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Mike Perry

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Mike Perry is a professional fighter currently competing in the middleweight division of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. www.bkfc.com/fighters/mike-perry:64342d0b-44b0-4f59-ac4f-7791d2824e66

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Q: What is the definitive proof that human beings have evolved from apes, and to this day, a lot of them carry and exhibit monkey like traits? A: Mike Perry.






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Yes, sir. What's happening? Good to see you, brother. Great to be here. You want some coffee? Drink coffee? Sure, yeah. Sure, I'll take some. All right. Dude, you have had a fascinating renaissance. Cheers, sir. Cheers, brother. How the fuck? This bare knuckle boxing thing has been fascinating to watch, man, because it's like someone designed the perfect sport for you. You know what I mean? Yes. I do. You are particularly well suited for that. I find it so fascinating, because there's a certain, and I really wanted to ask you about this, because there's a certain something that applies to bare knuckle fighting that just, it's like there's a pain and there's a danger and there's a wildness of it that even some very great fighters, they get to a certain, they're in there and they're like, I don't like this. All right. They're too used to gloves, they're too used to whatever they're used to. They don't want that experience once they find it, once they're in there, but you seem to thrive on it. You know, it's just a real fight to me, even though, I mean, I still go to the gym and I do MMA with the guys. I love boxing so much though. It's my forte. It's like what I'm good at, because I'm cool to take a punch, get hit. That's fine. I'm good to hit the land, a better one on you. In bare knuckle, I mean, there's a lot of opportunity to fight guys who, I mean, I did fight Julian Lane who had experience in it. He had nine fights in it when we fought, and then I fought two guys who hadn't done it yet. So you know. It's just like, let's talk about those two guys. Here's what Michael Venom page. That guy is super talented. I mean, he's extraordinary. When you watch him fight in MMA, and he's a guy that I kind of predicted one day, I was like the one skill that you don't see a lot of in MMA is this crazy blitz point fighting style, because those guys can cover crazy distances. Those are those really good point fighters, and he was a really good point fighter. He was the first guy that kind of showed how that style could apply in MMA. He's so elusive and so hard to hit. You just put it on him. It was different. It was boxing. Yeah. I mean, he beat a couple guys boxing. But it's, I mean, because he's good MMA. After I beat him, I thought maybe they'll try to make that fight happen in MMA now. I do feel like I would overpower him grappling wise. But his legs are very dangerous. I mean, that last guy, he fought, he kicked him in the leg and it was over. Yeah, he's very dangerous. The knockout of Cyborg was fucking crazy. Yeah. That was crazy. The poking ball. Yeah, it was crazy. He caved his forehead in. With his legs, that's what I'm saying. His legs are dangerous. It's interesting to me to want, you know, I'm hungry for fights. I want to fight all these motherfuckers. Well, I think with a guy like that, it's funny. I was watching Stylebender was on Andrew Schultz's podcast and they were talking about him boxing some days. Like boxing is too limited. It's too limited to fight. You think about a guy like him who applies this full wild range of things, especially with Michael Van Em Page, because he's so good at closing distance and kicking you and kneeing you. And that the timing of that knee, I mean, magnificent, right? Yeah. And when you take all that away and you only have these, it's a big difference. It's a gigantic difference. It's so interesting to me. But I have the same difference and I like it. I like it. It fits me. I mean, I did boxing. I had one pro boxing match. I'm still 0-1 as a professional boxer. But then I did that triller thing in the triangle and I fought Michael Seals, who was 27-3 in a mixed boxing match with a turtleback MMA gloves. And I won. I mean, I just put the pressure on him the whole time. What are turtleback MMA gloves? Turtleback are like the training MMA gloves. But it was like while Metallica was playing. Oh yeah, here it is. So they're like kind of big MMA gloves. He was 27-3 as a professional boxer. He drops me like once. They counted it once. He dropped me. Another time I got hit in the back of the head and the ref saw it and I went down a little bit, but I got right back up. So what is the biggest difference about bare knuckle for you? I've learned though. So like when I fought Julian Lane, his little head hurt my hands because a lot of the time with boxing gloves on, your hands are like open. You try to close it at the right time, but if you do that bare knuckle, because you know how if you're squeezing your fist, it's a little harder to move. You're kind of tense. But in bare knuckle, you have to learn how to move while you're tense and keep your hands close because with gloves, you can block a shot like this. But in bare knuckle, you got to be closed up tight and squeezing your fist so hard so that when you hit them in the head, you don't destroy your hand. Yeah, there's like three levels of vulnerability. And the level number one is like you would see a lot of the glory guys. They keep their hands in a shell like Alistair O'Farrie or you know like Badr Hari. Those guys would shell up. They shell up, but they have those big ass gloves. And you see that when they come to MMA, some of those shots sneak through. But then bare knuckle, it's another level of sneaking through. It's totally different. It's really interesting to watch a really good fighter like Luke Rockhold and you. And you know, Luke Rockhold is very skillful. He's a very skillful guy. And when you were putting it on him, I was like, this is a totally different thing. And you are like uniquely suited for this totally different thing. It's different than regular boxing, man. And remember when Pauli Malinagy fought Artem Lobov? Well, Pauli, I mean, he's a scrawny dude. And Lobov was just a little dog. He's a dog. Yeah. It was a good fight to be honest. But the jabbing and moving that Pauli did didn't work for him. And Luke, I don't know. You know, that's kind of what we were talking about. When you brought up Luke, we were talking about I was talking about the tight fists and like how bare knuckle is different. It's like I figured out how to utilize the bare knuckle. I mean, I knocked his teeth out. I hit him by the time I caught him. And then he was like, I'm not trying to get hit like that again. It was a matter of time. The gap was closing. It takes a second. He hit me too. And I told him, I bet it. I haven't talked to him about it or asked him because I don't. I mean, you know, he lost or whatever. So I don't talk to losers. I try to do what winners do, man. I try to think about winners. But when I hit him with that shot and he didn't want to get hit again, he had hit me. I got a little nod on my face right there. But I took it and I bet it hurt him. I bet it hurt his hand. I told him before the fight, you're going to punch me in the head. It's going to be the hardest thing you ever hit. And then I'm going to headbutt you in your hands and I'm going to punch you in your face. And you're going to quit. And that's what he did. Wow. Yeah, it's good stuff, man. It's a different thing, man. It's a different thing. I think I can do it in any gloves, though. In any sport. I could fight in the UFC. I have a mindset and I fight with these guys. I do MMA. I see your belt on the wall in there when I went and did the cold plunge. It's like a red belt or a black belt with red stripes. That's John Jock's belt. That's not your belt? No, no. John Jock Machado. When he got his coral belt, he gave some of them out to some of his students. Man, dudes like that, you know, coral belt stuff. I'm going to chase back my black belt. I'm a purple belt for a stripe for years now. Could have been had my brown belt. I got great jujitsu. I train with some of the best jujitsu practitioners. I just choose to sprawl and brawl. I like to punch people. I think it's the best off button. I enjoy it and it's exciting. And it's entertainment business, right? So, you know, fucking lost my. There's something to be said for that, for sure. I mean, look, people love to watch you fight. Thank you. Yeah, I appreciate it. I was always a giant fan. That's all my point was. Yeah, you have wild fights. I will fight anyone anywhere. I would love to please give me opportunities. I want to show and be. I want to be a fucking coral belt in my own right, in my own way. And people know when Mike Perry walks down the street, it's like that's what the baddest motherfucker that ever lived, dude. Mike Perry, they're going to talk about me. Just like they did Mike Tyson. I feel like Mike Tyson. I feel different. I'm better. What changed in you? Like, how did you come into your own? Because you were always a really good fighter. But it seems like over the last few years, you're on a completely different level. I have a family. I love them so much. And, you know, I'm a human. I fuck up. I make mistakes and shit. But, you know, I know I don't give up. I keep going and I push and I took, you know, David Goggins type shit. You know, it's like I stopped making fucking excuses and fucking was like, you know, I'm hurt all the time. I'm always fucking hurt. I don't care. I'm like, all right, fuck it. I got to wake up every day and feel this shit. You can't fucking hurt me because I'm in enough pain. I take anything you got and give it back. That's fighting. And I do it for, you know, I do it for fighting. I love fighting. Like, that's my shit. That's even though it hurts. Fuck my face up. I've hate. It's a love hate relationship. My family can hurt my feelings too. So it's all emotional feelings. And if you tell yourself just who cares, like just no one cares about your problems or anything. So just handle your business. When did you get into fighting? When did you get into martial arts? I feel like, to be honest, I feel like it was September 15, 1991, the day I was born. But 11 years old, I was on YouTube doing videos, watching Mike Tyson, Roy Jones Jr., going to school, bringing gloves or fighting kids on the block in the grass, you know, with gloves on, busting kids up. Older kids, kids my age, it doesn't matter. It's just always been a fun game. I played all sports, basketball, rode my bike 20 miles all over the streets. Times have changed. Kids ain't out there like that no more. I don't know. I'm surprised I didn't get kidnapped. I probably would have stabbed the guy trying to do it though. How many fights did you get in as a kid? Oh, man. I remember my dad always saying, I'm 100 and all on these streets. I fought 200 times or something. I'm like, no, you didn't. I do. Other than the streets, I mean, just my whole life, you know, I spar every week. Sometimes two or three or four times, sometimes every day. And are you doing MMA sparring because you want to compete in MMA again? Are you doing it because you love it? I want to fight people and I want to be better than them. And in MMA too. Yeah, it's like I've had so much success with this bare knuckle box and it's like, give me a challenge. What do you think about bare knuckle MMA? Because I know I believe Jorge Masvidal's organization does that, right? Isn't that is that true? Yeah, they do. I think Jorge is a bare knuckle MMA thing. What do you think about it? Because like, why do we protect the knuckles of the hands when you don't protect all these other weapons? You don't protect elbows. You don't protect knees or shins, which are harder. It's kind of crazy that the one thing that's padded is the one thing you're kind of padding it because it's vulnerable. Well, you figured out a way to fight really at your best without that. I feel like I don't I don't want to use the glove as an excuse either, though, because I feel like in ways you can punch harder with the glove. You can throw a bigger shot with the glove. No, for sure. No, no argument at all. It's definitely protects your hands and it's definitely safer for the fighter. But is it is it realistic? Like, why is this one thing encased? Why are your hands boxing has been around for hundreds of years? And that's what we did. I know. Because it seems barbaric. It seems barbaric to be able to hit someone with bare knuckle. But it's really that's but that's the real thing. That's the that's real. Right. Right. The knuckle thing is like this agreed upon padding. I mean, I'm looking into the the business of bare knuckle. I want to do like a sandshawl with a karate combat, five second ground and pound, a bare knuckle, allow elbows like, you know, PFL doesn't allow elbows. So that's weird. I want to you know, why would you make us a sport where you utilize your whole body and then you're going to cut off one of the biggest weapons? I've knocked people out with the elbows. Yeah. What do you think of left way? They're using head butts and elbows. Is that a is that a name of a it's a style of fight. It's like Muay Thai, but with like head butts. Oh, wow. You never seen a dude. I've been told or, you know, head butts are kind of like, um, we don't go that far. Yeah, he's amazing. This this cat who's the king of left way is this wild dude. He does head butts in combination. Let the way is the sport. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, it's basically like like a more brutal version of Muay Thai where they allow head butts. Okay, they do it in Myanmar. And this dude is actually from Canada. I've seen him before. This guy fucks everybody up. He had butts the shit out of people. He fucks everybody. I don't fight him. He's a killer. That'd be a wild fight. That'd be great. Yeah, but this is the thing. It's like it's all bare knuckle, but head butts. You're allowed to do a lot of shit. You hit like it looks like you can't hit the guy when he's down. But you can throw elbows and head butts in combination and everything's bare knuckle. Yeah, like I was saying, I want to challenge because I mean, the bare knuckle is still challenging, but I made it so easy last time Luke Rocko didn't have a chance. And it seemed like I could have beaten him in MMA. Do you think that do you think there's ever a I mean, it could ever be possible that even boxing would go to no gloves. Like if people just decide that like, they're no more because there's this there's this. What do you call it deep down into boxing like it has its own soul. And that's why it's been around for 200 years and or more and you know, it's like when you had speaking of boxing, T bud versus Spence. Yeah, I mean coming up. Amazing. What a fight. Yeah, I get goosebumps just thinking. Yeah, one everything about it. Spence is Spence the same since the car accident, even though he's had fights. I've seen him, you know, not paying attention in a fight with August. August was hitting them because he just was like, looking around in the ring. And then and these guys, you know, T but 39 and oh, yeah, that's insane. Same. So and he's a dog. He's a dog and he's the best switch hitter since Hagler. They're gonna fight. That dude can fight so well. And they hit so hard with the gloves and their technique is so tight. They can't they can't take their gloves off the fight be over. That's the problem. These 12 round fights. These guys go at it for all 12. And, you know, yeah, it's a different thing. It's just a totally different thing. I guess you got to want to knock out or a technique, you know, whichever one the fans want the most if they like their knuckle. I mean, they do. It's just so different. There's just so much you could never get away with. It's exciting and it's fast paced and everything is like pushes like we go for it. So people enjoy watching it more than you know, you're always at the fights live. UFC the best fights in the world, though. It's got to be amazing. It's amazing. Yeah, you get the feel of everything the crowd. Oh, there's nothing like moments. I know it's great. There's nothing like being in the room when it's happening. Shout out Philly Fresh. He fight in Jacksonville UFC event in Jacksonville, Florida on the 24th. So in 10 days, who is he fighting? Is he fight? It's a good. It's a good fucking fight. Neil Magni. They look they're the same, you know, that's a good. Just comparison. It's not racist like, you know, all the jokes in the comedy club. They're both long. Crazy. Not from you. Some of your other comics was hilarious. Yeah, funny dudes. Um, they're both like Neil Magni is a crazy gas tank. Crazy gas tank. You know, I mean, he's he's proven. Neil Magni has proven by beating people that you didn't expect him to be. And he shows up in battles. I mean, I'm obviously I'm rooting for my friend. Yeah, he's got great jujitsu. Phil's on the rise to me. And he is on the rise. And his mindset has been this focused mindset for the past couple of years. He really, you know, we both kind of made a turn and a change. He's got a couple of babies now. You know, we're growing up in this sport. We've been doing this shit for honestly, I'm 31. I've been doing this shit for 20 years. Do you think that bare knuckle like that there's less of a less of a length of your career if you do bare knuckle? Is it more likely that you could get injured, like you could hurt your hands? Or do you think that you could have the same length of career, bare knuckle as you can in like regular MMA? I feel like I'm going to fight every day of my life forever for the rest of the time that I'm here on this earth because that is what I do. That is what I was put here to do. And it doesn't matter what you do for a living. You're fighting for something. Everyone's fighting. You know, I fight to get out of bed in the morning because my neck hurts. So, you know, and I'm going to keep fucking doing it every day forever until, you know, God bless my friend, Michael Moomerstad and his family. He passed away. He's a great man. He's got three boys he left behind. I did a GoFundMe for the family. His wife got that and, you know, boxing, you know, I did it to him. And you don't know what's because he was so good. He was such a great. He was a black belt. He's an MMA fighter, a cop, a SWAT member, and then just working out one day in boxing and his brain is bleeding. And it's insane. So it's like, you know, I got to go 100% now. Yeah. Because you never know. And I've been in wars, you know what I mean? I thought after that, but it's like, I can't give up because I have the opportunity to I'm making money. I'm making money now. It's crazy the money I'm making. So, you know, I'm I know, but your money, you don't care about that stuff. You're like, I mean, this this place, this facility, all the stuff you got, all the toys and gadgets, and it's crazy. It's not even toys and gadgets. It's samurai armor from 15 million years ago, the first samurai ever. And I got a dinosaur bone today. We had a bison skull coming to him. And same reason that cool. Mike Tyson jacket like that's Gordon Ryan's Abu Dhabi belt. Gordon Ryan's great jujitsu guy, man. He's done well. Yeah. You know, I got to do. I kind of called him out on something. And, you know, he competes against, you know, jujitsu. Those guys will compete against anyone. So it's like I would probably lose, but we were going to do like a slap jitsu. Slap jitsu. Oh, shit. Oh, yeah. Let's do slaps. That's different. That is different. That adds a whole nother element. Probably break my foot and I'll have to. Yeah, you don't want to. He can play. Can he play with me though? I'm such a grown man. Like, I mean, like. That's a great way to put it. I'll say anyone. It's not a fight. It's the rules. It's how they lay the rules out for you. Bear Knuckle is my rule set for sure. Here's the thing about slapping. This is the reality. If you go back and watch Boss Rutan in the pancreas days, Boss Rutan was the first guy to figure it out. You're calling it a slap, but Boss Rutan is pulling his hands way back and he's palming you and he can actually hit you and not even worry about hurting his hands. So he can kind of hit you harder in a lot of ways. Right. No, slaps hurt. You're not allowed to slap in Bear Knuckle. Isn't that fucked up? That's crazy. I slapped Julian Lane a couple of times and ref was like, I'm like, damn, bro. I can't even close my hand. It's like the fifth round. I couldn't even close my shit. I slapped him. The Boss Rutan was fucking through. Yeah, dude. See how he's, look how far he's pulling his hand back. Boss is great. Oh my God. He was an animal, but he was figuring out how to really fuck people up with palm strikes. So it wasn't as simple as slapping is safer or something like that. I think that was one of the reasons why they, used to be able to do it in California at one point in time. You were able to do pancreas so that you could slap, but you had to have an open hand. There was a lot of those weird rules back then, but Boss figured out. So combat jiu-jitsu with just slapping, if it's getting to the ground, you could hit somebody pretty fucking hard with the palm of your hand if you're in the top position. But you have to be grappling already. You can't, it's not just slap boxing. Right, you can't just slap from the beginning, which is kind of weird too. Yeah, yeah. It's kind of weird too. Let me. They should let me. Gordon Ryan would let me. I can, I'm a slap box his ass. Yeah. It's uh... Try not to let him get a hold of me. Man, I brought you some gifts. Oh, did you? I did. If I could get that out of the way here. Nothing special, man. Nothing crazy because you're Joe Rogan. I don't know. I tried to bring you something though. Thank you very much. I don't give people gifts. Well, I appreciate it, man. Let's see, man. I'm glad you came in here because I've really been appreciating your fights. I really have. And especially the the bare knuckle once recently. I'm like, God damn. Get them any attention. Damn it. What do you got in there, dude? Everything. Everything, dude. I got so much stuff in here. You can just give it to me later if you want. All right. Here we go. Does your contract with the bare knuckle, do they let you do other kind of fights? Yes, they'll let me box. They let other guys go back to MMA and stuff. So it's like, you know, I'm in the fight business. I'm gonna I'm a hired, you know, assassin, I guess. I'm a hit man. I brought you the shorts that I fought Paul Felder in. Oh, wow. They're a little beat up, but thank you. Thank you very much, man. That's awesome. Of course. They're clean. Thank you very much. That's fun. I also have a coaster from when I fought Lou Rockhold. All right. It's got all of us on there. These are from Wuhan, China. When when COVID happened, I've had these air fresheners for a while. So I got like a couple designs. I got you a few. It's like a PMP and my little character. Oh, nice. And so I got those air fresheners. I love it. Sorry, dude. I'm putting all this stuff on the table and I got you save the best for last. Birthday cake chocolate bar from Colorado. Oh, thank you very much. Yes, sir. Thank you very much, my pleasure. It was very kind of you. Thank you for having me on the show, bro. And I wish you would have told me about your show, but like God just works, man, because we just went for a walk. I asked my girl, I said, where do we go in Austin? She knows Texas. I don't. And she's like sixth Street. So we start fucking walking and we're like, oh, it's just comedy store right here, man. Everybody's in line. What's going on? We get in line. We're the lady. If you're here for Joe Rogan, you know, this line seven o'clock, I'm like, let's go. Let's go. And you guys hooked us up anyways and got us in there and we were sitting up top, man. It's a great show. You guys are geniuses. The way you talk and weave through a conversation. I don't know where you're going and then boom, a punch line hits. It's hilarious. Thanks, man. I'm glad you had a good time. So smart. It's a fun place. I didn't know you were coming to town yesterday. I would have invited you. I wasn't sure if you're coming. Oh, okay. Sometimes people come in the day of. I wasn't sure if you had set it up by my managers. Do it for me. Thank God. Well, I'm glad you can first round management Abe. I'm glad you can. Yeah, that place is wild. It's like that whole street is wild. Six streets. It's crazy. Like on Saturday night, we're looking through the window. It's like a zombie movie. All these people walking down the streets because it's closed. A little bit like LA. Well, parts of it are. I didn't expect that. There's more tents lately, I've noticed. Like they clean them up and then they come back again. For a while, they had housed a lot of people. It's not as bad though. I guess LA has spots that, you know. LA is crazy. LA doesn't make sense. Isn't that wild? And that's the most expensive place to live in the United States, really. I mean, New York and LA and they can get, you know, them projects get. The thing about cities like that is once they slide, it's really hard to bring them back because they're like battleships, you know, and they're moved in a bad direction. When you get overrun by homelessness and crime, people just start moving out. And we have this, I think, a distorted idea that the way things like, if something's great, it's going to stay great. If something's a thing that's valuable, it's going to stay value. People are going to get to a point where you're living in a place like that where there's tents everywhere. I got to get the fuck out of here. Then everybody gets the fuck out of there, except for the people in the tents. They're going to take it over. I mean, it's the whole thing is nuts. You're not even allowed to litter. You can't litter, right? So how can you leave all your shit in a tent on the sidewalk? What is that? Piles of trash. The whole thing is crazy. It's like you can't just camp places. You got to fit. There's got to be a better solution than just letting people camp places. And I don't know what Austin did for a while, though. They housed people. They put them in hotels or something because they cleaned up a giant part of it. I know there's a bunch of programs to try to teach them trades. And there's these housing options that some of the philanthropists out here have set up where they're trying to reintroduce some of these people back to the community. It's difficult. But they did something, and then it seems like it's kind of sliding back again. But it's all over the country now, which you never saw before. When you were a kid, do you remember seeing people just camped out? I lived in Flint, and I don't remember seeing a bunch of homeless people. Flint is supposed to be a rough town in the hood, but it's, I don't know, 20 years ago, life was different. Don't they say there's like 100,000 homeless people in LA? Isn't it something crazy like that? That's insane. That's crazy. That's like the population of Boulder, Colorado. Just homeless people. How do people pull up, though? Cubans pull up to Miami on these boats? The official count, 69 miles. They got a piece of wood, and they oared 90 miles in this boat with like 17 family members, and they pull up on the beach, and they go start their life. Yeah, but you know why? Because they're escaping communism. Right. No, I mean, props. Absolutely. But I'm saying these folks, they're not escaping communism. Most of them are mentally ill. When you're good at homeless people, most of those people are mentally ill, or a severe drug addict. Because they're on drugs. Yeah. They're on drugs and they're mentally ill, or both, or because of. But that's a lot of it. And so like in San Francisco, that's the big criticism that there's a guy named Michael Schellenberger, and he wrote a book called San Francisco describing what happens when progressives ruin cities, like they're ruining San Francisco. And he was saying that it just gets to a point where it's just... What's going on is too nuts. You're allowing these people to have these open air drug dens. It's a choice though. And you're paying them money to stay there. They're paying them money. They're paying money. They give them money. They interviewed these guys that were camped out, and they're saying one of the good things about being a homeless person in San Francisco is they give you money. Giving a certain amount of money. Yeah. Giving a certain amount of money every month. And so there's no incentive to ever leave. Bringing it on themselves, but you gotta want more in life. You gotta see cool shit and be like, I fucking wanna put those... It's hard to be organized. That's my biggest problem, why I'm not so rich, I think. I gotta organize my shit, man. I keep a bunch of momentos, and I start hoarding shit. I'm like, damn, man, we're moving right now. I'm trying to buy this house. I'm supposed to close on a beautiful home, but we need a new appraisal. We got one, and they're getting another one. They pushed the day, but I'm hoping we can get in here, because I got the money for it, so let me in. But, I forgot my appointment again, man. We should spark that back up. Maybe I'll remember. Refire up the engines. What were you saying? I don't know. I keep looking at that alien, or that spaceship, beaming up that person. I think about all that alien shit, Mike Perry. Oh, it's all popping right now. Yeah, it is. What are they trying to hide? Just putting all this information out there. That's fake. It's bullshit. Thank you. It's like... Thank you. What are they trying to hide? Here's the thing. I'm so greedy. CGI shit, bro. There's fake shit. I don't know. I don't know what's fake and what's not fake, but I do know that it just seems weird that all this is coming at you. Aliens are my cousin, though. I fuck with the aliens. If they come here, if they want to start some shit, I'll punch one of them in the face. But they better know how to act and then coming up in my backyard. The planet is ours, so we got to have each other's back. If they really here, they ain't here. They could probably destroy us if they could come here. Yeah. Did you see that thing in Vegas? This family said that a UFO landed in their backyard, and an eight to 10 foot tall alien came out. Have we talked about this yet? No, I mean, not on here. No, here. Have you seen him, Mike Perry? I don't believe it. Have you seen it? It's so it seems so dumb. First of all, why didn't they film it? They filmed all this other shit. Why didn't they film that? They tried. Did they try? I mean, I could play their side of the story. What do you think? What do you think? I'm just being skeptical. I saw this little like Spanish kid was talking about on Instagram. They were like making a video. I saw it. We saw it. Yeah. It was really it's like, yeah, I look like paid actors. Well, they there's here's a thing. Investigative reporter George Knapp tried to interview the on several occasions, and they made appointments to have him interview them. And when he went there, they wouldn't answer the door. So I don't know. Maybe they're nervous about all the attention. I don't know. I don't know. No, that seems real. They don't want the attention. They're like, we're not answering the door. That's possible. What normal people don't want the attention. That's true. He said they're like nine feet ten here. That's you got the wrong thing. Yeah. Hold on. Hold on. What is the podcast is still put on Spotify. Oh, yeah, that's it. Whoops. Camera footage. I have butterflies, bro. I've only thought of shooting stars and these people say there's aliens in their backyard. So when that 911 call came in, less than an hour later, police were ready to believe it. It was like a big creature. A big creature. Yeah, like a long ten feet tall. Because I'm not going to be asking you guys. One of my partners said they saw something fall out of the sky, too. So that's why I'm kind of curious. Did you see anything land in your backyard? Or but after a brief investigation of the yard, officers closed the case. It's a whole video about nothing. Really. These come back. Don't call us. All right. Deal with it yourself. I ain't dealing with that. Former intelligence officer. Funny. If I was an alien, those exactly the kind of people that I would talk to. Oh, is that the spaceship? This is a CGI thing. Oh, yeah. Why do you have CGI? I don't know why they would do that. Why are you telling me what I should see? Yeah, I don't know, man. I think for sure it's possible that alien life exists and is visiting. For sure it's possible. But also, it just seems real weird that they're so forthcoming with information and all these whistle blowers and everything. Part of me is going like. Do you think aliens get sex changes? Yeah, I think they gave up on sex totally. If you look at like what. Mental sex, like telekinesis. And they're like, oh. If you look at what those grays look like, they have giant heads. They have spindly bodies and no gender. They have like, they're genderless. They probably don't reproduce with sex anymore. They probably reproduce through technology. You know, and they probably all look exactly the same. So they're equal in some weird way. We're living in the matrix. Yeah. So we're asleep right now. If you can imagine being a human being, right? You imagine being a person. You can imagine being another life form that eventually gets to a place and evolves either through technology or what to what those things are. Right. We all adapt in evolution. Yeah. Yeah, right. So like. We're not going to stop wherever we are now. We're going to keep going. Yeah, I'm going to grow wings and fly. I don't know. That would be cool. Yeah. Do you think that that I mean, that's what I've thought many times when I see that classic gray alien with the big head, the big black eyes. I always think maybe that's what we are in the future. Maybe that's us. Maybe that's what we're saying. I was just thinking about that metal statue you have out there. The wolf. Fucking the gorilla. Oh, you know what that's from? That was a dream that I had. I had this crazy dream. Somebody make a dream. That's cool. I had this crazy dream that this werewolf was fucking a gorilla. Did you draw a picture? No, I was just saying like, I was just having a conversation with a friend and I was saying, what the fuck is dreams? Like, why are dreams so fucked up? And I had this dream that I was like sneaking around, like trying like the outside of the wall, hoping they wouldn't notice me while werewolves was fucking a gorilla. Like it made no sense. That's in. So some dude made a sculpture of it and sent it to me. I feel like I don't dream, man. You don't dream at all? I feel like I don't. I don't really have any memories of dreams. There it is. It's pretty dope. But I'd be like living the dream. What a crazy. I try to. This is my brain. You smoke a lot of weed though, right? Not as much as I used to. I think that for me, when I stop, whenever I take breaks, my dreams become way more vivid. Right. Sometimes. But then sometimes I'm like, I've been smoking and then I do have a dream, but like, I don't remember it later. I mean, I've told my girl a couple of times about, oh, I had a dream last night. She always dreams that, you know, being bad or cheating. I'm like, is it why are you dreaming like that? I'm I'll be here at the house or I go work out in the gym. That's what I do. So, you know, the weird the weirdest things about dreams is that right when you wake up, they're so vivid. But then a few minutes later, you can't remember what the fuck it was like. It was so interesting to you when you wake up. Wow, that dream was crazy. I feel like dreams piss me off. That's why I choose to like deny them sometimes. It's just the denial. They piss me off because I'm like, I can't do nothing. I can't cry. I can't punch you in your face or in a dream. Yeah. Yeah. But in real life, I can control everything. I've had I've had one where I can't run away. Like you can't run. Something's chasing after and your legs aren't working. Right. Are you like in the wall that's thinking I don't know. Yeah. I got to make a statue of one of my dreams. A statue like that. Yeah. I got to do it. Yeah. I wonder how much dreams are of reflection of like whatever whatever whatever is in our genetics like what if there's genetic memory. I wonder if like some some dreams or like some genetic memory from the past. We all remember when you were on fear factor and made people eat no penises and we all remember that. Yeah. It's like that's a memory that is in humankind's genetics. We're living it right now. We're all oppressed. But I'm wondering like I wonder how much of like fears and dreams. Like I've had a bunch of dreams about being chased by wolves. A bunch. And I've always wondered what that is. I don't run from wolves. You don't run? I feel like I would give him a hug. Come here baby. Come here baby. I'll wrestle that motherfucker to the ground. I'll grab a fucking wolf and bite his ass shit. Either. Be like boy I run this shit stop. Wow. I have a German Shepherd. He's a baby though. It's a big difference between the end of wolf. Yeah for sure. Whatever. You talk about a dog killing a bunch of jackals. I'll get a dog. I'm human. We on top of the food chain. Fuck the aliens. I'm trying to eat some aliens. I'm trying to eat some aliens. I want to try that shit. Is that cannibalism? It's due to cooking agents. No. No not checking. Eating an alien? I don't think so. It's probably frowned upon. There was this movie. You can be like octopus. This movie called Moment of Contact. And there's a UFO crashed in Virginia, Brazil in 1996. And this cop had carried one of the bodies like the injured alien. And they put it in the back of the car and they drove it to the hospital. And then they took it to another hospital. It's all documented. It's crazy. The cop who was carrying the alien died of a horrific bacterial infection that they couldn't cure him of. Antibiotics didn't worry me. He was a young guy who's dead within like a couple of weeks. They don't know what the fuck it was. Doctors had never seen anything like it. Doctors are crazy. Imagine if he's telling the truth. Imagine there really is a little alien spacecraft that crashed. And he picked up a body and tried to carry it to the hospital. This being. And imagine them bringing a fucking alien into a hospital. Like hey look what we got there. They do. We are aliens. Oh okay. We are we ain't. That's what I said. Is it cannibalism if I even know. Because they're different species of us. Whatever we are. Right. We're just a germ. You remember Powerpuff Girls and they had the germ dudes and then the green dudes. No don't remember. Yeah that's how you were already grown up when I was watching Powerpuff. I'm still kind of young so I can fight for a little while. Yeah you're only 31. Yeah man. But how old were you when you had your first UFC fight? Twenty four. Twenty four. And how much formal training like when did you start like formally MMA training. Like training MMA in a gym and. Hmm. Fifteen years ago. I did it as a kid. Right. My dad talks about it. He did a couple kickboxing matches. Like one or two. I don't know. But he fought in the streets and stuff I guess. So my dad was a wild dude. I mean he had bought bags. He was a naval guy. He was a Navy guy. And I would use some of his boxing equipment at a young age. So you know I've always been punching. And but formal training I mean I trained myself for a long time. YouTube like I said. But I got with Julian Williams and I met this Central Florida group of mixed martial artists have been around for you know it feels like 15 years. I've been knowing them so since I was in my teens. Formal training. And did you go through like an amateur MMA program. Those are the amateur fights. Yes. Yes. I had like 20 amateur fights but I guess it was like a scattered version. There are things that are more organized and put together that I mean like the boxing. Like the little kids that do boxing all over the country they're fighting every week there. You know they get how many fights before they go pro 105 200 fights Lomachenko 300 fights. Before they go pro these kids and their parents. I see that now because the boxing gym I work at technique boxing you know I get to be around that type of whatever that is that that's that deep down that the soul of it. It's about the kids and they they become great boxers over the years of doing it. And you know I've I've done it too but we were like one of the first I mean then no fighting was already around in the 80s. And then there's boxing obviously Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali obviously those are big fights. But you know now there's more formal kids and like the karate combat dudes they are they've been raised well by their parents you know what I mean like they have manners and and they they have technique in karate which is it's different if you look at all the techniques like Muay Thai is like a dog fight but there is technique boxing has it and when I say technique it's like positions of your body. That's that's how you generate force and you know physically control whatever is happening and fighting I mean that's what that's what we're talking about is how do you fight. How? Shit why? You know I wish I could bring something else to the world it means more but then you know the world does piss me off sometimes so I'm like hey I get to punch somebody for this but you know thank god but you know how can I be an addition to society and make a difference and build something and think about something and be smart and fuck man being smarter is harder bro it's fucking hard out here. What do you what about maybe have you thought about starting a gym? Yeah yeah I mean I want to do a fight thing a business company a fight business company like a promotion company yeah yeah I mean there's a lot of ways a guy's like a guy like you who you know there's a lot of guys that can relate to people like you there's a lot of guys that you know they want to fight too there's a lot of angry men and they want to relate to a guy who's figured out a way to positively channel that. It is really positive but then it becomes funny it's like I feel like I understand fighting to the point where it's like I see I'm having trouble seeing the point of fighting. It seems like a joke I mean it's a fun sport and but there comes a time I think when it becomes you know that's the question am I gonna put it ahead of me and make it more important than my own self I mean I feel like I'm not getting hurt to be honest but I do I do take some hits in training you know that shit add up I've been taking punches for 20 years it just feels like you know um it doesn't hurt until later it hurts later and then um you know so I don't know man have you given thought to doing something else have you given thought like what are you going to do when you're done with this? No I feel like I just I was going to construction just being old man construction and start fixing shit man pick up some tools old school get get me I gotta get a hot rod again man I fucked around with a few hot rods I'm like man I just gotta gotta get another one and make it nice and um you know but I be driving the family around now so I'm everything's on hold I think I just really just have faith in God and I try to do what's right and be good and um you know as long as I support those around me the women and children I'll be good to go. So um how did this uh bare knuckle thing come about like what what did you just want to test the waters over there was it something just a lucrative offer like what made you go over there? Oh yeah big money it was big to me it was definitely big it was big fights um but you know there wasn't a ton of people at the arena when I fought MVP but everybody did see it yeah so you know but well I think after this Rockhold fight it's changed people's uh appreciation for first of all how difficult it is like when you see Rockhold's jaw fucked up with his teeth fucked up and you you know you see that you've been beating guys like him and Michael Venom Page and it's like this is these are like very high level guys and you're you're doing it in this sport that's like man this is a it's a completely different thing to me at least it's like what you're the way you're describing completely makes sense about how you have to be tight all the time but still move well um check this out uh Michael Venom Page or or Miss Fitz you know Miss Fitz boxing yes uh the what's his damn name that English kid over there that runs Miss Fitz boxing it's like most valuable promotions with Jake Paul KSI KSI has Miss Fitz boxing that's his okay and we would talking with my people about a possible uh tournament style one night three fights boxing with gloves or if it would it be kickboxing with gloves i don't know what it was right but um and we me and MVP start on different sides of the bracket and we fight three three minute rounds each time meaning so the first two me and MVP should win the fights and then we're fighting again in the finals for rounds uh seven eight and nine uh we would be fighting each other so it'd be three opponents three fights in one night it would pay a bunch of money per fight wow i think that sounded kind of cool i would love you know i would definitely give MVP another shot this is an event they have announced they have a tag team event going on in a survivor tag match too i wonder how that works tag team yeah like uh kimbo slice juniors on here i see rob on jr this is crazy i have no idea how it's going based off of that how are they gonna do that in the watch tag team yeah huh oh my god it's gonna be wild well it just kind of makes sense right people are always trying to push the boundaries people are always trying to like okay is that hardcore enough what about if we have a bunch of dudes fighting like you've seen those russian videos where they have like teams of dudes teams of dudes meet on a field and just start beating the fuck out of each other oh yeah like 200 600 200 odd let's go i want to try that shit though see that's you know where is that group of fighting people man that's wild i think it was in russia was that where it was i think there was ireland too man gypsies car fights fighting in a phone booth russians are just different man they're just different that's a well put together um american is fucking up there though we're oh for sure for sure but it's we're not having groups of 200 people meet groups of 200 people and just running into each other on a football field and beating the fuck out of each other come on let's go america let's do the american team versus that big russian team man let's see what happens 200 on 200 bro that would be scary what is this team fighting championship oh god which is sort of what yeah it's not the giant field one but this is this is colin versus sweden oh my god this is insane jesus christ i went to russia and they tried to you know they tried to fight me at a press conference oh my god where did you go to russia for uh my friend was fighting fucker he fucking got beat up by this big russian guy he fights giants man he just fought um you know it's not you know uh he just fought what's that dude's name in the ufc who um johnny uh the 205er light heavyweight well johnny walker johnny walker yeah and uh his brother he has a brother that's 12 and 0 or 11 and 0 now because he beat alex but he's like 260 pounds i think and alex is like 220 220 or 225 and he fights he's heavyweights he had a good battle with him he didn't win that one but um johnny walker is an interesting guy that dude has crazy power look at that yeah look at that that's him damn good for him man he had a good fight my boy very interesting 11 you know and oh um johnny walker kid he generates power for some crazy ways like um when he's fighting paul craig and paul craig grabbed a hold of his leg and he's kaoing him while he's like hopping around on one leg jamaal hill bro yeah that time that he got hit in the forehead like that and he put down he um jamaal is cool bro he from he from uh he just like fights man he just get in there he's he's got he's got amazing timing too yeah his timing he's long he's long and it's just strong though yeah long and strong and you know just like when he fought glover i was like god man jamaal's like you know and he's coming into his own too there's a thing that happens to a guy like when he hits that championship level where they're just coming in their own then they start to really shine and that's where he's at like that guy's got crazy power he's a fun dude too boom i mean that's wow man sorry johnny it's crazy because let's go jamaal he's from grand blank that's where he lives i was talking to him the other day i want to um i'm like shit i want to train with him he's the champ yeah at 205 outside of you know john jones is he undefeated jamaal hill no he lost paul craig tapped on his arm yeah see paul craig he'd be having you know ups and downs he can beat anyone with that grappling that grappling is crazy his his guard is crazy his guard's crazy he just cinches up those triangles he's got a smash when somebody's grabbing you you know well that's what johnny walker did to uh to paul craig he's holding on to that leg trying to get the tank down johnny walker's just so fucking athletic and he he's an interesting dude man i mean if you back it up so you could see like how it started so he he like grabs his leg and look at his tailing him while while he's holding his leg up in the air i mean that is nuts that kind of power is nuts oh my gosh see that yet i hurt his head man he's a big dude for 205 he's so big yeah i love the fights man so oh yo al ramero's fighting belator this weekend i know in that wild he looks like he's 30 years old oh my god he does he looks exactly the same he looks exactly the same that dude is it's a good soul man he's a great soul yo al is very strong he holds up the community man support him i had a podcast i did with him and joey diaz and joey diaz translated so yo i would say some of the stuff in english but then he would say some of the stuff in spanish and joey diaz or translated it was amazing yeah joey diaz is cool man he's the best he's crazy guy man yeah good for him yeah he's the best can of corn yeah can of corn and i'll be fine what is that from uh the longest yard man he was in there joey diaz hilarious yeah he uh you know he came from cuba as well and the way they were describing you know the system uh over in cuba and like yo al was talking about the wrestling system that he came up to he goes it makes sure my chain i want to be an actor bro is that what you want to do big why not let me be a bad guy in a movie or something that's what i'm saying how about you and john wick five let's go let's go kiana come on man you'd be an amazing bad guy assassin with a suit or a sharp suit on let's go come on nice that would actually that actually would work that actually would work i could see that i'm about to go get married in vegas man all right man i'm gonna go do i have a good time with the fam nice some fun um so do you have uh any fights lined up like how does it work after this uh this last which you know probably this is like the most popular performance in terms of the amount of people that watched the rockhole fight was that like the biggest one that they'd put on um so do they have anything lined up for you uh apparently you know there's a couple deals on the table and i really don't know what's you know am i supposed to decide what happens um i really my team is trying to give me the best deal possible um life-changing deal you know i had success against rockhole and it's it's i've been doing good and i'm trying to stay on that path and um you know i'll fight anyone that's it don't matter i'll fight and you know a lot of haters on the internet man come on UFC give me a give me that good deal man give me a good deal i don't think they they match a deal like the ones that i'm gonna get though i mean damn where do i want to be champion where do i get the most views that's that's what i want i want to fight in front of the biggest crowd i can and people enjoy it enjoy the show man because i'm gonna go for broke head butt your shit and fucking and it don't matter if it's bare knuckle or if it's with gloves or boxing gloves a box of ring anthony pet is just fought roy jones jr it was a great fight um you know i think that's a great fight for me in boxing match and i love anthony and god bless him and he's a competitor and you know it's uh it's just a fun little boxing match and if we could get paid good for it i want to do it and show up in spar i want to work with pro fighters all over so i said i wanted to go work with jamal hill what do you think i mean when i say work we're gonna put gloves on and try to swing at each other so we might as well just fight i'll fight jamal hill god bless him too i mean he'll probably beat my ass he's too big he's two or five or but give me a i'll try it let's go i know you would i'll try it there's a fucking bigger they are the harder they fall man there's a hilarious video of you with darren till yeah that's a good fight that's a great fight but when you're saying to him uh do you want to spar and he thought you were saying do you want to go to the spa like yeah like no i think he knew what i meant i think that was just his joke he's a clever little fucker so you know but he's that's a great fight what did we where do we want to do that fight who wants to take that fight and get the viewers from it is me and darren till in any way either mma because he did mma mosfet all clapped his yeah face and then you know yeah he's a big guy that was cutting down to 172 i mean do you think that when those guys really cut down like that that affects your people want to see me fucking fight in africa because they say i'm from that's what they say all over the internet that's the joke that goes around i'm fortunate fucking um unfortunate fortune you know what that is what is this uh the the internet when like when you just let it go uncensored it's a website with crazy people um well no they uh but it just sounds like something they might try to organize it's because i said it a long time ago fucking you know i wonder if the ufc is ever gonna have a fight in africa that would be wild you know maybe in like the same place where ali fought foreman what they got i'm saying pfl has francis and ganu now um that's interesting right because isn't it something crazy like uh francis's opponent has to get paid a million dollars did you read that let's make sure that that's true because i think i'm repeating that that someone told me want to make sure that's true is that you know what it was it was style bender he was talking to schultz about it yeah uh the pfl has offered to pay in ganu's opponent a minimum purse of two million dollars and ganu did not want to face an opponent was not paid what they deserve wow he wants to see fighters be rewarded he wants the best possible opponent so listen man that spices things up if you know you're going to get two million bucks to fight him guys who are unlike the end of their contract and what's good about that it's just like raises competition for everybody and i think there's so many fighters now that it's almost like we need more organizations we but i think we definitely need more weight classes don't don't you think yeah just meet up and fight i weigh 195 190 right now i probably lost some weight this morning but 190 so you know i could fight a guy at the bar in the street 200 pounds right but as a sport do you think like as you have say do you think the UFC should have more weight classes boxing does so yeah why not when i mean who cares though we meet up you will you meet at 170 to go back to 170 i've been at 75 and then my last fight was at 185 so but mma is different with 185 but in boxing i was a good size for 185 i'm short and you can you can box being short but when you're up against the kicks you can't be dipping down i mean i still do good when i fight kick boxers but i'd have to pick it back up again i've had some trouble getting kicked before and things like that i mean i don't know i don't know i don't think about it you don't think about it you just fight whatever you don't have a preference um like if you got a preference like if you would your preference yeah i don't care if you uh sure thanks would your preference be that like the UFC comes to you with a big offer would that be a preference isn't that the top of the food chain though the the pay-per-view the crowd uh the UFC pay-per-view i mean guys went in and out of the UFC for not since the 1990s when it came out you know and now and getting paid rampage jackson uh love that guy man he's great no rampage is awesome he's got his son he was talking about his uh when delay son he has a son who does fighting too oh no their sons we could fight that could be a good fight oh my god when delay rampage again wow that's crazy those fights they had in pride were nuts that's something i really wish i had seen live you never saw pride live huh no i did in vegas i saw pride in vegas but it wasn't man you see the you see the now though yeah the UFC everyone knows i'll sign your stuff and no no no for big fights man it's great to be a part of that oh yeah but um what is different about japan and the the pride era was like you know you got like 90 000 people at the site tom a super yeah or like the thriller manila right they said that was in africa right that was in africa and ollie verse for me yeah biggest fight ever but that was when i was a kid i couldn't have seen that i could have gone to japan to watch one of those big crazy pride events and i really feel like i should have i really feel like i should have watched fader fight live when he was in his prime i should i should have just flown out to japan fuck it because that's something that like that dude's like you want to talk about a legend that dude i mean he could do it yeah it's his youtube stuff too miracle curl cop i watched all that stuff growing up you know youtube i got to catch everything i studied that i guess everything when you were watching on youtube did you get together with friends and practice like how did how did you put it together sometimes um i would shadowbox shadowboxing is huge man like if you can't punch the air then you can't punch a person true you got to know how to throw a punch and be prepared to miss be prepared to land and you know make it count because that's what a punch is for it's like i could take you out quick i don't but you know i guess that's what the gloves do right yeah i'm gonna go back to that the boxing gloves give you a longer fight a harder fight yeah no gloves it's faster paced it can't take it there's also the argument that you take more brain damage with gloves because you get hit more because it's easier to just hit you full blast yeah you can't train bare knuckle though so how do you train you just train with regular boxing well sometimes right like but only like mitts and you can't spar with anyone no one's trying to go bare knuckle with me and right we got to put 16s on and hit that way and with headgear and don't you think in that case like your previous experience in bare knuckle is a giant advantage to anybody that wants to just step in and try it now again anybody even but i thought someone with nine fights yes oh no first time right no doubt but i think it's boxing i think i know boxing good and i think i'm a great boxer you know i'm 0 and 1 so i want to get a boxing match that counts onto my record because the trailer one didn't right so i'm still technically 0 and 1 i want to get a boxing match jake paul that would be you know he's about to fight nade dia so yeah that's cool that's a good fight man good for both of them uh do you get what i think nate's gonna teach him some lessons i was getting that was that you can you could definitely box definitely what i'm saying is that like but you've done it with bare knuckle more than once and you can't it's too easy man nobody wants to smoke that way nobody you can't spar that way right you can't spar that way right right so that's a unique experience the first time anybody ever does it but you've already done it you've done it multiple times successfully that's a giant advantage it's a giant advantage you have right now it's very interesting you know and you're you're such a dog that you're like particularly designed for like that kind of fighting when i was watching that rock hold fight i was like jesus i train a lot man i'd look if you look at pictures of me in that moment when i was fighting i looked like a different person i've kind of lost it since that fight i built that up so much for the camp i was a different man i was chiseled i was focused i was straightened out i let myself go a little bit after the fight you're supposed to i think that's how you heal you just kind of start laying around and you know relax for a little bit yeah just hang out so yeah did you bulk up for that fight i i tried to eat more yeah i tried to i eat good anyways i love going to restaurants and just getting some nice little wagyu or fucking caviar and all type of that oysters suck them down boy i'm hungry i like the sound effects yeah uh that's hilarious thanks yeah man you're living good you're supposed to yeah you know the alcohol i gotta quit though yeah i will again but you know damn i'm gonna just sip on it next time i left this morning was rough boy i ain't gonna lie this morning was rough the ice bath like that saved my life well you're right up yeah yeah we have a new uh blue cube ice bath that is like a running river and you climb inside of it and it's torturous it's torturous it's great i'm thinking about it right now i could go yeah i got some work i'm getting no no i'm doing p t a lot now yeah i'm doing p t man so what's going on with your neck my shoulders just um tight i guess it's like you know probably i i go southpaw sometimes because to try to make it feel better it's like i do so much this way that this gets tight or i get some i get hit so much maybe on this side this side to get tight you know what i mean so then it just takes p t and focus on it and then you ever had stem cells on it oh man that would be cool yeah that would be cool i think that's i think that's your move and put a needle it feels like go ahead man just put a needle in there motherfucker and squirt a bunch of that shit in there gordon ryan um had some stem cells injected i think he was into his shoulder and it fixed his neck problem in a neck problem for a while are you saying and uh just because it goes it goes through your whole body but it's they do it on the site of the injury but it's still you know there's a lot of helps repair yeah it repairs all over the body it's like a sperm goop that fucking lays all over your shit and makes new genetics or a dna maybe like attaches to your dna i wouldn't want to grade that in a science class i don't know that's exact how it goes down it's it's it's making babies doing something whatever that goop is it makes a baby thing yeah it's replicated it fixes yeah it was a weird way to put it but i know what you're saying though yeah i mean it's something like that whatever the fuck it is you can take people's parts of other people's bodies and inject it into you and it helps things heal you just gotta work on on everything anyway so like gsp he's always posting like um you know stretches that he's doing or yeah so i mean he's doing that for a reason you gotta work an area out i know that you gotta train your like if when your neck's hurting you gotta train like do do your back pull ups that's why i did that motion because i'm thinking about doing my back muscles so i've got or the pull ends you know i gotta strengthen the area around that's old school that's how we do it that's how you deal with pain you fucking work harder and you know i guess i've never i'm talking about you know why i haven't done stem cells and i don't know i don't really care i'm just gonna fucking deal with it and do it well i appreciate your toughness i appreciate your toughness but i mean i think maybe for you just your overall ability to to be at your best yeah you should probably get it do do everything i can to try yeah yeah i don't know i got the money for it so okay i do got you do okay it was like 10,000 for some stem cells i would like to know i know that um there's a really good place in tijuana the cellular performance institute i know the guys that run that and a lot of mma fighters have gone down there a lot of eddie bravo's gone down there a lot of people went to colombia to do that that's that bio accelerator panama has a great place that's uh dr neil reardon's place i actually sent my mom down there twice oh really your mom got it done yeah she's how she was having knee issues yeah yeah man it it absolutely can help with some especially like soft tissue injuries it's interesting stuff it's just it's new advances like that medicine are fucking wild yeah i know i gotta fix tissue it's just it's always better if you're at your best especially when you're thinking but i feel like that's what a camp is you i get these issues right i've had this this neck pain seems like my life force the that is a driving my life i feel like i'd never remember a time when i didn't have a pain in my neck or just a pain just walking around in your neck always or just anywhere anywhere is understandable but if it's in the same spot something's always hurt right something's always hurt of course my finger right my neck yeah if you're sparring all the time something always hurt but but in what i'm worried about is that like the way you're describing it could be like a chronic injury that could be limiting your ability like uh yo-wow who we're talking about yo-wow ramero he has his neck fused like you ever see a video of him he had an operation where it's like his disc was so fucked up they had to fuse the discs in his neck they had to fuse the the spinal columns have you ever seen a video of him running there's a video of him running and his neck doesn't move because it's like fused it's great see the video says yo-wow ramero runs like his neck is fused because it is that's not what the back is he don't really looks like he does so that's that's his his neck is fused i think he said that there was the most frightening time of his life because he was worried that he was going to die but there's a video of him running and it's crazy when you watch him run because like his all of this doesn't move at all it's just completely straight and he just look at this look at his neck isn't that wild boogin it but like his athleticism is insane and he's doing all this athleticism with a frozen neck imagine having to fight him bare knuckle shh that guy what a what a fucking stud he was so good and it's amazing that he's so good still at 46 years old is that what he is 46 i always think about guys like dan henderson why love dan henderson i love his fighting dan henderson's fighting was he that dude like if you're like put your hand on his back feels like he's made out of wood like he doesn't feel like a normal person like something's going on like like there's a lady who i knew that was his massage therapist she's like it's like the most brutal thing just to get through all that hard tissue it's all just like knotted up like fucking wire it's my it's it's our evolution as fighters so i mean i don't want it like i stopped i don't like getting pedicures with girls and shit because then i'm like i i earn the soles of my feet through fighting whether whether i wear shoes boxing or i do a barefoot mma you know you earn the the soles of your feet so it's like you know doing certain things i don't know i should i want to fucking get a shot of stem cells in my neck right now while we're talking about it but yeah you probably should i gotta go i gotta go to another fucking country and no there's some stuff they can do uh actually even in austin wasted while there's an office in austin yeah yeah you you can get i have to look it up in orlando we get certain treatments today in america it's just but to really go full whole hog you gotta go somewhere else and like i said the place down in tijuana everybody raves about it i know a lot a lot of people i know have been there that's the cellular performance institute and then there's bio accelerator in columbia and there's probably other ones too including dr neil reardon's in panama but if you want to go there apparently they can do a lot more wild shit than we can do here hmm yeah yeah well places don't be safe i'll be staying home with the fans yeah i keep myself out of trouble i do some push-ups yeah and eat some food that's why i like to do watch cartoons i hear you with the kids uh play games call of duty man you know play that yeah if you if you if you ever wanted to go to the one in tijuana though it's like right down from san diego you could just drive into it yeah you know san diego california yeah it's on the other side oh no yeah east coast boy east coast where are you uh are you so you born and raised in florida like where where'd you grow up you said michigan you said flint at one point and then how'd you get to florida uh mom and dad separated and i used to go back and forth there's a particular type of wild dude from florida it's so much so that there's like a name florida man you know what the fuck is it about florida oh i thought i thought that was me i thought the florida man is me but because there's like a whole video and a drawing yeah of it's like 40 minutes i've i've been um blessed in life where people you know find things interesting about me and make some cool videos and i know you know about that man yeah you're the fucking coolest bro everybody likes you so thank you yeah um but i forgot what did you ask me i forget shit a lot man fuck do you worry about that no no i'm gonna fuck deal with it and my parent everybody forget shit but like maybe you don't i don't know i don't know um you eat the alpha brains and it helps with memory well you know the reason why i found what we even invented alpha brain was because i had heard what bill romanowski did you know the football player he uh created this stuff called neuro one i was on this radio show in san francisco back in the day and uh one of the co-hosts of the radio show said hey i want you to try this stuff my my my coach bill romanowski was like he was just trainer and he was his friend or something just getting him through workouts he said i want you to try this it's a new tropic and he developed it to uh help with the symptoms that he received from all the concussions that he got from playing football he was having problems with his memory so he developed this like nutrient blend of things that enhance your memory right so that was the first one of those that we ever tried before i did alpha brain it's great shit yeah i just had took my first one before we did this did you how's it feel i'm wondering i'm trying to think about it i'm like is it helping me because i'm forgetting all this shit but i probably need to keep doing it yeah it's that laughing gas weed too that stuff is yeah i think that's what it is to be honest with you that's where my memory gets fucked up i get high in here i'm like what was i fucking talking about exactly it's really strong weed that's like joey d s weed no i gotta love it though gotta love some weeds sometimes you gotta dumb yourself down just so exactly you know and sometimes you gotta clear yourself up right yeah you know best of both worlds be the line just have to have discipline enjoy yourself but have discipline it's easy to live um you know comfortably don't be mad uh you know i ain't have a lot growing up but the best times are like just being on the move doing stuff hanging out so that's life man um do you have a really uh an idea at any point where you'd like to retire or do you'd like to do something else or are you just gonna just ride it till the wheels fall off yeah obviously i have no choice i have to bro please just pay my bills and i'll fight let's go and pay them good too pay better big bills i got monthly she had a yearly expenses more but i'm making good money it's all right and it's getting better so that'll come i'm down to fight man i earned it after all these years of doing it well you definitely earned it and you definitely earned a large fan base i mean that's really what it's all about people know when they go to see mike perry fight especially now after these bare knuckle fights they know they're gonna see some wild shit there's guys in the ufc that have been there much longer than me and don't have more fights than me i had 15 fights in five years and all ufc fights top guy top 15 guys and you know it was like a lesson it was like learning how to be a martial artist and you know and i've earned the right to compete against other great competitors in history for the spectacles and and uh you know competitions try to beat these guys and rules that are written on paper whatever the rules say i don't care whatever it is let's fight man there's great guys out there too it's like um the more bodies you get to work with you pick up off of each one but it is a long road and sometimes i'm like all right that that's where i say fighting is a choice where it's like well i could just beat you i'll just finish you right right away and then i don't have to get in this long drag out fight i just take you out quit and it's over so i can do that in competition and get paid for it and the rest of the time really i'm just um you just you know work out enjoy your workout and then you know i only fight for something that makes a difference now it's like um i can either beat you or and it does it benefits me or there's no reason to fight there's no reason to train and i know how to win so it's like i don't need to add to my own attrition um you know some people like those young boxers who have 200 fights some of them kids are out there they're they're not coming back right you know uh so i've always been fortunate to have battles and hard shots are being thrown but i've been able to keep control of my mind enough i guess i need to be smarter though i need to read more books man i really gotta read i say read more books like i've ever read a book like shit i read like a goosebumps book when i was 11 and that was it what about books on tape have you ever listened to like um your books before i poured that i listened to like it's two hours of that audio books are a great way to do it because it's passive and podcasts right yeah listening to people talk more yeah but you know podcasts it's a lot of it's just unless it's i mean other people's kind of podcasts you can get informative stuff but on mine a lot of it is just shooting the shit whereas like a book on like an audiobook you can you can get like almost every book ever is on an audiobook except some weird excuse or like you know obscure ones but like what percentage of books are available in audio i would like to know that kind of most of them definitely gotta get on that because like this is cool this is the joe rogan experience and it teaches it's teaching me that like you know this is probably one of the longest conversations i've had with a human being and you know and you get to and i get to pick your brain and stuff and you know i'm all about learning man i guess i'm still so young i'm trying to figure it out i was thinking that a conversation is like a map and if you take the time you know the map um that you they call it you know that's why it's called spelling because it's magic and you built you drawn this map which are words and the map leads to path and treasure and you know there's opportunities in life on your map so your words are what make things happen business sit down shoot the shit talk genius fucking talking on comedy stage is that really the origin of the word spelling that's what bruce lee says i don't i disagree with that but uh yeah it's something like that that's Bruce Bruce Lee says that's crazy it's it's magic your words are that's why it's called spelling it's a spell for real what is the origin what does it say the origin of the word is that sounds insane oh my god imagine we just like figured something out Bruce Lee said well so the mid 15th century the etymology of the word spell is the action of speaking of and utterance and then the meaning is putting that into letters but wow i'm i mean back in the mid 15th century when they're talking about spells that's you know so back then just when they said spelling so the the action of reading letter by letter from the noun spell but the noun spell when it isn't that like click on that because would that be like how to spell things out or was it like a magic spell is there a different kind of spell that's where i mean uh the english word spell has to be developed from wherever it came from you know and that's where this is going to go get into and i it's yeah it's a short form way to say he's right i'm pretty sure so maybe when they say to cast a spell that's why a lot of people i have friends that say exactly what he was saying like be careful what you say out loud because you're casting a spell as soon as you say it yeah for sure i wonder how much that is real i feel like i've lost you know the path to fights and i've um it the fight is one it seems like it's one before you ever step foot in the ring and then or you know it's not going right something something ain't adding up something i'm messing up somewhere just mentally and you know and how to beat you in these rule sets and like it comes out in the fight and i've had you know tough fights where i lost before the fight even started i'm like it just seemed like i was supposed to lose it just seemed like i was supposed to win it was too easy when i won or when you know it's like i it's someone else is in control a lot of the times i try to you know make sure i'm the one in control and that's how i've been thinking since having success in fights and new sport um but ultimately i just feel like there's another driving force that kind of makes things happen and i had no control over it and it's either enjoyable or it's a lesson i have to get through so so you think that like everything that comes up every hurdle that comes up is is a lesson for you is that how you yeah absolutely right and you know i hope i hope that you know i hope i hope that those i don't need to have training for a lesson where someone attacks us in public i don't you know i don't have any experience in that i have three bare knuckle boxing fights i don't have any experience in being attacked on the street and i don't want any you know it's a weird thing like people's i people have uh weird attachments to like fate the idea that you have a fate you ever but i wonder why they i wonder why people resist that i wonder why people think that's not real i wonder why because in some ways even if it was real how the fuck would you know how would you know you'd have no idea but in some ways it seems like it behaves like it's real at least in some way like that there is kind of a a way that it's all you feel like you've ever died before and then woke up and you were a different person but you're the same person but i mean you've been growing for years you thought here's the thing you never know because you go to sleep every night you used to look like a different human when yeah you've been in you've been so young for so many years man uh with hair you looked like a different guy i did i'm 55 years old when i was a kid 55 i was like that's dead people people are dead 55 they're done man it's over and nowadays 55 it's like you're a kid you just you just reaching the best parts of life is retirement stuff or like i don't know you've always had success so you can just the most important things just to be healthy right that's the most the health thing that's where i'm lucky i get to exercise yes yes i get to otherwise if fighting was not my job i ain't doing shit really don't you think you get the hell yeah man i like i'm just like my dad back in the day i just want to sit on the couch i can eat some m&m's or something change i don't know i don't i need it sometimes though my brain needs it you need something it seems like you you you recognize balance which is why we've kind of like relaxed after your last fight which i think is important i think you're right about that it's probably good to let things heal but i really do hope you get that neck looked at i'll connect you with ways too well before we leave thanks i mean i get my size oh my gosh i got one friday i had i was you know connor's always got the cup and he's always got the cup and marks and i was supposed to have a cup and appointment the other day and it's like she just did like four and moved them a couple times and mostly massaged i was like man i want to i want you to put a fucking club that's you want them hickies yeah all over my arms my back chest neck yeah balls everything yeah i want to yeah yeah for real man that's real pleasure i enjoy that go ahead suck that pain out of my neck man i've only had that done once the cupping thing maybe twice really yeah i thought you dealt with stuff like no i do because you're so get a lot of deep tissue in tomorrow's arms yeah but the cupping thing i never really fucked with it's like two times i think i did it but uh a lot of people swear by it do you swear by it does it work for you i've gotten in a few times i just jesus look at that guy's back that's insane that's insane that looks so crazy i love it it's a baseball player bryce harper but i'm not it looks like it probably that one that one i didn't fucking see that over there so fucking crazy that looks like like spores are growing out of his back like they're contained to keep them from exploding and spraying spores into the air if they have a glass acupuncture hurts that shit i don't like it sometimes or i mean massages have messed me up too yeah you get your thumb in there and then something pops in like oh shit all right and acupuncture the at the ufc that used to attach that thing and put the little electric cord on it like a tattoo gun that stabs you i don't know it's not going in and out it's just shocking you i don't like that it hurts later yeah the little thin needle don't do much but then later you're like damn did you get relief with it though that whatever the injury was no it didn't help it did at the moment it's like it shoots it's like you get adrenaline in that area because you're being stabbed and electrocuted in a very small pinchy way like yeah you know country ways like ah and later it's so sore from getting you like acupuncture no i've only done it a few times um and uh i yeah i don't i don't dislike it like i think it works for some people at least they say it works for them maybe there's a placebo effect some people swear by it they might be right i just i didn't have good experience with it but it might have been i only did it with one guy i mean maybe some people are better at it but deep tissue massage has always helped no that helps that helps a lot i could sit there for six hours and like yeah i think that's that's really important like when you get knotted up and yeah that's why i worry about your neck like there might be something chronic in there but i feel like it always does this it comes back and you have to p t it and you work but that's i mean the stem cell is definitely a part of that for some people do you ever use an iron neck like a workout machine no it's it's not like a it's a halo that you put on your head you've heard of it oh yeah yeah it has a like turn yeah it really helps rehab next too and it's free floating yes and you control the resistance in how much effort you want to put going side to side so you're not putting pressure on the discs because you're not bending like this which some people think could if you do it wrong could fuck you up but this is different because your your neck is always straight up and down and you're strengthening all the muscles wall like working on your range of motion with this halo i'll get you one i think we have them here don't we have them here i think they're still we still have a couple yeah i'll get you one yeah you'll you'll like it that'd be cool it's great and maybe that would help you too because i know a lot of people that have had neck problems and they do it slowly and it strengthens the muscles around that area like maybe creates because of the resistance creates a little bit of more range of motion you know yeah that's why i need something do you ever do uh you ever do yoga or anything like that to stretch out i used to man yeah p90x back in the day oh okay back in the day um yoga is i don't know the boxing i like to be tight sometimes right like um before a fight i wouldn't want to be having to get massaged up um you like to be tight i like to earn that tension yeah in the gym i work on it but i feel like i earn the pain and then interesting yeah and then i don't know it just i've worked through it that's what i'm supposed to do yeah your mentality is uh very unique that's interesting i have no choice bro but what if it helped you perform better if you got it massaged out you could be too loose if you're too loose you're not as fast really yeah that's what i just believe um but there's a lot of very fast i know some boxers some coaches are like i don't know a good boxing coach before their fighter boxes they're like hitting them on the neck with stuff or like little hits some do like a rub like right before which is weird to me right i would honestly be like don't fucking touch me before we go out there and work like i have this i just when i have a fight an event i have to create this aura that fucking a force field that pushes you know my way through things and like when me and Conor McGregor faced off he was moving all over the place and i stood my ground i stood so still still i stood still and i couldn't be you know wavered or moved he's moving all over the place i mean that says that he was free in that moment to do so obviously um but it was me respectfully calling him out which shows the the professional in martial arts that i have been for so many years how do you call a man out in a sport that you know he has a family and um you know you guys want to hurt each other and they can honor it in a fair way and uh promote it to be entertaining i mean everything he does people watch that shit so it was great to have him there it really boosted the moment for me um listen if he decided to do that if somehow or another they gave him the green light to do that i did i can't imagine how that could ever happen but if it did if that happened in a bare knuckle fight that would be fucking bananas that would be bananas that would be he's a good kicker too he kicked cowboy serone in the head no fucking oh yeah my arm yeah he's a very good kicker he's a very good kicker he did he could do everything but i mean if if somehow or another he agreed to fight bare knuckle me jesus christ you know how big that would be my lord mike no versus he practices it and that yeah he beat a guy who got me so that would it's a great fight man that would be wild it would be cool man they say it's the pink panty night now because i release a video on instagram me eating my girlfriend's panties uh and uh if they did that in bare knuckle it would get a million pay-per-view buys at least with car probably two three yeah no i don't know but i mean i don't have enough fans i don't know how many so what was he saying to you um fair play to you man respect you i love the way he talks i fight you no problem that's okay i just it just it just happened man before that fight for that camp man oh wow it really so your friend who died he died just from the sparring match just the sparring incident yeah man terrible and he was everyone knew him he was so tough such a tough guy it's an unpredictable thing those kind of injuries are unpredictable thing so you know yeah stuff man it's fucking even more to fight for though man that's why you know i guess i have to i used to say it back in the day some of my i was one of my callouts in the ufc who's life you want me to ruin next fuck yeah dude that's somebody's life going to have fucked up man it's you or it's me let's go i'm gonna figure it out give me some money give me some more i need cooler things i flew private these kenpai pandas fucking flew me out private and and put me up in a car in a nice beach house i took the family to vacay um it's beautiful in destined florida i never been up there and in that little panhandle of the the peninsula or the um florida gulf of mexico that's what it is that water is so sketchy though man i don't fuck with the ocean like that this sketchy you see that video that russian dude getting back shot it's gotta suck bro that's gotta suck i kind of that's gotta suck that's a rough way to go son you can't see them motherfucker like you can't get away you gotta get a hold of them world they can move fast and they got knives in their mouth a giant thing rob deer dick went down there and rob deer dick did it he went he went down with the chain mail and let a shark bite him oh he's so crazy that is so crazy because just the bite force bro just the scuba diving right just going underwater breathing in a fucking hole and you it's so hard i did it in hawaii i almost fucking fucking passed out my friend duncan was staying at this resort in maui and right where he was staying a lady got snatched offshore snatched by a shark was a lady or a guy was recently in maui like real close to the but like duncan was there i think he was there a week later like fuck that there's sharks out there killing people and you're just gonna go swimming because the water's warm are you out of your fucking mail swing 60 yards no the water was beautiful and destined and it's like i would jump in and then go back to the sand oh the woman was the the one where a man was swimming with his wife oh actually found one where uh this is actually more so i saw this russian couple doing ice baths in the winter uh in russia and he she they dug a hole in the ice and the wife jumps in the fucking hole and the current took her under the fucking ice oh my god she's gone they lost her oh my god it's fucking russian people god they didn't know that it was right a raging river fuck oh my god could you fucking imagine the horror oh my god imagine cutting a hole in a river and not realizing what you've done when you jump in and you can never swim up river it's not videos no no don't show me don't show me no this is so crazy happening forever family too oh jesus christ it's crazy it's terrible man oh but but maybe you know people people live on in life through their experiences and you know it's like we're all connected you know in the in the fucking stars and shit and for sure everything you experience is now a part of human life she went down instantly instant and then the guy goes in right after which i don't know he made oh god damn we all are have you ever been to japan yes that cool yeah it was very interesting i was there very briefly because it was just for ufc no uh it was interesting it was beautiful very have some wagon uh no we had some sushi though yeah nagiri we had uh i see you be eating that with a private chef or whatever yeah i like i'm more uh into sashimi these days i'm trying not to eat too much rice i've been on a carnivore diet yeah i like a little bit of rice sometimes me too i do too me mostly keto yeah right now i'm just trying this out i'm trying this out for a few months seeing how i like it so far i like it mmm that's good i cheated a little bit i had an acai bowl the other day oh that's nice you got to get over the hump with it no sometimes i just feel like trying i don't want to be strict with myself you know seven days a week one day a week if i feel like eating something stupid i want some ice cream i see this shit the rock eats oh my god he goes ham he goes he's like cheat me on sunday yeah fucking peanut pancakes and glass of kela he goes in man well if you're gonna do it one day a week that's the way to do it obviously it works well listen mike perry i'm honored to be a part of the longest conversation you've ever had with a human thanks dude i appreciate you appreciate your your fighting style and your your fighting spirit man you're a fun dude to watch i'm a fan thank you thank you man i hope i can entertain the world fuck yeah all right thank you mike thank you bye everybody.