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Sean Brady

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Sean Brady is a professional mixed martial artist currently competing in the Welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. www.ufc.com/athlete/sean-brady

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What's up? What's going on? I see you brother. What's up? Thank you for having me, man. So we were just talking about injuries, like the life of a fighter. So you always have something run, right? Yeah, it's rough. Especially for someone like I'm getting a little bit older now and I'm being smarter, but like I was training and I still kind of do like almost three times a day. So like I would do a morning skill session and afternoon run or an afternoon strength session and then another skill session at night. I did that for 10 plus years. But I love it though. But I'm finding now, I'm trying to find that balance of like if it's a hard morning, like MMA, like sparring session, nighttime will be jujitsu and I'll try to make it light. But you know how that, like you drill, drill they start rolling and when you're rolling hard it's almost just as I get injured sometimes more during jujitsu so the whole rolling light it doesn't happen I was telling my wife because my hand I was coming out here I was like maybe I can go and I can just like drill with Gordon in those guys she was like you ain't fucking drawing with no If you guys start rolling light like there's not gonna be any of that and I'm like you're a hundred percent right So yeah, or smart though That's like and I'm smarter Sean like older a hundred percent and that's where like before I like now Fuck that like I'm going. I'm gonna go hard and then I'd be injured and then I want to be able to fight. The problem with injuries is, if you don't give them respect, they get chronic. They just, they just, they, if there's so many guys that have an injury, and they try to train through it, and it just gets worse and worse and worse. And then instead of being out for six weeks, now you're out for six months. And that was me after my ball off fight. So I came home from Abu Dhabi. I didn't have any injuries. I wanted to get back and I wanted to get that taste out of my mouth. So I'm back training, I'm back running, and then I started to feel that pain I was telling you about. And I literally just kept running. Like I'd run once I was warmed up, like you know what it is, you warm up, the injury's kind of go away. Like you feel good until you cooled down and I did that for a couple months and I had a fight scheduled and I tore my groin and then I've rescheduled the fight. I [2:09] did my rehab and it's first week back of training at tour again. So it was a shitty road. Have you any surgeries? I've been, I had my deviates, I've done, obviously didn't fix the outside because this shit's fucked up. But besides that that like I broke my thumb. I'd never had knee never had any show I've been pretty lucky with no surgeries, but a lot injured isn't the deviated septum one amazing when I got it done And they when you have to have those things in your nose for a week though as soon as they pull them out You feel like a new human. It's like Oh, it's the best it's incredible. It's the best. I never knew how much cardio I was missing. Not being able to breathe out of my nose. I look at like Dracus, like Duplicit, when he got his nose fixed. He used to always fight with his mouth open and people thought he was out of shape. And the guy just can't breathe out of his nose. I think at some point though you have to open up your mouth obviously like but I do all my zone two now on the echo bike mouth closed [3:08] Like and now I just started doing mouth tape when I sleep my fucking my recovery on like my or rain went through the roof Just from mouth just from mouth tape. He's like hostage tape. Um, I had this one called dream Yeah, but hostage it's the same thing as a fuck with you with the mustache though No, I mean Sometimes if I have like too much facial hair, it doesn't stick that good my buddy Simon was saying that Because he had something like cheap one. He was like he was like doesn't it bother you and you pull it off? I'm like yeah a little bit but I don't mean that I mean it doesn't stick. Oh, no I'm did these ones stay stick good. Yeah, you have to pull it off. Yeah, the cheap ones just fall right off. I'd wake up and it'd be like on my fucking shoulder. Right. Yeah. But that's interesting that it had that much of an impact on your recovery. Yeah. So you wear an or a ring. Yeah. Like so what is, uh, my wife or one of those but I've never worn it. Yeah. How does it work? Like what is the, uh, what's the metrics it gives you? So I used to have, uh, whoop and couldn't, like I was getting in at two. I couldn't shoot through my tattoos. [4:06] So I'd get inaccurate readings on all my shit and I actually messes them and they're like, hey, like it's just the kind of lighting we have. So I would wear it here, but then it would go up on my wrist and then I'll like, I have nowhere I could wear it. So this was like the next best thing. And but it does the same. It does HRV, heart rate, your sleep, deep sleep, RAM. It does, it does, it tracks your workouts, but like I really don't care about that. Like if I'm gonna track my workouts, I wear the pole, we're like the my zone. So I'll wear those, but yeah, does your sleep, does a lot of things and this is- I got a new one Morpheus. I have Morpheus. I have Morpheus too. That amp is outstanding too. I have Morpheus. I really like that. You do the HIV in the morning and stuff like that. I just, I love buying them and I just try them and I like compare them. I'll wear everything and I'll do the echo bike workout and I'll compare like my heart rates So yeah, it's fun, but when I got my nose fixed it was a game changer for sure Yeah, it's just such a different thing to be able to breathe out of your nose [5:08] But that's interesting to me that the the sleep that your recovery is better. I just always wonder why yeah Why breathing through the nose while you sleep improves your recovery? Well, I'll snore like I'll if I sleep on my back my wife hit me and she made your fucking snore And I'll turn on my side and I won't snore anymore And then I add at the mouth tape and I just started doing no THC but just CBD gummies and my wife too She's a nurse. She's like getting the best fucking sleep She's ever had our deep because you can see the deep sleep on there. I have the eight sleep mask mattress too So I can I can like compare and our deep sleep is from the CBD for me and the mouth tape is through the roof. She doesn't do the mouth tape but she does that she does the CBD and our deep sleep is fucking is great. That's interesting. So like does it give you a score and like what is your score that you get? So it will give you like, can I put my phone out? Sure. Yeah. Yeah. Like I'll I post it one the other day. So here it is Jamie's pulled over. Yeah So it shows you readiness [6:07] readiness so Time to recover is 44 that's me today for sure Drake carefully is 75 and then good day ahead is 96 this was my one when I wore the The the mouth tape and the CBD okay my heart My heart rate is 38. My heart rate is 38. My heart rate is 38. My heart rate is 38. Yeah, that's awesome. And usually my deep sleep doesn't get as deep. Hmm. Rest of your heart rate, 38 is pretty fucking low. Yeah, especially enough for a camp. Yeah, not a house. That's great. That's a great description of what rather than your base averages on impersonal population benchmarks like hit 10,000 steps or gets to know you and provides you with personalized baselines and insights whether your sleep took a hit after a night out or your prioritizing balance and your wellness routine or it helps you reach your goals by delivering the best 360 degree view of your health. [7:02] I like it and but can't wear a Dorn MMA practice or anything like that. So I'll take it off, but I was getting almost too cold up with the, with the whoop, because like you wake up when you're in a training camp, like you're most likely going to be in the yellow or the red, you know, like you're not always going to be in the green. Then it's like telling you to take it easy. of knowing like I actually really feel like shit or this thing's just tell me I feel like shit is really funny that balance between like especially when someone's just completely obsessed like I was Listening to this or watching this video where Craig Jones was talking about when he was training especially when he's first starting out He was training every day. Yeah, and he went to a doctor and the doctor's like you like might have cancer Yeah, you might have a serious illness. Like what's wrong with your body? And it really was just that he was just worn out and was completely overtrained. And with MMA, we just have so many things we have to cover. Like we have to do boxing, we have to do wrestling, we have to do moiety. [8:00] And then I'm big in the like strengthen conditioning. So I have to lift I have to get on But that's something I've gotten better with I lift three days a week now I have a strength coach that works with the with the Eagles his name's Gabe and he's like we go in We warm up like we're doing all the shit like fuck like I want to do this But now like I love it like it's like just getting me more athletic and it's more just like gpp Just keeping me prepared and just getting me ready for my MMA sessions and just keeping me strong. Like we do trap our deadlifts, we do front squats, like I don't get crazy with like a lot of the lists I used to do. Like I used to want to lift like a fucking power lifter. I'd be benching and straight bar deadlifts and back squats. I'm like, I don't get, that's not what we do, you know. So why did you get into that initially? Was it just for you to just train? I started off lifting before I started MMA. So I started training while I was like 16 but I started off lifting at like my local like rec center, like just benching every day and then I really got into lifting and I would screw, like I would have the squat bench that lift, like trying to get my numbers up and then eventually I kept hurting my back. [9:00] I was like 21 years old with a wrecked back. So now I just do trap bar deadlift. No more straight bar, anything like that. So I think the straight bar just puts you in like a bad position, where's the trap bar, puts you in like a more natural position, the squat down and lift. And you can still put on some good weight on there. So it does a job for me. Yeah, there's a lot of people that think that dead lifts are just not worth it. Yeah. The amount of possibility, the possibility of injuring your back, that there's other ways to, like you saw that machine, we had the belt squat machine. The belt squat is the best, which is such a great machine for your legs. I mean, it just puts all the weight on your hips. You're not compressing your spine at all. Yeah. You can get like big numbers. Yeah, you can get like big numbers. Yeah, you don't have that bar underback. That's like in camp, we do a lot of the belt squat walks. So we'll do three, five minute rounds of, we'll put on like, if I'm fighting it, I find it 170, we put it on 170 pounds and we walk for five minutes. Like just side to side, rest one minute and we do it for three rounds. So, but by the end though. Like, I don't have that bar on my back, [010:06] and like you said, compressing you, and that's how you get. That's another Louis Simmons invention. That fucking guy was genius. The best. He was such a genius. That's like the method we do is like to conjugate. So we do a dynamic upper, dynamic lower, max effort, max effort. So a lot of sl, like we do a lot of um stud pools, backwards, forwards. So it's a lot of like the Louis, the Louis stuff. It's really good. It's interesting when you see fighters training and like their strength and conditioning routines because it's so hard to figure out what's the optimal balance between strength work and skill work. And then we were talking about how GSP, especially towards the end of his career, all he did was do skills. That's all he didn't really do any strength in the condition. Well, because if you think about like the foot, like NFL, like if you go into the Eagles or the Steelers, like they might have different coaches and small things they do, but almost everything they're doing is gonna be the same. Like they have that strength system figured out. MMA guys, I know guys you don't work out at all. [011:05] I know some guys should do bodybuilding. I know guys should do powerlifting programs. So no one has it figured out yet to where, like maybe in 10, 20 years from now, they will, but right now no one's got it figured out. So we're all kind of just trying to see what works best. Yeah, I think there's like the Sam Calavita Method a lot of people yeah, I was listening to bow with he's a wild man Sam does some crazy shit. He does but like you were saying that bow I think there's definitely a point of no return where you go too hard and Those workouts like they kind of start to pull away from all your skill training because yeah If I have to recover for fucking four days from a bike workout, I just missed maybe potentially eight sessions that I could have been working on my skill. Yeah. So and that's something I'm still like I had to figure out. Well, you know, Mark Morinovich, who was training BJ Penn when BJ was the fucking man. Yeah. There was a time where people forget, there was a time when BJ was in his prime where I would put BJ gets any 155 pound of that effort [012:07] linked. He was a monster. And when he was training with Marinavitch, they really didn't have him doing any skill training. It was almost all cardio and plyometrics and these dynamics sprinting things. And their idea was like BJ already knows how to fight. The problem is the gas tank, like giving him a fucking insane gas tank, where he can go as hard as he wants. So do your drills, do your stuff, but to have extensive MMA training, they're like for six weeks or eight weeks, you're ready to have a fight. Just the six weeks eight weeks, just we're gonna blow it out with this insane cardiovascular routine. And they got him in just fucking superhuman shape. Yeah, superhuman shape BJ was scared. Yeah, yeah Who Sean shirt BJ that knee against the cage? Oh, yeah Joe Stevenson Would be Joe Stevenson. Yeah. Yeah. That was him. He was a monster man. Did he move up to 70 before or after that? [013:03] Well, he moved up to 70 I think for fun, you know, because he didn't even really move up to 70 before or after that? Well, he moved up to 70 I think for fun You know because he didn't even really move up to 70. Yeah, didn't die it. Yeah, yeah, he just he probably walked down 170 pounds He was pudgy like he wasn't when he beat Matt Matt's there or excuse me Matt Hughes. Yeah, he wasn't big Yeah, no, it was just a monster monster. Yeah, that farmstrat he was jacked He was fucking strong and now we all walk around Close to 200 pounds, you know? Close to 200 like I cut from fight week. I show up. I'm 190 pounds. What's the heaviest you ever get? I usually get heavy like I'd be like 205 but when I was younger I'd go out after a fight and celebrate and eat like shit and drink now like I don't drink I don't drink alcohol I don't eat like I eat a bad Sunday the day I got home from Austin with my wife And I felt like a piece of shit like I go so hard I'm like I never want to feel like this again. So now Like 195 197's like the heaviest I'll get that was a big win for you though You need to get that was yeah Yeah, it was. But I needed to get back and I got into it. [014:06] But 195, like 10% body fat, like that's where my Dexas can set and that's where I feel great. Like 195. And then I'll slowly get down to 190. And that's where I start my actual water cut from. So they weighed me in the back at that flight. I was 193 right before I fall Kelvin so I put 23 pounds on. 23 yeah. That's nuts. How bad do you feel when you step on that scale? Not that bad. This last one was my I was on weight in like before. I had I had like probably three about like three liters of water that day before I even went to sleep so I woke up I was 178 on Thursday. I went to the sauna. We went to like a fucking LA fitness right by us I cut eight pounds by accident. I cut all my weight. I weighed myself in an hour I was on weight so I hit up I worked with Charles from the PI like they're the best hit him up Told him what happened he was like hey, did I gave me the exact amounts to drink and I was drinking and eating on Thursday I think I put back on four pounds. I went to the sauna that night. [015:06] I cut all of it in 30 minutes. I was always on weight the night before. I never ever want to wake up and know I have to go cut weight because those sweats are so hard to break. When your body fats are low to break that first sweat, it's fucking hard. So I like to get on the night before and just be done with it. There's different schools of thought. Some guys like to just have a good night's sleep. They don't want to. Because they say they can't sleep when they're cutting. Yeah. I feel like you're already, like you're already into that cut though. So you're like, if you're gonna sleep bad, like you're gonna, time now they're at nine So I try to sleep till seven Get up and then you have to be over there by 8 8 30 try to be one of the first ones on the scale and then just start hammering those Hammering those liquids back in I wish they would let people do IVs. I feel like if you're gonna allow people to have these massive cuts, [016:05] you would have better performances if you get let them do IVs. We used to fucking, right, we would get hooked up with the IVs and we'd feel like superman, like 10 pounds immediately. But the only negative aspect of it, they say that it can mask performance and dancing drugs. But I think the solution to that is test the guys like as they're cutting, test the guys before they re-hydrate. Test them then. So that way you know, they're not on a huge, if you took something then it's not gonna help you in 10 hours. Guys are definitely still doing it though. I have to be. Guys are doing it 100%. And now with this new thing that we're on there. Do you think guys are doing IVs? Oh, 100%. Real? 100%. No shit. Yeah, because if you're, if guys are cheating and then getting away, because guys are definitely getting away with taking PEDs, there's a way to get away with like, what are they going to test for? The traces of the plastic in your blood? I think that's it. Yeah. But from, I was hoping that with this new thing [017:05] with Usada being done, we were going to be able to IV, but I was talking to Charles from the PI. He's like, he said, the science out and out behind it, but he was saying, it's better orally to do it anyway. Like you're better off doing it with the amount of time we have I can't complain but I'm as it better orally that's he's like getting it right into your bloodstream would be quicker have you obviously you do I these Yeah, I I used to like it be after cart and weight so I'd be super bloated afterwards I mean you get bloated from drinking your your liquid you have to put back in anyway, but that's the only thing I'm thinking like maybe I'll just fuck up your stomach more, but I don't know It's such a weird thing. It's so interesting when you have something like the UFCPI which is like super high tech super scientific. They can tell you how much water to drink and it used to be guys were just kind of winging it and they would fuck it up one time and get it right the next time. They give us a sheet because we have a Joey Pfeiffer fighting [018:02] December 10th. He has a mean event. So I'm going to go out there do all my tests my test and they give you a sheet like they know how many calories you burn at Absolute rest like they know like your body like better than you do and they give you a sheet like after you Way in you need 4,500 calories. You need like a thousand grams of carbs. You need like all these different macros and it's fucking it's right there like it's do they provide you I know they do that with some fighters. They give you like meal prep. Yep Like how do how are they how are they doing that? So they do it based on each athlete yeah As far as I know yeah, they um and I like I've like hired other nutritionists and stuff like that But the PI does it great like it's free for all UFC fighters And if you're just in contact with them all the time Like I am like they make it so easy for you and they they hand you your meals and they're like listen eat this eat this Eat this and then you should be good to go like they're taking your weight They tell you how much water to drink like they make it pretty easy for us, you know And do they provide you guys with supplements because I know that thorn. Yeah, okay, so it all set up. Yeah, so if you want all thorn, like, [019:05] now we have an app that we go on and we can put in an order every month that we want. So they do a lot of good shit for us. Like, what do you not look, what do you not allow to take? You're allowed to take create, right? Creating. Yeah, so any supplement that's third party tested. So I use this company called AllMax. They have some things that are third party tested and some things that aren't. All the things that are third party, I think it's informed choice. Inform choice, BSC, I take ShroomTech from on it. You guys have BSCG. I can take that. But if it didn't, you can take it, but now it's at your own risk. Anything that's third party tested that we're good to go. But I thought going into this now, like we'd be able to do more stuff. And I was asking Jeff about a text Jeff Navinsky and I was asking about peptides. I just wanted to see maybe for my hand or just any injuries. I'm like, are we going to be a lot of take this? And it's [020:01] an absolute no. Yeah. I was talking to them about that too and as well as the new guy from drug free sport Yeah, I forget his name But the the guy's taken over from you saw that and they were saying no because peptides That you'll get popped for it at each individual commission. Yep. So if you're in Florida Yeah, and they don't allow it you test there the Florida Commission will pop you for it Yeah, cuz I was asked him him, he said, even if they didn't allow, he said, all the states, like they won't give you, it's called a TUE, some kind of exemption and they said, none of them would do it. So I'm like, all right, well, just good to know, not to, but like stem cells and stuff like that, like as far as I know, like that should, there's so many companies now who have third party tests and stuff, like you can take plenty of stuff. Fish will wheel like there, and then if you don't wanna go outside the realm to stay with Thorn, because they're shit super high quality. And the UFC gives it all that stuff you've figured. Yup, yup, that's nice. Yeah. So do you ever do a camp at the PI, or do your camps camps in Philly and that's something like, damn super like proud and happy about like I'm born and raised in Philly. I never left. Um, we have a small team. It's [021:08] called Morkas MMA. We have like six guys in UFC right now. We have me, Joey Piper, Pat Sibotini, um, Andre Petroski, Jeremiah Wells. So like we have a great crew. We got a good squad. We had Paul Felder. Um, Paul was Paul was one of the first guys out of Philly besides, I train with Eddie Alvarez. So we have a good group of Philly guys. Yeah, when I fought Christian Aguilera, and I put him to sleep with a guillotine. Eddie was my main training partner, because it was during COVID. He was fighting for one FC, no one was training, and he hit me up, he was a, oh, you guys trained? I was like, fuck yeah, we're training. We had all of our windows like ducked, because then Philly, like, you weren't, like, they were shutting shit down. And, but we all had fights, so we're like, we're fucking training. So, me and Eddie got super close to our net. When Kormie fought, um, stepe, he got COVID during camp and just trained I thought um first time when you interviewed me and you weren't even in the cage It was when they were still doing those Jake Matthews. I had covid 2 weeks before the fight [022:09] Remember that how crazy that was you just had a fucking cage fight So you're on top of each other sweat yeah pounded on each other everyone's tested I'm tested all the announcers are tested all the referees are tested and we still couldn't be next to each other when I interview Yeah, well so dumb. So I had COVID two weeks before that. No, only symptoms I had were I lost my taste in my smell, which that fucking sucks. For food, right? Food and I love drinking coffee, especially when you're in camp and you're cut away. That's the only thing you really get to enjoy. So I get to fight a week show up because I tested negative before I got there. I let the UFC know, I get there, I take my first test, and so when you were getting tested, they would call, you get a text, you're good to go to work. All my coaches sitting around me, all got their texts at 7 a.m., my phone never goes off, I'm like, fuck, [023:00] I'm like something's not right. I get a phone call. They're like hey, like you test a positive I'm like I'm like no, no, no, no, no, like I had like so I sent them my results like it was a false It was a false false positive so luckily I sent them all my stuff and let them know I had COVID two weeks ago So like everything I obviously went through but like if I didn't do that they would cancel my flight right there I was getting calls from the CDC because I was in Vegas. They're telling me I can't leave the state like I can't fly home. I was like fuck that. I was like I'm fly I'm driving the next city over and I'm flying Home if I can't flight like I'm not staying here. So yeah, that was a what a wild time But still it's still lingering It's sort of they're trying to bring it back in some ways. I still see people like in restaurants, I saw the other day, I was like, server was wearing a mask, I was like, what, okay. The best is when you're in your car by yourself. Nuts. You're by yourself. Where are you? There's no one around you. It's insane. Yeah, it's just insane. Yeah, yeah. Some people just lost their minds. I mean, they just Yeah, and but the hospital is like my wife's an RN and she said they're they're reinstating the [024:07] Mass mandate, but I think it might be there's flu and then there's COVID and shit So who is who the scientific that's the thing it's not even based on science Yeah, yeah, yeah, because the science doesn't support mask use it just doesn't be Before the Calvin fight like three weeks in, I had lost my taste in my smell. I'm like, I definitely have COVID. I've refused to test myself though. I'm like, I'm not testing myself. Like, I'm not doing it. Like, I trained, and I'm like, because if I tested myself, and if I had it, then I'd be like, fuck, like I'm just sick. Like I'm just normal, like normal sick. Like you can get normal, and all I taste is metal for three weeks, but I'm like, I don't know what that is. Isn't it crazy though that it feels like normal sick, but because you have this label on it. It's not the same COVID anymore. It's just not. And there's still treatment, like it's this deadly disease. Yeah. [025:08] I don't know, like I knew a few people who got like, you got fucked up, but people also get fucked up from the flu. Like people get fucked up from normal, normal sicknesses. So like, yeah, now it never I- It was just in bed for 10 days with the flu. Sick of shit. Sick of shit. Like, no one's shutting anything down. And that was, that's normal. But now, like you said, there's COVID's attached to that. And if you post about it or you say shit about it, like these motherfuckers are trying to come at you and cancel you, so like I try to like, on social media, you just gotta kinda gotta just sit back and let these crazy ass people just say their shit. Because there's just so many insane people on social media. They're so insane. And COVID just gives them an excuse to be a cunt. Yeah. But it's kept so many people to excuse just yellow people. We're starting to get tired of it though Like people like me and you and like people who want to just go about their life and like two weeks in I was back to my normal shit like I was running. I was doing all my shit Like I thought like we weren't like I thought it was never going back Like I'm like this is gonna be fucking nuts like I would go to parks and they'd have the parks closed Yeah, I mean you're telling me I can't go run a wooded trail by myself [026:06] There's people in the then it would start people would start coming out. They all had mask on me You're in the woods and they were supposed to be six feet apart from each other like what the fuck are we doing here? It's so silly. They arrested a guy the coast guard got a guy who was surfing Just do is what? Pipe self just do is what I'm myself and the coast guard rolls up what I'm a yo like is this a good use of resources folks like uh let's go buddy you're getting locked the fuck out dumb yeah but I'll never forget how dumb it was it's like it's all kind of normalized now yeah for sure it was just a couple of years ago everybody lost their minds well we look back at I'm like it's not that long ago, our whole country was just fucked up and now we're just, like, it's like it never happened. I'm like, this is crazy. Well, it seems always, seems more preposterous to MMA fighters or Jiu Jitsu guys or anybody who does anything that's actually dangerous. Yeah, yeah. You're doing something dangerous all the time. And then also you're in supreme health and condition. [027:06] And then they ask you to do something ridiculous forever. Forever. Stay in your house for a year. Like what? That's the worst thing you can do. They don't want you to be healthy. They want you to be fat. They want you to be lazy. They don't want you working out. They don't want you eating. Well, they definitely want you to comply. Yeah. That was the most important thing that they wanted during that time. They wanted full compliance from people. Yeah. And if they could scare you into compliance, that's the way they did it. If I can work for a lot of people. Boy, it did. It scared the shit out of me because I Even if it's not scientific, it's just really just heartening. But they even put us, like it was almost like a position where I'm like, damn, I'm not vaccinated. I'm like, am I going to have to get this shot so I can fight? I'm like, then it's going to come like, do I retire because I don't want this fucking shot? You know, the shot shot like I don't know what I would have did but I almost got the shot the whole UFC [028:10] The UFC staff they allocated yeah all these Vaccines they had had it set up and so Dana and I were talking and goes if you want to get vaccinated We have before I go great. I wasn't even remotely hesitant to begin yeah, yeah, yeah and just by luck I get there on Saturday for the fight, and I call the doctor, and I say, hey, I thought they could do it for me at the arena. Yeah. So I was going to do it, get vaccinated, and just call your friends. I mean, like, how back it would be? Yeah. I wasn't hearing anything, mad about it. And he said, no, we have to do it at the clinic. Can you come on Monday and I said, I have to go home. I go, but we'll be back in two weeks because we had fights and fights. Yeah, yeah. And then within two weeks, they pulled it. Shake out bad. That's when they pulled it. Yeah. When Johnson and Johnson's the one. And then I knew two dudes who got strokes. Two guys. going on. So then I started getting a little weird and then I started like listening to these doctors that were speaking out against this technology and then I listened to Dr. [029:09] Robert Malone who he owns nine patents in the creation of mRNA vaccine technology and he had a very severe reaction to the vaccine and he posted about his reactions and then I had him on and then people started getting mad at me. Yeah. This guy's a legit doctor. Yeah. Well, my mom's a nurse too and she got her yearly flu shot and the chick who gave it to her must have gave it to her wrong and fucked her shoulder up. So she had problems in her shoulder and then it came to the COVID shot. She was like, I'm not getting it. And it wasn't any reason, she didn't know shit about COVID at the time. She said, I just don't want to get another shot. So they were getting tested. They made a super small window where they had to be there, whether you had work or if you didn't have work and you had to get tested like three times a week or some stupid shit like that. So they were making it super hard for the nurses who didn't get vaccinated to do their job. I'm like, yeah, these are the people who are saving these fucking people who are coming [030:07] in who are sick. And almost all of them get exposed to it and almost all of them develop and... Yeah, naturally. Yeah, 100%. They were trying to pretend that natural immunity was bullshit. I've heard people say it recently, natural immunity has been debunked. Yeah. Like, no, it hasn't. There's actual studies that show it was multiple times better than the Vaxi. Yeah, when I face Craig Jones in that grapple match, my whole fucking team was sick. And at that point, we're like, none of us were getting tested. I'm like, I'm like, we definitely all have COVID. But I'm not getting tested. Like I'm not doing it. Just because I feel like shit. I don't know if I'm run down or whatever it is, but I'm not saying it's COVID and I can't go do what I'm going to do this weekend. Like I'm not doing it. When you do something like that, like so you're one of the most promising, well-to-weight contenders in the sport, you know, as your career progresses, you'll probably get a shot of the title within the next couple of years. Taking a grappling match is, that's a risky move. Yeah, especially against a world-class guy like Craig Jones. [031:07] Yeah, well it's funny because so only thing Craig couldn't do in that match, he couldn't heal hook me, but he could straight knee bar me, straight ankle lock me, anything besides heal hooks. So after the match, like, Is that what you were idea? No, that's what you were. That's what you have to see. So Fury was working with the UFC and they're like, do you have to see, told them, hey, all UFC guys just know he hooks. Even like, Alder just did that match for them. And the only thing they couldn't do was know he hooks. So I mean, just because of the likes of the character. Yeah, yeah, but like a leg locker like Craig or anyone else like you still have handicap that fucking bad where like people were giving me shit online like Oh, you had a handicap on this and I'm like I'm a UFC fighter like this was the rules I didn't like he didn't make the rules you could need bar me You could straight ankle lock me you could do all these other things so you could toe-hold me, but yeah But I like that they don't do the hooks [032:05] It is a risky one man. I mean how many guys are ripped of me apart? Oh, oh, yeah, it's bad. Yeah a lot Yeah, did you see that Mikey me some at you one and one F.C. with the guy wouldn't have horrible? Horrible Dude I can't watch that one. He ripped that guy's knee up. I don't know how that guy's doing right now It's probably not doing well. I got to imagine his knees ruined for the rest of his life Was Was it um see if you find that video because it's so hard to watch because might we were talking about Mikey before yeah yeah because he's calling out some dude who's a bully. Yeah dude he destroys this guy's knee. I mean destroys it. The guy won't tap. He's got him in a knee bar here. The guy won't tap. So now he adjusts and now he's ripping it sideways. I mean look at the guy's knee. Look at the motion of his knee. Oh, god damn it. So you see the way he's holding that? Yeah. He calls that the Mikey lock. And the guys I trained with at Movement Art, they show it. And dude, it's nasty. He's a monster man. [033:00] Yeah, he's so good. Yeah. I heard he does very well against all the biggest like even guys who are a lot bigger than him Oh, I'm sure he's so technical. Well, we were just talking about Craig. How about Craig versus Vinnie? Oh, yeah, broke his leg Broke his leg and Vinnie went to tap on my brother It was like in Craig's leg your leg is and then he went again and then he finally was like all right I'm done I'm done But yeah, I did that match with Craig and I did another one with Ben Saunders and it was the same thing. Same rules, just no, no, no he'll work. So. Yeah, but beating Craig Jones in a grappling match, even if there's no he'll work. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I just went into it. get under me like I'm gonna win and then like he there was odds for it I was like a like he was I was like into like a 18-the-1 underdog or something like that He was supposed to smoke me, but she showed up but like people were giving me shit online like you didn't I'm like listen Like I just went in there and just did what I knew I was gonna do and that and that was it Oh, so this is what the guy would happen with the dude. Torin ACL, Torin MCL, Torin Meniscus, and a broken ankle. [034:07] Oh my God. So Mikey said, I'm really sick to my stomach. I never felt someone's leg explode like that in a match. Oh my God, he goes, I've been training for 22 years. I never broke someone's leg that much. I've broken a lot of legs, he said, but that leg exploded. I didn't know what to do and it was disgusting and gross. I really wish he tapped. The result didn't change and now he's in the hospital. So I don't know, but what a warrior is for showing his will. I mean, it is, the dude is a warrior, but I mean, that's crazy. You gotta tap. You're losing anyway. For sure. Tap. Anything. Knees, shoulders, like I'd rather almost not tap maybe in like if I'm gonna pick something to be like an arm straight arm where's the book a comura your shoulder you're not just a shoulder but that spiral fracture like when Frank Meer gave it to Minotauro and you see his arms now just like a chicken wing. Oh, that guy. You're done. Oh that one's So scary in a tarot. They had a giant scar his arm or like it was a spiral fracture when he rolled through [035:08] that he did it was it was pretty tarned yeah he was behind his back oh done god Frank Mears broken two arms of world champions who else he do yeah yeah remember that snapped his forearm and half he was dude he was good I was just watching him versus DC the other day. When I'm on the echo bike, I always just watch fights and I was watching him versus DC. And I'm like, damn DC was a motherfucker back in the day. Oh, dude. And he was not even really a heavyweight. No, you mean he's so small. DC could have been a 185. You're so small. Yeah, look at him. Look at him. Look at him. I mean, I carried around so much body fat, but his wrestling was so fucking high level man And he's such a tank There are outside like high crutches. He would hit when he dumps the dudes. Yeah No, DC was the man and he was actually hurting Frank on the I don't think there was one takedown scored on like either side here [036:02] I think they just struck the whole time, but like DC just put it on them. DC was an animal man. And that was one of those things, Iron Charbritz Iron, because DC was training with Kane Velasquez, which Kane was the fucking man. Kane was, that's another guy, when people look at all time greats, you gotta look at them when they're in their prime. You know, sometimes guys get injured, they fall apart, things happen, they're old, and then you look at these fights where they get in big. I can't look at those fights. You gotta look at the fights like, when they were their highest RPMs, how did they perform? Anderson, same thing like. Guys who are watching fights now, like you guys don't. I remember, they were came to Philly. It was Anderson versus Forest Griffin. Like that's where I first got like in the watching fights. I think it was 2009 and he did that like step back and like fucking was dipping the punches and then hit him once and Forest was quit. I'm like, this guy's a fucking, he's the best. Like and he moved up to 205 for that. [037:01] I heard that Forest though got knocked out twice in camp. Yeah for that fight That's what I'd heard oh and having all the time and I think it that's true because I think forest at that time was You know forest is Look at it. It's like you like he wanted to help you. He's this right here. He's just like it was just Complete yeah, I think he's like ran out of the the arena It was just like, it was just complete. I think he was like ran out of the arena. Yeah, it's that right hand that he had in the world. That's it, for us like that. But I genuinely think, genuinely think that those concussions that he got in camp had an effect. Yeah. There's quite a few times where you see guys fight and you're like, man, something's wrong here. Like I got knocked out to be easy. And then you'll hear, oh, he got knocked out and trained two weeks ago. And that, and even if you don't get knocked out, you're fucking getting hit in your head. You might not be going out, but I definitely left practice before I'm like, and I'm like, damn, I'm fuzzy. Guys are definitely, and we're pretty controlled. I only go with guys I trust too. And that's something I think you have to do. [038:06] Like guys I only try, like don't, yeah, injuries can happen, but I'm not gonna try to knock you out. You're not gonna try to knock me out and you have that like a great, because that's how a small team, like our team, all of us came up in the same gym. We only have one head coach. We just brought in like Dean. I'm working with Dean Thomas now, but like I love Dean the best He comes he's coming down the Philly all the time He was in my corner for that fight and Great addition to the team, but he loves our team because we're a small team But we just fucking we just grind and we just want everyone to keep getting better But um John Mark has is our head coach and like we go hard, but now like if it gets out of control like he steps right in and shuts that shit down. Um, we're all wearing head gear now. I got this, uh, I fucking hate head gear though because I just feel like you get hit more. Right. So I got a head gear from Onyx and it's the small one and it's it's then you can actually see like a Trevor Whitman. Yep. Yeah. I hit them up and they sent it right out to me and it's good. Because you can grapple with it. He makes the best shit. The best shit, the best gloves. [039:06] They sent me gloves and I was like, yo, can I get your MMA gloves? I'll pay whatever cost and get you as like, nah, they're not out yet. I'm like, all right, well, when they're out. Dude, the UFC, I don't know what happened. I don't know how it went wrong was talking Trevor about using his MMA gloves. He has absolutely superior MMA gloves. They're the best. No one even comes close. And when you make a fist with those, it actually, it encourages a closed fist. you You have to work to open your hands like this. [040:20] You have to actually work against the glove. Whereas the UFC gloves, they kind of open your hand up more and you have to work to close it. The arm, like you fucking know, that arm pump we get from when I put, like I get the smallest hand wraps, like I tell whoever's up, I'm like, give me a grab or a wrap. Like I almost want nothing because once you have that wrap on, you have the glove on, like when you're trying to close your fist. I'm like I'm getting fucking arm pump just from trying to close my fucking hands Right after the fight like you're like my forms like double the size was to arm pump you have in grappling right so there's gotta be like There's got a Telling you it's Trevor's gloves. I mean I should probably Reinstitute these talks. Yeah, try to get it going again. I really should you know what I'm gonna do that because they're superior [041:05] They're absolutely it's a problem. It's a it's a problem. I don't know what happened what went wrong But Trevor uses superior foam. Yeah, like he like if you use his box. Oh, I have them. They're great They molded them to your hand. They're the best they're the best they're the best and it's also their superior protection Yeah, yeah, like he'll shit like he's done demonstrations where he shows how much better the foam He uses to other cheaper phones. Well, it's fighters making stuff for fighters. Right. It's not people who aren't doing it Like gate. She's the best one to do it And then obviously Trevor too like there are an amazing combo and they're making amazing shit like the headgear is great Because headgear's like your windows this big next thing you know like you're trying to kickbox and you can't see the guys legs. You're getting fucking kicked in the head. Exactly. And you're trying to shoot, you're shooting into a knee, but his like super wide and it's so thin. And you're really just wearing it to prevent cuts. Cause like realistically, if you have a big ass head you're on like, when I see someone wearing a head you're on my, I'm like, I fucking target, it's gonna be easier to hit, but with a small one, it's just enough padding. [042:05] Just enough to keep you safe. Remember Mike Tyson back in the day, he's where the real thing won when he was training. It was almost like a wrestling, like head gear. Yeah, I think that's the way to go. And I think that it's just unfortunate that there's no other way around it. There's nothing better. There's no better. You know, there's no like better solution if you want to prevent cuts, you're kicking and punching. But I do not like like when people have the face bar and there's like, you can't see. I wore that for a while. Like I broke my nose so many times, but in the beginning of training camps, like I broke my nose, so you have to spar the entire camp with that nose guard and it fucking sucks and it still touches your nose And you probably get fucked up more with it all like Definitely get more head shit. Oh, yeah, you can see head gear. Yeah, can see shit and that bar It sticks out like this far so that bar gets touched and it will touch your nose So I would even wear like she basketball players like the one basketball player always wore it [043:04] I forget what his name was, but I would wear this plastic shield on my face even when I would roll because my nose would be fucked up. I'm like, I can't miss training. And that's like what we were talking about earlier. I'm like, maybe I should stay in the fuck home. But I'd be in the gym. I was duct tape in it to my head and shit. But yeah, it's getting better with the innovation, but we got a long way to go though. So, you were telling me that you would hurt your hand in the Kelvin fight, but it's not a break. Not a break. So, it's just you're just trying to let it have a recover. So, I'm trying to, and that's like me trying to be smart a little bit. At my older age of 31, I'm just trying to let it heal. And before I get back, I just don't want to start another training camp with an injury. Whereas before I would do that, but yeah, I'm just trying to be smart, like maybe get some, get some stem cells and like some shit like that. Just take and just rest it. Let me see if Brigham came, got back to me. Not yet. I'll call him when we get out of here, but I think we can get in there. But yeah, just rest and rest but I can still I can still work on my kicks I can still punch and so yeah, you're always getting in training [044:08] Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that was a big win for you man Kelvin I really think and I said this to Kelvin. I this is back when he was fighting at 85 after he knocked out bisping I was like dude. I think you're a world champion. Yeah, yeah, I really do. Yeah, yeah Didn't want to make that weight cut. And he's not a big guy. He's not big, man. He's not even big for once. No, he's not. Guys like Philly, you know, like, yeah. Even when I grabbed him, like, I was like, oh, these are like the easiest takedowns. Like, I've ever gotten my life. Like, I couldn't believe how easy it was to get him down. And even when I'd wrapped around his legs, he had his big framed upper body, but his legs, like I would lock under his butt. There's small. And it was so easy to take him down. And yet, like I was saying, you were like, I walk around 195, 200. Like most guys, we're not. Like, I think he's better off at Middleweek. Because I think he found a niche where he was a lot faster than a lot of those guys. So like, Bism, he was like in and out on him, Tim Kennedy, like all these guys, [045:07] he was fucking up with his hands, he was just a lot faster than. Well, the Tim Kennedy fight, I know for sure, for a fact, the Tim Kennedy over-trained. Yeah. And that's what, because Tim Kennedy, who's known for his car, he's gassed out in that fight. I watched that fight a lot of times. Yeah, it's studying. It's the fight sucks because Tim's a friend. Yeah, watching it beat up. Yeah. Because I know how good he is when he beat Biss Beng. Yeah. Do Kennedy was a fucking monster. He, uh, but yeah. And he just, he went through two camps in a row. Yeah. And it's almost like in our minds, we think, always we always think more is better. And when I'll take a day off now, or even just a session, like a night session, and I'll come in the next day, and I'm like, and you wanna get after it more. Like it gives you that like, like I can fucking can't wait to get back in there. And then you feel fresh when you go into that. Like we'll train till 8.39 o''re at the gym, you go home, you sleep, you're right back at the gym. [046:05] Like I do the same drive for my house to the gym. So like I just, I could close my eyes and drive there because like I'm there all day fucking long. But when you have those little breaks in between, you go back in, you're like, all right, like I can't wait to fucking get off a week. Yeah, and I listen to that. Yeah, and I was like, why do you do that? And he's like, it's just, it's the right way to do it. Like, some days are my day. Like I've like, like I try to do nothing. Like not live, like I'll go on like a long walk or like walk my dog or run my dog Or even like Thursday, like I'll do a jiu-jitsu session in the morning and take the rest of the day off. And that'll be like a lighter day or something like that, cause we're doing some, like I've counted my sessions and by the end of it, including like every workout I do, I'm at like 22 or 23 workouts in a week. [047:01] Like, it's not, it's not. There's no other sport like that. It's nuts, it's nuts. And then we start, like, I'm eating like 3,000 calories, 275, and I'm cutting my calories down. Like, and you're still, and we still in our minds, we have to keep that same workload. And we're ramping up even more, because when you're in camp, you're trying to, you're going a little bit harder so it's a motherfucker. It's got a fuck with your mind Yeah, yeah, especially when you're cutting the calories. Oh, yeah, cuz you're like damn like I'm supposed to feel this way and I fucking feel like shit Yeah, you know, and you know fights four weeks out three weeks out two weeks out and then if you miss a session That's where you're like like oh shit like he's fucking training, you know, and I'm not fucking training. So that, but that's where you gotta be like, like I'm recovering. Like, trust the process. Yeah, I have the sauna, I have the ice, I have the, like, norm attack boots, like I have all this thing, but even just like sleep, like I'm in bed in training camp, like no later than 9.30. I have like 9.30 at night, no matter what my schedule is. I'm fucking on that shit. [048:05] That's the bed. Sleep is the number one thing you can do. 100%. Yeah, that's the superpower. T-Dortes used to sleep 12 hours a night. I wish I could sleep 12 hours a night. Yeah, he would fucking close all the windows to shades, make the room dark as fuck, and just conke out all night. I think like seven, like eight hours is like, I minimum seven, like seven to nine, but if I get like eight hours, like I feel like that's like the sweet spot for me. Like I feel good. Like eight hours. It is interesting that this sport, which is relatively recent, right? The UFC didn't even exist before 1993. And yet guys, you know here in 2024 are still kind of just dialing it in. And there's no like a stab with protocol that everyone uses. Everyone's got their own kind of methods that are using different individual coaches. Well, even like I know guys who are high level fighters who don't know dick about nutrition, [049:01] don't know dick about nutrition for covering nothing. I'm like, and they're just, like just naturally talented. And I'm like, man, like, these guys don't even know. Like, yeah. So it is crazy. It's gonna be crazy to see where it goes. But like you were saying about Tim though, I had up Tim before I was coming out here and before my hand was hurting me too much. I was gonna try to work out with him because he does some fucking hard ass workout and I love that shit so I he told me he was traveling but I'm gonna come back and like train with Gordon and train with Tim and because Tim's a motherfucker he's a savage bro. He does some animal shit. Yeah. Yeah. His cardio. Yeah. I love it on the like the skier. I love that shit. Yeah. It'd be super fun to get in on the guy is not even fighting anymore. No still yeah fucking tip top Yeah, yeah, he's an animal jacked. Yeah, and that if that fight always bothered me that Kelvin fight Yeah, I knew what was wrong with him. Yeah, I knew he had he had had a fight He went into camp and then the fight got canceled and then they got rescheduled [050:01] Yeah, you either got rescheduled or got a new opponent. I remember what happened But then he went right back into camp. So he is essentially in camp for like, by 16 weeks. Yeah, something, something nuts. Where you can't, you just can't do that. Your body's gonna break down. And then you're caught in weight, and then you have to gain the weight back because you don't wanna stay too low. Like that That's where it starts to get like, like this is fucked up. I need to let my body, like my body recover. There's some guys where I look at them and I'm like, how are you making like Joe? How are you making 185 Joe Piver? Yeah, he's a big boy. How are you making 185? Big boy. That doesn't even make sense. He's so big. Yeah, he is so fucking big man. He gets like two fifteen to twenty. That's it. Yeah. No, he doesn't get that big of a man. He doesn't get that big. He looks like a thirty. No, no, no. God. He does. He does. But he's in the octagon. He's in the heavyweight almost. Yeah. But like two fifteen to twenty for him, he's got a big fight coming up. He's fighting her mason. like that motherfucker hit so hard we should tell everybody that he broke Francis and Ghanos record on that punch machine and they weren't trying to [051:09] give it to him or something like that. Yeah, I don't understand why I've trained and I don't know the guy was saying like something was weird with the machine and Joe is like I he did it like three times like three times in a row. Oh so the guy didn't want to believe it. Yeah, he didn't believe that it was real Like how hard Joey was hitting it like Joey Joey cracks He's by far the hardest person I've ever been hit by who is his last fight? Abdul Holy shit. He submitted him. Yeah, but bro. He was putting it on him before yeah. Yeah, yeah, he's on another level right now. Joe's good. He's on another, but there's a real clear difference every time you see him in the octagon. He's just getting better. Like at a high acceleration rate. Yeah, yeah. We had, like I said, me, him, Jeremiah, Andre Petrosky's another one. Like, dude, we have a fucking, we have a good squad and we do it's a small small gym in Philly But we're on a fucking four four and like an old warehouse and and a pretty bad neighborhood in Philly [052:10] So but it's awesome like well There's like a there's two schools of thought right there's one school thought you should be in the biggest camp Possibly like ATT bringing in people, but you know I've talked to guys that train there and go yeah, but then you're in these sparring sessions with these Russian guys have never heard of and they're fucking straight up killers. Yep, and that's the Crete. We're starting to get it in like we have a good group of Russian guys coming in. I have this kid Igor. He's like my main training partner. I think he's four and a. Kids came over as a refugee from Ukraine. He's one of the top He was delivering for Uber Eats and Got two guys came up to them. They showed him his gun and he didn't know what was going on He gets he walks over his car. They're fucking stealing his car. He's hanging on the side of the car They're going 40 miles an hour. They shoot at them two times. Oh my god. They shot at them while he was shot at them two times [053:04] Yeah, oh my god. They shot at him while he was hanging on the car. Shot at him two times. Yeah. Oh my god. How did he get out of this? I'm north on north side street. They pointed gun at him right here and then he's like, all right, let me off. The dude told him like, I'm going to fucking shoot you. And he finally gets off. Like, in the beginning of the video, you can hear him, he gets shot at fucking. Who's filming this? So just some dude in a car behind him. Did they ever find the car? No, they didn't. So we actually started a go-fun me for him and I've raised like 15th Grand Forum, and he got a new car. Oh wow. But yeah, like they shoot at him and what people don't realize, he's hanging on this car, So like all the money these guys have to pay for lawyers and shit like that. Yeah all of his shit was in his car and he just came from practice and was fucking doing Uber Eats. He doesn't have any money to fucking pay these lawyers and shit. Crazy but... Philly's wild. Yeah Philly's wild. [054:03] I carry everywhere I go and Philly I do, I don't know, fuck around. But his best friends, Yaroslav, Yaroslav from Bellator, I don't know how to say his last name. He's gonna come over and train with us too. So like, I brought in Drew Dober my last camp. So we have Neil Magna come in, Eric Anders was just up. So like, our gym's starting to get recognized, which is cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, so it's cool. Well, I mean for a small gym, you got six guys fighting in the UFC and a bunch of fucking real killers. Yeah, so it's cool. Yeah, it's amazing. Yeah, and we got like, Pat's fighting in AC, Andre's fighting in AC. So we'll all be on like, kind of like, fighting around the same time, which there's not better than that. Like when your teammates are fighting and you're in camp, sucks being a camp when you're by yourself, you're like, fuck. When you went to the ball fight, were you 13 and 0? 14 and 0? 15 and 0. Wow. 15 and 0. That's a bitter pill to swallow, right? Yeah, it sucked. Like I thought it was gonna be the worst thing that ever happened to me. And I kinda, going into that, like I just didn't feel right like travel I first time I've ever left the country like I've never been outside the United States of travel there [055:08] All my coaches were getting sick. They're all like super jet lagged and all week I just kept having these like like thought I'm like I'm gonna lose this fucking fight and Usually like you have those thoughts, but I couldn't I couldn't like flip my mind back to like yo You're gonna win this shit cuz you always have doubts But I would have I was having dreams. I was gonna lose and I might do like I can't get this out of my head And I told my wife like the day before I'm like I was like I had a dream last night lost and um I thought when I lost like I thought it being undefeated like it gets tied to you Everyone sees you the like you're gonna fucking be the champion. You're gonna stay on defeated You're gonna pretend like then you become like you're a damn like I'm not even fighting to win this fight I'm just fighting just to stay undefeated if that makes sense like I'm like I can't lose this record and then In the fight First round like it was real like a super competitive I went back and watched it and I thought I did a lot better than I thought I did. And then in the second, I got clipped and I was like there the entire time, [056:07] but I just couldn't throw. I'm like, I was just like, I just kinda quit. Like I was like, I just didn't know what to do in that moment. And that's the only time I ever quit on myself. Like practice anything. And ever since then, I started working with two mental performance coaches and I'm just like a completely different person now. But it's the best thing that ever happened to me. That's a lot of times fighters say that. It's like you need to feel the sting of defeat. I'm telling you Joe, the minute I lost, it felt like a fucking Bronco was lifted off my shoulders. Like I was so like, I was like, yo, like this is gonna be the best thing that ever happened to me. Because the pressure of being understeed. Let it go. Every time I was going in the fight, I had the pressure of not only just losing and what comes with losing, but I'm like, if I lose my record, it's over. And then I'm like, it's one fucking fight. I have one 15 fights in a row. [057:01] I lost one fight. It's not how it works. I just thought my life was going to implode and it didn't. I had a hard, like I said, I came home and I definitely trained way too hard because I wanted to come back and fight again and I fucked myself up doing that. But that even gave me more time to sit and reflect with myself and just get my shit right and realize it's not, it doesn't mean everything to be undefeated. Like the best fighters in the world take losses. And yeah, I needed that. For the only one who did this, John. John Jones, and one who I didn't. But if you could be, if you were to stuck around long enough, you know. Possibly. So you never, you had a couple close ones, close one with Glacacing T-Ball glacing T-Ball is very debatable I watch that fight a lot again very close but we're all it's you have a 50% chance of going you're gonna win or you're gonna lose and when you're fighting the best guys in the world like ball is good like I know I can beat ball but I'm happy for him to he went on he beat Gilbert he's gonna fight for the belt next and when that established is he's definitely fighting for the belt next they haven't announced it But there's nobody else no I would hope nobody [058:07] Yeah, he deserves he deserves it 100% he's being the most guys in the top 10, you know like he's there He's on a 10 fight win streak. Yeah, he deserves it. Yeah, and I think he has a good chance of doing And they all fought before he got I put so it's It's it's there for him. He deserves it and he should get it. And I'm happy for him. He's walking on a Y, he gets so much hate. Like he's not bad dude. He's like, the train's fucking hard and... He won't even swear. Yeah. You know when he was in here? I'm fucking cursing the million times. He would say what the fudge yeah, it's like what the fuck yeah, yeah, you're a guy named cage fight Yeah, he gets a lot of a lot of hate, but I'm happy for him. That's gonna be a good It's gonna be a good fight. He's a big guy for 170 man. Yeah, the walls very hard. Yeah, yeah, you know He's not a small one so no no, no, it's gonna be interesting. That's gonna be a good fight very good fight. I [059:09] Wasn't super like I wasn't super like I wasn't super impressed with that Colby Leon fight you weren't now definitely not on Kobe side. No, not on Kobe That's a fun out of the Leon. I want the I want the Kobe fight I think that the problem in that Kobe fight is Leon. He was so dangerous. Yeah, yeah, so sharp Yeah, he he's so technical on his feet and I think in that fight he was you know, because Kobe talked so Yeah, I think he was the shit but he was in that fight he was you know cuz Colby talked so yeah, I think he was Fucked up like you know Say whatever you want about me my team whatever but like you start talking about people's like their parents Their wives their kids, especially if one of them's dead like you're a fucking like that shit You get fucked up in the parking lot for like you don't do shit like that you know what I'm saying So, you know, that's Colby Colby yeah master getting under people yeah yeah yeah yeah and he looked like I was watching I'm like what though I like I didn't know what was happening with him like he just wasn't doing anything yeah he didn't look good um and then Leon shot on him was like yeah I think he want to just make a point like I can take you down and um but no fucking good. Yeah, his grappling is very good. Leon's good. But it almost here we have reversed it a couple of times in this. So he shot [1:0:09] and then Colby kind of switched it up. I think that was where the tactical errors are made. And that's what I was critiquing at the fight. I was like, I don't think he fought the smartest way. Yeah. Because I think he could have avoided those exchanges and he had this massive advantage in the stand super clean Like yeah, he would have came out of that fight like unscathed if he didn't do that But um, yeah, it's still won the fight. Yeah, yeah, but at the end of the fight when Kobe's on top of him at the very end of the fight That doesn't look good. No, no, that's yeah, you know, he won Yeah, I mean he looked great and on the feet man he is so sharp. His Southball is, that's really fucking good. He's sharp, he's good and he's long, he's big too. We're off on all 70 pounders are big. Yeah, there's the day of the 70 pounder walking around at 70, those are gone. Long gone, 55. Paul you stay get up to 200 pounds. When he would fight at 55. I would look, I'm like, dude, I weigh two or three right now. I'll be, bro, you're eight pounds heavier than me. [1:1:07] Like, maybe like fat, like he'd be drinking IPAs. And like after he would fight, he would get huge. Like patty pimple of fat? Not that fat, that boy is fat. He got fat so quick. And see him as December after his fight? His face, he just goes on on my dude like you're going to a different but we have like Fighters have fucking eating disorders like yeah we 100% all have eating disorders because you're eating this way And then you're cutting out food and then you're craving all these foods like it's a fucking it's a it's a wild Wild way to live fight Yeah, yeah, patty now look at it look all and happy. Look how tight that shirt is on him. He is. It's so crazy how much weight he gains. It's so nuts because he was shurred during that fight. Yeah. He gets big. He gets big. You know, he got a lot of shit from that Tony Ferguson fight but I was very impressed. I was very impressed with his grappling, those impressive striking. I think everything looked better. And at the end of the day, he won the fight. Like, he found a way to win. He definitely, the third round got a little sketchy, [1:2:07] but he found a way to win. Yeah, but the people saying that he didn't look good and it's just, I thought he looked great. You know, Tony Ferguson is still dangerous. Yeah. He's still dangerous. I mean, he was dangerous in the Gachy fight until Gachy started beating him up. He was, you know, dangerous in the channel. Drop channel. Drop channel. Yeah. Like, he's still fucking drop channel. Yeah. I don't think people realize like, you go in there and you have 15 minutes and you could have woke up that day had the fucking worst headache. Like, you could feel like shit or just could not be your night, you know? So that's why like, in that moment, you have to make the best of it, but some days just, it's just not your day, you know what I'm saying? But in the gym, like, you get that day, you get to go back to next day. But a guy like Tony, like at what point does someone step in? Now, you think? Yeah, it has to be. It's what six or seven fights. I think it's seven and a half. Yeah. Yeah. And he's not, and it's not like, if you were have won that fight, I would still like to see, like me and my buddy, I was cheering, Tony, Tony, and anytime you would do anything, [1:3:08] just cause I fucking love Tony Ferguson, but it's time. Like, and it was awesome, like having Goggins there and all that shit, but like, just hanging out. Like you're just doing more damage, you know? I also don't know what he's doing in training like the Goggin stuff is great and everything like that But who is he sparring is he sparring? You know is he are you doing score? Yeah, I don't know what he's doing like if you're gonna do the shit with Goggin's like do that Outside of training camp do that like we don't have a fight You don't you build up that aerobic capacity when you're not getting ready for a fight Like I'm sure he was, but it kind of seemed like he always just did whatever he wanted to do. You know, like, what worked for a long time when he was the bookie me? He was fucking everybody up. Those chokes that he was hitting on people, the darses, that's in barbosify. He would lock that shit on you when you were done. Cowboy, he was fucking cowboy us. Pet us. Fucking people. Tony was a real scary man for many, many years. [1:4:07] They tripped on one cord. Not crazy. And that fucking crazy. Getting ready for the could be fight. Mass and square garden. Triple on a quarter. Massive fight. And triple record. And he is done. Closes knee out. Doesn't make any sense. And then he came back from that super fast beat pedis. Yeah, oh he won after that. Oh, he beat pedis I remember I remember the fight you beat the shit out of pedis But I didn't know I don't know if that was before or after that was after that was just coming on because Pedis was kicking the shit out of that leg Yeah, and it was only if I want to remember correctly five months or so after what is a five or seven months? It was short very quick fucking short now no sure about knees But I know that sounds very short it was ridiculous Yeah, when I talked to people that knew about that surgery and knew about like how bad his knee was yeah He did his own rehab of course. Yeah, so some yeah, but he was The man, but I think I think it's that time like other time [1:5:03] Yeah, it wins all fight like him It was nice to see cowboy be done when he was done cuz like I was telling you earlier Beena cowboy when cowboy was on he I think he was the best fighter in the fucking world He was so goddamn good and he would fuck us all up down to the ranch like me John of the web Paul he would be to shit out at everybody and then yeah like even Jim Miller, I remember him headkick and Jim Miller when they first fall in AC knocked him out and then his last fight was Jim Miller and Jim got the best of them so it's like all right it's time to yeah at a certain point time but he knew it like he knew and but look out now he's fucking all saw stop he's He's fucking, he looks great. He's, he's great. I love it dude. He looks, he's got a hair transplant. And that's another thing I think, I just did, I started working with Merrick Health. I just did all my blood work last week. So I'm waiting for that just to like, see where we're at like after fights, you know? So like check Check all my shit. I'm trying to like really like dial all that shit in and a lot of guys don't do that [1:6:05] You know, well, I think if you want to compete against the best the best you gotta cross all your teeth And dot all your eyes you got to make sure every every all your ducks are no Yeah, and the difference between the guys who are just super talented who don't take care of nutrition and still perform at a very high level And the guys who are also talented like yourself but dialed everything. Yeah, that's how you make sure that it's yeah. Cause even when I'm done fighting like, I'm going right into Jitsu. Like I can't wait to compete Jitsu. Like that's going to be like, so fun. Cause no, he's getting so fucking big now. And like you got guys like Wagner. He's like 45 years old still competing and winning. So I'm super excited to get into that too, you know, but I got a lot more fighting than me. That's what you think when you stop fighting MMA, you'll compete in Jiu Jitsu? Oh, that's all I, that's what I want to do. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I obviously like, I want to open a gym one day, but I want to compete just straight Jitsu like no, G.I.I. did G I did a gig for a long time. I haven't done it in a while because like I can't feel like to a certain point [1:7:05] Like it's like all right like I've done this. I'll pick it up when I'm done for sure But um, I love just hard like no G like I love it. It's so fucking fun to me And it's getting so big like these guys are ADCC it's at the team. Oh, well next. Yep next year So that's wild a Gordon and he's the fucking best. But I was at the last one that did see in Vegas and it was enormous place. Yeah, like you said, it's getting huge. I didn't realize he was sitting next to you at the fights when I was talking to you. He's the man. I was going to train with him this week. I can't wait to train with him though. But I remember seeing those guys back at Hengeos because I was going to the Hengeos a couple of times a week training in the blue basement and I see Gordon and Craig when they're all still together and their savages back then and They're still fucking doing it. It's crazy. Yeah, he's Completely extraordinary. Yeah, when you look at a guy who's 28 years old. He's universally accepted as the greatest ever next next nuts He's next level and that motherfucker doesn't take a day. Yeah. Yeah, crazy. No days off crazy [1:8:11] 365 days a year they're training and they're working on something and I'm sure they're training hard training hard and working on skills and they walk tape Yeah, break technique down. Yeah, it's not just like good enough golf. Yeah, that's very systematic Yeah, yeah, and that John Donner having that guy as your coach. Yeah, what a fuck. He's cheat code that is I've seen the room it'll be like John Gordon, GSP will be in there. I like to do this room as fucking, is crazy. Like the people that they would have in there. So you're only four, you're gonna get better for a guardless, you know. I've never seen GSP's corner, it'd be like John Donner hair, Frasa Hobby, Greg Jackson back when he would fight like he was so ahead of his time like with like doing shit like that like Yeah, there's I think GSPs. He's like my like goat of of MMA just a way like being a true martial artist like even how he is now like Guys when they're done they get fat. They're done training like they're once they're done fighting like they're like they're done He like still trains. He probably looks better now than he did back then. So I'm trying to fall, I'm trying to follow that for sure. [1:9:07] When he keeps coming down here to train, I see him in Austin all the time. He's here all the time. I'm surprised he doesn't move down here. We just come down to train. Yeah. I think he likes Montreal. Yeah. Yeah. That gym kind of, uh, TriStar was the shit for a while. Amazing Wow, I haven't heard like too many guys coming out of there now. I just think there's there's so many gyms now There's so many more gyms like but it was GSP. They had Rory McDonald or he was Rory was a mother fuck. I remember watching him in his prime I was young. I'm like this fucking guy is great. He was pretty fucking sharp He was very very good couple of those wars though with Rob definitely Short this career. It was a very nice scene, Robby go out like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was beautiful. It was Barberina, right? I know, it was, who? Buck. I thought it was Brian Barberina. No. God damn it. [1:010:01] So the tip of my tongue, I'm looking at his face right now. I can't pull up. Nico Price. Nico Price. Damn it so the tip might don't I'm looking at his face right now. I can't pull up Thank you go price Neco price tough dude and you go price tough is fucking He's got some crazy knockouts and so yeah, yeah, but probably went out right like he went out in a win Like that's got a beautiful win first round knockout. Didn't even get hit. Yeah, I tell everybody went crazy That's got to feel good. We played this video. Yeah, yeah for guy like him and he still he's one like the main guys down at a Killcliffe like he's still he's a coach and that's great to see too like it is because when a guy like that if he's Done he leaves the gym like a part of like like you lose part of that gym. Yeah Yeah, this was awesome him winning like that. It really was fucking cool. It was really cool Because it's just like that's what you want to see from a legend. Yeah, yeah. But he was, forget the Ruth was Robbie Lawler days. Like when him and Rory had that fight, that was just guts and just survival in this in his lips. Oh, when it was split like that. And I was interviewing me screaming [1:011:03] when his lips are spitting. Rory, you could Rory had it his nose was smashed so bad that last punch I think it was probably a straight left. Yeah, he's like I'm done like I just can't take anymore pain at this point Like he was destroyed when your nose is broken you get hit in it. It's it's not fun. Well his face was pale too Like he had lost so much blood. Yeah, was pale. He was, uh, he was fucked up. Yeah. What a crazy fight. Look at his face. Oh, I mean, his face was just a mask of blood. And this is like, this is so iconic. Yeah, staring each other. Look how flat his nose is there. I mean, Rory's just face is destroyed. Oh, my Jesus. It's just destroyed. His face is destroyed. I mean mean that is as close to death as I think we've ever seen anybody get inside the Yeah, yeah, look at that look how pale he is And he went on to have some fucking good fights after that But I was watching his career in pfl and it was just sad to see the kind of the way he went out [1:012:02] Well, I mean, I think you go through a fight like that. You don't ever recover fully. No, you don't. And then you're back in the gym, you're training, and then you fight again. Everything's amplified in a fight. It's just training times 10. And you come out, I've came out of fights where a quick fight for me, but I still, I don't even, I'll hit my elbow. I'm like, what the fuck did I do? You just come out of a fight and you're like, you still feel beat up even if it wasn't like a super hard fight, even my fight with Kelvin. I didn't land any crazy right hands, but my fucking hands been killing me for the last month. So it's always something. And then you go through something like that Do you do any hyperbaric chamber work my my strength coach has one and I got in it and I was having like TMJ or something and I got in there and my fucking ears start to pop and I got kind of freaked out and I got out But I need to do it. I know like off camp, but he's like dude. You gotta get in you gotta get in and I that's like the one thing that [1:013:05] Flo tanks related to things like I haven't got into yet But um, yeah, I need to do the I need to do the flip like the hyperbarik. They say it really really helps recovery I know that you ride a favor used it after the Jose Aldo fight. Yeah, I remember when he got his leg destroyed Yeah, yeah, yeah, I think I know especially for your head too. They say like it's super, super good for your head. Yeah, post concussions. Yeah, but like I said stem cells, stuff like that. Like it does suck, we can't like do other like peptides. Cause that should helps. And it's not like test us for everything else. Like maybe like be there on site or whatever, but I think that stuff would really help us out. Yeah, I don't know why it's illegal. I mean, I think the argument is that it gives you a performance enhancing benefit, but I just think all it does is aid in recovery from injuries. Yeah. And I think if you're dealing with a sport where guys are literally training [1:014:00] and preparing to injure each other. Yeah. That's where you do. Yeah. Yeah. And you're getting injured while training, preparing to injure each other. That's where you do it. And you're getting injured while training, preparing to injure each other. You're gonna get hurt, injure. There's no, no ifans or butts about it. And it would be better for the sport overall if that was allowed. And I don't know why these athletic commissions don't recognize the like, hey, this is not like steroids. This is something that just helps your injuries injuries. Helping you recover. Yeah. I'm definitely happy though that we're done with Usada. I'm hoping that, obviously they're gonna come and drug test this, but don't come to my house at 6am. Right. And don't come when guys are cutting away. They, uh, they came to my house the one night. It was 9.30 at night. I was get, luckily there was fights on house in camp or else I would have been asleep, I was watching like Bellator on a Friday night. They knocked on my door, I look at my ring camera, my wife's like, it's fucking you, Saada. I'm like, I've never been mean to them, and I wasn't even, I'm like, dude, I looked at them, I'm like, I'm about to get in the bed, they're like, we're sorry, they have a protocol, they time you for 10 minutes, and then they take your blood, then you have to do piss. [1:015:05] So that can be annoying, but like if you just have to pee, you can run through it real quick, but you have to get out all your supplements, you have to write all that down. So it takes probably 35, 40 minutes. So every time they come, you have to show them your supplements? Yep, every time. They had them saved at one point but then they went away with that so you'd have to redo it. Any medications you take and then the dude has to come watch a piss, you have to pick out a cup. So I never did, like I haven't been drug tested by these new guys yet but come in three o'clock. Like come when I'm home and I'm just sitting on my couch. Well I think the argument against that is if they can catch you, like if they come to your house at 9.30 a.m. if you take something that is in your system for a short period of time, but provides benefits. Yeah. Like if you take some sort of oral testosterone at 9.30 p.m. right before you go to bed. Like we're going to get you. And then like that was what they were doing with the gummies, right? With testosterone gummies in baseball. Yeah, something like that. Yeah. So the idea is that you take it and then by the time they tested you, it already got your system. I think guys, if you have enough money, [1:016:06] I'm sure guys are gaming the system somehow, you know? Have you heard anything about how guys could do it? No, I haven't, but I just feel like guys, like, like, guys have, people are gonna, if you can cheat, somebody's gonna cheat. They're gonna find a way, but even with the IVs, I've had heard of guys doing IV still and I'm like I guess like you said like they say the trace plastic But I'm like how could you even test for that because if you're drinking fucking gallons of water or whatever You're drinking with plastic. I guess there would be traces of plastic It's a different plastic. Yeah, once you jamey google please How do you detect if someone has had an IV you saw to see if there's a like they've explains it? Because they they were explained to me that there is a workaround and the workaround would be if you got all the liquid into a glass vial. I was literally that's what I was thinking. Yeah. And then you injected the liquid back into someone's body slowly and instead of a drip like with a hose, you're you're you're just going straight from a glass vial. [1:017:05] Sounds like a fucking process. It's only a real process. Just for an IV. The craziest one I heard. But if you're asking it, the craziest weight cut that I had ever heard someone was cutting weight by getting their blood removed. So they're getting their blood pulled from their body, they're chilling it and then putting it back into their body. Time for you to just move away class. But here's the question, because blood doping that was a way that like toured a France and a lot of those guys would do it where they would take blood out of their body. And then they put it back in, right? Their body would recover and build that blood back up and then they would put that blood back in so that they'd have all this extra blood and you give them extra oxygen. Blooddobin, that's the craziest one. If you're gonna do anything, if you just never get tired, that's the most superhuman thing you can fucking do. Like strength, strengthen and all that, like it's cool, but if you can just never get tired, [1:018:00] that's next level shit. Well, there's been guys that get popped for EPO and DJ Yeah, well, there's actually a documentary that the UFC did that just came out last week. I started I watched it I started it's wild really see like what he looked like he was a skeleton He looked like a dead man. Yeah, yeah starving to death and he was about to fight and research Is that what he was he saying? He was doing the EPO to help him cut weight? Is that what he was saying? No, no, he was essentially he was anemic. I mean, that's what it really is. It's anemic. It's for anemia. God, anemic. He had gotten to a point where he couldn't do anything. I mean, his body was just, he shouldn't, he should have pulled out. It's really what it should have done. And, but, or what he should have done, I think, is probably had a test cut. Yeah. And if he had a test cut, like, he was, he was down to 135 and then cutting the weight. And when he was down to 135, you looked at him, I'm like this dude looks horrible When he was preparing for the fight and then they were it was like the day of the weigh-ins you see him walking around [1:019:10] You're like what in the fuck? Yeah His whole face was just skeleton and then like you get fucking hit like that right like I don't care If you have 48 hours like so that's that's what he looked like oh is that so insane man It's so insane that way cut look at it. Yeah, look at him there listen all of our cheese gets sucked in but that's That's crazy. That's different. I mean that's not just a cheek. No, yeah losing your jaw muscles Yeah, and that's the thing. It's like you you're losing muscle man. You're losing muscle now you see him now He's not a small dude like he's pretty fucking big like Well T.J. also had had shoulder problems his whole career Yeah, I think he had torn two torn super spinatus muscles in both traps or both shoulders and just never got it fixed [1:020:01] He was so good. I love watching him like his Just his strike he was so good. I love watching him like his Just his strike in was so good like I feel like he was like one of the first guys to start doing like to switch And stand to it and throw in like he was he's fucking good. Dude the hand in morale fight. Holy shit The first one. Yeah, also it's also like his ability to perform under pressure Like when the stakes were high and the the pressure was high. Cody Barbrain fight. Yes. Yes. He got dropped in that first round. He came back and knocked Cody out and I fucking love Cody. That it was nice to see Cody get back on track. But yeah, that was he can fuck. He's a competitor. Like he's a competitor and it worked for him for a long time. You know. Yeah, just the shoulder thing is just so unfortunate because now he's fucked and he's had multiple surgeries and he's hoping that he can still come back. Because he fought in Abu Dhabi on that card with me and then his shoulder popped out like immediately or something like that. Well, he had actually told the referee before the fight. He said, my shoulder's gonna pop out. He said, just let me fight and I'll put it back in. It pops out all the time. Like that's not I've seen I've seen that though. [1:021:07] I've seen guys like in the room. Like they get like sprawled on their fucking shoulder pops out. And they like yeah, they're like, I need a second. They snap back. I'm like, I'm like, dude, I don't know if you should be doing that. Like that's like supposed to happen with Yuri. Like his coaches were Yeah, they put his shit back in the place and they just totally destroyed his show. Oh my god. Yeah, probably shouldn't be doing that It's not like a finger like a Jiu-Jitsu finger where you're doing gee and like you're like your coach fucking snaps your finger Like that's your shoulder. Well, it's also when your shoulder gets destroyed like that and they have to replace your shoulder That's it. Yeah, I don't I know guys have gotten their hip resurfaced and continue to compete. I know Frankie Edgar did that. Yeah. But I think shoulders, like once that's... Shoulder, shoulders and knees, like I've been pretty knock on wood. Like I feel like once you have a problem with your shoulders or knees, you're fucked. Like you're always going to have same thing with like if you do that back surgery. [1:022:00] Because the back surgery is a big one. I think and your neck like if you do any of those surgeries, I think you're fucking done. Well, that's what's crazy about Al Jermaine. I mean, he did his neck and then one and defended the title multiple times. Yeah, he looked great. He looked great. So I've shown him a alley like yeah, he came back and that Peter Yonfah, like he looked fucking, he looked great in that. He's got an artificial disc in his back and he's competing in MMA. And winning as a champion. Yeah, it's nuts. Chris Wyman's coming back again too. He's from Bruno. I was there for his fight in Boston. And it was good. Good to see him, get back in there. That break was so bad. I guess they're putting out many series that you have to see. I watched, I guess they're putting out like mini series that you have seen. I watched that one and that on him, like coming back from his leg. I was like almost crying watching it, like seeing like the pain he was going through, like he had like two or three surgeries after that. And really? And when it like his leg like when it take, or he's like start feeling a weird pain and they go back in and do another surgery. He'd start getting better, they'd do another surgery. It's like, it's the same thing as that TJ one. [1:023:07] If you get like 25 minutes watching one day, it's fucking good. Well, that's the case with Conner as well, I believe. If Conner's had multiple surgery as well. Well, a break like that, like. It's a crazy break. The only one guy, you know, I'd say no one's ever come back from it, but apparently the guy who won the PFL heavyweight division, he had a broke. Really? Broke leg like that. And he came back and he's competing at a high level. Well, how about Chris Wideman does it to Anderson Silva and then he gets it done to him? I don't know. That is like, what kind of like, how does that happen? Like that? What's not? Especially when you think about how few leg breaks like that have been in the UFC. Yeah. I think there's only been four. He's been a part of two of them. Yeah. That's crazy. I can only think of those two. Who else was in the UFC? The first one was what was a gentleman's name? [1:024:00] Cory Hill? Yeah. I remember that. I think he's dead. He is dead. I don't know what happened though. Yeah, but I remember that one. And then Chris is involved in two of them. So it was Corey, Anderson, Chris, who else? So there's one other one. Someone else got their leg burned. Yeah, I don't know. Connor. Connor. That's it, so those are the four. The biggest one. Yeah. And then outside of that I've seen it with Tyrone Spong. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. With the go cons. I see that. That was nasty. He's only some of her ever seen in kickboxing. He's fucking his highlights are crazy. Oh, he's a killer. You ever see the one where I think he do comes out drop Ty. He gets up, he's showing up and throws that over a hand and cleans them. Oh my god, damn. He's still, he's so trained. He's down to Henry's and he's like one of their main guys. What did you do? This was not in the UFC but it's on combat. Oh, this is like femur comes out. [1:025:01] Oh, I saw this one. Yeah, he gets taken down. That's a crazy one, right? This one's bad and it's weird how it goes down like How it goes backwards Look at his pain the pain. He's in oh my god. It goes backwards. Oh Poking out like that. Is that his femur? Yep. Yep. Yep Yeah, he's like my leg my leg. Oh my god. Oh my god. That's bad. They're hard to watch That's My dad broke his femur. Here's construction worker. He had a bunch of stones fallen his leg snapped his fucking femur in half He had a metal rod in there for years They they he got his knees redone. They had to take the metal rod out of his knee like his bike bone like I guess like form to it They said taking it out is rough. Yeah, it's the biggest bone your body. I think oh God damn yeah Frank me here when he get hit by a car remember that he broke his femur Yeah, he was riding a motorcycle guy ran a light T-bone them he went flying to the air and [1:026:05] He took a long time for Frank to back on track. That's like one of the hardest things with me. And like, I grew up riding dirt bikes. And like, I love doing shit. I'm like, but our job's so dangerous already. I'm like, I can't afford to do any of these other things. Like, we were up to mountains over the weekend. My brother's like, let's go snowboard and I'm like, bro, I can't. No way, dude. I want to so bad, but I'm gonna do all that shit when I'm done fighting. You just can't stack another thing on top of fucking, I have a forward raptor. I got it all swooped up. I'm like, that's my thing. I got a nice truck, but I can't ride bikes yet. I can't like we just can't afford to stack all those other things on top of our dangerous ass job Already he was chance for clothes doing the other day Truth like like Roman candles on each other firework fight. Yeah, bro. I'm not doing that three weeks before his fight Did he had a he had like burns on him? He's he's nuts. He's so out of his fucking mind, but apple. We can fight [1:027:06] All he does is spar he probably He probably looks at a treadmill. He's like, get the fuck outta here. He's like, I'm gonna spar. What's crazy is his conditioning. Like look at that Israel Adesonia fight. This is his first time fighting for the title. He's fighting a legend. And in the fifth round, he's not even breathing heavy. Floors him too. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing, amazing. He's someone that want to drop some pommels him afterwards. And then, but dude, he's like, he's not even jumping like dirt bikes. He's jumping like motorcycles in the desert. Like what the fuck is this dude? Out of his fought at um at 170 back in the day. Tomorrow put it on. I'm pretty good. Well, I think he's one of those guys that really was cutting too much weight. He's definitely. He's a point of diminishing. He's huge. That'd be like Joe, he tried to cut down the 170. Like you be fucked just because you can make something. Right. Doesn't mean you should do it. You know, his fight with Dracus is going to be very interesting. [1:028:09] Dracus is fucking scary. That's a guy who's so big for 85. The way he looked against the eye count it. I didn't give him that fucking chance against Robert Whitaker and boy was I wrong. Well, also that's after he got his D.V. He has no structure. Yeah, also that's after he got his DVD. It's a big factor. I think it's a big factor. If you're being able to breathe out, you know, you can't breathe, you can't fight. But it's also, it's like, Drick is looks awkward when he fights. He moves different, but that movement and that awkwardness makes him difficult to time. It's like his timing is off. And if you don't have anybody that can imitate that kind of stutter step motion that he does, it's far and weird. It's deceptively technical. Deceptively. It's his style. You can't say it's wrong. You know, like that's how it works. And he's like, you can tell you're strong. I think he's going to come in and really try to like put like a hard grapple and pace on showing in but Shawn's hard to take down [1:029:06] Like you know see many guys taking Shawn down like he's not he's a very good grapple. He's not yeah He's not easy to take down. I've talked to guys to roll them like that motherfucker's very good. I seen he was out at um I think he was trying with Jaco. Yeah, yeah, Jaco told me yeah, Jaco goes do he's fucking legit. Yeah, he's really long too like I'm sure he has good could your jitsu Yeah, but that's that's a good fight Well, here's an interesting statistic because you know, do you have see was it a mouthguard that they gave you guys I'll show how many shots you take something like that. Yeah, he gets hit the least Yeah, he spars the most since that his defense is so under appreciate Yeah. Cause that was a big factor in that fight too without a sign. Yeah. Adeson, you just couldn't find him. Yeah, he's like, it's like a weird like Philly shell that he does. And then he's lifting that like lead leg to like, teap. Yup. And he's front kickin' you with a lead leg. Yeah. And that, but it's not because it's coming from a like you [1:030:05] don't fucking see it. And then pop pop. And then you sit in with the jab, but it fucking it works for it works for amazing. I don't think Izzy was 100% in that training camp either. Like he had that that DUI thing where the DWI like right before the outside two weeks before that fight. And I think he just thought he was gonna fucking blow Sean out of the water and Sean's a tough motherfucker After the abus fight You should someone should have looked at that fight and go looks and this guy is always there. Yeah, he's always there It's crazy how it can flip so fast like a year ago He lost the gyro cannon here and now he's fucking UFC champion. Yeah Yeah, he gets flatline in the first round against peheda. And then you think, this guy's not gonna be the champion. A year later, there's a chance. Yeah. And went to train with peheda. Yeah. That shows you how far he goes. Yeah, he's a big dude he's gigantic that guy made 185 was ridiculous [1:031:07] nuts ridiculous like how? how did you do it? cuz you look at me 205 he's so big at 205 i think he's way better off at 205 though i think so too yeah i don't know who's gonna fight next but i'll be watching yeah i mean i would imagine it would be Jamal. I just don't know when Jamal's gonna be fully recovered. You know, Jamal blew out his Achilles. Is it because of bad one? That's a hard one to come back from. Yeah, it's a bad one. That's what Aaron Rodgers did. Yeah. That's gotta be weird. Like you're just going and then next thing it's done. Yeah, it just pops off. Yeah. But Aaron Rodgers is doing great. He's there saying he might like play like pretty. He was hoping to. Oh, yeah. But it's only been how many months since the entry four five was the beginning of the season, September. I guess that's what it was. I think so. I'm tober November, January, so four months. Yeah, not long, not long at all, for such a [1:032:00] catastrophic injury. Yeah. I think Alex would be chant for for a while though. It's got to, and to us someone comes along and exposes his ground games not where it needs to be. Well, that's what's interesting with Hamzot, right? If he fights Hamzot Chimayev at 185 pounds, that gets very interesting. Yeah. But I think we saw in the Hamzot fight against Usman, that Hamzot against a really big strong grappler, is still very effective. But not to the level where it should be. Well, Usman exposed some holes in his game and Usman had no camp. That was a five round fight. And Usman took it on short notice. Even on short notice, if there was two more rounds of that, who knows where that could have gone? Usman was putting on. I rewashed it, yeah. Recently, and he was getting the better of him in the third round, four short. Especially in the strike game, because I think something happened to Homsdot's hand in the first round, because he broke his hand. Yeah, yeah, he's gonna be a motherfucker. And then Joey's right, Joey's known for knocking guys out, [1:033:07] but Joey has fucking really, he's submitted Abdul in his last fight. He's got really good wrestling, really good submission. So it looks like 185 doesn't have like those crap, like 170, like we're stacked with grapplers. 155 stacked with grapp, like 185 kind of doesn't have that. So if you come into 185 and you have that good rustling and grappling pedigree, like I think you can do really, really well. It's interesting with bow. It's like they're let, it's like some fighters get thrown to the wolves. Yeah. And some fighters they lead. He's doing like the slow. Nice. Yeah. Like every fight he's this giant, yeah, giant favorite. And the next fight, same thing. Yeah, he smokes them. Yeah, he hasn't fought so much. July, I listened to the podcast. Those are really good. But I think he's doing it right. He's like, listen, I'm going to kind of slope because he's 27, 28. He's already in UFC. Couple fights away from being in the top 15. Why rush? And I feel like that's something I did earlier on that I wish I wanted to be in the top 15 so bad. Then once you get there, you have to wait for the division to play out. [1:034:07] You have to wait for guys to fight and then you get hurt and then you're sitting on the sidelines. Whereas if you're not in the top 15, you can kind of rack up these wins, fight these guys who aren't world class, but they're still good fighters. You can get that experience and then go into the top 15. Yeah. and then go into the top 15. Yeah, well that's what they do in boxing. It's always been the way they did it. They test guys, you get tested, but not a fight that you're gonna lose. A fight that guys gonna show you some different looks. You're gonna get, you know, maybe this guy likes to fight inside, maybe this guy's long fights on the outside. You get these different looks and you learn and grow and develop new skills and get experience and then you find the title. Well, we have boots drawn at us. His dad was my boxing coach for years. Oh, I boots holds pads for me all the time. Bro, that guy is a wizard. He is this wizard. I'll watch him hit pads from orthodox to South Paul. How hard he hits like I'm like, yo, I would, I would, I would, I'd be butt scootin [1:035:02] towards boots if I had a video come here because he thumps and he's 25 or like 26 Like he's not even a man yet like I used to think the man's trying to think was bullshit It's true like the older you get you definitely get stronger and he's getting stronger and he's getting better It sucks like they gave him the bell I guess cuz Terrence Get like got stripped so he didn't get to to earn it. He was the interim champ, but he's having such a hard time getting a fight. Yeah, and nobody wants a fight him and Terrence wants the big money fight. And I get that. I get it. But Boots is gonna fuck any of these dudes up. Like I was like, I think Terrence is great, but like Boots is that next generation. Well, I think that fight would be very competitive And I would really love to see that because I think Terrence is the fucking man. Yeah, but I think that Terrence is 3536 so we're not rich and for him it's like all about big money fights That's why he's trying to get that can yellow fight. I get that like you get to a certain point You're clearly you deserve that but I'm happy that they did strip him. So now they're gonna give Boots that clear path to go let him build his resume and fight [1:036:08] the guy. But I don't even know who's in that division. Like, well, it's like right now Terrence is locked up with Aerospace again, because Aerospace he exercised the rematch. So they're gonna fight? Yeah, I think, you know, if I was being cynical, I would say listen, Aerospace fights someone else, how much is he going to make? Aerospace fights, Aerospace fights, Terence Crawford again, he's going to make a big pate. Yeah. You know, and I think that's probably why he's doing this rematch. Can also he knows he's getting paid? Yeah. No, is he getting paid, but also not happy with his performance in the first fight. And I guess he can do better. I get that. I think Tess is on the level. Yeah, he's fucking he's good. We had the U.S.C. fights and those fights going on and he just seemed like he was on a different different level the entire time. But he's so smart and he's so technical and he also has that incredible ability to shift. He can switch stances and fight just [1:037:02] as good as a positive orthodox. I think uh, I think it was like, I think it was fighting show and Porter and his coach was like telling him like, yo, he's, it was like the 10th round. He was like, yo, he's up and it didn't register for his like, he looked at back. He's like, he's up. He's up. And he went out there and he's like, is hard to follow though because there's so many It's not like the UFC's the UFC and there's like Top rank and there's showtime and there's this and the golden ball like who who has the belt so It makes it hard to follow well There does because there's not just way more weight classes, but there's also four sanctioning bodies Yeah, and so it's at least four. It's the WBC, IBO, WBO, IBF, right? So how many boxing, it's at least four. It's at least four. Yeah. It's a lot. WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF, that's four. [1:038:00] That's right there. Is that it? It's probably four more. Yeah. Is that it there? Is that it? It's probably four more. There's a lot. It's just like why? Why? Why? There's so many sanctioning bodies. That doesn't make any sense. It's not like we're in MMA. The other's Bellator, not now. I mean, there's still it. But like, There's Bellator is gonna still this overseas. Yeah, with PFL. But in MMA, you wanna be a UFC champion. When you're a boxer, you're like, who do you, I wanna be WB, like it's so hard to, you wanna beat the guy who's recognized as being famous as a champion, right? What do you wanna have? You wanna have all four belts? Because if you don't have all four belts, you're not really, you can make, oh, that guy's still out there, he's scary. Your ship. I love watching him. He's crazy. And his dad's like 70 years old still spars. Really? Yeah. Still spars. So we live in the same neighborhood. I'll see him running. He'll be running. I'll fucking beat my horn. I'm like, yo, but his thing's bozey. And he's just still just getting it. Yeah. It's crazy's crazy. 70 years old. He's still sparring. [1:039:05] That's crazy. Still sparring, still running. Like comes in the gym, sweat pants, sweat top. Like he doesn't hold pads anymore because it's shoulders, but he holds noodles. So he holds like the noodles for him and still just fucking just loves it. Like it's what he just loves to do. Yeah. That's awesome. Crazy. I love the fact that he can keep doing it that age. I mean, Floyd Mabel with a senior was doing it. He was sparring like, yeah. Pretty pretty late into his life. Yeah. I mean, when I'm done fighting, like I'm 100% like, obviously, Jitsu is going to be huge. I'm old. I like, I want to compete. But I still want to train. Like, I like, there's not in better than waking up every day and you get to do what you love to do. You know, like there's rough days of course, but I get to go train and there's no other place I'd rather be. Like if I had a billion dollars in my bank, I would still do the same exact things I do every day because it's what I love to do. That's beautiful. You know? That's a successful life. Yeah, that's it. Yeah, that's a truly successful life if you're actually doing the things you love all the time And if you can make that your job. Yeah, cuz you go to a nine to five like you're sitting traffic [1:040:09] I do our fucking hate this like yeah, we get that like we have a sketch like we have a schedule But like you still get to kind of make your own. Yeah, that's cozy Seven years old. This is all to you. Yeah, he might yeah, right. Yeah, so what is he 65? Whatever? Still that's incredible. He looks great Yeah, he is boxing still look at that Wow, that's this crazy 65-year-old Bozy Sparron 65 And he's talking around by the brow here. He's talking shit, too. Just pop it up and the jab as you were saying before about Sean the jab real low. [1:041:02] Coming down coming down from low, yeah. And same thing I was saying about like, our gym market as MMA, like bro, they're in just these, like these gritty gyms. Like there's no super gym, like there's no super gym in Philly, like, well, that's the, the, the question is like, what is the best? Is it best to be with a small gym with really good coaches where they give you individual attention. They really know what you're doing. When you're on, when you're peaking, where you're at, versus going to like a mega gym, like a TT. Well, so my coach John, like he, only person that holds pads for me, he watches all my sparring sessions, like he does for all of us, and then he'll send my sparring to Dean. Dean will break it down. And then like my wrestling coach Cody like everyone it's only three or four guys, but the head guy is John and he oversees everything. And when you have a big gym, if you're if you're not a top guy like you're not getting that you know like because there's so many like you have the [1:042:01] training partners, but you're not getting that one on one that- Unless you're a champion. Unless you're a champion, you know? And Danny, it's still even hard, because you got your training partners, like, fuck, I wanna help these guys out, but I know American top team, they have different sets of coaches. So you might work with this coach, like they have Mike Brown's the main guy. So you might work with this coach, like they have Mike Brown's like the main guy. So you might work with Mike, but you might not work with this guy. But I just think it's like I'm luckily enough, I don't have to travel like my whole family lives in this, like I thought it like there was definitely times when I was coming up on my damn like where would I go? Would I go to Florida? Would I go here? Would I go there? And then I got lucky enough that I was winning fights and our team was growing and we had the training partners now and I don't have to go anywhere. No, you're listening man. The results speak for themselves, obviously. So tell me more, I wanna hear more about this mental training what's involved with that. So you decided to do this after the ball fight? Yeah. So you said you made some decisions in that fight [1:043:02] that you never had made before. Yeah, I feel like I remember like you're in there and fighting like being in a fight is the weirdest feeling ever like sometimes like you're super present and then sometimes you're not like I remember just being in that fight and for with Kelvin for 15 minutes I was where my feet were I was super present like I had him like I was locked in that entire time when I fought the law I remember like I was just thinking about other shit and then I'd come back to like like the present I'm like what the fuck are you doing like like I'm in a middle of a fight. I just wasn't I just wasn't present Like I wasn't even like where like I just wasn't thinking about the fight like I just didn't want to be be there. That's so weird. And I didn't, and I never felt like that before. So now I started working with this guy, Brian Kane. He worked with GSP. After GSP lost to Matt Sauer. First fight, he started working with him and then I started working with Brian. And it's just all about just being super present. Like not even just in fighting, but just in life. Like not worrying about what I gotta do later [1:044:05] or stupid shit like that, just being in that moment and just focusing on that cause that's all you can control. I was so caught up in thinking about the future or what happened the day before, like if I had a bad day of training, like I let it bother me and it just came out of the fight but I just wasn't in the moment. And that's like now like I just try to be in the moment everything I'm doing just super present not thinking too far ahead not thinking about the past and that's something I used to get caught up in a lot just not not being focused on in like I was just so worried about my next session where my next this work like thinking about my fight like things I can't control like I can't control that far but all I can control is what I'm doing in this moment. So what is it that you do? So like we just have like just like drills, like say if I'm sworn and if like something's not going my way, just like little like signals just to like bring myself back into what I'm doing. [1:045:01] Like if if I round doesn't go my way, like not getting too cold up on that and just knowing like I have another round and I can just get back into that. And just having these like signal lights, like yeah, it's called like red green red yellow green. So green all systems go, you're having the best training session of your life. Yellow, you're starting to get in your head in a little bit, it's not working out. You're not getting off your shots, not getting off your takedowns red. It's like you're getting pieced up. Your mind's going other places. You don't want to fucking be there anymore. When you get in the red, you have to have like, he works with baseball players. Say like you get, you're about to get stuck out. You got the batter will step out of the box, they'll take off their gloves and they'll like, they'll like do like tap their shoulder or something. And it's just like a reset. Something that a reset. And that's exactly what it is. So like if I'm having like a bad session, like obviously I'm not gonna fucking like tap my head or something like that, but it's just like talking to myself. And just knowing like I'm art, like you're good, like bring it back. So how do you reset? Like is there a very specific reason? [1:046:06] Just I just talked to myself just and like what do you say to yourself? Just looking at myself, just we have like our affirmations for my last fight where I control what I can control what I can control. And I trust my training. I'm aggressive and always moving forward. And then we'd have a funny one to make it not that serious. It was, uh, I'm confident, I'm cocky, I'm motherfucking rocky and it was just make you laugh. And before my fight with Kelvin, I'm fucking in the bathroom and I'm saying these affirmations and then I'll laugh because it's like, it's not that serious, but like small little things like that just to just to bring it back and just be, just be present. And, um, think that, and then I started working with another guy through my management come and hidden his name's Brandon Epstein. And we would do like visualize like the fights. So every week we'd meet on the call and we'd go from visualizing being in the locker room. [1:047:03] Well, even before that, the nervous, like the most nervous out to get before a fight is like that shower at like 12 o'clock fight day like you get a shower and you know the cars coming to pick you up in like two hours So we'd like close our eyes and start in the shower a shower could change Car would pick you up. We're Walk into the locker room. We're in the locker room. We're hitting pads, we're warming up, getting your hands wrapped, making that walk and then like for 5, 10, 50, however long I'd be just eyes closed of visualizing how I want the fight to go. Bad situations, good situations and then eventually winning the fight and visualizing talking to you or talking to DC and I would do these mental reps over and over and over and over again. By sitting in the sauna, I would do these mental reps over and over and over again. By sitting in the sauna, I would do it. Sitting in the cold tub, I would do it. I would have my affirmation so timed up if I was going in the cold for three minutes. I knew how many times I would have to say them and then my three minutes would be up. That's all in training camp and I would just do that shit over and over and over again. [1:048:05] That was something you'd never done before. Never done before, because you would never like, I would never think about it. And then before you know it, you get there and you're like, fuck, like this is, it feels brand new to you again. Cause you only fight a couple of times a year if you're lucky, but instead I've seen these things a million times in my mind already. Yeah, physically I wasn't there, but mentally, I'm already in this locker room. I've already walked in the cage, I already made the walk. Like they would make custom music for me that I would listen with my walkout music, Kelvin's walkout music, crowd noise. And I would listen to it before sparring and when I'm shadow boxed and then shit that like hmm And I would just like felt so prepared doing it and I just never did anything like that before and Yeah, I think it's a fucking game changer Well, that's interesting because they do say that visualization actually helps skill learning Yeah, as much as training. Yeah, like if you are training, but then also [1:049:02] Visualizing things and spending as much time you're training, your improvements will be compounded. Oh, 100%. And like I'm blanking on a million other things we do, but like that's like the big ones, like just visualizing what you wanna do. And not just the good, the bad too, like so I would think about like, if I get ready for Kelvin, everyone is like, I'm going to get knocked out, I'm going to get this, I'm going to get that. So I would visualize getting fucking dropped and half of me get back in or getting rocked or going for a takedown getting stuffed and half of me recover from that and go and win the fight because they're not going to, you're not going to, it's not always going to go your way. So visualizing the bad but still making it out with the good which I didn't do with ballall like he rocked me in that moment And I was still there instead of just making that switch and be like you're good like go back and just getting back to the fight I just never could get back. Is that partially attributable just also to getting hit like sometimes when guys get hit [1:050:02] They get they're out of it like you've seen many guys they go back at the fourth round. Yeah, no, they don't know what round is I was I remember everything I remember I wasn't like I was definitely definitely buzzed me But like I remember just putting my hands up and I just couldn't throw them on like Punch and I heard the 10 second clap go off I thought I was gonna get saved by the bell and I was gonna make it to the next round and I never did. Well, it was an interesting stoppage because it was one of the rare UFC stoppages with the guy standing up. It's very rare. Yeah, I never, and that's what I'm saying. Like I didn't get dropped and I remember everything. I remember here in the clapper, my coaches were right behind me. I could hear my coach John screaming. He's good. He's good. He's good. And he stopped it, which good on him. But I like, I just couldn't, I couldn't do what I wanted to do. It was the most supportive of when a fight gets stopped. Yeah. And when it doesn't get stopped. And the thing that sucks the most is when a fight is stopped too [1:051:01] late. Yeah. You mean like for sure. You know, the Jalen Turner Bobby Green fight. Jesus Christ. That was bad. That was so bad. You were a case eye for that, right? Oh my God. I was like, stop the fight. What is happening here? I think it was like 20 something on unanswered strikes or something like that. That is so hard to watch. Yeah. It was so unnecessary. It was bad But yeah back to like like the mental performance stuff like it was just really just all came down to just me just being Focus for 15 minutes because like we you can be doing anything and just you're fucking driving But you're looking all like you're not you're not in the moment, you know, and that's something like now I try to like I try to do and everything I do in my life I'm walking my dog. I'll leave my phone at home and just try to be present doing the thing you're doing at the time, not wearing it, there's so much noise and other shit and when I'm fighting, like the only thing I'm fucking thinking about is fighting. And... Well, just having the tools in terms of like having strategies and having a pathway that's pretty carved in your mind. For all these different scenarios, [1:052:07] it's gotta be beneficial. It's way better than just winging it. No, yeah, and that's thing. If you're just winging it, and like he, they wanted me to even get to the arena and like go walk it before the fight. I couldn't get in, like he would have, they used to have GSP go in the day before the fight and like actually already be in the arena and feel that and already like see that I couldn't do that this fight but if I get the chance like before I go and fight my next fight I'm going to go fucking walk around that cage, feel the canvas and just yeah because you only get to do it once. So Kelvin was ranked right where was Kelvin? He was ranked at middleweight. Oh yeah. So this is what's the way because it's a debut. I was number nine going into that fight. I'm number seven now, because he was originally supposed to fight Shavkat. Shavkat got hurt and then they matched this up. And I don't know what he's going to do if he's going to stay at 70, go back to 85, but I'm number seven at 70 now. So it's I don't think he has that of our hard of a time making it down No, I don't think he has to make some adjustments. Yeah, for sure [1:053:08] You know for sure when you go back to when Calvin was in his prime I mean just I just really think 170 was always the wait for him I just think he needs to do it the right way like he needs to do it at the P.I. If you if you look at the people He's be like he's fought everyone and the guys he's lost to they're all close fights about the outside fight very close I watched a fight so many times. I'm like great. He's fucking Calvin's good. He's fast I want to the right left. Yeah fucking straight left I'd so many guys like just get ready for that fight because I watched all this fight I watched what he did to all these guys when he knocked out Bizzman when he knocked he beat Jokaree like he's being all these guys. He beat um Johnny Hendrix like he's like you go and look at his record like holy shit This guy fought all these guys and he has so much experience. I think he had like five or six main events [1:054:00] He fought Chris wide men dropped him bad in the first round Why men submitted them in the third round, but fucking got floored before that. So you're thinking like this is at 185, he's gonna hit way harder at 170, so I trained my fucking ass off for that fight. And but yeah, once I got him to the ground, I'm like, this is where I'm gonna win this. Well, you are in that weight class, one of the absolute elite grapplers. And that was really established in that fight. Yeah. I mean, it was so impressed with your control, your ability. I mean, he's a good grappler. Tell them it's a very good grappler. And you were manhandling it. Yeah. It's the same thing. It's just like having, I have a path I'm going to do on the ground. And you turn this way, I have something for that. You turn, it's like a map in my mind and it fucking, like you might think you're getting out, but I'm just putting you in a direction I wanna put you on. And yeah, I love like that, like almost like that slow cook approach, like take you down, wear you out, second round, same thing. [1:055:00] And then I like I submit a Jake Matthews in the third, Calvin in the third. Obviously, if I can get it in the first round, but yeah, when you wear on guys, like there's nothing better than that feeling like. Yeah. Cause you can feel it. Like you can feel when you're on top of somebody and they're just slowly, slowly, like their energy is just getting zapped. Yeah. So have there been talks about when you're going to come back and who you might likely be facing. So there's that Atlantic City card. It's March 30th. So it's still like 11, 12 weeks away. I just want to make sure my hands good before I go back into anything. So maybe April timeframe will be there, but I would like to call be fight. He's ranked five now. He hasn't been in anybody inside the top 15. He has no ranked wins. Mazda doesn't fight anymore. All the guys he's beat like, they're not even in the UFC. So, and then there's Wonder Boy right ahead of me. I don't know what he's gonna do. I know like, they don't wanna put him with your grappler. You know, like, so, and I get that, but if it's gonna be like that, I don't think you should be in the rankings either. [1:056:05] Like if you're, if you're gonna pick and choose and he deserves to, he's done a lot in the sport, go have your fun fights, like Terrence Crawford, but put someone else in the division. But yeah, there's, there's a couple big fights. Blue Kays right behind me, so that could be a fight that they match, they could match us up. Have they given you any indication of which way they might be going? Not yet. Not yet. How does that work? Like, do you just get a call one day? They reach out to your manager. I guess they, and then your manager calls you and they're like, hey, like, this is what they're thinking. And then you, it's literally like that simple. Like you just go from there. But if you have an injury or or something like that, you kind of let them know what's going on. So I just told them, I'm like, give me a week or two to see kind of how my hands feeling and because I'm going to try to do absolutely nothing and just let it rest. And if it feels good, like I would love to fight in AC. Like I fought in AC. I won belts in AC. Like it's it was like my bat fighting in failure or fighting in AC. Like, fucking we'd be all go out and party afterwards when we were younger. It was great But it was the drive like 45 minutes like an hour. It's the easiest drive ever [1:057:09] But being home over driving home. They're like all right. It's only an hour It's not it's not that bad. We used to get fucking rowdy and AC when I was younger It would be awesome to do that again, but um, yeah, I just want to make but I just I don't want to Rush into it and start a training camp with my hand fucked up. Yeah, especially because I'm in a good position now, you know number seven I have had a big win and Yeah, I think I I would like to Colby just because he like he's always gotten like not he's won his fights but he's always kind of gotten like Easier path to the to the title so I think he should have to fight somebody younger than him, rank behind him, and then if he deserves it, he'll win that fight, and then he can go back, but if not, let the younger guys move up. It's going to be interesting what happens with him now after that fight, because it's obvious that you can't give him another title shot. No. Right? So it's not like he can go right back in. Yeah. Yeah. He absolutely could earn another title shot in the future. Yeah. [1:058:08] With a bunch of wins. Yeah. It's still possible. Yeah. But you know, what is that path like and who do they match? He was calling out him. He went on Wonderboy. I'm like, no. Like you're not like, you like, come on. Like come. Let me let's like you're one of the best crapplers in the division, I'm one of the best. Let's fucking me and you do it. And let's see who wins. We're right next to each other in the rankings. That's what I want. I'd love to see that fight. That's what I want. Listen Sean, you're a bad motherfucker. Appreciate you.