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Eleanor J. Kerrigan is a stand-up comic, actor, and co-host of the podcast "The Store Podcast" with Rick Ingraham and "What's Up, Doc?" with Jeff Danis. Watch her new special, "Eleanor Kerrigan: No Country for Old Women," on YouTube. www.eleanorjkerrigan.com

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Hello, Eleanor, where are you? That was a great deep breath,really took that in. What's going on? What's cracking, kid? I'm excited to be here. Excited to have you. How's LA treating you? LA's good. I mean, I'll be honest, I haven't been there a lot. After I filmed my special, I mean, I'm on the road so much. So, which is good, and then I get to go to Philly in between, I hang out with my mom. So, in between gigs, I'll just hang out with my moms instead of going back to LA. But I feel like I haven't been, yeah, I think I was there for five days last week. Yeah, it becomes, when you do the road all the time, your house sort of just becomes some stop. Yeah, but I have no responsibility whatsoever. Like I don't have a plant, I have nothing. Like so, it's a thing. What a free, what a free existence you've carved out for yourself. What an asshole. So selfish. It's funny because people think about it that way. Like you have to have things you're responsible for. Otherwise you're a bad person. Yeah, I always tell my mom I'm living her what she would want to want it to do. Had she not had 10 children. Hmm. 10 children. Yeah, good times. Keep it up, lady. 10 kids is so bonkers. Who does that? How about on the ninth one, he'll like one more? Her worst pregnancy. The ninth one? The ninth one, longest delivery. My little brother Bobby. She said that's how lazy he was. He wouldn't come out. He's so lazy. He's so lazy. She said he was hanging off for dear life. I'm like, why? And she said, because he's lazy. It'd be an interesting study to have 10 kids and just to see like what makes them come out different? Because they're a fucking, this is one thing, like having children and seeing them from babies, you realize like, oh, they're different right out of the box. Yeah. Like it is zero to do with like what you tell them, [2:00] this is what you should do. Like a lot of them is just how they come from the factory. Exactly. And you always think like I know this genetic stuff like there's you inherit stuff genetically whatever you know I'm pretending I know what I'm saying. And uh Epigenetics. Yeah but my oh that's good. Yeah I remember that. Anyway I asked my mom to write this thing for me like what she was going through with each kid, just to see if I can get it, because we are all different, like in the craziest way. Oh, like in her life. Yeah, like what was going on? And it is interesting, because when it gets to my brother, Charlie, like she was going through stuff with my dad and physically her whole body, she was pregnant, her kidneys were failing. And they had to literally move him to the side, you know, operate on her kidneys, take it out, whatever before it like killed the baby. Oh my God. And it was, and like she tells the store, I'm like, oh, what, how, right? [3:00] Oh my God. And then she said they put it back, cleared her out. She was good. The kidneys didn't affect anything. And then they assumed Charlie was gonna be stillborn. So she, the nurse came in and she was like, real down. And the nurse goes, are you nervous? You're gonna lose this child? And she's like, is this your first? And my mom goes, no, this is my sixth. And she goes, you go right ahead and lose that baby Oh my god The nurse said that different time. Oh my god Imagine if a nurse said that today she'd be executed on the spot so different before social media Yeah, it's so cool. What is that is it accountability? Is it that we're now influenced by so many different people? Is it like a lot of it is just more bullshit? Like people can't just say what they really think because they're just terrified. They're going to get attacked by so many people. So you bullshit more. And that lady was telling [4:02] the truth. Yeah. So that's all she did. And she was in a weird way. She was trying to encourage your mother to feel better. Like, hey, you've got six kids. You're going to be fine. You're good. You can lose this one. Right. She was just being serious. By the way, Charlie's in his 50s. He's fine. That's amazing. They didn Then you know, I don't know which one of your brothers have met you've met Jimmy I know that and he torches me. He's like I want that car. I'm like you He's a car guy the Bronco. Oh my Bronco is like I'll come now. I'll take it. I'll just take it. Oh my god I remember this one night at the College. They're crazy. I don't know if you'll remember this because it was more like I was a nervous wreck Jimmy was visiting He worked so like he installed computers all over the country So he would come to LA a lot and he just pop in to the comedy storm We'd be like oh shit my brothers here. So we're hanging out you were we were all hanging out like in the What does it call like the back with the parking lot is kind of but like in the you know in the little yeah [5:04] so you're sitting on the the ledge and uh don bearers was saying crazy shit to me right and in a way that don does it we love it we love it but I'm dying and he's saying like horrible shit right but we're crying laughing and then I'm and Jimmy was like just taking it in like the fuck is this Look at Don and you go Don look at his calves rethink what you're saying Because Jimmy has these ridiculous calves and he's like pop by Yeah, of course Jean shorts I'm positive he's an idiot But I was like Don you're about to get smacked like dude calm down And you're like done and it's maybe last or like every time I pick it up But Jimmy was in a lot men who don't know or understand dangerous men are hilarious and Jimmy walks on his knuckles. He's got giant hands like everybody always sees his hands [6:01] And we're like oh god, it was also from a different part of the world. Right. It's basically like picking a fight with a Russian. I feel it, don't you, dude. It's just like fucking different animals. Yeah, they're not. They fight way more often. It's like Philly Boston. There's like, there's like a few cities like that. Parts in New York where you better shut the fuck off, man. You're just taking in. They'll fucking hit you quick. A lot quicker than you think. Like you're not gonna have any room for talking your way out of this. You're gonna get hit. It's not gonna help, Don Barris. I remember Don's face like, what? I remember thinking like, oh my God, what happens here? She brought this gonna beat the fuck out of poor Don Barris. And Don's just saying, you know. Well, that was a thing though. Like Don would do that to everybody. He would go on stage in the later spot, the last spot in the OR. And that show was done. It was done two hours ago. And somehow or another, there's still people in the audience. [7:01] So those people in the audience, they're the strangest of people. Like some of them are just narrowed to wells, nothing's ever worked out for them. But then finally, at 1.30 AM in Hollywood, on the sunset strip on Tuesday, they found their tribe. Yeah. They found their tribe. And it's just them and a few other fucking stragglers and Don Barris. And Don Barris is telling you how big his dick is and he's like, he's put his foot on the table and staring people in the eye. He's just doing, he's developed a style to do like kind of anything to get laughter out of people that have seen everything, everything you have to understand for people You do like kind of anything to get laughter out of people that have seen everything. Everything. You have to understand for people who are listening how the comedy store works. You get there, the show starts, on a regular night starts at eight o'clock. What is it, what is it, pot luck? What night's the start of pot luck? Pot luck's Monday now. It was Sunday and Monday. Right. For a while. It was Sunday Monday Tuesday for a while. We were done. What time, when does potluck start? [8:05] I think it starts at seven. Okay, so for that might be Don Barris might go on at the end of all the comics who go on after the end of all the open micers. So there's, there might be people that are on fucking, all kinds of shit. Oh yeah, and they're just like, they don't fucking add a her all How many drinks they had their whole life's a mess They've been texting their acts through the entire show and she's not texting back He's fucking lost Lost people at the drags of society and Don Barris would have them left over Yeah, I mean I've seen people like women walk out on their guys because they're just don's like, let me spit in your mouth, you know. What? I'm like, you want another rumminkoke? Like I'm trying to sell drinks. It was so great. He was just trying to, I mean, he essentially developed a style to just, the king of late night. Yeah, but he put on a show, right? [9:02] It wasn't just his stand up, like he had a show. Like he really needed, he'll play music sometimes. And yeah, there was a lot going on. It was entertaining you, which is interesting. It's like he's an entertainer. He truly, the freest of entertainers. Like when I go up, I still get nervous. I don't know if you get nervous at all. Sure. You do? Yeah, sure. Because I sometimes I feel like a native. If you care about something, you're going to get nervous. There you go. That's what I'm saying. And so I panic a little. But Dom Barrister just doesn't say he just walks up like, hey, it's me. He just, maybe it's a reps thing. It's shops. How many reps do you put it on stage? Like some of those guys in New York that were hosts, they would get better really quick. It's especially if they're delivering because if you're hosting these nights in New York where people are doing seven minutes, you're going on stage or interacting with the crowd over and over and [10:01] over again. Yeah. And you find a way to be yourself. Mm-hmm. It's like the inauthentic thing that a person does on stage, you feel it while you're doing it, the audience feels it, and they might laugh still, but you know that you're not really, but then when someone figures out how to be just them, for whatever reason, like it's a bastion, he had to figure that out. Sure. Sure, it took him a minute. But he did. And when he figured it out, it was like instantaneous murdering. The best. It went from a guy trying to figure it out to, oh, I got it. Joey, do you remember the early days of Joey? Joey Diaz? Yes. Interesting. Would you remember? I do, but I do. Joey used to bomb. Joey used to bomb. It was crazy. It didn't make any sense. He was the funniest guy in the parking lot. And then he would get tense when he would go on stage and he wouldn't have a good set. It just wasn't him. Interesting. It was like more joky joke. Like he was trying to be a comedian. [11:00] He was trying to be some guy that's on late night television or something. Maybe because I saw him in that light, the parking lot light, or he would fuck with me if I was waiting tables. So it would make me laugh. So I didn't judge what he did on stage. The funniest guy of all time, talking to people. Just, if we were, there's a few of us hanging around and Joey came over all of a sudden the life of the party was there. Yeah, everybody had a big smile It would be fun, but he took him a while and what it was was like getting his heart broken by Deals that didn't have the agents that didn't follow through Managers that fucked him up or fucked him over. Yep. And then he eventually like fucked these people, fucked these people. And he just brought that energy on stage like he thought it was over. He thought, I don't have a career. I'm probably going back to prison. I just got out of prison. Like when I met Joey, he was not out of prison very long. [12:01] No. I mean, yeah 90, when did he come to LA? 96? 7? Somewhere around that. Yeah. I know I was on news radio because Joey would come visit me on the set and they would go, wow. He was fucking criminal. That's eating all the shrimp. He was going to VIP because the VIPs had their own separate like green room. Yeah. And they actually could watch the performance from the green room, I think, it won the sets. So anyway, they had really good food because it was like network executives. And so they had shrimp cocktail and so on. My Hollywood was alive. You got Joey Diaz, this fucking savage. It's all this. And Joey was like building a football player back there too. But Joey wasn't like, big belly Joey. Joey was like, 235, 240 pounds jacked, big Cuban dude. He was kind of street, gotcha, little scary. You know, like high energy, 35 year old Joey. You know, and so they were like, [13:01] who the fuck is this guy? That's so funny. That's a great image though. It just took something happened to Joey. It was right around the time when he got big too, where his belly got big. It's just like he just gave, didn't give a fuck about anything anymore. And he figured out a way to just be that guy who he was in the parking lot on stage. And he did it like that. He did it like that. He did it like that. Fee-o-von did it like that. Fee-o-von, I remember that. Now I remember his break. For sure. Beginning it was like, God, this guy's funny. It's so weird. The act is weird. He seems awkward, but interesting. He was trying to please too many people or something. Or trying to be something he wasn't. And then once he started being himself, unbelievable. It was just finding that authenticity. And that's exactly what we're talking about with these hosts in New York. When they do all these sets, if you can get a job hosting, I know it doesn't pay anything [14:01] and you're committed to it all night long. Like if you're a comic, you could definitely make more money on the road. But that is, there's something to that in terms of like training sessions. First of all, you have to start the show, which is death. The worst. Death. I always tell those guys at the mothership, like for the first five minutes, you're doing a job. Yep, a real job. A real job. Yep. A real job. A real job. Like for the first five minutes, your massaging people's feet. You're like, fucking watching, you're washing hair. You're like, polishing people's nails. You're doing a job. Yeah. It's not as simple as like you just doing your act. You got to get the audience hypnotized. Yeah. You got to get them hypnotized to laugh. When I open for dice, that's how it is. It's a cold, you just go out there. Sometimes people are like, are you gonna introduce yourself? I'm like, what kind of assholes? Calvin was at the Irvine improv once, and I opened for him, just for fun. Just it was just cold open. Just went out there before. It's hard. It's fun, it's a good time. It's fun, but it was like, whoa, you would jump in right into this. Yeah. It's a little easier because they were happy to see me. [15:07] Go for it. But if it was not that sort of situation, you know, and you're unknown. Right. And you're not the person that people came to see. They're like, all right, what do we got here? And if you're a chick. Oh, forget it. That is, I've always said this, and I think this needs to be recognized. Like women are limited in the way the audience is willing to perceive them right off the bat. Just willing, willing to, you have to break through boundaries. In order for them to take you even remotely serious. Like you start off, if a man starts off at zero, a woman goes on stage, she starts off at negative three. Minimum. Immediately. If a guy sees a girl going on stage she starts off at negative three minimum. Immediately. Immediately. If a guy sees a girl go on stage, how many guys like your brother? If he sees a girl. Yeah. If he sees a girl walk on stage, they're like, oh, for a dice, what they look at me when I come out, they're like, is this a sacrifice? Where is this? Where's this guy? Who's this? But now they, okay. But it's a harder gig. [16:06] It's a harder gig for a woman and then women have these two other boundaries. If you talk about sex, then people think you're a slut and they disrespect you, right? Or you can talk about how men suck. You can talk about a few things. You can't talk about politics. You start talking about politics to a bunch of men like, shut the fuck up. I got opinions too. They'll just start yelling at you. Bullshit. That fucking Russia collusion and the steel dossier. They'll start yelling at you like facts and things. You can't talk politics. It goes back to the 50s. Like you're, who are you to, why are you speaking? What is wrong with you? If you're a guy, you can do political humor. There's not a lot of female political satirists. Think of all the war stalls and the Lenny Bruce. It goes back to the 60s. How many women would you put in the political [17:03] satirist category? Right, I mean, now Roseanne. Roseanne. But Roseanne was kind of like forced into that. They forced her into that. True, yeah, I guess. I mean, it's not, well, it's political in that we talk about like abortion and stuff like that. And then- The sessions he was forcing that, because that was one of the issues that they had with her when she was on that show is that she loved Trump What we right she got fired for it. She got fired for her opinion. She got fired because she was ambiened up Right right made some tweets about the lady from Government that looks like the lady from the planet of the apes. Yeah, yeah And she didn't know that that lady was black. She thought that lady was Jewish. And she talks about us, she's like, I thought that bitch was Jewish. And if you look at her, you get it. Like she's very light-skinned and she has straight hair. And unfortunately, the joke that she was making, the only reason why she could make that joke is because it kind of works. [18:00] Right. Right, but it's not she was just an old lady who has mental health issues Who's on ambient and a host of other drugs and people wanted to ruin her life for something She didn't even fucking remember doing that's the crazy part. They do they don't people up with all Wild shit and then they make you responsible for what you did when you're on that wild shit that seems so crazy Ambien's the fucking scariest to me. Kevin James made a turkey. I think it was a turkey. He made a meal and then woke up in the morning, saw the plate of food. It's like what the fuck? He thought someone broke into his house and cooked. He didn't remember anything. It's I was living with dice when he was on ambient. It was brutal. He would move the car in the middle of the night. I, it got, we thought it got stolen one time. And here he parked it in front of somebody's driveway. So they towed it. But he like moved the fucking car, my dude. He would, he would wake me up as these characters. [19:03] He was, he was, listen. I said, it's enough to live with dice. I don't need extra characters. He would wake you up is characters. He would do this black guy. I forgot his name. He would do this military guy. It was always, hey, wake up. And I'm like, ah, like my father's back. What? You know, like crazy. So funny. Oh yeah, he was so funny. He would do some crazy shit. So I believe Kevin too. And Andrew would eat wild stuff. Like, people do that. Just people that have been like shoot outs with the cops. He got an amp. He got an amp. Thank God. Is Kevin off it? I do not know. Wow. What, this it wasn't there someone who'd like drove to his His in-laws house and killed them with a crowbar. Oh Jesus. Like something crazy That's some guy did something crazy on ambion That's ambion and anger Next thing. Well, the thing is it's like you could take a person who's not that smart and maybe has a real problem with their in-laws [20:05] You know, right? Like maybe the maybe the father and him have even gone to blows could take a person who's not that smart and maybe has a real problem with their in-laws. You know, like maybe the father and him have even gone to blows. That should happen. You get a picnic, too many butt lights. Next thing you know dudes are doing it out. Here's Sleepwalker, a quitted of murdering mother-in-law after 15 mile drive. Wow. What? What the fuck dude? Wait it. I look how we're so ghetto, we can't even look through the LA times. Well just they're nickel and diamond everybody. You have to pay for everything. Toronto, a man was acquitted of murdering, oh it's Canada. It's Canada, it's Toronto. They live in Narnie up there. A man was acquitted of murdering his mother-in- Canada. Oh, it's Canada. It's Canada, it's basically. It's a Lona. They live in Narnia up there. Yeah, yeah. A man was acquitted of murdering his mother-in-law after saying he was sleepwalking when he drove 15 miles to her house and hit her with an iron bar and repeatedly stabbed her. On a terrorist Supreme Court, deliberated nine hours before finding Kenneth Parks nearby, pickering, not guilty on Thursday. [21:05] What about the ambient now? More they try to hit you again. Is that what you're drinking, Jocco, whatever that is? Does it say ambient? Does it say it's just sleepwalking? Is it just said sleepwalking, right? Oh. Because he's in a sleep state. There is a, by nephew's a sleepwalker. But was this guy on ambient? Does it have anything to do with the ambience is a different story? That's what I typed in. That's what popped up Let me see if another There was something about a guy. That's so crazy though. Oh, maybe I fucked the story up It's like that's pretty similar. That's so similar You would assume it might have fucked the story up. But also it happened in 1987 so was ambience even around? Oh wow No, this is not that story then. It's definitely a more recent story. Yeah, 87. Yeah, cause no, this is a story while I was a grown-ass man. Oh, okay. Living in Los Angeles would happen, I remember. And I don't remember what, what I thought it happened in America. That's, no, it might've been Canada. Canada is still eat. [22:01] They are silly. It's like if you let your cousin who's like 17 run the house while you go out of town for a week And then you come back home and like what the fuck are you doing? That's Canada Local cases involving man who shot at five people test ambient defense in court. That's a recent one, huh? That's 2023. Oh, huh? That's 2023. Oh, shit. It's it, yeah. So what does this guy try to say? I mean, I just, he said, he shot at five people when he was on Ambien. Oh, wow. He said, no member of the shooting, two random cars in the middle of the night, four years ago. But he's probably telling the truth. And I know she's telling the truth. I know she's telling the truth. She was on ambient and she was smoking weed. I don't know if she was drinking alcohol, but listen, Rosanne likes to party. But also, you can get like... She likes to party into the drink. She's drinking and doing it. That's a real dangerous combo. And look, everybody should understand this. [23:01] Because you kind of know, but you really need to know. I talked to one of the reasons why I had Roseanne on my podcast right after she got in trouble. I wanted everybody to know what I know. Roseanne got hit by a car when she was 15 years old and she spent nine months in a mental health institute when she was a child. She couldn't count after that. She's straight A's in math, after that she couldn't do math. Wow. And she was fucked up and that wild impulsiveness led to an amazing career as a standup comedian that probably came at least somewhat, some part of it came. Obviously came out of her creativity and her performance and her work ethic and all the good things that are funny. She's awesome. But that wildness is a part of that injury and that wildness exists in football players. It exists in former fighters. It exists in, there's a lot of people [24:01] that are running around out there that have brain injuries. And if you get someone a brain entry and then you dope them up with Ambien and then Marijuana and then who knows what the fuck out. You're taking ketamine and rockin' them. Raaah! Ha ha ha! Fox moves! And she's just mainline in Fox moves. She just fuckered. Tower seven. Tower seven. She's just taking it. You have a device that you can tell everybody what you're feeling in that moment. That's crazy. And you're, you know, it's like, you're trying to give responses out of people. See what the people think. It's almost like testing an audience for some people. If they don't understand how to manage it, like psychologically, how many comics are we seeing just get addicted to like being on Twitter all day? Like get out of there man, you're losing your life in that box. It's insane. It's insane. I don't know how people do it. It's so bad for you. I'm a little addicted to TikTok. Yeah, TikTok. Is this a, I wonder. In prevention? [25:01] No, it's not. But I think I want to have TikTok is, I wonder if it's better for you to just scroll at videos of things happening that are nonsense? Sometimes there's news, but maybe that's better, because that doesn't, like, I don't have TikTok, but I have Instagram. Instagram does not make me feel the way that Twitter makes me feel. Twitter makes me feel like I'm watching a fight. Oh yeah. Cats. Like it's a cat fight in a house. It's like, wow, wow. I just want to get the fuck out of here. I don't want to be a part of this. Yeah. And it's also like a very poor, it's a very clearly poor management of time and resources. If you're using your time and resources to argue constantly on Twitter, but your life has to be a mess. It has to be a mess. It's impossible for you to only be disciplined in this area where you like contain yourself in this. The rest of your life though, everything's locked down. You don't have any problems. [26:00] But when you go after Twitter, it doesn't affect you. It doesn't affect the rest of your life. Bullshit! Bullshit! You're fighting with the invisible man, but that stuff is out there forever. It's out there forever, and it's also just a 100% proof that you are engaging in a foolish waste of your resources. Exactly. 100% undeniable proof. Dice would have been in as much trouble as Roseanne. If Twitter was, it might have been a thing, but he probably didn't know how to use it. But no, because we, it's been 20 years. How long has Twitter been out? He'd been so many controversies. But I'm saying with the ambience. I'm like, I'm back to it from Dice though. Maybe, yeah. Roseanne was like America's controversial collar sweetheart for the longest time when she was on TV. Yeah, right? She was beloved and then she grabbed her pussy I was gonna say she did some shit the national anthem knows what she was on back then right right right right Listen this lady they've been Medicating this lady left and right her whole life and She's always she's always like I don't know if they got the formula right this time. Let's let's move around a little [27:07] Don't work in it. She's so good. She got a lot of money and I'm sure those doctors Sure those doctors are helping out But you know like they were telling her at one point in time that they were threatening her royalties That if she kept talking about things Her show yeah, but they can do things. They can pull deals. We'll see if you're not making any money anymore, but you own a piece of a television show. And also, we're dealing with, it's 2024. I'm not in the TV business anymore, but I kind of know how it works. In 2024, I don't know how many people are buying old sitcoms. I'm sure like Netflix and streaming sites maybe they could do, but if they just decide, you know, hey, we don't want Roseanne on the platform. Like there's shows you can't get. Yeah. Like 90 sitcoms, you can't find Grace Under Fire. Try finding that show. No, and I loved that. I loved her, I should say. [28:01] She used to work at the store. Yeah. her I should say she used to work at the store yeah she was wild but she was funny I think towards the end of her tenure there she might have fucking lost the plot she she got I remember her showing up she was crazy she's got a little little nuts and she had but she was so fucking funny yeah yeah yeah she would call and ask me to do her like bizarre old favors at the store and Yeah, like just to see if certain comics were there She had she would have like crushes on certain comics, so she's like hey, so call me if they come in on my But I was like are you coming in because you're like hilarious. You're one of the ones I laugh at So are you coming in that's a But she then she just stopped coming but I think she did have some. But there's that thing called TV Land, which goes way back, I believe, because I have like nieces and nephews that are like, Jersey, I love Lucy, I'm like, yeah, I'm reruns, and I'm like, that's my favorite show. But they watch it now on like TV Land. [29:00] Is TV Land, is that- I think it's a channel or could be on an app? I don't know. I can't keep up with the kids. Maybe it's both. I think the most- I still have cables. It's my own own house. But don't spend- Most things have to be both now. Like you can't just be a channel anymore. You kind of have to be a channel and an app. I think you're right. If you Yeah, yeah, so yeah, my niece is watch the oldest shows and you know I don't see like nobody comes up and says like the bunker the what's that got? Marchy all in the family. That's my favorite But people don't say that one to me. So I wonder if that's available But it's definitely available because people send me little videos like Instagram videos on TikTok Yeah, you see my TikTok. I don't use that Chinese spyware. I will get out of it. My spyware to be American. Oh yeah, good for you. I want people in this country sneaking around in my data and finding out what I'm researching. I'm so lonely I want them all to know where I'm at. Try that every moment. [30:00] Come on over guys. Let's go. Bring it on, bitches. Yeah, it's just weird. It's TikTok. My nieces were like, you have to get on TikTok. So I did, but I stink at it. I don't know how to excel at it. I do watch the video, so. Well, you gotta be trans. First of all, can you, can you please fake it? No, it's not fair. I wanted to transition when I was a kid, and my mom wouldn't let me. I begged. I begged. I think I was like seven or eight. I wanted to be a male body builder. And my mom was like. Imagine if that was around today and you lived in Santa Monica. Oh, I would be halfway somewhere, at least. If I was a kid now, yeah. I'd have one nut maybe. I have a picture out of a male bodybuilder's magazine. I ripped it out and I was like, this is what I want. And my mom was like, the guy. I was like, no, I want to be a male bodybuilder and I didn't know transition. I just said I want to be a boy. And she was so mad because she had four boys in a row and she begged for a little girl, and then I came out and I'm like, [31:05] what's up, motherfucker? How much of that you, what's up, mother fuckers was affected by the fact that you have all those brothers? Sure, just around. I didn't know. It has to be right. Yeah, of course. Because my little sister, Edie, is she's not girly by any means, but she's not as but she as I was. But she still played the sports and stuff and fought whatever. But she didn't, she wasn't at, we were just surrounded. You know, the two of us, if we had dolls, they'd rip their heads off, you know, so I'd be like, oh, cool, it looks better. And then we'd color it in and just do dumb shit. So I don't remember girly stuff. I know my mom would beg me to do it or wear a dress. And then I played rumble fumble in my communion dress. She was pissed. Well, they're just the amount of boy behavior. And you're trying to fit in. Yeah. And you're the youngest. Yeah. And not the youngest. Well, at the time. Yeah. And then I remember this boy saying to me, because I liked boys, but I was very boy. How many older brothers do you have? [32:06] I have five older brothers. Okay. So when you were born, you're born into a home with five boys. Surround them. Yeah. So that's the early developmental time where you're kind of like forming your view of the world. Yeah. And if you don't, But you have no evidence that girls are even real for years. My sister said, why am I locked to me? Why am I not like these? I did. I had to share a room with my sisters and my mom put this big like canopy bed in there and there's a little tiny row home and the middle room is like a glorified closet. So she put this canopy bed in there. You can barely open the door. And then when I slept in there, I went to bed for a long time. So they kicked me out. So I had a sleep in my brother's room. So there was seven of us in the front room. I don't know why I'm pointing like it's over there, but you know what I'm saying? Like just, so I was now in the room with that, and that's all I know. So I'm doing everything they do. I'm playing football. I'm outside with a helmet. [33:06] And she's slow. No, she's got a game. And you know what I mean? Like I was joking on the, I did the RU garbage podcast with those guys. They're so funny. And I remembered a story because they were asking questions. And I remembered when I would play like handball or stickball, I take my shirt off and tuck it in the back of my pants and spit and everything, like no shirt, like my mother's song, jeez, that's right, you know, but I was eight or something. I don't know, but I didn't, I was like, that's what they do. Isn't it funny that a woman's nipples mean something? Why, yeah. It's very, it's funny. I mean, it's so it's so odd because even a woman that has the Smalls of breasts. Yeah, her nipples. I You can see that's yeah, like it literally is the same form as a young boy [34:00] Like if you have a 13 year old boy and a very thin woman who has no breasts. Yeah, they're very similar Yeah, but one of them when you realize it's a woman you're like And that crazy it is where you're essentially literally looking at the same Girl is same part of the body same is that like you're looking at a vagina or a dick. Yeah, those are significantly different Yeah, just looking at nipples. See when your nipples make you go. Oh! Because there's a slight drop behind it. I don't know. Have you seen the hack these holes have found how to do on Instagram? What? They breastfeed fake babies. You can breastfeed. So they don't think I'm gonna talk about what are you saying? They got a rubber baby and these hott You say. You say. And he's hot. These hoties are pulling out giant melons and they shake in front of the audience and squeeze them and then they stuff them in the face of a fake baby. And this one girl, she's got her other tith out too. Like fuck it. What if he gets hungry on the other side? So she's got both tiths up. And it's a fake baby. Fake tiths too. Big giant ass fake tits and fake baby and it's you're allowed to do it because you're allowed to show breastfeeding for educational purposes. [35:06] Oh, this is how I'm going to get more fun. So you just gave me the insight. These homes are scandalous. They know. They know. Wow. I don't know if it's a TikTok thing. I bet it'll probably get you kicked off TikTok. There. There they go. Oh, look at the baby. Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph. That fake baby and a big ass. There's a lot of fake things on there. What a filter, by the way. This is not a lot of attention, but. That's the one I'd watch with the football play, like an idiot. What a few of these going around. Wow. Yeah. That's what you knew baby. That's a dead baby. People are writing your baby's dead. No, but people. If your milk is poisonous, lady. There's some people that get really good fake babies. Wow. You have to look at the baby real quick. I think that's a rubber. So they're just getting away with showing your tips. Got it. Okay. I think essentially it's an ad for only fans. I was gonna say yeah. Oh, that's oh God. Yeah. So that's somebody's fetish. Yeah, it's well [36:07] It's just the fact that they get the shoulder tipped. I don't even think it's someone's fetish Well, it's probably definitely someone's fetish. Let me let's be clear. Yeah someone there's at all the freaks in the world Yeah, some guys out there jerking off to women breastfeeding for sure But it's not that it's it's just an opportunity to show your tits. Oh, absolutely But now my my boobs are starting to grow I don't know if it's normal. I don't know like but for years like Nothing and now all of a sudden I'm like, this doesn't fit. What's happening? So I'm gonna start Yeah, these guys just came in. I didn't even know I was a girl So let them let them go came in. I didn't even know I was a girl. Let him let him go. I'm gonna let him go. That was the thing in New York City where they were like legally arguing that I've seen the I've seen the protest should be able to walk around topless because men can walk around topless. Yeah, I saw a protest in Asheville one time and I was having lunch with Carl LeBault. We were doing a festival down there. And it was [37:08] packed like and it was we were both like, I'm not gay but watching them flap while you're walking, I was like, oh wow, that's what they're supposed to look like. And Carl's just on the floor like, holy shit, I'm out of here. Isn't it interesting that that's controversial that there's laws that will tell you, so look, if there's laws about a man exposing himself in public, that makes sense because that's like a public health danger and it's danger because the vast majority of like sexual predators, especially for like younger people are men, right? Right. So a guy with a dick out in public is like a public safety hazard. Yeah. A woman with her tits out is really no one scared. What is because of the predators probably. So I try and keep them off. That's my point. That's my point. It's like it's the only time where a law is in that, where you don't have any fear whatsoever about that person harming someone with their body, [38:03] but yet you make their body a crime. You make showing parts of their body a crime. Like you get a ticket or you get, I think you'd probably even arrest you for public nudity, in this exposure. But meanwhile, I could walk right next to that lady with my shirt off and there's no problems at all. But didn't, before, I think the men got the right to take their shirt off, wasn't until like the 50s or 40s for a long time, they weren't allowed to eat. Is that real? I believe so. That's hilarious. So what they do on construction sites? What did you just arrest everybody? I, what do you mean? They can't be shirtless at a construction site. So I said, job, you can't wear it. You can't be shirtless. They when they were having lunch maybe. Have you ever worked a construction site? You had your fucking mind. Wait a minute. Are you talking crazy? I'm seeing them in the vest and the shirt. Maybe today. Because I'd sit there and watch for a long time if that was true. Yeah, if we were working outside, I did mostly construction jobs on the high school. So my stepfather was an architect. [39:01] So I got a lot of jobs on building sites. And so I just get jobs as a laborer. That was a good job to get because you could always get them in there. It's hard work. You would be outside topless constantly. 91 courtlet stand law bearing topless men. Supreme court Monday, let's stand a local ordinance prohibiting. This is in Washington prohibiting males from jogging topless or otherwise appearing in public without wearing shirts. The court refused to review the constitutionality of a statute from the village of South Hampton New York making it illegal for anyone to appear on a public street shirtless. That's a very specific area. So that's like, this is South Hampton New York. It's what they're talking about. I know when I lived in Boston, when we were working in the summer, we always had shirts off. You get a great tan too. I can see it as a rougher, of course, like things like that, but like, I don't know, I'm just picturing maybe people. Fucking hot. Of course, it's crazy hot. It's hot, you're carrying lumber and the building that you're building has no ventilate, Vanilla is nothing. It's just frames. You're basically helping carpenters frame that. Sure. [40:06] My head, I'm seeing them like right now with the vest on, but maybe that's just my fantasy. The summer time, no shirt is easy. Oh yeah. The hard one is winter time no heat. Yeah. Because I had winter time no heat gigs. Whoa, those are that. Yeah, that's tough. Especially in Boston. Yeah, I had some of those right after I graduated from high school and they were awake up call. Yeah, yeah. Just like, hey, fuckface, you better figure out what you want to do with your life or this is going to be you forever. It's safe. Being in the winter with numb feet, moving shit around on a construction site. Mm-hmm, fingers being frozen. I hate that. And we would have like a little public, a little public portable heater that we would all gather around to eat lunch. So you'd all stand around this blowtorch where you're eating lunch. Oh my God, so dangerous but amazing. Yeah, it wasn't really a blowtorch. It's like, you ever seen one of those? Like they have them on set sometimes. I know, yeah, yeah Yeah, when Shepell and I did Fear Factor. [41:05] I did Fear Factor on the Shepell show. So I came in and tie around bigums, who's on Fear Factor. Hey Joe Rogan, I remember that. They filmed that in the dead of winter in New York in this warehouse, in this space where they were filming that, and they had one of them heaters. So they would have them on set sometimes. It's like this big tube. And it gets hot. And basically you can take a crunchy sandwich in front of it. Oh yeah. You get light on fire. Very dangerous. Yeah. So we would gather around in front of one of those fucking things. And just be like, just freezing our dicks off and then go right back out there. You got to carry in the cement, carrying the lumber. That was your motivation. Well, it was just a wake up call. Though, like, you don't want to be doing no hard labor, son. Yeah. But the point is, like, we could have no shirts on, and walk around, no one cared. But if we were a bunch of gals, the framing rooftops with our tits out, the all the local hands. You know where it's brought? That's why girls now think they're Didn't want to wear a bra. They just wanted to let their tits out like a guy does all the local hands [42:13] But your tits on your dirty bitch you fucking dirty bitch my husband's looking at your dirty tits Sometimes I like I'll see like on Melrose and stuff you see him walking around and they have like these short shorts one time Me and Andrew were like just that Starbucks hanging out Marble a Melrose in, and these kids were walking, I mean, there were kids, and he just like turned away, and I go, what happened? And it was a girl, like her entire ass was out. It was, the shorts were all the way out, and he just turned away like, I'm not, that's a baby, I'm not looking at that. Classic. Yeah, I know, I know, but that's what they do. I don't know if that's a teaming thing. Yeah. Well, I mean, I think that's again, there's always been girls that dress like that or close to that, right? Go, you can go way back to the ages. I tried. I wore cute little hot pants in the 80s. Yeah, I used to wear a Boostier because I started clubbing like when I was 14. [43:01] Oh my God, Elnor. What a fucking background. Hey, what the? The perfect background to be a comic. That's true. Well, once that, this is what happened with the boy, like me wanting to be a boy, I liked boys and this one really good looking kid that played football. He was, and I'm like standing there. I remember like I'm wearing shoulder pads, idiot. And he goes, are you ever gonna be a girl? And I was like, oh. And then I asked another guy friend, they go, how come someone so doesn't like me? And they're like, because he thinks you could beat him up. Like, he didn't know he was trying to, to the girl who may or may not be able to knock him out. So I stopped. And I was like, oh, and then boys started to like me. And I was like, oh. You had to learn the new pattern of behavior. Yes, but I still am like, watch it. Like when guys start wearing a cologne. Right. Like, oh, okay, I'll clean up, I stink. Yeah, I still, I still am like not, I'm not so grateful to be a woman. Like, it bothers me a lot. [44:01] Doesn't it? Cause I still have that in me. Like, it would be so much easier to just be a dude. Do you think they could have talked you into being trans if you were like 12? Absolutely. 100%. And that crazy. And I'm good friends with Dylan, Mulvaney. We did a pilot together. That's hilarious. Dylan was not trans when I met them. How do you say it? I don't know. Be careful. You're gonna get in trouble. She knows I love her. So I can't say anything wrong. But I it living. So you knew her when she was a he. Right. And we had the best time but meeting her when I did I was like, oh, she's more woman than I ever was. Ever will be like Like, I know I have the parts. Even with a dick. I felt I'm telling you, more girly than I mean girly, girly. And my best friend growing up was like that. You're a very kind person. You're a very kind person. I just want to introduce this thought in your mind. [45:01] People are performative occasionally. And sometimes when people want you to think of them in one way or another, they will behave that way. And people can keep that up for. I didn't know them from anybody. We just met. Right. So you're saying she was performing. Well, I think it'd be deciding that you're a woman and then performing like a woman. Oh, I see. thing that we can all do I see what you met me Eleanor if you met me and you're like oh my god Joe Rogan is a woman like Things like a woman behaves like a woman has off this all feminine woman energy like so sweet So amazing It's performative like you're a biological man and energy like so sweet, so amazing. It's performative. Like you're a biological man. Well, you don't think you could be. And there's a lot of social value in being trans today. There's a lot of, you get attention. You get attention for having nothing interesting about you. [46:02] Other than the fact that you're a boy who wants to be a girl. Right. That's it. And that is like a crazy low barrier to entry to be a part of a protected class and to be celebrated for people that will never be celebrated. But you don't believe people can be born and have like mixed up things. I do. Okay. I believe both things. I believe both things. Okay. I believe yes.. I believe, yes. This is what we have to be wary about because when you see these cluster cases, like particularly like young girls, we get like 10 girls that are on the spectrum and they all go trans and the school together, that's crazy. And you have to realize that people are motivated just like you were when you were a young girl and you were dressing like a boy and acting like a boy and then you go, oh, I got to not do that anymore. And then now boys like me. People are motivated by behaviors that get them positive reinforcement. And there's this in this time and this day and age, there's immense amount of positive reinforcement of being a part of the LBGT pride, whatever it is, right? [47:05] And that makes sense because it's a natural reaction to the times when we were kids where gay people were shunned and shit on and it was up until 2013, Hillary Clinton didn't, it was saying that she didn't think that marriage should be between gay men. It should be between a man and a woman. Barack Obama used to say that. They all used to say it. So imagine being a gay person, and so there's like this natural over correction. So we're in this over correction right now. But this over correction gets co-opted by opportunists who are just narcissists, just people with mental illness and people who realize that they can get a tremendous amount of attention by just fitting into this new, and it's also a great way for perverts and sex vendors. So for sure, yeah, you see that a lot too. To weasel in. [48:02] Like if you were a guy and you were really into dogs, you get a job as a dog trainer, right? Guys really into dogs. He loves working with dogs. If you're a Patophile, you get a job in Nickelodeon? Right. You would, right? Who isn't there like a scandal that's going on right now? Yeah, bad. What is the Nickelodeon scandal? The Dan guy. I Took a Really a new one. I just like kids. I just like working kids. I just like being around them and being alone with them priests being alone with them I like being alone. Yeah, just just me and the kid camp counselors Let's keep a secret What the fuck that That's fucked up. But there's humans that recognize that there's like patterns that they can fall into where they can get more attention and get more praise. So this is the Nickelodeon thing. So as the actors claim to you, sexually abused by dialogue and [49:00] acting coach Brian Peck, who pleaded no contest to performing a lute act with a 14 or 15 year old and to oral copulation with a minor under 16 in 2004. Ultimately sentenced to 16 months in prison in order to register as a sex offender in October 2004. His first interview since the release of the dog Bella shared his thoughts on Nickelodeon's response to the allegations. Yeah, I mean, how do you know when someone, I mean, if you hire, you're hoping you're hiring people that just like like making kid shows. Maybe they have kids. But why can't the parent be present? Like this, this kind of ship, like they say kids that get molested and stuff like that. A lot of times it's parents just being like giving them off you know like yeah and not being present. Right. There was I mean I feel I think about it I'm like why didn't we get molested we were on our own or a long time. I thought it was a couple of bullets when I was a kid. Did you really? Yeah but it's your trusting people and most people you can trust and you hope you can [50:00] trust these people. Yeah. You do you know about UFC Heavyweight Champion, former Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez? What happened? His son was apparently by daycare. And he went after the guy and shot at him from his car. He got arrested and was in jail for like, he thinks he's still a waiting trial. But it was literally one of those things where everybody that hears that, that that's a father if you ask them What would you do if that happened like they everyone says the same thing if you can get away with sleep walking and killing your mother You should be away with fucking blind rage that makes you shoot at some guy who molested your kid Listen, I don't have children and if that happened to one of my nieces, and that's his, I'd be the one who's that. I'd lose it. It's the most evil of things. It's disgusting. But it's also, it's one of the weird ones that today, they're trying to normalize. They're trying to call it minor attracted persons. When I say they, I want to be really clear. Yes, just a few fringe psychos, but the problem is that fringe that fringe psycho [51:06] dialogue winds up on social media and then gets amplified by places like TikTok right that want us to be upset at these kind of things whether it's to program us or whether it's just to keep us like fighting and then engaging in the algorithm which is ultimately beneficial for them because that's really what they want, is more views and more interactions. Yeah. And so you'll have these wacky fucking people that give these speeches in public with cameras on them, where they're talking about, we have to understand this is an identity, and this should be a protected identity, a minor-attracted person, and it's like, this is not one person saying this. multiple people saying this, but it falls into that same thing. Some people are fucking insane. I agree. I agree. My best friend growing up, he was flamboyant from the gift. And I mean, we were friends when we were six, seven. So, and he would always be like, and he made me get into cheerleading because he liked [52:05] cheerleading. Yeah. I because he liked cheerleading. Yeah. I mean, like cheerleading. And then I was like, can we just do something? Can we play football, you know? And then he started like, we would fight. And then we always used to say that we wished we had a button or we wanted to, there was a cartoon where you can run into each other. Wonder powers activate or something like that. We run into each other and you become something different. We were gonna run into each other and become. And you would be a boy and you'd be nice. And it never worked. But so he waited till both his parents passed and then he transitioned. Oh wow. But he wanted that his whole life. He just didn't want to disrespect his parents. It's 100% a real thing. It is. The problem is, but I agree that there's always people that jump in and act. There is that, and then there's this other thing. The other thing is money. So you have to realize how many gender-affirming care clinics have opened up just since 2007. If you look at the map of 2007 versus 2023, [53:03] it's crazy the difference. Yeah. I mean, it's probably now or in 2024, it's probably even more. But the number of those things that they, by the way, they're just like a body shop. You bring a car into a body shop, they're going to want to fix the car. Okay, you bring a kid into a gen of framing care. They're not going to go, Billy, you don't just need to find yourself, man. Maybe you're just a gay man. They're not gonna just tell them, like there's a lot of social pressure on us, and you're very uncomfortable with your own skin, and your own life, and you're thinking that this is gonna be the solution to make you whole. And also, if you're a woman, if they give you and you are gonna feel better. So thinking about Christosterone, it makes them alleviate anxiety. It does all sorts of difficult. It creates a sense of euphoria. When girls take it in high doses and my friend, his, someone in his immediate vicinity is transitioning from a girl to a boy. [54:01] And he found out like what the dose was. The dose of testosterone. He goes, this is like a hardcore body builder, steroid dose of testosterone. He's like, this person was banging, banging, like a lot of tests every week. Holy shit. And it was just changing everything, changing their voice, changing the facial structure, growing a mustache, like weird shit. Like knowing someone their whole life as a girl, then also they have a fucking beard. Yeah. What is happening here? Yeah, it's, so of course it's gonna make you feel different. But is that who you really were? Does that who you really are? That's a hard part, I think of that a lot. Because I think if I did it, if I, you know, how would I feel? Because there are people that do it and then say I wanna go back. But yeah, detransitioners. And they get shamed by the way. That's what's really scary. Those people get attacked, but because they're fucking it up, because here's the thing. And you just have to look at it like a system. [55:07] Groups of people always want more people in their group, always. Like people that use Windows PCs will try to convince you that Apple Sox, like they will. I know I have heard it. I've heard the argument. Now, trans people, unless they're actively trying to reproduce by going to a clinic. So if unless you're a trans woman who has a fully functional dick and you're having sex with a trans man who has a fully functional vagina and hasn't taken so much testosterone that they're no longer fertile, and then even so, like what's going on there? But that's like, it's not the regular way that people have kids. So you, and there's no guarantee that you're gonna have a trans kid. So there's only one way to get more trans people. You gotta recruit. Exactly. You gotta recruit. [56:01] Everybody needs a recruit. If you can't draft, you must recruit. That's what they would say about gay people they're recruiting well Do some do's but that's I'm saying there's always a percentage I had this friend who's gay and he would always talk about how we could fence straight guys and let them suck their dick Oh my god, I have so many friends. I love did he thought it was so funny He's like the all these straight guys. Yeah, Just get him a little drunk and tell him you suck who digged. It's amazing how many of them let you. It's unbelievable. And then there's, I know women that are gay and so forceful. One is like, was so, she would turn women, if you will, for a period of time, date them, drop them like a bad habit. Now they're all fucking confused. They don a period of time, date them, drop them like a bad habit. Now they're all fucking confused. They don't know who they are. I'm like, hey, am I straight, who am I, what am I? And then go through all this crazy mental breakdowns. I have two really good friends that like went crazy over this shit. And I'm like, they got turned out by a lesbian. [57:00] Turned out and turned down. Say ya. By bitch. Later. Sometimes lesbians comes the hardest guy. You know what I mean? Like street kind of behavior. Yeah. Drop you just cut you off. Well, it's also you're recognizing if you're in that dating game, right? There's like two players in that dating game. Yeah. Is the strong like successful like, like, dominator, which could be a woman. Yeah. And then there's the person's like, well, sure, I'd love to come to work with you. You know, like, the more, more in your country. Just, it doesn't even have to be male or female. It just has to be, like, there's guys like that that wind up with these boss ladies. Like, how many boss ladies do you know that have like these really like bag of milk husbands? Like these guys have zero will. That's a great one. They just have no will. There's no drive. If someone breaks into their house they're going to faint like a possum. Like a... There's no animal in there. [58:01] You know? It's just... it's all gone. He's under the covers. You get a punny. If it wasn't gone because of environmental conditions or biology, it's gone by the circumstances they find themselves at. They have a dominant woman and she yells at them and they get no sex. I try to not be that way, but I have done that. I have. I have done that. I remember Andrew. I have. I have done that. I remember Andrew Dice getting angry. I always call Andrew, whatever. When he got angry at me because there was like a fight, he got an argument with this guy. It's 7-11. And I got in between. And he was just like, what are you doing? And I was like, I'll kill something. What? You know, I'm in help. Like I thought we were on the same team, you know, but he got mad and I was like, okay, you got to calm down with your brootness, okay? And not, you know, throw a man through something because I'm an idiot like that. I just, again, like it comes a growing up with the wrestling and like, even like you and I, [59:00] when I physically start, really literally start at wrestling, and my mom was like, furious at that. Like, what are you doing? We used to love going to watch you. But she was mad. When we saw you at the forum, it was awesome. You're a fucking pro wrestler. It was incredible. It was amazing. I loved it. I was like, this is so good. Yeah, you were really good at it too. It was fun. It was fun to watch. My mom's still giving me notes. Ah, that's hilarious. But it was entertaining. Sure. It was very entertaining. What it's supposed to be, you know? And so yeah, I would have like, now I'm physically in the ring fighting with people. Like she was so embarrassed, but there was a point I was gonna make in Elastix, my brain. No worries. But yeah, I'm saying that whole trajectory of like, I'm still doing boy like things in a girl's body. Right, right. And I do believe where you're saying like it's, like my brother, Charlie joking, I'm talking about like it's hitting everywhere. He went to the doctors and they were asking him questions. [1:00:00] She said, what do you identify as? Now, Charlie's in his 50s and he goes, the fuck are you talking about? You know what I mean? I know it's funny when they bring it up out of nowhere. What are your pronouns? What do you see me bitch? Like how do you identify? Right. But they you're mustache and you're gray chest hair. Yeah, he's there. He's rubbing one out like what are you saying? You know, like, but he looked foreign to him and the lady apologized. She goes, I'm sorry, I have to ask. Because they- It's like part of regulations. Yeah, it's like- It's probably a DEI thing that they have that's attached to their business. It's so crazy. Yeah, it's, well, it's, you know, Vivek Ramaswamy, that guy was running for president, he's a brilliant guy and he said some very interesting things when he said he called it the tyranny of the oppressed He goes, yeah, it's not good to oppress people sure you should be everyone should be free But it's also not good to give the oppressed so much power that they can just run rampant over everyone else And everybody has to like adhere to their rules [1:01:02] Yeah, because they were at one point dime a part of the press class. And I think that's the over correction that we're talking about with like the trans stuff. The problem is today it can be pushed in a way that's so different than when we were kids. When we were kids, if you were a gay guy, you became a priest. You have a gay guy in high school that became a priest. Yeah, we did. And he I was a pedophile. He turned into one. But when I knew him, he was a regular kid. He was just, he was my friend's sister or my friend's brother. Whoops. Freudian. My friend's brother. She, like, you know, they would always talk about. He's going to be a priest. So we were in high school riding the bus together Yeah, we oh, I think people even back then were calling him father He was fucking 15. That's amazing. Yeah, but everyone knew he was gonna be a priest Yeah, my friend that did it he's now out of it Of the priesthood or the day. Yeah, the priest. So he's still gay still where is they come and [1:02:07] But he left the priesthood which was weird still gay. So where's they come? And. But he left the priesthood, which was weird, because we were like, whoa, is he coming out? Is he? And he left. And now he just said they were changing too many things. Like the literal religion mess him up to get him out. Interesting. What would they change it? The Catholic church, my mom, please, she doesn't know how to listen to podcast. Anyway, the Catholic Church changes on a dime. Even something lent right now we're in lent, right? There were so many rules that my mom had that my generation didn't have. And now it's a whole nother. Like lent is not, now I'm looking at kids like what you could do that It's lent you're not allowed to you have to do this this and this but they've changed they just changed so that they Can recruit that's why the Muslims are gonna win they don't give a fuck who joins? That's Ramadan is you got a month and nobody's eating. All day long, no water, no food. [1:03:06] We were in downtown the other day, driving downtown LA and there's an alleyway and this dude was in the alleyway. As? No, he and Austin, okay. Does that say I like that? Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry. I'm just saying. Downtown Austin. And there was this dude that was in an alleyway and he was, it was the sun was going down, so he's praying. Oh, I saw that. Wherever the fuck you are, you gotta pray. I saw it in New York City. He was like, it was so hard to find a space in New York City. So I was like, wow, that is impressive. That's the ocean. Exactly. He was behind like a pillar that like went into, there was a little bit of room to go into these offices, and he was literally just behind the pillar, just doing that, and I was like, wow, that is right in Times Square. Have you ever seen the one from Toronto? Uh-huh. You remember to tell us, do I have wacky candidates? Oh yeah. Toronto, it was Toronto, right? Call to Prayer in the street. It's bananas. [1:04:02] Really? The street is filled. They just do the court of prayer and people just come out of their houses or... They don't know where this is. I don't know why they were there. I just saw the video and I'm like, whoa, this is Canada. It just seems like... Canada is a mess. I don't know if you've been there in a while. I'm sorry. I know they have health care, but it's not working. They're not working. It's a mess. They're their president sucks. They need some sort of no nonsense president. The straight and everything out, or prime minister, or whatever you want to call them. Yeah, the nerve of them. Get a better king. What you're doing is nuts. Like the way you're, they're every week, there's some new strike on rights and laws and freedom of speech. And they just keep cracking. They stop people from being able to get guns. You can't have a handgun anymore. They're cracking down on all sorts of different things in regards to what constitutes hate speech online. Whether or not they can filter your internet access and just... [1:05:01] It's not good. They're homeless. I was in Vancouver. Did you find that video? Oh? It's it's really crazy in this. I want to see it. There's thousands of people in the street. This is all I can find is this part of a news. Oh, there it is. Give me this. Look at this. Look at this. This is in Toronto. This is in Toronto. So this is a protest for something. Oh, there it is, you have Toronto. But it's still. It's still. Oh, it's a protest. Okay, I thought. Even if it's a protest, you get that many people that are doing that. There's not another religion that would do that. That would do that. They are so much more devout than out in their belief. Because they're praying. Like the Catholics would just wave a cross in your face. They do like a hair fast. And a lot of people will come out and... There's more Muslims out there in the street on their fucking knees. Fuck your traffic. Where were praying? You know? Which is... This is... That's a different thing. [1:06:01] Toronto, it's busy. Yeah. And Toronto and Canada Canada, their approach to immigrants was not assimilate and become a part of America. That's what we do. Become one of us, become a part of it. Their thing was like, no, keep your culture. Keep your culture and keep it here. What are your cultures, Sheree-A-Law? What are you guys saying? You know there's parts of the world that are living the 1200s. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But that doesn't look like that. Like it's hard to figure out. Like you look at a priest, you go bed of aisle, right? And then you look at a Muslim, you tear it. Like that's so bad. Like it's not, it's again, it's a small portion. And it sucks. And it's also like our version of it is like, oh, you see them there, Terri, so why? Yeah. What did we do? This is the thing. What was your part in it, little lady? What did you do? How many bombs have gone off in Yemen? Like, what have we done? What have we done? What have we done in Iraq? What have we done in We do. Yeah, what do we do to deserve this? Nobody to accountability is lost and everywhere in the world. [1:07:07] Yeah. We are like, what we're doing is like so bonkers all over the world with so many different bases. We're the only country that has bases. How many countries does the United States have military bases? Let's just take that. How many have they had a abandon? Let's take a guess. Oh, I guess guess Oh, yes, how many active military bases in how many countries You're trying to see if I'm smart. I know multiple Military bases probably exist in some countries of strategic importance sure But if we add a guess how many countries have US military bases? I'm I'm gonna guess have US military bases. Let's guess. I'm gonna guess countries. I know there's like so many. I'm not smart. I'm gonna say 15. 15, okay. I'm gonna go a little higher. I'm gonna say 30. Oh shit, really? Yeah, it's probably higher than that. How many countries have military, US military bases in them? [1:08:02] According to Al Jazeera, the number is not published by the Pentagon, but it is known to be around 750 bases in at least 80 countries. 80. 80. I was because I was thinking of the main ones that I hear. Yeah. Imagine there's 750 Apple stores. Wow. I think they're in. I gotta. Yeah. And imagine there's 750 Apple stores. Wow. I think they're in. I gotta be out. In countries that we invade and put an Apple store in. Wow. We're like, what is Apple trying to do? Apple and Starbucks. Side by side. They're everywhere. McDonald's just made up in a Congo. McDonald's. Yeah. But that's nuts. 80 countries. 80 countries. 700 plus military bases. Holy shit. So, you know, when you see terrorists and you go, why are they mad at us? Oh yeah, I never. There's 520 Apple stores. Oh, there you go. So there's more military bases in other countries [1:09:02] than there are Apple stores. Apple, you're slacking. Get a ticket. In that wild? Wow. That's crazy. Wild. We're a bigger business. And people are still talking about Microsoft? Yeah. The US military is a bigger business than Microsoft. That's why they had to recruit the trans. They're like, we need just need bodies. Get that admiral. That fucking dude. Put, get everybody excited. You can become an admiral if you're a girl. You win woman of the year, give them woman of the year. Give them woman of the year. You're gonna look at, I know you're a loser as a guy, but listen. As a woman. Nobody wants to fuck you anyway. Why don't you just pretend you're a woman for a little bit and move up that goddamn ladder, Leah. Yeah. That That's but that's the world we're living in. So these and then also you have China, which is so much more clever than the United States. Yeah. They've been around and they've thrived economically for 4,000 years. So China has been infiltrating all of our education systems. Easily. Infiltrating, buying up stock and businesses, buying up land. [1:10:02] They have their fucking tentacles in the entire system in this country and they run the most addictive social media app. Like they always, and Adam Curry said this best. Like he's the original pot father. He's the first podcaster, the guy from MTV, remember Adam Curry? Yeah. Yeah. No agenda podcast, he's the best. I love him. But Adam pointed it out, he's like, this is the only time where there's been a thing that the United States makes where China dominates in what is ordinarily thought of as like a creative thing. Right. Like tech things. Like for like a social media app, that Tix-Tox the most addictive. And he thinks that all of this attacks on TikTok, he's like, they're not doing anything different than we're doing. He goes, all the attacks is all just really designed to shut out the competition or break it up. Yeah. And then make other countries like China, [1:11:01] if they have an app like TikTok, you have to sell to America. And now you're gonna keep doing the same thing, but now we'll have the data. We don't want the data in those other people that are shifty. We want our shifty people. That's right. We're gonna keep an eye on you. We're shifting our own. You're a microphone and look at all your fucking text messages. Do you send to your friends? Yeah, we We want to see your memes folder. For fucking dangerous things. See how much makeup you really have. That's all they do. This guy in Belgium, who they sent him to a year in jail, because he's been sharing racist memes with his friends in a private chat. And then we went and saw the memes. Oh my God. They're like nothing. Oh yeah, mine got out. But I mean, they're nothing in that like they were talking about like Nazi ones, but the did we ever find that the not we did we we we showed it on the show see if you can find his memes. I find it. We found it again, but remember the one had guns in it and we were like maybe it was something to do with the guns. Yeah, there definitely was a gun thing, but the guns one was like they were in another country taking photos with guns [1:12:08] Saying something like we're gonna take back our country or some crazy Shoulders, but anyway they arrested this dude and okay, but they're allowed to look in your private chats And then sentence you for memes you send your friends But that's how slippery this shit Yeah, yeah, when you give people control over what you can and can't say and then you acknowledge that you're getting Influence constantly by foreign governments and foreign agents that are trying to sow the seeds of chaos Yeah, we're gonna this what does there's no gun charges. Maybe not Charges just straight racism racism, Holocaust denial and relation to material shared amongst private group chats, although Van Leavergo denies sending the material himself. So he was on the chat. He was on the chat that got all these things shared. Mm-hmm. But let's see what the actual mean. [1:13:01] I'm trying to find them. I've been trying to find them every time you talk about it. I can't find them. I've been trying to find them every time you talk about I can't really that's insane. I bet I've read it has it for 4chan a bit 4chan's got it. I don't even know how to look at it. You don't know how to look up on 4chan. What is it? You a fake internet guy. You know what I do I called Duncan by the way I'm all day long. Hey man I'll use my burner account. I'll ask the guys. I'm seswa talk. He's the best. The greatest human being ever. We forced him into being the talent coordinator at the comedy store. Yeah. Well, that's, you know, that's how Duncan and I became friends. Town corner. Yeah, I used to call up and leave my avails. We'd have these crazy conversations about like Alan Watts and some speech that he gave. He's literally the smartest person in the world. Well, he's a fascinating guy because he's so uniquely him. Like Duncan, he doesn't change who he is to be around like other people. He's just, he's always been this really odd, [1:14:02] kind of hippie guy, but also like very objective about things. And he'll see like people getting sucked into a certain pattern of thinking and be like, hey, what? Hold on. Like he'll be one of the first to, and he's really great at satire too. He's really great at pretending. He's really into something like he uses Twitter for that all the time. Like if you look at some of his tweets and you didn't know, you think he's serious. Like he says, this is the greatest. What it did one recently, something about the CIA. It's just fucking hilarious. I don't understand how people can't read the sarcasm. Because they're dumb. But I guess you're right. But what are you saying? I'm not smart, but what he's saying? You had to survive though. You had to develop some kind of smarts. You had all these brothers. But laughing at what he's saying, like it's so bizarre that you know it's fucking crazy. No, not if you're one of them illuminati people. Oh, like believe it. Everybody's eating babies and getting a dream of Chrome. Yeah. [1:15:00] Well, I'm looking for those babies. Well, there's a thing. If you're on this podcast, there's a certain group of people that will think you're in with the Illuminati. They would think that I'm in. I'm in? With the Illuminati. I'm here to tell you folks. Me, the guy who has the number one podcast in the world, this fucking thing is like, it's all in my head. It's all me getting text messages for it's on me like the emailing guys to get them to come on. It's all in my head There's no CIA. There's the that's why I would say that if I was a guy who's like Influenced by the NSA and I was like an undercover spy sort of like this Trip search was normal I don't know what you got your posting Got a good cavity search the That was the thing about the rock and roll movement in Laurel Canyon in the 1970s. Eddie Bravo made me read a book on it. Yeah. What's the documentary I think? Yeah, there's like a crazy fucking conspiracy that the CIA created like Jim Morrison, the Doors, [1:16:04] and the rock and roll movement of the 60s all the decadent rock and roll yeah and It's this weird connections. It's like you got to go like whoa This is there are some connections there. Here's the thing. I don't think you can create a Jim Morrison You need to have a guy who's that guy, but Jim Morrison's dad was like a federal agent. Jim Morrison's dad was, what was Jim Morrison's dad? General. Who's a general? But you gotta have that. Wasn't he in the CIA as well? I don't think so. No, just in general. So. He just like the one that gave the orders that started to call for Tonkin or something. Oh, Jesus Christ. Whoa. Okay, Jesus Christ. Whoa. Okay, so imagine that so his dad deep state. So that's a connection. Okay Yeah, well, look at that rear-ad row. It's not what I expected exactly so he's not a general That so he's heavy-duty military man and then his son Goes on and becomes one of the biggest rock and roll stars of all time and like a complete counter culture figure [1:17:05] biggest rock and roll stars of all time. And like a complete counter culture figure, drugs and chaos and pulling his dick out front of people. Madness driving a 67 GT 500 Mustang in the desert and fucking hair and sunglasses and and there's people that think that that sort of image, this the rock and roll star, the decadent depraved rock and roll star image, was calculated by the CIA. And this was all a part of the same anti-war movement. What they were trying to do is stop the anti-war movement. They were trying to stop the hippie movement. And they think that what they did was encourage a chaos that came out of worshiping these degenerate rock and roll stars, the world's drug addicts and saying crazy shit. Right. But ask it, like you're taking away his talent. No, but you're not though, you're not. They're saying it. You're essentially saying that they promoted that. [1:18:01] Like the town already existed, but they realized if you can get this crazy chaotic guy Sign them to a major record label and then push him everywhere and have these young kids see this guy You know this guy with the saying worship this weird the lizard king Right, it's fucking wild dude that you know Val Kilmer played in that movie If you wasn't yeah Val Kilmer like excellent thought he was Jim Morrison, lost his fucking marbles. It's a great movie. He seemed like Jim Morrison in that movie. But that like, this documentary, this book is all about that the CIA had a hand in this. This is different. I think a different, I don't know exactly what they said he did in it, but this is an explanation of what happened. The details of the incident would distorted perhaps intentionally between Morrison and the other commanders on the scene, the Pentagon and the White House. That night President Johnson interrupted primetime TV a very big deal in those days and told the American public that two U.S. Navy warships had been attacked on the high seas and they [1:19:01] was asking Congress for support to counter the North Vietnamese aggression. At the same time Morrison and his staff told Navy headquarters in Hawaii that the radar returns that the destroyer had targeted were probably false returns generated by the rough seas. Headquarters relayed the information to the Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, but he failed to give those details to President Johnson. So he held the details back. So based on Johnson's testimony that the destroyers had suffered an unprovoked attack in international waters, Congress approved of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, giving the President the authority to conduct military operations in Southeast Asia without a declaration of war. So that was Morrison's dad. Was a declaration of war. So that was Morrison's dad was a part of that. Wow. So the thing is it sounds super far-fetched, but when you look at what they definitely did with the Manson family, what they definitely did with Operation MK Ultra and Operation Midnight [1:20:04] Climax and all these different crazy mind control experiments that they did and what they did with the Harvard LSD studies and what they did with the, they were dosing people with acid and trying to make them do things and trying to turn them into psychopaths and they did it with the Manson family. They got Manson when he was in prison and dosed him up with acid and taught allegedly taught him how to be a cult leader allegedly right and then provided him with acid and then repeatedly let him out of jail every time he got arrested for things yeah cuz he was a lot yeah someone would step in say this is above your pay grade and he would be out yeah and they know that he worked with jolly west who was the guy who was running mk ultra for the c. the CIA. So if they were doing that, you think they're gonna leave rock and roll alone? No, right, right. No, they probably would do it. And then there's also some people now that are saying they were a part of funding the gangster rap movement of the 80s and the 90s. That was another way to so discord in society. [1:21:01] And when society is unstable, you can like control people. Sure. When society is stable, then they wanna go, hey, let's fucking get rid of some of these bureaucrats that are useless. Let's fucking clean up the streets. That's a stable society with a great economy. Now you want things in chaos. And so that's the way you stay in power and stay in control. Yeah, it was a movie or something silly where they would play in the it was a music there were musicians whatever they had an album out and in the album they were putting something to like get people to buy certain things or do some Oh, so the blue metal messages. Yeah, but I don't know. I forget what it was but it would show like one frame He said hungry e-pop corn. Yeah, they would show like a photo. Is it a silly will-fair-all movie? I can't, it's like drive me crazy, built like Ben Stiller and so they, but it was getting people to do things. It was crazy and I was like, that probably fucking happens. Like you just, movies and the movie and the pussy cats. Josie and the pussy cats. I know there's something stupid. Find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy to deliver subliminal messages through the popular music [1:22:08] Find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy oh So this that was the TV show oh no this is later this is way later. Yeah, Josie and the pussy cats was an actual animated show That was on when I was a kid that's why I was thinking from 2001. Yeah, is that will Ferrell? I don't know if he's in it. I just remember being quirky. Oh, I never saw this. I love, she used my favorite. Look, she made it too. I love that dude too. Yeah. I think I watched it because Parker Pozzie was in it. That dude from Shits Creek. Yeah. Shits Creek is hilarious. You ever watched that show? Oh my god, my mom loved that. It's such a good show. She's like, put that shit on again. I'm like, it's shit's crazy. You know what's a good show that I used to shit on for no reason at all? Cause I didn't ever watch it. The big bank theory. Oh. Big bank theory is a fucking funny show. It is funny. It's a funny show. It has, yeah. some of it is canned laughter, but that's the case in every single sitcom. [1:23:06] So what happens is in any single sitcom, you'll have takes that someone flubs a line or something fucks up and you have to redo it. Sometimes you redo it without the audience. So you have pickups. Yes. So after the sitcom's filmed, the audience leaves and they say, oh, Joe, you have two pickups, Dave, you have two pickups. And so you'll just wear whatever you wore in that scene again and redo the scene. So you'll do it with no audience. Yeah. So I didn't think of that. I thought they redo it with the audience. No. Sometimes they do that too. We did that too. But you don't want to beat the audience up. Right. Sometimes if you just a real quick second take, they'll do a second take. We'll do one more time, folks. But if there's like a real pickup or maybe they need a writing fix, like maybe someone comes along and sometimes they'll be watching it live and they'll go, you know, we need a better line here. And so, okay, let's get it in post. So then they wait until after the show and then they do it. So if you watch like an episode of the Big Bank, they're in no one's laughing. And the reason why is because they probably film [1:24:07] that without an audience. Sure. It's part of the process of making a sitcom. Also, it's a funny fucking show. It's funny. And what they're talking about is Bizarro, like that we call my nephew Brandon Sheldon, because he's like, Sheldon, you know, everything's a ritual, like you have to do it a certain way. It's it's incredible But the way he shits on people yeah, and the way he does like saying things and then like they'll have to remind him Hey, that sarcasm and he's like oh that like you people like you're so minimal Well, he's also not that competent right? So it's like he's bizarrely smart bizarrely overestimates his Even amongst other But he's bizarrely smart. But bizarrely overestimates his work. So even amongst other physicists, he falls short. It's very complicated character. It's very funny. I think it's great. I think he did a great job with it, too. No, it's great show, but I was watching the other day. The reason why I found that show actually is a show that I think is even better than that, which is Young Sheldon, which is an Netflix show, which is no audience. I've just seen that too, right? Yeah, and Young Sheldon is about him when he was a little boy [1:25:06] and it's hilarious. Oh, that's cool. It's not new. I think there's several seasons. Oh, new Earth, again. Yeah, newer. Yeah, but I think there's like six seasons. I think they started making it after Big Bang Theory was theory. And then we started watching the big bank theory. And I'm like, it's a good sitcom. And it made me think like, man, other than Miss Pat, Miss Pat who has a regular sitcom, she has an actual, which it's- And it's hilarious. It's hilarious. But you have to have the BET app to get it. And maybe it's on something else too now. Is what else is missed? I see it on BET. So other than that, like dude, they don't exist anymore. The audience, sitcoms. There's to be a hundred of them. Not good ones. They used to be on the WB, the UPN, and the fucking ABC, and NBC, and CBS, and Fox, and there was so many fucking [1:26:03] sitcoms. Yeah, I think now everything. Oh, okay, you can get it on everything now. Oh, yeah. So you can get it on Roku, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, Apple TV, and BET Plus. Well, Apple TV is real good about that. They most shit you can get even stuff that's like, you know, I'm watching show guns, show guns on FX. Somebody just told me about that. I gotta get into it. They said it's really good. It's very good, but you can watch that on Apple. Yeah. You just get on Apple TV. Apple TV's the shit. I love Apple TV, I have that. They just turned you into a fucking Apple robot. You buy everything, you get sucked into the ecosystem, and they make it easy. Like you resist, but you're like, why am I resisting? It's so much better. Like my phone is a remote control. You use your phone as a fucking room, and it's a better remote control than the one that's on your feet. Absolutely. It's a stupid thing that the guy programmed. Wait a minute, this could be a remote, I mean, go back to the TikTok thing, [1:27:06] I would see a lot of clips from Miss Pat. People love it. It's a great show. So it's great to see, because then this is another thing, they'll play clips from TV shows. So you're like, oh, what is that show? And then you kind of get into that, or I never watched that, whatever show was out a long time ago and then I'm like, oh, I should check that out and you'll find it on the apps. So now I'm watching it. So they are TikTok is telling me what to do. Yeah, they're definitely moving you in a direction. Yeah, I mean, it's not bad. But the thing is the question is, should we protect people from the kind of influence that can scramble their brains? Sure. Because you can't, like, you remember when a few years, not a few years, a few months back, all the TikTokers, TikTokers had got a hold of, what the fuck is his name? Well, some have been lawn. Well, some have been lawns led up to America. [1:28:02] And they were all like, oh my God, some have been lawns. He was the good guy. Like America is the bad guy. And he was like, oh, he's fucking cobrokai. What is this shit? No, I'm telling you, it's this foreign influence. I guarantee you, there's some of that that's a part of like the accentuating that. And then there's also like the radical left today that wants to, you know to attack everything that's America, thinks that American flags are racist. People are out of their fucking minds. Well, anybody that wears an American flag, they're considered like this, you know, Trump or whatever. It's hilarious. It's a left, right? Is it the left? I'm not good. Look at that right there. I don't know. That's a gun that American flag right next to Missy Shoe. Yeah it is. Oh I was literally looking at my shelf like, hi. And then I'm looking at Missy's nipple. And yeah, that flag is gorgeous. See, I grew up, my mom worked for the Philadelphia Navy shipyard. So she had rules. You weren't like, when I see people with flags like bikinis, [1:29:00] we weren't allowed to wear that like my mom was like that's disgraceful That's not how you wear the flat. I'm like, oh, okay Like you couldn't have shorts with it on it. You had a folded a certain way We drive down the street and she teardead flags and she those people are unamerican Like she had a folded a certain way you had to take it in when there was a storm like she is a little crazy about the flag So when I see it, I'm like, oh, like I stand up straight because I'm gonna, you know, get yelled at by my mom. So I get nervous. But yeah, I do, I don't look at a flag and think, oh, that's, have you watched your co-op or cop? But it's bizarre to say, I watched it for a little while. I gave it a little more. Okay, but you see what I'm saying? They made No, he's the good guy in Ralph Modge, who's the bad guy. Right. And it was hilarious. I was like, this is, and then I'm like, is that really what happened? Like now I'm starting to think it. So the Osama bin Laden, people are probably like, fuck. We've all been lied to. Yeah. Because we do get lied to a lot. Oh, the second you see one thing, you could be like, say, we're right. Also, Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset. [1:30:06] Osama bin Laden trained the Mujahadin to fight the Soviets. He was a part of that. So when he turned on America, it was not like we didn't do anything. I guess we're like a crazy girlfriend. Like I didn't fucking do anything. He just fucking lied. I didn't do anything. It's no big deal that I shot his window out. Why, why'd you guys get kicked out? We were just laughing. We ain't doing anything. We just laughing and they kicked us out. Like, who the times I've heard that? I was helping this show. How many times have you heard that? A billion. Easily. He's pointed in Don L yesterday. Don L was telling me he started his career as a Hechler. Shut the fuck up. Donnell wrongs started his career. He's like, son, I was moving tickets as a Hechler. He was saying that people would come to see him Hechler. They would Hechler the comedians. That's how he got it started. I don't know how to feel about that. That's how he got it started. He got his career started as a Hechler. [1:31:07] Are enemy? I could get you feel bad about that now. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You feel terrible about that now? Yeah, I mean, that's awful. So how would he move tickets? Like he would go to shows and prove he was better than the comics? It's done now. It's all like he's so fun. Gonzo journalism. You're not sure what's real, what's not. I do love him. He's the best. I love him too. He was looking sharp yesterday. He got a three piece. He does dress so nice. Yeah. Sometimes he does. He's like changed his look. He had a three piece with a tie and a like a pocket square. Okay. Yeah. Netflix special and a pocket square. My man slim cut. He looked good. He looked like using a good shape when he was lost weight. I like it. My specials on YouTube. So I'm wearing a sweatshirt. Yeah, but specials on YouTube are great because they're accessible to everybody. No, I love it. It's a good move. I was a little bit like, I just put like, oh, I should try to shop it. And I sent it to a few people, you know, did a little bit of the shopping, but then I was like, no. I think the YouTube's the better option. It's a great way because you're gonna ensure that people will find it easy [1:32:07] and be able to get a hold of it instantaneously. Everybody has a YouTube account. Or if you don't have a YouTube account, you just use YouTube with no account. Exactly. YouTube is like the only thing that'll let you watch stuff with no account. Well, I knew that when I saw my brother Charlie watching it. And I was like, wow, he can't work Netflix, but he's got YouTube, this is amazing. It's things like Instagram or TikTok. Like people send me TikTok links all the time. I don't have TikTok, so I'm not gonna click on it. So they know it has to sign up or it has to watch on the website. It's annoying. I don't wanna do that. And I don't wanna sign up for TikTok. So I don't have to have a YouTube app on your phone. It just shows you the thing. You can go to YouTube from other websites and like it'll be like a embedded link. And you can watch YouTube without ever opening up a YouTube app. I don't think I knew that about the TikTok thing because I do send them to my brother Jimmy a lot. [1:33:00] He doesn't know if he doesn't have TikTokok face nothing. Well, you can kind of watch them But you got to go to the website and ask you to download the app you like no thanks China Fuck up Fuck up China. I buy it all the American propaganda I'm not going to your Chinese website to watch an open letter to America from Osama bin Laden By the way, I'm gonna Google that later Want to hear the open-m America. How did you say that? Because they translate it. See, this thing is through AI. One of the really wild things about AI is it can seamlessly translate your voice and even your lip movements to other languages. So they're gonna do that with this podcast or they're gonna translate this podcast to Spanish, German, and what was the other one, Jamie? Was it India? Was it Hindu? No. That's great. French. I think it's Spanish, German, and French. I think that's it. Is that right? I think those are the three at first. That's all that's right. So what they can do now, though, is they can translate like Hitler's speech. So they've got Hitler's speeches that Hitler gave in German. [1:34:07] You put up what I thought's not to do that. And you get to see it in English and you go, oh, he sounds like Trump. Yeah, right, right. He sounded nearly as radical as he thought he did. And I'm just kidding, he doesn't sound like Trump, but he doesn't brag about himself. But it's not funny. he doesn't sound like Trump, but he doesn't, he doesn't brag about himself. But it's not funny. He doesn't? I thought he's not funny. Like Trump is funny. Trump is definitely funny. He says funny things. He, no one's like him. But what he, what he's doing is not like, we gotta kill the Jews. Like that's what I thought it was all. I thought it was all like, and killed when you see those things, those speeches, that's not what he's saying. You can't convince somebody just to say it outright. You have to manipulate them first. So he brought them in. He really brainwashed them. For sure. And also he's methed out of his mind. I think, oh yeah, Hitler was on all kinds of amphetamines. Literally the only. You didn't know that? I heard it, but I didn't believe like I'm like proof of it. Okay. There's a video of him in the, [1:35:05] I think it was the 1936 Olympic Games. And he's in Moscow and he's just rocking. Just sitting there, look at this, look at him. Oh yeah. But I see, I'll look at that and I'll think it's the film for back that. I'm excited to make it off Hitler 1936 Olympics. Tell me what to say this is, sped up a bit, but he's still whatever dude, whatever. Dude, I'm doing that now and I'm not on meth. I'm like, I get it. Just look at all the other people in the audience. They're not moving like that. Yeah, that's weird. Bro, that guy's methed out. Even if it's sped up, maybe it does. That's what it is. Maybe it does. That's creepy. Look at the way that guy lifted up his binoculars. It looks a little bit sped up. It looks like it's one and a half speed. Something's off. You know sometimes people watch podcasts at one and a half speed? Yeah, I see that. Watching this, I was watching this YouTube video where these guys were watching another YouTube video, but they were watching it at one and a half speed. [1:36:06] And I was like, wow, that sounds weird. And then I realized what they were doing. I'm like, oh, they just speed it up to get to the point quicker. Yeah. When I was in high school, I got a little bit obsessed with Hitler. It was literally, I was a bad student, terrible student. The only thing that peaked my interest is this creepy guy was able to run five countries, get five countries to believe what he was saying and do what he was saying. He was conquering these people. And I'm like, this is a real person. Like I was oblivious to everything. So I started getting like good grades because I was paying attention. And my mom was like, just like during the pandemic, she's like, remember when you loved Hitler? No, no one loved Hitler. I was just. Well, listen, also back then when you were a kid, that was 50 years after the war. Right. Which is like it just happened. Yeah. So you're looking at like your grandpa's age. Your grandpa was alive when this happened. [1:37:01] Like what? Yeah. He was in the war. Yeah. when this happened. Like what? Yeah, he was in the war. Yeah, so it's like, wait, what? This is a real person? Like I just didn't, cause it would seem so far away and then you're like, this just happened. Yeah, it seems completely insane. Yeah. It seems completely insane that that just happened. Yeah. But so the point is like, so now they can take this al-Sama bin Laden speeches and they can translate that to English. Wow. Do you use AI for anything else? I don't use it. My friend is trying to get me to download this app and chat GPT. Yes. She says it every day. I know a lot of Duncan uses it constantly. Duncan, if you hate someone, say if you hate someone, Duncan will make an audio recording of you praising that person and talking about how you want to go down on her. And I'm not even gay, but there's something about the sweet smell for firmones that excites me on a cellular level. Like, he'll anytime anybody is mad at somebody he will make some ridiculous audio recording [1:38:06] Some satirical audio recording of of Duncan isms Because it's it's almost the smartest Duncan Almost to me. I just put him on a pedestal. I just even like he would torture me when we were Working together because he's the talent coordinator. We called him the chic because he came in after Princess Cory. He hated the nickname, hated the whole job. Everything. Well, he's just a comic to want to a job. Exactly. And he says that, you know, when I was waiting tables at the store, I would be very harsh to comics, right? And especially if I liked them, I would fuck with them them a lot and he said that he got off stage and I said to him. I don't know what that was, but it wasn't comedy I'm like you I did not because I Favorite but I probably did it as fun for fun probably fun. We all did that to each other [1:39:01] It was a good time. It was part of the fun of performing together. Yeah, but it's like what Duncan was was like this like Just a complete unique person like why how are you doing? Yeah, you should be in an oshram somewhere What's in the box What you thought? Someone stole little hobo and he replaced it with a better little hobo. I know, I was very upset when I heard Little Hobo was stolen because that was like one of my favorite things to watch in the original room because it would do the music, you know, the whole thing was so good. And then dice would sit in the back and just be screwed. It's his favorite thing ever. Cause I was like, you have to see this and then he came in to see it and he's like, it's like this to don't get worships him. No, it's incredible. It's, but Duncan is a unique guy. There's no other Duncan's. I don't know anybody like him. I know people that like try to pretend that's that guy, but that's really him. He did call me an old mayor for a while, Sam. Mayor. Not the fucker. Fucking kill you, don't get. Well, you were always really good to go to, like if I could always ask you, [1:40:06] if someone was coming in from out of town, if there were any good, you were the one who would give, because a lot of people would bullshit, because they were thinking maybe this guy's gonna get a sitcom, maybe I'll be on a sitcom, I'll probably say, oh, he was great, it's good, so solid a hack. I go really, yeah, sucks. Like wow, really? You're like, yeah, terrible. As a comic, I feel like when people ask me, like, hey, so and so is coming in from New York, I think, and I'm like, oh wow. Like I just, because I don't want to lie. Right, but I'm also, when I was waiting tables, I had no steak. Right. Like I wasn't a comic. Exactly. So it's like, okay, I could say whatever I want, because I'm in a different field, but now I'm in the same field. So what if I'm coming to New York, somebody's like, she kind of sucks. Well, whatever. But then be undeniable. I'm just the same. So I get nervous that it's going to backfire. [1:41:02] But so. Well, that's how it works. It will. If you talk shit, people will look at you. You know, like if you watch groups of people that have developed like a hater community, that hater community will always target them. They'll eventually turn on them. Because you've developed a bunch of attack dogs. Yeah, but now people like in a text thread, they'll ask about people and you know we always fuck with each other and the text threads and you can be very vicious and you know send horrible shit to each other. And so you know somebody brought up some comic from New York and I go oh they're really good. Oh that's the new Eleanor. Oh they're really good and I'm like fuck yourself. Cause now watching people in a different light. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, but there are people that are objectively hacks. Like you see them really. Oh, and you still see them. Sleer is a fucking, I mean, anything. They're just like plug and play. Yeah. They're like, find a topic that everyone's talking about and talk about that topic. That topic. No, no, zero unique take but also like sometimes it's internet jokes and I'm like dude. Oh, yeah [1:42:07] You're getting away with this like Rick Ingraham said something about a comic that Getting a lot of press right now. Whatever you want to say For their special and he was like this is vaudevillian Oh my god, it does go that far back Because it's good. I'm, yes, that is accurate. But I didn't, I don't try to shit on as many people, but I do see it still. Yeah, just, it's sometimes better to keep moving. But sometimes you have to be honest. Like, there's a problem when you're running a club, you know, like my situation, thank God I have it. By Think I got that club is so fucking amazing. It's pretty fun. Yeah. Last week, I mean, two weeks, whenever I was here, I'm still not off that high. Still not off that high and getting a duel at Dalmy Rare, even fucking better. Yeah. It's a fun place. Yeah. So I give up all the power to add them. [1:43:01] I basically say, like, you know what you're doing. You're really good at it. You decide whose book to your not. And we talk about it. We talk about certain things. But when someone hits me up and they say, you know, this is not the level that we're working for. It's hard to say. When you say to that person, you've lost the way. Like, I know what you got, but it's not good. Whatever you just did, it wasn't comedy. I don't know what that was. But the thing is, especially if you're in a scene that sucks, like if you're out there, that's one of the things that's the most beneficial thing about the club, is that you're involved with a bunch of other comics now. Sure. You know, it's a scene of like-minded people. And everyone's kind of doing the same kind of thing. And you get to like, you get to feed off of each other's success and energy. And there's a lot of comics out there that do not have access to that. And they get stagnant. [1:44:00] Get stuck in this little, like I thought about this job I didn't get a long time ago. And then I saw a person who got the job, and I was like, oh, I'm glad I didn't get that job. It was a writing thing, but now they're stuck in that little. That's the velvet prison. Right. And they can't get out. That's the velvet prison. It's a bad prison to get in. Because you get a good living, sudden during the pandemic all that shit got shut down and all those guys were like oh no yeah and I can't go on the road anymore because nobody knows who I am because I've been working in a writers room for 20 years and now watching that person like try to bring themselves back and you're like the animals aren't work and you also have a family now and you have a mortgage you can't be on the not a 21 year old guy on the road you could just kind of like sleep with two other dudes in a hotel room and crash on the floor. Yeah, but we actually do that because everybody snores. Right. You know, it's like we did wild things back then. Sure. I just liked a storage room once. I did a gig on an island and they had cots in a storage room. This is like canned tomatoes and shit. We had a bathroom that we could shit in. And then there was nothing there. [1:45:06] There was no hotel, it didn't exist. Just so many gigs like that, but they build character, those are important. Oh, certainly. You can't do those. Certainly build character. No, but I will say this, I do kick myself in the ass a lot because I didn't start when I first moved to LA. I weighed a table's 12 years, then left, came back a year and a half later as a comic. That's mental illness. I know. But it's not. You just didn't jump. But that's weird. Like all those years, no interest in it, no nothing. That's the weird part because you didn't have an interest. Well, no. And I think it was Freddie, when Freddie Soto passed, that was the jarring moment, that was like, what are you doing? You know, and he would say it constantly, you should be doing standup, come on the road, you know, that kind of shit. And so, and a lot of comics said it, but it was, you know, because we would fuck around in the kitchen. I mean, I'm doing bits in the kitchen with you with the, for a stand. Now, I know know you still do this thing where I would say, hey, I gotta send a letter. [1:46:05] Do you have a stamp and send an apron? She would put her hand in her apron and just start fingering herself. And I'm like, are you finding the stamp? I don't know. Anyway, what's your name? What's your name? What is your name? What's your name? People around us would be like, are you okay? Yeah, I just get real hard. And it was just like this running gag that we did for like five years. It's stupid. It's stupid. But like, when you're bored, you're doing comedy in the kitchen, but we're just fucking out. We were trying to find things that would entertain our brains. Right, right. But you were always doing it with us. So like, then up after the pro wrestling. Yeah. That's, oh, okay. It was a big song. But it worked. Like, now you're a headliner. Like, it worked. That's what I'm saying. I'm loving it. I mean, probably the, I got lucky with like going on the robot dice. We only had a few uncomfortable encounters where I had a share room with him and his ex-wife. That was hilarious. That was hilarious I've been on the couch, I'm not listening, I swear. La la la la la. I've never heard any of this before. [1:47:05] La la la. That's crazy, Dice made you share a room with her. Just, it was, I'll tell you when I had it. He was already Dice, he already sold out me. No, he was here. It was doing great, it was my fault. It was I was supposed to leave at a certain time and the playing got So it was like, oh shit, or immediate, like that was the only uncomfortable other than that. We're in five-star hotel, so I'm spoiled. Right. You know, I get that little one thing, and it was, you know, oh God, what is this? You know, yeah. Then I go on the road as I headliner by myself, and I'm like, oh, this is different. You know, not as bougie, but we're getting there. Are you bringing in people with you? Not yet. That's why I want to make this like my special. I needed to go up because I think that's a great asset. Like, me and Andrew have so much fun on the road because we're such good friends and we fuck around to those videos all day. And so we make the most of it. But when you are on the road and you have to use people you don't know [1:48:00] and they're fine, but having your friends is really a, it's a great way to travel. It's the only way. It's really is. But you got to get to a certain level to be able to pay them to do that. Yeah, I started doing it before I could really could afford it because I realized at a certain important time it's better to have people on the road with you then to make, well I could afford it. I should, when we correct myself. I could afford it, but it was, cost me money. Yeah, that's what you're losing money in your gig. Yeah, because it wasn't, I wasn't getting a lot of money back then either. So it's like, if I knew that the club wasn't willing to pay airfare and hotel and pay an opening act like, oh, a good amount of money. Sure. Like more than they're getting normally when they would be working on their club. So then I started bringing guys in the road with me and I was like, oh, this is so much better because then we're going out to dinner together, we're laughing, we're in the green room together, we're laughing, we do shows, we're laughing, we go to the airport, we're laughing. It's a lot less lonely. It's fun. It changes the entire gig and it makes the gig a great time. And you know, I'm out there with Duncan and Joey and Ari and so they're family. [1:49:08] Yeah. So we're having a great time. It was a great time. Yeah. It was just fun. It was just fun. And it just makes the whole thing more of an experience and then you're getting to watch them grow as well. Yes. And now they're headlight. They're doing it. You know what I mean? Like everybody is moving up. And that's a positive. Exactly. Everybody's learning from the road. And it's also like just the experience of the job is, we're all like, oh, we're so lucky we get to do this. Yeah, yeah. We do that all the time at the club here. It's like, well, like God, it's so lucky. We're so in the green room loving it, because it's just so great to see. It's family, it is. And when you meet somebody on the road, you go to another city and you see somebody that you came up with, they're like, hey, you're like a dog. Let me hang out. Let's go hang out. No, there's something extra special about being on the road with some friends from a different city. Like one guy's working at a local club. [1:50:06] When's your show over? 10 o'clock. All right. Let's meet up. Oh, you have two shows. What a pussy. I'm sorry. I'm still. Yeah. But those days are, you know, like it's hard to appreciate it while it's happening, but that's the rarest of rare in the world of occupations because you do a thing that is really fun to do. You love doing it and other people get a great joy out of it. Like the people go and they feel better and you're doing it with other friends who are also doing it and also enjoying it and everybody's just having a party. And you're just making the whole journey just more fun. Let's just about better experience. Like it's just what I'm lucky for another fortune of thing is Dice loves doing clubs, right? And I mean, he could do theaters, whatever, but he loves doing these little clubs. So what he'll do is he does the early shows. It doesn't like to do two shows. So I headline the late shows. [1:51:00] Nice. So it's like we're still getting hang out and then I'm eating a lot of cool like locals from different areas So that's a little easier in that like I'm still hanging out with my buddy and then I meet new people That is nice. Yeah, so I got I am very very fortunate not what to work with heaven Where do you go up in LA nowadays? I'm always at the store of course, but I do the lab factory the improv and I'm always at the store of course, but I do the Lafactory, the improv. And sometimes I'll even go like do the ha ha. I haven't done it in a while. The ha ha is a good break. But I love the ha ha too. It's good. I never fucked with flappers. I think I only went up on flappers. Yeah, I haven't. Yeah, somebody wants there, I think. The ice house they say is like all revamped. I haven't done it to be honest since you were there. Yeah, that was a great spot. Well, that's where I used to go when I could kick down the store. It's been a lot of a time with IZ house. I was nervous with that. Yeah, it was fun time. It's fun piece of history. It was fun. But yeah, what was it that you were doing the Friday night chronicles or the ice house chronicles? I'm sorry, but. Yeah, we did the ice house and I did the improv quite a bit too, in Provin town, but [1:52:07] yeah, I always missed the hang of the store. The hang of the store was always the different thing. We had that quite a bit of the ice house. We had a good hang of the ice house. Well, say you built that with your club for sure. The hang is phenomenal. Well, the show itself great as well, but it's like that hang is so cool too. It's important. But you brought that important because I do feel like even if I work the other clubs, I do wind up back at the store because they have more of the space to hang. But you know, some nights you go, oh, it's not tonight. And then some nights you're like, oh, okay, this is like an old, you know. Yeah. Well, that was always, well, it was even back in the day. You'd go down there and know it'd be there, but you were a few haters. Waiting for you. Yeah, and as a waitress, I'd be waiting for eight people so we could start the show. So it was fucking rough times. But those nights sometimes were like the best because everybody would show up and we just hang in the kitchen. [1:53:07] Well that's where all in the kitchen. Holtzman developed, you know. Oh God yeah. Those crazy late night sets. He's another one. I remember him showcasing. He's killing that here. Oh I did his show when I was here. I came in a little bit early and I did his show on the Thursday night and it was the crowd was phenomenal. They love him. And I realized I said something a little like, you know, out of control and then I got a big, I go, oh, this is a Holtzman show. Okay, because for a second, I was like, yo, you're not opening for that chill out. This isn't a crowd that expect, and then I realized, oh, it's Holtzman. And I remember him showcasing for Mitzie and, you know, she was passing on him, like not passing him, if you will. And he'd come in the back and he'd crawl, like murder and he'd come right in her face and he'd be like, was that good enough? Was that good enough? I was like, why are you yelling at Mitzie Shore? [1:54:00] And she passed him in the belly room. That's where she passed him. Cause she, it was like a whole thing she put him through. She really put him through the ringer, but it was great. And he just, it would come in and come in. We had so much fun with him. Remember after September 11th, she wouldn't let him go out for two weeks. Cause he would bring it up. Bring it up. He was gonna open with it. Of course. He did it with the Oklahoma City Bombers. Yeah. Bombing and he did it with the women who drowned our kids. Susan Smith. We talked about the night after like all the Harvey Weinstein shit came out. Mm-hmm. I don't know what I should say. Whatever's in the news. I'm not going to say what he said. Don't say what he said. But what is it? Don't say what he said, but what I was mean Adam were in the back like they're gonna lock the doors We're done. I didn't see what he said about Israel after October 7th I was not there, but I could only imagine he did not leave that alone. No, he didn't he's a wildfucker And he's he's putting these road gigs up. He's going to do road gigs and then puts videos up of people leaving a show [1:55:03] It's a little people getting upset getting upset. Oh, it's a star. It's my new favorite thing. Watch, because you know, I had to deal with it. And a lot of them back in the day, like they would walk out. Can I see the manager? Like, it became a thing I used to fuck with a Holtzman. And he'd say he was like, you like I see a manager, please and you shut up bitch and he Go crazy, but it was like a right I feel like don L I used to heckle But it was a bit but it was a bit it was it was a running gag We did at the store a lot to do a running gag with Brian. Oh, so tell us about your gay son of course My favorite thing to say but people would say it too early Like not yet. Oh, you got to wait on that one. Yeah, yeah. And he would go, I'm proud of my boy. And he just told me, that's my boy. And we just go into this bit and you just like, what the fuck are you saying? Sometimes you would add crazy shit to it. No, yeah. We were at dinner. Yeah, we were at Mitsy Showa's house. Aunt Link Letter was there. Who? Alan are carrying good. Like he put random people in there with [1:56:06] Bizarro historians. And then I remember Mitzi used to fuck with them and make him follow certain people. So he would follow Tanya Lee Davis. I don't know if you remember her. Very funny. I don't know. A little person. Thank you. I couldn't remember the proper term. And she'd crushed, right? And then she get off and she had a chair on stage and everything and Mitsu'd be sitting in the back hole to go up throw the chair down What what kind of shit is it what is this a circus? Who's up next the bearded woman That like Todd you leave is in front of him and time you knew he was doing it So she'd laugh too. She didn't care But he'd throw the chair down and just yell at Mitty for booking little people. And Mitty loved it. She thought it was the greatest thing ever. And Tanya would laugh too, so she didn't care. She loved chaos. She really did. But it was fun to even make it more fun, like a drama. Like Tanya's walking away, like, fuck fuck. But she knew it was a gag, so she didn't care. And she's killing it, she's still tors. [1:57:06] But it's just so funny. I would love to put them back together and just a bunch of years later. Because it's got to be like 20 some years. I've been doing this 16 years. That's crazy. I know. That's legit. Every when you get over 10, it's like getting your PhD. Really? Yeah, 10 years is like your real comic. I cannot. It seems like, I mean, people have done it quicker, but you gotta be really obsessed, and maybe you have a special talent, and maybe- Pretty lucky, too. Could be lucky, but it also could be you are used to talking in front of people, like maybe you were an AA. Like a lot of guys from AA became really good comics, especially in Boston, because they go up in front of people and tell stories about being hammered, and all the shit they did. So now I gotta find my car, and everybody's laughing. And it's funny, but it's sad. But it's hilarious at the same time. A lot of really good comics started out in AA. Yeah, love it. And also they had a lot of experiences to draw from because they had this crazy life, but now they're sober. So they had sort of a theme on the end of the long stage. [1:58:07] And that was like a cheat code, and I saw some guys get good really quick that way, but it seems like 10 years is the number. That's the spot. That's a sweet spot. And even then, 10 years are still like, oh, are you any good? But you're trying to like sort it out. You're trying to figure out what it is that you do exactly. I feel like that at 16 years. Yeah. It takes a while. I still feel like that sometimes. I'm like, what am I doing? I still sometimes I just reevaluate my stuff and really, I love to be inspired. When I'm inspired, the key is like acting on that. Like if I get inspired, if someone really funny is at the club and I see him like that was great. Now I want to go right. Right If I get inspired, if someone really funnies at the club, and I see him like, that was great. Now I wanna go right. Right. But you gotta really like go act on that. Like right while the inspiration is still, whew whew whew. Why do I got that ember? Keep it, keep it lit. And then go with it. But you know, it's like, [1:59:00] you always should be fucking with it. You're always looking at it and tweaking it. That's like me and Norman were talking about that the other day, he's like, does it ever get to Groundhog Day? And I was like, not if you're writing new shit, it doesn't. Cause you're always getting scared. Constantly. So there's always like some new thing you're fucking with. You know? We do a lot of shows in New York together and I see them at every show. Like if I'm at New York comedy club, if I'm at the seller, wherever I'm at, it marks on the show. I'm like, this is great. No matter what, he's still out that, I think the night before he did, he just did a big one in New York. Not the Carnegie because that's where I did, but I was with Tyson. He was doing a big one and he was like, you know, how do I take the subway like a normal? And I'm like, take the car, get a nice car or something and take it there. I forget what venue he was doing, but it was giant. And it was a big deal for him. And he, he's still at the stand the night before, like doing shows and he's like, well, see you guys after the big shot, you know? I don't know, I mean. He's so down to earth, which I love, [2:00:05] because you're still out there grinding it. I remember one night I was at the seller and I was mad at myself because I didn't do a new or a bit. And he goes, plussy, like he didn't even, like, he didn't even, like, he didn't. I was like, you know the, he's like, he's like just a pun machine. Half of it, like, you can't even address him because it would just like throw everything off. You'd never get a sentence out. Just like, he just, he thinks it is such a different way. He really is silly. He's just like, clear sign of mental illness. Unbelievable. Those things are insane. Yeah. Right? It's like that. You can see in his back pocket, I thought he had a booty from one side, they made it. What are you doing? It's all flat on the other side. Is it all curved and sweated on and shit? Is it sitting on him for years? I believe it. Very strange guy. We were going from the stand to the comedy seller. And so we all piled in our body, this guy Greg Stone, also hilarious comic, and we jump in his car, he's got kids. [2:01:05] So me and Mark were like wedged in baby seats, kind of things, like we moved them, but we were like, wedged, and he's like, is this good for you? Oh my God, it's always odd if we're just literally on each other's laps, like squished in poor Greg Stone's car. That's hilarious. Yeah, and then we all did the sets at the seller after. But I was like, I hope he doesn't watch, because I don't want him to do the job. He called me and put you for not doing my new shit. But I worry about, because I talk so much shit about comics that. Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, that's why you gotta really make sure you dot your eyes and cross your teeth. Yeah, so you can watch my special and you can see that I work really hard. And where is the special? Tell people how to get it? It's on YouTube. It's called No Country for Old Women. That's a great name. I know. And it came out March 1st, or it was like Women's Month. And I was like, you don't watch it. You hate women. No, I was kidding. Is that March Women's Month as long as the Black History Month? [2:02:01] Is it? Well well we're women that's how they spelled my name no country-fold women. Do you fucking believe that that's how my name looks? Was that on purpose or is it a joke? No they didn't know we had a wind storm the night before and it blew those letters off. Oh no how fucking crazy. That's hilarious. Yeah and I did it in the OR we kept the lights on. We did good. It looks beautiful lights are Incredible my friend Lexi shoe maker was a director and she really see the light on the bottom of the stage It kind of brightens it up a little bit. There she is pop in the coach The nerve of her to do this Somebody it's really good. I'm very very proud of it and I love the name of course Because I love being silly. The name's awesome. But you know what it is? Because we were talking about women, people say if you talk about sex, if you talk about this, politics, whatever it is, they do, oh, she always talks about her sex. She always talks about this, she always talks about that. Fine, and they always say, you're old. Yeah, I know. And I'm fucking fine with it. Like I'm happy to almost be dead. [2:03:07] Like I don't know what else you want me to do. Well, just people are just always trying to find some way to shit on you. Yeah. Cause you're the person on stage, get attention. I'm old in my title. Yeah. Deal with it. Yeah, deal with it, fucker. All right, Eleanor, am I gonna see you tonight? Yes, I'm excited. All right. Thank you, my friend. Oh, you got more things to tell people. This is exciting. No, oh, what are the comedy store podcasts still? We're still doing that. Nice. Comedy store podcasts. Nice. And hopefully, what's up Doc with Jeff Danish? We'll be back where we watch documentaries and reveal them. We right. Give everybody your Instagram. Instagram, EJ Carigan, and I think it's just EJ Carigan across the board. Somebody else, yeah. Twitter, TikTok. TikTok. Go ahead, China. Get in there, China. Get information. Okay, I love you. Thank you very much. All right, bye. Bye. Thanks for watching!