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Joey Diaz

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Joey Diaz is a stand-up comic, writer, and author. He's the host of the podcast "Uncle Joey's Joint with Joey Diaz," co-host of "The Check-In" with Lee Syatt, and author of "Tremendous: The Life of a Comedy Savage."

Eddie Bravo

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Eddie Bravo is a champion martial artist, founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, musician, stand-up comic, and author. He's the host of "Look Into It - with Eddie Bravo" podcast.

Brendan Schaub

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Brendan Schaub is stand-up comedian, retired professional mixed martial artist, entrepreneur, and host or co-host of several podcasts and YouTube shows, among them "The Fighter and the Kid," "The Schaub Show," "The Golden Hour," "Calabasas Fight Companion."

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He just strangled Darren Till and we're about to go live with fight companion with the newest and latest edition Joey Mother fucking Diaz what the fuck what the fuck Let's do this who's fighting tonight Joey who's why who is it? Strickland docus I'll just the other tough woman. We have a great fucking card. It's a great card great. Marcus Yeah, what is the full card young Jamie? Plus all around most off. That's a good fight kicks off the main card I Love Rick L. Pennington Yeah, lady. She has nothing that stands out like no one thing that stands out other than toughness It's not like knockout power is not amazing cement. No, it's just that lady's a fucking animal. She's an animal. I love watching her fight, but this chick is tough. Buena Silva's a beast, man. Just no one knows who she is, unfortunately. No one knows who, you know, it's just one of those under the radar fights. Chris Curtis versus Mark Andre Barrio. That's a big fight too. Neil Magni and Mike Malat. What's above that? That's the coming of that Comey of the penicent and then what's below that? Arnold Allen or most are evil. We have the pre-lives like who fought that any Did Jillian win? Jillian won by one. This is it It's a TKO. Oh, okay nice Wait a minute. She says, do we want it? It wasn't a submission, but I think it was. She didn't even want it. Oh, she want it. I think she won. Kale. She's getting close to submitting her a couple of times. Okay. The rest of cards more of like a fight night would all show up there. Brad Katona, that's what the one that's on right now. It just ended. That's about to kick off. That's all Alan. That's back. We know about Arnold Allen. Savage. He's the best chef. We brought the King of New Jersey ladies and gentlemen. That's the best chef. We've been trying to get him to move here for three years. Keep telling me to go fuck myself. You never know. You never fucking know. Listen, I'll buy you a house. I know you to all my I know I love you to if we can get you out here whatever I need in the hand do Tuesday Wednesday Thursday [2:06] Residency that's all I'm off done done. We'll give you Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Let's go you gotta think about me a little bit before I'm ready to make me come on the fucking stage and go Joe. I'm ready. I'm moving here You're gonna go why cuz I gotta do this this every night listen Listen, we get your daughter out here. She'll enjoy the fuck out of this town. It's great It's people are very friendly. They're nice just like just like Them the fuck up dead. This is They're in Jersey. She's just came flying out fucking happy flying out three days every now and again every once a month once a month Three days. Let's go. It's done again every once a month once a month three days let's go it's done it's done yeah that's how you start yes that let me take you to lunch some all let me show you the houses let me show you the captain of school but you want me to get you know I'm not trying to get you to get a finger bang me a little kid just put a round in his ass child I get it no I want to kiss my ass I want to say put it in your ass. You don't remember, but that was when I, when I had a comedy store, I bombed hard, I went out and [3:10] that started talking about like, you know, a dream of Chrome, babies eating. And it was just silent and I couldn't come back from it. And when I got backstage, you were like, listen Eddie Bravo, you can't just put it in their ass. You gotta to play with the pussy a little bit nibble on their ears You just can't put it right in there. I'm never That's the greatest advice I've ever gotten. It's again. You got to go up there and make them fall in love But you then you say whatever the fuck you want look at Dominic who's on fire Dominic who that that was last time that shirts on an iron Further further this career gets more and more casual That's a floppy-ass collar. It's going on there baggy Drakis duplicy that's a big fella when I'm standing next to him I I never can understand how that guy can make 180 [4:01] Straight women small either. Nope, but he at least he fought at 170 at one point in time. Drekus is big. I think Drekus might have fought at 170 as well in that South African organization. Drekus is a big guy for 85, man. His style is wild, right? Yeah. On orthodox. But he can pull the chaos. He's a little bit like Gachi. Control chaos. on orthodox but you can pull the gas a little bit like gachi control chaos it's motherfucker it just looks awkward so you think he doesn't know what he's doing until he's fucking up everybody heavy hands you mean you gotta look at that Whitaker fight you know like if that guy can do that to Robert fucking Whitaker that's why this fight's important is strictly come off the easy win everyone's like I easy just had a bad night right no one's giving strickling his props well you look at that boosting thing the boost magma mettoff fight that's the real fight because that guy is a fucking assassin for three minutes that magma mettoff guy is as good as anybody alive for three minutes but he felt it yeah well the guys that strategy doesn't work it might work on the lower levels we go out storm [5:01] people you can't storm a guy like Sean Strickland. He's gonna just like wear it, whether the storm knows what's gonna happen. So he's gonna check your kicks, he's gonna move back away from your punches, he's gonna take a few body shots and he's just gonna get you in the third round, fourth. It didn't even take that long. At the end of the first round, you saw a boost startedup too. Well, that guy's so good. He's so good, but whatever is in his head that he has to come out and hit his foot on the gas, if he just paced himself, if that guy figured out how to pace himself, he's one of the best mental weights on. Remember two Strickland took it on short notice. Come out that cannon there. Remaried loss. He just had another fight where he lost, too, where he faded. Yeah, abusted who's he fighting who's the last fight? was it Nassim Who was it who was a boost mega-med-off last fight? He's a killer, but if you get him past that three-minute mark brallo Hey, is the beat coming back I saw him spot. No, he's not oh [6:02] Kyle bro that guy's a fucking animal. That's another dark horse in that division. Yeah That guy's another dark horse and that's a big way that guy's good man. He's fucking good He's good. He's wild and young. So you're saying this is a beat's not coming back. No No, he put a clip of him training. Yeah, he's like a doctor out there, some shit. He might be a gay lord fox. He doesn't say something. He's a male nurse, I think. Mago-Manage Shapirov, right? The beat. Mago-Manage Shapirov? Yeah, that's the longest name ever. You should've cut that word down a little bit. That's than like tie names. The beat was so good. The beat was so good. I told you Mark Henry would, he would DM me like bro, I'm telling you you talk about this kid. Yeah. He's with Frank Yeager, he's with Barbos. He's like to be every eight hours ago, seven hours ago. Look at that. He's coming back, Don. He's out there feeding squirrels. [7:02] He's out in the woods and shit. But they don't look like the worst thing about Kabeeb. Because it's working out, man. If you, there's a lot of people like look at George St. Pierre. You think he's making a comeback too. He's coming down here training with the Donna, her death squad. Meanwhile, all he's doing is just being a martial artist. I ran with that room. I needed the view. Yeah. You're gonna get a job. You You're saying Nick Diaz, you completely manufactured a fake scenario that Nick Diaz and George St. Pierre were going to fight UFC 300. I text him, I'm like, what are you doing? What is this? He's like, it's nonsense. I said, I made it. I need something to talk about. Everybody went with a jail son. I made a video about it. A jail son is a man. He knows how to do it too. There's a few of these guys like yourself that have gone from fighting to talking about fighting. And they're doing a fucking great job. Chale's the best at it. And Chale, I mean, he's got an ESPN now. He's doing everything he does his own show. He's the best at it. Chale's interesting because I do podcasts, you know, so it's an hour hour hour and a half sometimes. Chale just does clips. He just puts out clips on YouTube. He doesn't do the audio really. [8:07] Listen, those clips get mad traction. If there's a big fight and there's some big rumor, a big thing, a bad joke like Chale goes, I said, Chale takes, because he did a Taco Bell review. I said, damn, is that my mate hurting this bad? You doing food reviews? He goes bro I gotta figure out something man. He goes when it's the off season I figure out something dog Yeah, you gotta find something to talk shit about. Chail's good at talking shit. No the best I mean that guy revolutionized shit talking in MMA. Which was the guy. Oh, yeah, there was no Anderson Silva you absolutely suck What Anderson was the man And tell son and stand in the middle of the octagon. Say any sucks like it was incredible No, Garrett The bus I saw feed the bus again you absolutely suck [9:04] I'm calling you out silver but we're up in the stakes. I beat you. You leave the division. You beat me. I'm serious, I will leave the UFC forever. Oh, yeah. He can easily do pro. If he wanted to do pro wrestling, he easily could have. But the reality of pro wrestling is the damage you take on your body is as bad if not worth fighting. Because they work 300 days a year. They're actually taking the punishment. All the guys that I've had in here, all the guys that I've had in here, bro Hulk, Hogan, Ric Flair, Jake the Snake, all those guys are broken. Diamond Dallas page, their bodies are broken. Diamond, that's not doing yoga. It's great. That's the thing that fixed him though. He's got no disc space in his spine and that guy could stand to a full split standing. He does all these yoga poses. All those muscles, those stabilizer muscles [10:02] from that yoga are so strong. He made a business out of that. He keeps it in. He rehabilitated a lot of guys. A lot of WWE. A lot of WWE, Jayl could stay kidding. We just outlawed him on fire in the kid. He could, but he would be better as a manager. Where he doesn't have to get head fucking Mr. Food's Slam. Yes, Jayl would be an amazing manager for like the WWE was smart They would have chill go rogue and becomes like this maniac fucking manager and he comes in he makes wild accusations He had to be perfect if he managed cold cord and Ryan and WWE imagine that shit Gordon's not gonna do that Gordon's making the two months, no no no he wants to make millions strangling people for real He's already All-go-ward wants to do is be the undisputed, undeniable greatest of all time. No one can compete. No, no you can't He's making millions doing video tapes. He makes a million a month. He makes millions off his video tapes bro [11:01] No, but you know he's out for you know he's out though with it with a stomach issue Yeah, no, no very well. I know very I talked to him in the movie. Yeah. Yeah, I love going You know he's a big car. Oh, yeah, we we talk all the time He has a TRX as well. He's got a bunch of shit viper. Yeah, he's the man He's been talking man to get one you son of a bitch. I know I don't need another car I do most of our evil if this guy's a beast tough fight for our oh Eddie you asked about Arnold Allen He's so he's he Arnold Allen. He's fighting. Oh, sorry Yeah, so he was coming up. He's like he's from England. He's the shit his dad was a strong man guy and told his kids Because he had to do steroids. He was like, never do this. Never ever do this shit. Don't do what I do. And they did it. No, Arnold's completely against it. Okay. All clean. Yeah, Arnold's a 145er. This is a great fight though. He's the one for Arnold. He though have is so smooth and he's so complete. He is one of the very best in that division at the transition between between striking and grappling and being even on both fronts. Like he's a very good striker and a very good grappler. [12:07] He's world-class at both things. Monster. There's a few of those guys like Ilya Toporia. Like Ilya Toporia is a perfect example of a guy who has no weakness. He's so good at grappling and he's so good at striking and he's a fucking savage. Talk about Prohalic. Right, especially talking about that mockout so mug a mad toe so tough that one is in I'm doing that one that's the one in California that's right I only do count I only do United States for America motherfucker that's it you know I do paper views in the United States of America there used to be door to America I used to do Mexico and I used to do Canada the Mexico girl's catch and then Canada got communist like fuck you. I'm staying here I'm sitting here going. There's something missing. I'm like wait. I'm high smoke weed I had a coffee no gay stuff burns on here Whiskey alcohol that's right young Jamie [13:03] Fuck true dog, I'm not the you see you're a Fuck true dog. I'm not the young fuck true dog love it Yeah, yeah, Canada he says shit at a get your shit together come back come back to what you used to be the Pierre Polivare guy I obviously his name that guy makes sense. He's also for the El Castro's kid. We know I'm I'm a big conspiracy guy Come on come on Eddie back me up on this Educator. It's not that crazy. It's not that crazy. He looks Look at the clump. Here's the thing. Here's the thing realistically. I've looked at this. He also looks like he's dad. His dad looks like Castro. His dad's very similar in facial structure to Castro. But it's like the mom going to hang it out and he's got to he's got to be much before you're down holding him. That's why it's fun. That's why it's a fun theory. And she's on the flight. This was so many times. This could all be solved with a very simple DNA test where if I would do, if someone was accusing my dad of being Castro, if someone's saying your grandfather was Mussolini. I'd be like no We talking about yeah look your grandma fuck Mussolini you think your grandpa the guy that used to take you fishing [14:10] You think there's your grandfather no your grandfather Mussolini like no Picture Mussolini holding you Oh, shit, it's looking pretty Look at pretty good. No, your mom was down there. I was like, Grandma, what a deal. You never know. Listen, you never know what Fidel. What never came out about Fidel was that he slung dick like a mother fuck. Of course. And the way he did it was, he'd go on a restaurant. His security would go on first. And one personnel would come up to a woman, give her a card to call a doctor. Call it is doctor come on doctor, so you get him checked he got him checked first for though was a gangster He would get him check them check that doctor the doctor Skend them and then they come to the palace Oh my god, no that's true. No, you gotta have a little sip you gotta have a little no later on later on [15:01] Later on yeah, yeah, I get a little kick. I'm still fucking flying off the nicotine buffalo trays thing. I love that shit It's just a little taste Sip for a toast. Don't I get heartburned? I'm just a sip a little like me Let go bomb and flip Michigan never really drank the water. I get a glass of water. It tastes like this That's what he did This is not But I get a glass of water and taste it like this That's what he did This is not a stunt got a glass of water So good to see this I'm so happy I love working for the UFC, but I love this more It did if they came to and they said no more fight companions, it's one of the other. I'm like, Hey, it's been a great time, guys. It's been wonderful. I love you. I love going to the fights. I'll buy tickets. I'll go. I'll say what never do that. It was just the idea was like a fantasy. Like wouldn't it be fucking cool if he could come to me. It was just a fantasy. You and me, first of all, if manifesting is real, [16:07] Eddie Bravo and I manifested the fatitas buying the UFC. Eddie Bravo and I were friends in the 90s before the UFC went big and we were hanging out. What was it, Louisiana? There's no shit. Kemper, Louisiana. We were in the middle of nowhere with Ricky Rocket, Frank Shamrock, Igor Zenovia of nowhere with Ricky Rocket, Frank Shamrock, Egor Zenova. Yeah, Ricky Rocket, who was, you know, from poison, is a legit jujitsu guy. So Ricky was friends with Eddie, and he and our friends, we're all know each other from a chados, we're hanging out, we're like, you know what the UFC needs? Some fucking billionaires who love the sport, who just go crazy and dump a bunch of them. We know how exciting it is. Like we knew, we knew we would go live. Like everybody loves it. Anyone there loves it. It's not like it's a niche thing that only people are like, tripping a cricket to America. Like, no. We're not gonna play cricket. We're not gonna play cricket. You have canceled. Yes. [17:00] You have to legit got canceled. They got all their shit cock fight. It was only available on direct TV I got direct TV just instead of cable just so I get the UFC Do you know we get the power down John McCain was in for yes Why is it boxing you guys are in boxing some boxing people conspired to make the UFC illegal they were calling it McCain Was calling human cockfighting. And he said something. He was like, he was either he was either he was governor of Arizona or a senator or something, but he had the power to stop programs from coming through cable through his state. I don't know how that works, but he's the he got pressure from boxing world. It was a small audience back then and it was easy to kill them because it looked bad. Like when I was on news radio and I first started doing UFC backstage interviews that's how to do a post fight interviews, they came to me like, what are you doing? They was like I was doing porn. I was like I was just fucking there bro. [18:02] Who doesn't like the fuck? I was like filming videos while I'm also doing NBC. I'm doing a sitcom that video so viral right right now for some reason you You on But that's later, but that's later That's after the UFC bought was bought by the Fraterias that's yes, that's what we manifest it I swear to God you and me getting blasted. It was kind of this like the natural thing to happen. You know what I mean? Who the fuck is gonna do it? They were $44 million in the whole. They tried for $44 million. They were ready to sell. They called Dana White and they said sell it. We're losing too much money. And then Lorenzo slept on it. And he woke up at the morning, goes, fuck it. To have it. Fuck it. We ride. You need a map. We're gonna ride it out. And we're gonna buy all the ads on the ultimate fighter. We'll buy the ads. We'll just put it on TV. This will just give it this one last fucking Hail Mary. And then Forest Griffin and Stefan Bonner go to war. They go to war and like six, seven million people [19:07] are watching. It starts off like one million and people start calling each other. Go yo, you gotta turn on Spike TV. These dudes are beating the fuck out of each other. It was so wide because it was so perfectly matched. It was so perfectly matched. There was no one who had an advantage over either one of them. They knew each other for six weeks in that fucking house. And they looked apart. They looked apart and they went to war. They went to war and it was like, as close to, and they the end of it, Dan and I were talking to each other. I think I'm gonna give them both a contract. Give them both a fucking contract. This is incredible. And Dana goes out there and they had a conversation with Lorenzo. got a contract the place goes nuts and then the UFC is born and chocolate Dell was their champion so you got chocolate Dell who's knocking people in the other dimensions so you got the number one guy the most exciting guy in the beginning of the sport chocolate Dell was above and beyond anybody else because he didn't there was no tactics it It was I'm gonna kill you. It was running at guys [20:06] You had great skills, but he just also had an iron chin and he just smashing people and he has a Perfect look tattooed head mark smashing people The fucking show blew up it blew up and Eddie and I were there in the very beginning We're like whoa they did it. I remember us having these conversations like it's literally what we just talk about in the 90s And it actually happened, but do you remember the first companion and Brian go you go what should we call it? Frank goes let's call the silly goose time and you go fuck you You go what should we call this show and you're like no, I got it and Brian goes no, no, let's call a silly goose Oh my god, we're not even watching this fight. Oh, so Arnold Aaron Arnold now is fighting those bar Eve Luv Remember Arnold's last fight it was max hallway. Yeah, fuck up. You got beat up a little bit [21:01] But that's that's the next level, you know you You have to coordinate the time. Put the headphones on, son. Come on, join us in here. Yeah, the coordinate at the time. The time in the first round is 147, 146, 145, 144, 143. So sync it up and somewhere watching, first round, Arnold Allen, Eve Luv. This is Allen's first fight after getting beat up by Max Holloway. Such a big fight for him. Oh, he just got tagged with a jab. The thing about a fight like that is when you do experience the top of the mountain, you know, one of the all-time grades, you got like Max Holloway and he pieces you up. Some guys don't come back from that. It goes one of two ways. Right. It goes one of two ways. Even Calvin Kater is bad asses he is after that fight. He was not you. He was not saying bad. He got beat up in that fight. He got. The atomic race. Yeah. Yep. That's the best example. Well, the thing is with Dominic, like almost beat John Jones. Some would say beat him. Some would say beat him. And then he loses by that crazy decision. And then,ombohoj, which in that motherfucker just put him into orbit and he fought Yiri and Yiri put it into orbit [22:08] Yeah, you know and then Brian span flatline them and he was supposed to fight again recently and he just pulled out what happened? I'm not sure Dude he's grambein Over and over again watch this Evil whoever's so Well balanced. No one takes Arnold down either. That's Arnold down. That's Arnold down is in the red. He wrestled for sure. He's British. He didn't wrestle. Just a savage. I mean MMA, but he's really good. He's got those back escape. No one takes him down. He's hard to take down. I'm really rooting for Arnold down, but it's a tough fight. Evil away, those things for- He's so intelligent. Like, he's so difficult to pattern. Like, everything he does is very smooth. His transition between striking and grappling. He's like one of those guys, like I was saying, like, just like Ilya, he does, there's no holes. But Ilya, I think, is better at standing. Ilya is dangerous. He's dangerous. Night and night and day better. Joe Rogan. Dangerous. How come all these fucking egos throw people around? [23:05] Who trains these daggers? There's that. Somebody guys in Europe, Eastern Europe and in Russia that are just such good wrestlers. They do know when they're just like, they're so tough. Do you know where Abraham Lincoln was a great wrestler, right? Come on. Did you know that? No, yeah, I read about it. I I know Abe Lincoln got shot in a movie theater. That's all I fucking know he didn't know he He lived in that movie and he cut the apple was a regular for two years No, it was like George Washington with the apple tree. All right, Abe Lincoln was the guy who's freed the slaves and they shot him in a theater theater There was no movies back then. Whatever the fuck you know He was in the side both then and The wokes move You know, you want to come he works in Denver they have the side that little thing that reportedly amassed three hundred victories over twelve years the rest of the only known defeat came in the hands of hank tomson during the black hawk war of eighteen with the fuckers of black hawk war of eighteen thirty two or link it was serving with the illinois volunteers [24:00] so while he was serving the army he also had a wrestling match in the 300 Victor he was like who like Hicks and Gracie he taught all those guys in Russia That's why they have that beer remember Hicks and Zimima record was like 400 and Oh you fucker Bratada I love you You trying to compete with me I'm already fucking confused Yeah what's the black horse? He was I don't know what the fuck is going on These guys are genius around to round two He's got murals of him and in Russia Oh, no, no, no, no, he's doing this to you. Why? Don't come on you think I fucking he didn't go to Russia If I give a fuck a vape Lincoln, they got to pick him and all of them Yeah, for me You know, my heart was to go to Russia back then. So our, our, our all-allens down around for sure. Yeah, it looks like that. That's what you got to do. You'll back then if you went to Russia, that's where you lived now. Because you're not coming back. It's too much time. Take five years to get back from Russia in 1700. No, no, it takes, it takes two months. Two months on a ferry to go from They're gonna get on a horse make it way to the middle of the country 20 miles an hour months [25:07] Months months into the middle of the country like right now, but you know what they had airships back then too So you maybe he went on a airship. What are you talking about? Blimp you can blimp the 17 oh dude 17 1800s that blimp Oh I'll just hit with a head kick. He just hit the Evely with a good head kick that actually bringing blimp's back Dude bl headkick he just hit the low with a good headkick that actually bringing blimps back dude blimps like the right brothers story with all they discovered flight bullshit they already had flight that's not well they discovered airplanes it's all bullshit you get steerer man they had to have their blimps in the 1800s well led Zeppelin one was that on the Zeppelin crashed that they put that you know that the crash that was to demonize Blimp's so no one would think they were safe. So airplanes took over boom [26:01] Real talk of everywhere in 1800s. I believe the fuck's an airship. They're like blips Blips they go like 50 miles an hour. Yeah, they could do it is a safe way to do that apparently then they just Fucking pull the plug on all that no, they're they're coming back now. They're like fancy cabs and shit Like cruise ship Hindenburg didn't crash imagine a world where there was like blimps everywhere. It was normal It's just like a bus erased blimps from history Oh, you've got another takedown Damn He's so good man. Well, that's a panic move, right? You don't think you're really gonna be able to defend the takedown So second option is try to get the neck, but not with this guy. He's all fucking Oh, good elbows sweet solid elbows Control them down there aren't throw that ball. He's not controlling him down there. All right, we'll get a job. He just loses the fight. He's got double under us. He's just losing the fight. He's losing the fight. But even though he's getting back to his feet, which he's doing a great job, his wrestling's so fucking underrated, he's losing the fight. He did land that head Survive that crash. Oh my god really? How many died cost 35 fatalities 13 passengers and 22 crew [27:06] But there is 97 people on board. Oh wow And they could this could be bullshit to like this like all the new stories on all this can easily be like do you believe in Wikipedia? No, dude. There's a they call me every day dude. There's a you to there's a YouTube channel called my lunch break Every day dude. There's a you to there's a YouTube channel called my lunch break Mm-hmm. My lunch break YouTube channel you will get addicted to that shit. It's all old world shit You went to old world Tarot what's old Tarot area? 1800's into that yeah, oh fuck yeah, yeah, it's not fun. You guys got it all over Austin old world Yeah, old world shit, you know what that is yeah, I do what is it tartaria? You don't know what that is no, I do It's the idea that there was a super sophisticated ancient civilization that's been erased You had a Oh You had a bit and you nailed it you fucking nailed what's going on right now? Where's they're finding out now in 2001 you had a bit like i think people used to be really smart but the dumb ones how fucked the smart ones eggs that exactly [28:10] what happened yeah now people used to be really stupid i'm used to think that's what happened but then i found out about the younger drives impact theory what's that i'm a ninety nine percent sure that in eleven thousand eight hundred years ago the earth was hit by comments and reset every set civilization yeah that's that's what about eighteen hundred those seventeen hundred right no no but i think there's probably some some reality to lost ancient civilizations and lost like high-level structures inside of that eleven thousand period they want everyone to focus on the pyramids and go blackly tepoli they want people to think about to do it was a twenty thousand Oh, was it 20,000 years ago? Was it 40,000 years ago? What happened in 1700 dog? That's what we want to know. What happened in 1800? Why are these all these cathedrals and and these impossible? These these structures these palaces that we can't even build today [29:04] Well a lot of that is our lack of craftsmanship like exactly same Peter's Basilica. Have you ever been a Rome brother? Yeah, if you ever go to you ever go to the oh I had a fucking passport. Oh, that's right Listen when you get your passport when you get your passport fuck doing shows. I want to take you to Italy I told you this I want to take you to Italy and you get your passport I'm gonna take you to Italy and we're going to eat real Italian food like vacation. Just yeah, just go fucking have a good time, but I want you to see Rome. It's insane. It's insane. You go to the Vatican. The Vatican is insane. I just found a take on those toys and have to follow. No, no, no follow no no no no no no This is a little higher like olive oil. I will hire a professor. That's what I did last time We hired a local professor. He gives you a tour and he's like some guy who takes a day off of teaching history And it'll come and it was brilliant you guys spoke like three different languages I want to go remember when you when the first when the pandemic first hit you and I were having a conversation when I said to you listen dog [30:03] When the pandemic first hit you and I were having a conversation with them. And I said, do you listen dog? With this fucking whatever, why don't you just open up a studio and fucking England? Like I was telling you go to England, open up a fucking studio, a complete different people to interview for a couple of years. And then on the weekends, you go to Spain, Italy, yeah, well, fucking, that's living like a doctor. Our salon. Yeah. Yeah. Barcelona Barcelona I've been thinking about doing that. I'm thinking about buying land in Scotland. Yes, it's fucking beautiful Big potato and big potato Bro, big potato was a billionaire friend. Oh, yeah, yeah, Scottish character Did you know that? Yeah, but big Potatoes moving to Scotland. Is he? What's he doing over there? His children are there. They went to college and they stayed. Oh wow. So he goes to visit him and he goes to show me. Nice people, man. Yeah. The nicest people. This is a good fight by the way. We just ship all your cars out there and ship. It was a good combo by Arnold. Arnold was a beautiful lady about the cause he could buy new ones and shit yeah we have car left inside you don't have to buy new cars because they're on the other side [31:06] they will take your shit off Steering wheels on the other side it's confusing Arnold having some success there it's late those down two rounds yeah hopefully he can finish them come on Arnold so Evlu have the strategy here is to avoid big shots on the feet and then make that opening and then shoot the take down and then cinch up the round. Come on Arnold. Oh. Interesting. It's like this Alan look at his carrying a little bit of extra body fat to you. Yeah he doesn't look as ripped as usual. He's usually fucking shred. Right that's what I'm saying. I mean he looks good. Oh yeah. Normally I wouldn't say anything but just like around the middle. He looks a fucking shred, right? That's what I'm saying. Yeah, I mean he looks good. Oh, yeah I would normally I wouldn't say anything but it's just like a look around the middle He looks a little because he's known for it Yeah, and then when you're looking at Eveloev and Eveloev is shredded You know you never know with guys. I mean you could speak to that more than anybody like so many times You're going into camp hurt and you're just doing your best and the camp with these guys sometimes just becomes a matter of making the weight. Yep. Especially if you've got an injury. [32:06] Yep. I mean, how about fucking Aspenall? Aspenall fights for the title. Couldn't spar at all. Not at all. Takes the 11-day notice fight. Couldn't spar at all. He was putting his hands down so he wouldn't get in the head. That's that's game in the system and a lot of reps don't I didn't see it we were talking the problem now. He's low. Well he hit him in the head Well, he had it three points down now his head's bleeding Oh, but the thing is past two now Some reps go they're not gonna play that game because the gray area. Yeah, so we tried it so they're gonna here It is they're gonna so here's Arnold watch See for them down keeps dragging his hand down That's totally legit pull this hand up. Yeah, he lifts his hands up. Yeah, that's legit that 100% legit 100% legit 200% legit yep transition coming up [33:28] Transition coming up He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He's turning up. He my god. What do they do? I know that's legal and out's past two and a half rounds So that all those shots were landed with the hand above the mat. That's legal if you can yank a guy It's supposed to be weight bearing it's supposed to be your bearing weight. He's definitely not bearing weight He's cheating the system. What is he saying? Accidental it's legal remember though Joe He hasn't seen the camera view so to him it probably looks like it's oh god Why don't they show him that when he's making this distinction because that's He's like no okay, then we're good yeah But no good because he's recovered he was fucked in his legal shots [34:00] Arnold could have really taken advantage of this attitude. He should have he should have gotten a TKO there. Arnold's fucking him up this round. Come on, hold on. Three minutes ago, last. That's a lot of time, darling. It is a lot of time, but there's also a lot of time for Evelo to recover from big shots that he landed to his face with knees, man. I think the important thing is that he didn't get it point taken away. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no nothing wrong. I think you did what you're supposed to do. Every knee was landed with a hand off the mat, lifted them up for every knee. That's totally legitimate. Also, most artists are gonna play that game. That's what you get. Well, now most of our gets this chance to recover or he doesn't feel the effects that knees anymore. Ah, fuck. That sucks. [35:01] Two losses in a row for Arnold too, if this happens. And Mark Goddard's usually very good. To Mark Goddard's defense, if you don't have a camera there, if you especially if it's happening fast, and the dude complains and the audience booze, but if you watch that replay, which they 100% should show them, it used to be they could only show the replay if the fight was stopped. Oh wow. It was weird. There was a weird moment in time where it couldn't make, have a bearing on the fight itself. But that, I think that's been changed. But I don't know what they're doing up in Canada. They might have communist rules. Were you, who knows, the fuck they're doing up there? They might have different rules, you know? In terms of bank account. But if you turn, oh yeah, the ninja Joe, Oh He's lost it he's lost him. He was broke. He's got that me. Yeah, he's still on that neck though, son He should use it to get up. Ah He's gotta get up. He's gonna hang out to it to get always getting right back up look at him though This roll around he's really good at these He's getting up look at fucking Arnold Allen man. I really get wrestle. He's getting up. Lansing elbow nice [36:07] He breaks free. That's a lot of energy that most of our just had to use. Most of our is tired too. Yeah, and he took those hard knees to the head. And he knows- And he knows he gave the system. He knows he gave it. You know? Fuck yeah. We're all that blood, holy shit man Those are from the knees. Yeah, that's not a shame. I wonder what the commentators with the commentators are saying because it's DC knows what's up It's super clear that they that he gave me the system. Yeah Arnold trains that try start He's a try-star kid is he no no shit Interesting good call good mood for him For us obby's the man. Oh oh he turns it around not no time though no fucking time no time he's free look at this man if you just had a give him another minute I bet he could finish this damn he's swinging though I'll tell you that fuck yeah that's a good fight good way to kick off the [37:02] fire it's a bummer though it's a loss for meat fire. That's a bummer though. It's a loss for Arnold. That knee thing's a bummer. And for Evil Lev, man, you know, guys like Ilya Toporia and Volcanowski didn't see that and go. They eat him up. They're gonna eat him up. They're gonna eat him up. Oh, 100%. Yes. Yeah, in Japan. Most of them? Right the end of the fight is the most significant we should see it in the third round I have the best way to judge a fight. Yeah I'm laughing about it the guys black eye when Andrew said that Her pussy look like Rocky's eye And salty said that yeah one time at the store pussy look like Rocky's eye Shows his great. Would you say about some girl her pussy looking at any monsters? Steady animal. Wolfie. [38:00] I said that one night. I don't know where it came from. It's not like I wrote it. I just seemed like an episode of the months. This is something like that. And I looked at the girls pussy. I'm like, it looks a lot like fucking. See these shots, these shots are all, what are they saying? They're just doing recalls of it. I just heard great roughing by by Mark Carter, but I don't know what their rules are over there. They might not have updated versions of the unified rules. That'd be weird. Because remember they changed it. It used to be, you could have just one hand down. Then it became you have to have two hands down. And some states you have to have two hands down. So that's to be weight bearing. Can't be just one so every state is different Yeah, and then it was like a five rules guys like herb dean herb dean's the best because herb dean will tell you like Here is a picture. It's a brand new water. Thank you You didn't put anything in here. Herb demon warned you don't game the system game the system. I'll knock here we go [39:01] Not a chance on one this night 29 28 most of. Most far. That's tough part Alan Tudorow. Well it's also controversial man. You have to do those those moments where he's landing those knees if they didn't stop that if those are legit and he didn't stop that How fucked was he he laid on his ass like he was fucked? So what if a couple more land? I mean what if he's really hurt and I don't Stop you work. Don't give a fuck dude. He's too and he lost too and I know yeah, I care We do but I would review that if I was in his Management team I would review that if I was in his management team I would say we got a review. Yeah, I can fucking Canada Wow It's most important is that you're like getting that debate out there because in my opinion he just got fucked with the debates out there No, yeah, but it really it really should be out there agree Because this is a pivotal fight [40:03] Fuck yeah, this is the highest ranked guy he's fought. With those other high ranked guys are looking at their chops getting in there with him now. You have a cardio problem? That's the thing with dupleases. We haven't seen a ton of cardio from him. I'm interested to see if stricken drags him to the fourth, fifth round. He's never been in this championship round. Well, he's always had problems with cardio because his nose was useless. Up until the last five. No, yeah, for sure he told me. I talked to him he goes that kind of pretty that my nose had a whole. He has coached. He has coached steady at surgery. He had five percent score. What's going on? The 49er score. Oh, yeah. Oh shit. Yeah. So his nose was totally useless then he got it. But he blew Wittaker out of the water in the first round. Yes don't know. He gets to see the car. It was like 2117 at 13 minutes ago. Was it DarenTill fight after the nose fix? What did I tell you? No before. It was exhausted. That first game was a fucking experiment. DarenTill's knees are just shot, man. He can't rample. He's done that good, he took, Darren Till, he didn't get cut. He had to, yes, Dana let him go so he hit on that good shit [41:06] and get out of you solid to get his body right. And he's got that. Yeah, I think he's come back like a goddamn TRT gorilla. Well, sort of, you come back and now your endocrine systems all fucked up because you've been taking TRT. And you thought it was gone though, baby? but it's still going to be drug-free sport. There's still tests. That's what I had a conversation with them about. I had a conversation with them. They're not even allowed you to use TEPPTIs because the problem is the commissions are not going to allow you to use PEPTIs. So, but here's the thing. The reality is, if the commissions are tested, they're only testing right before the fight. PEPTIs have a, there's a window He's not testing for peptides. I think they are though. I think they are because they want the, they don't want the fighters to piss hot. They don't want them to fuck it up and then show up. I think they should allow all the, especially out of camp peptides, like let the boys recover and ladies, but let them recover. It's ladies too. Well, they made weed totally legal now, right? Yep. They're not testing for weed. That That's good enough. Yeah, you have to be well literally agree as fuck fighting to test positive now [42:06] Which apparently Nick DS was when he fuck go me as there is like his levels were fucking off the charts Look for his wild lay down he's so high. Oh, Nick DS is the best Yeah, here Jorge and Nader supposed to be fighting? Is that real? That's the rumor. They're gonna have boxing match. Yep. In Vegas, Miami. They're both MMA fighters. Wouldn't it be more money in them fighting? They fought MMA though. Yeah. Jorge dominated. Yeah. So boxing a little different different something different for the fans I'm I guess yeah, I'll watch it. Yes. That's right. They did fight for the BMF belt Or I beat the break something. What do you think about Max versus Gachi for the BMF belt? I hate it You know what I hate because I love Max is a great 45 pounder, but Dustin beat him up at 55 [43:03] I think but if you guys are a little bit more. If you go back and watch that fight, Maxwell's having success, but he just, he didn't hit hard enough for them to respect them. He's a mom, right. And Justin Gage, he's a fucking buzzer. So if you're a Max van, when they announced it, obviously the general fans, like, oh, this is amazing. I went, oh, fuck Max he's just not 55 they're too big to hit too hard also Max is right there in the hunt for the title You know Vulcanowski gets done with Toporia Max is a likely next next guy Possibility be still do it though even if you lose this one you lose a spot at 45 yeah, but shorter you do you lose a little bit of your Luster what the goods? He's a very very nice kid who Frankie. Oh, he's great. He is frankly great Let's or is he going to the Hall of Famous that what this is he's opening up a school good Here you have a UFC gym there is this is he they enter the image of the Hall of Famous that we're seeing here I hope so sucks if you get inducted in Toronto though [44:00] Well, I think it's an announcement of induction. They usually In the US fight weekend. They do that You know when they do international fight week That's when they bring them in Yeah, Frankie's a legend And the gentleman man when I see him out the people the nicest people the nicest fucking guy No, he's got a crazy pocket of the crazy guy. Yeah, he does the podcast the guy from Jersey short Yeah, they did him dirty how? His last fight was against that fucking killer and he's a flying knee set a send him off like a legend You know Chris Gudi airs is an animal, but that's what they for your last fight But that you sign the contract you said yes, man said yes. I know. You might win. You know, it's a certain chance. It means that a hundred dog. Yeah. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. Good years. [45:01] Good years. He be. What are you gonna wrestle, fucking grace you again? Let's just go. I'm a 103 years old. Who comes to fuck? He's no young chicken either. It's old man jujitsu. Fair point. Very smart. We'll set it up. We'll set it up. Yeah. Let's go back to Abu Dhabi or Austin. We can do You look good, buddy. You look great. It is in the All Carbs diet. I used to have them with carbs and dead air. I was like, what are you doing over there, bro? Just for rolling. Now right now, I'm lifting. My shoulders are back, 100%. I'm working on my back through the Joe Hippen steel method. And it's working, man. My back feels good. So I'm taking it slow. To be honest, man, I'm like, I feel good and I'm lifting. I'm almost like, I don't want to fuck that up. Like, I feel like shit. I get back into just to get hurt again. It's not worth it. I don't know, man. I don't know. I'm 53. Every day I think about like, you know, maybe it's time to stop sparring, you know, for good. I don't know. No, it sucks to say that [46:09] It's a different level now flow flow Say that God with these kids flow. It's hard to flow God, but you know it's a little bit But like that nobody gets themselves hurt. Yeah, they have a heart Yeah, that's much easier for you to say you don't have like a reputation He can't let these guys tap on you know You gotta go to war Yeah, you can't oh I was there I was there in the early days Yeah, I was there right after he tapped oiler than the fucking gym was always people were coming in trying to fuck with him. Always, always people were coming in trying to spar. And he had to always be ready. Every night I drive to class, like in the mid-2000s, who didn't show up. And dude, who's gonna show up? When we would lift, if we would lift that day, you're like, oh shit, I hope nobody shows up tonight. We did squats. Yes. If you lift, man, lifting and then doing training later that [47:08] night, you're at like 60%. I love it when I get to class and nobody would show up to challenge me. And it just punch a wipe out some blue belts. I'm like, oh, it's gonna be a good night. Bro, we had so many guys come through the gym. It was crazy. Here's Frankie. No Frankie. So it must be some sort of a Hall of Fame thing. No, he's in the Hall of Fame, the modern win. Is that what this is? Yeah, that's what it is. He's in the Hall of Fame. And then they're going to do the official win. We mean Cal are having the debate is Jim Miller in a Hall of Fame. Joe, you put Jim Miller in the Hall of Fame. Yeah. That's not all. The long, long wins ever. The second most submissions ever. Especially at 55, the most competitive division. And still looks great. Never miss weight. He looks great. Never miss weight. That's like deadly down there, guys. 55. No, no, think about those schools in that one area. [48:06] You got, uh, Hanzo's black belt. The guy, uh, uh, record on Mayda. Mm-hmm. You got Frankie teacher. You got Tom DeBlast. That's all in that area. They're all in fucking ocean county. Yeah. Yeah. It's a fucking heavy, heavy duty like that. A lot of kids. And then in between, it's like, you know, regular schools and then you go to fucking the city and you walk past Hanzo's and you're like, wow, animal, then. Wow. Yeah. I wouldn't even open the fucking door there. Like I don't want to go downstairs at all. That's scary. I love it. That's scary. I mean, think about what they did at Hanzo. So those guys were training 365 days a year. And look how quickly they got to like world class level. All those guys, Gary, Craig Jones, Gordon. They got big Bahedis. How X-Bahed is cornering Sean Strickland? Look how big he is, dude. How about him and Aspenal? How big is Baheda? [49:02] That's so crazy that they fought. now Paheda's the light heavyweight champ who the fuck is ever won two world titles quicker than that guy I mean nobody never never never been done. No one's been a champ champ quicker than that. All the famous right now right now That crazy right now just a few fights in his UFC career is a hall of famous 100% Bro, I remember I was telling people about you would tell me I want like money off the first two fights nobody knew I was telling I was telling Decidate he didn't believe me. It's like come on. I go dude. You gotta listen to me You're listening me this guy has that crazy power. He's got something weird We're his guys. They look they look confused. I watch him beat everything. I watch him beat Jason Wellness I watch him fuck up everybody over there fuck up, but He did he was beating up everybody over there, dude And it was the way he was doing he's putting him into orbit You just never know the That Justin Jacobi Kay. Oh, Jesus Christ. I was like this fucking guys terrifying [50:01] He was just different. He was just different He like the power was different the style was different. It's a weird style. Hands down, weird movement, like very, but super technical man, like confusing. Like you see him, you say, Oh, this guy doesn't know what he's doing. He just hits hard, negative, incorrect, completely unique style, very technical, and very well thought out. He's got solutions to everything. He was showing me and DC how he checks lead kicks, and we had a conversation about it. Can we talk about this? Can we tell people this? What do you say? No, me and DC did. I don't know. We decided, I don't think it's, I don't think he was to tell people. He's got a special way that he checks lead kicks was different than everybody else. He's got a whole strategy behind it. We were like, oh shit. So he was showing us. So we're at the mothership. Me and DC and Alex Paheda and Alex Paheda is kicking our legs and he's showing us how to check. He's showing us how he checks and what he does to follow up check. He's got a system that you haven't seen that way to check. It's different. I'll tell you later. I'll tell you I'll tell you it's different. It's different. And it's like you know [51:05] He's like you can't be a tough guy. He's like you can't just I'll tell you later Yeah, but he's told you not to tell anybody. No, you can't give away his secret But it was so it was so profound that both DC and I mean DC's been around the game forever I've seen a million fights. He we were both like oh shit. I don't think anybody else is doing it that way. And that's just one aspect of it. The other aspect of it is his hands are as big as a fucking watermelon. His hands are giant, man. He's got this weird frame. Dudes with big hands have crazy power. Like Tony Ferguson, Ferguson has big ass hands. And if you look at Paheda, he's like this long arms he's big giant fucking hammers the end of his wrists he's different man. People have seen way different power. This is big ass hands. Giant hands. The biggest hands in the business hall is Gracie. Shane Carwin. Oh Shane Carwin's brother. All is Gracie. [52:01] Shane Carwin has a hand as a big as his table. How is Shane man? He's hanging in there? He's still training No, his back was really bad. Yeah, his back was messed up Everything bro. I mean football and then going for football and then you're fighting MMA in the heavyweight division Yeah, he works with Rose Gracie and I work on like CT and stuff one of the absolute hardest punches It's ever existed. He would not guys out with shots like from here. What is it? What is it? She's going with Rose Gracey? CCT stuff like open fighters out and stuff from CT. CT what does she do? What I say? You said CT my bad. CT I left it. Yeah. Yeah. Chromatic and cephalopathy. So what what is being done for? I don't know Shane and Rose are like balls deep in it. Yeah, I know Rose Reigns is a lot of magnet work. They do a lot of stuff with like road ocean strong magnets Micro dosing psilocybin apparently has a big But these are insects IV stem cells apparently have an effect [53:03] But there's something about the magnets. They have these magnets They had it set up to your head and something about these electromagnets stimulate areas of your brain to grow and Refire like dormant areas where it's like people are really struggling that have had brain injuries Katz and Gano told me about it. She did it and she said she was so fucked up after the cyborg fight or after the Amanda new nest fight rather she said she was so fucked up that her balance was off her equilibrium was off her quarters All was off her brain just got scrambled enough That's how hard I'm gonna miss you with that. So him and Rose connected it rose is doing the Lord's work man Helping guys out. Yeah, she's a great human being Chris Curtis. She's awesome. Do you think Chris Curtis gets the rub from training with Strickland? Now that Strickland is the fucking man. And they have a podcast together. Yeah, they have a podcast together. And or do you think it's extra pressure on him? Like how does it go? When a guy thinks you're out of you want it. Right. But if you're a guy that has been, you know, like, almost beats Calvin, real close fight, you know, [54:05] like real close, real close to like some big wins, and then you're homey, the guy you spar with every day, just tools up, out of Sonya. Does that give you more confidence? Yeah, because I bet he has some success against saying they make each other so well. Well, they're going to war together all the time. Now, I heard the two guys, they both sparred this week. Everybody else takes the week off. Strickland was sparring a couple of days ago. Hard, hard sparring. Animal. Now, bloody nose. There was a thing about- Couple days ago. Do policeies and Izzy sparring years ago? Really? Do policeies was like just into the UFC or he's come from KSW and he walked in the into Izzy's gym and they sparred is there a video of this I'm not sure but were and this is Chale was told me is that and even Izzy admits this apparently do police. He's put it on him Really now it could been an off day for Izzy. You know, he's like who's this young kid, but apparently and I don't know if it's striking Is it? [55:01] It's only 10 second video you can't tell it's Okay, Even there they're not even finding each other. That's him in Volk. No, apparently he got the better of his but we're talking about practice. He will who knows what's going on. I'm saying we're talking about. We're also talking about these guys just sparring each other. It might have been the 10th round. He doesn't might have gone with some killer. I never cared too much about practice. Well, it means something Yeah, you know, but it doesn't mean everything. Some guys are better than that. Oh yeah. Yeah, that's true too That's true too, but it means something what's like when everyone was saying now I give words Gonna you give it fucks up come on practice, but I'm like I don't give a fuck we talk about practice But let me tell you something. If Sean Strickland loses tonight and Dreckus wins, Adeson, you comes back to fight Dreckus. You have to see 300. Dreckus, you can see, assists, he manhandled Israel Adeson, he inspired as a 19 year old and denies UFC middleweight rivals claims that he was messed up in stand up battle. Dreckus duplicates his, [56:00] preparing to fight Rob, oh this is before he fought Rob, but what a car. So he said he fucked him up when he was 19. And even if he was like, yeah, he'd be good. He said I was doing kickboxing over there. I had no MMA, nothing. It was just kickboxing at M-A-R-E-D. I wasn't sharp. It was blunt. My jujitsu was blunt, very blunt. Well, that's the fight. He says, so when I was sparring, I didn't even know if we're two rounds or one continued out of Sanja. It was so long ago as well as 2014, so long ago, I remember like on grappling, he had me, but on the striking, I just messed him up. Okay. You never know. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Listen, it's a big fight if they if Otisani does decide to come back You know because Otisani's been talking about coming back in 2017 327 rather three years off. Yeah, which is good for him. I can know that how does he? [57:03] Israel seven no Israel is real. Oh, he's holding that Otisani's like And it's gonna take a couple years off. Yeah, he's done it all though. Yeah, it's real. We're talking about. Oh, he's holding that out of sign. He's like 34 and it's gonna take a couple years up. Yeah, he's done it all. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, but if you're gonna come back Taking those couple years off can be really bad GSB did it Yeah, he did it one time he did it one time against a one-eye midaway champion who's the end of his career But it's not gonna take three years off and jump back into the queue. He's a legend. So he's gonna jump back Get another fight like GSB did right also probably he would he would jump back in and get another well He definitely had a crazy schedule It was a crazy schedule, but I think I think he's just saying that I know he's got some sort of injury He said he was working on but he said he would be back to training hard in February He also lap the competition Yeah three times. He did. He did. So the division gets down. Chris Curtis, Mark Andre Barrio, first round, 449, 448, 447. Here we go. Doesn't interesting. Fight Barrio has got a crazy, crazy gas tank. [58:02] Chris Curtis, I thought he deactivated his Twitter once. His boy is struggling like crazy on Ian Gary. Well, he also, he gets into like things with people and gets upset. Like he was upset with fans when they were saying that he should have done more to beat Kelvin Gaslam. He didn't win that fight. He was saying he won that fight and he was like going back and forth. Or who's like going back and forth. Yeah, you can't go back or forth to people online. You just can't do it. It's just it's just not good for your head. You also can't win. It's not like you're gonna change them. Right. Also, you're probably probably likely arguing with 14 year old virgins. you're probably probably likely arguing with 14 year old versions. Good. Yeah. Who have abusive, who have abusive fathers, who know how to like get under your skin? Like don't do it. Don't do it. [59:01] I'll tell you what, this card is, uh is It's a solid card, but weak paper, but it's not it's nothing compared to that Miami card and That Miami cards nuts. It's better than 300 300. You want to hate on 300 300? 300 is not done 300 is not done. No, no. You got two more big fights There's there's a couple big ones that line enough for 300 if they come together It's gonna be amazing. Do you know who it is? But you can't say anything? No, no, no, no. I know a little something. I know a little something. It'd be cool if you could press like a mute button. I know, I do have a mute button. You can. Call it button. It would be like that to kill all the mics kill like one like a big red button cool, right? Homey button the big one was they were trying to get Connor, but he's not gonna be ready by then He's fighting international fight we get eighty-five that's a big one that that eighty-five is crazy That's crazy. It shows you doesn't want to cut weight. He doesn't care about bells But that's also if you don't want to cut weight But that is kind of the way to do it because he probably does walk around around 85 or 90. [1:00:06] It's probably not. It's great call by Connie. Wait, I'm not going to cut it. So here it is so far. This is Miami. How good is this card? This is the big fight. This is the big fight. Dustin Poirey and Benoit Sandini. That's the big killer. He's such a killer. That guy's such a scary guy. But that's Benoit, St. Denise, is a fucking monster. Did Mike go crazy? He was one of the French, he was the French version of Navy SEALs, whatever they are in France. The French version of Special Forces guy. And what, he's ranked 14, fight number two? When he was over in America, he's like, you helped us during world war to like you still thinking about the war savage he's literally talking about how America helped us during war war to how much of a dog was post-fight speech okay yeah yeah he's talking just different level by the way only been trained in MMA for seven years but how much of a dog is fucking doesn't pour it to take [1:01:02] that fight there's no lot of money they gave him a lot of money of course you got no outside. No, a lot of money. They gave him a lot of money. Of course, you got back the break. It's a lot of money. But still, he can fight anybody. That guy right there is a monster killer. He's a straight up killer. He don't want to fight him. No one. When he fought Bonfim, Bonfim makes his UFC debut, Knox out transfer, Kenny It looks like he's gonna be like the next guy and then this guy malls blitz just malls Just malls some effective my boy's matte. She milla Fuck start for vola up starched them up head kicked them. I was like Jesus. Great. That fight for a man He's so good man And he's so good so quick for a guy that started taking martial arts We could be a better soldier it is fucking insane to see that guy like within six, seven years become at the top of the heap of UFC division that's as stacked talent wise as any division. 155 is a fucking shark tank. And to go from 14 to two? Nuts. The UFC is like, now you got it. [1:02:01] You got this. Nuts, nuts. There's no one else wanted to fight this guy. Yeah. No one else wants to fight this guy and no one wants to fight Dustin. What does go to shit everything every that's great. He's a great striker. He's like a man. He's a killer. He's just an assassin. He knows that it killed people and he looks like he's selling real estate. He's probably killed people with rocks. You know what I'm saying? Like he knows how to kill people. Fuck about kids, fuck about a dog. He gets it, it's good, it's very good. Everything's good, it's very good. He fucked up. Sentinise, he strangled them. I mean that's how you won that fight. Bro, he is good at everything. We haven't seen a weak link yet. Now Dustin might bring out, because Dustin's a dog, How important is the mindset? How important is the mindset not just for fighting but for developing? Like when you're developing to figure out how to kill or not be killed, which is what this guy is doing. It's a different mindset. If you've literally been to war and you're a special forces guy in France and you've been to war, your thinking is just different. [1:03:02] You're not trying to score points and win the round and you're trying to figure out how to kill a guy where he can't kill you. You're trying to get so good so quick so with no fluff, no bullshit and execute when you can against train killers. The mind it's a mindset is it's not everything but god damn it's a lot. It's a lot. It's a lot. Go one step further. Go one step further. It's a lot. Go one step further. It's a lot. Think of the mindset of Sean Strickland to go through that horrible fucking childhood. Yep. This is nothing. Yep. Or Joe Piper, same situation. I had Joe Piper on the podcast and told the story of his fucking childhood horrendous. So this is like walking the park. Right. It's like they've been there designed for this. Yes, and you know I don't know what Saint Denise Lord is childhood was like but can't be good. Whatever it was like it doesn't what matters is what the guy did in war And so for that guy to be a special forces guy and they go from that [1:04:01] Indefighting and then just start Running through the division world class like just start running through the division. World class. Like almost immediately running through like world class competition. Scary though. Yeah. Tim Kennedy, same shit. Tim Kennedy, same shit. Brian Stan, same shit. Same shit. Same shit. It's there's a different mentality that those guys have. They're soldiers. It's different. And Tim Kennedy was world class while he was an active duty correct active duty being deployed coming back fighting World class competition training Jack green shit. Yeah, not during deployment coming back malling bisping mall them just ragdoll them control them Beat the shit out of them through around I mean bismina comes to champion and being if they fought that time during that moment bismina was as good as he was in one of the title Tim Kennedy in his prime becomes the world champion he was at that level I mean it's like it's all how it lines up how do the fights line up you know like are you are you catch an Anderson Silva after the leg break are you catch an Anderson Silva when he fought feet tour? Which Anderson you catching you say you have a victory over Anderson Silverboard right what do you you beat BJ pen? [1:05:10] Did you be BJ pen when he was kind of phone it in or did you be BJ pen that beat Sean's Tricks I go what year or not sure on sure sure sure sure or Joe Stevenson that BJ pen is a month That's a demon that's a demon that never gets tired supremely confident assassin who never gets tired which one you beat you know so it's like you look at Tim Kennedy when he was in his prime and he was one of the best fucking fighters on course against jokka. Oh my god. Oh my god. When jokka Ray was one of the best you get to guys on earth dude all the osi would rip your Fudge your Gracie memory fought hajir and hojir had his back Bro Tim Kennedy was an animal, but I'm telling that Ben was in Denise is next level. Oh, I'm all up on his French nuts Bro, he's got furnaces going on in his eyes. You looking at that guy's eyes. There's hell going on behind those eyes. [1:06:06] I want a heart rate monitor on him when they're announcing his name. This dude don't give a fuck. Yeah, he's built for it. So him versus Dustin is very exciting. And bro, Dustin better be ready. He better be ready to go. Dustin likes himself a fucking slobber knocker. He does does but you better be ready to go with that guy you got to be ready to go because he's gonna Try to make a name on we just haven't seen him against the world like tip of the spare level Yes, I'm interested to see because you're not gonna blitz dust and knock him out But I mean you could he's come off the roster just engage you be Like Michael Johnson KO him people forget about that Michael Johnson's another one people talk about Michael Johnson you look at him like when he got knocked out by Josh Emmett he look at him like later in his career he's get KO'd a few times to be bro he was dangerous Michael Johnson was dangerous and he knocked out Dustin knocked him out flat with the left hand he was a killer so Dustin [1:07:02] has been slept before I mean he's elite of the elite right now. Not everybody, but he just come off of a headkick knockout to Justin Gainchy. And you never know how you recover from those things. Those are weird. You get neck kicked. You're fucking whole brain gets ratted around. Brown to your point changes your mentality. All the same like, ah, fuck, that can happen to me. So your game starts to change they're You're an herb it when you're in there. I became a fucking grapple after I got knocked out by no girl. Yeah And and then there's the reality every time you get knocked out It's a little easier to knock you out the next time correct up to a point Some people though. It's like it's not it's not like this not like us like oh he got hit twice That means minus one is this it's not it's not like this not like us like oh he got hit twice that means minus one is this It's not like math. I'm not saying nothing bad, but that's kind of what Chuck Liddell. Yeah It's the best example that's the best example the best example what I saw it was just you know is the best chin and MMA nobody fucking talks about for Francis and got him oh yeah it's an iron [1:08:08] job must have forgot that the shit he ate from steep A iron and then the what Tyson did him with that elbow and then Joshua's in for a rude awakening if he's in sit there and trade with him bro I want to ask you don't think Francis can when Francis if Francis catches him the world changes bro he becomes the champion of the world. No, that is a real good argument He beat Tyson Fury to yeah in his first ever boxing match real good argument he won that fight He aptal at for sure he gets bragging rights. He knocked them down and he was beating them up in the eighth round There was not a moment in that fight where Tyson Fury was beating him up But he was beating Tyson Fury enough that's right. That means a Top 10 now. And if you fight to answer your number one. Two boxing fights, champion of the world, number one. He's never fighting MMA again, PFL. You're the side piece. That's never happening. And less they roll up to bring truck. So a lot of money behind the PFL. How much money? You could bust out some 30 to get Francis. Yeah, you're right. That's how many money but who else loves you know fight who give the fuck you never know that you [1:09:05] Have see losers a few people contracting go shoot hits What is that lawsuit legit like what's going on? Oh? Bro is it legit is it legit and I think it's I don't know. I don't even know what's going on. I try to stay out Yeah, yeah, I'm with you, but but after UFC 300 I think that that that follow Monday is when it comes to trial. And what is the trial? What are the it's a class action lawsuit? Yes, class action lawsuit and you got like 60 fighters on that? God, I'm so glad I'm not a promoter. First of all, I'll be terrible at it because I want to give the fighters too much money. I'd be like, you guys deserve it. Listen, let's just figure out a way to work this out. You can't do that if you're running a business. You're running a business, you gotta be ruthless. The thing is, in most cases, you have to be in saddle right and by caterer, here's a bill and get the fuck out of face. But these fighters are trying to change the game. So they can't settle with them. Because they wanna make a difference in the sport to make it equal. They want some money. Yeah. Well They deserve it, but they're not a million just no they've already tried that they've got these boys on their playing for reals [1:10:06] I'll tell you this the first time How many fighters? Cungley and how many fighters are involved in the class? I should have lost it. There's a ton. Yeah, just it's a monopoly like they couldn't go anywhere else They're subcontracted what they do with the Reebok deal. Well, I'm saying didn. Didn't Cungley come from Strike Force? He really came from somewhere else. Yeah, he came from Strike Force. Well, then he came to the UFC. Yeah, but there was also Bellator existed at the same time. But he didn't fight for Bellator. Right, but he could have. Yeah, but he fought for Strike Force, and Strike Force was bought by the UFC. Right. But what Definitely the best at it, but the monopoly argument the problem is that you can make that with the NBA You can make it with the NFL you make that with Major League Baseball if you're playing for an additional Football league outside of the NFL Frowned upon no no just it's like I've said this before in the podcast and some fighters got mad at me What listen? I understand if you go to Bellator if they pay you more money and I support you doing that What I'm saying is if you want to be the best in the world, [1:11:05] you want to be the most famous motherfucker, the king of the king at 155 pounds, 170 pounds, 185, 205, you have to fight the UFC. You can make it, it's your best fighter, but if you're a fighter and maybe you're one of those guys that fought in the UFC and then you go over to PFL and you make a million dollars for the tournament? Awesome. What is this saying? I agree. You're 100% correct and I love it. Why is he throwing that card? What is that about? Oh, the plaintiffs in the case alleged UFC suppressed fighter pay through anti-competitive tactics such as shutting out competition and controlling the market for top level fighters. If proven during trial, the UFC would stand to pay up to 1.6 billion in damages, to 1,200 fighters who competed for the promotion from 2010 to 2017. Oh, I might get a paycheck. Holy shit, dude, do you have an argument? All right, now I'm gay. I don't understand, I don't understand that. [1:12:02] I'm not including that, I don't think. What they're saying, they did like some tactic Well, they bought out the competition, which is definitely true, right? They bought a fliction. They bought strike force No, they do it in everything but in some businesses there's They they will like break you up if you have a monopoly and it seems to be at the very least Connected politically That's where it gets weird. It's like how much money you donate to democratic party How much money you donate to the Republican party? How much money do you spend on whatever programs they want? How much money you spend on whatever charities? They would like you whatever this, whatever that, whatever foundations. You got to play this game. And then still, if people complain and a lawsuit comes about, there is this possibility that you could be a monopoly. But there's a lot of monopolies, man. I mean, is YouTube a monopoly on video streaming? Because if [1:13:01] it's not, it's pretty fucking close. Yeah, the monopoly things a little weird, but I also think their argument is, they're not, so they're subcontracted. So the UFC saying you can have any other sponsors, we control that, but they're going to be in the subcontracts. And then there's no benefits as well. Well, the Reebok thing, there's a real argument there, right? It's like you all of a sudden take away the fighter's ability to have ads, and that was one of the things that I knew for you that you had more money in sponsors for your shorts or for the fight week than you did from yours purse. Correct. The man who came from sponsors. Remember, Dana thought I was lying. I was like, bro, I'm telling you, I'm not lying. I'm gonna go. I think they didn't know. I honestly think they didn't know. I think they didn't look into it and Reebok came along, said we'd like everybody to wear our shit and we'll give the fighters a certain amount of money. They knew about fighters getting ripped off. They knew some fighters were not getting paid. We're making a substantial amount of money off those bonds and I said a huge ship I'm a short with they know what that but then as I get older you know 40 [1:14:08] I'm like oh he's not They need to wake up and wake up in the decision house and I fuck Brendan He was like how can I make the UFC more money? Hey if if if your sponsor if like you didn't wear Your sponsors logo during a UFC Broadcast would they pay you the same? Logo during a UFC broadcast would they pay you the same? Would they still pay you? No, because the No, because you have to wear the shorts NFL players can't start wearing their own shit, but they make billions of dollars Can you move the needle that's it? But even the guys that move the needle aren't compensated here the argument here is that I fell pays 50% of profits Then they pay 50% of profits. You have see pays 14% that's a fucking issue Here's here was the solution. I didn't know that here is solution that I thought up Get a bunch of people that are interested in sponsoring the UFC approve them [1:15:05] that are interested in sponsoring the UFC, approve them, approve all those people and say, this is our list of fighters, who would you like to work with? Or watch your budget, but control it. Yeah, but here's the thing, if you get, you vet the people so you know they're gonna pay, you know that these are legitimate businesses. It's not like common people. But you reach out to a host of different businesses and let them pick and choose the fighters. So guys that are more popular, guys that like, you know, like some guy has got like a, a niche, he would be funny for manscaped. This guy would be funny for this. And you figure out which ones you want to sponsor. Oh, they do that now. But on your shorts, bro. But they do that now with monster. Okay, with one. But it's only one. But you know what the problem is, is you bring the company that you have seen, and you have seen goes, cool, what's your budget? 100 million? We'll take 90 of it, and then we'll give 10 to the fighters. That's the issue. That's why there's a lot of them. I don't know what the deal was with Reebok, but what I was saying is maybe it would be more lucrative for everybody, if you just had a bunch of sponsors, [1:16:05] like to have just one sponsor, like whether it's Reebok or Venom or whoever it is, I'd get it, you'd want a uniform to look, but there was something cool, in my opinion, about people wearing different uniforms. Like when Melvin Manhoaf used to come out and he had those gladiator shorts, remember that? That's it? Where they were like, it was like a skirt a rich right around him. Yeah, what I love that I love that and when dynamic fasteners are sponsoring everybody and a fucking dynamic fasteners. It was like some dude just had money who was a fan of the sport. But I want to sponsor a pump. We're a lot of fighters now is remember it. So the fighters are clean. Look at the octagon looks like a fucking NASCAR. Yeah, so you have to these make more money off that And the fighters are getting between 14 to 70 percent. That's why there's that's why they're upset I think you could easily have sponsors on these fighter shorts along with venom And it's not gonna take away from venom venom makes great shit [1:17:00] I was just hitting the bag yesterday with venom gloves now They make shit Wait, but it's shit. Wait, but it makes really good fight wear there's their their gloves are excellent But but not as good as my man's Onnicks. Oh, don't my Trevor Whitman Trevor Whitman Thanks Trevor Whitman my man Trevor Whitman makes the best MMA gloves in the world and no organizations are using them They are far superior to the UFC gloves, far superior to everything, ballad tour, far, even the old pride gloves, far superior. My man Trevor Whitman makes the best gloves and the best boxing gloves. He's got the only gloves when I hit the bag. I don't even wrap my hands. His gloves are so secure. They fit to your hand. They mold to your hands so well. His foam is so good. Premium leather. Two Velcro's. You have one for your wrist. You sent you down at the top of your hand and one lower in your wrist. And you sent you down. That shit is locked in. And you could just... I talked to Justin Gagie because I never wear hand wraps. Because I just wear these gloves. I just zip them up. You have to just... Just prep her and do a deal for the 90-gloss. 100% someone out there in UFC land listened to me. [1:18:07] Please. The UFC doesn't want champions. I contacted them multiple times about this. They said there was some deal, it didn't fell apart. I'm like, please, they're the best gloves. They curled the hand. You don't have to worry about struggling to close your hand. I bet it would relieve 20% of eye pokes. But I bet it would relieve 20% of iPokes, but I bet you the FCs I can't even mass produce them because we need how many fucking gloves in a calendar year? Well, I would imagine it's probably Trevor doesn't want to give up the rights or Trevor wants to give up the money man So I bet Trevor could be like you get mass produced from this side dome Yeah, you know then China starts making them well you'd have to make them with the croc the kind of foam that he makes them with. He makes them with expensive foam. It's very different. It's a different kind of foam. You could drop a steel plate, like a weightlifting plate. His foam just bends in a little and bounces back up. It's not like that shitty foam where you feel the knuckle poke all the way through. His foam protects your hands way better. [1:19:01] Is that the darkest one? On the space shuttle? Space shuttle's not real. Come on man, you know it is. It's not real. You know it is. No, not a frill. Come on man. Score. It's real. Niners came back. Niners came back. Yeah. Bro, this is the fight over. Yeah. It's over. And they won. Oh, shit. They cover. I want to call this so bad. I'm willing to go back to California Well, is it Honda Center? Yeah Eddie do you want to come to this? Let's do it. What's the day? I'm doing Comter. It's in February It is No, is it yeah 16th and 17th of February Yeah, yeah, 16th and 17th of February, is she? Oh, February? 16th and 17th? Yes, sir. Come on, son, you ain't got none, better do. I might even go to that one. Go over to Amandales. What are you doing, stand up? 10 foil hat? No. Seminar? Seminar. Nice. Shimmin' out. February 17th, and Dallas. 10th planet Dallas 10 planet Dallas get a hold of chancey get on that but I'll be back that night [1:20:07] But I won't like landslide I Like eight or nine I'll be down the go if you make it Eddie. I don't want to roll by myself and get fucking snipe doubt Some UFC hater That's a big fight dude Ilya to four young Yeah, and then I'm yeah, I might be able to make it because Where are you gonna be in Dallas? Yeah, but right after the seminar I go to the airport What days of seminar is Saturday Saturday? Hmm Damn it was Friday you could fly with me son Won't you move your seminar? Well that fucking that shit's months in advance a little tobacco thing fuck me out It's great right and that whiskey is let's go fucking great Buffalo trace. That little tobacco thing fucked me up. It's great, right? And that whiskey is... Let's go. Fucking great. Buffalo Trace, that's the shit. No more for you. Do you know this whiskey is as old as America? It's older. It's fucking good. They started making this whiskey in 1773. I fucked up. Jamie was watching me. One of those stars, I thought it was the end of the fucking world in the end. Buffalo Trace. Buffalo Trace. If I had one company to support in the liquor business it would be Buffalo Trace. I fucking love those guys. [1:21:06] This is this? Yeah, I love them. They're great. I like two great company. Yeah. Oh Ron white's the man. His tequila is legit. No shit. Yeah, that number one dog. It's legit. When I didn't get to hang over that day and I was drinking with him And I don't drink. I was like I'm gonna be dead tomorrow. He told me and I was like, you know, a lot of celebrities make tequila and a lot of it's whack. But Ron White's that number one tequila, that shit's smooth. We got some here, he gave me a special bottle. He brought the bottle of nine year old, nine and a half year old tequila. I give it to Eddie Bravo, start talking about Flatter. It'll come out, it'll come out baby. That's funny. I mean, it's gonna come out. You got to look at this. Oh, that's right. Robert Whitigo and Paula Costa. No, Jeff Neel and Gary. That's the fight. Marava Henry said, who? Oh, my God. And bro, Anthony Hernandez and Alice Keroff is a great fight [1:22:01] too. Jeff Neel, Ian Gary, Ian Gary got post-pone. Poor the Saturday, Luke A. I know. I know. But you know what, man, it's better. They trained together for so long. You don't want to fight it, dude. You fucking love those fights usually suck. It's just something awful about hurting. Well, I can have a guy to know each other. So it makes for a bad fight because the right you know but but also maybe one of them has a fucking big advantage. Yeah, one of them knows it. Usually the fight suck. Like when we in our loft ski fights other we knew each other. Right. Fight with fucking terrible. Bro our lofty is still doing the damn thing. Dude I was watching. I was watching. I'm sorry. Me too. Good fight. He's 40. You still good. man. UFC. Bro, so good defense. Still good fucking defense. Yeah, his chin did not fall apart. Still a handsome bastard. I ran into him the other day with his son. Took fish with his son of a talker to him. He's still there. He's the best. He's great. There's some guys who, you know, it's just like any of this. Some guys years ago that Harry chess when we see the UFC heavyweight champion 2002 to then to to [1:23:07] when knockout Sylvia yeah hot second ago bro when he was on top memory when we knocked out Paul one towel with one punch he was insane when he was in his early 20s when he was so good fit or is this prime he's this prime and he fucking was whooping his ass and they try that jumping D he fucking hate way laid. Oh my god 2005 So I tell a right that when he won the interim heavyweight champion in 2005 so he knocked out Paul one tell oh Fat Rico Rico Rodriguez Vlad Vladimir Matt Yushanko people forgot on him too. That dude was an animal. He lost Vladimir Matt Yushanko people forgot on him too that do was an animal. He lost Yep, Tim Sully was a beast dude. Oh people especially in the pre-uson of days Remember those that was not TRT that was straight Mexican supplements. There was no doctors [1:24:03] That was all the above he used to have to cut weight to make 265. That was gold's jam how tall was Tim Big fell tall. He's a big fella. I tall was Tim Silves? Is this 10? Is this 9? Is this 9? He's a big fella. I think Sammy Schilt was probably the only taller fighter than him. Bro, there was a one day where Tim was struggling to make 265. I was there while he was cutting weight because I was doing the MC in the weighings. He was big. That's the fuck beat him? Who beat him? With his footwork? His biggest he is as much power as he has. And he has range? Bro, you gotta get him on the sauce. That's the thing. When he got off the sauce, he wasn't the same guy. One of the top. Yeah. Oh, we would Frank broke his on oh, yeah Still want to fight still want to fight Yeah, the crowd was going nuts. What's that I still talk to Rico? Rico, right? How's he doing? He has a gem. Where are new work? Oh no shit like he trains up a business So he's still out there. I love him to that. Oh, that's amazing [1:25:05] Legend that's amazing. I didn't know he was from Staten Island. Like he He's a great guy. He's an interesting dude. He just a train at legends. He came down legends once Rico Rodriguez is a Machado Yeah, yeah, we were white belts together. He was good on it. He was a blue belt as a blue belt There was some rustlers in the beginning of the jujitsu There was some rustlers in the beginning of the Jiu-Jitsu era in the United States. And it was brand new. You know UFC 2, 1994 blows up. Jiu-Jitsu just started in the United States. Here it is. Look how big this month of the fuck it was. Six foot nine, stuff and takedowns. Just jacked. A giant 260 with fucking hammers for fist break take down and and Rico Rodgers and this is Rico Rodgerigas an incredible shape because he actually used to be like a big fat guy bro Tim was just mean he was a big mean motherfucker you know like look he eats one to give you one back just barbed wire [1:26:01] tattoo nasty jab dude nasty jab just tough I'm ready to just fucking camp man Pat Militius put together a fucking camp in the early days of the sport that was Flooded with animals Jen's pover Matt Hughes robby Lawler so many guys dudes so many guys Dude so many guys what's a really good to get you guys that went to Vegas. Oh here it is. Here's the end boom Tim Sylvia son which guy Joey Jiu-Jitsu guy. Yeah, I think a Matt Lindland Robert drives Dale We think it was a hendow guy Put your microphone oh White guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you like Mark layman Like a white guy. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you like Mark Raymond Fuck he went to Vegas. He went to Vegas, but he came from that camp Utah Utah who who's in Utah? Jeremy Horn Jeremy Horn Jeremy Horn Because our boy was a man he was a boy from Boston. Yeah, that's how he was a good dude. Jeremy. Oh Jeremy [1:27:02] He was good dude. He's very nice. He was probably the best at Jiu Jitsu and that camp. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Jeremy Horn had like 200 fights, you know. He had to be with animals like, you know, Matthews and his twin. Do you remember when we saw Jeremy Horn fight in California when MMA was illegal and they had a fight slap fighting. It was slap fighting and submissions and strikes. But you could only slap like pancreas style. Do you remember? We saw him. Did Horn fuck somebody? Fuck somebody else. I think I saw him pain in the mirror. Are you sure it was that? Yeah, 100% brother. We went to so many. Eddie and Bravo and I went to so many events. We went to one event where they pretended it was a movie so they could film it like a movie and have guys actually fight so that was the loophole Do you remember that? Where was that? It was a set? It was a bunch of guys in It was like hunting to beach. I was like orange. Can I remember? We went right we were we were so high those days We would be high every day once Eddie brought every Eddie brought was sent me down a very bad path But once he sent me down that path [1:28:01] We would get high and we would go to these MMA events. We would go to King of the cage all the time. The Indian casino. We would do that all the time. That was back from Eddie was working at King of the cage too. I was the worst commentator ever. You were. Oh, I was. I'm a boy who owns King of the cage. And he owed me a card. But I just met my brother. I love him. But he actually lives in my old house. That's what he told me. I live in his old house, and we go to the house. I do love that guy. He was the pooh. He must be like 18. His son is a Viking. His son is a Viking. No, he's not in 18. I think he's like 13. He has a dope house. He's got giant bones. That kid's ready to smash people. Listen, Bud's wife, her brother is gigantic. He's huge. I think that's the Albanian. Yeah, he played basketball in Europe. He played professional basketball. He's giant. And Bud's son, when Bud's son was little, you would pick him up. He'd be like, made out of rocks. I'm like, the fuck is your kid made out of? The kid was just dense. [1:29:00] Just dense. And I know he's got him in the training. You know, Bud's got that kid doing you just 100% Now bud has car collection. Oh my god, but is the he was a producer of ride bud's been on the podcast He was a producer of rides and that's where I got my barracuda done. That was on that child sick fish. Yeah Yeah, bro. Oh Eddie. I got I told you I got it back pull up that video of Joe Rogan's sick fish 2.0 Bro, what all did they redo to it? I think it looks the same it was the only you know what I what I say is Look at this. This is how we would drive in that dude. It was the only time ever Girls would be staring at me in a car The only time ever girls would be staring at me in a car. The only time, bro. Everybody stared at this car. Every, every one we went, people were staring at this car. But now it's way better. Now it's got a Mercury Racing engine that goes to 9,000 RPMs. [1:30:00] It's insane horsepower. It's an Mercury Racing engine. It sounds like an exotic, dude. This car is insane Roaster shop did an amazing job Yeah, baby. This is why I would never drive your plan. That's a tier. I love my flat I love my flat, but this is something different. This is America. This is an eagle with a heart on This is an eagle with a heart on throwing Yes. Killed it. This is an eagle with a heart on throwing nuclear weapons at the press of the world. This is a real American car, 1970 Barracuda. So this is what they did. So what happened was I had it. It was great car, real fun, but it was fucking up a lot. And I didn't have any money back then. And so I sold it. And then Reggie Bush bought it, the football player. And he had it for a couple of years. And then he sold it to my friend, Yoel. And my friend, Yoel, who runs Fusion Motorsports, he calls me up because, hey, I got your barracuda. And then I was starting to make some money back then. I was like, oh shit, let me buy that. So I bought it back to rose to shop turn up the volume so you can hear this shit and they made this so now [1:31:06] it's the same look but now it's got a fucking insane setup it handles like a dream it's got a 50 50 wait just distribution cuz it's got a rear transactional six speed Six speed Let's fucking go I don't know if I have a favorite car. I don't know if I have a favorite car, but that might be it That might be that might be again That's what much more on the podcast you were talking about the whole bud light thing was stupid Yeah, I'm gonna tell you something you're not a fucking immigrant like me, okay? That video right there. That should be bud light just give me a fucking immigrant like me, okay? That video right there. That should be Bud Light. Just give me a fucking heart. America! America! Listen to that. Listen to that. Peace of mind. Listen to that. Listen to that, bud. Look at this fucking day. Look at this fucking day. Woo! That's what it is to be a fucking American. [1:32:01] That's my color. And Now you want to give me a print It sounds like an exotic that's what's crazy about it. It's got insane look out You see I got the speedometer blurred out It's tight as fuck. Oh, it's tight as fuck look out look how the speedometer's blurred out bitch. You ain't full of nobody That thing's amazing. Oh, it's uh you forgot to blur it out you fucked up Listen that car it's amazing So it's like it was my view is my dream car I think I'm there for the dream car, but then it was the dream was kind of a mess because it was a lot It was a lot of maintenance, it kept breaking down. A lot of shit. We got hot rides, right? But then when you send it to these guys, these guys did it right. But the thing is the difference between what they used to do in 2003 versus what they do now. It's giant. 20 years later, 21 years later, the fucking technology with these old cars is off the charts, [1:33:01] man. They have insane suspensions now and same brake setups. They make them better in today's cars They well they don't they're not better Because there's still anti lock brakes. There's a lot of shit structurally. That's not as good about those cars But the bottom line is you get to have that old school feel in a car that's actually controllable Yeah, you know what gives me that Lexus you told me me to get. Oh, it's the best. That fucking thing. You step on it. I call it and I said, I think you recommended a car to me Uncle Joe. Because this motherfucker's gonna be able to jump. Which ones did you get? You got the mid-size SUV, right? Yeah, that's a great car. They run forever. They never brought it to Toyota. That goes around the world. One of the clock at the time. They're comfortable. It's got a nice V8 engine, plenty of horsepower. Trauma. Awesome suspension. Yeah, the Lexus. And here's the six cylinder turbo's badass. Oh yeah. You can't go wrong with the Lexus. And they have that one sports car. It's under looked because people for whatever reason don't think of Lexus is when it comes with sports cars. What is it, the LC500? They have this two-door V8 car that sounds amazing. [1:34:08] And it looks like a little spaceship. But people have in their mind, they have Mercedes, you know, they have all these cars that are like worthwhile in their mind and Lexus for some reason and Accure as well, like that new NSX, just, it missed it. This is the car, the LC500. That thing is a monster. The exhaust is dope on the back. It sounds amazing. And that fucking car will never break. That will never break. They're not cheap though. Oh, well they're worth it. They're worth it. I mean, I think that's a reasonable amount of horsepower. It's like 550 horsepower or something like that. Nothing crazy. how much does that cost 150 oh it says 100 says 99 Interesting that counter like black that is a That is that is the best car that people don't know about So that has a V6 hybrid now is that what it said click on that again? [1:35:01] Did they change the engine? They might have changed the engine. It made it even crazier. V6 Hybrid. Oh, a V8 engine is standard and provides a spine tingling soundtrack. A V6 Hybrid setup is also available. Those are one of MaxxMouse fuel economy and driving range. So it just gives you like more driving. But they have another super car before this. Yeah, the LFA. Yeah, that's a man. That is a monster. A little car, the VA. Yeah. That car is a monster. The LFA is the real car. And it sounds awesome. Give me a video of that car because it has a very unusual sound. Until I walked into Douglas Toyota at 100 of Wharton Thornton, they had a car in the middle of Toyota that went around the world like ten times like mileage wise Yeah bitches don't and not they had it they bought it It had like a three quarters of a million miles on it. I'm like damn change the oil I got a few flat ties now fairer had a one million mile Lexus apparently apparently like Toyota Toyota V8s they have a bunch of tundras that have are over a million miles. Oh, yeah, it's a common thing. Oh, yeah [1:36:05] Tundra's go forever apparently they're saying I have a Tundra like oh my god Tundra's and Tacomas they go forever forever. That's the LFA Try the the LC 500 but this thing sounds amazing, too Yeah, this is the supercar they made apparently they're making a new one They have a new LFA that's gonna come out within like a couple of years. That was the V10 though it's a yeah but that car is like a million dollars yeah right yeah that's what I was thinking and you know if you bought it new there was like three or four like four something and now it's over a million come on let me hear the LC 500 though just leave you a fine video for that no that's a different thing right yeah yeah bro I'm gonna go crazy out here listen to this [1:37:02] yeah drive it though stop this guy's annoying get on the drive it though. Stop. This guy's annoying. Get on the drive it. Here. Let me hear you. Here we go. That is a super under appreciated car right there. That's a super under appreciated car. That's one of the cars like, you know, if you think about buying a Porsche, you think about buying something. Okay, no one thinks I get it but think about that one. That is a super underrated car. You get it at a bargain compared to those other cars reliable. You get a sh- you're not racing. If you're not racing you're not getting on a racetrack. You just want to enjoy it. That car will give you a lot of fucking enjoyment and here's number one. It'll never fuck up. Never. Lexus is, I've never had one fuck up. I've had three Lexus's and two Toyotas. I've never had a fucking single problem. They're the same thing, right? Yeah. They're the ones like. They never break, dude. [1:38:00] They never break. How is that? Aren't they made actually in Mexico? Oh, well, it's Japanese engineering. If they're manufacturing in Mexico, it's a plant the Japanese put together. You know, probably to save some money. I don't know if it's made in Mexico. Like a lot of Ford's made in Mexico. A lot of shit's made in Mexico. Some of the BMWs are put together here. I thought, I thought, I thought the cars actually made and put together in Japan. Those are the ones are the best. Well, it's all the same product though. The thing is, is like if you manufacture it to the same standard, it's the same thing about Toyota. It's like the old days when they made land cruisers. There's 1988 land cruisers that are still on the road and they're super valuable. The FJ62. Big time. FJ62 is like you feel the door. It's like extra thick They don't push in like regular doors. Those cars are fucking durable the windshield glasses extra thick And they hold their value they hold their value they never break man Which is no one car made by grandma Booker that is you know I'm taking pride in this work. Yeah doing math and sleeping at the factory [1:39:05] You know what I'm saying? That's happening That's why I want to make it my car American cars too American cars some of them Some of them But we had a bad run We had a bad run we had a bad run in America for a while There's a bad run when they started making the fuel economy cars They ruined the Mustang they ruined the Camaro They ruined everything. But they kind of came back now. They are back now. They are back now. The new Mustang's that dark horse is loose. Filthy. Dude, 500 horsepower. 6B right from the factory. And they brought back the charger. He's right. But then they discontinued them. They got to know one the demon one Why would they came from that they look so cool? They're gonna make it anyone It's probably a good move making those old Conrad cars that's very good. That even 170 from it's a fast-productive car ever made from the factory comes with slicks a [1:40:02] 1025 horse power. Yeah, it's my it's my daily Japanese car market my Niel magna because Mitsubishi Like Mitsubishi engine or not Mitsubishi. Who the fuck is this? Handa hot Hyundai Subaru Hyundai That's Korean isn't yeah, Hyundai engine are like an S episode one what happened to hot suit what happened to those guys? I had to yeah, I don't know what happened to a dunking car. I don't see those no more Oh the the fucking mini yeah, they're around those are so around the best car from Japan is the is the GT are Necessar that's a fuck you want a Godzilla? That's what you want dude juice those up to two thousand horse power I'm a Boydosh overkill has one fucking 1500 horse. Well, they're about to release a new one They've been working on a new one a new GTR for years. They're the same basic model They've been refreshing every year. Yeah, the MR you feel like 150. I drove one once I rented it It was amazing. I actually drove it out here. I flew into the Austin airport and they had that Hertz program [1:41:05] We can rent wild shit You guys gonna cheat you are they go yeah, I'm like I'll say that I drove that to cap city driver like a rental row It was amazing they're going corner My do you remember when Nissan was Dotson and they made the two 40 SX their sports cars remember the two ZX and then they made the 300 ZX Yeah, when I was like 12 my dad had a 240 ZX and he pulled up and he said he pulled up and he said he'd see me like once every other Year and he goes when you're 16. That's yours. I said fuck yeah Never saw That's that's not a normal one Never saw that thing. Never saw that thing. That's not a normal one. I thought I had a 240 seat. I thought I had a 240 seat. Yeah, that's got wide body kit, wide tire. They do a lot of things to those because it's a great platform. Like what that car is right there. You take those little cars, they're super light cars, and you can add a lot of horsepower to them, [1:42:00] do a lot of things to him damn your dad never Really believe that I told all my friends I go dude I got a 240 zx We wait for me Tim Michael I Did you begin to know 27 Mike my loss got Neil Maggi out to go off My I was just happy that he wasn't dead I hadn't heard from him in 14 years I really got and he showed up. I was just happy that he wasn't dead. I hadn't heard from him in 14 years. I already got hit. And he showed up. I was just like, I'm gonna be cool. I'm not gonna sweat. I'm about to car. I was like, dude, dude, I found out. My dad was at my grandma's house. My aunt calls me and goes, Edgar, you're dad's here. I thought like maybe he's dead or something and the whole way down from Hollywood to Orange County I'm not gonna give him any shit. We're gonna start over. We're gonna fucking make this good I'm not gonna give him any shit fuck that 240 ZX Is he still alive? No, he's dead You know Magnus getting fucked up. He's getting fucked up [1:43:04] Those were great little cars. I had a friend of mine who had a 260 or 280 ZX. I forget which one it was. Like before the 300 and back in Boston. I'm a man. This thing handled so good. The handle like it was on rails just moved around. The Mazda? No. Nissan. Nissan. What was the little one that Mazda made me oughta no the RX-7. Yeah, our Reader engine totally different You want me to say this out? It was a great 1980 reason why I don't drink and drive is because one of those motherfuckers me out of New Year's Eve I was driving back from Erie 7 at fucking Nassau, Coliseum We crossed the bridge. We had Kennedy Boulevard and right fucking there. We were the first on RX-7 went right into the middle on a fucking telephone pole. He was dead. She was still kicking and yelling. Oh my gosh. I said right there and I was on acid. Oh my god. I'll never drink and drink. I remember like late 80s early 90s at the [1:44:02] RX-7. What about the MR-2s? I told you remember RX 7 what about the MR2's that so remember those those are for some reason Teenagers figured out how to steal those Again Super Kai's friends that would steal MR2's and there were so many of them out there And they would take the plates and switch them so they can get an extra couple days before people figured out of a stolen you ever switch plates Steel a car I know but wasn't the MR two the mid engine ones. Yes. Yes, they were super easy to steal We could the RX-7 MR two 3000 GT the Supra you had a super right? Yeah, I had a 96 Super turbo 95 96. Yeah, yeah wish I had it to Yeah, but I wouldn't like it anymore unless it was like super jacked up But even when they super juice them up the tires are still a little narrow you can fix that though You can fix that come on And all the cars that I'd want to have again that I used to have the NSX is number one the older one [1:45:05] Yeah, that's the 95 or 2005. The one with the integrated headlights. That was the one. Remember that old story? Where? Where do you want your chits to? He's like a blue belt. I'm a purple belt and fucking rips his knee. Something happens in the gym. He goes, you gotta take me to the fucking hospital. His knee was locked. And he drove my car. so he had the NSX And his knee was fun. He's sitting shotgun and I'm driving and I'm like it's a different kind of clutch You know what I mean? I'm like grinding it and dude he's holding you fucking Is it's exaggerating I was like dude let it out like this No, you freaking out. I also said don't put it in neutral when you're on the highway Like why do you keep putting in no car? I go why do you keep putting in neutral on the highway? I thought he was supposed to go no Remember that [1:46:04] Trying toed fossil fuels. Oh, this is green new deal bitch I drove home I drove home in Agni I Got an MRI my knee was fucked up. They taped their bike out drive You had a stick shift that means you were poor so like when you have like rich people like they get stick shifts, I'm like, dude, that's like I would dream of having an automatic transmission ton. My first car was a Pinto station wagon 1977 Pinto station wagon manual, manual force speed. And I'm like, awww, I genocide about having an automatic transition. Now it's opposite. How do I see so much I'm like that dude knows what the fuck he's doing so Eddie was fucking part of the clutch of the month club Burning out clutches like a mug of place His knees fucked up he was a little sensitive [1:47:02] Little nervous driving the Little nervous driving the car. 150 pound. No, I'll be here. A little nervous driving the car he was. There's a little bit of him. Yeah, I was trying to save your life. Yeah, I understand, bro. I missed that car. That car was a great little car. It wasn't the fastest car in the world, but God damn you felt every car. Great cars. You're so connected with that car. It's so connected to the ground and it had a beautiful sound Oh shit bro, you'll never get tired If you can finish this off on top that's big oh my lost got that leg You use it to sweep you turn on the leg. Hey, he's all right Yeah, yeah on the leg. He's all right. He knows what's up. Yeah. Yeah. He's got so many fucking things. He's got good leglock defense. Look at him. Very good leglock. It's Christian Allen. This is good for now. At least moral victory. Even if he loses. Even if he loses [1:48:01] the decision, he spent the last man's on town. Bottom of my mouth. Oh, my mouth. Mount. Oh, shit. My life burned himself out, man. They do it in Japan, he wins. Yeah, close. You can't lose a fight in a mountain. No, no. This is impossible. This is interesting. He's got a flattened out, man. This is big. It can just keep punching the stuff They might stop it keep going keep going He's got it. He's got it. He's coaches like 30 seconds Stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop defending. He's not defending stop the fucking Bro, this is a stop fight. This is a stop fight Yeah Like a motherfucker He turned it around Neil Magnet turned it around man. Yeah, holy shit. That's the value of cardio. Yes that guy's cardio is insane That's Strickland bro. Yep, right? That's you got to think about that we have not seen Dracus Duplos and rounds four and five and a tough fire [1:49:02] I forgot about that fight that's still come on That's fucking go. That's fucking go. That's the police. Somebody won. Fuck. Yeah. Fuck yeah, Neil Magny. That's my college of handset. Fuck yeah, Neil Magny. Some, someone's a hot wife. Yes. Fuck yeah, Neil Magny. Fuck yeah. I like seeing Neil Maggi win that that's a guy's been around forever. He's yelling biggest movie starting to plant it What is that one of your phones? Oh? Who is this show just the crack head chucking competition? Oh my god. This dude through crack head 20 feet And what he was I want to thank God for blessing me with talent. He's so big The true brackets That's so quick pulls up? I can't throw in Crack it throwing Down 12 feet 9 inches. That's not bad [1:50:06] This is the same crack Yeah, you have to say one Oh, shit, that was 13 days Oh my god, let's go to the tape You know what, that's like 18 days He's from that year, 20 feet That's just crazy Now listen to what he says Listen to what he says, what's the what he says He's from that year 20 feet Now listen what he says listen what he says what's what he says when they talk to him Good sure hey, this is Leo our first winner of the first annual crack here Chuckie competition You got a thing to say Leo. Hey man. I just want to say God bless me with same little This is missing five team All right, all right, all right, if I was Dana White I would have found that dude. I said what are you doing right now bro? Listen, I'm gonna give you some money. We're gonna move you down to Miami [1:51:03] I'm gonna give you some money. We're gonna move you down to Miami. I'm gonna give you some money for just six months of solid training It may work it might not work. Let's find out. I have a feeling you got a talent You got a talent for fucking you with a motherfucker like our Parisian shit. Yeah, to toss and crack hits translates There's a lot of weight to MMA. Yeah, 100% that guy look like a house I think that's a guy out of punch people that's a Derek was looking like to do in Baltimore but it's not from his accent where's it from could be under your love that weird accent down there they do have a weird accent down there well the Baltimore's get the weirdest accent like John Rallows starts talking they got that way of saying words it's beautiful it's beautiful It's like a smoother, more relaxed version of Jersey, New York, New York. Baltimore? Yeah, Baltimore. Baltimore. And you still have to write the fucking why. It's almost for it. Come on. I still haven't watched the why. Me and your brother told you about it. I know. That dude. I told him many times too. I know I must play the clip the other day. You know what I started watching though pinky pinky blinders is a good [1:52:06] Oh shit, it's great man. I had a bunch of people recommended it I've seen that and then we got done with all the yellow stones. We got done with yellow stone 1883 is the one That's a good one I thought about you joke. I thought about you joke which one one eight what's the one with the rock? Oh the country singer and the country Faith Hill and Tim agron. Yeah, they want whatever going across on my food a time. Yeah But bro, can you put a clip up of what's what's the character's name on that show? Omar Omar is Listen the chick from fucking doubt, uh, die, uh, whatever. The lesbian chick. No, the one that's in that movie about Montana would faith. Jamie, I sent you. No, what we did. You found a ball to the accent. New yellow accent that [1:53:00] is yellow stone. What the fuck are you going to tell you? God damn it. I don't know. Fuck. Oh, the chicken yellow stone what the fuck are you gonna tell you God damn it? Oh? The chicken yellow stone today is the best character on TV. Oh, that's the daughter Tremendous she's a raise Better than Ruth from My boy court come buy my boy in court. Come on, don't get my boy in court, though. Why you came forward in this case? I told the police what I know. Will you offer it anything in exchange? Like what? Will you arrest it? Will you be charged with a crime and by testifying did the police have to breathe and drop those charges? No, man, even about that. How many times have you been arrested as an adult, Mr. Little? Sure, I don't know. It's count. Don't have to take a personal. Possession of a handgun. Possession of concealed weapon. Assault by pointing. [1:54:01] Robbery. Deadly weapon. Possession of a handgun again, followed by violation of parole on weapon charges, followed by one count of attempted murder and use of a handgun in commission of a felony. That would no tent murder? What was it, Mr. Little? Shatter boy Mike Maken is high on pause, that all. Fixed it so he couldn't sit right. Why'd you shoot Mike Mike in his high-end parts? That's a little. Just say we had a disagree. A disagreement over? Well, you see, Mike Mike, well, he should keep that cocaine he was slinging. And the money he was making from slinging it. I thought otherwise. So you robbed drug dealers. This is what you do. Yes, sir. You walk the streets of Baltimore with a gun, taking what you want when you want it. We'll introduce violence when your demands aren't met. [1:55:01] This is who you are. Why should we believe you're testimony then? I believe anything you say. I thought, you're really? You say you aren't here testifying against the defendant because of any deal you made with police? True that. That you're here because you want to tell the truth about what happened to Mr. Gantt and that housing project back? You are. Yep. When, in fact, you are exactly the kind of person who would, if you felt you needed to, shoot a man down on a housing project parking lot, and then light the police about it, would you not? And the guy now put my gun on those citizens. You are a moral. Are you not? You are feeding off the violence and the despair of the drug trade. You're stealing from those who themselves are stealing the life blood from our city. You are a parasite who leaches off. Just like you can. You're a culture of drugs. Excuse me. What? I got the shotgun. I got the briefcase. [1:56:02] It's on the game though, right? Mmm, he's a great actor. He's dead. He's got a friend all right. He's got a friend all right. Which one? The black guy's dead. The black guy's dead. Nothing's where. He's a fucking natural. When he walks around with a shotgun, he'll get breakfast with a robot. Yeah. And people start yelling, oh my coming. Oh my coming. Then he stops looking at how beautiful the day is. And somebody doesn't even want him coming in the house. You just see bags of crack landing. What did he die of? I know. Oh shit, it wasn't the jab? No. No, no, no, no. And you know why I like this show? Did you see that we were just talking about this at dinner what that dude who was trying to cancel Novak For not getting vaccinated just dropped out of a heart attack The guy said you know the story the guy that I said did I send it to you? No, but I just saw that line They are the the page died suddenly is so [1:57:03] the page died suddenly. It's so crazy. At died suddenly worldwide. Follow them on Instagram because mainstream media ain't showing you what's going on. People are dropping like flies everywhere. Yeah. Brent Weinstein was on Tucker Carlson's show and he said worldwide he has been told that the estimates could be as high as 17 million people. Fuck. Now I don't know what that means. I don't know as 17 million people. Fuck! Now I don't know what that means. I don't know if he's right. I don't know what that means. And I know Rava Vora was gonna have sort of a debate between scientists where they're gonna try to discuss this. But when you're talking about people dying and there's hundreds of millions, billions of doses have been given out. Yeah. Well, try to call a heart doctor to get an appointment. Yeah, just do that Just call a heart doctor say I like to come and see you. I'm getting an irregular heartbeat That's it's called Monday April may damn That's what I'm talking about and he fucking heart doctor and mainstream media and covering this shit They don't even talk about it. They can't yeah, they can they they're [1:58:03] Concert they went too far the other way they were telling people to do it And then on top of that they're they're they're advertising budget relies heavily on Here it is journals to try to cancel Novak over not taking COVID vaccine collapses and dies while covering Australian open that shit's happening all over all the time almost every like it seems like every day. You're just getting important. It's the great Instagram. How many people do you know that got fucked up from the vaccine personally? I know quite a few. Yeah, quite a few. I don't have a few. How many let me ask you this? How many people do you know got fucked up over a measles vaccine? How many people got fucked up? It's hard to tell because when people come down with diseases, who knows what it's like. Okay, you know, when people do you know it got fucked up from the flu shot? I don't know, anybody. No. Usually, usually you hear with the flu shot, usually you hear, yeah, I got the flu shot, then I got the flu. That's what you're always sick. You don't hear it. I die. But, but Because but imagine something that has as many people that know people that got fucked up by it as [1:59:07] This and it's not pulled and it's not just not pulled. It's encouraged. There's never been a drug that's had this many negative Associations whether it's myocarditis paracarditis strokes heart attacks clots, all these all miscarriages, sterilization, all these wild autoimmune issues, neurological issues. There's all these new diseases. There's like, oh, every day there's a new fucking disease. Joe, what happened? I got to explain this to him. Disease X, like what about, like let's talk about disease X. Yeah, what is that? What the fuck is that? They're doing coming. That's the new one. They do. I'm going to forward you this, Jamie, because there's some I'll support it to your email. Okay. Let me ask you a question, Joe, because you know more about this one. I did. Yeah. And you could this is what I see about the vaccine I just don't not explain it. Fuck, fuck, this fucking thing makes me jittery [2:00:06] and shit. My friend went on testosterone. He's 40 years off. He thought his two levels were low. But a month later he started fucking losing his hair at record basis. Right. That makes sense. He went to the doctor and he said that sometimes the testosterone moves ahead with predetermined things in your body. Okay. So it accelerates it? It accelerates it. Well that definitely happens when people take steroids. They take steroids, the air falls out in clubs. But what I'm trying to point is what is that called? That's what the vaccine did to a lot of people. Also, beside the heart stuff. any predetermined stuff they had well It out anytime you take a vaccine the way a vaccine works is a vaccine Forces your immune system to react to an intrusion Right, so there would be an inert form of the virus mixed with something used to be mercury and it's aluminum and different things that they have that [2:01:02] mixed with something that used to be mercury and it's aluminum and different things that they have that cause your body to react to this thing and then produce antibodies for it. And it works with a lot of things. But this is the crazy one. Prenatal exposure to COVID-19, I'm RNA vaccine, induces autism-like behaviors in male, neonatal rats. And how many women did they tell to get vaccinated while they were pregnant? How many women? They didn't have data on whether or not it was safe. They just didn't. They didn't. They didn't have tests. They'll admit they didn't have it. And they told people to do it. When they started talking about giving your kids a vaccine. Yeah. Well, that red pelt so many moms. So many moms who are like like pro-democrat, listen to everything on MSNBC, they were like, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Why? If it does not dangerous for them, you're talking about vaccinating them for something that's not doing, well, protect other people, but it doesn't stop transmission, right? It doesn't, at a certain point in time, it's immoral to be continuing to recommend it. It's immoral. It's crazy. They still have commercial stuff. And people are still showing up. Right. And you know, they get better data. [2:02:09] No numbers though. They get better and say nobody. It's very few people. My friend, our business, our pharmacist, the CVS people come in and they get the dual vaccine to flu, flu and coven together. Yeah. There's still people that I could not believe how many people still come in but it's not like it was before there's so many No, people can't get on our way to now. What's this pill they have that you take when you feel like you get in cold It's at that door Who's got the door my bad when you feel like you get in cold? Placks so vid yeah, that was a call. Yeah, you take it like it's like the chick for the flu. Yeah, they used to just you bring them what up? Gee, Paxlovaid. That's what it is. Yeah Listen man, if you have a healthy immune system, it's cold now That's that's the reality of it. You know they talk about hospitalizations and deaths who who it's people that have Severe comorbidities. It's not regular people [2:03:06] Probe yeah, I'm pretty sure I had it. I'm pretty sure I had it a month ago. There was a day or two where I felt like shit and a bunch of people around here just had to pass it. I had to flu like a month ago. I didn't do any flu. I got IV vitamins. I got NAD. I got an NAD IV treatment. I did a saw in the cold plunge or relaxed all day, I just didn't work out for two days. There's some doctors that believe that having the flu is actually you just purging toxins. It's you're supposed to do that. You're supposed to, we never go. Well definitely strengthen your immune system. There's a lot of doctors out there. There's a lot of doctors out there that you don't have to do that. There's four different doctors on my podcast that they're in the terrain theory. They're thinking that the flu, they're saying that the flu and colds are your body getting rid of toxins. Staff infection, your body getting rid of toxins. There's doctors that believe it. Okay, but staff infection you can see under a microscope. Staff infection is a bacterial infection that will become systemic. So it [2:04:01] gets in your bloodstream, very hard to fight. Also like medication resistance. Yeah, you look in a microscope or whatever you see bacteria, right? It's like eating whatever the infection or whatever, right? But if you saw a dead dog and it was, it's been dead for a while. There's maggots eating it. Would you say the dog died from maggots? Terrain doctors are saying that's what people are doing. They're looking at the bacteria, just cleaning shit up. It's your body getting rid of toxins that you ate or breathe or with your water or whatever. That's what some, I'm not saying they're right. There's doctors that are leaving traditional medicine going, this is bullshit. This is actually what's happening. You're supposed to have flus and colds. That's your body getting rid of toxins. Same thing with staff. In fact, I have these doctors on my podcast. I don't know if they're right, but terrain theory is very interesting. I don't know what that means. It means that people don't get people sick. We get sick from the same thing, but they want it, like, you know, they're, like it's almost like I mean, I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. [2:05:05] I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm gonna have to be careful. I'm And one person show some kid is in fucking daycare with a bunch of little Petri dishes and they're all like touching junk If you believe no, no, no, if you believe if you believe if you believe people get people sick Okay, there's doctors that believe that people don't get people sick because there's at least 20 studies that show that people don't get people sick Okay, I mean there I mean there are studies People do make people sick The smashing tokens made Sharon Osborne sick because I'm not working with the smashing pumpkins no more. Green day because they make me sick. Look up a doctor Andrew Kaufman. That dude sh**. That dude. But it's just it's just new information. He did [2:06:01] now. Like you've got a question. You got a question everything. Yeah, I was showing some about the they're talking about disease X. Well, it's crazy as there was new information. Like you got a question. Another way to come in. You got a question. Everything. Yeah, Alex Jones has some about, they're talking about disease X. Well, it's crazy is there was just some new COVID that they built in a Chinese lab that kills 100% of the mice and it attacks their brains. You see that? Like what a great idea you guys are doing. What a beautiful thing you're doing Horrific viruses Guys like here. What is it? You think gain a function research is bullshit? I think it's all silver Dog we had a bet who'd you like here silver? Sova me to silver fired up look at her That's me baby. Dude. Yeah event we've never seen Strickland be offended before like fight with emotion [2:07:10] Well, they seem to work that out But also we never seen Strickland defend the title He probably was like holy shit what I'm the champion like what is that transition like the guy still pulling guns on people He's still wild and he had a fireworks fight like three weeks ago He still say he does want gay like me if you had a gay kid That love a fucking thing with that guy in Toronto was amazing We'll let up a woke reporter. Did you see it? Yeah? Oh, why have I seen it? I've seen it multiple times in the whole world went that was Dude that was some crazy fucking problem. Yeah, that's me bullshit questions. You're the fucking problem Let's see what's up or Calpangins been around Dude she's been fighting for a long ass fucking She's a tough lady and she close with Johnny Depp that her is she Remember she choked out Ashley Evans Smith like yeah one second to go in the round It's either her somebody else they have these two fights. She's got the Brazilian got mammograms [2:08:06] What are you talking about? Street tell about them What's the sweater puppies? What about Johnny Dup she used to live with Johnny Dup lived with them. Oh, no shit Maybe it was the air during the trial. Oh, no, she lived with them. Johnny's really close hell. Yeah. Oh Oh, she's cracked her with left hand. Oh she was Amber her it's friend, not Johnny's. Different, different. Well Amber her you know she likes to swing. She dates ladies. Oh. She's fat, she's crazy huh? Oh, good body kick by her cow. I can't wait for the man of that. Catches the single. Oh, eats the left. What's he doing here? He's just trying for the clinch. Have they shown Izzy Cage side yet? Cause the rumor is if somebody gets out of this on Skade, [2:09:01] they're gonna do Izzy. Well, Izzy said that he's gonna go back to hard training in February. I don't think so. I thought he was taking five years off. I don't think so. I don't think so. Right? And that UFC 300 is just shitty. I mean, if, well, he's not saying what the injury is. It really depends on what the injury is. You know, I mean, you know, as well as anybody, it could be a back, it could be something real. It could be something that's not really coming. If he's talking about it, it must be pretty bad. Well, he probably wants to come back bad, but he probably also has endured a lot of fucking injuries. Over there. You look at me, time to defend the title. He's lapped the division basically three fucking times. To be, to be at the fine fucking Alex Pierre Fucking out spear and build him up three fights get a tie shot. That's how much people forget how good fucking is he is And he needs a break if I'm him. I don't even fucking come back. I don't know how he is financially But what's oh oh Like oh, that's what's coming back. What's up? Jimmy? There's is he look patience patience as four hours ago [2:10:02] Okay, that looks like AI So he's not rings Doesn't look like it. So he's not ringside eye. They might not announce it. Hmm. Well, he probably didn't want to fly to London if he's training. Oh, fly to Toronto. Yeah, I mean, he's probably going to, yeah, Toronto. He's probably going to be with Volcanowski though. And if they're going to announce something, that announced at the end of February. It says he's gonna go back to hard training in February. So whatever this injury is, who knows what it is? It could just be as simple as like a slight break in a hand bone. Dude, Izzy versus the winner tonight. 300, take my fucking money. Take my money. Take my money. No matter what it is, even a rematch was strictly. Either way, take my money. You know know I rewatched that fight again it was still close was it closer without even though is he got lit up in the first round he did have moments in that fight where he's doing really good and you got to think if he doesn't get caught with that right hand oh shit she's got her back if if he doesn't two minutes to go too if he doesn't get caught with [2:11:00] that right hand early in the fight in the end of that that first round, who knows how that fight plays out? When you rewatched it, and you knew the outcome already, did you view it differently? Did Strickland dominate like we thought? You remember when it was definitely won, but it was a little closer than I thought it was, but Adesandia 100% had his moments, but Strickland won the fight. Interesting. It was a very good decision. It was the right decision, but out of something you definitely had moments. I think it was mind blowing too, because we are so certain, you know, we're like, what, how the fuck Strickland gonna do this? You know what? Yeah, we thought, is he the Maestro? And he just returning from Knockin' Out, Beheda with one punch after he lost fucked up again in the first round his leg was fucked up in that second fight and he cracks him and then puts the arrows in and was down iconic and then he has that speech afterwards oh my god one of the greatest post-fight speeches in the history of the sport now I think I think is the greatest moment of all time Joey will yell at you if you don't mention Anderson I love is he I don't only [2:12:05] one of his popper PD only once poppds names love is he I don't only one of his pop PD only once pop PD his name's not is he yeah Anderson is primed those a Yeah, it's very different thing man. It's a different thing. No and the level of Competition is he fought to compare to Anderson come on Anderson fought Dan Anderson. We was a beast Anderson fought you know he fought some fucking killer dude for sure fought V Tor when V Tor was a beast he fought some fucking killers dude for sure fought V-tor when V-tor was a beast He fought some killers dude Anderson still fought some fucking killer. No, Anderson fought killers. Is he strength the schedule's nuts? It is and during you saw that it's not that's true 100 100% that's a factor that's a factor and if Anderson never popped for anything You'd always say well he's never popped, but he definitely did. You know, I mean, a lot of those guys. Not good. He's still ready. He opened up the refrigerator. That is this growth hormone. That's right. He's like, countdown, open up the refrigerator. Why would they edit it? It was not like it was live. They probably didn't catch it either. [2:13:00] He probably forgot. Probably forgot he had growth in there. Yeah, they were all taking growth, man. They were all trying to recover. You know what I mean? You're beating the fuck out of each other. And also he's from the shoot the box camp. They were wildest dudes in the early days of pride. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. People forgot about those guys. They forgot about him. Remember Jack Fenderlay and pride Axmer to do Scary Fenderly was the man when he knocked out rampage I thought that was terrifying. Oh my god. Do you remember do you remember when he fought Dan Henderson? Yeah, and he mounted Dan Henderson and then stood up from the mount and Stomp them. Stomp them. Yeah, I don't know if he landed it But he was nobody has ever done that ever in the history of MMA. Mount a guy and then stand up and stop on his face. Well, you know, Eric Williams, the photographer, the famous photographer. He's like, Anderson's photographer. He may have missed. He has a picture of Van Lane is prime. He took this picture and you know, zinc-thames the ax murder and he has a cow's blood run down his face it's just like down to here and it's a hands are like this it's the dopest fucking picture you've ever seen [2:14:07] see the advantage him since the axe murder it's fucking filthy is that it? yeah oh damn that's after surgery that's after that's after no surgery that's different yeah that's the diesel remember when you like change his face he changed his face he came back from surgery and his nose was big. Remember, look at those traps. You know what I want to remove the traps on. You're like, no bro, you got our feet traps. Make you rural. They took a piece of cartilage out of his ribs to rebuild his nose. You know, boss root and then- That's what I'm thinking of the one time. Yeah, there it is, the top left, that it. Boss Routin has a silicone thing in his nose that holds his nose up. He takes his nose, he just presses it flat and lets it go and it comes back to normal. Presses it flat, it comes back to normal. He has like a fake piece of cartilage instead of cartilage they replaced it. I'm like that's genius. That way you don't have to have a flat nose, but it's not mind all fucked up to it. Chunk out of your ribs. Can you win them silicone baby? I'm all good with this fucking Portobello mushroom nose. [2:15:12] Yeah, that's an interesting one when guys get there. It is it's bosses like right. Look at see how he's pressing his nose. There's no reason I fixed it. Yeah, he got replaced. So many guys have fucked up noses. That is such a weak bone and it's the front and center Like that is the last thing you want to get hit and it's right out front sticking out above everything else I would be willing to bet in the UFC as far as breaking your nose has to be 90% 100% 100% of guys have broken their nose once 100% Sparring it happens breaking nose and jiu-jitsu. Have you ever broken your nose in jiu-jitsu? I Definitely did I definitely did It had you know headbutt accidental clash knee catching knee to the nose [2:16:00] The biggest shot to my nose is playing basketball guy elbowed me in the nose and just dropped me and I started crying Like 13 Instantly I cry I'd fucking hang over three dog, you know what I mean you hit me in the nose. I'm I'm ballin Well, this fight is rocking I'm I'm ballin well, let's fight rocking Roar hotel panting she fucking digs down. I just love watching her fight because she like even with Amanda Nunez She's getting tuned up. She never quit. She got fucked up. She got tuned up Amanda was the scariest. She was the scariest How funny is she the way she retired? She goes I got nerve damage in my legs from kicking ass How funny is she the way she retired? She goes, I got nerve damage in my legs from kicking ass. She's a kid kicking two belts. My legs are too fucked up. Her legs are too fucked up from like shins. So a man in the newness is done? Yeah, she's done. 100%. Oh, but maybe not. She might just take a couple of years off. She might get you to the money that she has and you know, so you could either have like oh, I have three million. Oh my god. I'm set oh damn [2:17:05] I'm down to three million right you know what I mean it all depends where you're coming from Well, this is what you got to imagine you got to imagine like Macy Barber Macy Barber who comes to giant star. She is the potential to be a giant star right she becomes a world champion She starts beating people up starts doing fucking Pepsi commercials. There's two years from now Okay, whatever it is and the man is like my legs are feeling pretty fucking good. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty fucking good and then they do one of those Rekels fucking one of those fights. Oh shit Rekels turn it up. In boxing One thing that I learned because I was a giant boxing fan before the UFC is anytime someone retired I just meant they're just taking some time off because they're gonna run out of money Time someone retired. I just meant they're just taking some time off because they're gonna run out of money. And they're gonna come back with all of them dead. Who your season, John? Marvin Hagin, now he's the only one. He's the only one. Andre Ward never did. Okay, there's a couple. But generally, generally, right? Yeah, generally. They run out of money. [2:18:01] They're in tax trouble. you know in MMA it happens. Also a lot of guys I remember when Frank Shamrock retired. I might dude he was getting like 40k of fire. How you gonna retire? Just based on what I knew from boxing. I go Frank Shamrock will be back There was no money back then and you're gonna retire I tell you who's good Everyone wants to hate. I'm says he has bank trouble, but Floyd made with her. Oh, yeah He's making a lot of money in those silly fights. Wait, I'm doing that to fuck around the investment in his cars alone Is he is he like down money? No, no, he's got like how much money do the gas like 200? Oh? Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Oh Bro, I don't know there's nothing there, but it could be a necktrain The very least she's struggling like [2:19:10] She has really good defense. She just needs to work on not letting girls jump on her back, but her defense is really good. Oh, she's gonna face plan her back. She's tried. She only has 10 seconds. She's got to hold that arm at least. A little back grip, two on one. Oh, she's out. She's out and on top. She's on top. She's only five seconds left. Yeah, but still, that's good. That's good. That's good That's a moral victory. She helped her up. Look at that. That's a good round for both of them How long does recalpanied him been fighting? Seems like forever. For Colorado product. What year did she first make her debut? 74. So stupid. How long before there's an equal number of gay men fighters in the UFC as a woman? [2:20:01] How many years? Depends on the 15 years? Depends on how long they keep going up the camp. I think about within 15 years. I think within the years. Depends only, they keep going up the can. I think within 15 years. I don't think so, Doug. What's the percentage of lesbian female fighters in the UFC? It's like 23,000. It's like, 11 years in the UFC. What do you think it is, Brendan? The percentage of lesbian UFC fighters. 20%. Oh, higher than that. Higher? You think it's 50? Let's go with 50. 40-ish? Yeah, 40-ish. 40-ish is good. One day. It's going to be like that for men. I don't think so. No. Yes. Yes. You think there's going to be more gay men now in the future than there are know. No, dog. But I'm saying, you know, there hasn't been one, but with girls, there's a lot of people. There's like 20, 30, 40%. That's a lot. But that's also the case with like women's golf, women's basketball. [2:21:01] There's a lot of women's sports. Right. You know why, you know why,bian MMA fighters usually do better than heterosexual ones? Why? Because nobody's trying to bone them. Like, their trainers, their kickboxing trainer, their diet. They could just focus on fighting. They're one of the guys. Yeah, everybody treats them like a dude. You know what I mean? But if they're heterosexual, their Jiu-Jitsu coach is gonna try to make moves, their boxing coach, their dietitian, everybody, the manager, the fucking publicist, everybody throw a dick. Page Van's act could have been world-chip. You know what I mean? But when you're like, Amanda Noona's no one throwing fucking dick at you. You know what I mean? So that campus is just fucking perfect perfect just like a machine no no interruptions no drama in the cat So a jet point right that's real the worst point that's real shit. That's real shit. Yeah, no drama in the camp We all know like even world champions have gotten like love triangles [2:22:01] Everybody trying to bang that or a section especially the hot ones Especially as they become famous. Oh my god. Oh, that's it. Guys get star struck too. Oh, yeah Star struck too. There's a famous chick fighter and she's hot. You know what I'm talking about? 100% right? Breach Spine and sine you guys get fucking guys get star struck and it's not just girls Guys get star struck and it's not just girls But when the I don't think I think though you're a little off on the dude I don't think it's be like 30% with the dudes I only knew one all my years I knew one guy he was an out but he's fucking famous. He's a good fighter. I think they're just not out Tell us that Alex Pierre technique. I'll tell you that afterwards.'ll tell you after two let's go take a leak Yeah DC and I were talking about it. We're like I don't think we should tell anybody this No, it's a secret I would have to ask him is it okay if I explain this I bet you he doesn't give a fuck I bet he doesn't [2:23:00] But he's a good luck. It gives away a lot without some important points. No, you can't you can't but part of it It's like you got to notice it now and then when I notice it now I'm like oh shit I went back and watch this fight right afterwards and I was like oh my goodness It's that but that's the thing about beheda. It's like you can get confused because his hands are down and They'll the way he moves is unorthodox you can get confused that he's not That's what is he said he said it's a lot of smoke for a smoke to figure out like you stole a lot of faints a lot of like smoke to get You know, you know, you're saying pair a George same pair ain't ever gonna fight again, right? No, no, do you remember when John Danna hurt told us his secret? What yes, he's secret what's he gross? He just focuses on three things either he's gonna jab you He just focuses on three things. Either he's going to jab you. He's going to faint or he's going to shoot. That's it. It's just those three. He just bang because he just bounces between those three. That's no matter what he knows. Jam. Shoot. It's tough. But George was so open minded too. Like he was always willing to travel to train with anybody. [2:24:01] Like we stick like the guy still comes to Austin to train with Donner. Still this day he's always. And what do you think to get his turn inside kick down? That was Donner. His little wizardry. He fucking, he asked me a question when it was loaded question. It's like, George needs help with his spinning back kick. Do you know anyone that can help him? We're a, we're a diner. Do you remember that? Yeah, we were we were actually on the way to the the diner That's car in the back. Yeah, and then we got there and you then he's you basically I said this is gonna sound ridiculous. Yeah But he already knew cuz we were already posting videos of you doing the time. Yeah, it was already out there a little bit I don't think it was the video that you made of me and my garage, that was after that. What year is this? 2000. But dude, you have no idea, dude. I was like, when I was working King of the Cage, I was showing people your kick. I was trying to show like Rico Rodgerig. Remember Rico right now, because the turn of the side kick? No, that's not. The way he throws it and people thought it was insane. They go the fear factor guy knows how to throw kicks. [2:25:07] And everybody thought I was crazy. And then boom, GSP jumps on board. That video's fucking, I don't know how many millions that video has, GSP, go, oh my god, let me get my camera. I, he had a film, because you know how much I was aiming for the floor with slippery. I was so mad. Cause you like god damn I can't get good grip. This floor was covered with sweat. When you showed Brian, that's like a hundred million views. You're showing Brian. No, you got to stick it like yelling out of him being mean to him. Bro. No, motherfucker, you are you two here? I got damn it right right like I'm fucking trying make me angry That's so much fucking Italian jeans on Some important jeans buying this dick up Can you just have a pair of origins [2:26:02] Pop Joe's gonna go off you do jeans on jeans on jeans Joe is so serious companion from here turn your shoulder to the right turn your shoulder to the right to the right now extend extend extend straight don't look over your stomach dude you could be butt fuck on him right here dude like that That's the High flexible you're fine look right from here watch oh Even in the air even in the air Blush it I still think John Clark band-a-ndam Bram wedded some bullshit Taikwondo school when he was a kid they trained him So nonsense Brian Kellen he got hands, okay Minute he got hands. I told him Andrew Schultz will fuck him up dude Brian Kellen got it Andrew Schultz will fuck him Let's make it happen you corner of the salty aqua make it. I don't have to corner him. I just bring his water [2:27:02] You know the fuck you like bro. You got this Andrew Schultz will light-brind Cal. I take Cal and I play down 100%. Yeah. Schultz can box. Seriously. Bro, what you need to see is he's still hit the pads. I know Cal and he's talking to Cal. He's the funny guy and he makes one of himself, but he really Do you discount the drive that it takes to become as successful as Shultz has become so quickly? Understand that translates to everything. I love that Shultz. I love his comment on that, but... Understand that translates to everything in life. I bet that guy is good at whatever he does. I bet if he does basketball, he's great at that. I bet if he drives a car, I bet he's great at that. I bet he's great at that. Callin got head movement, he got footwork. I don't think either one was great. He forgets to eat that day. He comes in with a sore toe. I'll put all my money on him. Here's your shield. That's your, okay. Oh shit, look at that. I'm telling you. I am telling you right now. Do we have talent training like that too? Listen Yeah, I didn't know if Calon doing a real kick Damn, look at she's saying straight just boxing or everything lights him up boxing you like Calon [2:28:07] I still have a wheel kick break those legs no, no just legs fall off his hips. I got Calon well Did straight box make it happen? I'll do for charity Calon do it. We'll do it for people that were fucked up by the jab. We'll just stream it on rumble Jab injured Come on man, we give up stream it on rumble. Jab injured. Come on man. We give him all the money. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Give him a fuck in the... Hey! You know what I mean? Nothing's free, Doc. You think I'm doing this because I need it. I gotta pay rent too. At least a four month training camp. Both of them. Especially Calend. I'm with Calend. I'm gonna ride or die while I'm on Calend. I love Andrew Schultz, but come on Calend. [2:29:01] I love both of them. Brian is 150,000 years old. That's the guy. He's not on TRT. That's the thing I wanted to do. He just started taking vitamins last week. But Schultz is an on TRT, is he? Nobody'll get on it for this. He's talked about, he's asked me about it. We gonna hold it, oh shit, you got it back again. That's deep that's deep that's deep that one's deep that one's deep. She's chilling though Cuz she doesn't have a second hook. She's another second hook You know need it for that second hooks right there. Oh, she's missing it. She's hanging onto the choke and not going for that Position oh my goodness. She could have adjusted there. She could have adjusted there You can tell my Vaseline well, it's also a lot of panic a lot of chaos You know, but that second hook was critical right there to maintain back control Now she's going to That's a technique was last time someone pulled off a Camora you never see him anymore And I listen you know why we see any good jujitsu and the u.k. See anymore. It's like it's kickbox All the various of the vera still [2:30:01] Every now and then you see some good jujitsu. You just don't really see it all right It's so hard to take people down guys. It's wrong. It's kickbox. It's kickboxing It's money though. That's what pays the bills. It's also these guys are very good. No, no, it's not very good It's hard to submit to us think about it. Oh, it tells on top here The UFC you know, you know, you know, you know what the difference between the UFC and what was around before the UFC like boxing and kickboxing. We had kickboxing since the 70s. We had boxing since the fucking 20s. Good, since 1910. Jack Johnson. We always had boxing. We always had fucking kickboxing, come food tournaments and all that karate tournaments. When the UFC buss out, why did people flip out? Because people were taken to the ground and get choked out and get in their arm broken. That's why the UFC blew up because that is like, people were going, I was like, what the fuck? Because then you could take people to the ground and choked them. Oh my God, that's why it blew up. [2:31:02] We already had kickboxing, we read boxing. It wasn't the boxing, the kickboxing, the blue, the UFC up. It was the jujitsu. It was the jujitsu. Yeah. So to me, that's my favorite part of MMA. That's my favorite part of the UFC. It's my favorite part too, but the problem was that those, like who was the really good Brazilian guy? That for Anderson and Abu Dhabi and he laid down. How is he ladies? Tossed ladies? No, Damien Mayan. Damien Mayan. Yeah. You know, he was labeled like kind of boring to some people. Like those fights jujitsu. Well, you gotta be an exciting jujitsu guy. You can't just be jujitsu. You gotta finish people. But when you finish people, it's beautiful. I think it's hard to say so what would you say that you don't see it no more dog you don't see that much about this think about this is where out of signia one of the the the legends of the sport insane parade rite out spray one of the legends there's you get they're not known for their jujitsu congregate or congregate right now it's not like a fact they got they got you know good you [2:32:03] to never finishes a lot of people but but what I'm saying is Alex Pereira, he's not known for his Jutsu and he's already a legend. In the UFC, the most important shit is the striking and the wrestling. That's the most important thing. Did you Jutsu, you don't have to be good at your Jutsu to be a legend today. The most important thing is winning and winning by knockout or winning by submission. But more people win by knockout than by submission. Everybody goes to the circuit. Because everybody starts on the feet. Everybody starts on the feet. That's why. What do you think about this? I was thinking this. What if we made it set up so that if someone takes you down at the end of the first round and you're in your guard, they restart you in that same position? Why not? Why don't you get a chance to start why do you get a chance to start from a new position? Listen, I'm not I'm not I didn't put together Combat jujitsu as a goof as like a side project my goal with combat jujitsu has always been one thing let's make jujitsu just as exciting just as an entertaining as [2:33:02] Average UFC event three hour block. Can you do that with your duties? I'm gonna piss. Can you do that with your duties? You guys do this together? You have to piss? Yes, I do, Joe. Okay, okay. I'm telling what's up. Oh, Joey, how you doing? I'm alive and kicking, brother. Why can these two guys go on a piss together? It makes me sad sad what's going on how's Jersey? Jersey's tremendous I got no complaints. So they're reforat cock suckers. Let's smoke it up. There's that J right there in front of this cigar. This one. This is the biggest one. There's more cool these love of fuckers. Let's do it. Me and our aspect Dude we haven't we haven't seen each other Jamie since Flakomania I know I was good. Dude. I'm gonna say my dog. Oh my god I fucking look you know what the playoffs look like shit. We've got fucked up [2:34:01] But I love Joe Flakko and I've always loved Joe Flacco, because I used to like the Ravens too. I'd like the Ravens and the Browns for a while there. When the, when the, I liked them both for a while. Yeah, I was tough because when Cleveland moved to Baltimore and became the Baltimore Ravens, I was no Cleveland Brown for three years. And I was like, you know what, I'm not gonna let art mode take my football from me. So I and then Vinnie touched the verdicts like you're in a purple uniform now you were just a brown Lee Roy Horde you're in a purple uniform so I just I just became a Ravens fan So I'm one of those rare Cleveland fans that was in the Joe Flackle I liked him so when he came to the Browns I was fucking happy as fuck and everybody in Cleveland all the podcasts the Cleveland Podcasts are like fuck Joe Flackle They hated that motherfucker. No body everybody hated it. That's like the enemies coming to the Browns everybody hated Flacco Turn over but once he started fucking plan once he started fucking ballin Everybody is like everybody love Joe Flacco in Cleveland. It's like a crazy love affair [2:35:03] and Cleveland it's like a crazy love affair. Smoke the goddamn joint Eddie. I hope, you know what I hope, I hope Flacko comes back as the backup because you know what Deshaun's gonna get hurt again, right? You got it, Flacko's the backup. He's gonna get sued again. I'm gonna fuck this one on the side. He's done with that shit. He's done with the massage. You know he ain't. They paid them so much Get the guy from Houston that got traded. Yeah, like 22 MVP caliber quarterback kept him massage again jacked off. I'm sex with him like 300 women suit Then he got traded 180 million guaranteed whoa, yeah, but wait a minute Was it legal? Yeah, they're just saying you like forced them and shit Oh, this big guy, you know, they suit them. They suit them. They would after them. Oh, we're kelp paintings on top arm triangle Oh, she was over look at this. Oh, she's around five now. She's head on oh Look at that. Oh my goodness. Oh my [2:36:01] That's pretty deep. That was about to tell that is pretty fucking deep. That is pretty fucking deep. She got a figure for those arms She got a figure for those arms that sounds strong enough But still she's tied on it man. She's tied on it. I do I don't use roll But she should you jump off that left left hook and clamp it down and flatten around again. Oh now she got her back. She's switching to the back. That's not good. That's, that's, no, she's got it again. Look, she's got it again. She's got to stay there. She's got to, she's got to, she's just got to figure four arms. The, the gable grin. Like that's like strong enough. Sometimes, bro that stuff's crazy. She tried just see how crazy it is I don't fuck up my mind a lot of time dog. It's really It's hot of fuck beef jerking no, no Carolina Reaper No, you you did hot ones. Yeah, you could handle that but it's hot This is like for wicked cuts for someone to be selling this like regular [2:37:02] Fucking grocery store shit that it's this hot.'s crazy hot this is yeah we want hot shit to make us uncomfortable try it yeah there's no water I'll eat it there's plenty of water tons of fucking water we'll get more water we'll get more water if we're almost there's that rain what are we gonna do after it rains all the time in Texas? It's cold. It's fuck got it right now. This is legit right here Do you have vegan beef jerky? I'm gonna probably be vegan Vegan beef jerky would be Dude that would that's a billion dollar project. They have it for sure. Oh repel. We'll help him then Big right hand from her cow She's beating her up here 30 seconds to go. It's not a good way to win the title on your back getting your legs kicked Tell that to she got to get back up. I mean this is not a good look She I mean unless she's thinking she's just like way ahead [2:38:07] Well, she's not getting done. I mean she's alright. Yeah, but this is not a way to win a fight, man. Hey, she's just resting. She's like Joe Pesci and Goodfellas. She's resting. This is a crazy way to see a world title fight end. Someone on their backs is getting their legs kicked. I'd be drinking those judges are tripping balls right now. That'd be jerky, so the judges are tripping. They're tripping. Confusing, right? Like, confusing. Like, how is this like wicked guts? It seems like some like boutique shit that you would get the farmer's market that fucks you up. They warned you about before, right? I'm telling you. I knew it. I ate it anyway. And now I'm like, oh my god. I'm too and now I'm like oh my god Why man don't little sips it's not be no time you know saying I'm doing my little fucking whiskey. Let him have a little whiskey I'm not doing that I'm doing the stuff and you drink a whiskey now it works differently like I'm not gonna drink three of them [2:39:01] But this is good for you. This is actually good for fucking Like I'm not gonna drink three of them, but this is good for you. This is actually good for fucking A little bit drink a little whiskey. It's not so good for you. It's good for the system. Yeah a little pick me up You know what I'm saying who won this fight? We've been talking so much shit. We don't even know but it was a good fight. Not resh- resh- Michelle one or Cal Recau- is your mouth on fucking fire? It's fire. Crazy hot it is. Yes, man. You can't imagine this is some shit that you can spy the story. It's not a snack, bro. It's ridiculous. Like you have to be an animal to put that stuff away. Oh. What might cold Budweiser? Oh, no. No, no. You're gonna be like fucking four of those. We have some Bud lights. You guys want a Bud Light? Do you have C-sponsored this podcast? No. We have Bud Light, change drinks Bud Light. So we always keep him on hand. That makes sense. No regular Bud. I don't know. We got some loamstar beers. We got loamstar beers, right? Jamie? I would drink one right now, my mouth. You want a beer? You want a loamstar? [2:40:02] Yeah. Okay. We get a few of those. I did. Here we go. They're reading the decision right now. My head is sweating. Look at all the sweat dripping off my head. Yeah. That's all hot hot pepper sweat. Bad move, right? Horrible move. You regret it? Yeah. Is there anything you could do to combat it? Is that milk chew on that ice milk milk? Here it is. No. Pepp the cow panning tin holy shit holy shit. She did it. She fucking did it. Wow. Wow. That girl was a champion no neither one of them was who's vacant who vacated it Amanda. Oh she just quit [2:41:15] good for her man good for her that's awesome I mean that's a 13 year veteran right there 13 year veteran of the UFC and she just gets record 16 and nine Crazy Thank you Here we go you want one of these join? My god Eddie Bravo's crack one. No, I ain't crack it. Hey, Lee deal I'm just gonna keep it right here. Can I read it without so much better? I can just I can book at it I hear the fucking Tomahawk sharpening in the distance Sharpening those time locks. We don't know nothing bro. I'm telling you right? I tried to warn you about that hot [2:42:02] No, you're like it's good try it. Well, I eat two pieces, bro Right I try to warn you about that hot no you're like it's good try it right two pieces, bro Okay, so the zin is gum no no it's not Do you want one make it in hope a little pop in your step dog? Yeah, I know Before my head put it in my between chicken gum No, it tastes good. It's good. I love this. I know spit Small I'm just while I juice That's what she said wow Fuck is wrong with you Sex jokes on the fucking Surround table of love here, but I did it in such a serious way that I thought you would appreciate it But no the zen or the rogue rather than using the Rose with the fucking the hot pepper Like it's open up my pores I thought that shot they gave me yesterday. Yes last night the couple hours. I do sleep my walk up to pee I'm right back in that bed. I thought I pissed a bed. Why could you sweat? I fucking was drenched last night [2:43:04] Well, you got IV stem cells and then you got them injected into your knee too, right? Yeah, yeah, my ankle's the bird I'll bet This is a little sensation just a little sensation It's more of a sensation than a burn. It's burning me, but it's really just this wicked cuts It's legit though, right? I would good. I would never do it again. I'll do it all time. I'll get ready to do it again. I'm thinking about digging right back in there. Oh no. James, get the smell and salts out. Those I enjoy. Do you have you ever had those? The Oz is that from our boy? Juju Mufu? Yeah. Juju is my boy. He sent my boy he sent me some of the house his shit is ridiculous what is that smell and salt you want to go to school go for both Jackson days no the smell and salt like the power lift is fucking dead lift the world I'll do one right now and finally make your mayfield I did some smelling salt before [2:44:00] last week's game did you hear about that I mean football players in high places they allowed to do it all the time? They do it for slap fights. Oh yeah, bro. When is that? When is that class actually coming out? Which one? This shit. Bro, these guys... How about the California Commission sanctioned it? Wow. I said there was a meeting. Makes sense. And they said, yo, Doc, it's TKO now so if you don't sanction this there's no There's no UFC. Well said all right bring that bullshit here. Well, you know mine's gotta be made listen If you've got a place like skid row and you sanction that what's wrong with sanction a little bit of slap fighting Nothing oh my god. This is so bad open in the bag. Just get your swift. That's not even that's not even the bags I even open yet look is still sealed this still sealed Let me smell that no, I'm gonna have you smell this It is a freshy joey toss that's that beef jerky now smells. I'm gonna shit my fucking is it crazy? I love shit my pants you went tobacco [2:45:02] My pants chewing tobacco This one You don't have people like this in Jersey Get this on camera yeah with that Joey over there daddy open that up Take it's never that take it snap of that job that is so powerful Give me a tissue or something. Oh my god You can't believe You can't believe how strong You got so low man you gotta get up in there bitch you can see the point when you got it Dog Uncle Joe I passed out one time at the dentist Whoa and when I woke up I had two of those things in each nose like one in this one I want to I could smell those fuck oh my god. Oh my god. I'm not thinking about my mouth. Oh my god [2:46:02] Fuck yeah, how many more of these we have? I got three fresh ones still to go. It's all about the fresh ones So what you do is you open it once and it's not good anymore? No, it's great It's great for great for weeks. You can't get them cold But the the thing is the fresh ones Was we first open them? They're insane. They're insane. This one hurt when I was handed it to Joe I was like, my god you're crazy That's the thing you want to go back in yeah, I'm gonna take you to it Get in there bitch and what are people do all day they smirk this shit? They do it and they lift Somehow or another it helps you lift Oh my god yeah Oh Yeah Fuck Joey have you a tissue brother? [2:47:00] I'm not I can't I can't I can't do it Jamie. I'm not I can't I can't I can't do it Jamie I'm not I won't No, I don't have a camera. It's work. It's work. I don't have a camera to turn it. I can't do it on camera That's good shit, though. Yeah, any good. It's good. You feel a lot. I can't do it Give you a little fucking pep to your stomach. I can't do it. I'm trying already It's a camera. I'm I would've done it. Oh wait stop camera. Leave me out of any stop partaking any I'm trying to deal with this nicotine go back in I can't do boom. I got to get this nose. That's exactly Ron White said. That's exactly Ron White said. Ron White had to do the other side. Ron White did it right afterwards. Do the other side too. [2:48:00] Look at Annie. I Look at daddy Look at any Respect me. Come on. We're all together in that That's fair Eddie. We're all together You're suffering No, it's amazing. I feel good right now. I feel good right now. It's like a shot Do a line you do a shot. Oh my god. Oh my god. And afterwards like Two hours ago. Yeah, here we go. I got a thing. You got to put some turbo into it. Don't worry here We go here. We fucking go here. We fucking go here. We go here. We go on any big Right to nose right to nose up to nose breathe Breathe All right tell me about Epstein Tell me what the island [2:49:05] That space How did it work? Yeah, that space. Oh, that's tremendous. Joey, Joey, tell me what the hell is now. What? What? Tell me, I have steam. That's like I've snorted chlorine. Yeah. Yeah, they great. It's amazing. I know. You're gonna feel good in about 30 seconds. Probably It's amazing About 30 seconds In a few minutes you're gonna want another head that's not Listen I'm going back in the second body. I was chewing nicotine gum the idea and I picked this little snap It came up. Yeah, it was like a finger and I didn't know I had to gum in my mouth I put the snack in my mouth with the gum and I'm chewing this not around the gum I'm picking a Joe Rogan tremendous tremendous you're not you're thinking to me because you hate boogers when I tell you but when he eats the boogers oh yeah we all [2:50:00] do and the boogers is from tomorrow be better And I hosted fear factor I watched a lot of people eat some horrible shit. I eat a burger and I'll throw up. Oh my god That is so good. You see they got Biden picking his nose Let the guy pick his nose a thousand years old Of course he did Here it is. Dracus Duplosy, the challenger. Woo, looks like he's feeling it. Oh my God. Imagine that moment. Okay, what smelling sounds for? I like it. Wake you up. Well, wake you up. They used to use them when people got knocked out. They'd wake them up with it. I know that And this this guy, Juju Mufuz, we've had a bunch of different stuff that we brought to the studio or to the club We in the green when we have five or six different ones and I was telling these kids. I'm like, this is nonsense This is all you're you think you like smelling sauce. You don't even know what they are like Like you gotta try this and the ones that I brought in for the podcast I give it to Brian Simpson. He fucking took his headphones off and ran out of the room. He ran out of the room. He just takes them off and runs away. [2:51:05] Oh, there's studies that say it improves something. It can't be good to do a lot. What kind of studies does someone do it on Juju Mufu's ah? Around since the 13th century, just to help people who fainted and stuff. Yeah, it'll help you if you faint. And who invented that? There's no inventing You came up with this formula though. It but jujus formula is crazy Him it is girl. I've never given it to anybody. I've never given it to anybody with it in freak out Not one person. You didn't feel enjoyed though. There's no way you can't See you ready to go back in no deal did one deal enjoyed it. I get it. I get it. It's it wakes you up. Okay Stays in your nose and it, I love it. I love it. You don't feel refreshed. Congratulations. You get you. Oh. What the fuck? Kind of bike compared to this shit. We got knocked out. [2:52:01] Yeah, it's not on this shit. Oh man. I was gonna wait till the second round, but I don't even know this good to be a second round, you know Other athletes may use them before a game and hopes they can prevent fatigue or help them focus bodybuilders might Enhail them before a heavy lift in the gym, but smelling salts have been well studied for this purpose There's no evidence. They have such benefits. In fact the FDA has issued warnings on the makers of sun-swelling salts products for making unproven claims that their product boosts energy and alertness. So they're using the side effects? What are the side effects? If the FDA says they don't work, they don't work. Side effects, trouble breathing, headache, vomiting, diarrhea. Oh, I can test all those. My coffins knees, your eyes and nose may run. Call your doctor or a poison control center. If these side effects happen to you. Imagine you get a rash of people calling the poison control center. Fucking Joe Rogan was doing it on the podcast and I went and got the juju-ju-mufu's website. Oh. Dracus Duplocene. [2:53:00] By the way that dude, every bit of 220 pounds right now. Every bit. He is hyped up too. He's a By the way that dude every bit of 220 pounds right now every bit He's a big fella when I stand next to him. I'm always stunned that he makes 185. He's big man He's a big tank I mean that motherfucker is at the top of the where you can cut and be effective and That's a question if the fight goes three, four, five rounds. You know, it's a lot. You got to figure out that Strickland's game plan did you like this to the three, four, five? I don't think Strickland's cutting that much weight. It probably cuts 15 pounds, 20 pounds, maybe. But not like this guy. Yeah, look at Strickland's. And you might, if you put one of those pants in boxes. Oh yeah. Handsome. Rugged. But it's a different kind of white boy that lives in South Africa. They take a lot of shit. It's a different kind of white. They take a lot of shit over there. That's not Nebraska life. Rough. Where he's from, that's rough. That guy's tell some stories about his child. It's rough. Here we go. Sean Sean Strickland defending the UFC middleweight title for the very first time. [2:54:06] That's a big, big tough fight, but just a big moment, man. Not just your challenging for the title, nobody thinks you're gonna win, you're the underdog. You know, the pressure is on, it's like, it's kind of last minute. You know, he didn't even have a full camp. You know what's crazy to a Strickland, is he supposed to be? Who was it supposed to be oh supposed to be dracus dracus got hurt broke his foot dracus supposed to fight is he He got hurt then they filled in striclin like I got a Robert Whitaker with a broken foot and Storm beat his ass beat his ass the first round, but then afterwards the foot got worse, but this fight Did they both have camps? Yes? This fight perfect camps. But this that's what I'm saying. So you got this guy who takes the first fight short notice no one expects him to win. He's the underdog goes out there, fucks up the champion. Now this is a new experience. Now all of a sudden your world famous like he has gotten a hundred [2:55:02] times more famous 200 times more famous, maybe even more. Probably because if you post something with Strickland now, there's no one in the UFC that gets more views. Yeah, he's a legit superstar now. And Brett, when he came on my podcast, all the shit talking he did for Otasani, he was convinced that's what got him the title. He's like when he did my podcast, and you know millions of fucking people saw that and he's calling him a whore for China You little slut. Yep little Chinese slut. Yeah, he was fucking with them and I was like I'll teach you a fucking lesson Yeah, he called Dana said let's make it happen I'm beating this guy and then and then he just he underestimated because all that shit talking it gets you thinking the guy can't fight But he is one of the slickest fucking dudes in the sport and one of the most game and one of the smartest and the thing about his style that's so crazy is like he only spars he basically only spars he might hit mids he might hit the bag a little bit but the prime the primary focus of his training is [2:56:00] sparring even up to this week fight Fight week. This motherfucker sparring. Nobody spars hard on fight week. I'm curious if your de Blissey's camp, are you gonna try and test Strickland's ground game? I heard his ground's nice. I heard some manly versus coach used to be a my coach too. He was like, do I'm telling this dude can fucking grapple. I talked to Jocco. I went to Jocco's place. He went down to San Diego and trained down there. Jocco said the kids are fucking monster on the ground. Oh, that's good. He's really legit on the ground. Yeah, and Jocco's got legit guys. Yeah. Dude, he's a complete fighter. And he's got a very unorthodox style. It's really hard to read. And I think he's smart. Like, look, he gets knocked up by Paheda. It goes right to Paheda. It starts training with him. And Paheda's like, this is what you did. This is where I caught you. [2:57:09] I came up with the hook. You have this habit of doing this. Just recognize that habit. He teached him. Taught him. Taught him out of check leg kicks. Taught him out of move better. Comes back and fucking everybody up. How about the years coach Nick Zick had with Francis Strickland? I've heard of. One of the best trainers of all time. And never had an MMA fight, right? Right, crazy. Yeah. Extreme Victoria, I just started working there. But was an athlete his whole life? And it understands it from a perspective of an athlete. Have you known him on the pod? I think so. Wasn't he on? Eric Nick Zick? No. Wasn't he on? Right the first time or who'd he come with he's come we were gonna do him and Francis together after the Tyson Fury fight But Francis is staying in the UAE. I think he's doing his camp in Dubai for Joshua when he comes back to America. I'm gonna have the Baltimore together. I would love it. It's great Great guy. No, he's the best and that fucking camp they put together extreme co-tour extreme co-tour is on the map right now you know I mean I'll put it on the map [2:58:08] it comes out there too people yeah yep I don't know what I'm core ambition there wish key to fucking everything nicotine all the other sides get you right smells of put me in a good move yeah I'm feeling great about me too it It was I was sad. Oh shit I've been drinking that mustard He's bad. No sir I'll tell you what got my dick hard was that the video that fucking sick fish your fucking card is this bring back my fucking easier people Yeah, all fucking arrowhead memories of Eddie's people that do that. No, I was right out here the fuck is a friend of mine Uh, he has a ranch and he found the sun as ranch. This is all this land out here is littered with arrowheads People that have ran shit out here. They find arrowheads all the time, all the time. Old as fuck, huh? [2:59:05] Old as fuck, hundreds of years old. People shot a deer right there in your backyard. It's all over this area. Oh my God. This area, but when you think about it, where the Colorado River runs through, so much of Texas is like water's a problem. Not here, water's everywhere. You know, there's all this water and all this wildlife. So they were all living here. The command sheet just completely populated this land. There was so many animals here man. Here it is. Check his stupid seat and wait for his light. I hate that this, I don't know who remember the name of the restaurant today this afternoon and I ordered pancakes because I was trying to sell me annelope burger. And I'm like, you ordered pancakes. I'll take pancake. I'm like, whatever happened to good old fashioned cow. You know what I mean? Like, annelope. What do we need? So I ordered the pancakes and they had sausage. And I ate the sausage and I thought about it. I'm like, is this fucking annelope? [3:00:02] And I asked the waitress, like, what is this mean? She goes, it's wild boar. Who I bet it was good. I'm like, oh fuck, I'm eating wild boar now. You don't like eating wild boar? It was tasty. It was great. But they're like rodents, you know? Aren't they? No. They're just, well, they're just boars. First of all, if you look at the fucking sign I didn't know he goes I'm gonna take it in this nice place was it loans some dog here in fucking loans some dog No, it's like doy day. Oh, I do it. I do it. That's my friends place. Yeah, Jesse Goodman's he's been on the front cuz you want do you want an antelope burger? I'm like I'm not trying to eat no antelope bro Diedue is famous for wild game that place amazing Wild pig that guy teaches people how to hunt wild pigs and then teaches them how to butcher them and cook them Good, but I attack myself out here it is What are we thinking here Eddie Bravo? Give me a take on this. What are you thinking here? I think Sean Strickland's gonna take him Taken I think all the money's on Strickland You've never seen a bookie with a part time job. That scares me right there. What do you think, British? Um, Strickland via [3:01:08] Decision. I think it really depends entirely on what happens once they clash. If Dreckas can get him down if you can get a hold of them That guy is fucking massive. I think if a man handles people on the ground. I think if Strickland can avoid getting knocked out early in these rounds the first and second Here we go. Can he go to the third? It's Strickland all fucking day. We're gonna find out son. Here we go. Great fucking here we go Strickland so upright man so upright and just so comfortably spar so much man, but I think that's a factor I mean, I don't know if it's the best for longevity, but that guy spars so much. His distance control is so good. No, where are these different? Couple of years ago, we had to talk about Lawler that those last couple of years, he wasn't even sparring it. He was just hitting the mids. Max always hits Max. Yeah. I mean, it's different for everybody, [3:02:01] but for Sean, Sean is all about sparring. But to police is different, because if Sean makes a mistake, it's over, it hits so fucking hard. And he's just fucking, yeah, but, it's Creek. Yeah, but I mean, Sean's hard to hit, clean, man. And we're seeing it right away. Like the style, he's establishing the style right away. Good distance control, nice front kicks to the body. Drikus is fucked if he's gonna fight off his back foot. Yeah, I mean, and he's getting, he's eating those jacks. Yeah, he's fucked. If he's the game plans this, it's trickling all day. He's so good at switching things up too, man. When Drikus commits, they see, see what I'm saying? When he goes. But look, Sean just moves away from it. And he Boxing with those front kicks. Yeah, those front kicks are legit that teap off the front leg specifically a lot of that's what training without Spira He's real good at setting things up with that team. It keeps you away too And if you square up with them, it's it's a great target. There it is. I love Strickland's jab too Mine's good at everything man, and he's good at avoiding shit except that behead a left hook obviously [3:03:05] He just needs to avoid you police. He's power shot. He's funny too many see that picture he took with behead I he put his right hand up. He says I have PTSD. I always keep my right hand up when I'm around for head Looks good so far Dracos is trying to find the range Once trick is goes though, man, it is scary. Very interesting now. Right now, Sean is dictating the pace. Yeah, Dracus lets him dictate the pace. He made a long night for him. Oh, good kick to the body there, but he was in. Hard left kick. That was a hard left kick. And coming off that south-paw stance out of power and that That'll take away a lot of the movement if you can land that more often There it is getting way high that time. Oh, we try to sneak it in [3:04:01] Look at his almost there. Mm-hmm look close. I Would don't tell him to fucking invest in the body a little bit more. Mm-hmm, look close. I would tell him to fucking invest in the body a little bit more. Especially how tall it is. Especially since he already landed it. Yeah, it definitely affected Sean. Ooh, good right hand. Do police his eyes on a red already? He keeps that, that front kick keeps you from setting up. Oh, Sean's defense is so fucking good. Slippery, bro. Super slippery. That was a good low kick. He needs more of that. He needs some low kicks. He needs to slow down some of this and hinder some of this movement a little bit. You always have to remember Sean only has like one knee. That's right. One of his quads is all fucked up. He like lost power to his quad to motorcycle accident dude still out there riding bikes You know Sean trained with this at rain with me and jail soding yeah, oh There's a shot good shot to real good. He's in [3:05:02] Good shot. I guess you don't see what's happening here. I haven't seen Sean down in a hot second. Sean's right back up. Interesting. Interesting. When you're around. Interesting. I'm going down again back up again. Oh, shots up. You want to give a very interesting round off that. Nope. I give it the shot. Yeah. No, no, that's, that's, I mean, that's good. It's definitely better than nothing. Agreed. Better than sitting on the outside, you can pick the part. And Sean just cracked it with a jab again. But then these rounds go out, that's gonna get tougher and tougher. Depends on what impression is made in the next 40 seconds, right? Because if Duplici starts turning it up and starts catching in which some shit. And if Sean's worried about the take down, doesn't think like it is. Nope. This round looks like Sean strickling. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He came down with a strong enough. No, and it would he didn't hold him down. He didn't do any damage Oh, I mean it does count for something but [3:06:09] Not it counts for something but Sean Sean is not over shadow at Strictly is doing on the field Those jabs are just taking over that the front kicks to the body That's probably why he shot it because he can't oh good right up. Oh, here he goes One round Strictly. Yeah, it's time for the sniffing salts let's go to that's that round two round two let's go round four you know I feel listen to the theme song from blade when you snort this it just goes to the beginning the theme song from Blade when you snort this. It just goes- Oh, the beginning. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, again. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, shit. [3:07:22] Round two, round two. Here we go. What a bass scene. What a racing. What a turkey based, bro. That's the one with the greatest scenes of any movie ever. That's a great scene. That scene's amazing. That's the scene when the club and the blood starts coming out. The vampire start coming out. Yeah. Yeah, the blood starts coming out. We're tracing motherfucking lords. Yep. Tracey lords and then when they look up, the day walker, the day walker. What a fucking scene. Is it Ron Proman in that too? At the first one? No. You're the guy in. Chris Christopherson. And, um, who's the other guy? The white dude. Yeah, the dude's been in everything. And everything. And the beginning is getting his dick sucked in the club. [3:08:00] What? The latest this? Oh, here we go. This is the second one. Look at this. What? Oh, spinning back fist. The police is pulling out all the tricks. Yeah, false memories of blade. There was no butt fucking coming. Bro, Strickland's picking him up. Hard to be a man. It's only worse than the guys getting this fucking whistle. Check this out, man. Strickland is picking this to the part. Now Check this out man. Strickland is picking this to the park. Mm-hmm I'm tired. The police don't have success in these first two rounds exactly as he starts getting tired Yeah, this trickling is not gonna be tired Tony Ferguson back in the day It's a wave. He gets stronger and stronger maybe even better dude That's what I'm saying. He slipped he slipped on the ground. No, that's the the the the fucking logos man Sometimes those logos get wet. They get real slippery What Jamie Yeah, yeah, it's rough dude Oh, I'm watching I can see 20 20 now I can see the wall I'll do fucking algebra right now. I do but see just landed right hand [3:09:04] I could keep the wall. I'll do fucking algebra right now. You do but see just let it right hand But if he fights like this, this is Strickland's fight all day. This is his kind of fight It's just start pouring it on So hard to deal with man so hard to deal with got good. He is it avoiding shots. You just whiffing all the time You know tired you get just whiffin in air all the time. And this dude just keeps popping you. And you have to explode every time, because you're trying to get him, you could try to move even faster to try to figure out his time. Look at what he's doing. Every time he's throwing, he's like throwing with everything. He's sprinting to try to get to him. And Sean's just slipping out of the way Low kick with the jab. Low kick's huge. I think he needs a lot more low kicks. If I was in his corner, I'd be saying, you gotta stop some of this fucking movement and take that guy's legs away. And those are the things he is landing. He is landing the leg kicks. That's about the only thing he's landing. I would say stop with all that other stuff and use those punches to set up your low kicks, man. Because that's something he's having success with. He's whiffing with the punches, but he's getting close enough for those punches [3:10:05] where he can land low kicks. And he's landed low kicks. I wonder if he's gonna try and grapple more. Just put those low kicks behind some faints. Throw some fucking punches to close the disc. Don't try to even land the punch. Throw the punch to get to the kick and then work on the kicks and later rounds, cause he keeps with him. It's way off. Yeah, he's pulled out of the body. That was a good one. That's what he said earlier. Yeah, it was a good one. It was a good one. Yeah, digs that body with that left kick too. Now he's fighting orthodox. He switched it back up. Now he's South Paul again. But South Paul, use that stutter step, But on the outside like this is a body like even that he's pulling away see how he's pulling away from the kick It's because he got him checked a bunch of times. He doesn't like it So he knows when it's not quite there and so he's pulling there's a good kick to the body there it is But he's not committing to that low kick you take a look at his shins. I want to see what his shins look like It's not landing those hooks is he's shins might be beat up. I bet Otisani is killing him for right now. [3:11:06] Because this is Otisani's kind of fighter, you know. This is like for Otisani, I mean, this is his kind of fighter. Otisani would eat the police's lunch. Well, except for this. I don't know, he could take that. Yeah, except for this. That left hook that he did lay and open up a cut on Strickland. Yeah, it's not doing anything with this yet though. Strickland get back this feet here. Ooh, he switched it. Oh, he switched it right back up nicely done by Sean. Nicely done. Nicely done. Great job. So I mean that's something but it doesn't make up for the fact you're getting tuned up for the most around. Yeah, but he's not doing much with the takedowns. No, he's not able to do anything in terms of control and no damage at all. No hitting. Don't give you points with those. You get something. You get something. But it's not not going to win you [3:12:05] around. It's not to make up for all these times of Sean's like jabbing him in the face in front kicking his body. There it is again. There's that jab. Sean's up to zero. Do police these can't figure him out and he's getting tired and frustrated. And we might have a judge or two that's giving do police ease around for the take their Canadian. They're coming. It's two knows yeah fear point Who knows what kind of hose it do places left eyes fucked up His left eyes a mess man. It's almost closed It looks real bad They're gonna loop them then when they're gonna keep it on as much as they can They're trying to push that shit off, but it's pretty bad. Yeah, it's eye fucked up. Let's see. Oh, it's bad. It's bad. And it's the third round only? Mm-hmm. And Sean's just getting warmed up. And that cut that Sean has is only in the outside. We get Sean. That's not a bad place for a cut. It's gonna drip off the side of your face most. Is he on it with the mouthpiece in? Yeah. [3:13:05] Sean is a very thin mouthpiece. I was watching a YouTube video about his mouthpiece. He gets a mouthpiece. It's like a tiny, very thin mouthpiece. It's not like everybody else is. Interesting. He just wants to say, could breathe good out of it. He doesn't care for the fuck's teeth up. Get for sure. Especially if your guy doesn't get hit a lot. That jab is money dude. It's money. The jab jab the shoulder roll he's so good. Oh look at that. I kick out of my givet 10 Everyone's giving it Aaron brudds 1092 pussy. Wow, okay What we seeing something different? They just counting that off the fucking take down. Mm-hmm. They don't they don't understand [3:14:01] They they're incorrect I Believe I agree I have it to zero strictly. Yeah, I do too. It just seems like he's just more effective. It's so obvious. Trickland. The copy is still off. And look at you duplicates face just because you get those takedowns and if you don't do anything with it, that doesn't count that much. They need that's a good low kick. That's what he needs more of that more of that with the low kick that low kick was money. good low kick. That's what he needs. More of that. More of that with the low kick. That low kick was money. You mean the strickland's a criss-cross punch is a crisp compared to this guy. Uh-huh. This guy's throwing but Duplici keeps landing low kicks and Strickland's a human being. He will take a guy's legs out if you keep chopping at it. It's weird Strickland's not checking those low kicks like you did against Izzy. Well he checked a few and I think that's why Duplici was pulling out of some of them. That left-eye of Duplici something to be able to... Yeah, it's bad. It's bad. And it's only gonna get worse. [3:15:03] Mmmmm. It's just so accustomed to sparring. It's really interesting. Like his distance and timing are so goddamn good because he spars so much. It really makes you want like what is the right way to train? Is it just spar all the time? I can't be the right way. It's spar and drill. It's both. It's both. But goddamn, the sparring seems to be very important for a guy like Strickland who just is so good at distance- I think it's case by case. He's also- I think Strickland can spars so much because he didn't get hit his defense so good But the rest of the guys you don't have his defense. That's true. You can fucked up in the train room You're screwed when you get in there, but it's also his cardio is based on the fact that he's always sparring Yeah, you know and his defense He's sparring so much. Yeah, he's just so used to that shit coming to his head exactly [3:16:07] Exactly, it's not like that harrowing as it look at his with some people I have to police he's keeps your aunt though that's been back for just not have to stop I know stop for fuck's sakes Sean's just jabbing him he's basically winning this fight with a jab that's a big part of what he's doing the two places he's just he's coming out of no man I'll tell you he's swinging good left hook by that open up the cut Crack them again now his nose is bleeding. Yeah, he's busted him out man Here in the third Call him to the job again He's just you can only take so many of those fucking jabs and if he's doing this to you over five rounds your face is gonna be hamburger meat by the fourth and fifth What I'm impressed by do police these cardio at least we're here at the end of the third I thought he melted by now. He's an animal man the dude's an animal. He really is He's trying with the hands all the way up now He keeps just like waiting in and wing him. You know, that's what he's trying to do [3:17:05] He's just kind of frustrated. He's not hitting him, just stepping, spinning back here. Oh, yeah. Oh, do you see, keep swinging though. I'll tell you that he's not out of this. No, he hits too hard. Sean just sticking behind the jab being smart. That shit knows when he's coming and he just slides just out of the way. His spinning should is horrible. Well, it's, you know, I just try to rebleau trying to fucking terrible. I love that word. Me too. I would like to see the jab count. It's crazy. It's gotta be crazy right now. Yeah, because they're not counting that significant strikes. [3:18:07] Sean looks like he's slowing down a little. Total strikes is 78 to 55. For Sean. Yeah. I thought he'd be even bigger than that. Well, DePleasey is throwing a lot. You know, it's just not all of its connecting, but Sean's are definitely connecting. Oh! Good left hook. Sean's are definitely connecting more significantly. I have it. Three nothing. Strickland. Yeah, I do too. That left hook. Sean's are definitely connecting more significant. I have it three nothing strictly. Yeah, I do too That left hook at the buzzer. That's the very least two to one if you're fucking communist I don't see him getting that round just for the take time. I agree I like that he's aggressive, but you got to give credit to the guy who's winning the exchanges also they score fights off damage Done look at this fucking face. Look at Sean. Yeah Also, they score fights off damage done look at this fucking face look at Sean. Yeah This is nose bleeding no, no, he's got a little scratch on it next exam picked pick the pace up I agree picked the pace up melt this that dude melt the South African Look at his face man. He's breathing heavy lines. Elon's watching going for a South African brother. I don't know right now [3:19:04] But he looks beat up man. But I is fucked. That I is going to really impact those punches coming from that side too. Anything come from that. He's like he's trickles on a kicker. Someone said someone said, yeah, there there was a ju- duplacies corner was suggesting this trick was fatigued. I must not have watched a fight before. Well, I think he was slowing down a little in that round. I mean, just dealing with Drekas is an animal man. He's constantly coming at you. Even if you're moving away from a lot of it, this is a heavy pace you're fighting at. When Drekus is, he's not being as successful as Sean, but God damn he's forcing a lot of exchanges. I mean, what the fuck? DDP takes the third? Who said that? Everyone, look, do police these 29-28? What? Who are these people? People I'm looking at online were [3:20:01] given the second round. Who are these people? Look at Adam Martin. Let's have nine Let's have Martin has to have some stock in South Africa. So I don't know what's going on Let's just let's just watch the fight. Oh he's bleeding. Yeah, he's got a cut on the right eye now or the left eye rather Oh, he's he doesn't like that left eye. It's bothering him. Oh Good right punch. Damn they're gonna start throwing down. Yep. There's that kick to the body again. I like that kick to the body. I mean that's the thing he's been able to hit him with more often than anything. That eyes of... Oh good punch. that eyes trouble for strictly Well the eyes trouble for both of them. Yeah, both of us now Same for my judges standpoint Oh, it's a lot of blood because it looks worse and the judges see that it's a big right hand. Uh-huh [3:21:06] Yeah, he's he's slowing down a little. Sean slowing down a little. I think it's good. But again, this is the fourth fucking round, man. There's a good low kick by people. Please, this cardio is impressive. Yeah. I think the knockout in with no cardio is gone. Well, I mean, he's been constantly attacking today. Dude, he's non- attacking to his non fucking stop Oh Sean's like looping those punches they're not coming that straight Oh Big take that idea for strictly me. Terrible. Yeah, but right back up again. Strictly is losing this round. He's watching wiping his eye too. [3:22:07] I'm not sure if he's going to be able to do it. Not ideal for stricken. I'm just free. He's free. A lot of damage this round though. I don't know who landed more, but I know what Dupesie put it on a little bit. I think Dupesie. Oh, big right hand by Dupesie. Damn, that's a lot of blood, dog. Dupesie's having some success on the feet. That was a big right hand. Yeah, it was. Another right hand. Come on, Sean, get out the fucking way, dog. Dude, police is just coming on. Yeah, you're just. Big time, big time. This is his round for sure. Yeah. Bro, he's a morater. I dude never stops coming. Take down again. Look at that. Yeah, he got this round. Yeah, hey, hey real quick. You don't think Bonico beats the fuck out of both these guys. Yeah. I think Bonico's gonna fuck everybody up. They just they have them at the gates. You see, knows this like I just [3:23:03] caught. Let's figure out these other guys just calm down Yeah, they're gonna deal with that wrestling bro Locked all the middle weights out there both about the murder these fools and also like how's he so good as tracking so quick and it's just his filthy too. Yeah To place his cardio, it's not a fucking issue anymore. Not at all, man. Do's an animal throwing Sean around like this in the fourth. Sean better do some soul search in the fifth here. He's free. He's got, he's got to know he's down here. See, this is where those, those takedowns are doing the shit count. Yes. I mean, when he's off the winning standup, dude. Right. Don't do shit count. Yes, yeah, right A deal sealer right deal sealer. Yeah, cuz the judges go he definitely won that one Who is the next round? It's like a toss up with who the fuck knows who they gave the second to do police is so you'd have it [3:24:01] 2-2 going on the fifth Cuz those first three rounds I would give him the Strickland but can't he won the judge You can see how they give the second yeah, they could be a couple judges going the other way I think we're going the fourth tied for four or two two He looks like Van the Lane that picture bro duplos. He just never stops. Oh Duplosy never stops coming. He's out cardio in the cardio king right now It's impressive. That knows job of fucking work Impressive Sean doesn't seem to have the same passion as usually does Shit usually you gotta think about how hard to find is this fight is fucking hard man for sure this fight's hard I mean that dude never stops coming at you and he's feeling it now Which is very rare for Sean to get tired in the fight Sean's never tired. Yeah, you never really seem to breathe this hard I think it's too to this boom Boom [3:25:02] Boom This was a battle for Shondain Gage in this year. I don't know you knew what to do. It's got a rich hand Charlie Murphy Man easily to two to two could be Damn South Africa it could be three-1 but it could be 2-2 I'm in on the side of caution I think 2-2 well so many other people online seem to say it's with the R10-9 dupecy they could be right I feel like we know more than they do we probably know more than a lot of them do but it's a close fucking fight and that round was dupecy come on Sean you can't seem into it oh he's into it it. Do he's in a tough fight man. Duplicy is a fucking beast look what you did the Robert Wittaker man true the guys have beast Sean's got to control this round though. This is big. Yeah, I think I fight And Duplicy's got to really turn it up. He wants it. Yeah, if he wants to win the title [3:26:02] Yeah, you got to really do something in this round because it could be Anywhere in the judge's score cards It's a very good fight now I agree with you Eddie though. This should go with the like the Japanese style scoring who's winning on the end of the fight is it's more important I Mean if you're watching a fight on the street and a guy won in the beginning was getting fucked up at the end when the cops came, you think that guy won the fight? Kevin O'Hlylee got it. I'm also seeing that he's saying Strickland's cut looks really bad. I can't see it for my angle. Yeah, it looks really deep cut. I'm sure it is. I mean, it's bleeding bad. It bothers the shit out of him. Obviously, it's bleeding bad. And bothers the shit out of him obviously. It's getting in his eye too. Unlike the one on the right eye, the left one is in a terrible spot. It's oh my god it's bleeding bad now. Look at that, 99 shots. [3:27:07] Shouldn't it just gonna get taken down. Well, it's just Dupal C's got such a difficult style, man. And he's so tough. I mean, to have this guy here in the fifth round, whiffing all those punches in the first couple, and then finding a home form in the fifth, he's still got the grit, still in the kind of shape that he's at, to throw the kind of full power shots the way he throws him. That's most of his shots are these full power blasts that he throws. He's trying to take your fucking head off. Look at that, everything he does is trying to take your head off. Sean should be very careful to take down right now. Okay. That's what's coming. Yeah, he's gonna shoot soon. Yeah, I think the fight's predicated on this round. Come on, come on. Yeah, this is kind of it, right? I think so. Sean landed right here. That's a tough fucking round of score so far. Well, so far Sean's winning. He's more active. He's, well, he's landing more he's landing more, but Drekas keeps coming out of man I mean all it takes is one of these fuckers to land out is the shot. There's a shot stop. Do stop did [3:28:16] It's a good fight fuck yeah, it's great matchup Drekas is just so on you imagine getting someone to prepare Dracus is just so unimaginable getting someone to prepare Tell you what I like to see Homs up fight one of these gentlemen. I know right but imagine getting to see like Someone try to imitate Dracus and camp like how how do you even do it Sean to yeah both of them so weird style to bring in They're both awkward as fuck boy he keeps this swing in Hey miss cardio's not it's not so it wasn't lying that knows it's just 5% Hey makers everything's Hey makers like the guy doesn't Yeah, he doesn't try to touch you with nothing. No he doesn't set anything up. [3:29:08] Minute 30. You gotta do something, Sean. Virtually know what you get to in this match. Stuffed it again, stuff to take down again. Didn't have opportunity either. Oh, Travis hit him. Travis hit him right on that eye. Did he? Yeah, he hit him right on that fucked up by and stung him Damn good low kick good body kick Still got power man still got power Deep into the fifth Still though I'm giving this round of Sean Definitely more active Sean's living to here. He's tired man. He's tired This is a fifth round of a fucking war [3:30:04] Get going shine come on bug. There you go. But he's throwing his arms like they way at thousand pounds. You see the difference is wing in it. But they're like his arms are tired. Yeah, everything's exiled right in over the top. His arms are just. Oh, he's picking up. Yeah, Sean, how about you want a big dog? Let's go baby picking it up You've ever be careful playing this game with Probably someone kicks in there Score at the shot round Sean. You get that round Sean. Sean three two. 100%. That's me being cool with three two. Yeah. Wow, what a fight. What a fight. What a fight. Boy, just tell you what man, win loser draw. [3:31:00] Drick is too busy. He's a monster. Great. And he's only gonna get better after that fight. Yeah. I mean, that's the first time He's ever been really tested inside the octagon like that a lot of punches He did but still made it crazy I mean the dudes a bowl bone echo about the twist bone When do they let up be a fucking draw They give him bone echo Like he's not even a ranked guy He's on the main card when is he gonna get to a ranked guy Well, I think if you've seen those he gave me a chance like let's let's let the clear up and then we're gonna release the house Especially when you want to add them on the podcast. He said he's only been striking for two years crazy Crazy I just had him on my podcast. It looks great. It's the best the best. He has it all check check check check check check all boxes. Yeah, he's the Tim T Well fucking UFC I just don't see how they give Duplis these that fifth round well Not the fifth round. No, not the fifth round [3:32:03] But it all depends on whether or not we saw those other rounds the same with the judges saw That was the fifth they also might take the pants bigger Yeah, they might That was the one that was the one that really fucked up as I Who knows let's see one of those myths pop up you ready for another Brough This one is sponsors no, oh, Buffalo. Oh black Buffalo That's up good. Yeah, I love it I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. [3:33:00] I'm sorry. No, right is he's thinking what he could have done. Yep a prime is he come on, bro Well, is he this non-injured is he that realizes that Sean's a lot better than he thought Overlapped on focus yes, you have see 300 That's fucking go Oh boy split split oh Wow. You've never seen a book you would apart time job, my friend. Wow. Interesting. I think me and Drake Jeans Street. [3:34:02] Yeah. He's a kisser fucking bet. Very interesting. I wonder how the people online feel about that. Think me and Drake Jeans yeah, he's the kiss a fucking very interesting I Wonder how the people online feel about that Because you know, we're not scoring it while we're watching it. We're watching it. We just having fun Will we wrong Man, we watch this more it was close man it was good I had three two of these children round on a main you know what these judges are listen fourth round he did awesome wow I think is the abo nickel eats these guys lunch interesting bro how about him versus homes odd a shop caught 185 at 170 70. How about him versus homes at UFC 300? Ramadan. Oh, that's true. Fuck I know right. Well, homes off fighting Ramadan is crazy. Absolutely not. No, nope. We'll do it Nope says you want to do it? One is a thing. It's all of April right? Yep. They would be fighting during Ramadan. Yeah [3:35:02] But can't you just sleep all day? Ramadan yeah but can't you just sleep all day and eat at night yeah can't you do that can't just adjust your sleep is like like like like mock Jeff said absolutely not hmm but I know that a ballon's done camps through Ramadan yes Wow. Jamie, what are the people online? I think. That's why I was seeing a lot of the like trickest early rounds of the trickest. They gave the early rounds of trickest. And the commentary was a lot towards trickest. Really? I'm just reading like the hashtag GFC-97 Feed-Thos is flying by so I'm just sort of trying to Interested. They're going crazy and South Africa. They're going to be a little much. Dr. Chris, who's the name of the random people? What about um, [3:36:00] check Donald Trump Jr. How about Luke Thomas? Luke Thomas says, good first round, oh this is 26 minutes ago, so that's after that. She said before it says this one's going to be closed, I can see 40 to 47, either direction, close on paper, so we imagined. We're gonna have to go through the magic. The three rounds was, uh, you may take my ghosts. Last, uh, lost two rounds, I know. Everybody said, let the guys pass all the way. And I had a point to prove that I sat two rounds. So he says, well, I sat two rounds. I definitely think you won the fourth. Be think you won the fifth? Well, I don't know, man. The fifth seemed like it was Sean was landing more shots and a lot. Yeah, look at the copy track numbers too. Sean landed a shit. 10 more punches Look at this here So total strikes 154 to 181 16 Take down zero. He got six sub attempts. No one got any [3:37:03] Significant strikes 143 for Sean versus one fourteen for Trekkas The thing about that though is like a lot of them might have been in the early rounds You just give him a ten nine round for those significant strikes So it's not it's not necessarily if you see like a big number like that It doesn't necessarily mean that the guy won the fight. No, yeah, you're doing it the right way Interesting doesn't necessarily mean that the guy won the fight. If you're doing it the right way, interesting. [3:38:25] Tough fight though. Close listen. If Izzy wants to come back and he would front to to He's in car. I was up. You're another guy. Try and take on a shot. Did he always stay shot now? Do you have a shot? You're a shot. You didn't get into the game. You're not looking for the shot. You're the sun. Get your ass back. You need the season. You can set it on its wall. That's the fight. That's the fight. So they can do that at when he said he's not getting back in a heart training until February who knows I'm salty I think I won that but maybe I'm being a fucking pussy Let's run it back. He said how about a rematch at 300? They won't do that. Why not? If [3:39:37] I had a son, you can't, you can't make it. That's a listen. That's a good fight. A rematch? That's a good fight. It's a very quick's a good fight. Quick turn round for rematch. That's a very quick turn round for either one of these guys, though, if they're gonna have a rematch. Look, if you have a split decision loss, that is one of the best indications that it was a close fight. And the kind of fights you wanna see a rematch on are the ones that are close fights. I'd like to see Izzy versus the places at 3rd grade. But still, if Izzy can't, that as a rematch is very compelling. [3:40:07] It's tasty. Stitch that fucking eye up, let's go. You have C300, that will work. Joey, take another shot at the fucking smelling sauce. Tell me what you think about this. Tell me what you think about this. Huh? Yeah. I like to see a rematch. I like to see a rematch. I like to see a rematch. I like to see a rematch with Strickland and this guy. Look at this 300 is June, right? June, April. Oh no, the April, are you ready? April what? Do you know? April 20th. There's a fucking mad, it's too quick. April 18th. They're gonna be both suspended for 90 days. Oh, Brian counts on me text message. Anyone who takes shorts over me is stupid. He says, shh. He's suspect me. Let's go Brian. Shushed me. Does that mean he's willing to do it? [3:41:01] No, Brian's down for sure. He always talks about fighting. Andrew's doing arenas. And you're fucking chuckle hot and get Brian out of his show. He has to do it like that, man. Hit him with some jab. He's at the tempi and that's a good spot. Listen, there's a lot of good fights in this division. I know homeslot is not ranked, but god damn if you want to make some money Hom's out is not ranked no, how is that possible because he only fought one fight at 185? It wasn't a 180 fiber he fight Gerald Mershaw. I think he fought his first fight at 185 He's not 85 but his first fight as well. I think his first fight was 85 then he fought Kamar Oussman who's a welterweight right with a weak snow this tomorrow had a weak snow this and all come tomorrow Had a third cell, but we want it. I'll take it fuck yeah You'll sell it in the Arab world would go fucking bananas the Muslim world will go bananas Ramadan though fuck them Yeah, Ramadan fuck some but if he's smart and he like calls Bala or someone like that and says hey [3:42:08] You know there's a way to do it. Here's the way to do it. Here's a way to train and still be at your best while you're doing Ramadan. I would imagine the way would be, I don't know how that would affect you, but just to sleep all day. Homestead is ranked. How? Oh, one seven. No, he, no, he's, that's 185. No, no, he's nine that middleweight how You got the one win that's crazy, and that kind of crazy when he didn't even fight a middleweight Nothing has to make these rankings though. Yeah, that seems kind of crazy that he's ranked higher than Paul Costa Marvin Vittori Jared canineer is up there. I mean, he's not ranked higher than those guys rather But he's in the top 10 with those guys when those guys have so many big wins man Robert Whittaker has so many wins at 185 pounds that's still kind of a thought dog that is a monster he's a monster he looked human he did he did but he broke his hand in the first round yeah still so he's fought everybody's fought whether it's Holland, Usman, Burns [3:43:04] Burns used to be a 55er. Jingle-Yong. Burns was a tough fight. And so Jarrah Murshat, that's that middleweight, and I think the other ones at middleweight too. I think Phillips was at middleweight. Was that true? What weight is that? Let's see if we find that. Middleweight. So that was the first we find that. Middleweight. Middleweight. So that was the first fight, that was middleweight. He beats me in a shirt and then he beats Camaro but Camaro was not a middleweight man. Look, as far as like world class fighters, 100% he should be ranked. Guys, an animal, what he did to Kevin Holland was crazy. You make him a fucking monster. He put him in there wherever at crazy. You make him a fucking monster. You put him in there wherever at 1A4. You rank as a potential. He's nine. Is that that bad nine? If you put him in like two or something, like okay, but nine and it's comes out. We're talking about him fine for the title. Yo, what is this samurai show? They're showing me right now. I'm a show guest. It's time Joe Rogan what for a rim job [3:44:10] What is this motherfucker opened up? Changing atty how do you slip? No, I'm not I'm. You're slipping. I don't bring your flashbacks to the toilet I love it. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh Fucking vites Two new champs my whoop is going off. Jack bet. You just had to work out. Woo Did it almost go four hours? Yeah, it's almost 1 a.m. A lot of decisions. Yeah, it was like, kind of, was it all? The first hour there's one fight. Really? Wow. I was paying attention to the clock. I was like, it's 10 o'clock. It's been one fight. Bro, did everything go to decision? [3:45:03] I've had enough. No, Magnet stopped Arnold Allen. Oh, that's right. He stopped Before this Magnet got a stack. No, he stopped Malat is a third round K.O. with on for 445 in the clock It's 15 seconds left. Yeah long fucking card and then decision decision my car picture of that 430 Boy, I gotta go coach my son's football game boy Can you sleep on planes? No? I'll be out. I'm just listening Yeah, I'm big a bit 5.30. Yeah, that's what I'm telling the airport is joking. Yeah, it's not like L.A. No Well, that was actually the I on Sunday morning Especially that I thought that role was the thing and that early I almost had to look I was like fuck I'm not gonna make how long do you get there before an hour plus it was too Not enough. It was the lines to drop your bags. I got clear NTSA that bitch could pay me about six But that was the one time I happened to me seven o'clock flying. Yeah, probably five thirty. Yeah, take an extra hour though. Yeah, get an extra hour [3:46:07] You're safe for an extra. It's 10 minutes in the airport. Yeah, it's a joke easy peasy boys. I'm gonna have him pick me up But I gotta be that seven twenty All right, I got haven't picked me the fucking six thirty Get some fucking barbecue in the morning Nice breakfast at at the airport. Hell yeah. Salt lick. Great for you. Yeah. Great for tacos. Get on that plane. Take a little fucking nap. Be no, no. Get the new work and then I got to deal with that shit. So where is a fucking nightmare? Once a month. Do a residency. Three days. Try it once, come in for a few days. Yeah, come back a couple months later. We start picking it up That we're gonna place A place nearby you know what just a little studio studio. There's a nice apartment You get nice apartments. There's a bunch of beautiful apartment complexes of walking distance away calm [3:47:05] There's a bunch of beautiful apartment clonplexes of walking distance away complex Hinchgips got an amazing place. See Hinchgips place. We're on with that guy. Fucking hell. Like this place. Oh yeah. On the 35th floor of a building. Oh yeah Biscuits there he is Biscuits Everybody in their mother bet Sean's trick. Do Biscuits guys. Yeah, how much to drake bet? I'm not a bad Sean's Yeah, how much the Drake bet 700,000 He was only gonna win one million or one point most fighters have Not even Strickland I guess a harbors a lot of millions. He better start right now He's got that on a spin of roulette though nightly what's that Drake? He does like gambling streams I'll put that on a one spin of roulette. Oh my god really? Yeah stupid rich god That's so crazy and he hits sometimes it's like a seven million dollar hit It's wild to see He's addicted, huh? So last night I was watching something. It's an interesting show you like Gamblers hustlers and some mouse. Mmm. Any buddies was on last night a pool shark. Who? What's guy? He had like a cobweigh hat on. He was the world champion. CJ Wiley? Yes. Yeah. And he went to Europe. Yeah. He told the story how he started. [3:48:11] He used to wear glasses and he would put the glass he couldn't see. And he went into a bar. He got $900 and then they called some big guy to come in and he took him for 18 grand that night. Yeah, and that was it. CJ was a big money gambler. He's a Dallas guy. He's right out of here. That guy's a killer. He's a killer. Number one pool player in the world. It wasn't one point time. It was up there. Yeah, he definitely could have been recognized. They put a bunch of his stats. like Efer and Reyes is probably number one, but like he could beat anybody alive CJ could Yeah, that episode had two stories about a young kid who made 12 million in Vegas and they banned them from all the casino This kid he's gonna be on that show. We talked about this show Maryanna van Zeller. What is the show called? This is the show Joey watch called Costage gamblers. What is it? Where's it say about pool players? [3:49:02] What is it? Where does it say about pool players? Yeah, you can find a little bit of it. Yeah, oh doesn't show you have to click on it. You have to sign up for it Google it find out who it was who the pool player was They must be able to tell you Not a big guy. That's a crazy world that world just like the Drake thing Where's that that world of people addicted to gambling that rush of gambling that is a crazy world that world just like the Drake thing where you just that that world of people addicted to gambling that rush of gambling That is a crazy world. I told you we went to see Dana White gamble. He was down $600,000 $600,000 playing bar check fucking dice dice goes crazy Eustah oh really remember you sent Bobby Lee home because he lost 300,000 Oh really remember he sent Bobby Lee home because he lost 300,000 Welcome in four in the morning Really you gotta go he sent him home you're bad luck sent them home bad God was it Danny gambling on his boat too [3:50:02] Didn't set up a boat. Yeah, he wanted a vacation on yacht. He brings the fucking casino sponsors a car table His gamble was on yacht Bro, I don't get it It gets me anxiety when I was watching these guys gamble my palms are sweat and I was like what are you doing? Taylor the one was down 120,000 in the first five minutes who Taylor. He's a fucking football player He's friends with Dana with the boys. Yeah, he's friends with Dana He does a podcast, but Dana like was coaching him out of gamble. They were down 120 grand in five minutes He got his money back right he got back plus 60. Yeah, then he quit. Oh, but I was like Panicking James over there throwing down. How much you win Jamie? Oh, well, that's a whole other story because Shane Shane fucking bullied me But Shane wanted money for that that CJ. Yeah, I knew it CJ. CJ Wiley. Yeah, he's a bad motherfucker funny Really good That the guy likes to argue or likes to be insulted [3:51:02] And he said when the guy walked and walk, then he goes, well, come over here, you big fucking motherfucker. Let's do this. I'm gonna take your money. You have to try low, who the fuck are you? And then that's when he took him for 18 grand. That's hilarious. CGS have a mallet. He's still got paid a lot of flowing lock up here. Eddie, the Indian out yet, no he's calm down you can tell him nothing about fucking Epstein Island nothing you know you kill nothing I already know This is this is What's this act in the show? What you saying? No I don't know what's going on anymore. What happened? Oh different guy. What happened? That's different. Oh so did they have like re re re re they did oh they had reenactments. Oh Maybe he's telling the story and he's like this about me when I was oh, so he had some guy play him That's funny. I bet that guy can't play you can't you can't have somebody play CJ. Why only if they can't play pool I'm gonna fuck us that Kim was on the list. No, no No, you got to get out of context. He goes Jimmy's hoping the list on came out because a bunch of his buddies on the list Well, that's that's a very charitable implication [3:52:09] Well, I would say he's saying that he's on the list now. Did you watch actual clip? But what he said I bet Jimmy Kimmel doesn't want the list to come out because of you know People on the left and a bunch of his friends around they say that specifically If you watch like the whole build up and even when he he didn't even apologize Jimmy's like I know the Contations if I said you're on list I never said you're on the list of those taking out context yeah and that's what he goes I'm not gonna apologize you took out a context interesting I never said you're actually on the list you're hoping to come out because the people that are on the list and not even that before he kept saying, because when Aaron Rodger say there's a list coming out, there's a list coming out, he's been saying it for months, almost a year, Jimmy started calling him a conspiracy guy and, oh, this fake list. So he's like, you're hoping the list doesn't come out because then I'm right. Because you kept making fun of me saying there's a list. That's why I said that. You're making fun of hearing well that seems so crazy to think there's not that list and they asked Chris Tucker on a podcast [3:53:30] was up with you being on the list he didn't do it Jimmy Kimmel said Jimmy Kimmel said it's a fake list who cares what that what that list says it's fake right Chris Tucker goes yeah I did I did go on that flight but we went to Africa and I went with a bunch of diplomats I didn't know who this fucking Epstein guy was like Chris Tucker says like I had no idea we were on this playing We were gonna do Africa. Yeah diplomatic shit and turns out he's a pedophile. I didn't know well They definitely got people connected to him by using famous people [3:54:03] Point was Chris Tucker basically confirmed that the out list was like legit because he's on it. Right. There's this dude that was inviting me to this conference once and he was like Kanye West is going to be there. I'm like, oh, Kanye West is going to be there. Next thing you know you're there, right? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. If you don't know who's there and and this was just a conference, it was like a tech conference. They wanted me to come and talk about like the influence of social media and podcasting and shit on the floor. I talk about it all the time. What am I gonna go with it? But point is, they were trying to lure me by saying that some famous dude I know was gonna be there. So if you hear, like, oh my God, you know, Richard Dawkins is gonna be there. I think it's safe. Yeah, all these famous people are gonna be there. World leaders are gonna be there. What was Stephen Hawkins doing that list on that? Stephen Hawkins was a freak. He used to go to strip clubs. Really? Yeah, because he could feel but he couldn't move. You know who told me about that? Eric Weinstein. Eric Weinstein told me about that back in the day. You go to like swingers clubs, you even lay there and they all dry right on them because it probably felt good and you can't move but he could feel. [3:55:08] He had Lou Gehrig's disease so his body just... Dick still get heart though. I bet. I mean he's not stupid. You smart as shit, he just can't move. It's crazy because like to go to the effort to blackmail Stephen Hawking. Well you know easy that would be, if you really, really wanna, you really wanna blackmail us, dude. I don't know what that's doing. You gotta put your handlers though. But you know what I'm saying? How easy the guys in a wheelchair, he can't even move. Yeah, but you gotta think of it as- You're in any situation. Right. And what is the picture if you have a steam scientist Nobel laureates Scholars all these different world leaders bankers famous singers famous actors. They're all there So that's the the way you get people to do it. You invite people to this immense, [3:56:06] lavish celebration that was intellectual world leaders, geniuses. And you think, well, how could it be bad if all these geniuses are there? And then next thing you know, you're doing a yo. And you got some girl from some Eastern block country that's rubbing your cat. And you don't know that she's 16, and she takes you in a room and the room is filled with cameras blackmail yeah yeah and I think it's all about it we're probably facing the effects of that right now I bet there's decisions that were made there's influence that got moved around there's there's people that support a certain narrative because they were on that list wasn't it happened that when I was saying all that enough? I think everything that's going on right now in the world is linked to Jeffrey Epstein. That's what I think. I think everything, I think everything. My own shit, everything. Everything. Everything? [3:57:00] Who's gonna get it? Like I don't know. Yeah. Well you know, all of it. All of it. I met you. We've discussed you were followers UFOs have been around They've been talking about them since Jesus left Chicago, right? But the last three fucking years everybody's seeing fucking you Yeah, how about that Miami? For 40 years that's what you saw you didn't see no fucking aliens But that's what they're selling old now people from the Navy Distraught all of a sudden all these pilots. Yeah. Yeah, I was going here and there was so right next to me Way but so fake really and now you decide to fucking tell me this is what I think this is what I think tell me the There's a lot of important people that were on that list right right a lot from all over the world. Right. Politics, music, actors, the lectures out. No one else right there. Chris Tucker. Yeah. Pretty much said it was real. Yep. Um, not that everybody on the list did shit. Who knows? It would be easy to like you said [3:58:00] dragged like if in the 90s or in the 2000s, if people would have liked my music and I wanna have a record deal, thank God nobody liked it. And it's somebody that says, Hey, let's go to an island. Let's go to an island, there's a billionaire, he's got a bunch of bitches that we're gonna party. I think I would have went, Don. You know what I mean? Then you go, you go, right? You go and then you're like dude people brought their kids You're like no dude those are the bitches like oh shit I'll be on a fucking kayak Where's Miami? Don't listen well far it's for what do you think this? What do you think what do you think this you are both thing is we think the UFO? I think The people that are on the list would rather, like if that a choice, you wanna go to jail for this shit as a pedophile, or would you rather have World War III? Would you rather have fucking civil war? Would you rather have fake alien invasion? Would every, the world changes, [3:59:01] like the whole world changes right away. Would you rather go to Guantanamo Bay? Would you rather go to prison? Or would you rather have World War Three mad max alien invasion? That's what I think. World War Three would save them. Alien invasion would save them. And a civil war will save them. So they want all that shit. And they want all that. They want complete chaos. So they don't go to jail that's what i think i don't like that the list only released 300 people a lot more than 300 people on that fucking island and i think they took the bottom out like three hundred people on that list i got i don't know i don't know the official list has been released yeah i know who knows who knows the list. No, the list can be fake. They're just releasing a list, but there's still covering up the fuck. But, but Chris Tucker, he basically said he didn't deny it. He said, yeah, right. He said the flu with Jeffrey Epstein to Africa, but he didn't say what's the island. Exactly. I think the people that went to the island, that's where things [4:00:00] get real weird. I know you can go to the island and not know either. And he also had a place in Manhattan. He was famous for having big parties at this house in Manhattan that he got from the most expensive, owned Victoria secrets. The most expensive guy gave him. He gave him $75 million. There was other guys that were like these big hedge funds guys that gave him like a hundred million gave it to him. And they can't track why. Nobody knows why he was so powerful. gave him like a hundred million gave it to them and they can't track why yeah nobody knows why he was so powerful he was he did it also Trump's on the list but Trump was like not we hitched a ride to Trump power would you got to look into what you got to look into is jizz lane Maxwell was his partner but jizz lane Maxwell's father or what what the fuck a jizz lane Gale Gale Gale Gale look into her father, Robert Maxwell. Yeah. All the answers are right there. Because he was a spy, yeah. It comes up in this Tetris movie that came out recently, which is pretty interesting. Dude, look into her. What? It's a movie on like Apple TV about how Tetris was made. Again, it's kind of a fun documentary, but like, they cut to this guy that's running half of the shit and it's Robert Maxwell. He's the he's that's who he is He's this guy that controls all sorts of shit in England [4:01:08] He's the broker between these Russians and whoever the fuck controlled Tetris It was very strange. Look into that 80s all right. I'm gonna look anyway. All right. This is fun. This is a good time What are you going to mark 17th in Torrance, California. I'm going to be at the end. It's on a, it's St. Paddy's Day, the end in Torrance. But it's going to, it's not comedy. It's, it's comedy music. So it's like funny, parody music. So a good luck with that. And I'm in Nashville next Thursday. Two shows one night only at Zany's in Nashville. Not about the step mother ship, Volkin, Friday, Saturday. Austin, come on out next Friday. Joe, I got dick to promote. I got nothing but love for you, Cox. Nothing great to have you. Great to have you. Thank you guys. I appreciate you. Oh, quick, quick. Real quick, the music is hook thieves. Go to all music platforms. [4:02:01] Jar of liesies, that's the name of the album. You might enjoy it. Bye everybody.