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Terence Crawford

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Terence Crawford is a three-time World Boxing Organization Champion, two-time lineal champion, and undisputed champion with titles from the World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Organization, and World Boxing Council. www.tbudcrawford.com

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Yeah, you know, that's a fight that we've been wanting for years. And to finally secure the fight and perform the way that I performed, it was it was a great moment for me and my career. It was beautiful, man. I mean, just the way you controlled the way you switched things up, the way you controlled the pace of the fight, the defense, your defense was on point. Those hooks that you were landing in close were magnificent. It was a brilliant fight, man. I mean, I'm sure you appreciate it. I'm sure you watched it a bunch of times. But man, that was like a real because it was such a mainstream fight, such a huge fight where everybody was paying attention to it and talking about it. Even casuals that they got to see you perform that way. You know, now it's like there's no dispute. You're the number one pound for pound guy on earth. Yeah, that's something that I got to credit to my coaches, you know, because we drill everything that you've seen. Fight night. We drilled it. Time and time again, time and time again. So it was it was. It came natural and easy for me when the when the fight came. You know, like I said, only thing they kept saying. How he's going to beat me is because he's bigger and he's stronger. That was it. You look stronger. Of course. Yeah. And I was just like, how do you know he's stronger than me? Right. He might be bigger than me, but big don't mean stronger. Well, he's just taller than you. You look more muscular than him, too. But it was just the technique was what really stood out. It's like you just were a master in there. It was a master class. That's something that they wasn't giving me credit for as well. How? Because they say it's like, how are they not? You know, I don't know what it is with me. They just always try to diminish my my accomplishments and oh, well, who I was fighting. They say, oh, well, you wasn't fighting nobody. And this guy, Errol Spence, is the most fundamentally sound fighter in the game. So that's why everybody was picking on. But I was favorite in Vegas, so Vegas must have had it right. Yeah. Well, the wise people picked you as a favorite. You know, just based on your accomplishments. It's not like Errol Spence wasn't a great fighter. He's a great fighter. But it's so interesting when you watch a great fighter against what I believe is an all time great. It's just that there's just levels upon levels upon levels upon levels. And right now you're at the top of the fucking mountain. Yes, yes, yes. And I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying it. Beautiful. You deserve it. You deserve it. That's when when you plan for that fight, you knew that you were probably going to fight him like for the last few years. It was something that was on the table. But not really. There was a point. There was a point in time where I was like, you know, I shifted gears and I shifted my mind off of Errol Spence because I didn't feel like the fight was going to happen. But once I left top rank and we started negotiating, I was like, oh, well, maybe this fight will happen. Then once I fought Avonesian because the conversations and everything that we was talking about to get the fight done, it wasn't lining up to what I wanted. So I decided to take another fight and then I came back to the table and like, hey, listen, let's get this fight made. And at that point in time, things wasn't going. How I would have liked it to go. So I just hit up Spence like, hey, man, listen, man. If me, you're going to fight me, you're going to get this done because, you know, there's a lot of people that blocking the fight. How are they blocking? Like, what was the whole? Which is business wise, you know, I just felt like I was worth X amount and they felt like I wasn't and they wanted to do the deal a certain way. And I wanted to do a deal the fair way. And Errol Spence seen it. He was just he was he was agreeing with everything that I said. It was like, yeah, we can do this. We can do that. And he probably felt like he gave up too much, you know, at the at the end when it was all said and done. But I was I felt like everything was fair. Was it in terms of like the purse split? Everything. Everything. We talked about everything. Yeah. And so this fight had been discussed for like how many years now? Five, five years. Wow. That's crazy. That takes that long for something like this to happen in boxing. When I came when I came to the welterweight division, I called out all the champions, except Sean Porter. I called out all the champions. I wanted them all, you know, at that time. And I wasn't able to get in the ring with any of them. And at that point in time, they was calling Errol Spence the boogeyman. And my reply was how is he the boogeyman when I'm chasing him? And I just wanted to prove to the world that I was better than what they say I was, because given the fact that how great I looked against each opponent, they say, oh, well, he wasn't nothing or he was this, he was that because how talented I am. Right. So they didn't want to give me no credit because I passed all my tests with flying colors. So yeah, it was great to get in the ring with Errol Spence Jr. and do the same thing, if not better than I did for the past opponents that I faced. No, you were on fire. It's sort of the same thing that Roy Jones Jr. faced like everybody's like Roy hasn't beaten anybody like. Yes, he has. It's just he's so much better than everybody else that he was making everybody else look like they weren't any good. Those were world championship caliber fighters and Roy was just lighting them up. Right. And that's that sometimes when a fighter eclipses everyone else and reaches the pinnacle, that's the criticism they face until there's an undeniable moment, you know, and that was that was your undeniable moment. Like everybody's got to shut the fuck up. Yeah. Yeah. And that's and that's what, you know, my my feelings was, you know, a lot of people like, man, you didn't look too happy. You know, after after you won, after you won, I didn't see the excitement in you. I was like, man, I was happy. I was happy. Just I had to prove myself, you know, to the world how great I knew I was. But at the same time, I was kind of disappointed at the same time that it took this long for me to get my recognition for me to get a big marquee fight of this status at 35 years old. Yeah, especially after chasing it for five years. Right. And I was chasing Manny Pacquiao for probably five years, probably before. Yeah. So it's like I've been champion for nine years, going on 10 years in March. So I've been doing this game for a long time, you know, and I've been at the top since since since I beat Gamboa. And I've been looking for all the biggest challenges there is. And some of them I was able to to capture and some of them went the other way. And I'm just blessed to be able to be the first man to be undisputed in the junior welterweight division, the first man to be undisputed in a welterweight division in the four-bell era. The first man to be undisputed in two-weight divisions. So it's a blessing. It's a blessing. It's a huge blessing. It's an amazing accomplishment. You looked happy. You were dancing with your mom. You were having a good time. Yeah, I don't know why people thought you weren't happy. Because, you know, when you when you go in the back room, everybody want to see the excitement. Right. I was just like, I got that out of my bag. Yeah. Well, you know, it's not a relief. Was there anything unusual about that fight? Like, is that exactly how you expected the exchanges to go? I'm sure you watched a ton of tape on him, right? Actually, I didn't. Really? I didn't because a lot of people always ask me, do I watch a lot of film on my opponents and I always tell them no, because I have a different style. They're not going to fight me the same style or the same way that they fought their previous opponents. They just not, you know. So I already knew how he fought. I just watched probably like two fights of his just to get a feel for what he liked to do, what he don't like. The things that, you know, I can capitalize on. And that's it. Like, I don't watch too much film because I'm going to make my adjustments on the fly inside the ring. So, yeah, I don't watch too much film. That's interesting. What is the general consensus on that about watching film? Do most champions watch film? Is it is it just on an individual basis? No, some people like to watch them to where they feel as if they know what their opponent is going to do, when they're going to do it, because they got certain habits to identify when they're going to throw a punch or or when they want to back up. Certain things that you you see as a as a top athlete. You start noticing, OK, I noticed that he's doing this when he's doing this. He's doing that when he's doing this. And you pick up on that. And so you you put it in your in your mind like, OK, we're going to prepare for this when you do that, we're going to do this. So you try to capitalize on it. But me, I never was that type of person. I let my coaches, they do the studying and then they come up with a plan and then they shoot me to plan the plan to win. And we just go from there. When you switch, because you're in my opinion, the best ever at switching from Orthodox to Southpaw since Marvin Hagler. You're the best ever. Like, when you when do you decide? Do you just feel it? Do you go out there Southpaw sometimes and say, I'm going to fucking switch it up? Like, how do you how do you make those those changes? Well, I think I made the change to fight Southpaw in the back, dress room. Really? Yeah. Because I was like, man, how should I come out? Because in my mind, I was just so filled with like the energy from the weigh ins, the press conference, the weight, the moment. So I was like, man, I just want to go out there. You know, everybody is saying I'm too small. So I want to prove it wrong. Everybody was saying he's going to walk me down. So I was just like, man, you know, they just don't know. Like, I just had that chip on my shoulder. Like, I just want to go go head on with the bull and just go fight them. And it was like just box. I was like, just box. And then I was remembering. I was like, you ever fought too many Southpaws before? And then on one of the occasions, he got hurt real bad by a hook. So I was like, I'm coming out Southpaw and I'm and we go box just to start off. But at the same time, I'm going to get my respect out the gate. I'm not going to be doing all that moving. So the plan was never to move and everybody. When you interview them, they was like, oh, Terrence got to be slippery. He can't stand in front of Spence. He can't do this. He got to get on his bicycle. I'm like, he ain't no terminator. I'm like, man, I'm going to be right there in front of him like I always do. You know, I'm going to make him miss and make him pay. And I'm going to fight my my fight. So I feel like that was the key for the victory because he wasn't used to fighting Southpaws. Do you feel as comfortable Orthodox as Southpaw? Is there do you feel like you're better in one stance or is it just depending upon the opponent? I think it's depending on opponent. You know, I feel I'm equally as great in both stands. I'm very powerful in both stands. I hit just as hard with my left, probably even harder with my left and my right. You know, but I think it's the opponent. They were talking about it in the broadcast. They said that when you were a kid, you hurt your hand. And so that's why you started practicing Southpaw. Yeah, that's when I started actually practicing it. You know, that was something that when I when I had the cast on, I was like, man, I love the gym so much. I'm like, man, I'm not leaving the gym like I'm going practice with this left. And that's when I got the left stronger because at first when I go Southpaw, it was only, you know, my right, my right, my right. Then when my hand got messed up, just start working on the left and it started getting stronger and stronger. And I start getting more accurate because at first just throw it just to be throwing it. And then, you know, it just got to a point where I was like, it just got to a point where they both my left was actually way stronger than my right. When it came back, so I had to get my right back stronger. That's great. It's crazy that you have that option because that's such an amazing advantage to be able to fight just as comfortably from Orthodox as Southpaw. Oh, yeah, definitely. Definitely. You know, I look at it like you can't go nowhere. Right. Like you're trapped. Like you move to your left. I can go Southpaw and cut you off. You move to your right. I can go Orthodox and cut you off. So and then it is great that I can pack a punch in both hands as well because a lot of people when they switch, they give up something. I think when I switch, I gain something in both stands that I probably don't have in other stands. So it's great for me. Did anybody ever try to discourage you from switching up that much? Of course. Did they? My coach, he used to always, he used to get mad like you need to focus on one stance and doing it right before you start switching. You ain't even got the Orthodox stands down all the way and then you trying to go Southpaw. I'm like, all right. Now go Orthodox and then in the fight, I switch and I switch back. He like, stop switching. And then I win a fight like what? When did he stop telling you to stop switching? When I was winning, it was like, since I can't stop you from switching, we just gonna train that way. So yeah, if you do four rounds, you're gonna do two rounds Southpaw. You're gonna do two rounds Orthodox. That's just how we start training. Well, it's amazing how it turned out and for Spence, you know, who always fights Southpaw, like to see you as a Southpaw too, like probably created a little bit of an adjustment for him. Yeah. Yeah, especially given that he wasn't fighting too many Southpaws in his whole career. Right. That much. It seemed like after you dropped him in the second, right somewhere in like the middle of the third, you started to turn the heat up. Then you start closing the distance and you were like smothering him. You know, like somewhere in the third, it seemed like you picked up the intensity. Is that when you felt like you started to get to him? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I felt like I was in control the whole fight. You know, the first round, neither one of us really did anything. We was kind of just filling each other out. Second round, he kind of started picking it up a little bit and I caught him with them two shots. I feel like that's what led me to get more control because I felt as if I caught him off guard. He wasn't expecting me to punch as hard as I did so I could see on his face. He was kind of like, oh, you know, and then the rest, you know, I was in control. Yeah, you were in control. It was an amazing performance. But now that you've accomplished this and now that you're the first man ever to be undisputed in two different weight classes, like what are the offers now? Are people coming out because I've heard I hear all this talk about Jamel. I hear this talk about Canelo. Like where are they at right now? Well, you know, Canelo and Jamel was fighting. I wanted to fight Jamel Nax since he was the 154 pound undisputed champion. But as you know, they're going to strip him for his belt once the bell ring when he fights. So your goal was to go up and become undisputed in three different weight classes. There you go. Something that never been done before. Right. And you know, it's greatness. Like I said, this is my era and I'm taking it. Ain't nobody gonna stop me. So now I didn't shift gears because I know I wanted to fight Jamel. But if he lose to Canelo, I wouldn't always say, man, that's a big step. That's a big step. But for a person to go up three weight classes from 147 to 168 in the wind and become undisputed. Wow. What can they say? They can't say nothing right now. But what can they say? Well, then you're in like the greatest of all time discussion. I'm already in them discussions. But I'm saying, but what would they say though? Three time undisputed champion and a smaller fighter that went up three weight divisions to conquer one of the the baddest man's besides itself that's been doing it for probably longer than me. So you said 68 but you you mean 54 right? No 68. You want to go up to 68. So who would you fight at 68? Canelo? If he yeah, if he went or Charlo the winner. That would be crazy. I want to be three time undisputed to jump up like that 21 pounds. Yes. What do you walk around that? I don't know. You don't know. I don't know. I don't know. You know, I mean, but how much time would you need to prepare for something like that? Would you gain weight? Would you do? I'll have to I'll definitely have to gain weight. Yeah, you know, and I just believe in my my abilities, you know, Canelo is not a big guy. You know, he's 5'8\", right? Fought at 52. Yeah, he he he's big like muscular wise but far as like height right now. So yeah, I wouldn't be nothing that you know, we have to see that would be insane for you to go from 140 all the way up to 168. That'd be dope. Whoo. I think it can happen. I think that's to be honest. I think that's the biggest fight in boxing. He beat Charlo. Terrence Crawford Canelo. That's the biggest fight in boxing hands down. No other fight fighters could compare compared to that, you know, no disrespect to Charlo, but he's not he's not a superstar. He's not, you know, on Canelo's level. Now he got a chance. Don't get me wrong. Like he's going to do well in that fight and he got the tools to win, you know, it's just about preparation and what type of fight he fight. Now Canelo and him are fighting at 68 and what are they fighting? That's September. Yes, September 30th. I think so when would you like to get back in like what would be good for you? Like how much of a turnaround? Well, it probably if they fight in September probably next year, but that give me time to you know, bulk up. Yeah, get my body, right. What kind of strength and conditioning routine do you do now? Do you because how much is it difficult for you to make 47 or is it pretty easy? No, it was a little difficult. Yeah, it was a little difficult. Yeah, I had to wear the little plastics and sauna suits this this time, but you know, I don't know what it is. I go up and wait and then the weight be going up on me. Your body adapts. Yeah, nice to heat, nice to get thick. Right. So it's cool though. That's cool. So when like a normal camp, what is your training routine consist of like do you do running? Do you do strength and conditioning workouts in the gym? Like what do you do as far as like physical preparation? I do it all. I run, I swim, strength and conditioning, plyometrics, all that. You do swimming. Yes. A lot of people are doing swimming now. I've been doing that my whole career. Really? What do you like about swimming? I just think you know, it helps on your breathing. It helps on your breathing, your endurance is better on your joints because we don't run every day. So yeah, it helps tremendously. And do you lift weights? Yeah, but not not not heavy. We live probably like 20 pounds like some light. Mm-hmm. Just a lot of endurance work. Yeah. Little quick twist muscles. So if you have a fight where you're going to go up to 168 pounds, how much time do you think you need to get ready physically for that? I'm ready now. You're ready now. I'm the type of fighter that I just believe in myself, you know, and I don't think a lot of people think it's all about weight, but I think it's about the skills. You know, I got the power to make anybody respect me. I don't care what's what your weight is. If I catch you in the right spot at the right time, you're gonna feel it, you know, and I just feel like it's called boxing for a reason. I'll outthink you. Yeah. Well, you showed that in that fight. I mean, just the defense everything man. It was a master class. That's what I love about boxing. Like if I wanted to show someone a boxing match, I would show a fight like that. Like this is what I love about boxing. Like this man is right in front of that dude. He's rolling with every shot. He's picking off every shot. The other dude throws at him and he's countering with like split second timing. Yeah, and that's hard to do. That's hard to do. You got to be comfortable enough to have confidence that you got to take chances. Yeah, like when when I when I dropped on with the uppercut and the hook, I got hit. And left hand, right? Yeah. I got hit while I was throwing the uppercut, but I knew that going into it because I baited them in and set a track. So in my mind, I'm going to take one to get this get this off and then come back with something else. And that's how I got to the drop the second drop. Yeah, that uppercut was genius. It was inside tight. Boom. Perfect time. How hard to spend it? He didn't hit. He didn't hit the hard. Well, he never caught you that clean. That was probably the best shot he landed. No, he called me. He called me a couple of times. But you know, I was surprised at how hard he didn't hit. Really? Given that everybody say, oh, he's a big puncher. He's this. I think he's just a volume puncher. I think he just wears opponents down. Just wear them down. I don't think you know, he has a one punch knockout. He have power, but it's not like, you know, boom sleep. You know, I mean, I think it's a good thing. It's like, bam. Oh, boom, boom, boom, boom. And then he just wear you down. Right. Yeah. That is a difference, right? Because if you look at his career, you never seen him like knock nobody out with one punch. You never see him, you know, dropping nobody with one punch. You already see him like wearing them down, wearing them down. That's why he go so so hard to the body because he want to wear you down. Then once once you get tired and once your body start weakening everything start weakening and those little punches that wasn't hurting start hurting. Oh, so well, that was probably your most anticipated fight. But what do you think was like your most difficult fight? I would think gamble really I would say gamble because the experience at the time, you know, you got to understand I came from fighting six round fights, you know, to a 10 round fight on HBO when I got the British Prescott fight. So then I fight him then I fight another guy for interned in a BO and then I fight for a title eliminator and clean off and then I fight Ricky Burns and then I come back and fight gamble when I become champion and gamble was labeled the next Floyd Mayweather. He was on a pound for pound list. You know, everybody had gamble at a high rate, you know, so he's Olympic gold medal, you know, he had the experience over me. And so I think I learned a lot in that fight and that's what made it, you know, hard because that was something that I never experienced in a fighter before. So it was a great learning experience. That's one of the most interesting things about watching a very talented fighter is seeing how they respond to the next level of opposition and the next level of challenges like you're saying going up from six rounds to eight rounds to 10 to 12 and seeing the different caliber of competition. You know, when you look at like a boxer's career, it's interesting because when they're kind of at the end of the line in their late 30s, it's the time when they have the most experience. They know the most but their body doesn't really perform as well anymore. Like this is kind of balancing act and the guy who beat that better than anybody was Bernard Hopkins because Bernard was world-class up until like he was 50, which is so crazy. Like how the fuck did he do that? Because his body was more preserves been when he was in jail and he didn't have all the wearing tear on his body. You know, my guy Steven Nelson, he's another one. He's 35 years old and he's still moving like he's young because he never did no sports. He started boxing that like 18. No injuries. Yeah, he just had an injury about a few years ago. He tore his Achilles. He was out for two years, but he back like nothing happened. That's a big one. Yeah, the Achilles is a big Jamal Hill. The UFC Light Everywhere Champion just tore his Achilles. That's a rough one. Definitely. Jamal told tore it playing basketball, which is crazy. He tore his spawn moving backwards. Really? Yes, he was just moving backwards. It wasn't nothing crazy. He was just moving backwards and it just pop. He said he thought somebody like hit him. He was just like he looked down like man. He thought it was me at first. I'm way on the bag. I'm like what he's like man. I fucked up like what he was like man my Achilles. I'm like how you know he was like man. I heard it pop. It's all like everybody getting around him out like man. You got to go to hospital. Let's go. Wow two years two years out the gym. I mean out the ring. That's a long one. It's it's a crazy injury to come back from. Yeah, because it's such a. Thick tendon when it pops is just a disaster. Have you had any like significant injuries? No, that's amazing. Yes. So when you say it like like for Bernard like he preserved his body, I know you're very disciplined and I know that you like are you do you ever take time like after big fight like that where you go off the rails and eat pizza every day and go crazy or do you stay disciplined? Well, I don't eat beef or pork, but you don't eat beef or pork or pork really. Yeah, but my my eating habits is not the best. You know, I still drink pop here and there. I still I didn't lighten up on can I used to eat tons of candy like every day. Really? I used to eat tons of candy, but you know, are you fighting? Yeah in camp to I don't know. It's just something that listen, I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna make way. I'm gonna get everything done, but I'm I'm have my candy. What kind of candy? I just liked it. You know, the Jolly Ranchers the chewy ones just we chewy candy to Starburst the the Gunny's I use this always eat those but when you train it a lot, it's not bad to have a little extra sugar. Yeah, like Floyd used to drink sodas after trained and everybody's like why would he do that? But then I talked to nutritionist and he's like it's actually after a very hard workout like sparring and hitting the bag. It's actually a good way to replenish glucose. Yeah, that's that's that's probably why I always was drinking it. You know and couldn't wait. I don't know why when I'm cutting weight. I'll be like all right, even though water. I mean even though pop go make me more thirsty. I'll be like I need a spark. I need a sparkle cold Sprite and they be like what I'd be like I just need a spark. How come you don't eat beef or pork? I don't eat beef pork is as you know bad for you and so unhealthy, you know, and I think when beef I stopped eating beef like probably like seven years ago probably more than that. Really? Yeah, I had I had back problems and I was like man my back was just hurting so bad. I didn't know what it was. So I went to the hospital. I went to the to the emergency and so they did the MRI and CAT scan and stuff like that on my back and I had backed up shit all up my back. What backed up shit. That was what was hurt your back all beef. So since I cut out the beef because they said beef is hard harder to digest and harder for your body to break down. So I stopped eating beef and I ain't never had none of the issues ever. That's crazy. I've never heard anything like that. Yeah. So what do you get your protein from chicken? Just chicken chicken turkey fish fish. All that. So chicken turkey fish. Yeah, that's great. I've never heard anybody have it. I eat mostly meat. Yeah, it's like that's the most of my diet is meat. You probably got a lot of shit in. Nope. I bet you. Bet you do. You might not do it, but you got a lot of an MRI. No, maybe you should do a colon cleanse or something. Do you do colon cleanse? No. Do one and you're gonna be amazed. Really? Swear. I don't know about that. I don't think there's anything wrong. I did one. You know, I was doing one in this camp. Yeah, and it was crazy like, you know, shit that come out of you be like damn, I had to do like a colonic. No, I just, you know, clogs rough. Just a hose up your ass. Yeah, I ain't doing that. What did you do? Would you take not just, you know, take, you know, just a little colon cleanse dietary, not like supplements or stuff like that, like this stuff that fiber. Yeah, fiber that makes the shit come out. And it just whoa. Yeah, I did that before before camp and stuff and I was like, damn. So if you own, do you have someone that prepares your meals? Yes. Yeah. So you got like a meal prep company. I got a nutritionist. I got a chef order. And you're also I saw on are you a part of that snack thing too? Yeah. Yeah. So that's what that is is that is that the dude from Balko? Yeah. Yeah. Victor content. So Victor he was on the podcast back in the day. So he's a guy that busted or he got busted for with Barry Bonds and the clear where they're giving him that undetectable steroids and now he's on the other side of it is making sure that the whole sport is clean. Yeah. And nobody knows better than him because he cheated for years. Yes. And they and they hate it. They hate it because you'll see a lot of people like, oh man, this dude was a cheater. This dude was this. This dude was that and then you know, you can't get nothing past them. Well, he was a cheater, but you know, just because the guy was a cheat. Look, first of all, that's the kind of guy you would want being involved in cheating and catching cheating. But he trying to clean up the whole sport. Yeah, like it's not like he like art. Well, you know, I'm sponsoring you. You represent my brain. He's trying to clean up the whole sport. So, you know, he's like wise and like more transparency. Yeah, where's the transparency? Like, where's this? Where's that? Why don't why can't the world know what's going on, you know, with the test that's going on? Yeah, the public should know, you know, if these fighters is clean or not, because every month there's five. And the fighter is coming up positive for steroids or or banned substance. Well, look at the Anthony Joshua, Dillian White fight. Yeah, it's canceled two weeks out. Huge heavyweight fight and Dillian White pops. Yeah. Yeah, and that's not the first time. No, he's popped before, right? Yeah. Yeah. So it's sad for Anthony Joshua to, you know, go through those things that I'm training for this fighter and then he popped out and boom, I'm hit with. Right. Got to prepare for somebody else and them the worst ones when they come, you know, at the last minute and they ready right because some people just train just waiting for that call. Right. You know, you never know. Also him fighting Helenis after Deontay starch them. That's like because everyone's going to prepare compare you rather because Deontay Deontay hits so hard. It's it doesn't even make sense. He hits so he hits so different than everybody else. Definitely doesn't make sense. Man, the Helenis fight. He was like moving back and he went like that. Blah. Yeah, that dude just shut off. He blessed with with dynamite in that right hand like nobody before nobody nobody like nobody in the history of the heavyweight division. You have some giant punchers Ernie Shaver's George Foreman Mike Tyson, but I put Deontay at the top of the heap. Right. Hey, I don't know. I don't know man. Cause those guys, you know, I mean, there was tough and snails back in the days, but I think Deontay water man. He hit you a couple of times with that right hand. Yeah, if you ain't Tyson Fieri, you're going to sleep. Right. He's the only dude. He's the only dude. The first fight was bananas. Yeah, when he catches him with that right hand and the left hook as he's going down, then Deontay goes like this and he thought it was over and this motherfucker rises like the undertaker just got I was like, there is no way. There's no way and then he starts outboxing him like how he beat him last. I mean, I thought he came back and won the rest of the round. I think he did and then he took that strategy into the second fight and he realized that Deontay does not fight as well when you're going after him. And so then he just dominates the second fight and dominates the third but in the third when he got rocked once so hard, you could watch the ripple the shockwave go down his body and it was jiggling his fat jiggling his back fat from the shot just boom. This I don't think there's another person in the heavyweight division that would ate that shot like I thought I think I think I told everybody both both fighters won that fight the first fight. I said because Tyson Fieri, I don't know if you made the count but any other fighter you get dropped like that. They was going to call it off because dude literally boom. Yeah, look dumb and it was just like Any other fighter they would have counted out and I feel like Tyson Fieri won on points. Yeah, I he was winning the fight. He got up still winning second fight Tyson Fieri hands down but the third fight Deontay Wilder could have made it a better interesting fight, but he got tired. He was working real well, but he got tired. But you know Tyson Fieri smart. He started putting out weight on them started laying on them. That's incredible. That's the experience. You know, I mean so he's incredible. Yeah, and he's such a character too. Such a fun dude. Yeah, he funny. He's so funny. He got so mad at me cuz I said John Jones and fuck him up in the in the octagon. Yeah, I said in a fight in a fight fight. It's like no man would beat me. Oh, I'm not locked me in a room with any man. I'm coming out alive. No, John John. He's a he's a dangerous dude man. Y'all better leave him alone. Leave him alone. Yeah, it's just but listen, I believe firmly that if Tyson Fieri learned wrestling and learn Muay Thai when he was younger just like John did he would be a world champion. Yeah, but I think that he's not being John now. No, no, no, no, no, no, no one's beating John even if he was to train when he was little he still not being John. He'd have to be a great wrestler too. Like the thing about John is he can do everything everything every and he's the most he has the highest octagon IQ. He's the best at like implementing his strategy and utilizing his reach and just figuring out how to get a hold of you. He's the best. He gonna find a way to win. Yeah, it's my God. He's amazing. He's amazing. But like when it comes to heavyweight boxers Tyson Fieri is one of my all-time great. I have two favorite all-time fighters Mike Tyson in his prime, which was just like a cultural phenomenon. Yeah. Like when you would watch Mike Tyson fights back in the day they were executions, right? Like you were just paying and you were hoping it lasted a little because you're paying for the pay-per-view like I hope he doesn't knock this guy out in 10 seconds. He wanted to see something and they was literally like two rounds one round. It was amazing people forget like when you see him in his prime and he was bobbing and weaving and so I was talking to the guys last night at the comedy club. I was talking about the Marvis Fraser fight and that to me is the most terrifying version of Mike Tyson because Marvis Fraser really didn't have a chance. His father was propping him up. His father wanted him to fight Tyson because you know Joe Frazier would have wanted to fight Tyson when he was in his prime. He's like, I'm gonna get my son out there and do it and Tyson just came out guns blazing. This was Tyson before he won the title 24 wins zero losses 22 knockouts and a heavyweight like nobody had ever seen before moved like a lightweight the way he was bobbing and weaving and coming in close. He was so fast. Yeah, but his punches were just ridiculous angles and accuracy. I fucking love this fight. Yeah, nobody nobody was like especially in the heavyweight division. No, it was a totally different thing. This is it. You see him set up the uppercut. He Paul Paul Paul with that jab and boom. It was incredible. He in his prime. I feel like I would have loved to see him against any of the greats any of the greats Joe Louis Muhammad Ali any but any of the greats I would have loved to have seen Tyson in his prime against those guys. If they could take a punch and it'll be interesting. The thing about Tyson too is the speed. Yeah, that's why I said they could take a punch the speed was because you hit Tyson got hit a lot. Yeah, you know, it's just that you know, he's he's willing to take a hit that get his powerful hit off. Well, he also had that neck that started to top of his ears. His neck started up here. Man. Yeah, it's a crazy neck man. He could take a punch better than anybody better than anybody. So what you think let me ask you a question. Okay, so what you think on about the business side of MMA and in boxing in what way and like, you know, the way of the fighters getting, you know, not getting what they deserve in MMA in boxing. Well, you know, it's tricky right like this whole thing with you and Spence like trying to negotiate a proper contract. You know, there's a lot of vultures. There's a lot of weasels. The one good thing about the UFC is that there's one organization that controls it. The one bad thing about the UFC is that there's one organization that controls it. So you got good and bad. So like if I was a manager of a fighter, I would want fighters like like your career where you're tested and you're facing ever increasing challenges, but it's calculated. It's calculated and you get lessons from each fight and then you build up to a point where you're ready to challenge for a title like John Jones fought for the title when he was 22. I mean, it was a last-minute fight. Rashad Evans got hurt and John Jones went in to fight Shogun. John was just so fucking talented so above everybody else that he dominated that fight and walked away the world champion and destroyed Shogun. He opened up the fight with a flying knee. 22 years old first title fight opens up with a flying knee. Who the fuck does that? Nobody does it. Everybody would be nervous. Everybody but John just so loose and creative in there, but in MMA a lot of times fighters get fights. They're really not ready for and they have to. I'm not talking about that aspect of I'm talking about the business side of it. Well the business side it speaks to that as well because for a fighter to get to a point where they're undefeated and they have a big name, then they start getting the big money and then they're the headline of the card and you know, I think there's a lot of there's a lot of good in that. There's a lot of good in preparing a fighter properly. Like you see a lot of fighters when they fight for a title. They might have like 16 1 16. Oh like people like undefeated records. It's very rare that a UFC fighter gets all the way to a title fight without some losses. Definitely. And I think that also speaks to the style differences the wrestling the kickbox all the different things that you might face inside the Octon and having to prepare for that. That's one thing I like about MMA, you know, those guys, they still great fighters. They still get praise, you know, even though they probably got five losses. Yes, you know one loss don't defined how great they is, you know, compared to boxing, right, you know, look how the media and how people is bashing Aerospence like he's not great crazy, you know, I mean just because he lost to an all-time great fighter and myself, you know, that's all the fighters that I didn't fought, you know, once I fight them and you know, I just mental them. They say, oh, well those guys is weak. Those guys not great fighters. They're those guys is tomato cans. They washed up. They bombs. I'm like, dang, how can you disrespect this man? And he didn't work his ass off to get to the level that he is even even if I challenge me. Yeah, you know, I mean, can I just be that good? Why they got to be bombs? Why they got to be tomato? Isn't that there's a lot of noise though. There's a lot of people that their opinions are stupid. There's a lot of people their opinions suck. But if you watch if you if you if you looked at my whole career, that's what was always said Terrence Crawford. I haven't fought anybody Terrence Crawford, you know, only fought washed fighters Terrence Crawford is Terrence Crawford at but now after the spins, they have to shut the fuck up. That's what I said, but don't listen to those people like listen to Andre Ward. No, they motivate. You know I'm saying? Oh, they do. They motivate. You're like David Goggins. Yeah, I wanted I wanted to see this. I want I want to hear I want to see it because you know that that likes that fuel right and then I just grab my teeth and be like, well, one of the most crazy stories about your career is your mom. It's about how your mom just never gave you any praise. It's like, nope, not good enough. She was tough. She was she was tough. You know, I mean, I love my mom to death. That's my that's my heart. It's my girl. You know, I mean, but that was just her way of pushing me to be great. You know, I mean and she just knew that her son was was was so competitive. She was just like, all right, let me see how competitive you is. Let me come here a little kid. You she would pay people to try to beat you up. Yeah, no, well, we have gloves. We have gloves, you know, I come from my family was all into boxing. My dad's side of the family, my mom's side of the family. So she was always tough. So she'll get the little kids in the neighborhood five hours if they can if they can win. We'll be in the front yard, you know, I beat them all up. I beat them all up. I've been like now what you give me the money. It's amazing how it works. I mean, now it's not something like I think a psychologist would recommend for raising a child, right? But sometimes they're wrong. Yeah, and it depends on the person. Whether they can rise to that challenge and obviously it made you great. Yeah, I think that's why I said, you know, I love to hear the doubters the naysayers because I think it's something in me from my past trauma with my mom, you know, me trying to trying to prove her wrong, you know, me fighting for her, you know, approval. So, you know, it goes back to when I was a kid when, you know, she would say, oh man, you ain't gonna win it. And I go out there and win. I come back with the belt and she taking pictures with the belt. Look at my son. God, look at my son. You know me, but then, you know, when it's just me and her, you still ain't shit. You know, I laugh and stuff like that. That's amazing. Yeah. So it was just, you know, my mom knew what she was doing at a for me at a young age. She was instilling, you know, mentally toughness because, you know, do anything that's going on in my life. I'm always focused. No matter what it is, it can be a loud room full of people. It can be 50 people in a room and I could be fighting the next day and the average person be like, man, what is you doing, dude? You got a big fight tomorrow. Like you need to be focusing. You need to be resting. You know, they need to be out the room. You know, I'll be sitting there. I'll be like, I'm good. I'm not doing nothing. They just sitting here talking. What's wrong with that? Because I'm so locked in because once I'm focused on something, that's not going to distract me. I think that's that comes from my upbringing as well. Have you ever worked with a sports psychologist or anything? No, nothing, but I used to have to see counselors and stuff like that when I was little. If you get in trouble, huh? If you get in trouble, no, I used to get in trouble. Yeah, I used to have an anger problem. I used to be mad at the world. I always tell people I don't know why I was so mad, but then as I got older, I realized that, you know, my dad was gone and I wanted my dad to be there. Yeah. And like my mom, like everything, you know, I do wrong. I was getting a whooping for it. So it was like, that's all I know. You say something on like I'm whooping your ass. You do something like I'm whooping your ass. So it was just like everything that I was getting at home for getting in trouble when I go out into the real world, I was, you know, doing the same thing that my mom was doing to me when I get in trouble or say something or do something that you don't like I was getting a whooping for it, you know, you're not listening and getting a whooping. So I thought, dude, shut up talking to me and you still talking to me, you're not listening. Now we got to fight. I got to get your ass because now you're not listening. Now you can piss me off. So, you know, I used to I used to get in trouble a lot. I used to get in trouble a lot. Well, it seems like with all great fighters, they've overcome some serious problems when they're young. Yeah, like every great fighter. It's very rare that you have a great fighter that had that dislike perfect upbringing where nothing ever went wrong. Everything was fine. Got everything they wanted anything they needed. You know, it seems like every fighter has to come they have to overcome people downing them people dismissing them. They have to overcome that. Yeah, definitely from school to to everywhere, you know, yeah, a lot of people. I don't think nobody but my family members thought that I was going to turn out to be the God I am today. Like when I see people that knew me when I was little they just you know, like they just want to cry. They just like but I just can't believe how how of a man you grown into out would have never believed this would be you like you talk so well, you ain't in trouble. You you doing things for the community. I'm just I'm just in disbelief. Like I'm just so proud of you and I just like thank you because nobody thought that I will turn out to be who I am today, you know, and it just goes to the show that it don't matter how you started always matter how you finished. Well, it's also your composure, you know, you have this ability like you can talk shit in the middle of a fight to someone who's sitting ringside. Yeah, it's kind of amazing. You're just always composed. Yeah, I think it's because you've overcome all that shit, but because your mind is centered. Yes, even when we were talking about cars earlier when I was showing you the barracuda, you're like, I don't drive any of my cars. I drive my truck. You listen to all these cool cars you have. You just stay low key. Yeah, stay low key and keep it together. Stay composed. Got to that's just me, you know, I never I never want to be nothing other than myself. Like I remember my family members, you know, a couple of my friends. They're like man, you need to talk more shit. You need to be like Mayweather. You need to do this. You need to do that. I'm like, no, I don't. I said, that's him. That's that's not me. Right. I mean, you see tank now you see all these fighters, you know, Broner them. You see that's how you get the money. That's how you get the money. You got to you got to entertain. You got to show the money. You got to do this. I'm gonna be myself and that's I thrived on that, you know, because when it's all said and done when when all the money gone when all the fans done change your name now who you really is right now, you got to search and find the real you but if the real you been there all alone, you're going to be happy. You ain't you ain't gonna have to, you know, go through therapy. You ain't gonna have to be behind friends. You ain't gonna be having to stay in a sport to hear that chant again. So when you when you walk away from the sport, you're going to walk away from the sport as a man with your head high and you just gonna wave. Yeah, that's beautiful. Yeah, definitely. Well, you have a rock solid philosophy. I love that. That's it's just one of the things I really admire about Andre Ward. Andre Ward Olympic gold medalist, two division world champion, retires undefeated. He's like, I'm gone. That's good. All my faculty is completely intact and they even offered him a big money fight against Canelo after he beat Kovalev after he knocked out Kovalev. They offered money to Andre a lot of money. He's like, I think I better serve boxing as a commentator, which is amazing for a guy who's still in his physical prime. Still, I mean, there's video footage of him working out still in tip-top condition looks fantastic. Yeah, he had a lot of injuries though. Yeah, the shoulder the big knee. The knee was big but the shoulder means a one-armed fighter for most of his career, which is so incredible. He beat everybody with a left hand everybody went through the whole Super six tournament great beat everybody with a left hand. Great. Yeah, and then finally got it fixed and fuck Kovalev up in the rematch with the right hand. Right. It's crazy crazy. I always said I want to retire from boxing. I never wanted boxing to retire from retire me. My goal was always to retire 33 33 is it was because the fights didn't come like no, I just spent fight or even before that but why did you decide to keep going? I just thought I don't know. It's just like my body was just like man, you ain't done. You know, I mean even though, you know, I wanted to retire. It was just like, you're not done like you got a lot to prove. You got a lot to accomplish you still in your prime. So it's like I keep going because I wanted that mega fight. I wanted that that big fight to where it's like no denying who Terrence Crawford is, you know, or what he still for or you know, the family man. He was I wanted the people still to to know who Terrence Crawford was and I feel like there was people that knew who I was and that follow me, but it wasn't solidified worldwide yet. So but look now even that it is you still want the next challenge. Now, I really don't have nothing to prove. I can walk away right now and I constantly played it on that. You know, I do that every day. I wake up. Do I still want a box? Do I still want a box because I don't need the box because I've done great with my money. I invested great with my money. I got a lot of great businesses. I got a lot of great things that that I'm doing. So that's that generate money. So I don't need boxing. I'm doing I'm doing this for legacy, you know, so if it's not that's why I said if if Charlo move up and wait and they strip them for his belt, there's no need for me and Charlo to fight because you're not undisputed. You yelled at him from the from the course. You next course. I've been saying that for for years. I said, I'm gonna I'm gonna whoop spence then I'm gonna whoop you and I meant it, you know, but yeah, if he's not undisputed then, you know, that that fight don't you know, I don't know it don't it's not interesting to me no more because I'm trying to make all time history, right, you know, if the canelo fight fight come to fruition, then that's a fight that I'll be willing to take just off the wrist, you know, to be one of the all-time greats that you know, that that that's a fight that's the one that gets you going. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's a fight because of the challenge. I love the challenges and I love I love the people that I hear them now. You're too little, you know, canelo gonna break you. He's gonna stop you. You come from 147 that way too big this and that I can hear now and I just excited me to go in there and just be like, okay, let me put him on once again. That fight would be gigantic if canelo gets through Jermell and then you guys fight that fight would be gigantic and it's crazy because like in the past interviews, I was like man, canelo too big man. It's way classes for a reason. I was like, nah, but in my mind my heart, I don't think nobody too big, you know, especially in a fight. I'm a fighter, but like I was thinking like man, it could happen. So you start really sitting down like man, that fight maybe can happen. Okay, so now you start you start sizing sizing them up. He'd be like, alright, he 5'8\", I'm 5'8\". My arms longer than his. He bigger than me, but I'm faster. You know, so then you start doing advantages, you know, I mean like man, we right there. Yeah, we're right there. You know, I mean, so I was like man, it's not like he didn't go up and wait. Yeah. Yeah. So that's why I was like man, that's that's a fight and it's the same kind of fighter too because like that's why he went up and fought beval. That's why he fought Kovalov. He won a challenge for him to go up from junior middleweight all the way up to light heavyweight and win the title. Definitely. But going up and becoming undisputed against Canelo. Whoo. Whoo. Come on man. I'm flying in the sunset man. Thank you boxing God. That would be it. That would be it. Yeah, that's that's that's the only thing get for me. I didn't accomplish everything there is to accomplish in the sport of boxing. You know, there's really nothing for me to accomplish right now. Like anything it's about the money now. It's about the money. You know, I'm not gonna sit here and say it's not but the money and to beat Canelo if that fight was ever to happen. Come on man. Y'all better leave me alone. I'll leave me alone man. Call me call me, you know, me TBC man. Yeah. Yeah, that's that's what I've been thinking about. I don't know why. You know, I was just like man the last few days. I was like man. I don't know if it's God talking to me or what but that's a fight that if he win if Canelo win then yeah, I'm gonna try to pursue that. I love that. I love that mentality. I do. I love it. I love it because that's where it's at. That's that's what makes all-time greats. Yeah, it's like you you have to have that mountain to climb but nobody went up. I don't think nobody went up three weight classes. Well, didn't Roy Roy started 160. No, I'm saying I'm saying not at once. Right. You know, I mean from 147 to 168. No, the closest is that is when Canelo went up 68 to 75 starting at 54. No, not starting. I'm saying I started at 135. Right. That's true. You know, I'm just saying like say if Canelo was the champion at 147 to go up 160. Right, right, right. Right in one jump. Yeah, in one jump. It's a big jump to 21 pounds. It's a lot of weight. It's a lot of weight. Yeah, that's why I spar big guys though. Do you? Yeah, I spar big guys. That's why I'm like I'm starting thinking like man. Probably can be great. Probably can be great. You know what I mean? But you know, it's different in the fight. But I believe in my skills and my ability and I believe in my team. I believe we'll come up with something that you know, would be suitable for me to be successful in that fight. That would probably be the biggest fighting box. Definitely. That fight would be gigantic. It would. That would be a big one. I have to go to that one. That one happens. I gotta go to this last one. You were supposed to go to this last one. I couldn't. That was at the UFC. I wanted to go. It's crazy how they had on the same day. That sucked. But it was good because my fight was early. Then I fight was later on that night. So I didn't I've unfortunately somebody spoiled it for me. Oh, they did. Yeah. Then I was all right. Let me watch the highlights. Yeah, I was just watch the highlights on my phone. I was like, oh shit. Yeah, then I got home and watch the whole fight on the big screen. That's what's up. I actually got Paramount Plus just for you. Yeah, it's like a watch. You can watch it anywhere else after it was already aired. I appreciate it. This is magnificent man. I just I love excellence. I love when someone just rises to the top of a shark infested pool because that's what boxing is, you know, and when you're at your level and when you could perform that way against a guy like Errol Spence against the guy as an undefeated, you know, elite champion and for you to perform that way. This is what to me. This is what boxing is all about when one person shows that there are levels upon levels upon levels upon levels. Yeah, you know, and then it puts you in this category where people go. Okay. Well, what other champions can move around in weight classes or go up or come down like, you know, there's I know there's been a lot of discussion about different people from different weight classes coming up to you. Is there anything else that's interesting to you other than Canelo or Jamel? No, nothing. No. You just need like dragons to slay. You know what I mean? Like at this point in your life, you can't even fight a regular fighter. Yeah, like I don't know. Like I get excited. I don't know why I get excited when I talk about Canelo, like I use used to get excited about Pacquiao. Really? You know, I used to get so excited like me. I'm gonna be able to fight Pacquiao, you know, because that the one you think got away. Yeah, definitely. I definitely did. I try my eyes off. What stopped that fight from happening? They didn't want to fight. It's too dangerous. They didn't want to fight. Freddie Roach said he didn't want to fight. They had Pacquiao handlers didn't want to fight. You know, I believe Pacquiao as a fighter. He wanted to fight but they didn't want to fight for him. So, you know, it just got away. Looking back at like Floyd career, like him coming up and in the in the era that he came up in, he had all them champions that he was able to fight. And that's what led him to be so great, you know, because he fought the most champions beat the most champions, you know, got the most money for beating the most champions. So it's just like man, he had this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy back to back to fight one after one, you know, and when I was coming at the peak of my career, they all retired, you know what I mean? So it's like I can't get these guys name on my resume, you know, I mean, so it's just like, you know, now I'm the old guy in the in the era, you know, that the young guys want to try to get a piece of to build a legacy and put names on a resume and it's just gonna keep history gonna keep repeating itself. Yeah, there's always gonna be a new guy coming up and there's like right now you got boots in us in your weight class. Definitely. What do you think about him? Oh, he's very very talented. He's unproven, but he's very talented. Yeah, you know, the eye test tells it all, you know, he's got the it, you know, but we haven't seen him against any elite fighter. We never seen him tested. So until then, you know, we just gonna keep saying all boots boots boots until he meet that fighter that's gonna test him. Is he the mandatory? Yeah, I probably got like three mandatories. Yeah. All right. Four belts. Yeah. Is that a fight that you would be interested in? Nah. It just don't make sense right now in my career. Like I said, like especially money-wise don't know why really no boots, but right us, you know, I'm looking for bigger better challenges like Canelo. You're looking for the big ones. Yeah, the big fish. Yeah, fish fry. That definitely definitely them the them the guys I'm looking for, you know, why do you say fish fry? Because he called himself the big fish. You know, arrow arrow said he was the big fish and I said we was gonna fry him. He's gonna was gonna reel him in was gonna put him on the bank was gonna gut him was gonna fillet him then was gonna fry him. And that's what happened. Yeah, and you did it when boxing is this is a great time for boxing. There's so many stars coming up right now and everybody fighting each other. Yeah. What did you think of the Lomachenko Devin Haney fight? I was a great fight. I was actually ringside. You know, Devin Devin show a lot of heart grit. Canelo showed a lot of heart and grit Lomachenko. I mean, yeah, I see my mind. Mine. You're locked in. Yes, Lomachenko. He showed a lot of heart and grit and you know, they fought their ass off. You know, they fought their ass off and the better man won that day. Did you think that the decision made sense? Man, listen, I'm not no judge. I tell people I'm not a judge. I can't, you know, tell a person that's been judging probably longer than I've been boxing, you know, what he's basing his rounds on or why he give what round to who. We can argue all day, but that ain't gonna change the results. Right. So I just don't get into it. I just hope that I never be on the end of that. That's it. Right. Yeah, that's that's what's unfortunate is that it was such a great fight, but so many people thought the decision wasn't right that it sort of diminished the accomplishments of both fighters because Devin Haney fought a brilliant fight and so did Lomachenko. I mean Lomachenko turn the clock back. You look incredible. Yeah, both of them both of them put on a show, you know, I was rooting for Devin the whole time, you know, but both of them put a put a hell of a show on and you know, got to my hats off to him because you know, they put it all on the line. Yeah, and you know that weight class is a fucking stacked weight class to when Devin Haney beat Kimbosis and beat him twice and just the way he did it like the way he looked. You're a new that definitely not not taking nothing away from Campbell's is just levels levels. You know, it's a reason why you know, people was avoiding Devin and Shakur right because those two boxing phenoms, you know, if you're not if you're not on that that that level mentally, you're not even gonna compete with those two dudes, right? This it's such an interesting thing because a lot of people don't know, you know, the general public when someone gets to like an elite level, they need some high-profile fight in order for people to realize because all the boxing fans realize like Shakur is a great example. It's not really a household name, but he should be means a elite fighter. He's so fucking good, but he needs like a big high-profile fight like Gervonta did, you know, again, I want to fight right. Nobody want to fire. Yeah, not not see why you know, I get it, but at the same time, you know, they gonna have to see him sooner or later. No matter what, no matter how far they go. They don't have to see him sooner or later. So, you know, all these fighters, you know, he's calling out everybody. He's calling out the pitbull. He's calling out Loma Jinko. Yeah, he's calling out Devin. He's calling out, you know, Tane. He calls it out everybody. He want to fight everybody right now, you know, and I said dangerous man when you know how talented he is and he's motivated. He's focused. He's stay in the gym is a gym rap. He he loves boxing to the core like yeah, that's that's a dangerous man right now because he got something on his mind that you know, he wanted he want to accomplish and he's still very young. Yeah, very young and still getting better with every fight and him versus tank would be insane. Yeah, tank is one of the most interesting fighters to watch because he's so different his style so different, you know, he's so economical like he puts pressure on guys without throwing too many punches and then starts to figure your holes out and the way he can explode and move in with one shot. My God, they very explosive. He's very explosive and you know, man, he'd be cracking them dudes. Hey, he put him to sleep just cracking people and he has so much confidence in his power so much confidence in his power that he doesn't give a fuck if he's giving away. Yeah, he definitely be giving away rounds, but you know, he just in his mind, you know, it's a matter of time before I catch. Yeah, that's the that's the thing with tank. You know, these these fighters, you know, you got to be aware. 15 rounds. I know you're going 12, but you got to think you're going three more because you know, the slightest slip and we seen it. Yeah, you know time and time again, one slip one mistake and it's over. Yeah, you know, so, you know, hats off to tank, you know, he's a great talented fighter, but again, he haven't faced the top elite fighters in his division. Right, you know, so we want to see tank against, you know, somebody his size, you know, at the at the elite level. Yeah, and I believe he'll do good because you know, he got the skills the power. He got that ring IQ to do good, but we haven't seen that yet. Yeah, he's in he's also wild. It's a wild fella. So he's fun to watch. He's just a crazy dude. Yeah coming from Baltimore man. I think that's just his upbringing as well, you know, product of his own environment. Yes. Yes, for sure. He's just so unique in his approach. Like, you know, he doesn't fight like anybody else. Yeah. Sorry, I just get very frustrated when there's amazing fights that are on the table that don't get made, you know, like Usyk and Tyson Fury. Yeah, I was like, I want to see I know Usyk is small, right? I know he's small for the weight class, but god damn that dude is good. God damn, he's good and the pace that he fights out for a heavyweight is insane. Definitely. I think that goes back to, you know, the business, you know, the business side, you know, Usyk is, you know, a great fighter and it has accomplished great things in the sport of boxing and for him to get disrespected, you know, in the negotiations because I'm pretty sure that's probably what it came down to. Is it's not right. Well, he was willing to accept 70-30. Yeah, which is crazy, but he's like, I just I want this fight. This is a big fight and he must realize also that 30% of a Tyson Fury fight is probably bigger than anything he's ever had before in his life, but I still honestly think, you know, he deserved more than that. I think so too, you know, but I love the fact that he said yes. Yeah, and then it still didn't happen. Right. So, you know, who who who was behind the reason why it didn't happen. Yeah, that's that's when you start asking those type of questions. Who do you think was behind it? I don't know. I can't say I wasn't, you know, in the negotiations, but you know, it should be some type of form where, you know, these fights should be mandatory to happen. So you can clean up the sport of boxing. It can only be one champion and one division like the UFC. Right. You know, I think we got too many titles. I think we got too many sanction bodies. I think, you know, we need to clean up the sport as a whole. I think the fights need I mean the fighters need, you know, pensions need 401ks. We need a union. We need health health insurance. I think we need all that, you know, we put our life on line to go out here and entertain, you know, the people and once once we done entertaining, we leave home, you know, and we come home not the same fighter that we once was when we left, you know, and it's heartbreaking to see a lot of these old-time fighters, you know, that speaking impaired and you know, can't enjoy the fruit of their labor or just flat-out broke and they gave their life to the sport and doesn't have anything to show for and I think that's wrong. I think, you know, we need to create something to where at least the fighters can, you know, live comfortable after the sport of boxing given if, you know, something dramatic was to happen or, you know, you didn't put in a certain amount of years in a sport that you can pay in on your own to have you a 401k. So when you retire, you got some type of income coming in because when you getting that much money so fast and so frequently, you just spin it. You just spin it because in your mind, I'm gonna fight again and I'm gonna get it again. I'm gonna fight again then I'm gonna get it again. But then you start living off of that and then once you get to the end tell into your career, you're like, damn, I didn't spend millions or millions and I got a couple of more fights. Now you struggling, you know, because you got pay taxes. If not, they come to take everything you got and then, you know, you pay taxes. Now you got not even half of that and now you looking like damn, I gotta make this stretch and then you ain't got no work ethic skills because you've been boxing your whole life. You didn't go to college to get no curricular skills and other lanes. So yeah, I think we need to create something to clean up the sport of boxing. Do you think it's possible to eliminate the sanctioning bodies? I mean the only person that can kind of do it is a guy like you because like if you're a world champion for different organizations, you're undisputed. There's no one that can say that the welterweight champion of the world except for Terrence Crawford. If you say all these belts are bullshit, like I'm the fucking champion and whether it's the ring magazine belt or whatever you you sanction, whatever you sanction. Do you think it's possible to do something like that? I think it is. I think I think anything is possible. You know, I think you know, Floyd, I think Canelo, they showed us time and time again that it's not about the belts when you get to a certain point in your career, you bigger than the belts. Right. Coming up, everybody want to be a champion. But once you get your name out there and you become a megastar star, the belts don't mean nothing. We paying for the belts. How much do you have to pay? We got paid like what 3%? 3%? 2%? 3%? That's crazy. Definitely. That's so crazy. It's like I'm paying you to make me a belt. And do you have to pay 3% to each individual section? Wow. Some of them is different. Some of them is 3, some of them 2. You know, so it's like I'm paying for you to come out here and watch me fight to give me a belt that you know, I mean, I'm already paying for. Like come on now. I'm paying you. You're not paying me. I'm paying you. So the only one that really matters is the ring belt because it's free. It's free. Like why do I got to pay to be champion? Once you start thinking about that like dang. Yeah, I'm paying all this money. And the ring magazine belt is as respected as any of them. Yeah, that's the number one guy in the division. Yeah, that's how it should be. I don't think you know, a champion should have to pay to be champion. No. And where is all the other money going to? Yeah, you know, especially when you get to these high prize fights, you know, that 2% and 3% is turning into a lot of money. Yes. So you're like, okay, so what is you doing with the money? Right? Where is the money going to? Where's the value? Yeah. Yeah. So the value is entirely in you. Definitely. And you and your name. That's what people don't give a fuck about those three letters at all. They just know turns Crawford's the best and who he's fighting. Who cares? Like whatever it is. That's the big fight. It doesn't WBO WBC. No, I don't know. He gives a fuck. They don't. Nobody gives a fuck. They care about who you be. Oh, you just be to nobody. You know, I mean care about the belts, you know, yeah, it's cool to say, you know, I mean, he's an undisputed champion of the world, you know, I mean, or he's a champion of the world. That's beautiful. You know, I mean, that's that's history. It's legacy. But at the end of the day, you know, it's all about the man's future. Yeah. You know, that money that we spend in on them belts and then with them, sanction bodies can go to our kids and our family. Yes, you know, so it's a lot of it's a lot of money that a lot of leeches. Yeah. Yeah. What do you think about like what's Floyd's doing? Well, Floyd's doing is kind of crazy. I love it. It's amazing. He's making more money than most boxers just fighting people have zero chance. I love it. I love it because it's entertainment. Yes, you know. Ali did Tyson did it like why can't Floyd do it? A lot of people. Floyd's doing it better than any. Yeah, that's what I was about to say. A lot of people getting mad because how well he's doing it. Yeah, but if I was in Floyd position and I got the opportunity to do what Floyd is doing right now travel the world sparring, yeah, you know, I would I would do it. We spar for free. Right. You know, why not spar for some millions of dollars? It's not going on my record. I'm entertaining. I'm you know, I'm getting a workout at the same time. Why not? Right. No, I agree. I think it's amazing. I just love the fact that he's gained the system. Yeah, you know, because the system is you get to a certain point in time. You're a champion make as much money as you possibly can you retire and then there's no more money. And Floyd's like, let me just box and people that have zero chance. Yeah. And then now with what's going on like Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates like you can get paid insane amounts of money like if you're Floyd people just want to see you perform. Definitely. And he's not just if you're for you see Tyson Fury now went over there and well, he's got that bad. Yeah, that's happening in October. That is an interesting thing. That's an interesting thing because you got a guy in Francis and Ghana who was the heavyweight champ retired from the UFC left the UFC as the champ but has zero professional boxing fights. He has no chance. But I was that when I was doing a interview at the UFC gym. They asked me about the fight. I said, yeah, no chance. Type superior all day. You talking about one of the best heavyweights ever ever, you know, I mean and you think this guy with no boxing experience going to come in there and just beat him. He don't hear harder than type of healing. He'll hear harder Deontay Wilder. No, nobody hits harder. So so what you think this guy going to do with them 10-ounce gloves on now with four ounces six ounces what he wear. He probably strong but yeah as some more ounces on you know, it's a different game. He's going to get tired. You know, it's going to be it's going to be a different game. Yeah, he's he doesn't have the experience and to go from Listen, I think that he could have a he's also 36. You know, he could have a career as a heavyweight boxer because he hit so fucking hard if they built him up and he starts fighting guys and you know different styles and and gets to the point where he's really got experience a few years down the line. He could fight world-class fighters. I think he can fight good boxers if he if he learns those lessons. I don't know but to do it at 36. That's what I'm saying. That's a little up there. You know, that's up there. It's going to take some years to develop them a long time to take them through them steps and get tested and yeah, you know, he walking right into the championship with nothing. It's kind of crazy. Yeah, I command him though. Oh, well, he wants the bag. He's going to get a big one. I don't know what he's going to get paid but it's going to be more money than he's ever made before. Right. I believe him. Yeah, that's why all those MMA guys coming over to boxing. Trying to you know, they see Conor McGregor. They're like, oh, yeah. Made all that money. Yeah, let me try. Yeah, that was a fascinating fight. Conor versus Floyd. It was fascinating because Conor's just a talented fighter but to just jump right in against the best ever like it's just hey, he did what he had to do. He got that bag. That's all it comes down to, you know, solidifying yourself and taking care of your family. Yeah, you know, that's why I say a lot of people they look at a lot of these boxers that have a loss and then they just think they're not good or you know, great man, guys train their ass off. You know what these fighters go through in the MMA and boxing and fighters go through the most to just entertain and put food on the tables for their family and their children take care of them and they they don't get the recognition. The respect that they deserve. No, you know, you see all these other sports they get praise but boxing and MMA is man that shit is hard. It's like you versus one man like brutally like trying to kill each other, you know, for for some money, you know, for people to be cheering and it's like you don't know the fight is the easy part. You seem like you don't see the injuries. I had to overcome in training camp. You don't see all the mornings. I had to get up when I was tired. You see all the you know, the hard other training that I had to do to get to right now. They see things right now. They don't see the years that I had to do just to get to this point. You know, they don't see all the sacrifices I had to make to get to this point. They just see you right now. Right, you know, they could have been a fan of you from your last fight. But what about you before that last fight? What about you the whole 10 plus years that you've been doing this sport as a professional? What about that? And it's just like man like I didn't work my ass off to get to this point right now. And it's like this shouldn't come easy. Like you might think it is because you just now noticing me in my career, but it was hard. Like like who things getting punched in the face in the head is that's tough living. It's tough living especially the championship level. That's tough. I think most people don't have any comprehension of the amount of sacrifice the amount of just determination and will and discipline that you have to have. Yeah, it's hard man. I don't. My kids know no no football. No boxing good for you. They hate it. But when you get your yo to a point where you can make decisions on your own. I'm out of it, but I rather you keep wrestling keep playing basketball. It's college tuition already paid for so y'all good. You know think of something else go play soccer go play tennis or something go play baseball. You know coming up in in the hood. There's three things that that the black community raise basketball football boxers. Wrestlers as well, but you can't make no money in wrestling especially UFC. But yeah, like come on now. There's other sports that you can do. Cough they make a lot of money. Baseball they make a lot of money. Soccer and they make a shit ton of murder. So it's like you know when they little they just play. I want to make a lot of money. I want to be a basketball player. Well, you're not going to be 6 5 you're going to be 4 11. It's always the real real short. Yeah, you know kids that's talk about they want to go to the to the NBA and always always get mad when the people say you can be whatever you want to be. No, you can't. That was a lie. You cannot be whatever you want to be no matter what you say how hard you train genetics is genetics. Yep, you know football you might be too small basketball. You might be too short. You can't be the president just because you want to be the president. Right. So don't tell this person you could be whatever you want to be then you grow up thinking I want to be the president. Well, you can try. I'm not going to kill your dreams, but it's going to be hard for you to be the president. Yeah. Well, at least the president doesn't rely too much on genetics. Yeah, because we were talking about this last night that there's there's levels upon levels upon levels and the truly elite have everything they have talent. They have the mind for it. They have the genetics and they have the training and they have the discipline because some really talented people don't work as hard. Definitely. We've all encountered that's the Buster Douglas story, right? Super talented just only really applied himself during the Tyson fight, you know in camp and look at look how he came out and his mom had died. He was devastated heartbroken. He decided was going to win the fight for his mother trained like a fucking demon and came out and outbox Tyson was hitting him with that jab left hook like what like who fucking expected that? He looks so good. He looked like an all-time great in that fight. I remember watching that fight and watching the Tyson Holyfield fight and my mom living room on a box TVs with the big backs and stuff. Yeah, man. I used to be like man, damn man. It was kind of it was kind of sad watching Tyson lose his first fight. It was unbelievable. Even though I saw the fight after the result. I didn't see the fight when it happened. I saw it afterwards. I knew what happened and I still couldn't believe it. Yeah, I'm like he's gonna get up. He's gonna get up. He's gonna win. He always wins. He's gonna win up. He couldn't believe it. That's how revered Mike Tyson was everything was like silent like crazy. Everybody was just like what and then like when Roy Jones Jr. got knocked out by Tarver. Yeah, like man. People was crying my house like we is well was at my coach house. People was crying. I was like man. I was like heartbroken like like, you know, like when you go in a roller coaster. Mm-hmm. Then you go down and your stomach sink in. Yeah, so I was like, oh Roy. Dang man, like I couldn't believe it. I'm like man. I just knew rubs gonna win. I was like man. He shouldn't have for him again. I was like, he should have just took the win and then fight him again. Well, he had gone all the way up to heavyweight and all the way back down to light heavyweight and I think that weight cut was brutal, but he still won though. Yeah, he shouldn't have fought him again. Right. That's how like a little kid should have fought him again. Man, and I'm cool as hell with Tarver. You know, I mean both of them. Tarver's great fight. You know, I mean, but he shouldn't have fought him again. But when they were reading the instructions to him, he said, you got any excuses tonight Roy? I was like, oh my god. That was heavy. Yeah. And then he went on to knock him out. That was a rough one, but for me the rougher one was Glenn Johnson. Yeah. When Glenn Johnson knocked him out because he was stiff and that was right after the Tarver knockout. And he didn't even look like he hit him that hard. I just think, you know, after that Roy just couldn't take the punches no more. Right. Because it seemed like, you know, his body wasn't reacting the same way to the punches. You know, every time he get hit with a clean shot, it was like rattling on him. You know, and I always tell people it's not the punch. It's your brain. You gotta have that water. A lot of people be dehydrating themselves to the fact where, you know, they losing too much water in their brain and then once they get hit, their brain is knocking against nothing. It's your skull. And then that snap, that's what knocks him out. You see a lot of that in MMA. God's cut a tremendous amount of weight in MMA. Man, you know, I got friends that that's in the MMA and I've never seen somebody lose so much weight in one day just to make weight. It's crazy. It's like man, I'm doing losing like 12 pounds more. I'm like, how are y'all losing so much weight in one day? Like, you are crazy. Yeah, and they can't even use IVs. Yeah, you guys can use IVs to rehydrate. No, we can't use IVs either. No, when did they change that? I ain't never knew that they changed anything. I think that was legal because you didn't know when Floyd fought a pack yard. I was a thing. That he was using IVs or something like that. But yeah, you can't you can't use that stuff. Yeah, that was the way the fighters always recuperated. They always took IVs and then you saw it came along and apparently you can use a US you can use the IV to mask performance enhancing drugs. That's where they outlawed it. Yeah, but I think the weight cutting in MMA is they should ban it. I don't know how they could do it, but y'all need more weight classes. That's the problem. Because when you talk about lightweight, then you're going from what is it 155 to 170? Yeah, 155 to 170. Giant jump. How about 185 to 205? Yeah, that's what I'm saying. So it's like, yeah, man, we got to because yeah, we we damn show and can't go up there. Yeah, you're one of the only elite boxers that can wrestle. Yeah. Has anybody ever come to you and said, Terrence, what do you think? Yeah, tippy toes in the MMA water. I don't get paid enough. But if you did, nope, nope, anybody about to be kicking me. Hey, look, we can wrestle. We can fight, but them kicks. Yeah, no, I don't care when nobody man, them kicks is dangerous but especially them kicks in a leg. Did you see when Muhammad Ali was? Yep. Doing that exhibition with that kickbox. No key. Yeah. Yeah. Well, Torium up. Tori Ali up. Yeah. Yeah. Now you know, you respect that sport. I respect it. I respect it. We can we can fight and wrestle all day. I mean, kicks and elbows. Have you ever trained with any of that stuff? You ever try to train Muay Thai or? No, nothing. I trained you just a little bit. Hell yeah. Yeah. But them kicks and elbows and dangerous. I'm dangerous and they sneak you too. Because when you're not when you're not used to getting kicked, you know, I mean you can think somebody about to punch you and they boom-boom and you block you don't block kicks like you block punches. Right. So you might be trying to parry something and there you go. Ali versus Inoki and Inoki was lying on his back. Which is even crazier and with shoes on. Yeah, turn turn Ali legs up man. Yeah, just kicking at his legs. It just nobody the way they fought was so crazy that he just dropped down to his back and was throwing kicks. He had no gloves on but I don't think I don't think he punched him. Oh, look at that leg lock. Look at that. Yeah, man. You got to be aware of everything. Very dangerous too. Very dangerous because your legs can get torn apart. Your knees man get ruined your toe. Yeah, kicking somebody your toe your fingers foot. Y'all go through a lot. Yeah, man. Man, y'all go through a lot. MMA dudes man. $5,000 just show up 5000 to win 5000 for best in the show. Yeah, right. Hey, you know, yeah. Well, that's the guys coming. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know what I was saying. That's how it is in UFC too. Yeah, I don't might get a little more money, but they be saying things like 20 20 million. I mean not 20 million 20,000. Yeah, 20,000 20,000 to 20,000. So they find their ass off to get that bonus. Yeah, it's true. But as I'll to get that ball. I don't like to win bonus. Yeah, I do not like that at all. Because first of all, there's bad decisions. Yeah, and when you have a bad decision and someone gets caught up like if a guy's making 50 and 50 and then there's a bad judge call and you lose $50,000. Yes, people are incompetent at their job happens all the time. So why don't why don't they just change it to a like boxing like a flat purse? They should I don't know. I'm not responsible. It's not my side of the game. It should just commentator change it to a flat purse. 100% like boxers man win lose draw. Yeah, we getting X amount. That's on that contract. Yeah, that's it. That's how it should be because it's not like anybody doesn't try to win. Yeah, because I think that they're gonna you know, get their money either way. They're gonna try to win and those be fine. Yeah, so man, they be busted up. I all the way out here teeth in a mouthpiece. Yeah, like man, I'm dudes like come on. And you talk about gladiator words. That's that's what they do. You watch a lot of UFC. Yeah. Yeah. I'll be watching. Who stands out for you? Who you who John Jones? Yeah, John bones Jones. That's my guy. I like Damn, man. I don't it'd be hard to say his name. He just he just beat to do that beat him. I have a Israel Israel. Yeah. Yeah. I like Israel. He's my Israel cool. That dude he beat that beat him and he just beat man. I do big do man. He's huge. Yeah, he did that guy got a lot of weight. Yeah, because he weighed in at 185 pounds and then he fought at 225. Yeah, he was 225 when he got into the ring. That's crazy. Then my guy that just beat so who to algebra. He's fine. I was just down there with him. I was when I was training was training twice together before that fight and after he was doing physical therapy. We was supposed to be playing basketball. So if you're watching out Joe, you still got to go in that court and with old boy now. Yeah, he's fighting this weekend against your home alley. That's a it's a big fight. Yeah. Yeah. Give or go to those live. Yeah, I went to a few of them lie. Yeah. Yeah. I went to feel I'm like I think I went to the last one. I went to was Amanda Newyas Amanda. She was fighting. I forgot her name, but two guys from Omaha drew Dobart. Okay, and he fought John Jones to he from Omaha. Guys name you put Omaha on the map. Yeah, you really did like people talk about Omaha now a lot Smith Anthony Smith. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Drew Dobart Anthony Smith was fighting on the same car. So I went there to support them in Amanda. I like Amanda seek to go. Yeah, she's amazing. She had to retire because her legs are so damaged. Yeah, kicking. She goes too much kicking ass like she got nerve damage on her legs. See, yeah, it's never gonna go away. Rob probably not. Yeah, so I mean you got to think you getting shins slammed into those nerves over and over again slammed into your calves. You have been calf kicked. No, don't kick me. We're not about to do none of that. Don't don't kick me. Listen, my legs is skinny. We're not about to do it. Hey, you kick me jump them. Do you think there's any boxers that would be in that would enter? I mean the only person that's elite that ever fought in the MMA realm was James Tony got choked up. He don't got no wrestling background. He didn't I don't think you even trained for it. I interviewed him before that fight. He was making up kick names. I think he traded. I think he just boxed. You know, he's hoping you catch him with a punch. Yeah, nah. First thing they gonna do is shoot first. They gonna fake faint the punch up top and then they gonna shoot. If you don't know how to sprawl Sir, right? Yeah, Sir. See wrestling man. I always say man. I'm a boxer but I can wrestle. If a wrestler grabbed you, I don't care what you know. I don't care who you is. It's over with if you don't know how to wrestle. Right. Over with. Yeah, I know you can do and nine times out of 10 street fight going to end up on the ground. Period. So if you don't knock him out before you grab you or in the mix of him trying to grab you. So yeah, so I hope you in shape. I will poke him and I bite him something but you know wrestlers they tough. Yeah, so you might bite him. They might be like bite harder. Put you in a chokehold and then it's over with. Wrestling is such a tough sport and there's no accolades. There's no Glory. There's no World Championship where you're making millions of dollars. It's just all for the the Glory of winning. That's all there is to it. Those are some of the toughest human beings alive. Yeah elite wrestlers like I want to talk about hard work. I've been been through some of them. Did you wrestle in high school? No, I wrestled in middle school. I stopped in middle school because your boxing career started taking off. I actually got kicked out of school. Really? Yeah, what happened? I was I was playing around with the kids me and my friends. We had the little keys. So we was going through the through the hallways and we're scratching each other neck with the keys. So like just say if you somebody right here in the middle of us and you don't see me and I go over here and I scratch you on the neck with the key and you just be like, ah, we just start dying. Like that was the thing to do back then like and his little soft self went to the nurse. He was like and then nurse accident what happened. He was just like, oh me and my friend Terrence was playing around and scratch me with the key and so they brought me to the office and expelled me because they said I was using the weapon. Wow. I got expelled for the half of the whole school year had to go to an alternative school. Wow. Yeah. It's crazy, but I was quitting wrestling anyway. Wrestling was tough man. I'm dudes is no, but I think there's something about your wrestling background that helps you in the clinch. Definitely. Definitely. I still always messing around wrestling that is day, you know, did I that wrestling gets you physically strong. It gets you, you know, me a foundation first and foremost. Everything comes from your foundation. So if you got a good base good foundation, it's gonna be hard to move for anybody. You know, that's why you know, you see those sumo wrestlers, you know, they foundation they base is just like, hmm, right and you can try your hardest to move them and they just sitting there and he's like, yeah, man, how I'm not able to move this dude and I'm pushing them. It's just got that base and that foundation. Yeah, there was a discussion. I forget what experts were talking about that, but they were factoring in your wrestling background and they were saying that there's something about Terrence when he's in the clinch that's different than other people is because your ability to manipulate bodies where you can move people around and then also what you do, I think better than anybody ever you land punches in tight spaces in tight spaces where you just find the chin, you know, you're so good at like those tight hooks, you know, and you're you're yeah, man. It's just it's so it's it's just very impressive to be able to pull that off on a guy like Garrel Spence. The way that's something that me and my coaches was working on shorting up your shots because if you're watching a few of my past fights kind of open up, I kind of throw my shots to why leave myself open. So that was something that was working on in camp and I always told the reporters and people that interview me it ain't about Spence. I don't got a changing thing up for Spence. I just got to make sure I'm prepared and I'm 110% ready for myself and all I got to do is be myself and then I believe I'll be anybody. Was there ever a time where you wondered or were you worried that you weren't going to get that big fight as you're like 35 years old yet become 36 30 and then you look you're in the position like Arthur better be of who's 19 and oh 19 knockouts. Everyone's fucking terrified of the guy can't get a big fight just can't get that big marquee fight. Definitely. I was like I said, I was in a process of thinking about retiring, you know, because I was just like man, not gonna get that Spence fight, you know, but it's worth a shot, you know to go back and try to see if we can land that fight, but I'm not about to get you know, I'm not about to just take anything just for the fight. Right, you know a lot of fans and a lot of people in the media they felt as if I should just take anything but they're not the one fighting. They're not the one that you know been doing this their whole life. So for them to tell me just take this or just take that, you know, given if I was to put them in the same predicament that I mean and all the accolades that I have what they do the same thing or what they just take whatever somebody just want to give them, you know, I had to stand for something to get to a point in my life where you know, I can get everything that I want. Mmm, you know, and I feel like me standing standing my ground and standing firm and true to myself and not switching up and not, you know, over overdoing it led me to this moment right here. One of the things that happens with some boxers is they leave a lot in the gym and sparring sessions and that they just spar too hard. They have too many hard sparring sessions. How often do you spar? I spar Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Some of them be hard. You know, I mean, that's just how it is. You can't you can't replace, you know, I would say like tech sparring and like soft sparring from, you know, a comparison to get ready for a fight because you fight how you spar, you spar how you fight and if I'm in there just doing this, huh, huh, huh, huh, catch, catch, huh, huh, then when the fight come and everything gets full blast, full speed, I'm not going to be able to keep up because I don't train that way. Right. I can hit the bag. I can hit the miss all that I want but nothing's coming back. Right. I'm not feeling that presence of a person pushing me hitting me holding me things like that. So sparring is very important and not saying that you have to, you know, go hard every single time you spar, but there got to be days where, you know, that fighter is trying to put it on you because now you're getting used to that. Now your body is getting in shape to withstand the rounds, the time, the, you know, the the grappling, the holding, the hitting, all that. So you need that. How do you judge when you're doing too much hard sparring? Your body will tell you. I'm a firm believer listening to my body, you know, so I've been doing this a long time. My coaches, they've been doing this just as long or longer, or bow mag longer. Well, we all started, you know, this journey on when I was 2008 when I turned pro. So they've been around me since I was a kid. So they know when my body is breaking down or when I'm complaining about something, Bo would be like, all right, well, we're going to do this today. We're going to do this today and I'll be like, man, what? He be like, we're going to do this today. I'm like, man, I don't want to do that, man. I want to work because as a fighter, I want to work hard every day, but it's up to your coaches to know when to pull back when to take days off. Oh, no, you ain't working out today. Huh? You ain't working out today. You've been working out hard, you know, today off or some days we were going in and he be like, we're going to do four-round sparring. Like what? Yeah, we're going to do four-round sparring. All right, I got it. So things like that. So it's just a trust and an understanding that your coaches know you as good or better than you know you. Definitely. Definitely. Yeah, you know, so they're going to tell me, you know, some days they're going to say, man, you ain't got no energy today. Did you eat? Some days I'll be like, no, I didn't eat before I can't, I could tell, you know, or you're moving kind of slow. You are, you know, so it's very important that you be honest with your coaches as well because a lot of people, you know, they tend to keep certain things away from them and then when when things go left, then the coaches is the blame when the coaches wasn't aware of everything that was going on with you. So if you got, you know, injuries or you're not feeling well or you know, something's not right or something's going on as a team, you got to let your team know because that's why they there and that's why they able to pick up on certain things like, you know, you're over training or you're not, you know, getting enough rest. What time you're going to sleep at night, you know, you need to put the phone down at this time and you know, just all that. Do you monitor your resting heart rate, your heart rate variability? Do you do any of that stuff? Yeah, I do all that, you know. In the mornings. So when I get up in the morning, we put it on my finger, then we monitor that and then it takes your blood, oxygen, oxygen level, your heart rate and all that stuff. And so from there, you can say, okay, I'm a little tired or there I'm a little overworked. Not really. Easier today. Not really, you know, sometimes you can, I go off of that, but you know, I just go off of how my body feel. You know, I just use that for just how much oxygen I'm taking in and the levels that I'm at. So once I start cutting weight, all right, this what I've been at this this this range. Once I start cutting weight, then I can compare the two. And how far out do you start cutting weight? I probably cut weight probably like two weeks, two to three weeks. And so that's just a decrease in calories. Yeah. Is there anything else that goes along with that as an increase in cardio or anything else? No, just everything is the same. It's just, you know, decreasing the amount of food intake. You know, we start cutting the food, probably like portions. Then, you know, we probably change up the times or the workouts. And then when you get down to the day of the weigh-ins, how much weight are you actually cutting? None. None. None. So when you weigh in, that's natural. Yeah, and like the day of the weigh-ins, I'm not cutting none. That's beautiful. I used to. I used to have to cut like five pounds in the morning of the weigh-ins. You know, did you feel that the next day? No, not really. Sometimes, but not really. But it's better than not. Yeah, because I always I just rest. Get rest in this. Most importantly, like I just sit in the bed all day, especially when I was at 135. I didn't do nothing. I was cutting weight, cutting weight, cutting weight, 140, cutting weight, cutting weight, you know, but yeah, like that shit tough. Like this last fight with Spencer was tough, you know, but I try to make weight, you know, at least the night before. So I could sleep in, sleep as long as possible to the weigh-ins and, you know, go from there. And what do you do for recovery? Do you have anything specific that you do for recovery? Massages, sauna, anything along those lines? I get massages. I don't use the sauna. No, no, I don't use the sauna. That's pretty much it. Just, you know, Norma Tech. Oh, those leg things. Yeah, those are great. Norma Tech, massage. I hate the cold planche. I did it for the first time in this camp. And man, I tell y'all, ooh, I was freezing. I always thought my balls was gonna be freezing, but my fucking fingers was cold. Fingers, toes. My toes wasn't cold. I was so cold. I couldn't even feel my feet. I was in there like this. I was trying to put my hands under my ormpits and I was just shaking like this. I was just like, I'm about to get out. It was like, they was motivating me and I was like, man, I can't, man, this is the hardest thing that I ever did because I'm anemic. So me and cold don't, you're anemic. Yeah, I got to take iron pills. Really? Yeah. Interesting. Is that before you stopped red bead always? Really? When I was little. Yeah, so I got to go from the cold and then they put me in the hot and then it felt like needles was shocking my body like needles going through. I'm like, dang, you know, I mean, I felt good. Then it was like, all right, you got to go back in the cold plunge for one minute. No, it was two minutes, two minutes. I was like, what? Like, come on. So I went up and then I was like, all right, get out. You done? I said, I don't go back in the hot. They was like, no. I was like, oh man, but I was I was I was cool that I did it. Yeah, that is something that, you know, I wouldn't do. And I did it for the first time and I felt like I accomplished something. How did you feel after you got out? I felt good. Yeah, I felt good. But the crazy part about that is two days after that, I had got a cold and I was like, I was messed up and I was like, man, was it was it because of that but found out that it was the air conditioner in the house. It was blowing right on my face. On my bed. I sleep with the cover over my head. I don't know why I've been doing that. Yeah, I've been doing that since I was a little kid. So we looked up and then and show enough I was like man and it was like on like 62. So it was freezing in the house. I was like, man, I turned off everything in the house. It was all hot. Everybody was trying to kept trying to turn the air back on like man turn that off. Like no and it's 120 in Vegas. I'm like, yeah. It's that turn it off. I was like man, I can't I ain't never experienced that ever in my life. I never got sick during fight week ever. Ever. So how so did you get I was I was sick for one day. I was like down. I was down but like. Yeah, how far from the fight was that a week? Oh shit. Big so I was down but I was like man that one day I was I was I was hurting but then you know my nutritionist. She gave me some vitamin C got I was my nutritionist my chef. He gave me a whole bunch of oranges and melons and grapefruit. Big old bowl. You ain't no me. This is what you eat all day. I was like what it was like. Yeah, trust me. I saw a lot ate the whole day next day. I felt better. I was like, oh, all right. We back to normal. Well, we wasn't all the way back to normal because my coach didn't let me work out but yeah, we was good. How many days did you have to take off from that cold? Just just one and a half. Oh, not that bad. Yeah. So that one day I didn't do nothing then the next day I didn't go to the gym. I didn't work out in the gym and then a day or so later. Yeah, you back in. Well, that's fortunate that would have sucked that that happened a couple days out. Yeah. Yeah, and then fuck up your weight cut too. Yeah. I would have to find a way. Isn't it crazy though when you think about all the things that have to come together so perfectly peaking in your conditioning peaking in your physical training your technical training everything's got to come together everything but when you when you when you done this for so long, you know, you know what you got to do to get there, you know, I think I peaked like twice during this camp. You know, I was working so hard. I was just like man. I wanted this so bad. It was like all right. We got to pull you back. Mmm. All right, and when they pull you back like for how long just a couple of days pull you back, you know, because you you looking too sharp in the in the gym you way you way above schedule. So we got to pull you back working too hard get you some rest. That's such a fascinating aspect of the training because it's just so on feel and knowing and just having an understanding of the of the athlete. Yeah, because you as the fighter you want to feel good. You want to look sharp. You want to you know, feel all those things but your coaches on on the outside. They're like, okay, we still got like three four weeks, you know, he's looking like this at this point in time when we want him like that to at the Intel in you know, so pull him back a little bit. It's just it's such a dance. It's just like a perfectly orchestrated dance. Yeah, everything has to line up. Have you ever had a fight where you peek too early? No, never. Not that I know of. I was saying. Well, listen Terrence. What you've done is amazing. It's as a person, excuse me, as a person who's a boxing fan. It's beautiful to say. I love watching. Like I said, I love excellence. I love when someone is just at the top, the very top of the game of the sport of everything and that's you right now man. So I hope you enjoy it. Congratulations. It's an honor to talk to you. Thank you. Thank you. My giant fan man. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Thanks. Tell everybody social media so they can hit you up. You can reach me on Twitter what I call it eggs now. I don't know whether that is at Terrence Crawford and then you can reach me on IG at T bug Crawford or Facebook Terrence Terrence Crawford.