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Let's go to this interview that Alex Jones had with Joe Rogan. As I mentioned, they basically cover the waterfront on a variety of subjects when Joe Rogan was here just last week in Austin. It was about six and a half years ago Obama was president-elect and I sat in here in this very green room in the Capstone City Comedy Club, Joe, that videos have been seen about 40 million times now. That's ridiculous. Literally. Like 14 million on just one spot on YouTube. That's ridiculous. You early on when everybody else was saying Obama was the savior, you weren't saying you were for the Democrat or the Republican. I'm going to play a clip right now. You were saying, why does anybody expect him to be any different? And it was like right when he was president-elect or right when he got into office. It's pretty obvious that there's some gigantic financial institutions that have been pulling the strings of politicians in this country for a long time. And that's the fact that we have it set up where they can donate millions of dollars to these guys' funds, these guys' campaigns. I mean, how do we not expect it all to go bad? They put so much into him. Bill T. Roberts' big brand name. What's your take on that? Well, you know what, man? I don't even think Obama is to blank. I really don't. I don't think there's an individual that's to blank. I think that what we're looking at, and I'm obviously no political expert by any means, is a person who's observing a system, who's a person who's observing this strange society that we live in and how it's influenced by money and corporations and how politicians are beholden to so many different groups before they get into any positions of power. It's incredibly difficult to change anything. And it's not like this statement about Obama as president or Obama as a person. It's more that the system is so intertangled. It's so intertwined with political interest groups and with lobbyists and with corporations having mad control over the political system, over who gets represented, which party, who gets represented, which party. The people that have the most money historically have done the best. I mean, it's like a big, crazy money grab. And then these people get into these positions of power. And I don't think they have nearly as much control as we like to think they do. And I think he gets into this position of power. And I think it's probably just a melee in there, a melee of money and lobbyists and the military industrial complex and influence of foreign leaders and chaos and threats of terrorism. Jesus Christ. I mean, could you imagine that guy's job? It's an impossible job. It's an impossible job for any person, for any person, for any one person to try to turn this crazy ship around. So I didn't have any faith in his ability to do it. But I bet nobody can do that job. I think that job is almost impossible. It's almost impossible to be some person who's going to make everybody happy and who's also going to make all of your, all the people that got you into power happy and then make the culture happy. Well, that's a true story. What's in the movie, Nixon with Oliver Stone that he produced, where Nixon goes out to the memorial at night and then all the anti-war folks come up to him and all the anti-Nixon people. He goes, look, it's a big beast, a big machine. I can't stop it. I think that's exactly, I mean, I think the beast that Nixon faced was probably still way too big for anybody to handle. But I think that the beast Obama faces is far bigger. It's far crazier. It's the whole thing. It's just, and it's, it's the stakes are higher because, because the wars we're in are so preposterous after Vietnam. There's this sort of despair that happens when people realize like we didn't learn anything. We're still involved in quagmires and other countries that cost massive, massive amounts of lives, both Americans and other people. We get caught in these things and they're incredibly disappointing for people. When we look at our culture, I think America likes to be a proud country. We like to look at ourselves as, as really like a special type of people. We're the children of immigrants. The crazy people that came here when everybody else was banking on Europe, we were like, let's get on a boat. And hundreds of years ago, those were our ancestors and this is where we are today. But if you look at our actions, it's, it's depressing for, for people to look at the actions of their country and not totally be able to defend some of the things that we've done militarily. You know, when people look at that and they go, I don't, you know, there's a lot of people that I know that are patriots, a lot of people that I know that are veterans, that love America, that believe in the military. And they're very upset with the way the direction of these wars is gone. Very upset with the, the, the image that it's given America worldwide. You know, this is the famous point that many people had right after September 11th was this is an incredible time where there was so much sympathy of these other nations. There was, they were so on the side of America that America had been attacked. This is horrible. The whole world was watching. And within a period of a few years, our actions were so fucked up that we lost all that sympathy. We like, there was this, this moment where America had this position of love, you know, where the whole world was like, hey, we're sorry that happened to you. And by, by the actions, the mistakes, those are pushed the pool, whatever it was that led us from September 11, 2001 to where we are in 2014, whatever it is that led us to that, it bums a lot of people out, you know. Where does your gut tell you the country's going? Because so many people that the metrics show towards some type of collapse, not just here, but worldwide. I know you personally have been moving towards getting off the grid some. Well, I think getting off the grid is a good idea just because the grid is goofy. If you could figure out a way to make your own electricity and get your own water out of the ground, like, why would you, why would you not do that? As long as you're testing your water and you know that your water is good, it just seems awesome. It just seems like a cool thing to be able to get your electricity from the sun. But I don't think necessarily civilization is going to collapse. I think people far smarter than me have engineered this thing. I just think that we're, you know, we're just in a weird period of life. We're also in a weird period of information. It's a weird period of like the news, you know, like this Edward Snowden stuff, you know, Glenn Greenwald and the ability to distribute a big crazy story like that. It's completely shifted. It's not only like the New York Times. It's not only like a corporation. It's small individuals have this weird ability to do stuff like that now, world changing stuff. And it's almost like a pre singularities, like smaller waves building up to bigger waves. Yeah. I mean, that's how I knew about the NSA and the hubs in the major buildings. And I remember like in 1999, I'd be telling you about that stuff and how they were listening everything. Dude, you thought that you thought they were spying on everything way before anybody did. But I'm not taking my horn. I didn't. I wasn't psychic. But it's not just that. It was in the documents. There's also the documents. You have the documents. One thing that I always tell everybody, like the first, the first video that I ever saw that made me go, what? They do that. What's real was your 911 road to tyranny documentary where you detailed what happened in the World Trade Organization. The WTO protests, we detailed how they use these guys to come in and these agent provocateurs. They were a peaceful protest in order to make it non peaceful. There were these guys coming with government issue boots, ski masks, fuck everything up, smash things. And then they turn it into a like war zones and the cops get to move in and arrest everybody. They made the whole thing of no protest zone. These guys, they would hold up in some house somewhere, right? And the government paid for their house. And then they negotiated them free. They got free. So these guys, they like smashed all these windows. And they had the Delta Force running it. That even came out, I mean, people in Seattle knew about that. I was being called a conspiracy theorist just because I had the local newspapers from there. It sounds so crazy. If someone tells you that, you go, that's crazy. But then you find out that is actually a tactic that gets used to break up protests. Like they will hire someone. I don't know what account, but the same type of account they use, you know, some something that doesn't have to be, you know, doesn't have to be. How would you how would you organize something like that? How do you tell somebody? Are they allowed to say, hey, we're going to hire you guys. Well, that's the report from the interview with Alex Jones and Joe Rogan. That is now up on our YouTube channel. So check that out. We're going to have an extended version of that going up in the next day or so that'll be up on YouTube. Interesting to hear Joe Rogan talking about how it was Alex Jones that first woke him up first time he was like a whoa moment, you know, when he saw one of Alex Jones's documentaries. And that's something that you can pass on to other people with a membership to Prison Planet TV. 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