Graham Hancock talks DMT with Joe Rogan and Randall Carlson


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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan

Joe talks DMT

Joe ''your brain produces DMT during REM sleep'' Rogan


But the other issue of entities, the encounters with entities, anybody who's smoked EMT will know that, as I have as you have, that will know that you do encounter entities in the DMT state. And they do communicate with us. And there's a lot of parallels with the ETs or the aliens as they're described in modern UFO abduction accounts. And Rick Strassman, have you ever had him on your show? You know, Rick got sick. He was supposed to be here a couple of times. We're trying to reschedule it now. But he had some pretty serious health issues. We had a date scheduled out. But I love that guy. I've had a chance to sit down with him a couple of times and talk to him. And of course you presented DMT this morning, like you. He's brilliant. And he's so important to me because I remember when I did it, I was so confused. To me, it was like my first DMT experience changed everything I thought about the world. And I immediately didn't give a shit about aliens anymore. Like it was almost instantaneous. Before then, I was like Roswell, they've got the ship, man. It's in a hangar. But what I encountered doing DMT was so spectacularly alien that the pedestrian concept of something that looks like a person but has a bigger head and large eyes. And higher tech. Yeah. As weird and cool as it would be if it was real, it was nothing. I mean, literally not one millionth as interesting as what you absolutely can encounter when you do DMT. That's the aliens. That's the aliens. That's the totally alien realm filled with alien intelligences who communicate. And of course, again, the skeptics say, oh, it's all just made up in your brain. But we don't know that. We don't know that. And Rick is open to the possibility that we are dealing with areas of reality that are not normally accessible to our senses and that become accessible to our senses by retuning the receiver wavelength of the brain, which is what he suggests DMT does. And I think that's very plausible. And at the very least, those who are interested in UFOs and aliens should be also investigating this line of inquiry. Can we use changes in consciousness to understand the majestic complexity of the universe in which we live? And I think the answer is definitely yes. And many of Rick's volunteers, I paraphrase, but they came back with reports that the entities who'd encountered them said, we are so glad you've discovered this technology. Now we can communicate with you much more easily. You know, it's fascinating. So there's a technology for encountering other intelligences. Against that, this mechanistic, simplistic alien meme that's going around now that they're a bit like us, but they came here in higher tech, the higher tech. It's dull by comparison with that. It is dull by comparison. If you're interested in anybody, the book is amazing. It's called DMT, the Spirit Molecule. And he has a new book that he's putting out about DMT and the Soul of Prophecy. Yeah. And he's just a really, really interesting guy. But his experience that he did, experiments that he did were the first, I think, in many, many decades to get approved by the government. Correct. So he did everything above ground. I mean, he was above board. He was a professor. He did. And because it was government approved, his remit was that he had to find some therapeutic benefit for DMT. And he couldn't, actually. But that's not the point. I'm sure actually there are therapeutic benefits, but that's not the point. The point is here is a tool for investigating the mystery of consciousness and the mysterious nature of reality. And I mean, fuck me, if we get five or six volunteers who haven't compared notes, all coming back who've met entities who said, we're so happy you found this technology. It's hard to explain that as just to reduce it to brain activity. Not only that, when we talk about things that are so big and are ignored by mainstream culture, this is one that's just like that. You're talking about an endogenous human chemical that not only is in us, but is in thousands of different plants. I mean, how many different plants contain DMT? A huge number. A huge number. I mean, very prosaic ones like peas and ... Well, there's the main store. Like a case share. A case share. That's what I was going to say. The Australian national tree is actually illegal. Isn't that ... Well, the professors from the University of Jerusalem, I believe that ... Benny Shannon. Yeah, they were talking about, they believe that that's what the story of the burning bush in Moses is. So that is mimosa with the DMT and Syrian rue with the monoamine oxidase inhibitor. In other words, it's ayahuasca, but a Middle Eastern alternative of it, doing the same thing molecularly. And isn't it possible in some way that the idea of the burning bush was them figuring out how to dry or extract DMT and burn it? Very likely. Very likely. Very possibly, right? Because they're talking about the burning bush producing God, and it just so happens that this bush, the acacia tree is incredibly common and super rich in DMT, and it's all over the area. I should probably insert at this point that if you're at all familiar with the Masonic ritual, you'll know that the acacia plant plays a central role.