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I said it so I'm going to this one you want to take some of that action. Yeah, but shop what are your thoughts? Like I love Kamara, but it's a little bit end of the road. I don't think he's washed up I think that's unfair to say to you know with Leon Edwards Just because he lost to Leon twice Leon said bad motherfucker, you know without so so you can't say he's washed up, but Hamzad I've been on his hairy Dagestanian nuts for quite some time Chechnin So I think Hamzad's like the next thing sure like the the guy he's that talented Yeah, do you think 85 is the move for him? Do you think the 70 is just too much too much of a cut for him? Yeah, much of a cut I wonder with him with the really big guys You know there's such a giant difference between the big 70s and the big 85s They're all the different they look like four different weight class Paulo Costa. Yeah, he's a big boy I'm already wanted to re Jared canoneer. I really want to see their giant duplices giant. He's so big I could never believe he's 185 whenever I'm interviewing him after the fight. He's a Hulk Yeah, he's so big about Hamzad if he wins this fight Dana said whoever wins this gets the next title shot no Hamzad's path to the 85 titles It's not that impressive that's how talented he is yeah, you look at his wins cuz He's also very very popular We really haven't seen him against a can of near or a Strickland or any top dogs in the 85. I'm saying so he's skipping Tom's I'm sorry skipping that he's skipping the line and going straight to the champion. I think his first fight in UFC was 85 Yeah, he's not a general way. Sure. Yes was 85. He has some wins all I'm saying is not not not the guy You're talking about that's a different different animal different size Pajada Pajada's was the 85 pound champ. He's so big Have you seen my tool five still a master like what? Willpower what do you think about Strickland versus comes on very interesting fight very interesting fight on the feet, dude I've re-watched that Strickland out of Sonya fight to that motherfucker is so underrated and everybody was thinking and me included That you and me both son He was gonna have such a massive advantage in striking But this what you saw was skill the checking of that low kick was so important never got his movement compromised This fucking Philly shell that he uses. He's the best at it in the sport How about his defense the guy barely gets hit his defense? He's just he made it a boxing match He's close distance also like he's so crazy and outrageous that people dismiss him as not being good, correct? You know his fucking talent levels are very close to a video him sparring with a professional boxer, bro Oh, yeah, I mean he gives this guy the business what I can't what the guy can't hit him Let's take down defense like pretty fucking good man. It's pretty fucking good in his ground game Jaco just had him down at his gym and victory in San Diego. He said dude that guy is legit He goes he's got a legit ground game. He's been training with Jason Manley for a hot second man He was like his his grounds good man. He just doesn't use it He does you want it like standing and the fucking endurance, you know There really is something to be said for a guy who just spars, you know when you think about it That's what you're really doing in a fight and this fucking guy in the fifth round of the side of son You fight isn't even breathing heavy Also, he's allowed to do that cuz he doesn't engage in the grappling which wears you out the door So we'll see what happens with a guy like comms out who's not just gonna stand there, right? Right all the solistically again, you know nickel bow nickel even Izzy Stiles Kew We thought was a nightmare for first Ricklin going in the homes that you like man Stiles He's a nightmare for Strickland, but I don't Strickland's that fucking good. He's a huge dog already if alms out wins He's already a huge dog. You think Strickland's a huge does really? Yeah, he is. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, they have the odds out That's not from my feet. Is that because our homes out to wrestling and stuff? That's what they think homes on that You'll see and if they say this is the guy you should probably listen. There's a reason why sure Of course, of course, and he hasn't fought the top two. I might see homes out against Israel, right? That would be a great fight, but I don't think Israel wants to fight for he said a long time and that's the move Yeah, I think he needs to deal with some injuries. He's gonna get some stem cells I think what 10 title fights as last 11th hit all main events You're talking about in three years to be that much active most realize champion in the sport people don't realize especially at the level He's at you forget how good is he is? He lapped the competition already? He laughed them so he's doing rematch just torch and those people They have to take Alex Piera and fast-track him the title shot to get him to get him up for the fight to get Him excited. That's how good fucking is he is. Yeah, so I think him leaving You know, it's gonna make us realize how special he was. I think it's the perfect move for him Well, I think you got to get burned out. There's no what physically mentally everything fighting now, Joe You know this like when you're the main event when you're the top dog when you have the belt You have a different obligation as far as selling the paper about media media hundreds of interviews Yeah, crazy And if you ever saw when Khabib and Islam Islam was just starting to pop off Islam's doing all these interviews There's a famous video Islam's doing all these interviews. He's like again and Khabib looks at him goes. Oh, all you got to do is lose just lose all this goes away. If you don't like it Just lose. Yeah, it's really easy just losing. You don't have to do this anymore Yeah, heavy lies the crown man. They throw as much shit against the wall as possible Hey, but that's why do you think the biggest the biggest it's the best do you think there's does you would know better anybody just Usman Kamara have a lot of trouble getting down to 70 a lot or he's He's big yeah, yeah, he's he needs time like you can't tomorrow's not gonna do a 10-day notice for 70 He's probably walking around 190 plus Shredded yeah doesn't get out of shape so so at 85. It's gonna be interesting to see Like he hasn't has much time to prepare, but it's a three-round fight, right? Is it three? Most likely he's already in shape Kamara does not strike me as the type of guy who ever gets out of shape So that's why I'm interested to see how he's having so they're both one, but but the 185 Yeah, right. It's not like duplicity exactly, but I'm just gonna worry about Kamara's knees Yes, yeah, but he's forced to strike not as endurance, but he can strike at 85 too He's gonna be I feel like he's gonna be that's how I feel about that's the problem though be that that's why I'm been You I'm gonna take your money. I love Kamara, but yeah when you want to bet on that. Yeah, we'll bet on it I'm not sure is gonna bet. Yes, first of all. I need to know how much you owe him already No, we're I think we're even now Whenever you hear I When I hear Brian talking like that I'm out of my voice. Nope, but but I think this truck's about to dump My secrets but with Kamara You gotta be careful labeling him a high-level striker. He's not got some good guys, but he's gonna be forced to strike with hams out He's not taking them down. Well, he's me for any his knees are out so he can't kick. I'm a sir Go ahead. He outstruck a guy named Who is the guy? Where am I little? Yeah, that's right. Who's a great striker high-level striker? Wouldn't you say but it's also mixing it up with wrestling as a wrestling advantage. Where's where's And and and got the best of Kobe Cop that's better take two gets more takedowns cosmon or use homes. I get more takedowns in his mind I don't know. I think guarantee it you want to go $500 on that. Yeah, no, no, no, I'll go I'll go a grant Take You doing a grand you're doing tomorrow I'm taking tomorrow, okay now now now now we got Islam folk I love walk. I love all we all do champion Astonishing I thought he won the first fight, but here's the thing. Here's the difference Islam don't take what I told you on the show. No Islam had about 15 hours to hydrate You know last fight he's had 30 hours now I believe because they waited at 9 a.m. Now it's nighttime next day. So it's about 30 hours So as far as like him being bigger not not won't gas There's a lot going on here. That's interesting. That's a good point. Yeah, that's a good point of view of that much more time So how about was it? How many more extra hours did you get? Well, you got I think about 24 hours They're saying about a day which is a huge for him is massive So now he's he's back to his original weight. He's fully hydrated also to your point be remember now the last fight was in America So now it's in his you know in territory All that bullshit And now yeah in Alex's taken on 10 days notice Alex Alex's biggest superpowers his cardio on 10 days Even if his card is at a 9 that ain't good enough to hang with much well remember and also Maghav took Alex down How many times I can't remember in the fight and I don't think he's gonna take us back You know he he I think what's gonna happen is you'll see a lot of ground and pound It's gonna be hard for Alex It's gonna be interesting if that Rehydration makes a giant issue because that you just really intrigued me. I wasn't aware that it was that much extra time Yeah, that's a big factor for a guy who cuts that much weight Yeah, cuz Islam is when he was gassing out at the end of that fight a big part of that is the dehydration I guarantee you if that guy could just weigh whatever the fuck he wanted and they fought he wouldn't be experiencing that it is Insane that we make these guys Literally get to death's door 24 hours before a world title cage fight they choose it I don't like it's an advantage they do they do choose it, but we shouldn't allow it. I think it's sanction cheating Well now they and everybody does the same day wins That's why I do same day, but they do way you can't really get that crazy dog you want to get crazy You're you're there's no way you could win a 16-man tournament one championship I think the the argument is that you would have better fights cuz guys would do it And they wind up being really depleted and they fight anyway because they're just tough But the argument is if you do it the day before you get a better result They weigh him out they weigh them at in the morning of the fight now mm-hmm to see to make sure there isn't this massive disparity But I don't know I never heard of anybody getting like DQ because of that though no like never know I mean never I've never heard anybody getting into all the fights off because the next cause came in at 230. Yeah, never yeah They never have done that nor will they know you know we can the morning hydrate That one fighter they did that with Donald Cerrone and and What that's but what what I'm saying be whales They stopped the fight and until yeah, what did they do? I think not for whales I think they weigh them in the morning up. I think that's a new thing no no no no no No, you're always way 24 hours before at least but my question is like they've never taken a fighter and said you rehydrated too much There was a week no there was this talk about Davis had that thing with Gervonta where he couldn't weigh more than a certain amount correct box in the way that yeah But that was just like a clause that Gervonta put in the contract with Ryan some weird thing that they do But UFC that they don't care if you make 55 and you blow up the lead Anthony Johnson make 170 blow up to 220 They don't do these like Gervonta's it's it's smart if you can get a guy to do that hell Yeah, that's like when Floyd got canelo to go down to 152 You know if you can get a guy to do that It's like take every advantage you can if you can get a guy to agree to not rehydrate correctly Yeah, how much time did Volk have like 11 days or something wasn't he sitting on the couch 10 days 10 days? Yeah, that's not a lot, but who knows how much he's been training. He was 185 pounds though Yeah, they and they tried they hit up Strickland first. Yeah He was 180 plus yeah, that's they hit up Strickland first, and he was like nah which I agree with you're the champ You know fly to the Middle East yeah, you don't also Strickland is a big guy I remember what he had to take that light heavyweight fight. Yes, it was short notice. He'll take a short notice fight, but One down cutting down to 85 is rough But kudos to UFC 10 day notice and you feel I think are better fights you fill in with these big boys now They got it in there. They have no they have backups not these backups. They don't have these guys No, they had a different set of backups. They have guys that they will weigh in just in case something happens during when they had Mattaus camera as the camera is a bad motherfucker You gotta have backups. You know my question do backups now, but this is a different They're like we need big don't have a back don't they have like backups that are have a fight just in case they don't need Them they probably won't need them. We're gonna get you a fight anyways You'll fight like some mid-tier guy yeah, but if one of these guys goes out You're feeling that mid-tier guy you're out, but all this one out the window because it's in the Middle East They have a contract there. They can't put on the whatever a guy you've never heard of against Hamza and gets Volkonovski or Mako chev they have to fill the contractor. They have to fill with big fights hmm That's why you got these big dogs on that makes no sense, and that's why those boys got paid Yeah, that makes sense so we were talking about mega med off the guy who fought her earlier one eye the one eye yeah is It seems impossible that he would get sanctioned in the States it was there. Yeah, they can't there's no way no way So over there. They just let him he's just gonna run the fucking Middle East if you want to fight him Yeah, come to the least not crazy like how far can you go like that? I don't know Brazil will let it to I'm gonna fuck maybe yeah, you brought that one But it's like it's like comms that they say is all these visa issues That's why you haven't seen him so long so my question is so if homes up does fight for the title Does that mean the champ Strickland's gonna have to come over here to defend his belt? That seemed that gets weird right it gets super dice, but if you want to fight the best you gotta come to Middle East Is that crazy? Well yeah, if I was trickling I like Madison Square Garden or bus me, too I think Strickland would do that no one's trickling like far off. He might Vegas and nothing dude make all the money It's all who is it who's handling the athletic commission stuff over there is that in house That's probably the same guy's handling drug testing now Right rolls at AT&T spinning back kick knockout Nirma. Yeah, there's it said Oh said some Oh beast really he's very super be very good. You need a dog is tiny with the last name Get off with but he's actually like a really elite striker yet to strike in that His wrestling is not great. Oh, yeah, it's normal. Gometov like Smith in the Middle East. It's like Silva and Brazil It's a clam like it's a family of this guy's fun to watch though. I'm sure yeah, what's he find at? 35 so what is going on with this drug free sport thing? I don't know, but I love it Is it drug free sport and is their logo a wink? Oh You mean they have another commission? Yeah, they got ready you saw it, but you saw it went dirty on the mess Oh, you saw a messed up when they when they when they went and Did that statement without you know, find Dana white my first tweet was like, oh you saw the fuck They said they were doing it for Conor McGregor so they could get Conor McGregor and not have to test That's the in trying to make Dana look bad, which is not true because Conor McGregor entered into the USADA pool and supplied two tests so far. So they're wrong what they said was wrong He's not on anything. He's clean. They tested him. I don't know what he's not a say What did they say they said that the reason why the UFC is leaving this relationship with you saw it was because they were trying to Do something with like that down to Connor and then they said money issue which we know it's not his lawyer said he's the most Tested fighter of all time in the USA as far as Conor McGregor is concerned. Really? I don't think that's true Paulo Costa was the most tested. Yeah, Paulo. I know year. He's tested a ton all the dudes a little juicy. They go. Hmm. Yeah But can we agree you saw does good for certain sports when comes to the UFC? It's been a disaster They're a bore. It's been a disaster Waking guys up at 6 30 in the morning on their fucking weighing day They were doing crazy shit like that trying to get samples day of the fight You got a report 365 days a year and your sub your sub Contractor it doesn't make a lot of it doesn't fit the business model the UFC all good So now they have this guy from AT2 rolls with the boys maybe a little a sigh himself and he's like, yeah, he's good Yeah, but there's a Potentially if you think an ATT fighter 2022 Yuri Pro Husker was tested 64 times Wow He's the most I wonder why they tested it's fucking her ass close to us. Well, he fights like he's on meth Do you hear he's got such a wild style? Do you hear he bursts out? That's gonna be amazing. Take my money. Take my money. That is that is so I'm sorry one fight of the year That's that fight's so exciting. That's massive Square Garden. It's John Jones deep. All right, here we go first fight See it right now is The clock says round one 455 454 453 452 451 450 449 All right, so the picture here. Yeah, he needs manscaped Well, I'm just brought to you by man skate his back. You don't like that patch. No, dude I like it because it's asymmetrical. I know it's like Austin Powers should go Do you think he gives a flying fuck be well, I do I'm voting against him. There's the first Indian guy on the car tonight. Is this him Indian like Apache Indian got four Like the country the real India India, please don't say dot I like the fake well he said feather Is it funny that a dot could be seen as racist? Oh, if you're Brian Callan you're a cook Well, you live in LA and you still talk to actors crazy that Columbus fucked up and called the natives Indians and they just ran with It they never they never corrected it go yo yo, we're not in India dog. We're in fucking, Virginia Oh, he's from Tajikistan a lot of stans That sounds like it Oh, there he goes. There he goes Oh savage dude not good say no, no, I didn't even see the transition because I was too busy correcting This guy why is he doing that? He's got this guy man. He's a celebrity. He was pointing it was hard. They're all wanting normal command off to win the Brian Did you really ask why is he celebrating? Well, he's like he was acting like he had something to do with it. Well, don't be mad You made a mistake dude. This guy's very upset all that train looked up when you should have looked down You also fought a monster. Let me see how it goes here. So he's charging forward Oh, he died right in there right in the middle and then he's a cool say less Any power guillotine? I'm such a fan of him if you watch his fights He's on that he'll lose the first and second then pull it out in the third. Damn. He's such a savage this That's pretty sweet. Yeah, I'll see what mistake did he make there? He didn't have his One arm around your neck. Yeah You got to address it. You have one arm around your neck. If you don't address it right away. The other one comes in It's over. Yeah, the thing is arms around your neck in the middle. Yeah, so there's one you better not you better address that That's rule number one. He's also a jiu-jitsu master address it You know what you're doing, but when you're double legged like that, it's his head been higher in his chest like that Oh, well, or if they grab a guillotine As soon as he shoots, okay, he shoots he gets his neck wrapped instead of continuing the takedown Or you can take him down and you got to make sure you're on the right get his can't stay there. Yes, we haven't seen One of those Von Fluz in a long time Never trust your neck right now. My neck will be fine. The man you feel this Famous statement. Yeah, John. John. John. John. I never trust you. No Yeah, the minute this is there you gotta you can't let the other so your boy Tino I was rolling with Tino. He was catching me and Darcy's from every angle. You're getting tapped out. That's great No from in Vegas Tino Tino Pitbull Tino this got awkward. I just screw his name up. Did you fuck his name up? I probably fucked his name up Tino. Why don't you look through your phone? We'll talk about other stuff Yeah, find out who the fuck you're talking about. Hey, when you say rolled with him you were in jeans and just Varela no, he won't he has a pitbull rescue. He's a comic standup comic is our buddy. Oh Okay Yeah, I barely remember my own students. He knows a black belt But Tino Tino is catch me and Darcy's like I don't believe this coming from where is this you don't even train So why is that surprised and he's a black belt be the point I'm making is this don't trust your neck That's why I should make that a t-shirt. Yeah, you should like sorry Was that a bad story of my votes when I say the podcast come to screeching home? I mean you've ruined Saturday I'm just gonna let everybody know you've been rolling But you know what guys can be if you want a great Friday Saturday next To Chicago improv do that when you say something funny When the Scottish guy trained with You get choked up him up Funk master Joe He's in an interesting spot. Yeah, right. You got a lot of people in front of him now He tried to push for that rematch when the UFC is like not play every he was a little difficult with UFC again I don't know what's going on there, but when you do that It's it's it's the Woodley angle where they go as soon as you lose buddy. Good luck It's all going back to the queue. You got KO'd in the second round. It's like a decisive loss you know, it wasn't like a close fight like you know Usman and You know that fight was close. Well, you were there's one in Leon. It was like who's mining Edwards Leon rounds He launched that last kick a minute to go in the fight changed the course That's a rematch as a rematch But when you get KO'd in the second round and didn't do anything in the first round You couldn't take him down and then Sean does exactly what he said. He was gonna do You got to see but then remember that division two there's so many guys there too Mm-hmm so many and then the other issue with him is Marabh his team It's like we won't fight each other right if he's like then we're not dealing with this dude, Rob you fight in so hudo Sterling we'll see what happens also, you know, Algernon's been talking forever about going up to 45 I think it'd be a good fit for him. Yeah, I think you do well there. He was a little Bigger well, he has a hard time getting to 35. He's a big guy. He's Jack he's built like a stingray dude. He's so Jack When he's down at 35 he's like the perfect body size He's like he's the perfect amount of weight, you know, cuz he's like he's not 135 pounds But he's shredded and he can go five hard rounds for days. He's just he's got it locked in. Yep Goddamn O'Malley is a sniper Fucking sniper just rate rises the occasion. Well, he's just better better than he ever has been before he just keeps getting better That dude just keeps getting better, but he's also what I love too. It's the perfect game kind of blueprint for the UFC, right? He was on Dana what contender series UFC's notoriously been known for years not it happens. I get it I'm not blaming them. They push guys to fought fast sage north cut Darren Till with sugar. They're like slow down We'll get there cuz he wanted to toss shot right away like slow down built him up built up But now he's this might be as far as social media and twitch the biggest star they have now he's champ See they did it the right way Yes, very good example because he you know, he goes over and fights that dude What's the name from Brazil and gets KO'd gets his face in one championship. Yeah, I used to spar him Cosmo Yeah, cos my Alexander when I saw that I literally DM was like I'm telling you buddy. Do not do this cosmo's a bigger guy Cosmo's big he's a little world champion kickboxer Muay Thai fighter. Oh, very good striker Did you watch k1 the last? Absolute eight-man tournament. I did it who won. I'm disappointed in you. I know watch everything I know watch and the only fucking kickboxing event that I've ever commentated you didn't watch it. Oh, you're talking about a hot second ago Oh, hey one. Oh, yeah, that's Chinese. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'm talking about like last week. No, no, what's the Chinese name? It's a bit the big one. I can't I don't even know his name lose sigh loose. I'm Yeah, look at my looking like fucking drago from China Yes, artificially crazy six what six nine or six eight six eight eight. He fucked everybody up Oh leg kicks. Oh, these kicks are outstanding Huge CCP all about China I'm not gigantic six foot eight Chinese guys. He's like what was that the basketball players name? Yeah me. Yeah, I mean Exactly like this guy fucker right elite kickboxer. Oh D Yeah, no, no Chinese in the NFL huh? I don't think so. You googling how to say it one day 611 somewhere, but this is six five. All right, that's pretty tall 220 long and lean That's the new Ernesto hosst I wasn't aware of this and that's okay One but K1 was just sticking with the middle weights and the light weights for a few years And they didn't do the heavy weights anymore because there wasn't a big talent talent Yeah, and now they're trying to promote it again. So dude, how about fury fury and Francis? That's next Saturday I know not nuts nuts. I did the promo for it. It's great. Dang. It's yeah Tyson fury Boxing match you just finding out about this. I know like that's real dude. Are you playing stood? I'm telling you on another I know No, I know I knew Was was promoting a fight. I knew that was happening. I just don't know who I don't pay attention like you guys I barely paid but Tyson fury Francis is so my he's not paying attention to that. I know he was gonna fight I just didn't know like is he fighting fucking he's like new sick in December January. That's what I'm excited This is a great promo. Yeah, that's from I've seen a hot second. So what? And it's gonna be a boxing match. Yeah, just box it for a title. Come on. You got to put all your money on Come on. Well, yeah, come on Fury moves, I mean he's not just a big white boy that guy has great boxing skills Oh, he's the most skillful heavyweight boxer Time I think he could be the best of all time. He's the biggest he's 6 9 He moves like a fucking middleweight. He's got outstanding power can go Who hits harder Francis or Bronx bomber? It's a good question. We don't know We don't know because Bronx bombers never hit anybody with them little gloves And you know Francis has never hit anybody in a big fight with the big gloves, but Deontay Wilder hit how much money? That Bazzell guy yeah, they sat me next to his family and when he's walking I looked at my brother go dead man walking And then fuck you do this might be the biggest fight ever dude, right? It's the biggest fucking fight ever It's gonna be huge people gonna want to see it just for the freak aspect of it I think Francis needs to throw Kasha the win and Homer Simpson and just well, they got a rematch clause in MMA. No No, no, no the smart money. I don't think Francis does really anything to Tyson Fury. We don't know though Well, he's such a big they talked him into a small ring And a smaller ring what about bare knuckle? Rematch well, that's what well that's what a fury wanna do bear. No he did. He's a gypsy dude, right? Yeah, dude Come on. Wow, boy, Barry. I just have a make love bear knuckle That's what they want to do boys the takeover box. It just does What does what does their knuckle you two have been pushing this better for a hot second dude? Come on on paper just on paper forget about oh, I hit his heart. You're too tentative forget about all that injuries No, you can't hit his heart. You break your hand. Did it just more gangster too many cuts way more get bear knuckle You gotta make money, bro Watch bare knuckle Floyd made or what may weather against back? Yeah, then with big ass fucking you hit harder with gloves Oh, you can't hit us hard. Okay, cuz what happens is you you you break your head? Yeah, and guys are really good at this. I think Brian just settled into his I'm an expert voice. Have you seen the video? My voice a little deeper. There's a chick. No, I'm sure yourself earlier when you were betting I did There's a chick there's a chick Impression that's double champ bare knuckle devil double champ female Britain heart The girl she fought fights she does a post-fight interview. Yeah, and that girl's face. Yeah, like she's got plums She's saying she's like It's a famous video I love the experience I love getting in there and just getting in the ring and doing and dude her face Whatever teeth is missing. Yeah. Yeah, that's a brutal ass. That's the only fucking Britain heart double check That's the sport where you almost guaranteed to lose some teeth. Yeah, it's back. Look at the brockle. He's like, I'll try it my fucking Well, the thing is there She like it was a good time. Oh, come on, man. I don't like this stuff Dude, I love bear knuckle. Come on Do they didn't even wipe the blood off? They just let it stain on her cheeks. Look at that like the dirt Like wipe it off That's Roseanne bars What kind of question well, then I get in top tier comment she looks like the female from gremlins to bring it up Jamie but I Know it looks like that's a very good. Come on the female. It's a person. No, I know but it this shows agreement All right, so you know, you're doing well, there you go. So this is Alaskaroff versus Wesley Alves, right? Warly Alves, are there any of these Dagestan guys? That looks exactly like my My fighting already. They like to have a beard man. It's racist, right? I'm just saying they look exactly It's such an interesting look the beard would know mustache if I was humsot and mine had that big cut on my lip I might want to get like a mustache Abraham Lincoln spent 10 years in Dagestan I Took me he was a Giddy That twinkle of joke in your eyes Lincoln used to rest six Yeah, baby. I was a real breast all over the Middle East and he wrestled, you know, what else he wrestled was dicks in his body shit What? Yeah Abe Lincoln had a side piece dude. Look it was his security guard and they fucked really I'm gonna ask you I'm gonna ask you to respect your country There's probably some long camping trips back there a lot of guys fuck Cold winter, yeah Lincoln was an amazing wrestler. He influenced a lot of people all over the world in wrestling before he was a president This is hey and did they say his voice was really high? in travel If you had that picture right there that was taken in Russia You have any idea how long it would take to get to Russia From Very from from the East Coast a year to England that's 30 days And then you take a wagon The fucking In no time They traveled in blimps back then that's a history that's been erased people were traveling Oh No, they had blimps in the 1800s that were traveling go on Eddie Go on they definitely did when they built the Empire State building telling you Coleman use was showing us that the other day Come when Coleman was here. He explained that the Empire State building and made it so high because they were gonna park blimps at the top That's what they did. That's real dad. Yeah, but they didn't do it. They tried to do Excuse to make the tallest building they say we have to make it this tall we're gonna park blimps Cover of the Zeppelin yeah, yeah Just a race blimps from history That you don't want blimps are too Created the music business Well, no When you find out the CIA Jim Morrison They created the hippie movement. They created it. They created the record No, who's Jim Morrison's dad tell him Joe knows this. Yeah He was like a CIA guy. Yeah He orchestrated the Gulf of Tonkin false flag, do you know that be You ever heard him sing? That's why he rebelled from the one I like dude. I never liked the doors I was like when I grew up. I'm like the doors what this is the end is a good time This is the end but other than that break on through to the other side. Oh, oh my god I hate that shit put it on. Oh my god Oh My goodness Or the Alba is done as he just wow. Hey fuck fighting Dagestanians out here Wow 10 seconds ahead of you guys that flying knee was amazing My god horrible Eddie Never wanted to be There was no aspirations to be a rockstar singer nothing all of a sudden he just became one. He's a plant Plant no, Eddie. He was very talented the doors were You like books, right There's a book called weird scenes on loyal. Kanyon. I have the book. I'll give it to you Monday, dude We're teens on loyal. Kanyon dude. It's a great McGown. Holy fuck They orchestrated all that shit and when you look at the other bands that were living in Laurel Canyon at the time It's not I don't see I am you know look out mountain laboratories. I was a Top-secret Air Force intelligence. Did they you know who owns that now Jared let him let oh yes But he wrote the songs were me. What do you wonder why you think look Jared little? I don't know Jared I don't know 30 seconds to Mars. They got a good song. They got a song called echelon. Is it weird? The guy lives in look out mountain laboratory. Okay, that was it Eddie. I show doesn't age either He can win it. He's getting it. He starts doing this like like you get I'm on this way with Eddie though Do that looks good. I don't want to believe it. I don't want to believe that Jared let us not a fucking government agent Look out Bro, it's dope. It's a giant former fucking government building Giant piece of property in Hollywood Hills Jared little Jared little is the only dude in the history of the world He's to be to be a legit Arena-filling rock star songwriter and an A-list actor. No other guy has done Very nice guy with him what to dinner with him me him Theo and I love him. He's a great guy. It's a really nice guy echelon backward back back in the day I love that song so much. I drove to Vegas for a specific reason And I listen to you jumping I Shallon on repeat for five hours all the way to He's one of my favorite people. I love that song I would have fucking bought that place if I found out it was available. I would have bought it And turn that motherfucker into a giant playhouse, I don't know dog Joe Joe might spawn proof to when your dad no Your dad my dad into this he admitted me. Oh shit. Look at that flying knee. We missed it. Look at this shit. Oh Here it comes. Well, boom. Did you know my dad was a deep into Biological chemical warfare touch. Yeah, but see a lot of those young kids that happen Like that the dads are never home that's how they become rock stars not because their dad fucking Schooled them and brought them through the CIA to make them manipulate the population They're rebelling against their dad the dad's never home too much You're you got it you got it you got to listen to the Tumbler beach boys and Laurel Canyon. It's gonna blow. It's a great book. I just got it I just it's so good. They need it cuz that was the theory is in the 60s Um Protesters were like college professors and They were respectable people going against the Vietnam guy Oh guys like was I don't even talk about this Well, you know what when I when I get when I'm on when I'm doing fight companion and I get into some deep shit And you guys cut me off like you always you know what? You gotta put your headphones on you know what I think I go I go thank God. They cut me off now I don't have to worry about someone killing me. I love it when you guys cut me off I don't need to get it on so was it all Talk over Yeah, I know but it's like it's important for these So much cuz I hate my own voice and I could hear my own voice like your voice is great That guy's got a fresh beard a little bit of frosty in it. I like it. I like Abraham Lincoln Eddie I saw think you look better as you get older you look great man. No homo. He looks good You look very good. Yeah, you're good. It's weird that they get it works dude. He's on a fasting workout schedule Tell him Eddie I am totally into Intermittent fasting is that how you say it? Yeah, it fucks I can't even say intermittent because I hear it in my head hmm so intermittent intermittent Yeah, I don't eat till about Three four o'clock in the afternoon workout empty stomach. I heard it from Mikey Musimachi DK Metcalf NBA or NFL star I keep hearing that GSP. I keep here I got let me try it so I started working out on an empty stomach changed my life. Yep I'm so into my workouts now before I would have like a little protein bar a little shake thinking that was empty stomach But it's not vitamin take a workout vitamins little bar little shake empty stomach I'm gonna go work out and I can't wait to I just want to get the fuck out of the gym now Empty stomach a real empty stomach nothing in my system. You get nothing my guts I'm doing sets in between sets doc. I'm doing bodyweight squats in between folk shit I never did before I'm doing shit I never did before have so much motivation in the gym without having to eat just one meal a day My first meal is around three or four But I might do something late before I go to bed because at night in the morning. I'm an Olympic athlete well especially shit tired Every day like my whole life is like a 24-hour cycle. I'm a fucking savage in the morning Yeah, I do everything in the morning. I get all my shit taken care of work I get I get everything done, but by the time it's like 11 o'clock at night You start getting I need a little drink. Yep. I need a little weed. Yeah, little popcorn And these are fucking we just I got a jam room at my studio. So every night after class I After I scrub the toilets and mop the fucking floors. I'm the Mexican at the gym. We jam we have a jam We have a piano and guitars. We have a whole jam room at my fucking studio at my school Right the front the front area where people used to walk in and sign up that shit's been closed down since the scam Demick we never reopened We never reopened. What it's not a scam. Damn it. He's right I Will never refer to the scam Demick as a pandemic That is I'll never see before the pandemic when I hear someone say before the pandemic, you know You don't think we should have shut down schools for two years and closed down all these businesses that people built 30 year To spend 30 years a good move you want China to get ahead of us? Correct. That's what your plan is And I think it's a good move to get those fucking bow is a 300 million fucking ballots that everybody said That's what it was about. Yep. We need a reason about we need a reason to get Millions of ballots out there so people could harvest them and they could do whatever. Hey, what is going on with Trump's trial? Do you know about that? Didn't they hit him with something else been hit with a gag order? It's fucking amazing Talk about some amazing how they're going after him. It's fucking isn't it making them Rallying around more people rally around them for short Brian for sure. It's definitely his loyal followers, but On apart waiting got like Trump trying to save the fucking world. Wait a minute. Are you serious? Yeah I mean, I mean that's a possibility You know, it's an insane that we have a president like Joe Biden Fucking do you see the picture of his chin? Hey, he was on the ball in Israel. You got to give him credit It's all good or worse for him. Yeah, well, he's worse he's dying I mean, that's just the reality of our president. You know what Joey Diaz said about him Well, it's like he's already got the form out behind in them I Want look at him. Do you see the picture of his weird ass chin looks like a PlayStation controller? Have you seen this joke about that like Sam Tripoli like an all seriousness coast? You know a lot of people say he may have died in 2017 well Let's say that's ridiculous, let's say but is let's just say Hypothetically, is it possible? That someone like, you know, like Hillary Clinton or like Joe Biden could have been dead Six years ago, but still with date deep fake technology and masks we could still keep them going They 100% can use masks now that look technology is insane. Yeah, they could take make a man is dead That's our president right there dog What the fuck you see the the meme it says when the edibles kick in well part of what's going on. Let me explain He's got a turtleneck zipper and it's pushing up on his loose turkey neck And his loose turkey neck is forcing that skin up towards his chin So it's loose if he unzipped that thing his skin would fall back into place and he wouldn't have those weird chin dimples This is simple. Just look at what is wearing on his neck. Is it possible that that's a mask? Listen to me. This is why because if that was someone that they hired to play Joe Biden, he would do a good job He wouldn't look like he's dying. That's really Joe Biden. He's just got a turtleneck on see take that and then push that shit up Because the turtleneck and it's the same chin. He's dying I mean, he's a very very old man and he's had a bunch of real serious health issues. He's had two brain surgeries He's number one he's the best on the left had serious aneurysms man, they had to open it they called a widow maker They had to open up his fucking head and get in there and you didn't know that me No, and you voted for him piece of shit. I voted for him three times, but Brian voted for him with like dead people I know that guy. Yeah, he would have voted for my you guys know Brian's Harris to get in Yeah, he wanted to come on tattoo Fights are going so fast. They're filling it with just fillers like check out the next you Walkers got his hands full with this dude man uncle live is a beast. Mm-hmm So it's Johnny Walker though his last three wins are impressive Johnny Walker hits so fucking hard He has that x factor can't really trade for not working do that guys never gonna need Rogaine that guy right there never Thanks, that's a carpet. Are you kidding? Oh And their hair their hair's like Walker is so big for the weight class. Oh, he's massive. He's big for a light heavyweight man He's enormous and Daggett stands their hairstyle like could be Magma had all these Makachev their hair's like a Lego piece In the barbershop say just give me a kabib I want to give me the dagger He's got the same beard. Wait a minute. He's got the same beer. Hey, but he got has a mustache. It's not working No, you gotta get rid of that. Yeah, it keeps fucking up. I have to that guy's never gonna need Fucking Rogaine either. Holy shit is Rogaine still thing. Hell. Yeah, what do you use that? You're great. Are you taking it? What you here's legit from last night? Hey, bro. Hey, bro He's just said my hair's legit compared to Brian calendar Dude, I got better hair. I Don't take a piece here. Do some hair looks like shit Dude, my hair is every time I look in the mirror every time I look in the mirror Mike it's over We're all getting over. It's over. I'm ready to die. Really? It's like I've lived a good life. Come on Are you ready? I live the good luck. You know what? I live the good life You know what I always think of like probably at least every other day When I did your podcast and you were sitting right fucking there and you said When you just gonna shave that shit off And I always think about that like sorry when he just gonna shave that shit off Dude I didn't say the one you it I was I was bald you're a month. You did. Everyone said your heads too big dog Nobody liked it. No, but nobody said I like it you like it cuz you you're not one of you and now I'm with you When I turned 40 and all those motherfuckers out there like 29 30 and I turned 40 I couldn't wait till they turned 40 and now they're turning 40 You know that the young UFC guys are all 40 Mike like you want motherfuckers to get old with you Like I'm not the hood. Come on. Come up to 45 to get up there. Get the 50. Oh, you're 50 now Congratulations. Welcome to the club. I'm old. Oh, I can't wait for people to get old. That's hair Yeah, it's getting long dude you're never gonna need No, no, no, no, no peesh. No good genetics Dagestanian genetics Johnny Walker is a song uncle live hasn't fought since the draw. Yeah. Hey, you know what? You know, we could fix this balding problem seriously Sorry, yeah listen Next starting next fight companion we show up with wigs we make wigs acceptable We have to if we made like every show we have a different one day you have a Mike chemical romance And then the next day you have a little spiky fucking death tones You know what I mean? I wish every day and then it becomes acceptable. She knows with girls girls to wear wigs It's okay, but once guys could wear wigs. I've told Brian for years The coolest dude, you know that that's where the term big wig came from Dude back in the day George Washington all the dudes award wigs got the pussy Like because they were no the elite no like these got no syphilis in in France And I would wear that wig I would wear that wig right there So there's these guys they were in France and they were royals and they were very popular they were like, you know the Kim Kardashian men of France and they got syphilis and When everybody had syphilis back then they just all fucked each other and their hair was falling off big giant clumps Yeah, so these guys started wearing wigs and the more money you had the bigger and more Flamboyant your wig was we need that term big wigs. It's like buying a fry today Yeah, people wanted to be like those dudes so they all started wearing wigs dude We could do that with this podcast, you know many people watch this podcast. We start wearing wigs. No, I would tell them shave your head My hair got thicker You think hey telling you people say placebo right? No people tell you a lot of things you shouldn't listen to you Can't wait you can't tell cuz I have these on watch this ready Hair and that is bullshit Dude, we could bring back wigs we could bring back wigs. I mean, hey $159 it's worth a try. I can't one day you could be axel rose in your head sweating stinky Guys Can you imagine the bangs coming down covering one eye just like this? I can't like I don't want that We can bring that back we could bring it back we want to be Garth Brooks when Garth Brooks play that character Okay That was so weird Dude, if wigs were cool like like all the coolest people had the most wigs. Oh, oh you only got two week You were the same wig every day you piece of shit, but like cool dudes at like 19 weeks The wonder when they started with the merkin with the vagina hair. They they they they've developed a toupee to wear over the poos What you know what? That's why you see wigs That's why Maynard is so crazy his name of his vineyard is merkin vineyards as caduceus vineyards, but merkin, too Merkin merkin, he does something merkin vineyards, but merkin is like a little too pay for your pussy That's a terrible idea. I like that. It's not like that. Wait, where'd it come from? Here goes merkin goes back many centuries to a time when pubic lice were a common problem and women had to shave their pubic hair To eradicate the lice and relieve the itching some of them invented merkins to replace the shaved hair So they had a little pussy toupee. So back then shaved pussies were considered Like air glass like shave you pussy. What's wrong with you? Based on experience the Pros to having a bush as opposed to shaving your hair shaving Your pussy is when the stubble comes out you feel it on your dick the stubble But if the chick doesn't shave her pussy, it's all moist and soft and and it feels smooth You know what? I just get it blasted with the fucking yeah But that's crazy you're getting your pussy cooked I they do knows what's going on So under the skin though, like what I mean if we're worried about EMF from our cell phones What about getting your pussy blasted with a laser in your pothole worth it? Well, you know how many women are getting? Do you know how many women got cancer because of Johnson Johnson baby powder Did you know you got sued like a mother know what that's from? I found out what that's from when they harvest talc the place where they harvest talc is oftentimes got asbestos in it So they're harvesting talc with asbestos and they're putting it all in a fucking powder And girls are pouring asbestos and on babies and their babies. Yeah, got you people were putting it on their assholes Do we know that that causes cancer? Yeah, they got sued like a motherfucker. No, I know super lawsuit. Yeah. No, it's legit Okay, here we go Johnny Walker. Here we go. I could very well knock them out. Is this the co-main? No Third, I got to uncle I have in this that's the same I'm rooting for Johnny. I got I got on Kalei. I'll take Johnny by my name is a sponsor I knock out Johnny's had a problem getting hit, you know But also by big guy like Jamal Hill KO'd him but he kale clear round tree He hits so fucking hard explosive his last three two and he's with SPG to him with him for a while What do you think 500? I'll do five. Okay, five. I'm taking a huge Knocks him out Johnny just connected with the right hand. Yeah. Oh The head kick John is so explosive. I'm not so sure about uncle I've yet in terms of like what? Well, yeah, well, which really fucked his legs up and Johnny immediately went to that inside low kick the same way That yon was but but yon's made out of stone. Oh my god, that dude's bones are like triple dents He's a beast But I'm Kalei is so slick man. So skillful I'd love that move that a lot of guys are doing that Paul Felder was talking about that earlier The lift the knee up and then throw a punch or a kick behind it to get you to read Pejeda is so good at that. Yes, pray the best But it is so good at that and then he hits you with that fucking calf kick and brutalizes your front leg. Oh I've connected Low kicks ouch. He's so skillful man. He's a live doing a good job answering back with the leg cakes I wonder how many guys are like trying to condition their shins now Or they just Advanced now it I know but like there's some guys you remember Malappet He was a Muay Thai fighter that used to just go shin to shin with people to brutalize them Shins are just all calcified when you get those little micro fractures all up the side of your shin And then you calcify all that shit. It's like cauliflower ear all over your shin. Yep And some of those guys just have a weapon down there and when you hear it Wow, how the fuck's that not how she said? Oh, he got a weapon. He got a weapon. Oh You're Took them damn that was a good teacher. Yeah, but then he fucked up how much I'm three minutes dude He might have been hurt he might have been hurt it might have been hurt and fired back He's doing a good job here. He's blocking these though. He's blocking all this does he have a leg in there? Oh, yeah, he does. Hmm. That's trouble. Okay, fucked up there. He fucked up there He let him get further behind. I'm trying to come beep him. Yeah Well, I'm alive is so well rounded man. He can literally do everything John is doing a good job so far this 85. Yes. No 205 205 Shit I'm Clive's last fight. He was a draw with yawn for the child in ship. Yeah. Yeah And then Jamie's like no and Dana rather was like no rematch. I Agree with Dana on that why I'm good. I saw it. I was a good fucking fight Dana white agreement You've been respected I Have no issue about it when anybody oh, oh, just hit him with an illegal knee legal knee. He's okay, though So he gets yeah, but he didn't give a fuck. It was a hard knee, bro. It was a hard knee Hopefully takes a point there should warnings are so fucking stupid. Well the knee like that you gotta watch that knee here They're gonna show it here. Look at this. This is a hard knee You gotta take a point. I mean that is on the jaw. It's so stupid. They go don't do that again Look at this compromise the fire this again watch this again That is a hard knee man, and it's on the chin Eddie Bravo's on one already look at him. He said he didn't want to smoke weed Okay, we'll call the police kind of weed it's the booze when he's a grandma. Oh, that's right Yeah, once the booze came out who's on this wig kick? He chases an idea the way he chases submissions Yes, this week does it gonna find it once he gets on it like a conspiracy or an idea? For me I took some mushrooms, so he starts out with I was like I can't You don't want to wig I love my head like this I really do it's good You look you look good with a bald head they call the fight off Don't call it off Is that what you say Johnny looks fine? Are they gonna call did he say you can't see that's it. Oh, no Johnny seems fine. I don't understand Why they calling the fight Joe Johnny pushed the referee Something suspects this is crazy because did they ask him if he's if he can see and he said no He got hit with an illegal shot, and he wants to keep going let him go This is this is where formalities and all this stuff makes no sense agree because they both want to fight Yeah, let him keep going let him keep going. Here's the issue. Yeah, I'm with formalities, but if they said hey Can you see he goes no you know every fighter knows though? They're gonna call the fight, but do you think that's what he said because he got hit in the jaw He didn't get hit in the eye. Oh Jamie don't tell us Don't tell us oh you're ahead of us Jamie Everyone wants to fight well, they just go okay, so you can't see me. There's a language issue This is stupid. So stupid. This is stupid. Let them fight to let them fight too many black suits in there. Let them fight Like out the beard I feel like seem to be a problem Dana's coming up down I Don't know what Dana just said he said go over there and fucking relax He goes we're gonna figure out after this they should figure it out right now They shouldn't let him stop the fight like that, but did you unless there's a question, but what did Johnny say? What is the referee say Jamie? Can you give me a little more volume? Oh We're hearing through here, okay He didn't see him do that he didn't see what are they saying, but what are they saying? If you know what country and you could it probably is not sure but yeah, he's like I don't mentally somewhere I'm bad. I think they're gonna go no, they're not Be it doesn't work like that. That's the shrooms talking. Well, that's dumb. They should they should let him They can't they can't reverse the legal shot. I can't reverse it. All right, let's see what Dana Just comes everything I would like that power. He has that power. I would if I had that power I'd do that. I didn't go there right now sit the fuck down. Let's keep this fight going and everybody would go Just needs go to the it was bare-knuckle boxing did let him keep going If this is Eddie Alvarez Mike Perry keep going dude in Amsterdam I commentated a fight where Gilbert Ivo fought this Forget who we fought some like Turkish wrestler and he fucked them up and they stopped the fight We get with it by a TKO and he's in the corner and the ref goes it's over and the guy was in the corner Oh, well you stopped it too soon. Fuck that you stopped it too soon. And then the ref looked back at Gilbert Ivo and said Fuck it. Let's go The doctors a bitch Terrible a draw no contest terrible terrible have them just continue terrible terrible Terrible that they did that Maybe you got it. You gotta give the guy a chance to recover You know, he got hit with an illegal strike and bringing the doctor in before he gets a chance to recover I think is foolish but also with the guy recover, but also if English is his second language, you know What country you're in he's probably like what? Yeah He wasn't that out of it. Even when he got hit. He wasn't that out of it. He was gone What's he saying he said he said what country you and he said Florinopolis He probably thought what country you from the English is a second language Doctor good luck, you know, the Abu Dhabi he's trying to get time to recover You Hear DC DC saying he said what country you can't answer he said what round he said his response was what round is it or something? Like that. Well, he got danged man. It's also Fucking stop it. Yeah, sometimes stop it guys all the time. No the corner go. What round is it? Also, there's a reality of getting hit with a shot like that, which happens all the time in fights You don't remember jack before that. No, you're out of it What a shame give him a chance to recover man What a fucking shame Bummer you got out of that one Who you betting on uncle Yeah, you might have one. Yeah, he's the big favorite. We got the two the co-main and main event next Hamsa Zeus my next Who's gonna say We're gonna yeah, we're gonna see a lot early cuz I think Hamsa is gonna storm the gates Yes, he's probably gonna try to put wrestling on Usman right away. I bet he submits them He's gonna submit him I know Listen whenever you're making calls who I fucking thought is you can destroy Strickland so you fight it's fighting for God's sakes But I did call Dylan Dennis. Yeah, you did you also called I think you also called that Conspiracy with on that. Yeah That knows knows the truth. Well, I know what happened. I was there the Commission called it off. They were furious I was there when they called it off. I was there when they said that he couldn't continue to hear what I'm not said What he said he was like he's like people not coming all the time for not making way He's like I only missed it once and I was told he was not I don't want to get into it Well, he was told by the Commission to stop cutting weight. That's what he was told He was told when he was eight pounds over. He looked like dog. She says too much He looks terrible when he cuts weight. They are a lot of guys do they look like they're on death's door do in in New York They're way less lenient in Vegas Vegas. They're just fucking look the other way you try to make way That's what that's they know what the deal is They're gonna look like shit and they're gonna rehydrate good to go and they called it and they just said it was too much The UFC was furious. They were furious also because Kevin Holland and Hamsar got in a fight and there was so much chaos going on There was a lot of chaos, but it was not because there was a conspiracy to move Nate Diaz out They wanted Nate Diaz to get smoked. They wanted that fight to take place They really did and they didn't let Hamsar continue to try to make weight Look, the guy's big When you mean if I had to a five a hundred percent, I think he's gonna to a five events Well, he's definitely good for 85. He's got a great frame for 85, but he's not on the upper end 85 That's the thing when you look at a pussy Jared Cantoneer who used to fight heavyweight Ch Jared is so big coast is so big. These are big guys. That's why I want to see him fight. Well, we'll see though We'll see. Yeah, it becomes champions. You have no choice. I mean Strickland's not a big 85. We're gonna see how he looks We're gonna see how he looks at 85 Yeah, Kevin Holland got smoked but again Kevin Holland was preparing for a striker He was preparing for D rod nightmare different kind of fight You know D rod is a striker. They were preparing to strike D rod hardly ever goes to the ground He prefers to bang. Yes, so he's getting ready for that fight And then all of a sudden he's got to fight the best wrestler in the division other than bow nickel Yeah, they fucked them they fucked him. Well, he took it, you know He took the fight cuz he's a gangster and he wanted to fight him. He didn't want to say I don't want to fight him But where it bow nickel fought comes out. No, no, no, no, no I said other than bow nickel hums is probably the best wrestler nickel wanted to but the UFC again They've learned from their old ways bow nickel 185. Yes And bow nickels. He's the elite of the elite think if he stays on the path that he's on and that path is He's loving jujitsu, you know wrestlers at high-level wrestlers who love jujitsu. Those are the scariest ones He's not trying to beat jujitsu. He's embracing it. Yeah, you know that's scary in jujitsu It's always those are the scariest guys the wrestlers who love jujitsu Those are the scariest guys the wrestlers who want to beat jujitsu. Oh, I love those guys Those guys always have like a brick wall in front of them What's interesting is his last fight he shows he's got hands and a guy was coming like any fun off mowing lawns He fought against It was Oliver Taza in a grappling match and there was some kind of controversy like they went out of bounds and what was bow nickel on his back was How are they gonna restart it bow nickel just said well, we're just restarting the center. I'll be on my butt You could be on top. He didn't give a fuck right there. I knew goddamn bow nickel is gonna be insane He don't give a fuck about he volunteered to be honest his transitions from Shrike and all the best grapplers Have no problem sitting on their body sees match with Gordon Interesting match interesting. Yeah set up for you know, talk for him. Well, obviously Gordon's the best ever. Yes What are you gonna do love Gordon and he caught him in a triangle, but it was interesting. Yeah, but bow nickels legit He's as legit as he wanted to fight the if he was like no man not in 10 days. Well, you know It's smart there's no reason to but also they can get a champion in Usman I'm sure Abu Dhabi probably wanted a champion. Yes, you know, I mean Usman is a legend Screaming motherfuckers been shh Foaming out the mouth to compete and you bet against him you fuck. Well, I gotta make it interesting. Oh She's screaming a la walk-by What does that mean again? God is great. I Agree with I love what? You still want to hear that in the airport? I Show can I have a hit of your joint? That's not a joint you want hit a cigar you want us to go just want to hit That's not a Takes it you're taking it like a cigarette. How did you just inhale like a cigarette? No, well, it's not Recommended and I have some little ones that you can inhale like a cigarette. You want one of those? No, I'm good Thank you. I feel like if I have one in front of you'd light it up though. No, I appreciate it Do you want one? I'd spark it up Joe You got a lighter up in that bitch See how's that picking up DC when they saw him the hotel? Yeah, he's a beast. I'll get you some of them a little cigars We don't have blunts comes that's thin right I mean for the voice tall what is he like about six two? Yeah, and he's strong as fuck Plus 300 smashing huh? Hmm. I'm gonna piss before the starts You ain't gonna make it It's wearing shorts, okay, so Brian how you been? Good, okay, I'm Brendan. How you been? I'm alright good. Yeah, I'm good But then good anything new coming out in the special. No, I'm working on my news. I'm just touring right now Just doing new for you. Uh But bill up my truck my TRX taking it from 700 to 1100 horsepower Yeah, you know I dropped an album yesterday. Oh music hook thieves is the name of the Band I like that hook Jar of flies. It's on all music platforms There's a music video for the single el coyote You never invite me on let's get your ass on I was scared to bite Eddie I feel like you're as busy come on man. You have a standing invite. I'm I'm trying to promote my album that just dropped and you're changing this We did promote it hook thieves el coyote I Always forget the bands called hook thieves. It's on Spotify. It's on Apple music Yeah, if you Spotify would be good I will not sue you if you play that I will not sue you YouTube does The record label and then but we can't risk it right now, I'm the record label dude this video handle while you're wild bro It's about the border obviously look at that damn Right look at that. I made a cameo lose me That's a this is heavy video Yeah, oh wow See when Joe when Joe Rogan leaves we plot Jamie what's that? I Put the shit out of my album that just dropped while you were gone. Oh, I knew you wouldn't mind He's the star of the video I think they should let Beltran rock his mustache in the UFC They make him tuck that show. Oh, he's the greatest dude. I love it I love that dude one of the greatest motherfuckers ever. I love him damn look at who's my way I was looking Strong you think he's looking shredded. He's looking like he's on my oosman. He's looking like he's on that keto Look at that arm Yeah, he's huge. No donuts there. No Jamie. What'd you say though? How's the read? Oh, of course. Oh, sorry That's A good way for him. He loves this way. I'm gonna say I'm gonna I don't know shit But I'm gonna say cosmon can't take who's Monday. You wanna bet on this? I'm just gonna say do you want better? No, I don't want to bet on it. I'll bet you on that. I'll probably lose No, I don't know but I'm gonna say it's not a bad bet. This is my fucker d1 wrestler, right? Brennan do something. I don't know what is what's this critic? No, he wasn't do you want to think? Was in all America Was nid you I don't think That Russian wrestling shit Matches up with college wrestling here. We're gonna see right well, I'm sorry. I was a Swedish national champion And you know what them Swedes. They're some of the best wrestlers that's ever lived With the Bulgaria Well, Sweden has a lot of people finish My he's probably a stone Ian He did a lot of wrestle our Russians using her in Sweden anymore though, but you know what? No, he's Abu Dhabi now marketing the Swedish Well, they probably keep him over there and protect them doesn't have to worry about getting sent to some prison Your wildest boy Is the craziest country ever because you know, they were doing eugenics before eugenics was cool Well, you just came from the United States. No, no eugenics came from Sweden. Oh, no, you need to do your research Educate them Eddie. They actually did it. You know, why do you know why? Swedish people are the best-looking people in the world. Do you know why well because they're tell me why Vikings Okay, no, I tell you why cuz they were and they were fully immersed in eugenics They believed that that the symmetry on your face Determine the symmetry like in your body. So if you didn't have perfect symmetry in your face, they would sterilize you This is a fact but eugenics. No, so so basically so basically if you were ugly they sterilized you so only good people with perfect Symmetry in their face. We're allowed to be that America could use a little more of that. I'm educating you Lincoln wrestling. No, no, this is real. You watch on Rock Finn Swedish people guys and girls and listen, I'm a hetero as fuck But when you go to Sweden, I've been a sweet. Have you been in Miami, bro? This is a good-looking people everywhere. It's like supermodels everywhere because of the eugenics program Iceland They didn't let only this play this. Oh this Oh great. Oh, he's gonna come out like a bitchy Who's my Is gonna win it's gonna be one of those ups and I'm gonna talk about some shit. We go Look at this Chechen in cereal kill fuck dude. What the fuck is about to happen? Roberto Duran sugar a letter shit right here I'm not changing shit material right now. Yeah, it was mine is a real champ and he's not smaller than come on then no take No, no Damn, is he gonna force it? Let's see We find out a lot right If we're a lot of energy being expended yet a lot of energy being an Abu Dhabi this is zero points Lot of a lot of energy being expended you grab the cage But at MMA you got the back it means let's see here Oh one hook And also putting pressure on those fucking knees Oh Take down spread by oosman, so that's a take this is this is real This is real bad a lot this we have enough books who's not trying to sneak out the back even if he escapes this He's gonna do it again Maybe this he can't fix this today all night. You can't fix this right now. You fix this in six months You can't fix this right now So even if he gets out of this and survives this round he's gonna be put in the exact It's a lot of energy for homes out though to broken was that because he did it so easily He he did he avoided the takedown by giving his back which is okay in wrestling But in MMA and in jujitsu, that's not good. He's getting punched too. He's getting the other body triangle Joe He's paying for it. No, he's just got the hooks in collegiate wrestling. This would mean nothing against who's mine It was once fine, right but it was months not a collegiate wrestler. He is who's mine is a guy No, but he's a MMA champion I'm just interested to see if he could sneak out of this he's trying to get that Say that is I'm looking at the wrestling. I'm looking pure wrestling this dog ist on Russian wrestling versus American wrestling and holy shit American wrestling ain't looking good right now. Well with Kamara if it's bow nickel you're talking about a different animal Because he goes he compete against his standings This is interesting. This is interesting cuz with the fucking round So you got to wonder if Hamza Excuse me if Kamara keeps trying to stand up here or if he tries to initiate a scramble He might try to roll it initiate a scramble if he thinks this isn't getting him anywhere because this is dangerous But in the initiating the scramble he might get locked up even tighter But what we're learning might roll as well is Usman is very good rear naked choke defense. Oh, yeah, he hasn't tapped yet. Oh, yeah So she keep there's a chance that he might be able to pull off some like long-term survival You know what? I mean? He might oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, he's saying he should go back down He should go back down. Don't stand up get the fuck back down. It's weak and get through the round. Just get through the round. Oh Fucking face Them that's illegal in jujitsu what he just did well, he's no but Kamara did you know what he just said? He tried to face plant face plant. Yeah in jujitsu you'd be DQ, but with the stupid rule nice belly But it got him out that choke though he tomorrow's defense is impressive I know he's getting his ass whoa, but yeah fucking impressive. No, he's got people on his back on the daily No, he knows look he's defending. He might be able to survive, but he's still losing the round So if he survives come on survives the next minute. He's still lost the round. He definitely lost the round But no leaves this guy defense and it's showing a little cosmot weaknesses Cosmo doesn't have enough setups for the to finish this joke you got the guys back. How come you're not finishing? It's early and I mean with this second third round, but you finish it To be when you're on someone's back the game is how do I choke him there's like books on this so He's doing he's doing a great job oosman at defending all this cosmon's almost out The legs might need to switch to come Come on old school switch almost Cosma is not gonna be able to make a chums up what's his name? I'm homes on what am I saying comes up is that bad? No is there a can his name? No, but Two all right good we got round two it's like when people call in Rickson He's fine like when people try to come up to you and they try to they try to like They want to bond with you, so they want to like tell you that like I know Rickson dog. We are Rickson are homies. It's shit. I call it. I call Rickson all the time like yeah you do Yeah, buddy. What is Trevor saying? Oh don't do that again He Defended all that shit let's get we're learning more you did defend all that now I changed my stance we learned that he's gonna take it down is hard at rear naked choke So we could see this over and over but what's gonna happen is? Cosmon is gonna get tired and it's not gonna be able to take him down no more, so they're gonna be forced to stand You think that's true Remember remember Igor Volchanchin Mark her marker kept taking him down, but at the end of that fight he couldn't take him down no more So they were standing but he or He survives another round Usman survives another round of this could be bishe you can get submitted if this happens again in the third round here We go you could strike with them, and it's gonna be on the feet there We go this fight might not go to the ground left kick this fight might not go to the ground I like how Hamza can fight different stances to yep He's really good with his hands from both Kamau's gonna start dropping some bombs cuz he knows it's just matter of time for you So he's got to drop his weight too yep, and he's got to control the center of the octagon press for no kicks It's tough man. It is those bad knees now is Usman gonna be super cautious because he don't want to get taken for sure He might not do shit. He might just stay on the outside and wait for hazmat Has Matt has Matt's he's calling the hazmat dude is fine Shaz Here comes that's not making a lot of like yeah because he's got a brown in the bag He knows who's gonna do some money in the bank Could be He also knows Kamau's just waiting for that takedown again He's trying to get him to commit and he's gonna take him down again He looks good who's as soon as Kamau's mama to something he gets to put on his butt Hamza doesn't even look remotely tired. No, he's not even looks you know, it looks bigger than Comms out. How's that me Kamau's money? Tomorrow is so much bigger in the body than he is in the legs can't really use his legs. It's so crazy He can't really work his legs out his mind. No His legs are fuck is to swim. Look at the difference in like the build of his legs They're just so much less muscular than his upper body Such bad knees. It's crazy because if they could fix that man, he'd be unstoppable whose feet do you like more? Tom's on his pony elbows Dude comes out speeder. I like them dog. I'm just gonna be honest. It's not gonna it's not Yeah, I'm like a crazy about he's gonna hog on you gotta admit it. You know, yeah, look at those feet. I Think comes out it's gonna have his hands full with a guy like Strickland I mean Strickland has deal as wrestling though. Yeah, that wrestling is no fuck. What do you say that Brian? Cuz I'm done the first round. No, Stan. Oh, you know was Oh I'm seeing much here at all. I'm sorry. Remember you're talking about two different fighters So Strickland is a pressure fighter. So he comes forward. Yes come forward on hums. I he's gonna take you down You went come borrows throwing the right hand That's he's throwing the right hand and anticipating the takedown. He looked for the legs there He's threatening to with the legs and then who's or comes out is looking to catch him with the knee is what are the odds? Who's one takes cosmon down? I'm not seeing a lot of like what are the odds of that with bad knees to be tough man But but like striking wise I'm not seeing it looks like he is like faking shot Who's like like he might try to take him down, but it's nice. This is the only fighter that's open about his knees Yes, you know, it's kind of crazy. You think about it? Strickland to ease I gotta have a quad. Yeah, I can wait one leg I'd like to test. Yeah, some more sites. He's open a man's knees. What does that mean? He's like There look starting to press press for like other fighters. They're like my because I don't think I has a plan here He's doing a lot of feinting. He's not making any contact which was it says to me. He's not that comfortable. I believe Yeah, watch it was months figuring it was months like wait this guy may not want to do some great faith You might be more of a wrestler than a striker there. That's all I'm saying. There you go Oh shitty. Yeah, dude, you see that little girl. There's another kick Little bit you see that. Oh, is that just me comes out? You hit dude, he would like comes out gets hit. Okay. Yeah, loose mom cracked him there for sure. I'm not seeing I'm not seeing Jamie you got a little window in the future. I like that It's tough though, huh? I know Shot is that you're saying the rest of them guys link up and that's huge. I took that round too. Damn He's got right. He has all the wrestling. He's got all that Do now you feel pretty confident you want to double your back? Well, you know, I'm saying striking wise Kamara's not here to peep Kamara's burning his arms out here defending himself. It's a waste of time. He just saw him to pass inside control He's got his head trapped on to him there. He can get his right knee in he's gonna finish And then he is burning let go the guys left arm He can't let go the arms he's inside control is getting okay lost five. Okay lost around Yeah, B you're talking about all that fun mess about Kamara. You want to double your bet or you know what? Two rounds in the bank. I'm very happy with my bet That's okay, Dan we're saying so we just saw yes Got the better of him up until 15 seconds before Basically we see the level of wrestling in that area of Russia is Comparable. Yes collegiate rest, but strikes and I know that now right here. We're seeing it unless your bow nickel He went over there dominate. We'll see he dominated what Dagestan's cuz I brought it up. I went I said, yeah I said, well, he's like a stand start laughing. Okay, I've been competing against those guys since I was 10 Oh, I go. How's it go? He goes. I've never lost. Oh, okay. Oh, Nicole is legit. He's the great American Savior I mean he's Olympic gold medal potential He's that good and he's a freak and he has the work ethic And he's smart. Yep all the eats well, he's great on camera. Yeah Here we go dress. All right, you wrestlers don't have staff third round, but you forgive him Come on, you can do no. Oh, I'm just cracked him the jab touched him touched him didn't crack him Crack him he popped him with that. No, he moves his head back stop if we show the replay and he eats in the face You have to suck Brian Tomorrow Kamau's got to really throw caution to the wind here if he wants to win But he might just be content better striker not getting hurt late nose fight. Yeah, Joe you have that lighter over there. Yes Late notice fight he doesn't get finished it ends like this My wife and who he has to face what Strickland said he goes if he doesn't Molly Wap Usman says a lot about correct. No, they're totally he's not See championship is you're saying you're saying like he's not this indestructible force not well We learned that when he fought Gilbert burn his striking is he's not he's not doing anything with striking. He's not Brian There's no game plan here. We think what are you? Because he's not touched Kamau's mom because my looking for moments to take him down because he's shown he could do Well, no, but also the game plan can been just dominate him on the ground He's always waiting for the shit. Oh Marlin to the right hand. Oh Hey, that's you know what if the fight like this whose one wins Another tomorrow victory jazz in a row whose man if whose men don't get finished tomorrow victory If it ends on their feet like this after this round then whose one has the more whose months just oh Who's mine just stuffed two takedowns and he's getting the better. He's digging. He's digging in Chaps tomorrow's digging in What if he fucks up right here Punch over for the takedown, but he's just making them think about it at the very least Yeah, you good Kamau's digging in he's confused. This is that championship level tomorrow I cracked do defeat and you're talking people are saying Kamau's washed up out of their fucking minds It's 70 he's gonna do some work just Leon Edwards is fucking good man And his take them to Oh Don't let him glitch Come on dog god damn it you fuck Headarm the fucking Go half the round ago. Damn. How crazy college Russ are getting taken down by some Russian. Yeah Well, that's fine. He was getting cuz he was getting punched in the face He's gonna mount him yeah Come on being arrested turn his back imagine if it was mine had a crazy guard Okay, imagine. Yeah, imagine you started fucking throwing meat hook triangles Hey, Eddie, how do you feel about Eddie? How do you feel about your boy Ferguson versus Patti Pimlin? Cuz I'll before you answer I like it for Tony. I think they finally gave him a good matchup That's instead of just fucking killers after killers not saying Patti Pimlin is not talented But he's not finding a top five guy like they've been fucking tossing them. That's a crazy bad job. Great matchup Are you kidding two superstars? You know one fucking legend one, you know, maybe a legend coming up, you know what I mean? Yeah problem Pimlin's already kind of a legend, you know, that's a great matchup. He's a legend Liverpool. Yeah, I Love the matchup. I mean again to my it's not doing much. He's top game is legit He's so smother good imagine who's might had a serious half-card Chamaz is not championship material at 85. Sorry guys I'm just not that impressed I hope you read the comments I mean Tomorrow's man could have won this I'm not reading the car. What way could he have won be this is the 3-0 in the mouth. He was cashing him. Yeah, but he didn't probably he got dominated You know what and in I mean, he did a better showing than I thought I was just just giving him little baby He got taken down but what then Professional ninja hard because he has everything he's controlling him I was talking shit. He goes the dogfight. You still want a bet? Oh shit. It's Tomorrow's gonna like really just charge at him now hectic. I mean he's got a charge out of this His arms are tired He's trying he's trying but you see the fatigue who spends a fucking dog he's a dog he's a dog dude Well, that was a good way to end it I was a good way to end it yeah It's he had his hands full God God. Somebody got to remember not so invincible Something I remember to us Paulo cost and he gets those takedowns. He's a bigger dude that goes on the third round He have some issues. That's when you get finishes. That would have been an interesting fight. You mean you mean it's It's it's bad for it been better for homs that find the bigger guy because he does that against bigger guy The gas tank goes way down. I don't know the bigger guys. He's on the bottom now Now I'm not saying like a bow nickel or a close to has very good takedown defense and he's a hundred Yeah, I'm just saying as far as cardio good and a better striker More power to yeah much more power That would have been an amazing fight man. Well that was a fire. We got a rare Rob I know we are Rob and they hate each other too now. Let me ask you this Joe does this Kind of slow the hype train down on hums on uh Yeah, it does a little bit. It's a well-weight It slows it down a little bit, but it does show he's legit yeah Legit he's awesome. He's number four. He just like he's one three rounds. It's great I'm saying what did you see in terms of when he had him on when he was on top of him? He didn't do anything he controlled the complete control But he didn't that one's fights be and he also he certainly has got GSP made us a store career off control Are you impressed with his stand-up not really no committed like an easier strictly? No, he's good. He's wrestling with them could be a problem It's a full package is full package I think if he fights Polikostar a guy who can put pressure and just bang like that for a fight But and that's what we wanted to see unfortunately we didn't get it yeah, he's small He's actually small for 85 who is like comes. No He's not small no one describe him as small for 85. I mean he's thin dude compared to do Plessy and those guys He's definitely smaller. Yeah, then the really big guys thinner for sure well listen do plus. He's never making 170 No neither is Marvin Vittori neither Jared Kananir. They're really big guys Look at comes out Next to us man right now. It's not surprising he can make 70 But if you look at like any of the other guys you like there's no way hold on Why is um us bond is shocked? Majority so is a split decision No majority decision, so one was a draw No majority so three zero no that's unanimous. Oh was it not unanimous? That was majority that's ridiculous that you give the second third ousman some judge did that's insane I Guess that third with the striking, but then he got taken down Domination if you don't do anything with it. They don't really count it hmm They want damage inflicted second round you could technically say that come ousman could have won that Because he connected way more if you're on shrooms. Yeah for sure second round no he connected to he connected with his face a lot What does he saying? Oh, he's saying bring the Muslims and the Jews together good. Yeah, man. He doesn't want anybody to die good for him I just got his brown belt Good for him coaches always like do that get on camera. It was a purple Kind of crazy Bo Nick was a blue belt I think Bo Nick was a blue belt that sucks if you're in a tournament We got thick Daniels Yeah, that's an asterisk for sure they might have given his purple His arms are so thick is this the mushrooms are he's thick as fuck super they house Are they gonna talk to Kamaro too they should I look say they're going to there's enough time sure Yeah, they got a lot of time It's 242 if they read in a no contest in two finishes, so they're like If they did a rematch ooze mom would look a lot better like he not only not only would he have confidence The confidence to attack cuz now he knows But he had no real camp no real cardio no 10 10 days Rematch this motherfucker well yeah, would he be able to stop this take rematches never happen camp right remember thing no This never happening no because because ooze gonna go back down to 70 yeah Take this for the loop. Yeah, give me the loop You know what you're right. That's that's a probably what's gonna happen But ooze one goes back down to 170 with some fucking yeah confidence reinvigorating fucking for there's a lot of guys at 170 that worked In vigor rating yeah, we're not graded okay, okay? Sometimes I try new words. I'm not sure about a good one. I do it You went to college right? How many years for that's it? Yeah, you just get a bassers and you fucking talk like you fucking have a p.m. He's yeah, especially when it comes to the science of striking you not bad right, but am I wrong about I want to college I was barely paying attention I was talking about my analysis Give me a left hook Just give me the bait though No no no seriously look look come on you can talk all the shit you want on Brian Callen But look at the technique dawg Come on. You're the only person who I really appreciate everybody talk shit on your martial arts I think Eddie's trying to borrow money from you Yeah, what's the angle here? What's the hook? The hook is I'm just trying to be honest Look at the technique come on. You ever see them spar? See that? That's another story, but I'm just saying Throw in punches in the air It looks like if you told me if I didn't know you and I said you said you box your whole life And then you started throwing some shit. I go okay. He's the way McCulloch Especially at 66 Come on Joe come on. You got it. I know you don't like giving it up dawg. He throws punches Hey bro Okay He's a general handsome All the mario look at it And he still wanted to fight I always wear a white shirt like that And you always involve your hips in every strike Always bubba I'm stepping and hiping all the time Joe would it be crazy if Dana goes you know what we're gonna do Paulo and Hamzat We're not gonna fight But the thing is paul has pulled out of so many fights. They're probably a little bit tentative About you know booking them You know who's more hilarious than Paul. He's the funniest Brazilian of all time. He's out there Who's who's finding the base for the Holocaust? He's great. He's a fucking genius troll He's so funny the shitty pose. There's nobody doing it like him doc. He's got like some 5d chess going on With his trolls you know that juice thing yeah the secret you the secret juice Meanwhile he's fucking He's got a I can't imagine Do we know what drug-free sports protocol is I Don't know what they're just gonna say okay guys no math Free we're drug-free no meth. We're drug-free. I would allow the math fuck You know who's most happy about you saw the imagine the pay-per-views if you had a meth championship Slap fight and they like the mess Before the round that you see them right? But I think slap fight leagues not you saw it anyway. I think slap fight is just Well the Commission's probably like who signed It's probably the same deal is like when they found out that the FDA signed off on Oxycontin like who Did you think that when you don't have The word retest social media people are less likely to get injured when they're allowed to take certain they should allow me to do it between fights But you open up Pandora's Down I don't know how many people were on the injury reserve list, but so for sure right so of course Well it's basically what Connor did and Darren Till was like I'm a root remove myself So I can take these supplements, and then when I get back into it. You know how long before they make this illegal I hate this personally I think slap fight. What is this? Now I'll defend a little bit here everyone that's been to the event like you got to come in person in person It's fun. Oh, I'm sure it's fun to watch people get knocked unconscious But it's not my thing I Will watch all the highlights giant so I like fights We're you don't know if the guy's gonna get hit at all like when Strickland barely got touched in that fight He's great. Yeah, take to the body a few times how much? Slap fighting has blown up combat jiu-jitsu. Oh, I bet it was oh my god that makes sense. Oh my god Oh, yeah, cuz you guys go first at first when we're doing combat jiu-jitsu. It's jiu-jitsu with palm strikes people like oh you're slapping Oh, you're slapping. What is why you slapping? Why not just do MMA? What are you doing like dude? We're adding palm strikes We're not adding slaps and then when slap fighting blew up boom it makes combat jiu-jitsu look like MMA I think it's watching CTE like legal. I think it sucks Hope you keep going. It's definitely just so bad for you. You getting you getting full blast headed to the head Where you stay it's good for any of those combat jiu-jitsu look like Time is sported spectacle. It's just like and if they want to do it, who are we to? You could say that about what about bull riding bull riding is totally different It's so much tech miss cuz you're an expert bull rider. I put myself through college that way But you ever try to ride one of them mechanical Fucking impossible. It's so hard That's a movie that's a Will Ferrell movie Oh My god, I'm down a grand put yourself to real estate school not a terrible bet he did a lot better than you thought yeah Yeah, the hype train on hums like this slowing down a tad Yes, I'll give you back but none the last year me a thousand but it said a lot about how this is a big test To see Wow, 29 27 29 27 28 28 Wow Who scored 28 28 was it who's mom's cousin well again Usman connected a lot more do we have like 28 28 we have the Compu box if you don't want a guy to take you down the guy takes you down. That's an advantage if that guy gets on your Back, that's an advantage. He gets on top of you. That's an advantage if you can't get up That's an advantage if he's only hitting you with a few shots. It's still a fucking advantage. Yes, it's a big advantage He's imposing his game on you and you're fairly helpless. You're completely defensive Why do you even have to say that? How do you have to say that? No? No, but but why I miss because the idea is somehow another judge 28 28 makes sense doesn't make any sense Maybe fast. Yeah judges would tell way makes sense. I you know if 2730 is Legit 2730 one every round but if a knockdown you have a you have a fight where there's a knockdown you get a 10-8 Then let us get a 10-8 if you get taken down and get your back taken, but you don't get finished. That's 10-8 doc Right that first round could have been 10-8 So so the first round could have been a 10-8 just be easily on the fact that he dominated the whole world You're on if you're on the back the whole round. That's got to be 10-8. Look at the number of strikes differential It's pretty big total strikes, but significant strikes. It's a little closer because it's on the feet Also, we get takedowns in control So total strikes you got to deal with the noogies that you get hit with when you're on your back But there was no real big shots when he was on top. I would have lost 500 bucks So a lot of these are these a lot of these strikes are they do those count where he was on time? That's total strikes And then you see significant strikes most of that is probably standing up unless he hit him with one really good shot when he was on the ground yeah Or a few total shot no total strikes 107 to 50. He's on top of him doing yeah That's called whooping your ass where I come it is called whooping your ass He didn't have no because he didn't have a lot of damage I but what they could what was Kamau doing during will he do so I think the significance was we saw we saw What kind of fighter chamaya was we're not as big on the train and now he really should be one Right, I think he should be one so if you get a hums on if you can make one seven. He's a champion He doesn't 85. I think he's champion five really I mean I say next look at yes, I don't think he's got the striking for not as a yes twelve fine Let's not have four conversations going Yeah 85 is not his weight class. I think if he can make 70 I think 70 some he's a motherfucker a world-beater Yes, 85. He's got a lot more problems. Yes, you know that was a tough fight tough fight against a guy Who took it on ten days notice who's a welterweight get a tough fight against a welterweight at with Gilbert Burns. Yep, correct he did so now Maka Jeff I want to see if my wife's Volk your one's a molly whopping no, but he's The question the only question is what it's volked been doing right has he been training or has he been just hanging out? Is he dealing with injuries? We don't know ten days notice is not a camp You know and he takes it because he's an animal, but it's a five-round fight. It's against a bigger guy There's so many fact and his biggest weapon against much of is his cardio. Yeah By far it's because it's a special weapon. 25 pounds to get ready for this fight. 25 pounds is a lot. Well, Volk also somehow, he doesn't take damage, man. He's really good at just... Right, when he's got a full camp. Yeah. We're gonna see. We really don't know. Maybe he was training hard. Maybe he was training hard and just not dieting. Also, you gotta realize, Mark Chev was able to watch that first fight and make adjustments. So was Volk's notice, though. Yeah, but he's making adjustments for him on 10 Days Notice, too. I think this says... I'm very interested to see how Magativ changes his game plan, if he does at all. He's doing grapple more. Yes. Grappling and pounds. Grapple fast. Grapple fast. Yes. If I was to get a bet on it, I won't bet against Wukonofsky. I'd bet Mark Chev via submission. Craig Jones has been talking mad shit about Sambo. You've been watching that. Yeah, so he's great. That's hilarious, dude. He's hilarious. Craig fucking Jones, dude. He's so funny. He wants to fight Gabby. He's on another level, dude. He's very funny. And most people don't even know the funny shit he's doing. It's fucking... What do you mean? Babe. Babe. Other funny shit? Yeah. Like with the Gabby stuff? Like with the secret underground? You're looking at it. You just don't know. It's hysterical. What don't I know? I don't know. He's just hilarious. Dude, no, you don't know. Most people don't let it go with jokes like this. Wait a minute. What are you talking about? What don't I know? Just Craig Jones is a genius. Oh, he's hilarious. He's playing the long game you're saying. He's a smart dude. But that's why he's so good at jiu-jitsu, man. People that are that good at jiu-jitsu, you have to be fucking brilliant. Him, Gordon, they're all savages. Smart dudes, too. Yeah, you're that good at submissions and setting things up, man. Craig Jones is legit. But he's funny, too, man. All this shit's insane about Sambo. You know, I was the first one that gave him his first opportunity. And it was only because Barry Yoshida. You were? Barry Yoshida DM'd me on Instagram and said, hey, there's this purple belt named Craig Jones. He came through my fucking gym and wrecked everybody. You should probably put him in EBI. I'm like, what? Craig Jones? I was like, I didn't even like Craig Jones, like Steve Jones, like Chris. I couldn't even remember his fucking name. But I trust Barry Yoshida. I'm like, Barry Yoshida went out of his way to DM me. And the only time someone does that, Keith Gregorian DM'd me about Fiona Davies. She goes, there's this purple belt chick. She's killing everybody. She's like the champion of the world now. Fiona Davies is. And Keith Gregorian said, there's this purple belt, dude. You got to check her out. So Barry Yoshida did the same thing about Craig Jones. There's this purple belt. He's fucking wrecking everybody. I'm like, okay, let me put him in EBI. So I put him in because I'm like, I can't ignore that. I can't ignore that. Barry Yoshida, he DM'd me. He DM'd me. If I ever DM somebody about some dude, that guy is doing damage somewhere. So I put him on. Craig Jones was an EBI 11. Did you just beat everybody? Did I put him up against my guy, Nathan Orchard, as a low seed? Like Nathan Orchard, I got to do it. I'm giving him a purple belt, low seed. You know what I mean? I think I remember. And he fucking shocked everybody. Did he beat everybody? That's where he was born, right? That EBI 11. And then from there, boom! What's Makachev's walkout tone? What's he got? I might want to Shazam this. Fucking signing. Fucking signing. Mountain. You know what I'm saying? Shazam's still a thing? Fuck yeah. What? Not as funky. Yo, I got my phone set up to triple tap. Yes, you still don't smoke. Oh, I thought you said you got to. Yeah, yes, I don't. If I triple tap the back of my phone, it picks up Shazam. Is that true? Oh, damn. I have it set up that way. Oh, isn't that nice? No, it's nice. You can't do it anymore. It doesn't give you a two-year's an option for some reason, but my shit's grandfathered in. Don't update that bitch. I have to. It's not updating it. Oh, it doesn't get ready? This is that I'm so intrigued by this fight. It's very interesting. I don't care if the Volk had 10 days. Volk is still another one just made of different stuff. But so is his time. Well, he's also fresh. You got to realize he's coming into the fight even if it's 10 days notice. Yeah. Didn't get beat up during camp. Mm-hmm. Makachev's going off that surgery though, too. He's also not hydrated. When you hit that surgery, remember they wanted to fight, do a turnaround. He was like, no, I'm good. He had an elbow surgery. Yes. Elbow. So nothing significant, but what was it? Like pieces of bone and shit? I'm sure. When you got a guy coming up and he's 12, 13, 14, and you think he has potential to be a world champion, do you start telling him at that time, like, like to get used to the crowds and you're going to be famous. The whole world is going to be behind you. You're going to be one of the biggest fighters in the world to prepare him for this. Because he's walking out and the whole fucking world is watching him. Surgery and arm injury. You know what I mean? In July, you rehab for six weeks. July. Because he didn't want to fast. How do you prepare? How do you prepare for that pressure? He's walking out. I think if you have a young, talented fighter, I think you concentrate on the results, not on the nonsense. Yeah. Concentrate on the process and the results. But he's got to be ready for this pressure. He's walking out. He'll feel in turns. You take him to a few UFCs before. Yeah. You don't think conditioning him to tell him like, this is what it's going to happen. Don't even trip. The whole world is going to be cheering. There's going to be stadiums. There's going to be arenas. And you tell him early, that's what's going to happen to you. You get used to it. Yeah. That's not a bad thing to say to him. Right. But I think the most of the focus is on the process. You're the lighter, Joe. The whole world is also there's a gradual process. But the pressure of the whole world, not only is it the pressure of the whole fucking world, it's not like he's fighting in Vegas. He's fighting in the middle of fucking East. The pressure. Dude, this is like a biblical fight. If there was a new Bible, they were right about this fucking. So Volkanowski looks good. He looks like he's in good shape. He wants, he's, I just don't imagine that guy gets out of shape. Not the level he's at. Volkanowski, he and Daniel Cormier. Yeah. I mean, Volkanowski is always, always growing and learning. And if you're always growing and learning, you're always in the gym. You're not just in the gym only for camps. And you know what? Again, back to Craig Jones. He got Craig Jones as his coach. Craig Jones is about as smart as you can get when it comes to Jiu Jitsu. He's got it all covered. There's no weakness in Craig Jones's game. He's got game everywhere. Very true. Very true. So if he's coaching him, he's getting, I mean, obviously we saw in the first fight is avoided submissions. He just got to figure out a way to get off that body triangle. I'm just worried about the technique. You know, I think they'll be okay for the first three rounds, four or five cardio. Yeah. I think before, before Volkanowski's careers over, we, you know, if it goes, what do you think? Five, six years, something like that. That's realistic. Right. Five, six years. That's realistic. Volkanowski's just, he's one of the greats of all time. By the time it's over, by the time it's over, we're going to be talking about his submissions. I feel it. He's with Craig Jones. Craig Jones creates good fucking monsters. It's a good call. That's a good call. Imagine if he heel hooks. What if he starts taking dudes down and just fucking leg locking them and shit. You know what I mean? Right. You never know. Three year old fucking submits them. There's some dogs that 45 that looks like that. The Joe Pesci of like 300. You know what I mean? You have 300. You have all these big fucking Roman and Spartans, but then they got the evil little motherfuckin Volkanowski. That's the little Joe Pesci, right of 300. You know what I mean? He's such a dog. He has so much drive. Mark Chav looks good. I love how he always talks about his drive too. Who like Volkonovski I asked him. I'm like, what are you doing differently than everybody else? He's like, it's my drive He's just got fucking drive He just wants to wake up and strangle and go wake up and smash the winner man He's just a winner knows how to win his mind and look at his face right now Look at like like all that like the body language on his face. That's a gangster right there like that guy is is loving the pressure He's loving the pressure. He's not faking it. He's the biggest gangster. Look at him, dude. You think he's faking it? He loves it. He'd rather be here than anywhere else. No, let me ask you this. Let's say let's say that's a secret weapon Let's say Volkonovski gets the handled here. Whoo. I don't know. It's a good thing happen Well, let's say he does then you're not gonna see the guys have a bet. Do you guys have a bet? Do we have a bad brain? I thought you had a thousand dollar bet I think we have a we're pregnant starting to do I want this bet before it gets off Okay, so I'm before it gets off. Well, I think both of us We love folk, but I think the smart money would have to be with just mock a chef. Yes. He's had a full camp Yes, it's hard and he's more hydrated. Were you gonna bet on you? Were you gonna bet on Volkonovski? I are you backing out of the bed? I will never bet against Volkonovski That sounds like you're betting on I never bet against Volkonov We all know I love Volkonovski I'm not kind of disrespect. Yeah, how about you that take 100 bucks, but I was gonna say I'll take much of your submission. Oh, I'll take that back I took on a bucks Volkonovski straight up. Yeah There's no way I'll take so a thousand dollars that Yeah, if he wins by submission, I can win. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, dude. Yani papas has this this bit about Bitcoin He's like I don't don't don't give the I don't remember it at all. I don't remember. Yes is great He's got a Bitcoin bid dude. He's fine. I can't wait to watch my fuck. Okay, let's watch the fight Let's watch the fight. Here we go. Here we go Yannis is the man. That's but I want to see this now. I like money. I'd rather have Volkonovski win though Volkonovski one of my favorites. I want to be very clear Now I Spoke an ASCII ever been submitted. No, no once by KO at a welterweight Yeah Earlier's earliest career. I don't know his name, but that was at welterweight I'd be on an important name is back in the day. I know the guy doesn't fight anymore Open up a school just loop that knock out. Yeah open up a school put that shit on a loop You know 11 days the may not be a desk area for a guy like this at this level People come in to sign up you just make them watch the video Just because the cardio knowing that's your biggest tool Islam's front kick up the middle is a new ring going up I like that. I like that move he's avoiding that switch kick from the left side that he got hit with a bunch of times in the first fight because What Alex is doing is taking like a step and then throwing Throwing that inside low kicks. He's looking for it and now he's throwing that front kick up the middle So he's made some adjustments and there's a shot stuffed Yeah, I love when it's awesome. Islam's looking Ecuadorian in this fight No, no this look at his face and the beard He could be right out of so rare. It's like Cheeto. Look at this Volkonovski's initiating the clinch here. Look at this Volkonovski's trying to take him down Well, he took him down the first fight Look at this bro. Look at this is crazy Volk is pressuring him up against the cage and he's trying to take him down He is such an animal he's such an animal look at him here he's got the clinch going He's not trying to let go. He's trying to take him down. Yeah. Yes And this is winning the round He's saying something Mark Goddard just said quit something. No, there was something he was doing Because because Volk said to him he's doing something. I don't know Shoot here release the tie clinch and shoot. It's what most guys. Oh Nice time cuz then you get back there, but he's he landed a couple of good knees Both could change levels and shoot there you go Slow it's gonna tough time tough to take the market I could jump is hitting with a lot of good knees in this clinch man And that's gonna if a guy hasn't been training dude Volk has got him against the fan star I know focus a fucking animal do Okay, this front kick up the body that was a round kick of the body Maybe it might have been a front kick, but like a 45 degree angle some guys throw it at a 45. Oh No They'd use the ball of their toe. They used to do that in karate They used to throw roundhouse kicks with the ball of the toe. It's pronounced cut with the balls in my feet. Oh Carat balls of the feet. I'm at cut up is underrated dude Can imagine for feet? Oh? Shit, oh Jesus. What Jesus what what is out? Oh my god? Oh my god, he had kicked him now. You'll never see that fight again. Oh my god Wow What a shocker you still we're even now oh Damn, yeah, I'd kept him tough who would have thought that I didn't even see it. It was amazing. Yeah shin to the dome son opened up a cut. It was perfect. Yeah Wow Islam man He showed a bunch of new shit that front kick and he was throwing that kick to the body and then he threw the Same kick to the head and taking on ten days notice you you worry about his cardio going the later rounds with this one You know it is what it is. That's a win. It's a legit win Oh, it's a solid win man the way it went down. I mean they this is not is not he was tired Unprepared no he got caught. Yep. You're caught he got caught with an amazing gotta happen with a 12-week camp 10-day kid very well could have very well could have very well could have I mean what he did Wait, he saved the car Here's the quick now remember because vocals you supposed to maybe fight in December on that card against go to period right now That's not gonna happen. Oh now this fight. Maybe never happens again here goes again. Look at this This is worst case scenario for the division. Oh I mean Dope son What a fucking head kick and he set it up because he'd been throwing body kicks Yeah, it almost looked like Volkanowski was looking for the body could stop it by the way good stoppage. Yeah, I mean he's out of it He doesn't need to get This again boom shinde don't 1993 94 we thought this was bullshit like you can't kick no one in the head That's only in the movies everybody's gonna take you down and choke you out like boys crazy. Yep For quite a while you try to throw a punch or a kick hoist crazy gonna take you down and joke you out Yeah, but give respect all that shit's movie shit. That's Jackie Chan. You know who made everybody realize that Maury Smith Maury Smith when he fought But he was the first business before when Maury Smith fought Conan that was the first time we saw an elite world championship caliber Learn No, if you had to predict how this fight was gonna end and you had all the experts in an MMA all over the world Right how they nobody would have picked this no head kick nobody no His hand was up. He just got caught in the top of it. Well, he went like this, too Though I think when he then down he thought it was coming to the body again. I Mean Islam set it up so well with those front kicks of the body Oh my god, I didn't know husband love was part of his camp He is That's the greatest celebrity of all time Who's better than him? fucking Robert Downey jr. Who's better than a man Jimmy? Give me some We stand here for the Jews What does he say stop the war good friend good for him yeah two different Muslims came up and said that good for them Need more of that that's awesome Good for them, but both fighters Hamza and him said the same thing. Yep good for them Class axes these people are just well market jobs definitely class. Oh, yeah I'm just so impressed that I was one that way This is the fact that he mean he showed so much improvement He really made adjustments because they must have trained for Volkanowski again, even though he wasn't fighting Volkanowski I'm sure they went over all the different things of Volkanowski did and what are the counters to those things? He shut a lot of it down He shut down that switch kick to the outside leg throwing that front kick up the middle set up the head kick I See how he's ducking down. Yeah, you're right. Yeah set it up. That was just set it up That was the adjustment by the way baseball bat through that shit That was the adjustment Because it'll kind of look like it was going to the body from the placement of the knee in the beginning if you're looking At from the side. It was just perfect perfect head kick I Mean he's just look he knocked out all of error in the last fight Remember his striking was his weakest point and now it's fucking dangerous as anybody in the division you knock out Volkanowski shit Yes I Got called it damn again. How come you didn't test me dog? I should have I had a mask ready to I'm getting relaxed and that's how I get in trouble without getting tested. That's how we all get in trouble when we test too much Some that when we look back at the testing, uh-huh It's Gonna be embarrassing much. I've gone to 70 to announce that or no. He didn't announce that. Why would he? When he just dominated Dude, I like him defending his title at 55. Let's let's let's go There's a lot of great matchups there and Volkanowski against Ilya Topuria still a great matchup Let me hear the volume and hear what Volk says. I love Volk I Think those cutters TGI Go that way yeah please I do well what I'm fighting I need to take these spikers. I'll do my heading when I'm not fighting. So please keep me busy. I'm happy to go back in January and obviously get this taken care of. Obviously go back down to Featherweight. Obviously my job here is done for now. But yeah, get credit to his love, Redkick. What did I say? You are the Featherweight champion in January. Very classy. So if they give us probably 60-day suspension. Not only was it classy, but you know some people go extra classy just to seem classy. He just, to me that was just him just being honest with reality. And it was beautiful. It was beautiful. It was like, listen, my job's done here. If I'm going back down, let me keep me busy. I just want to keep working. He didn't say, I want to rematch when I don't have 10 days notice. This is bullshit. No, I hate when guys do that. It was like that influencer fighting they go, if this was a real fight I'd win. Yeah, but it's not. That was like a dude. You signed up for this. A million percent in tune with reality. You know what I mean? He's just like, let's just keep it going. That's why he's a great. This shit's going to heal. I need to fucking pay the rent. Let's keep this going. Bro, that shot to the dome. That shot to the dome might last for a while. That one you got to be careful with. They might give them 90, huh? I don't know what the protocol is to be honest with you. It's usually 60 to 90. But I feel like I don't know what kind of testing is involved. So I really shouldn't talk. I don't know what they do. But they probably won't be fine in January. We were waiting for you to show us your his own his own coach might say. Joe was asking about your footwork. Like he wanted. He had a couple of questions about when you when you throw him like an uppercut. Like where should your left prime moves like a real boxer? Come on. You don't have a lot of power. No, he doesn't. Okay. Okay. Listen, I don't know how many how much power you have. But emotional power or we don't ignore his technique. Why do you ignore his technique? Why do you ignore his technique? Because you got perfect technique. You know me. I'm your biggest fan. But I trained underground. It's when he hits bags. Sad. There's something. There's someone in front of him. You know, he's got the technique. You know when he throws the hook. He's doing everything right. It seems weird. But I got to warm up. Something is not right with Joe. I don't know what it is. I can't see it. Maybe it's like maybe it's the shoulder. No, it's he's doing it right. Just I know at the end of it. It's like getting hit by a Nerf car. Brian Callen. Brian Callen. Joe, you got to give it up. He has his technique. Dude, his technique. He's got to give it up. He's got to give it up. He's got to give it up. He's got to give it up. He's got to give it up. He's got to give it up. He's got to give it up. Joe, you got to give it up. He has his technique. Dude, his technique is undeniable. It's undeniable. A Nerf. Throw it. Throw it. Throw it. Throw it. Give me a one two and a one two three. Look at that. Yeah, that's how it sounds when it hits the back. My head's always moving. It's sounds like you're hitting it with your dick. Dude. You know what? Maybe you can't fight with this shit. No, seriously. Seriously. Maybe that's bullshit. You don't spar. You don't spar. I will say this though. You can lie to them not very real spar. I will say this. If you auditioned for some movie and you were going to be this guy who was just trying to pay his rent and it's like 1920. Remember Hard Times with Charles Bronson? They do a remake of Charles Bronson. Hard Times with you. You could do it. I think the director, we got the guy. Why don't they do that movie? Why don't they do a remake of Hard Times? We make that shit. How about Charles Bronson? Bring Charles Bronson. We make it but make it a black guy. In Hard Times he was 50 years old. Oh really? He was 50 years old? In Hard Times? He had the best physique in the house. Was it supposed to be like during the Depression? He was during the Depression and he was an old man. But let me see his physique up to 50. Show me a clip Charles Bronson from Hard Times. Do they do a Brazilian Hard Times where it's about Jiu-Jitsu instead of boxing? Because they were smooth back then. This is him. This is a Walter Hill movie. This is Hard Times. No, but you just fit man. But look at him. He's 50 years old here. Who is the Shane promoter? Who is the Shane promoter? Look at him. Dude, he's an older guy here. But when he starts to fight man, he takes his shirt off the dude. Dude, look at this hat. And then they said, dude, they had the call to say, from the producers of The Warriors. I got someone who said the remake. Is that what it says? From the makers of The Warriors. This is a remake, Jamie? The trailers are like someone recut the trailer. In the beginning, Jamie, did they really say from the producers of The Warriors? No way it said that. See if you can find some, I want to see some fighting scenes. Actually, Jamie, the poster shows is the worst movie ever, dude. Which one? The Warriors? The Fight. The Fight scene. The Warriors and this motherfucker. No. The Hard Times is a good movie. What are the odds? Think about it right now. What are the odds? You're going to watch Hard Times and you're going to say the Fight choreography is legit. Go to the posters top right. It's going to look like shit. It's going to look like John Wayne. No, the fight choreography back then was dog shit. No way it's going to look like that. Look at that. It was 50. Let me ask you this. Is he passing you side of there? Nope. Not a chance, right? No, back then he wasn't doing it. No, he is passing. It's 1970. The most realistic fighting scenes actually went from Bruce Lee. He had the most realistic ones. Yeah, he doesn't look like a guy on steroids. He looks like an old guy that still works out. He does push-ups. And there's some old dudes that are consistent because they never stop working out and they don't lose their, like your boy Frank Grillo. They'll fuck you up. Same situation. Yeah, sure. Frank Grillo, like he was talking about how he has low testosterone and he got tested, but he's just a grinder. Look, girls get big. Girls get big that don't do steroids. Girls that are power lifters that are clean, they get big. It's just not easy. It takes a long ass time, but you can maintain it if you keep it. I think you're also a natural mesomorph like he is. Yeah. Well, he's a fucking, I mean, he was a savage when he was younger. And he was always fit. Some PDs back then. No. Since the thirties. I don't think I'm with any on this. I don't think actors run PDs. I don't think. When did Rocky come out? Sylvester clearly on Roy's. No, but, but, but, but not till. Not till. That was in the eighties. That's when they started doing Roy's because he was training with bodybuilders and shit. But he, I'm just guessing, but I'm saying that he does not look like a guy was doing anything other than staying fit. I agree. He's got that Sean Strickland shit going on, son. Look at this. That's where Strickland learned it. That is Strickland. I'm more impressed with the fight choreography as I'm watching it than I thought I would be. It doesn't look as bad as I thought. It's a good movie. Good chat. Good chat. Oh, look at that. Boom. Not bad. Not bad. He kicked him. What are you doing? You're allowed to kick. He doesn't know about low kicks. You kicked him into a bag of shells. Terrible double leg. Oh, you're allowed to try to take dudes down. Look at this. You get guillotine in this. Oh, this is, I take everything I said back. This is, this fight choreography is legit, man. They're fighting in a fucking garage and shit. Look at the colors. And they're clenching and shit. That's a good chat. This is a good fight, man. He gets in boxing. I like how they're filming it too. They're filming it like you're there watching it. You know? Like they're moving around people. People block the view. Just to Walter Hill, bro. Oh shit. Ow. Oh, nice job. After watching this. Low kick. Let's get up. He's going to jump in his guard, put a triangle on. Fighting with boots on and shit. Uh oh, he's mad now. Gotta do that. Why you? Why you let him get up? Backfist. Oh dude, he went in. Some sound effects. You know, I do not like the sound effects. I like that. The promoters are watching so intently. Every punch sounds exactly the same. They're looking like, okay, who do we put our money on? Did they not have enough money for different sounds? I just didn't know what they were. They weren't that creative. Back then, there was one sound guy and there was no one else to compete with. He just had the same noise with every shot. And somebody came along and said, you know, some punches don't land as hard. Dude, Charles Bronzer got a great body. Were you there when Anderson Silva broke his... Yeah. Did you hear it? Oh no, I definitely couldn't hear it from the crowd roar, but I saw it immediately. Dude, he checked the kit. Oh, the deal, spite double hammer fist on the top. Dude, the promoters, when they cut through the promoters, and they're trying to figure out who they're going to put their money on. Well, they already put their money on it. But they've all landed a tough shot, not much damage. They're trying to sign the dude, you know, for their organization. They're looking at the... This fight goes on a long ass time. Cardio, Doug. Men were men. This is longer than Bruce Lee versus Chuck Norris. Oh, he went down with that left foot. Kick him, bud. Kick him. Kick him. Why you... Uppercut... I feel an uppercut coming up right here. I think he cheats. Yeah. What? What is that? No! What is that? Fight the fight, I tell you, fight the fight. Brian, you'd be the guy in the fur coat in this situation, right? He pushed him away. He's not going to use him. I'm the old ex-fighter. Why you... I'm the one with the tricks up his sleeve, see? I can only even push so hard far, see? How about another knuckle sandwich? I'm getting him up four! Yo, what for? It's like, cuz, he's like just looking at him, he's just standing over him. It looks like a 50-year-old guy. I agree with you. Why you... That's fucking a Brian Callenbody. Fight the terrible. He's terrible. They tried to cheat. They tried to cheat. He's like, damn, you need to sign with me. It's your chest that holds you back. You imagine getting involved... That's my client. a guy. I'm the one with the tricks up his sleeve. I'm the one with the tricks up his sleeve. I'm the one with the tricks up his sleeve. I'm the one with the tricks up his sleeve. I'm the one with the tricks up his sleeve. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy. I bet that's exactly what they did. That's fucking wild west. Frank Lucas. They used to do that shit. They used to go across the country and bet on people. They'd bring their own fighters into towns and have people bet on them. I know they used to do it in circuses. TheREADY The Real Thing, JUMPSY still going on. Back in the day in the late 1800s, early 1900s, all the fights were from traveling circuses. There was a Gracie that got erased from the lineage the lineage, because all, you know, growing up in the Gracie lineage, you're like, oh, Helio and Carlos, boom, Helio and Carlos, and then Carlson. Right. But that don't tell you about George Gracie. George Gracie was- Is this an Abraham Lincoln story? No. Or is this- I'm not sure if you fuck with it. George? You don't know that either, dude. George? George? I'm like, is this my show? I'm like, I mean, that's crazy. George. You guys think it's the Abraham Lincoln story, but this is real. Okay, go ahead. Yeah, you fucked me up with that. Jamie, Google it. We didn't know about George Gracie. George Gracie. George Gracie. We didn't know about George. Robert Drysdale has an alternate Gracie history. Wow. And there was a George Gracie in the mix, too, because the general consensus was Carlos Gracie learned his jiu-jitsu from Aida, and then Carlos Gracie showed it to his brother, Helio. And then, you wrestled in high school, right? Bro, look how jacked he was. He looks like a- George, we don't know why he got erased, though. He looks like a wrestler. But you know why he got erased? Why? He had an account of grace. George, you don't never hear about no George Gracie. No. What happened? Tell us why he got erased. What happened? Carlos earned jiu-jitsu, then he showed it to his younger brother, Helio, and then Helio became the fighter, and Carlos became his manager. Look at this. That's the story. He was the first champion developed by the Gracie jiu-jitsu system back in the 1920s and 30s. Tell me. He had taught jiu-jitsu techniques by his older brother, Carlos Gracie, and carried the Gracie flag all over Brazil fighting in different styles such as jiu-jitsu, lutalivre, wrestling, and valetudo, having had one of the best unbeaten runs of his time. I tried. You thought I was giving you a fucking- When did you find out about this? Fiction? When did you find out about this? Robert Drysdale. Wait, when? How long ago? He wrote a book. There's- there's- wow. You know what? They wrote- they never brought up George Gracie. You know why? Because back then he was fighting, Helio was fighting, and George was fighting. But George apparently was taking a lot of fake fights. They were doing a lot of fake fights in circuses. Oh, like pro-prestling. Pro-wrestling fake fights, and he was taking dives. And he was doing- he was like an alcoholic. He was a partier, banging bitches or whatever. So they just decided to cut him out. And say it's- the story is George was in the mix, but he was doing fake fights. He was doing real fights, and he was a bad motherfucker, but he was just a degenerate. So they kind of cut him out. This is the story. I didn't make this up. It's in Robert Drysdale's book. You even- you even had conspiracy theory about the Gracie family. Dude, I didn't make this up. No, I'm saying. But he's obviously really- He's really fascinated with it. It's just off the believe his name was George. He had an account in his head and a bodybuilder's body. The crazy thing is when- when Jiu-Jitsu first burst upon the scene in the United States, it was because of the UFC. And when that happens, people don't have vision for the future. Like you're gonna- what you're saying now? In the future, people are gonna dissect that shit. Right. People are like, whatever dawg, let's just blow it up now. So they decided to not mention George Gracie ever. He was never in the mix. It was always Helio and Carlos, which was real, but that was some exculpatory evidence. I don't even know if I said that word right. I like it. Exculpatory? Don't look towards me. It wasn't the official definition of exculpatory. I learned that from the- from the Russia Gate conspiracy. Exculpatory. Exculpatory evidence. So Robert Drysdale puts out a book. Robert, like it's not me. Tending a serving de clear from alleged fault or guilt. I told you, right? I'm good. Right. So by leaving him out, by leaving him out, that was not- they were hiding their guilt that he was a part of the system. They just didn't want to bring him up. They were like, you know what? He's the black sheep. They hated it. Like there was like a rift in the family. You know, you got people in your family, like your cousins, your brothers or whatever. There's people in families that hate each other and they're like the opposite. You got the problem, child. In everything. Right. He's a black sheep. So when people say they're all Kennedys, like people say, oh, they're all Kennedys. They're all Kennedys. They're all Kennedys. They're like, oh, he's a shell. He's a Kennedys. I'm like, didn't the Kennedys get fucking assassinated twice? Yeah. What are you talking about? Kennedy is part of the Illuminati. They murdered the Kennedys. Yeah. They murdered you. You know, you're like R.K. Jr. You're like R.K. Jr. They're like, oh, he's part of the system. Like, dude, they murdered his father and his uncle. Don't you think he would want to be part of the anti-establishment? I would be a little skeptical. I don't know if you're scared. I don't know. I don't know. Are we still on the Gracie? I don't know. But back to the Gracie's. Robert Drysdale puts out this book. It's a dude. It's a fact. You just open the book, just open it up anywhere and you start reading. That's the way it was written. It's not like it's just a bunch of people from that era telling the stories about like how the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family like where they came from. It's so fast. It's so bad. And not taking anything away from Helio Gracie. Helio Gracie was the fucking master because he was the one going out there battling. Carlos Gracie did a couple matches, but he was Helio's older brother and manager. Helio was the one going out there throwing down. Jamie, we do me a favor and go to the earlier fights on ESPN Plus and find Magomed. He's the first fight on Pretty Limbs. Versus Bruno Silva. I call him the pirate. He looks like Nick Davis has one eye. Because this guy is very fucking talented. Very talented. Take down the fence, little suspect at the high level. But sure. But at 185 pounds when he can't fight with... He can't fight his sanctions. Sanctions. He's got one eye. When you see him, it's not like you can hide it either. Do we know why he lost the eye? He got cut from a fight and I think they had surgery on it. And then, Timoney, eight surgeries. Timoney still has some vision. I was just reading. He's a wild boy too. If you saw him in that jiu jitsu tournament, he's a wild boy. He's a bad motherfucker. Yeah, he is. So what happened with Michael Bisbee? They let him fight with one eye, right? They might... Yeah, they'll show you the prelims, Jamie. No, he told him he could see, but he couldn't. He could scroll all the way to the earlier prelims. He lied to the earlier prelims. The thing was fucked up. It was going to like seven o'clock in the morning. I just... Go down, if you go down to UFC, go down, keep going down to leagues. Keep going, keep going. There's sports, now leagues. Go all the way left to UFC, bam. Should be able to watch it. Now scroll down. It should show you on demand some of the fights. There you go. So back up and it'll show you all the fights. ESPN Plus is the shit, son. Look at this. That's pretty good. Go all the way back and... What'd you say, Eddie? Bruno Silva versus... Oh, you know what? It was the first fight. So you'd have to go to the early prelims. Yes, that's it. Here you go. Watch this, dude. This is a very... Look at his right eye. It's gray. That's why they call him the pirate. You may have just skipped to where it started. Yeah, you can just skip. Give it a little boost. Do they call him the pirate? Do you call him the pirate? No, no, that's his nickname, the pirate. He said the pirate's coming. The pirate's taking over. I might have dreamt that, but I'm pretty sure they call him the pirate. Well, it's in now. Now it's... I feel like it's his... Now the golden snitch is out. I like it. Got to have a new... If Bruce Buffer one day, if he ends life and leaves us from screaming, that'll be the way to go. Yeah, have a heart attack in those suits. He's eight years old. Just, it's time! And he just locks up. Boom. I mean, every time he does it, he screams so loud. He's so consistent. He's so current. He blew out his fucking knee doing it. Yeah. The guy warms up. In Vegas, warms up. He did the splits. In our podcast, he went right into the splits. The man changed the game of announcing. He's the best of all time. Everyone's a copycat. Because they used to be a smooth operator. Yeah. Brought to you by Budweiser, the King of Beers. And he just changed it. He cranked it up perfectly. And his brother. I heard, especially in Bruce Buffer, so many times in the UFC, I worked for the UFC for eight years. And even in King of the Cage. I heard Bruce Buffer so much that when I got hired to do some fight choreography for Never Back Down 2. And then during that, putting together fights, they made me like the DJ. I was like, the DJ of the movie. It's not my proudest moment. But I was like the announcer and the DJ. And they made me announce these underground fights in this movie. Like you were Bruce Buffer? And all I kept doing was channeling Bruce Buffer. And I was pulling it off. I became the ring announcer. And it was just me ripping off everything Bruce Buffer did. And as long as I kept trying to impersonate Bruce Buffer, I was pulling it off. Everyone's a copycat. So check this dude out. Check this dude out. This dude is one of the most dynamic kickers you're ever going to see. He's so slick. He's so ruffling. He does a lot of wild shit off the front leg too. Like confidence too. His kicks are very legit. You don't trust red beards, but. But what's also crazy is when you lose vision, you lose depth perception. And you would think that for striking with Bisping and with this guy. You're thinking about what Bisping became world champion with one fucking... You're bringing just 10 fights like that. And so much of a badass. Against world class fighters. This dude is slick. He does a lot of stuff that's very unusual. Like he'll throw hook kicks off the front leg. He's got a really good axe kick. He's going to be a star. He's been throwing that front kick this whole time. But wait, wait, wait. Look at that side kick. Caught him with that side kick coming in. Like down the dragon wall. Yeah, dude. He's a bad motherfucker. He's a bad motherfucker. There's a lot of people that are in real trouble. Like Bispy on one leg. He would just be on his rear leg. Just balancing. It's just wrestling. You see like 40% of his body is his head. He's got a giant head. Well, it's the beard. The beard makes the head look so bigger. It's very disconcerting. They're like the hormone monster. Once he gets loose on him, he starts teeing off on him. Boom. Looks like he lives in the middle of the forest. His switch kick to the front leg is so good. He does look like he lives on the tree. He's a magical... He shows up in the forest when you're lost. Like a billy ghost. Go this way. I have three wishes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ask for the man with the red beard. But we're in Dagestan. There are no red heads in Dagestan. Not a lot of red beards in Dagestan. No, no. Very few. He's frowned upon here in the States. The Russians were in there for a while. So there could be some of that. You mix that in. You see how he throws that sidekick to protect himself? That's such a good move when you miss the round kick. And not a lot of guys can do it the way he does it. He does it like a karate champion. And does it with one fucking eye. Yeah. Look at that head kick, dude. Seriously. Boom, bro. I'm telling you. This motherfucker is wild. Are these guys Dagestanian? Yes. Did they got that red shit or no? Yeah. Yep. He's a unicorn out there. He's very good, dude. Well, he's a one eyed unicorn. And he whips those kicks. Did that take down defense? Wasn't that bad? Because I may be like a crystal ball. Maybe that he's in the Oracle. He sees the future? Yeah. He might be a seer. Maybe he can see enough. He can see enough to fuck you up. He's got the, yeah. He's got that third eye. He's got that third eye. He's got that third eye. He's like that dude from Game of Thrones who was blind. But he could see everything. He's like the crow. He wasn't. He has a crow at home. I don't think that Game of Thrones guy was blind. He was paralyzed, right? Look at that beard. He was paralyzed. No, it was, oh, his eyes would go white to see the future. Oh, that's right. Yeah. They'd roll back in his head. What a great fucking show. Great show. This guy should have been in that show. Man, how long you guys tried to sell me on Game of Thrones? Yep. I got to it eight years late. Well, it's good though because you can watch them all. Oh, that's what I did. Joe just said, after 10 seasons, I watched him. Joe said, just fucking watch it. Trust me. I don't know. Like, okay. And I just trusted Joe said, he looked me in the eyes. Just fucking watch facts. And I'm like, bad. So good. My favorite show is one of the greatest shows where they kill that little kid. They throw him off the fucking castle and the sisters, the brother like, what the fuck is this show about? Crazy. That shows crazy and dragons. So dragons. What took me a while to get on board. You couldn't fuck with the dragons. No dragons. Imagine living in a world like that. You just got to, you got to hit that threshold. The White Walker scared me. Oh, I had kick. Crow. This motherfucker is good. Caught him with a nut shot, though. What's up, Jamie? Hamza. I've told me he thinks he broke his right hand the first round, which made it hard to wrestle in the final two rounds. That makes sense. Interesting. I may have been wide engaged on a feet. Ladies and gentlemen, then you can just hold on. And you were hating on me. Yeah. Just Google X ray or broken. I saw my friend. People believe that shit. They just show an X ray. That's why it's right. That criticism was fair, though. Yeah. Yeah. But if you don't eat a broken hand, you're seeing a different. You know, people every now and then I hear people breaking my body broken. Reverse cowgirl. Yeah. Dude. So like, and then he just sat in a bro. I know a guy was in a wheelchair because his dick got broken. How long is he? X ray. I would love to see that. I was in a wheelchair for it was tragic. You're asking details. It was tragic. It was a trap. I don't I don't even want to bring up his name or nothing. Don't bring it. I won't say the name. My buddy broke his. Reverse cowgirl. Look at this. Reverse cowgirl gone bad. Look at this motherfuckers kicks. This dude is so slick. He's tall, too. Look how he digs in these kicks too, man. And you see how he uses that sidekick. That's so most people don't know how to throw it that way. He throws it so quick when you're in tight that he keeps you off of him. It's like how a lot of guys use a tip, but he's doing it where he can't get hit. When you throw a tip, you might get counted with a right hand. When you throw a sidekick, you're way out of distance. Is that something you're 85? 85. 85. This is 85. 85. His head. He's a big fella. Mark Hunt head. He's a big fella. His hair. That's you want to talk about a wig. Dude, the hair doesn't move again. It's a Lego piece. That would be a great. That's a wig. That's a rich man's wig. That's a big wig. Yeah, that's a baller's wig. That's a Gucci. That's like a Dolce Gabbana wig. Oh, shit. Oh, damn. Oh, God. Oh, my God. Oh, he got clipped. Bruno Silver's no joke, man. Yeah, but no, it's a tough fight for your first fight in UFC on this car. Tough fight. Oh, Bruno's got him again. Damn, that was good. Who wins this one? The one on the pirate. Who's the pirate? Don't blow it for me, Todd. Just ask. I shouldn't have told you. I'm sorry, too. I thought you know. But you did ask to be fair. Yeah, but you guys should know. Yeah, you should say, listen, it's better if you don't know. Yeah, right. Like your kid says, can I open my presents now? No, you got to wait till Christmas. Yeah, we fucked you. Dude, my son, when I did, I made him, I sat him down and I made him watch Rocky. One, two, three, four. It's a long day. He was so into it, but he really wanted to know who was going to win. He's like, daddy, tell me who's going to win. Rocky was getting fucked up. Because daddy, please tell me who's going to win. I go, no, you got to watch. You go, dad, please tell me. Please tell me Rocky's not going to lose. I go, just watch. He goes, he wanted to know every goddamn time. When Mr. T bought him the first time? How old was your son now? Eleven. This was a while. It was like five years ago. He forgot about all that shit. So we're going to do Rocky again. Is he doing his shit? He forgot about Rock. He forgot who won? I showed him Enter the Dragon. He don't remember. I'm like, oh, we're going to do Enter the Dragon again. He didn't remember? He didn't remember because I made him watch. He's 11 now. And I made him watch. It was like four and five and six. You don't remember shit. You don't remember shit from those days. You could have now you look back and like, that was like being super nice to this motherfucker. He don't even. Oh, check out this motherfucker. See that, Logan? Yeah, that's how he can kick. But his hands are no fucking joke either. He's listed as 11 and 0, but according to the people that work with him, he's more like 70 and 0. He's had a shitload of fights. A lot of them were considered. Look at that hook kick. Dude, you threw a fucking hook kick. I know, man. It's legit. A lot of these, the fights that he had were these tournaments. They were considered amateur, even though there are professional fights for whatever reason. That's what they were saying. I don't know what the veracity of that is, but the UFC must recognize it, though, because to give them, to give them self his first outing, they know this gets down. Yeah, no. Oh, he's talented as fuck. There's plenty of highlight reel footage of that front kick to the bottom. He's putting it used to that left kick, man. It's just like also like how quick he whips his legs up there, man. He's fucking good. And he throws just as many with his right. Yeah, he can do anything. He's wicked. Does he throw wheel kicks? Yeah, he throws everything. He throws it all. He's a wild boy. He throws it. But look at that question mark kick. He's a roundhouse kick to the body, man. By the way, look how fast he's throwing that inside wheel kick. So can take a beating. Oh, well, Bruno Silva went three rounds of Pajeta. Yeah, he's no parlor kid. Bruno Silva's tough as shit. Him and Pajeta went to war. Yeah, this is not an easy fight for the pirate. No, it's a real big high level fight. Bruno's fucking legit, man. And I don't think anybody ever stopped Bruno. I'm pretty sure he's never been stopped. Amazing. And he's so durable, man. And he's a legit striker himself. So this is bro. But this guy is. This guy's so next level. That front kick to the body. He just keeps him off balance. He's just always speed is crazy. His kick is like, I mean, he could throw so many of them. They're like jabs at a distance. He uses it like, I mean, nobody else in the sport. No, there's very few guys that throw the kind of intensity and the kind of volume that he throws with his kicks. His distance controls impressive. It's very good. And he does this early. He does that. Look at that front kick to the body. Does that marching knee thing to look at that man, the speed to it's so quick. He still was outside of his leg. It's B. He has his opponent off balance the whole time. Yes, constantly. And there's a jab. It's just that switch kick is so quick, man. Everything's so quick. Look at the hook. You had so few people can throw a hook. Oh, yeah, he got taken down. Yeah, he got taken down. Even from his back. He's he's fucking him up from his back. Watch this. Bruno is very, very tired here. He's been beaten up in this fight. Bruno is not like a world class grappler either. So the middleweight division is like, the kid's good. But look at how he's beating him up off of his back. Watch this. It's pretty impressive what he does off his back. I mean, he's actually hurting him off his back. I mean, most of the time when people are off their back and their landing strikes, they're kind of flailing. Unless you're Tony Ferguson. Look at this. He's hitting them fucking hard, man. It all depends what the intention. Look at this on the guy on top of the guy on top is trying to stay on top. They keep it on the ground. Then it's easy to throw elbows because they're coming forward. But if they're trying to back out and stand up, you throw an elbow. Then you stand up. I think Bruno's exhausted. I think that's part of what's going on here. He's been beaten up and exhausted and because he's not offering up a lot of which makes it easier to throw elbows right on the bottom. Right. He's not trying to pass. If you don't want to be on the ground and the guys throws elbows, you just back up and stand up. Yeah. It's so easy, but he doesn't want to stand up. So he's open for elbow or the very least try to pass. But I think he's just exhausted. I mean, he got hit with so many body shots. He's getting lit up like a Christmas tree. He is throwing some shit right here. Yeah. Yeah. Look at those upkicks. Does this dude with all the kicks in his arsenal, does he have an up kick? Oh, yeah, he's going to have a kick. I haven't seen it like that. He didn't try to get up there. He should have scooted back. Remember when Bustamante upkicked that Jerry Bolander? Yeah. Remember that shit? Or was it Georgiouge? It was either Bustamante or Georgiouge. Well, the big one was Henzo and Oleg Tartaro. That was a big one. That was another one. But Bolander got hit by Bustamante. Very jockery and was saucy. Jockery and was saucy was big. When Henzo did it to Oleg, people thought it was lucky. Like, oh, he just threw a kick off his back. He was lucky. But Henzo was like, dude, we practice this shit. It's an actual technique. You're on your back and you're fucking throwing kicks. And there's levels to it. And believe it or not, man, Hoist Gracie and Sakuraba II. People don't even remember the Hoist Gracie five, Sakuraba again. First one was in Japan. The pride one went like five hours. We saw the second one. Yeah. But the second one was at the Coliseum, K1. In LA. Yeah. Hoist Gracie, Sakuraba II. Yeah. And that was Brock Lesnar's MMA debut. Exactly. And that's when that one Detroit Lions wide receiver tried to do MMA. Johnny Morton got starched. He got taken out on a stretcher. Who fought him? With a neck brace. The worst case scenario. Who fought him? Everybody's worst case scenario is we're going to fight MMA. Worst case scenario is you get taken out on a stretcher in a neck brace. And he was... There's nothing worse than that. Jack. Remember that? What happened to Johnny Morton? He didn't fight. That was that night he was a Detroit Lions wide receiver. Johnny Morton. Johnny Morton. Johnny Morton. Hall of Famer. Who did he fight? From SC. A kickboxer. A black kickboxer who was from Japan who was a comedian. Bernard. He's a comedian. There it is. Yeah, that's it. Look how jacked he was. Jesus Christ. That's unnatural. Tit. Bernard Akka. I don't remember this one. He fought a comedian from Japan who was a black dude. Oh, that's right. Remember that, Seth? And he got starched. I don't want to do this. He's hanging out next to the Charles Crete North Bennett for the whole fight. Oh, this is it? We got a serious dude. He's the comedian. That's him. He's the comedian. He's a Japanese comedian, but he's black. Oh, shit. Yeah, crazy. Johnny Morton was jacked. He went to SC, so it was a big drawl, too. Oh, yeah. This was at the Coliseum K1. So Johnny Morton was a football player. This is a forgotten mega MMA event. Totally forgot. Nobody remembers this event. Well, because you had Johnny Morton. You had Brock Lesnar's debut. It was a nice the body. Yeah. Oh, we got a clip of the right hand. Johnny Morton was all probia. OK, what's good? He gets memory. He gets taken out of the structure. Oh, no. Damn. What was it? Right hand. Boom. Right. Jesus Christ. Oh, my goodness. Oh, no, he wasn't. Perfect right hand. Look at that coming in. Oh, that's an awful knockout. And there was a lot of NFL players thinking about doing MMA. After this, they all disappeared. Not me, baby. No, no, they all disappeared. This is because this guy's all the favorite. He got fucked up. Look at that. I thought I was what I had done. He's still out. Grace. Watch this stretcher. Look at that timing on that. Oh, my goodness. Chin had nowhere to go. Perfect. First case scenario. One more time. He just didn't. He just wasn't. Boom. Jesus. Close his eyes. Oh, boy. So he's no one shot left in a neck brace. What is one neck brace stretcher? Look at that. Oh, boy. Worst case scenario. Yeah. I mean, there's a lot of great athletes that could be great MMA fighters if they had dedicated their whole life to learn it. But trying to like cut the line and when you deal with striking nightmare. That's a carava hoist, Gracie fight to the second one. The only reason I thought about that is hoist was on his back a lot and soccer. Bravo was standing just like the first fight. And then the first fight, Sakuraba kept standing. Hoist was on his back and Sakuraba would leg kick his thighs. Magomedov taken down the third to look at this. But he's going to have a hard time with real wrestlers in the second fight. Hoist had some sidekick. You're slowing down a little bit. He was stuck. He had some awesome dude. Hoist Gracie got some great kick off his back from the guard. He throws sidekicks in front. Great. A little bit. He's not understanding. He fucked him up standing. With the kicks. Only fight ever in the history of MMA were the guy on the bottom. Fuck the guy standing. He won. Hoist won because of his sidekicks from the guard. Joe, you got the lighter brother? I got to go boys. Where are you going to go? We're on the same fucking flight. No, I got a 445 Delta. No, I thought we're on the same flight. No, you're on 730 American. Yeah, you changed yours? Delta. You got to leave, dude. You have literally less than an hour to get to the airport. How far away is the airport? Half hour. You're right here, man. You got to be there now. The airport's right 15 minutes. It's the same time. It's an F1 weekend. Yeah, but it's F1 weekend. So the airport's going to be jammed up. You're fucked. Why did you switch your flight, being not tell me? Do you have a car to take into the airport? Or are you taking their car? I don't know. Jesus, Brian. Why didn't you coordinate? I don't know. I got carried away. I got into this fucking podcast. It's still on its back. Look at this. I like the podcast. Hmm. I forgot he was on his back so much. I was watching so many highlights. As a matter of fact, I think I left this fight before the third round. This dude is spending a lot of time on his back. Calend did the old switcher route. Didn't tell your boy, huh? All right. Shall we wrap this up? Gentlemen, always a blast. I fucking loved it. Love you guys. I love you guys. I'm me and Sam Tripoli. We're coming to St. Louis. We're coming to Indy, Austin, and Dallas. Coming up. Thank you. I'll see you guys this weekend, coming weekend at the Chicago wind probe. And then I got... Schomburg. Schomburg in place. Great place. It is something to call it, Chicago. It's an hour outside Chicago. Yeah. It doesn't make sense. It's a little bit outside. Austin Nashville, that's January 24th to 27th. Love you guys. Love you guys. Let's go. Goodbye, everybody. We love you.