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Bryan Callen is an actor, comedian, and podcaster. He's the co-host of the podcasts "The Fighter and the Kid" and "Conspiracy Social Club," and host of "The Bryan Callen Show."

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Sam Tripoli is stand-up comedian, writer, host of the "Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli" and "Zero with Sam Tripoli" podcasts, and co-host of several others, including "Cash Daddies," "Conspiracy Social Club," and "Broken Simulation."

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Are we live? Salud. Salud. Salud. Come on now. Come on. Sam Tripoli drinking water and Brian Callan is drinking CIA Sake. Sake. Well, we're not going to talk about conspiracies because I'll have to win. I don't want to dish out any trouble. I've heard your podcast with Sam and you rarely do. So I don't know what you're saying. Lots of, lots of. You should give me a podcast. Yeah, we've done, how many, how many podcasts have we done, Sam? Like I think something like 200, 300 and, and. Yeah. You should call your podcast 10-8 rounds. Yeah. Let me ask you this. How much has that changed your worldview? Me? Yeah. Having these, these things exposed to you. Like I can't believe this is real and turns out it is real. Yeah. That's the problem. And so I'm, I'm automatically always like bull shit. Every time Sam comes up with a conspiracy, right? But then unfortunately I do call you and I go, damn it. What was the big one? You were right. What was the big one? I remember you were talking about Obama being gay for a while. Then you were talking about. But we don't know if he's gay. Come on. Come on. But. Listen, when people smoke, first of all, when people smoke cocaine, they do wild shit. I'll tell you what. I smoke crack, bro. All you think, you know what you think when you're smoking crack? Well, you're like, fuck, I'm smoking crack, bro. That's all you think. I don't think you're smoking crack. I think you're smoking cocaine. Yeah. The guy got coke and he's, this is his allegation. According to the Tucker Carlson show, which is wild. Dude, it is wild. Dude, that guy. He's got some guy out of suck his dick. Oh yeah. He's missing. What's your guess? Is it a world leader? Yeah. Is it some fucking general, some very important person? No, this guy's supposed to crack and suck his dick. Let's have him on. But he's missing a bunch of teeth. I would feel good. He's missing one. Well, that means you're dedicated when you're missing the teeth. It means you're the kind of guy who sucks dick when you just meet a guy. For money. And you need some coke. And that is for those. Who knows if he's telling the truth, but the bottom line is like, when dude smoke, crack, I guarantee you, there's some guys who've got their dick sucked by dudes that really should know. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then they wake up in the morning like, I can't fucking do crack anymore. Why? Dave sucked my dick. I'll give you some crack if you suck your dick. Yeah, you let a stranger, when you let a stranger suck your cock, you know you've gone too far. You know, it gets special. That has happened. I think it's happened, but I don't think that's like the normal. In the history of the world, I don't think there's a normal when it comes to you smoking crack with dudes you just met. Yeah, but hey, but do you think you're gay? Do you think you might be just gay? Yeah, if you're smoking crack, like... You certainly could, but Brian had a very interesting point when we were in the green room about guys who aren't gay, but they're married and they occasionally go off and get gay hookers or something. I mean, guys at truck stops. Yes. Those are gay men. No, no, no, but he's saying it made sense. It doesn't... Go ahead, say it. Brian, this is your study. Did you read this? No, I actually read this. So... Okay. Do you remember when he read it? So a lot, yeah. Can you say it just sources? A Grindr blog. Yeah, it was in But the idea is there are a lot of men who are married, three kids, you know, everything else. How many kids you have? I have three. Okay, go ahead. Keep going. Go ahead. I have 32. Go ahead, continue. They will... A lot of times they will go off to some gay bar, some bus stop, whatever, and they bang a guy, get sucked, suck somebody's dick, whatever it might be, but they're straight, quote unquote. Then they go to a therapist and they say, I got this thing. I like women, but once in a while I get this urge. And the theory, it's a controversial one, but the theory, according to the literature, which I've not read... I love Shopp's face whenever Brian's saying dumb shit. Shopp's like, you just can't wait. This is his face. Fighter in the kid, ladies and gentlemen. 12 years of fighter in the kid. And so the theory is that if you were molested as a child at a certain age, when you're at very specific kind of age, by an older man, these people, it's traumatic, it's bad, it's all terrible, but it may have felt good. There might've been a part of it where you're... Mouth to mouth, yes. Yes. And so then now you've got this imprinted, ingrained kind of conflict of trauma. Jamie, you gotta go to ESPN+. Then they have to relive the trauma. It's just stuck on like 30 minutes back. It is? Yeah, it's just in the stum remote. I'm trying to do too many things. Oh, okay. Here, I'll take it over. I'll do it with my phone. Brian, I'm just curious again who your source is. Yeah, hey, is your source... Streets, bro? Hey, is your source your dad? I read it, I read it. I can't remember where I read it, but it was a thing. You know what's interesting about that? That's a controversial thing to say, right? So I went to college and I got a degree. You got a degree. Yeah, I'm functionally illiterate. What college? UNLV. I just got a house today. All right, yeah. Yeah, we got a house. See, you've got a bus over here, so I can't relate. I had a professor named Dr. Logan, and he was a renowned sex therapist. He would just give us these nuggets in the middle of school class, and he was like, I could get you to be attracted to anything. I could make it. And it's basically like if you orgasm, whatever you're looking at or doing at that time, you do it enough. When you're a kid. You're in, right? When you're... That would fit into what you're saying. Yeah, trauma can cause that issue with people. We associate pleasure with whatever... Yo, they brought Laura Sanco for the main gig. That's my girl, Laura's great, man. She's fire. She's great. She's very good at it. She's so good. She's a nice person, too. Especially when it goes to the ground, yeah. She works her ass off. She's a very very nice person. She's shiny. She's a shiny person. She's good looking. She's very pretty. She's super nice, too. When you're around her, she's a very, very nice person. The biggest thing, too, obviously she's an attractive human being, but she knows her shit. You can tell when they just put in an attractive girl, like, what are we doing here? Right. She knows her shit. Well, someone who doesn't do the work and isn't into the sport. She fought. She had one MMA fight. She trains a lot. Yeah, she's a lot. Respect. Respect. Yeah, she trains a lot. She's very good. Damn. So that's good for her, that she got this gig. And she'll shock a lot of people, because she's very good at it. A lot of people look at her and they'll go, oh, great. You brought in a chair. Yeah, but if you watch Dan White's content series, she's the star on that. Yes. She's a crush. She's absolutely. Her and Bisming are great. Absolutely good at it. And Brendan. Okay, so here we go. Boom. Man, that was crazy. Bro, this is the best part. Oh, they didn't show the arrows. When he fucking stood over him and launched three arrows for the three times that he beat him before. Gangster. But he said afterwards, he wasn't even aware that he shot three and that he beat him three. He said he was just doing it. Just felt like hitting him with three hours. One of my favorite knockouts of all time. Damn, look at this. Bro, it's an amazing knockout. He is a master, dude. He's a master. Does anyone? But this motherfucker is tough. And the thing about Sean Strickland is, first of all, stand up-wise, different worlds. Different worlds. Sean is all punches. And guys, if they stand in front of him, that's one thing. But the movement that Izzy's going to have is going to be so different. The leg kicks, the setups, the feints. There's a lot going on. But Sean, you know, they make fighters like Sean Spar is more than anybody. That's what it is. They were doing this thing where they were making fighters wear these things to find out how many times they get hit in the head. Sean gets hit less than anybody. His defense is good. Because he's so often. You know what my question would be? His speed's management is so good. My question there when I hear that, Joe, is who's he sparring? He's not sparring against Israel at a sign, yeah. He's not sparring against anybody even close. Not close. But he's sparring against very good guys. I mean, there's a lot of really good guys at Extreme Couture. Or excuse me. In Vegas, right? He's at Extreme. He left Ruka. Yeah, that's right. That's right. That's right. Izzy's not saying anything to Sean. Look, you're dealing with one of the greatest of all time against a guy who's really tough. Correct. So it should be very interesting. The thing about Sean is fucking energy management is amazing. You know, he knows how to turn it on on guys. Great cardio. If he has you hurt, he fucking he's a nonstop worker. He's never out of shape. Volume puncher. Volume puncher. Can he take it, though? He even jokes around about how he has no chin. You know, that Alex just touched him once and put him in the orbit. He's like, I have no fucking chin. Bro, did you hear what he said? It might have been with Nina Drama. She's great. They go. So is the game plan to go in there? Obviously, the Achilles heel for Izzy is the grappling. Plan to go in there and wrestle. He goes, you know, we've trained that. And that might be the game plan. But I get hit and I go into retard mode. Yeah, this is what's great about Sean Strickland. He's been able to stay relevant regardless. Like he's one already. He's one at the game of MMA. That is not easy. You got to be crazy like a fox. You got to be smart to do that. Did you write that down before you got it? Something he's going to be crazy. Yeah. Yeah. That's why he's late for the limo. ABC movie. I tell you, he's a real swell guy. Sounds what the UFC sends you when you retire. Crazy like a fox. Crazy like a fox. Foxes aren't crazy at all. No. No, they're real sweet. They're super sober and very predictable. They're in my yard all the time now because I have chickens. Oh, snaps. Are they grabbing any? I'm going to have to kill some foxes. I'm really sad about that because I like them. They look cool too. They'll get in your chicken goob. Yeah. And my dog rolls in their shit. Hell yeah. It's the most depressing thing. Oh, so worse. I let him out the other night and he's out and he's sniffing around. Come on, buddy. Come inside. And then I see him sniff around this one spot and then drop and start. No. Yeah. Now I know I gotta wash it. And then when I got inside, he didn't want me to clean it. So he kept that side of the ground. And I'm like, that's his crap, bro. Gross. My dog in New York City. So it's on the ground now and I have to, I have to physically roll them over and wash it off. My dog in New York City used to roll in bum diarrhea. That was always a good time. What? Oh yeah. That was Clancy, right? That was Chauncey. All the time. But you know what? So Mike Catharwood has a farm in Austin out here and all the Southians were, yeah, he's great. They were killing his guinea fowl. And then the coyotes were taking like his baby lambs and stuff. He got two Anatolian shepherds. And I thought they were donkeys, B. No, no. Anatolian shepherds. I thought he said he had a donkey. He's got a donkey. He has a donkey that then the donkey scares away the wolves. The Anatolian shepherds. He's got two Anatolian shepherds that keep even the falcons out of there. He hasn't lost one animal since those two were around. Interesting. Yeah. They're amazing. So that's their job and they know it's their job. And they won't, they'll sit right next to a baby lamb and won't touch. Isn't that wild? Like Australian shepherds, like Australian sheep herding dogs. They're like corral kids. Yes. Come on, get over this. I grew up with one. My dad had me and my brother run in a park and they'd fucking circles around. It's a city dog. They circle around you like, get back, get back. We got you. Old English sheepdogs will do that. If you have a party, they will, they will hurt everybody into a circle. Well, my dog, my dog is a retriever. I did not teach him to bring the ball back. I mean, he just did it immediately. And he was a puppy. I throw a ball and he'd bring it right back. I'm like, well, that was easy. Yeah. What's up. It's called a great drive. Me. It's well, no, it's just whatever they bred them for. It's not prey drive to bring something back. It is prey drive. No, to bring it back. It's not prey drive. That's a retriever. Yeah. It's a retriever. It's like they bred that into them. They taught that into them. And somehow in other dogs, that genetics gets into the dog's children. Yep. I have a pug and it's a retard dog. I mean, they are like if crystal meth was an animal. It's just running all over the place. Rolling in piss. That doesn't have to have any skills. Yeah. It wasn't bred for it. It's gay as fuck. I have the gayest pug. So what is the full card? Can we see the full card, Jamie? This is Tyson Pedro. There's some fun heavyweights on here. Yeah, Tyson Pedro is a beast. But there's some fun heavyweights. Ty2 of Austin, always fun. And then that Justin Taffa, Austin Lane is fun. You know Austin Lane played eight years in the NFL? Yeah. So Justin Taffa, Austin Lane. It's a long time to play in the NFL. Great beard. It's a hell of an athlete. Anton Tarkali versus Tyson Pedro. That's a good fight. That kicks off the main card. Then Justin Taffa, Austin Lane, they rescheduled us because when they first fought, there was an eye gouge and they had to reschedule. What's the co-main? Co-main is Ty and Volkow. Ty and Volkow. Got a lot of these mowies. Volkow's tough because he make it boring. He's cool with winning by Cidren. Interesting. Ty's going to have to- He's a favorite. He's like a two to one favorite in that fight. Ty's on the tough skin. But he grew his hair out so I'm going with him. Is that your thing? Is that your crew? Yeah, it's what I'm saying. Yeah, Doug. Ty, he did lose some fights. But he knocked out Derrick Lewis. He's lost to the best of the best. He's lost to Sergey. Sergey's a monster though. Yeah, not monster. Who else did he lose to? He lost to Ciel Gan and Sergey. He lost to Sergey. Those were his last two. Yeah. But before that he beat Derrick Lewis. Both assassins. Yeah. So, I mean, Sergey is the backup fighter for John Jones' deep end. Yeah. Sergey's a monster. Monster. I think- Does Jones want to fight him? I thought he didn't want to fight him. Jones doesn't give a fuck. I think you'd beat all of them easy. But Jones, what I think is going on is they're not big enough names, so it doesn't do anything for him right now. Right. So he wants them to get bigger. He wants Stipe. If he beats Stipe, it's a legacy fight. He beats the most accomplished heavyweight ever. The guy who defended the heavyweight title more than anybody. I'll tell you who's the motherfucker, Aspinall. Aspinall's a bad man. That guy can do it all. He's an athlete. His dad's a black belt. He grew up doing jiu-jitsu. He's a bad motherfucker. And athletic is all get out and good at everything. Crazy how he blew his knee out in that fight, right? One leg kick, pulls it back, and it just pops out. Okay. I don't know where you see his knee shift. He's the one, I think he beat Sergey. I think he dragged Sergey into later rounds, beats him. Well, you remember what Alistair did to Sergey. Did people forget? Yeah. People forget. Alistair beat the shit out of Sergey. Yeah. Took him down. Since then, Sergey went, oh, okay. He's gone nuts. He beat the fuck out of knocking motherfuckers cold. I think he changed his game. I mean, it's just like everything's different. He's just different confidence level, different success level. This is Anton Turkal. Interesting. You think he beats John? That, I don't know. I'm saying out of the contenders, Aspinal is the most talented. My hope is that Francis fights Tyson Fury, gets the big money, and then there's some shenanigans. Yeah. He gets into that contract. They bring him back. They offer him big money to fight Jon Jones after Jon Jones beats Stipe. UFC 300. There we go. John Jones, Francis and Garo. Take my money. Let's take my money. You're putting all your money on Jon? Oh, my, every dime. Here's the thing. UFC would be smart to do that too, because the Tyson Fury fight is going to be gigantic. It's going to be a big cultural fight. And I think the WBC has given them a belt. Oh, is there a belt online now? Some wacky belt. Yeah, whatever. It's like BMF and I'm like a cheater belt. I do that with my brother. I just make up belts and beat him up and then take the belt. That's what I do all the time. It's some, I don't know what the belt is, but they've created a belt. Speak of the baddest man on the planet. Yeah, why not? Oh, get the new Riyadh championship belt. So Saudi Arabia championship belt. Well, good for them. Hey, bro. What they're doing over there is wild. They're throwing wild amounts of money at things. But this is what people should pay attention to. They should pay attention. It's only a matter of time where it starts leaking into other sports. They've already done it with golf, right? They did it with Liv. They did it with Liv. Have you seen how much they're spending on these soccer players? It's insane. Were they buying a billion and then they're starting to slide in the DMs, the NBA players? Well, was it slowly infiltrate? Nobody has money like the house. Was it Terrence Crawford that said so much to buy them all up? Was it him? Yeah. So what Terrence Crawford said is someone should buy all the organizations to make world champions. Like five world champions. Make it one. That's a great idea. So they buy, they spend like a billion dollars, he said, and you buy all of them. You buy the WBC, you buy the WBO, you buy the IBF. We're done. The Saudis, everybody shut the fuck up. There's no more world champions. The Saudis are listening right now. If they're listening right now, gentlemen, please, I will tweet about it. I will support this 100%. What's going on there? That's LeBron. LeBron's over there. He's been hanging out there the last week or so. Of course. Is he not string? Bro, they have so much money. Dude, it's crazy. They could get us to do a podcast over there. We should do a fight companion from Saudi Arabia. Oh, I'd be too. We all go to jail. We don't go to jail. You and I, you and I, we stay for what we do. We have to do an Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi, we get away with it. Yeah. Maybe we do it in Jordan. Jordan is a monster. You and I have been invited to Jordan by the King of Jordan. I just got a text about that. Weird. What? I want to get the go. That's not weird. Me and him can't go. Come on, bro. You know what? I'll see what I can do. But that's a great country. That's very interesting. I know. We can go. We can go hunting. Imagine if we just decided to start doing the podcast from another country. Let's do it. Did you ever hear how the House of God got the money? The chick gets really wild in this country. Why? When don't we go? And then like someplace like Dubai is like, gentlemen, we don't really give a fuck about weed. Get over here. Come on over here. They actually do. They do. They do a lot. You don't ever see that. Well, maybe they can change their mind about weed. How she's, but you don't want to fuck around and get caught. You see that tweet by the river, bro. When I go overseas, I bring new luggage. I'm not kidding. I buy new luggage. Yeah. I'm not kidding. I buy new luggage. So now wait. This luggage is brand new. Nothing's ever been in this luggage except my clothes right now. That's it. Stack, stack, stack. We're good. I would. That is the worst. Don't you remember that fucking movie? What was it? Wasn't that expressed? Yeah. They're like, oh yeah, that's Turkey. Yeah. Do what they do in America with the drug mules where they like, they ask you to take this bag and then there's all this crazy shit. So when I went to Saudi Arabia, there was a 14 year old kid in Dharan who smoked, who had a joint. And I believe they gave that kid 20 years. Rightfully so. Rightfully so. And listen, and when I had to go away to boarding school, because my parents were still in Saudi Arabia because the Saudis was- Is this when your dad was running the house of Saudi Arabia's bank? My father's a banker. Now listen, be quiet. Nobody ran the house. Yeah, listen. We'll get to that in a moment. We'll get to that in a second. It's too early for conspiracy. No, we'll get to that in a moment. Yeah, I'll tell you about the house. Just don't interrupt. I got roots. I got roots, but they would sit us down when I was 13 and we couldn't. So I had to go away to high school because the Saudis were like, we can't have these foreigners having a high school because they're going to do stuff and we're going to have to bring the hammer down. So all of us, by the time we were 14, had to all go away to boarding school because there was no school for you. And I remember that, but they sat us down and said, you get caught smoking anything because they had tie stick. They called it tie stick there and like hashish. They said, you get caught. There's nothing the embassy can do that. They did not fuck around unless Singapore, same thing, Singapore, they would have it with Brittany Griner. She had a like a vape pen in Russia, but that's political. All political. Any other time, I don't think they would have done anything. They're doing wild shit in Russia though. You know what sucks when a country that you're not supposed to like does some shit you agree with? Yeah. Like I'm not supposed to like Russia, but they banned GMO foods and they banned industrial farming. You can only farm organically over there. So they say, I don't know. And gender reassignment surgery with kids. Shut up, CAA boy. Yeah, come on. Why are you guys going to CAA boy? They're fucking talking about it openly on television. So letting everyone know that this stuff is not good for you. It's not good to have pesticides and herbicides. Listen to me right now. I don't buy a fucking thing the Russians say. Spread all over. And you're buying it. You're buying it. You're buying the Ukraine info. Why am I buying it? I'm not buying anything. You're a Putin show. I'm saying is they're talking about it on television, Brian. You're a Putin show. Brian, you're being annoying. They're talking about it on television. They're calling you CAA and I'm being annoying. Yeah, but your dad was in the CIA and you talk like a CIA guy. Yeah, it's not. It's out of nowhere. What I'm saying is it sucks when a country that you really like is doing something or really don't like, you know, you're not supposed to like Russia. I like them so much. I like so much about them. I love their fighters. They have some of the greatest athletes of all time. Some of the greatest chess players. Jeff Monkson moved on. First fight Tyson Pedro Anton Tercali. 450, 448, 447, 446, 445 of the first round. I like the confidence on the Swede. He's got a lot of confidence. He's a good fighter. They're both really good. Tyson Pedro was out for a while and he came back much better. That boy is tatted. I was going to say very happy with that. Those ones on his legs and his lower back, them and them painful ones where they tap you. With that wooden stick. Really? What does that do? Hard pass. Takes like seven weeks. The ancient way where they have like a stick and they hold it over your body and they have another stick that has a needle in it and they dip that in the ink and they go tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap. So it takes longer. Yeah. What do you mean? So it's not a gun. No, no, it's like a stick with a needle. It's a wooden stinky. It looks like, Jamie, pull up a traditional tapping tattoo. A wooden fort. It looks so painful. That's that Yakuza shit, man. He looks... Yeah, they did a lot of old Yakuza tattoos like that. In fact, David Lee Roth got all his tattoos done that way. Really? Yeah, he had all his tattoos are tapped in. I hate getting tattoos. What is the symbolism behind those tattoos? I fell asleep when I was getting tattoos. Your gangster. Really? Yeah, I fell asleep. That's a great tattoo though. If you're going to go... Man, I only did once. I did like 50 hours, 60 hours of tattoos on both arms. So this is... Let's see how they do it. Yeah, see it. So this is a different one. This they're poking. That doesn't feel good. No, but this is the ancient way to do it. Before they had those machines, they went... And they put the ink in your skin. Yes, they're just literally digging that needle into your skin and putting... It looks like it covers a lot of more ground faster. No. Those fucking long machines that they have. Have you seen the new electric ones that don't make a sound? They don't make a sound. Oh, here we go. Here we go. Sorry, we're not... See if you can find tapping, tapping tattoos. Traditional Maori tapping tattoos. Tyson Page was clipped over. Oh, this is he. Oh, he clipped them with another right hand. Oh, he trapped them. Oh, that's it. Yeah, baby. Oh, look at them. Katana. Look at that. There we go. Respect. Oh, I like that. I like that finish. That was sick. I like that. I like that celebration. That arena's going fucking... Tyson Page, bro. Let's go. Yeah, in Australia. We need to kick it off, daddy. Bro, look how big this place is. Where are they? Just Maui. Oh, Australia sells... This thing sold out for they even announced the main event. I'm sure. Is it Samoa? Who's in Australia? I guess it's a mix of Tong and Samoan, Maui, it's all... Is this showing how they do it? Yeah, so this is the tapping. And this dude has one on his eye. So this is how they tap. So the tapping thing, see how they do it? That looks like a wood thing. Yeah. Well, there's needles in the end of it. I mean, maybe not. Maybe they used bamboo back in the day. Because they were probably doing it before they figured out metal. I'll let that guy tap me. That... Yeah, that guy's got crazy tattoos on his face. That soundbite's gonna haunt you. Look at his face, man. That motherfucker got his eyelid. That's what I'm saying. That's hardcore. I'm gonna tap. I wonder if he got his eyelids tapped. Man, I want to face that too bad. Do you? Do you? I really do. Do you? You don't want to work anymore? 50, so I'm like, that's probably not the best idea. Why? Who cares a fuck? I wish I had some Simo in me. That's all I think about. Let's go. I see Post Malone's tattoos on his face. I'm like, God, I'd be... Just a little. I'd be down for the neck. Just a little. I'd be down for the neck. I'd do my hands. I got this. Yeah. I got this. I got my kids' names. I might do my hands. Man, I have my whole sleeves. And sometimes I look at my hands. I'm like, they look lonely. My hands could use some art. Tyson, motherfucking Pedro. That's a big win. That's a big win. It's nice for him too, because I love when a guy leaves the UFC and regroups and comes back even better. And he looks sharp as fuck right there. And Anton's a very good fighter. He's a great dude too. Anton. No, Tyson. Yeah, he's great. I did a shoot with him and Ty. They're boys, super close. Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy. Just tell these bad like. Samoa. Look how thick Daniel is. He's a tank. He's a tank. It's like a baby hippo. Whenever Daniel and I work together, I bring him snacks. I do. Keto snacks or real snacks? No, real snacks. Well, I have those, you know, do you know carnivore snacks? Have you ever eaten those? No. Oh my God, it's the best. They take rib eyes, they slice these rib eyes into very thin sheets and salt it. And it's dehydrated, but it's not dehydrated like jerky. It's soft and it's got a lot of fat on it. Ooh. Dude, I live off these things. My mouth is watering. I bring bags of these things with me. It's my go-to snack. It's been for a long time now. And I bring them to every UFC. And I took a picture on my Instagram. Daniel loves them. Because like every time I come, like one time I forgot them. He's like, no. No. Sorry. I'm sorry. I forgot them. But like every time we worked together, I brought them some deer sausage from a deer shot in Texas. We eat snacks together. Nice. Doing a broadcast. Those are the best. In between the fights? In between the fights, yeah. There it is. Carnivore snacks. That stuff is the shit I'm telling you. Wow. I love that stuff. It's so delicious. And it's so simple. It's just salt and beef. It's, and if you're hungry and you want a snack, it's no bullshit. You get full. You eat healthy food. Can I eat late night? You tell me about that. Yeah. Fuck. That's what I need. I'd like to graze at night. Yeah. Is Hamzaht in the crowd? I love to have him. Hamzaht is in Dubai right now in war mode. That guy, I guarantee you that guy doesn't fuck around when he's in training. Those videos of him striking look scary. He's an animal. But so is Paulo Costa. And they fucking hate each other. So Costa's motivated. You got to remember that Paulo Costa. That kind of walked down Yoel Romero. That was a hot second ago though, Joe. It was a long time ago. He's the same guy who fought Luke Rockman. Right. But you know, and also Marvin Vittori. Yeah. Didn't look good in that fight because real way overweight. True. He's had some mental issues. He had a big one with Adesanya. Yeah. Said he's drank wine all night because he couldn't sleep. Yeah. His calf was all fucked up when he got there. He's so talented. Motherfucker, bodied up too. He's bodied up. He's bodied up. He's bodied up. Yeah. Best looking dude in the UFC. Let's get right on it. You might be. Who's bad? Alan Joe Ban and him are. Alan retired? He did retire. Yeah. Okay. It's just a few. You got a handsome motherfucker. That jaw for days. He's a handsome motherfucker. That jaw. Carver. Quit. In that body. Oh, yeah. You ain't lying. But you got to go height. We got to get height. We got to go with height. I love homoerotic fight companion. That's the best. I got this Olberg kid is on a roll. Anybody got any track? You don't get any more handsome than Carlos Olberg. You just get different. Correct. That's fair. I mean, he's just honorable mention. Level of hot with a woman. You know, you don't get hotter than that. You just get different flavor. You might give best looking overall to Luke Rockhold. No, he's on the U of C. You like him. Good. You look like a smaller version of him. No, young Vtor. Young Vtor. Not a bad, not bad. Good looking dude. Young Vtor was a handsome. Handsome. Little Machita young to young with cheese. A handsome. Machito is. Dime up, dude. Here we go. You almost forgot. No. Oh, they're already going. No, they're not. These are highlights for Austin Lane. Oh, this was the last time. This one's going to be a good. So the next, this one, the one after, but this one's going to be a quick one. This one ain't going past the first. If it does, it's going to get sloppy. Interesting. There's a fun bet for all these lending in the first round. Yeah. I like that. That on this one. He is climate activist. So this is a rematch of Justin Taffin. Yeah. Okay. Because a DQ because I poke. So they put on this card. Man, I pokes. I mean, Jesus Christ. That's a Leon Edwards and um, Bala Muhammad never did it again. Isn't that a bummer? That's a bummer, man. That division's a shit show. Well, it's very talented. No, it's super talented, but there's not a lot of activity going on. It's all, it's all fucking, we're just waiting. It's a little held up, but once Colby and Leon get after it, which may happen either December, November. What about my boy, Muhammad? I would love to see him get a shot. How long has he got a waist though? I like him. But that's the sensible fight. The Colby fight makes sense. It does make sense. He's the most dangerous guy in the division other than Leon Edwards. Yeah, but he's a fucking big name. He's a big draw. He talks a lot of shit. I get why they're doing it. I'm just saying as far as. It's a smart thing to do. It's a smart fight to do. Business-wise for sure. It is a smart fight. It's just a good fight. And then Bala clearly is right there. And Hamzat really fucked up when he didn't make weight against Kevin Holland. Big time. Excuse me against Nate Diaz. Because if he made weight against Nate Diaz and has a great showing against Nate Diaz, that guy's got the next title shot. He's a fucking star. He's just got that thing. I think he gets the next title shot at middleweight. If Izzy wins, I think Hamzat, if he does, a lot of people online think he's going to do against Paulo Costa. I think he's next. And Du Plessis is going to be in a tough spot. Yeah. Do you think Casa can handle his wrestling? Do I think Paulo Costa... No. No, no. We're going to find out because he handled Yoel Romero's wrestling. Costa's not an easy guy to take down. Not at all. He's an athletic freak. And that motherfucker can punch. Yeah. And if he could bring back those old skills... He's not old. I think he just lost to Adesanya and lost his way. When a guy is at the top of the heap, he's undefeated, he's just steamrolling everybody. And then he gets lit up like a Christmas tree and then literally dry-humped. When the referee rescues him. He hummed him like a dog. Izzy humped him. Straight up humped him and knocked him down. Do you remember Costa before? That'll fuck your shoulder, dude. That'll fuck you up. That's a man? That's a smoking crack? Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's a little special touch. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So it's like he's got to get past all that and come back. We got to remember where Charles Oliveira was, right? There he is. That ain't easy. Izzy! And Izzy's in the weird stuff, so that might be a little fun for him. Izzy's... He might do it again tonight, bro. Yeah, he does not like Strickland. No, not at all. Not at all. He's very, very angry at him. What? Izzy's angry at Strickland? Yeah. Yeah, he doesn't like him. Why? He's never liked him. They talked shit before they weren't supposed to fight each other at the press conference. They got into it. Well, Strickland called him a Chinese slut. So Izzy's leaning into it. So he's coming into this fight with with China stripes. Like his China colors on his shorts. Why do you call him a Chinese slut? Because he used to fight in China. And he said that my heart is Chinese. My spirit is Chinese. He said some shit to promote a fight. And he likes the anime. He likes the anime. Strickland's a wild boy. Isn't the anime Japanese? Yeah, but you know, he's not Asian shit. Get your Asian shit right. To Strickland, it's all the same. Strickland's a wild boy, man. He's a wild boy. He's funny. But what he said to Australia was funny. He goes, I'd like you more if you had a fucking freedom of speech. Because you people are locking people up for Facebook posts. And they're like, what are you talking about? No one's locking anybody up for free. He goes, fucking bullshit. And he comes with receipts about this lady. And then they showed the video of the lady who got locked up. They arrested her in her home because she had a Facebook post saying that these lockdowns are ridiculous. And they arrested. Is that really true? That's true. Yeah, that's true. Australia went crazy. Australia was more strict than anywhere. That sounds believable. What are you saying about Australia as this wild place, freedom, crocodile Dundee, all that shit? Well, we also send all our criminals to them, right? No, England did. England did. Well, I'm happy. Send your criminals to a place that's way better. They're like, this is way better. You're going to the pond. By the way. You're going to the pond. By the way. Fucking surfing. Where do you want to do your time? Miami, Florida. Yeah. But yeah. But yeah. They don't have any guns, man. They took all the... They had one mass shooting in like the 90s. And they took all their guns away. Although they were talking about, I think, the first fatality to a crocodile by a Brit when they got to Australia was a soldier. And the water was beautiful. And he got in the water. And he saw what would look like a log. And they got that log is moving, but they didn't know what it was. They'd never seen a crocodile. And they watched this guy just... He could swim. And he swam out toward it. What? Yep. And this saltwater crocodile just took it. That was an 18 something. And that was the first recorded crocodile. That was the first recorded crocodile fatality in Australia. Yeah. Among a white person. Oh, wow. Yeah. So he was like... Bro, they've been getting people since the beginning. Yeah, dude. That's when they just started counting. No, I'm saying the first... Like he was a British soldier. And he swam out to it. They started keeping count when the white guy died. You just get here in the water. This is nice, dude. What is that? Bro. It's a log. It's moving. Terrifying stories I read was about these kayakers in the Congo. Oh, fuck. And they were going down this river in the kayak in front. The guy saw the crocodile come up, tip the kayak over, and then the kayak bounces a few times as the croc pulls the guy out of the kayak. And then the kayak just drifts off. And then there's no croc and there's no guy. And there's another guy behind him. Oh, where do you go, bro? Then there was the guide who had all these people. And he was like, we can swim in this watering hole. It was in Australia. And the reason he said that was he said the aborigines he'd seen, there were signs of them having swum there the day before. Because they know where it's safe. So they all get in the water. It's the end of the day. And they they faintly hear they get out of the water and they go, where's Jennifer? They're like, what? Where is she? And somebody said, I felt something brush my leg. Old man. So five hours later, they go upstream in a 16 foot crocodile, has her in his jaws. And he got prosecuted for negligence in an Australian court. That's your story about the people when swimming in the African River, you've told me like a time where they were there. They're on a sandbar and the tide comes up and this guy said, I have to we were all going to go down. So I have to swim the shore to get help. He swims. He does. It's basically a suicide mission. It's in the Zambezi River. Crocodiles everywhere. As he gets to the shore, this huge crocodile grabs him and he sticks his he pushed. He was a hunter, big guy. He stuck his fist all the way down his throat. But the thing bit him so badly that he couldn't go anywhere. And he felt he fainted under a tree. And I guess a guide saw some other a boat saw him and then they got him. They got help. Well, you told me a story about the girl who's like volunteering in Africa. It's like, let's go. So on the water worst that was in Kenya. She's she was a Peace Corps. The guy and the girls, the guy just meets the girls. Kind of cute. What's your sources? It's a piece. Oh my God. It's an eye poke right away. No fucking way. Right away. Austin Lane just accidentally poked him in the eye. Oh boy. See if you have those love handles, you get those tats. Yeah, that's a it's swimming. It's yeah. Look at this. Now is that bulk. Yep. Right there. Right there. Right there. I mean, this is literally what stopped the first fight. Jesus Christ. Damn. Imagine you get disqualified. I hope there should be no warnings. Automatic point deduction. Every single not kick one point. One point, even if it doesn't matter. One point, one point. No. I agree. It'll change the game. Yes. Did that if people knew that every time they grab the fence, it would cost them a point, bro. I watched so many people get away with it when the ref wasn't looking right. Yeah. Like when someone's clinched up near us and you see the hand grab that you see a pull in and then you see a readjust and the referee didn't see jack shit. It's a real problem. I guarantee you'd see less. I pokes less. Nutcakes. This guy's gonna be more calculated. Bro, the cage was wild in the early days. It's a wild idea, but it's not the smartest idea. You have you go back to rings maybe. No, you go to a fucking open court. Big old basketball court. Oh, you mean like nothing? Nothing. Don't they do that in Russia a lot? They have those Russian fight leagues like that. Yeah, they fight. Well, how about hay around? Yeah. Hey, they're like hay. They have those fight leagues, man. Hays are great. If you can think of any rush fight thing, it's happening in Russia. Oh, boy. Yeah, you're not. Oh, he's out. He's out. That's bad. That's bad. That's it. That's it. Wow. Wow. Holy shit. He said that. Dude, these fucking Zealanders off. These are fucking crushing tonight. How nice must that be for top of the left of that first fight? Oh, my God. And then the I poke. And then another I poke. That's awful. Justin Tafa. Let's go. Now you're thinking about Austin Lane. Let's flu 17 hours. Got knocked out. He might have a plane back tomorrow. 17 hours. But Samoans, I feel like tongs, they can have love handles and be viper quick. They can be just as fast as small guy. Well, tied to a Vassas. Fast as fuck. No quick hands. Yeah. Think of Mark, huh, bro? Yeah, motherfucker motherfucker. Got a little weight on you. No problem. See this boom. Look at that check hook. Oh, beautiful check hook. And then look at that left. Oh, my goodness. On the point of the chin. Oh, he's fucked. Yeah, that's a good stoppage. Yeah, great. So very good. Boom. Oh, my goodness. Top of the crap. Oh, man. I was feeling boom. When your system is reacting like he's calm. Never fight a Samoan. That is a very good stoppage. That's a very good start is boom. Boom. Top to pick the performance of the night after these two men are getting off in Australia. These Australian guys, man, they want to show up when they're in their country. They're going to fight extra. Dana is going to be giving out 50k up to a bunch of guys. It's going to be like Oprah. You get 50. That's tough, man. I feel bad for that's brain damage right there. What's up, Jamie? Hear about this. This just popped up on New York Times. This guy claims he's like the last witness of the JFK assassination. Yeah. He claims I was just reading through it. He claims he's the one who found the bullet in the car, placed it on the gurney next to Kennedy's body. Like he's the one who found the magic bull. Yeah, man. That guy about ghosts. I have a message me every he also happens to me. The lottery numbers, but I don't play it because it's not ethical. Selling a book that's coming out. Of course, of course, Sam, is it possible? It was Lee Harvey. I was one of the secret service agents. That makes it more interesting. He was a secret service agent. Educate Brian and Lee Harvey as well. Have you ever seen the video where the secret service gets pulled off? He's like, what do we want? And the car takes off because they're going down a different route. That's not a real video. That's a real video. Real video, Brian. Yeah. And what's really crazy with him the entire time they pulled away from the superior. Different weird because at all, it's his whole trip. He surrounded like the Beatles. And then at this one point in the Plaza, there's nobody around. It's really creepy. And you're like, what is going on? He's in a convertible. Yes. Did he didn't he say he wanted to go in a convertible? Wasn't it? He who said he didn't want shield around him. I think that I think Kennedy said I never heard that. Now I know that you know, they pulled him off of Chicago a week before talking. Yeah. That's what he wanted to go into that convertible. And that convertible, you know, as soon as assassination happened, they rushed that computer and wiped that convertible and wiped it down. So there's so much stuff, dude. There's so much stuff. They watched it all stone talking about it was was interesting because he was talking about Curtis LeMay and all those guys. And it's not surprising that they would see a deep mafia roots in Dallas. Yeah. A work group. No, it was Jack Ruby shooting. I'm like, why would he do that? You guys point of that, you know, everyone's talking about Biden and the votes and all that, the numbers and whether that makes sense or not. Dude, Jeff case election was the exact same thing. Oh, they're sure. And she had the mob was the mob got it for him in Chicago. And that's because of his dad. Because of his dad. Yeah. You fucking idiot. The only thing I have the only conspiracy theory that does make some sense to me is what the only one ever. Yeah. What about Enron? What about the scam? I'm going to see what about golf. It's a pumpkin and Ron was a conspiracy and they did time. What about the golf of Tonkin? They were operation Northwood. But I'm saying that's the craziest one operation. Operation Northwood was what? Hold on. Here we go. This is the operation. What was it? What was a was the joint chiefs of staff came up with a bunch of different suggestions for the president. Brian, they signed that the joint chiefs have signed off on operation Northwoods, which means they were gung ho to blow up a jetliner and blame it on Cuba. They were going to arm Cuban friendlies and attack Guantanamo Bay. Wanted to give us motivation to go to win. So excuse me. But when the president says to his joint chiefs, when he says to his military brass, he says, come up with different scenarios of what we do with this problem. Everything is on the table. You get a thousand killing American civilians. You get a thousand Brian. That's a conspiracy. And Kennedy said, no, it's not a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy to lie to the American people through blowing up a jet. It is a plan to lie to the American. They conspired to create a scenario that did not exist. They were going to blow up a jetliner. They're going to attack Cuban friendlies. They're going to kill Americans. So the public gets behind it. So again, again, guys, do you think that's not that's not accurate? Brian, do you think they just took those plans and threw them out? All he doesn't like them. Let's just throw them out in the trash. What happens is you're the military comes to your civilian infrastructure. Your president, the executive says, here are the suggestions. Kennedy said, no, no, no, no. This is not constantly allowed to do that. There are legal issues. What are the other ones? Other than Operation Northwoods. They did that with there were scenarios that would get us into war with Cuba. Iran Contra. No, no, no, that would get us into war with Cuba. By the way, that's another conspiracy that was real. Not only that, the Sandinistas in the when the the Contras in the Sandinistas fought and they sold cocaine in Los Angeles to fund that. That's another thing. No, that's one hundred percent. I'm not saying that rogue elements. So don't say that that's the only conspiracy you believe in because that's not true. Brian, do you just submit weapons of mass destruction just was a big miscalculation. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, let me be clear. Let me be clear. Okay. I 100 percent think that different like parts of the government, whether it's state department, department of defense, there are there are elements within those who want to push an agenda forward and will bend rules and do things that are illegal if they can. Yes. Right. We have a lot of examples. Do you think they can inspire to do that, Brian? I'm sorry. Do they conspired to do that? They do conspired to do that. And we're in. But but we find out about these things. Why you're the perfect guy to do a show like this with Sam Tripoli, by the way. I know. That's my because you're so bad at defending everybody. You're so bad at defending the deep state. You make everybody a Sam Tripoli fan. I love it. I love it. What I'm saying is that there are a lot of competing interests. When you two got together, I was so happy. I was like, Sam's going to crack. It's a matter of time. I get him. Sam's not stupid. He just goes so deep that sometimes he's not really in water anymore. He's like, he's in the bedrock. Yeah. It's like, Sam, you got to go a little higher. The reason okay, the Joint Chiefs of Staff document, the reason they were held so long as a Joint Chiefs never wanted these up because they were so embarrassing. Exactly. Yeah, because they fucking asked for it. The whole point of a democracy is to have leaders responding to the public will. And here this is the complete reverse. The military trying to trick the American people into a war, Brian, that they want, that they want, but nobody else wants. You got this on and I want you to go. It's on ABC News, son. It's ABC News. That is the most mainstream of all news. You had a conspiracy for us at dinner, but Joe made you wait. What was it? Oh, yeah, that's right. What was it? You want to... Which one was it? What's going to happen? You want to know what's going to happen? With what? With in this country. Okay, yeah. I said, you are here now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tap me in. We're in the Bolshevik war right now, bro. And right now what's coming up is the all the pride stuff is going to be okay. So I had this woman come on my podcast. Her name's Mel Kay. And we got in real trouble on this show before, because we talked about this one family that I will not name. Okay. And every time we named this family, the four tech gods all came down and just fucked my show. Just the Rothschilds? All of... No, no. Hey, hey, hey. I'm not saying their name, bro. I'm trying to tank his own show. Yeah. In a while. That's how much he loves the deep state. Oh, yeah. So she comes out again. We just mentioned what happened on the show. They do it to us again. They do it to us again. We just mentioned their name, go, you remember when we talked about them? And they took... Happens again. To him. So she... So what are they doing when this happened? Let me say they do this to you. What do they do to you? Okay. So on Apple, Google, Twitter, and Facebook all f'd me. How so? Like Shadow Band, Suppression? No, no, even worse. Even worse. So on Apple, they listed my podcast that no one listened to it for like... They showed nobody listening to the podcast. So they blocked people from listening to it? No, they showed... Like when you go to see what your podcast is doing, it listed nobody. Not just one episode. Multiple episodes. I got strikes and deletes on my YouTube channel and all my Facebooks. I couldn't get into my Facebook. Yeah, so it was just like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. All on one thing when I named this... And what did you mention that this family had done? That they... So egregious. This is funny because it involves something to Brian that basically this family is so rich that people think that the CFR is just basically their board of trustees of all their companies. The CFO. Forum Relations. Oh, sorry. They're your babysitters, bro. Come on. Yeah. What are you talking about, though? Right. They're the people that taught you how to tie your fucking shoes. My favorite is Joe. Joe's like, you don't believe in conspiracy theories because you love your dad. So Mel K comes on my show and she's like... She goes, I've been talking to some people in the intelligence and they go, this gay pride stuff is going away. And the next thing you're going to see are immigration riots. This is going to be right around the next election. So hand to God we do this episode. Next day, Starbucks is like, we're banning all the pride stuff. And now you start seeing these little... They're putting little breadcrumbs out, man. Little breadcrumbs. Oh, I saw this one thing in Chicago. Oh, yeah. Illegal immigrants are upset about where they're staying. And these illegal immigrants who speak no English are holding up perfectly written English signs saying we're tired of how we're being treated. And now you're starting to see this over and over again. Eric, so everyone's always like when when all these Republican governors are like sending these these immigrants all over the country. And it's like, yeah, you're showing those Democrats, bro. They're moving assets. I know it sounds crazy, but that is 100. What is percent? What do you mean? They're moving assets. What do you do? These guys coming into the country, bro. Have you seen them? A lot of them are Chinese and a lot of them are military people. And I'm telling you, they're moving. And this is what's going to be right around 2024 election. Immigration riots, people going nuts. And as as listen to this and you'll start seeing all the little breadcrumbs being put out. May I give you another scenario? No. I give you another possible scenario. I hate to piss on your parade. What if we do have open borders? Thank you, Joe Biden. And a complete disaster down the border. And so governors like Greg Abbott are going not. How about you guys want a taste of what we're dealing with? Hey, New York, here you go. They bust 13,000 immigrants. New York, Eric Adams goes, we don't have the resources for this. Yeah, Brian. And that's a good way to teach the blue states to change their border. Yeah, that's what they want. You think that's how you get into this is right. Look, I'm a puppet master. I'm telling you that's what they want you to think. You're buying it. Oh, I thought I was the moving assets, bro. They're moving assets, like military people. Study the Bolshevik war. It is happening in real time. 100%. But I just wanted to get that out to everybody because I'm trying to warn people. This is what's next. Do you think do you believe that the Marburg virus is in the vaccine? Yeah, it gets operated with five pulses. Do you believe that the five. Do you think that the five this is our this our podcast. Everybody. It's very social. Is it do you think look at it? I've seen those videos. Those seem like here's the thing about a lot of that stuff. A lot of that stuff. You have to realize that just like there's Russian troll farms, 100% they operate and do that kind of propaganda in America. 100%. And one of the things they do is they will take things that are real and they will attach things that are absolutely ridiculous to those things. So imagine you've just gone through a thing where you've vaccinated kind of against their will. What hundreds of millions of people forced them to get it because they couldn't. They couldn't fly. They couldn't work. Lose their job. And then people are starting having all kinds of crazy side effects. And those side effects seems to be seem to be really bad to the point where there's a 40% increase in all cause mortality among certain age groups. Then you have a bunch of wacky theories that you can attach to that vaccine that are completely ridiculous. Nano particles and fucking GPS chips and fucking it's going to replace all your sperm with nanoparticles, all these ways. So then anytime you start talking about vaccine problems like, oh, you, one of those guys, yeah, the police, the virus, you can connect. You can connect dumb fake stories to real problems and it makes those real problems dumb. And it gives people a reason not to listen. I think that's what they're doing right now with UFOs. I really do. The more I pay attention to this, the more I'm suspicious that there's some sort of a very advanced black ops operation that has hypersonic drones. I agree. They operate on a propulsion system. They operate on a propulsion system that we're not aware of. And Eric Weinstein has actually laid out the university that has an insane physics department. That's also near, it's also near this hedge fund that has insane amounts of wealth. It doesn't even make any sense. Like Bernie Madoff style success that he says, like, this seems orchestrated that all these elite physicists are in the same area as this elite bank. And then he hears whisperings that they're working on some shit. I totally agree. So they leak all those crazy, you have some things that the leaker. I don't even know if they leak them. I think if they have those things and people are filming them and then enough of them come forth, and then like, when you see these whistleblowers, I've talked to a few of these guys. I'm not convinced. Okay, first of all, most of them haven't actually seen anything. Most of them are just going off what they've been told in documents, like David Grush. David Grush has no physical experience with UFOs, but Bob Lazar does. And he's a fascinating one. And I like Bob. David Fraver is the most fascinating because that guy is a rock solid air force guy, Navy pilot. You can't, I mean, he's a fucking, he's got impeccable credentials. You can't, was he the guy? He's the guy who saw the TikTok thing. Yeah. That thing, they saw that the TikTok, they saw that thing on radar go from over 60,000 feet above sea level to zero in like one sec. And they said that would kill a human, right? If they were inside that. Oh, yeah. No, but they don't survive. They don't know if it's even someone in it. Yes. Like, I mean, it has no windows. It's this round thing that looks like a TikTok. And what's interesting is your guy wants to believe in UFOs and aliens. So when you're saying they're feeding it to me, I don't like it. I smell blood. I agree. It's like someone trying to talk you into going to a party and you think your liver is going to wind up on a fucking cooler or something. You guys remember the balloons that were everywhere and everyone's freaking out about the balloons. We've known about those forever though. The US department's like, we don't know. And then like a week later, they're like, we shot down this UFO. I'm like, hold on. You didn't know what to do with a balloon, but suddenly you're shooting down. They said they said the balloons been around for a while and they told Trump, they even told Trump, but they didn't want to tell him. But they were around you when Trump was in the real. They said they didn't want to tell Trump because he would shoot it down, which is so wild. So wild. I wish he wasn't so like, culturally popular because otherwise I love him. I know. He's so entertaining. He's so entertaining. He's hilarious. The most entertaining politician in the history of the universe. No one's even close. I love that. And a disruptor. This guy is wild, dude. Wild boys. Bro, flyweight is such a good weight class. This card is nuts. How much does he say? He says, what are these? He's got 25. What? Flyweights are so fast. It sucks that people don't like appreciate them because they're so small. You're like a mighty mouse. Never got his... Never got his just dudes. Which is the most talented guy of all time. Oh my God. He's the best, like the most beautiful expression of martial arts I've ever seen. Agree. Remember when he did the takedown transition to that armbar? Off the takedown? Yeah. Well, he just won a jujitsu tournament, right? A brown belt tournament. Yeah. No, he's awesome. And he's such a great guy. The best. He launches all podcasts. He's crushing podcasts and everything. Beautiful. Well, he's been streaming forever. He makes money off of streaming. Mighty Mouse is the fucking man. A response by Xbox in the UFC. And what a fucking dope move of him to go over there and fight Rod Tang. That was cool. Fight Rod Tang. One round just pure Muay Thai. So he has to survive for one round against one of the most frightening Muay Thai fighters of all time. Bro, did you see the guy that he fucked back three times? Yes. No. I was there in person. That guy's fucking... He's built like a praying mantis. One. The UFC has some serious fucking fighters. And zero drug testing. And they're... And... Ah, I missed my pride. Oh my God. Dude, but when you... I mean, do they? Maybe I'm lying. It gets me excited. They might have drug testing. Yeah, they have drug testing. I mean, it's not like you saw it. No. They knock on your door at 3 o'clock in the morning. It's like old school UFC when Alistair tested negative. Yeah. Do you think they'll ever get where all the champions of all the MMA's will fight each other? No. No. No. Why would the UFC do it? But why would the UFC do it? But it's better for the athletes to have options. Like, look at Mighty Mouse. He goes over to one FC. He's a star. Makes bank. Makes bank. You know, there's a lot of guys who've done that. I like it. I like that there's other options. If you like pride... If you like pride... I love pride. Dude, you got a one championship? The person who put together the pride stuff is doing it for one championship? Dude, it's such a good promotion. And Chachri's a great guy to run it. He's a good guy. But he's also... It's like he's fucking... He's on top of it. Yep. He also trains a lot. Do you think Van de Ley Silva's 22 fight win streak puts him in the goat discussion? Well, Van de Ley, when he was on the top in pride, was a terrifying man. Yeah, right? He was a terrifying man. When he would come out and fucking roll his hands together and shit. Yeah, like he would call him the Gracie Killer. Bro, he... Shoot boxing? You're saying like, greatest of all time? I mean, that's a streak, bro. You're up against... And especially when like pride was on fire. But look at Jon Jones streak. Look at Jon Jones streak. No, I think Jon Jones is the greatest. There's no idea. There's a team legend. There's a team legend. He's a legend. Mighty Mouse, Jon Jones... Khabib. Khabib. I think he goes over to the other guys. Yeah. Anderson Silva. Anderson Silva for sure. Jon Jones. Jon Jones. George Sapier and then... B.J. Penn and his prime. Yeah. Don't ever forget B.J. Penn and his prime. B.J. Penn. Motherfucker. People remember B.J. Penn towards the end of his career. Which is a shame. You got to forget about that and just look at the man when he was at his very best. He was a motherfucker. Didn't you just have a Monjo? Yeah. With... Tulsi. I love Tulsi. I'd vote for her. Bro, what's going on in Maui right now is so sad. Bro, what did they say? What's going on? They're trying to take the fucking land. Yeah. The state is trying to take the land. The governor came out right after the tragedy, saying we're looking to see if we can acquire the land and build a memorial. What? Now, imagine all these... And then also, you know what they got from the Biden administration? A one-time payment of $700. It's unbelievable. And all the money we send to Ukraine? Not just that. Why can't you get shit? We talked about it on the podcast. The amount of money would cost to rebuild all those homes at birth is $5 billion. And the amount that they accidentally over sent to Ukraine was $6 billion. Hell no. Accidentally. Right. And what happened after that? $5 billion. They say more. Emma said it. You know what, Sam? You were right. Thank you. No, but you ready to set Sam up in 3, 2, 1? What about Oprah? Yeah. Well, 100%. She's raising money. Yeah. She made a video. But the big thing you guys got to look into is weather modification and what the Chinese are doing. I did an insane episode on it. And I had this... Yeah. Jim Lee and Topher Gardner came on and they... Those guys? Listen to me, bro. Those weather experts? They dropped... Dude, China has a weather manipulation system that's so big... Random talk. Jesus Christ. Don't you know how to podcast? It's so big it's twice the size of Spain. That's how big it is. It's on the... And what are they doing with it, Sam? So they're having water problems in China and they're trying to create rain. And they're violating this 1978 treaty where all these governments agreed not to manipulate the weather. So we have... Our ecosystem is perfectly balanced. And once you fuck with one thing, you fuck around with another thing. You know that Abu Dhabi's been doing that once a week. Right. But the Chinese are doing it. They're going to make it rain once a week. They seed clouds. The Chinese are doing crazy. It's like crazy. Their system is so big. What are they doing? It's really bigger than Spain? It's twice as big as Spain. How is that possible? What is in it? What is it? Is it a facility? It's all these weather modification towers. And they're just modifying the... China. Have you seen this other than drawing on a napkin? Yep. Yeah, bro. Dude, I need some sources out of you and you. Legit question, sir. China to expand weather modification program to cover area larger than India. Dude, that's CNN. You know they don't know. You know what? What does that mean to cover an area? But when it says to cover an area, does that mean that the machine is that big? Or does it mean that it's capable of covering? Yeah, we're trying to make sure it's that big. It's a structure, sir? This is all real, Brian Cowan. Experimental weather modification program to cover an area of over... Jamie, stop scrolling, please. Go back up. Go back up. To cover an area of over 5.5 million square kilometers. 2.1 million square miles. More than 1.5 times the total size of India. According to the statement by the state council, China will have developed weather modification system by 2025, thanks to breakthroughs in fundamental research and key technologies, as well as improvements in comprehensive prevention against safety risks. What does that mean? Comprehensive prevention against safety risks. What kind of risks are they? Well, they... In the next five years, a total area covered by artificial rain or snowfall will reach 5.5 million square kilometers, kilometers, kilometers, while over 580,000 square kilometers will be covered by hail suppression technologies. The statement added that the program will help with disaster relief, agricultural production, emergency response to forests and grassland fires, and dealing with unusually high temperatures or droughts, and bringing hurricanes to America. Okay, that's not in there. Okay. Isn't that just technology? The last part was parody. But aren't we talking about just technology? No, man. No? Oh, that's it, Brian. They just like making technology. They never use it. Wow. So, populations. So, everyone wanted to get into direct energy weapons, but these guys were like, we're so far behind that, little laser stuff. It's so far behind that. So far beyond that. So far beyond. In the 40s, the Nazis were working on a weapon called a sun gun, which would basically be ionizing the sky, so it would be like a magnifying glass, and you could just boom, hit it. That was in the 40s. Right. So, the new thing... Okay, we'll watch fights out there. No, no, no. No, keep going. We can do both. But, Brian, why would you dismiss that? No, I wouldn't dismiss it. I'm saying that that's not surprising that a country like China that has bad, arable land needs to figure out a way to grow enough food for its population. Right, but also weather modification technology. If they literally can do that, though. Or a 50s, right? Not at this scale. Not to that scale. No. In any capacity. We started by seeding clouds. We've been cloud seeding. Yeah, but this seems to be something different. What is the technology? Do you understand how it works? Well, basically, what they were telling me is that... And this is going to be the really dumb, dumb version of it. But it's basically like they found it, like if you could put like coal soot, black coal soot in the sky, you can manipulate the weather and control which way the weather goes. Where the hurricanes go and which directions they go. Why black coal soot? Dude, that's not in the cliff notes. Meanwhile, we're over here trying to have electric cars by 2035. Everyone's going to be electric in California. Meanwhile, China's like, good, we'll burn more coal. Yeah, 100%. But Sam, explain this. Why is this a problem? Why do we care? Okay, so everything is a yin and a yang. Everything is duality, right? Messes up the whole game. When you have a high pressure system, there's going to be a low pressure system, right? Give and take, yeah. But Sam gets scientific. And the low pressure system, that's where your hurricanes and stuff happen. But in between there, you can do like, you can control some... Create chaos. Create what they call resonance frequencies and dissonance. And this is why when we take a look at like, Paradise, California, and we look at Maui, and we go, why are there trees there? But these buildings are gone. But with a dissonance frequency, you can actually get to the frequency to specific things. And when you hit it with it, it makes it just disappear. That's how powerful it is. It's a dissonance frequency. And when he told me that, my answer is question it. So they can take this thing, is it in a satellite? Like, where is it? It's it well, how is it going to reach America? Well, they can manipulate the way the hurricane goes. That's they have the technology to do that. Right. But the thing that makes things disappear. How it's the it's the way they can put out a frequency like a radio frequency and stuff like that, but they use it through the hurricane through the high pressure, low pressure. Listen, it's super advanced. But it's high pressure, low pressure. And in between there, you can manipulate the the the the atmosphere. And how would that make things disappear? Because based on a frequency level, you can everything has a cyst right now are screaming. But but the ones that get what I'm saying, but the ones. No, no, no, no, no. He's ten of them. One that are listening. Know what I'm talking about. They're like, this is it. The distance like this guy's on frequency. Can makes it based on a freak. Everything has its own every like trans have their own. Right. This this table has its own. And if you can register that frequency and hit it with a dissonance, free sleep, you will make it just disappear. And that's why, dude, all the ashes are the same color. Black. Okay, let me know. No, no, no. Why is there a white and gray? Where? Like when you look at like in in like Paradise and in Maui, all the ashes the same color. Yeah, but all ash looks like that. No, they're burn logs. I get it, dude. But I'm telling you, this is what they've been telling me. Wait, Sam, let me. I'm just gonna leave this there. And let me. This is when they go too far. Like all the actual ash looks the same. Okay. Show me some ash that looks. It was that you're doing to let that simmer. We let that simmer. Take it in. Sam, let me ask you this. Do you think things are all right? It's actually a real question. Be cool, Brian. And Joe, you can jump in. It's fucking cool. Do you think things are better or worse than they were 10 years ago? And are we freer or less free than we were 10 years ago? What would you say? It's an easy one, right, Sam? Well, I mean, like I used to think the answer. I mean, let's go back five years, six years ago to like 2015. Like imagine what remember the internet. 2015. How great it was. Social media. Things have totally changed once the government got involved in censoring social media and all the tech platforms came on board with it. And all the advertisers put pressure on them. That changed everything. So what would you say to that, bro? Because you think about how wild the internet was and then how tame network television was. Network television is now slightly less tame and the internet is way different. Yeah. It's way different. And until Elon bought Twitter, we were kind of fucked. We were kind of fucked because there was not one place where you could just wildly talk shit. And you go on Twitter any day of the week, you see Obama's wife is a man and Dick Suckett. All kinds of crazy shit. I always get Dick Suckett. I mean, imagine that you get a lot of have a shirt that's more Dick Suckett. Less. So much. So much more on Twitter. Really? Oh man. The only fan girls that just give you a taste. Ken Jeong was like lots of friendly. He was like, did a tweet to say goodbye to his friend who had just passed. And like you go through the response tweet. There's just like only fans going like, I feel bad. Five percent off my only fans for anybody grieving. Sex. Sex is everything. Sex fans. Yeah. Oh, oh, this fight is wild. Yes, fights wild. I can't believe these guys keep talking so much in the press conference, even to Izzy. Yeah, which one? The guy in the red trunks. He was talking to shit to Izzy 125. Time to sit the fuck down as he's like, dude, I will swallow you. Yeah, he didn't say. Oh, my God. These guys are fucking dinging each other. Do these fights are ladies when they're 125. They can take this fucking this energy in that arena must be insane. I like the energy in here too, guys. It's pretty good. A leg. I was three. Sami brings it. When it brings it three against one. But I listen, man, I'm standing my ground. You definitely aren't. But what am I losing? No, you're losing everything. Yeah, you have a one one. It's a ten seven round. We haven't even come close. It's ten seven. Hey, you made a good point. Thanks for being a guest on a conspiracy social club, guys. Oh, fuck. I feel like I feel like Sam lost you guys when we went full weather man on us. No, no, no, no, it's just like you guys would be like he was right. That's what I'm saying. Let it simmer. Obviously, the China thing is real, right? They are obviously heavily invested in weather modification. And once they start doing that, what is to stop them from using it to fuck up agriculture? On our side, you mean? Do you see I saw some thing about Greece that Greece got more water in two days than they usually get in like some insane amount of time, like over a year. Have you seen what just happened in Hong Kong? No, but let's look at Greece, though, because there's new man made or new natural lakes that got formed. And every day in Greece that they need it that they think are going to be permanent. Yeah, because Greece was going through a drought and now they got so much rainfall. See what the rainfall it was something crazy. I read this article. I didn't read the article. I read the title of the article. I said, I'll look at that later. Respect. Yeah, yeah. We should. I started to read it with so much other shit going on. I was like, how much rain I say. Yeah, I said, if you want to like about us as friends, but the minute we say something like that, we correct ourselves because we're not going to lie to each other. Maybe I lied. This place that's like 30 inches. I just did them. I checked on the math. One place got 30 inches of rain in 24 hours. Damn. Right. But what what said, though, was this more than they usually get in years. I will show you. Years where the rain fell in one day in 24 hours. Guys, the highest daily rainfall totals in the region since 2006. These two rain gauges recorded more than half a meter, half a meter, three feet of rain or one and a half feet of rain, rather, in less than 24 hours. In court to Mattio dot org, 754 millimeters was recorded within 24 hours of the station in Zagora, a village on the Pelion Peninsula surpassing the September, September 2020 record of 644.7 millimeters. And how do you say that word? Cephalonia. Dude, if you can't say it, I have no idea. Listen, I'll tell you this. I think the end of times is near. You know, a little Haiti in Miami used to be very cheap real estate. But because it's the highest point of Miami now, that place is booming. Oh, so now when developers are getting in on this, when the real estate market is starting to speculate and sell areas that are on higher terrain in Miami and places, something's going on. See, you guys have to see what just happened in Hong Kong. That was a good fight. These guys. True. Or is it they just have to expand because there's so many fucking people moving there. Correct. That's a big part of it too, Brian. They're running out of homes. So many people moved to Florida favorable taxes. Yep. You know, they have faith in DeSantis right to work. They're going to let people if another pandemic takes place, it's a good place to be. Right. This DeSantis not running well. Heaviest rainfall in more than a century floods and paralyzes Hong Kong. Schools and offices were shut. Look, if I was China and trying to talk to me, Hong Kong talks a little bit of shit. I'm doing that. Let's practice it on Hong Kong. So you know, you know, the weather machine, black rainstorm. The Chinese are so racist. So you know what the problem with Florida is, their challenge now is this, is they make their money on real estate taxes. Right. And the problem is it's very hard now when you live near the coast to get insurance. Where? And the insurance companies now are pulling out in Florida and guess who ensures you? The state. Now, where does the state get their money? The state gets their money from real estate taxes. If the real estate markets start to go down, if you can't sell your house because you're on the coast or near the coast, what happens is people start moving inland. Problem with moving inland is a lot of that area is swamp land. So Florida is going to have some real challenges. Bro, they got challenges with pythons. I had Python cowboy on the podcast. Oh, dude. He told me. I did a best of with that. That freaked me out. It's crazy. Every day we go, we find pythons. Did he tell you about getting shot? We're in Florida. Billionaires in Florida shell out as much as 622 K per year. And holy, there you go. Oh my God. You know what I'm saying? Oh my God. That's so much money. Oh my God. What I mean for how much but we were talking about like a hundred million dollar house, though, like that seems kind of normal. But the problem is you're getting flooded. So Naples, what's it? Increase their 200 K. Fifth Street on Naples was underwater. People were taking their boats there. It was six figures. Some of the sharp increase from the same policy last year, which was quoted at 200 grand. Yeah. Wow. I'm talking Naples, the most real expensive real estate. They got 60 million dollars. But Joe, that's the same thing like in in Belkan and where we're at, where we used to be at with the fire insurance. Once the fires hit there, then the banks stop giving given loans. You can't get insurance. Yeah, can't get it. It gets pretty crazy. Can't get lending. That's what's going on. Evacuated three times from there. I remember that. Yeah, it's scary shit, man. When you see the fires coming over the hill near your house with me, I had very young kids. I was like, we got we got out real early. Because we had already been evacuated. So we knew the drill. We're like, once it starts, they're not going to stop it. The planes were flying overhead. But the fires were the wind was kicking. It was like, it's over. I took my family to a hotel. Me too. Yeah, I went to a hotel in Santa Monica. I went with Segura and his family. We all went to Beverly Hills. Oh, cool. We stayed there and the fucking sky was black. You're so scary. We did give you a year. We probably did. We probably did. This is a few years ago. It was a couple of years before the pandemic. Kaya Cara France. Oh, that dude wants to fight Kaya Cara France. Oh, he won. I think Kaya Cara France was supposed to fight him, but he got injured. And he talked shit to Kaya Cara France at the press conference. This dude talks a lot of smack. He's he's he's fun, man. That's how you get attention these days. Yeah. How about the one kid dropping the F word on the prelims? Yeah, I could be a problem. That'd be a problem on ESPN. Yes. If you're in the prelims before your career gets kept going. Disney's like, what the fuck? What is this? I thought you tell these guys you like we try. Bro, these are wild kids. Kids get emotional. You give them a mic. Do they give them like a little a little like seminar? Okay, this is what you're. Don't jump on the cage. Don't talk like that. They got dinged in the head. How many fucking times over the last couple of minutes. Yeah. And then now you put a mic in their face. You expect them to be coherent and make sense. And make reasonable. There he is. He by the way, he's in the conversation as good as the man. He's the conversation. No, he's not. If you beat my kitchen, he did almost did beat my so so they almost doesn't make your go. I gave it to him. I gave it to him. I watched it again. I thought it was close. Yeah, I gave it to him. I gave it to him. It was all one of the earlier rounds and I felt like he did more. Volkanovskis in the conversation. I thought he was in the conversation and the fact that he's on top at the end, beaten up the guy was supposed to smash him. He's so good. Part of that though, too, I think, too, like we thought he was gonna get smashed and he did so much better than we thought. So there's a little bit of bias there. Right. Ah, he did way better than we thought. So did he right? You always gotta be careful. Correct. But I did watch the whole thing again, just to score it. And I watched it with the sound off. I watched it with the sound off and I gave it to Volkanovskis. The only time I thought. Now, B to give it up. Now he's the greatest 145. That's what I mean. That's what I'm saying. But you said goat. Oh, I don't know. I thought you meant. I just mean the conversation. He's in the conversation. If he beats a few more, I think he should have gotten the nod against Makachev. If he beat Makachev, he's 100% in the conversation. I still think he is. He's a bad motherfucker. You don't hear anybody except Ilya Toporia calling him out. Now, by the way. Ilya Toporia is another bad man. Remember a guy who gave him fits though and it was a toss up was Max Holloway. That's how good Max is. Oh, yes. Because I had Max. Remember, he's convinced he beat Max. What's that? The third match he beat him back. The second fight I thought Max won. So did I. Me too. The one and two was up in there, but that third one he beat the brakes off. He's the greatest 145 of all time. He got better. He got better. He got better in between the fights. Was Aldo 145? Yes. Yes. You don't think Aldo's the greatest well-trained? A nine-year win streak. Aldo's in the conversation. He's for sure consensus. It's him and Volkanovsk for the greatest. Volkanovsk and Aldo fought, but it wasn't Aldo in his prime. Right. So it's tough. It's tough to say who's the best. Who's the best heavyweight man? To me, when... From my perspective, it was Kane Volaskis. When in his prime, but it wasn't that long of a reign. And then people say Fedor. Yeah, but it's tough. It's all prime. Fedor, right? I think Fedor. I think Fedor. There's argument for Verdume. Yes. There's an argument for Verdume. In terms of who he tapped, he tapped him in the back. There's argument for Stipe. There's argument for all these guys. There's an argument. Fedor went through all of those animals and in pride. They were all by man. Verdume submitted? Imagine. If we had a time machine. Yeah, but he was much older. Imagine we had a time machine. Francis, the same Francis that fought Stipe versus Fedor. Oh, God. That would be chaos. Oh, God. Insane. Ins-fuck-insane. Oh, God. Yeah. And that's calf kick days, right? Yeah. So remember, there's no calf kicks back then. Which is so wild that they were kicking the shit out of each other everywhere and nobody figured out, hey, you know, if I kick you there, that's just debility. That is... It's saying, is Francis a lot bigger than Fedor? Oh, yeah. Wait. Fedor, excuse me, so especially back then, 220? 220? 220? Yeah. And a lot of body fat on him. Yeah. A lot of body fat on him. Chubby. Yeah. He had that farmer straining, you know? But now, remember, if Francis doesn't clip him early, he's going to get them underhooked and France going for a ride. Going for a ride and then going to get... And an armbar. And an armbar. Knee blade or knee bar. Armbar, knee bar. Yeah, that sombre shit. And that grounding pound? Oh, his radar's fucking grounding pound, bud? Yeah. Bro, what he did with Nogera. And Nogera was super human back then. He had the ability to absorb punishment like nobody. Fedor beat that out of him. That's why that run, he's got to be... I think Fedor's like the... It's 1A1B. It's 1A1B. It's 1A1B. Kane in his prime, though, was something special to watch. Because he didn't get tired. He didn't get tired. It didn't make any sense how a heavyweight could have that kind of gas tank. And his punching, his boxing. Perfect size. He's wrestling. His fucking kicks. He was low kicking. He was fucking a complete fighter. What's the matter, Jim? As you guys were talking about the F word being said earlier, we missed the being said again. Who said it does that, man? He was saying it while you were talking about it. Oh, really? Just dropping F bombs. It's how you know you're not... Somebody breaks the ice. Yeah. Who was saying it to that? The F word. Who was saying F bombs? Who's in the green room? That guy just won. The real F bombs. He was in the green room like, we can do that? If it didn't insult gay people, and it was just used for dudes who you didn't like, it's kind of a cool word. Listen, man. It's like, if you're in the States, you can't say that. Apparently, anywhere else, it flies still. They say cunt over there, and the facts is cigarette. Yeah, exactly. The facts is cigarette in England. I think they say it in Australia, too. I mean, they sound like they're like Southern English. Yeah. That's what they sound like. It's like an accent. It's real similar. It's a great fucking accent. My buddy Adam Greentree was here the other day in Australia. Oh, really? I love that. We were hanging out at the Mitzi's at the bar at the mothership, and it was like... Is he in comic? No, he was a bow hunter from Australia. He was a buddy of mine. But his... Stud. His accent is hilarious. It's such a great accent. God, tied to a vase. I can hear. I remember when I was playing Australia, and I was just talking to these chicks at the bar, and they're like, your accent's so thick. I'm like, your accent's so thick. That green room's great at the mothership, Joe. Oof. My whole club is gorgeous. There's nothing... It's so good on the spot. You just took everything that was great at the comic store, and then were like, I'm gonna move here. Yeah, and make it a little better. Yeah. This is gonna be... Your main room is just absolutely beautiful. Yeah, we did everything the right way. We set it up the right way. It took a long ass time, and... That... Just being in that room with Schultz and everybody... And we were all talking shit. I was like, oh, man. It was so good to be together. Oh, man. So fun laughing. I missed that. I fucking missed that. Yeah. We don't get that now. Well, that's a problem. We had that at the store. Yeah, we did. Where it was like a fun hang. Where you would go, you do your weekends on the road or whatever. But when you're in town on the weekdays, you get to hang out with your boys. We laugh and talk shit and hug each other. So fun. So fun. And we got a lot of really good up and coming people. Like the... In Austin? In the open minors. Yeah. They're great, bro. The comics out here, man. Big shout out to them. I saw some of these young guys... Because they're great writers. They're accountable. If you build it, they come. I miss that. If you build it, they come. And Joe built it. So many people moved here. Yeah, exactly. Just specifically because they know we have this two-night open mic program. And we also have door people at the store. They're savages. The mothership, rather. That all are comics. So they auditioned in front of Adam to become a door person with their act. So they had to have like promise as a comic. So the whole idea is like to have like a mentorship program and have a program where you can be a guy who's working the door and you've been doing open mics for a year. And next thing, you're hanging out at the bar with Andrew Schultz. We're all palling around together. And there's this vibe there. There's this sort of camaraderie that exists that makes you feel like you're a part of something. And it doesn't matter if you're just starting and this person just headlined Madison Square Garden. It doesn't matter. We're all just comedians. And that's all you, brother. That's your thing. The same thing you did in LA. And you laughed and it's fucking... Everyone should try to adopt that because we need more comics and it's hard. It's hard to do. And it's hard to do when you feel like you're getting shit on by your peers. Like you want support. It's so hard, bro. You want support. It is so hard. Yeah. It's hard. And I don't feel like... Listen, there's a lot of funny people in LA. They're great, man. There's people like, there's not funny. The crowds are just weird. And it's not the club's fault. They can't like make people magically change out what they find funny. You bring a good crowd to a place with good comics. Remember the shows you used to do? I'd walk into the green room. It'd be Rogan Pilper, Sebastian Mascalico, David Town. David, Joey Diaz, Tom Segura, Theo. It'd be the biggest comics ever. And it'd be the lineup. And I'd be like, this is the lineup I'm in. I would miss the fucking lineup, my friend. That was amazing. Those Joe Rogan and Friends shows that we used to do at the store in the main room were some of my favorite shows ever. People just stop in. Like, get up there. Get up there. Just like... And so that's what we're doing here. You know, like any night you'll see Ron White, Shane Gillis. You remember when you did Rogan and the Friend at the Improv and the power was off and we still did stand up and my voice was gone? Yes. I did stand up with just yelling. With talking to the audience. No, hold on. With candles. With candles. Legit candles. And there was a generator that gave us one little light. There was one little emergency light. We set that up. We were going to cancel the show. And I was like, this would be fun. Like, let's have fun. And it was so fun. Everybody loved it. The audience loved it. It was so cool that we're just doing stand up with no microphone. And you got to kind of see like how you use the mic and what you could do with no mic. You know? When I went on tour with Brian Callan around the world, we did a USO tour. We went into Afghanistan and there was a... It was called the Alamo. What was it? It was like a base called the Alamo. Dude. Because they were surrounded. Yes. Right? So we go in. We didn't have to do... We didn't have to land. Military landing. So you'd almost throw up. So what they do is they come. They dive straight down because you can get hit with missiles. Jesus. So you'd hold... And you'd be sitting in a thing like this holding on. Do you remember that? They do the crash landing. Yeah. I thought I was going to throw up. I loved it. Were you really worried about getting hit by missiles? Yeah, I was. The guy was with us. They would shoot flares off. They would shoot flares off. Dude, they wanted to put me... That the missiles... Somebody shot a missile. Is it worth it? I think it was like Butch Bradley or somebody was on a tour and he was supposed to get on this one helicopter and it took off and got... Bang! Got hit, dude. I remember that story. So remember when we'd be diving it. The helicopter got taken out? Yeah, yeah. That's why I get the story. Dude, when we would get... Remember, in the morning we'd get there and we'd be briefed and he would say... Every morning they'd say the chance of suicide bombing is very high. Jesus. We're to look out for a blue Toyota pickup truck if you see one. If you hit anybody, keep going because it was that dangerous. I was like so fucking nervous. I would sit... Then Special Forces guy was sitting on his legs crossed. I go, why are you sitting on his legs crossed? If we get hit low, I don't want to lose my legs. And remember, I put on a head... Yeah, head on. Crush, dude. You crushed it. You were so loved. But we were doing the Alamo. I had an Under Armour shirt on. He goes, take the Under Armour shirt. I go, why? Because he goes, because it's nylon. If we get hit with an IED, we're going to be pulling that nylon out of your skin. Oh my God. Remember that? Fuck, dude. So when you travel anywhere... That was when I saw you because you would open up and crush no matter what. So we do the Alamo and the power goes out. And they're like, but they still need a show. So I just went straight up OR at the Comedy Store and just started going crowd work. And at first they're like, hey, man, you got to work clean. I'm like, okay. And then I realized that these guys are like all college age kids. Yeah, bro. So I'm just like, I just start lighting these dudes up. They were fucking loving it. But Brian Callen, dude, at Brian Callen, we would travel across the country, across the world, flight, flight, flight. And we walked in. We just... And they take you around to meet everybody. And Brian put on a show when he met everybody. And it was the first time, man. I mean, we just met these people and I introduced Brian Callen. And he gets a standing o walking to the stage. That's because I was nervous all the time. It was the coolest thing. And that's why I'm like, okay, Callen's a bad man, dude. Callen's a bad man. You're the best to take to like for captive audiences. Yes. Like when we went hunting. I make him laugh so hard. It was like a whole week of laughing. Dude, I made you laugh. Remember when we were in Alaska, miserable? And he was my only audience. And I would fucking kill him. Was that with Steve? Dude, I was making him laugh harder because I remember I was so miserable. We were so wet. And he would try to be positive. He's like, this is the man. I go, fucking, this is the worst that would go off on my whole thing. You know, it was, it did suck that we got rained on for a solid week because it rains inside your tent. Oh yeah. So you think you're protecting the tent. But I remember I turned my headlamp on and it was just water mist vapor all in the tent. Because there was so much water in the atmosphere, you're never dry. So you're in a wet sleeping bag, just trying to stay warm. I'm not kidding. Luckily, it wasn't that cold out. But the thing is, when I got back to LA and the sun hit me, I called Ronella. I go, dude, I've never been so happy. I'm so happy. I'm so used to the sun. It's there every day. I totally don't appreciate it. But now it just fills me with joy because I was raining. And that made me realize, that's one of the reasons why LA is fucked up, is because they're spoiled. They don't recognize. They're like trust fund weather kids. Yeah. You don't know what money is. They don't know what weather is. Here we go. You call me two days later and you go, I feel great. Do you feel great? Yeah, I was like, I feel amazing. We got Ronella on the pot too. Oh, he's a great guy. Such a smart dude. One morning you were so wet and so cold that you were trying to talk and you weren't acting like anything was wrong. And you were shivering and your lips were going fucking forth. Yeah, they were shivering. His lips were doing this. It was so fucked up. And you were doing this for five. Remember when we started a fire with Cheetos? Yes. We found, oh, Fritos. You know, Fritos are very flammable. And if you like those little things, they're filled with oil. They're terrible for you. But if you like those little fuckers on fire, they'll still stay on fire for a while. So we got some dry twigs. We found we had to dig deep into fucking piles of bushes to find something that might be dry. And then we like cut the outside of it. And then we found some old dry shit and we whittled it away. And then slowly, but surely we built together a fire. So one day that didn't rain for like five hours, we had a fire. We're so happy. I want to go hunting, man. We got to dig. Let's go again, baby. Let's go to Jordan. I can set it up. Why? Are they hunting Jordan? Yes. Are they hunting? Amazing hunting. Everything you want. Dear, you name it. People? We can hunt deer. We can do it. Oh, God. And we'll have a blast. I'm going to talk to you about it. Can we hunt liberals? Can we hunt liberals? I'll hunt them. I'll hunt them. Starbucks baristas. I'll talk to the king and the... I see blue hair. The king trains with Tarrantactical. They're going after... The king trains with Tarrantactical? Yes. He goes out there. The king of Jordan. No kidding. Yes. He goes to Tarrantactical and he's a great guy. Oh, you're serious, B? You really got a connection with Jordan. Yes. Tell you bullshit. Bro, this fight is wild. Yeah. The king heard me talking about it. Ty's trying to get him out of there. This fight is wild. Now, he was a Bellator heavyweight champ, right? Yes. Yes. Volkov was a bad motherfucker. He's a bad man in his day. Well, he's a giant. I mean, he's... Oh, good right hand. He had Derek Lewis dead to right. He did, but Derek came with that thunder. 30 seconds left. Bro, that was one of the greatest comebacks ever. Insane. Ever. And we were just talking about Derek carries that power deep into the ground. He could always knock you out with one shot. Boom. Boom. And he was tired, exhausted, and then that fucking bomb. Pete's free? Was that his name of that comeback that one time where he was like on the cage just... Talking about Pete's cell? Yeah, that fight. That was a great comeback where he's like... Pete's cell and... He looks like that and then... Scott Smith. Yeah, he came in and just... Scott hands a steel Smith. Yeah. Yeah, that guy could crack. Crack. Yeah, bro. He could crack. Dude, this is a fight. Volkov is fighting well. I'm impressed with it. Yeah, Pete hit him with a body shot and he went in to close the deal. And Scott caught him with a big right hand and put him away. Old school, man. Old school. Oh, I love that UFC back then. Is that a new tattoo on Volkov? No, he had this sort of tribal thing on his back and he turned it into a giant samurai. I think the internet bullied him in that because he got roasted for this. He basically had a stingray. It was like a Moana stingray. I didn't know the internet roasted him. Oh, man. I went pretty hard on the paint on it. Did you? When I say the internet, I mean... It looks dope now though. Look at that. Jesus. Look at it. It's a mask. It's a pretty pretty dope... It's a Kabuki mask or something like that, right? It's pretty dope, whatever it is. Yeah, it's dope now. I think I might get a back tattoo. You? Getting bored. I'm gonna get a tattoo of a unicorn on my neck. That's not true though. I really am gonna get a back tattoo. You're just talking... What do you think about getting? I don't know. Maybe an American Eagle with a heart on. That's my new special. My next special is gonna be called... My tour is gonna be called American Eagle with a heart on. Just an American Eagle with his claw around his cack. That go viral. It's one claw like this, the other one. You're jacking it. Just jacking it. Vainey. Fucking wings up coming in for the kill. Dude, I guarantee somebody gets that tattoo. Somebody will. We did have a serious conversation of naming... I was gonna name my special American Boner. I told you to do it. I respect that, bro. Dude, Brian asked, what's your name? It's special. And I said American Boner. Called American Boner. He's like, I can't, man. The internet. I'm like, dude, give Zofod. You wouldn't watch it something titled American Boner? I wouldn't watch it right now and it's my special. Yes. How much fun did we have last night, B? Oh! Vokov dropped him with the right hand. Here goes my parlay. That was great. That tie has to open up so he gets... So Vokov is in a bit of a win streak now, right? How many fights has he won in a row? Oh, nice elbows. Oh, elbows. He's so tall, man. He's tall, yeah. He's got technique and he's a nightmare. No, man. He's slick as fuck. There he is. He's got very good front kicks. Oh, look at that high kick. Very good front kicks to the body. Ty's gonna... You remember who had the best front kicks to the body? Semi-Shilt. Oh, yeah. Old school. Remember how tall... Was he 6'8\"? He was 6'9\"? Huge. Semi-Shilt was fucking enormous. And he would just stomp you to the guts with that front kick. Ty's gonna get taken out of there. Ty's getting fucked up. This is not good, yeah. But he's similar to... Oh! Oh, it's not good. Oh, this? Oh, end of the round. God, he's so tough, though. He can just take a beating. See, now the long hair doesn't seem cool, huh? He just said, fuck. He said, fuck. Fuck! The guy can take it, though. But nobody can take that much after a while. Yeah, it's hard, man. Especially a heavyweight. But he's gotta figure out some way to regroup and get in closer. The thing is, Ty wants everything to be like a barn burner brawl. And that guy is so much longer than him. He's a technician. Like, he's super talented. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What is Volkov's record? Can you pull up Volkov's MMA record? He has 40 fights? He has a lot of fights. Really? He was the Bellator champion. And I remember being very high on him when I saw him in Bellator because you're not seeing him against top flight talent. So he was always like, what is Zarkar gonna look like? How good is he gonna be? Against Kane. He's the real deal. I was training with him when he was Bellator champion. So here's what's his last few wins. He's got quite a few wins recently. So he lost to Aspinall. He lost to Aspinall. And he lost to Cyril Gunn. And he lost to Curtis Blades. He only used to the tip of the spear. He beat Alistair O'Reeam. So he's won two in a row. Rosenstruch and Romov are no punk. Yeah. Rosenstruch is a bad man. And K.O. is in the first round. Yeah. Rosenstruch is a serious striker too. Unless he fights Francis. That was just crazy. Francis is random. Who just chin up. That's how you fight Fury. He might have to. That's how he has to do. You're not gonna sit back in Al Bonsack. I'm doing that low kick. You're getting caught every time. Ty. You should be his coach. I know I should. Use Kung Fu or something. Use your chi. You have to want it. You have to want it. There's just a different. Oh man. He's chopping at that leg Brian. He's doing a great job. He's caught in the face every time he does it. But if you can take his head off the center line, that's just important. Look. See. But he is right there. He did Brian. He's fine. Look. He's hobbling. Yeah. You should shut the fuck up. You're a terrible coach. Look. You can't even kick with that leg right anymore. Because B, if he can take out that leg, then it stops the technique. Like he's so much more technical. It's gonna take that away. And the guy's punching now with one leg. Yes. You're right. If you've ever had a punch with one leg, it's fucking amazing how much it takes off your power. It compromises him B. So he's hoping to keep landing these so he can slow his big ass down. Right. We're only in round two. Yes. The thing is Tui Vasa, even though he's big and he's got a lot of body found on him, that motherfucker has endurance. Yeah. He can go. Speed, endurance, power. Oh, he stung him again. Bro, Volkov's got such clean straight shots. And that reach advantage is so big when you're a good straight puncher. If you know how to use it, yeah. That was the problem with- That was laughing. That was the problem with Strew. Look at this. Oh, look at this. Oh, you're getting caught. Don't sit in front of him though. Damn. But he just can't. What's that distance? What's the reach difference? Giant. It's gotta be 10 inches. I mean, it's a giant reach difference. My damn, he punched him right in the gut. It's a giant difference. What is the reach difference between Ty- I mean, I imagine it's half a foot. I think it's full mouth. It's gonna be a problem. I imagine the reach difference is a half a foot. Yeah. At least, right? Yeah. Which is so big, man. The guy can punch you and you can't- You know, have you ever seen the odds where the guy with more than, I think, is a four inch reach advantage? The odds are insane. Yeah, right. The guy wins like 95% of the time. Really? Is that right? Yeah, it's crazy. I would like a source on that, but I'm pretty sure. I'm almost positive. Commit to it though. It's all good. Oh, man. God, this fight is insane. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! God, this is a good fight. These boys are showing out. Every fight's been great on the main card. Ty to Avasa is such a savage. You know what I like? That fucking guy is always gonna be a fan favorite. I don't give a fuck what his character is. Do you know anybody who doesn't like Ty? I've never met a person. Do you know anybody who hates on Ty to Avasa? I'm sure there's some morons out there. Yeah, people in ISIS. Oh, look at that. Another kick. All right, that's okay. Get up. Get up, please. Oh, he's getting stung. Wasn't he delivering pizzas? Ty? Yeah. When? I saw somebody like him. Oh, shit. He's mounted. That's not good. This is bad. Volkov can grapple, too. This is not good. Yeah, it's not good. This is not good. Volkov just bad off his back. Grape vining him. Okay, he's just tired. Yeah, but he's also big. Ty's got good food. Ty's got great cardio, though, if you think about it. Yeah, but look. He's fucking mounted here, son. Like, this is exhausting. This is terrible. And when you're tired and you've got this big fucker on top of you, who's grape vining your legs, look how he's grape vining his legs from the mount. That's not good. Old school. He's taking away his explosion there to pop up. That's old school. Yep. Boy, that's been around for a long time. I once tapped to claustrophobia. Duh. Oh, yeah. That one. Atta guy tapped me out with his tits. Yeah, the war. Oh, yeah. Who was that? Ty. Oh, wow. Ty almost got the half guard and Volkov recovered. Oh, my God. He's getting battered. Another man and a half. The guy was Ron Waterman, H2O. Oh, that guy's a big fucker. When I first got into training, me and Shane Carwin drove up to northern Colorado University. Oh, no. He got his back. That's really bad. Carwin was just such a savage. He just doesn't have the energy. He gets to these good positions, but he doesn't have the energy to follow through. But he gets to these positions because he uses explosive. No, no, no. He didn't in that moment. In that moment, he laced the leg and he got to half guard, but then Volkov adjusted. He just doesn't have the energy to keep going. Yes. And he continued to scramble. You got to make two, three, four, five moves, counter, keep going. He's just too tired. That sucks right there. It sucks dick. Hopefully, hopefully he's going for a fucking Ezekiel. With no, no, no call or Ezekiel. That's that's bad. Shit. That's bad. Oh, he's getting he got out of it. No, man. He might have this shit. Looks like it. He might have this shit. Oh, he's pushing the hips. He's not. He tapped. He tapped. Oh, my God. He got three in a row for Volkov. And he just beat number six. That's tough. Wow. That's tough. That's tough. Yeah. The Aussie fans. Great fight. It's a good fight. Good fucking fight. Good fucking fight. Yeah. I was entertaining a shit. Very entertaining. Wow. What about us? Is that the co main? Yeah. Wow. This fucking night is flying by. Good fight. It's already 10 30. How is that possible? It's when you're having fun talking about the spirit season. We just got here. I know. Is it 10 30? Yeah. Or is it first two fights went quick? Yeah, but we started at nine and it's an hour and 38 minutes in. Two for the first fight. Wow. That's crazy that an hour and 38 minutes were already the main event. God. Not that's kind of nuts. Made events interesting. That might be a record. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Give me speed. Fast ass fucking card because the look at that Ezekiel joke. Damn. He's in there. That's a nasty joke. That's a bitch, huh? Yeah. Awful. What are you doing with that choke with your with your arms? What are you doing? You're going around the head like this and then you're going like this, like a rear naked choke. Oh, it's going across. And you have all the leverage. Neck. Oh, so you all. Yeah. You have all the leverage. Yeah. No, no. That one guy does it from the mount when he gets mounted. Yes. That Russian dude. The Russian game again. Oh, no. The tokens. He's done it twice. They call him the tokens. He's done it twice where guys mount him. He gets like this and they got he lets the guys mount him. And as the guys mount him, he sinks in it. Oh, that's a little bit. A little bit is a bad motherfucker. That's so cool. He more. He does it from the bottom. They'll be. Yes. They're on top of. I've seen him. Yeah, he does that. That's cool. But the real way to do it in Ezekiel, the best ways with their collar. Yes. You get ahold of your collar and your gi and you grab your collar and you go like this. So wait, so you're so you go around the person's neck. You grab your sleeve like this and then you go like that there. Yeah, so much torque. Yeah. It's a horrible choke to get caught in too, because if someone really does grab your grab their sleeve and dig in there, they get a good grip on the. So this is not much you can do. Not much. You can get there. You can't let them get there. It's pretty brutal. Yeah. It's it's a brutal technique. Volkov can say the F word. I don't think so. Now where is he from Germany? See, German is Russian. Oh, that's. Volkov Volkov. Yeah, that's right. Alexander Volkov. Sorry. Sorry. I should have known that from pro wrestling. Alexander Volkov. Good for him. That's three in the row. Interesting. He's in three finishes, too. They're going to reward him with a big fight. It's funny, though. These guys that are like really good, but you can't see them become a champion. Well, he's very last to ask. My last Curtis blades. Yeah, so gone. So it's like those guys in the top. This is how old is Volkov? I want to say he's 36. How old is Volkov, Jamie? How old do you think he is? I'm a thirty four. I feel like he fought better in this fight than I've ever seen him fight. Thirty four. Am I wrong? Bingo. Who? Thirty four? He fought very well. Yeah. But also tied to Ivasa is kind of tailor made for his style. Correct. Because he stands there. Because he just comes in wailing and, you know, and Volkov's got straight shots. Yeah. And he's so long and tall and he's fucking good, man. But I don't think Volkov's coaches say kick down the middle where a tall guy should. And Brian, you're coaching. He's just one. He just. Brian, he just won. I know. But guys, we can always improve, right, guys? That's a great fight. He didn't take any damage really, besides the few few like coaching staff. So tell me more about that selfie. Immigrant war. It's coming, bro. What does it mean? Well, you know, like during the 2020 elections, they had all those riots going on. So the whole thing was to try to keep people from going to the vote and not want to vote, stay home, all that stuff. And that's what they're going to do now. This is a Bolshevik war, bro. If you study the Bolshevik Revolution, they're doing the exact same thing. Hey, in the mail and mail. Intelligence agents coming in, wreaking havoc. You can't take on America from the outside. You got no chance. They have to destroy from the inside. That's what they're doing right now. These culture, cultural Marxism, which they're trying to demonize. That's 100% going. Big backlash, isn't there? There's a big pushback, isn't like, well, you guys talk crazy. I'm going to piss. Okay. Hey, man. And Sam, Sam, with the mail in ballots, I talk about media, and with a mail in ballots, and who do they want to win? Whoever the Democrats are putting on. Well, I mean, like, listen, if you think that because there's a R by these people's names, that they're not either globalist or they're part of the deep state, you're crazy. There are people. You're crazy. You know, with being a globalist. I mean, one world, you want one world, bro? I just think that some countries do things better than others. Well, I don't under I like dude. I mean, like, I know he's in your phone, Brian, but this guy is like, how do you lose? This is bullshit. He's not going to run. There's he's not. Well, I don't they would lie. I mean, they got nothing. Who they run. That's what I'm saying. Who they get around. I am when he runs. All you got to do is just somehow just put a picture of San Francisco. Go. I think he was the mayor. I think Brian's going to run. No, no, no. It's going to happen. They don't want him to. Here's what's going to happen. Cabinet doesn't want to. Here's but dude, here's what's going to happen. Educate him. We've talked about this on my podcast called the union of the unwanted. We talk about all this stuff all the time. Yeah. Okay. And it's a great show you guys. So basically what's going to happen. You have the unwanted. Do you know the unwanted Ricky Charlie midnight Mike we talk is we get all the crazies to come together, all the people and they break it down and basically dude. Yeah, I mean this. Looking over your shoulder. Someone's in a fucking. I saw some move quick. Everybody who listens to all my friends who would listen to conspiracy social club who are not conspiracy theorists love you. Yeah. And and and fall on your side and it bothers me. Yeah. Well, you know, I love doing a show Brian and you can hear free ones on YouTube and wherever that is and then also where I'm rocking. But but with the mail-in ballots, yeah, if Newsom probably going to run whoever they're going to try to run. I don't know how you run him with that illegal Chinese bio lab in California that California was funding. I mean, like how do you run on? Yeah, because everyone knows how do you run on like, hey, man, if your parents will let you cut off your dick in Montana, come to California. We'll slice it for you. Okay. I like I mean, like, how do you run on that? Like who's going to be cool at that? Well, yeah, yeah. I mean, the bigger issue is tax policy and what they've done is Silicon Valley. They've moved. That's the bigger issue. Yeah. I don't know what he'd run. I don't know what he's right. He's fucking attractive though. I'll give him that. He's a piece of shit, but he's attractive to the people that don't understand what happened in California and what's continuing continuing to happen in California. They might buy into the bullshit, but the people that have been in California and suffered through it are going to know it's a real problem, but they might think it's better than Trump. And so that this better than Trump thing is a real thing. Real crazy. What the media did with the Russia collusion, suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story and all that crazy shit they did during the election and leading up to the election and even after the election, all that shit they did is election interference. Yeah. It really is like they hid the truth. They promoted a lie. I mean, they did what they had to do to win. What about Facebook coming out with like, oh yeah, fact checks really aren't fact checks. They're more like kind of our opinion. Like what bro? And he always brings up fact checks on the show. I'm like, we know like rotors. He loves right. Yeah, you love that. That is rough. It's a legit news. It is not. Wow. See, here's the thing. Here's the thing. The thing is news outlets like Reuters are what financial people use for information to transact on a level of billions of dollars. So a lot of the information has to be right. Can I give you an example of why this is one of the things I agree that mainstream media is biased. I agree that they choose to look at certain things and not other things. Did it straight up propaganda? Yeah, but okay, that's fine. But what I'm also saying is this. They also have shareholders, right? Just listen. Just listen. Listen, please. Everybody listen. I will. I will. Mainstream media shareholders. Everybody. So Fox News. Now listen to my listen, please. They have shareholders. What happens when you lie and you're and it's found out when you straight up lie, what happens is you have a situation like Fox had to deal with. What is that? You lose in court. You have to settle out to the tune of what was it? $700 million. And then there's another lawsuit. They had to settle out of court with that was a Dominion lawsuit. Yes. Now the problem to hold on now shareholders go, hey, dude, my you guys, the stock just went down in value. So there are a lot of pressures for a mainstream for a news organization to at least be accurate in their reporting to and to the extent that they can still make money and not be accurate. Brian, especially if they're they're literally representing their advertisers. But they are a large percentage of their advertisements are. Yeah, I almost do. Yeah. I almost see CNN. You know what I'm saying? Seriously considering suing CNN. If we saw you guys are out of your fucking love. You're talking about a medication for human beings that won the Nobel prize and you're you're calling it horse to work on TV. Look what happened to him. Yeah. But Brian, Brian, you're not saying that well, there's for that. I would argue that. But they didn't think they were going to Brian. The most important thing is they are administrators of propaganda. Yes, that's what they did. Yes, but they had a narrative. Yeah, but it could have. It wasn't against me. Yeah. The shareholders. Me and I had 11 times more people watching my show than they do. And I'm like, what the fuck are you talking about? So I just kept having expert after expert. I kept talking about it. Sure. And then I had Sanjay Gupta on. I understand. But the point is they that's what they do. Brian, it just didn't work. Brian, Brian, at the highest levels of all this stuff are the same companies. And BlackRock basically runs the Fed. Oh, boy. He runs. They they are a black rock and Van. Trump put BlackRock in charge of the Fed. They did that. I just want to know where the bunker is. So I can go and take my family. Money doesn't mean anything for any of us. BlackRock and Vanguard. People who say they own everything and say, hilarious. It's an index fund. You should have your money. I get what you're saying, Brian, but there's video. Listen, let's pay attention here. Because this is important, more important than BlackRock. Brian defends BlackRock. I got to pee. Brennan, secure my hands. Go ahead. Go piss real quick. Because this is big. Hey, guys, pitch my hot dates. Nope. Nope. Buddy, no. Fuck out of here. Got him to promote Jack ship for 10 years. I Brian. Every the only time Brian told me, hey, would you do me a favor and tweet something for me? I go, sure. And then I go to his page. You do it. You haven't tweeted it. I was trying to retweet your tweet. You didn't even make one. I'm so with you on that, dude. Oh, he's getting booed pretty bad, Jamie. Oh, yeah, for sure. But that's also why Brian's funny. Because he's just the best. He's the best. He is the funniest dude I know. Thank God you are around to balance out. I'm trying. I can't hear some nonsense. I'm trying. That he said the only JFK. That's it. And say that's the only one. So no, but it's golf a Tonkin. Yeah, you don't think that's a conspiracy to get us into fucking Vietnam. And when you talk about Epstein with him. Dude, he gets pissed. Yeah, I'm like, you're out of your fucking mind. It's so crazy. Dumb. That one just by virtue of the fact that no one got arrested and no list got released. So that lady got arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted for trafficking to no one. Sex trafficking to no one. What persons in order to say like, if I'm a sex trafficker and I'm trying to sell underage hookers and I bring them to you, Sam, now I have sex trafficked because there's a client. But if you just, there's no one there, like then you're not doing anything. Right. Someone asked to actually pay for it. It's crazy. And then you've actually committed a crime. Sam, I'm trying to go down a deep rabbit hole, but there's a theory that he's still alive. There's little. Oh yeah. Well, you know, his plane went to an article, right? They have the flight. I'd rather die. Bringing the CIA to strangle me. Fuck that. Fucking going to an article and just fucking huddle up every day. Well, he's still breathing. Who knows it's underground, bro. I'm still breathing zero air. Quick, fast. Quit talking Epstein. Brian's back. Okay, here we go. Here we go. Sean Strickland is in the octagon. Looking good shape. Looking good. Looks good. Looks intense. But boy, does he have his work cut out for him. Is Nick sick in his corner? Who's brilliant. So that can help him. Look, it's an interesting fight, but he's literally fighting one of the all-time greats. I thought the odds at minus, uh, I think 475 would close on that. It started at minus 600. I have thoughts more like minus 2000. That's no disrespect to Strickland. It's just stylistically again, anything can happen. MMA, but I thought the odds should have been more like minus 2000. MMA is a wild sport, but Izzy's the mask. Correct. I mean, he is one of the all-time greats. And I said that on my show. I said, you know, he should be minus 2000. Izzy hit me up because I feel like an underdog. I don't give a shit about that stuff. Wow. I put that's why you're the go. Well, it's a good mentality to have. Yeah, that's why it's great fun. What's his walk in music? Is he going to dance? Homeboy can dance. Now, Joe, did you hear, too, that UFC was very hesitant on giving Strickland the title fight and Izzy called Dan was like, no, give me that motherfucker. Give him the incident. You know, he's wild with sponsors. Who knows what the fuck he's going to say, which I love. But is he's like, is he? I heard is he called Dan was like, no, no, no. Give me that. I'll destroy this fucking guy. Yeah. Well, that's also why he wanted Dreckus. Correct. The direct is not weird. You think it's going to happen eventually that fight? Yeah, he wants to fuck that dude up. I think I think Hamza. Dreckus is a scary guy, man. Did he just did a style Whitaker insane and he's super big. He's so massive. He hits like a really. Oh, it's like a truck. He's a very good kickboxer. And he's even though he's awkward, awkward looking, he's effective. He's talking about duplicity. Yes, duplicity. He moves odd, which is hard to get a rhythm on because he doesn't move like regular guys do. And he throws weird stuff and you can't mimic it. The fastest guy you've ever seen like when you're. Edson Barbosa. Fast and mighty mouse. Well, maybe not. But with his kick, Edson Barbosa threw a switch kick once and I was like that. I can't believe how. Felder. I was at that fight. That was it was like, I was like, geez. It's so fast. Edson's kicks were so fast. Now I don't think is he's going to do this, but it could be a Biz being rockled situation. Remember when that happened? If he overlooked them, which he's he's he's he's I think he's incapable of doing that. But that's why I agree. I don't think I think it's Strickland's really only chance if is he just overlooking was like, this may walk in the park. Well, I don't know. Was strictly it's all weird when you're dealing with striking, right? And it's all striking with him with, you know, I can't imagine is he's going to initiate any grappling exchanges? Absolutely not. And Strickland may, which makes it kind of interesting to see if he could pull anything off. But the real deal is the kicks and out of sign is one of the greatest kickers of all. You know, I think the biggest difference going to be is the way Strickland responds to feints. And and this dude is a straight savant with his feints. Yes. And he reacts to him. Yeah, I think he's going to take advantage of that like a motherfucker and set him up for a knockout. Well, how many seats is this place fit? Oh, Australia has the biggest game. It's a big place, man. It looks giant. That looks bigger than T-Mobile. And dude, remember, it's about four inch reach. Yep. There it is. Four inch reach advantage. Twenty one thousand. Who? Look at Bruce. There he is. Sharp looking good. Great suits. He's got a hundred. He's got dragonflies in his suits. He's got hundreds of suits. He has a sponsor and there's great. What do you want? Dragonflies. Well, he's like the insides are done too. He has like the insides of his suits. He's so good at that job. Oh my God. Dude, you know how much he makes up Cameo? He's the best of all time. He makes so much more of Cameo. Oh, I'm sure he deserves it. A ton. Give me a number. Ah, it's seven figures. What? Yeah. A year? A year? From Cameo? A year. Not a month. He's not an OnlyFans chick. Who makes the most on Cameo? It used to be Gilbert Godfrey, wasn't it? He was one of them. We looked it up the other day, just the people you want to even think of. It's people from like the guy from the office who was just one of the main guys. He makes so much money. Yeah. Dude, that black journal is making like 70 mil a year on OnlyFans. So they say. The Catch Me Outside girl. The Catch Me Outside girl. Yeah, she does that too. Yeah, like 70 mil. There's a lot of dumb people in this world. I just want to see someone's pussy. Yeah, it's crazy. Now it is. There's so much people. See out there. Yeah, because you get world famous. So everybody around the world wants to see what you look like naked. Ty! And you're charged with five dollars. Let's get a million people. It's crazy. It's not that hard to imagine. That's a lot of money. A million people, five dollars every month in the paid subscription and keeps going up. Yeah. That's the way to go. I got to get on OnlyFans. I don't know what I'm going to sell though. Do your young. I got a nice little last on me. I really do still. It's blown out. It is blown out. Because you turn me into a power bottom every time we have an argument. You love Bum Bum Alley, bro. Dude, remember last night on stage, I said, you just want to give me shrooms to fuck me. Oh, that was so funny. I said to him, I go, I think Brennan's gay. Brennan is just a couple of mushrooms, too many mushrooms away from having a gay experience. And he goes, you're the one who wanted me to go on a mushroom retreat with you. He always asked me to go. I was like, I forgot about that. Mushrooms make you gay? Well, I think with Brennan, like... What shrooms are you doing? If he did three... That's what I said. If you gave Brennan three grams of mushrooms and some MDMA, and then there was a really good looking guy who leaned in for a kiss, Brennan's not going to be like, nah. He'd be like, you know what? I'm in Rome. Let's have fun. Okay. Keep your options. Hey, you wish. Joe was holding this meeting scenario. You had to. Making these scenarios of... I'm trying to make him gay. That's his whole act, our scenarios. Yeah, right. Next he's going to be on Tucker Carlson. Missing a tooth. How wild is that? Tucker's like, let's have that guy on. Bro, that press conference that he did back in 2008 is the greatest thing I've ever seen. But why would Tucker have that guy on? It doesn't make any sense. Yeah, well... Like, it's not like Obama is running. But yeah, but so what? Like, Obama's not a president anymore. He's not running. Less is a chess move. Yeah, unless he sends something up. I saw something. Tucker said he believes anything anybody tells him. Yeah. Well, that's not good. Really? Yeah. Okay. Who said that? Tucker said that. That's not good. Yeah, Tucker's fucking around. Like, that's chess too. Yep. But when this rumor was going on when Obama was running for president, and his inner circle said to the press, if you guys run with this, you will lose access to this. 100%. Yeah, it was always out there. How about the guy at this church that mysteriously just died? How about his brother? Who, Obama? Yeah, his brother said he's gay. What brother? He talks wild. Here we go. Here we go. Oh, they didn't even bump fists. Shake hands. Nothing. I'm curious to see Strickland's defense. If Strickland has good defense, and he can avoid a lot of the kicks, this can get very interesting. Because his distance management is very underrated. Like, look right there. Strickland is, he spars so much that his underst, look at that, check that kick. You see how he's reacting to the fans? You see how he's reaching with the fans? Yeah. I'm telling you, pay attention to that. But he did check kicks, and he has good distance so far. Look at that. You're saying he spars a lot, huh? He spars more than anybody. He's like, mostly I spar. I kind of hit mitt sometimes, but really, I just like to fight. Yep. Mad man. And he doesn't get hit a lot, you said. No, he gets hit less than any UFC, again, who's he sparring? My question there is, who is he sparring? But he spars a lot with Pahada. He did a lot of sparring with Pahada down in Connecticut for this. Really? Yeah, he prepared with Pahada. Because he wanted, well, Pahada helped him a lot. Pahada told him, like, hey, you have these habits, and this is one of the things that I saw on the side I caught you. Jab to the body, you put your hand down, and then I went with the jab and then overhook. Good kick by Strickland. Left hook. Look, if he fights smart like this, yeah, but still, he's not getting to him yet. He sanded it up. He caught that kick. Yeah, maybe. But this so far is interesting. But Izzy always downloads. He downloads your shit, and then he goes to work. Very Floyd-like. Cerebral. Cerebral fighter. Listen, don't get me wrong. He is a fucking master. And this is interesting. But so far, Strickland is doing a job of distance control. You remember the Yolber Marrow fight? Because Yol didn't commit? Yes. It was very boring in a lot of ways. Horrible fight. Awful fight. Because Izzy is a fantastic counter-striker. Yeah, look what I did. Yeah. Look what I did against Robert Whitaker. He's being very smart here. Yep. But also, he's keeping pressure on Izzy. But he's not throwing anything. I want to see if he capitalizes on the vulnerability to calf kicks. Oh, there we go. That's a hit exposed. He's doing a really good job. He's doing a really good job of avoiding kick. Oh, he caught the leg. Caught the leg. Very interesting. He's being smart. He's not opening himself up. Oh! I like it. Bro, he can box, man. He's got real fucking good hands. Yeah, he's as tough as they can. He's got real fucking good hands. And he knows how to put him on people. This is intriguing. It's intriguing. I mean, who knows? Izzy can't shut the lights off with one shot at any moment. But right now, we're looking at a very intriguing sort of chess match. As long as Strickland doesn't get too aggressive. If he gets too aggressive like you do at Pajeta and throws caution to the wind, you would think he would learn from that. It seems like he has. He's being more controlled. Well, the thing about him training with Pajeta was there's a language barrier, right? So I don't know what Pajeta was ever able to tell him about what it's like in Eric with Izzy and what he has to avoid. Remember, he only had a four-week camp. So I'm gonna go fuck who your coach is. Four weeks is tough to prepare for. Strickland only had a four-week? Yeah, because it's a short, short announced fight. Because it's supposed to be duplices. Right, but he knew about it more than four weeks. Yes. They were preparing. So let's say six weeks though. He's almost doing a Philly shell there. Yeah, that's what he does. That's what he does. That's what he does. And he gets away with it somehow or another. But it's also just good distance management movement. It's weights more on his back foot, actually. Oh, yeah, with the right hand. Oh, oh, yeah. Be careful with Izzy against the ropes though. Bro, he nailed him though. Yeah, he did. Caught him. Oh, caught the glove and hit him with the right hand. Dude, this is getting a very interesting- But no, he's gonna fire back here. You know, I- Is he alluring you in to throw some shots? But Izzy does get tagged occasionally. Occasionally. It's rare, dude. But he moves his head, man. He's rolling with those shots. Brooklyn is fucking good, man. Yep. He's fucking good. And also he realizes this is the big shot, right? This is it. Oh, man. Some guys rise the occasion. This guy fights so much, and he fights so much in the gym that he's super confident with. He's checking these cases. He also has over 30 fights. And he's what, last four of them? And he's not- The guy's successful. What he does is successful. He's not nervous. He looks very calm, and he's not afraid of him. He's just pushing fucking crazy. Legit crazy. Yeah. He loves this shit. Yes. And if he becomes a champion, boy is he marketable. Yeah, I can't- Boy, is he marketable. Oh! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my lord! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Holy shit! What the fuck is going on? I just thought I was dead. What? What'd you say, Jamie? Wow! Izzy just gave a thumbs up. Holy shit! Wow! Holy shit! Wow! Holy shit! Izzy just got cracked. Oh my lord! Oh my lord! Sean Strickland, ladies and gentlemen. Yes! Sean Wink- Sean Wink down with it. Holy shit! Woo! Wow! That's what I'm telling you, bro. There are some secrets. Izzy better fucking get serious, man. Bro, he got- He better button the fuck up. To up. Yes, he did. Let's see what he got hit with, because I think he got hit with some big shots. Oh, he got dropped. Those are gonna be problems later. Those are big shots. He could be dinged up right now. He's talking. He's seeing his neck. Right, but he's also shook up, so he's trying to calm himself down. Izzy didn't expect this, guaranteed. Boom! That's a very great shot. Straight right on the chin, and then this, and then these. Right here. And good for Sean that this was the end of the round, so he didn't burn himself out. Look at this. Boom! Oh, Jesus. That's as flush as it gets. That is clean. Wow, that's a nice shot. Look at Brittany Paul, and she's like, whoa. Crazy. Crazy. And Sean's in the middle of the octagon right now, trying to go. Champion though. Now, he can't get crazy. If he gets crazy, he's gotta not get crazy. Strickland? Yes. Don't get crazy. Look at him, dude. Bro, he can't get crazy. See, this is the thing. If he gets crazy, he'll open up, and if he opens up, he can get countered. But if he keeps fighting the same way he's been fighting, he's doing a fantastic job of distance management and of checking that kick. Look at that. Avoiding those, checking the inside one, and he doesn't throw very many kicks at all himself. No. And he's really not throwing until Izzy's against the cage. He's also not tired. No, he doesn't get tired. Yeah, but the guy has phenomenal endurance. Because he's spar so much. I mean, it's always sparring for him. He's in fight shape year round. Yes. Year round. But he's avoiding those kicks. Which is unheard of. He's doing such a good job of avoiding those kicks. I agree. You think him standing close is really good because it doesn't allow... He's at a perfect distance. He's at a perfect distance. And then when he's firing, then Izzy doesn't have many options against the cage. I get so nervous. Bro, this is a wild fight. This is wild. I can't even find this shit. This is a wild fight. You might be watching history here. We might be watching something... We're definitely watching something wild. Something's different. No matter what happens, this is nuts. I had it at my 2000. Oh, oh, oh. Oh my God, he clipped him again. He clipped him with the right hand again. Oh! Did he? Yeah. Fuck. I mean, fuck like this is insane. Look, dude, Sean can fucking box. And if the majority of the fight is boxing, which it is so far, he's got a good chance here, man. And you just saw it with that right hand. Look how good his jab is. Look how good he is at avoiding shit. Now, Joe, let me ask you this. Does this make Strickland fall in love with Just Strike and forget about all the grappling that he worked on? Someone knows how to grapple. He's not stupid. No, I know he's not stupid, but I'm saying, does he? But I mean, grappling takes up a lot of fucking energy. And he likes this. He likes fighting like this and likes beating guys up. And he's having success. Right? Now he's having success. He's frustrating Izzy. Izzy is not hitting him with shit. That's the thing that I said about Sean Strickland, is that when they put that thing on him to find out how many times he gets hit, he spars more than any UFC fighter and he gets hit less than any of them. That's impressive no matter who you're boxing. Like I said, he's crazy like a fox. God damn it. He ruined everything. What happened? What happened? He ruined it again. What happened, guys? You and a fucking fox. What are you, guys? I'm trying to fit in, guys. I'm trying to fit in. It's fight talk. So Izzy went to the body right there to see if he can lure him with the face. I like the body. Did there, though. But you see how he did there? He went to the body and then he threw the same combination and tried to go to the head. It's an awkward style for Izzy, isn't it? Well, he's a little vulnerable because he's getting pressured. I mean, Sean puts constant pressure on you and he doesn't slow down. And Izzy is burning off a lot more energy because Izzy's backing up. It's always harder to back up, backing up fucking drains. Dude, how about Izzy's only land two head shots out of 48? That's wild. He blocked everything. Yeah, he's rolling that shot. Yeah, Izzy's laying in the leg, kids. Yeah, but he's checking those, dude. Yeah, he's checking really well. He uses his shoulder so well. Just like he's protecting his chin with his shoulder. Very unusual style. It's a very unusual style. It's almost almost a filly shell. He said Pajeta really helped him show the holes that he had in his defense. Oh, that's big. Front kick to the body. He's using kicks. I haven't seen him do this. He'll do that occasionally. Yeah, he'll throw like four or five kicks around. He did his last two wins. He threw that front kick to the body there. He's checking these kicks well. It's also interesting how focused Strickland is. If you look at his face, like that dude is zeroed the fuck in. He is his distance management. Constant pressure. Yeah, it's Strickland's game plans to melt you. And we're only in round two, boys. Remember, Izzy has great cardio too. He does, but he's fighting a more intense fight. Like he's got to explode all the time. He's backing up all the time. He has to get out the way. And Sean just constantly moves forward. It's harder to do those late kicks when you're really crunched up. Right. Yeah. It's also it's hard when you worry about the return fight. Oh my God. But Strickland's hand behind it. God damn Strickland's so good at rolling and encountering rolls that shit. And look at this. Like, who's made him miss? I was just going to say that I've never seen it before. Never. Even Paeda. Checking, checking and missing. Damn. And he's not giving him a fucking inch, is he? Nope. No. Oh, look at that jab. It's got a nice jab. He does straight punches. That is long. That is literally a Philly shell practically. Look at that. Just so unusual. Literally no one fights in the UFC like him. I've never seen anybody in the history of the UFC fight like this. Shoulder comes up every time he throws that. Yeah, he's really good at it, man. Look at that. Protecting his chin. Very good. But he almost square a little bit. He's also really good at just sliding just out of the way and then right back to you. Catching that foot. Good body. Good body. Good body. Good body. Good body. Catching that foot. Damn. Rabbit, he caught it. Yeah. No, as he as he rolled with it. But look who's putting the pressure on Sean. So Sean's two one. It's two zero. Two zero. Zero zero. Is he better get on the bike here? This is crazy. Strickland won that round, man. Yeah, but he's got to tell it to him like more pressure. Create more urgency. You know, look, he's not tired at all. Who's that blind guy talking to him? Eric Dixik. He's awesome. Dixik. He's an amazing coach. Did he fight? Did he fight in the UFC? He's a great coach, man. Just know that. I don't know. He never fought in the UFC. I don't know if he fought at all. But he's a phenomenal coach. Great strategist. Francis' coach. No. Francis. He's down two zero. His coaches should tell him that too. Whoo. But if he says he's down two zero, do you think he gets a little more desperate? Well, what can he do? You know, I mean, he does want to open up. If he opens up, he leaves himself vulnerable. He's got to fight his fight and look for those openings. I would probably tell him that if he goes down three zero here. All right. We have two left. Who you mean? Is he? Yes. If he loses this one, just like that last one, you know. Hey, bud. The game plan's not working. We got to remember the Kelvin Gaslin fight. I was going to say he's been here before. Kelvin fight. Kelvin. My favorite middleweight fight. Yes. Great fucking fight. And Kelvin really should be at 170, which he's going to be for his next fight. He was supposed to be fighting 170, but he broke his nose. He's supposed to fight Shafkad. Yeah. Which is a very interesting fight if he can comfortably make the way. And I know he spends a lot of time with Sohudo, and Sohudo really knows how to do that shit. But Gaslin says he's more disciplined now. He's got a little more mature. He can be a world champion at 170. Agree. I always thought that. Yeah. That kid, if he just disciplined himself and cut out all the fucking burritos. Yeah. And lost weight. We're spent. That's racist. No, it's just good food. Yeah. This is fucking not good. Fuck. I love a burrito, bro. Man, if I had to choose one food for my whole life, it might be Mexican. Kevin Ioli, who I respect, gave that round to Izzy. Wow. And so did Phil Murphy. They can sit the fuck down. Everyone gave it to Izzy. That doesn't make any sense. I agree. That doesn't make any sense. Literally, everyone in the fight space is given the second round Izzy. Interesting. That doesn't make any sense to me. Interesting. I find that interesting, but also the judging. Like, what are the judges going to think? First round for sure was Sean, and it was a bigger first round because he hurt Izzy. Was it 10-8? No, knock him down. Legit knocked him down. He dropped him and he hurt him, but he didn't dominate the whole round. That's really a 10-8. He's not a 10-8. But it should be a 10-8. It should be a 10-8 when someone really fucked somebody up and rocks. Yeah, close to finishing the fight. Yeah. Is this my favorite hometown fight for Izzy? Yes. Yes. Okay. So you got to take that into account. This is home turf. Do you think? Yeah. But a lot of extra pressure when you're fighting. And then also you're fighting a guy who you're not supposed to beat. Or excuse me, you're supposed to be easy. Oh. Man, Sean's not taking a shot, by the way. He's just very smart. See, that should count with the, in the judge's eyes, if you're judging the fight, you have to give that credit. That's just not somebody that's not getting hit. No, it's defense. It's phenomenal. It's amazing. 100%. What are you showing us? Significant strikes Izzy at 22-13 for last round. Yeah, but what does that mean? Where's he hitting the body? So a significant strike can be a jab. It can be a body. It's all about the tension. He's not hitting the head. But that doesn't make it a significant strike. Right. I mean, even the kicks, are those significant? Yeah, but a lot of those are checked, man. Or they're not doing damage. When you're throwing a significant kick and it gets checked, that hurts you. So I don't know how they're registering that. If they register. Oh, that's a weird kick. If they register, you know, checked kicks. Laura Sanco sat at a meeting with the judges, how they judge it. And she said, after I sat through that, I look at fighting completely different. So did Dominic Cruz. Oh, he's not that landed. He avoided all that. Yeah, no, that landed. That's incredible. I'll tell you what. I don't give a fuck if Strickland wins this fight or not, but you have such a more respect for him. Yes. I mean, this is an amazing performance. No matter what happens so far. I mean, he dropped Izzy, had him badly hurt. Got Izzy on the defensive. Izzy's moving back the entire fight. This is interesting. Yes, it is. It's rare no matter what is he moves forward. But I think is he's. Oh, another right. Yeah, that's another right. Yeah, he is. He's also embarrassed. Be here. Remember hometown, big favorite. You get dropped like that off the bat in the first round and you call it a clown and saying this guy has nothing for you. Yeah. And then he hits you with a hammer. Oh, geez. He clipped the little wet foot. Is he's way off on that right hand, man. Sean is fucking hard to hit. Very hard. Defense is fantastic. And the judges take that in consideration. They have to if they don't their fools. Well, they're fools. Well, he's putting pressure on him. I mean, is he's touching him? Yeah, but he's not hitting him with anything hard. Well, that's one of the judging criteria is octagon control. Yeah. And Sean's in control right now. It's the last thing they checked it. Hit him with a jab. Touch him there too. And again, is he through that kick and it got checked? Yeah. Very interesting. Very interesting. At any moment, is he can land a kick or a punch? And this is all. Oh, is he went for the left hook? Is he went for it there? He went for it. But Sean stung him with that left hand. Look at that front kick to the body. Oh, man. He's connecting. Sean is staying poised, man. He's staying really poised. Is he is it's just it's more kudos to Strickland. Is he is so off on the right? I'm checking all those kicks, man. Okay. That touched him. Touched him, but nothing to it. But the judges are scoring that. Yeah, but I'm not saying it's right. I'm saying they should. Strickland is pressing the fight. I have Strickland winning this round. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The most significant shot was landed by Strickland. Yes. Yes. I'd be willing to bet is he in the center and I was like, fuck, this would be a long night in the office. I thought it's gonna be easier night. Well, I think he has new respect for this guy. I agree. That's complicated. We all should. I mean, he's fucking complicated. This is a hard guy to fuck with. Aggression is that's the last thing they score. Yeah. Octagon control. So I mean, it's like one way. But that's the last thing they score. Just because you're moving forward, I can win the fight. Because it is. He's a counter striker. He said you got two rounds. For sure. You give him that last round. Get on this motherfucker. Let's go. I gotta hope they gave it to him. He was pushing the pace the entire time. He landed a couple of big shots that got landed. He checked all the kicks. The only thing that touched him was a jab. So I think it's fair to say at the very minimum, it's two, one, one. I think it's three, zero. They're giving it out of sight. He had 20 to 14. No, but they're getting significant strikes. That doesn't mean you won the round. But what are those though? When they say significant strikes, they're talking about kicks. I didn't see 22. Yeah. I didn't see 22. They're talking about kicks that got checked. The problem with that is like, who's recording that? Because like, if you're telling me, if you slam into the thigh, yeah, that's significant. But you slam in the calf. Fuck. Yeah. Slam into the body. Yeah. But you slam into someone shin. That's just as bad for you as it is for them. There's literally no difference. Unless you're Jan Buhovic. That motherfucker goes shin to shin with people. Just crap. That guy's made out of rocks. Here we go. Round three. Who would have thought we were here? Championship rounds. Round four. Round four. Round four. Round four. Round four. At the very minimum, 2-1. The very minimal, 2-1. But most things, 3-0. But you never know with wacky judges. Especially if they, I don't think they look at the significant strikes. And if they do, how are they looking at that? They're looking at like kicks that get checked. That was a punch that he landed. Oh, he's being more active. He checked that too. He has to be. Jamie, do you have a towel? Would you spill? Just a little bit right here. Does it pee yourself? No, you spill time on the table. I have an active bladder. And don't worry about it. Got to get my fanny pack wet. Thanks, brother. Thanks, Jamie. So they have a 29-28 Strickland, both guys showing. Very, very close third round. Could be huge. Either way, this fights can be controversial. It goes to the decision. Which it looks like it might. Who fucking knows, man? Not me. I think wild shit can happen here. Agreed. Especially Sean, Nick Sixx saying get on this motherfucker. If Sean opens up, it makes himself more vulnerable. Don't you have to give credit to Sean for pressing the fight? Oh, yeah. Credit for everything. Yes. But that's his fine style beat. He doesn't go backwards. Right, but this does not look good for Adesanya. No. Like this does not look good. If I was a judge, I'd be like this one guy is running away. Look at this right here. Oh, he stung him. He stung him. He did. And you got to remember too, you got to remember, he got really rocked in that first round. Big time. Like how much, how vulnerable is he? Is he had the hand up, though? Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. Those are big shots, dude. Oh, there's another one. Bro, they come so clean down the middle. Look, he rolls with that. He does. He's getting his shoulder up. He's so hard to hit, man. He's so interested. It's so impressive. It's so interesting. He landed that one to the body. Oh, but it's just constant pressure by Strickland. He was a minus 600 in this fight. Yep. Biggest favorite he's ever been. Wow. As a champion. This is wild. Sean Strickland actually just favored in live bedding just a second ago. Wow. That's crazy. I love it. That's crazy. That's crazy. Look at the pressure he's putting on him. Bro, if he wins, he's gonna talk so much shit. It's gonna be fun. His secret is he's so honest. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Oh, my goodness, bro. Those are real. Oh, that's good. He's winning this round. And look how intelligent he is. He backs out. He hits him with a couple of good shots. Looking for a counter. Kept checks that. Keeping his eyes open. He's checking everything. His mouth is closed. Not even breathing that out. Look at his eye. Dude, this motherfucker flew to Australia to beat up Izzy. Rolls with it, though. He's rolling with these strikes. It's so interesting. He's so slippery inside from all that sparring he does. Yep. Damn. Catching the shots, dude. He's almost a two to one favorite now. Wow. But to be honest, that's how we've scored it here. Yep. That front take to the body is money. I like how he does that. Mixes it up with the check. Pop him with a jab. Front kick to the body again. Just coming for this is crazy. Checked it again. He's checked every one of those low kicks. It's amazing. Yeah. I haven't seen much success there for him. It's amazing how good he is at that. Is he breathing heavy? One of the best strikers in the fuck. Big, big breaths. Man. And Sean just looks like he's still never dead. Oh, Sean almost got a hold of him there. Again, check the kicks. This is amazing. It's amazing. He's kind of having to move back constantly. But that's all he does. The body. That's every fight he moves back. Yep. Constant pressure by Strickland too. 100% is a Strickland's round. This one's the easiest one to score. No, first one. First one. Oh, correct. Yeah. Popped him with a jab again, bro. Oh, he stung him again. Bro, this is wild. This is checking his nose. This is wild. Damn. Is he breathing real deep breaths? And Sean has been beating him up. This is crazy. Sean takes the body again. Not at all. Bro, he can do this all day. Yes. Especially at this pace. Especially when he's moving forward. Front kick to the body again. Oh, he stung him again. Yes, his lips bleeding, I think. Sean's being so intelligent in how he chooses to engage and not engage. Look at this. Hook straight, right? Bro, this is wild. His nose bleeding. Yep. And his lips fat. Oh, front kick to the body again. Big round for Strickland. Wow. Championship rounds for Strickland. He's not even tired and Izzy's face is a mess. This is wild. That's the minimum three rounds. Three, one. Three, four rounds. Can't figure him out. Wow. Jamie left hand. Oh, he has to finish him. Boom. Look at that left hand. Damn. Getting caught. This whole team like what's he saying? Look at his eyes all swollen. He's saying let's look at Strickland talking shit. Look at him. He can't get too fired up. Stupid. Look at this man. Strickland might be one round away from the one of the biggest upsets we've ever seen. He looks like he's going to be a little bit more than a little bit. So focused. He looks so focused. Play. This is crazy. This is crazy. Who would have ever thought the fight would play out like this? This is crazy. Sean Strickland. Look at him taking these big ass deep breaths. He's taking these big deep breaths and Sean looks so calm. On his toes. Three to one. DC just said three to one. He's got to go for it. For argument for four to one. I'm sorry. He's got to go for it here. Yeah there's a real argument. Look at that. Minus 270 for Strickland. Wow. I wonder how much money came in on Strickland. Bro what an animal. Wow. If he put that inside low kick by Strickland, blocks the kicks, blocks the kicks. Slip. Look at that. And also like as this round goes on, Izzy was the one who was more tired. Checked it again. He's checked everything. It's crazy how good he is at that. Oh. Against one of the all time greats. Damn. Who stands in front of Izzy like this? Against one of the all time greats. That's what's crazy about this. And if you saw him fight Pajeta and then you saw Izzy fight Pajeta, you're like, oh, well he's going to get starched. Correct. But the fucking guy keeps getting better. Oh. He says we are watching the biggest upset in championship history. Bro if he loses, there's going to be a riot. Sean Strickland loses. Well, the Australian. Yeah, they'll be fucking happy. Yeah, I think they're going to. You can't argue with Strickland man. But if yeah, but the fucking judges are terrible. Yeah. Oh, you're saying you're saying if someone fucks him. Oh, look at this. Front kick to the body to check that kick, block that punch. Damn. He's got popped him with a jab. Caught him. I mean, I know that does it are bad. There's no fucking way you get to Izzy so far. And Izzy slowing down man. He'd be surprised. I mean, here we are three minutes to go. Strickland. Popped him with a jab. This is crazy. Again, checks the low kicks. He's not compromised at all from those. It's crazy. Yeah, that is crazy. Shin is shin on every one of them. He's going for that calf kick over and over again and front kick to the body again. That's that power probably. Constant pressure. Well, the sparring with Pahada helped him a ton. If you watch him spar with Pahada too, it's so funny because it's like pittypat sparring. He's being very smart. He doesn't want to fucking go to war with pay it in the gym. Who does? Look at this. Look at this. This is crazy. Just walking him down. This is wild. I mean, this is wild. Blocking everything. Front kick to the body again. Izzy's getting battered. This is nuts. Here we go. When he starts doing those moves, that's where he's susceptible. Especially against the cage. Yeah, remember that? Well, it's also it's like the difference in the fatigue levels. Oh, look at that. Oh, front kick and popped him with the right hand. Popped him again. Bro, this is amazing. This is amazing. I think you're looking at a new champion. Strickland literally isn't getting hit. Look at his face. Two minutes, man. Look at his face though. Unmarked. It's crazy. Who would have ever thought he's going in against arguably the greatest mental weight of all time. And best striker. And he's winning. He's winning a striking fight. Yes. Yeah, he's better than Anderson. He's better than Anderson. But not by a lot. Anderson in his prime would have given Izzy a run for his money. Yeah, I'm not. I mean, and Anderson was a knockout artist. He figured out a way to knock guys out. That's why I got him over GSP. Well, not everyone. He figured out. Not Talley. He's not Damian Monet. I got him over GSP because he finished. Yeah, that's true. That was a bad streak in his championship career. But it was also because those guys weren't that one. Oh, he can't let it right hand. He landed that right hand. Yeah. Oh, oh, oh, he's getting caught left and right. He loops that right hand. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. This is wild. This is wild. Sean Strickland. That's right. Nothing. Look at this. That's incredible. This is insane. And Sean just keeps watching. Look at Sean. He's not even breathing heavy. Nope. And he's still foot on the pedal. Insane. And also so smart with those front kicks to the body. And the distance management is distance management from all that fucking sparring is so excellent. Look at it. Popped him with a jab again. Oh, my God. Dust under the right hand. Never seen Izzy miss like this ever. Ever. Bro, he's getting really tired. I mean, this guy, like I said, oh, right hand again. Dude, like I said, when a guy is in your face like this and you're backing up, it's twice as exhausting as moving forward. Dude, Sean Strickland, world champ is insane. It's happening. But look at his face. We're watching it. We have 30 seconds. Look at that front kick to the bottom. We'll get Izzy. Imagine if Izzy pulls it out with 25 seconds. Sean. Sean just like that front front kick to the body. You got to go for it, right? Don't you? Sean talking shit. Let's go. He's going to come on. Come on. Let's go. Let's fucking go. Look at this. What? Look at him. He said, let's do it. Shit. Front kick to the. Oh, is he's tired. Is he saying he's responding? Look at this. Look at this. Talk shit. Oh, Sean. Okay, Sean. Come on. Sean. Get through this. He won. He won. 100% 100% one. Maybe five zero. I think it's five zero. I think five zero. I think five zero. I think that's the new middleweight champion of the world. That is fucking crazy. You got there's one round where Izzy might have won. Might have, but I don't think he did. All those significant strikes. That's all nonsense. You're looking at leg kicks that get checked. You can't count those as significant strikes. That was amazing. So what do you do? Say Strickland wins this. What do you do? Hamzad still? No, it's a rematch. I'm not sure. I'm not sure. Still? No, it's a rematch. Automatic rematch, right? You got to have a rematch. Izzy's. Conor McGregor. The rematch is in 100% the big money. And that's what would be smart to do. Agree. And do police. He's like, okay. Wow. Izzy doesn't want to hug him. Yeah, they don't like each other. Well, he likes him last. Now he just took his fucking world title. He's replaced. Look at that. Knock his hand out of the way like that. Oh, damn. These these hold his hand right out of the way. These MMA experts. They're bringing up their fucking tweets. We have a two to one or how their fucking mind. What what two rounds would you give it to Izzy? Oh, they're out of their. Fuck out of here. They're out of there. I love Izzy as much as the next guy. There's no you can't find two rounds. I mean, this was wild. I think everybody look at that jab ducks under both left. For an amazing fight, man. Amazing. An amazing fight. We just watched history. That's a huge upset. Huge. Biggest effort and championship rounds. Maybe. Look at this. Look at this. Is it? I'll get this. Look at the end of it. Come on. Let's fucking go. Front kick to the by and Izzy can't do shit about it. Just that alone. Just that alone is crazy to watch. Yeah. Talking shit. Come on, you fucking pussy. You say, come on, you fucking pussy. Look at that leg kick landed. Here we go. Give me some volume, Jamie. This is crazy. Give me some volume. I'm Strictly about to cry. Unbelievable. Insane fucking crazy. I've ever seen that wild motherfucker. Middleweight champion of the world. Wow. I wish I was there. I wish I was there for that. Good phrase. You too. Good phrase. Yeah. Good for champion. Champion and defeat champion in victory. Yeah, but he's is he's so great for get a microphone on these guys. Yes. If I was there, I get. Yeah. What is that tattoo of? Oh, it's his friend. He had his friends photo tattooed on him and Sean disrespected it. And he's like, it was my friend. He said, Oh, look at that. That's beautiful. That's beautiful. You gotta love that, dude. I love that. I love that. How can you not love it? Good class class and defeat. Holy shit. Let's hear what this wild motherfucker. It's best get wild. What world are we living in? Look at it in Australia. You gotta love them. How do you argue with Australia? Look at his face. He didn't get touched. Not touched. He didn't get touched. He gets like a couple of jobs snuck in and barely touched him. Let kicks in count. Sean, everything you have been through my man in your life has always propelled you on the greater things. Those life lessons allowed for you to put on one of the most masterful performances as a challenger. Insane. On the dog tonight. How does it feel and what was your expectation going in there? You guys know, he's a bad motherfucker, guys. He's beat the majority of my friends. He's beat pretty easily. So, man, I wasn't even kind of jotting myself at times. But, you know, I gotta say the fans in Australia, you guys motivated me. Wow. Wow. Look at him move that punch out of his hand right out of the way. Amazing. Bro, here's the thing. He's going to be better in his next fight now because now he knows what he did to Izzy. He's going to be better. So is Izzy. Wow. Powerful. How great is Daniel Cormier? How about Nixik with the game plan? Wow. He fucking did it. He's got the UFC middleweight championship title around his waist. He beat the best ever in his prime. Would you have called that beginning of the year? Sure comes to me. Middleweight champ like, get the fuck out of here. After he lost your hair, I'll be like, how? How? He's gonna be two random dudes and then get a ton of shot and beat Izzy. Are you out of your mind? Unbelievable. I mean, this is dominated. Dominate. Let's hear it. I had it five zero. Yeah, let's see what Izzy says. Did he leave? Yeah, he's out of the lock gun. He left. Be curious what he post. What a feeling though, right? Wow. That's why I'm gonna make the greatest. It's the greatest. It's the greatest. When you watch this, you see 300 rematch in Vegas. Oh my God. Sean Strickland's hometown. Let's all sit behind Joe Rogan. We might have to go to that one. Let's go, boys. Let's be fun. Just think about the year in the UFC. So you had Sugar Sean upset Aljo, which was insane. Yeah. Stylus. That wasn't a giant upset though. Not like this. I'm just saying it's still a big upstate. Talking about the reigning champ. Right. You know what I'm saying? But that was like... At 35. What was the odds of that fight? Aljo was like a minus, I think minus two, maybe 275. Was it that much? Yeah. Oh, okay. Matt Sarah, that was a big upset and then the... You're going back in the day. ...Gosse and Pierre. Yeah, that was a huge one. Big upset. Holly Holm and Rondo was a massive one. The other one. That was huge. That was shocking. Yeah, that was shocking. That one makes sense. That was another Australia one. That was Australia. Biggest skate ever. Yeah. Bro. We got a belt in Australia. That was Australia though. That was in... I think that was Melbourne. I think it was 60,000 people. Yeah. It was over 6,000. Weidman Spider was big. A lot of people thought Weidman was the man. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. Weidman was a scary dude. I heard you. This is crazier than all of that. This is crazier than all of it. Izzy is the greatest striker we've ever seen in the UFC. If aliens came to this planet and like, show us one, I'm like, here's Izzy. Use that fucking guy. Yeah. And Strickland pieced him up, mopped the floor with him. I added 5-0, 4-1, sure, whatever. Cleaned house dude, not competitive. And did it with what looked like just straight up boxing. Yeah, and he didn't have a leg. He didn't have a bruise on his face. Checking kicks and distance management. And this and doing all this weird... His fucking distance management is so good. His defense is so good. Crazy. That was a clinic. That was some Floyd Mayweather stuff. Bro, he rose to the occasion. Yeah. The fact that he barely got touched. And I was talking about that statistic when the fighters made... When they made fighters wear that equipment that showed how many times they got a hit in the head. That guy got hit less than anybody. He spars more than anybody. He spars every day. Now, what do you think is gonna happen? Think about that. People are gonna start sparring every day. Yeah, but you're not... Everyone copies the champ. You're not that guy. But that's the thing. Everyone copies the champ. I think... Is it full sparring or is it just like... Yeah, he goes hard, bro. Sean's not mostly known for going super hard on the paint. But there was this movement before this stuff about Sean, especially now he's champ, people are gonna start sparring a lot more, I guarantee you. That's the way it goes. Everyone's... It's a copycat league. But before, Mitrio, Max Holloway. Max Holloway didn't spar at all. Like I was talking about not sparring at all. I know how to fight. But now there's this movement of Sean Strickland. People are gonna start fucking sparring all the time. Yeah, but the thing is, he got to this super high level of boxing before he started doing that all the time. Yeah. So he's got an advantage over most of the sparring partners. So it's like... Who can get away with doing that? You're talking about Strickland. Strickland. Yeah. He can get away with that. Yeah. A lot of guys can't spar every day, man. You just get too dinged up. It looks like Sean Strickland, though, has been learning from somebody whose first priority is not getting hit, like a good boxing trainer. Yeah, but also he's been training with Pajeta. Pajeta's a two division glory world champion. World class. But he's not... His style isn't like Pajera's, right? But it doesn't matter. Pajeta's a striker, and he understands what Sean was doing wrong. He was helping Sean, which is pretty amazing. And Sean said he really helped him. That's the most shocking UFC five ever. It's also something to say about Sean, that he was able to learn that that quickly. It's one thing to have a coach, but if you can't pick it up, that's another part of it. He's just... Fuck. Dude, that was crazy. You saw the wild. You saw him peek. He peeked at the right time right there, man. Insane. Fuck. Also, it's like he never got hit. Dude, that face. That's what surprised you. Who made you smile? Who did he just look like? Is he or Sam Tripleau? Beat the world champion who's the greatest of all time. If you would have called him like, dude, you're finna see like, dude, Strickland won. I'm like, what? Like, and he didn't get hit. I'm like, dude, quit fucking with me. Right. Is he fight five rounds and get touched? Right. Dude, didn't get touched. And I know... Stood in front of him, mopped the floor with him. Check the round. What we expected was Sean to be a step behind. Is he to start setting him up, like really like laying some traps and then cracking him and taking him out. Yeah. And I think that's probably what Is he suspected too. Damn. And he got hit in that first round and went, oh shit, that's not snowflake. Well, after that one punch, you got to recognize that he was probably compromised for the rest of the fight. That was a giant right hand. And then he got hit with haymakers after that. And I think greatest performance ever by Strickland. I'm not taking anything away from him. Greatest performance we've ever seen by Strickland. Also, rough night in the office for Is he. We haven't seen him that slow. Now it could be just stylistically. He has Is he's number. There's that. I was about to say that. He might just, you know, it's just a bad match. Look at that guy. Look how happy that guy is. I mean, that guy, if you ever listened to my podcast with him, his fucking life growing up was insane. It was. He handed his dad a gun to commit suicide. What happened? He handed his dad a gun to commit suicide. Bro, that's just the small part. I mean, his life is a horrific childhood. Oh, he did? He's horrific. He came up as a Nazi and then he got around, like a teacher helped him write an African American teacher. He's like, Oh, they're not bad people. He's guys trying to help me. These other people are being mean to me. Why the fuck am I a Nazi? He just lost his last lost. Wild boy. You know, just lost in the system. Where did he grow up? He's California kid. Is he a Covina cat? I think he might be Covina. I don't know some bad neighborhood, but also what's interesting about him. Strickland too, is he. Everybody that I know who knows him really well, Jason Manley, everybody, Biz being everybody, Cheeto, everybody goes, what you see when he does the interviews and all that shit talking, he's a great dude. Great dude. When he when he when he lets his guard down, good person like I'm on food truck and it it was tough man. He was tough and prickly. And then as it went on, it's like, oh, you can see it. Like, he's a good guy. How cool is Cheeto Vera, by the way? I love him. Cheeto. Cheeto is also so smart. Like you talk to that guy and you're like, oh, your success is no accident. He's probably going to fight Sugar Sean for the world title. That he is. I love Sugar Sean. I love Sugar Sean. But I like Cheeto. That's the fight, though. Who else is the fight? So, who can't? Marab. Marab, maybe. Why can't Suhudo fight him? Well, so, who just lost to Aljamaine. So, who needs a victory? You need something. You lost to Aljamaine and then. Tell him how much. He starts his Aljamaine in the second round. Yeah. I mean, it's like. I think Cheeto Sean is. First round. Cheeto Sean. Oh, no. Second round. You're right. Second round. First round. Yeah. They moved around a little bit and then the second round, they fucking cracked. What did he say on your show? Fuck the world. Time to feed the family. I love that. Cheeto? Yeah. He said that. Smart, man. So smart. Yeah, he's a dedicated dude, too, man. That guy's dedicated. I love that guy. He is always training. Wow. That guy's never. He's the man. He runs like 10 miles every day. Yeah. That's an interesting. But Sean's great, too. Sean's fucking great. He's a lot better. Smart and a lot better than he was in that first fight. Way better. I think so is Cheeto. Yeah. I was going to say both of them are. Yeah. After he knocked out Dominic Cruz and knocked out Frankie Edgar. I love when Sean goes. He goes. He said, you know, Cheeto said you lost the first round. He goes, he did. How do you score the second round? I just talked to Sean. That's hilarious. This is wild, man. What a night. Insane. This is why you'll see so goddamn good. I go on my show. I could try to predict things, you know, but it's MMA, too. Yeah. You don't fucking know. You're taking wild guesses and you could easily be wrong. But the smart money was on Izzy. If I had a bet tonight, I mean, who am I betting on? I'm betting on Izzy. Of course. You know, if you ask me like him placing a bet, I'm like, Izzy's one of the greatest of all time. Sean's really good. But, bro, I had it at minus 2000. I'm going to blow my head off. You know what? Shit, I'm going to get you're honest. Hey, man, it's just you were wrong. It's okay. I mean, but it's also just guess what's fun, though. Yeah, because until you see guys engage, you really don't know because styles. Styles are so it's so and Sean Strickland. We know he shows up. You know, more that fucker goes in a different mode when a belt's on the line in Australia. And the fact that he's fucking in. I didn't know that. How about the fact this fucking endurance is so good. Breathing heavy in the fourth and fifth. Let's just talk how crazy this is. He fought Izzy, the best we've ever seen that striking and didn't have a scratch on his fucking face. Took the fight on short notice. Insane dude in Australia. In Australia. Almost didn't get in because of passport issues. Amazing. Yeah, because he's a criminal. We got plenty of those over here. So right there, you saw the real Sean Strickland lock on being humble. Like, oh my God, about to cry. And then he's tonight, he's going to be sitting there and then it's going to go off. The press conference is going to be wild. Tomorrow you're going to get some crazy tweet from Sean Strickland, the personality. Here's another question. Because Izzy was so emotional, maybe he didn't fight correct. You know, maybe he was just too emotional and really thought he was going to go out there and he was above this guy and he was going to go fuck him up. He's been emotional before. His body was murdered and he's got his body's neck tattooed on his neck. And Sean apparently was making fun of that. Say no, you have a grown man on your neck or something. I don't know what he said, but he said something that infuriated Izzy. I think that's what Izzy said to him too. He went over and said, Yeah, he was like, hey, it wasn't cool. But Sean apologized. But in regards to Izzy fighting with emotion. There's been no more emotion than that Alex Pierre fight. I mean, you've never beat the guy. He knocked you out, stole your belt. You do a rematch, pretty fast turnaround. And you knock him out. Look at this. This was crazy. The end. Let's fucking go. Let's fucking go. That's the real Sean Strickland right there. Wow. God, don't get it twisted. I'm so happy for him. Me too. Me too. Me too. Now I love Izzy. Yeah, in my heart. I love it. This is the game they play. Yes, this is the game they play. And the thing about Izzy, he even came out and defended you. You know what I'm saying? Like, is he the fucking man? Izzy's great in all ways. Yes. It's just like, And he'll be back. You're going to have a winner and you're going to have a loser. And every now and then you see something special. And we see something special. Special. I always say when I watch that though, I'm always thankful that I, it's such a hard gig. Oh my God. It might be the hardest gig, right? I mean, you end up- Other than being a firefighter, a cop or a soldier, maybe a football player, it's one of the hardest ways to make a living. Yeah, dude. Yeah. Don't discredit yourself. Stand up the hard way to make a living. Stand up, sir. I mean, I know you've been doing it for 50 years. I'm still complicated, but it's good. It hurts your soul. Yeah. It doesn't hurt your fucking brain. Yeah. I'd say being- They both suck. I'd say being in show business. Take it from me. We all make our living off our imagination and hustle. Like it's up to us. No bailouts. That's hard. Yeah, and after I do a CT. Yeah. When you're on stage bombing, there's no worse place to be. We did Covino, which is a great, actually, place. We did The Laugh Factory. It's the first time. We've been together in a hot second. That was so much fun, dude. Because we did Stand Up and then got up there and did a live podcast. I'm just on the- Well, I can't believe what we just saw. Me neither. Fuck. I mean, no damage, dude. That's ridiculous. I mean, just winning's crazy, and then no damage is like- Freezing. Like, I want to know how many times he got hit in the head. Are there statistics of how many times Trickling got hit in the head? Because it looked like it was like three. I think he got nicked. I don't think he got hit. I think he got brushed. Nick's the best way to play. He got nicked. He got nicked. And those leg kicks, the way he was checking them, not fucking hurt you for throwing them. But the way he sucked. He was like almost limp-legged too with a lot of them. Just let it go and then it would fire back. His pressure against the cage. Okay, what does it say? Whoops. What does it say? Did the head- 22. He landed 22. 22 and 25 minutes. Really? Like, did he really- what are you counting? I'm counting. Whatever. He caught him a couple of times. Dude, 7-11. Semi-clean, but he landed 85. Sean landed 85 headshots. 22 and 25 minutes. That's less than one a minute, dude. That's fucking mind-blown against the greatest striker in the UFC. It's pretty crazy. So the significant strikes, 94, 34 of them, they counted to the legs. I did not see that many clean leg kicks. I saw a lot of them. Nothing significant. They were checked. I think they got a 38 to the body. Away from significant. Yes. And it's also like, what does it do? What kind of damage does it do? And you throw on a kick to the body. When you throw on a kick to the body, like, what happened? Did he lift his knee up? Did he block it with his arms and his knee? Because there was a bunch of holes that that happened. God, that was amazing. What a fucking performance. One knockdown. Unreal. Motherfucker. Basically boxing. Basically, scrolling- Sean Strickland, UFC champion of the world. If I came up to you and I said, I want to make you a bet. Yeah. That this year, Sean Strickland is going to be the middleweight champion of the world. You're like, how much? Yeah, that's right. Like, what are the odds? Like, he's going to get it done by September. What? Bro, you're drinking. And not like that, but more importantly, more importantly, it's not a fluke. More importantly, it's not a fluke. No, no. More importantly, it's like, I watch him now and I go, good luck, everybody. No, that's worse. Good luck. That's worse beef. So for our fighters, so if it would have been, let's say Sean catches them in 30 seconds. All good. Rematch. When you get annihilated for 25 minutes, and it's tough for me and Joe wrote, and we both, I love Izzy, one of my favorite human beings, despite his accolades as fighting, I love him as a person. Me too. I can't give him a fucking round, dude. It hurts my feelings. It's crazy. It's like, uh, that's okay. That's the personal bro. And I'm biased. I was, I was, you know, I'm an Izzy fan. So I was like, okay, that's not good. Do you guys give him that round? It's like, no, no, wild. So what are some adjustments you think he's got to make for the next life? Because he's got to take what's going to get me in his car. What do you do? What the fuck? And tomorrow morning, like, let's get in the gym and talk. What can we do better? I don't know. I don't know. Because it's style. Because we had no success. The counters weren't there. The feints weren't there. Maybe some shit we don't know. Maybe we'll, we'll hear some shit. Maybe there's some training injuries. Maybe there's some stuff going on. Yeah, Izzy might be okay. I can throw my whatever. Can throw my left. Can throw my right. Who knows? Hurt hand. Space. Space. Just like keeping them outside. And directed energy weapons. Yeah, it's on. It was the Chinese weather machine. Full circle, bro. The Chinese own all Australia's water. That might have played into it. Unbelievable. I think that's taken some stuff away from Sean. I think Sean just looked really good and just looked fucking amazing. But don't get it twisted. Izzy after loss is a dangerous motherfucker. He's a dangerous fuck too. Sean Strickland. That's right. Yeah, man. I mean, the thing is, like, he never did anything stupid. When he engaged, he back out, come back in, back out. His distance control. His state comic. Cool. The fight I want to see. I know I keep, I've been talking about all night at dinner. Hamza Strickland's a fucking dude. The shit talking. Oh my God. I mean, my kids can't watch it. It's gonna be fucking insane. But how can you think Strickland could stop that takedown? I mean, that's gonna be interesting because Hamza, it's wrestling. It's so crazy. The way he ragdolled Kevin Holland, just threw him around. To play devil's advocate. Again, I'm all up on Hamza, it's hairy nuts. And you know they're hairy as fuck, right? Matching that beard. I think that the caveat there would be he couldn't take down Gilbert Burns. Remember that? Now Gilbert's shorter, so it's tough to take short guys down. But you could say, well, I didn't have much success against Gilbert Burns. But that's the only knock on Hamza. Sean's a lot bigger. Way different. Yeah, a lot bigger, better boxing. So slick. Hamza Strickland's the fucking fight. Well, the rematch is the fucking fight. I can't imagine them not having a rematch. When you got a guy as dominant as Izzy for so long, and they could set up a rematch for UFC 300 in Vegas. Now what if I did this, Izzy's lost two halves last three. That's true. But one of them was against Pahita. I know. He lost the one before, won that one. Yeah. Lost Jan Bohowicz. Jan Bohowicz was just a little while ago too. A little too big for him. Yeah, Jan's a big boy. Yeah, he shot for the moon land on the star. That's how it's done. Yeah, he tried to go light heavyweight. Just got taken down. He tried to go light heavyweight without gaining any weight too. Which is kind of crazy. He tried going light heavyweight and fought a giant Polish dude in grapple. Give him a fucking strike. Like we fought Yeri, Alex, the racket. There's some fun. Johnny Walker. There's so many fun match up for him at light heavyweight. Johnny Walker. They gave him the one fucking guy that would, you know, this fucking Polish dude with a block for a head. Yeah. And he grappled that up something. He came in at 240. Yeah, he's a big fella. Fuck. Yeah, he looks so good. As an Izzy fan. Fuck. Yeah. I think the Strickland thing is very interesting. I don't know how you solve that puzzle. Because you have to go back with your team and figure out how to solve that problem. He might not want immediate rematch. I don't blame him. He might be like, we need to make some serious adjustments. Got to figure it out. There's that too. He might go back to the gym and go, we shouldn't do immediate rematch. I need to work on a lot of things. Let, you know, Hamzad or even do police get in there. Do police, Strickland's interesting. Well, you know what else is interesting? Dreckus Duplisi versus Izzy for the number one contender. Oh, that is interesting. Take my fucking money. Oh my god. Yeah, bro. Why? You got, who do you have on that? I don't know. I don't know now. I'm done calling fights. Dude, I don't know now. After watching that, man, like Dreckus is fucking scary. The way he beat the fuck out of Robert Whitaker. Who saw that coming? Especially after Whitaker and Adesanya had a very close second match. And then he doesn't, he's so big, dude. He hits so hard. Every time I shake his hand, I'm like, how the fuck are you 185 pounds? He looks like a heavyweight. Yeah. And now you give that guy confidence after you beat a guy like Robert Whitaker, who was always the guy with Izzy's not champ. Whitaker is the fucking guy and he's. Darch him and imagine the kind of shit he's talking now. That is, he just lost to Strickland. Imagine the kind of shit. Oh, yeah. Dreckus Duplisi and Strickland. That is a wild fight. That's a wild fight. That's a wild fight. That's a closer fight than we think now, isn't it? After seeing that. Yeah, that's a very, well, I don't know, I kind of lean towards Strickland. Oh, for sure. Yeah. I mean, how does he do that? Duplisi is mostly a striker, not a wrestler. Yeah, he can wrestle. He can do it all. He fucked up Darren Till on the ground. And he's a knockout. Like he punches fucking hard. Yeah. I mean, he fucked up Robert Whitaker with grappling too. Remember? Got on the headlock and took him down. Look, he's big and awkward. Yeah. Super awkward, unusual stutter, step stance and throws hay. If it's do police ease for Strickland's UFC 300 awkward. Remember, he's the name that was dope. Yeah. Awkward is a great name. Awkward is a great known to care. What is it? Tim Elliott. Tim Elliott, awkward MMA. That's his nickname. Oh, is it? Really? Yeah. Yeah. It's like awkward MMA is his Twitter title. Yeah. Because he's got that crazy style. Tim, you ever seen Tim Elliott? You've seen him. Fuck yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Crazy stuff. He's been fighting forever. He's bouncing around, moving all over the fucking place. He's got a wild style. He had some weird shit personally, right? Some weird shit happened with Tim Elliott. His wife fucked his best friend. Yeah, that was his coach. Who said that? Who said that? Listen, I don't give a... I don't give a... I don't give a real housewife an MMA gossip. That kind of shit will take your soul. What are you talking about? It's how... That makes me sad. It does make me sad. I'd rather get my ass beat by Strickland for five rounds than that. Yeah. That is so sad. You know, Eve in the Garden of Eden, she was doing that shit too. What do you mean? Vax. She was fucking... She fucked a serpent. Dude came and was just... No, she ate the apple, bro. Talk to the serpent. No, they believe this shit. Bro. She ate the apple. Eve is a... What did Eve do? Eve is a 304, bro. What's that mean? That means that those are the fucking Miami fucking bimbos that... You ever see these shows with a... 304. Like one... Yeah, that's what they got. 305. No, it's a 304. What's a 304? That's the area code in Miami and they always have these shows where they debate like young... Is it Miami 305? It's 304, right? No, Miami's 305. 305. Okay, it's a 305 then. I thought 304 meant like horror. Yeah, I thought it was like a code like... Is that what that means? He only thought that meant the area code. No, it's 305. God, I'm old. But yeah, she's a 305, bro. I love Miami. Dude, 157 is a code for murder. Is that what it is? Will you look up 305 while they call it that? It's in the... It's in the 157. But beyond that, that's why he wasn't at all. Okay, the most prominent modern form explains the biblical account of a fall of man by stating that the serpent mated with Eve in the Garden of Eden. Dude came. And the offspring of the union was king. What? Yeah, dog, I told you this shit. Did Eve have sex with Satan? Yeah, bro. That's not in the Bible. Christian Research Institute. Yeah, but it's not in the Bible. The crux of the serpent seed is that even Satan engaged in sexual relations. Consequently, sin is viewed as a sexual in nature. Oh, wait. That's reading into the old Testament. That says, devil did not have sexual intercourse with Adam or Eve in the Garden of Eden. False teachers promote that ideology without biblical throw. I've read the Old Testament. Brian, first of all, you didn't read it. You heard it. You listened to it. I'm telling you right now, bro. No, no. In the Bible? He hooked up with the... Yes, man. She eats from the fruit of knowledge. Dude, she cocked Adam's dog. No, she gives Adam the... Then Adam takes it by the Bible. Well, let's read the passage. She's a freak, huh? I've read the passage. What's that, Jamie? I have to find... Which version do you want me to find? It's right. The one that has that in it. I know. That's what I'm saying. I know. It's in Genesis. The one with porn. No, it's in Genesis. I think it's in chapter... Just find the section in the Bible where Eve eats the apple. Yes, and you will find that there's no sex man. So where did you hear this from, Sean? I like it, though. Sam Triplett. Do you call me Sean because I'm knocking out people, bro? I just can't get Sean out of my mind. No, it's fine, bro. So Adam and Eve's first children were Cain and Abel. No, bro. And the first two... Yeah, Cain and Abel. And Cain was the son of the serpent. Cain killed Abel. He was able. He was jealous of Abel. And then God put a mark on Abel. Cain also pulled... I mean, Abel pulled some stuff too, right? What did Abel do? Abel was jealous. Abel pretended he was Cain to trick his father. And then... No, no, no. That's not... I thought it was his dad. That's Esau. That's Esau and Isaac. Yeah, you're right on that, Pete. No, I'm sorry. So where did you hear this first, Sam? I'm trying to think about... He's on Jacob. I have a spiritual podcast where someone came on to talk about it. You were spiritual podcast? I'm getting it. Doug, I told you, dude. I'm like, I'm into Jesus. I'm a holy roller now. What happened? Are you? Yeah, dude. 100% Christian? Yeah. Where did you become a Christian? I've just been doing deep dives into this stuff. So that's what I'm into. Jesus was like Patrick Swasey from Roadhouse, came down here, had a clean house. That's what his whole role was. That's literally what he did. Everybody should read the Old Testament. So how about let him talk? Jesus Christ. I'm just saying. So what basically happened was that the angels mated with the daughters of men and created Nephilim. And Nephilim roamed the earth. A lot of people think a lot of these pagan gods are all... All these pagan gods were either fallen angels or Nephilim. And then the Nephilim went nuts and went in the war with the fallen angels, and that's where the Battle of the Titans came from. What made you go religious, Sam? I dig it. Yeah, it's a little... It's not really in the Bible. It's not in the Bible. I'm trying to find out where it came from. That's some interesting source. Dude, what is this? You've been hanging out with that guy. Sam, I'm on your side here. I'm just throwing it out. The Serpentine Seed Line doctrines, modern origins in British Israelism. In an 1890 book advocating British Israelism, according to the Serpent Seed Doctrine, the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel found their way to Western Europe and Britain, where they became the ancestors of the British and related peoples. Dude, yes. Right, but what does that mean about... But I want to know, where does it say that Eve had sex? It says the Serpent Seed Doctrine is believed based on poor biblical interpretations... Superstitions. Superstitions, primary... I'm just throwing it out there, bro. So that's the Seed Doctrine. But Jamie, I want to read the passage in the Bible, where it talks about that. My point, though, is that... It is no passage, bro. That's... In the Bible about that. No, no, no, but where Eve eats the apple. So that passage exists. Go to Genesis. I think it's chapter three. Right, but I mean, it wasn't written in English for us to read. No, we have to say the translation of it. I know, but I mean... But let's just see what the accepted normal translation... I just want to read what it says in the standard Adam and Eve serpent story. I mean, it's a long story. Genesis three, there you go. Right, but maybe there's something that we could get out of it. It's not long. It's not long. Genesis is pretty long. Right, but let's just... Just like get out what that says. Now, the serpent was more crafty than any wild animals. The Lord God had made. He said... You read the whole thing? Stop. Stop scrolling. I'm trying. He said to the woman, did God really say you must not eat from the tree in the garden? The woman said to the serpent, we may eat fruit from trees in the garden, but God did say you must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it or you will die. You will not certainly die, the serpent said to the woman. For God knows that when you eat it, eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband who was with her and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realized they were naked. So they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden. But Lord God called to the man, where are you? He answered, I heard you in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked. So I hid and he said, who told you that you were naked? Have you eaten from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from? The man said, the woman put it here with me. She gave me some fruit from the tree and I ate it. Then the Lord God said to the woman, what is this you have done? The woman said, the serpent deceived me and I ate it. So the Lord God said to the serpent, because you have done this, cursed are you above all livestock and all wild animals. You will crawl on your belly. You will eat dust all the days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers. And he will crush your head and you will strike his heel. And to the woman, he said, I will make your pains and childbearing very severe. With painful labor, you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you. And to Adam, he said, because you have listened to your wife and ate the fruit from the tree. Is this too long? How long? No, just read the whole Bible. About which I commanded you, you must not eat it. Cursed is the ground because of you. You want to hear a crazy thing? Yeah. That's believed that Eve wasn't even Adam's first chick. You know, Sam, Sam, I read it. His first chick was Lilith. And the reason this is it and the reason. Lilith fair. Like that's where it comes from. That wasn't Moses. Is that was that wasn't when he got into Christianity. The reason he didn't like Eve. I mean, he didn't like Lilith is because she wanted to ride on top. Lilith attempted intercourse with Adam before the creation of Eve. And after the creation of Eve, she fled and ever after has plotted to kill newborn children. Redhead. What's that from? It's from these different like, I'm learning. Let me hold on a second. Where's this chick coming from? Because I thought it was like Adam and Eve were the first people. Bang. So that's where they got the rib from. But Adam and Lilith were made of clay. So that's kind of where it comes from. And then she wanted to ride on top and he thought she was like, One story tells that Lilith refused to lay beneath Adam during sex. Yeah. She believed they were created equal both from the dust of the earth. Thus she should not have to lay beneath him. Let her ride it, bro. Yeah. And he didn't. He was not. What's the problem? That's what she was gay back then. That's gay, Doug. No, it's like, Sam sounds like very insecure. Put that back up, Jamie. Only Sam could find the other stories that the Bible didn't put in there. You didn't know this though, did you, Brian? Well, I'm learning. It's not really. Look at this. After Adam disagreed, Lilith fled the Garden of Eden to gain her independence. Imagine that. She is like on top or nothing. So do you know back in the day, bro, but it's Jewish folklorists not in the Bible. That there was this whole thing. She ate her own child. What did Lilith do to her baby Adam? In a dark twist, Lilith ends up killing and eating her own child, much like Lucifer did to her lover Adam. Can't trust redheads, man. How many Adams are there? Can't trust bitches. So Lilith eats her own child, much like Lucifer himself did to her lover Adam. So she had a lover Adam. Was that the original Adam? But did Satan eat Adam? We're in the weeds now. Yeah, we're in the weeds. We are. I'm sorry. I just like the throw. I love that. I love that. I love that. In rabbinic literature, Lilith is variously depicted as the mother of Adam's demonic offspring following his separation from Eve or as his first wife. Whereas Eve was created from Adam's rib, some accounts hold that Lilith was the woman implied in Genesis 1 27 and was made from the same soil as Adam. Wow. So Adam had like an equal and he's like, no, I'm not interested in that. I want a dumb bitch to eat Satan's apple. Yeah, that's what it is. Like he didn't take a strong woman, so he deserves to suffer. No, the idea is that she came from his rib here. The idea was she is under your protection. So she's under your arm. So the idea is that she's part of you and you're together and she's here together. That would be the other. Well, it sounds like she was a part of him. So like he owned her on like Lilith. Taking no shit and taking a shit and she likes to ride. Lilith's a bad bitch. But she wants to choke you too. Yeah. Yeah. She does like the grip. Those old vandalize silver chokes. Sounds like Willis in the anal. Yeah, I'm just going on. I'm sure she's in a strap on. She's like, yeah, you put it in my ass. I can fuck you with his fig tree. Is this Bible study? What the fuck's going on? I'm in, dude. So how did you get into Christianity? What happened? I guess that's Christianity he's into. This is Michael Angeles depiction of Lilith. Oh, wow. Look who's not circumcised either, bro. Look at that. Back in the day, they didn't know any better. He's cheeked up though. He's thick. He's thick. So is the girl. So is the girl. He was so thick. They had little tiny cocks. You know, having a big dick back in the day, they made funny. It wasn't cool. That was in Rome. I found out that. Make fun of me. You know what I'm saying? Artistically, it was considered vulgar. Yeah. Yeah, we'd be fucked, fellas. Yeah. And after a while, they started covering them up with fig leaves. Yep. Very odd. Yeah. So what got you down this road? Okay. So the beginning of the spiritual journey comes from the fact that I have this guy on my show. His name's Matt LaCroix, and he starts talking about all these archaeological discoveries that they're making that set timelines different, you know, that push back timelines, these Anunnaki stuff. So he comes out, he has this discussion. Then like a week later, I have this woman, this Buddhist author named Van Gullan, and she's telling me she's talking from a spiritual point of view, and they start saying similar stuff. So like that starts to intrigue me. Because like, you know, if you get into conspiracy, conspiracy always starts and will lead you to spirituality. Conspiracy always leads to spirituality. You start going, what are they? Why those flat earthers believe we're in the firmament, there's a fucking dome over earth. I don't know where we live, bro. But what are you saying to me right now? I'd say I don't know where we live. It's earth, but I just don't know what it is. What do you think it is? I don't know what it is. What do you mean you don't know what it is? I just can't cut them open minded to it all. It's on the thing, brother. Yeah. The back. Oh, I'm beginning to think that all the answers to your life can be found if you and if you if you read deeply into the Old and New Testament. I'm listen, I'm getting into this. So that's all over. Anthony came on the podcast and started reading from the Bible and it was some fucking great shit. Dude, I'm telling you this is like without a doubt. There's some wisdom in that one. Dude, everybody's in the Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. Dude, you ever liked it? Some of the Bible is like insanity, dude. It's like you got nap rooms fighting town. You can't watch it happen on TV. Let's do that, bro. Dragon. Let's make it happen. I like watching stuff. So at the end of the day, so spirituality, I start doing this. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get it to us. I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Fucking cigars. I had a different plan for this. Again, life those curveballs at you. Thank you. His face looks fine. It's because we're in sunglasses, brother. We're not lose. I wasn't going to say much anyway, but right now I lost tonight to the better man on the night. And I just want to go be with people who care about me, my team, and they're waiting for me. So I'm going to do that. But I will leave you in the capable hands of a man who is much smarter than me. I'll admit this on worldwide national media. I'll leave you with Eugene Bairman. He'll handle this for the first time. I want to go chill, have some breakfast, build my family. And yeah, till next time. His coach time is on. That's what I want to hear you, Eugene. Eugene's a very, very brilliant coach. Definitely not protocol, but we want to. That's how this is our team. This is how we do it. He wants to go. He wants to be protected. And it's our job to protect them. So this is what he wants. This is what he gets. This is his time right now. He's in a time of need right now. So if I have to sit up here in front of you guys, then I have to sit up here in front of you guys for him. Do you have any questions? Yeah. Help them out, people. Read the room. Most people would agree that was not the Israel out of Sonya we're used to seeing in there tonight. He looks slow. He looks off, kind of fatigued early. Can you tell us anything about his performance? And maybe why that was the reason? What was the reason? Look, the universe does things. And I feel I think Sean's a great fighter. And I never once thought that Sean wasn't capable of beating Israel. But I thought if Israel performed to the fullest of his capabilities, it would be a very hard fight for Sean. There was an alternate kind of universe where Israel performs his poorest or poorly where Sean could win. And I'm sitting in that universe right now. So he had an off night. Training camp was great. I'm not going to make any excuses in regard to that. Leading up to the fight, fight week was great. Spying partners, everything. All the technical little things to do with the camp. They were all perfect. So there's no excuses there. He came in. He had an off night. He couldn't see the same things that we were seeing. We couldn't make a good connection in the corner. It was just a frustrating night. Yeah. But why was it a frustrating night? Well, it was a frustrating night because of the opponent. Don't take nothing away from the opponent. Dana has already been in here and said, will that see a rematch? Do you drastically change things ahead of that? Or do you think, well, we think we got it right. Israel just had an off night and hope that that doesn't happen again. Yeah. In my career, I've been involved in a few rematch camps. And they're very, very difficult. Why are they so difficult? Why is a rematch camp so difficult? Because you're trying to find other stones to leave unturned. But you already haven't left the stone unturned. So it's almost an impossible task. You're trying to find another level above the level that you've already achieved, but it's not achievable. So it's very, very difficult when you go into these rematch camps. And at this level, I've done a few. The Pereira one just recently is very, very difficult to do a rematch camp. But like I said, I don't think we have to change too much, but we will find something because we have the benefit of time. So we will get down to our usual business as a coaching team. And we'll find something to add to this camp. And we'll win the rematch. Would you like that rematch as soon as possible? Or do you think maybe some time off could be beneficial for Israel? Well, I asked Mick if we could have the rematch next weekend. Okay. Whether he grants it, I'm not sure. But I'm just very confident that we can change the outcome of this fight with very minor adjustments. What I'm saying is we couldn't get Israel to enact our plan. There wasn't much cohesion in the corner. You have nights like this and I think we can do the rematch tomorrow and I think we can have a good night. That's interesting. He's got to say that because he believes in his athlete. Of course. And that's a very close friend of his. It's like, of course, he's going to say that. We're all distraught right now. What I saw was a brilliant performance by Adesanya. I mean, excuse me, by Strickland. And what I saw was Adesanya didn't expect it. I just don't think that he expected him to be that accurate. I don't think he expected to be that defensively responsible. That good. He was that good. He was that good, man. You know what? It wasn't as simple as like Israel didn't look good. He looked fine until he got cracked. He didn't look good because Strickland was so good. Strickland was so good. It's like there's a clear reason. Like you're seeing why he didn't look good. You saw Israel do the things that he always does, but this guy was marching forward. He had this like engaged, disengaged, engaged, disengaged, constant pressure. And you know, his boxing is so good that you make any mistakes. You're getting cracked. And then when he caught him in that first round and fucking dropped him and rocked him and beat the shit out of him against the cage, that changed everything. Remember, that was the end of the first. Right. That's the end of the first round. Even earlier, four minutes prior to that, Strickland was having success. Yeah. So it wasn't like a one shot. You wobbled them. No, before that, you're like, holy shit, look at Strickland. He wasn't getting hit. No. That was the big thing, was that he was so elusive. And I just keep going back to his sparring. He spar so fucking much, man. His distance control was so good. His defense is so good. And he just, he rose the occasion. He did. I mean, that's the thing. Like sometimes you see what a person's capable of when the stakes are the highest and the pressure is the highest. And that's what you saw from Strickland tonight. That was an extraordinary performance. For them to say that they can go around and beat him again tomorrow, oh boy. You got to deal with a different guy tomorrow because you're dealing with a guy who just beat Adesanya and his confidence is going to be through the fucking roof. He knows he can beat him. He knows he can beat him and he knows he has a really good corner and a really good coaching team and they formulated the perfect plan. Unless they see an opening, unless they see some, unless they've said... Where? There's a way back there. Where? Where? You didn't get hit once, Brian. If you looked at that fight... Hey, man. I'm saying his coaches might see something we don't see. What could they possibly see if you looked at that? I don't know. If you looked at that, you would be like, fuck. I know that, but I'm saying people, if he's talking this way... That's a... Well, he has to. He might. Well, he's not going to say, yeah, we need to go back to the drum board. There's always a way. There's always a way to solve a problem. There's a way to solve a fight. And I'm not saying that I know how to do it, but... I think it'd be a disadvantage if Izzy rushed back and was like, I had an off fight. I can beat him. He'll get beat again. That's how I feel. Now, if he waits a little bit, it gives it some time and then do it. But to rush back in it, he's going to beat you again. Yeah, man. Izzy's a great striker. I mean, the thing about Anderson Silva, I mean, there was that time where it was getting really weird and he was having these weird fights because people wouldn't engage him. Yeah, but give him aye. But Izzy doesn't have... A lot of Izzy's fights have gone to distance, right? There's been a lot of that. It was the knock on him before that. I mean, he did have the knock out. That's came along. But he's had a lot. Do you think that maybe Strickland isn't afraid of his power? Is that possible? And that makes it really hard to kind of change it up because the guy was right there in your grill and he wasn't afraid of... It's not that he's not afraid, it's that he believes in his defense enough. I was going to say, he was being so slick from the first round. If you go back and watch the very first round, when you watch the first round, the way he's engaging, he's pushing in, pulling back, pushing in, moving away from the kicks, checking the kick, pulling back... No one's fought Izzy like that. Moving in, popping with the jab. Usually, Izzy's going to catch him. Crafty. He was able to stand right at the edge of the pocket. And flawless. Flawless. He looked like the better boxer. He looked like the better boxer. Flawless performance. Yeah. Flawless. I mean, that shell was just amazing. It was Bernard Hopkins-like. Yeah, and he's checking those kicks. That's what I thought. I was like, he's checking every single kick. Pretty much every kick. And by the way, he's... Wouldn't you have like to have heard from Izzy though? Man, he's so distraught now. I mean, imagine you talk all that shit, you're defending your title, this guy talks all that shit about you, he makes fun of your dead friend, Yeah, that's hard. Who's tattooed on your neck. There's like so much pain involved. And also, he's just such a giant favorite. And he gets beaten by this guy that no one thinks 600 on one is so big. And you're saying it should have been 2000. I wouldn't have disagreed. I'd have been like, yeah, probably. Who fucking knows? I mean, I just imagine a world. Sometimes... Largest betting, upset, and UFC middleweight title fight history. Wow. Sometimes also, like as a fighter, you might not be able to see how to solve that problem. That's a fucking scary place to be able to face the music. Sean Strickland is that fucking good. I pray. Show me Sean Strickland's last few wins. Show me his MMA record. His last fight was super tricky too. He fought a monster where it was a tough fight for him. That Russian dude, right? Big Cat, great striker, starched a lot of guys outside the UFC, tough matchup. And he started... And I think that was a... He started fucking Strickland up. Magomedov. He was there as the backup fighter tonight. Yeah, Magomedov. Yeah, he beat the shit up. He was the backup fighter. So he lost to Jared Kaneneer, split decision loss. Interesting. That was only December of 2022. Very interesting. Imabov was a big fight. That was a good fight. But imagine, he just loses to Jared Kaneneer, gets knocked out by Pajeta, loses to Jared Kaneneer, split decision, which was a very good fight. Then he fights two on ranked guys. Ememov, good fight. He took it on short notice. That was a short notice. Magomedov was not short notice. Okay, Magomedov is a fucking beast. He's a motherfucker. Motherfucker. Oh, that's right. He fought Ememov. Because it was short notice. That's why. It was a short notice fight. So he returned to middleweight performance and he beat the fuck out of Magomedov. Oh my gosh. Melted that dude. Broke him. Mentally broke him. A month later. Yeah, crazy. So he loses to Kaneneer and then fights Ememov. But that was a decision. That was the light heavyweight fight. And then Magomedov. But Magomedov is fucking scary. Scary. I didn't like that fight for Sean. But Sean melted him. Melted him. Melted him. Melted him. Melted him. Melted him. Just put the fucking heat on him and start beating the shit up. And go to Magomedov's record. He's a savage. And didn't he take that on short notice to that fight? No. No, the Magomedov fight. Ememovov he did. Ememovov he did. He took that. That's why it's a light heavyweight fight. Go to that fight. Because we should watch that fight. Because in the first round, Ememov or Magomedov rather comes out, guns blazing, and he looks like a world beater. And then Sean just stayed there. Going to Pete the Sandal. Oh, it's about to beat you too. Stay there. We should probably wrap this up soon. This is fun. God damn, dude. What a night. Here it is. So this is the very first round. And Ememovov or Magomedov rather is fucking good, dude. Dangerous. He just had never fought anybody as good as Trickler. Sean's doing the same shit. But he came out really fast. And he came out throwing really hard shit. So a lot of energy expenditure. Look at that. Front kick to the body. He looks fucking good, dude. He comes out like a banshee and Sean sticks to it. Magomedov, it was an eye poke. But Magomedov, what happened in that fight was he just was not comfortable with the pressure. So there was an eye poke and they reengaged. And Magomedov looked like a fucking world class kickbox around his feet. He thought it was going to be a bad matchup. But then he just went through that. In the beginning, look at that leg kick. Just stung him with that leg kick. I mean, he's hitting it with good shit. Sean can hit him. His kicks are nasty. But he didn't have the endurance to keep the style up. And I also think that he was going to be a good guy. So I think he was going to be a good guy. He was going to be a good guy. So it was a big style up. And I also think there was a big adrenaline dump. Because I think that was Magomedov. Was it his second fight in UFC? Second, first one he starts. Yeah. So second fight in UFC and he goes right up to the top of the heap. Right? He's fighting the number seventh ranked guy in his second fight. And it's a fight night. Right? So a lot of pressure. Main event, too. Main event. Five rounds. And Strickland just slowly closed the distance. Still, he's responsible. He's not getting hit a lot. But he got hit a lot to the body with the front kicks. And you got to hit a lot to the legs. But the thing is, on the feet in the first round, Magomedov looked like a fucking monster. And I was watching this. I was like, oh my god. Me too, Ozzy. This is going to be a rough night for Strickland. I was like, this guy is something special. But Strickland's got that same thing. And Strickland came on my podcast right after this fight. And we were scheduling it. And I was watching the fight. I was like, jeez. I know. I wonder if he still doesn't want to come on. After watching the first round, I was like, this looks bad. Dude, I was supposed to have Anthony Smith on when he fought Magomed. And he literally ripped his ankle. And he was like, I can't make it, man. Yeah. My god damn it. So we don't book guys anymore. The only guy we booked since was Bo Nickle. And he goes, man, I have a fight tomorrow night in Vegas. Love to do food truck. I'm like, we don't book fighters when they have a fight. And I was like, oh, it's Bo Nickle. We'll take it. So he starts to do that. Why don't you book fighters when they have a fight? Because if they lose, you don't want to talk to them? No. Oh, look at that little kid. Because if they get hurt, then they don't make the fight. So here we are, 233. I'm going to go to the bathroom. Yeah, go ahead. And I'm already seeing Magomed off slowing down. Like right here. There's some labor to the way he's moving anymore. It's not as explosive. It's not as fast. Winding up more. So he's halfway through the first round. There's more fat in his movements, right? They're not dynamic. Like right there. Like right there. You're seeing a fading. And then Sean clips him with the jab. So already, three minutes into the first round, this fucking guy's fading. And I don't understand what happened. Maybe it was an adrenaline dump. Maybe it was just like bad camp came in sick. Who fucking knows? But he looks like he's trying to take Strickland out early and completely unsuccessful. And so he hits him with a lot of leg kicks. He hits him with a lot of good front kicks to the body. He shows him a lot of flashy techniques. But he's fading early. So here we are. And towards the end of the first round, Strickland starts to come on. So we're a minute and 35 left. And Magomedov is still throwing heat, man. You cannot sustain that kind of pace that he had at the beginning of the round. Because it's all explosive movements. It's all these big, Ha! Ha! It's like if you're hitting a bag and you try to go full out for three rounds. It's too hard to do. But you can kind of... Look at, he took him down there. Nice takedown, but Strickland got right back up to his feet. Oh, yes. No, Strickland's a good grappler, man. He's a very good grappler. Standing up. He's a black belt in jiu-jitsu. And this guy got his back. And Strickland reverses it. Gets back up to his feet. That's right. Look at that. Working the hands. Yeah, he got separated. And he did it easily, right? So he's not tired at all. Doesn't panic. Which is interesting. Like his efficiency. And now he checked that. So now Magomedov is starting to slow down. 47 seconds to go. Big mouth open. Look, he's awkward in his movements. After the transition, he's not coming back to his fighting stance very quickly. It's a different thing, right? You're watching a guy who's now not the same guy that he was four minutes ago. So now he's trying to slow down. He's breathing out of his mouth. And Strickland starts to pop him. So towards the end of the round, Strickland started to come on. And then you sort of saw where this was going. So Strickland, when he's firing, he's just kind of absorbing it, moving away. Pops him with that jab. There's the jab again. And now he starts coming on. Now, right at the end of the round, you're starting to see, OK, this is where this is going. This guy's tired. Yeah. He's tired. And so that's the end of the first. So scoot up a little bit. But look at some of the fucking highlights, man, in that first round. Yeah. It was insane. He's floating into his legs. In the second round, he comes out. And now he realizes he has to preserve himself a little bit more. Because he knows he got really tired towards the end of that first. But he's still, he's got that style. Because he's knocked so many guys out, he's got that style where he just throws everything with every shot. And when you get to the highest levels of the game, you fucking can't do that. Yeah. They can't fight like that. And look, Strickland's just pouring it on him. Rips into the body. And he's so good with head movement, too. He's so good at avoiding shots. It's insane. And again, this is after the Pajeta fight. And after he trained with Pajeta. So he learned a lot from that. A lot of- Pajeta fight taught him a lot, for sure. But that's what happens when you get in there with a world-class striker. A lot of his push-taunts placing his feet, too, though. Uh-huh. You know? Again, not like, look at his face. Not a lot of damage. Not a lot of damage. And he wasn't really getting hit too much to the head. He was really getting his legs chewed up. His left leg is fucked. Look at it. Yeah. And he got really kicked a bunch of times. You say Magomedov had more success than Izzy. Watch his left foot when he throws that jab. Magomedov looked real fucking good. Oh, he's a motherfucker. His head's always on the center line here. Boom. Now boom. But now Sean starts coming on. And Magomedov is in real trouble. He melts him. He's already so tired. And we're in the second round of a five-round fight. I'm like, this is impossible. I mean, he's getting bad. Yeah, Sean just starts pouring it on here. And now he realizes he's fucked. And he doesn't have any energy anymore. I mean, he's just in full survival mode here. And Sean isn't even tired at all. That's just incredible. Look, he's just teeing off on him. His head's always over here, too, on the other side. Look, he just went to look to see what the time is. He's got 3.19 to go. That's never good. You look to the time. You're like, how much time is left? Forever. 3.19. And then he gets beaten up. Boom. And Sean saw him look at the time, too. Wow. Look at this. So he's still relying on these big shots. And when you're fighting a technician, relying on big shots just is not going to cut it, man. Especially when you got a guy who's got really good boxing and good defense. Yeah. Like that, he's just breathing out of his mouth. Look at this. I mean, this guy's fucked. So tight. He's fucked now. And I don't know if he's fought since. We'll check after this fight. He hasn't. Yeah. So the fact that he was a backup for the title is kind of kooka. Sean keeps all his weight in the back. Sean's always got seven stars. Oh, Ken and Nia was the best. Oh, okay. That makes sense. Sean's got his weight in his back a long time. Magametta being the backup doesn't make any sense. God, he's good. He's got great boxing stance like that. Look at that. But it's also just the fucking endurance. And the volume. Magametta is just getting fucking tortured here. And so it's going to be easy to be interesting, rather, to see what kind of adjustments Magametta makes because his skill is fucking off the charts. But you can't have this kind of fucking performance against a world class fighter. He's getting fucked up, man. It looks like the number seven guy fighting on right guy. Right. But when you see Magametta off's potential, the fact that they threw him right against a world class guy like that is not really good. But it's good to see him having high hopes for a Magametta. Yes. They saw his talent. Now he's getting tired. He's got a little bit of that. Oh my god, so tired. Look, he put his hands down. He's just covering up. He can't do anything. All right, just tease off. And Mark Smith's taking a good look at him. He asked him if he's okay. He nodded his head. It's like a shark. He smells blood. He also just doesn't get tired, man. That's one of the things that's so impressive because he's never out of the gym and he takes care of his body. He doesn't wild as he is. Look at that. And then when Magametta wants to do something, nothing. There's nothing there for him. And he's got a minute to survive. Oh, look at that. He's so tired, man. The fact that this is the second round. I mean, this is super unusual for a guy in a world class fight to be this tired by the end of the second round. It's crazy. Sean just keeps coming. Like, relax. Nice and relaxed. This could very well be an adrenaline dump. That's it. He just gave up. That's it. It sucks to get hit in the head that much. Yeah, he's just his body's giving up. I mean, he's getting fucking tortured here. All right, that's enough. You can stop that. That's it. Beautiful performance. Very similar. Like, technique. And just... Well, in a way, Magomedov is kind of more impressive. Yeah, he did more damage. He had more success than his, he did. I don't think he's fought since. He hasn't. He hasn't. No, he lost since. That's the last loss. But before that, I mean, he was fucking beating a lot of good guys. He just looked really good when he was winning. And it's interesting. I'd like to ask Sean. I think it's like those little subtle details of where he's placing his feet. Those little inches. He keeps saying that. It's true. It's everything. That's boxing. I mean, step here, step here. The difference between here and here is everything. It's also just the distance management. Yeah. His ability to not get hit in the face is so good. And the fact that he's doing it like this. Yeah, he's got that shoulder roll. That's so crazy. That kind of thing. Yeah, but also his jab comes out of nowhere and his right hand is pretty straight. He didn't get hit, dude. Isn't that crazy? I'm stunned. Stunned. I think this is one of the most stunned I've ever been. Surprised at a performance. Me too. Like Holly Holm Ronda. I knew Holly was dangerous. I knew Holly was like a legit strike. And if Ronda couldn't get her to the ground, I was like, Holly is a multiple time world kickboxing champion. You can see the path to big. There was Sean people at the show last night with Brian. They asked me who wins? Is he a strict? And I was like, they tell me how Strickland wins it. Decision. Get the fuck out of here. Knocked him out. Get out of here. Submit some not happening. When he cracked him with that right hand in the first round, I was like, well, what? I was like, I is he's gonna wake up, get back to the nope. What timeline are we on? Nuts. It's Sean Strickland. Sean Strickland won and Sam Tripoli is Christian. Crazy. So what did you bring a gold coin out of? No, that was here. Somebody left this here. Forgive it to me. Yeah, don't eat it. Put it down. Put it down. Put it down. I bet it's fine. You eat everything. I'm gonna eat everything. You ate his shrimp. Oh yeah, I took one shrimp. You don't even ask though. You're just reaching grab people's food. Okay, no idea. You always do that. You always take a cut of people's steak. I've never done that. Tell me he doesn't. I've never done that. You do that all the time. I've taken a cut of your steak. Oh my God. Let me try some of that. You had the fuck out of here. Oh my God. When have I ever done that? I've heard people complain about it and I'm like, oh my God, he did it to me. You've heard people complain. That's my room. That's the room. You cut people's food and you eat it. That's the word on the street. Yeah, people are talking. You're like, that looks good. Let me try that. Hey, I bully into other people's place. Not bully. Just move. I just moved. It's a mooch move. More like, I'll take this. I'll steal this fucking chocolate, bro. Somebody gave that to me. I get what it is. Yeah. Why did you open it? I told you not to open it. It just came off. Back is chocolate. Cheese. Open the fucking chocolate. I did take your sake. It's good. This is good sake. Soto. Yeah. Super. Oh yeah. His chocolate's all fucked up. Your chocolate's open my chocolate. Yeah, you gotta get a bunch of people sealed, bro. Yeah, it was. I was looking to see if it was real gold. You opened the seal. I was pocketing. You thought it was real gold and it weighs nothing. I would have taken it and sold it on the black market. This came from Joe Rook and Tape. I would have fucking robbed you in the parking lot. Yeah, is that Christian? You know, I'm learning. You're not very Christian, now you're saying. You know, I don't know the rules. Do you fall back sometimes? Yeah, all the time. So you're going to church? No, that's not gonna be what I do. No? What I'm in. The people I'm working with, they don't go to- You're working with people? Well, I'm starting with my friend, yeah. So what do you guys do? You get together and hold hands and read the Bible? Dude, we're really early into it. I can't really bring a lot to the table right now, but I'm just telling you, this is where I'm going. Powerily, like a few days? No, like, you know, just I'm beginning my journey, man. All right, so let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. Fuck, man. Can I just- Listen, I'm happy for you. I'm happy for you. I know, dude. I think there's some great value in Christian ideology. I really do. I think it's a great scaffolding for your moral foundation for life. I think there's a lot of value in it, and a lot of people that I know that live that way are very happy. I don't have any problem with it. Here's my thing. Here's my question, though. Where do you think these stories came from? What do you think was the original origin of it all? That's the whole thing. How old are the stories? So when, you know, Bill Maher did his Religilosity or whatever that show was, he said, like, oh, all these other stories from these other cultures- Yeah, but that doesn't- Tell the exact same- Discounted in my eyes. No, I don't think it does. Like, look, every culture has a story of a great flood, or many, many cultures, I should say, have a story of a great cataclysm and a great flood. And I think that's because a lot of that stuff did happen. Yeah, I agree. And especially when they're doing work now and core samples, and they realize there were some periods of the earth got pelted by meteors, and this is very likely a civilization reset around 11,800 years ago. The Younger Dryas Impact Theory. But when you're thinking about the origin of these things, what do you think, like with this Adam and Eve story and the Lilith story, what do you think was the origin of all these? Well, do I think they're literal? Again, that's a hard question. Very much early into it. A better question might be- No, but I'm just asking you, I'm not asking you as a theologian. Do you theorize? Do you think about it? Like, how did these things start? I think they were told stories told passed down orally, and then eventually it just became- They were written down and then- What do you think the origin of the oral stories was? I mean, it's definitely- I mean, I personally think that- Listen, I believe so above, so below. I think there's people who think that the stars are the origin of the stories of the Bible, but I think the stars only tell the story that happened down here. That's my belief. What do you mean by that? So there's people who believe all the stories of all these religious stories over years are all stories that were told through the stars, that each of these consolations tell a story, and you trace it and that. But I personally believe that wherever we live, and I think it's very special, whatever it is- What do you mean by what? You keep saying that. Where whatever- Whatever this is. What do you think this is? You think it's a simulation? You know, the Vedic's. The Vedic's talk about a story about God trapping entities here to create a realm of consequences, which is the same kind of story that is told about the fallen angels. How many- what percentage of angels fell? 33. That's why you see that number all the time. That's my personal opinion. But I also know there's people who out there who say that Lucifer- they attach the name Lucifer to Satan because there was a saint called Lucifer who said that God, that Jesus was not the Son of God. And that- there's people who believe that too, that they said he was the Son of God because the Roman Catholics wanted everybody- they wanted to bring in the pagans into Christianity. So they were son worshipers, son gods. So they called Jesus the Son of God. So that's how they brought the pagans into that. And I just think Jesus was a star, she brought down to- Well, most certainly the Christians- Sorry, buddy. I get it. Most certainly the Christians adopted some pagan rituals and definitely some pagan holidays. Yeah, I mean- They did it partially just to incorporate the pagans into their religion. Like Christmas trees basically are basically a symbol of Nimrod. But there are some stories that resonate with the human psyche, right? What does that mean? So there is a belief that the actual Antichrist was Nimrod and that he thought he should stand in front of God. And that's why he got so big that he thought he should stand in front of God. Well, he had a wife- That's why when you're an idiot, you're a Nimrod? That could be it, yeah. This is a- back in Boston, they just called people Nimrod. Yeah, I've heard Nimrod. It's fucking Nimrod. That's not- so Nimrod in the Bible is a different character in the Old Testament. So- You always got different Bibles. What I've been told that Nimrod- now, his wife has a child and she wants everyone to believe it's Nimrod basically being reincarnated. And she basically points to this tree that grew inside a tree. And that is why there's a belief that that is why people put Christmas trees up in their house because it is a salute to Nimrod. Yeah, that's- Sam knows his shit, Brian. No, Nimrod was- Nimrod ran a city that built this tower of basketball. That's what you want to say? That's what I want to say. But what I've studied in life, this whole thing, is that there is a fight between easy versus simple, right? Easy as fast food, drugs, alcohol, pornography, okay, all that stuff. And simple is prayers, working out, helping others, connecting with God. I do believe the farther you get away from God, the more your anxiety, your depression, your sadness goes up. And that we in our culture have demonized these things, anxiety, sadness, depression, as bad things when I personally believe that's the universe telling you it's time to change up your life. You're going down the wrong path. But what do we do in our culture? Oh, you're sad, you're depressed. Here's a pill to numb you out so you can continue down that path. Instead of going, what do I need to change? I have friends of mine. I'm not going to say their names. I have a couple of them. They keep staying in the dark. And I used to be in the darkness, staying in the darkness. And they're always having the same complaints over like 10, 20 years all the time. And they never want to go. And I'm not- Listen, man, my spirituality with God is just for me. I don't tell people how to live their life. And if you could live your life as long as you don't hurt people, in particular children, you'll never hear me tell you how to live your life. But it's made a positive impact on your life. Changed my life. My kids did that. Well, you just said it's amazing. What you just said is really fucking awesome. Did that to me. But kids make me believe in God. But I just believe that the farther you get from God, the more your anxiety goes up, your depression goes up, and your sadness goes up. Just seems to me like as I get in this thing where it's like a law of attraction and model of abundance where I give stuff away, I feel I vibrate on a higher level. That's the difference, vibration. How do you not love Sam Tripoli? How do you not love Sam Tripoli? Beautiful. Amen. You're right though, man. You just said it. Let's wrap it up. Boys, another fun one. The best. Thank you. We want to fight. Thank you for being here. We want to fight. I'm so thankful you guys let me come in. Oh, please. Eddie is my best friend in the world. And I was honored that Sam's let me sit in his seat. Eddie's the best.