Alex Jones on Chemtrails & Weather Manipulation (from Joe Rogan Experience #911)


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Hello freak bitches. Hey check this out. I wanted to ask you what do you think... Is Trump gonna do anything about the stratosphere, aerosol injections? Write that down. Are we talking about chemtrails now? No, we're talking about stratosphere, aerosol injections. I can't get to either point, but you won't let me in. Do you think Trump wants to stop that? I'm gonna check. Write it down. Write that down. The next question, I'll do it here. That's the question. The one that I wanted to do the last five before that. Alex Jones is off the rails right now folks. Bring it in. Why do you want me to write it down? I didn't get it. Because you've been bad. Listen, Alex, Alex, is Trump gonna do anything about that? That program to stop the number one? What do you think the program is Eddie? What do you think the program is? No, no, the director of the CIA is talking about it on YouTube. Look under John O'Brien. I've seen it. They talk about strategies. They talk about strategies. It's gonna cost $10 billion a year. And there's gonna be some countries opposed to it because it's gonna mess up the weather. Are you telling me about atmospheric manipulation? I'm talking about stratospheric. I've never heard of that. It's super important when you can break it down to three letters. Yeah, let me go over. John O'Brien admitted last in June of 2016 at the CFO. I saw the video. I saw the video. Let me comment on it. Can you play it, Jamie? Let me comment. I've been talking about this forever. I'm not bashing you, but you had your two show me jokes about it, which I get because a lot of it's BS. There is an entire atmospheric terraforming geoengineering manipulation. They don't call it chemtrails. And of course, the CIA director admitted they have this huge program. Bill Amonda Gates Foundation owns the major patents on it from Westinghouse and others. They use these big antennas to manipulate the weather. They can like China is like causing huge rains and harp. Like harp. That kind of shit. It's all declassified. Do you think harp manipulates the weather? They admit it does. I used to have the head of harp, General Bitten K. Parton, all the time. But exactly. There's giant weather modification systems and there's weather wars between different governments and it's all declassified. Let's explain to people that are listening what harp is. What does it stand for? High altitude something? Yeah, they've got a system that supposedly, you don't know what harp really was under its classification. What does it stand for? High frequency active auroral research program. So the idea behind this was they wanted to do research on the aurora and didn't they want to see if they could communicate using it and send radio waves and bounce off the aurora. They wanted it over the horizon radar. Right. Yeah, that and they also wanted to be able to send radio signals to places where they wouldn't reach. But the harp doesn't really go in. What does that have to do with stratospheric aerosol injections? The harp doesn't really go into the atmosphere. Well the speculation. I know all of our secrets. I've interviewed the private head of it. Actually, no, the harp secret. Okay. I don't know why the Pentagon decided to let him on my show. How does harp work with the chemtrails? Let me tell you. Only a micronic amount, a small amount of what harp does is in the atmosphere. It's bouncing off the aurora borealis and then resonating back through in a deep earth communication program to satellites and other things through the planet. So it's something you can communicate through the satellites down to the submarines. So here it goes. It's an actual definition, how harp works. The facilities transmitters send radio waves upward. According to you. Hold on, let's just read it first. Waves upwards into the ionosphere between 100 and 350 kilometers of altitude. The resulting heating effect creates irregularities in the electron density there, which in turn allows communication signals as from satellites to be relayed off the ionosphere. That's not what it really does. Then they can shoot the satellite frequency coded through the earth to submarines. Now what is this website from that explains this, Jamie? In the submarine puts up a buoy. You want the real stuff, I'll tell you. Yeah, sure. Nature magazine. Let me tell you. Let me explain something. Okay, I have the head of the harp program on. I'm just fucking with you. I got contacted about 10 years ago and they said the head of the harp project really likes your work. He liked to come on, the interview's online, and he liked to come on and tell everybody. And about 30 minutes in, a colonel came on the line and said sorry during a break and cut the guy off. Oh, Tom Tom Tom. I mean, this really happens. Cue spooky music. Cue spooky music. I believe you. That's a true story. I want to know that I want to know the relationship between like what are the chem trails have to do? Do you think Trump is going to look into the SIA project that the CIA has green lit? He is starting out with vaccines, as I told people he would do, investigating all the damage they've caused. Ultimately, then the ultimate. That's good too. The vaccines get that shit together too, for sure. But what about the SAI programs that the CIA has green lit? You think he's going to get into that? Yeah, I think it's next level. You certainly want to communicate with these microphones and it's going to be like, I don't have to explain it all. You think Trump is going to do anything about that? You're so locked onto this. I'm just like, what does he think? Here's the problem with all this SIA shit. Most of what you see when you see those jets flying around, those clouds behind them, most of that is just a jet engine. Condensation trail. Exactly. He confuses that with a real program. What's the real program? Well, here's the thing. You're right. And so is Joe, because the world's complex. There are secret and quasi secret and public programs to test manipulation of the weather and weather systems. The Arabs are doing it. The Chinese are doing it. The Russians are doing it. Well, people have been cloud seeding for a hundred years now. He's not talking about cloud seeding. The Chinese were doing it 500 years ago. But that's too. That is weather manipulation. But they're doing it for different purposes. Let me tell you. Not to produce crops. Okay, do you want? Okay, I have been living. Keep going. I have been the head of the U.S. weather weapon program for 27 years on my show first because I saw it was declassified. I saw that he was in the panhandle of Texas. I called him running a major cloud seeding company with his son and got the 90 year old to Austin. And then after that, he totally freaked out because the CIA came to his house. Do you want the interviews on YouTube? Do you want to know what he said? Yes. No, he was a World War II fighter pilot. And at the end of World War II, he flew the first planes into hurricanes, which are in the Atlantic. That's pretty gangster. And into typhoons that are even faster in the Pacific. And then he also led squadrons in Vietnam flooding everything up to 10 feet of water out of clear blue skies within hours. What a badass. With their chemicals. What kind of badass you have to be to do that? A super badass. Fly into a hurricane or a typhoon? Jesus Christ. He's the first guy to do it. Holy shit. Anyways, a super badass. I don't even know if he's alive. He's been living. At 90, he was still all there. And I thought at 90 he could kick my ass. Big text. And I felt like I was the guy with tougher than me. Anyways, so so we're sitting there and he gives me all this data and I can't believe it. He's giving me all these classified photos and stuff because they just declassified the file. And no one thought to call the old man from Lubbock or whatever it was. Right. So I call him. I get him on. They send a bunch of people to their company and threaten them the next week after I heard it. And he let it out. He said in 1967, we certified at the Stanford Research Institute that he was able to control hurricanes, create hurricanes and steer hurricanes. All that got black budgeted, shut down. And then they got into these arrays where they could use antennas. And out of that and Westinghouse came came the the the whole heart program. So in the sixties, they could create control and steer or kill hurricanes. That's why you Google now Bill and Melinda Gates bought all those patents and the quote Bill Gates is going to save the world from bad weather. Bill Gates wants to stop hurricanes. Google it. So I so let me. Bill Gates owns the weather machine. Let me pause for a second. How does the how do they manipulate a hurricane? So the hurricanes going to happen. How do they break it up? OK, if it's if it's if it's coming into lands, their problem with with aerial arrays projecting into the sky, they can break it up or strengthen it or kill it or steer it because it's all the matter. And they're doing that with harp. Well, they've got they've got heart bases all over the place. They call them Doppler radar facilities. Oh, the government wants your local city to have Doppler radar. I thought that was like so you could have a guy in front of the radar. The screen. They can hit like one tenth of one percent. They can crank those arrays up that have a massive. Your lights might go out when they do it a little bit. Really? Yeah, because they'll use the whole power of your town through the Doppler radars. Then they control it. The U.S. has a giant weather weapon hidden in front of everybody in every town and city and poor Russians and Chinese are just discovering it all. The U.S. has weather weapons that can knock them all out. Can Bill Gates control the weather ideas for barges to pump cold water from the depth of the ocean to create some sort of a roadblock for the hurricane since hurricanes pull power from the water's warm temperatures. Cooling the water could have theoretically less than the impact of the hurricane. Well, it sounds like a good idea, though. No, no. The point is that's loving you. Doesn't that sound like a genius idea? You spray cold water into the air. It cool off the hurricane. John O'Brennan in the front of the CFR is saying we were doing this because for global warming we've got to save them. You are right about geoengineering and chemtrails. You were wrong about the dinosaurs not being wrong. But hey, what about that? They're coming out saying, hey, there's going to be some countries that aren't going to be for it. We've got to figure out how we're going to deal with them because they're going to have to have the audience. Yes. The big secret. Yes. What's the big secret? Keep going with that. Come on, man. Don't change the subject. Keep going with that. You're not done with Livingston. I'm glad you're here, but imagine me and Joe were actually... Come on. You got me off on... You want me to hear about Ronald Reagan too, don't you? Later. Finish the SAI program. But he doesn't know about this. I know about it, but it's like a minor deal. What do you know about the SAI program? Let's get this done with. Most of the real programs are just like fronts for something else. It's not even real. So you don't think they're spraying shit into the atmosphere? No. There is a program for geoengineering. There's a program in place. Yes. It's a popular radar system in HARP and what else? And aerial spraying is still the most effective. And what do they do? They do have patents where... When you say aerial spraying, what are they spraying? Barium salts, aluminum dioxide, radioactive isotopes. Barium and aluminum? They're spraying them in the air. Why are they doing that? And the aluminum is because it does a bunch of things. They're testing a bunch of stuff. They're manipulating things. Listen, our Pentagon is so crazy... Right, but why do you have evidence that they're doing this and spraying aluminum and barium and whatever it is? You can go online and read the Department of Energy. It's all public. It's like he just said. You can go online and watch a Chinese dude get jacked by a tiger. I agree. That's out there too. You can go to the and you can watch the C.I.E. director at the time, Brennan, admitting all this. This is all public. Yeah, they admitted it. He talked about it. No, I saw it. I saw the video. We can play the video and go over it if you want. But he's talking about various options for controlling global warming. They're laying out the future. Look, if global warming is... There's a guy... Hold on a second. If global warming is real, and we know it is, right? Don't you think they would have... You don't believe global warming is real? I think it's a scam. So when they keep measuring these temperatures and scientists keep saying that this is the hottest year on the planet. Oh, they got caught faking the temperatures that came out in the hot tea mills. Well, let's find out what the most recent thing is because it was just... Joe, I believe global warming is real. I believe it's real. I believe that it goes high, it goes cold. There's always micro temperatures in micro climates. There is always a big change. Change is the only thing that ever happens. I think we all agree on that. But paying carbon taxes to Al Gore won't fix it. Okay. I think we all agree that there's shifts. I'm with that. But what I'm saying is there absolutely is global warming, right? What is the CNA? I know that. Hold on a second. Hold on a second. My dad's farmhouse, when my dad was a kid in the 1950s, for three or four months out of the year, it was below zero or freezing and you had to chop wood and you'd freeze your ass off and all houses had, even in the south, had all sorts of chimneys in them for fireplaces because it was freezing cold. And now there has been a warming period, but that's part of a normal global cycle based on the sun. All these astrophysicists are sure. The whole thing about claiming it's the carbon we put out, the earth is carbon starved. There's a carbon cycle. That's the big story I want to get to. The globalists want to tax. If they can tax oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, or sunlight, they have total control over the whole life cycle of the planet. Let's play the video. Let's play the video. This CIA guy talking about it because what I inferred from it is that it's trying to come up with some sort of solutions if global warming becomes a giant issue. By the way, Brennan is a freaking known hobbyist. Joe, but Joe, look at this one. What does the CIA have to do with global warming? It's a good question. What do they have to do? I don't know what the CIA does. Do you know? They're supposed to stop spreading communism. They were built to stop the spread of communism. Right, but it's an intelligence agency. What do they have to do with the environment? Okay, they're a part of the intelligence community. And if they got hired, I would imagine, this is just me guessing right off the top of my head, if they got hired to assess a threat and a threat being from global warming, like what do we have to worry about? Are we really going to lose cities? Do we really have an issue where the grid goes down? Have George Soros and the UN total power for a $100 trillion per decade global tax to micromanage and surveil everything humans do. Because if carbon's toxic, they've got to surveil it, thus they have a jurisdiction to control our lives. Okay, hold up. Why does it say debunked? CIA director admits chemtrails, geoengineering, stratospheric, aerosol injections. So it says the claim is that Brennan wrote a white paper and called it for it. That the council admits geoengineering in the form of stratospheric aerosol injections. S a I is taking a place ie chemtra is taking place ie chemtrails. And the rebuttal is nowhere in his speech is there an admission that an SAI program has already taken place the part where Brennan mentions geoengineering is just one example out of several not often mentioned issues the CIA monitors for potential elements of instability in the world. A SAI program if ever implemented could penetrate conflicts and security threats if misused. The CIA's job is to consider all types of concepts, concepts for potential future problems and threats, including the science oriented concepts. That's totally possible. Let me break down the right but isn't that possible? We're gonna read but what that guy just said is that possible? No, that's basically what Brennan said. But what he's saying is that there are potential threats. You want to hear what I'm saying? Basically it's an issue, right? So he's not admitting that he had there's an essay or let me let me tell you. Okay, go ahead. Tell me. Everybody debates how many programs there are all the specifics. A lot of that's classified. You can Google China launches major weather control operations 10 years ago or Qatar does it or Saudi Arabia or UK or for sure people have studied. No, no, right. No, there's they call it study. There's a giant hell in 2005 the Department of Energy program for aerosol testing was five million dollars a year. So under US code title 50 chapter 32 subsection 1528 paragraph B. Is that true? You nailed that right? Yes. Yes. We from Mars under US code. Do you live on that obelisk? That was fucking insane. Let me just tell you, I can't even remember the time. Last time the Cheetah fought under US code title 50, chapter 32. Okay. 1528 paragraph B. That's insane. That's insane under that. Say it slow and let Jamie write it up. US code title 50 chapter, I say it faster. Remember US code title 50 chapter 32. Subsection 1528 paragraph B. Subsection 128. The real fast brain only works at that speed. In fact, speech can't even say it. You have one thought. Jesus Christ. How the fuck do you know that? Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemtrails. Go back. Go back. There you go. Or biological agents. What they do in this is they say it's illegal to test unless it's for research. Then you're allowed to even kill people. It was for research purposes. Do you know that's how some of those Japanese whaler vessels get away with killing whales still? They say it's for research purposes. Exactly. And they kill the whales and sell them. It's from dark shit. Yeah, no. The elites are the mad scientist engineers. I'm going to give you the big secret, man. If you want. Yes, I do. I'm not kidding around. I know. Not either. The thing is they call, they're the high priest. They're scientists. They're engineers. They're allowed to kill people, test stuff on kids, inject black people with syphilis, all the declassified stuff because they are scientists. All the real executioners, torturers, or most of them are people making decisions are doctors. And so it's all medical doctor stuff in this big breakaway civilization of scientists. And so that's what they've built. Under under under research provisions, they can even kill anybody they want.