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Bas Rutten

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Bas Rutten is a retired mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer, actor, inventor, and author. www.basrutten.com

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Q: They talk quite a bit about achieving greatness through sheer will and hard work, is there anything that can't be achieved through such virtuous qualities? A: Growing hair.





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This guy is hanging out with kids, like six and a half days. Very, very calm. So, yeah. Those Longhorns are wild, huh? Dude, it's crazy if you say it. Giant, yeah. Yeah, everybody, the whole street will stop. When did you come out here? July, 4th of July last year. Yeah? Fireworks and everything. I was in the top building, we had an apartment for a year. So, it was give us time, a year to find a home, which we did, so we're probably gonna move in next week. But the top building, it was the park, Landa Park in the New Braunfels, where they have the fireworks, and man, it was nice. They welcomed me on the 4th of July with the fireworks. That's nice. You finally get fed up with California, huh? Yeah, doesn't everybody? That's crazy. It's fucking, I would have never imagined five years ago that there'd be this mass exodus. And then most of my friends would live out here now. It's crazy. But also Ventura County, where I'm from, Orange County, still the laws are a little bit easier, right, than LA, LA, but you know, once it starts getting there, my wife already said it for six years, here we gotta go, this is gonna go wrong. Yeah, well, I was wanting, always wanting to get out, but I was so connected to the comedy store, that I always felt like, God, I can't leave that place behind. Yeah. But then when the pandemic hit, it was like, well, I guess we're not even doing comedy anymore, so fuck it. Yeah, do it here. And now you got one. Yeah, now I got one, crazy. Yeah, life has been crazy for you. The whole thing is crazy, yeah. So you settling in out here and you enjoying it? We're loving it, you know, the people, every single person who comes to visit, you know, their whole, is a little bit preserved, you know, the Texas mentality. But when they come over the place, the first thing they say, until now, like eight out of eight, people are so nice here, first thing they say. Yeah. So I think they really love it. We have a daughter, the middle daughter that I have, she still is in California, and she didn't really like Texas, but now she's been here, and her fiance, they were here last week, and I see it with him as well, he goes, it's really nice here. Yeah, it's different, and it's also less people. Well, the less people thing is gigantic. I don't think you can underestimate that enough. Because I think, or overestimate that enough, because overstate that enough. I think that people get too used to too many people, and then you view people as a nuisance. And I don't hear that hasn't happened. I don't hear when people just, they're friendly. They're just friendly to people. That's nice. They're different as well. Yeah, I think that's... Well, they're armed. That'll help, right? That helps a lot. It's like on a plane, everybody should get a little baseball bat, you know, when they walk in. I'm gonna hide you in the plane! Everybody gonna... Or a taser. Or a taser. Yeah, just so... Yeah, but a taser with me, and at the time when I was, you know, a friend of mine, Holberg-Eliny, from Mindhunter, that actor, he gave me a taser. So, at my birthday, I open it up, I grab the taser, I put a battery in, I'm looking up, and not a single person is in the room. Everybody ran out. You see? Because he thinks you're gonna try it on. 100%! Any person I see are gonna try it. So I would do that on the plane as well. It was immediately. It was the funniest thing ever. I go, where is everybody? Did you tase anybody yet? No, no. No one? Not even yourself? You know, I'm gonna still don't say, I really, I wanna try it. I gotta go... I would just jab my thigh one time, just to see what's up. Oh, that I did. I didn't even know my head. You know, yeah, I know that I did. But I want to see if they, because they say it's impossible. I, and I might be full of myself. I think I can pull them out, but, you know. Some people, some people can take it. I've watched videos. There's some people that are on certain drugs that they just pull those things right out of their body. I saw one where the cops had to shoot the guy, because they tased him and the guy kept coming at him. Yeah. And then finally he's like, okay. You're going to die now. Bang, bang. Yeah. Yeah, it was crazy though, because some people just stiffen up. Yeah, they fall down and this guy just fucking. Ah! I think I get mind over matter, but then again, that's. I don't even know if it's mind over matter. I don't know. Maybe it was a weak taser, because that's one of the things that a friend of mine told me, and it's actually in a book, in one of the Gray Men books, that those tasers are like, especially the personal ones that people have. They vastly overestimate the stopping power of those things. Because girls think, I'm going to get you with this taser. Don't get the wrong person, they might fuck you up even with that. Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't just debilitate people. No, if you have a taser you can use 20 times, that's not a good thing. I rather have a taser that you can use only once. Right, like a bomb. Because the battery is drained out. Exactly. It's going to work. Yeah, because batteries go dead on flashlights, right? I'm sure they go dead on tasers too. I mean, people are running around with all this confidence. A short, that's how you create freaking heat, right? Yeah, there's nothing substitutes a nine millimeter. If you want personal protection, you want a small, like a SIG P365. The Hellcats are very nice. I guess the Shield Smith and Wesson. Oh yeah. Shield, they're very nice, but they only hold like eight, one in the barrel. And that's the extended mag. You're out here now, I gotta get you a staccato. Staccato has a CS, it's a very small micro nine millimeter with, I think it has 15 in the chain. 15 in the magazine and one in the chamber. It's so small, it just fits right in your hand. I was doing this, I interviewed a guy, I had this thing on Planet Boss, it's called, it's on Muscle of Fitness. So I interviewed a guy at the shooting range here, McQueen is a gun club. And it's amazing, you walk in with the stilettos, how you call those knives, they jump out the front and back. Yeah, stilettos. Stilettos, yeah, they're completely legal here. Yeah. I go, you can sell them. I go, yeah, this is staccato, buddy. I go, oh man, I'm loving it. Everything is legal here. Everything is legal here, yeah, yeah. It's amazing. Literally everything, you can have concealed carry is just your constitutional right. Yeah, yeah. Don't have to get. Amazing how friendly everyone is because of that. I'm not advocating for that, I'm not saying that's the good thing or a bad thing, I'm just saying it's a thing. It's just when other people have it. People are less likely to get crazy. But if bad people have it, I want to live in a gun free society, as long as they have them, I have them. Very simple. Although there was a very sad story out here where a guy, someone was trying to break into his yard or something like that, or someone climbed his fence, and he went out in his own yard. I guess someone called the police or he called the police, and he went out into his own yard with an AR. And when the cops saw him, the cops shot him. Oh, gee. Yeah. In his own fucking. Back yard. Yeah, very sad. Yep. Well, that's a lesson. Don't walk around with an AR in the middle of the night. Well, when you see the cops put that motherfucker down. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know what the circumstances were, obviously. Yeah. But. Sad for the family. Yeah. That's the first thing I think about. Yes, always. So, how was karate combat, man? I love it. I just came back. I've been watching a lot, I saw James Vick fought in karate combat. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And a lot of glory guys fight in karate combat now. James just wanted to invite me for a hawk hunting. I go, oh, yeah. I mean, I would love to do that. I just came back yesterday from Miami. It was a great show. I gotta get out to one of these. You have to. When is the next one? June 24th. Where at? I think Miami, this one is Miami or Orlando. Give me an excuse to go back to Miami, because I like Miami. Man, if you would, because they've been asking for such a long time, you know, it's great. Maybe I'll take the misses. And the expert, you know, if you go June 24th, I'm planning on to take my wife as well. Oh, really? Yeah, I wanna take her more on trips now, because you know, all the time, crazy times are over. Yeah. You know, and now it's, let's enjoy a little bit. Don't you appreciate that now? So much better. Oh, you can just get on a plane, no mask, everybody's happy. No, but also with me, my crazy freaking, okay, 15 years ago, you know, I will come home at eight o'clock in the morning, completely drunk, and at nine o'clock, I got a flight. Now I'm walking at the airport six in the morning, I go, I'm feeling great. Sober. You know, sober. Sober boss. How crazy is that? How long have you been sober for? Oh, you know, I do drink here and there like a glass of wine or something, but yeah, for a while, I think, it's probably the last five years. Yeah, I'm taking it down to that myself. I enjoy the marijuana, and I enjoy some other stuff that's safe and effective, but I am pretty much done with heavy drinking. I had a friend recently that got off the rails drunk, and it was so sad to watch. He was so debilitated that I was like, I think I might be done. Yeah. It was awful. You see, just when you're sober and you see someone just shit-faced, obliterated, can't form sentences. Yeah. Oh, terrible for you. No, it's horrible. It's horrible. That's why I don't go to the after parties anymore, which they had here with the last karate combat. So yeah, coming back to that, these are just Wall Street guys who started this thing. Karate combat? Karate combat. They wanted to start a boxing thing. His wife's brother, who doesn't even speak English, he said, we should start a boxing event or something, and then maybe we should get these Olympic level karate cars and do a full contact show. And he goes, oh, let me Google. And they started Googling, and they realized there's nothing like it. That's literally how it started. And then it's when they go to the ground, they can punch them on the ground for 10 seconds. Five seconds. Five seconds. Yeah, George was with me, George Napier. He's one of the hosts as well as Wonder Boy, Leota Bocchita, you know, but he was advocating about three seconds. I mean, why? Five seconds is already a short time. I think he says, but three, then they probably hit harder, you know, whatever his reasoning is. But, you know, I don't know, but it's a great rule to have. That's first of all, we haven't seen a knockout yet. There's take downs. You can use the pit as 45 degree angle walls. So you can literally walk up there and then drop a guy, which he already said. Well, you've had knockouts. Oh yeah, we had a lot of knockouts. What do you mean by you haven't seen a knockout? Yeah, you mean on the ground? Oh, ground about. Oh, ground about. No ground about knockouts yet. Not yet. Interesting. Well, we had the Elijah Everill just came in. He's a point karate guy. And he was, I actually have some clips. He's the guy who trained with Raymond Daniels. Oh. Thinking about him, he's gonna be great. Do it. Yeah, you're one of my sisters. Here we go. Okay, so this is the first time. This is a karate guy on the right, Abdullah Ibrahim. And that's Joshua Quayhagen. And he thought he's gonna. Oh. You see, karate guys. Whoa, show that again. Show that again. These guys with their hands down like that. Yeah. Oh, left hook. Left hook. Wow. And then there are some of these, there's another clip there. They have a Bitcoin logo in the center. And it was at the time, yes. Oh, these are Wall Street guys. This is a long time ago. I love the banked edges too. I really do like that. I don't like the cage. I feel like it just gets, even in MMA, I feel like it gets in the way of so much. Look at this. Boom. Oh, beautiful left hook. Over the shoulder, didn't even see it coming. You know, and the great thing is, if you fall against the wall, you're not considered to be down. So you can do anything to your opponent. That is down. Once you're on the ground ground. Yeah. But on the wall, you're still okay. There's another clip with Elijah Everill. Here's the guy, the point karate guy. Okay, watch this. Which one is it? Yeah, this is good. You just hit play right there. Because that's it. Watch what happens when you go slow. Oh. Yeah, you'll see this in slow motion. He wanted to kick him with that. You're gonna see in slow mode the way he is. You can't kick once they touch the ground. Yeah. But you can punch. You can still punch. What do you think about that with MMA? Like pride rules versus. Watch it kick in the face now. That's a different thing. Oh, boom as he's going down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But so he's touching, so he's kind of almost down. Yeah. And this is against the wall. He's allowed to do everything. This is not considered to be down if you're leaning against the wall. Interesting. But you can, you're not down, but you can kick to the body when they're down. Can you kick to the body? Yeah. Kick to the body. No, the hat also. Not kicking the hat, of course, yeah. Right, but you can kick the head when they're down. Yeah. What do you think about that? Because like old school pride rules, there was something wild about, and then obviously 1FC has sort of followed those style of rules in a cage, which is different because your head can get trapped in a cage and you can get stomped. Whereas in old school pride, it was the ropes and guys would, you know, they should get their head out on the ropes. I don't know. Those stomps, once you saw Van de Ley Silva going to that Arona against Van de Ley Silva, against Sakuraba, you know, they're holding the ropes for the balance. Yeah. And they start sucka kicking somebody's face in. Yeah. What I do like always is knees to the head on the ground. I want to have that and elbows. Elbows are most of the time are cuts. These are knockouts. Right. You know, so do you really want to lose because of a cut? In a straight fight, you wouldn't, right? I mean, you wouldn't stop. So the losing by a cut, that's frowned upon for a fight, it's still a loss. Well, there are some knockouts on the ground with elbows for sure. More and more now, we see it more. But before, there were cuts. Right, it was just 98% cuts. Yeah, yeah. It's interesting because the turtle position, when someone shoots in a failed shot and they just hang out there and they're allowed, because a person can't knee them in the head, boy, that's a very vulnerable position. You would never stay there in a street fight. No. Never. But you saw that the one you see with Roger Huerta when he was in the... Yes. That was like horrible. I thought somebody's gonna get killed. Yeah, that was a bad one. That was a bad one. Horrible. And that was also a guy much bigger than him too. Roger fought 155 in the UFC and then he goes over and in one, he's fighting these very big guys. And he's already messed up. He's falling literally on the ground for his balance. And then he got socket kicked full. That was scary. Find that, because it was one of the worst KOs. And Roger, man, what an interesting story that is and kind of a sad story because he was very, very promising. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But that's the thing, that's the curse, right? What did he always talk about? Sports Illustrated curse, the cover? Mike Tyson was on the cover of Sports Illustrated too. Okay, forget about it. Check that. Kid Dynamite. It's in my office at home. He was 19. Oh, okay, yeah. The curse don't mean shit. For him it doesn't. Yeah. He's a special guy. Yeah, but the Roger Huerta thing, what happened was he ran a fast... Some people were talking to him or I don't know. He just, him and the UFC didn't get along all of a sudden. Which is crazy. Because the UFC wanted to promote him. He's this good looking guy. He's talented, he's tough as shit. And then winds up losing and then the UFC drops him because there was all sorts of conflict between the two of them. And he's like, I'm gonna go fight other places. And then... He went over there and we lost him, unfortunately. You have these guys that are on this trajectory that if they, you know, there's guys... Limited time. Yes, what do you have, like nine years to perform at your very best? Yeah. Guys like him. I can really find of him on there. Raymond Daniels is still... I think this, I don't know if this is it. It doesn't seem to be a KO or anything. Oh no? It's just a crazy fight between them. No, this is not a Cogiondo. It was a Brazilian guy. Okay. Oh Jesus, Roger. Yeah, you already, he's taking a lot of punishment. Yeah, you can already see that going. But you see the guys who are older guys still performing really well. I think Raymond Daniels right now, who's fighting for karate combat, you know, he's still freaking... Amazing. And by the way, he fought... Oh, so he's over 40. He fought Rafael Agayev, who's considered the goat of karate, right? Five world titles, 11 European titles. This guy's a freaking master. Everybody, when you would have to bet, you forced to bet you put your house on freaking Raymond Daniels. Agayev beat him. Really? Yeah. Five on five, he had a decision. So history flexing everybody, and the president, Adam Kovac, he told me before, he says, Agayev is gonna win. And I go, oh man, that's the big... He says he's going to win. And now also after the fight, they say, oh, we have the blueprint. He says no, because nobody's like a guy of history flexes. I mean, every time you saw Daniels move, he was already in there. But now, you know, in Daniels' mind, because this guy, he's got to download everything that went wrong. Yeah. And then you see him fight the next fight. He's a scary guy as well, the stuff that he does, right? Daniels is amazing. His ability to incorporate that point style karate, and also into kickboxing, I mean, he had a lot of courage. Going into glory, when he fought those guys, he really wasn't accustomed to leg kicks. And Joseph Valtilini beat him, and that's how he beat him, just chopped those legs, chopped those legs, and eventually head kicked him. Yeah, but the 720 punch, did you ever see that thing? Oh my God, it was insane. What a kick. And then he decided, because actually, George Palmer, the commentator, my commentating partner in karate combat, he asked him about it, he says, were you first about to throw a kick? And he says, actually, I was. But then once it was in the air, the distance got close to fast, he knew he had to change it, and then in the air, he was going, oh, did I leave the stove on? We're gonna, oh, I'll back to the right. And then he made it into a freaking right hook. That is one of, oh, here's the Roger Valtilini one. This one's terrible. Boom, oh my God. Yeah. Watch this, he's already out. Yeah, he's already out and turtled up, and that guy plants it on the neck. I mean, that is one of the worst KOs ever. And the amount of power that you can generate from that short of distance, I mean, he was already fucked up. If you back it up a little bit, Jamie, you can see. Oh, that's all it is? Yeah, I mean, he was already fucked up. And again, undersized, much, much smaller than this guy, and then the neck kick. Yeah, horrible. Yeah, not good. But thankfully, we don't have that in karate combat. But you see, he actually kicks those to the body. Oh, yeah. Well, Georges used those to the body. George St. Pierre? Yeah. Yeah, that's a great technique to the body for a downed opponent. I mean, that heel slamming down like that. Can you imagine? Yeah. I remember I was talking to George yesterday about pointing, right? I like it when you have gloves, and you can point. I would fight, fight, fight, point, and low kick. And every time when you do that, you're painting a picture for your opponent, right? So he's attaching you pointing to the low kick, and actually you throwing the low kick. And then once you get used to that, of course, you break that pair, and you're pointing high, and you're going high. And I said, the master who did that was Dwayne Ludwig. It was in a fight, and the guy is on the ground, and Dwayne walks up to him, and he points straight at his head, so the guy puts his guard up, one shot to the solar plexus. Fight was over. You see, stuff like that, I really enjoy when people do it like that. That's Ross Levine. He's the middleweight champion from Karate Combat. He's also with Bang Muay Thai. You see that guy fight? Every other season. Yeah, I've only watched clips online. I've never watched a full event. Freaking 100% in control, whatever happens. It's, you know, once I... Pull up a video with him. Yeah, go... Ross Levine? Ross Levine. Karate Combat 39 is the main event. Just go to the second round, because the first... And he's fighting a really freaking tough guy, who is from the Olympic team at Karate, in this country, Igo de Casta\u00f1eda. He just makes him look like a zero chance. Here we go. Yeah. Okay, Ross is in the back. Look at his distance, the whole time. Fainting. So underused in fighting. The way he stalks him. Sees everything. Now, why do they have to wear pants? Is that just because it's karate? That's just for the karate. Then why don't they wear tops? You know, you should ask them. It seems like you should be able to wear shorts. It's like anything that would impede the movement of your legs. And I'm not saying that pants do. They don't that much. But it's a little bit. No, but the ghee does. You know, we saw this also with Hoys Grace in Sakuraba, right? He stopped pulling it over. So the ghee is always a nightmare. So get rid of the ghee, keep the belt. Long pants are okay as long as they're a little stretchy. Well, it's kind of cool because it shows you that it's karate. But you know, if I would prefer shorts, because I feel like shorts, I can move my legs better. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, not much difference. Obviously karate tournaments, stock with no tournaments are all fought with the ghee on. Even, I can actually sambo. They go with shorts. In some events at least. Oh shit. But you see the control he has. Yeah. Everything he got. Everything is caught. And the way it's like the first time he knocked him out, the guy falls back, makes a spinning, with sheer mawashi yodang gear to the head. Now this is karate, but it's constant contact. It's constant action. But it's not point. So where do these guys come from? Do they come from point backgrounds, kickboxing backgrounds? A lot of these guys came from the point background. You see them, the evolution. I mean, in the beginning, they would literally throw one punch, they scream and they stop while the opponent kept going. They go, oh shoot. Yeah, I gotta keep going. And they make combinations. So you see them. Or you have to go off the ramp to sit in your corner too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, there's nothing to say. Interesting. So did he, Ross Levine, does he come from a point background? He's a point background karate guy, but he will also do glory. He went to other organizations. He's just an incredible fighter. And now he's coming full circle back to karate. And he's, yeah, he became the champion right away. He took the old champion's belt. I mean, it wasn't even a contest. So that guy in that situation, he knew that he couldn't get kicked to the head. So you can kind of sit there. What is he complaining about? I have no clue, but it's not good. Just go to the very end. You'll see him the way he drops everything. What do you think's behind Castaneda coming forward to just try and tie up here? Maybe he thought he was gonna move forward. Yeah, like right there. Like, what is that? Why would you stop, right? It's like... Yeah, well, I think he's kind of already on his way out, right? So look, he just slid down there instead of standing up. Now it's at least a down the opponent, but... So now he has to wait for five seconds, right? Is that the strategy? Well, you could. But he's just getting beat up, right? Yeah, this is... But look how... Look at this. Oh! So you can do that. You can kick to the face there because the guy's not totally down. He's just leaning against the thing. Anything goes against the wall. Interesting. What a choice to make for him. So, and he, the Castaneda, he was complaining about this. He said he wasn't out. So they had a rematch. Oh, boy. Yeah, indeed. Oh, boy. And then he got annihilated. It's unfortunate that some of these guys who are mentally tough, they're great fighters, but they just have this one place that if you can take them to there, they'll crack. Yeah, beard, right? Yeah. Yes. Like tough, tough guys, but if you take them there, they fall apart. Yeah, but you go like, okay, with me, it was submissions. And I go, you know what? Maybe I should learn this thing. And that's how folks in two or three times a day, only on that. Yes. And that's how you get rid of it, right? Yes. It's just simply working with it. Yes, but there's a lot of catch up to do. And there was always an issue in the early days of the UFC where those guys were the elite strikers. They just didn't want to roll because when they rolled, they would get dominated. But when they strike with people, they would dominate them. Yeah, and it's stupid. Yeah, it's just an ego. Do what you don't like. Yes. That's, you know, because that's most of the time, first of all, you don't like it because you don't understand it. That's what I say to people. Sure. Once you understand it, you know, you're gonna love it. Like the submissions, when you once I got it, I go like, this is way worse than boxing. We thought that tough guys were boxers at kick boxers. Yeah. That's not true. No. You can dislocate, break any joint bone in the human body. That's a big power to have. For any guy can do that, who's doing, after a blue belt, so to say. Well, it's just the, I mean, boxing has amazing knockouts, but it's just, when a guy can control you on the ground and dominate you on the ground, you don't have the same ability to defend yourself. You don't have the same options. There's just so much going on. Yeah. It's like, I mean, it's, boxing is great to watch, but all dudes, you watched the Lomachenko, David and the Five. I didn't, we were busy, it got robbed. It got robbed. Yeah. Yeah, I think it got robbed. The commentators were trying very hard not to say he got robbed. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They were dancing around, close rounds and this and that, but I didn't see it at all. Yeah. I felt like Lomachenko won that decision. I'd like to go back and watch again, like with silence and just sort of try to know commentary, just try to like really score each round, but to me, I felt like it was two rounds up for Lomachenko. Yeah. That's bad, you know, if guys like that is a fun one. It happens all the time in boxing. It happens all, but it happens in the UFC too. Yeah, but boxing, they've, it's worse there, right? It is sometimes, but when Marlon Vera fought Corey Sanhagen, one of the judges gave the fight to Marlon Vera and it makes zero sense. I've watched that over and over again to try, because Corey Sanhagen's performance is fucking phenomenal. Yeah, yeah, he's an animal. It's top level. And Vera is very freaking tough. Vera is an animal. He's a fucking animal. He's so good. They're the elite of the elite in that division, both top five guys, but Corey just fucking just chopping away at him, doing whatever he wants, man. It was amazing. Yeah, guys like that, man. That's why we have guys like Israel not a Sanha. For him to lose and then to come back, you see, I think that's more powerful than any other person out there. You know, you can be undefeated. It's nice, Danny, but you know, show people you're human and coming back from that and then the, I don't know, it's rope doping, right? I mean, and my buddy right away sits next to me, he goes, he's rope doping. You know, he's cage doping, whatever you want to call, offensive doping, but he was still looking just for the right moment. Oh, it was amazing. Amazing. It was amazing. Well, he had gotten very close to stopping him in one of the kickboxing fights and then dropped him with seconds to go, like one second to go in the first round of their MMA fight. So he kind of knew he could get to him, but it's that motherfucker so big. Dude, if he was standing next to me, he came to karate combat. He said, he's like 235 pounds. He's huge. This is crazy. All these guys, I'm next to Jones. I mean, freaking Tito, everybody's giant. It's crazy. I know. It's all length. Ian Gary. Oh man. I mean, you're standing next to him, but just hang on. Dude, that's a fun guy to like. Oh my God, undefeated, so confident and so intelligent. And beating Daniel Rodriguez like that in his last fight and being the first guy to stop Rodriguez. That's a big deal. Look at that. He's got it, man. He's got it, whatever it is. He's got it and he's on his way up. That's the thing, the it thing. What is the it thing, right? Because how many fighters do you see they constantly go for the belt, go for the belt, but they never really get the belt. They're so weird. You go like, man, he should be a champ. Somehow, he's not. Well, there's guys that are so close. They're so close and they beat top guys, but they never get whatever it is. Michael Johnson just got knocked out this past weekend. I mean, he knocked out Dustin Poirier, KO'd him, one left hand. He's the elite of the elite and just at a certain point, and he's been KO'd real bad. Josh Emmett KO'd him really bad. And then this past weekend gets KO'd really bad again. It's a shame. And everybody's focus is on that. And I go like, you shouldn't. I remember there was a time that I was 11 fights undefeated and somebody told me, he says, whoa, man, you're 11 and 0 right now. You're last 11. I go, ah, crap. He goes, what? I wish you wouldn't have said that. Because I was afraid it was gonna go inside my head and I want to make it tough. And then you start fighting not to lose. You start taking risks anymore. Thankfully, I forgot about it. Can you imagine? You've got like this very tentative guy. What happens to people? A lot of people. They change up their style. They become more technical or more boring or more safe or whatever you want to call it. But they do and they think about it. We get Mike Perry in the audience. Andrei Olofsky was there also for the credit card. They Mike Perry, that's one of those guys. If you're a promoter, grab that guy. Oh my God. Great at the microphone, great interviews. He's either gonna get knocked out or he's gonna knock somebody out. He's rolled the dice. He's the perfect guy for any organization. Well, what he's doing now in bare knuckle fighting is amazing. Knocking out Luke Perry like that, stopping him beating up Michael, Vin and Paige. Who saw that coming? He's just so fucking tough that there's something about the pain that comes with bare knuckle that just suits him. It's a mental thing. 100%. I think also we were talking about, Lewis Rocha actually was talking about as the lightweight guy from credit card, but he said, I'm gonna win this fight because I thought I was gonna be in a lot of street fights. I have a different mentality than his opponent, Bruno Souza, he has a nice upbringing. He's a great fighter, but he doesn't have that little meanness in him at the moment when you need it. The controlled aggression like Bruce Lee would talk about. I think that's a big thing as well. It's certainly a big thing. Skill is everything, right? But then the mental aspect of it, sometimes Trump's skill, if you could overcome those moments where the opponent is beating you, if you could just find your openings and then put it on them, some people are great when they're the hammer and not so great when they're the nail. Yeah, I was talking with George as well, which is what bringing your fans. First time my mom and dad are here watching me fight, they go, oh, I don't know if that's a good thing. Could be really good. Children is what gets me. Oh, the worst. Yeah, children, when you see people bring their children, you have so much to think about. There's so much more now that you have to think about. I wouldn't let my kids watch. They could watch the replay, but they can't watch it live. Because what if something goes wrong? Right, right. You know, and my daddy going down there, it's just not a good thing. No, no. And it's also, there's one more variable that you have to keep in your mind while you're competing. I mean, some people can do it great. Some people can fight great with their kids in the audience. More power to them. But for some people, you watch them with the kid in the audience and they lose and they get KOed. You see the kid crying like, oh my goodness. Why would you subject your children to that? It's just, it's so hard. If you've just been training for three years full to become a MMA champion, that is gone. Yeah. Did you see the Mackenzie Dern fight this weekend? No, I heard. Oh my God. She's unbelievable, right? Oh my God. Oh my God. It was incredible. It was a breakthrough performance. She's always been elite in the strawweight division, but to do that to Angela Hill, who is, by the way, Angela Hill is so fucking tough. Great striker. The beating that she took in this fight never quit. She came very close to getting arm bars and she just would not fucking give that arm up and she's getting hammer-fisted in the face. Yeah. Woo. Yeah. She's, Angela Hill is so fucking tough, but Mackenzie Dern, my God. You never expect to do. If you see her in an interview, you go like, yeah, she's a sweet lady. But her daughter was there for the first time and her daughter's very young and her daughter saw her face, her daughter was crying. I mean, she won, she dominated. Yeah, yeah, yeah, but the daughter was like, whoa. It's hard. It's hard in those little kids. Yeah, don't bring family. My wife, I wouldn't bring, she would throw in the towel. If she sees a little tighty cut, she'll throw in the towel. I brought her to, oh, okay, she takes this out. So I was going to Japan. I had a fight twice in one month, right? As I tell her, I said, why don't you come with me? I can stay there finally, I got some trading partners in Japan that I can roll around with a little bit. So the first fight goes against Suzuki. Peter Earse was there because he was just fighting also for the K1 and he came to watch it. I was the first guy to stop Suzuki at the time. But I remember when I need him and I hit him and he goes down on the ground, I'm standing in my corner, it's an eight count, and my wife is walking away. And I go, where is she going? And I would go fight again. Now later on, I go, what were you doing? She says, I didn't like it because I thought you were going to hurt him a little bit because I'm there. You know, you're going to do your extra very best to hurt the guy more. I go, no. I just, why the hell would you leave? I'm standing there, I just see her walking away. Oh no. I know what that was doing on there. She thought you were going to hurt him more because she was there. That's interesting. And then by the way, this is also funny. We're doing the laundry, she's hanging laundry on the balcony and it is in Japan, in Tokyo. And so he goes, oh my God, somebody jumped to the building. And I'm laughing and I think it's a joke. She goes, no, no, really. So I'm looking and there's this guy on the floor, like a really bad position, you know that he committed suicide. He just jumped. And then you see people coming by, they just kick him, they keep walking. And then suddenly there's this little ambulance thing goes, they grab him up, put him away, but it was the wildest thing. So she saw him jump? She saw him falling down. Yeah. That's a wild way to go. Yeah. They say that every, the moment they jump, they know it's a mistake. That one guy who jumped on the bridge in New York. San Francisco. San Francisco and he survived. Yeah. The freaking, what's in the flipper brought him back up, right? Unbelievable. He said, you read it the moment you step off. And I... Course. Yeah. Well, of course, you know you're going to die. I mean, I had a friend who did that in San Francisco. And he died. Yeah. He struggled with depression for a long time. And then someone sent him, sent me a message that he Tony killed himself. I was like, Oh no. And I was like, how did he do it? And they like, he jumped off the bridge. I was like, Oh. Yeah. Because that's about how, that's at least 50 seconds. Oh, long bridge. That's a big fucking drop. And you don't die instantly. I don't think either. Maybe you do. I see these commercials on TV with people that are depressed in the early days. I would be... Come on, man. Just think happy thoughts. That's what I literally, the idiot who thought that. And then after my last fight, I had like a two and a half month period of depression. Most scariest thing I've ever had. Which fight? Which fight was it? It was after 2006, the last fight I made, like after seven years I didn't fight against Ruben Valerio, the big Indian guy. That fight you had depression after that fight? After that, I think maybe because it was literally God letting me know, okay, fights are over now. I was so injured and I thought I was okay, but I was so injured I couldn't continue fighting anymore. And I think, I don't know. Were you injured going into the fight? Oh yeah, everything. Hamstring, rip us out. It was not good. But thankfully I got him. But then afterwards I think that maybe got in my head that this was it. And I was literally on the freeway thinking, what if I drive my car against it? And I go, what? What am I thinking? I go, and then I decided to make a list with all the good things in my life and all the bad things. And then you're gonna realize that the bad thing list is two things. Oh yeah. And the rest is like goes on, the good things. And I started focusing on it. I don't understand. A lot of people, it's harder for them, you know, and they are going to need medication. I tried medication and you know, like I was freaking out. I literally was thinking, if I wouldn't have had a family, I might have done it. It was that crazy. Did you get hit in that fight bad? No. No? So did you get hit at all in training that was bad? Nope. No, I never had an eight count. Not even in fighting. So I've never had, I've been very blessed. Yeah, so do you think it was just cycle? Because that is a thing that happens to guys with CTE. Guys that have had a lot of hits to the head, they start getting very depressed because their serotonin levels are all fucked up. Their endocrine system's all fucked up. Their pituitary gland gets damaged. And they say it gets damaged even when you don't even get knocked out. Just your little jabs to the face. Oh, I, listen, I've been training with Peter, Pedro Hezo, that's a fun guy to spar with. Oh my God. He got me on a body shot one time and I was looking at the clock, making sure that he could not see that I was looking at the clock. But I got my own liver shot. And then I start throwing on purpose a lot of crosses because somebody who was hurt would never do that, right? So I was trying to convince him and thankfully he thought I wasn't hurt. And then the bell went like, dude, I looked at him, I'm so happy you didn't touch me there. Like this, psh, and I would have gone down. The liver is awful. It's the worst. Oh my God. When people were saying when Ryan Garcia went down against Tank Davis and people were saying he quit, like, okay, have you ever been hit there before? Oh, yeah, it's. Everything just fucking freezes up. This is, where does my love for the liver shot come from? Yes. First tieboxing class, getting dropped by a liver shot. First class? First class of the tie box, tough boxer, Karateka, what my hands are here. So as soon as they added punches to the face, you over commit, you go too fast, so you're exposing your body. And I was training with Osman, what's his name? He was in a class A fighter already, pro. And he figured me out really fast. And he dropped me with a liver shot. And I remember asking him, I go, what is this? It's terrible. I went home, I spent three and a half hours in front of a mirror. Three and a half hours, my wife said, you're insane. I would drink a little coffee, relax, go back to the mirror. Only this, I was not gonna drop my hands anymore. And the next day I went back to the class and I just cleaned 85% of the G- options of things you can do. You have to be 100% all in fully obsessed. I'm thinking about a funny story when I lived in that, I used to live across the gym and I had a mixed, I have mixed box, I had a tie boxing match the next day. And my neighbors, there was stairs going up, left are the apartments and right. I was on the right side, they were on the left side. So they have a mirror image apartment. So I know everything, what we have, it's a mirror image there. And they were blanking the music really loud. And it was 10 o'clock and I go, I let it go till 11 o'clock, 11 30, okay, I'm gonna go down and ask him. So I asked him really nice, I think please stop it because I have to do something tomorrow. I didn't wanna mention anything because they can only trigger something. And they said, sure, close the door, turn the music up. I call the cops. And I tell the cops, I say, listen, this is 86A, my name is Bosworth, you can tell them that I called you. So use my name, but please, this has gotta stop because now it's like midnight, midnight 15, you know, it's, and I need to sleep. So the police comes, but yeah, also a little balcony. It's hilarious because the police comes, music is down. I'm standing on the balcony looking at them, they were on one floor behind me. And while the police leaves, they go, they're gone, turn it up, they're screaming inside and they start blasting the music again. I go, okay. So I put on a cap, you know, that I looked a little different, put on a jacket. And I walked out down and the guy opened up, I go, ah, what's up, buddy, come in, come in. I walk in, close the door right behind the door, it's where the fuse box are. And I, in the whole of this different, in whole of the like ceramic diffuses, like big, they look like spark plugs. Just twist them in. Yeah. And I opened the thing and I just crushed, I stomped the whole thing and like holding the side of the door, I go, bah, bah, the whole place goes down. And they came running in the building, I go, I warned you guys. And nobody came close, they saw in my eyes. So the reason I didn't want to go there in the first place because I couldn't, my adrenaline, well, I couldn't sleep the whole freaking night because my adrenaline was so rocketing now after that whole experience. Thankfully I beat him. But that was the day before the fight. The day before the fight, yeah. When you had the day before a fight, was there anything specifically you would do to try to relax or try to calm yourself or get ready? No, I always been a big thing. And then later on when I started understanding breathing better, you know, like the vagus nerve to stimulate that one. On no one thing I was doing that. Like I would be, this was, with nerves, I use it with a low tone. I go, hmm. And I let my belly vibrate. Now at that time I didn't know what I was doing. Short inhales with longer exhales actually stimulating the vagus nerve. And other ways to stimulate the vagus nerve are also by humming and singing. So I connected two of them somehow. But it made me very calm. If I had with headache, I do it the same thing, but I go higher pitch sound because then my skull vibrates. Hmmm, you see, then, hmm. And that always helps me with headache or if I'm nervous with my body. So yeah, that's what I would do. I would just relax and have fun. Video games, you know, only comedy. Nobody can say anything bad. In the dressing room, we can't have aggression. Everybody needs to go right away. Get the guys out. I remember my last fight, my nutrition was there, and he wanted to hype me up. So he says, can I talk to you outside? It was just before, like an hour before the fight. He goes, listen man, this guy tries to take food away from me. Family guy, stop right there. I don't need to stop. He goes seriously, no. Because if I get angry, you don't want to get angry. You want to be in control. So he says, okay. It's interesting, because some people do need that. Yeah, they need to get slapped in the face. Oh, far away from that. My board is already going to try that. Why would I do that? Right? Did you see how I say try that? I didn't say do that. Try that. Of course. It is interesting, the different psychology. Like if you are a coach, you kind of need to be a psychologist, because you're dealing with all these different people, different ways. Like some people, they have amazing potential, but there's just not that discipline. Some people, you got to keep them out of the gym, because they're training too hard, they're going to over train. Yeah. Yeah, and I always found out that it's like, it's the one in the middle. It literally is. I think the guys with too much talent, they don't have the stamina to back it up, because they're always schooling everybody in the gym, and nobody gives them pressure. Right. But if you have the guys, like the guys who are not really physically blessed, but still become a freaking champ, Tim Sylvia. Yes. I mean, if you see a mock, his toes are inside a little bit. The motoric skills are not great. Yeah, pigeon toed. Freaking world champion. And those guys are way harder to beat than a guy who is, it's easy for them, because instead of, if I have to work for something two hours and they have to work six hours for the same thing to get to that point, they don't want to let that go. Those guys are the worst guys to fight, they're the toughest. So it always comes with something, and that's why I figured out in the middle, I know I have talent, but I'm not like a BJ Pan kind of talent. Right. You know, that is like exceptional. Three years black belt, and then backing it up by beating the world champion. Three years wins the Mundial, which is insane. Yeah. And then you meet a guy, you're like, what are you doing? Oh, I'm going to go take my first jujitsu class. Oh, good luck with that. Then you meet him three years later. What are you doing? Oh, I just won the world championships. In what? In the black belt. In what? In jujitsu. What? Yeah. In what rank? Black belt. What? That's insane. Nobody even gets a black belt in three years. We can prodigy. I was a brown belt for eight fucking years. Yeah. BJ Pan was a special guy, man. When people talk about goats, unfortunately they leave him out of the equation. But if you look at BJ in his prime, when he beat Sean Shirk, when he beat Diego Sanchez, in his prime, when he was just smashing people, Joe Stevenson, BJ Pan was a motherfucker. I put that BJ Pan against any 155 pounder that's ever lived. Yep. And it's striking. It picked up some of the fast gomi. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Oh my God. Din Thomas. Animal. He knocked out all fucking people. And his jujitsu was off the charts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Off the charts. BJ Pan was so fucking talented. But during that period when he was the goat, what happened was he got with Marvin Marinovich and he started training insane cardio. The Marinovich has had him training cardio more than anything else. It was all plyometrics. It was all these facts. They're like, you already know how to fight. Yeah. Like the problem is endurance. So let's give you the most insane gas tank. And then you go out there with so much confidence because you never have to worry about keeping your foot off the gas. Yeah. But what happened? This sounded to me like you were setting up. No, I mean, that's when he won. That's when he always won. But that's when he became BJ Pan, the motherfucker. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel like if like you could get time machines together, I would take Khabib when he beat Conor McGregor and face BJ Pan when BJ Pan fought Sean Chirk or BJ Pan fought Joe Stevenson or BJ Pan fought Diego Sanchez. Like that BJ Pan versus that Khabib. Holy shit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That fight gives me goosebumps just imagining it. Yeah, freaking elbows. He's just splinty left over to Joe Stevenson's head. Oh my God. Yeah, there was blood everywhere. Remember, I'm a puddle. Plus when you got him on the ground, like it doesn't. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That ain't no picnic. That's terrifying. BJ Pan was fucking amazing on the ground. Everybody's sash, you know. It feels like he's 250 pounds when you roll with him. Well, his legs move like arms. Yeah. He has the most insane flexibility and dexterity. Yeah, this is BJ and his prime. Oh my God, boom. Boom, Sean Chirk. Flying Nikko. Why not? Look at that. Dude, BJ Pan, when he was the goat, when he was on top, dude, he was fucking unstoppable. He was so angry too. It was the best. Yeah. Are they like letting, what is Mario Yamasaki letting that fight go? Oh, it was the end of the round. That's what it was. Boom, uppercut, left hook. Check the timing on this knee. Step, boom. And he's got those Ruka shorts with the black belt on it. Damn. Oh my God. Sean Chirk was a fucking pit bull. Oh my God. Oh, no. Sean Chirk, he was on top for a long time. Oh my God. And he had incredible fitness. Sean Chirk was so, he was like one of the first guys that had like unbelievable strength and conditioning routines. And you know, this is early days of the UFC's popularity. So it's like, people miss that. And I feel like Anderson Silva is another one. When Anderson was in his prime, Jesus Christ. When Anderson knocked out Vitor with that front kick to the face. Oh, geez. When Anderson knocked out Okami. When Anderson. Knocked out everybody. Knocked out everybody. Forest Crosswind. The way. Oh my God. That was even. Yeah. Yeah. There's a bunch of those guys that unfortunately, they get left out of the conversation because people see them when they've, they should have quit. They should have stopped fighting. That's the case with BJ. That's the case with Anderson. People see them when they should have walked away and they just, one more time. Or maybe they're getting a big contract. Maybe with the UFC's got them, they fight and they can make half a million dollars. 750,000 dollars. A million dollars. And so, you know. It's a, but. You know, we all think about that short little, I'm very blessed because I got a lot of injuries. And that's why I stopped because everybody tells me, man, you were smart. You stopped that way at the end of your, at the peak of your career. I said, that was not me. Because that would have been a knucklehead who kept on fighting. And eventually you are going to lose because you're gonna fight guys who have your age. You know, they get to work out five times a day, five times with full power. You can't. You have to really make sure that when you do your high outputs, because otherwise you're not gonna make it. So thankfully I got injuries. And that's what kept my mind. Well you had injuries before you won the heavyweight title. You had a bad neck injury when you fought TK. Oh yeah. When you fought T.O. Shakosaka, your neck was so fucked up, you could barely roll. It was really bad. Yeah, it was Del Golar. He threw me on my head. I had a little triangle choke. That freaking guy, man. He was so powerful. Yeah. Ooh, Darryl Golar was a fucking beast. Slams me on the ground in the corner. You know, so my neck is completely jacked up, yeah. And that's the same injury that got aggravated when you did, what was it, Sons of Anarchy? When you were doing that movie? Or the TV show? What was it that you did that wound up, you had to get the next fuse? Oh, that was Lights Out. Lights Out. Yeah, the TV show. There was this moment that the lead actor, I'm gonna beat him. And he says, that's not realistic. This boss, you know, he should come up with something. I do something illegal, whatever. There's other ways, there's no way I can beat this guy. And I say, what about this? I jump on your back, you know, I forget to put the hooks in and I slide off, I spike myself. So this is all on me. Oh my God, it's your idea. Yeah. And then I'm dizzy, you hit me in the throat. And then you wanna do that? They go, sure. You know, you're invincible at that moment, you know. You think? And I did it twice and it was just this height that I just dropped. But I remember like two months later, looking in the mirror and looking at my wife, I go, is my arm getting smaller? And this is weird. And I wasn't using it because I had a lot of pain in the shoulder. And then I had to do an autograph session in Boston for the UFC actually. They flew me out and I went to the doctor, I said, I gotta put a cortisone shot in there. There's no way I can do this weekend, you know. And it puts the cortisone shot in there and so I now could use it. Because before I didn't use it because it was hurting and I couldn't lift my carry-on luggage. Freaked me out. I go like, whoa, I shot my other hand. I lift, I go, okay. So it's my arm, something's going on. I thought I lost all power. And that's when I realized it was my freaking neck. How is it coming back now? Is it? Nothing, it's supporting muscles, doing it. You know, if I wrap this up, you'll see, it's all gone here, see? Oh, wow, that's crazy. But it was, my whole arm was like this. It was a stick. So I got this, my seps is coming very slowly. It's coming down. But literally, I started with two pounds. I could've pulled a trigger from a gun. Really? Yeah, so going, listen, I used to do nine modern pull-ups. Like people, I would do this in the subway with all the fighters. I would show the pull-ups again. Not stretched arm, but from here, I could like nine modern pull-ups. And going from that, not able to grab the freaking water out of the fridge. That was scary. That was very scary. And then I went from two pound curls, and I'm doing 15 now. And they say, oh, that's great. Yeah, over 12 years. So you went from two pound curls to 15 pound curls. But like I said, so over 12 years. I got to 45s, I have them on my left, and then the little ones. I know you went to ways to well, and they gave you some stem cells. And you've done some stem cells. Where did you go before that? Did you go to Panama? I did Panama before, all the way back. It didn't work anything for my neck injury. Because apparently there's a nerve blocked, and it can unblock a nerve. It can only do so much. It's blocked because of the fused discs? They have no clue. Nobody can find out where it actually is located. It's because it's like, it's been such a long time that they simply cannot locate. They tried everything with electricity and holding. And it's stupid. Somehow they cannot figure it out. So I felt really good after Panama, like physically. It dropped my, what is it, cholesterol levels. It was bizarre. I went from 220 because coincidentally, I just took like a blood test two weeks before I went to there. And when I came back, there's another blood test. It dropped 70 points. Seven zero points in like 10 days. And it was because of the stem cells. It was the one, say it was like 150. I go, what, there was 220. It was really bizarre. And I felt really energized. I remember the person who told me to go there. There was through Mel Gibson. And his sister was talking about, she said, I feel energy coming out of my fingertips. I go, that's a weird thing to say. But then after my third session, because she had four sessions in four days, I called my wife and go, oh, I know exactly what she's talking about. It's like every morning I will wake up, out of my toes and out of my fingers for six months straight. Really weird, but felt really good. Wow. Yeah. I've never done the Panama. I've done ways to well. And I did it in Santa Monica. A few different places I've done stem cells. But it's healed injuries, big time. I had a full length rotator cuff tear. And I went in Vegas, Dr. Roddy McGee shot me up with mesenchymal stem cells. And I went to a doctor, the UFC gave me a doctor in Los Angeles and he looks at my MRI and he goes, you're gonna need surgery. And I go 100%. He's like, yeah, I mean, he goes, I don't know how you're using it now. And so he goes, well, let me put you through some paces. Let me see. He goes, resist this. And I just resisted it. And he goes like, huh. He's like, resist that. And I resisted that. He's like, oh. He's like, okay, it's pretty strong. He goes, well, you know, it's a matter of time. You're gonna need surgery. So, you know, might be better to do it now. Even though it hurts, you've got good muscle supporting it. And so that's the only reason why it's okay. So I got it shot up with stem cells. Six month later, I go and get an MRI. The rotator cuff tear is gone. Full length rotator cuff tear. And Dr. McGee looks at me and goes, you know how fucking insane this is? He goes, this is insane. And this was like the early days of stem cells in America where you could kind of get away with more. They were doing some wild shit that you gotta go to Mexico now again. Like Tijuana, the Cellular Performance Institute, CPI down there that my friend Ed Clay and Eddie Bravo's been down there. A lot of UFC fighters have been down there. They go to X-Tron. It's incredible. Yeah, they fucking dose you. They hit you with a lot of it. And everybody I know that's gone down to that place. Well, I went to the World for the IV, right? And I had to say the next day, I called them. My muscle aches are way less. It's just after one day. Well, there's a definite reduction in inflammation that comes with that. But there's a lot of things you could do to reduce inflammation, but the healing thing is just incredible. And I really wish, I mean, the problem is in this country, without just blaming people, there's too much regulation when it regard to that kind of stuff. And it's not because there's a lot of evidence that people get injured by stem cells. I feel like there's a lot of pressure on them because there's a lot of drugs that people take when they're injured. And there's a tremendous industry in those drugs. Tremendous industry in anti-inflammatories, there's tremendous industry in the pain pills. And a lot of that would be hit hard if stem cells were openly, not just allowed, but allowed the way they're allowing them in other countries. It's everything, and they don't want that. They don't want to fix you. It's fucked. It's really, well. It really is. I mean, if they could make it so that you have to take a pill once a month, and that pill is worth a lot of money, and they can profit off of it, they'd be like, all in. But this, I am just a giant fan of stem cells, and I'm a giant fan of peptides. Yeah, me too, always did peptides. Makes a giant difference. Trigger your own body to make more. Yes. It's the best. It is. It's always better than a foreign substance in you. Yes, and it's incredible what they can do now. And really, we're really at the cusp of this. They're doing things now where they have stem cell eye drops for people that have eye injuries. I mean, the intravenous stem cells help with all sorts of neurological conditions, and all sorts of issues that people have, particularly when they go to, say, Columbia, the bioaccelerator place, or Neil Reardon's place, which is in Panama. Yeah, that was, yeah, it's fucking, it's amazing what they can do now. So anyway, this shoulder, many years later, zero problems. Zero problems. I do 90 pound clean presses with this, and I do windmills with it. So I'm putting it in these compromising positions where I'm doing this with windmills with 90 pounds. No problems. Zero pain. Throwing full punches, zero pain. No problem. Pull a 90 pound bow back. No problem. No issues at all. And this was that close to getting cut. And now it doesn't bother me at all. I mean, there's like nothing wrong with it. Like there's nothing. It's so wild, right? Sometimes it is. The wildest thing that I one time had was that I had a really, oh, the little pinky sticker, because I hit somebody's hip, like the karate gi, hit a hip, and it was before a fight. So I'm arriving at the, at the pancreas for fighting. And the judge, who was the judge, was a really good freaking body mechanic guy. I mean, everybody from around the world would go to that guy to have him look at him, because he was just really good with tighty and whatever. He did the, what is it, the acupressure, all that kind of stuff. And he went to me and he says, okay, give me a hand. I relaxed it, and he pushed on three spots. I was like, oh, shit, shit, shit. And he goes, not just, and he wiped it out. He does it again, and I go, okay. He says, okay, how is it now? And I go like, I go, it's completely gone. Like zero pain, not even a hint of it. And he just opened up the pain blockages that he said that he was pressing, and he was on the money, man. He used to go, ow, ow, ow, and the second time was already less than the third time. He says, it should be good now. I go, boom. Right. Nothing. That's so weird. What is it like now to rely on your left hand? Because now you're thinking about, if you're gonna fuck somebody up, you're gonna left hand them. You're not gonna throw straight right anymore. Oh, no, no, no. No problem? My price was still work. Oh, no, I will knock you out. And my uppercut is coming back. The punches is still good, though. Oh, yeah. The uppercuts are a little less. Yeah, a little less because of the shoulder, but the shoulder also came back. Also the hook. You know, I tell people when I'm doing shadow boxing, I say, don't look at my right arm, because it's probably gonna be a little off. Look at the left foot I'm doing. But no, my crosses are there. So thankfully my triceps came back. Maybe in 12 more years, you got a full bicep. Who knows? Well, maybe less anymore. If they figure out some way to fix, I mean, it's just like the medical advances that are happening are so magical. It's really, really incredible time. It doesn't stop. This whole talks with Mr. Kakuya had, you know, with the quantum computers and all that stuff. Michio Kaku, yeah. And it's all gonna be probably in our bodies, right? That something like that eventually is going to happen. Yeah. What do you think about that, boss? I'm very scared of that because they can hack me then. Yeah. I don't think if you... I know, that's the only guy you go right to that. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's what I would do if I'm a bad guy. I'm gonna hack him. That's a real problem. It's a real problem because that's what I think the people that control the world, they would genuinely like to have a one world government one economy that the entire world shares, a digital currency that goes with the social credit systems. So they can turn it over and on. And they can do whatever the fuck they want with you. BJ Penn just made some post about that. If you have an electric car and you get arrested, or if they're looking for you, they could literally tell your electric car to drive to the police station. Whoa. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck that. Yeah. I would never go full electric. I don't think it's... Get an electric but also get gas on the side. I have an electric car that I love. I have a Tesla and it's fucking magic. Yeah, it's the best. The speed of that thing is magic. Yeah, 2.3, right? That's not really this thing. It's faster. I think it's like, what is the plaid zero to 60? It's fucking insane. It's 1100 horsepower. It's so fast. It's so fun. I mean, and it's so quiet. It just like, that's my calm car. It's my car that I love when I just wanna just, when I wanna drive to work and just chill out and think and listen to music, I drive that car because it just makes no sound. That's super fast. Super fast, but it's very safe too in that if you have to merge on the highway, you just hit the gas. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like, it's teleporting. I love that car. I love it so much. It's so good. There's a lot of things that they have a weird steering wheel. It has the yoke steering wheel. So it's not a wheel, but now they offer it in a wheel. So they fixed the number one problem I had with it. You still have to keep your hands on it for at least a minute, like, oh, to do auto driving? Yeah, because people hang weights on it or something. I don't fuck with that. No, I don't fuck with the auto drive. Yeah, yeah. I mess around with it every now and then just for fun, but I never let it drive me around. I keep my hands on it. You fuck around with it, Jamie. You got the full auto drive, right? You got that beta, right? Sometimes here and there, like not just for like, if I'm on a 10 minute drive, I would maybe use it for four minutes of that 10 minute drive. It's not ready for prime time yet. I'm not, oh. Yeah. I'm not fucking, yeah. But the thing is, the way Teslas work, Tesla has the absolute most advanced auto driving that's ever existed. And they're getting information from all these vehicles and improving upon it with every iteration. So they're always getting these software updates. They're constantly working on them. These engineers are fucking wizards. And they're making it better and better. And it does drive really nice, but I don't like to drive. Yeah, yeah. Like I drove my 1993 Porsche today. It doesn't have power steering. It doesn't have a radio. It doesn't have air conditioning. It doesn't have jack shit. And it's air cooled. It just, But it's fun. Oh my God. It's not even fast. It's so much slower than my Tesla, but my God, it's a visceral experience. Like your whole body feels it when you drive it. It's like, It's fun. It's fun. It's exciting. I love that stuff. I love it. Yeah. 93. This is when I started fighting. Imagine that that's how, hold on, I'm a freak of fossil. I remember in 90, I think it was 94 or 95. I watched Pedro Hizal workout at Beverly Hills, Jiu Jitsu. And that was when I realized how hard someone can kick you in the legs. Oh yeah. I watched him kick the heavy bag. And I don't think there's ever been a bad time I've never seen a human ever in all my day. I've seen a lot of people kick. I've never seen a human kick harder than Pedro Hizal. Oh, he's an animal because he's got technique and he's got the weight and he's got these giant fucking legs. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. Kick kick by him. It's not fun. He was, he was kicking the bag. And I remember thinking, yeah, I'm at one of those. Just one. I remember when he fought Rico Rodriguez, he kicked Rico once and Rico was looking at his face. Yeah. What the fuck is that? It's a good idea. What the fuck is that? Freakin' thank heaven. Yeah, look at that. He spins somebody around. Dude caught air. Pedro Hizal, Dan Severn, farmed too. He stopped Dan Severn with leg kicks. I mean, his fucking leg kicks were insane. I mean, Randy Couture, when he fought him, like they had to really convince Randy to fight him a second time. And, you know, he had battered his fucking legs. Camber to Randallman too. What did he tell him, man? He knocked out Josh Barnett too, and it was a lot of that. His fucking Muay Thai. And he was Marco Huas' prize poop pupil. He was his number one pupil. Pedro Hizal was the fucking man. He's another one that people forget. Pedro Hizal, his fucking leg kicks, man. And I'm telling you, I've seen so many people kick the bag. No one has ever impressed me with a leg kick, a low kick on the bag like Pedro Hizal. Look at the size of his fucking legs. Yeah, yeah. He had tree trunks, and he just had this power that was you couldn't take them. And this is before the calf kick. You know, this is early days. He was fucking people up with just kicking the thighs. As soon as he hit you a couple of times, it was just like, oh Jesus Christ. Oh. Look at everybody, it was just like, that's it, that's it. I'm done, I'm done. Please, please stop this fight. Please. Referees were a little bit more lenient back then. And these are fighters, you mentioned this happening to a person on the street. Oh, God. If you don't know what a low kick is, and you're not flexing. Oh. Well, Forrest Griffin kicked a reporter. He has some deal with a reporter. He said, I'll do an interview with you, let me kick your leg. Oh, and he's not holding back. And he full power low kicked him, put a hairline fracture in this dude's tibia. Oh. Was it a tibia? It's a specimen. Humor, one of the major bones. We just had to sign some monolith together like this. Oh, this is it, yeah. Oh, no. Oh, God. Oh, you know, this is. He didn't even kick him full blast. No, I don't think you can. I literally, you got the break. It would be evil. It would be evil. Yeah, she's treated for a hairline fracture, the femur. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Jesus Christ. Don't, reporters, if someone says that to you, say no, thank you, I would rather not interview you, sir. A soccer's a shrine with my wife and this whole bus, people are yelling out of the buses, these kids, and they stop the whole bus and they come out and they want me pictures and they want me to hit them. Oh, God. So I go, you know, and he goes, thank you. But they look at me like asshole. And I go, what is the look? And my wife says, I think you have to hit him harder. I go, you serious? Yeah, I go, come back. Yeah. Yeah. Bone, and he's going, ah, I go, oh, thank you. And they shoulder, oh, God. They love it. And then I start kicking the crap out of people, legs. It's fun. But, you know, they were much happier. That's the weird thing. They want you to hurt them, because somehow that makes it, I don't know. I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it either. Didn't Jason Ellis let Chuck Liddell in his prime punch him in the arm full blast? I think there's a video of that. That's not a smart thing to do right now. Jason Ellis is a psychopath, though. Yeah. He's crazy. Yeah. Funny. I think he enjoys a little bit of pain. Yeah. There's something about that gentleman that's a little bit off. B.M. makes a... Yeah, here it is. This is Chuck in his fucking prime, too. Oh, no. Oh, okay. Oh, God. Oh! Yeah, oh. I don't, yeah. You just heard the sound of Jason getting knocked. That's a... Yeah. In the arm. As you just see, Chuck's, he wanted to go. You saw his, don't look at his eyes. He gets crazy and he hits it. That fucking switch gets turned. That's another one. Chuck Liddell in his prime was a fucking monster. Because he could take it. He could take a shot in the chin so good that he would just fucking wade forward, almost daring you to hit him and just fucking laugh. And then when he would win, he would rah! It was big and exciting. It was crazy, man. He made the UFC. In 2005, when the UFC became popular, it was popular because of the Forest Griffin, the big final between Stephen Bonner and Forest Griffin and the Ultimate Fighter made the UFC. Yeah, 100%. Everybody watched on TV. They're like, what is this? This is wild. But then you got to see the champion. You got to see Chuck Liddell when he was a fucking beast. Put up Chuck Liddell versus Babalu. See if you can find that. He was hunting people. He was hunting people. And he was a wrestler that never wrestled. He never used his wrestling in the Octagon other than to get up. He just wanted to fuck you up. And he was really good at it, too. And trained by John Hackelman, who's old school. Just old school. That place that he had in San Luis Obispo, the pit, where he would make these guys do it. He was like the originator of all these crazy workouts with wheel barrels and shit. There he is, stop. Oh, fucking kick it. Chuck Liddell, man. People forget he was a fucking monster because he was a big, tall, light heavyweight. He was a huge guy, crazy power. And you couldn't take him down. His wrestling was incredible. And Babalu was tough as fuck. Babalu was another guy, elite, elite fighter. Babalu was a fucking animal, man. There's a crazy Babalu soccer kick knockout of this really thick muscled guy. Forget who the dude was, but Babalu cracked him and then soccer kicked him. It's, oh, oh, oh, see if you can find that. See if you can find that. See if you can find that. You gotta give Babalu his props because Babalu was another guy, a guy that people forgot. There it is. Is that it? Yes. I forget who the guy was. So he gets it, yeah, it's right before that. Boom! Oh, gee. I mean, with wrestling shoes on back then, right? Because they would let guys fight with wrestling shoes. Brad Kohler, was that who it was? I forget who the guy was. I think that's Brad Kohler. Who was another tank. God damn those early days. Those early days were wild. They're crazy when guys would fight with wrestling shoes on, which is very interesting because you could do so much more with movement and with that grip from the wrestling shoes. I just had an event was asked me for a student of his to for karate combat. So I'm at the show and he's already there. I go, oh, this is two months ago. They already allowed you. I go, yeah, man, I'm looking forward to this. But you can see that he's trained by Eve. But Eve, that was also one of those guys that you should keep an eye on. Oh, yeah. He did the one knockout that he did one time. Josh Thompson. The jumping knee when he had the single leg. Did you ever see that? Yes. I always told my students, I go, if somebody has a single leg on you, imagine you jump up with the same leg that you jump and knee him in the face and then land on that same foot again. Yeah. I freaking, Eve pulled it off. Yeah, oh, Eve was elite, man. Yeah. So here, oh, this is the Josh Thompson KO. And this, by the way, this is when Josh Thompson was one of the best in the world. So it's in a scramble. They break loose here. Josh Thompson gets up and Eve catches him right here. Oh, and I remember that. With a jumping round kick. And then Josh Thompson was the first guy to ever stop Nate Diaz. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was there. Josh Thompson, same kick. Yeah, yeah. Head kick. Head kick of Nate Diaz. I had a, I was with Eve at an underground fight somewhere. You know, the Atlantic Commission would come in first and they said, okay, there's not gonna be, they made up this story that's gonna be just resting. Two guys are gonna roll against each other. As soon as they left the building, they closed the doors, they said, okay, everything is on. And then the real fighting started. And I remember I was standing next to the cage and he's on somebody and he said, because I'm in his corner, I trained him. And he started, he's hitting the guy, we just cross, cross, cross, cross. And I tell Eve's, and he looks at me, I go, left hook, right straight. And he goes, boom, boom, out. And I go, I see you don't wanna waste any energy. But he's always funny like this. He goes, oh, just bum, bum. That's the nickname now. Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum. Pass with the sass, bum, bum. I had the story with Marco Horst. We go to Eve's, that was in Houston. And there's this, I'm drinking a Heinegger outside. And this little compass there with shades on in the middle of the night, you know exactly with the pumped up arms. And he's telling me to get rid of my beer. So I say, sure. So I start drinking the beer. He says, stop drinking, stop drinking, stop drinking. But I finish it, I throw it away. He says, I told you to get rid of the beer. I say, and I just did. Everything is okay. You wanna go in an event which was nowadays from Holland. Like that's different here in America. Well it is with drinking. It is. But anyway, the guy was angry and he left. It is an outside event. And there's a fence in between wherever it is. And the cop now comes over. He's sitting shotgun. He has his arm hanging out the window, still with the shades on. His partner's driving. And he's just that locking me in the eyes. So I moon him. Right? And Marco Horst stands next to me. And I go, because they start running after us. She's like, now we gotta run. And then we be like, the next day I wake up and Marco has his whole finger. It's like all bandaged up. And still till this day I don't know what happened. But then I said to him, I say, what did you do? He goes, you did that. Apparently I did it, but he never said what it was. You did that. I did it. But he didn't tell you what he had to do. He did not do it. He did not tell me. He didn't want to incriminate himself. Maybe it's too dark. Oh, here's the flying knee. Oh, here's the flying knee. Here's the flying knee. Yeah. Boom. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Yeah, that was a lead XC, right? Yeah, that was so badass. Kimbo was fighting on the same show. Yes. That's right over there. A lead XC was crazy. That was interesting, right? Because wasn't that CBS? I think it was CBS. It was CBS, yes. Which was like the early, early days. And they took a wild chance. And that's when Kimbo had become, he was like the first guy to become popular from internet videos. Gigantic. Yes. I mean, we would go to freaking, if they go to a different state, they like to play video games. So we would buy a console somewhere. But you can't walk on the streets with that guy. Everybody knows him. Oh yeah. Well, he had a crazy look too. The bald head with the beard, he looked so good. At best, but everybody wants to help him. Oh, nice to know that. Such a good guy. The whole group. That whole up to rise. Freaking laughing all day long. It's hilarious. Those guys are crazy. Who? Funny. He fought that cop from Massachusetts in that wild fight that was a bare knuckle boxing fight in a karate dojo. Yeah. Do you remember that? With the guillotine that you've complained about. Yes. Yeah. Sean. He won the UFC. Sean Gannon. Sean Gannon went into the UFC for Brandon Lee Hinkle. Yeah. And he got beat up. Yeah. But didn't he win before he was the wild card or something that the UFC before? I don't think so. I think Kimbo back in the day. Look at him. What did Kimbo die of? He had like a heart attack or something. Heart attack, yeah. It's crazy. Because he was pretty young. He was in his 40s, right? Yeah, so this was a brawl. This was back when Kimbo was the man. Everybody was terrified of Kimbo. But Sean Gannon, who was an MMA fighter, was also a cop. It was just fucking incredibly tough and had wild cardio. And really knew how to extend himself in a real war. And this was a crazy fight. The end of it. Bigger the face. Oh, he dazed him. Yeah. Sean Gannon, at the end of this, his face was like completely hematoma. Yeah, so he got this guillotine. And it was no joke. They said they couldn't fight in the ground. No, there were no jokes left. But they didn't say anything about standing up. There was like a lot of dispute about whether or not that was okay. Why are they blurring out the back of his shirt? Probably middle fingers or something. Logo's that. They probably got in trouble for marrying. Probably. Yeah, once you watch you move past TV. So this guy goes in. Look at this. Kimbo's people are trying to separate this because there's like some dispute as to whether or not a standing guillotine constitutes grappling. So then Kimbo gets him on the ground. Now Kimbo's violating the rules because he's trying to ground and pound him. And Sean pushes him off. Sean gets back up to his feet. And then they go back to war. And so they were giving them 30 counts. Not a 10 count, but a 30 count. Because at one point in time, oh, look at that liver shot. Oh, that was nice. That was a nice liver shot. And especially because you saw it though. It's a lot. Yeah, yeah. Bill Spence does that. You can see it. He's hurting from it. He's hurting from it. He's trying to shake it off. Yep. Again, again. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. There it is. There it is. It's the liver. The boss root and special. Boop, boop, boop. Yeah. And so this fight went on for, shit, I don't know how many minutes. Yeah, a long time. Fucking crazy. And the pace. Yeah. When he knocks him down, he drops him. So Kimbo goes down and then they start the count. They separate him. They pulled Sean off of him. There's a lot of people involved in this. And then they give Kimbo like 30 seconds. To get back up. Look how long they give it. Play this out. Play this out. So they separate him. 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. Oh, look, Sean's face is so fucked up. They're blurring his face. Look how fucked up his face is. And he gets back up. Oh, come on. Yeah. Yeah. It was over. It was over. Crazy. The early days. Those were the days. Those were the days. See if Kimbo was around now in bare knuckle boxing. Oh, he'd have a place. That would have been his freaking jam. Oh yeah. Well, you know, it's interesting. Houston Alexander's made a resurgence. Oh wow. Houston Alexander's won four fights in bare knuckle boxing. And I think he's 50. Jeez. He's a fucking... And he's a radio DJ. He just won. 51, sorry. 51. 51 years old. Houston Alexander, man. When Houston Alexander burst onto the scene in the UFC, he was starching people. 51 year old Houston Alexander survives. Brutal rib roasting remains undefeated in bare knuckle boxing. Incredible. And Houston, when he first fought in the UFC, God, what was his first fight? Was it a... Who did he fight? It says he knocked out Keith Jardine in 2007. That's right. Pull that fight up. Houston Alexander versus Keith Jardine. Because Houston Alexander was like, oh fuck it, and this is 2007. Think of that. Think of that 16 years ago. He's fighting MMA, and when nobody had known him, nobody knew who he was, and he was a radio DJ. And everybody was like, look at this guy. All jacked and muscular, but fucking incredible power. I mean... Oh. Yeah, and he got tested too in that fight. He got tested too in that fight. Yeah, but in the clinch, look at this power. Wow, nice, I like that. Oh, uppercut. This was a big, big upset at the time. Oh, I remember this, yeah, I remember that. Bro, Houston Alexander was a fucking man. He fought Kimbo in the UFC, they had like a decision fight, but it was a crazy war. Look at that. Houston motherfucking Alexander. I have no problem. That's been used too many times. Yeah, my name is Houston. Look at that, look how jacked he was. And amazing. This is the guy from the actor. Oh, Common. And John Wick. Common, he's a rapper. Yeah, oh yeah, and John Wick 3. Or 2. Yeah, John Wick 2. Yeah, Houston Alexander. 51 years old, still thrown down. Crazy. Yeah, that's how people live. He's basically my age. Bare knuckle boxing and winning. Look at that, amazing. Still a bad motherfucker. Houston Alexander remains undefeated in bare knuckle boxing, man. Oh, Joe Romero. Yeah, Joe Romero. He's killing the leaf. No one knows how old he is. Because he was born in Cuba, he might be 100 years old. But the coca leaves. But that guy, boy, the fucking athleticism that guy had. Everybody that fought him said hitting him is like hitting metal. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And they all say he's using it, they always clean. I love that. Well, he was a part of the Cuban program. Oh, this sounds really tricky. No one really knows what they did with him when he was young. Oh, for real? Yes, here's the thing. I've told this story before. Unfortunately, I'll tell it again for other people who haven't heard it. He got, he fought for the UFC. And then they brought him to a doctor. He had a fractured orbital. And they brought him to a doctor. And the doctor calls the UFC and goes, where did you get this guy? And he goes, yeah, he's amazing, right? He goes, no, no, no, you don't understand. I've never seen a human being like this. He goes, the tendons in his eye are three times larger than normal. He goes, and his orbital fracture has already started healing. He goes, this is insane. Yeah, who knows what the fuck they did over there in Cuba? Because I think they took some pages out of the Russians, like when they created Alexander Karelin. Yeah. Because Karelin, Karelin, there's a photo of my gym out there of Karelin. And I put that photo up just to remind me of what a pussy I am, because it's Karelin, and he's lifting this guy up in the air. Find that photo of Karelin, because it's fucking wild. That photo. I have a giant photo of that in the gym out there. Look at that motherfucker. It's scary. He was like six to 300 pounds, and he moved like a cat. And he was famous for hoisting people up in the air and fucking slamming them on the ground. People would lay flat on the floor, and he would still do a suplexion. Go to Alexander Karelin highlight, because they were just terrified. His wrestling was so different, because he was killing you with the ground. He was smashing you into the ground. He was basically beating you up at the ground. Everybody else was trying to wrestle. He was trying to pound you into the ground. I mean, undefeated up until he fought Rulon Garnet. Look at this, the athleticism that this guy had. It was crazy. Look at the size of that motherfucker. By the way, the idea that he's clean is just shut the fuck up. Just stop. Just let that all go. Who cares? Just look what's possible. Look what's possible with Russian science and technique. Obviously, the technique was stellar too, but the training, the discipline, everything. And this guy was a motherfucker, dude. Look at that. Boom! And these are 270-pound men, big men, heavyweights. And he was so fucking terrifying. Amazing. What happened with the Rulon Garnet thing? I know he beat him, but it was something controversial. The new rule was it's Greco-Roman, and the new rule is if you could separate the grip, it was one point. And Rulon separated his grip. But that rule didn't exist before then. It doesn't mean anything. They gave him a point for that. I guess it's because there wasn't enough points being scored in some of the matches. So they changed this. They didn't change it for Rulon. They just changed it in Rulon 1. And Rulon was another beast. Listen, that history, like a plane crash, everybody's dead, he swims to the shore. Is that what happened with him? Oh, dude. He just lost his foot, frostbite, everything. He survives everything, this guy. That was a different thing, right? The frostbite was a snowmobile accident. Oh, I thought it was from the swimming back to the shore after the plane crashed. With Rulon, the thing was, so Rulon was also an enormous country-fed motherfucker who was a hell of a wrestler, hell of a wrestler. And he went off to fight in pride, remember? Yeah, but that's what I mean. I helped him with Ryan Parsons. That's why I was in the corner. That's where you heard these crazy stories. Yeah, and that was 0-0. And then Rulon got him to separate the grip at one point in time. And that was it, you find it? Yeah, I think that was it. That was it? That was it, he just won. And then when they come back, he's up 1-0, so. Yeah, interesting. They went to the tape to check about his grip here. So he gets... ...brings their arms above the shoulders first, and they both got the same time. And there you see... Right there, he just changed his hands. Gardner never did break his grip. How were the officials interpreted? My interpretation is they both came up at the same time, and Corellin broke his lock. He could be penalized to point. That's crazy. That's crazy. And that's the great Jeff Blatnick doing commentary. Yeah. Good guy. Rest in peace. The nicest. So nice, a nice guy. The nicest. Instrumental. Yeah. Also in the rules. Together with Big John. Yeah, instrumental also in bringing credibility to the UFC, because here you have this guy who's this Olympic wrestler, is an elite wrestler, who is embracing MMA and talking about how important it is. Yeah, and this is what they would do. They would flatten out. Big Gardner was hanging in there in the clear. Yeah, Rulon, like you said, he's a freaking animal too, man. Oh, my God. He's a special human being. Why don't you go to the Olympics? You know, you're... Freaks. One point, and Rulon Garder, gold medalist. Wow. And then he went off to fight in pride, and when he was fighting in pride, he was jabbing people. Just fucking hitting them with that giant canned ham fist of his. Yeah. Boom, boom. I'm just thinking about the karate ka, who won the gold medal by getting knocked out. You remember? Oh, yes. The last Olympics? Yes, yes. I go, imagine you wake up and say, what happened? You put a world champion to it. Because in karate, you're not in the Olympics, you're not supposed to hit them hard. But he bopped into it when you saw it. Doesn't make any sense. The karate combat tried to have those guys fighting full contact in the karate combat case. So unfortunately, it didn't happen. Yeah. So this dude, he went right into that kick, and he lost because of that in 2020, which is insane. I mean, it literally makes zero sense. Insane. Yeah, because he dapped into it. Of course. He bopped into it. That's 100% legal. 100. And look at this. He's got the COVID mask on, too. That's crazy. We're never going to forget those stupid masks. Oh, I was so happy we didn't do that with our gym. Yeah, that's nice. I just taped everything off. And then we just let everybody go on the backside. And not one had COVID. Everybody's rolling in the gym. Everybody's doing it. Just be freaking healthy. We were lied to. Yeah. It wasn't something that was terrifying and dangerous to fit people. It just wasn't. Yep. It was dangerous to people that already had comorbidities and 94% of the people that died had some massive comorbidity. Multiple comorbidities for some of them. It's just it was a strange time. And obviously, there was a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking going on right now. If you go and try to think about what should have been done or shouldn't have been done. But most people that were healthy should have been left alone. That's it. Especially with the ventilator stuff. There's a lot of people died there. Oh, there was another report that just came out. Yeah, yeah. The ventilators, the people that died in the ventilators died from the ventilators. A giant percentage of them. That's... They shouldn't have been put on the ventilators. And this doctor was saying that they put people on the ventilators to protect the hospital staff and the doctors and the nurses. Because these people had COVID and they figured, well, we'll just put them on a ventilator. And they didn't realize they were destroying their lungs. But how I still feel this day, I can't get it. So there's a lot of people need to be in on it. Even the doctors? I don't think they were in on it. I just think that they didn't know what was going on. And then there was... Yeah, I mean, and then there was also people telling... There was the Fauci and all these people that were telling people that this was this horrible, devastating illness that was going to destroy everyone. And no one was safe. You have to get vaccinated. No one's safe, which is crazy. Yeah. Especially... Did you get it? Did you get it? No, no, no, no. You never got COVID at all? Oh, I got COVID, but I did. I vermected it and it was five days. It was good. I had no problem. And I've been traveling every... We went to Budapest. We did everything for the current combat shows. But that was the... I don't know if you ever saw the show with the background, with the people flying. We go back in the future. We go in the past. We go to the roots of Okinawa. It's all because of green screens that we had with the Unreal Engine that they created. And now it's live because in the beginning, they couldn't do live shows with it. So that's recently, till like three years ago, now you can do it live like the Mandalorian. Blade Runner, they all used that, those movies. And now that's the technology that current combat uses and now it can be live. So before it was live to tape. And everybody had to shut up. Nobody could say if they want to lost. They go, stop betting. Well, there was definitely... There was some MMA fights where the results were available, but the public didn't know about them and people bet on them. Yeah. Yeah. I had heard about a bunch of those. Oh, look at this. Wow. That's incredible. That's amazing. Yeah, teleporting. You did all the green screen. Ah, they did it, Ben. We're doing a really good job. How many events do you guys have in a year? Eight till 10 this year now. Yeah? Yeah. The chairman. And then we have the five president, Kovac, who used to be gold medal winner in the Olympics, not the Olympics, on the World Championships in 2009, I believe. And he's gathering everybody together. But then you see that fight, the Rafael Agayef, for Raymond Daniels, it would suck, but it put freaking Karate on the map. Nobody would have expected that. And the same what you saw with Joshua Kuehne getting knocked out by Ibrahim. That was a guy who was only doing point finding. And now the guy that you just saw kicking the guy in the face was this very first full contact match. The guy never fought full contact. Oh, wow. So he just came straight from point. So these guys are doing freaking phenomenal. I always said that that was the one thing that was missing from MMA. Before Michael Venom Page entered, I was like a really elite point fighter. The way they can close distance is so different. So bad ass. It's incredible. Their ability to blitz and leap forward. Those guys are so accustomed to doing that against other elite black belts, like fainting, fainting, fainting. And they dive in. For a regular fighter, an MMA fighter, maybe a plotting kind of a guy, they're sitting ducks. But you can see Wonder Boy. Yes. Right? The Oda Machida. Yes. That's a different level, man. Yeah, it's a different level. White stance and they're still moving really. Wonder Boy's still fucking winning. Dude. Still winning. I mean, what a foreening that was. How old is Wonder Boy? Is he 40? He's got to be 40 with the fact that he beat Kevin Holland, who's a motherfucker. He walked away. Like fighting. He was standing here and he fights a kick through the guard. I mean, his timing is bizarre. I just did a seminar with him and his father Ray. What is it in Kentucky? Somerville, Kentucky. It was, they're good people, man. He makes you feel good all the time. Is he North Carolina? Is that where he is? South. South Carolina? That's where he is now? Yeah. Yeah, those guys, man, what Wonder Boy did, first of all, Kevin Holland did the craziest thing in that fight. He agreed to not go to the ground. He's like, let's not go to the ground. Let's just stand up and fight. Like, okay, now he doesn't have to think about takedowns? Yeah. Oh, what do you... This is not what you want. This is not what you want. That was not a smart decision. That was Kevin Rentalman to me in the elevator before the day before the fight. It opens up and I'm by myself and there he is. And he gets in and the door closes and we can see each other's reflection. Oh, no. And I go, what's up, dude? You guys are doing good. Okay, good. He says, listen, if you promise to keep your feet on the ground, I won't take you down. So if I wouldn't kick him, he would not take me down. Wow. I go, serious? Yeah. I go, huh? I say, let me think about that because I'm just laughing and he's laughing. So the elevator goes open. I say, okay, good luck tomorrow. He goes, yeah, you too. So the elevator closes. So the first, we're in the fight. And the first thing he does is slapping his thigh like kick me. And I go like, wait, wait, wait. You just said. Yeah. So my plan was not going to kick anyway because I guess a wrestler like that, if I kick, he's going to grab my kick and that's it, right? So as soon as he me invited, I thought, oh, I got you. I'm going to make, I'm going to act like I do a roundhouse kick and I'm going to turn it into a front kick. So if he thinks it's a roundhouse kick and he's going to shoot in, I'm going to kick him swear on the face with the front kick, with my heel, fights over, bada-bing, bada-boom, I won. That was the game plan. Didn't work out like that. So as soon as I made the kick, he backed away and I go, wait, he backs away from my kicks. Let's start kicking. And then the second kick, I threw it to you. He set me up. He said, you won that fight primarily off your back. Yeah. That's what Big John said. Just lay on top of a guy and you were smashing with elbows and punches off of your back. Yeah. His son just won the Nevada championship this weekend on Saturday basketball. Yeah, I was posting about that, the basketball team. So that was really cool. Kevin Randleman was such a freak. So athletic. When we knocked out Merco Crocop? Dude. Crazy. And then the second fight right after that, the suplex is Fedor and Millionaire. Yeah. That's right. What is this going to happen? Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. But Fedor, man, the fact that like seconds later, he catches him in an arm bar. Freak. Yeah. Cat him in a komorrah. Special guy. Oh my God. Fedor was, you know, when we look at goats. He's got to be in there. He's got to be. He's got to be in there. There's no one. I think John Jones, if you want to say who's the best ever. Yeah. God, it's hard to argue with John Jones. Yeah. Never lost. Beat everybody. Fought everybody. Yep. Smashed everybody. And then goes up to the heavyweight and makes it easy. Yep. I mean, obviously you can't do MMA math, but if you look at what Francis Sengano had a long fight with Cyril Gahn. Yeah. John Jones just took him apart instantaneously. In seconds. Yeah. You know? Yeah, he's an animal. He's and he's super talented. This is a guy that if he stays straight, like on everything, also the outside fighting, you know, it's going to be very hard to beat. He's got no patterns. Right. He doesn't have any pattern. It's constantly switching. It's like hard to figure a guy like that out. I was training him. I was interviewing him before a fight in Albuquerque, and they flew me over inside MMA. And he says, what are you doing afterwards? I said, I go to the hotel. I'm going to eat something. He says, man, can you train me for an hour? I go, sure. Yeah, I would love that. So we're on the focus mids and I hit the four shots and he goes, I say, go faster. You're faster than this. I go, I said, dude, go fast. I said, just think this. Just think that in your head. And he goes, and he stops and he looks at me go like, dude, I go, yeah, because this is how I work with sound effects. If you keep them high paced, your body will automatically trigger and you're going to be that fast. I go, dude. So two weeks later, I have Greg Jackson on the show and he's walking in on it and said, oh, man, I got Greg, what's up? And he goes, I'm doing good. He said, what have you been doing to the gym? I go, what do you mean? He says, everybody's making these stupid crazy sound effects. I say, are they faster and more explosive? He goes, yeah, I go, you're welcome, dude. Where did that come from? Is that something you just invented yourself? I always did that. You know, I put combination only reload punches. There's a beat. So if I say two and a cross hook will be two and then a cross hook. So, that's the first in my mind. It's already when I throw a combination, it's in immediately identified with a pattern. So with three shots, one, two, three, and then a liver shot cross that that that that's in my head right away. Pow, pow, pow, pow. And that's I always been doing that somehow. It's really weird. I got this crazy, crazy student. He's he's the lead actor of Night Agent. Did you hear about that new show on Netflix? It broke with the top five of higher fuels ever from the top five. So it's big. Gabriel Baso is his name. And his great actor was in hillbilly elegy. He was one of the main guys there. He was the story was about him. But anyway, this guy is a is a freak like he trained two and a half months with us. Yes, he had some experience before. But when you give him instructions, he immediately does it. And like Kevin James is like one of those guys. But then this one is like when I came home, my wife said, how is he? I go, he's me, but way better than me. And and the way he hits the first time I told him and I saw him, I say, if you get in the street fight, do not hit the person in the head. You're going to kill a guy. I mean, that's how hard he hits. 185. He jacks my arms up. It's like bizarre, you know, but listening to instructions immediately does everything you say. So he's on a movie set for 10 weeks and he calls me and says, hey, I'm going to be home in between before I start shooting the movie, the Netflix show. I have like 10 days I want to fight. I have been training. He said, I'm a little bit on the back. I go, you sure you want to do this? Yeah, I just want to know how it feels. I go, OK, so let me face some phone calls. So I make a phone call. Got in contact with George Francis. He's on in a tieboxing company. And we find a guy for him. He's 7 and 1. He's a tall guy, 6'5\". And I say, you want to do that? He goes, yeah, yeah, sure. And they're already asking me, are you sure? Because he never fought. I said, listen, man, the guy is a freak, but I don't know how he's going to perform under pressure. But that's always the big question mark. But it looks to me, since he's an actor and since, you know, he's dealing with pressure the whole time, I think it's going to be OK. But we never know. But I think it will be OK. I'll skip ahead. Sorry. I need to keep talking. This is the fight. This is the fight. Yeah. So he comes up with this song. The Atlantic Commission lady goes like, that's a stupid song. And he goes, hey, hey, while he's walking up. Hey, that's my song. Don't talk bad about my song. He's like completely like whatever. Just very relaxed. Yeah. And I tell him, I say, what do I do? I say, go left to the head and across to the body. Boom. There's the liver shot. Starts. This is just this is the very first time that he fought. Right. So I. I said, I'm watching through the left to the head who's undefeated. Seven to know left hook and then he throws a left hook with a cross to the body. And he comes from a movie set. He didn't train a lick. You got to know that as well. Right. I mean, he hasn't been sparring. And in the second time of training, second day training, he broke his head. I heard his hand. Now I wanted to cross to the body. It's coming. Boom. There we go. There it is. Right. So so now he gets an eight count and he's looking at me. What do I do? I go do the same thing. This is the hook cross to the body. And then he just. Once that connects. Yeah, that guy afterwards went like that. I never been hit like this. Boom. Oh. It is funny if some people just have natural power. It's very weird, isn't it? Yeah, but also without, like I said, without training, never been in there. Just want to do this. I got dude, are you sure? And then his right hand, he hurts on the second day of training, which by the way, he had only seven days. There he goes. Yeah, this is it. Wow. Just across to the body. Power's a strange thing. It's like you either have it or you do not have it. He just did that. I just saw a post yesterday, something, they have these bars that you grab at the fingers. You know, those flat things you have to pull up. 86 kilos. He lifted. So just with grip strength, it's flat, the bar, right? So. What is that? Like 190 pounds? What is 86 kilos? Yeah, that's around that. Jesus Christ. That's crazy, right? That's crazy. He just does it. And then he's a drummer and a crazy drummer. Then he's an artist. He makes drawings. Well, his agency gets a phone call from some art gallery saying that he could be the next big thing. So he's just a guy who could do anything. He can do anything. There's people like that out there. Oh yeah, and a bunch of them that we don't even know. Yeah, I know. That's what's wild. That's scary. Maybe the aliens. Well, that's where a guy like Houston Alexander just slips in the mix and knocks out Keith Jardin. There's a lot of those guys out there. There's guys out there. There's freaks out there. Yeah. That's the great thing about life? It is a great thing about life. It's an interesting thing about life though. You would never imagine that certain people have certain skills or that certain people just they have an ability to learn things. Do you believe you have to, right? That aliens are already living among us, right? Aliens? Gotta be. Now we're talking, boss. Yeah. Now you're talking about language. Because why can't they? Like freaking Yol Romero. You're talking about that, right? Three times bigger. Yeah. I don't think he's an alien. I think he's a product of a sports program that's very elite. Also, there's genetics. There's incredible training. There's a lot going on. But I don't think the aliens are even remotely interested in. No, no. But no, no, no, no. I'm not saying that. But if they live among us, there's gotta be freaks, right? But they cannot expose themselves. Right? Because otherwise, everybody would know. Maybe that's John Jones' secret. Maybe he's an alien. Yeah, got us. Maybe Mighty Mouse is an alien too. Yeah. I don't think so. I think if there are aliens amongst us, they're watching us to make sure we don't pull ourselves up. That's 100%. Yeah, especially. But that's why they hang out at the nuclear sites a lot, right? Yeah. I've had so many conversations with people that are expert. Yeah, Ryan Graves. That was a nice interview. Very interesting, right? But the cool thing was, because that's when I put it together with Mr. Kaku that you had also. But they were talking about when the aliens were already waiting for them, they knew exactly where they were going to go. And I go, that's quantum computers. He was talking about that. There's no more secrets. Yes. You see? So they're already way ahead. I mean, if they're just a thousand years more advanced than us, just a thousand, it's impossible to understand what they're capable of. And now maybe a million years. Imagine if they're a million years more advanced. Yeah, yeah. No, that's what I tell people. We, our age, we saw every... I saw our TV change from black and white to color. Yes. From 12 channels, you have to press the button and it turns orange like click, click, click. Yes. You know, 12 buttons. That was it. Remote control. Oh my God. And then we will go out. It was pretty much a universal. We will go to other people on the outside. They're watching TV and we will change the channel. And we thought it was hilarious and then they start getting the TV. And then the phones and the cell phones. I remember the first time there was an answering machine. I was like, this is the craziest thing. Yeah. You can call someone and leave a message. Yeah. This is nuts. I had a voice dialer. You know, there's things you say home and then you hold it against the phone and go... And then it was called. My buddy's going like, oh my God. I said, they're going to have this in phones. You watch. He goes, oh my God. They're going to be forged without a 100%. I said, they're going to have this in there. I guarantee you that. It has to be. You know, yeah, now it's crazy. What we're experiencing now is probably the biggest change in human civilization that the world has ever seen. And it's happening right in front of us, just with the internet and then with social media and smartphones and all these things that have happened since, you know, the early 1990s to what we're experiencing now. I remember when I first came to Hollywood in 1994, I got a computer. My friend Robbie took me to Comp USA. Remember Comp USA? Yeah. And I had a computer and a dial-up modem, was a 14-4 modem. Yeah. It took forever just to download text. Just to watch text. But I was like, this is insane. This is insane. We had the Commodore 64. 64 stood for 64,000 kilobytes. That was it. Played everything on it. Freaking Tetris. That's not even a picture on a freaking phone right now. I know. It's nothing. It's crazy. It's crazy. You know, I remember in also 94, 95, I was, well, Murray Smith was fighting for Pancras and we came in his hotel room and he had speakers in every corner and he had a computer. And I go, what's that? He goes, it's a computer. He says, it's got to be right now in 10 years. I go, it's going to be the biggest thing ever. I go, that thing? He goes, just buying my worth. He was right. He was right. He had speakers in his hotel room? Yeah. He had like connected speakers like in every corner. He had a speaker so he had a good sound system in his hotel room. Yeah. It's funny. You know what I had? Pellet guns with targets everywhere. That's my hotel room. Pellet guns? Oh yeah. In Japan, you can buy these Glock. When I traveled to Holland, they stopped me and they go, pass? You put them, he says, this is the real one. And they put Michael X-17 next to it. They go, okay, yeah. Real close. Exactly the same. Especially because it's ceramic. It's also, it's like plastic, you know, so. But I was really good with them because they always ask me, why did you learn how to shoot? That's a little it. In Japan, I would just shoot little targets. We would shoot each other on the street, the guys, the fighters. We were only allowed to shoot each other and below the waist. Below the waist. Oh God. But they would imagine it. Below the waist, they would be so fun. They would be so fun. A pellet gun? Oh yeah. Those were fucking powerful too. They were okay. They were like little plastic balls. Did you see the guy, the samurai guy on, what is it? Stanley Superhumans? You saw the show, right? Where they shoot the pellet gun at him and he, with the samurai sword, he cuts it in half. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You see that in slow motion. So the guys, I think it's 500 feet a second. The gun shoots and he's just standing with his sword. And as soon as the guy shoots, you see him cutting it and he freaking hits the pellet. You look it up. Okay, we'll find that. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, look at this. There we go. That's insane. How crazy is it? That is insane. By the time they moved the sword into position, the pellet would have traveled past that. Wow. And then he finds the pellet sliced in half. Dude. Yeah, there's people like that out there. There's this over and over and over and over again. There's this guy who comes to pick somebody up for an interview and he's on a tandem and he's blind. What? And he picks the interview we have to Stanley Superhero. Oh, yeah. He uses- Echo location. Yeah. And they bring him to a different city so he doesn't know anything. They put him in the front of a phone booth. And I'm not talking a phone booth. I open up and you see the phone. He goes, that's a phone. I go, okay. That's a car. That's a trash can. That's a smaller car. Wow. Yeah, just by making sounds. Dude, so people out there, man, I love that kind of stuff. Putting plates to your head. Did you see that? Ceramic, anything doesn't need to be metal wood with his mind. He can wrap, grab anything and attach it to his head. What? Yeah. It's also Stanley's. How? He said his mind will trap it. And then he does it with ceramic plates. It sticks to his freaking forehead. It's not a trick? It's not a trick. Scientists are literally going after him. But it's the same with Joel, Joel, Joel. What's his name? Greenstein? Did you ever hear about him? Oh, dude, the mighty atom? No. You never heard about the mighty atom? No. Hallelujah, man. This guy. 130 pounds. Strongest man in the world. People go, yeah, right. Six of 12 pennies, he'll bite in half. Bite straight through. He go, no, that's not true. No, no, no. He has dentists and doctors. They're writing journals about this guy because it's impossible what he's doing. You give him a horseshoe and he says, what size or what form you want to have it? The question mark, he goes like, he says he becomes one with it. He can, he says, I just become one with the metal. He just bends in front of his face. What is his name? Joel Greenstein, the mighty atom. So what is this from? He stopped the plane. 1928. Yeah, around here. He's fighting. This is in the time when the Nazis came and the propaganda and this was in New York. And there's this article about him, a newspaper article that the police says, we came there to save the crowd from him, not to save him from the crowd because he was tearing those Nazis a new one. Wow. Dude. Started wrestling with left Poland for the United States. Yeah, I'm gonna try to find it. It's just a bunch of articles about him, but. He bit through nails, broke chains, and held down an airplane with his hair. Yeah, so about a guy tries it, he freaking died. He's assaulted by six men, sent them all to the hospital. Single-handedly beat up 20 Nazi sympathizers. Wow. Dude, they shot him in his forehead like a 22 because the guy was in love with his wife and he wanted his wife. Didn't penetrate the skull. Jesus Christ. Yeah, here he is. This is at the very old language. So what's he doing here? I don't know, he's gonna do something. What he's talking. I have audio. I think the nail is to the lumber. Let's examine it. Oh, he used his hand to put the nail in wood. Whoa. Whoa. Watch this. He's bending nails with his teeth. Bite through him. Look. What the fuck? Dude, I read his book. It's exactly the same as I said, clean living. No smoking, no alcohol, no squandering your life, nights by playing cards in stuffy rooms. And keep oxygen out of your lungs. And inhale monoxide and deoxide. And get cancer of the lungs and also weak heart and heart attack and caput. Whoa. Weird. Dude, his book, it's insanity. And then you go, there's no way this is possible. And they go to a dentist and he checks out his teeth and while he's doing it, he bites the metal thing that he's in his mouth. Bites it in half. The guy writes about that. What are you gonna do against a guy like that? 135 files. Well, there's people that are just built different, right? Yeah. I mean, you've got to think, there's guys with big noses, little noses, guys with little dicks, giant dicks, people that are built different. Yeah, yeah. There's a big spectrum. Now people are built. That's what I like. I like how you go from noses to dicks. That's what it is, right? It's like big brains, small brains. Some people's brains work great. Some people's brains are just like the dog shit. Yeah. I mean, that's a weird thing, going back to power. Why people have power. You can't predict. You get a guy who's like first day of classes and you have him hit a heavy wag and you just go, Jesus Christ, what the fuck is he doing? How can he do it? And then you have someone who looks athletic and you have them do it and they just can't generate any power. Yeah. It's very strange. You saw that guy who goes dressed up as the maintenance guy to these big gyms and he's like a world champion powerlifting, but he dresses up like he's in a guy who just works there and he starts telling, oh, this is hilarious. This body builder, these big giant guys, he says, you do it wrong. You should do it like this. They go, dude, you're working, man. Look at me. Look at this muscle. And then the little guy just start bench pressing with their weight. What's this guy? That little guy? Yeah. So he's wearing that outfit to kind of hide his physique. Yeah. Hey, heavy life, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. These guys. For app training. Yes, you can actually do it. What's up, guys? Welcome to my channel. This is Anatole on YouTube. I didn't know he had a big YouTube channel. I've just seen it. Oh, yeah. Okay. So he's a big time powerlifter. Oh, yeah. And there's nobody stronger in the world than powerlifters. Just doing those cleans and presses and the full body exercises. It doesn't feel that. And he's doing what slides on. It's fine. Oh, that's hilarious. That's all people. Their form is bad. It's my favorite. He's doing hammer curls with 100 pound dumbbells. Look at that guy. Look at how the bar is bending. That's insane. He's got 16 million views. Oh, Jesus. On that video, yeah. Jesus. 1.86 million subscribers and 16 million views on that video. That's nuts. See guys like that. Yeah, there's guys out there. Yeah. Yeah. And you got to watch out because you haven't been fighting as well. And then you make a statement against the wrong guy, right? Chris Horodecky. Imagine that guy on the street. Hey, babyface. You want to go to the wrong place? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You want to go? Right. Right. He was... Horodecky was... This is a perfect example, right? Yeah. He was such a cute guy. He went to the International Fight League. Remember that organization? That was one of the coaches there. Yeah. Sean Tompkins. He said, watch him. And he fought a guy from Hansel Grace's team. And he go to his kid. He says, just watch him. He was like 18 at the time, right? Oh, yeah. And he just annihilates the guy. He gave him an instant favor because of the babyface. You know? Mm-hmm. It's like, a logistic freaking killer. When you see a guy like that, you wonder. Like, he was so young when he fought in the UFC. Yeah. What if? I wonder maybe if he got in the amateurs longer, maybe if they set... Like, one of the problems with joining something like the UFC is that you are in with the elite of the elite. And if you keep winning, you can only win so many times before you're going to fight someone who's a motherfucker. And if you're 20 years old, unless you're John Jones, who fights Shogun for his, you know, he's 22 years old, he wins the world title, becomes the youngest ever UFC champion. But that's so rare. That's one. So many guys get ruined because they weren't really quite ready for that level. And unlike boxing, where they'll, like, get you ready for that by exposing you to different styles, exposing you to, you know, this guy's long and lanky, this guy's a body puncher. It's egos. And it's managers. Are you listening to your manager? And if he's a good manager for you, he will do it the right way. Right. But otherwise, if they look at the big money, like all these guys in Japan, they go, they can fight chakra before they go, $100,000. They go, if you lose horribly, you'll never be back. Just know that. Yes. Yes. If you get a guy to like, imagine if you were training today, training people today and you got a young guy, would you want him to fight? Here's the other problem. If you want him to fight in other organizations, boy, there's some murderers in these other organizations that people don't even know about. Yeah. These assassins, like, I'm sure the PFL has them. I know Bellator has them. I know 1FC has them. Yep. I mean, there's some stone cold killers over there. Just fighting a lot. That's what I say. And if you're for the pressure in the beginning, don't tell anybody you're going to fight. Do it out of state. So then if you lose, you don't even have to tell people. If you win, you can say, hey, I just fought and I won. Yeah. I think that's the best way, because I think it's very hard for a fighter right now with all the pressure on the social media. They don't fight for themselves. They fight for the people. And I think that's a big problem to have. You don't need to... Don't give a crap about anybody. If you just care about yourself. Only in fighting, of course. You don't want to be a douche. But if you really master that, and I think that I at that time, that was it. People say, why do you think it works? They say, because I fight for me. Give it for your family. I go, no. Not for your family. I say, no, because there's too much pressure on me. If I fight for me, and I just only about me, I don't give a crap. And that means I will fight at my best. And once I fight at my best, chances I'm going to win is far very high. And then my family automatically is going to be taken care of, right? Right. So well, once you start fighting, oh, I got to win this because otherwise I can't do this or can't do that. That's a bad one. Well, it's not a good thing to focus on. The best thing to focus on is your performance. Focus on fighting, focus on technique, focus on... Yeah. The flow. It's everything. Where did you develop this mindset? Did you figure it out on your own? Did you learn any of it from other people? Well, I absolutely didn't have it in Thai boxing. Like they always thought, oh, this is a great kickboxer for Mulan. Yeah. I knocked a lot of people out, but it wasn't pretty. I was just very blessed with genetics and I just... But I was the dojo fighter. So I was really good in the dojo, but I couldn't put that same guy on the pressure yet. And that changed the first fight in Japan. Really? Yeah, because I think it was my... I was a hothead. Like, oh, I had, what is it? Nine knockouts, eight in the first round, one in the second. That was all knockouts and it doesn't tie boxing. And I realized if I go to Japan on the day of the fight, I found out that was freaking... He was 32 pounds heavier than I was. I didn't know there was no weight classes. And then I found out there was only one round, but it was 30 minutes. I go, shoot. So I figured that if I explode in the first three minutes and I can't put him away, well, I got 27 more minutes to go. So maybe I got to calm down. That's when the R started coming on my hand from relax, which is coincidentally gistic. That's the Dutch word for it. And that's... And I remember my very first fight... Tell people what we're talking about, because you talked about in the other podcast, but you used to write an R on your hand. For gistic. But it's coincidentally starts... The words they say, relax. And I just... Because at my corner, I never had a coach. I trained myself. So if I would get hit, the only thing they shouted, stay calm, stay calm, because I'm a hothead. I want to put it back right away. And I remember the very first time, it was... It was the wildest... It's almost like I had two voices. One is the voice who wants to finish it. Finish it, go in for the kill. And the other one says, oh, take your time. Take your life. And there was this thing that happened. First of all, I started fighting, and I heard everybody speaking. The American people who were sitting there, I knew what they were talking about, which was weird already. Just before the fight, this is like Lily standing for my opponent. Why would I hear all these people? And then we started fighting. And the first thing that happens, I kick him in the head, and as soon as I plant my foot, I blast forth, and he was six-three, so I hit him with a palm strike, knocked him out. He's on the ground. Now the crazy stuff happened. So I want to run, because it was an eight-count. I want to run to my corner, because once I'm in the corner, that means I give him less rest, right? That's when they start counting. But something in me told me not to do that. And this is really wild, because it was almost like I wasn't in control of that. So I wanted to go to the corner, and then this person said to me, because I saw his eyes were open. He says, no, it was way more important to step there, give him a beat, look at him, and then turn around, walk very slowly to your corner. Because somehow, this is what the guys, this is what I got, that will be way more intimidating for him than for me running to the corner. And it blew me. While I'm walking back, I'm thinking go faster, go faster, and it's, no, just go calm. And then you see me hanging like this. You're your own coach. It was the wildest crazy. It was freaking all over the place. And then that one person, whoever it was said today, stay calm, stay calm. We're just relaxed. And I'm like, you see me hanging like nothing. It's all an act. If you pull the fight up, it's like, I want to run to the corner, and then I just look at him, give him a beat, and I walk very slow. But like I'm saying, there was this inner thing going on. It was just bizarre. And that was it. And then from that moment on, every fight I was like, wow, I even felt better than in training, because everything would slow down. It was an experience. It was interesting how sometimes a very high pressure moment will open up like a new level of your ability. That's it. Yeah. The bubble. That's what I call it. I'm in the bubble, and it's like, I only allow the things that want to come in, I allow. And for the rest that I don't need, I'm not. It's the most peaceful feeling, and now I know why. I read the, you know, the Stolen Folks book for Yohann Hari. You know, that's a really good book. And he says, you know, it's because in fighting, my mind would be calm, because my ADD, I'm all over the place. I have six conversations going on while I'm talking to you. I mean, it goes really, it's very hard to control. But in fighting, or in training really hard sparring, it's completely, that's gone. I have one focus, because if I don't focus, I'm going to get knocked out. So fighting to me was always a very comfort thing to do. It was so relaxed, because peace finally in my head. Yeah, that's it. And then I used the ADD just for my workouts to go crazy and crazier. But then again, you know, it's great to have, but once you stop fighting, that's the trap, right? Now we're going to replace that good feeling, and it's probably alcohol or drugs, and that's when everybody goes down, including me. For so many fighters, it's very difficult to find your identity after your fight, because for fighting, fighting is your whole thing. That's the only thing. It's everything. And the only thing also, that's the problem. You don't branch out, or you have other fighters who start already branching out before they're a champion. Oh, I say don't do that. Focus on that first, because everything else, well, once you start losing, they will be gone. You know, you need to first, what made you really good, focus on that, and once that career is over, go to the next career. I'm not saying like, when I came to America, I started acting within three months. I started taking acting classes, because I knew eventually I was going to need that. Yes, yes, so I thought, maybe it's better to be prepared for that, but just didn't say to anybody. Yeah, the transition is very hard for almost everybody, because fighting requires so much of you. I mean, especially you're fighting in the UFC, you're training probably at least twice a day. You're involved in recovery, you're monitoring your food, you're doing all sorts of different things to try to like, keep your body healthy, massage and saunas and all that jazz. And then it's over. And then you're 35, 36 years old, and you realize like, I can't do this anymore, what am I going to do? What do I do? And one of the things I admire the most about Khabib, he just said, that's it, I'm done. I'm at the top of the game, my mother doesn't want me to fight anymore. Yep, good for it. Amazing, undefeated, just says I'm done. Yep, and he could be the only one, and 50 years from now, who did that? Smart. Yeah, there's very few guys, that have ever done that. I mean, in boxing, it's Andre Ward, retires at the peak. And when Canelo Alvarez knocked out Kovalev, they offered him Canelo Alvarez, and it was for quite a bit of money. And Andre Ward, who's a brilliant man, said, I think I serve boxing better by retiring. Good for him. By staying retired, being a commentator. Smart man. You know, he's a guy that fought most of his career with one arm. Do you know the story about Andre Ward? Andre Ward tore his shoulder apart when he was very young, and they just didn't do surgery on it. And so because they didn't do surgery on it, it never got better. And so he didn't get surgery until he was a world champion. And his shoulder was fucked up. Like, he really beat everybody, Karl Froch, he beat all those guys with one arm. Geez. Just fucking left hooks and jabs, and he occasionally threw a right hand, but his shoulder was so fucked up. I think one of his major, one of the major tendons was detached. So like the shoulder was like barely there. Sort of like T.J. Dillashaw in his last fight. T.J. Dillashaw has had fucked up shoulders forever. For a long time. Forever. Yeah. Yeah, but you think his, so his opponents didn't know at all that was the best gap secret? I don't think people knew. You see, that's, that's because that's very, it's important because if people would know, you see how they change the game the whole, immediately. Yes. Yeah. But it's wild how they go. You see, just by knowing that. But then again, you have other people like, if we can run the Rousey, that, oh, what you gonna do? Arm bar me. Yeah. Okay. Good luck stopping it. Right. Doing it again. Yeah. Yeah, doing it. They're so good at one thing that you can, you know it's gonna happen, but you can't stop it. Like, like, patch and glory. Throws that left kick. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's guys that are like that that just have this one thing. Paul Sass used to fight in the UFC and he triangled everybody. He was always triangles. He's always won by, maybe won a couple of times by leg lock, I think. Yeah. But his whole thing was triangles. Everybody had to stay away from his triangle. And it's like, how is this guy gonna beat everybody with a triangle? He figured it out. Paul Harris. Yeah, Paul Harris. Leg lock, leg lock, leg lock. Yeah, unfortunately for that guy though, he didn't want to let go. Yeah. Yeah. He's a crazy guy. Yeah. Ooh. Against Jake Shields. He started hitting him. Yeah. Yeah, because he's got a lot of power as well. Oh, he's a tank. Yeah. I mean, he was like 5'7\", 185 pounds. She's like fucking. It's crazy when you talk to him. He's a very soft spoken. Yeah, very quiet. I think I was felt like that was, when I would interview him, I always felt like that was almost fake. Yeah. Like the calmness was all calm. Like this fucking hurricane going on in that guy's mind. Oh yeah. Well, he had a horrible existence, a horrible childhood. His childhood was very, very, very hard. Yeah, lives on the streets of the jungle, right? He lived in very, very poor existence. And that's why he has that horrible scar across his chest. I mean, he got cut open. And it never really got medical attention. Cut open how? I don't know what happened. I don't know what happened. He had a movie about that guy. But he had that huge scar across his chest. But Paul Horace was uniquely terrifying because he knew that not only was he going to leg lock you, but he wasn't going to let it go. Yeah, yeah. And he was going to be, I mean, he fucking even did it to Jake Shields. He got Jake Shields in a Camora. Yeah, I was there. And didn't let it go. Yeah, Jake started hitting him afterwards. Yeah. Yeah, it's scary. Because guys like that can really, that's your career. They can ruin your career. Ruin your career. Your knee. I mean, that's it. That was the guy with, I did the heel look because I saw the heel look a day before on a big screen. Really? This is how I got my fifth degree black belt. That was an honorary black belt. I'm with John Blooming, who is the highest guy gene next to Masayama in Kyogushin. He's got the 11th degree. And we're standing. We see this big giant, this is a preview for the fights for the next day in Japan. Giant screen on the side of a wall. And I'm, I would go, hybrid wrestling, pain cross we're here. And the first thing we see is me knocking out my first opponent. Oh, it's the preview. So we're looking. And I see this guy sitting in half guard, grabs his, grabs the foot and he falls back. And I say to John Blooming, I go, hey, that's a cool move. I got to remember that. Next day I'm fighting. I'm in that position. So I go, might as well try. So I grabbed it, but I never did it before. So I had no clue. So I grabbed the heel, who could inverted heel to think about that. And I just fell backwards. Yeah, broke his shin freaking in half. So first we heard the clack. So I let go. I think his knee is blown out, right? Because that will be it. And the referee is asking and he's feeling his knee and he goes, no, I'm good. Well, what happened was that his shin must like half snapped because that's what we heard. And then he kicks me with that leg. Oh, God. Yeah. And I just put my weight in it. And then you see it bending. Has anybody ever come back from that shin snapping? I mean, Tyrone Spong would never really kickbox again after that. Anderson was never the same after that. Chris Weidman still hasn't fought in MMA after that. There's reasons that you turn over a kick. I always say this to people. I'm trying to figure something out here. Like, okay, so imagine this is the shin bone. I tell this to people, right? It's straight. It's very hard to break like this. Very easy to break like that. Right? Much easier. This is thin. This is really thick. That's your shin if you think about it because it's like this on your shin. Right. So if you hit it with the flat part, you know, like Tyrone Spong, he's kicking really fast. Josie Aldo kicks really fast. But I always said it before. He got to watch out because if you have somebody checking that kick, he's hitting with the flat part of the shin. Sure, it's fast. But very dangerous when you connect with something solid. That's how he broke a shin bone. Right. You got to hit it on the edge. That's it. That's why the two by four. Ties are doing that. Because the ties are lively hoot. And if they don't do it, they're freaking going to break the shin. And that's it. It's interesting because you don't think about that when you think of your shin. But if you think of your shin, the part that you really kind of have to turn it over because the part if you have it, your leg is pointed straight. Your shin, the flat part is on the inside. That's it. If you throw it without turning it over, that part will snap. If you have a stance like I have, like I'm the open stance, my toes are pointing 45 degrees. This might check. I'm not even moving back. I'm just doing this to keep my body weight in there. It's going to feel to you like you hit the freaking wall. Super solid block. And then if you kick wrong, that's it. You lose. The Uriah Hall Chris Weidman one. Scary. Oh, because Chris Weidman just throws full power first kick. And Uriah Hall, who's an excellent striker, just turns it over, turns it out and crack. We have an open stance. Karate combat ring Greece. I'm commentating. Main event. Seven fights, 55 minutes was the show. Everybody got slaughtered. The standing open stance. And the first guy, the guy from France, David Donner gives him a full inside low kick. And I'm saying he should not do that in an open stance. Because in Karate combat, you cannot hit the thighs. It's below the knee. Oh. So shin on shin. And I go, he shouldn't do that because this is how you break your shin. I say it two seconds later, he kicks again, snaps him in half. Oh. You've had one in Karate combat too. For sure. Karate combat, you can't kick your thigh? Not the thighs. You know, and I heard- Why not? Because this is the Karate rules that they have over there and it keeps the fight a little bit more separated. But this is the great thing, you know, because they were actually telling me, because you talked about this before in the show, about Karate combat not having the thighs. I really love the thighs as well. Also, I love knees to the face. Well, they're allowing it now. You just cannot grab, you know, but you can't throw it loose to the body and to the face. That's really nice. Flying knees. Flying knees. Yeah. But the great thing about Karate combat is, we're not the owners. The fans are the owners. You know what? We have a token, the Karate token, it's cryptocurrency and you can come. This is another thing. It's up gaming, we call it. You cannot lose. Wait. You cannot lose. You put your tokens on a fighter. If that particular fighter wins, 90% of those tokens go to you, 10% actually goes to the fighter as well. So they try to get a lot of- Oh, it's really cool. Oh, nice. I like that a lot. Oh, I love it, you know. And if you lose, you don't lose your tokens. You go, whoa, what's the catch? Okay, Karate combat, they decide, we decided that we, you know, for the first three years, we'll take that hit. Really? Yeah, so they want people to go engage, and we don't say anything. Rafael Agayev is the interim champion right now, and he is the interim champion because fighters, the fans wanted to fight against Raymond Daniel first before he fought Joshua Quayhagan. We listen to the fans, and we do what they wanted to do, and that's it. So you, with you saying, I want to have ties included, you can petition on the app, and you can say, listen, I would like to have ties. And if more people support you, they will allow, there's going to be a new rule that kicks to the ties. Get on it, people. How cool is that, right? That's great. So they listen to the fans, they get 10% of the fighters, and if a lot of people are betting, that could be really good for the fighters as well to get a little bit of extra dough. I really like the idea of a token that's attached to an organization. That makes me excited about crypto tokens, because look at this. OK, all new karate combat app is now live, so this is how it works. So it's a dollar sign, and then karate token, stash every time your fighter wins, climb the list. So that's a great idea. It's a great idea also that it goes to the fighters as well, 10%. If the UFC implemented something like that, I think that would be very successful. I think it's a very, very good idea. Probably one of the most unique ideas that I've heard in a long time, and implementation of crypto token that I think is fantastic. It's the Wall Street guys who started this organization, and then in the beginning, they are just study groups to find out who's the most, and they realized that Conor McGregor, like two out of 10 people, would know him instead of 10 out of 10. Then they realized Dragon Ball Z, 10 out of 10, would know that in that age group. And they go like, wait a minute, if we start combining the two, this is how they literally did that stuff. And then they say, hey, what if we do cryptocurrency, we can engage him on the app, and boom, we got Dave in there. Dave is super... I don't even want to say that. I'm not going to say what I want to say. But this guy is, no, no, he's like the top dogs in cryptocurrency, and he came up with this idea for the karate token. That's a great idea. That's a great idea. I really liked that idea because of a fighter, if a lot of people are gambling on them, and they're winning money, like when Israel Adesanya fought Alex Pajeda, I think Drake bet like a million dollars on him, something crazy, and won. Wouldn't it be nice if... Oh, what would you ask at the second time? I think he was still favorite. Israel was favorite. But meanwhile, Pajeda was putting it on him. The calf kicks. His ability to throw those calf kicks with no telegraph, he lifts up the leg, boom, and he's not turning the hip over. But that's why. Yeah. He's got to watch out with that. It's the same block again. Another thing that I really love from him that he does, he doesn't turn his benches over. I don't do it either. I don't believe in this whole crap. If it comes naturally, let it go. But if you start focusing on it, a lot of people already do it here. You see, they start telegraphing. And once you start doing this, this is almost the same as an overhand. If I let you get used to this, and now an overhand is a completely different punch, it can set you up way better by doing that. This is way more penetrating than when you bring the elbow up. Well, that's the thing about Pajeda, that people don't give him enough credit for. He's very clever and very technical. Because everybody just thinks about the power. His power is so extraordinary. But then you realize, he's not hitting hard all the time. He's not like a guy just like Melvin Manhove. Yeah, yeah. Having his head. Melvin was one of my all-time favorites. Monster. Oh my God. Taking Mark Hunt. Knocking him out. In one punch. I think also the cup. Did you see that? I think I'm the only one who caught it. I go, seriously? So he knocks up Mark Hunt, Hunt flies down, and Mark hits his head on his cup. Is he wearing a tie cup? A steel cup? Yeah. So I think it's a double whammy. I think already the punch was it, but boom, boom. And then he goes down. I think it's crazy that they still let fighters wear steel cups. I think it's crazy. But I think it's good. Because you shouldn't really be kicking someone in the nuts anyway. And if you kick someone in the nuts, and you're going to shatter your foot, because you're going to hit a steel cup. But so they won't allow it? They do allow it. Oh, you have to. I don't understand people not using a steel cup. I don't. I mean, either that or I think the Diamond MMA system is excellent, because it's a compression cup. And you can take a full blast shot to the nuts. Did you try? Yeah. I've knocked on it a few times. But I got a really bad dick injury once from Jiu-Jitsu, from someone passing my guard. Hey, listen up. I swear to God. He is passing my guard, and he tried to slam his knee through to pass my guard. And I wasn't wearing a cup. And he hit me right on the dick. Not on my balls, on my dick. And it hurt like hell, but I just kept going. And then afterwards, I went into the locker room, and my jockstrap had blood in it. There was a bunch of blood in my jockstrap. I was like, oh, Jesus. And I pissed, and blood was coming out of my dick. I'm like, OK. So I was like, do I go to the hospital? Or do I treat it like a broken nose? So what I did was I went home, and I jerked off. Because I figured if my dick still works, then I'm not worried about it. And the fucking, I jerked off into the toilet bowl. This is how gross I am. And this fucking disgusting thing came out. I go, OK, well, let's see if it works tomorrow. I mean, I want to make sure it's not infected. And I never went up doing anything with it. But people are like, but it's your dick. I'm like, yeah. But if it was really, if I really was worried, I mean, it's an injury. Your nose is always bleeding, right? How many times you've broken your nose? Listen, I did the same thing. I'm standing at the end of the class, and just had a sparring session, and I now have teaching kids class. And I'm standing in front of the mirror, pushing my nose straight because it got broke again in training. So this guy walks in, who has two sons with me, and he says, hey, if you want, I can fix this. I go, what do you mean? He says, I'm a plastic surgeon. I can put a plastic nose in there. So I have a plastic nose, see? Plastic? Yeah, plastic silicone. I can't break anymore. So he replaced this so it's not a boxing nose, but I simply can't break anymore. Oh, so you have this piece here, instead of being hard like mine, it's silicone. It's silicone. Just push it down again? It can't go a little. That is crazy. I didn't know they could do that. Me neither. And he did it right away. So that was it for free. I go, I'll take that. Wow. That's nice. Yeah. It was out of place though in the UFC when I fought Renwoman. It was on the side. Oh, no. That's when they asked me. That was literally because it was funny that I think the day before or the day of the fight, I don't remember that. We were talking about the nose bone into the brain. Right? That's a myth. It's bullshit. But then a friend of mine says to me, if your nose is already broken, then it might happen. Right? So this is in my head. So now, boss, your nose is broke. And then you say, I look at the big John, I say, do you believe that nose bone into the brain? He wrote that in his book. That's hilarious. And he goes, no, I said, oh, fuck it. I'll fight. Yeah, I was always, man, about to hit you right in the nose and go right in your brain. No, but it's just people they always say, I'd like to die in a case. Not me. I like my life. I'm very happy living. I don't want to die. If there's a reason of a possibility I might die, nope. I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to take the risk. Why would I? Yeah, why would you? So many people in the UFC, I mean, Justin Gaetschy just got his nose fixed. He had a deviated septum. And his nose was so closed off. When he would talk, you would hear it like this. Yeah. He would talk like that. You could hear that his nose was always stuffed up. And there's so many fighters that you hear him talk. And that was me until I was 40. And I finally got a deviated septum operation that cleaned out my nose and cleaned out my God. Oh, my God. Yeah. It was amazing. I used to go to yoga class. And the guy was like, you got to breathe out of your nose. I'm like, I can't. He's like, you can't. I go, no, I can't. I can't. My nose is done. It's like this. Just like the inside of my nose was like cauliflower ear. Yeah. The same kind of shit. Because if you get it broken enough, the blood pools up and it calcifies. Yeah. So the doctor had to clean it out. And he showed me all the shit that he cleaned out of my nose after it was over. It's like a little cup. Yeah. Filled with just fucking horrible shit that was inside my... But afterwards, oh, my God. Freedom. It's almost like your Tesla. Anybody who needs that, please listen to me. Get it done. Get it done. Get your deviated septum fix. I know. Six weeks. I know. But six weeks later, I was rolling. I was training again. It goes fast. But it was just the difference. My cardio was up by 10%, like immediately. Immediately. Yeah, yeah. Everything becomes better. Calmness. I could smell. I could calm down. I couldn't smell shit. You could fart in my face. I didn't know what was going on. Yeah. And with food, that's the problem. Okay. Oh, with food, that's a real problem. Yeah. It doesn't taste good. You can smell the wine. I had that one time for like a couple of months. You can smell anything. You can blow smoke in my face. Whatever. And then you don't taste the steaks. No, nothing. The red wine sauce. Nothing. The wine sauce. Oh, this is a very expensive bottle of wine. They don't give it to me. It's a waste. I mean, yeah. Just give me the alcohol. What percentage is that? Double that? Bring it back. Yeah. Man, the nose thing is such a problem because noses are so vulnerable. It's such a soft, stupid thing. Yeah. I have that right in the middle of your face where you're getting hit all the time. But it's in training. It's in training. I never had any fighting. Well, a Randleman. But Randleman's punch is the, he was hitting me and sliding over my face. Oh, yeah. So he hit it completely out of the socket. That wasn't good. And another thing that wasn't good is that I lost a contact. I have bad eyes, like minus five and a half. If I'm sitting in front of you and you look down, you face it straight, you look down, I can't tell. So I was always wearing contacts in the fight. And then one eye, I lost the contact. And then the other eye, I was filled up with blood. And then I'm upside down the whole time on my back swallowing the blood. That's why you see me in the corner. I try to throw blood up. I was swallowing my own blood. That was making me nauseous. Yeah. It's just annoying. Yeah, it's not good. But when you look back on your career, boss, you were, in my opinion, you were the first guy that I ever saw that was a very high level striker that was entering into MMA because a lot of MMA striking in the early, early, early days was kind of, or the Alendo Vete was good, but he was very small. Yeah. Very small. He was like 180 pounds and he's fighting these, like he fought Remco Pardue. Remember that fight? Oh, yeah, of course. I mean, both these guys are trained with the both of them. Remco got him inside control and just, bring it elbow, elbow, elbow, freaking. You were the first guy, like especially the Kosaka fight, pull up that fight, pull up when Boss Rutan made his debut, because they put a lot of pressure on you too. The poster, the poster of the UFC for that event was the greatest martial artist alive. Yeah, and I said they messed up right there. I told them specifically the greatest looking. They pulled the word looking up. Man, I had that poster for the longest time. I don't know what the fuck ever happened with it. It was just the next UC heavyweight champion. It was just your face. The poster of that UFC event was just your face. It was badass. Yeah. This is Boss. This is puppy. So for me, this is UFC 18. And this was, Jesus, I don't think I was working for the UFC anymore. I worked for the UFC for UFC 12 to probably like 16 or something. 98. Yeah. I think by 98, I was already done because they were, because I never was there for one of your fights, was I? Nope. I only watched it on television, but I remember watching you fight. I was like, Oh, this is exciting. Because this was the first time we saw like a real elite striker. And again, I have to tell people, you couldn't even fucking spar. You couldn't wrestle before this fight because you had a fucked up neck. And Tiyoshi Kosaka was an elite guy. He trained with Maurice Smith. He was a very, very good guy. But this fucking, this final right here, this final barrage, when you won your UFC debut. I mean, that to me as an MMA fan and as a martial artist was very exciting. I had so much because John put it in his book as well. I walked back to the corner after the first round, and I knew I was getting behind because I couldn't do any takedown defense because of the ground was hard for me because of my neck. And then while I'm walking up, I see the word look on the guys, his faces. And I go, I said, don't worry about it. I got him. I say, you just shout when I have one minute left, I'll knock him out. And I turn around and Big John stands here with a smile on his face. So he turns around and he's like shaking his head. He just heard me say, and then they go to the fight. He goes one minute and 10 seconds later, I knocked him out. And then Big John gave me his shirt. Oh, wow. He goes, dude, that was the wildest thing. So he gave it to show that he was wearing in the cage afterwards. That's the picture. That's the poster. Is this the next UFC heavyweight champion? Yeah, that was cool. Look at that. Make that a little bit bigger so I can read it. What is it? What does it say on anything? Look at that. Boss rootin. The world's greatest martial artist. Look at that man. No pressure. Live on pay-per-view. That was a big deal, man. The weigh-in was in the hotel room. That was your debut. That was the way it was in the hotel room. Those weigh-ins were just ridiculous. And also the drug testing was ridiculous. Oh, shoot. Yeah, it was nothing. What drug testing? It was nothing. It was nothing. It was crazy. What a fucking career you had though, man. I love it. What a career. You're such an important part of MMA history. Huge, huge part. I'm very happy everybody's coming to me. They always say the same thing. What if you could have fought now? And I go, I'm completely happy. You know why? Because all the champions you're going to get now, that's good. We're in the pioneer section. That means there can only be a certain group. We can never get bigger. We were the guys who started it. I said, that will be forever there. 5,000 years from now, we started. That's cool. I enjoy that. Yes. Yeah, I mean, you were a very, very important part of MMA history. Again, because you were the first really elite striker. In the UFC, you saw guys who were good strikers, who were solid guys, but you were a cut above. And it was a very exciting time. And it was also the time where you're sorting all this out. You have to realize, if you go back to UFC 18, people were still sorting out what's effective, what's not effective. Oh, yeah. What, you know, Mark Coleman came along and all of a sudden everybody wanted to be 265 pounds because he was taking everybody down. Smash it. I don't know. Holding the hands. Hands and start headbutting. Yes. Headbutts were legal. Yes. Jesus. Headbutts, no, no gloves. When Mark Coleman fought Dan Severn, the first UFC in UFC 12, no gloves. No gloves. Yeah. You know, they just taped up the base of the hand to keep your hand together if it broke. Did the story that I heard because I talked to Ken, of course, because first time when I was fighting in Japan, it was September. And Ken was talking to me that he was going to do this crazy thing. Ken Shamrock. Ken Shamrock. I go, dude, because I was in November, and this was in September, and he went, did this thing. And then afterwards I talked to him, he said it was hilarious. It was a moment in time that everybody was sitting backstage and they were watching the fights. And everybody was expecting that any moment now, the promoter could come in and they would say, okay, you're going to lose, you're going to win, you know, because they still thought they could be fixed because otherwise it's too crazy. And then they saw a shear, as they're kicking the teeth out from the cinema. Yes. And they go like, it's real. You know, that was a reality check right there in the dressing room. He said, you saw all everybody's demeanor changed at the moment that happened. And I think one of the most important things was that Hoist won. Because you got this guy who didn't look the scam. I mean, Ken Shamrock was fucking jacked. Yeah. He was just jacked. He looked like a UFC champion. He looked like whatever one was terrified of. Yeah. And Hoist Gracie tapped him. And he was like 175 pounds and skinny and wearing a key and everybody's like, what is going on? How is this possible? Yeah. I was going through all my magazines because I wanted to clean out, take out of the magazines, make pictures of it, because otherwise you have way too many magazines. Like these Japanese badass magazines where you have a fight, you got like eight pages of pictures and they have the best pictures. And one of the magazines was Hoist on the cover, you know, and he's lifting his arm. And the look in his eyes, I actually made a picture and I sent it to him. I go, where is this guy? You know, because freaking violence, you know, it's... It's starting to... He just won. No smile. He's like, freaking kill everybody next. That was badass, man. And didn't have a lot of experience doing that. Yeah. It wasn't like he had had a lot of MMA fights. Yeah. A lot of no rules fights. His brother Hickson did. Yeah. Hickson fought a bunch of them, but Jesus Christ. Yeah. That changed martial arts forever. Everything. Everybody thought... 1983 changed the fucking world. Yeah. Changed the fucking world. Yeah. We all thought the kickers in the box... Thirty years ago, boss. Yeah. Isn't that crazy? I know. I remember the first time I watched it, it was like there was two big revelations for me in my martial arts. One was going from taekwondo to kickboxing and realizing how easy it was for me to get punched in the face. Yeah. I was like, oh my God. Because I thought that I was just going to kick people in the face and not come unconscious. I was like, these guys aren't even that good at kicking. Yeah. You know? Because I came from this elite taekwondo. Oh, yeah. And then I was getting just fucking battered in training. I was like, oh God. Made me reassess and then leg kicks. Yeah. The leg kick one was like, oh fuck. And then the next one was jujitsu. My taekwondo teacher had that too. I came back from taebo actually and he said also, he said, leg kicks? Yeah, it's not effective. Say it once, brother. And then when I tied it together, he says, just check it. I go, you loaned them because I keep you busy. And then I start nailing him with it and he goes, we're going to add locusts. Yeah. For me, it was 1988. My friend Dana Rosenblatt, his buddy from Richie Vasopoli's karate studio, was this guy was very adventurous guy who I forget his name, but he went over to Thailand and he trained in Thailand for quite a long time. And he came back all caught up because he had a bunch of tie fights and he got caught with elbows. This guy was living in Thailand and training in Thailand in 1988. And I was like, whoa, what is going on? And that's when I first started incorporating that and start learning low kicks. But I was like, oh my God, I'm so vulnerable. You didn't realize how vulnerable your legs were. And especially because you never did it, so it's all tender. No, you're right. It's the ultimate charlotteur. I had a terrible stance for it too because I stood very wide. I was very wide like this and boom. No. And that was before calf kicks, which is crazy. Like, you know, I talked to Michael Bisping and he's like, I fought my entire career, won the world title. He won the world title, never got calf kicked. Yeah. Which is so interesting. It's the most interesting thing. Yeah. But it's the same, you know, we don't still don't see close lines and we don't see, you know, those are punches that you can defend. Sure. If I give you a close line, it will loop around. It will still hit the back of your head, the legal part, you know, you just stay outside of the Mohawk. Where are they? Right. You know, we saw with Junior Los Santos and McCain when they were fighting, he dropped him and I go, ah, here we go. And then the next fight in the rematch, it went the other way around. Oh, finally people got it. And then it disappeared again. I go do it. It is such an effective. If I get in the street fight right now, I close line the guy. That's the first thing I'm going to try. Just full stiff arm. You have no clue. If I do this on the back, I can give you a hat kick full and I give you close line, close line beats the hat kick. Really? If I hit the back, you'll see the whole back fold around my arm. Really? It's bizarre. It's really bizarre. You can be in full defense. It'll go around, hits the back of your head. How come no one's doing that? I, no clue. Completely legal. Maybe that's the next thing. Maybe they're going to learn it from this. I hope so. Because I never think of that, but there is a lot of power. Yeah. But the one thing, don't stretch your arm because if you do, if you hyper-extense, you know, so it's better to miss it. So you want to have a slight bend. Slight bend and I hit with this part. Dude, if you see me doing this on the back, it's a very scary thing. Mm. Yeah. I want to see. We got a bag. Yeah. Well, we'll do it. Okay. Yeah. I'll film it. I'll film it to show everybody how I'm doing this. But yeah, whatever the tech, you know, here's another one that really never made it into the UFC, but it has been in other organizations is axe kicks. There's this one gentleman, I forget his name. Andy Hoog. Oh, of course. Yeah. Andy Hoog. Of course, Andy Hoog. I mean, Andy Hoog was the master at it. Oh my God, those K1 days. Oh, to this day. Oh, so good. The average is start. How the fuck? Explain this. How does pride go from 90,000 seats, I-Tama, Super Arena, to... There's nothing like that over there in Japan now. Like, how did it just go away? That's once they realized that the mafia was associated with it. Yeah. Mike Bonanno. Isn't that crazy though? I don't know. He was a great guy. He killed himself, dude. Mike Bonanno, dude? Yeah, poor guy. He was... I liked him a lot. Boom. Look at that. Yeah, he's... Andy. Look at this. Boom. Mirko Krokop. Yeah. Donk. Yeah, Andy Hoog was the master of the axe kick. It's just so flexible. It's just... There's one guy who fights in the UFC. Excuse me, he fights in MMA. I've messaged him back and forth. I apologize to him. I just get too many messages. But there was a video of him KOing somebody with an axe kick. I'm like, oh, well, there you go. He was like this elite Taekwondo guy, then started training in MMA and just has this crazy axe kick. And you just don't expect it. Yeah. But nobody does. Especially if you're fighting someone and they're standing South Park and they have that right shoulder forward and he brings it around the outside so you don't even see it until it's too late. Yeah. So you're standing like this. You don't see it until it's, oh, Jesus Christ. Yeah, coming down. Boom. Yeah. And then it slams down. And then it's with the heel. Anyway, collarbone. Oh, yeah. I mean, everything is going to smash. But this dude is really good at the face. He's really, see if you can find it. Let me see. Dad, this is the kid. Watch this. Watch this. Boom. Whoa. Yeah. What is his name? What is this guy's name? There it is. Alfie Davis. Alfie Davis. That's freaking. Yeah. So Alfie Davis, this gentleman has a background in Taekwondo clearly. If you watch, back it up a little bit so you can see a little bit more of it. We'll show some more of his fights too, because he does this a lot. I don't know where he's at right now, but he had that sort of Taekwondo style. Look at this. Steps forward. Boom. And you don't, you just don't anticipate it. You think he's going to kick you in the body. So you're doing this. And then all of a sudden his foot is over his head. Yeah. See if there's more videos of him. Incredible. Is there more of those? It's the same one. Yeah. So there's other fights of his. So he fights, does he still fight in Bellator? Says that seven months ago. Anyway. So watching these guys that have these extraordinary kicking skills, as long as they learn the other stuff, but the thing is about learning the other stuff. It's everything. Yeah. It's everything. You know, with me last lost by Ken, knee bar me, and it was it. I go like, okay, I'm not going to learn this freaking game. I'm going to stop. It is stupid. You know, I might win the title, but then if somebody submit, I'm losing again. It makes no sense. It's my job. And I found one training partner. I would just start rolling two or three times a day. I won my next eight fights by submission after my last loss. They were like, what the heck is going on? It was flipped it around. One with submission control. The other one all finishes seven. Do you think that's what you call ADHD or obsessive, whatever it is? Yeah. 100%. Yeah. I focus on that. Like with me, if I want something, I want it now. If I can't have it now, it will be happening tomorrow. I'll do everything in my power to master whatever I need to master in the shortest amount of time. And I will sacrifice everything for it. That was always my thing. You know, like my stamina, you know, it was, I was just a fair ask my patients. I was scared and inhaled with me. So I didn't want to get tired. So it was my weakness. And then I realized, wait a minute, I, why don't I brainwash myself? And I started doing it. I started getting tired and it was great to go, no, I love this. I love this. I want to get more tired. And I kept on hitting and then I slowly, and I'm telling you, like within three, four weeks, now I certainly wanted it. And that changed my whole. That's when I started really training, bringing training to the next level. Then I were like, oh, if I can do it with that, I should be able to do this with everything. You know, that's when I start toughening up and, you know, all these things, shin calcification, all that stuff. I never focused on that, but then I go, why not? You know, if everything is strong and it feels better, it's for your opponent. It's going to feel much stronger. So let's start working on that. And then that was it. What did you do for shin calcification? Just kicking a bag. But we had a, I have to say this, we had a bag with regular sand in it. So then the lower you kick it. So what I would do, I will put in a measuring tape around it. So I knew the exact place to spot. And I will kick that for like the next 10 days. And then only when I felt it's okay, I would do it one line below it, like literally this. And I would start kicking that. First of all, great for my aiming, you know, and second of all, you know, every time it gets harder, the lower I kick, it gets harder. By the way, aiming for people, it's so important, you know, and then you go like, oh, dude, it's not normal. You see a lot of guys just hit the head, just hit the body. They don't really aim for their shots. Like if I'm, if I'm typeboxing you and you're wearing shorts or they're shorts, whatever logo is on there, I'll pick out one more, one little piece on it, spot on it. And I will deliver my low kick, every low kick on the same spot. Once you start training yourself like that, you know, you automatically start doing it. And think about this. If you have the power to knock somebody out with three low kicks, but you spread them out over three spaces, now you're going to need nine low kicks in order to do it. So you see, so this is how, if you kick me here in the gut, you can kick me, but you can't punch me here in the solar plexus. Okay. So why do not start hitting the solar plexus, the jaw, the spleen, the liver, you know, really aiming for your shots. And that automatically puts you also better in the zone. Because my first fights, I was hitting a silhouette. I just hit whatever I could hit. Didn't really matter where I would connect. I just tried to finish the job. Now I'm completely different. Now it's like really waiting, always breathing in, oh, let's hit him at the moment he's breathing in, you know, like this. My second fight, how I want that. I use that a lot on your right kicks. If you throw a right kick and then with my stance, well, you're exhaling when you kick, you're inhaling when you pull back. Oh, I'm going to use that again. See, I'm going to block the kick and then while you pull it, recalling it, I go straight to the body. That straight, this power, you go down. You can do 5,000 sit-ups a day. You breathe in and I connect. That's it. You're going to go down. You see, and I really like those moments. I do this with legs. You know, I push you. I push and simultaneously kick. So I make you weightless, the muscle is relaxed, and then I kick you with the shin. Sure, I cannot generate a lot of power, but you don't need a lot of power. It works really well. Like my last fight actually, and that was not me time. That was pure luck. But he stepped at the moment his foot was up, I kicked him and I remember my shin. I literally hit click. My shin was touching his thigh bone. I felt just the skin click. First thing I thought, I won. And I saw him limp and I kicked him one more time, fight his own. But that was the moment that the muscle was completely relaxed. But like I said, that was not me timing it. That was just luck. Are you going to open up a gym out here? No, I don't think so. I want to go do some seminars and doing that kind of stuff. I still own the gym in Thousand Dogs. It's going really well. We got this new great wrestling coaches now also. They're going to start like in two weeks, I believe. So we added wrestling now to it. I mean, we got these crazy fitness challenges. What we do is a man challenge and a woman challenge. So the woman challenge, it's for six weeks. I'm going to pull up a picture. You're not going to believe this. So this is a woman who won the competition. You get a free membership for a year if you win the competition. This is six weeks. She gained actually 2.1 pounds. What's this? Really? Whoa. Six weeks. Damn. And all the other 18 ladies in the class, they know this 100% real because they wanted to be the number one. So this is crazy, right? That's incredible. That's hard work. That's hard work. And then people don't know. This is the worst part. Don't you hate it when you know people see, I was always like, oh, steroids. If you look good, and then these overweight people who don't take care of their health, first thing they say it's using steroids. They say, wait a minute. So you're using anti-steroids then? What do you mean? I say, you look like shit. I'm firing right back what they do. I can't stand it. You know? No. Live with me for two months. Well, you had phenomenal genetics though. Yeah, yeah. Don't you have that weird genetic variant that allows you to keep extra muscle? Isn't there something? Don't you have something weird though? I had an insanely high testosterone level when I was 19. I think I toned it down to 2400. But I think, no, I thought it was 2800. What? Yeah, they said they never measured anything like it. My mother was there with me. And they go like, is he a handful? And she goes, you have no idea. You know, because she said, this is really crazy high level. Yeah, and I burn like a maniac. So I'm 3% of the population. We did this swap, you know, for something. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Yeah, and it's like, so I can eat six large pizzas a day. I'm the same weight now than when I started fighting. I never lose weight or gain weight. What do you do for exercise nowadays? I just work out 40 minutes. I do stem, like this morning I did a treadmill. I do the incline all the way up. We have a higher one. It goes like 25%. You know, so it's pretty gnarly. Yeah, I got a 30% one. It's awesome. Oh, I love it. I need one like that. Oh, it's fantastic. Because my knees, I can run, but I can walk. So then I just go up and I just go 40 minutes straight. What I do is also, I do 10 minutes backwards. And then I do another 10 minutes forward, and then five minutes backwards. Walking backwards is very important to balance everything out. Howard, your knees are still fucked up? Yeah, there's no scarlet on the kneecaps. So that sounds like the easier problem is the worst problem to have in the knee, because you can't fix it. You know, it's not like they can't take the kneecap out and replace it with it. It's not working like that. But, you know, I do cable punch routines. Really good for your core, really good for power. I do the reverse punches. Everything I do is superset. So I do 10 exercises. I do 20 repetitions minimum, all four sets, 32 minutes. People go, there's no way. Yeah, but I don't take a rest. That's why I like to do supersets. I'm resting, this muscle group is resting while I'm training this one. So you're training strength, but you're also training conditioning. Always. Because that's in my head now for what if something happens on the street. It's always good to have a little bit of gas in the tank. So that's what I'm doing. I just wash my food. But like I crazy, I eat two, two and a half pounds of sweet potatoes. That's my breakfast. That's just that. Two and a half pounds of sweet potatoes? Yeah. And then, just that. No water, no salt. No, just that. Then I have these shakes, these crazy carnivore shakes that I have. There are like 125 carbs a shake. And there's a couple a day, drink them in between because they just keep burning. Wow. Yeah, that's crazy. But how old are you now? 58. 58, your body's still burning like that. That's wild. I grow, like you see pictures of me like last week, I started on Saturday. Because normally I always throw these challenges out. I started TRT on Saturday last week because they realized that my free testosterone was lower. And it was affecting me mentally. It was like something wrong with him. And I told Brigham, I go like dude, something is wrong. I'm too emotional, something is off. This is for a while already. But I have pictures. He says, dude, you look freaking awesome. He says, yeah, now you don't use anything. So I was always very proud of that. And to people who said it, I say, take the bet. Yeah. I'll go six months. Every day you can test me. Every single day you might test me. Yeah. There are people out there that are just different. They're just different. Yeah. You know, so now kind of because I was very proud of that, but now I had to fall my mind. And I have to say though, I start like a week in, I worked out in Miami on a treadmill. No, I did a shadowboxing with my audio workout. And after I just did a little bit of TRT, it's like only 2.5, it's like 50 milligrams. And then I said, I'll go outgoing. I texted them. I go, I'm feeling good now. Mentally, I feel different. So it is something doing something to your mental state as well. I had no clue. For sure. That's a big thing with guys that have pituitary gland injuries when they get depression. That's a lot of it is your body is not producing testosterone anymore. You see? So I'm very happy I started with that. Everything also, I had this wound on my, that I cut myself with a knife, like really weird. Opened up in my pocket while I was pulling my pants up. It's something stupid, but it was a cut. It's been there for two years. Really? I go, I get my wife after time goes like you. But now when I started last week, it's almost gone now. So it helps with that as well. Although my white blood cells were good, everything was good. It was just my free testosterone was a little low. Well, it's good to get everything checked. It's ways to build. Well, it's fantastic for that. It's great to get everything checked. And some great people. I, Ron White walked in. Yeah, Ron White's the man. No, Brigham is awesome. I love Brigham. And anybody that's listening, listen to the podcast that I did with Brigham Bueller. It's an amazing podcast where he breaks down all the problems in the medical system and all the problems with the insurance system. There's so many different things that can benefit you that are fantastic for your health that are not covered by your insurance. You know what's this? And I know this is going to sound like a lead way, but breathing. Yes. What people don't have any idea about is that 95% of us are breathing wrong. Incorrect. Google it. Because I was thinking I was breathing correct. And if you stand in front of the mirror, you take a deep breath, you're raising your shoulders, you are breathing wrong. That's it. Four to six of these shoulder-raising breaths is the same as one belly breath. Think, take the lowest number four. So imagine you come out of a hard-fought round and you got one minute to recoup instead of 40 times raising your shoulders, you can do the same amount of air by 10 times. Not only that, if you're raising your shoulders, your necks, your traps, your neck muscles, everything needs oxygen, right? You're lifting and lifting. That's why fighters, people who are overweight, their breathing is much better than people who are lengthy because they don't want to carry that weight upwards all the time with breathing, so they automatically start breathing diaphragmatically. But that completely changed my life. Really? Diaphragm breathing. Diaphragm breathing and then strengthening those inspiratory muscle training. It's not a gimmick. Just go on a public medical website, journal. You push in, I am empty, and you will have 1200 reports there about what it does. Every endurance athlete in the Olympics, guess what they're doing? It's inspiratory muscle training. Well, you also have that breath trainer that you developed. That's it, yeah. Yeah. That's a device, so just tell people about that. So, okay, so I'm breaking this thing. What I want to say first is, so you breathe wrong. Don't say, I woke up, I've been breathing since I was a baby. I know how to breathe. You don't. That's good till you're about five and a half years of age, and that's when we start breathing wrong. And the reason is because that's the moment we start going to school, and that's when we start wearing belts and sitting all day long in the classroom. And that's when you go to the doctor, and the doctor puts a stethoscope on your chest, they take a deep breath, oh, this is where my lungs are. That's what you think, but it's not. The lungs are lower part here. Let me stop this. Then, of course, boys, girls, oh, you start to get interested in the different sex. And then suddenly you realize, wait a minute, if I keep breathing through my belly and they think I'm fat, this is literally the reason that people start breathing the rope. You know we're the only animal, the only mammal that breathes wrong? Really? Only the humans. Everybody, look at the baby. You see the belly breathe? Perfect. Okay, so know this right now. You're breathing wrong. 95% of you are, and the 5% probably have breathing classes. You and bow hunting, you think chest breathing is good? Or you think diaphragmatic breathing? Every sniper go to a Tim Kennedy, I guarantee you, he's freaking horizontal breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing. So that's number one. Then I go into the next attack, nose breathing, because everybody says, I breathe through my nose. Yeah, okay. What if I smash your nose in? What about that? What if you have a cold you have to fight? You can breathe through your mouth? Come on, don't be stupid. Yeah, but this thing, you know, it works through the mouth. You're only using it for about five minutes a day. And it will strengthen your breathing muscles, which by the way, you have 11 pounds of breathing muscles. That's a lot. And with breathing muscles, I say the move for inhaling is your diaphragm, and your intercostals, which are the muscles in between your ribs, the external intercostals are for inhaling, expands your chest. I'm going to go in a little bit how that works, because that's why I bought this weird thing here with me. What do you got, please? This weird is a steamer, a vegetable steamer, but I'll transform it into a diaphragm in a little bit. Why did you bring a vegetable steamer? You will. I'm going to show you. So now let's take another part. How does your endurance increase? What do you think is the reason? You train really hard. I know, but what happens when you train really hard? Your recovery gets better. Your body gets accustomed to it and conditioned. That's it. You train the muscle over and over again. It becomes more efficient. Right. And the word efficient already says it. Uses less oxygen, therefore your stamina increases. Boom. Okay, good. Let's go to the next one, metaborflex. That's a nice word for gassing, right? So just start gassing. This is what happens when you're gassing. Let's say you're running a hill, a very steep hill, 45 degree angle. It's a hard one, hard one, hard one. And suddenly, it feels like you hit the wall. What happens at that moment is that your body starts redirecting oxygenated blood, and it takes it away from your legs because it sends it to your number one priority in the body, which are your breathing muscles. Because if your breathing muscles don't work, you die. If you can't expand your chest, you die. Okay, so endurance works. Muscle training over and over again gets more endurance. Okay, but my freaking intercostals and my diaphragm, they steal the blood stealing. It's literally a medical term. Away from my limbs as soon as I'm getting tired. Okay, what if I update those 11 pounds of breathing muscles? What if I give them more endurance over and over again so they become more efficient? Now you delay your gassing, but that's normally, let's say happens here, happens there. That's why every single endurance athlete in the Olympics will actually use a spiritory muscle trick. It blows my mind that you have coaches here. Oh, you're the coach of the year. Coach of the year. And they don't spend time on breathing. You're an idiot. A complete idiot. Remember, I was on your show, and I said 15 to 20% you get more? Why lied about that? That's for 95% of the people, and the difference is more than that. Whoa, that's a big statement. 46 of these breaths is the same as one, but it's a big thing. I can let you hear a message from Leo the Machida, who was doing it for three months, got COVID, then started training with his fighters. He says, dude, I outworked everybody. My breathing was so in control, he's freaking out. That's how crazy it is. You see so now, and now you have to understand how breathing works, because we all believe that our lungs do the work. Lungs are two bags. You can't have strong lungs. There's no muscle in your lung. If you cannot expand your chest, you die. So when you expand your chest, you create a vacuum between your body and your lungs, and that vacuum opens up your lungs. So for people who go like, oh, what is the vacuum? Just imagine your lungs being glued to the inside of your body. And if you expand your chest, that's how you pull the air in. So if you think about this, your chest doesn't expand because you put air in it. Your chest expands. That's how you pull the air in. So that's a little weird thing to think about, but just focus on that. Now, this chest expansion, I already said, is done by your diaphragm and your intercostals. Now, Dr. Belisa Vrenich, she's actually a person, a world-renowned breathing expert. Joey Diaz set me up with her. And Joey said, you should meet her. So I went to visit her on Fifth Avenue in New York in her office. This is five, six years ago. First thing she does is measuring my chest expansion, right? So she, and I know why she's doing that because the more I can expand, the more air I can pull in my lungs. So she says, okay, exhale, inhale. And she goes, no, no, it's not possible. Do it again. And I do it again. And she goes, wait. And she walks out, comes back with another doctor. I go, what's going on? She says, if I don't bring him, he's not going to believe it. I go, what do you mean? I said, well, normally when somebody break our record by chest expansion, it's like an eighth of an inch, maybe half. You almost went two inches more than everybody else. Let me see your chest expansion. Give me a breathe. Is these lower parts here, completely expand. Yeah. But you see what you're doing? You see what you were doing? You're raising your shoulders. Only focus on this. You're still raising your shoulders. This thing is going to freak you out, man. You're going to get... So I just keep my shoulders down? Grab the bottom of your chair. Grab the bottom of your chair and then just... That's breathing with tiredness. That's really great. Every person wants the stamina of who? Tony Ferguson, Michael Chandler. My God, what do they do? Look at them breathe. 80% of the UFC fighters breathing correct. Those guys, you will not see any movement. They breathe perfect and that's why they have the advantage. So now watch this, right? So this is the diaphragm is a thin dome shaped muscle tendon mixture. And this separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity, right? This side here is attached to the lower part of your rib cage. That's where it's attached to. And this is what the diaphragm does. It actually massages your intestines and it massages your heart as well. It lines your spine. You should read the reviews with people with back problems. Back problems are gone. This is all published medical journals all back up. This is what the diaphragm does. It just expands. It's exactly because from that angle, this is what it does. It drops down. It massages everything. It goes back, drops down. But that drop down is an expansion. This happens in the center of your body that you get it, which intercostals will open up your chest. Then exhaling is done by obliques, your core and your internal intercostal. Those for the actual also very important muscle to train. But if you train both at the same time, not good. Both separately, very good. So this one is an inspiratory muscle. I brought two for you so you could choose if you want to blow it. Listen, don't let the look fool you. It's a simple, stupid, this is it. Yes, weight rating for your breathing muscles. You can throw it against the wall. You can step on. You can do anything. You buy one. You never have to buy another one. It comes with 16 different settings. It's very basic. Why does it look like this? Because I had the idea when I was 14. You think a 14-year-old kid came up with electronics? No. This was it. This was actually also the reason I could bypass all the pedants and I have the pedant for this. So what it does is just controls the air intake. So if you inhale, this side has a flap that will close off, which will force you to inhale to this side. This one comes with 16 different settings. Now in the beginning, my asthma was cured within three weeks. Imagine I was walking around with an inhaler everywhere I went. Every workout session, inhaler before. Every fight, inhaler before. Three weeks with this freaking prototype, gone. Whoa. Now I'm up to something. Said it to my friend in Holland who has asthma. Eight days later, he calls me. Dude, I want to sell him in Europe. He's selling him in Europe right now. Asthma is gone. I go, dude, we're up to something here. Now I have a commercial. If your asthma is not 70% or 80% gone or more in one month, I'll give you money back. But I'm going to need to see you doing the freaking four minutes a day, though. Because we all go four minutes a day. I can do this. Now you can. We're a whole bunch of pucys. And pucys, I say, pucy, I took it, made an abbreviation for pusillanimous. Lack of courage, of determination, or cowardly. That's what we are. And I say we, because we all are certain things. We just give up really fast. Oh, we got, oh yeah, I want an extra drink. Yeah, you're a pucy. You see? Pucillanimous. This one for you, since you are an athlete already, I'll put this one on number. I'll put you in the foot. So what you're doing is, you put it in your mouth, that's what he said. And then you exhale. So officially, just try now if we're sitting straight. And keep your shoulders low. And exhale completely. And then inhale by pressing your belly forward. Explosive. And then explosive, inhale. I see your chest coming a little. Keep it low. There we go. That's core. Now we're doing it. This is just sitting straight. But if you do this with an exercise, a Stu exercise. I feel it. I feel it. I feel like a workout of these muscles. That's right. I'm feeling these muscles in a different way than I feel doing anything else. You know, you want to freak out even more. I want you to just lean over a little bit. Lean on your legs. Just completely relax. Oh, you can do this actually. Here. So yeah, just lean. Like this? Yeah, but lean over. Okay. And now put it in your mouth. And then when you want to inhale, focus on your back muscle, the lower part of your back muscle to expand. Do that. Because we have breathing muscles 360 degrees. Circumferential. Those muscles I never worked out. Once I started adding this exercise to it, my stamina got insane. You go also. I feel the muscles on my back. Oh yeah. I feel it. You don't want to do 30 repetitions like this because tomorrow felt like you did a very hard back workout that you're going to walk around. Listen, boss, I'm going to use this every day. I'm going to check in with you in a month. I'm going to use this. I will 100% do this. Because you are the guy who actually does it. Okay. One thing that I want to say for the people, right? If you use it for endurance and you do it before endurance workout, think about this. You're tiring your breathing muscles. I got an idea. How about I do that in the cold plunge? I'm going to kill two birds in one stone. Jesse, that's what I always do too. Yeah. So I'll change my cold plunge from three minutes to four minutes. Yep. And I'll just do that the entire time I'm in the cold plunge. All right. Because that tightens you up. That tightens up your... Oh, you're going to... You watch. What's going to happen? I'm excited. Dude, it will change you. I'll guarantee you. But I just want to know for the people, if you buy for endurance and you do it before endurance, it will backfire. It's like you have to move, but you do a biceps workout, not really going to help you. You know? You got to build up. You got to build up. So in the beginning, what I say to these people, do it in the evening. So your breathing muscles can rest during the night and then the next day you're going. But the difference you're going to notice, you watch. I don't have to say anything. We have the highest ratings on Amazon. We beat every other product out there. I'm 100% going to do this and I'm 100% going to check in with you. I'm going to let you know. Yeah. I'm excited. Me too. Thank you. Yeah. No, thank you. Boss, this is a good fucking time. Tell people how they can get that. Ototrader.com. It's on Amazon. It's everywhere. Read the reviews, guys. Amazon are reviews that you cannot mess, Rod. If you're the number one choice... I feel it right there just doing that. Immediately. I feel it. I felt it on my back too when you made me lean forward. Yeah. I really do feel it. And plus it will align your spine. You know, diaphragmatic breathing is good for... I have a singing school from Australia is buying it. Because projecting and acting, it's all breathing. Yes. Diaphragm. All diaphragm. Yeah. You watch. And by the way, don't believe products that say that we can give you bigger lungs. This is another last thing I want to say. If you have an athletic workout, stretch your freaking chest muscles. This is important. You lose from the age of 28, you lose about 30 milliliters a year, which means 300 milliliters in 10 years. I'm 58. That means if I would never do any chest stretches, I would have lost almost a liter from the only six liters I have. Women have four liters, men have six liters. One and a half gallon, one gallon. See, talk about an advantage with transition. Never mind. They just have 30% bigger lungs, whatever. But just make sure that you know that. If you want to do stamina, just do it after the stamina. All right. It goes out of us. Brother, I'll check in with you. Hi. Thank you very much. Boss root and you're the fucking man. Always appreciate you. Welcome to Texas. Yes, I'm here. Thank you. All right. Thank you.