey come on my show. Let's discuss it So the letter was basically it starts off and it says we will not tolerate that someone within our community I'm paraphrasing will question the humanity of anyone based on their race their gender their gender orientation He didn't know such thing. All he did was report Bibliometric data to either support the contention that women in physics were being discriminated against or not That should not yield in an open letter that Chastises him in the way that they did now the only thing that he did incorrectly in my view and he's admitted to it He came on my show recently At one point during the presentation he showed his bibliometric Profile versus two other women that had gotten a job over him So he personalized it and right and in doing that some people thought that that was inappropriate and that's fair Maybe it's not a nice thing to do to present you know Your CV versus someone else and a public conference maybe we can discuss that but the idea that we can't use bibliometric objective scientific data to either prove or disprove a Narrative is insane and yet 1,600 people decided to sign that letter that does seem ridiculous, especially when it's an accusatory narrative there you're accusing people of sexual discrimination and then the Scientific data shows otherwise exactly, but they're looking for a quality of outcome, right? They're looking for an equal amount of female physicists. He's not amount and that's You just you're not gonna get an equal amount of people interested in it So then you what you really have to show is you have to determine that there's been something that's holding those people back From achieving that goal. There's some sort of a concerted effort to keep women out of that field That's what should be demonstrated and when you demonstrate that I think here's the here's the glass half full version of that You're looking at that blue bibliometric data What that shows is that people are encouraging women to get into this that it's the opposite Right that instead of them being held back They're actually they're they're looking to even out the playing field and help these women along The problem with that is then it makes it look like the women aren't as capable as the men So they're not as effective as the men with their work and you know, that's bad for everybody That's bad for women and for men It's bad for science because it makes it look like you're not being objective, which is what all we want Every everyone who's not a scientist like myself What I want more than anything is to know that you're if you're a scientist I want to know that what you're telling me is a fact What I don't want is your own political spin on that fact because you don't want to be criticized at work by radical feminists or radical leftists or any people that might in some way potentially Miskinstrew your actions and your thoughts as being sexist or what or fill in the bike homophobic transphobic Whatever whatever the fuck it is that you're scared of I don't want to hear that what I want to hear is that you're looking At reality, right? There are brilliant women out there there's brilliant men out there and a lot of those brilliant women choose not to do the same fields as brilliant men and As long as no one's holding them back That shouldn't be a problem. The problem is got to be in someone being held back someone Discriminating someone trying to keep you out and you you're gonna have to demonstrate that and I'm sure that exists I'm sure that exists. I'm sure there's women out there that are hearing this right now that have experienced all sorts of discrimination Sexual discrimination sexual harassment and they have their own personal stories. This is true But that not is not necessarily why the data reflects that there's more men that are successful at this it could seriously This is this is what people are really uncomfortable with Seriously represent that there's differences in the sex