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Joe Pyfer

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Joe Pyfer is a professional mixed martial artist competing in the Middleweight division of the UFC. www.ufc.com/athlete/joe-pyfer

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What's up Joe? So we should say right away off the bat, because people don't know. You really did break Francis Ngannou's punch record. Yeah, so I don't know what the confusion is. You know, I didn't want to... A lot of people had, they doubt it just because he's so big. So I'm going to post it. Well, we just sent it to Jamie. He sent one where you broke you went to 170 Yeah, one yeah, what's 70 so you got Eddie Hall He got one 13 and Francis it got one 29 We're trying to break and got his record right now. I had already hit four times I had already hit four times Now the only thing that so this is the thing that people don't understand though is It's the same machine. I think everybody thought it was like one of those punching bags that are down at the road walk, right and You know It's aggravating because I pride myself in my power, I wanna hurt you. You know what I mean? That's my intention, I'm trying to, I mean, we all throw at power, right? But I feel like I have a little different intention sometimes. So, you know, I've always pride in myself in hitting hard, I've always felt like I hit harder than everybody. Now, sure, I'm sure Francis' punch feels different to mine, but I got speed, I got power, and I walk it like 220 when I'm at a camp. So I'm not a small guy, you know what I mean? I'm 6'2\", 220 when I'm hitting that. And even then, probably there, I was probably late because I was injured. So I was probably about 2'12\", 2'14 when I hit that. And just to put it up, I'm going to post it whenever I get back home and I'm gonna post a video and I'm gonna post a picture also of me hitting higher than that 181. I only have the picture but Tukko's, that's crazy. That's crazy. Alan's coach was there. I think someone has kicked it up to like 187. I think that's the newest high kick which is crazy. [2:01] Kick yeah. Yeah, your punch is that close to it kick. Yeah, that's pretty nuts now get it It's a standstill object right? Yeah smash that thing But I've been Here's Al Joe and wonder boy kicking it. There's someone just did 189 Lorenz Larkin that's Lorenz Larkin. Yeah, I think he's got the record now Lorenz who used to fight in UFC now I guess guess he's with the PFL now, right? Because I thought he was Bellator. Oh yeah, Bellator is the PFL now. Yeah, but Lorenz got 189. Oh, Jesus. He got 235. Lorenz can fucking kick hard. That's a super underrated dude. I always go to his fight with Neil Magny go watch that fight Jesus, I would love to see the eagle me right. Oh, yeah, he's another one Yeah, Jose there's probably quite a few guys that can kick like that But Lorenz like if you watch him that technique is just perfect He's perfect the way he switches his hips the way turns his body into it. It's just maximizing it [3:06] Yeah, I mean it's really I mean some people it's weird, you know for me because a lot of people take I have natural power and I get annoyed with it because I've I've never had anything natural in my life You know everything was difficult learning it learning Jiu Jitsu learning how to box, you know Everything was hard for me to learn so I have a better chip on my shoulder when people are like trying to discredit it with natural power. I don't know. There is a thing though where there's a, there's like you could unlock horsepower in a human being, but you only have so much when it comes to power. There's certain people on the think you've all, we've all seen them. They just don't hit hard for whatever reason. And they look big, they can look strong. And then there's certain guys that for whatever reason, they fucking hit crazy hard. And they're not that big. And a lot of it is efficiency and fluidity and the technique and the leverage. And that's all learned, right? [4:00] But there's like a certain thing to like bone structure and just natural power. My bones gotta be trashed, Joe, cause I'm fucking having two surgeries and being beaten out of power that you generate. I mean, that's probably a lot of it, too. It's probably a corny thing to say, but I was told that I almost generate too much force for my bone density to handle. I don't know how true that is. I don't know if they were just making sense. Kind of make sense. Can my ego, but that makes sense. That's why your hands break. When people's hands break, that's why they break. Cause you're literally generating too much force for your bone structure. Yeah, my hands break. Dude, when you fought Rizok Al-Hasan, you are on like there's a thing that happens with fighters where you see them You see anxiety see first fight you see nerves you see jitters you see skills But it's hard to like see the full range of them and then they start getting comfortable and when they start getting comfortable Like the mere sharp fight you just stomped him [5:02] But the Rizok Al Hassan, like dude you are on another level. Like that's like when people talk about a guy in the gym, like dude you gotta see this motherfucker in the gym. And then seeing that manifest itself inside the octagon, to me that's one of my favorite things to see. I love watching guys show their potential, you know. And in that fight Rizak Al-Hasan is a beast. He's a dog. He's a dangerous dude, and you just put on a fucking show in that fight. You look like you are on a completely different level, like you had gone up several rungs from where you were before. You know it was crazy about it, though, that the whole process of what's gotten me to that point has been nothing shy of just man. If I'm mentally happy, I'm going to destroy everybody. But I often struggle mentally. Like I, bro, I didn't turn it on. My coaches were all scared in the back just because they know me so well. I'm an emotional dude. [6:01] I wear my heart on my sleeve. Like I say how I feel. You don't really have to read the room you can read my face, you know I mean you understand where I'm at and I'm not I'm not shy to say where I'm at so that whole week was off Sean was it in the corner and he got sick. I had some issues with a best friend and I've known for 12 13 years he didn't get to come out and and just everything was like off I had I Had Mercer on my bicep, on my forearm two weeks before. Oh, shit. It was on antibiotics. Before that, I got, I split my toes open where the separator's so the bone, so I like, I could barely, like, I got all swollen, bro. I've never had an easy cap and I was, I was having nightmares for the first time of getting knocked the fuck out like all week during my weight cut during training I had these crazy nerves I would get cold sweats like I thought something was wrong and I never had that before you know and I was contemplating like man I'm not gonna rush my career maybe it assistant the right move but was it the step up in competition? No no so this is crazy it's gonna [7:04] come off that's not, but it comes off as really arrogant. Like Abdul was not a step up in competition for me. He was a step up as far as power and people that I fought as far as people that have the ability to knock you out. Constituency. Yeah, yeah. Constituences for small error. But I knew skill for skill does that on my level. I knew General Merchart Merchart Merchart however you say it whenever I'm broke. I mean that dude to me without being disrespectful is I don't know how he's been in UFC The guy at first thought you know, he's not in the UFC anymore, but he had eight knockouts I'm not I've been doing this for 23 years. I started at four and a half years old I don't want people to think that I'm cocky or arrogant, but I am. I am cocky. I'm confident. Don't you think you kind of have to be? Yeah, you do have to be. Fuck in cage fighter. It's your protection barrier too, from people to just openly try to cut you down, because everybody like hitting that punching machine, everybody immediately discredits, says that Dana White just wants to get after Francis Ngannou. That's why didn't release the video I told you at the Austin fight right. I was pissed off it didn't get posted [8:08] Right. I mean, well it's posted now. Yeah, so it's posted now, and you know, it's on a big platform But yeah, man I mean Abdul was just somebody you had to be careful with but I Didn't think he boxed better than me and I think DC even says as I'm walking into the cage and His DC even says that as I'm walking into the cage and His best shot was to knock me out and if he couldn't knock me out, he wasn't winning that flight Well, it's also very evident like you're one of those guys It's at the top of the 185 pound division in terms of like physical stature You don't get much bigger at 185. It's like you and guys like paheda which paheda doesn't even make sense Yeah, like I was always like how how far do you want? Man, I even I look at yeah, I mean when I look at him like I've seen it's so weird We've seen each other so many times. There's no head nod. There's no respect. There's no like I even him like Man, I think a lot of guys are overrated in this fucking sport. You think that guys overrated? I mean look I don't think it's I think I think getting hit by him isn't overrated, right? But he's very stiff and he's got that off switch. [9:07] He's got that off switch. Well, he definitely does at 85. Yeah. Yeah, at 85, I don't know about 205. I think that is a big part of the weight cut. I think his weight cut is borderline dangerous. Like I think that it weight cut to 85. And to kill you. Yeah. I think he's just so tough that he doesn't But I think there's there's a point of diminishing returns and certainly with your chin and when is he cracked him Obviously is he hit him perfect? It was pinpoint and then rocked him with the second shot But the way he went out is like it's gone. Yeah, it's almost like You know, I'm not gonna say any names, but you know, there's a guy that just recently lost who I like and it's like, man, like when you've had that off button shut off to the point where you're frozen, it's not like you got TKO'd, it's off. Yes. I think that happens to guys when they've taken too many shots. Yeah, you can see it. Yeah, I've never been laid out last time I was ever dropped. I was 18 years old. I got dropped by I got it used to be in the UFC for a brief moment [10:07] It was Tim Williams. He fought you boy Eric Anders I like he's cool, but uh, but yeah, no, I've never been I've never had the lights late shut off or anything So thankful for that, but I pride myself in my defense, too, you know what I mean? I don't it's critical. I mean a strong defensive base is so important when you know how to move well I was just watching this documentary that you have see put on About Anderson Silva. It's not that I forgot how good Anderson Silva was smooth Super smooth super fluid everything man when he was in his prime his fucking defense, too was so perfect He was so hard to hit clean. His range, man. You know, when you're tall, these guys underestimate range, and everybody wants to brawl, but people don't understand range. You should be able to slide back and it just grazes your beard, you know? Like, so, range is everything. And also the mechanical advantage of that long frame, [11:02] when Anderson would throw that torque on guys You know when he was in his prime like you watch like the rich Franklin fights and the Chris Leibon fight like that fucking dude was special man, but so That was a man ask you because I'm a huge fan of the old school days more so than the new school I just think it was more raw and just like there were like I liked when everybody was all roads You know everybody was on roads But that's exactly the stipulation right, you know We're so hard on the athletes of today. They put for something that's not even a performance Performance enhancing level. Yeah, but these guys had their rain and were never discredited But we know they were all on shit right well. I always talk about TRT V tourore. You know, I think TRT VTore, the VTore that fucked up, Luke Rock, Old, Michael Bissping, that did, I put him up against anybody ever. He was fucking terrifying. But he was also like silverback guerrilla levels of testosterone, he was like off the charts. [12:00] When they tested him, one of the reasons where they stopped TRT is because they tested VTor one time and he was so far off the charts they're like what the fuck are you doing and he had said that you know he was going to be an American for like a week and so the doctor just gave him a big dose to like last for the week. I just think you just. Next to you. He looks. Oh man. Well you're well, well, remember huge fan of you all remember Merrow is the freak of all freaks and math said this many times before on this podcast with I he is the single most impressive athlete I've ever seen in all my years of watching fights. How old is he 44 now? He's at least 44 he might be 45 46. Oh man. Yeah juice juice Vietora was was the bomb though. know i'll didn't even need you spend he was a part of the cuban athletic program and there's something about that dude whether it's genetics or who knows what it is but i've told us before so i apologize for anybody's her this the ufc had brought him to a doctor after one of his fights i think it was one of his fights in australia [13:01] and the doctor said to the ufc where did you get this guy? And he go and they were like, he's one of our fighters, because I've never seen anything like him. He goes, yeah, he's pretty amazing, right? He goes, no, you don't understand. I've never seen a human being like him. The tendons in his eyes are three times larger than normal. They said that his orbital bone, when it fractured, by the time they got into the doctor a couple days later It already started healing like this guy's a fucking wolverine He even fucking bark or something I mean he was something super special that I have to say I He was he was someone that I loved watching. I love that polychaustum You're a Mara fight And whatnot, I was always sad and I never got to see him win a belt before he left. Well, he was in the UFC, like, starting the UFC, I believe in his very late 30s. Yeah, like 37. Yeah, something crazy like that. Like when he knocked out the old Amachita, I think he was like 38, 39. He was already at the range where most guys are looking to hang it up, but look at a guy like that, right? I mean, I don't think he says that technical. I don't think he's [14:08] Was wrestling very technically wrestling 100% you know, but he never used it As like a complete mix martial arts. He always seemed to kind of just be like the kickboxing guy wanted to keep it on the feet Which is crazy with you think about his wrestling background. But that's just an energy thing. The amount of energy that it takes to wrestle. It takes guys down a lot, especially when they're slippery, especially when he's not a submission guy. Yeah. I don't know if he has any submissions in his record. I'm not sure. He just smashes guys when he gets them on the ground. But his wrestling was so elite, but yet, you rarely saw it. But like, when he knocked out Chris Wyden with that flying knee, like that fucking dude could explode on you like no other. Man, yeah, it's that, he's, yeah, I mean, that's a guy that's natural though, right? You wanna say it's a natural athlete. I think natural, but I think maybe there was something going on in Cuba. [15:01] I think they were doing some, look at Correlan. We always talk about Correlan, but Correlan for the Soviet Union, they called him the experiment. That's literally what they called him. He was so freakish And his parents were like normal size. They were small folks and he would like be walking with his parents like with his hands on their shoulders He was a giant. Yeah, he's just an immense human being in here. Here's a ball of cereal and here's some fucking Testoster. It was no ball. They gave it a fucking caribou liver for breakfast. That guy was, he was a freak of all freaks, but I think there's something to that Soviet training program. And you know, when you look at other communist countries, like particularly Cuba, there's no doubt about it. They did whatever they could to make their athletes the best they could. And it just stands to realize. So a certain extent, I mean, I think if you wanna have that peak performance, you wanna have that peak human being from whatever you're trying to, you know, put them in. I mean, you can't. Naturally it's hard. Like, yeah, it's very hard. Well, you can get lucky. You can get lucky and get a Francis Ngannou with like the best genetics ever. Or you can just start manipulating someone when they're very young. [16:05] If you get a young kid and you start giving them growth hormone and IGF1 and peptides and stuff when they're really little, you can get depends on their diet right? Yeah, most of everything we use processed and that too. That too. I'm sure they're good at food. Optimal nutrition. I'm sure with that kind of a program, like a communist program, where everything is on the line. Like if you are an athlete for a totalitarian dictatorship, like whether it's Cuba or Russia or China or whatever it is, they will do whatever they can to make their athletes the best. Like the idea of cheating We saw the sochi Olympics with that documentary Icarus. Have you seen that documentary? It's a great documentary by Brian Fogel about I've talked about this recently. I apologize to people who wasn't but The Brian Fogel what he was gonna do is he did a bike race and he did a bike race [17:03] what he was gonna do is he did a bike race. And he did a bike race natural, and he's a very good athlete, endurance athlete. So he did this bike race natural, and then he went to this guy who is the head of the Soviet Anti-Doping Program, and he said, this is what I wanna do. I wanna do it natural one year, and then the next year, I want you to just juice me up to the tits, and we're going to do a documentary and see how I do juiced versus natural. In the process of filming all this, it got released that the Sochi Olympics were rigged. And so what Russia was doing was they put a hole in the wall where the urine samples were and they were swapping urine samples. So they're taking the dirty urine samples from that because it was in Russia. So they're taking the dirty urine samples from their athletes and swapping it out for clean urine samples But they got caught because they found these micro scratches on these jars that were supposedly Impossible to open and that these like impenetrable jars They store the urine into make it secure [18:02] But then they did an analysis in the jar and they said, like, somebody's been fucking with these jars. And so then they analyzed the urine and then the whole house of cards came tumbling down. While this guy was doing this documentary and this guy, what's his name? Gregory Rachenko. Is that his name? I think he's Rachenkov. Rachenkov? That gentleman who was ahead of the Stia doping program got in the witness protection program and then spilled the beans in the Soviet Union he's hiding in America now I mean they arrested his family they took away his family's money like that they fucked his whole family up like it's it the whole the story is crazy but he detailed everything that they do as far as their doping program and they doped everybody they don't everybody except figures caters that's the dude uh... Gregory and I was in the changing her picture in my head he's hilarious he's actually funny but it's it's an amazing document i can't recommend icarus enough but it just shows how far these countries are willing to go in order to gain [19:02] you know national superiority by having their athletes gold medal more than anybody. Power, it's a misaddicting thing, right? Yeah, and it's also, you know, it's national pride, there's a lot, and they're all assuming that everybody else is doing this too, because everybody on some shit. Yeah, like everybody's on some shit. There's for sure if they can get away with it, they cheat. There's so much, especially when it comes to things like the Olympics. Because I'll never stop exploring trying to find the easier route, you know. Exactly. It's funny because a lot of people have said shit to me and I'm late. Listen, when I came back after I broke my arm, I was big before I broke my arm. And then, but I was big in the wrong way. I was big in like a weightlifting way. When did you bring? 2020 maybe and how'd you do it? Dustin Stolzfus. I got Matt returned in a fucking contender series fight Dislocated broke backwards and that's your right arm. That's the right arm. I had one surgery. That's this scar [20:07] Six months later. I joined my team Marquez where Sean's at and all the filly guys and then I had to six months again Had to get another surgery and another major surgery and same injury just re-enzo No, so I still had a torn forearm and I still I had a whole bunch of bone gross behind So I broke the radial head and half which is what you rotate so I can rotate my hand right like this on my good arm But I can't go any further than this because it's pinned To the screen to this day. Yeah. Oh wow, and that's the straight as my arm goes So oh wow. Yeah, so motherfuckers don't understand that this was I was given a 30% chance of being able to fight You know if I got the second surgery 30% 30% because of the nerve damage and not like having full functionality because there's a lot of nerves in there especially where I got surgery and how much damage and inflammation and what not was in there. So they had to cut the capsule and whatnot so man when I tell you like I'm gonna be hurt and when I'm older I'm gonna be hurting. I pain every day and whatnot but uh but yeah I mean I broke my arm and some bullshit fluke accident um you know I did get Matt returned. I shut a leco the head. [21:06] I was gonna go for a guillotine. And then he lifted me. I didn't expect it, right? I posted out, boom. Then that way, thousand times in practice, never been hurt. Yeah, ate me up, man. They ate me up. They closed the ambulance doors. And you don't get to say shit to dain't a white and all you get is a bunch of nerds that text you and say, man, at least you got a couple million views, you're famous. And you know, I lost sponsorship. So I was depressed. So I was sidel, all that shit and 20 years of my life, I think at that point. So you were really concerned that that was the end? Yeah. I mean, look, you know, I started this at 4 15 years old and I haven't seen another path and this was my A and there was no B so if they didn't work that was it. So at 4.5 you knew you wanted to fight? No eight years old I knew I went to fight 4.5 I started jujitsu. Five years old I did my first competition in Naga and yeah I mean eight years old I started developing like a little bit of a confidence. I was so run down and abused that was where my confidence started coming from. [22:09] So I never had a dream of the belt and I could say all these years I've never had a dream of holding a belt but I always had a dream of people chanting my name when I was walking out to a sold out crowd. So that was always my dream and I always wanted that. And yeah, I mean I was in a kid to hang out with kids. I was homeschooled and yeah, there's a lot of detail to uncover in there. But yeah, I mean, I've known I wanted to do this all my life. And when I tell you there was no plan B, bro, there was no plan B. When did you have your first MMA fight? How old were you? I was, I think, 20 years old. 20 years old. Yeah 20 years old. Actually, no, that's not true Yeah, it is true 20 years old. I think it was 2017 was my first fight Or 2016 one of those years and amateur or So PA and PA boy at the time you have to have five amateurs before you could go pro. Oh really? [23:02] Yeah, the rule interesting. That was the rule when I was fighting So you had to have five I'm not sure. I think it is you definitely have to have five amateurs before you could go pro. Oh, really? Yeah. That was the rule when I was fighting. So you had to have five. Is that still a rule? I'm not sure. I think it is. You definitely have to have amateur experience to be considered to get your pro license. What if you're like an amateur wrestler? Or something like that. Does that translate into it? I don't think so. I don't think it's was what Greg served back then. It's not a bad idea. So I went for him when he was an amateur. And I felt so held back with the bullshit shingards, not being able to punch somebody in the face. Oh, that's how it was with the amateur? Yeah, you can't punch the face. You can't punch in the face. No elbowing on the face. No. So I couldn't wait to turn pro, old. I met Eddie before he even had us first fight. Oh wow. You know, so when I say I know a lot of these guys will say, oh, I know these people. I'm the OG in the gym as the young guy because I've been around for so long. So that's why when these fucking clickbait turds come out and they say, oh, you know, he's fighting a guy with a lot of experience and Gerald Mierscher, he's got the most submission. [24:05] When you're like, motherfucker, you're not doing anything that I have never seen. Now, there's a difference between watching on the TV and saying, he doesn't do anything special. And then you get in there and you feel somebody's presence. You feel that energy. You feel that intention, you know? So I knew that motherfucker wasn't gonna bang with me. I knew Abdul wasn't gonna bang with me. That's why as soon as I cracked him, and as soon as I let him feel me, like yeah, motherfucker, go ahead. And he didn't get that, he didn't get to get going. You know, I checked him immediately. Like your powerhouse, you're in alpha? Well, so am I, come take it. So I fight with a heavy heartener. You know what I mean? You try and take my living from me. I'm still a poor kid. That's my mentality. You know what I mean? I'm nothing. And I'm trying to be something. You know what I mean? So you better be ready to kill me, motherfucker. It's like that's how the same thing with this guy, Jack, man. Like nice guy. You better be ready to die in there. I'm coming for you. Like I don't want to give the short version, right? You know, this is a moment right now that I get to recognize that I'm in front of [25:08] somebody who has, you've heard so many stories, so many crazy things and, you know, my story is definitely not up there with the crazy things, right? But my story, I'm unique. I'm one of one. So my story is, you know, I started out, the abuse started when I was a year old. My parents both blame each other. Child services in and out of our lives. I'm one of five kids. I got four sisters, two older, two younger. And yeah, I started getting beat as a one year old from when I was told it was because I'd ship myself, right? To what kids infants do. And so that's when it started. And... You got beat for going to the bathroom. Shit my diaper yeah. The story is I shit my diaper, reached in my diaper, wiped on the walls and then I got beat for it. Neither parent owns up to it but both parents have blamed each other just because of the physical abuse on my father's side. [26:00] 100% has to be him. My mom was not physically aggressive by nature. She definitely what my ass. A good amount, but it was never with the mean intentions, you know, comparable to my father. It was more verbal on her end. But yeah, so it started then. And bro, since the time I've had memory, I remember getting my head stomped, getting beat, getting screamed at, slapped, humiliated, just run down, told you you're never going to be anything and, you know, my sister's received, unfortunately received the same treatment. And yeah, so I mean, abuse has been something, and toxic, and I mean toxic. Like when I'm going to say, like, breaking somebody down, I didn't have an ounce of self-esteem, I was my dad's down. I didn't have an ounce of self-esteem. I was my dad's puppy. I didn't know no life being homeschooled. You do school, right? Is he still around? Still living, yeah, still living? I'm not sure where. I've parted ways with him, and I don't wanna talk to him. Next time I see him is probably, you know, when it's done. [27:03] And I don't hate him. You know what I mean? I don't hate him. But I despise him as a human being as far as, you know, what he's given back to the world and the kind of person that he's accepted to be. But yeah, I mean, yeah, he's still around. I just don't know where and I don't really care where. So I know my mom still lives at the house that I grew up in and it's so hard to believe that some people are capable of becoming what they become, you know, and to do that to their child. You know what's fucked up about it the most is that it was almost better for me to have never known him than to know him and see how it went and lose him, you know what I mean? Because I love that man as a child. That was my idol. Nobody could beat him in the gym. Like that was that know what I mean? Because I love that man as a child. That was my idol. Nobody could beat him in the gym. Like that was what I thought. And I never thought he was a liar, you know, and then right around 15 years old. And I definitely think I was behind, you know what I mean? Socially, just because of being in home schools. So my dad wound up getting such security disability [28:00] and he was a stay-at-home dad. You know what I mean? Collecting SSD and fucking doing nothing. But beating his kids and screaming and sitting, basically just being a child abuser to all of us. And never once has he ever taken accountability for the wrongs that he's done. And if he's tried to finagle it, it's been to be like, hey, you were a bad kid. It's like, be like, hey, you were a bad kid. It's like, yo, I wanna know, I wanna know how is a bad kid. I didn't steal, sure, a lot is a kid out of fear because I was afraid to get my head stomped or get beat like a man. I didn't get a traditional ass weapon job. Like neither of my sisters either, they got picked up by their necks, picked up by their hair, strangled, you know, and there's many stories, you know, and as you know, we have a documentary, right? And I refrained from putting the details of specific stories because the documentary is not about, whoa, it's me, porn me. It's about a, I never threw all this gave up [29:05] on the dream to get to the UFC even when I broke my arm and I thought I was doing I did everything right I didn't go out and party I didn't go out and do drugs I've never I've never smoked weed I've never done I'm not saying weed to drug but I've never smoked weed I've never smoked a cigarette I've never take popped a pill I've never done. I didn't go out to strict clubs. I didn't go out and bring girls home from the bar. It's never been me. So, yeah, I mean- You were just always focused. I was obsessed with this. I was obsessed with this. And I was obsessed with this because I knew if I couldn't do this, I would have checked out. And that's what made me, you know, that's what made me like keep going motherfucker, keep going, keep going, keep going. I just kept beating down the door of people like my coach that, you know, has come with me. I've known that man since I was 10 years old, you know, and he's seen me wear in the gym and nothing's changed. He could tell you that from, you know, the only thing that's changed is my maturity, the way I look at life, perspective. But life perspective, but yeah man, I mean it was a rough background and it only got worse [30:06] as I got older. It's a horrible thing to hear. As parents it's terrifying to think that another parent could do that to their child, but we all know it's true and we all know that it can do one of two things to someone. It could just ruin your life or it can give you this unstoppable fuel And that's what it seems to have done with you. I would never wish that on anybody. But I often see people like you that are so fucking driven and so angry in there and so effective because of that, like so dangerous because of that. I'm often wonder like, is it even possible to make a guy like you without that? I don't take sell. I look at like Mike Tyson, same that. I don't think so. I look at like Mike Tyson, the same thing. I don't think so. But I think that's where I have my appreciation for him. I'll never discredit him. I would not be in the sport if it wasn't for him. He was the one that went to the gym. He's the one that introduced me and I will give respect to where it's due. [31:00] And that's the response he had fires. So he grew up in Kensington, Philadelphia. I don't know how well you know, Philadelphia. Shit hole. Bad parents. Mom apparently was, you know, borderline. I don't know if she was a prostitute or whatever. But he was almost from, he was passed home to home. He was always passed back and forth to his parents. So he lived a much rougher life than me. And, you know, he got jumped all the time back then. It was a very segregated type, you know, you don't come into this part of Philly and you don't cross this part of Philly. And so he would get jumped all the time. I think he was like a timid, like skinny, nerdy, male nutrition child growing up. So I know his dad, my grandpa, who I've met a handful of times, was in the Vietnam War, but then when he came back, apparently my dad's story is that he used to sell drugs all the time, and it was always high, and like that's the story he painted to us. So in my eyes, we never knew him really, other than a handful of times we met him because they were bad people, and he despised them, [32:00] and he always held the craziest anger towards his family. They all blackballed him. He was the black sheep. So yeah, I mean, he grew up rough too, but yeah, I mean, he boxed apparently for a long time. He used to tell everybody he was 115 and four. He can't fucking find the guys records anywhere. 100% bullshit, dude, it's a fucking storyteller, but he could box, you know what I mean? Even if he didneller, but he could box you know what I mean even if he didn't fight He could box he would do well against guys that were pro boxers or fuck guys that were in the gym my dad was a tough Dude he was good but You know definitely always lied for his convenience for his story and Yeah as he was learning jujitsu with a guy named Steve Hague who wind up owning fight factory who taught me Jiu Jitsu Alongside with my dad, but that's how I got into it So I owe him a thanks for the tools that he gave me for the house. I have gone to build That's how I see it. I mean, I don't think he ever intended to give me these tools and me going fucking build a house with it And I think he despises me for it I mean, he's one of the guys when I broke my arm, sends a message, face down, ask up, just how you like it. [33:07] You'll never... I told you. Bro, he sent a lot of shit, man. He has sent a lot of shit. And don't get me wrong, I've sent a lot of shit back. Like, we've argued, you know what I mean? He brings that special rage where I would like I have to separate myself from him. Jesus Christ. So yeah, I mean, but yeah, there's no whole tomorrow when it comes to that guy. The way he manipulates the way he lies, the way he has basically hurt every single person. He has no true, he has no long lasting friendships in his life. There's a reason for that, you know? Yeah, that's horrible. Yeah, so not a good human being. It's not good good, but again I mean I hate to say it, but in your line of work. It's like a superpower It is a superpower, you know, I mean I got I got that dark devil with me when I need him and I don't mind it You know, you mean I can be a sweetheart. I could be a good person I'm a giving person I give a lot back in the dark to my to my teammates, you know [34:05] One of the kids is Jose Soto, just by the way I got surgery today. Hope you're doing well. I think he's gonna, like, he's got one eye, like visibility, and he's one of the toughest guys I've ever sparred and he's a amateur. How is it, I wanted to ask you about this. Like, you know, a Charlotte bullet is one eye. That's why I'm saying it, because I'm telling you right now this kid will blow up that dude. How is Sharable it able to fight? I mean, how do you pass athletic commission standards? So I don't know. So I think that from what I've heard, I think it depends on the commission and where you're fighting. In PA, I know yes to have, I think, and I may be wrong. So somebody don't roast me for it, but I think you have to have, I think it's called a 22, 200. You have to, it's like, it has to be some type of visibility. So you have to be able to see objects or, yeah, now objects shape something. You have to be able to at least identify something out of that eye. And yeah, I mean, I think that is the craziest way to fight. When you already have lost one eye. Bro, he's bigger than me. The kid I'm talking about is bigger than me. [35:06] He's bigger, he's like 225 right now, and he's in shape. Abs cut, I'm telling you, I can't wait for this kid's future. But by a train, what I'll, but my point is, I get back to a lot of, I try to get back to a lot of my teammates because I didn't let the things that hard and mean made me upset become a piece of shit. I don't think I'm a piece of shit. I think I'm a good person. You know, I don't think I'm the best person. I'm not the nicest guy by a long shot, right? But I think this world is about what you get, you give back, and you know, how you can. If you're not giving back in some way, what's the success that you have that I think you're a piece of shit, I don't care if you're a billionaire. You know, if you're not giving back and you're not trying to help the younger generation, that's already so fucked up. Especially the people around you, especially your tribe. Yeah, I mean, I couldn't agree more. The one I think, man, it's just still really freaks me out like shout Biscayne, one of the fucking toughest teams. Never do it. Hey, get in the dark. [36:06] These scammed systems, he scammed the athletic commissions for 10 fights. For 10 fights I do far with one eye. But then look at the other part of it, right? Like if he goes out there and he's getting smoked and he's not competitive, like sure, polls card and say, hey, you can't do this. But then you're gonna tell somebody that they can't, they can't do what they trained the whole life for. Because of something like that, that's not fair too. You know what I mean? Like, right. Well you look at Charibullet. I mean, obviously, I mean, depth perception is the first thing that goes when you lose one eye. Yeah. It helps, but Charibullet is one of the most accurate Some flaws in this game. Let's take down defense terrible. Yeah, he's got to like learn how to wrestle Amanda not know how to get off his back It's crazy it's from Dagestan from a guy that's not a wrestler right Yeah, it's a problem. It's a problem But also him on his defeat to fucking problem. Oh man guy that kicks that much. I don't want to fight that guy It dudes annoying. I it's not even it's like I hate that kind of style [37:06] That's it. You're like I hate that kind of style. That shit in the year. Jack style irritates the fuck out of me. Jack Dillamondle. No, Jack, her man's a whamn. Her man's a dude's annoying and shit. I hate his style. Fucking bounces around and he's just an awkward, weird, weird shit. Sharable, it's not weird, but he's so fast and kicks and man, I want a bang, not kick. Her man's and you is when? When is that? February 10th. Nice. So like 25 days or some shit like that, but not too far. I'm counting. That's a very good fight for you. It's a very good fight for me. I think a lot of people will try to pull this experience bullshit again. And he's definitely my toughest fight on paper. And I think he will be my toughest test. But one thing for sure, he better not let me get that one as I got that one. So he's a dog he's tough. But I think we know what his style is if you look at Jack, it's like you got to get the takedown brother because if you stand in bang with me I'm going to put you down. You know what I mean? I'm not I'm not playing for decisions and you know shit it might come back to bite me right my say it all confident I might lose my happen but I just don't think that that's I don't think that's the next chapter for me and [38:11] yeah there it is yeah so fight night at the mother fucker on TV man nah you look great that's about that's the the fucking apex is the greatest place ever to see if I like it. Everybody's complaining that I keep fighting there, but I like it, man. I like hearing my shots. I like hearing them. Yeah, I wanna hear it. I wanna hear him grow up when I hit him. I wanna hear him win. It's like I wanna see it. I don't have any outside noise blocking that. We can hear your coach, you can hear your corner, you hear everything. It's to me, when we were doing the COVID fights, when we were doing a lot of the fights from the Apex Center, including like World Title Fights, like Francis Ngannou when he beat Steve Pay, there was no crowd, which was so crazy. But for me as a commentator and as an audience member, I was like, how lucky am I that I'm here for this, [39:00] that this is like, you know, the whole world's fucking shut down I'm I get to be cage side for this with nobody else here It was a fortune in time, man It was it was a fortunate time to I think like being your position like you're saying, right? You know you've been around for so long. No man like you are not right. I mean and You're you're a part of the UFC in a big big way and not just a commentator You know, I mean so you being a part of that is also historic too, but being able to see it with a guy like that in person, that's why I was upset when John Jones, man, I was gonna go to that fight. Yeah, man, because he's on his way out. I love John Jones. I love John Jones too. That dude is, I hate when everybody, everybody's so much sidestep, some. Because of the one he tore that pack muscle. I was so bummed out. God damn, I wanted to see him versus D.P. It was still hope, maybe. Yeah, maybe. I mean, maybe a summer. It seems like that's what they want to do. It seems like that's the fight they want to do. He keeps vocalizing to Tom Aspenal, you know what I mean? And I feel like he already wrote, [40:01] which we all kind of assumed but I think I'll have that flight with steep A if steep A still hanging around and then you know kind of run off into maybe or they'll maybe he'll do a hospital depending upon I mean I don't think he has any interest to be in you know think so now why not man what elbow surgery also when did he have this he said because while he was having pec surgery because he had to recover for so long he went to get and got his elbow done too. Was this recently? Yeah, I thought this was the video but this was like a little week later. Wasn't this the day, this was the day out right after or a couple days out after it happened I think that video. Oh, I'll find it because it was. This is not recent though, that punching thing is not recent. This was like two weeks ago a week ago. I thought it was on his Instagram account, but I'll look it up real quick The the thing is like John is what 36 now He's not I thought he was 38 I don't know I wonder I wonder [41:00] 30s Here but here so we could go he had elbow surgery to shave off bone 36. Yeah, 36 I thought he's a little bit older than that. Yeah. When you start getting surgeries, when shit starts falling off. Oh, that's me now. Yeah. I have about one injury for sure. John Jones said he has surgery to shave bones, burns, and it's left elbow. So exactly that, right? So what I just told you about my pain in my elbow. I have like six or seven of those in my elbow right now. So imagine, and that's where all the nerves are. Yeah, so man, some days I gotta, I'm in pain. And they can't go in there and scoop those out. Not before the fight. Oh, after the fight you think? I'm definitely gonna mention it. I'm definitely gonna mention it. Have you done any stem cells or anything for that. So I had a torn labor on when I got some stem cells to try and fix that and then honestly it really agitated it where you know and then the fight got announced and everything. So this fight is sooner than I wanted it to be in a way but you don't say no to something like this. [42:00] Like this is a good fight for me. When I say good fight, I think that this is a fight that I'm very capable of winning at this point in time with the trajectory I'm on with all the, you know, people call it hype, but I fucking earned it. This isn't hype. This is called I paid my dues and I was out for a year and eight fucking months and made a comeback. Made my comeback fight with a broken left hand. Still knocked that dude out, which was Derek Brunson's wrestling coach. Came back, knocked out another guy. You know what I mean? So I broke my left hand going into that fight. I broke my left thumb in half, like right where the joint is, and I still went in there. And I remember my coach was like, yo, we got to bite down. We just got to do this, man. Like you do this, you're going back to the UFC. And it was the first time I ever worked with my my head coach, John Marquez. And how far out did you break your thumb? I think it was nine days. Oh, God. Yeah. So bro, when they grabbed my hand, like the commission grabbed [43:02] like the medical 10 and they grabbed my hand I was like oh But I want to get it. I took an extra Glow for double XL glove because you know my hands aren't that big But I bro it was terrible. It was terrible Did you find a way to tape it in some way? Yeah, I mean we still taped it up like it was a fight right? So I still had tons of pain But the pressure stopped me from feeling like it was like floating around I still had tons of pain, but the pressure stopped me from feeling like it was like floating around. So, and I actually threw it like maybe three or four times enough fight just out of like habit. And, but yeah, I mean first fight back year and eight months, break your left hand. I have the X-ray for it. And then, you know, let alone the nerves I had to come back. I'd never throw my right hand in a real fight and Man it was awful and then three weeks later I was playing basketball I love playing basketball and fucking broke my ankle and the UFC calls and says hey You want to fight on the contender series? So when I say I've had injury after injury and it gets it gets keeps going What do you do you think like maybe I shouldn't play basketball? Maybe I shouldn't do so. I don't plan on. Yeah, so, but you know, so, yeah. [44:07] You know, but here's the thing, I don't, my theory on life, it could be wrong. I don't wanna, I don't wanna cheat myself along the way to do the things that I still love, you know? And if I have to stop, if I have to live so fucking careful, I'm gonna develop that habit to live like a fucking hermit crap. Right. And that's not me, man. I get on motorcycle, I'm going 205 fucking miles. Oh, that's true. Don't do that. But that's me, bro. That's just, that's, I'm a thrill seeker. Do you remember Diego Corralis? No, I don't, I don't know. Follow boxing. Diego Corralis was Keralos was like he was involved. So the guy that's a paraplegic. No, he's dead now. He died in the motorcycle accident. Good job, Joe. He was a big boxer. He's famous for the one fight. Was it Jose Luis Castillo? Is that what it was? He had this fight with Jose Luis Castillo. It was like one of the greatest displays of guts [45:01] because he was out, man. I mean, he was out man. I mean he was out he was battered his eyes or smoke watch this fight. He's got a Diego Corralis is in the white with the red stripes. Okay. And Jose Luis Castillo who's also a very tough guy is the guy in the red. And he he rocks him and he hurts him. I mean Corralis looks like he's done. I mean he looks like he's done. He gets hit with a perfect left hook. He gets dropped. And he gets up. I mean, this is like a, a tutorial, god, he type performance. Like, I mean, it was one of those fights where you just like, my god, he gets up. I mean, he is fucked. He's fucked and Castillo catches him again. I mean, it looks like the fights over. Some some referees maybe even would stop it right there. You know, I mean, some referees you see go down again like that. They're waving that off, right? A lot of referees. And then I would say good call. Good stop. The guy's done, right? Watch [46:00] this. I mean, Coralus is left eyes completely swollen shut. Can't see shit. Get dropped twice. Looks like you can barely stand. He's talking to the referee. He's like, don't stop this. Don't stop this. I'm good. See puts his mouthpiece back in. They give it him some time here, which is nice. They give it him some time here, which is nice. Get's back out in there. I mean, he's still fucked, right? Yeah, yeah, you're not recovered. He looks bad. His legs, his legs don't look. And Castillo's a very big puncher. Yeah, he looks like he's with it. And he gets clipped again. I mean, this is like an all-time classic performance Oh, he's got him. I mean this is really like Mickey Ward in a Turo Gotti Castile of punch himself and then all sudden [47:01] All sudden he comes back Hmm I mean, this is like from the verge of defeat. He catches him with the left foot. Yeah, I mean, still is done. See, don't look at his face. But it's crazy if you think about how done Corralis was then the referee stops it right there. It stops. I mean, crazy, crazy, crazy come back. Well Diego's a wild fella And Die on a motorcycle So yeah, so I've heard some so many so many bad stories But like you won't you don't get into a car. I'm gonna give you my like okay my my thought right you won't get into your Car you know the car we talked about the cabarral. Yeah, you won't get in that and be like man. I could die driving this Now you know the dangers of it. Yeah, you know all fast today's and whatnot But you'll never you'll never like I won't I could die going in this cage right I could get kicked I could have one eye I could be paraplegic. I could have my face broken, you know and I [48:05] Get it you know, and I get it. You know what I mean? So I just, I don't do things thinking that I'm gonna fail. It's just, it's not in my brain. Like I won't, I don't know, I just won't do that. Because I'm not worried about you. I'll get scared. I'll get scared of the variabilities of the other people on the road. The people I can't control. Well, it makes you feel better. I don't have one right now. Good. And I got rid of it. So I live in a condo. So I got rid of it because I was gonna put it in the house and I was like, oh, I'm landlord wouldn't like that. So I was like, you're gonna ride the bike right in the house. I was gonna sit in the living room. But I didn't do it. So Yeah, I'm a thrill seeker man. I love cars. Well you tell me about your Evo. Yeah, I got that Evo 8 baby wide body Yeah, yeah big turbo picture of it. Yeah, I do. I do it. It's it's nice. Send to the Jamie It's you get an air drop of two them that's a great car. Alright cool because I got my tank on that So you built that right? Yeah, yeah, so we have had a 4G64 and now it's I'm going [49:04] 4G63 so I'll send you two pictures so that we can see the front of the back for people don't know explain what that car is So that car is an all-wheel drive 2006 Mitsubishi Evo It's a wild little car man super light Crazy handling Did I not save your number Jamie? I'm gonna send you to use you. Okay, say it to me. Does the air drop work? Can you see Jamie on the air drop? Let me see yeah one second. I'm looking through your Instagram too. You had other awesome cars on there but not the EVO. Jamie's area is Mac Pro Pro. Yep. Cool. Got it. Got it. Yeah, so that's been my therapy, right? So I've always wanted to be in the car as my neighbor when I was young. You know, his name was Henry Papiano. Good dude. Like honestly, I love him because we don't talk all the time [50:01] and I haven't talked to him in years, but yeah. That's my baby. That's a wild little car, dude. It was built, the body and the paint, that's an actual P1 McLaren paint job. It's the real actual paint of it. And obviously he's got the Vultex on there, the wheels. So I bought the car, built as is what a 4G64 in it, but now it has a 4G64 block. So that made estimated from what I was told from who I bought it from that it made 808. It's got a full roll cage. It's so crazy. That car's got to weigh 2000 pounds. Now man, let me tell you something. What is it way? It's like almost 4,000 pounds. Really? Is that heavy? Yeah, I think it's 38 to 41, 100 pounds, something like that. Dude, that is, yeah, you like my tag? For body bags, we got JP bags, baby. So cars, man, I smile all day. I could be around cars all day. It's definitely something that's like a therapy for me. It's how I found like, I don't know, man, I love it. [51:01] I love it. 808 horsepower. It's the most agile car. So I've driven the Lamborghini Aventador, which was a dream car mine. Thanks Royalty Exotics of Vegas. They always hooked me up every fight. Yeah. Man, there you go down memory lane. Yeah, I was trying to find your car. I figured you would have to find your car. That's a wild car, man. Yeah. Yeah, I had that was the first Corvette ever bought it was a C5 Z06 stock is hell. Oh those are fun cars though It was a turd They're fun though. Yeah, they're kind of plasticgy. Yeah But you know what I have to say my dream car was a C6 06. I want to get one And then I didn't like the interior compared to that one right because I like the leather I like the old look. I don't like the plastic look of a lot of modern cars, but... Well, Corvette nailed it with the new interior. The new interior is perfect. Yeah. So the new interior is cool, but I hate the C8 look because they took away from the traditional long snout, you know, real wheel drive, like now it's a mid-engine, short snout, like I'm not a fan of it and I can't fit in it very well. Right. So I don't like it. That's why I will never buy a Lamborghini, I'll never buy Ferrari. [52:06] I won't buy Porsche. I don't fit in it. And I think Porsche is ugly. But that's just really, no, there you go. I know, yo, I will say, dropping a GT3 is amazing though. But the EVO, man, I've never of the things that people do to GTRs. Yeah. They have GTRs that are like 2000 horsepower. Yeah, it's just, it's called Godzilla. Fucking insane. Have you ever been to a drag strip? Yes. Yeah. You've raised? No, I've never driven a car on a drag strip. Now would you? No. I'm not interested in doing that. No. I think you're making a little bit more than 1000 horsepower though, don't that. Oh, you go up in the air like that. Yeah, you probably got, they probably got no weight in that thing. Like, you know what I mean? I'm not gutting the car. I don't want to, I want to. I saw a 67 Corvette recently do that on YouTube or Instagram or something like that. Just took to the air. Just the guy was just, baaaaaah! [53:05] And then wwup in the air. So you all get out of there. I'm not that policy. Like if I start feeling like I'm lifting over up. We saw it. The eye just says, this is crazy. Lucy. Yeah, that's a scary proposition when you go and dive fast and straight line your car just catches it. What's the fastest you've been in a car on a racetrack? Yeah, I think I was 178 179 Numbers up baby. Yeah, no, I'm good. Look at that thing catching air Look at that guy launching through the fucking air that guy said fuck it full send. Hey, what a great re wow look at that That's crazy, but yeah, he was that dude did some good shit in his life to not die there. Yeah, right It was fully in the Bro, I'd be so mad. I'd be so sad like my car's messed up now such a beautiful car I've been watching car masters on Netflix. Oh, okay. Yeah, I don't know if you've ever watched it It's like they take like rust buckets pieces of shit like everybody would write off [54:07] And you know they do shit like zephyrs. They put a 3D, 3-stroke or motor in a Tesla. Oh wow. So it's pretty cool, yeah, I love watching that stuff. That's like when I watched it, I got a bed. Yeah, I love cars. Yeah, I mean, it's gonna be a sad day when there's no cars. I feel like that's coming. I feel like they're trying the world economic form and all these fucking psychos. I try not to hate them. I don't know when I own the car and test was a great man. No, I hate them as far, yeah. Like I've driven them, don't like, I don't like the automatic braking. I don't like all the gadgets. Like the, it's like a big ass high pad. That's nice. I'm also important too, but no obviously with the Evo But I do love muscle car if I had to choose like one car that gives me the most joy. It's old muscle cars Do you have a particular car? Not really. I like a favorite and everything you got you don't have a specific No, I have a 70 chivalre and I fucking love. Yeah, it's so raw It's just it's a 454 and just it's pumped up. It's got 650 horsepower [55:08] It's a 454 and it's pumped up. It's got 650 horsepower. It's just, it's a perfect balance, big ass fat tires. It's a rose to shop car too, so handles and breaks real well. But it's just, there's something about those cars. So that's exactly what my neighbor had. He had a chavelle and that's what started it for me. I remember being maybe six, seven years old. And we were poor, man. My parents combined, ever made more than 30,000 in a household of seven. Combined. Shum. But, uh, yeah, I mean, I remember him ripping down. He had an orange one. He did the motor himself and he would rip down. As soon as he put me, you know what? I think that's what got me hooked on this adrenaline, but he took me for a ride first time. I went over a hundred and I was like, I was just remembering being like, oh my God, dude, so cool. And it's the sound, the feel of those things too. When I was, I think I was like 16, a buddy of mine picked me up in his friend's car and his friend they were you know just picking up we're gonna go somewhere and his friend at a [56:07] 70 chivalr and it was perfect. It was just cherry. It was a black with white stripes that tuxedo won't just what I have and I remember thinking as 16 years ago how can this guy own this? How is it possible that a person could own this perfect car. I couldn't imagine it. I couldn't imagine it. In September, how old you were? I think I was 16. I was in high school for sure. And I remember he ran out of gas and coasted. He ran out of gas at the perfect time and coasted right into the gas station. And it was like, this guy's the coolest guy that's ever lived. He ran out of gas, got the perfect car. He coasted into this gas station. And here's what I like about the car. The car people, the car world. Because if you're a car guy, somewhere along the line, I mean, especially if you're building your own cars or blue collar, right? Like they could teach you shit. You know, I have these nerds today. They're calling AAA or I don't know, fuck a double add, I don't know what it is, but they [57:06] can't even change a tire. They don't know where's the oil go. It's like bro, you call yourself a man, but you can't change tire, you can't change oil. You don't know what to do if the car starts, you don't know anything, you're useless. That is the thing with modern cars. You open them up and it's a computer. There's just so much going on in there and you know, there's an ECU that's powering everything and that has to be not unless you got a stand alone Now but that's actually the issue. I think I'm gonna run into with this new build on the EVA I think I might have to get like a stand alone and get it get it to in there You know get get like a motek or something like that and because there's only so much you could do with a stock ECU You know, I mean like safety fails and shit like that. I'm sure they probably haven't on some of your cars, but you got to have your safety fails, so you don't blow it up again. But you know Gordon Ryan. Yes. Gordon Ryan is now obsessed with Vipers. He's trying to get me to buy one of these K-Ovo Vipers. That's my dream car. Yes, bro. I like it on cry watching that I'm like I'm like find that commercial man that car is a monster, but there's a company. It's calvo right? [58:11] It's the best looking. Yeah, it's got it's gotta be yeah, there's there's there's one of the they're around the country Well, there's one there's one company that's in town that Jackson up to like 2000 horse that's in town that Jackson up to like 2000 horsepower. Man, this shit makes my little crimes present. I can't wait one day, Mark Lover and Shipper. The last biker. Ha. It's absolutely an amazing car. It's just the sound that, yeah. Look at the way that thing looks. In that hood, the hood with the vents in it. It's that wing too, though. Everything. Everything. Do you have the TV show where the bike were changed. No. There's like 1995, I thought it was real. It changed from the red convertible to the yellow hardtop. No. You thought it was real? How old were you? Damn, I don't want to. Look at that fucking thing. [59:03] That's hot. That's how I drive. That's bad hot drive. That's how I drive. Look at that fucker. I'm just not as good as that guy. And you can't get that bitch in an automatic. It doesn't exist. You don't, that fucking automatic. You don't get a fast car in automatic. Not that one. Not that one. Look at that motherfucker. That is goddamn monster. That is American monster right there. Woo! It's got that super car sound, but V12. Good Lord. Is it V10? I think it's a V10. V10. Yeah. Look at that fucking... Look at the fire coming out of the sides! Remember the hard bit of sound. Woo! That's beautiful man. I'll ever drove that and knows how to fucking drive. What a car. If you don't get excited by this move from a hard start race to watch it, yeah, you need to go to another country. I get more adrenaline from driving like that than fighting. [1:00:00] Look at that fucking thing. Good Lord. Good Lord. God. Good lord. God, that thing is amazing. Dodge, we'll took it out, dude. You need to have me on your team. Haha! I love Dodge. I have a ram. I have a TRX. Did I got from John Hennessy? Do you like that? Do you like that? Do you like a truck that fast? Fuck yeah. I love that one. Yeah. I love that one. I'll say that. Sean Brady will be upset with us. Wow. As for Raptor. Those are great too. No, they're good. He's got a great. The Raptor R, the V8 one is insane and Hennessy's doing that too. He's taking that up to a thousand or so. The Raptor R twin turbo? No, it must be. It's either supercharged or twin turbo I don't know well. I mean regular Raptors are usually turboed So I can imagine a turbo six and this is I think it has the same engine as the GT500 I think that's the idea behind it because it's 700 stock from the factory and then [1:01:00] Hannesie takes it and he jacks it up so I'm 99% sure it's super charged You don't remember this TV show? No. No, I never saw this. You thought this was real, Jamie? I was 10. I never heard of a Viper in my life. It just changes the color. Did you believe in Santa as a kid? He did till he was 12. Damn. Big. In Viper. She brought us, we didn't get the joy. There was no fucking Santa. There was no like, hey motherfucker, we ain't got money. You're not getting no gifts. We used to have the church donated us gifts and whatnot because I grew up Christian and whatnot. Well, there was no Santa. It's horrible for you as a child, but I firmly believe that being poor as a kid is also a supercharger. It's like a superpower. There's something about it. You're grateful. You're grateful and you can't replace that. If you have someone that grows up wealthy and then they just, they become successful in life, they're never gonna have that same gear as a person who grows up poor. [1:02:00] There's something about growing up poor. It sucks. It gives you a burning desire for the things that you want. And you want to figure it out. I mean, these kids that are born into money, it's actually someone we both know where it's like, sometimes, and even people like back home, it's like I know people that have kids where it's like they don't know how to like fit in because status and money and shit like that. So that could be damaging for a kid. And it's good to have them in sports. It's good to have them in school curriculums. After school activities and I always tell everybody that's like, God, a boy, if he's got a attitude problem, put that motherfucker in wrestling. 100%. Wrestling is the best thing for a child. 100%. 100%. 100%. Because there's no easy Wrestling is the best thing for a channel. 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% really feel that that's earned status it's a different status it's a team score yeah individual you know grading you know what I mean so it's cool man I [1:03:08] wrestling like my life got real tough once I got to like once I left home so my parents divorced at 15 like I testified I never wanted to see my mom again and then I left with my dad yeah so you know the other the other branch of that story is you got the abuse from at least my earliest memory of like four and a half, five years old. And then until 15 years old, then we leave. I go to PA with my dad because my mom basically hated my guts. It was such a defiant family. It was the girls and my mom that we lived like the farm life. Like I grew up a farm boy. And against like my dad and the fighter, right? Like I was a puppet and you know, I just mimicked everything that he said, but you know, I chose my dad because I didn't want to lose wrestling or jujitsu or boxing and everything. But that one I got up to PA, he had already had a girl he was laid up in [1:04:01] that it was like, that's all that mattered to him. And then she worked. He doesn't work. You know what I mean? So he found somebody to pray on to manipulate, to do his thing. And then it was like, I don't need my kid no more after I went to court. And like, you know, I didn't understand the consequences of testifying, testifying in court against your mom and being dragged to court out of school and that humiliation. And, you know, I didn't talk to my mom and my sisters for years. And we don't talk currently. We haven't talked since before I got in UFC. And we haven't talked since before I broke my arm. Wow. Because I knocked my sister's boyfriend out for being a method. Oh, Jesus. Yeah. Yeah. So. Yeah, that's what it is. But, uh, but yeah, man, I mean, once I moved off to PA, that was the worst. Like that short span from 15 to like 18 was like, man, like I was ready to, I was out. So where were you staying during that time? So I stayed in media PA, I lived in, I lived in, it's Pennsylvania, but it's like 25 minutes [1:05:04] outside of Philadelphia. So it's like's Pennsylvania but it's like 25 minutes outside of Philadelphia so it's like the suburb city. Honestly it's like a bougie. It's not bougie but it's like a towny nice town and you know everything was new to me. I came from a school of 330 kids I got in the high school I was in a school of like 1600 kids who cost four grades but they were all like preppy fuckers like kids down in South Jersey where I grew up, they were all fighting each other, like beating each other up, jumping each other after school, up here, everybody would talk shit and nobody would fight. So it was like a weird thing for me to adjust. I didn't have friends, I didn't have a phone until I started getting a job. And yeah, man, it was weird. It was really weird. I I lived in a two-bedroom apartment and my dad his girl at the time like she's married to now and Her two daughters we all lived in a two-bedroom apartment You know what I mean? So it was like It was just like a pun it was it was a terrible living situation and then the beatings man [1:06:04] I swear to God he used to beat me up just to prove that he could beat me and show his girl that he was tough and nobody could fuck with him, type of deal. And it was just like, man, so it got real dark, man, and start stopping me, breaking my teeth. I had two crowns, because of him, because he'd break my teeth. And I would curl up Like he would punch me like a grown man, but I would curl up He would throw uppercuts like that's how intent this guy was on getting me and The last fight we had it was over a fucking game called uncharted 3 And it was we were playing call up, but because I would get more kills in him This is the kind of shit he would rage at. So, and mind you, throughout all these years, right, he's on SSD. The reason being, he had a car accident. He was an oil truck driver. I forget the story of who blew the light, but when he was going through the light, he got T-bone, or he T-bone somebody blew out his back, had to get surgery. Apparently, it failed. Whenever he wanted to jump up and what your ass though, dude wasn't crippled no more. So it's crazy, you know, and he would go box, 15 rounds, [1:07:07] but throughout 2004, all the way until I was 15 years old and then some, this man was on narcotics all the time. He was on Viking and Perkis said, oxy, and he definitely was addicted. There was never a time that I didn't see it. The dude used to have like 60 fucking bottles of it and He would he would take medicine and then he would drink two Yinglings and I think when I look back I'm like man like that shit. I'll make a motherfucker angry and Yeah, I mean it just got worse as I got older, but I remember the last fight that we had it was you know I used to I remember I used to look at him and be crying and say, you know, like, how come you don't love me? Like, I got this empty hole in my chest because I didn't understand emotions. So I like trying to plead with him like, yo, like something's wrong. I got something, I got a hole, I got a hole in my heart or my chest. I don't know what this, I don't even know how to explain it. And you know, the things he would say in Rebuttal would be like, kill, fucking kill yourself, your feelings don't matter. Shot the fuck up. [1:08:06] When I say jump, you say how high? Like it was, there was no remorse for anything he did. And I think that's why I despise him. You know, the dude hurt me. He hurt me for a lot of years that I had to repair. And even then, I still carry over some bad, bad attitude problems. And, you know, the dude fucking, it got to the point where it was like, either I'm gonna kill myself or I'm gonna kill him. And finally he beat me after death the one day. I mean beat me after death. And I packed a bag of clothes and he came out, he pulled a fucking knife on me, said he was gonna kill me with it. I shoved him, ran out the fucking door, and never went back. She never went back. But how old were you then? 16. I was just turning, I was either 16, and the week after 17, I don't remember, but I was within two weeks of turning 17 when I left, or I just turned 17 and then left. [1:09:01] So it was in the month of September. God damn. And yeah, so I left, slept in the park for a couple nights and then I wound up standing up for a kid, a black kid that was getting called Rachel Slurs and that was my first friend I had made and yeah, I mean, he wound up having, he definitely was on the spectrum. Like he wasn't the smartest kid. Unfortunately, like he had some things that people would pick on him for, like being overweight and saying he would say some weird stuff and whatnot. But yeah, he was the first friend that I developed and his brother was in Juvie for Arson trying to lay on somebody's house on fire and he was adopted by a white man So but the house that they lived in bro. It was like the most disgusting living environment you could fucking think of Cat piss infested hoarder of comics that were all destroyed from cat piss Like every part of the house would have been sticky like your shoes would stick to the fucking floor [1:10:04] And there were shit everywhere. The smell was like a pneumonia. Maggots in the sink because he refused for about four years to fix the garbage disposal. That's how long it sat there broken, live wire on the overhead of the oven. So I lived in there and I wind up, I used to run papers to the courthouse and make like 75 bucks a week. So every time I would make a little bit of money. And his dad would give me some money sometimes to try and help straighten up the house. And I would buy bleach and fucking bleach it and try to clean. And bro it was disgusting. Like you could wash your clothes six fucking times and it would still smell like cat piss. No. And it was a very embarrassing, very humbling way to live. And I lived off instant food, like microwave food for the next two years. All my wrestling high school years, the next two years that I was there, everything was either donated food from my wrestling coach, [1:11:00] Wilharmon who fucking, man, that was my saving grace when I went to that school You know, I don't want to miss that part like that's important to me That man is the whole reason I'm in the UFC now Wow, so God damn dude those were the living conditions man like I mean I mean fucking and he and my wrestling coach who come to the house And then I had truancy officers coming after me because I miss so much school which would come to the house. And then I had truancy officers coming after me because I'd miss so much school. It was either Diffus or some child services at a certain point that was like, who's taking care of you? Who's your caregiver? And I had a nasty response for him and nothing kind of came of it. But it was like, do I look like I'm fucking unhealthy? I remember slamming the door in the woman's face because I thought that we're gonna try and take me from the house. But, uh, yeah man, it was shitty times and, uh, you know, life beat you up in ways that you're not prepared for and doesn't change. No matter how much money you make, no matter you're here, you're here, there's always gonna be a problem it's just how you roll with it so. Well for sure, but having been through the problems that you've been through I guarantee you you know how to navigate problems better than most people [1:12:08] I voice it a lot, you know people always think I'm bitchin But I just I'm a bro and I am sometimes I bitch, you know because that's my way of coping I'll put it out there so it's that stuck inside and that's something that's worked for me You know I say a lot of things that I feel and As long as I get it out I'm happy, you know, I say a lot of things that I feel. And as long as I get it out, I'm happy, you know what I mean? Or at least I'm settled. I don't have that anger waiting to explode. That's the worst. You should think of where you would be if it wasn't for martial arts. And that's the same situation. We'll kill myself. I would kill myself, 100%. All right, I struggled even when I had it, you know, and that's the... That's one of the only things that gets people out. I just didn't see a life for me, man. I was so stupid. And when I say stupid, the whole time that my dad to stay at home, dad, and I want to give credit to my mother too. You know, my mother, I never really felt like loved me that much. [1:13:01] And, you know, is what it is, but my mom worked her ass off and that's why I get my work ethic. That woman held two jobs. She did what she could to provide. She wasn't, you know, she wasn't a bum. She tried and she did the best she could with a dude like that. You know what I mean? She never had another man, still hasn't had another man to this day. She was married to him for 20 years. They had five blood kids. And, yeah, I mean, my mom respect for that because she's a hard work in woman. And, didn't matter if she used to work at shop right home depot, there was where she jobs and then CNA and, you know, she did what she could. So, I respected for that and Yeah, I mean fuck man that dude was not teaching us homeschools my point for years You were afraid to ask him to fucking give you a spelling bee Because he was sitting at the fucking computer playing games. So if you did it What the fuck do you want? What the fuck are you about? [1:14:01] I'm like it was always a huge like explosion so you're a kid and you know from getting beat by this person It's like I don't want to make a man. He might fucking slap me. He might hit me He might do something so all of us were scared we didn't fucking learn anything I tested to get in public school. Well, I fucking they held me back. I was dumb and shit Like it is what it is though Yeah, I mean so my point is making light of something, you know, dark, you know, but then coming back to the dark side, man, if I didn't have MMA, I don't, I don't think I would be successful. I don't think I would have been strong enough. I don't think I would have had confidence. And I think life would have broke me, man. I think I would have taken, you know, the easy way out. You're in a great position now, though, man. You know, I know you've gone through hell, but it's, I really do think that it's prepared you in a way that nothing else does. You know, just for the ability to overcome adversity, the ability to deal with things. [1:15:01] And again, that super power of that horrible childhood, it sounds like a terrible thing. I would never wish it on anyone. But when I know that someone has been through that and then you see them succeeding, that's a special kind of person. That's a person that's got some extra gears. Yeah, yeah, right. But you know who taught me that? The people I reached out to. I was so broken, but I never stopped asking questions. Same your pizza. No, he was someone I always looked up to. He's 13, three, he fought Bellator, like, you know, he wound up retiring because he had kids and he was working two jobs and it just didn't like it wasn't something he wanted anymore, you know, right? But he was someone I always idolized. Eddie Alvarez was someone I always idolized. I still talked to him today. He's awesome. But I would always see him go to the gym, go home. He didn't bullshit, he didn't go out in clubbing, he didn't do all the party shit. I'm sure he did at a time, right? But when he was with Jamie, he started having kids. I didn't see him, and I didn't know him terribly well. [1:16:01] I knew him in the gym really well. I didn't know him personally outside of the gym. That's where I always saw him. But yeah, I had a lot of good examples right. And then man, as soon as I went to high school, I met Wilharma who that guy housed me for four years because after I left that place, I had, bro, this is, I'm gonna, I don't care if this is ratchet, right? You wanna talk about trash. I had a friend and I had a girlfriend, right? Worst girl I ever met in my life. Leave it at that. Okay. I never known somebody. So I moved out of this place that was basically a shit hole. I started working in Verizon. It was my first job and I said, hey, either I'm going in the military because I don't know the fuck I'm going to be with my life or I'm going to fight. If I get this job, I'm going to fight. I interviewed somehow. I must have been a good talker. Fucking got it in every job. No job experience. Fucking idiot. Somehow I landed it. Got a job, started work and why not moving out, moved into a condo across the street from my high school wrestling coach. [1:17:05] Who who, if you've seen the documentary, is super impactful in my life. So I move across, then I moved from there after a year, I moved to another place, was only there for a short period of time. The whole relationships wound up falling apart. I was trying to fight while knowing some of the things that I thought was a best friend had fucked around with my girl while he was engaged to his girl. And that was my fucking living situation. And I was so, you know, eager to have a best friend, that the motherfucker was never a best friend, right? And it was like, man, you out. I got the heartbreak that I got every fucking turn. And this was two weeks before I had one of the biggest fights that really put me on a trajectory like, man, I'm gonna kill everybody on fighting. And so that happened two weeks before, then that was when I broke it off with my dad. He came over and he got my face one time and then the only time I ever, I never put my hands on him. I never fought back and I never even put my hands on him till this day. And but it was one of those times where you know how when you I don't know if you've ever had this moment [1:18:05] where somebody gets in your facing or a kid and you have the chain quivering or like fucking nervous and it's like It's almost like you're trapped in fear man He said some shit about putting a bullet in my head He said he was gonna come back and put a bullet in my head I was like, you know what the fuck? Before you get to that car, I was like, I'm gonna bury you, that's it. I'll take out every fucking part of my angry being to destroy you, you will not make it to your car. That's it, you're done, you die. And I think it was the first time that motherfucker knew, he always knew I was better, 16 years old I could submit him. He was a brown belt and jujus, but I could beat him. And I think that started to intimidate him. And I think that's why the beatings got worse and worse and worse. Yeah, I think he was scared that I was gonna come and rise up against him. But yeah, I mean, that was the last time. And yeah, I mean, shit man. So I've just had betrayal, betrayal, betrayal, betrayal. [1:19:01] But I haven't lost faith in people. You know, I've met couple really good ones that changed my life and you never let them go. The horrible thing about having horrible people in your life is it can ruin your faith in people. But the one thing that it does do, it makes you really appreciate good people. Yeah. If you can get past it, you could really, like, you don't appreciate sunshine unless you experience a lot of rain. You have to feel cold to appreciate the warmth. You get spoiled otherwise. So that's exactly what I had to explain to somebody the other day. They're like, why do you live where you live? Why do you train where you train? I'm like, man, you know what it's like to go to the hood where our gym is, our gym's in the hood. It's on a fourth floor building. It's like a warehouse type shit. It's actually pretty cool building. Yeah, Sean was explaining it to me. Yeah, and like we're nothing fancy, man. Like John, John, John doesn't, like John Marquez is my head boxing coach. And then John Evan Webb is my legitimate coach. And John Evan Webb is in Jersey [1:20:02] and John Marquez is in Philadelphia in the hood. Like man, we're not a fancy facility. We have a fucking square cage. Like, you know what I mean? Like, we don't have tons of money, and we're in a shitty area, but John does it to help. He does it to promote. Like, all these other gyms, all these other puppy mill fucking gyms that want to brag about this and that, and they got a nice state of the art shit. We only got some state. We got some hand me down fucking weights and we're a grind man but we work fucking hard. And I like that. I like being in the trenches so that when I come out I appreciate it. When I go home I appreciate where I live. And I don't live in the best place but it's like I live in a place that I feel safe in. And for many a years until my restaurant coach took me in for four years, I was not safe. I wasn't I brought in like fucking piss myself till I was like 12 fucking years old. Like thinking there was something wrong with me. I grew up thinking that I had a mental health issue like like something like I thought I was stoop like I don't know. I want to say something.. I thought there was something wrong with me. You were tortured mentally. My dad convinced me that there was something [1:21:06] mentally wrong with me. Well, it was him. It was your environment. But how do you know any better? Imagine thinking that for so many years, and then when you're homeschooled, I didn't have fucking friends. I didn't know. So we were all the weird kids. And then when you're a response when you try to express emotion one one of the things Because this shit haunts me to this day because I wish I wish I kind of heard him My sister said she wanted to kill herself because she felt like her dad didn't love her And we go and we pick her up right this the kind of guy is We go to pick her up the whole family goes to pick her up my mom my four sisters me We go pick her up pick her up from school. My dad seems really concerned. Like, yeah, yeah, I don't know why she would say that, you know, but you could tell. It's like, you could tell he was burning inside. So we lived like 10 minutes from school, we get home, we all get out of the car and we're all like quiet. We're all quiet. We're like, man, something to go down like. Soon as she opens the door like gave the key. [1:22:06] Grabs her by hair, grabs her by pants, fucking throws her. Chucks her in the fucking room. Start strangling her in like put like through on the fucking couch and then start strangling her in between the cushions. And then we all have to find him to get them off. That's your response to your daughter who's suicidal. You know what And it means so like when I say and we were all mean to each other that maybe even worse We were all mean we were all carrying in that moment because we knew like this isn't right seeing him hit my mom Cops being in our house 12 times a year and shit like that like I like I grew up this functional They shit fucked me up and it fucked me up when I was toxic. I was you you know, negative. And I'm still like toxic and negative, right? But like, you learn who people are. When you see that kind of shit, I can have conversations, like a conversation I wanna have. Like you could talk about anything, your open mind, and like, but you're also, you got your beliefs, right? Like you're a real real person. I don't like everybody because you know when somebody's got this fake face and my dad was one of those people, [1:23:05] he had them fucking fake face man, but the second he could get you in that door to hurt you, he would take it and it's like, when you see, when you grow up with that, it just makes you angry and then that's why it's like, you're gonna take half my purse. This motherfucker's my toughest test. You wanna take it from me? Come on try it and you might and if you beat me you're one of the best in the world in my mind and I've never I can I can honestly say this through all that shit I have such a strong confidence in myself where it's like man ain't no man beat me until it's been done it's not happening I have a loss on my career as an amateur because I was 174 pounds fighting at 185 trained in twice a week with a full-time job with that girl that Just fucked me up my first pro loss Struggling with suicide depression things like that still hadn't settled that beef with myself First time I ever went no fight was absolutely dominating the fight. I still there's guys names Jonathan Potty [1:24:02] Love the guys super nice guys still talk to him would never want to fight him again like but It was a good loss for me and then you got my arm break I got one real loss man, and I got one I got lost to myself I lost to my fucking mental health like I lost to I lost before I got in right so it's you're You know very good spot now though and I want to talk to you about like where you fit in in the UFC's Midway division because you're like what I would call on the cusp. Like you're a guy, the Jacker Manson fight is gonna put you into a great place if you win that but you're in that conversation when you can fight in a title. That's what I'm saying. Like within the next year or two, you could be fighting for a title. But I'm gonna be smart, man. Mentals are something I fight every day, and the reason I keep bringing it up is because I'm gonna fight, and I'm gonna win, and then I'm gonna take some time. And I'm gonna go on vacation, and I'm gonna settle some things I got in myself, within myself. [1:25:01] You feel like that's something that you have to do, like something you put put off? Yeah. Yeah. Now, when you say, do you work with anybody? Do you have a therapist or... So I just have a lot of people that I talk too close. I've tried therapy like three, four times and I've never really gotten a benefit from it. I don't know if it's just because I haven't met the right one or they haven't been able to get through to me. Like I'm not an open person where I, like I'm an open person, like I can talk about these things, right? And I may get upset about some of them and I still evoke strong emotion from it. But just because you're listening doesn't mean that I trust you with what I'm telling you. You know what I mean? For you to give feedback and to me to receive it in a way where I think, okay, let me apply this. So I just, sometimes I feel like therapy is just another fucked up human being, telling another person, hey, you shouldn't feel like this, but, or you should try this and try that, but that's why I love cars so much. That's why I love cars, I love nature. And I also wanna take time because I haven't taken a vacation since I've been in UFC and a couple years before that. I haven't taken a vacation since before I broke my arm. [1:26:05] And I think part of, you know, one of my biggest things isn't holding a UFC title, but one of my biggest things is buying a beach house and that super car I've always wanted, that Dodge Viper, and, you know, having a loved one and going and traveling the world before I'm dead. I think that's what my idea of peace and happiness is and I'm desperately searching for it. And like I said, you get a lot of power off the horrible experiences of your childhood, but the key is to not be trapped by it forever. And that's where some people have to figure out a way to come to grips with your life and just accept it and to move forward in a positive way. You're obviously a very good guy. You're obviously an incredibly hard worker and you're obviously very successful and you're obviously haunted by your childhood. But someone could probably help you develop the tools to put that aside. [1:27:02] It's never going to go away. It's always going to be inside of you. That monster, he's always gonna go away. It's always gonna be inside of you. That monster, he's always gonna be in a cage. But I'm okay with that. But it's good to be, you're not gonna forget it, Joe. You're never gonna forget it, Joe. You're never gonna forget it. But the key is not let it consume you all the time. And that is where someone can probably help you. You're never going to forget it. There's a monster that's going to be inside of you whenever you need them. You're never, that's not going to go away. It's just not going to go away. But to not live with it all the time would be very, very beneficial for you. Because then you would get all of the positive attributes that come from having a horrible childhood, which is this unstoppable drive, this fury that you can unleash inside the octagon. It's very different than other peoples. But you can get to the point where it doesn't consume your everyday life. It's not something you have to think about all the time. You can think about positive things. You can think about growth and expansion and progress. I think you're very capable of doing that. It's just so many people, they rightly so dwell on the horrible experiences of their childhood [1:28:10] forever. And there comes a time where that doesn't serve you anymore and it rots at you. Where even with success, you're still angry. Even with success, you're still bitter. Even with success, you still want to talk about it and you want to live it again and you want to go over it in your head. And that, that can rot you out from the inside. Because at a certain point in time, like your mind can't handle it anymore. Yeah, I would say I grew emotionally thin when I lost my first pro-flight. That's where I was. Right. You know, I can talk about it now and I can evoke the strong emotions when I remember with it, but I forgive them. Like, I view my dad now as, you know, somebody like I said, I don't respect as a man because I don't think he's the definition of what a man's supposed to be for someone that teaches their kids useful tools and whatnot. But I've forgiven him because I think it's beyond his help because he never got help. [1:29:06] Because he never settled with his. Now that is a man that has aged terribly because of his past and his demons that he's never let go. And I don't want to be like that. Well, you're not going to be like that. Well, I'm already not like that. I'm the only, I'm the Joseph, I'm Joseph Oliver Pfeiffer the fifth. And I'm going to be be the last because I think I need to make a lasting a pressure for my name and I'm the first person that's ever, like none of them have been college educated, including me at a certain point. I become successful enough, I wanna go to college and get some type of degree and... Do you read? Not a big reader, but I watched documentaries. I watched podcast, Joe Rogan podcast. Don't rely on this for education. No, no, no, it's, it's, it's, it's, it brings a lot of, your podcast brings a lot of diversity, a lot of, like you have to be open-minded to listen to every episode, right? There's a lot of different perspectives [1:30:02] from a lot of different successful people, right? So, but now I'm really big on listening to people that have been through like traumatic things. I like listening to what a lot of like like army vets that have spoken like Nicholas Irving, the first black American sniper who had like 33 confirmed kills or something like that. I watched his documentary and to hear the trauma that he's gone through and the things that he's done and how he is still making a good impact for other people. That's a powerful dude. And my life is very common across the world. Unfortunately. Yeah. It's very common. So I think I find light and you always hear me say, I don't know if you recognize, but after every fight I don't want to be a role model but I want to be an inspiration for the kids that it's like a staying a sport don't let that sport go. And whatever that unspoken is that stops you from quitting, follow it. And if it's in wrestling or if it's in soccer or if it's in basketball, keep doing it. I used to get laughed at my whole life. I would sit at cafeteria. [1:31:06] I stopped sitting with kids. I would play chess every day with my wrestling coach during lunch because kids would laugh at me every time I saw them. I'd be in the UFC. Everybody would snuff, you know, like, like, like, giggle at it. So I just removed myself, put myself in a better situation. I didn't like this friendship, I got out of it. I moved to a place where I could pursue fighting. Look, I found people that were chasing things themselves, right? I think it's just about putting yourself around the right people and constantly wanting to evolve. If you stop evolving, you pass away. That's a giant part of it, putting yourself around the right people. Either it's through watching documentaries about the right people, if you don't have access to the right people, or if you're very fortunate like yourself to get to a gym with this great people and to live like my gym is my family. You know what I mean? My gym is my family. I know I know a shaman and shit and I always talk about him. I always talk about him because when I joined that team man, I was not in UFC [1:32:05] and I don't think a lot of people had a lot of faith in me but Coach John took me in, never charged me a penny, you know, and I couldn't afford it. I couldn't have afforded it if he did. And I made the switch before I even got the second surgery, you know, he cornered me and I feel it like I feel I can look at them and know that they get emotional too. We're fighting for something big here. You know, fighting to change my life still. So there's a big fight coming up this weekend obviously. Sean Strickland and Drickus Duplicey. What do you think about that? That's your division. Yeah, both very beatable. That's what I think. I like Sean Strickland. I like Sean Sturkman. I like Sean Sturkman. I like Drick, uh, DDP too. Um, I'm, I'm, I'm going to go the American way. I want to vote. I hope the American boy keeps it here in America. Um, but uh, Dr. Marcus is a very unusual guy. He's a very unorthodox power puncher like Ford, but there's a lot of openings to clip him [1:33:05] and he doesn't have a granite chain in my pit. He could take a shot, but like, I don't think he's falling anybody that could test his chin yet. So besides, that's not true. Let me shut up before I get hated all right. Robert Wittaker was a dog, but he had Robert's number man. He had a good plan and he's deceptively technical. Yeah, he's just exactly So he knows he knows where I think he's a guy. Let's put it this way I think he's a guy that knows what he's good at and knows how to get there quick Mm-hmm, and that's why he comes out hot because he knows how he's gonna wear on you also like yourself He's very big for the weight class. I haven't seen him a person. He's a big boy. Yeah, I mean, see looks like fucking heavyweight, but you know what I watch this interview on the way here on the flight and He's not stupid. He's a smart guy and I have respect for I've respect for all I don't think you get that far if you're stupid. Yeah, you don't you be surprised man I mean, there's you know there's some dumb ass people in this not at the top [1:34:07] Yeah, not at the top not the cream of the crop. You don't get to that level. You have to have some innate form of intelligence. Yeah, 100%. Because you all set to be coach-of-tall intelligence. Yes. I have a lot of respect for Sean. Because Sean, when I thought Gerald was in the back, and even before I was in the UFC, he said, hey, you want to come train. And I I mean? But I got respect for him. I like his story. It's got a crazy style. I don't like listening to him talk. He sounds like a drunk person to me. So I'm not like a bit, but, well he off also like you came from a very abusive child. Yeah, no, no, no, man. Look at what he's done. It's a man. And he's not, he's not a style that you're like, oh my God. But you're a style like, man, this is on Orthodox and it works for him. He knows what he's good at. He's confident in what he's good at. And he's put himself in the fire against some of the best to figure out that it works. So, yeah, I mean, I do think that DDP has the bigger advantage in this fight. In the way. In the way that Sean has been chin checked a few times. [1:35:06] And I think, you know, competitively, I think that Sean is the easier guy to beat. If he's a hard guy to hit, he's a hard guy to hit, but when you hit him, he reacts big, I think. And I think a style like DDP is perfect for it. I think he's gonna make him, it's on orthodox like Sean you know he can be standing right there but he's really good at his range. He knows how to you'll just miss. He hit his hands, he hit his forearms. He lifts his leg. He teeps you like standing straight up. It's really strange and he's actually a hard guy to keep down. I think people underestimate Sean Stry good but uh yeah I mean I hope I'm I hope the belt stays here in America we shocked when ddp beat down Robert Whitaker like that uh I was I was surprised that he did it the way he did it uh I I I didn't count him out um but I didn't have winning you know what mean? I definitely thought that it was going to be close. [1:36:06] It was going to be tough. I really did. A lot of people counted him out and I was like, that's crazy, bro. This guy's not, I think it was 20 and two or something like that. Yeah. Man, this dude can bring it. Like he's going to make it a dogfight. And I don't care how technical you are. Well Your energy levels down and you're not that technical anymore. So yeah, I mean I thought it was pretty impressive I was very impressed. I was surprised you could take him down. Yeah, he's a big guy Yeah, I can see him man. I keep hearing now when he's I was big I mean he I don't know what you want you see it that when you start your cut when you walk around it to 18 to 18 Yeah, I'll wait start my cut fight week. Yeah, I'll be like 208. Okay, but when you're in training before you started to cut You're about to 18 to 20 and the heaviest you get is that that's it. Yeah, I it's like my cap I won't go any bigger. I'll have to go up a weight class and and I might in a couple years You know, but I think I would take I would take the proper time to not be disrespectful and fight a fucking guy as big as Johnny Walker or somebody like that. [1:37:05] Right. You know, on Calive, they're thick bone, thick guys. I think a lot of people underestimate like, there's bone density that comes with a certain size too. Yes. I would have to frame myself a little more muscular than these guys. I have to frame to do it. And take like a good six months to a year to build myself to then make that move up. Do you find it increasingly difficult to get to 185? I do. I do. Yeah, it sucks. It's as rough. So you're definitely not. 208 the week of the cut. 208. And then I'm already like, yeah, like I'll show you like what I look like. And are you using, who you're using to do this using a nutritionist and a Weight cutting expert. No, I'm just not yeah I use the like I castro with UFC. I've been great. Okay, Charles a little bit. Okay, but you have CPI those guys Yeah, but I don't like I like I keep them updated with my weight cut as I'm coming down [1:38:03] But I don't do like I don't know how people fucking waterloo, man I don't like it. I don't like the water loads. I do my cut like I know my body pretty well and I get down, but it's just it's just I don't know is your cut primarily sauna or do you bike ride with a wet train twice a day still? Yeah, yeah, I I sweet sweat Do a couple rounds pad work get the get the sweat, do a couple rounds, pad work, get the sweat flown, do a couple ground and pound, you know, wrestling drills and then do a couple ground and pound rounds and then I'll just take you in a little water, take in very little water, you know, the proper nutrition, they kill the sugar cravings and the hunger and shit like that. But yeah, I do, I've been getting better and better and better and better at it. But it's still hard, still very hard. And do you have a protocol as far as rehydration? Yeah, so I've been drinking whatever the UFC gives me, like their rehydration and then I'm really big on like sodium and potassium and takes and whatnot obviously. But yeah, I mean, I have a couple drinks that I drink, but it's just like a BPN electrolyte, [1:39:06] try to get that back in there, try to get as much salt as possible, so I can hold what I'm putting in my body. And what do you try to weigh, David, whatever I'm bodies? Whatever my body's happy, I don't wanna overeat, and I don't wanna over drink where I feel so bloated, or I feel so heavy, but I probably walk in around 210, 208. So I blow up. Yeah, that's a lot. So when I fought Gerald, I, when I fought Gerald, I was, I was heavy. I think I was like 209 when I walked into the cage. But by the time I faced off with him by 4pm, I was like 203, 204. So I was like, I put it all on quick. And I don't lose it like I'll wake up The next morning and it goes right back to where it needs to so I have a good system And I think it's only gonna get better But uh but man, you know, I'm not gonna put it out there, but I have never had a smooth camp I've never had a smooth camp and this is gonna be no different But this is where've been built, I've been built in the fire and, you know, [1:40:06] Jack's a good dude, it's gonna be a tough fight. I don't know if anybody who has a good camp, they say they have good camps, but he talked to him, it's like a rib and a neck and a knee and a ankle. Everybody across the states lately though, has been sick as fuck. Mm-hmm, yeah, it's a lot of colds going on. I've been going, I've been going as far as to say, somebody's fucking poisoning us, because there's no way that everybody I fucking know got sick at the same time, and everybody's sick for two, three weeks with it. Well, there's a COVID strain that's going around right now, and then there's the flu. I mean, it's the winter, and you know what a lot ofates. I take vitamin D and vitamin K as well. I take vitamin K, vitamin D, and I take it with magnesium because when I was told it is you don't take magnesium, it doesn't mean shit. It doesn't mean as much. Magnesium is important. Do you take a suite of nutrients? [1:41:01] Do you know what to do as far as how much to take of this and that you have so I have so I just have like my morning routine of Everything that I've taken and I got it from the UFC. I you know they gave me a sheet and then I've been doing it for Long and off now that it's like I know what I need so I'll use the CPI is such a great resource It's a great resource so mate when they first built that I was like what are they doing? Bro, I was fucking blown away when I was out there for a Brent and Owl in cornering him. I didn't ever been in the cafeteria. I always heard people talk about it. I'm like, where the fuck is it? I never knew how to get to it. Oh, that's funny. Oh man, I was so upset. I was so mad at myself. I'm like, I've been in this shit for a year and a half now, a year and I didn't know there was a fucking facility, the best stuff for recovery, the best stuff for training, amazing coaches. You know what I will say though? So I think it's a great place. I'm not comfortable training in a place like that. Real, you like it dirty. I brought, I like a fucking rat. I'm a ratchet motherfucker. Like, I'm wearing a fucking sweatpants under this. Like, might be when he fought Drago. Yeah, fucking Siberia running with the log the log. It's not me, Joe. I don't know. I got an aura ring to track my sleep, right? And someone that made that important to me was Sean, [1:42:07] because my fucking sleep sucked. But now I'm so conscious about it. Sean's taught me so much, man. Sean has taught me so much. That's a guy that needs to slow down, in my opinion. I've never seen somebody train that much. Like, I picture him is like a fucking disgruntled old me motherfucker. Like just like, I didn't fucking have it. Like he just didn't do anything fun. But that's not true. He does fun shit. But like he loves working out. Me, it's my job and I love working out. But that's not all I wanna do. I wanna go fuck off sometimes, race and ride bikes and you know, shake a tradition. He wants to do just two competitions when it's all done. Yeah, man. Yeah, he needs to get on the sauce when he's done and get fucking. Go fuck people out. Well, I mean, you think about him beating Craig Jones in a grappling match. And again, they didn't have heel hooks, but that's just because that's the UFC won't allow that. But beating Craig Jones is a gigantic accomplishment. Yeah. [1:43:01] I mean, that guy is elite in terms of people who just train grappling. And for him, a guy who's training MMA, fighting in the top echelon of the UFC, fighting against some of the best of the best, for him to go and beat Craig Jones in a straight-up grappling match is, that's incredible. And look, right? So this is exactly, it is incredible. And that's that Phil Roe, you owe me money. He bailed out of a bet he was supposed to you know, and this was years whatever before I was in UFC You know I met Phil Roe playing what Randy Brown on called duty. Oh, yeah playing called duty That's crazy Randy Brown's how I met him. I'm a trainer Randy Brown to But yeah, no, I was so confident in Sean being in that match because Like I said, I've gone with Cory Anderson, I've gone with some like heavy big dudes and I do well. I hold my own, I do more than that. But man, I've never hit, I never, bro, I'm lucky if I take this motherfucker down like once a month. I can't do it. You know what I mean? [1:44:00] I'm going out. I'm having a little grappler. And you really saw that in the Calvin gasoline fight Calvin can wrestle man and he was all over Calvin I mean like Calvin's Calvin's like a hitter miss man. It's so weird. He uh, I think Sean It's just Calvin should have been a Walter away from the jump. He should have been but like did you see the way it was falling? Yeah, yeah, they look like he just couldn't like he it looked like the second Sean Like picked him up or like through something He was always so off balance. Well, he might be dealing with injuries He's also had a very long career. He's fucking crazy wars. You just had that war with Chris Curtis He's had wars without a sign. Yeah, Chris Curtis. I guess Chris Curtis. He looked great. Yeah, I was out of Chris Cress a beast Yeah, it was good fight and it's just, you know, Kelvin, I told Kelvin a long time ago, dude, I go, if you're 170, I think you're a potential world champion. But at 85, the difference to you guy like you and I guy like him, just a physical frame difference like Ata Sanya or Baheda or any of these really big 85s, [1:45:00] they're just so much bigger, Drekus. Yeah. The difference, like, Kelvin's my size. You're not just fighting talent, you know, let's say the skill is matched, now you're fighting size. You're fighting everything. Yeah, Kelvin is fast as fuck with his hands. He's got beautiful fluid combinations with his fist, like that one, two, the knock-biss being out with. The motherfucker is amazing. And the fight without a son. It was a war. People forget he had out of Sonny and all kinds of trouble. He's always striked. He's his bodybuilders. It's always been so like it's always been so weird to me. I mean, he's miss weight so many times and he's he's I don't know. He just never looks like he fully committed. I don't know if that's just his genetics the way he's built, but it's like, it doesn't look like he's terribly sucked out at 70. Like he looks like he went through a cut, but like it didn't look like he lost body fat. That's what you're saying. Yeah. It looks a bit different. She and him at 85 and him at 70 was like, you know, he like really fucks off, maybe in his diet. I don't think he's working with a strict nutritionist. It's really got it all dialed. [1:46:05] Hey, listen, like I told people to him and my post fight too, like, like, that was Sean's first time being overseas and whatnot. And look, he knows where he's best, right? I'm not saying he's, I don't think he can, I don't think he's like the best striker in the world by any means, but I think he's the best grappler for MMA by a long shot. It's not just me, bro This motherfucker can put any of us on our back and you're not getting up. You could see when he's grappling It's very high level. Who knows what you're doing. Who knows where he wants you to go and you think I might get up And then you're stuck in it. It's very frustrating. I hate going on. Well, you could see it in the fights, man You You could, you know, someone who really appreciates grappling. I really love watching that guy fight, because it's very high level. And it's striking is very good too. You know, the ball-out fight sucked for him, but will ultimately be good for him in the long run, because it's just a painful, horrible lesson. Man, this is what I don't care if he gets mad. [1:47:03] This is what I don't care if he gets mad. This is what I'll say. I think there was a certain coach that's no longer on our team. But I never fucked with that shouldn't have been in his corner and doesn't know how to fucking like, bro. They didn't, the main head coach, the guy that was supposed, I'm not gonna say his name. Okay. He was supposed to run, like give him a structure, tell him what to do, you know like he he he just kind of like didn't train him and didn't Develop a game plan with him like coach John did everything coach John's just a striking end of it, right? And then obviously that's where he lost the fight But the dude shot one time right you shot one time and that was it, you know So I think Sean just you had a mental bug and I think Sean's more of like an introvert where he keeps things to himself and he's very like his private life's his private life And you know, and I can respect that versus me. I'm outspoken and I I'll say what I'm feeling and I said it the week at bro I was fucking sad as shit when I thought I'd do I didn't turn it on until I started walking Actually, that's not true. I didn't turn it on until I saw him fucking like doing all this like dancing shit like I was like you think so huh and then that's when it turned on right but [1:48:07] Some people just can't turn it on man, and I think that was one of those times where he just wasn't Like he was doing good Yeah, it was a back and forth in the first round and it just you also give credit to ball balls Yeah, a big fucking tough dude, you know, yeah I'm not a ball fan. I don't have to give him Chris. I'm dying man. Tough guy. He beat my teammate. I don't fuck with him. Well, I get it. I understand that. But nobody is tough. I hope he gets, I hope he gets the, you know, my feelings for him aside. I hope he gets, he's, he's, you know, how could he not? Listen, if I was below, I'd be upset, right? Like I got poked in the fucking eye, I lost my fight. Yeah, yeah. Like let's run it back. Yeah. I don't, I don't know. Like Leon's like saying he's not gonna get it and shit. Like that, it's just weird. What is Leon's in? Like about him not getting it. He doesn't think he deserves it or some shit like that. Really? to fight Colby, like they were saying, oh, Belal's gonna be next and he was saying like he doesn't deserve it or. [1:49:05] The only way I could see him saying that is if he thinks of pay-per-view points and then Belal's not a big sale, that he's not gonna sell a lot of tickets. But who else is next? There's no one else there. Shavkat? Well, Shavkat, but Shavkat needs surgery. he went into that fight with Wonder Boy fucked up and that's why I didn't throw any kicks. And then you have, I think, look, everybody's angling to try to get Connor, right? And for a well-to-weight, yeah. Listen. He's small. I understand. But wouldn't you take it just for the money? I mean, that's what Leon would feel like he has a big advantage. You know, he's a legitimate wonch away. He would toss Connor. And then he'd make a lot of money. He would toss Connor. If he could talk Connor into that. But Connor and Chandler is interesting too. You know that I guess it's actually gonna happen and it's gonna happen. You're wait. I pro. Which is bananas. Listen, that's bananas. Somebody said something to him about, hey, like, we got a no name in me. I would fight Connor. You will fight 85 shit man, change my life. [1:50:08] I'm gonna fuck you up. I will fuck that dude up. But he's fighting Chandler D. You know the word, he was not an 85. You know what I'm not used to yet, Joe? The casuals like, are you in Connor's week list? Oh, fucking, like what you got a tune out the casuals you have enough conflict in your past So that's what that's what I struggle with my past some cool is when I it's like I don't think about every do you read comments Sometimes because so I'm like sometimes Bro, it would be sometimes does it really it does you really need motivation? I Always I think I so yeah, I do, because I don't always wanna fight at it. I'm not fighting at anger in my past. I have that anger because it's just, it bro, it's, I'm bred like that. You're also fighting out of ambition. I'm fighting out of ambition. I'm fighting it. You know what my biggest drive is? Like I said, that dream car, that dream house, that love one, that travel life. Like I want to live life. [1:51:06] I want to see the world. A life that you didn't have when you're young. I'm scared to grow old and never see what this world has. And I mean, like, sight-swice. Like I want to go to Ireland, I want to go to Switzerland. I want to go see places. I hear you. And you'll see those things. Yeah, man, I really believe it. Right, don't read the comments. I did almost fight one of the fans. I did. I tried to get him to come to the gym. I was like, man, this would be great fucking content, right? But then I was like, man, that's corny. And I actually think the guy would have followed through. He was that fucking stupid. There's a lot of dummies. There's so many videos of guys showing up at gyms and online internet trolls getting head kicked. There's so many of them. I just watched some recent one with some guy went into a Moitai gym and the dude hit him with a leg kick and then fucking shined him in the head. Okay, oh, yeah. Oh yeah, I mean, he brutalized him with a leg kick [1:52:00] and then the guy didn't move right and then step back. Boom, a head kick and flat lined them. There's some dumbass in this. That's hard, right? Like on that subject, that's hard, right? Like I'll read the comments sometimes because I'm petty. Like I went back after I beat up Dool and I was like, yeah, talk that shit now, like say something. Yeah, I mean just to those few, I saved three, particular comments. You have been saved. I did. And I went back. I went back. Joe, that's so crazy. Yeah. Well, I'm an elephant, bro, when you hurt your head. I do. I do. So, but nothing you get taught to deal with, right, is what to say when not to say? People always give their opinion. Like, even before coming on here, don't talk about a certain thing because I have my beliefs, right? So we stay in the safe space, we can talk about it. There's a plenty of things. What are people telling you not to talk about? Ah, well, you don't talk about politics, you don't talk about people's parents, you don't talk about religion, shit like that, you know what I mean? I would say don't talk about other people's parents. That's a thing though. If I give my political view on this, it's like it opens up a door [1:53:07] Not you know, you'll get a lot of new like people, but it opens up the door for all these other wide It's such a diverse like such a controversial argument It's like I have this conversation when you off camera all day long. I got my beliefs. I think you know where I'm at But it's like Yeah, I mean, it's just certain things you don't... Well, this is a very divided country, more so than, I'm 56 and never in my life have I seen this country more divided. That's crazy. That's crazy. Never. You look like you fucking figured out how to reverse time man. You're talking about me being vague. You fucking wider than me. I stay healthy. TRT and a lot of vitamins and I'm always doing something. I'm very active in taking care of my body. You wish you fought? No, no. You wish you had A-flat. I had kickbox and fireside, three kickbox and fireside. And I had about a hundred Taekwondo fights. And I've seen your fortune spending back kick, bro. I'm not thinking. [1:54:01] Must have had a range on that. Unfortunately, also came up in a gym that didn't sparse, we spared hard, we fought. It was like a lot of knockouts. When did you start? I started martial arts when I was 15. That's when I started seriously. It took a little bit of it before. It took karate when I was 14. It fucked around a little bit before that. But when I was 15, I became obsessed. And you know, just wasn't really good at anything. Other than art, it was a good artist. But it was nothing that really made me feel like I was a special person until I started doing martial arts. Then when I started winning and I became obsessed, I was training every day and I started getting really good, winning tournaments. And then I realized, oh, I'm not a loser. I just never figured out what to do. And now I've found a thing to do and I know that if I just work hard, I can be exceptional and I can get better at it. But I was also, when I was making the transition into kickboxing, there was first of all, there's no money. This is, we're talking 1988. There's no money in it. And there's nobody in kickboxing. [1:55:06] I wasn't a good boxer. I didn't have a lot of boxing experience. And some of the guys that I was training with, we're going into boxing, particularly this one kid, Dana Rosenblad, who went on to be the New England Middaway champion. He beat Vinnie Pazzy Yeah. He was the only guy. Broken neck. Yeah. Well, he did. He broke his neck in the car accident. But when I was watching those guys, one of the things that I was seeing was brain damage. I was seeing guys where I knew him from five years ago and then I know him now and I was noticing slurring a slowness to the way they were thinking. And, you know, I was just seeing, people didn't just spar. They fought in the gym. And you know, there's a lot of that from the early days of MMA as well. You know, particularly shoot the box, those guys just beat the fuck out of each other. Like the old Militage fighters, those guys beat the fuck out of each other. [1:56:01] There was a lot of camps where the amount of damage, like I've talked to Shob about this too, about him training with like Shane Carwin and those guys back in the day in Denver, they beat the fuck out of each other. And the damage that you take in the gym, that shit counts, it's real. And in that way, I'm glad I didn't, because I started seeing, I was a lot of headaches and that kind of shit early on. And I was like, and there was no future. I didn't have a future in fighting. There was no, it didn't exist. So when the UFC came along, which was 1993, I'd already stopped fighting. I was already doing stand-up comedy, but I was like, oh, they figured it out. This is it. Somebody figured it out. Because back then it was always like, how do you make a living as a martial artist if you want to compete? There's no money. You have to open up a school. The only thing you could do is teach at a school and then compete in tournaments and there's no money in the tournaments. But then when the UFC came along also, we realized like how much of what people were doing was nonsense. [1:57:05] How much of what people were doing was wasted time. So that's how it was when Eddie was coming up. It was like bar room, brawl type fucking training. Yeah. That's how I grew up when I seen it. And then, yeah, my dad used to be pit, pit me at 12 years old against 16 year olds. And I remember I fucking thought my head was bleeding. I'm sure. And probably was. You know, that kind of training, it teaches you how to be tough and how to deal with like a real fight. And you definitely get more comfortable with really throwing. But the consequences of those shots that you receive in training are legitimate. You know, Jerry Quarry, you know who he is? Famous boxer, fought Muhammad Ali back in the day. Just a crazy tough dude who just walked forward and just eight punches and took a beating. Just a tough tough dude. Well, he had a bunch of fights and at the end of his life, he was a vegetable. He was just gone. Yeah. Well, his brother only had like one pro fight, I think. [1:58:02] And his brother never had a pro career. His brother was just as fucked up as he was at the end of his life And it was all from the gym all from just gym wars You know, I was I was watching this video last night on Wilfred Bernitas and They were talking about Wilfredo Bernitas during his day was just an insanely select boxer You know turn pro when he was 17, was a world champion shortly after that, was an incredible defensive boxer out of Puerto Rico. And the end of his life, man, where he is now, like he's bedridden, he's a vegetable basically. That's him now. Me. It's so hard to see, man. That's the name. Yeah, I asked Frightable for Benitez. The pride of Puerto Rico, the ailing box in Grey's now fully depend on the sister who watches over him. They're humble apartments. So that's exactly another reason, right? Like when you want to talk about what we were talking about, me going 200 mile an hour. Yeah. I could go into, like that's shit. [1:59:00] I don't like reading that stuff because that sits in the back of my mind too. I don't want to be a fucking vegetable. Of course. Right. But I'm not knocking our pay, but we don't make with any other professional athlete makes. Well, you do at the high end, at the high end, right? But you know, I'm three fights in and I'm fortunate to be getting the main event. And I don't know, but I was told that there's only one other person that's done that in my division, and I don't know who it is. And I want to know who it is. I don't know, but obviously there's a shit ton of hype on you. You know, you've got a lot of great hype on you, which is, which, you know, it's crazy. Doesn't do anything to me. Like, I don't feel like, I think DC didn't believe me at first when I was, I made my debut. When I got in the USC, the weight on my shoulders dropped. Now there's another way that comes on right to expectation and things like that, that I hold myself to, but I'm like, man, like, I don't give a fuck if there's a thousand people, if there's zero people, if there's 50,000 people. It doesn't phase me. I don't care about that. I'm so locked in on your face. [2:00:06] That's why I want. You motherfucker, you are the second half of my paycheck. I'm coming for you. I think sometimes that's where you have really talented guys that don't know how to get past the lights, the cameras. It's a big moment. You see it all the time. Yeah, the fighters when they make that UFC debut. Some guys just rise to the occasion and you see them better than they've ever been before in the UFC debut because they belong to their champions. They just have to. And then there's other guys that get dwarfed by the moment. The moment hits them and they're just woof. When you know it was crazy is like the moment hit you like it's a weird feeling. When it's so different, even for me, sitting as a fan watching, you don't realize what that person's going through, when you walk out and it's like a cold sweat because it's a fucking big ass building, like, hey, see, it's like that cold sweat, but you're kind of hot and then you fucking realize [2:01:00] when you're in there, it's like everything's like so amplified and you're like, fuck man, I'm about to get into a fist fight. But then that's where you make that decision. Once that finally hits your brain, which we all have it, you either can hone in on what you're about to do or you can hone in on the fact that you don't feel like being there. One of the things that I've come to terms with is I think that changed my trajectory of my career and the way I fought because if you watch my early fights, I would just go out there and try to like, blitz and get out of there and like, fuck you up and knock you out and get out. Like that's what I wanted to do. I don't force trying to knock people out. I don't force to finish. I don't. I'm just trying to wear and then catch you. I know I need one. That's, I pull hard to believe that. I don't, and then you got the other aspect of fighters that convinced themselves. Oh, I can knock somebody out. But it just, it just, it don't truly believe. It's different. Yeah, there's a difference between coaching yourself to believe it and actually fucking believing it. Well, you have extraordinary power, you know, and what I was saying about the Rizakales on fight [2:02:06] is that you showed another level of poise in that fight. It was another level of technique. It was another level of like, this again, it's like, it's very difficult for a fighter to express themselves at, like, you know, when a guy's on in the gym and you just go, mother fucker, look at that dude. They just, sometimes guys just look like they're on fire, they're timing, they're everything, look at a world beat. They're like, who could beat that dude? Right, who could beat that dude? And then it's very difficult to express that inside the octagon. So when you hear a lot of great things about fighters and then you see a performance, you gotta go, okay, they gotta get over the anxiety, they gotta get over the pressure, they gotta get over the experience boundary, because you do need experience in front of different styles, no matter what, no matter how well you train and how good your training partners are, you need live experience against really talented fighters to really develop to your full potential. And in the Rizok fight, I saw it with you. [2:03:01] I was like, okay, he had another level. Yeah, I wish, I wish, I was, that was a tough fight. It was, it was, it was a scary fight to take because he was tactically behind me and he had all knockouts, right? You know, so that's, there's that in the back of your head, there's that fear like, oh shit, like he can clip anybody. He can clip anybody, right? But, you know, at the same token, I just kept it very small. Like I didn't buy into that. It was like, bro, you're a middleweight short guy that is coming up to a weight you don't belong. That's my opinion. Do you think that he should be 170? 100%. Yeah. He does not belong on 185. And he doesn't, he is a big man at 170. I just think he's lazy. I think he's lazy. That's that's my opinion because the fact that I took you down that easy the fact that I kept you down that easy brought I put that choke in pretty basic and I felt him will I think the slam really was like what the fuck. [2:04:03] And then he got slammed again you know there's such a difference in size. There's such a difference in size. And I've advocated many times for multiple weight classes. I think, I think the jump between 70 and 85 is too high. And I think the jump between 85 and 205 is way too high. 20 pounds is so big. It is. It is. So there's so, I mean, obviously Pejeta pulls it off, but he's a freak of freak. A sweet ass class. Sweet ass class. I think you get the perfect, you get the height. So it's funny, every fighter will contest to say that their division is the best, but I think the perfect athlete is my size. The height, the power, the power, the explosiveness. If you can, I think I do, like a Yo-L Romero. Like that, you get a taller guy, I mean he's not the tallest, right? But you get even a Paul Costa. Like you look at their brand. Like I think that's the perfect mix between a not too tall, just the right height, big, explosive, high volume, high body weights. [2:05:02] Yeah, like still crazy knockout power. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. But Sean's a big one fucking 72 his back looks like it's two people's backs. Check on no Sean Brady, bro. He hasn't brother. He's just chest dick and legs. It's insane Back is like layers of a Ape yeah, it literally his lats like sit like he's got so much what you would call like squeeze power Yeah, you know that's that's exactly it. Like this fucker, when he gets you in something, you think, man, he's squeezing when everything he's got. And then it just keeps going. And it keeps going. It keeps going. It's like, what the fuck when? But he's back. It's like these layers of like muscle that is. I hate him. Like, wha fuckin' in here. I hate him. I don't like the fucker dude [2:06:07] But when you look at a guy like that like that's a legit 170 like that that guy at 170 is a fucking terrifying force Yeah, like a Kamara Usman at 170. That's a terrifying force and if you're 20 pounds heavier than that You know as a freak at 70 though Andy. not Andy. Randy Brown. Oh, yeah. That's a tall boy. A.O. He could box, man. He could box. I was so mad at the way that we literally said, like, oh, don't exit. Don't exit. You can't exit with your hands down, bro. Like, he's got to swing bombs over dude at 155, that is crazy. I was so, I love Bobby Green. I just who that watched it for years, I was so mad at that. That was horrible. He did his job. Well, that referee should have stopped that fight. 10, 15 punches earlier. Yeah, the referee's, I don't know who it was. I don't know what happened. They're good. I don't want to say his name, but ordinarily he's good. [2:07:05] I don't know what happened. People fuck up, they make mistakes. Yeah, I have a chance. You think the guy's gonna survive. We were watching the host of Luis Castillo fight. It's a tough job to be in the, like, to know when to call it, because you don't want to take that opportunity from somebody. Like, Somebody yes, uh, what was the one fight Yuri Pahaska now? Yeah, man. I was pissed watching it. I was like go like let him fucking try He's still moving is still moving and Yuri has shown the ability to recover like the Dominic rayas fight He was out on his feet, bro. I'm not sure you're he's a bad man. I About that man that real when he's screaming out in the wild. Yeah, bro. I thought that my truck like brother How funny was Jamal Hill? Jam a while. Yeah, brought on that in my truck like, bro, how funny was Jamal Hill? Jamal Hill, like, uh, with Yuri did that thing, like, like, who's outside? I'm coming. Oh, yay. He was like, what she said. I had to say. Jamal Hill's cool. He's hilarious. He's funny. Shit. I'm excited about his return. Him against Beheda. That is a very exciting. Yeah, he had done I think he beat some he might I think he beat some bro [2:08:06] I think he's deceptive he looks fluffy mm-hmm, but he's quick and he's got snap Well, what he did the Glover to share a Glover to share over a bad man Yeah, dude did not want to lose no That's a man that wanted it. He's a bad man and and Jamal put it on him Yeah, he put it on Jam. He put it on him. Jamal is so good at finding your fucking chin. He's just got this range intelligence, this intelligence of when to strike and when to, like the, I mean, there's so many of his fights where you watch the movement. He's like a snake charmer. Like he knows how to put it on you. Yeah. You know, the Johnny Walker one. Like, when everybody said that Jamal doesn't hit hard, what the fuck are you talking about? What the fuck are you talking about? What the fuck are you talking about? That is the weirdest fucking knockout I've ever seen. I thought he was fucking everybody. Yeah. He went, yeah, he like bent forward and then flew back. never see some dumb shit like that. Johnny has been knocked out a lot. And the thing is like when the guy gets knocked out a lot, [2:09:07] it's like you got a wonder how much you got his nose broken. Yeah, how much ankle I was a bad man. That's a thick dude, man. That's what I was talking about when I was saying like, yo, you got different bone densities. Like that's a thick guy. Well then you got to think of Yom Baha'uvich. Yon Baha'uvich went shindish in with that dude and fucked his legs up. Like Yon Baha'uvich has made out of rocks. Like that fucking dude. And that's another one like SpongeBob Squarepants. When out of Sonya went up to 205, like that guy was too big. Yeah. He's too big. That's a giant jump man. That's a giant jump. He comes back 2027 or sooner. I think sooner. I think sooner. I think you know, you say things like that because your body's beat up. He went through so many camps in a row. He defended his title more than any other champs. So active. So active. You're gonna get, and then I fucking think he just didn't, [2:10:00] I think he slept on Sean a little bit. I think he burnt out. I think it was a little bit of that. But also I think he thought Sean wasn't on his level. I thought he thought he was going to keep him up the way he did with Paul Okosta. Yeah. That he was just going to go piece him up. But Sean is so hard to hit. He saw, you know, they did that thing with the UFC with it. I think it's a mouthpiece with it registers how many times you get hit, Sean spars more than anybody and he gets hit less than anybody, which is pretty extraordinary. That style is very sneaky. You know, and it's just... I know the Philly shell. I don't do it the same way he does, but... It's weird to see someone do it in MMA, because no one else does it. Yeah, he walks, it just looks odd. But he also doesn't dip. So I think that's kind of like a part of his defense. Like a lot of people that do the Philly show, like me, sometimes I'll dip into a certain side. And it's like he just kind of stands straight and leans and either puts his arms out. Yeah. The problem with dipping with kicks is like your face off. [2:11:01] Yeah, you dig when you should have zagged and that shins coming at you and this, you know, I mean, it's, there's so many fucking good fights to be had right now. There's so many good fights that are coming up. You know what I'm really fucking excited about is Volkanovsky versus Ilya Toporia. I like watching Ilya box, bro. That's a bad man. He huts the body. He's a bad man. And He's a guy that knows how to take it too. If you watch that gyher bird fight, we got caught. You got a kick. Bad. Still came back. Yeah, and SF 55, too. I do think Ilio was a way. He's a way. I do think Ilio was. I do. Yeah, we have like a me and Sean do like a little tiny like podcast on This is a situation I wanted to talk to you about this because there's a lot of different philosophies on this I Understand why Usman took that last minute fight against Hansa and I understand why Volkanovsky took that last Minify against Markachev and as a fan when I was at home and they announced that the chain those changes [2:12:00] I was like, oh shit But the reality is you need a camp. You are not the same guy with 10 days notice as you are with 10 weeks notice. You are just not the same guy. And when you look at the Volkynoski that fought Markocha for the first time, that was a guy who went through a full fucking camp and was a plus, rip ready to go full gas tank. Let's fucking go. The guy might alone what it does for you mentally. Yes, yes. You have to go through that suffering to know that you were built strong enough to withstand what you're about to go through. I won't take no fucking short notice, I'll die. I don't think you should either. I really don't think anyone should. Even though I like them when they make them. I'm a hypocrite. I won't do it. Because as a fan, I'm like, oh, I can't wait to see this. You could be a hypocrite as long as you're a fan of fan. But if I was in Usman's corner, if Kamara was my friend and I'd say don't do it, don't do it. I think you beat that guy with a camp. Yeah. third round, he was coming on strong. Yeah, that comes, that was done. And he didn't have a camp at all. [2:13:07] I think there's a difference, a giant difference. It's not like a 5% difference. I think it's like a 25% difference. Probably even more than that. And when you look at Mocha Chev, first of all, Mocha Chev is a fucking monster. He's a monster. You do not want to fight that guy when he's gone through a full camp in Dagestan. Rip ready to go. And he had adjusted to Volkanowski style. He had a completely good solution. He had a perfect solution. The kicks to the body. He was throwing those kicks to the body. He set up that head kick. He took away Volkanowski's leg kicks from the outside. He took away all the shit that Volkanowski was doing to him that was troubling him in the first fight and he imposed his will on it That's often the problem right you go you take a short notice fight sure now everybody else stay here and say man that guys got balls And then that rides off into the sunset and that's all you got or you get Aspen all Tom Aspen all wins the title on short minutes fight short short notice fight and couldn't even spar [2:14:06] His rib was all fucked up. He couldn't even train couldn't wrestle and he's fighting Sergei who's a monster He's a monster, but I think they blew him up the blue Sergei. I think they blew him up Yeah, because they need it the next crazy punching power guy. Well, he does have that He definitely does but you also have to look at the auster over in fight We on like yeah, I mean honestly I was sure yes Alistair did and exposed his wrestling and things like that, but I mean, honestly, yes, Alistair did and exposed his wrestling and things like that, but I mean, Alistair's the guy. That's the steroid argument. Like, that's the guy. Yeah, that's the guy for legalizing steroids. How's the fucking? I remember I was so excited, we couldn't afford to fucking buy it, but I was like, when him and Brock Lesnar fought, and I was like, man, I just remember the hype video. And I was like, yeah, these are two fucking giants. Like Brock was huge. But then again, Brock probably shouldn't have taken that fight either because Brock was just a few months out of a diverticulitis surgery where he had to get a length of his colon or his intestine removed. I mean, thank God, man. [2:15:00] I'm never gonna have anything like that. in the body like that from Alster, who's a K1 Grand Prix champion, and juice to the tits at 260. Yeah. Alster was, yeah. Do you think that, do you, he was fucking huge, man. Do you think that the heavyweight, yeah. Yeah. Do you think the heavyweight limit should be 285? No. I don't think this should be a limit. I don't either I don't think it makes any sense I don't have a super heavyweight class. I say anything above three 30s too much. Why? Let him fight because then you're gonna Get some fat motherfucker to ain't so let that guy sing a punch let that guy get fucked Fair enough. Fair enough, but I don't think you should cut I think you should be like a heavyweight in boxing like when Andy Ruiz fought Joshua Terrible in the second fight he was so fat is 280 pounds, but that's just what you are That's it. Yeah, this is heavyweight heavyweight is heavyweight. This idea of a super heavyweight class We've never utilized it. There's a weight class above 265. Why do you say no one will it? [2:16:03] There's nobody there Who's there? I don't know. Francis gave in like a 195, a 175. I don't know. They don't listen to me. I don't care clearly. If it was me, I would do two things very, very early on. If it was my decision and it would fucking throw everything in the chaos, but ultimately be better for the sport. Number one thing I would do is more weight classes. I would say minimum every 10 pounds. I agree with that. And at the lighter weight classes, you could go five pounds. Look at what boxing does. Boxing is, you know, 126, 130, 135. They go, I think it would be the cleanest organization to have every ten pounds ten pounds but without like boxing there's four different fucking belts at each weight class right or whatever it is well there is kind of with the UFC you know I mean people respect obviously uh joddy ebblin is like one of the best middle weights on the planet earth without [2:17:00] doubt and unfortunately he's fighting a bell tour and the casual has no idea who he is. Where the guy's a monster. And then he just got announced to fight um... Impa. Yes. Yes. Who's fighting him? He was me and Impa fought in the same contender series when I broke my arm and he won. Yeah. I like Impa. Impa's a great guy. And unfortunately he's at the wrong end of that highlight kick from walking, walking buckly, hitting with the one of the craziest kicks of all time, that jumped spending back kick while it was holding his left leg. That was wild. Yeah, that was wild. And walk came is another one. That dude at 170 is a fucking problem. And he's a guy who was a big muscular guy who decided to fight at 85 and was beating a lot of guys at 85 because he's a lot of guys at 85 because he's so powerful, but you see him at 170, his gas tank is crazy, his skills are gruggies on another level. I know he was salty, I told him in the back before I beat Abdullah's, I'm gonna take that bonus from you. Ah! They were talking shit off me when I walked in to fucking PI though. [2:18:01] Oh yeah? Yeah, but me and Buckley are cool, but I love Buckley. Yeah, he was like, man, be Joe Piper and I thought it was like, fuck Joe Piper. I was like, ah, that's how you feel. Well, yeah, that was funny. Buckley is funny. Buckley went 170 is a real force. He's a real force. Yeah, I think as he moves up in the rankings at 170, I think that's his real way class. So here's a thing though, when I look at a guy like Buckley and hopefully he watches this or he doesn't watch us and get offended but how does he fare against somebody like you still got Kevin Holland who whooped him. He did? He got shot five. You got shot five. But I think the in all fairness I think watch, you know, there's a way better fight. He's a way better fighter now, at 170. Now, look, you get better. You keep, the dude is driven as fuck. He's constantly training. He's getting better. Everybody gets better or they don't. And when they don't, you see that too. I like this guy like Jeff Neal. Oh, I think that would, I like Jeff Neal. Well, dude, Jeff Neal is another another guy go back and watch his ball on my homie fight. He pieced up ball all back and then day Jeff Niel was the dark horse when he knocked out Mike Perry when he hit him with that head kick [2:19:08] No Jeff Niel is a mother fucker when I think he's the one that put Mike Perry's fucking nose on the other side I thought it was too, but Mike corrected me online. It was Vicente Luke Vicente Luke did that Might meanwhile Mike Perry at bare knuckle boxing as well Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah man? That's somebody's kid. That's somebody's kid. I told him about you. Yeah, I didn't throw a single fucking punch. He came out through a while right hand, took him down, choked him out. He's a very good barren Uncle Boxer. That was my first introduction because I was still kind of undersized in it a little way. He was my first introduction to like an old head that was like 33, 34 that had like fucking grown man strength. You see that motherfucker's head? [2:20:06] His shit's like this fucking big. Yeah, he's stout. Yeah, yeah. He's, I, bear not providing, of course, not getting the respect that it deserves. You know, I think it's too brutal for the common people. Yeah, I think so. You're probably right. But I'm a big fan of the juggernaut, he's a beast. I love watching those guys too, it's just because it's such a hard way to do it. It's such a hard way to do it. I mean, Baron Uncle Boxing is fucking, you see when Rock Hold quit, when Mike Perry blasted his teeth out, he's like, that's it. Well, honestly, Rock Hold is the biggest disappointment to me. I used to be one of my favorite fighters, and And he's just like I didn't realize I'll fucking socially stupid he is And interview it's the worst shit I've ever listened to Yeah, you better I'm I'm coming It's like you don't know what to fuck to say well in his prime the man was a monster Yeah, it was a beast man monster in his prime when he beat up Chris Wyman in one the title That was a crazy fight and then he's just kind of like fell off [2:21:06] Wow Mike fucking checked his share I think Mike ruined him. This being, I think Mike Flucket broke him, man. Well, that was a bad loss. And to fight this being on short notice and be like super cocky, there's a thing about being confident and being delusional or over confident or not respecting your opponent. And you know, I deserves it. Yeah, I don't know if that's what happened without a Sanyan Strickland. I think Strickland is just that good. I really do think. I don't think, I don't think is he like, side-stepped him as much as we think. I just think, I think people don't understand. When you're in there and you got a guy that never fucking takes a step backwards. It throws you shots. You're not doing the damage that you would if you were dictating. You're not going on your terms when you're going backwards the whole time. And that's why I think DDP has a good chance because he's gonna fight for that center to walk forward. Right. He's got it walks forward. Sean walks forward. I just think because DDP kind of falls over his knee when he attacks, I think he's gonna get Sean to move back. [2:22:04] Mm. But for how long? We'll see. I'm very interested to see who prevails. I think he does well early. I think a boost fight, a boost magma med off fight. I think that fight was one of the most impressive fights a striker's fight. I do too. I think it was underwhelming to people though. A boost the end of the first round. He was throwing bombs. He was trying to take him out. I think a boost was just so used to taking guys out that he thought he could just put it on Sean and he was hitting Sean with fucking fire. He was hitting him. That dude's good man. He's good but Sean just wilted him. He just wilted him. Yeah man. He doesn't get tired. It's crazy when you have a guy who spars as much as Sean because the bulk of Sean's training is sparring and he spars hard He's so accustomed to that that that's really like a fight all the time. He knows himself very well He knows he's good at yeah, he knows what he likes. He knows what works for him. Yeah, so why fix what's not broken? You know so um [2:23:01] How do you think what do you think on a son?ny does when he comes back? Like, who does he fight? Hmm. Like he does not gonna fight Paul Coast. Well, he's still ranked, right? Of course. Like, but why wouldn't you take him out of the rankings if he's saying he's not coming back for three, four years? Cause he's not really. Right. So, I mean, that, that's why to do. I mean unless look I haven't talked to him He may have like real injuries that need like real like we said he fought so much he was active I think I think This fight happens this weekend I think maybe one or two more title fights whoever is holding it I think if DDP wins of the's a chance he slides in to fight Dracus. Um, just because of all that shit on yet. Yeah, but it could be. And also, homza, you got to wonder where a homza fits in that. I mean, obviously, homza, they're going to get them. They might, they might think. Yeah. Well, he's got superstar power. Yeah. He's honestly like I am I get like nervous watching them like it with excitement. Yeah, because I love watching them. It's his face. It's the way he looks. [2:24:09] He's my son. He's like doing this. Yeah, smiling at him. Yeah, he looks evil. He does. He's got the look of somebody that like, man, this motherfucker's about it. And he is. He's tough. He's a gangster man. He goes out there and he does his game and you know he's not a quitter but I saw you injured shares timeline for full-time return to training camp west time that I look returned sooner than many expected all those current rehab schedule doesn't make you see 300 fight look very likely okay so he is talking about coming back so what it says he's injured does it share with the injuries specific I was just looking to hopefully share that but it doesn't say specific yeah I think there's stuff that he's been dealing with. So I got this injury and it'll take a while to recover. A long time to recover and whatnot. Like I'm like, what do you tell them? A smart coach knows the injury exists. We'll try to use it against you. So he's not gonna tell anybody what the injury is. His so far I'm recovering very well and I'm on track. If he's got something that's that big, that's either like knees or back or neck, [2:25:08] generally, generally, or you know, could be other joints, but generally when someone's got a significant injury like that and they need a lot of time off, it could be a back thing. It could be a knee thing. It could be a gastrointestinal thing. Yeah, you never know. I mean, I think I think that's like I had a lot of struggles with like stomach problems like. Did you? Yeah, man, I was just I always felt like I had like his crazy acid feeling in my stomach. It said he's aiming to get back in the gym training hard by the end of February. That doesn't bowed well for fans hoping UFC 300 in April. No, I don't think he's gonna be at UFC 300, but he might be in the June card when Connor returns. You know, they're gonna need, they're gonna wanna stack that card up. How do you think that goes? Well, I don't like it that it's at 85. Is it actually confirmed to 85? I don't know. I know he said that, but he's drinking wine and talking shit with a Rolex, I'm like who knows who knows man drinks he does man drinks. I man does some yeah [2:26:06] But I don't see that's like and he's also he's getting older as well and he's also coming off the sauce Right, so he gets on the sauce to rightly so to recover from that bone injury It's a significant injury you snap your femurur and your tibial rather and your fibula. You snap those in half and your ankles dangling. That's a long road back and it's been two years now plus and if he really is going to fight in June and he maybe just doesn't want to cut any weight and he walks around at 85. So what I was saying earlier, there's two things I would do. One is every 10 pounds. Two, I would try to figure out how to stop weight cutting. I would try to figure out a way to get fighters to fight. I think almost killing yourself 24 hours before you fight in the cage is insane. Almost killing yourself by dehydration is insane. I think they should figure out what guys actually weigh when they are low body fat, hydrated, and say, this [2:27:07] is your wake list. And this happens because there's not enough wake classes. Right. And don't you think like they could instead of having fights scheduled at 155 and 170 and 185, what about more catch weight fights? What about more guys fighting at what their natural weight is? I don't understand why they don't do catchweight fights because there's so many interesting matchups. One of them was always the GSP versus Silva, Anderson Silva. But Silva's losing weight to get to 185. Yeah. And GSP when he went up to fight 185, when he fought bisming, he had to put a bunch of weight on. It was a struggle for him He was eating like six times a day. He got sick. He was on like throwing up all the time He's like he's trying to eat so much food just to maintain the mass. I think that Those fights are exciting like super fights for guys go up a weight class or down a weight class But I think the the real way to do this is to [2:28:04] Re-shape the sport where you cut what I call sanction cheating out. Everybody's doing it, there's nothing wrong with doing it. Don't get me wrong. But the fact that you don't really weigh 185, but you fight it at 185 pounds. Like when I interview you and you're 185, I'm like how? When I interview Dracus, I'm like how? How are you 185? Doesn't make any sense. You're not 185? You're fucking huge. You're fucking huge. Paheda. Paheda's fucking huge. How are you 185? You're not 185. This is nonsense. You're really a 225 pound man. That's what you look like. That's what you are. And that's really what the way that you should be fighting fight better. I think they would have less deterioration of their endurance over the course of a five round fight if they weren't fucking radically dehydrated 24 hours ago. It's a wonderful. And then the other part of it too, like people that walk around, like let's say I walked around 85, well if I fight 85 I'm undersized. I'm walking around 85 and [2:29:01] you guys are fucking people cutting down. There's only a you guys did everything that I'm not that big. Frankie Edgar's the last guy that did that. Frankie Edgar's the last guy that was a champion that walked around at 155 and fought at 155. It's always been. BJ Penn and Gray Maynard and beat all these guys at his natural weight. But that's really not where he's any wound up at the end of his career at 135, which is really probably where it should have been all along. Yeah. But, you know, trying to convince guys to do that when there's guys like you that are cutting the way that are massive for that weight class, it's crazy. You would never do it. You should have been good. I'm fucking had the weight class. I'm tired of fucking cutting away. I hate you. They should have the weight class. They should have 185, 195, 205, maybe 215. You should've seen me earlier in my career. Like I said, I was 174 fighting in 185. I was skinny as fuck. I've always been skinny. I'm still got a skinny. What did you do to put the weight on? Did you do this? This is where I get to plug my guy, right? So I never had a strength to get this shit in coach ever. And when I got into, so I was sitting out of light one day coming back from Philadelphia practice at Marquez [2:30:06] and at the light this guy's like, oh, he's like, you're doing a fight for right? And I was like, yeah, and he's like, you should come by my gym one day. And I was like, I was like, yeah, like, nah, probably not. Like, what the fuck? I don't even know you. Winded up, I winded up going, wind up hitting him up, like, yo, do you do personal training? And when he was like, yeah, of course, his name's Adam Ferris, he owns a gym called Pursuit. It's right in Washington, Towship, right around where I live, right? I worked with him. We didn't do anything crazy, anything hard, or anything. I was skinny as flock still, because I just came off of being, you know, having two surgeries, and all that debut, I was still super skinny. Yeah, I think DC interviewed me. You interviewed me once and it was Miami. So from that time when I won my debut, I was still skinny. And I didn't have a chance to ever have like a power program because I took a fight a month after I won the contract. [2:31:00] So, and then I didn't have a chance to have a weight lifting program because I had had a comeback fight and then I broke my ankle so I never got a long enough period to build my body back. And I also didn't have a strength coach like I just for some reason I never thought I needed one. I made it to the UFC on the first before I've continued. I made it to the contender series hitting pads three days a week with the man that I brought Sam Orpiza, who had a full-time job and we would do it at five a.m. Three days a week. I wrestled with one of my best friends, who literally was only a wrestler, had no MMA experience and he was like five seven. And he was just like a sauce fucking wrestler and that's it. I literally, and I just bought a Korean. And I bought a Korean Anderson once a week. Wow. That's it That's how I made it That's how I was making all these fights and I was knocking everybody out and doing all this so now that I have Structure now that I actually have a system with Marquez I have jujitsu with Jonathan Webb like you know, I'd be fucking Gerald Merchard the middleweight submission highest fucking whatever dude [2:32:02] Got waxed like didn't even come close to beating me you know so I My jujitsu is underrated and my wrestling is underrated, but I think it will come to light, you know with with a guy like jack But so you started the strength of your strength conditioning program. So what kind of stuff are you doing? So man, I like I was doing a power program. So I do like a six to eight week power program, a dead squats and and bench, but bench is kind of bullshit because I care more about the explosive rep, right? And that's what we care about because I'm just not putting more than 275 on a bench with my elbow. I just not worth it. It's not worth the risk. It's not worth the nerve pain. Right. It just doesn't make sense for me. So I'd be dead lifting a fuck and I was squatting a fuck ton. I always wanted thick legs. I never had it. Um, and then now I started putting on size and I wanted my back. I've always had a real big back like strong back like wide. And uh, so yeah, I mean we were doing we were doing a power program and then we would go right into like explosiveness and jumps and ladder drills and just doing real simple movements, [2:33:06] but a lot of functionality. Like a lot of core twisting, a lot of med ball slams, a lot of kettlebell stuff. And yeah, that's my coach right there, Adam Ferris. Dude, a hole in the wall. Small S.J.M. Like I hate those fucking things so much. Yeah, those single leg lunges are rough. Yeah, and then we would just you know But my point is gel I gave myself time after I won 50 grand because then I could afford to eat the way I needed to I was basically I was gonna be evicted from where I was living if I didn't get side money from Dana who gave me a place to live After I won my contract and then when I got to 50 grand bonus. I was like, I didn't get side money from Dana who gave me a place to live after I won my contract And then when I got to 50 grand bonus, I was like, I'm gonna fucking eat Like I get to eat good food. I can buy you know, food's expensive. Yeah, so Yeah, I took like the next four or five-ish months to build myself and then when I came in against Gerald [2:34:00] You hyped me up. You were like, it's fucking size, I was like, dude, my ego's like, yes, finally! Yeah, you looked awesome. We call fucking skinny my whole life. Yeah, well not any more brother. Yeah, no. Not at all. And then obviously we're doing all that work with something that you've seen, the documentary through all that time. So now it's finally, hopefully we get to release it soon. But, oh, you do have the official trailer. Yeah, well we can, we'll play the trailer and end on this and listen Joe, I'm a big fan. I'm fucking pumped for you. Thank you. I have, you know, I'm so fortunate to be in the position that I'm in to be able to watch these fights and one of my favorite things is to watch guys come up. I love it. Thank you, Mom. And the Brasaka Sanfai was to me, it was like, that's what I like to see. I was potential to just like, oh, nice. See it, like this guy's world championship potential. It's right there. Exactly. And that's the only thing I'll say, and I'll leave my last. If you look at Jack and you look at me the way my mind is, Jack's not been able to climb to the top, but he's been against the best and he's lost to the best. [2:35:09] Me, and if you look at him where he is now coming off an injury 35 years old, do you look at him and say, Hey, this guy could hold the belt. No. I think the general public would say no. If you look at me, there's a lot of question marks still. I still have to prove myself against a lot of good guys. I haven't beat anybody that's that good So I'm really honest with myself, but I'm gonna put myself on the map Very soon, so I believe you I'm excited and thank you for having me My pleasure, bro. This has been fucking my whole life has been crazy since I got new OC It's awesome enjoy it my friend. Okay, so this when is this documentary coming out when when when people be able to see Our fellow friend Alex Davis were we're working on it. Shout out to Alex. Can't say it yet, but this was actually filmed by Chandler Henry, who is actually a kid that I went to high school with. So now I got him a job and he does this for a living and beautiful. This was made by him. So hope we're hoping really soon. I just can't say yet because that's Alex's job now. All right. Well Alex will take care of it I'm sure so we'll end on this and this is available online you can watch it. It's what is it called Jamie [2:36:11] official trailer journey to the UFC Joe Piper go find it and February what is the fight with Hermanson February 10th May the band has been made of them from the apex. Let's go all right. Thanks Joe. Thank you my pleasure I've always believed ever since I was a kid That fighting isn't something you do Fighting is something that chooses you All my life. I was a throwaway kid. I was always terrified if I lost, I know I was getting screened down or I was going to get hit. Being slapped, punched, kicked, thrown down, hair ripped. It's a point that I ran away from home just shy of 17 years old because I couldn't take it anymore. A lot of different people come from broken homes and they hold so much anger inside and hurt. [2:37:09] That makes a person become kind of like an animal, you know. Joe is just on his tear and then he gets a call from Dana. Dana's like, I want to put you on the contender's face. This is Joey's shot to get in there and a career ending injury just happened right in front of my face. 18 years in the game at that point. Golf. In Joe's case, this is the sort of injury that could absolutely end a career. This is an unforgiving sport. When you're the man, everybody loves you, but the second you lose, everybody forgets you. I wasn't ready to be forgotten. The pain that I know that kid went through and overcame in his life. If you want to beat him, you gotta kill him. [2:38:07] Joe didn't really find out that he didn't have a place to live. And he's like, what do I do? And I was like, you go to Vegas and you fight. I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in the heart of the crew, I'm in for my life for the first time ever in any fight If you want to get into the UFC and this is where you want to be Be Joe Piper! Woo!