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Is it just me or does it seem like Rogan isn't letting Jamie bong beers anymore?





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Why did this get pulled down off Spotify? still up on youtube tho?




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Protect Our Parks

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Hell yeah, we're back. Fellas, let's go! So much shit to talk about. You see that wild shit that's going on in Scotland where they're targeting comedians for hate crime laws? Still? Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's his name? Count Dracula? Well Scotland with their targeting comedians for hate crime laws Name, Contracular, Contracular. Well, yeah, it's the same place with that guy. Thank you Right, thank you. Yeah, I'm trouble Weedhead, no, he got in trouble for making his dog do a Hitler He's trying to go holler. They're just doing to fuck with this girlfriend German Shepherd You got trouble for it. No, it was a little pugg. Yeah, it got by the log pull it up I think you got a rest German Shepherd. You got trouble for that? No, it was a little pug. Yeah, it was a cute little pug. Pull it up. I think you got arrested. I've done that in my run-up. They brought him the fucking jail. You get in trouble? I do that every time I see a dog. I did it with my friend's kid. Yeah, you push a toe bone. You want it? Oh really? Police Scotland, we don That's what you say now. But stand up shows still come under its scope. Jesus Christ, Scott, and you have one of the biggest fucking comedy festivals on earth every year. It's a huge comedy festival. But they're pretty cuifey over there. They all know. They will be a little bit. They'll creep it up. But this is so cuifey. Hey, crime. Age, disability, religion, sexual orientation. Fuck my heart. Yeah, everyone's all out. I was gonna say Marital, I was just throwing a picture on certain grounds. It's everybody's act. Sexual orientation, yeah. What? These are just things that exist. You gotta talk about age. This is so ridiculous. Wow, Scotland got weird. That's a real thing, no way. The training materials based on Scottish governments, explanatory notes which accompany the legislation. This included examples of a range of scenarios where offensive offenses might take place, but this does not mean officers have been told to target these situations or locations. But they can't if they want. Yeah, but if they can't, if they want. [2:01] But if they can't, if they want. They're going to be hilarious. Yeah. If they do the mug shots from this are going to be hilarious Every comic coming it up. I didn't arrested for an AIDS joke would I would explain to me Would it would explain to me by my friends in the UK specifically Francis Foster from Trigger nomadry. He's awesome. He was telling me that this government is like on the way out and that they're out of their Fudge is doing shit select. It's it. So it's like every fucking generation goes this way than that way. This way they go too far left and they go too far right. So these fucking cooks have decided they're gonna target people and put them in jail. Did you hear what happened in Belgium? The dude got a year in jail for memes that were shared. Memes that they shared in a private chat. No, one. Yes. Oh no. They gave him a year. And he's like, we saw the memes. Yeah. The memes are nothing. Wait, we saw the memes? Yeah, you can see the memes. You can find the memes are online. They're not that funny. No, one of them was like a Hitler one that was like anti-Hitler. It was like an anti-Nazi meme. [3:06] Like, and this was one of the ones that was cited as being one of the offenses. It's fucking private chat. Imagine if our projectile was in. Our projectile was in. Had before the show started, right now, what should we do? We should delete our data right now. I think when the projectile was in our podcast, we should have a very true one though. The podcast. We're just in the, they're in the keys. Yeah. Oh man. The podcast alone. Yeah, this is worse than the, yeah, it's worse. Yeah, it's worse. Yeah, it's worse than the, yeah, it's worse than the, yeah, it's worse than the, yeah, it's worse than the, yeah, it's the back half. You have to see this Belgium story and realize this fucking dumb shit is happening in 2024 with the internet. 2024 and you're going after people's phones and their private group, a private chat? Well, if everyone's private shit got leaked, we'd all be. Who's going to jail for it, too? What a hell. How far are we from being able to listen to anybody, talk at any time? [4:02] The government can already do it. How far is like everybody from being able to do that? And everybody assuming that everything you say all the time is being recorded. Oh yeah. Fucked we're gonna be if that happens. What's got you got Alexa in your house? Your phone here is everything. Yeah, but it's also it's like if it was actionable. Like if you start talking about things, like say if you're talking about some kind of medication that you can't use or some new law that they're gonna pass It's gonna fuck up free speech whatever it is if that if you're talking about that and then also in cops show up If you're like I want to kill these motherfuckers because people say that shit Yeah, you get around a guy and he's drunk and he's you know it makes $50,000 a year and he sees what his tax money's going to And he can barely get by and he's fucking hammer. I want to fuck it Kill Nancy Pelosi. They're crazy People get crazy doesn't mean they're actually gonna do it. He's just getting drunk. It's just Other than that guy Put that hammer down listen to me. I don't know how to go. Nope. That real go getter. Yeah that guy was like nope [5:01] What a wild mumbo he's looks he's a cop. She's like oh, I guess it's now That guy was like nope. What a wild mummower. He's like, he's a cop. He's like, oh, I guess it's now. How about it? How about it? How about it, we know, we're gonna forget it. His paw policy that he only had one hand on the dude because his other hand was on his drink. Yeah. And how much faith did he have that he can get away with things? Well, they knew each other clearly. They knew it. Do you think so? Oh yeah. They were fun. The guy broke into the house with a hammer. Seems like Paul was trying to keep it chill. I don't think they knew each other. No, I think that was the rumor. That was the rumor that he was a gay lover. That's what I heard. Yeah, no, no, no. There's some videos of the guy who's fun to believe. Using the hammer, he hit him Back door. So he gets in the house. Exactly. Does it though? It's like I think it's a schizophrenic in your house with a hammer That's it was like you said you wouldn't embarrass me. Yeah, it's a cake. Well, maybe she's Someone is to whack them. Maybe she thought about half of that 200 million. She stole This is a horrible video man. I hate this video [6:01] Cuz look at him. He's not even looking and this guy's got a fucking hammer And he's got his hand on the hammer and then the guy breaks the hammer loose and just bang him in the head Jesus And no, he hit him more than Watts. I think he went down again But the thing is like he's snoring Now when you're that old and you get knocked the fuck out like that. That is really bad I mean he might not ever be the same again. He got hit in the head with a fucking metal hammer. Still holding the drink though, you're right. Bro, it's crazy he only had one hand on that hammer. That is so nuts. It's his superiority. His confidence that he has, that everything's gonna be fine. What's his night shirt with the fuck? That's a big guy too. That's good. Big crazy looking motherfucker who just broken your house and he has a hammer. He'll be on kill-done with a footballer breaking it in your house. He thought that he was going to like keep that guy chill until the cops got there. And once the cops got there he's going to keep him chill and they were just going to rest that guy. He's like leading him forward too. Come on, come on. You can't let a guy turn your hand that way stupid. You're against your thumb now. If someone's grabbing something, [7:06] they try to take it from you. Look, always have something this way. Wait, that's the, David, David, this is the guy breaking into the house. He's so calm. I know. He's a fucking psychopath. I love it. So he pulls out a hammer. Look, he's got like a sleeping bag. He's a fucking crazy homeless dude. Wow, he got in there, please. Do you think he had it any of those Applosses? How does this guy not have top-dodge security? I know how are you so confident that you could just sleep in that house? Yeah, he could be yeah in your crime-infested city That is so great. I mean that city is infested with crime. He's so calm. He looks like the comic book guy. He's totally got a plan. And he's also confident no one has a gun. I like how he pulls out carefully all his tools and then the plan is smash it. Yeah. Yeah. That was still he still can't get in. [8:00] So he bashes through this fucking door, which took a while. Paloises a lot of noise. Pretty calm. I would be freaking out. Saying the guy broke the door with a hammer. Good point. Maybe we missed a whole chunk where the guy just runs up to them blows him. No, it's just like this is the fantasy. The fantasy was like, and then blows his like, I'm not praying to the fantasy. The fantasy was like when the and then blows is like I'm not praying to the cops I My door And then he hits it with the hammer. Maybe we're missing context. Thank God you're here But that's a horrific video to watch though. I don't I won't listen to it. It's hard punk It's a horrible thud and then the snoring Regardless of what you think about them stealing money. That's terrible. That's just terrible. They definitely stole money. I follow her stock tips. That's stock tips. I say stole money, what I should be saying is engaged in insider trading that's legal. There you go. And it's just nuts that it's legal. It's nuts that they can pass laws and they know the laws are coming and then they buy up stock and then they get paid. Yeah, they can't be stopped. Who's gonna stop? [9:05] They would have to stop. Oh, then a hero hammer. Then one hero gets a frantic. Yeah. How do you stop them? Bro, they make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules. They make the rules money by being a corrupt politician and you're just wandering around. Yeah. Just like what are you going to do about it? Yeah, we're going to listen to the company's needed financial support. We support them and we're rewarded for that. That's also why they probably need to keep making money. Like they need security. Lots more and more security. Yeah, they don't have security. On your own. Higgins go wild. One day. One day. He's gonna be funny that Pelosi only gets the blunt of it. Like everybody else is doing it too. She's a speaker of the house. She's not, right, she's a speaker of the house. But look, who's Higgins? Who's Spongebob? What does this mean? Spongebob's like the S&P 500. Hold on, but isn't this, is this is based on the percentage of their returns. So maybe Higgins is a new guy that just is getting there getting really rich. [10:06] Pelosi's getting what? Right, but he's going after it hard. He's going a lot. Everybody, this is like the guy wearing the coat in Joe Fellas. He's like, he's done that. He's the catalette. He's up in the catalette. Said, take it easy. Take it back. Take it back I'm going to get mine. That was such a good scene. Such a good scene and good fellas. You realize they have to kill that guy because he's got a cat or a lack? Get your shine box. No, no, no. That was a different one. This defense, he said that lacks context. Inside of trading, viral post leads to claims of insider trading. He says it lacks context. What is the context? Those numbers provide a distorted view of the facts. Oh, okay. Tell me more. I like it. He talked to you. Tell me more, sir. What does it say? Higgins are arguments. He's a doggy man. He's a doggy man here. He's a doggy man. It's funny that he has to, here goes. These numbers provide a distorted view of the facts that a spokesperson for Higgins better even better moved use a spokesperson in [11:05] a statement to seven news the truth is congressman Higgins has minimal investments and holdings in twenty twenty three one position which he had held for years and is held by millions of other people perform well rep Higgins follows all ethics and financial reporting requirements relatively speaking he is always ranked amongst the most modest income earners in college. Oh, it said he had less than 100 grand in the stocks. So when he went up, yeah, yeah, yeah, he went up with giant, that's a, it's like the piss is winning two games in a row. Also, if he has a minimal investments and holdings, they just get lucky and he's got one of them is like Nvidia. Yeah. Nvidia's a common one to hold because I've had it for years and doubled definitely jumped up when Nancy Fucked past them bills. Hey Nancy. You're anything about Navidia anything chance I could do better I got a lot of money to grow. He's got it in my area because it's in front of everybody's like What do they care? I mean she bang Kennedy did she pull that photo up? Oh, yeah, she was super young and hot. No, but she banged on the dance just knew him [12:06] Well, I think if you're in Kennedy's orbit you're not a long-to-and-half Middle Everybody considers him like our greatest of all time president. Hey look at the young 17 but Blossy 17 mark you sex perfect always that right? She's still older than us. Do you really think Jim can you bang in 17 year olds? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm 100% Wasn't it proud upon is that an insane? Imagine bringing that up in a history class Imagine being in like a history class Cool teacher and telling the teacher you know what I think? Yeah. Wasn't it probably they'll beg in a lot of 17 year olds? Oh, let's get back to the Bay of Pig. Did you get the awesome? Let's get the talk about that. I think they've really put everything to move. The Bay of Pig. It's kind of crazy, but to be like the leader of a country like that. It's almost like a pre-wreck was it. You have to be a pooh now. And that's how you, the only reason [13:06] why you have the ambition to get to that spot in the first place. Yeah, and up until Clinton, it was just, you kind of made fun of the girls. And if you're not, and you get into that position, like now I'm skeptical, like what's your motive? Yeah. or money or pussy. I take the guy who just wants pussy every day of the week. It seems like the best ones. Clinton. Clinton when he was president. Trump. Trump for sure. Obama want to dick. That's allegedly. That's allegedly. That's allegedly. That's allegedly. That's allegedly. Yeah. Big and allegedly. But our favorite is JFK and he's like the known biggest puny now like the known biggest poo in the known the known biggest what about those older guys the Drawing guys you think they were pooing hounds. Yeah, which ones like the old time you guys yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, they were drawn not Photo oh What about the guy wheel chair back in the drawing days you could do whatever you Not gonna be a long enough is I'm gonna sketch you could kill you could kill it You could kill everybody the next town [14:03] Everybody in the ass. Did you kill them? We'll move it to anapolis. Sorry, Philly. They did it again. Let's go further. What were their investigations like? Oh, yeah. You know, did you kill Nope? No forensics, right? Sounds good. Yeah. Yeah, just evidence. God, the lawyers back there. It's like, I just lost the witch trials, I'm your new attorney. Yeah, damn it. That was the worst lawyer, Walter. How did you lose that? The witch trials, the witch trials, the wildest shit of all time. There were witches, and I got nothing. They even gave you a lawyer back then. That's like pretty new, yeah. But they have to give you a lawyer. They're just like, I can read you I think mostly they drowned them too. It wasn't really a burning thing. The burning thing's kind of a misnomer, right? Is that right Mark? I don't know. The drowning thing they used to do was for sure was they had this thing where they would put you and like lock you to a chair and throw you in a pond. And then they'd be like, if she's a witch she's gonna get out. Right. No one ever got out. They were I want to go. Just like a shit. You know what I'm saying? It's like a shit. She was in which she would just leave. [15:05] If they floated, they were proving to be a witch. If they drowned too bad, but at least they weren't a witch. A party smith, this type of test was also a myth carried over from Eastern early European history. Oh no. Just like the burning at the stake. Now they're just, they're just cuts. Well that's not true though. I guarantee they killed some. They burned some people alive. They definitely burned some people alive. They definitely. What if they didn't have a leg near? Listen man, they killed people in horrific ways and just lied about it when they wrote it down afterwards. Oh yeah. There's a lot of that. Museum of torture and Amsterdam. I went through it. It rules. It's just like this pyramid that you're supposed to let it guys put his ass on yes that's a good one it's a good one apart yeah I had sucked so I was a coffin with the spikes in it and they close it on you well that fucking yeah yeah I'm not the perfect guy so the witch trozans him consisted mainly of a [16:01] physical examination for the witches test which Teet. The teet. Oh, what is that? Which the Puritans believe was a sort of third nipple from which which is familiar with suck blood. Oh my God. Woe be unto a woman with skin tags or a weird mole. Yeah. Yeah. Dang, you got skin tag. You get your head cut off. The priestly modern language on that. A weird mole. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah because they were getting annoyed with how she was just calling everybody she hated a witch. Well, you know how it started? It started with Ergot. They had a late early frost. And when you have an early frost sometimes, I see Jamie. I saw it at the bottom. I saw you nasty fun. Ergot has like an... [17:01] Ergot knows the story. No, it says it's a myth. No, you can see that at the bottom. It says, let's argue. Wait a minute, but they've proven that Ergot was in wheat during that time. It's just saying Ergot. Ergot. Then Massachusetts found him. What's Ergot? And you went all the way to the water. Hold on, Jamie talks like in here we sound. They're Jamie talks like in here. Massachusetts would not I don't know why it says that would have known how to fix it by that. Yeah, but they found evidence. It's which craft. It's which craft. But the problem is they found evidence. Find that. Because I know they found that one of the reasons why they came up with this theory in the first place, they found evidence of Urgot. What's Urgot? It's like a fucking fungus that grows on wheat and it makes people trip balls. Like acid for sure there was one that had to france i've never heard a bunch of people died you know it's it's actually the thing that they found in those vessels that that show that the the romans and the uh... ancient greek were doing those psychedelic rituals they found these pottery vessels that have ever gotten them where the fact that available anymore or i think is it still [18:00] well you know i've heard a lot of it. But it's super toxic to kill people. The theory that when popular was started in a 1976 edition of Science Magazine, we're talked about the Irgot theory, but as of now, they think that it is not probably true. Other now. But why do they think it's not true? I'm always, when they start dismissing psychedelic stuff, I'm always like, how do you know for sure for sure? Because if Urgot does exist, and Urgot is a thing that grows on wheat, and it's really, a bunch of people are just fucking freaking out about things. Fascinate, the cultural fascination of LSD during this period. What does it say? So the theory came out in the 70s, it said so people were. The theory came out. 70s it said so people the theory came out like what so when people started using acid the Theory came see I was under the impression that there was actual evidence of Urgot and like samples that they got I'm looking for that so that's why I found this by typing in evidence of Urgot I might be mixed up because I know they found evidence I've heard this right yeah, I've heard it but I'm not sure if it's true [19:00] Um, but I know they found evidence for sure in these ancient pottery vessels So they know these like people that were involved in like Illusini and mysteries and all that shit that was going down in Greece 2000 plus years ago they were trepid balls. It says it led to this theory being put and the school curriculums as an explanation for the Trilogy. No way school curricum stuff that I don't know that they have Actual evidence of it other than just being passed on think I'm done with acid. We got mushroom. I don't know that they have actual evidence of it other than interested being passed on think I'm done with acid We got mushroom. I don't need acid anymore on the opposite you like acid more way more than acid lately what? It's a controller. No smooth smooth. It's a chemical You know I hit the floor you are trusting smooth Chemists with your sanity. Yeah, exactly. You are trusting. So the most trustworthy. You're gonna change it. Yeah. See, I ain't writing this down right now and they're like, Dose are easier with the good stuff. The stuff we use, John Jack Ruby. Also, it's liquid. You can put it on paper, you can get on your hand, the Che and the Jesus Bergage in. Oh, it's so good. That's gonna be a lot of stuff. You think? [20:05] Seeps in your hands. I don't think it's Seeps in. No, it definitely does. That's how the original, yeah, that's how, what's his face? Larry? I have touched it a lot with my bare hands. I've never gotten anything wrong. Like moving it. What was the name of the Albert Hoffman? He was actually looking, it was a women's fertility drug they're working on. But wasn't it still wet? It was too, that was what, it was too induced labor. Was it dried in? It was still wet. I think you just got it on his hands. I mean, what do you think? And he had a crazy dose apparently. And then went on a bike ride. And this dude just dropped in balls. I had a festival, we went to a festival in Western Georgia a couple years ago and somebody was testing all the coke. We got to test it first and we're like, I thought that meant to try it, but they were like, you know, chemical test. Like a fengol. They're like 100% pure by coke from that guy. And then later they went to get acid from his chicken abuser and they like tested it. Zero percent acid in that. What was it? Some sort of liquid masculine. and then the guy who was like had it was like it was freshly dipped it's all of my hands and he just started flying [21:05] Whoa stories I know as a music engineer of this being true because of the guy that like made acid was a grateful dead Engine half a century The guy who made acid one of the guys. Oh a guy who made it like the one of the guys. Oh the guys right Okay, so not only is LSD absorbed through the skin on contact But it can apparently stay potent for half a century. San Francisco Sound Engineer, Elliott Curtis, found that out for himself when he was fixing a 1960 synthesizer and then tripped for nine hours straight, completely unaware that the device had been encrusted with decades old LSD. Wow. That's the definitely story that's coming out. I got to go ask it, it made up a story, man. Yeah. Or somebody painted it there. Imagine if you leave a synthesizer and you know, I'm gonna paint this bitch with acid. Yeah. So it's eventually gonna touch this. Someone's gonna get their greasy fucking hands on me. [22:00] I used to do it. It doesn't just go see God. Well, the old myth is a manson dipped a bunch of Bible pages in acid and then brought a Bible in the prison that was just eaten every day. Well, Manson was in touch with Jolly West. Not that. Jolly West visited Manson when he was in prison. Jolly West was the head of MKUltra and they did LSD experiments on people. And that's the primary theory in the book chaos. Take chaos by this guy, Tom O'Neill. They made him crazy. Do you know Fitzimmons? It was the next door neighbor to this guy. He was writing this book on the Manson Family Murders for like 20 years. That's Tom O'Neill. The book's insane. So this Jolly West guy visited Manson. When he was in jail, visited Jack Ruby. When he was in Yeah, before they did the thing. Look, I think what it was was they were trying to get rid of the anti-war movement, and they were trying to get rid of the civil rights movement, and they were trying to get rid of a bunch of different things that were going on at the same time. And one of the ways they did it was to a, make all drugs illegal, but one of the best ways to make all drugs illegal and discredit the hippies is dose up a bunch of them who get it to murder people in horrific ways. [23:05] And then all of a sudden the hippies become the most dangerous force in America. And if you've got the power of the media behind you and you push that narrative and you make it happen, you're essentially waging war on American civilians. You're essentially waging like a psychological war on the population that's paying your salary. It is a wild thing they did, but they definitely did it. Damn. Yeah, see how he's fucking lame. You have too much power. I don't like him. Like all groups that have too much power, you're gonna do some wacky shit. Those brothers, they can kick rocks as far as I'm concerned. Who's that? Dole's airport? Yeah, that's them. They might be involved in the assassination of Kevin. They'd probably killed JFK. Oh shit. I think there was a lot of people involved in that. I think that guy was, he was tossing up the Apple card a little too much. Too much. They were like, uh-uh, too many people. And back then again, this was just 50 years past the draw of people. I mean, you go to fucking look for a photo from 1890. Good luck, bitch. [24:06] So you know, see here you are, 60, 70 years later, that's nothing. And then you're dealing with one president that's gonna get rid of the fucking federal reserve. Shut the fuck up you are. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Shut what the fuck is this guy doing? And then he's gonna get convertible in drives from Texas where they hated him in Texas. Pretty balls. Suddenly it's a good word. But they hated him in Texas. Great headshot. They hated him in Texas. Like Texas was red. Oh yeah. He's driving through Dallas. They hated him. You ever go to the X in Dallas? Yeah, go out to the street. It's fun. Is it weird how little it is like the area? Yeah, yeah. Anybody who says you couldn't make that shot is a fucking minds. Out of your fucking minds. All the arguments that he couldn't make that shot are so stupid. You think? Yeah. I thought he got three off pretty quick though, right? Here's a thing. And he missed one by like a mile. It doesn't mean even that that was him. It doesn't mean no. It just means he was in that build. I like it. We're back on the same page. The thing about it is the thing about it is they made a [25:07] Kind of three and everyone just shot Bum bum bum. No, they did something like that. They saw them. They probably all had a signal something They're not if they're gonna shoot the fucking president No, there's a guy open an umbrella for no. No, that's nonsense. No, you've seen that's not Some people think his fucking bodyguard shot him. The whole secret service guy shot him. Look, there was probably a bunch of people shooting at him. He got hit in the neck for sure. He grabs his neck. From the front. Yeah, from the front. He grabs his neck. They altered did, they got his body initially in Dallas and then they flew it to Bethesda. So in the interim, they changed what was listed as an entry hole in his neck to a tracheotomy. And they say it's just like, no, no, that was just like a, they did it all over there. There was a lot of shenanigans between the two octopsies. [26:01] The octopsies, they wouldn't let them do it. You got a little yeah they took the body they were general showed up. It was heavy duty shit. All people though like he's got to go. The best book on this is Best Evidence by a guy named David Lichten who was an accountant. They hired him to go over the Warren commission. And he went. No, I'm sorry. So back into the left. He so this guy goes over this. nobody would read the whole Warren commission report. It's like fucking 900 pages. But this dude read all of it. He read all of it and found all these inconsistencies, all these things that didn't make sense. And so he writes his book about it. His research was just reading it. Yeah, well that's all he did. No one went to it. No one started doing a lot of people that saw the assassination died in weird ways Bobby to like a giant number of people that were on the scene Oh really yeah, yeah, yeah weird ways like they did a statistical analysis of what are the likelihood of all these people beating the murder or suicide Whoa, in a short period of time and it was very low. Well, thank offers the pruders [27:01] He was like the original world's the guy. Yeah, yeah Well, thank-of-ers the pruder. He was like the original world. He was like, yeah, yeah. He was world-star. He was at the film. And God he had his fucking... It isn't crazy that we know about this because of Dick Gregory. Is that right? That's right. Dick Gregory the comic brought on the Heraldo Rivera show. What? We know about this because of Heraldo and Dick Gregory. I didn't know that. Yup, You got to imagine that was 12 years after the assassination. You know, it's a great completely stopping a comic to become a full-time activist Yeah, he started that Just like right around here right around here He's going through here and he gets hit followed Right here he gets hit boom. He's hit Is he yes, oh the neck he's hit now. We know something's going on. Yes Nothing I mean he literally got shot in the neck I mean he's already probably dead It's pretty serious, but now watch this one is a rough one. This is why I'm vote for RFK Oh, he's spewing yeah, I mean his head exploded that just explode [28:00] He said he's exploded Exhaust exploded. It's like oh, it's this an AI enhancement of this Jamie Yeah, how come nobody's thrown this a prudert film in the AI to clean the shit up Good point bro. That is clean the wildest video. Can we see that again? He was tough you're right. He's probably already dead. He got hit the neck with the boat. He's already dead He's dead. He just hasn't started yet. Wait a minute. Oh! She's lucky. She didn't get in the way. She's done that. So that done again. And then she freaks the fuck out. Holy shit. Who's that guy behind? Who's the guy behind though? Too bad he got it. Everybody's freaking out. There's gunshots going on. She has to do it with it. This lady? She had something to do with it Oh, yeah, it's a hot. She's there with no man. Here's what's interesting Here's what's interesting the spray goes forward But the head goes backwards. Yeah, that makes sense though. The head goes back into the left But it doesn't really it doesn't because you open up a hole and it sprays out as and then you go back. Right, but a general, generally doesn't go that way. [29:07] It goes the other way. What behind the bullet goes through and then sprays out the back. Did the bullet go out, the back? It could be more than one person hitting him in the head at the same time too. We're starting off heavy, huh? What happened to a hello? You know, you have to consider there's probably multiple gunners in the grassy knoll. They're not going to take a chance when they're going to assassinate the president. They're going to have multiple dudes shooting. Hmm. That's brain, bro. That's brain. Whoa. They said that she climbed this crazy. The news report initially said that she climbed out to try to retrieve parts of her husband's brain. Oh. That is just not true. Didn't this say she brought it to the hospital? I don't know. I heard that. She had like a pocket climb out of that. She did look like she went and grabbed something and then went back in the car. She maybe did grab a piece in full shot. Apparently she brought it to the hospital. Oh my God. It is a good amount of time. I can do it teeth. Like adjust them both. Same thing. [30:08] Teeth are the brand of life. Such a wild. Hey, if we're doing this, what happened to the Boeing guy? Oh, the Boeing guy realized that he's a shit. We talked about this on stage of that. We did figure that out. Yeah, we talked about that on stage of that. The Boeing guy realized the guy who committed suicide realized he did a terrible thing by accusing a company of cutting corners and he felt embarrassed he felt stupid that he shamed this great company that has done so well for all of us how many times we've told him so we're going to play and he did the right things are amazing he knew it and he's like what have I done so he killed himself but the wheels are falling off doors are coming off that's a fucking legit leak. That's a fucking leak. Boeing whistleblower told friend not to believe suicide before he died. Oh, Christ. Oh, hey, if somebody says I killed myself, that means I didn't come myself. Anytime you hear that thought, you're like, are you about to kill yourself though? I'm putting an odd thing to say. Yeah, right? I'm gonna say you. That's what what's his name said to [31:05] McAfee. Yeah a lot of those guys I just had on the phone. I didn't even have them live on the podcast. I had them on the phone We did a podcast with him when he was running from the law in his country because someone, he says they set him up by killing his neighbor, but he was also allegedly online showing people how to cook meth in a form. There was a account that was linked to him that was like he had a lab in his backyard. I mean, he is documented. This dude had a fucking full on, he was a genius billionaire. He is. What a full on meth lab. He created Maca-Fee antiviral software. Hell yeah. He's richest fuck. He had Deus Ex Maca-Fee. Where was he in Belize? That was his house. Was he in Belize? It's a wild story. See if you can find the story of I guess. Did you, you have people shat? Do you have them live? In the zoom. Yeah. [32:06] There he is. That's amazing. What a benefit. What was this? What year was this? So, they're in COVID. It's like a John Goodman character. He's so crazy dude. He was so funny on this. He's so crazy. But also really was in charge of like anti-virus software. He's a real genius. He was on everyone's computer. And he said is that he donated them computers. Here have some computers and malware in it. The government. So he gave them like 50 laptops. No, okay. And they take these, that's what he says. I mean, that's how they do it. I mean, that's how I would do it if I was him. That's how we did it. We sold like that type of, we sold like spy technology to our allies. That's why Huawei phones. Yeah, that's why I can't buy a lot of the Huawei phones. Huawei phones are like the most sophisticated phones in the world. What was that? What was the alien movie? That's how they beat them at the end. He was making it as a various types of mouse. Independent. Independent. [33:00] That's how they beat them. Nobody says I think it's the finest drug ever conceived. He wrote one, singling out the indescribable hypersexuality of the super purve powder. But warning that I had visual and auditory hallucinations and the worst paranoia of my life, that guy! What? That guy had the worst paranoia of his life. Well, Hitler liked it. Why, he's so clean cut there. He's so different when batten shame got to him. Yay! He's really wild, man. By the time he fell off to me, man. So when we had a podcast with him, he was on the run. Like that, what a hot. Look at his nerd. He made himself a friend. You know what, man? Something I admire. It doesn't like him. He's like, smiroming. You're a nerd. I kind of admire that. I admire the billionaire who goes totally off the rails. He just lived only with prostitutes. He had only prostitutes. Is he the one that I, women's shit through a hammock? Oh, he's just. Yes. Is that true? Yes, we asked him about it. All right, now I'm off the team. Wait, Apparently he was having ladies shit through a hammock on him. Are we answering that? [34:05] And he was like, do I ask you about your sexual proclivities? And we were like, yeah, you asked us if we were gay right away. And he was like from like higher hammocks. So this flat was bigger. So good, dude. What a psycho. Don't you love the fact that there's a guy like that runner-up? Of course, yeah. I want more into the guy's neighbor. Off his, oh yeah. Sure. You got to sell your problem. I was like shit again. I think they were framing the boy. They might have been or he might have been on that fucking hypersexuality. He might have been on drugs. He said he was on and he's like, I don't trust him anymore because it's drugs. Let's get rid of him. Bro, he's a guy doing meth who's heavily armed. Being shit on. Yeah, there's a legend. What's the case with what happens there? Allegedly. He got a bunch of like armed he just started building an army yeah he was he was off his off the [35:05] oil he's off the bros he's still right also he's like how come this guy got several army I don't know he got suicide it in Spain Boeing yeah I think so he got suicide I think he was when he tweeted he was like if I die it's I didn't do it whoa meanwhile he's on a pound of crank yeah he might go he could go to any Boatman. Yeah, oh I'm fucking Garmin watches on it. I'd be like what? 97 crazy. I'm not gonna go. Oh, but now we could blame them if I did do it. Bro, he's good. I read his fucking heart. He could have readlined his heart. He's 80 years old doing crank. How old was the guy when he died? He was in math.dub 70s. meth-dub 70s is like, how old? 75? Yeah, he looked good. He looks like 70 when we interviewed. meth-dub 70s is like pro athletes. They're clear of him. Pro athletes when they're 35, their knees are fucked. [36:02] Or a fat guy's heart. Yeah, that's a rough one. Fat guy's get two seats on the planes big annoying Yeah, they got a free-seeking people they got to go back to coach Stretch it out Yeah, it's a that's a weird one huh that guy's a interesting fucking character. He would be a great movie Yeah, yeah, yeah in the movie have him kill his neighbor too weird one huh? That guy's an interesting fucking character. He would be a great movie. Yeah. Yeah. In the movie, have him kill his neighbor too. That fucking. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're the one of the side. It's your movie. Let's kill the neighbor. And you gotta get the hammock. I don't even know if it's sucked. I hate the neighbor probably something to his dog maybe That's what I'm saying then you gotta go full John was cool and John wicked. Yeah, that's how you do it exactly my dog Imagine hurting Carl. Yeah, I would never shoot my neighbor Jack doing meth me like they killed my dog not just [37:01] They didn't do a meth lab. They killed my dog. Not just meth, but meth is a good thing. I have army guards. Methi engineered in a fucking lab he built on his property. But he documented online. He wanted the community to know about this meth lab. He wanted to know about how proficient his meth lab was. And he was fucking really scientifically accurate everything. He was measuring everything perfectly and he was beakers and all this shit. He documented it all. It's all set out. He took it meth lab and believes. He's not a member of what. And he called it Bats All Tall Day, but what it is is just, that's just engineered meth. That's what Bats All Tall was. Was they took Bats All Tall? What's the other meth, not engineered? It's different. So there's different things that you can do to a compound. So it's not exactly the same compound. You made his own math. Like five methoxy, dimethyl-triptamine was legal for a while because it wasn't technically dimethyl-triptamine. It's even stronger than, so they add an oxygen molecule to it. It's like this is better than math. [38:00] If you can engineer math, if you're a super genius who makes fucking software that can stop viruses I bet you'd figure out how to make some killer math and this dude cooked up some fine shit apparently Damn yeah, but you want to try it. It does make it Like the best way to end a math is that is I have a feeling you never want to go back to normal Yeah, like flying first class. That was one of the things that lady said, the lady in the FTX, the lady in the FTX trials, she was talking about how being on Amphetamines all the time, makes you realize how normal sober interaction, how fucking boring they are. And she like tweeted it. I would take Adderall at work, and it was great. It's fun. It's fun. I was working like customers. I was the front desk talking to people. What is this? I was like, hey, I was like, I was a nice whacked. So he got a... That's dollar sign whacked. So you got whacked for money? Is that what it means? He's saying this is when he said like, if I sue his or myself, I didn't. Okay. We're going to getting subtle messages from US officials saying in effect we're coming for you [39:08] McAfee. You got up. We're going to kill you. You we we're going to kill yourself. Oh, it's a yeah It's an interesting way to say I got a tattoo today just in case if I suicide myself I didn't I was whacked check my right arm So what happened to him though? It was a suicide or was it something else? He was in Spanish prison. He was in prison. He was just about to be extra-dited when he was found supposedly hanging. Whoa! I have to do it. Yeah. I've claimed that what shouldn't have happened, but when looked into it, the Spanish authority said suicide. Of course, of course. That's what they were they were pages so that's what the most of us so you're getting a tattoo saying hey if it comes out that I'm dead it's because somebody like killed me and instead you got an artful shwack like yeah it looks nice you could do it nice don't do it nice okay he said I don't get it too well that's what I get it let's look at this [40:03] logically why would the government kill him that's going I'm gonna tell everybody. He's on meth. He's going, I'm gonna tell everybody. Oh, he's talking shit. We're so tired of our own talents. I like to talk on meth. And if he really did have all their stuff, that is a crime. Like if he really did install malware and get top secret shit, they'll kill you for that. They might not even bother taking you in the room. Soon after the joint of the Ben MGMT, Macafer had said he and his team exploited a flaw in the Android operating system that allowed him to read encrypted messages from WhatsApp. Whoa. Oh, he could read more. He's more investigated. Reportedly, he had sent reporters malware-infected phones to make this hack work. Whoa. [41:01] You can't ruin his reputation, either. Of course, the phones of malware on them. He said, how that malware got there is the story, which we will release after speaking with Google. Good for you, take the lead. Involves a serious lead on reading the Android architect. It's crazy moves. Look at this. It involves a serious flaw in the Android architecture. What is that flaw? I just wanted to make the MGMT joke. MGMT. They're back to that joke. You know, it's it. It says Mac if he moved to MGT, demanding a Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Oh, he's a criminal. Yeah, he rules. There's like, when Shug Knight said he stuck, Izzy on Kimmel. Oh, yeah. He made. He's pretty much, he was like, you know, there's lots of ways to kill somebody. He makes just like hire someone to stick them with a needle with fucking aids, you know what I'm talking about. And everyone in the audience like, what the? He did that on Jimmy Kimmel. Yeah, it took me to his wife of a flat jacket. Bro, how wild is this? It was cool Kimmel. You can get canceled today for having crystal clear on your podcast. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you fucking imagine bringing shug night on. [42:09] Yeah. You dude hung vanilla ice off a balcony. Was it vanilla ice? Yeah. Just ran over again. My uncles ran over again. Kill them on video. Jeff Ross frightened. Whoa. Terrified. Terrified. Terrified. This is back then. Yeah. Look at that. Oh. Oh. Terrific. Terrific. This is back then. Yeah. Kimmel had no one back then. This was a get. Yeah, he's pretty much saying I fucking, it's a wide deal with AIDS. That's why I progressed a little bit. That's a wild conversation. Schugny looks like Kimmel. It's Carl Malone. Oh my god, he does. Oh my god, he does you nailed it. Oh my god. He does. Is that a liquid? Zamo? Is it? Yeah. Imagine Lake was almost the first guest before Shug Knight. Who gives a fuck about some actor? Lake was a rule shot. He was a super Mario rules. Yeah. A friend where we friend was. Zamo was in John Wick. You of the Jumbo rules there is Terry I take it back after [43:06] I lost touch I got the stuff to call they get blood from somebody with AIDS yeah shoot you with it oh yeah easy thing you know me yeah It shoots you with it. Oh While he takes a puff of a cigar with a Remember those days when there was like a number or a color rather Today's yellow. Let's go. Let's go to the stores yellow Let's go do stand up. We're gonna stay home if it's orange. What a great fucking orange. I'm not going anywhere What a great way to make everyone stay home on a day. They need them to well What a great way to test if you could freak people out. How quickly forgot about those colors? That was a weird one the color system for terrorism after 9-11. [44:05] Oh yeah. They tried it. They tried it. We were like, come on. We're just fucking. Do you ever get the email saying, avoid the mall on October 21st and forever date there's going to be an attack on a mall. That's just the Jewish emails. Yeah. We were just saying, I'm stuck in that. You guys got those and you'd like the couple years after like we got this in tell is I mean on this day in a mall or in this day in a fucking. I got a Lambrillard today. Do you guys get that one? Yeah, we got a wild with Amber. Yeah. You know what I don't miss about the pressing way to start. The forest fires. Oh yeah. Fires were crazy in California. You ain't never seen anything like it. They're here now. Yeah, bullshit. You guys should look at every listen. They're bad, but not bad. Like it is in LA because it doesn't rain there. So everything, like you know, they have those things like the colors for fires. What's the fire warning? It was always red. It was always red. [45:00] It's not red for like three months out of the year do not smoke a cigarette on lorak and you're an asshole do not do not these fucking assholes that throw cigarettes out the window when they're done with them these littering cock suckers you're not in your car with the windows up on the way of lorak and you're not yeah when it's like that they're like don't because the it just goes up in a blaze so i was coming home one night i got a vacu it three times when I lived in California three fucking times But I was coming home one night in the whole side of the highway It was coming from home from fear factor the whole side of the highway for an hour was on fire You send his pictures from your flip phone bro. It was it was just like one side of the highway Yeah, one side green it was mad. Yeah, it was like it was like a scene from the fucking that's what it's like That's what it was like it was like a scene from the fucking that's what it's like that's what it's like Whoa I seen from fucking a hobbit movie Why are we driving that way? The ring Do this was not nearly as bad as this the 405? This is a Santa Monica, but this is this is much more contained than what I saw [46:02] Well, I saw was an hour of driving a full full hour going like 40 miles an hour, 50 miles an hour. Where you at? No, but it was raining ashes like snow. So you were seeing ashes fall out of the sky like snow. The whole right side of the highway and dude, sometimes that shit jumps. Yeah. You get a crosswind, it jumps, it hits a car, it gets other cars. There was in Northern California, a whole high-wave full stop cars. Everybody died. Yikes. Everybody got consumed by fire. Look at this shit dude. What are they doing? Where are you going? This is like my way. You see what I'm praying? Donald Trump, please help us, please save us. Jesus Christ. And you don't know where the fire is. You're just guessing. It's not like fire going right through it. At least they're gonna get my big. You don't know. You don't know where you're driving. You can't see. This is a windy road. This is some poor Uber Eats driver. He's like, I'm gonna get there. Bro, this is so nuts, man. This And I know they have fires out here, but bro, you ain't never seen fires like those dry, climate, high grasses and the worst is when it rains a lot earlier in the year because then you get extra grass. [47:12] Always dies off when it stops raining. Everything turns brown. But it's natural fires, right? Like it's supposed to happen. We saw this out of my stomach. Somebody did off one behind Pink Dot, behind my older window. You saw it start just there. It's like a straight uphill with like, and just gone. Was it like 20 minutes? It goes in like a little like one bush on fire. Yeah. Burns through the houses. Yikes. There was one time in LA when we were at the store and above Pink Dot was on fire. That was it. Yeah, that was that was that way. Yeah, was that behind the house But was that what the one we were like seeing the helicopters fly overhead? They were trying to dump water on it planes or dump them water on it. It was not It was like a war was going on right above the sign It was I saw I was trying to write up that hill. Yeah, I was in Salt Lake [48:01] I was driving the stand-hops down in Bizby. There was like, it was crazy. I was driving, you could watch the helicopters picking up the water out of the lake and flying over the highway and dropping it on the mountain that was on fire. Wow. Then I got to the fucking Grand Canyon and it had just burned. For real, like two hours straight, it was just the moon. Like there was no vegetationation it was just stumps Everything was black. It was crazy. Yeah, it was crazy those four fires are wild That's not so wake up call the how vulnerable we really are That was the one time where people in LA were cool Like everybody was so cool After the fires they were like hi Good to see you. Yeah, how would you be alive? Did you remember in New York, when fucking Canada caught on fire? That's how crazy those, they don't know the conspiracy there about that. They popped up pretty quickly, so I'm gonna say, I don't know. Whole man had it with full of ash and dark smoke. The conspiracy is the color of the smoke. The color of the smoke was strange. [49:02] And it coincided with there was a shipment that was lost. The shipment that was lost somewhere was some kind of chemical and this chemical was toxic chemical and there was a high volume of it and it was lost and then all of a sudden these fires break out in Canada and this fucking orange smoke is making its way across New York. Weird smoke, like a weird color smoke. Now that could be, I'm a moron, that could be the sun, the way it goes to the light. Could be the fucking sun. I've never seen orange smoke before. It was orange, I was a montaker, look weird. Nor has anybody that I know ever seen like that kind of orange smoke. They show everybody a change every filter in your car. Whoa. It was like emails. Did anybody do like an analysis of the smoke and go what the fuck is this? Is it just smoke or did something burn somewhere that was toxic? Never done a smoke analysis. I was doing shows. I was doing shows without that. I was doing shows at the common spot. You were doing shows like that. I just walked around and I shit. I didn't know I woke up late. It was only that. Could you tell on the ground? [50:06] The first day I was like, am I fucking this hung over that it's like, one day it was clouded. Everything's hazy. Yeah. But did it look orange? Not until like day two or three. Day two or three. At first you could see it coming. It was crazy. At first it was just slightly smoggy. You were like, I don't know, I remember driving an ambulance. It was fucking weird. Am I dumb? Because no one's mentioning anything. And I was like, it's fucking weird out, right? Yeah. And then by the, yeah, by the, the most like the height of it, it was fucking insane. It was just orange. It was like ghost busters. It was scary. It was weird isn't that weird look at the color Yeah, two p.m. Please you go two p.m. Look at that if it's like Rachel Dolezal I'm not I'm not a chemist ladies and gentlemen. I don't know anything about Smog color, but that seems highly unusual It's super unusual. I'm just gonna say that [51:02] There's conspiracy theories that are warranted. It's wrong. I didn't get it nearly as bad as New York. Well, it's because it was coming down towards us. Jimmy, can you flip through these faster? Yeah, once you move quick, you just throw up for the two o'clock. How about it? It was only orange in the one further. Only take two of those orange for a lot. When your old gums don't take three new old gums. Oh, yeah That was just one of the... Oh yeah. You guys can't look. Hold on. Hold on. How dare you, young Jamie? You're Jamie, you're being so nasty today, man. You try that earlier. You changed. Why are you... Why are you... Young boys. You hit me a beer, please. Sure, Shane. You'll... Shit. Shit. Shit. I've heard about... Shane this is things called Lucy's you're very well. Oh, I know about this is that has 12 milligrams They have 12 milligrams. This is six. Oh, you don't want that 12. That's too much Don't say that when you say that I want to them. I'm right now Tucker. I don't like that You know from a fucking gas station your for two 12 12 milligrams [52:02] I think it's a wait I think it's a weight thing. Yeah, all right. I don't really show it. You're a round guy. You can consume a lot of alcohol. That's true. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah, Lucy's good. But no one consumes alcohol like tall people. Tall big people like Shane. Big people. My friend Justin, I got a friend Justin call it. This motherfucker can put it down. Yeah. And he makes you keep drinking with him, and he's like 350 pounds. It's just as big giant dude. He's like, come on bro, one more. I'm like, okay. Line with. It's always that one more. So you know you're destroyed. Of course. But he's got like twice the body of you. Shane's the king of that comes into like the cellar. Or more than ever. He's Three a.m. You're not a chicken. Get him that one that one crown and coaks though That's different that's different animal me and a Derosa one makers makers and coke Came down to Austin we're like I'll go we'll go hang out with two drinks at every boy We were just walking out. I was getting two butt lights at every boy. Oh, Jesus. He's drinking whiskey at every boy [53:01] Oh my god by like at the fifth bar. It was I We were walking to a bar and he was like, oh shit man, you know I fucked up. I was like, no I've been drinking light beer. That's pretty good. I was like, take it an hour in a way. Here's all whiskey. No, you have two drinks anytime we do this. I'm already on number two. Where deros is going on. I'm not just a man. I'm a dross. I'm a drossing. That was the Stanhope strategy for years. Stanhope was like, I'd just take a slow drip of alcohol through light beer. And I was like, that's genius. He's like, yeah, I don't want to get too fucked up. He's like, keep the fucked up going. You get a fucked up, get a good buzz. The best. When the roast is done is when he says, let's do shots. You're fucked up, you're about to leave with the shot. You're about to leave. But the Coke brings him back to life. The Coke brings him back to life. The roast is about to make him sandwich. Yeah, the roasts are brought to sandwiches to the club. They're great. They are great. Very good. He gave me a roast beef with like some kind of peppers in their citizens. I forget whose favorite sandwiches maybe [54:05] what a fucking fantastic. He's a shockingly likable guy. He's the best. I love Joe. He's a great guy. A dope funny motherfucker too. They bring the heat. It's just a good dude man. And he said as I was like dude open up a place here is like we're talking about it. So I hope they do. We need like a good real good sub shop. You come a lot. They're fucking good. Oh, he'll come, Bob. He should move here. He's coming back. He's gonna fight all the Japan's. He's doing my podcast again next month. Oh, he's worthless in New York. I love that dude. Where's he? Yeah, get him down here. He can make a name for himself. Oh, yeah. Listen, this is a land of rebuilding. Yeah. That's right. That's what they said after they stole it from the Comanche. It's a land of rebuilding. But you burn it. We get the casino. I don't even think they have a casino. No, they don't get it. Because they don't get it. They were too fierce. They're gonna need a pocket of the kid that they could see. You know, they can't trust them. They're gonna put that fire out. You guys should get something in Germany, [55:05] like a water park or something. This is, you ever seen this? He's got a Comanche here. That's legit. That's from right here, bro. Is there blood of the white man on it? No, that's why we got it. It's probably got. Yeah. I have a friend who has a ranch out here that apparently was where the community lived and it's just overrun with Arrowheads. They carve them down? Well they make them, it's called flint napping. They actually put a piece of buckskin over their knee and they hold this like slate. Oh Jesus Christ, don't do that. Bro that's like literally, it could be a thousand years old. Like, fucking even knows how old that thing is. That's bell on me. It's actually probably about four or five hundred years old. Wow. But allegedly, I don't know. This is what someone told me. But the thing is that like these fucking guys, man, they made those things by knocking rocks together. There's like a very specific way, it's called flint napping. Like you knock it off to make a flake and then you have to like knock it against like something soft [56:06] Like your leg and they chip away to they make the like this razor edge to these things. Jesus They figured out how to do it and These fucking things are all over this guy's ranch. He sent me a bunch of them He sent me like ones. They're like marked off by like this this like this is guy this guy's flpping. Whoa. See how he does this? They had all the time in the world. He did it up? No. No, this guy's a guy that knows how to recreate this shit. It's got fun. It's hard. They get it. He does. He can tell this guy sucks. Hard. Probably with like one of those butchers aprons on. I love him. With like a leather butcher apron on yeah This is these people are a problem though because some of these people are not this guy I'm not saying this guy, but some of these people are unethical and then they go They bury the sand. Oh look what I found wow this is a pro-muration too. It does look pretty real looks a lot like that one You know, it's okay to appropriate [57:00] Indians white people you see the Indians white people you see the That makes it there's a Boston It's like Boston Globe they had a photo of St. Patrick's Day and it's black dude dressed like a leprechaun like hey What are we doing here? Oh? The fucking What a fucking Who the fuck is that guy? Hold it, that guy. That's how everyone lives in the back side. Who is that? What are we doing here? You just like stickin' in everybody's face. You couldn't find an Irish guy in Boston. He said... It's literally their holiday. Acting is harder than UFC because he's in Roadhouse. That was a quote from Connor. Oh really? Acting is harder than UFC. Listen to me That's not true Acton Roadhouse or fight could be begin shut the fuck up. Oh, yeah, crazy talk. That's crazy talk I think he probably just meant that he's bad at it. He broke his fucking leg in a fight No, he broke his leg like that's harder. Yes [58:03] Hard Yes, that's way harder than what's actually hard at the state but he said it but a level of if he's good at it or not Right the guys promoting a movie. There you go Great promote learning how to actually completely blown out versus doing Amazing motor he's the best promoter in the history the sport no one even comes close There's karma Gregor We bring everybody else. Can we bring them that what review? In my the red carpet just alone out. Oh, yeah out of his fuck. Yeah, they If you as well acting as harder them that's just a clickbait bullshit headline that you fell for son reveals why This is it is harder time time consumption Yeah, go ahead for the night. I can't, I can't. Go ahead, acting is harder. Time, time, time. I gotta see him because he's on Coke for this one. Just say. No, wait, it dude get fired up [59:10] So remembering the line things You got it let me see him say it so I can just give me a little bit We just need a little takes it's just a difficult game and I thought more difficult than I gave it credit I would book it's like column Tyrell. Yeah, he's dumb There he is lady Time consumption action and fighting and stumps is also memory in the line and you have to time things correctly You're engaging with another person. It's just a difficult game. I love it. I can get it now. Time, time, time, time. Time consumption. It takes a lot of time. There's a lot of sitting around. It's your acting. It's your acting. You're going to be on a set 16 hours a day. You're probably going to be sitting around for 10. Wait and for your, especially for your line. Yeah, we don't need you to get in touch tomorrow at this time. Mike, what was it like when you kissed that cowboy? [1:00:07] Oh, was that for real? Did you really kiss him? Was it CGI? Do it, do it, Connor, I'm sorry? Torin consumption. What was it like when you kissed the cowboy? You fucked him so hard to kill him so fast. You got to do it. I'm not that good at it. You guys are like, you killed him so much. Hey, oh, dude, because your f**k is him. It was just shame. But he wasn't into it, it's correct. The shame of it. That lost the Oscar to some bullshit. That was a great movie. He's thinking, that was a good f**king movie. That was a great movie. Ang Lee. And you were a pro. I'll be through that. What did he lose to? The Eric Banna Hulk. That was a good one. That was a good one. That was the first CGI Hulk. Mm. Eric Banna. Eric Banna is a good honk, dude. Australia. He's a good honk. I'm a reunick. He's one of my favorite honks. I'm so ready that's right. He's already lead home. What did Eric, but Eric Banner did a [1:01:06] movie early on that was really good. Eric Banner. Yeah. Eric Banner's, oh, that looks like a guy. Look at those tits. Look at them tits. Damn, he's got some pants. Oh, no, it was about the guy, the guy, the the jail guy. Gregory Beck. Who was it about? What was that? Gladiator. The movie about the guy that was in jail. It wasn't Bronson. What was the movie about the guy that there's some crazy psychotic guy that was like an australian chopper. That's a fucking dude. That's a fucking great movie. That was that was that's a chopper chopper. Chopper is about about this dude can you show me the the time again it's about this dude who's like this crazy fucking criminal an Australian Australia's most notorious criminal Mark Chopper read in his years of crime interest in violence drugs and prostitution it's a fucking crazy man and a man anoxid out of the park [1:02:04] Crazy and Eric Bannon knocks it out of the park You know to know the park in that movie. It's a great movie. I feel like he's out sitting out I haven't seen him in a while. He's been chill. He's just being a honk dude. I'll get up Oh, we can't play it cuz a fucking YouTube listen YouTube. I love you, but come on don't get silly And play YouTube videos That's a problem. Oh, no, it's like our favorite thing. That's what we do we can play them But then I have to get cut out what about TikTok? What if I take that great? It's a problem with cop movies Do you show you got some movies? No, but I mean Little Ari in Israel Where's dreams got dashed. This is all bullshit. I will learn the little Ari. Little learn it already. Do you remember the moment when you decided that you were gonna fall out of religion? Where I was like, oh, hold on, fuck, I wasted a lot of time. What was the moment? It was 19 in Israel, in Jerusalem. [1:03:01] Oh, you were there. Was there a thing that happened? Was there a thing that happened? Yeah, I was just like, oh, I'm done. This is the last. I don't care about any of this. The Iron Dome got bombed. Or just say so. I just remember it, I was like, if we can't show YouTube, we gotta find funny videos. And I have a very funny video, I guess. And then the It's so annoying. The thing is, if you have the volume and they see the image, you get hit with a copyright claim. Copyright. Wouldn't they want to be on here? It's pretty good. Yeah, you got that. So look, we're fucking doing an ad for Chopper. Yeah, exactly. That fucking movie was awesome. And Eric Bano was awesome. I'd never heard of it. Oh, yeah, there you go. That Magic with the other guy from Westworld. It's real similar to Bronson. No, isn't it? I've never seen that one But what isn't Bronson like a similar situation? It's like a crazy criminal guy. Yeah, that's why I got mixed up But you know what Tom are doing to you too. He's a sexy man. Yeah, I think Tom already kiss guys, too Hey, Tom Hardy no Effing way he's so good looking. He probably got tired of pussy. Yeah [1:04:07] Look at him. You know who's in band of brothers Briefly better brother the best series of all time everyone no one gives a credit good good serious people give a credit Nah, it's never talked about it's about the wire is a mini-series Because it was only one see well they keep going on masses of air. They're still doing yeah He's a young ass. Yeah, let's get some DSL. Oh my god. What's good? Tom Hardy and warrior. is young ass. Look at this. Yes. Supple S. DSL. Oh my God. What's up with this? Tom Hardy and Warrior. I'm Hardy. Wait, Tom Hardy. What is the difference? I know what Tom is. Bro, look at him and Warrior. Hachi. Machi. Look at those traps. I thought we're talking about the hook. I'd like to be a whore. Jill and Hall jacked is nice, too. He's jacked. John's great. Well, he was great at the hop. You ever see Salah? Yeah, nobody watched that. That's a good one. That was a fun one. That's a good one. That's a good one. That's a good boxing movie. Oh, yeah, but Italian got what's his name? Bro, I like to know bro. Look at that. That's a hot guy. [1:05:08] Yeah, man. He was plowing with his food. He looks like that guy got in fucking serious shape. Oh, yeah, that's ridiculous. He's hotter than his sister. Right. It's medicine. All right. So this is I gotta tell you guys underrated movie. Oh, it's about Vinnie Pazienza. Yeah shit rules. Yeah, hold on. I sent Jamie this video. It's I My friend Nate Marshall. I told him I wouldn't share this the black he is black. Yes. He's got the black Jesus he's black. He's the number one. He's the best black out there. Yeah He's the number one. He's the best black out there. He, uh. Jesus Christ. Wait, so we were in. He's the black supremacist. So this is me, Santino and Big Cat, we're a bar stool, we're shooting around. Santino? That's Santino, that's me, that's Big Cat. Nate, Nate said he was, he was, [1:06:02] he was like, I'm not, I'm gonna wait till everyone's gone to shoot the ball because I haven't shot in a while Yeah, but while we're still out here picks one up wait till you see this fucking shot He's not the black anymore We were everyone was like He didn't make it to the paint What the fuck let me say again you guys see the first one. Ted Cruz is a bad man. That's a duty severely overestimates his ability to throw things. He made it to the basket. I've been there. I've been there. That's a tough feeling. He was sad way like his hands. Look at the way he threw it. His hands are behind his back and he hasn't even hit the arc yet. Has he ever played? No chance. No chance. He's a fischer. Liz and I talk a lot of shit, but my 10 year old beat me in horse once. Oh. Basketball sucks if you're not black. You're not expected anything of you. What the fuck was that? What the fuck? Yeah, she's 10. You guys see Bobby Kelly working out. Yeah, what is Bobby? We got video Jones. Oh, he's my Tyson throw basketballs. No Mike Tyson's terrible [1:07:12] He's awesome at fucking people up though terrible basketball So what is John doing? He's gonna don't know Hit him on the head. Yeah, you're the Connor, try to throw a football. None of the UFC guys can do it. John is not gonna hurt himself. Yeah, like going full clip. Full cigaro. Yeah, full cigaro blowing his knee out, which can fucking happen. Sure. You get a little wacky? Get a little wacky. You're not supposed to be getting a little wacky with his explosiveness though. Did I tour I need ones wearing fucking jeans doing a kicking contest with Joe Schilling. Oh, sorry. The most popular book is the book. I tore my name in Iskis. It was fucked up for like a year after that. Woo. You gotta see Bobby Kelly working out. You can't just do stuff. I know what he's gonna look like. Ship breaks. Well you gotta know your real life. [1:08:00] Bobby Kelly's gonna look like a 50 year old lesbian. There's a 50 year old lesbian. He's gonna look like that. 50. Just work out. He's gonna look like a old woman working at. No, this is not fair. Why do you wanna show this all? Since he no found security for it, they had a private work at the end. Oh, that's a great one. He's gonna show it all. He's gonna do it all before. Why is shaming her friend. Also, yeah, I just texted to you. Do we have to watch this? Can I see it first to decide? I feel bad. I feel bad. I feel like I was on a show. We're talking to, can I just say this before we keep going? I didn't get a chance to compliment him after I just trashed him. I love Bobby. I love Bobby. All right. Yeah, we all love Bobby. Cause I He just did my body, killed it. He's great. He's a great human being. I've known Bobby for like 30 years. Lap band, he's fat again. No, he's not. Oh, he's back. No, no. Oh yeah, I need to go back on the lap. No other lap. He's not that fat. Oh, he's big, baby. Really? Yeah, I just had him on. [1:09:34] Oh, that sucks No, he's normal. He's going close. He's husky. Every time I see him, it's still like, I remember the old you. So every time it's like, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Oh really? You don't look any fatter. Yes. So this video him falling It's like zero. He's tangled up in so much. He's like a Mr. Bean sketch. I'm gonna try to work out this idiot. What's he have to do? I'm okay. He's really heavily dressed. He's like got a beanie on. Yeah, he's got the beanie on. He's got the beanie on. That's bad. Right there. I think I'm gonna, oh shit. Oh, it Oh fuck. Like Rowan Ackinson. But he had to wear with all the not let go of the weight so it didn't fall on his fucking [1:10:06] head. It's like Pelosi and the drink. Dude. He didn't let it go. He's still holding it. Yeah. That's a kept him alive. Hump in that machine though. That's a fucking five pound weight. No, no, he would've died. That was 25 doing? That's a 25. He was trying to do decline bench press. It was a tough move. He was getting some bench press. Because he's been working out. He wants to mix it up. He wants to do some of these. He needs some fucking kettlebells. I talked to him. He keeps going. He doesn't in a second. Keep going. He does it. What if someone gets stuff? This keeps you funny wouldn't be as funny. He's still trying to do it. All right, those are eight pound weights. This is my grandmother with cancer. How would purple? Can we zoom in on the weight? What do we do with it here? Intensify. Yeah, in her five. And there's two numbers there. Quadratree three at hand. I think it's a 6.0. It's a 6.0. You got to see first he goes to the Yeah Look he's the place goes you know what dude [1:11:08] He's so lucky to show it again. He piece of shit One more time By the way, he's an asshole to all of us so fucking He's never an asshole to me. Yeah, that's different, but I've known it like I said no forever I've known him forever. I've known him His problem with all these tall guys over over five. Is that a issue? Yeah, well he was confident when you knew newer than him Yeah, I'm known that guy first time I met him is I have fucking I don't like your confidence your asshole He's welcome to the comedy scene. He's a comedian. It's out of love Yeah He's welcome to the comedy scene. He's a comedian. It's out of love. European. Yeah, talking shit. But he's always like you youngsters. I'm like are he's 51? Yeah I'm over in your kid. He's like boss Yeah, boss is like you're a middle. I'm like I'm doing better than you But it's just bunch of fucking middle. Yeah Well some guys you stay a middle forever. That's it. That's it. Yeah, that was Boston. That's true in Boston [1:12:07] Why are you so fucking middle act? How's he doing good? Of all he's in a arena man of all the things we just said about Bobby that he'll be mad at me saying he's like boss I just I'm just gonna be the boss hilarious. I meant he's like boss when it comes to like talking shit. Oh yeah. And when you're new and you show up like boss will be the first guy to be like look at you. I'm asked what are you doing. But that's true they're both. And it's out of love. It's both out of love. It's also like seeing if you can hang. Yeah right. Like are you gonna get upset? Some talk about you come on here. We're having fun. So many people have told me Vos was mean. No. And it's like he's the nicest, sweet, positive guy. This is one of the best things can ever happen as you bomb and then you hang out with your friends. And you go, oh my god, I just ate dick. I brought, what the fuck happened to you up there? And then you're laughing. You feel yeah, this people. That was fun. [1:13:05] That was fun. That was fucking hot death, dude. What happened? My gummerie tried to do that to me the other night at the moment. I got off stage and I was like, you know, I always do. This time I meant it because I actually did do very bad. I was like, fuck, I sucked up there. And he was like, yeah, what was that? As soon as he said that, I was like, you fucking worry about you, motherfucker. Don't ever, you're so, everybody's gonna fight like, all right. I went in there talking to myself. This second somebody else was like, yeah, that sucked. I was like, don't ever worry about what I'm doing. I was like, God, I'll never do that again. Really? I never know, like, are we in a play together like we have a real Come on. Yeah, what is this? You know, how you doing right? Yeah, I don't know what I don't know that. I guess we're playing along. Yeah, what was that? I got a free bear claw from a dumpster. I don't know where to go. Okay. I went too hard on him. I feel bad about it. [1:14:01] Well, he was the best. He was the one who got there though. He murdered last night on Killtony. I mean, fucking murdered. Fresh minute. Doesn't fresh minute every week. All right, he's got a minute. That style is like, he could write about anything. Because it's so, it's style. And if you know who he is, he's so ridiculous. It's one of those after like a rapper. Like they would put him on after like comedy rap and it would be death. But once people figured out it was Mitch Hadberg and he got appropriate opening acts, then people can't just see it. They knew him. Bro. Like Typhoon goes down the line comedy and they're like not this weirdo. But yeah, some guys would play music and they would have funny songs, they'd close with that and then they'd have headburn go up. Man, headburn was great. He'd go on lettering and a joke would bomb and you go, I'm aware that joke is stupid. Would you never saw on late night? It was so polished. Yeah. My mom loves those applause breaks. Mincey, she gave him two spots once. He was gonna be in town. She gave him two spots and then somebody called in, whoever. And she was like, oh, cancel that new guy. And I was like, working the phone's like, comedy hero. [1:15:05] You want me to cancel him? And like, yeah, call that headbird guy and tell him he's got one less spot. Oh, hey, I'm sorry. No, he's having too much fun for you. So two days out, a fucking Jeremy Dangle called in. For who? Somebody that she liked at the time. was I don't know it didn't matter It was like the fucking head was gonna do a spot. Let me do a spot was her finger that far off the pulse Yeah, yeah, by the Finger off her pulse at the time. No, it wasn't just that she didn't know about anything that was going on outside the store Nor did she give a fuck but she seemed to kind of like a gimmick She seemed like a gimmick she seemed to like a gimmick. She seemed like a gimmick? She seemed to like a gimmick. She would have liked him then. Yeah, she had some wacky ideas about like selling sitcoms and she wanted like comics. But it was that that was what was going on back in the day. So you gotta imagine like, that's why the comic story has podcasts now, why? Because we all started podcasts, the podcast got huge. So back in the day, the comic store was seeing all these comics developing and getting sitcoms. Like from all the way from Chico and the man with Freddie Prince, you know, he was like the first, [1:16:09] the first comic throughout a fucking sitcom. And then there was Sanford and Son was that along that time with Red Fox. And then it was of course Roseanne and Tim Allen and Seinfeld and Brett Butler. So that was the formula. Everybody wanted to get a fucking sitcom. So so midsy have these ideas of like developing sitcoms so she took created these like characters you should be this guy right she named men see it she trying to fire what do you mean name it's not right yeah she's right it's but it was not there's that was like a bunch of different things. Like she wanted people to do things. She wanted, there's not as bad as like some comic club owners had terrible fucking suggestions. Yeah. Are you playing grab as trying to kiss me or something? Yeah. Kiss. My buddy opened for Gallagher and he was, you know, Joe List and Gallagagher's like, you're tall. You should do a whole basketball thing. [1:17:06] Like, you come on stage with a basketball and then dunk it and then do your act. And this was like, I'm not gonna do that. There's so many times where I hate, like, Kid Rock was, Kid Rock will hit you with advice. He was hit me, he was like, you dressed like, you dressed like shit up there. You should be wearing a suit and a bow tie like the Bokeh Sinatra like those guys used you could really separate yourself. Yeah I like it. It's like I'm thinking he's right. I'll never get rough. Yeah, I'm thinking he's right. He was the first to FaceTime me after SNL to be like he FaceTime me was like how do you think you did? I hate that question. Are you calling me to tell me I fucking bombed you dickhead? Yeah, I just did. I fucking hung up on him. Yeah, good. He was fucking with me. He's funny, but. How do you think you did? I like you. He wanted me to own a life. Yeah, you should get a bow tie though. He wanted you to own a all the way. He said it already, he said, give me. No, no, no, no, but for him that's, [1:18:05] he's all my standup show and was like, you're not going hard enough. Oh, wow. You need to say like the N word. I don't know. I don't know. That wasn't his actual note for the record. Sure. All right. He'll get row SNL. Oh yeah. We did, we don't even have time. Actually, I don't think we did. I don't think we did. No, that was before. Oh. And he nuggets behind the scenes that no one knows. We chose Green Room and podcast spillover so much. I don't know if you was it. It was so weird. It's such a fucking corporate thing. You got in there finally. I liked Like what a completion of fucking of a storyline. Yeah, it was fun. And it seems like a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. It is a fun night. Say hello. Thank you. Goodbye to every single person who was there But yeah, it was exactly like a wedding. Did it feel like like a ride a passage? What did it feel like for you? [1:19:10] It's a cool win. It's a cool I think it's nice for that. I mean obviously it just brought the story back up again. Yeah Well, you were defended quite a bit, but it was also it's like honestly. This was like them saying sorry Yeah, exactly. That's what it was admission of guilt It was it was the closest they can come to an admission of guilt. Yes, which is what it worked He has to do that we had to his gone is an acknowledgment of talent That's how to it's like recognizing hate this guy might be one of the biggest comics ever and it's happening right now And we should probably get back on board. Yeah, exactly. It's important to lay. Don't go 20 years. I also took it. I agree, but it's annoying with the cancel shit because they go, he's doing great. What are you talking about? Like, well, he's also a good comic who worked his way up and has a sketch show and all this other shit and sells So they have to acknowledge it. Yeah, but that's the thing, that isn't that always the goal just to become undeniably. Sure. [1:20:06] Yeah, but if you were doing that well and not doing well, like nationally, they wouldn't be like, He's still a zero-the-n-pology if he wasn't doing his well. Exactly. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no you're not huge, you still got fucked. It's better for everybody if they don't say the words. It's better for everybody. Everybody knows the truth. But it's better for everybody if they don't say the words. This guy rules. Because it also keeps them silly. They stay silly. What do you mean silly? You stay silly. You stay ridiculous. You're made ridiculous decisions. Oh, and you got kind of a ridiculous enterprise. You stay ridiculous. You stay ridiculous. You stay ridiculous. Yeah, that's what it is. It's the one starship ever. You've got this thing. You're trying to be the fastest runner and you're wearing 150 pounds in your back. And you had a fast runner and you dropped a ball. [1:21:00] Yeah, it's like stay ridiculous. Don't apologize. Stay on the course. They go back to it's better for gillian King I don't sing a song right up here. Oh, no, I agree. I need to know yeah look I thought it was a nice. I thought it was nice. Yeah, I think it's a good like if we're gonna talk about all the like culture shit I think it's cool. They brought me back and it's cool. I said yes. I think it's a nice moment for everybody Yeah, I don't want to be a guy that's like, fuck everybody that said fuck me. Yeah, exactly. I don't want to do that. Can we just stop? And that's what they offered the fucking olive branch. They were the one to like, they should. It's great. And they should. They did the right thing. Because most people were just like, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back, back No, they did it the cool thing. Everybody there was a tide is going. It's just you steer into the weight. And also they got caught up in it. They got caught up in it. Everybody did. Everybody got caught up in it. And so I don't have any problem with that. Don't you think that shit is just less effective now? 100%. Like TMZ tried to do a whole thing on his own. [1:22:00] That was wonderful. I read every single tweet about it because I'm a psycho and it was like I like it be more now bigger fan That's hilarious. Thanks for this. This is a great club Z knew what they were doing. There was another one too With like an Asian comic and how do you feel? I'm just kidding Carol. It's just from they got fucking what's his name? They got a Corkey Corkey from life goes on. Yeah, they interviewed him about my That's fine. Korki. Korki, Korki. Korki from Life Goes On. Yeah, they interviewed him about my TMZ got him. That's a, no. No, that, and Korki was like, Korki was like, that was fine dude, we're human, we're allowed to be made fun of. It was like, oh yeah, Korki. That's gonna be a sketch. Korki, Korki. He's a go getter that kid Yeah, right Big headed weirdo Yeah, it's own show That's right Yeah That show was the wildest thing They put a guy with Down syndrome At the Star of a show Oh yeah, quite a noggin He's not a... He's very high function [1:23:00] He's still the... That's a half-oh rollers He's still the reference To reference He's... the breath. That's a powerful role is he's still the reference to reference. He's yeah, oh I don't want to get I don't want to get Billy Elliott's in there. Don't you go? I don't want to get go No, no, no, I'm saying on the record. There's the thing with whatever People with Down syndrome can have a higher significantly they have regular IQs a lot of the time and huge dicks. But you know the, you know the, the Louis mantra or whatever is like, they burn your house down. You build a couple twigs and leaves with a house. And they go, he's got a house. So you're like, well, I had a mansion and that's living in a twig hut. All right, I hear you. They're not happy unless you're pointing. I hear you, but what are you choosing to focus on? It's great, it did SNL. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The truth, that is true though. It was a, that was like a thing that I was worried about was I was like, this, I should say something in the monologue. No, I'm not saying that. No, you did the right thing. Right. We didn't do anything wrong. Look, he's no funny. Don't look that up, please. Yeah. That was fun. We got to make it quick. Great [1:24:07] way to look at it. It was perfect. It was a perfect way to handle it. You used to have a great joke at the New Jersey room, but like a waitress, because what do I know? Oh, dude. And at the top, because you were like the topic of conversation. Every single time someone would be like, I'd see like for real, it would always be like an Asian woman would come up to me and be like, you were really funny, what was your name? Can I look you up and I'd be like, please don't. No. Literally if you looked me up the first thing would be like, hate Asians. Damn. That head of mine. I'm like, man, this is not true at all. Yeah, I get to watch them. Yo. Oh. You said there was a witch, it was like, hey, that was so funny. What do I know you from? You're like, I've been here before, it's good. No. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm trying so hard. I've been so, yeah. I think I've been here, we probably hung out. [1:25:09] Well, Yang, David Taylor, a little friend. You didn't get it, what else is going on? Yeah. Yeah. You were surprised, was it? You were surprised, they yelled at. Yeah, what'd you do this time? You must be in trouble, it's been a week. No, it's been 10 minutes. Yeah, it's been 10 minutes. I find it if you don't see it. Wait, do you have a new one? I don't even know about this one. No, nothing wrong. No, I just got there. I've just reached not online. Yeah. You're not online? I'm not online. Good for you. SNL knocked me out of it. The special, when I put out my Netflix special, I deleted like Twitter. Twitter, of course. And I deleted Reddit Everyone smile slip back in the app that's how much since SNL I've been right off because I know you don't want I try to tell everybody saying I suck for sure Listen, there's gonna be a bunch of people think everything sucks you're dealing with giant numbers when you're dealing with giant numbers each individual seems significant even if they're fucking morons you never want to talk to Beethoven symphony has bad [1:26:02] comments I bet it does tell your too. I bet it does. Telling you right now. You're right. That's very funny. It was wise. It was wise. It was wise. Yeah. It was wise. Yeah. There's always going to be more Drake. You can't be focused on that. You're really Drake. It's better than Beethoven. Great, Dick. More hits than This is why it doesn't work. You gotta think about it in a numbers way. So if the human brain is designed to recognize threats and problems, when everything's great, you don't think about it. So if you have 10 positive people, Shane, you're the fucking man, that's great. One guy goes, this guy's lame as fuck, tired of this kind of act. So fucking, I don't know. I'll take these, take these. Say about your shit, do I see what I'm saying. So that one stands out. You got nine people that think you're awesome. One douchebag thinks you suck. And now when you scale that up to millions and millions of people and who's writing comments, the majority of them are disgruntled people that are unhappy with their position like. You think toothpaste feels that way when they're like, who the fuck was that one dentist? [1:27:01] Yeah, the one out of time. Oh, yeah. You fucking have dentist the one other time That's I done for you what what else I have to show you so I know what you're doing right now and I appreciate it game recognize again You drink one motherfucker. I'm drinking it. I've been drinking it. I'm talking. No, you're not you guys got to catch up I feel like the pod just got started the pod did just our and We got that mushroom chocolate's not fucking around allegedly. Oh yeah. It's good. I can't no, the other one. That one too, that one too. I mean Charles. He's in trouble. But that one too, they walked her too. They definitely walked her, right? I was talking about our own dance. Yeah, she's annoying. She's annoying. She's annoying. Yeah. That's right. Yeah, she's crazy. That's go. Oh, that's exactly what it was. Yeah, she apparently was talking. [1:28:07] And she banged both of them. She banged both brothers. That's right. Yeah, Bobby and JFK. Do you think the second one was on recommendation from the first? Probably get her. Ah, I've got to pop my bra. I've got to pop my bra. If you've fucked my bra. way they have Bobby's clock. Maryland, you're too fucking crazy for me. I've got to run a country. If you think, oh, I feel jack. That's not what you can do for me. You can do for my brother. I've been the CIA trying to kill me. I don't have time for your nonsense. Why some say come on the face. Do you think that one brother's watching her at the whatever the inauguration was when she's singing in front of the wife and the other brother just looking at his brother's going Either way, she took a shot in the face too Imagine you're the president and you're banging everybody and everybody knows but nobody talks about it. No one talked about it That was the world back there. Yeah, it was just got you in broves. [1:29:00] This is being broves. Everyone was being broves. No, it was being when I said earlier I think has merit to it like who do you want do you want the warmonger the pussy hound The chick barbie or whatever. Yeah, they try to just keep them keep them Your mouth are you're such a what's that on the side she's making a face. She's probably like spit Get a better picture for lady been through a lot Come on she was called that don't Normal Christian 25 rolls to the left who's the playwright? She married to see Williams she yeah, no Williams she yeah no wait She's Just So much play right there. It's personal. I thought yeah, she married Demaggio Demaggio like would put flowers on her are they Miller are they Miller yeah the Demaggio almost rough why why cuz you put flowers on her Grave And this was like wow he wasn't like the overlap between Kennedy and demogel over that. Oh, that's a good [1:30:04] She was fucking killing his guy. Yeah, this is killing it. Look at that, guys, I like the Miller. Look at this fucking, did you got some? You look like the guy from the wire. You got a lot. Oh yeah? You didn't get a little guilty. Yeah, you got a lot. He married her then. There you go That are they're just a drug. Yeah, it's a drug. It's it's fucking John McAfee's meth. Yeah Don't fucking bitch it every high level fucking heart I'm meeting up and it's like hey Miller you're brought your dumb fucking I don't think she was Duh oh yeah, she was fucking high level level Crazy IQ higher IQ than Einstein. No way give it a go There is no no Zero shot on earth that's actually true. Let's bet. I'll bet your million dollars. I'm sure it's only internet There's no way she has a million dollars slowed out as a whole five $5 respectively 20 20 20 that's an old page 20 [1:31:04] For the record that TV paid more oh my god $20, 20, that's an SNL page. 20? Whatever you got, for the records. That TV paid more. Oh my God. I think she had a higher. Guess how much money you get paid to host SNL? How much? 1300. 50 grand. 1700. 50 grand. 5000 dollars. Oh. More than I thought. Isn't that why? That's why. We rated 21 jump streets, uh, fucking, dressing afterwards. Five minutes average. For a week of work. Hmm. We rated 21 jumps, 21 sandwiches. Yeah, that's what I was talking about. And that's what they just fucked me again. Five million. Yeah. We're gonna have to be like a million? Five grand. Wait, so what does 21 get? Musical guests. You might get 10. You don't get more you got a little more 21s the man Listen if if Like bounces back if that is what like the first step and then bouncing back and the next week Having a wild shit who big big big My friends it went it went fucking guys guys sang gay and retarded to massive massive awesome tits are back [1:32:04] You don't know city that is. You don't know Sidney Swainey, she's... Well, now Tron, you've seen her. She's a little... I'm sure I've seen her. She's Marilyn Monroe. Yeah, I see her. That's John McAfee's meth. Yeah. That's why she's at the party, RE, you piece of shit. Well, the 90s are coming back. Funny guys. Is it okay, I mean he's gonna bring her wherever the fuck she wants to go. Oh, timeless. There she is. Wow. Congratulations. Congratulations to her genetics. I love when you see a story like that. She addresses those Glenn Powell rumors and I'm like, I don't even know what you're talking about. Well, someone wrote a mom on her. I'm okay. For Ari. You know, we've got to talk about some things in the news. You know, it's probably not really her act. I already said rock sucks. Fuckin' balls of clay. You know what? The tragic truth about Marilyn Manson's probably been grown up. Concealed in Telegraph. Thank you. Dear fame. A lot of how many who is this re-match? To the camera lady? As far as I've ever seen. [1:33:01] It is said that she was a star brilliant with a high IQ. There you go, but it doesn't say it's higher than I'm Higher than Albert Einstein. It's unproven, but it does say that was as high as 168 9stein was 167 was he 160? No, I know I know this is a is a urban Okay, but it says some believe oh, I believe that she was an alien Some believe different illegal It's a tweet it has to be real it's verified does it have community notes if not Jamie all right, that's a wash no More proven than you I'm just certain that that's not true isn't our community notes is for go with that How come there's no community notes on that statement? No one probably saw this. You have to. Well, can we amplify it? They can watch our. We want to the migrant meeting. Oh, yeah, went to the meeting with a little migrant in my neighborhood. What to do with them? What'd you do? What'd you say? Said kill's basement? No, it's in a community center. [1:34:05] Of course you went to a fucking community center. It was pretty wild. Protect our community. All that whole line around the neighborhood of like new migrants. Well, if it isn't good. They're gonna piss in the bushes, so they got to raise, they all sound like me we tell them to piss and put every get them that But we're not they're not gonna get it to them. Yeah, but they were not gonna regular portapod They're gonna want like a good one that you can sit down in with a little sink in it. They'd rather go behind A portable bathroom these aren't these aren't like All the whole with the fucking blue water. It's disgusting You know This is disgusting. You're wrong. I love that they do it. They set up porta-botties ever. So all the drunks, they set a piss in the park. They'll piss on the nose. They still do it. Do they? Most of them. But don't a few dudes pee on trees, right? No, that's what I'm saying. They're like, hey, don't be an animal. I can piss in these. It's bad. It does. No way. I'll tell you what, dog. If 200 people a night fucking piss in them. [1:35:06] Listen to me, dog. Dog piss kills your lawn. Yeah, dog for sure. Yeah, man, dogs. Like if you have grilled dogs just squatting pee, boy dogs want to like mark. So boy dogs piss on things, but girl dogs just squat. So they leave these little dark puddles in your lawn, like they kill the grass. What? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't drink girl dog pee. That's my advice. Well, wouldn't the forest be ruined by like, animal piss? It's a good question. It's a good question. I know. There's a lot of squirrels. It's a good question. There's a lot of, I think grass is pretty unnatural as it is But they're always putting the trees like don't let dogs piss it'll fill the tree What's that jam in the UK they have urine deflectors everywhere because people pee all over the buildings I mean it's they said a porta-podies look at the porta-podies in the park you're in deflectors. What's a deflector? So it won't catch you in a corner forever [1:36:06] Also, you can't piss on it because it'll splatter on you. Yeah, so just step back or no or just won't gather in a corner Yeah, I drink piss. It's pretty wild. Just assume people are gonna pee on that or they're stopping people They can't get underneath the piss up. Yeah, so if it they're gonna be so like let it drip away from the fucking crevices Should have put that on the arch heli Jokes weird remember when we were talking about the there's this P and poop everywhere in the 17 Remember when we were talking about there's this P and poop everywhere in the 17 oh yeah He was in the street everywhere. Yeah Preplumbing they said they're having a problem with some people that come from other places to new cities where they just still decided to Shit on the ground because I don't know They don't know the other thing. They've been doing their whole life. It's like I don't care I'm just gonna shit after shit. I'm not gonna go to some little closet that smells awful when I get in shit right here. I see human shit in New York all the time. All the time. You can tell. You can tell. It's unsettling because you're like, I'm it's that's a fucking person one. I know. Old school pub book. Your anil. Whoa. It's got pretty. It looks like you're praying to the Lord of Pists. Yeah. They just go in there and piss on a wall. It's so well made. It's not incredible. [1:37:06] Look at the artwork involved. I know. What craftsmen we had back then. I would love those right now. New York is a place that's three quarters and close to go in and piss on a wall. Look how beautiful that looks. Beautiful. It's like great. It's a vintage public urinal in Paris. Amazing. Wow. Right, we're looking at, look how beautiful these public urinals used to be. Pissoir. Pissoir. Look at the other ones though. Show, show Shane the other ones that you showed. The New York City one. Oh, look at that one right there. Really cool. Look at that one. That's in Paris. That's insane. But is that amazing like the craftsmanship they had for that? For a year. Some guy got hired. Big bucks to do that. And they had little ads on the side. What was that ad for? Is that like a price though? 15 minutes? I'm sure you can get blown in there as well. Is that what it says? What does MTS, what does that 15 Bonjour you must be a digestive depository is what this is oh interesting. Well is that [1:38:09] Below it? Is that a price? A15 I don't know it. I mean you have to pay to use it because that would be nice. I don't know probably Do what is a 15 me? Watch the close the door because the dogs really want to get in It could be minutes watch the close the door because the dogs really want to get in oh Calm bed you get 15 minutes 1875 all the New York subway bathrooms had to be locked up. They still have that though now Those like public bathrooms, but I don't have like the national guard in subway now or something Yeah, it's bad. The lady got stabbed. It was a shooting Good time. Oh time What is it? Dylan I don't know it's getting wacky that whole letting everybody in thing is just Raising here's it. I think this is what I think that might have been 15 minutes people started using them as places to talk for private conversation [1:39:02] Gas room Yeah Oh, that's not a hot gas room. Oh, that's not a hot gas room. Come on in here, I'll take a shit. Yeah. I'm telling you that we're planning the rebellion. Unisex. Inclos automatically self-coding unit. Back in 80. Yeah, in 1980, they replaced systematically. 1980. Where are you? 1980. 100 years, 105. Dude, it seems like the 80s are so recent, but if you had to go back and live back then, like when I grew up, you were in a different world. You left the house, you were gone. No one knew where you were. There was two pictures of you. One when you were like, you were like, one when you were 10. This fucking no one has real evidence that you were ever alive. Yeah. You just, you just people would vanish. I think about that a lot when I'm laying in bed. I think about like my parents in the 80s and the 90s. You just, you just go out to dinner, you go to a friend's house, you skateboard all day. You don't know where anybody is. It was nice. It's way better. We have to think about it. When I grew up, people would open the window and yell for their kids. Yes They would yell Bobbie get home [1:40:11] That's great. Oh, this is why now people would tweet and go this mom is a little aggressive This is a little controlling. Oh, yeah, the homeowners association They don't exactly kick that people When I was a kid I lived in San Francisco and then we moved to Florida and then we moved to Boston We moved to Boston. We moved to Boston, we moved to a place called Jamaica Plain. Jamaica Plain was rough back then. It was kinda, we didn't have any money. And our next door neighbors were in a punk band. And the fucking entire basement, they converted to like a session place. And so they had carpet, like seven, eight layers of carpet. Those were their own sound deadening. And it was so loud. Yeah. Didn't we look them up once? I don't know. It was Allison Chains. Death in the shopping mall. Oh, okay. And I remember the song, my baby is a mutant. Oh, you know this music? Oh yeah, I can learn sleep games. [1:41:01] I've heard them sing it 150 times. Wow, were they any good? They're pretty good, if you're into that kind of music and I would go down, they'd like, let me watch them perform. Like watch some rehearsal. I was like eight. It was pretty cool. No, I guess I wasn't eight. Now it's 13. I was like, because that was Boston. Yeah, I was thinking San Francisco, but that was Boston and so these people were like they recorded this there's a good video I think that's available on YouTube or the so at least the songs available on YouTube the different time when I we built this Many ramp in my backyard and every kid in the neighborhood would use it there it is Look at that what's that Jamie not the song you asked for but I found the oh There's another one man on a tightrope they've still going 200 two thousand views it's probably all you can't play it we're gonna get copy righted by then that's what you allowed to you can check for one time did you ever go over and knock on the door and go hey quiet down a little bit no nobody did that back then it was just a weird time if you consider how people grow up today. If you grow up today, [1:42:07] you're growing up in the weirdest time. I know it's fucked. It's kind of fucked. Ever. But it's like every civilization has to deal with that. When they invented the printing press, when they invented cars, when they invented airplanes, every generation has had to deal with like some new weirdness. Oh, what is that? Told you to get the fucking Eagle beer ball. Oh, shit. It might be early, but I gotta pee. All right. Behind the mic with. Dude, that's all it. I was like, no. And then I got in here. I was like, damn, I shoulda get out. We can't hour in. We can't play the America fuck yes on why why cuz we'll get copyrighted I'm sure there's a copy on the internet like a don't you can't you reach out to the first thing it doesn't have it it's we love to sing it's a group I don't think we think we're gonna get it we'll say hell yeah I'm gonna say the motherfucking day in America [1:43:11] We get trouble for that freedom Jamie can we get in trouble for the Jamie Kid rock own all his music. I don't know, we should call him. He's the character of the music. If we asked him if we could use American bad ass. Mmm. That's just as ridiculous. Wait, so we're not allowed to have fun and use music anymore? What'd you guys sign? What'd you guys sign? I know, right? We're just gonna I'm just going to have a concert. I'm just being on YouTube again. Damn, dude, we just can't share it. Let's go back to 4chan. Why can't we play Spotify music? That's what I'm saying. Because we're going to have a song for you too. Because there's like a different... We're also on YouTube music. Just bleep it out for then. No, you can't do that. You probably could. That's where I Who needs a radio when I can say mock [1:44:12] I think that's a copyright There you go Erga call back that's big Did he dive? Did he actually fall? They took a breath of all. That was like fucked up. What a hot, Larry David. What if he just can't access? Mark. What the fuck Mark? So what's going on with you guys? Now that Mark's gone. I'm tired of all his quips. He's been he's been he needs to get more fucked up. He's not he has no quips. He has no Yeah, he's always trying to build a he's not doing just it just hasn't presented itself. Don't force the genius And [1:45:00] Bob man Band is trying to sneak into the do you get outside that door this fucking two dogs band a kitchen door daddy dogs are in he wanted to hold Carl so bad but we'll band it fuck things up she's cool hey band it my last time I've seen a two courts shut up Shut up, dude. She's trying to cut stuff. He chew chords. Never wants ever. Has she been around for it? Yeah, of course. What? No, I've just been here. Yeah, she's been here for a brief period of time. I'd been in it. She's a sock. That's good. She wants her daddy. She does. Yeah. She's a dumb kid. She's a dumb kid. When R.E. was inside before, she was sitting outside the door, just sitting staring up at the door, knowing that he was in that room. It is a cute dog, but it is autistic. Yeah. Why say that? It's grown for a butt life. She's one of those dogs. It's not a dog. It's more of a cat. It's a quiet weird, you know, I mean it's a skinish dog. It's not good. It's like fireworks [1:46:07] Literally every dog I don't know if it's quiet just walking around weird dude. It's a very serious dog She is there she's a girl. This is solemn dog. Just that girl if you're trying to assault. There won't work She is something I'm just saying that you guys you guys know these types of dogs You've seen these types of dogs Dogs you've seen these types of dogs Salam solid something has someone girl. So in so on so on You're looking for can doors open. Oh the dog get in God damn it mark anybody wants a guard I'm okay. I'm okay. He's a whole new foundation delivery hell. Yeah They're both dogs in here just one I know are these gay dogs here. I know all right trying a good time with your gay dog ruin everything are you have a Band-In on this dog. There's a blood rep y'all sit guys. This is the West bro [1:47:00] He's a Texas obviously he's got a fucking band-In on You went green last week. Why did it have green on? For the environment? For the people? Oh, nice. Up the IRA. Up the IRA. Up the IRA. By the way, up the IRA. Free Palestine. Try it. They love Palestine, those mixed. They really do. Well, everybody. They've been through it. Lo love Palestine those mix. They really do Well, everybody they've been through it loves underdog and when you were the underdog forever They've been through it. Yeah, the end words of your I mean they literally they understood it's brought When I went to Northern Ireland and I saw the fucking cars the police cars that are Tuesday armored with big steel plates all around Because the I am how you found it We need headphones otherwise we're gonna talk overA bombs. It's tough enough. How you found it? We need headphones. Otherwise, we're going to talk over each other. It's going to be very annoying. You have to have headphones, Ari. You, particularly. You and everyone. And literally everyone else. No, Ari just has just jointed off-hand conversations. The thing is, when you're listening, it was worse earlier. Yeah it was bad at one point first hour it was rough. I never take the headphones off I was like, [1:48:06] well we'll find out in a group. Ah damn. I took them off. I had them on in the beginning and it made me feel bad because we were talking over each other. With them on? On. Everybody had them on. It's because you are. You do, no. No one had What had him on no we all did and then you This post look like you Destroy of worlds All right going back in all right your next for sorry When I was I went there a couple years ago and she was like giving me a tour. It was pretty cool. And then he goes, and he goes, if you go in the back way, I was like, can I go back there? See what's there? He was like, yeah, there's nothing there. And I'm like, can I walk through the doors? He goes, yeah, but there's a superstition that if you walk through before you're actually hosting, you'll never host. And I was like, oh yeah, I'm going back there. Yeah, you never know. He's talking about, what are we talking about? [1:49:05] Superstitions, hilarious. Especially when it comes to that. Like, oh no, you're gonna take away my five grand. That's not believed. They were like, you gotta sign these contracts. And I was like, all right, and they were like, and then then, then we'll pay you. You should've not got a sign on it. I didn't. That is like that. But your age and gets 10 present, your manager's 10, you get $150. Yeah, it's like for a week of work. I know that's hard work. It's the most stress. Yeah, I'd be fine if I didn't have it. I can see it on you. I can see it and you went through it bigger than ever. It's like that's the beautiful thing about it. You go through it bigger than ever. And it worked out. It worked out. It's great. And it showed that you're awesome at sketches. And it turns people to gillian keys, which is I think the best sketch show on the internet. Thanks. Fucking awesome. And it was a fucking old man's dad. He's the best fucking sketches I have ever seen. You got a gang of them, man. [1:50:06] The Trumps be dating, it's fucking the genius shit. That's our, yeah. You got some genius shit. Genius shit, and that's the best part. Is that it sends people towards the real shit. Independent comedy sketches that are done by the people that are actually funny. There's no one fucking with them, there's no network notes, there's no executives, there's no water in up the fucking chili. It's just, we don't, don't, don't, don't fuck with that dude. I already had it last time. I don't fuck with the Carolina Reaper. We could cause a beef-dried night. Mark, Bong with us. Huh? Bong with us, You did for the truth. It's time to go. I was taking a mushroom. You had a fucking block earlier, you're fine. It's time for America. It's time for America. It's time to take America back, Mark. That's the joke. Mark, we gotta take America back. Come on, man. Yeah. Go for the troops. Hold on. One drink and four. You had two fucking little honey drinks. That's the fifth. [1:51:06] That's the world without Joe Lovyn. You're gonna be drunk on that. When comics read and dick, they're gonna go, how about around a plus of the troops everybody? Yeah, yeah, anybody's going out. He's way out. He's way out. He's way out the middle. He's a ladies. Yeah. Who's having a birthday First date, last date. Round of applause for the ladies. You imagine a bomb again that someone's like, who's having a birthday in the audience? But no, you're not included in me. Right, no. I wouldn't cheer for that. That's you, Ari, the most unreasonable people. Like me. Yeah. It's my first day. Yeah, that's my first day. I'm a 45 year old white woman. It's a herbaron thing, especially if you don't have special days if that's the only special day well that in the bachelor Most days suck except for 90 day fiance when that's on it's awesome My lady watch that is a wild That's the one lady show I can see [1:52:03] Marriage the I can sit there. Well, you're not allowed to talk about the threats to marriage. The threats, if marriage, this is like the argument it gets gay marriage. It's like bad for the institution. What is it? The institution of marriage. Like, what about this? What about fucking reality show? What? Are we out of the show? We decided to get married after 90 days. That's already, for 90 days, and then they got gotta get married. Fuck it, mine, you gotta pick one of these hosts. And that's not even, there's like, there's other ones like the bachelor or like love is blunt. Like they don't even talk to each other and then they get engaged. I know. Oh, yes. No, no, no, no. I need day though, it makes it. That's way worse than gay marriage. And you don't know But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but doing over in China every day it's like fucking the ninja show. That's not ninja show. [1:53:06] The ninja show. The ninja show. The ninja show. The ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show. That's not ninja show is just ours 10, 15 years ago. I bet T.V. is ours if we had fucking control. Well, they don't let him want to take control. You want to take control? Yeah. You want to take control, tell them? To take control. That's what I'm saying. But real men. America needs to take control. But real men. Real men. Real men. Well, they're TikTokist. And you're like, no. Non-sense daddy's home. Yeah, we need just Tom Hardy. He isn't it funny that that's like Everybody really kind of wants the big daddy in the sky to take care of everything There's a plot of a Marvel You the world doors brother You want to be let it's the big daddy the con you sky. You got the cookie. You got the four skin? [1:54:05] Thank you. Oh, you're good. Oh my god, a little bit more fun. Carl, Carl doesn't like ice. It's not noisy. Carl, don't get big. It doesn't like juice. Carl's definitely tree-pasting. Oh, yeah. You think so? Carl's definitely up there. Carlos grumpy. Carlos like he reads a newspaper and I think I'll be up there. He's looking at these pissies. Carl does now have strong convictions and he can be persuaded in either direction. Yeah. His eyes are about to pop out of his head. Carl could convert. If the Jews win this one, Carl could convert. He's going to go with the money as if. Boy, He's going to go with the money as if Boy if you if you want to convert the Jews they make it hard you guys make it probably the hardest I know that Crazy Delta Club is a lot going on. We want to be sure you're ready. They don't make you take a tattoo to least How did Sammy Davis pass that's such a wild flex for a woman to force you to convert to get tattooed? [1:55:02] It's a wild flex well the foreskin looks better when it's gone to convert to get tattooed. It's a wild flex. Well, the four skin looks better when it's gone. That's a wild one. You gotta have a circumcision. You can make a chick convert, because like, I don't care. We'll say it, whatever. You gotta click your forehand. You gotta click your dick. Skin off and risk infection and death and the loss of your dick at 37. That's how good that bus is yeah well my friend got circumcised at 33 and he's happy by the way tip for everybody You can just lie to the in-laws tell me did it. Well you just said you don't actually have to do it So would you just said is the ultimate anecdotal experience? My friend You did it he loves it. He kept getting infected Magma tell you friend to clean his dick. What kind of dirty motherfucker? Yeah. Well, he's getting dick infections. Is he Indian? Yeah, Indian fella. What do you blame in that on? Well, I'm just saying, it's a lot of curry. But curry coming out of your dick, what are you doing? [1:56:03] It's gross. Eating Curry coming out of your dick. What are you doing gross eating like an elephant? Well Tossing fucking curry chicken in your mouth with your dick slum dog. That's for This is saying it gets in there the bacteria. Yeah, yes, who's on circuit sets here anybody? No way JMO J mode Carls in the circle Carl Carl you don't turn it so call yet decent right? He's better circuit size. Let's I'll talk to a guy I think we might have talked about before you guys ever see a dog's dick. Yeah, I see the dogs dick every day of the week No, no, I'm talking about My dog in the morning. No, no, I'm talking about the bone. Oh yeah, I've seen it So weird looking at Oregon at the old studio. We had a walrus one a petrified walrus How old was that fucking thing? Where is it? [1:57:02] Where's that wall? I am the walrus fucking thing. Where is it? Where's that wall? I am the walrus. Who could you? You ever see him get hooked up? Back you know that's right. It's called a back. Yeah. Yeah. I'm a bone. Every now and then. Shout out to you. Back you know. You ever see him get hooked up? Two dogs. That's a dish over early. Now he's going. That was good. What show is that guy? I want him leave. That's right. That's right. Time travel show. Oh, I was like the early 2000s. No, no, early 90s. Early 90s. Wait, is quantum leap? Mid. Is there anything? There's one where he hops into a Down Syndrome guy. Yeah, that's him. Oh, boy. Oh, no. He opens his bedroom door. The mirror shows a down syndrome guy and he's like I'm retard That's him oh my god He was up. Do it from the beginning. Oh, I'm doing from the beginning He goes I'm retard Bro that's the language they used on dramas on TV back then [1:58:02] TV back then I don't know every female comics like you know what it's like getting attacked by the way you look I'm like have you seen gillus's page? by the way you look I'm like have you seen gillis's page is something like Tardville all day long I love hearing that when it's like you have no idea what it's like to get made fun of for how you look Yeah, it's all I did some idea it's the only thing I did it's different This is why if you're a talented guy and you look like shit you can still get late Oh, no, I don't look like shit. I'm not saying you. I'm not saying you. I'm not saying you. I'm just retarded shit. Let's say someone far worse off than anyone in this room. You could still get beautiful women because you're talented. That does not work the opposite. True, but they can get pus or they can get dick without being talented and not. [1:59:02] And they cannot be hot and get to and they'll be a seven again real high level to take a point out and get dick when we're talking about mathematics. Well, we've all talked a couple of two but those back on. No, I mean mathematics in a sense that like each thing has a value to it and the more like wealthy, famous, like what's that guy's name that super, super fucking old dude that own Fox, Rupert Murdoch? This dude is worth billions of dollars and got divorced, right? Or it was gonna get married, had this fiance and she's like really in a Christian or something. But the crazy thing is he was talking about the rest of his life. He was like the second half of my life. Like the net, like he's 90. If you see him walking around like this guy's crazy. Because this guy knows he can still sling dick. Stephen Harvey got like, that was his lady. Whoa. That's something I don't know. Oh, we did it again. So he's got a new one. He's engaged again. He was a molecular biologist. Yo, he's 92. He just got engaged again. This is what I'm talking about. We've got that kind of cheddar. [2:00:08] You can slink dick. Deep into the 90s. There is not a woman. He's the one who's married to me. He's a mac of me. Slinging. Slinging. Yeah, but that's feeling it. That's maybe because women like competency. But this is the difference. Maybe they're attracted to the confidence That's all it is, but this is why which is fine, but this is what that's what people should be attracted to That's what people should be attractive. Yes, but this is why a woman can say you don't know what it's like because you don't know what it's like Because there's always this other thing Yeah, but here I'd rather be the one. But I'd rather be the woman. I'd rather be the woman. She's better than me. If you're hot. If you're hot. Or not hot. But if you're not hot, then you're judged. Unfavorable. It's something that you have no control over. And that's your value to a lot of people. What he's saying. That's the difference. That's how they Of course, the original statement though was female comics talk about [2:01:06] people always comment on my love. They were just statement. And it's like, that's all they do with me. I get it. It's just, I think it has a different value for women. True, I can go, yeah, whatever, yeah. Yeah, I'm just so out of my ass. I agree. You can say it. I know about it. I always say off in the world. There's a thing that separates you from everybody, and that's talent. For a woman, it's like unattractiveness is the trumper. That's number one. A hot lady steals. But you think ugly ladies? Not in my adult life. I was a good looking guy. I did well. Yeah, you did all right. I got lucky. I got lucky with You did all right. I got lucky. I got lucky with jeans. But it's just if you're a woman and you don't get lucky, that's a bad sentence. Like if your whole world around you, especially today, if you're like, that's one of the things that social media's fucked young girls up. Yeah. Because like you're looking at girls that are way hotter than you before they use filters. Before they use filters. And then they throw filters on, they look insanely good [2:02:07] and you know there's not a fucking chance in hell. And that's the genes that you got dealt. They're fucking hand-to-cards you got. Yeah, but then you just, you just, yeah, but then you get to marry a nice guy. Yeah, yeah, you get to get to get, you're not in that world of like like here's me in a picture. You're like here's a nice guy. We're gonna raise a family together We're gonna like I don't know well always benefits to that. There's this benefits that in our world of fucking Guess what if Kim Kardashian wants a marry a nice guy she can't do she can huh if she decides to just go grab some nice guy He well he was the guy who is working on my house. Do you know what's gonna happen? He well he was the guy who is working on my house. Do you know what's gonna happen? She knows we have day one TMS He'll never be normal. He'll never go outside. He won't be nice and she just fuck him He won't be nice until time to think about the rock Who gets famous day one and they'll ruin him. Yeah I don't know whatever we're having fun now [2:03:02] Here's the thing that's the super mind fuck is when people get famous like Jordan Petersen style when they get famous when he got hotter. He's higher and they went loody bends. What it is is he started eating only little bonkeys little bonks. Yeah, he got little bonkeys. What do you think is bonker? What did he say that's bonkers? He's a little bonkers. I know. He's just like famous famous. Two famous entering rehab. Oh, be no. Yeah. He unfortunately did not know the side effects of Benzo Dias. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds like an actor. The guy just took him. He'll tell you. He took him because he was really struggling. But I think part of the reason why I struggling is his wife is going through cancer. I think it's a smart guy read the label Listen man if you did something Like like if you do play golf you play golf, right? Yeah, if I if I came to you, but I don't play so if I came to you What's a thing that you do that I don't do golf? Yeah, okay. So if I came here and go, how do you do this? Yeah. [2:04:05] I would just listen. Right. Because you do it and I don't do it. So if you're a doctor or psychologist, you call your friend who's a psychiatrist and you say, I'm going through this. What should I do? Take this. Don't worry. You're going to feel way better. that's commonly used to kill you if you just jump off it once alcohol the other is Benzot no is that right he got with your an alcoholic if you're like a full-on all-beats-rock to told them that no he's doctor didn't tell him that so he didn't realize that until he tried to get off of him and it took like a fucking year man I got a grab those physically rep Peterson rules but yeah anytime any of those intellectuals become famous, they kind of stink. And then when you get fully sucked into the culture war as an intellectual, either side, I don't love it. Yeah, because then it's like you're wasting all your mental energy on the culture war, and not curing cancer. Well, he was always going to play cancer. But it's also the recognize that if you don't fight against this shit, it just keeps pushing and gaining more boundary, more ground. [2:05:06] It moves the goalposts. It does. And you have to have really smart people. You have to. You have to cry and spray. You get that cry and spray. But that's not a voice, bro. Jimmy can't get a text. He really feels that way. I know it seems crazy when you look at it at a context, but if you look at him crying in the context of the conversation, it's because he really feels like I go on crying, but I keep him. I'm lying. Don't worry. The thing is, he's not, he's just being himself and he's being himself in front of all these people. He's being himself with all these people watching. He's being himself in a 3-P suit. He's got dressed up to go be himself. And the weird three p.s, sometimes are like multicolored, like, what do you have that man? But it does have a good, good, good, good, good, good. I love, yeah, whatever. It's cool, it's just a fame ruins a lot. I love people's like work. It definitely, they're doing great work. The Kimmel, same right? Jordan is not necessarily a part of a system. He's like removed from a system, but then the problem becomes, are you constantly fighting that system? Or are you just speaking [2:06:10] about things the way you see them? Well, the question is, why is our system fighting him? Why can't he just exist and talk about it what he wants to talk about? Why is someone always coming down? Because he has a lot of influence. That's what it is. Why can't he have an influence that why do we do attack it because the internet It's because who likes him it's just people arguing on the internet They're like Jordan Peterson rules listen to this quote and then people that don't like the things you like are like He's actually a Nazi Right and then people that like call him a Nazi like you're gay right? Just there's no I don't like why do we be like? I thought I had something no you Not see he's never been subjective. But why would it be like that? Because it's a subjective term. Which is weird. That's why you would infuriate me that whole punch a Nazi thing. I was like, who decides? You said Nazi. He's been called a Nazi. You face one or one. Yeah. That's a fun one. And while I was like, all right. Well, they were called Dave Smith, a self-hating Jew. [2:07:05] Yes, yes. Because he's criticizing the way Israel's bombing the fuck and shit out of Gaza. Free pastine. It's the whole thing is so nuts, man. It's like guys, you go on the labels. You got him. I'm on the side of Hamas. I like the way they kill him in Palestinians. You like how Hamas is killing Palestine? Well, the tunnels is one thing you guys can do. You're saying how Hamas is killing the Palestinians, their own people. Yeah, when they line them up and execute all their fucking people running against them. Do they do that? Yeah, it's cool. I always do that. Well, the Jews are like a mouthful, and they wouldn't go with it. What? The Jews throughout a ceasefire, like, hey, let's do a ceasefire and Palestine was like, nah, no deal. When was that? October 6th. No. The day before. Yeah, yeah, pull it up. J.A.B.O. I'm sure the terms dictate whether they say yes or no. You know the wildest thing is that there was protests in the streets for months, hundreds of thousands of people protesting Netanyahu. [2:08:05] In Israel. Right. Yeah, right. One of the leaders. You can be against your leaders. Yeah. You can be against the country. But it was right before it happened. For sure. And then what happened? Put a squad on. No, he was ready to throw it out. No, he's ready to go, brother. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah all the old guard get somebody young in there. Get some 40 year old man. The thing is man, the people that have gone through this, you're not gonna erase this. You're not gonna erase the memory of what they did to Gaza. You're not gonna erase the memory of what those people in Israel experienced when those dudes are fucking parrots shooting down and gunning people down and chasing down kids at a rave. You're not gonna erase that. Uh oh, what she thinking? Hillary said it. There was a C, remember there's a C-Sfire on October 6th that Hamas broke by the barbaric assault on peaceful civilians. Scroll up so we can see that trustworthy picture. There she is. All right. What did she say? There was a C-Sfire, it did not hold because Hamas chose to break it. No, there you go. Massive consistently broken. He's fired. He's fine. I remember if Dave Smith was here Dave Smith would be able to lay this out [2:09:06] Yeah, I don't know anything. We need a real Jew I found out about Dave because I already is a state of the country of the Union state of the Spark guy I can't keep up. Oh, he's a genius. He's one of the best at retaining information You're like, wait, wait, who? No, I mean, he just can talk about basically any international crisis that he's investigated. He investigates things at the point of like he'll be able to tell you the root of the conflict. Sure as white loves it. Oh my god, that's a tough household. Go on, don't fuck. Yeah, yeah. There's no way he's only telling us that. He's telling her that too. Yeah, she's probably petrified. Back to the female comedian thing about you're looking retard in that whole thing. Thank you. Well, what bugs me is it's all men's fault, but they judge each other. [2:10:02] That's true too. There's a lot of lady on lady judging of appearance. All this is gonna go out the window with CRISPR. What CRISPR? What's gonna go out the genetic engineering? Oh right. They're gonna change people and turn them into fun. We'll get all hot chips at a cool. We'll always talk about his body positivity, but everybody's getting botox, lap band, and they're okay. And they want to pretend that it's fine to be exactly how you are. Because it's uncomfortable to deal with the fact that you've got to make some changes. And so let's not make people uncomfortable. Let's let China win. Let's let Russia win. Let's keep everybody weak and fat and stupid and lazy and addicted to their phones Yeah, and then let's shut the power off. All right, you just describe and Shane That wasn't a pun. Well, you've been even working out. That wasn't a pun. Usually your pun guy [2:11:00] I got puns. Yeah, get a pun going the puns are in the works You can work out here with us tomorrow You want to work out tomorrow? What's tomorrow? We're bringing it back the communion workout. Oh, I got to fly home tomorrow I thought you were I live here. No, I gotta go my parents house. Ah Isn't that cute guy little fundraiser for the coffee shop. Oh, yes promote it tomorrow nor in mechanics Big Pennsylvania is called nor so this will come out tomorrow So they'll nice you'll hear it. I'll be there. They'll get flooded. Oh, yeah, that's probably a mistake But it's called no sell out check it out and a RM and oh you are Nor no more. Yeah. Yeah All right, it's a good coffee shop. You got to applaud on us and all. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you get a plug? Yeah, it's a lot of money. You had the joke before. Yeah, the opening. Oh, that's right. Oh, that's right. I didn't get to do the whole time. I'm a lot. Yeah, yeah. I'm gonna have a bunch more. [2:12:06] Yeah, I I got burned all the way with my premises. You got to wait a lot. When you hit me with one of those beers, Ari? I was the new... First of all, I got leaked that you were in a Tarantino thing, which I think was bullshit. I'm not. But then, uh... I don't feel big now. I don't believe them. Yeah, I feel like I'm talking to one of them UFO guys with the bullshit in me. As a You do those UFO guys that talk to him on a curable shit. If I was in the Tarantino movie, I would tell you guys. By the way, I would tell you right away. Son of a bitch, you're in a fucking Tarantino movie. I told you, I don't believe him at all. Now, he's not in a movie. I would tell you right away, I'll tell you guys everything. Well, Blabberman. Tarantino's like movie. This would be very cool. Did you meet with her first time? I was like, what's that? Tarantino? No. Did you have any discussions? I've never met him in my life. He loves discussions about it. He's the man. He's through Jews, never powerful Jews. And who do you know, he never told me anything? He's the fucking man. I said, I don put a woman in. [2:13:06] And he's like, now, I just wanna do the movie. Why would I do that? Didn't you tell me that? Or was a different guy with your face? No, it was amazing. Yeah, different guy with your face. But I believe it, that's great. He's like, now we's about a bank robbery. They all shoot each other. What are you talking about? They cut a guy's ear off. Yeah. Yeah. And he was like, no, I'm not doing it. And it was a hit. Wow. Just let people do their thing. Not a hit though. Underground. Wow. Well led to pulp fiction. Yeah. That was the guy that he was a partner with in the early days made this fucking hard wonder? Harvey Weinstein, I believe he is. He's tied up right now with legal issues. They're not understose in there. This says there were no female characters in Resward Dogs because the movie took place over the course of an hour in this warehouse after the robbery, after this robbery. [2:14:01] These guys aren't going to bring their girlfriends to the robbery joe didn't happen to hire any women where is your gonna know my life? you gotta raise this baby you ruined your suit you gotta blood all over it with the piano starts in the movie like fast forward was that like movie in homage to a chinese or a japanese movie? probably what's it, James? You would have to ask him. I fucking die in. Jamie, this is not the type of back talk we need. We need research, not back talk. Is there ever been a guy that's never had one miss? You're gonna be okay. Never had a miss. Say it again. No one missed. What? What was that one? Hey, Blake. Hey, Blake, Blake, still fun. Shut up. It's got mom. I love it. I talked about it for weeks later. I was doing great. I didn't love it. You didn't love it on a charity level. I love it. Yes, of course. I was so excited for it because Django and Gloria Spasers are top. Yeah. Top five. [2:15:00] In Gloria Spasers. glorious back time meet pulp yeah and by a jango it's like a little bit over the line of like reality whole thing the fucking body up with it jango was so nice dude yeah but age late dude I love it I love intense I like it is like hey put these handcuffs on these goes no and he's puts it back and you're like fuck the shit's gonna go back down he beat the hell out of jadad for Jason. Oh, that was fun. I forgot about that. Look at it with a black eye. Bro, this movie. It's got some real Rihanna. It's like Rosebug. Yeah. Oh yeah. This movie fucking ruled. Movie rolls. I ruled. It's a real Rihanna. It's a real R done yeah it's an awesome movie you're gonna be okay yeah but pulp fiction still holds up I watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him watch him Come obviously, well obviously you love force gump get out of town. Oh, god [2:16:15] Let's go. Gump was great, but it was no fucking pulp fiction shot up gump was Now Giant drop guys. What are we talking about? Gump in Vietnam. Whole area. Gump's a comedy. Gump is so good. The shrimp stew. You gotta really step for it. Gump's fucking his drone struck me like, gump, why did you put that weapon together so quickly, private gum? Because you told me to till Jesus Christ you must have an IQ of 160 You are gonna be a goddamn journal someday go this is some of your weapon a continued taste like Shaka was that year too? NJP got a year It's obviously both their best soundtrack gum [2:17:01] Piss off and go boom fishing shot the fuck off soundtrack The Soundtrack for soundtrack Shoshank Pulp Fiction at the best soundtrack The best The idea of a soundtrack Pulp Fiction over gump soundtrack It reinvented the whole what is a soundtrack Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump Gump G it reinvents of the whole what is a soundtrack? I'm not going to sound this. It was literally the quintessential American rock. It's America. It's good. It's good. It's good to get your attention. But for your listeners, like we're having bands, you've never heard. They're so cool. Yeah, there's a difference. There's a difference. This time it's close. Fortune, it's on Lesca. You This is a collection of popular songs. It's a mainstream, or a regular. It's a regular. What do you talk about? This is the most essential American song. It's great. It's the definition of girl, young, young, woman, soul, story of a man. I never heard that song and I was like, what is this? Listen, Pope, fiction, fucking rules. I would probably read a lot of that. Jungle Boogie, he's read a sh Son of a preacher man, well you're like I don't even remember this. Well, this is mainstream popular. Mainstream vs Indy. [2:18:05] Yeah, yeah, four scumpers mainstream, which is like here are the biggest hits of each year. But still great song. Yeah, they both rule. They were like arguing. We can have one spare. That's a problem with arguments of like, like, who's bigger? That's the problem with the war. Jimo, let's fire it up. Let's find top sales of all time. I guarantee force comes. Soundtrack, my lead. We made the number 21. Listen, force, gum was a great movie. Why are we saying that? It doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. It's not really in competition with pulp fiction or should it be? There's two different kinds of things. There's two different movies. There But to sit here and say Pulp Fiction should have won this crazy. It should have won number seven I think it's a better movie that way better movie more iconic more lovely more iconic more people love it I don't know about icon more girl love it cooler people love it. You're saying dumb things That would have catch up We're gonna love it. It's not a bad claim More in the face of evidence that shows that for compass superior products according to the marketplace are you fear rejects this in favor of just [2:19:10] Philip do obviously was a cooler movie your career you're cool you're too cool yeah yeah ergo vacillers is cool it's cool discovering new bands is cool that soundtrack was awesome they're I mean I don't I should never heard of anyone say the forest comes soundtrack was awesome there. I mean I don't know how you've never heard of anyone say the forest come soundtrack was awesome What nobody now they put together a great tunes for his dump soundtrack was awesome. Yeah, I know remember it all The billboard Wow Come on, son. Count dog by Evan. No, just right there. They're better songs. It's just as a soundtrack. It's just like Buffalo Spring, the doors. You're just a girl. Shut up, fuck up, Ari. You got damn it. You didn't have any time in the whole army. You are. You're annoying. [2:20:05] Put the headphones on. Free-past on. Free-past on. You can't eyes this fucking conversation bro. Yeah, go back to the tunnel. I hate you. What? What? What? What? What was that? What was that? Play in the tunnels. Tunnel. Wow. What are they playing in the tunnel? It's just shinders. Tell me what you know about the tunnel. Listen to the email list. They still want to talk. Put your headphones on so we don't talk over each other. No, we're all talking over each other. You don't even know where to talk. You don't even know where to talk. Everybody pauses when other people start talking because we have headphones on. And what you're talking about? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, weird. You see your face. Yeah I got weird commandos Are you guys we're all wearing heavens that's all go At least Norman's guy call you nervous. Just put him on Norman's got him around his chin. He can at least keep up [2:21:01] Remember the Titan soundtrack Vision quest Remember the Titan soundtrack Another classic about vision quest vision quest. Yeah, what's that movie from the 90s? Fuck it's stoner. I never heard of my 90s might be like 80s It was a movie about it might be like late 80s now that I think about I was it's good the bomb It's a movie about a wrestler, but we're not a modine. We're now out to play music It's a movie about a wrestler, but we're not a team. We're not allowed to play music. No, we did you see iron claw? I didn't oh you would like it. It's heavy duty. What is it? Oh? Come on Jmo. What's iron claw? It's a movie. It's about the the what is it? The band Van Hoos. Yeah, what's it? Oh, that's the one where home boy the handsome fella. Yeah, Zach Efron. Zach Efron That's really well done and sad to shit. Oh Bro that fucking the pro wrestling world is mostly sad at the end. Well, it's like the dark days Open Mike By the way all those open Mike high school gym wrestling matches you that's your part of your ticket that you get punched [2:22:06] T.E. You got that right you only get That's the real family with the dad it's a tragic family man. I heard it's awesome. I have not seen it I said later I Was confused I was confused you with the man with the Iron Fist. No, very different. Which has got a fucking great soundtrack. Really well done. Shit, that's a good soundtrack. Yeah, Wu Tang. Yeah, almost. Oh, god, dude. And there's also Wu Tang and any soundtrack with the spirit in the sky. There's a Wu Tang Black Keys collaboration. Really? Yeah, man. The Batman Alive. The Black Clan. That was Wu Who's a Wu Tang Black Keys collaboration? Whoa! Really? Yeah, man. The baddest man alive? The Black Clan. That was Wu Tang with them? The one song? One of the members of Wu Tang. One of the members of Wu Tang. I don't know what you're saying. Not Inspector Dick. Who was it? Rizzo. Rizzo. Rizzo. Rizzo. Rizzo. Yeah, one of the Wu-Tang cut their dick off. No way. Yeah, give it a go [2:23:10] Someone word a god. Yeah one of the lesser known as us lesser known as a method woman Come on, man, back to dickless isn't the jizzle like a master level chess player like a high level chess player He's that jizz it anymore not the rizzle jizz I think the rizz is too With the jizz, I think the rhythm is too. Well the jizz is specifically. We're not allowed to. It's a great song. We can't play it. Damn you too. You're not gonna keep asking. It's a great, it's, yeah that is annoying. Yeah, we played a whole free bird on here. What was that we played? Oh my god that was glorious. Glorious. I talked too much. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, We need some uncopy written versions of the song, like call in. But you can't even do a cover. [2:24:06] They'll fucking... They'll never do a cover. Oh, they'll never do a cover. They'll never do a cover. I don't... Okay, they'll never do a cover. They'll never do a cover. They'll never do a cover. I love my favorite one was Connors. Connors, when he was talking about you when, uh, uh, uh, uh, he's talking about the commentary. He gets fired up He gets on Twitter. He gets on voice Twitter He's the only guy on earth that uses it. Nah, I mean your wife DMs Joe She got up Joe. You fool. Yeah Come in the spring book remember the re-buck while this is spring [2:25:03] Yes, let me hear Listen this is my thing I think not only should it be legal I think all knees on the ground should be legal 100% I think needs to round it upon it to the head should be legal. I think all knees on the ground should be legal. 100%. I think knees to a round opponent to the head should be legal. The only problem with that is the cage. It's the only problem because you can't move your head out of the way. If someone's got your head pinned against the cage, they knee you in the face. That's disastrous. But every other place, I feel like you should be able to knee somebody in the head on top, on the bottom. It would stop stalling, it would stop people hanging out in the turtle position, you would be able to, there's a lot of reasons to stop. You should have knees on the ground. So I think what he did, 100% should be legal. If you're on your back and a guy's on top, you can kneel in the head. That should be legal. There you go. Significant advantage of being on top. Shut up Joe. You should also kne if you're on top. That's like realistic. That's what fighting really is. That was during the Kabeebe fight. [2:26:05] Sure. There's no chance he was on top. He was on the bottom. No, he was on the bottom. That was the thing. He's on the bottom. It's illegal. On the bottom, you're not allowed. Yeah, so safe. Because he's also got any other mat. Exactly. So if a If you lift your knee up you could have slam his knee from here. You can slam his knee in your head It's illegal. You can't throw a knee or a kick to a grounded opponent in the face Nice. I'll fire him up. Tell that to Don Fry Well in the early days Everything is legal the allied and pride they used to stomp Proud that you see these can do soccer kicks and stomp No, no. Back before pride was about I love Mark. They love knees. They're always on the knees. Mark, here's a good question for you are you? You're the gayest person here. I agree. What do you got? Who is the gay person? I'm a man. He looked like you own a great [2:27:01] one over me. When Like you own a When did pride We associated with gay Interesting that is over UFC like if you just say pride first was at a may America was the first pride thing what are called proud boys? You had pride though you would say you had pride in America. Yeah, remember that norm joke about that Yeah Music from you miss it. Yeah The IDF talk Oh I pay taxes I live in this country. All right easy Boxes let me let me So fill us up from Stonewall 70 Bro stay away from that. I got a joke on this so in In 1970 stay away from Stonewall, but still [2:28:04] Back in even have to fucking manhood to defend themselves the Lesbos. Stay away from Stonewall, do this my one good joke I got right now, please. I missed it. I'm moving on. So 1970. Yep. It was 1970. With pride. Yeah, but that's when they started calling it gay pride. 19, seven. rainbow they took pride. Oh, yeah Yeah, we see the black power speech with a guy who met a black power no oh Martin Luther King took a day off one of the rally Pain and this guy was like wait for the opportunity goes fuck white power About us have a black power and they all start chanting it. He's such a good speaker and he goes who's this guy Martin Luther King got back It's too late. It caught on. Who's this guy? I don't know. You made this story up. It's possible. I don't think I did. I don't think I did. This is how flat earth got started. Yeah. I never had to. I mean, they speak confidently. They 50 That I can't tell you I wish we could I wish we had the fucking internet which was somewhat Fred Hampton give a speech, dude [2:29:12] A revolution I die for the people Come on This is wild it's forest gump was hanging out Martha with Martin Martin the kid they had to get rid of this scene Why did they have to get rid of this well there is the kid he's played They just had a competition see he comes over all the dogs are trying to attack I'm gonna eat like gets a stick and he throws it Sorry about that My god, That's so ridiculous. That's so ridiculous. Whoa. They would have torn into shreds. Oh, he would have had zero chance staying alive. He would have had no skin left. [2:30:01] That's actually offensive. What? This. I think even back then, they were like, we got to cut that. That's so ridiculous. All they had? I think even back then they were like, we gotta cut that. That's so ridiculous. All they had to do was toss the stick back in civil rights. I'm willing to buy that he's awesome at ping pong. Exactly. I will go buy it far. They cut it. It was ridiculous in the right way. I will go that far with ping pong. You can't tell me. Yes, Mark. Yes Mark and no one from the African American community could have figured that out no no dude was good at dogs Hold on a second. He is a rapist uncle. What is this? Oh That's funny That's funny. That's a guy who Jackson said, you can't do that anymore. You can't do that. That's so much implied. To an after-the-day one. You can't pants a kid? You can't pants a, no, you can't. Not these days anymore. That's crazy. I've been pantsing kids my whole childhood. That balding, that balding old man. [2:31:00] That balding old man who has zero chance to pussy can't pants kids. Yeah, come on I get to it mark and do it. Listen you look at that If you're bored if you're Show me that pants no it's the way he looks. Sorry like three weeks This is very important the odds of a woman choosing that guy over anybody are very small So that guy's probably more in a Competitive and real yeah, and obviously not companies wearing a fucking vest. What if he's a beast, dude? That's the 90s. This is this is a crazy person. Look at his grimace as he pants them go back crazy person this hard as a rock while he's tormenting a child This is a fucking creep with Terabytes of kitty porn That dude runs a discord server. That was a rich group of people looking at AI child porn. That was supposed to be Kevin Spacey. He didn't get the role. Not in real life, the real guys. It's an actor, it's a movie. It's a different time. I'm just joking. [2:32:00] Yeah, that was 92. But if that was a real human, that was a home with a little kid, and that's your move, not like, like, you don't think it's far to pass, kid. You wanna know what I do for a living? Who is that guy? That's not his dad at some fucking creepy dude he got stuck with. I gotta get out of here, brother. You get stuck with this fucking 50 year old in cell who wants to pants you and then go jerk off to his discord server. This is psycho. The guy's a psycho. That guy's a straight up psycho. Tormenting a young child who has so he's so vulnerable. He can't do anything. I would have been a sideways fan with you. I get a knife. If that guy can't see me, I get a knife. You get a knife. And when you get me, that's me. I'm gonna take a new card him Yeah, that's a fucking guy would your fish Close yeah, deep Drone you he tried that's what his goal was I think it was a opposite me deep throat him You're a bit bad I had a little tiny back then it would have probably taken away from me I had a little fucking Swiss army knife when there's a little bitch asked I had a little 100% [2:33:01] Those Tonial honorable man this guy's what we're doing I I just gotta freak out. Tell me you let me go to get ready to go What you ever get sexually assaulted by man you were in a very serious religious group January That was the L train It's storage space Oh, yeah, it's storage space. It's just a space. Why is it have to be sex traffic in about this shit smeared bloody mattress? That's a snopes. That's a snow. That's a snow. Let's give it a go. You all look at the black power spree. Give it a go. This guy's not a journalist.. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. You're not a bad guy. One guy wasn't one guy brother [2:34:07] There's so many times you guys don't even know That definitely they go all the way to Cleveland Wow, there's a lot of tunnels come on. Hey now that we're talking about the Jews How much do you guys control the weather for real? It's not like that, so you can guide it Well, couldn't you help the forest fire? You can't go you can't go from like 85 to like 60. If you're 78, you can go to 82. Listen to me. All right. Sunny. No one's listening but me and you. Okay. Why was the smoke orange in just in New York and down to what did your people do? What are you burning for skins? Was it you guys or was it the CIA? Who burnt the fucking chemicals? I made the fucking sky orange. A lot of menoracambles. This gotta be a Jews made the sky orange. This is the type of conspiracy that the destroyer. Whoa! These similar to Bay Area's 2020 orange sky. Similar, super similar. Bay also has a lot of Jews. Guy, it is. It's super similar to one of the Bay Area had fires right next door where you can see the fucking flames and it turned the sky orange [2:35:07] It's a negocaine super similar to a place where the fire is Thousands of miles away super fucking similar to the It caused the gray to look red the fucking flames Go back to the front. Super similar. Who see that? Oh, it says air quality. I'm sorry. I miss red it. Is that air quality? Yeah, the air quality is real similar. So I thought that we're talking about the sky color. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I got carried away. I think these types of... distract from when we sit around talk about like controlling the weather itself distracts from actual Actual what you guys are you know What are you really up to in the temple? What have you guys done? No, no, no, you guys done you guys are trans kids [2:36:03] Weinstein Epstein what have you done? What have you done? No, it's quite a list. False! Okay, okay, what are we fucking Googling? That's right. Oh, the description in this post paints a false picture of the tunnel discovery which was reported to police by synagog officials. Uh huh. Wait a minute. The synagog officials? You wanna disbelieve Uh-huh. Wait a minute. The synagogue officials? You want to just believe it. What? Wait a minute. You don't want to believe it if I could realistic explanation. Look with the set. Look at who wrote it. Scissors. Scissors. Scissors. Let's examine the author. Yeah. Scissors. He's a Weinberg. For the audience. For the audience. You will say today is the article. But let me be clear. Let go back to the fucking thing. Hannah wrote this. Okay. It says the description in this post. The description in this post paints a false picture of the tunnel discovery which was reported to police [2:37:00] by synagogue officials. Did they report the tunnel? Is that what they're saying? Because that's not real. I don't know who reported it. There's no So Jews coming out of the ground City officials said there was one tunnel not a series of tunnels I'm telling you all the way to Cleveland Cleveland and actual I want to be clear the protect our props actual Jew All the way to Cleveland it was adjacent to the synagogue not under it It wasn't under it you fucking liars mattresses Shown in the viral video came from behind wood paneling inside the synagogue not from the tunnel It's amazing how everybody wants to go to underage extra It's from behind the synagogue county. It was right. It's not related to the tunnel guys Everybody everybody goes straight to the time. It's so funny [2:38:03] Everybody goes straight to the time it's so funny Oh, yeah, couldn't be storage space in Manhattan Look how crazy this set with it with this is saying the mattress is real This Stained mattress is still real who gives a fuck if it was 12 feet to the left? So it's it's in the synagogue, but it's not an eternal that's under the synagogue who gives a fuck? This is crazy. Yeah, you got a mattress in the garbage. It's right there It's not right there Why the blood? Okay. Shicks. I see. But this is last part. Last part says an unverified video. Shicks. It's a story. Sorry, I wrote it down. Look at the end of it. It says an unverified video shows what appears [2:39:00] to be a high chair. Oh. But it shows only one such seat. Little kids. And it was located in mid-trash clutter and dirt in a basement room not in a tunnel. There you go. So it's there, not 12 feet to the right. The whole thing is so crazy. No, that wasn't in the tunnel. That was in the other shit that we discovered when we figured out a tunnel. We can throw things out. Someone else might need a high chair in two weeks. I thought the tunnel that was in the other shit that we discovered when we figured out we had a tunnel. We throw things out. Someone else might need a high chance two weeks. I thought you just sell it. Just clean it up. Yeah, sell it for later to save it. Why chuck it? We might need it. I just want to talk about it. When it's Catholics, I'm like, yeah, for sure. Oh, confrontation began over a tent to fill in the tunnel. Why would you fill it in once 30 built just regulates? It's a good way, but isn't it crazy though? But you're allowed to have a basement. You can't have a tunnel. The best was that you have an attic can't have a tunnel. You have a secret room. That's fine. No tunnels. You got to do it up to go. The best of the guy was like I heard everybody complain. I have a tunnel in my club. Where? I'm gonna go under the audience? Wow. We need a real tunnel. All right, that wasn't real. [2:40:05] Where under the ground? Listen, Shane Gillis. What? I don't go in tunnels. Shane Gillis, when you think about the architecture of my club, it's a secret tunnel. When you go inside and you go downstairs, you're under everything. You're under the street. You're in a tunnel. You feel at home there. You do. That tunnels. You like tunnels. I'm gonna put up for tonight. Oh, wait, wait, the thing with the guy sitting by her shoes. It's not real. I want to put a stain mattress in the tunnel. So you can see it when you get up to the stage right next to the stage. Like, no, no worries, Ari. It's just the stain mattress is not even in the real tunnel. They're throwing it out. You fucking cow you fucking cowling. Yeah, they were throwing it out by Draft into a dark corner of their fucking building Yeah, throw it out. Did you don't know it's like? Eventually when I get done fucking people this man They find an old t-shirt though like all somebody we should find somebody who could use it We're listening [2:41:03] That's a that's a gay school That's an anima that's an anima release whoa What's with the wigs by the way with the ladies? It's it's you're not a track That's how to do it where away in a costume today. You're gonna be a gypsy They threw out a high chart everyone's like to make sense You're a different thing I'm so bored I want you to bake pies and dress up Well you're a squirrel You're a Jew I mean how do you feel with the Jew hate right now? I don't see any of it Come on I think it's all internet related If you go up Palestine you will 100% fucking see it If I went to a very specific region of the world, I might be in. But yeah, I'm online, it's more emboldened. Yeah, but I'm in New York and all over the country and really the world and I've never seen any. I've been all over the world since October 7th. Isn't that interesting? I've been all over the country, I've never seen a single and live your fucking life. Go on, I can. But isn't it what we talked about about reading comments? It's like that. [2:42:06] It's that. They're shoving the worst shit for you all the time. So you think that's the world. It's not the world. I'm the juiest looking guy in the world. If there was any fucking anti-Semitism statistically realistic, it would come to me. I want to say you as a correspondent for the JRE to go to the free Palestine protest. I'll go to that. I'll just go to that. I'll try to blend in. That book is so comfortable. I couldn't. That knows it's so comfortable. It's like a target even for hooks. Would you sell that guy? I got some of it. That could do so much damage. You're talking about you, you're a Jew, Jew face. problem. Would you say that goes to everything? Black people are not that great upon us. Almost everybody is another great upon us. I'm sure I had the same thing. You just imagine all these terrible things happening. When day to day life, 99.9% is fun. Everyone just enjoying the weather the same time. If your Aari should feed. No, if you're everybody. I think you're right. Nate said the same thing to me. Get clicked. It's just like, oh, I'm in fear of all this stuff happening. Depends who you talk to. If you're online, more. [2:43:06] Everything's terrible. Everything's terrible. Every time I see a side of Chicago where violent crime and murder is higher than it is in Afghanistan, at the peak of the invasion. Yeah. Then that's not real. I guess so, but I'm not saying like if you make a blanket statement that like everybody's life is less Terrible than what you're seeing in the media. Not almost everybody Insignificant if you just shut off your computer if you say it that way you wouldn't see any hatred any anti black hatred anti-angry Jewish none of it just go out and go for a hike everybody's pretty cool with each other if you're talking about hatred Yeah, that's true you can go go on fighting. You can go on fighting. Small things on college campuses on a day. And would we all agree that most hatred is rooted and you just don't know that person? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You understand them, you'd be pretty cool. Yeah. And all of us. And all of us was pretty chill. And you're like, yes, chill but like coming up and I say that but like but like I'm having a [2:44:07] better than regular but like but like coming out of an asshole of an ego of American eagle this is what you're doing America does rule you're felching a fucking American and we're not even allowed to show that cool America's number one video that we always share in the group chat yeah can we just play that and see what happens? Do it. You guys are like this. And oh. I think the fact that we can say shit online, but you don't get any repercussions has added a lot. Yeah, exactly. You used to get beat up. You say horrible crazy things. It's all fine. It's all fine. Life's great. You mean this place? This place here. I'm saying, every general, like you should always have a reprecution. And you'll never have a repercussion. I think that adds to a lot of it. It's all virtual. It's all nonsense. People are saying there's no saying it. They're posting these things. They're posting mean things. They would never say it in an elevator. Never, never happens. But they would say it online. It's segmented tribalism. [2:45:06] We're so tribal. It's all tribalism. It's always stupid. It's stupid. And it's also if you have fucking social media, you have this ability to fucking actually groups the people and attack groups. It's so fucking dumb. In the real world, most people get along if there's communication. And it's a lot of options. And they're cool. If you're cool in this communication, everybody's cool. It just got warm in New York on a day, high six, and everybody, there's no left and right, there's no high class, low class. How many, what a good day. How many, where's your roll that? How many dicks did you suck that day?. From both sides of the garlic. I feel like that was what was next. New York's. It doesn't matter the all to the upper, upper east side is right. Where do you live? That for west is right. What do you mean right? Oh, they're dudes economically. They're right. Yeah, but they're quiet. There's no reason. They love them. [2:46:00] We got everything there. Let's just hit it dude who cares about the drugs God America You said it's the best Listen, this is the best place to be what despite all the chaos the chaos exists in the world We just talked about Scotland's trying to arrest comedian. I know it's so easy here Connery hitting women. Oh, we didn't talk about that fucking guy in Belgium. Jamie show the memes So these guys can see the shit that this guy was like sharing your odd depard do the memes are fucking so innocuous They're so nothing they didn't even come close to the memes we share. Oh my god Rules it means That's too much. America's number one. You can't do shit on the way. Whenever I try to move here. So what does that tell you? What? That's what I'm saying. Well, everybody keeps coming here. Exactly. We're doing something. You saw my uncle 15 years ago. It's not my turn here. You talking to my grandparents? I do. Mine too. I'm second generation. Who's talking to your America like that all kinds of like No, no just online [2:47:05] No, nobody really do everybody knows where number one. Well, how about the I'm gonna leave if this guy wins like that But you're not gonna leave. Yeah, but they don't ever leave Yeah, how'd you like to live in Minnesota if it was fucking gayer? Hey Gayer and I imagine Minnesota, but not cool at all just gay Yeah, no Somalia. Yeah, unless Trudeau is on Halloween. It's got the right wine Well, they might get rid of that dude if they do they could pull it around who true Do oh that Pierre Polavette. how do you say it? He's pretty sexy that color. Hey, how did I say it right? No, I didn't. He's very French. It's also beyond us. He's brilliant. We've been trashed. We've been trashing Canada because of how gay true. But Canada does fucking rock. Canada rules in the summer. Canada's worth it. Canis were the other one. Canis, are you pissing in there? You said about bitch. [2:48:05] He's pissing in Bud Light canis. His dirty bitch. Ew. You can make this party your new campaign where I piss in Bud Light. He was pissing in there. Yeah, try to ruin my campaign. I'll ask you another question. All right, you're supposed to be bothered. Pissing that with me. It's half full. Don't make some of my drinky monster. Don't make it taste better Online piss of it But yeah, that's the good Ranks to a lot of fun town and Vancouver's fun good crowds That's the crowds good chicks good drugs That's everything worlds again. If you bring up Trudeau though they go eight. Who's up the government? Can you imagine? Everywhere I go I got a canada like fuck true dough. Yeah, I don't got a canada. I do Pissed the time right? Say fuck true dough. They get fired up the truckers hate him the truckers hate him [2:49:02] Regular people hate him historically Canada's a good country. They go hard dude. They're nice people They're so subject to this bullshit because they're trying to be nice. That's why they're so vulnerable because they're trying to be nice because they're genuinely nice people. Sorry. They, it's cold it's fuck up there. People cooperate. They're nice. All right, I'm be dumb and wrong. But those are one of those countries that like the UK, like when they call, like when they go to war, which they always do. They always call on the bros. It's always Scotland, Canada. Ireland, Australia. All the Dominions that are just like, Satellar white people we've been making money for you all these years when they ever caught their money They call on like Australian Canada to go to war they go to war dude and they go hard They've always gone hard Canada rules Historically Canada rules historically yeah right now they're being gay. I think Has a fantastic history of combat sports [2:50:04] Fantastic history combat sports. Yeah, and then a lot of chicken high players and comedians Rory. Yeah, Norma donald. Yeah, the other guy Jim Carrey Yeah, those donuts, but but more money rolls. There goes for it. Listen, there was a guy in the 1980s. There was a guy in the 1980s. that was a French Canadian named John Neves Terrio. And he was a fucking assassin in kickboxing. He was the man. What about the St. Pierre, whatever? Yeah, but I was talking about the 1980s. There was a guy named John, John, not related to the whole bar. Sorry, he's getting close to relay this. This is like, oh. This is like kickboxing in the 1980s. I read this guy's book. I started running stairs because of this You had a kickboxers book About 30 kickboxers [2:51:02] Wrote I did sit ups and then I kicked that guy in a fucking head that would be a dumb fat dudes interpretation of what a world-class combat sport athlete would tell you what to do. Look at legally drink that's a nasty thing to say dude that's true what a disgusting thing you just said when's the last time you read Steinbeck you read and fucking Jesus You Read these books and read these books since I was like 21 It's your forced to from the time I was 15 no I did it because I was trying the same reason I got the stupid tattoo my right arm of Miyamoto Musashi I read books on If this didn't work out you would have been the dumbest mother I read books on how to play if this didn't work out you would have been the dumbest mother It worked out there's me a motion boy did it work I got lucky This is move You can read about a dude is figured out a fuck people up with his feet [2:52:06] He just kicked people in the face for a living and like tell me tell me how you did this. I saw my love for it. That's what kickboxing books are about. So this guy was Johnny Terrio. He was a thing about, oh my god, he was a fucking assassin man. What? He's from Montreal and he's a French Canadian. Oh, not a fucking. He fucked everybody up. He just turns and runs and runs. I'm telling you you man he was a fucking assassin. What happened? Do you understand this guy was my hero when I was a kid where to go when I was kickboxing this is the guy I was trying to be I was trying to be this dude whoa They kill you got to understand there was no money back then people so fast He was a fucking assassin. He was a very nice guy He was a very nice guy. He's a joint chest. And he had a fucking gay cop mustache. It was awesome. And one of the things that he said was that he increased his kicking power substantially by running stairs. So I started running fucking stairs. I had to work out. I read this dude's book when I was like 15, 16 years old. I love the chest hair. [2:53:01] Bro, he was a monster. He was fucking everybody. You got to understand. This guy's record was just littered with chaos. Everybody was shorts. But kickboxing back then. Here's the deal. But the whole truck. Those are like we're seen. Kickboxing boxing back then was all. It was all above the waist come on man. What's up? Oh, nobody had figured out Thai boxing yet because the ties had not come to America yet Jack talked to when the Jack talked to I very well. I don't know what that means Remember it's That's Rick Rufus Rick Rufus is the American hero Oh, he's a book is what oh dude. was a monster rick rufus was so good but john that's don the dragon wilson i have to uh... what i have to make it a stop no that i have to that's a fever don the dragon the dragon wilson that guy got both [2:54:00] this and got dot i want you to google don the dragon wilson first and uh... uh... Dennis lexio Listen, I want you to Google Don the Dragon Wilson versus Dennis Alexio. Don the Dragon Wilson versus Dennis Alexio. This is like a peeking your childhood here. Don the Dragon Wilson. You could have gotten an arrest thing. You got into this. But I could have gotten a serious brain damage. So wait, all right, this is Don the Dragon Wilson versus Dennis Alexio. So Don the Dragon Wilson is like a legend in kickboxing. Like when there was no money in kickboxing. 54 and one. Yeah. Look at that. Harry was a monster. He was a monster. He was so good. So he fought this guy Dennis Alexio and Dennis Alexio who was a fucking assassin but he didn't understand leg kicks as well as don did so don't so get a little further on this see don just kicked his fucking legs out from under him and Dennis lexio was a tank he was actually in one of those uh... uh... john con van dam movies oh really he was in kickboxer [2:55:01] i was like his brother that got killed by tong Po. That's right. Kick the column. Number three. So this was like a really important fight because it was one of the first fights between kickboxes. You started like kicking them. And by the way, Don the Dragon Wilson is good as he was was not a tie. He wasn't like a real expert or a Dutch guy like Ernesto who store or you know any of the greats. Like there was so many great guys that came out of Holland. He was a guy that was like an American guy who learned how to do leg kicks and start fucking people up with them when they allowed them. With the Dutch, nasty edit, cause they colonized the Southeast Asia. They were so nasty. No, first of all they were big. Yeah, but was it because they colonized southeast Asia i don't know man but there's so many great constant that you know that with the listen man this rob came in who's on the greatest of all times Ernesto who's Peter hurts or do you know me the dots rooton just a couple of Dutch broadets of south east Asia no they [2:56:02] learned it they learned it they were learned. They learned it. They were down there because they learned it. But they were away. But in World War Two popped off, it was Japan attacking Dutch colonies to get the rubber in Southeast Asia. Well, they were on these two more. Is that what it was? Yeah, that's why the Dutch were always down there. That's why they had like Sri Lanka forever. They had East Asia. They ran this. That's why they're good at kickboxing because they colonized Southeast Asian Dutchers best cars once they had everything they're like you guys can think it back Yeah, it's like with certain countries like go ahead. We're done. They were like well they did Cincinnati they were number one. Yeah, they did what England did they just became a bank The Dutch kickboxing roots can be traced back to the 1970s Dutchman traveling to Japan I learned Japanese kickbox early. There's a butcher blended elements of Kyoko Shinkarate and more time Japan not self-election 50 years you watching show gun. Oh my god. It's awesome That's fun right. Oh good is it. It's like a Japanese game of Thrones [2:57:00] We're most sure commercial looks good game. It's really well. I guarantee they ruined it Yeah, they put ladies in it. They put ladies in it. We're in the store. They already have to put ladies in it. No. There was an article written, why are there no black people on show gun? People like, it goes about Japan. It's 16. I'm a fucking fucking say. It's 1600s Japan. You're fucking swinging every virtue flag you have. What are you fans? Let's get black people on show, girl. That's so crazy. I know. That is so bananas. That's so bananas. That could be good. Why were there no Japanese people on Alien? Fuck you talking about. What are you saying? Why are there no black people? What are you saying? It's a movie you fuck, why does no women in reservoir dogs? Cause it's a movie! It's a better bankrupt. It's a movie about a moment that happens to have only guys in it. It's okay, just like the Barbie movies are okay. It's fine! It's okay. It's a whole Barbie movie. That's our real life. Barbie movie when have you guys seen it? [2:58:02] It's great. when have you guys seen it is great I like it I did not have a problem with it really funny and I had a problem with people who have problems with that it's a good movie it's a good movie it's a good movie we have black people in show there was one I guess there is one in the show no of course yeah there's a character but this is complaining oh black thorn okay I've gotten to that I've said yeah saying, yeah, you son of a bitch. Is it that good? Obviously. It's fucking good. It's fucking good. It's fucking good. It's fucking good. Then, then, uh, it's on the other side. No, why would you? Is it long, long, long? Way better. Way better. And his door. By the way, fuck me Who cares? To me, it's better. It's not fascinated by Japanese culture. It's just like as well done as that. Is it real? Better than married with children? Yeah. Whoa. Whoa. Why the fuck is son of an- It was like cool. It was right away. I believe this show. I believe this show. I believe it was on HBO. Yeah. It's a guy to executing a stalker and then fucking her while he's bleeding out [2:59:08] It was pretty good right away. They got wild at the beginning At the beginning was pretty good later was like that sweet sweet add money What was the island it was like what are we doing now? I have a bud like that's the hell's angle should be a show They were all on crank. Did you ever read Hunter S Tomson's book? Hell no, it's fucking great. You know, don't. Shane, I got some bad news for you. The red chapters of it, but I never like, what happened? We're out of BL. Sorry to over talk, but. No, we have more beer. This is the Joe Rogan experience. Throw one million dollars in the problem. KC, Achebo, I'm trying to be a million dollars and then get it to a steamed gas like Shane goes. And bring that manure over here, will ya? Train by the, train by the, no I get car running. I get car running. Look at that, that carl's like a, isn't that the greatest promo of all time. I love it so much. That's crazy new introduction. [3:00:06] Hey, yeah, you just made it. That's it. Yeah, shout out to Red Ben. Red Ben put it together. What happened? It's fun to see when you were there. Yeah, I was like, oh my god. Oh shit, it's like, Nick Diaz, let I mean while I'm like fucking in awe the one time you took me to the You took me to one fight and I was standing there and Cameron Simon's won a fight He's just little Like that motherfucker. He just beat the fuck out of guy and then he stood up and like ran over to where I was sitting It was like hey big fine man I'm sitting there. I'm sitting there. I'm going to be a bro. No way. That's a dope. I'm a whole lot. That's internet. You just be a shit of all time. You know, he was on a dude's back. You know, many times, you know, many times I've been with Theo and Dustin Poieh fights. Yeah. Dustin Poieh and Theo are homies. They're like, fucking point at Theo at once. It's nuts. It's amazing. How about when Dustin Poirier said the last UFC? [3:01:07] I missed it. I missed it. I didn't, because I'm just trying to get the most out of him in the interview. He gave a William Montgomery reference. Shut up. I ain't never gonna stop. No way. He literally said it and he sounded like William Montgomery, but my brain did not register. Whoa. And after William Montgomery, but my brain did not register. Well, he and William Montgomery been doing DMs back and forth. Yeah, yeah. He talked about him on Instagram. What? Poyase. He's the man. Poyase, when that night was gigantic. The best. That was like the coolest moment of the night. Louisiana, let me add. My thoughts on that fight going in was that dude is a dangerous grappler. He's a, he's judo black belt, star down, it's fucking French special forces guys. He's a, he's a dangerous motherfucker, but Poyet has an advantage stand up. Yeah. And in stand up, like you can't bridge that gap that quickly. Oh yeah. There's like, how long you been doing stand up? He's been doing stand up, so he's a little kid. And he's got a wicked, wicked every striking. Everything is wicked. It's like it's a wicked. [3:02:06] It's like it's a wicked. It's striking wicked. You can't beat him. Get into the second, third, fourth, and fifth rounds. You start making fundamental tactical mistakes. That's when conditioning and knowing what the fuck you're doing takes over. And those guys with high level experience, they've been in hell. No, like, poies been in hell Like Poy A's been in hell. I know hell so many times. I love Poria, but Gagey my favorite fighter Gagey's you guys He be poor. Yeah, we're poor. Yeah, be him before he beat him. I know what he won in the end He won the second he won recent those guys can fight one one 10 times and it might be five that's true. I love both of them But I think it it was my favorite fight. He was a fast one. Yeah, he was sweet. But the pages of the animal. Gachy's awesome. You can't stop him. He's fighting Max Holloway. You have C300. Really? Who's coming? Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? It's in Vegas. I think I've got to show it. Let's go. What April 13th, I think? Is that what is it? Do it Yeah, April 13th come on. I want to wait a little bitch [3:03:07] Fuck I'm doing a show in Austin. Where you going bitch? I'm recording a special two weeks later two weeks I've got everything in the run I'm gonna look at how we can So I'm gonna do fucking do comedy for communist You know fucking do comedy for communist Fucking Trudeau but look is up there They don't even know who the road by So man, you're feeling they're so mad right now Yeah, the you have sees tough cuz it's cool. They're all fun. There's so many good ones like Cheeto sugar shums tough I love sugar because you love Cheeto because I love Cheeto and sugar shons the man He's cool. He's like a Filtony. He's a cool guy. You can't like them personally because like they're gonna get hit at least once I know but you of course you gotta you like him personally. They're all awesome [3:04:05] It's not like a football player where you're like, ah, you got beat on that play like somebody punched you in the face Sure, sorry about sure. Sean's cool. I've hung out with him a bunch of times. He's awesome. I'm literally he likes comedy last time I saw him I was like could you come please meet my friends like I he's awesome. Yeah true Sean's awesome. Cheetah Verra is the bro Really? Those things are true the bros. They're both the bros. So then they have to fight. And it's hard to go, God damn. I love both those dudes. Yeah, they're both amazing. It's real hard. It's hard for me to do in commentary on two people you love. And one dude is just piecing the other dude up. Tillian, sugar, Sean, put on a fucking clinic. Oh yeah. Till the end though. Yeah, and in the end, that's where Jason Pearl was calling for the whole time, making a brawl. Like the fuck to stood up and he hit him with a shot to the body and really hurt him. Oh yeah. But that's so. That was a good fight. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, got me. Oh yeah, got me. But he also, he cheeto put on a clinic, a chin clinic. [3:05:02] Oh my god. Yeah, he's got a good chin. Good, he might have the best chin of all time. I'd say that. That fucking, that knee to the face had him looking at his ankles. Crazy. His head snapped so far back, have you ever seen it? Like on slow-mo, his head snaps all the way back, all the way back. I don't know. And he never even stumbled. No. No indication that he was wobbled, no indication that he was hurt. He just fucking still dangerous. He just stepped back. Bro, he's an animal. He's an animal. He refused to be hurt. All those guys like comedy, out of sight. Yeah, I'm like an off-key. He just like it. I'm coming up to you at the weigh-ins. We're like, I think I like him on the cover. B.J.'s the man. You see that? That fucking camouflage jacket that I wear, like, puffy camouflage jacket. Cheeto got me that. Come on. He was wearing that. I go, bro, that was a dopest jacket. I was saying, he goes, you won't want one? I go, fuck yeah. So he sent me one. Cheeto couldn't be a... He Could not be cooler. I wish they didn't fight this and beat the fuck out of each other, but that's just how [3:06:07] it has to go. And at the end of the day, you got to admire what Sugar Sean did. What he did was undeniable, dude. Undeniable. He's nasty. He's masterful. He shared my spells. And he just keeps getting better, man. That's awesome. That's awesome. He was fucking made the world. That's huge. You know what, Matt, the world of me? The first time I met Sugar Shaw, it was a fight you brought me to. I was in the back and he was like, I was like, hi, I'm Shane. He was like, I know you are. I was like, stop there. Stop there. It's cool to me. It's up to me. Fighters are We went to the fight in Atlanta. This is years ago with Santino and Theo was there. It was like Elvis showed up. Theo was huge in the UFC world and then Porre hugged him. Yeah, that was like, oh god, I'm nervous. Well people in the UFC were like, first of all, it's like real similar thinking ones. It's very similar. A lot of protect our parts. Yeah. Yeah, we have to see where, bro, I can't tell you how many bros come up to me like once the next one [3:07:10] On the road like in this last week like Wednesday so I'm like coming up actually Because in this culture it's weird for dudes just get together and just be dudes Yeah, there's just so strange But you can you just have to achieve escape velocity Never followed bros being bros Instagram. No, you would love it It's a bunch of guys kicking like boulders like Our thought ice on ice you know You good I'm good Dude's being dudes. Yeah Dude's being dudes. Yeah, it's just for the guys. Why is that not a good women's sock? Women need to know that they're so gay. They're so gay. They're so gay. They're similar to a lot of gay. They like dick. There's a lot of similarness. Women are gay. In a lot of ways. Yeah. They weren't girls. They'll be gay. You could laugh out a lot of dumb shit I think women like dude's [3:08:07] Yeah, which is gay if you're a girl Yeah I don't know what fucking sample group you're I'll send you a couple numbers It's out there. Joe. Joe, give me a look. No, that's Joe's eye. We're talking about, yeah. We're like it on a big brown dick. We're having fun. Yeah, girls are gay. Imagine being a girl. Imagine, you got transported into a girl's body with a dude's mind, but a girl's needs. So you need to get filled. That's constantly, that's the real clock of leaves. Or he's like, I'm a woman. I need it. I need my dick. And like, you're so straight, but you're like, you want cock so bad. It's like, I'm not thirsty I need it. Yeah, but then the aftermath is a bitch. Well, if you're a dude trapped in a girls body. [3:09:06] I guess it wouldn't be that big of a dude. You mean being gay? Being a lady. Okay, here's the question. We get filled. What are we doing after? Here's the question. Yeah. If they ever get to a point where it's genetic engineering, where you can literally become a woman and then go right back to being being dude. Yeah, this is a matter of going through a procedure. That'd be nice. Get in a machine. Quick. Would you be willing to do it for a couple of days? Just to see what you feel. No, I'm not gay. 100% Wait. For your sex. You're a hundred percent. I'm in the life experience. I'm in the life experience. I'm in the life experience. I'm in the life experience is gaiier than having Like it's like a bird. It's like I want to have a look at me for a minute. Yeah, I would like a jyina for a minute [3:10:03] You know how they have compulsory military Service in like South Korea and Israel. Yeah, maybe you'd like try out being a woman for a few days check every guy Yeah, Nancy really got some coffee. Don't get it. This is what they mean when they say that right It seems like there multiple orgasms and getting double stuff Wait, wait, wait, we're talking about sexing it. Oh, sorry. I'm not supposed to. I'm gonna have a vagina. Be afraid to drink things that people give you. That's gotta be tough. Hold on, for real though. But a clip would be great. For real though, wanting to experience being a woman out of some type of fucking gay ass sympathy of like I wonder how Not It's better fun for a day. It's all night. Uh wouldn't be cool. I'll get you free drinks. I've been asking for a decade. I'll give you free [3:11:01] Thank you But you're gonna have to give up that fucking pussy We'll talk Remember that dude that had that fucking video where he's talking about what he did the dudes in jail. Oh, yeah Christrock had a bit about it. Wait, do you know about salad? Yeah, make him toss my salad maple syrup or honey or whatever. Do you know about SBR dot org? Who? What? You know about stop prison rape dot org? Oh yeah, he told me about this. Multiple like, yeah. God, it's so funny. You're funny guys who have been assaulted. Oh. Yeah, that's tough, man. How about that poachers good? Fuck rubber. It's wrong. It's wrong. It's wrong. How many prison rapes should we get in trouble for? [3:12:01] It was a ratio. Yeah, this is a video. That was a very intense video and... Anyone else heard? Making fun of guys that get assaulted in prison. Those suck. How many guys really think your assholes are pussy? And what's wrong with them? I mean, I get it and I've gone down on a chick's butt. Yeah, we all have. Yeah. You have to check. Not a dude with a fucking bandana around. It's not a clean butt and a ball bag right in your face. When they're like, are you making a decent video? I like how it's clean. How do you how cleaning and making that? Well, they get the shower. And a prison shower. It's literally a shit pipe. Shit pipe. Good band. How clean can it be? Let's eat off this fucking. It's clean it off. Well, I don't dust it. It's crazy. He'd have to sewer pipe eat NASA's gone up tenfold Girls did it that scene with it she bent over the one hot chicken girls and she was eat Like that was started at all shot it up shot it up. Yeah, it's porno. I'd not do it porn right are Help to that's what gave the girls writers the fucking idea you watch girls [3:13:02] That's what gave the girls writers the fucking idea. You watch girls? Damn it. You watch girls pretending if you had this fucking girls. He would be a girl. Now that's the case. That's so good dude, you watch girls. That was a bad show. That was a bad show. That was a bad show. That was a bad show. That was a bad show. That was a bad show. That was a bad show. That was a bad Joe a Texas guys we're kind of fucking tough and straight we don't watch that fucking show we watch fucking battle bots With scar brothers 30 year old rodeo What sons of you watch yeah, well a lot of rodeo no who watch rodeo battle bots did you guys sit back home and gas Welcome and watch you fucking girls watch prairie dogs get assassinated on YouTube. Yeah, I do watch that all that said girls. Oh, I was Prairie Dogs get assassinated on YouTube. Yeah, I do. Oh, that's sad. Fucking Prairie Dogs are shooting with 50 cowards. You know what sad? You know what sad? When a fucking beautiful, beautiful horse steps in a Prairie Dog hole and snaps its leg, you gotta shoot it in the face. Ah, fuck Prairie Dogs. All right, just now Prairie Dogs are good [3:14:01] boys, dude. What about a cow? What about those those landmines? They put the Provide you with many ribcails are so fun Don't they send dogs out in the Middle East to run over landmines? No, yes They send fucking people they do that too. That's better. They'll let fucking Jews people run across All right good. Oh, we to get those landmines out. Yeah, we're not going to get those. Oh, don't you dare. Oh, that was a beaver. Let me show that guy show me that man. I was at a groundhog. Oh, you're such an adorable cat dogs. They're so cute. At least they're gone. You don't see it like the JFK assassination. Just gone. Look They're gonna use cock. Oh, man, we're talking landmines, Jamo. So they eat those landmines? No, they're gonna eat them. Nobody's eating those. Oh, they're just getting rid of them because they fuck up the cows. Jamo, what was that? How's it in there? Is that like Groundhog or a catty-shack? What are we doing here? What is it, a nutrient? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Possums are fun guys. They're Irish. Wait a minute. Oh Possums are disgusting. [3:15:26] What is that tail? That's bad news. Yeah, that's the best part of it. Nothing. Oh, just Possum. It's like a cult and no cult. They look. There. Oh cult. I got it. That's the thing, right? Oh cult. A cult. A cult. A cult, a cult. A cult. A cult. Like say, tamish shit. Yeah. Devil worshipping. See if you can get some zebras running across some minefield. No. Yeah, just, on least Jamie, let's talk this stuff. Wait till you see these guys clearing out minefields with just animals they found. I've seen that. Yeah, zebras. [3:16:01] They just find it. Whatever they got their hands on They send them through mine Yeah, really? Yeah, Juton Pull it up Do you say juta? Juton, oh Juton Juton I said Juton Juton Juz and Juton I was trying to make a Utah Can I say Juton I was like I am not We gotta make a Juton Well Juton Jutonels. Jutonels equally is nonsensical. And it is not that to do with what he's saying. Jutonels crossing a minefield. Jutonel. And you gotta sit there and go, what the fuck does that mean? Is that mean, though? Hey, have we shamed you out of using the stack of notes? No, he's still got to my pocket there, Fanny. See how big it is right now I cut it down It's a column's new joke that last night he had a fucking he has it ready you cut it down in order to avoid back pain. Yeah But the amount of shit I get on the road for this thing because of the show yeah, yeah [3:17:03] There is so much that's way like so much bigger You don't even have that many jokes You write down the average of fucking multiple times don't fuck up the order Because that top one is all my new shit Literally insane he does always have new this is like right up there with the writing in the movie seven Fairness he's always got new don't fuck with the I want that promise That top one just keep the top one Abressed why are you doing this? I like the writing That's my new shit I won't read it. I swear to you can read it. I just don't want you to ruin it That's a good 12 minutes right there They killed last night You're always got mark you're a great comic Mark you want to see you one of my favorite comics Shut the fuck every time you go on I go I got to see what he's got shut up. Why are you being nasty? [3:18:02] Well, you're being nasty. No, I'm being'm being an ass. Take a good rest of the copper battery. You're a man. That's a man. You got maps. Well, that was a thought I needed something to write on. You wrote on a map. Well, that's what they give you the hotel. No, you have a phone, right? So you've got the shining bro. I don't like the type. I love the I like the type. I love the easy, farce, cleaf. That cleaf that kills. So if you do mass murder, these notes are gonna be evidence. Oh my God. A lot of this is working. This is farce, cleaf. If you ever try to apply for a visa to another country, they're gonna go, let me see the new pages, good. Oh yeah. Get a book. Pegging. Yeah yeah have it organized I'm like one of them little books what book you get like a little book. It's called a notebook What are those little tiny? Yeah, yeah, most of them. Yeah, most yeah, most can get it. It's too hard on the back That's not You literally have a football in your pocket. Oh, yeah [3:19:04] Before football in your pocket. Oh yeah. I've been told that before. Where were my parents? It's football's a bad reference. It's all bad. I was looking for catchers, Matt. There you go. That's better. All right. Crying orgasm is killing. You have a baseball in your pocket. So do I. What? You go watch that. Crying orgasm. Oh, he's got a bit on that. His new shit, I did a, he did the mothership last week, and I opened. He just put out a special, and he's got a new 40 something. Soders. He's a monster. He's a monster. He's a monster. Soders the most underrated. He's so great. I'm not gonna take that easy. He's in the top 20 of that at least at least. He's so good. People don't get, I mean, I don't think that. He's in the top 20 comics of underrated. No, he's in the top 20 comics. I'm saying easily, he's underrated. We're gonna make awards again. Yeah, he's underrated. He's giving his respect. He's awesome. I think he went to the acting road and all this shit maybe and then he He's finding his lane. This is what it is. He's coming into his own right now. Soda is. [3:20:05] That's what it is. I don't know. This guy's just like, he everybody is like, oh my god, they're so good. It was you, Shane. It was you. It was like, oh my god, it's guys so good. And then the whole world knows. Soda is the best. It's Well, I think you got to put it on the internet like you put a YouTube special I always do like Ari with you when Ari with you when that popped out everybody's like oh, okay Special special soldiers on the road. It's on this it's on YouTube right now. Yeah, it's One month old right now got a million views. He's an animal. Yeah, well, it's kind of nice because there's so much YouTube shit And it cream rises. I prove that. It's also like the community. Like if we say he's awesome, we're not lying. Why would? No, we're not lying. We're not gonna, if someone's good, he's pretty good, he's working on it. He's got potential, he's got something. But when you get to that like soda level, you go, yeah, this guy's fucking super legit Uber legit. He's around, go see him. He came to the club. He murdered the whole week. He only heard everybody's. Everybody was talking about him. He always murders since the day I met him. [3:21:09] Yeah. Yeah. And he's so nice. I've never seen him not kill. Likeable, fun dude. He's awesome. We didn't kill Tony together. Someone mentioned Cat Williams. He just goes into a cat. He got a standing o at some point. He opened the podcast with with a cat Williams impression. There you go He's like I listen. It's crazy Yeah, and then you're like I can write a joke, but I can't do any of these so he can do the impressions and the Impression drones are only fun in the United States It's a fucking it's an awesome time for comedy. There's so true. That's so true. That's so true. It's a fucking, it's an awesome time for comedy. There's so many good guys coming up. It really is. And you read the comments. We were like, I can't believe it. I got Kill Tony on YouTube. Then he got my favorite podcast. Then he got my favorite comedian doing a new special. That's so much. That's so much stuff. Yeah, there's so much stuff that's available to see now It's like I know but people are getting spoiled [3:22:08] They're like that went on patreon you fucking come guns like Everything away. Yeah, you're just reading comments Most people are really happy. Yeah, most of all things like wow what a fun time to be a comedy fan It is the whole thing Vosik kid like I was when I was listening to Richard Prior tapes when my girlfriend was like 16. Everybody loved that. That's amazing. All the idea like, oh college kids or whatever. No, they all like that I'm Sandler. Oh, they're always the generally fun fans. Yeah. We have a David Tel special coming out in a week. Yeah. We have David Tel. He's a monster girls He's another one. He's so underappreciated Twenty of underrated it's a it's a weird plus minus. Well, you know what it is like guys Top 20 underrated comics is you're saying leave matter top 20? No, I'm saying no [3:23:02] I'm just a great he's a great comic 20. No, I'm saying no matter what the argument is, he's a great he's a great comic. There's this. This is a great. Grunch show. They're all underrated versus talent. I'm saying. This is how dumb. I say top 20. I mean, it goes. Don't even talk about anymore. He's in this range of like whatever. The point is he's great. I think he's trying to. Let's move on to the next thing We got a David tell special come on. Yeah, that's great Yeah, the problem is dudes are so gross. We have to argue. I'm with our I'm with our David tell his top 20 underrated You said he's top 10 comedies. I know, but I'm saying also underrated I'll say will give him his D is underrated, but do you understand what I'm saying? We just say is awesome. Yeah, we just not argue like a bunch of fucking queens. I agree. I also agree. I just start the argument. You're the one who's a queen. You're the one acting queen. You guys are looking pretty bad. We're behind our top five. You guys are bad neighborhood back alley queens with knee scabs [3:24:07] Arguing over stupid shit Most underrated is a fun argument Of any sport of any whatever it's then you go to like whose best versus ratings It's a fun argument who's the most underrated football player who's a roast under it's fun. It's a fun argument. Who's the most underrated fighter Ari? Chris Brown, I'm It's fun. It's a fun argument. Who's the most underrated fighter, Ari? Hmm. Chris Brown. Ben Henderson. Ah. Oh. Ben Henderson. Benson. Benson Henderson. Yeah, because he was great and maybe the most wins versus whatever, dominate his division. People don't get much respect. That's the fucking, that's the form we thought I'm talking about. It's fun argument. It'songebob He's more of a pioneer, but it's a fun argument who's most underrated It's a fun Yeah, all time all time not appreciated the world champion all time underrated doesn't mean best or worse right right right right You're rating it to account. That's actually a really good one Thanks a real good one who thank you. I was one episode of a [3:25:02] What was the name you son of a bit? Dan Henderson? Ben Henderson Ben Henderson Henderson, give me one of those bruski. He was a killer. Oh Damn what about the mighty mouse? Henderson Henderson. He's a fun fact for a guy mighty mouse actually is One of the greatest ever I agreed I'm an Ari yeah underrated people don't know about him his his stats are his high-level real fucking crazy. I'm not Jason. I'll escape order underrated. Great skateboarder. I agree. Underrated. Horrible skateboarder. Wow. Top 10. He was top 10. I don't know anything about the sport. No, he was not. You know more than me. He wasn't like top 10. It's time it's skating. It's street skaters. He's got a huge dawn. It's skating street skaters. He's got a huge dawn Stratov tattoo now now back then before fucking jackass got to him now. You're crazy Wow, you're really okay No offense the heavy street skateboards of that time now he never can be wrong If you notice I'm giving up for you. You know more than me that shandy field is a real flaw [3:26:03] You know what he does, which is actually really impressive. What? Is whenever he is wrong, he goes, wow, I never, congratulations to you. I'm great. He would know more. It's a psychotic movement. Oh, wow, I learned to never call that black power speech. Mm-hmm. Interesting. You're disgusting. I hate you. I think you made that black power thing up. It's possible or you're just not willing to see greatness You're black people We're complaining about all types of gay shit What's your guys favorite shit in America right now dude? My poop just Yeah, what's the best stuff? Culture's bad when ever going yeah what's the best of the culture's bad when ever the bunch of people telling you what you can say in what you can do no that's the coolest thing is to go now you can do whatever you want the coolest thing is today and it that's the like the punk rockers of today [3:27:00] are the people that are rebelling against this bizarre system that even like the artists of somehow another accepted as being the the right thing to think and believe and trust and go along with even though you know you know you're in a fucking cult and the people that are resisting out will eat knowing you're going to be able to fascist or a Nazi just because you see what the fuck is going on you people are out of your mind. How about me everybody the fuck alone those people are the cool thing about America because this is one of the rare places on earth Well, you could still do that for now without being prosecuted But why do we blow the people who? Complain the most I feel like they're the biggest voices don't they just like I feel like they're the biggest voices. We don't, they just like, we spend the most time talking about them. But only if you pay attention. But if you don't pay attention to that, it goes away. Like, crazy. I know, but like, when Elvis was shaking his hips and I'm like, can you believe it? This is appalling. Ah, this is inappropriate. Like, why are you listening to those stills? Just love Delbs. But It's funny. It's funny. It's funny. Hey there. It's funny when you see somebody growing. This guy, I've Jordan missed three shots today. [3:28:07] I don't want to be on that side. Exactly. Listen, not everybody's going to make it. That's the reality. If you're all running from wolves, not everybody's going to make it. There's going to be a bunch of people that you're taking out. Yeah, it's the only way that we stay alive. It feels like a weird stance to take. I'm upset about this, I'm gonna complain about that. You're like, this is great shit. Of course, but you're concentrating on the musings of my own. But you're doing it too. But you're doing it too. Yeah, let's forget that. All right, now. What's the great shit out there? All right. Sodor. S There's a lot of buzzers coming out. There's a lot of great shit out there. This is a great time. UFC is great. You said it best, O.A. You said comedy is awesome right now because it's dangerous. They just fun. People get so mad and everyone laughs at them walking out angry. And it's better. Like the reactions are better. It's great. We have to be grateful. Yeah. Yeah. He pushed him up. [3:29:06] They didn't fire me. I would have never hosted that motherfucker. You would have still just been armed there. Yeah. I know I just get weirded out. Like people we know are angry about stuff that's cool. I know, but you want to get my heart. You want to get my heart. You like people. Let's go for a heart. People we know Comedian like you believe you say this I'm like here comedian I'll do all those people on my life. Yeah, there's a lot you got to talk about you got to figure out how to change conversations That's what you're really whatever has to do is as they talk talking about that horrible shit like Great weather today, huh or I don't know whatever it is What kind of advice is that shift conversation away? He's wanted to talk. Race relation sucks. You gotta go, hey, do you see I see the new development in there? I'm hung out with you at County Clubs. That's not how you talk. That is too easy. How do you have this, McCallan? It's great. With this advice, you should be president. Exactly. You saw the 100%. You You're so so rock solid. Yeah, everybody down you with fucking [3:30:07] Just go Here are you practice okay, hey see the genocide gone and Gaza no, but dude. There's a hike up there That is so fucking good you can go up to missada now right now already they'll shoot you They have long range rifles They'll fuck you. Yeah, you can still get them a song. There's no Well, they have long range rifles. They'll fuck until you. You can still get them inside. There's no doubt that they see you in the cross here. It's like, oh, yeah, that's one of them. Dude, I love it. It's too like I got back from me and I was like, oh, that's the genocide going on there. I'm like, I don't know Oh, yeah, talk about the weather ignore the genocide You guys ruined fucking conversation That's people's line you shut up about the genocide shut up, but that fun I agree [3:31:02] Yeah, I agree with all the horrific things that happening. Well, let's focus on the genocide I think we should focus on the genocide slightly and then have fun all at once we figure that out which what Which genocide yeah, you know, you want to go down that road? How many of the genos the multiple genosides going on? What about the wiser? What about the weagers? Should we focus on that for a while? Should we break take a break from having a good time with the bros and be like let's focus on Joe. You ever get a bar where somebody brings up on a fucking genocide? It's the lame as conversation guys. No one likes it. What I'm saying is you have a tool ready to go, change conversation away from fucking dumb shit like genocide and horrible shit like politics. Have it come back to some hey, you see this new movie. Oh, that was great. I'm not talking about genocide I'm talking about people annoyed by a word Same shit when it comes up. You're like, let's shift this conversation. All right. I'll shift The problem is social media right yeah shift because those people post it and then they get a bunch other cucks [3:32:00] Give me a vicious clip I'm saying real life don't you think you have a tool to steal a conversation with you just clip of course I'm producing stuff of course. So I'm saying that's a side. We gotta have some have in these conversations Let's shift as soon as politics religion genocide any of his dumb shit The negative shit was like that when doing important I get I don't know. The negative shade was like, God, what would do it? That would do it. I get it. Sure, sure. That's it. Everybody says about their thing. Let's shift. All right. You guys ever going Netanyahu? Come. Come on, it's OnlyFans. Ask Jews. Imagine he had it OnlyFans. God, you hear both sides of this stuff. Get so fucking down or a no no if we're going back to comics that became look I'm not worried about comics that like actually righteous and have like a good point right just the comics that became like speakers Like just CNN Democrat. Yeah hardcore You know what they have in comments. It's weird. Yeah, you know what they have in common. That's insanity low ticket sales [3:33:05] All of them anytime Especially Talking about like a hardcore Democrat politics or other comedians. Yeah, almost Entirely, what's weird don't get mad at me. I'm right with all the people You see people that's all they talk about and it becomes like you're just not doing jokes Yeah, you're just you're focusing on external things because you're not happy with the way you're being received. Yeah, or it's making you not just write a joke. I was gonna do a joke. I was gonna do a joke about it, but Jimmy Carter and it's how, like if you go on stage and you're like, for real, I didn't mean that. I'm sorry. They still won't believe you. Right. It's like, you'll not believe my apology, but you'll believe the joke. Right. They wanna believe it. You wanna believe the joke. That's the weird thing. If I go on and tell you, they're just playing, I got you. They're playing, I got you. But why? Because what you wanna do shit. It's just playing a game It's trying to win if they get you to complain about it. You lost to exactly [3:34:10] You do do a certain extent, but sometimes you can make things seem as foolish as they actually are and Someone if someone else isn't doing it. Maybe you should like get certain a certain point with some arguments It really depends on how much energy you wanna invest in it. And whether you recognize whatever energy you put out on this thing is coming back at you, like times on. Right, right. You have to figure out what you wanna engage with and what you don't. Sometimes you should. I just get confused by it. It's confusing because you're not a fucking idiot. You're a fucking idiot. You could be diving right in you know, why would you do that? Trying to get virtue. What would you do that trying to get people to give you likes? I mean, yeah, it's fools It is fun to see a comic shitting under the comic and you look down the time stamp when it's like 2.48 a.m You should be DMing a slut [3:35:02] You're doing a YouTube rabbit hole. We're all gonna die one. What are you doing? You're just drawing only half sold. Yeah. And it's Friday night and you have 150,000 Twitter followers. And you know, you don't do that way. There's an after party. Yeah, you're not, you know. Yeah. What do you care about people who suck? This isn't there's so much awesome shit to pay attention. Oh, we got a great time But the thing is if people suck in your industry and they're doing better than you You just have to understand like someone All these people that are going to see that guy they disagree with you like you maybe you should think about your delivery You know, maybe you think about what what you are like how you are being seen by people other than you Also, you're on the side of are being seen by people other than you. Also, you're on the side of everyone's having a good time or you're against that. Yeah, and like you decided that everyone having a good time is bad. Yeah, that's bad because they don't love you. They don't love you. If you're not walking out, let me go fucking do something else. Well, if you hate good fun stuff. My friend is an agent. She's like, uh, so, uh, who do you know that's funny? [3:36:05] Cause we're getting back into the funny stuff. We're like, we're not checking boxes. I know, we're getting back into funny stuff. 500 people? Are you getting back into funny? You're a Canadian agent. What a hilarious thing does that? That's a true sense. We're gonna focus on the funny now. I'm like Jeff here's to be buck wild They would show you the best coolest stuff the people who get sound in our life for the shortest amount of time possible and Like anyone who could be good there, but like here it is and now it's like here's a bunch of check boxes No one bothers going. Yeah But was that a DEI thing was that a money thing? I think was not a money thing All these clubs hold the line UFC is the winners Who's better? I'm happy who's better fun and it's by the way the most diverse company. That's also that's what comedy does too comedy clubs hold line [3:37:01] No, they're just they're booking whoever's funny That's when they don't they don't hold lines, but they don't book. They're putting themselves tickets. Don't worry. It's different than holding. Are you're concentrating on common clubs and festivals the same way idiots. Yeah, comment. Festivals are gay and gay. Yeah. Yeah. But hold a line of funny. You've seen clubs go from like great bookers to like suddenly like, what't have talent. I'm telling you as a guy who owns a good one. The mother ship is holding the line. But yeah, but I'm telling you it's not easy to do. You have to have extraordinary resources to hold the line. Yeah, but that's the reason because you have to have money to just say fuck you. You have to be able to say fuck you. No, I think you have a list of people that would show the line, I'm still only one woman or less on the line up. And he's like, well, he didn't show yesterday's when there's four women. And it was like, and he'll look back, go, I just, I wish I were just, but he was getting pressure. He's not only getting pressure. He's getting pressure from people that own the club who are getting pressure from other outside. And I'm saying, hold the line, you have to do well financially, you'll do well comedically, everyone will be happy, just book funny comments. [3:38:07] You gotta be willing to let it all fall apart. Yeah. If you have a business, this is the only way you make money and you have 50 employees and all of them are dependent upon you to keep the doors open. If you have an email campaign or some kind of crazy campaign or protest or something, you run the risk of losing money, and you get scared. If you, most comedy clubs, most comedy clubs, are most comedy clubs, make a little bit more money than it takes to run the place. Most comedy clubs. They don't do great. So, you're saying that Seattle plays should ban those people because it's not holding on. I'm saying, captain strong man. Hold I'm saying captain strong saying hold the line. I'm telling you don't worry about them because they're not real people They're not real people are we most do yeah great Trading on the few that yeah Good club the books good comics is great and then suddenly they don't hold the line and you're like well the people [3:39:04] a good club the books of comics is great and then suddenly they don't hold the line and they're like I just people who don't know the crazy is non holding the line is the Canadian place that band Dave Louis and who else shalt Lewis Gomez Oh Well Segeman Jim 14 Yeah, one more person Seattle one more person. No, no No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, No, no, no, no, I thought Canadian because they're behaving like yeah, then I hold on the lot they're not just like we're just gonna look for you guys do whatever the fuck you want but they don't understand that they just bud lighted themselves and that's what's gonna happen. Hey, bud, that's great. I know it is yeah, but there was a thing that happened. You remember? No, I don I don't. Before you. But that's what happens. That's what happened to Google when they've released that fucking Gemini AI that showed the founding fathers as being all black people. But all the Nazis were diverse. Yeah, and it's not gonna work for you. Hold down the line, just do what's good, and don't fall prey to that. [3:40:00] I understand, but they don't know that. They're just trying to stay alive. I'm just telling you that comedy club owners for the most part are barely making it. Right. They're just doing okay. They're doing okay and they have maniacs working for them. I have to fucking count on the guy like, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I'm telling you, I If you actually do want to make a living, don't fall prey to what the fucking bloggers are saying. Just book who's funny, just book the good comics. But you gotta admit that, as a club, you get a world of shit online, it's scary. It's scary, you're not saying hold the line. Don't fall prey to it. I'm not aware of it. Just book the great comics. It will keep coming out in droves. Good social media and good marketing that's possible. But if they fucked up and they went all ice house and they don't have like good sucks, then you have a real problem. Ice house did that? Well, the ice house never was good at booking the show. This, I say ice house not in reference to the new ice house, but with the old one. The old one was like one of the greatest clubs of all time. But like on so many nights it'd be like just the worst comedy there. It just wasn't good. Yeah, you know because they didn't have anybody that was booking it correctly [3:41:06] And then you could come in and you could do shows there and it'd be amazing You could book your own shows put it on your Twitter. It would be amazing But then you come the next night when you didn't do that you're like what the fuck is going on here? They didn't establish the right social media presence. They didn't establish the right email list They didn't have a good book. But look to what happens to like a JFL who doesn't hold it. And we'll just book what we think you guys will want. And then it's like, actually nobody really wants that in terms of ticket buyers. So just fucking stay with what's funny, you will be good. They find an out, bro. That, they're finally out. But that industry is fueled by Hollywood. Just for last was always in bed with Hollywood. And it never figured out how to disconnect itself, even after Hollywood wasn't valid anymore. It should have been just like, this is the best comics that we know of that are alive right now. Skankfest? Forget all the both. Skankfest. No upscale tickets for fucking industry. [3:42:01] With Skankfest, it's build up. You can't get tickets. I didn't fail on that. I didn't fail on that. I'm actually sick. But this is not a care for the campus. Skankfest, you fucking can't get tickets. It sells out. It's fucking smart. Exactly. It's smart. Hold the line. That's what people want. Mike, when you get to my level, you'll bill. Good luck I'll be there every year. Hey good luck buddy. There's always like it's Tim Bill and Shane I'm sorry everyone's like I think they might be going I'll bail one day when you get to me you can bail but all right. I think he's gonna hold the line I'm gonna hold the line. We'll see Then I'll snort it be I actually got sick. I'll be there this year I actually genuinely got it. It's a fun time. I love it. It's a blast. It's an important thing for comedy My agent push back every year and I'm like I gotta go. It's gotta go. It's an important thing for comedy because it's a festival made by comics for comics Yeah, wild. Oh, yeah, fun beer Bunga beer I already had like four of them now [3:43:00] I don't see the cats. You're talking too much You're not you're not are you's are you talking about gay ass shit? You're talking about stuff you actually agree with you're talking about gay ass shit I'm talking about I don't I don't give a fuck about some Seattle club that fired fucking Lewis They fucked up. Yeah, and Lewis was cool about There's like stop attacking this club. They do what they want to do. I do what I want to do. Yeah, that's when you know you won. That's the kind of chase. Yeah, you go. All right, whatever. Yeah, respect to my opponent. He's a good man. Thanks for showing up. Yeah, he went the bigger man on there, which is good of Lewis. He is a big fella. There you go, man. Too many jogging. He's cold. There's a it down. Damn that was fast. Oh, Joseph nice feeling yikes If you did that and I wrecked it shoot you the story of a building It did that in Iraq with from our eagle yeah, yeah, yeah, if you try to marry a guy I reckon you were a drug There'd be you know my favorite meme is don't waste it gaze for Palestine. Yeah, Gays are [3:44:01] Palas and for Gays Gays the Palestine rules And they still push in there. I swear to God, that's a Jewish sia up, bro. It's Russia. It's Russia. That's a sia up. Yeah, it's all a sia up. What does that mean? Psychological operation designed to subvert the people's opinions about this. Gas like you. it's a good trick. Yeah, it China's doing it right now. That's why everyone's trans. It's happening. It's real It's you know, one school they found that 50 something percent of the kids Identified as LBGTQ or non-binary just joking around 50% yeah, that's really odd said that's real well, Dr. Phil Zero I like that Dr. Phil. He's a good man. He said it best. What? I can't remember. He said if it's all about equity and equality, why the fuck am I paying 150 grand for this college? If it's all gonna come out equal in the wash, what am I going to the school for? They never do the math on it. Which is a good point. Well, the thing is, like, we're entering into a world where AI is gonna eliminate most jobs. [3:45:08] Yeah, 30% of jobs go on. We have to realize that right now, if you're involved in computer programming, good luck, fuckface. I know they told you to book some major in Starz over. They're like, fuckface agents. If you're studying that, but by the way, you can learn from that and go on like Jamie what was your major Walmart recording art no gender studies So I got that girl named it became the number one podcast producer in the world. Yeah, how just doing different stuff not humble at all Not humble at all. No. You're a dog, Skate. Is that your business card? I'll get it a little mess. I'll get a drink a little more. Leave my Jamie alone. He's a good man. I love Jamie so much. Jamie, how come you don't come to my house anymore? He's an epitome. You've been gone. Come hang out with me, man. You've been very upset. Since you've Oh, that's a K code. No, it's not gay. No, no, no, no, no. [3:46:05] It's about digital. It unlocked me. It's like a game of aance. It unlocked grilling. Yeah, it unlocked grilling. Yeah, there's no guesswork anymore. Can I see that bone Norman needs one? It just unlocked it. I'm neat deep and whiskey. Norman, you have to say you've been, you had had me up here. All right, shut up and suck on this Eagles asshole. Bring it on, Fattie. Put it in my ass. Fuck it. That's my favorite thing that you call me. Yeah. Oh, I like when you call me Fattie. I like when he calls you Fattie. I feel a little less pressure. I only say it to people who are not Fatt. You like it, but and you're like good job Because it's not it's not one of my insecurities and like being short So when you call me fat in my that one doesn't even register I don't like what they call you short. I never call you bother me. I call you shorty. It's a term of a deer Shit Fuck I didn't call you He's never [3:47:02] If does anybody that loves you more than I do their related I never called you a short little tiny guy, but I am so they don't do that I only said because it was like important for like trying to get a laugh now you're reading the kickbox Too cold oh you didn't finish it? Give me that Marcus. Oh, you son of a bitch. You have to finish it. I didn't finish it. I didn't finish it. I thought I didn't, but I did. You can't give people your back washed. No, no, that's all clean. But you ever see those people that make beer, they make fermented beverage and the women spit into it? What? Yeah, Bourd He went to this place and they made him drink this shit and he's like, dude, this lady was spitting in it And like you have to drink it. You don't it was some South American. I've had that you've had it They just spit into it. They bury it. They spit it through again to give you to bucket Like how much I drink like as much as they're not being soldering That's like you're fucking drink a bucket of bucket. Where were you Ecuador the Amazon? Oh, that's right. New podcast, you've been tripping on now. [3:48:05] Yeah, more stories of this. Listen, can I give you a five-second moral? I actually wanted to talk to you about this. I don't think you should have a podcast that's about anything other than everything. Tell us about travel. Yeah, here you go. But you can always hear about travel. Let's do another podcast. No, but no But no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, You had to have these themes for every show and I'm like, but it never stuck on theme when you and I get it You know what time you never come back you and I reviewed one of my comedy specials. Oh My earliest earliest Reski which one was it? That'd be tough. I think it's like my first one. No, no usually I did a first one But that one because I was on tour with you was not that one. I think it was talking monkeys in space. Talking monkeys in space, yeah. Is that Denver? That was fun. [3:49:06] It was, it was, no. No, Ohio, that was Ohio. Ohio, yeah. Yeah, Rocky Mountain High was Denver. No, but it was like, yeah. That's fun one. But you had this thing where you would like have guys like review their comedy. And like I had not listened to 20 years. So I forgot about it all. I was like, well, this is crazy. But that's also okay too. Yeah, absolutely. Like, instead of having this like one, this Aari Shafir sees the world. I get what you're saying. You're saying that's all I can do. No, no, no, no, no. But I'm saying, that's just one thing. Travel podcast. Right. You'd be tripping out now. Mark Norman's on the next tomorrow. But I'm saying there's lots of other stuff I can do too. Right, like this thing. You know what? Trust me, trust me, trust me about this motto. We should go to Spain to discuss Spain. We should go to Spain to discuss Spain. I would like to discuss Spain in Spain. When we bring some equipment, we'll do it in Madrid. Okay. Fatta door. That's fun. No, that is fun. It wasn't Madrid though. There you go. We've been waiting for three hours. I'm sorry. But my point is Ari. [3:50:05] Let's do that. Ari, you can do all those things together. I have MMA part. I think more than one thing. I think you do it together. All together. Yeah, it's cool. It's okay to mush them all together. Absolutely. Or you do lots of different things. I think you should boodane it. I do some of those. But here's my thing. Put it all under one hug. But yeah, instead of having it all in a bunch of different podcasts like I like to travel one, but I don't like the music one. Put it all together. I get it. That's good. I love a yoga as well. Originally. This is the name. This is the name. You never thought it. You can't touch the toes. Yeah. Yeah, thanks. I'll touch my toes right now. This is the Oklahoma. Okay, watch us. Not bad. Not bad. Fair enough. I said correct. Are you sure fear you can't touch your toes are you fear? Sister Hill. You dumbed you are you fear sees the world. Yeah, dumbed you that's a part of the world. That's not bad either. Yeah, especially right now a lot of people are clicking on it just for hate. Yes, I agree [3:51:07] Jews I like that now you could be like stand up here Travel podcast you've been tripping about now Just out there to sit there. It's all under the umbrella of these guys doing shit. I think travel podcast I think one put it all together. It is all together under if you search our No one podcast with all those things to connect it don't have multiple podcasts we do different things So much travel food and do Yeah, I hear no one just put them all together Are you fear sees the world? Okay, you got a lot of content It's a little bad there is a new travel podcast all right If you call it are you should fear sees Cesar Wurl, it's everything. Yeah, it's everything you do. It's anything all together and it's just you. That's what you need. You don't need a bunch of people down. I don't want to subscribe to four different fucking podcasts. Shut the fuck up, stupid. Put it all together. I said it was not a podcast. I think whatever the fuck I'm not talking about he can't lose I think you never [3:52:06] admit his wrong. What he can't even his wrong. Well what are you saying? Because he has I was going to have a subject tank or whatever skeptic tank was great. What is that? It was a good pod. It's not. It's not. But it wasn't that. It was themed. But it was also sees the world with this stuff about what about areas. We stuff about that. You're about a theme. I will say this is I did your pod and it's a good idea I did it too, but it's all Our I Miss you We all to do that you say start another party are you sure? I see your time 10 of iTunes right now. Can I have an opinion? Well, obviously not. Yeah, but I come to the second best. When it comes to power cat voice, maybe you should listen to the guy who might have invented it. Yeah, just listen. [3:53:00] But what do you think I've been wrong every time you've ever suggested anything when it comes to podcast you are you are Consisting wrong. I'm one of the best new early new podcast in the world. No, it's just stupid in 2003. Yeah Yeah, I love you. Yeah, I think you saw I I think I think you're very I think you you got a little gay-ass Bourdain in you. Yeah, I got a Bourdain in me. I think if you do the travel pod and you actually incorporate traveling into it, great. Oh my god, that would be one. Let me tell you. I've finally had a few. Mark Norman, have you peed yet? No. Those episodes are coming, Sharon. Yeah, I did. I didn't know we were competing. I don't know. I'm definitely trying to compete in one of the main characters. I've done them another play. I think let's go to Spain and do yours. I would, I would go in another game. That's part of it also. Go on overseas. Go on overseas. Do it on there. I think it's gonna be too hard on the pod. No, I do it when I do it. Right now I'm doing it by weekly. [3:54:06] I think you got it. And I think it could be whatever. That's what it is. I would love to go Spain, you'll be fucking hang out and chat. Away from a trip. Kiss a little. Flue in El Norte. Where there's a video. What's in that picture? This? Yeah. Coffee, Little inel note where there was a little bit on it. What's in that picture this? Yeah coffee water Yeah, give me some give me some Agua I'm going whiskey and beer by the way you guys are only going beer. Yeah, you're always the most over dude every time Mushrooms and you didn't you took one block it turns out it was I took two blocks and it's in do anything I knew I should have taken two right away. Yeah bad shaman. I Mean I'm just trying to warn you with those blocks. I feel the half a block. Hey, but I've been doing whiskey. Next special. October 26th, and Washington, DC. Let's go. Let's go. Yeah, even though I should not devote my time to a podcast, [3:55:02] I am also doing a special. Also, I also happen to be time to a podcast. I am also doing a special. Also, we're having a stand up comic. We're both selling horribly in Tennessee. So, forget Memphis and Memphis and all that shit. On the road, Tennessee is killing it. April 26th, arisver.com. Dang, Washington DC, capital to the room. And now you got a new one. We both put one out, I don't know, I put one out in September or a year. October. Think it, yeah. Yeah, it's harder, you gotta write new shit. Yeah. And we're working on it, so come see us. Yeah. Now that Joe's gone, we can promote. So say hello on the road. So I think a travel podcast is- Obviously. It's a fucking great idea. Yeah. That's crazy. But you gotta watch out. If you interview fucking Ian Phi dance about going to fucking eerie Pennsylvania, it's not gonna be that. It's all weird. It's all weird places. But I will go to Spain with you and do it there instead. I would love it. Instead of a studio. You gonna fight us, Bane? Yeah, I'll fight take like a couple months. [3:56:06] I think I'm gonna, it's my real, my real shipella Africa is I'm gonna go live in Spain for Spain. I love Spain, man. I've never been. It's, you've never met a culture that doesn't give a fuck about anything. Dude, too bad. Let's Anything to do to yeah, let's just drink it in small food. I'm talking no one gives a fuck really across the board This term see yes, though are just like that. It's fucking noon. We're gonna all take a nap a little CS Yeah, no the CS is yeah, I like it a year. I was there. I was only there six months Six months. Yeah, wait. What was this? I was there for a year. It's coming in an episode of you be tripping You were there for six months. Yeah, it's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. I missed that Spane rules. Uh-oh. Get them. Get them. Oh, doesn't like black eyes. Doesn't like part black eyes. I know. I know He shaped like a monkey, but it's still okay, man. He's a human. He's a cutlery. Oh, no, I missed it. [3:57:06] I missed it. I missed it. It's about me. Yeah. No, but he's short, man. Looks like a real hand. He's got a real hand. I'm shaped like a primate. You are a very primate. Not a bad thing. You're a primate. Imagine getting a stork fucked. You do, and till it goes sideways. Yeah. Yeah. Like that dude came up, William Montgomery. Yeah, came up to you. He's like, what was that? Oh, I'm like, oh, fucking kill you. Everyone's gotta percentage. Right. Well, I actually did. Well, you put out a, what do you call a cold tank video and your dawn was really popping. Thank you. I'll tell you that. You're really cool. I really like, I'm just like, in the cold. Joe, before I go, I'm pretty cold. I'm here with a few so I don't know if you ever saw it. First time we did the cold plunge, me and Matt, we had our podcasts that week. I was like, bro, I did the cold plunge with Joe. [3:58:09] God damn. And then when you have to get in next and he's saying next to you and his dog's just right, like, you got a good dog, bro. Thank you. You got a thick one. You got a thick one, bro. I'm very happy. And you get some should be on dick. I can no wish where was that fear factor at no Flexibility thing now and you it does Flexibility if you're a one-in-cher. Yeah, you can't But girls can eat their pussy's what no girls You have a different algorithm than I do Those girls that are allowed to breastfeed and pull their tits out because they have a fake baby. That's nice. There's a fucking hole. They found their hack and it's just, they have a rubber baby and they pull out these big, juicy tits. They stick them on the mouth of a rubber baby. Yeah, they have giant, but they'll get booze. [3:59:00] The whiskey bottle. Whoa. Oh, no. Girls can eat their own pussy. Is that kid gone? No. Look at those two girls there. I don't know those are fake. I see the one you said, whiskey and gone. Yeah. Good for her. I don't recommend any of this behavior. Wow. It is possible. It has been done. I lick down the glass. This is what I'm talking about. What brings up all the link to your deal with it. But this is giant. Does a giant difference? Yeah, that's pretty good. And it puts it in. What? Norman just said he licked his own licked it, but it took a lot of stretching and a lot of yoga and a lot of hours. He spit on it. He didn't lick it. No, I got a lick. No way. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, let's As well you should yeah, I watch a dude in a video that a friend sent me. I really wish he hadn't But this guy was this guy was inverted and he was like Pumping into his own mouth and ejaculating and then he pumps into his own mouth again and ejaculates again Again, he's a hero If it was a woman the guy would be here. Oh, if he's really filled with [4:00:04] Compton, he Come on If it was a woman, the guy would be here. Tony, if he's really filled with scum Tony, do you see that? Come Tony. Oh my God. I can't believe it. He's the straightest gay guy that's ever existed. He's like at the cuss of like being, he could cross over with any stiff wind. I, I, I, I, I, I, I, any stiff breeze that fence blows down stiff ways in the land of gay. I think he's a heterosexual But if in 35 years he comes out he comes out as gay we'd all be like oh, I mean yeah Tony does so well He does well as well. It's stunned if he is so well The girl that he datesdates are so beautiful. So hot. They're so pretty. Listen to me. Moot skin. Tony has been killing us. This is the moment I met him even when he wasn't doing well. Right. Tony, it's again, it's a fucking talent thing. [4:01:02] Do you have the talent? If you have talent, you're Jeff Roskett's late. Yeah, he's not a disrespect. No disrespect to Jeff Roskett. Highest late to eyebrow ratio in comedy. Ah! Ah! Tony, me and Theo, like two days ago, I was with Theo and we were talking about Tony and it's so funny, we all do the same thing about Tony where we like, we make fun of him like that show was But I just did was We all make fun of him and then we're all like for real though. I love Tony People personally like every time I see him I'm like nice. Hey I see him I'm like nice. Hey, buddy. Nice. What's that guy? I'm a good feeling. Good feeling. Good vibe. When he hosts Kill Tony, he is the best host of any show that has ever existed. Yeah. That's my position. Good host. He's so good. Even he's so good. If you saw me out, Tucker Carlson to Kill Tony last night. Tucker Carlson had no idea. [4:02:01] What you said? He was killed. How'd you set it up? This I set it up. We all have a dinner. I'm having dinner. We're talking to Carlson and Lex Friedman. And we're having steaks and having a good time. We got to talk about women's rights. We were a little bit. Anyway, so we're talking about Wild Shit. He told me to Wild Shit, and I can't wait to tell you. I can't wait to tell you. So wild shit. Please tell me about the one you've got. I'm gonna tell you some shit that you're gonna, it's dinner. You're just gonna go, no. Some Putin shit. We have 20 minutes. Anyway, I like the guy. He's a fun guy. That's what we're done here. I go you want to come to club? I go kill Tony's on tonight. I go kill Tony is the foundation. It's the bedrock of stand-up comedy in the known universe. Does he have any idea what you're talking about? No idea. No idea. So I have to tell him. He goes how much community it's make doing comedy. So I say kill Tony's told out Masses Square Garden two nights and a row in an hour. Yeah. In an hour, he goes, what? [4:03:06] I go, really, I go, I'm gonna take you to Kill Tony right now. I'm gonna go, let's just go to the club. Give anything to do tonight. He's like, no, I go great. So I text Tony. I'm on my way with Tucker. I'm on my way with Tucker Carlson. Tony text By the way, at the beginning of the show before anything Ashley Judd No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, One thing I love about Shane is he's not a sellout Turns out Bud likes nice dude drinking response I've been drinking it all night. Anyway, yeah, she Goes on stage and sings and the audience goes bananas. They don't even know she's coming They go ladies and gentlemen Ashley John 45 second round of applause right anyway, so in the middle of the show the show's already going on [4:04:04] I text him. I'm coming over with Tucker Carlson.son. Nords on right now. He goes jump on stage. I go fuck yeah So Tucker doesn't know this so I'm in the backstage right behind the curtain. I go this is the crowd I can hear my thing goes this is amazing I go we're gonna go on stage right now. It's like what I go I'm gonna bring you up so Tony goes, my two favorite people just drop by and Joe Rogan and Tucker Cousin. We go to the credit field. Yeah. Everybody goes nuts. It was hilarious. Wow. And Paterson goes, my grandma hates you. Yeah. It was the hate you. We saw him afterwards. He was like, I called him a fucking word. Well, it was hilarious. Wow. Tucker Carlson had some zingers. Really? Yeah, surprise him with it. Where it's like, it's not just like, I'm gonna bring you on stage to a comedy show. It's like, he had no idea. It's a very specific kind of thing. By the way, Tony, you can do lots of stuff. Don't just do Kill Tony. But you can do, but the fuck did you just say? You give an advice to Tony, like I gave advice to you. [4:05:05] Yeah, so I'm making fun of you. I was like, don't be funny. I'm giving you good advice, you fucking dumb ass. He likes the Zen too, the Tucker. Yeah, he does. Interesting. But to bring him into that environment, no idea. No idea. No idea. And so he just goes on stage. And the audience goes nuts. He sits down. He's like, this is incredible. Yeah. Yeah, that's what we do. Yeah. That was fun. We have his fingers. He had those fingers. Did Lucas come in? David Lucas? No. David's out of town. Unfortunately, that had been perfect. But William Montgomery murdered. William Montgomery murdered. Damn. William Montgomery is another dude who's just coming into his own right now He's coming into his I the way I saw I saw a day one Listen I got a day one I remember I remember you guys I remember we were at the Vulcan He would go on he'd sit backstage you guys would be like man you sucked I'd pull him aside. I go bro [4:06:05] Well, that's real that's not real. I've no really my I wash it Not sucked but I never said he's like I try to get him a ditches nose. What the fuck was that? No, all I tried to ever do what she did was ditch the notes Who that's it? Well, my gummer. He's going stage with a he did was ditch the notes. Ah, yeah. That's it. My gummer, he used to go on stage with a notebook. I remember that. And read off the notes, and you can't do that. I remember that. I was saying, I'm gonna do keep reading the notes. It's so funny. That's pretty what I did. He's so much better though, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right now he Extremely funny. He's funny as fuck. I saw him at Killtony Houston, I think. And it was like, you just don't know what you're going into. It's just like, are you really mad? You know who's the fan of his? The black keys. So I have the black keys in the podcast. Like we fucking love William Montgomery. I know what you want to see him tonight. And then you're like, fuck yeah. So they were coming to the By the way, never been a sea standup. Both Dan and Patrick. No, that's not true. Dan or Patrick? [4:07:06] No way. Patrick, one of the hundred percent, but never saw standup live Patrick, 100%. He's the big standup fan. They're both standup fans. But I don't know if Dan had seen it before, but Patrick, 100% told me he had never seen live standup till he came to Michael. What? Never seen live standup. He only watched it on YouTube or on Netflix or whatever. So they tell me they're a fan of William, so I go, William, you're gonna go up tonight. I might have you go up second. Because you can't have William go up first. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, those up second in murder's all the greatest hits and they're done. I was in the balcony with the black keys. Oh, they were dying. Watch him William Montgomery and I set it up. It was amazing. It was amazing. It was amazing. So what's Tucker doing? What does he think after the show that he likes it? We went to Bitsies. Yeah. [4:08:00] We hung out Bitsies. Yeah, he doesn't drink right he doesn't drink but he's hanging out with a bunch of fucking drunks There was a lot of sweaty Yeah, you see that guy trying to get Tucker Carlson without realizing it's him. He's fishing in central What are you doing here? He was very nice. How much time? An hour. At least an hour. I'm gonna have to come back. Go away, bro. Go away, bro. But he goes, what are you doing? I'm allowed to fish. This podcast is like six hours old. It always is. It's fun. This is crazy. It's the best. How many hours are we in, Jamie? Four hours. Four hours. We We're doing the same, we're gonna be doing the same thing in an hour in the fucking green room. Yeah, that felt like an hour. That's what I'm talking about, but... The guy's like, he's like, why are you filming the guy's like, I'm allowed. I was, I know you're allowed, sir. I'm asking you why you're doing it. He was so nice. He was so nice. No, it's legal to 2000. Well, there's so many narratives. He's like, you're a lot of fishing. Any pond in New York? Everybody's so mean. [4:09:06] Everybody's bad. It's all narrative. It's all narrative. It's all narrative. Just like vibe that bulls you. He's not a bad guy, man. He's not. I hung out with the dude. He's not a bad guy. They got the bad idea about all these people. He just he's in the fucking belly of the beast And he recognizes ten years ago Okay, okay, live fishing in Central Park What a fucking dog what a fucking hippie but herdeus But the thing is he's the evil. He's a hippie. Well, he's a fly fisherman in Central Park Yeah, he lives in Maine and he hunts and fishes in Maine. Yeah. And he lives in Florida sometimes. He's a good dude, man. How you doing? I'm telling you. He's just very odd. He's very odd. He's the most Canadian American there is. Is he Canadian? No, but he's like, how you doing, sir? Right. He just got that vibe. He's from California. Yeah. He's from LA. He's a nice guy man. I'm telling you It's just like he takes on controversial subjects and becomes a light lightning rod for hate if he told me he's never [4:10:10] Got mushrooms. We have the St. Yeah, if he says ever that much I say I don't believe you He did a lot of coke man. He talks really that was his thing Whoa I'm telling you man. He's a lightning rod for what? Why is it? Why did they get a vibe on someone? Because he was on Fox News. He was challenging them. He goes, we shouldn't be a war. Wow. On Fox News, not in his off time. On Fox News, what are we doing in this fucking stand? RFK's against war. Well, the problem is that like we, I don't want to classify people as on our tribe or not on our tribe. Good or bad. Are we in or we out? It's, I've been a lot of people. It's too dumb. And it's people like us. People like you and me and you as well that used to be on the left. I would consider myself on the list most of my life until I was like in my late 40s. [4:11:01] And I was like, what are you guys doing? This is crazy. Well, they lost the plot. The plot was supposed to be free speech, open dialogue, communication, accepting. Acceptance of all people as long as they're not doing something fucked up to, to fucking destroy other people's lives. I think it's just the militant left is what we're against. So it pushes everyone to the right, but we're like, no, no, you guys are just spying on for a suddenly. That's what China won. They won. They empowered that fucking radical, excitable insane, schizophrenic fucking SSRI-addled left. The left that was like the most bonkers of bonkers. Shame put your fucking headphones on. TikTok got in there. TikTok got in there In there You didn't get any when you think about this banner tick-tock Love it's got we need it. You don't want of our society. Don't want it. It's garbage Get out of an Instagram and Twitter and Facebook Ben at all spoken like a choo-choo [4:12:02] Listen to you. Better all. Listen, this the best. You know why the man. To you. Because IDF. Because they're exposing what's happening in Palestine. Better all. I'm so drunk. I said to you, I think. I'm so drunk. To you. He's probably a to you. Better all. I'm a wholesome one. I'm a wholesome one. To you. I don't even. two But now find that up who's getting in there you can't ban anything Ari Stay off You can't do one before I Smoke John McAfee's mess. Yeah, okay On TikTok obviously don't band it but but not obviously you fuck but you're band it all you Yeah, you're a goddamn fascist anytime we can get off the phone is better. Ben it all. No, that people stay on the phone if they're so fucking dumb. [4:13:09] If they get killed by wolves, they're the slowest motherfuckers at the end of the line. Let them get killed. But there's wolves. There's motherfuckers. There's Chinese TikTok wolves and they're trying to make you trans. And they know what the fuck They're doing push ups and kung fu Get that You ever seen Chinese movies Chinese movies where they hire are like hot shot American actors like B level They're amazing The blurry porn That Japanese I need is not blur in fat. They don't blur they break out the miners [4:14:02] Send me a link. Yeah, as long as they're weak. I don't have a but for you, what are they doing? They want it. What are they doing? The wiggers making iPhones? Do you want an iPhone or not? No one cares about the weak. No one gets a sound on the wiggers. They're getting killed. It's slavery right now. You know you can't even buy a fair phone in America. You can't. I got the other day and I decided I'm gonna I'm gonna go full eco you can't even do it You can't buy a fair phone in America. What's a fair phone a fair phone? It's a phone that drink like a Stainably sourced No, it's not expensive You can replace the battery it's modular you can place let's do regular ones are you good? Are you cock sucker? We're talking about fair phones. Yeah, why can't you buy it? I mean you can but you can only buy it if you live in another country What yeah, that's crazy right all these levels here. You can't buy a fair phone I don't know what the deal is but in America you can't buy this phone called a fair phone and the fair phone is a phone It's like sustainably sourced. They get all their cobalt through ethical mining allegedly. [4:15:08] I don't know what's real. But you can pop off the back, move the battery. You can take up every single piece of it as modular, it can be replaced. Yeah, why don't you have it? It's crazy. They haven't in another country. But why? It should be readily available here for all the liberals who are like Yeah, you're literally tweeting on a phone. It's made by slaves Yeah, it's most most of the virtual signaling if you get to the Siddharth Kara who wrote this book and he did a lot of investigative journalism on the Congo Talk about cobalt mining tiny Asian hands you get to the at nose african If you get to the end of the cobalt mining, it's fucking people pulling out minerals with rocks, sticks and shit, pulling shit out and they're getting toxic feelings. Yeah, but Trump's mean sometimes. Yeah, give me a beer. I'm trying to get Liam Thomas. Yeah, I'm trying to get more around. Yeah, which one of you guys is gonna vote for Donald Trump? [4:16:02] Which one of us isn't? I don't vote. I don't vote, but I'm in dinner, whatever you guys decide. I like RFK. You're gonna vote for RFK. He seems fun. That's good. You're gonna vote for Donald Trump. I so if you had to vote for Trump, we're Biden, who are you voting for? Well, I vote for Biden last time. What? I That's so gay. I was mad about the comedy stuff. That makes it worse. Wow, it's good. You don't think it's gonna kick up again? What's that? You just bonging on them? Yeah, it's just in my king. I did that to honor. I didn't want to do this, but this is just to honor you. I didn't want any fanfare. I didn't do that for the love. I did a bunch from secretly That's how I do it. That's how the game is good to see it's I honor you with this I'm all love the love of the game show the honor Can I just say if you vote you're a fucking door You're a fucking Different fan TikTok and no voting day ago I like a lot of Warren ramp up the Patriot Act Ari [4:17:04] Let's make it even more hardcore Put it in your first one Yes, definitely start your travel podcast when you can't fucking travel anymore because you signed up for a ban on tick-tock You signed up for centralized digital currency. You took the vaccine. I'm going to Cuba. Oh, great. Come in us. Come in us. Come in us. More bananas. Go plant bananas, you fucking bitch. I'm used to bananas. What? Plantains. Plotons. Plantains. I need a fried cube and a fork. Blutton's I mean fried Cuban wake up Jamie played the fucking thing we're already banned Jamie just play it were you buying a couple? Can you do like an extra curricular offshore? Where is there is there a cover of America? Fuck yeah, we can play We're gonna sing it Jimmy Wayne America America America [4:18:01] America America America Fuck yeah Come and save the mother fucking Oh, Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Oh, fuck yeah! Come and save the motherfucking day in America! Fuck yeah! Freedom is coming over and away Someone get a little my balls! Dude, I can't believe people think we're dumb. This is like my ass. Listen, let's be real. They're right. If you're right now doing a lot of string theory work on a yellow legal pad I was before this podcast dumb Yeah, yeah, sure If you get you get on stage tonight, you're dumb Huh? Yeah, if you try to get on stage after fucking Ari Shaff, you're dumb. You don't know what you're doing. You're following the great thing. Wait, we are getting a sense of that. Yeah, but you, but you, but you're a string theorist. All right. If you're a string theorist, things everybody is fucking stupid because they don't understand your nonsense. You write on a chalkboard with squiggly lines and ends and a's. Who is that guy who said stand-ups easy because you have a captive audience [4:19:06] and they're all drinking? A Democrat, I said that. Like an academic. God damn it, I'm gonna find you. Damn dude, he was a Democrat. No, it's not an academic. It goes stand-ups easy. It was one of those high level academic names you know. Stand-ups easy, it's a easy and I want to bring you to the stand for three shows in a row. Oh, how about bringing the mother's head We go on after Shane. Yeah, yeah Stupid if you don't know one of those guys, they're all silly Jamie you gotta find this for me. Um Malcolm is a sweet guy. I've had my other podcast. I can kill him Malcolm would eat hot dog shit [4:20:01] Brian Simpson's got a new If you want when I'm Brian Simpson's got a new Live with the mother ship available right now go on after Brian Simpson now I'm glad well or stop talking shit Oh, wait, that's him I stand up is easy. Oh my really amazing Dude, I'm uncomfortable that I remember this I'm sure I'm sure he said this in just in good faith. No, I think he said Well, I don't know you're right. You're right. Maybe I'm a good guy It's dealing with people in a tightly controlled setting Rich set of expectations governing their behavior? This was back in part of us. Don't get it without the hall. You know, and create an expectation that laughter is the appropriate response to what they're doing. I cannot imagine a better set of circumstances [4:21:04] an easier set of circumstances for navigating a Soda situation than those Bro I know I'm bro in 1989 in 1989 Greg Fitzsimmons got attacked on stage at stitches comedy Coming Boston in 89 this guy jumps on stage at Stitches Comedy Club in Boston. In 89, this guy jumps on stage, Fitz Simmons and him get into a fucking Donnie Brook. They're fucking brawling. In the middle of this comedy club in 1989 in Boston, the security guards jump on stage, they tackle this guy, Fitz Simmons is this guy, a fucking duking it out. Fitz Simmons, the guy goes into the audience. They arrest him, they take him out of there. Fitz Simmons goes, anybody else wants some of this? I'm fucking... I'm fucking bloody... Imagine... He's a fucking bloody lip. I'm fucking... He's a sat respect. I respect for the same rules. Imagine big and audience member and going, here's some short pale guy. [4:22:01] I could take him and you're like, you chose Greg for Simmons. You're an idiot. You chose the nastyest fight. But it's people that get him in trouble socially. He's an Irish guy. He's an Irish. I've been friends with Greg and I started out one week apart from each other. Wow. Great egg. He's a fucking awesome human being. He's awesome. But I mean, this is like 89 this is like before Greg was Greg Before he's Emmy award winner all that bullshit. Well that makes you softer. Yeah, but he's like it's still the same dude He still goes hard. Oh, yeah, he still goes hard. He still goes hard I try to get him to move here I Was it me I had a life too is a golf course right next to him There aren't filled with liberals Give one to mark marks marks over there You you still have the same one [4:23:01] He takes like that must whiskey and pours water to it marks basically But it but you guys haven't had any whiskey hold on can I say this I had a lot I Got the bottle right here. I saw Joe through three different rascals I'm driving anywhere to The end of fucking in this old I say this joke that's it. We've done this You fucking embers. I'm gonna say this just that we've done this The 11th Improv here just for a flex Joe give me one second Just a man. I will let Adam Corolla keep the number one podcast the world on get us book a world Joe is doing his own festival three days in a row Joe is doing his own festival three days in a row. It's a show at his club. It's a flex. That's hard. I don't know. It's a flex. Let me get one time out. OK, Shay, time out. I got SNL time out. Jihad. Let's shut up. So this is the 11th. The 11th one. 14th. So far, we've all Yeah. The one person who has always never died. [4:24:05] What have you been? We've all died. Mark, no. No, listen, we gotta keep the right word. I've got it. Joe died. He knows where he's doing. We've all died. We all need our certain place. We need our certain place. We need our own. But listen, we need our certain place in the world. Every single one of I don't have those quips inside of me It's too late for now. Hey, puke, don't be afraid. I just agree. I just agree. I just agree. I think it's late for this one. Mark, you got to catch up, bro. You got to catch up. I'm not sure. Every time you go, you got to catch up, he goes, I was drinking whiskey. You had two sips to catch. You're the guy who chugged and we are We're not even picking about the chugged and we're all dying and I took Shroom listen to me listen to you listen man we are approaching five hours into a podcast that can change the election [4:25:01] I think my government I think we need to Okay, I think my governor who I think we need to We respect our position in this cultural world. We're yeah, I don't respect it Mark you doing that's what I'll show for next time What do you want for me? I never turned down a Boom this is what I want bring on the book Refuse also You've been stealing his empties you fucking idiot I want it. Oh, you son of a bitch. Shit. Obviously she's just more than me. I drink your response a second night. Drink for a day again. A miracle. A miracle. A miracle. Fuck yeah. Come and again. A miracle. Fuck yeah. Come and again. A miracle. A miracle. [4:26:00] Fuck yeah. I'm gonna say a miracle. Fuck yeah. I'm gonna say a miracle America Jamie don't be afraid I'm a youtuber. I know it's more work, but it's 20 minutes. Hey, I'll do it for you Now it's time to talk to her key I don't know this is now it's time to talk to her key Let's talk about Mention grab is out of control Yeah, you watch you watch a you watch the say you need any guys watch it? I watch it. Nope. It was. I had one. I was watching my dick in my hand. It was kind of. I was doing body weight squats. It was kind of sad to watch. Well, they hit Biden with some good chemicals. The whole gang was on the same page. [4:27:01] No, it's not. You can get on that Same page All right, love to get that cocktail Oh, yeah, the Biden cocktails gotta be like days from death cocktail You can't be this cute. And I'll just do that. Man. No, but man, it's unfair to be this cute. You know what's unfair is the Viagra. Old people just had to suck it up and not get a boner. And now kids today are doing Viagra at like 21. Yeah, back then, day you had a rope around the base, your balls. You just talk to it Yeah Just the fuck You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it You just talk about it Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha change everything. I have a bonus. In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to change everything. [4:28:25] In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to change everything. In the game you have to's okay. Well, that was the original, like, one more. One more question. Do we ever show you fucking barfing like a fucking baby? I have the video. How's baby's barf? Like you. How does baby's barfing? How does baby's barfing? How does baby's barfing like a baby? I [4:29:17] How much do you think it would cost to get someone to drink a fucking whiskey bottle filled with your piss a bottle Not a whiskey shot bottle if you had that dude from opian anything The dude who won? The gay. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, Imagine how much money would you have dickened your patreon account? Well, you got a hand to Argy's you're old and you're hanging in there You go really you got a retired by now I'm 10 years old She's going well [4:30:02] He's a piece of garbage. 87 dollars. Oh, so happy. I don't know who I'm going to eat tomorrow. And you work out currently regularly. He's a mess. His life is in a shop cheese over there for a fucking week. Yeah. But Ari's capable of firing up. He and him went out to the border last night. And when we had that sober October fitness challenge, he was the only guy worried about. Really? Yeah, yeah, cause I'm like, Really? Cause he's a psycho. Also, I will do the thing where I'm like, guys, guys, let's not try this, not try this. Yeah, yeah. Secret that try until they discover it. You know what I almost did? You know what I almost did? But I had, it queries out, getting Michelle Wolf to wear my strap for a fucker But that was it but when you said that when you said that I wanted everyone and Michelle to regret it was like 100% I'll be quiet forever for that But when you said that I was like Michelle's gonna die No, she take Michelle to hell. Oh wow. That's how deep you go. I'm gonna shit take everybody to hell Michelle rules Like there was no no no doubt I was gonna take I was gonna take you all to hell. Yeah, it's just that one fucking hunting trip, [4:31:06] where you worked out for fucking 18 hours a day for four straight days. No, it was the one day that I watched John Wick 50 times in a row. And I literally did seven hours of cardio on an elliptical and set off my fire alarm. Can I just say? I set off my fire alarm with my body steam. It's crazy. Can I say what a motivator. Spiders that no one's taking advantage of. Spite as a motivator to hurt your friends, to work out, to read, to whatever. It's so there. It wasn't even that. Yeah, it was. You wanted to be burnt. No, you think that was what was. What was that? But it was like, I was feeding that. I'm like, it is. He's athletic if you like like division three fucking yeah Yeah, I got with their own I was I was I was like letting the wolf out of the cage Now what is the white thing she didn't like it? Yeah, she didn't want me to do it next year [4:32:02] I met Robins boyfriend. He's not happy when it, when Rob gets in the cage. It's not when I get in the cage, so I unlock it. Wow. That was the problem. You're like the Hulk, I'm always this. The problem is I was like, oh, I forgot this was in there. Right. And then like we're doing that fitness thing. I was like, I'm gonna think it'd be GSB unlocks it. Let's kickbox together. It's not. It's a fucking fatdest piece of shit alcoholic. Who fuck gets you the fucking wildest? Well, he was just saying he was gonna win him. Like, I'm gonna kill you. Yeah, that's the whole thing. Well, you're gonna die. You're gonna die. I'm gonna drag you to like where I'm let's see what you can do if you can get close I'm gonna go further. I'm like I'm leaving a little out of your freak electrolytes all day Nothing but rib eyes. It was bizarre. We need to protect our parts challenger. We just drink We just like don't care [4:33:00] Way out there mentally. I don't like that part of me. Really? Yeah, I don't like it. I don't like it. But I cannot lose. It's not a competitive thing. It's murderous. It's way different than competitive. Interesting. So he gets a ghost. It goes way further. Yeah, it's basically like bombing Gaza. Like it's like forever. Yeah, yeah. It's for you will not win There'll be no more. But it was like, I was saying to a friend of mine today, I was like, what Israel's doing in Gaza is like, what a fifth grader would do if he said, if you were the president of the world, how would you stop all wars? So many fuck me, I'll fuck you up! 50,000 times more! I'm gonna bomb hospitals. Yeah, I'm gonna bomb, there's no need for your dreams, that's that, My hospitals yeah, I'm a bum That's them yeah, why are they why are they I don't give a fuck I don't listen I don't think you are I don't care listen that's why there's human things My size America why don't I'm out over there. That's crazy why this human being still in [4:34:04] 2024 is because somewhere along the line someone decided that the only way to do this is to go full bog of hot gita. Full I am become death destroy of worlds. I'll drop nuclear bombs. That's what fucking Oppenheimer said. I will drop nuclear bombs. I will never stop. I will never stop. I will show you on that table of America Nine Okay I look at Palestine rape those Thai nationals sort of music festival Thai nationals? By the way. They're just not at a festival. Have a good time. Obviously, obviously. Obviously. Good job, Palestine. Wait a rape. Wait a rape tie nationals. Sit me. What about these shoes? All right, all right. All right, all right. What about these? For just one second, you go, hey, maybe we shouldn't rape We should have raped those Thai nationals. Maybe that was an oopsie. I love that happen. [4:35:05] Yeah. Well, I'm telling you, yeah. There's other people at the festival. Did you always say, does it say, Thai nationals, quite and murder. For a hundred. At a 1200. No, no, I'm just saying, wouldn't that an oopsie, that was fine? I didn't, I couldn't you back that was wrong could you just for one moment go? Yeah, we shouldn't have raised and murdered those Thai nationals brother. I think they admit that that was I know Candace Owens is making me worry about you right now. Oh Yeah, I show me anywhere. They've said that I think all sides of I've got a tired stop killing Jimmy's birthday the Thai Versus the trans women are going out obvious right? Hello hold on, what he just said, say it again. Stop killing Indom Story. That's it, okay. What about the hostages? What about them? What about them? What about them? Hey, you guys, I'm having a great day in Austin. I'm getting paid way too much to a comedy club tonight where I'm too drunk to perform. Everything's pretty good in my world. [4:36:01] Allegedly. Allegedly. You're gonna be fine. Yeah. Yeah. You're doing comedy. Humming Mary Cove. America's obviously still number one. Did you see the Thai lady boys are fighting with the trans people? Why? Because they're like, hey, you're stealing our thunder. I did a bit in my special about lady boys being like, that's a transphobic. I'm like, they're fighting. Yeah, they're going at it. It's a the news story really pull it out lady boys Give it a goog it's a it's a real problem. Jamie also cheer up dude You know cocksucker this time cheer up for Brian Simpson his new Netflix special available right now It's called live at the mothership on Netflix look great Look great called again comedy is great Mother'ship that's the one or yeah, I have my part. He was a fine Simpson. Just put in BRI there. It is huge Transsexual prostitute bro. This is the Brian Simpson trailer Under true on lady boy mob [4:37:03] Fighting in Bangkok turf war dude. They'll go nuts on you With that scorch Well the lady boys are fighting with the trans people Trans prostitutes and Philippine and from the Philippines and Thai lady boys brawled in Bangkok What if Philippines doing on a fucking opposite side? First of all, they shouldn't be there. Where is the live field? Oh yeah, now you understand Gaza. Close and throw punches. Clambering over the dunes. What? Tear off rivals close and throw punches. Well, I mean, this was Jordan. We all knew this was coming. Here's the video for Jordan. Jordan, the age of like, ooh, they're bros. Look at everyone on their phone now. Jews, you deal with them. Look at everyone on their phone now. Yeah. That was nothing. I was propaganda. The player is very bad. It's an intro song. Whoa. Oh, God. [4:38:05] He's laughing. He's like, look at this rainy boy. He's trying to laugh and he's just Asian. You can only see his eyes. He loves it. Oh, shit. Brothers, wild. Well, we, oh, look at that. Oh, I thought she was making it. He made all these three people still wearing masks. Yeah. Sorry, Sorry buddy. This is not something. Mask wears. Well we all knew that the trans community was gonna butt up against the lady boy community. Yep, yep. It's a different thing. It's a different thing. Lady boys and trans are not the same thing. They're similar. Unfortunately, I was in Thailand, I was with my whole family. Oh, I would have paid a visit to those boys. So I got to live in the big and look, watch a little kickbox, say, keep moving, fish eat, eatin' your fuckin' cows off your feet. Jay, Joe? You got a current episode of Ubit Trippin' and I'll tell you about some stuff in Thailand that you should have done if you would left your family in the future. How about we just do it Ari, Shafir, seize the world? 100%. Let's do it. I got good instincts [4:39:07] Joe has if you were gonna trust anyone when it comes to maybe a podcast being successful Joe What if they want podcast you've done that? First of all, for your game you're the worst advice I've ever had Other than my wife. Joga, one time my kids were going to Disneyland, my wife was like, you don't have to do a podcast, Mike, but I do. I have to. It's like, thank God you didn't listen to me. And I was like, I have to. I told people I was gonna do it. But Ari was like, gotta be under an hour. Gotta be under an hour. Gotta be under an hour. Got to be under an hour. Got to be under an hour. It makes us six. Who would listen more than the fuck you in the room? Josh, you were talking. Who would listen more than an hour? It's stupid. I am what's wrong. But this is what I said. I said, so you don't have to listen. The most important thing is just do whatever the fuck you want to do. Joe, I had The people listened to this show have made it this far. Yeah. Now they've done it. [4:40:06] Oh, whoever's nothing right now. And the new stratosphere of us being, I'm trying to tell you, the image of the Irish of fear sees the world. Archivers, I'm going through it. What is this drummer? Oh, there's this cover. Jamie just gets told it with a lawyer. Jamie, have we just wanted to come up with it? Jamie, you with a lawyer with a camera with Jamie just ruined our show no I like this cover doesn't matter it's so good this guy's mustache rules hey Shane how come how come a cafe wouldn't do your fucking fucking thing oh how can we bitch out of how can we bitch out about it because he's when he didn't want the world he wanted to the Super Bowl anyway no no no don't talk about McCaffey this fucking McCaffrey guy bitched out one dude Super bowl anyway, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no I accept that I accept that So the other bro. Yeah when they scored [4:41:12] They're fired up, but they still remember McCaffrey's just a white running back dude. That's a different That's a different way running back and you score any touchdown ever in the NFL you're like That was why This guy's good McCaffrey McCaffrey's on MVP I don't know what's going on. You guys. You got to see. Imagine a football player version of someone hitting like eight rails and an pocketing. I mean, he's in Christian McAfee is a white NFL running bag. He's the rare. He's a white NFL. It's a position that white guys are incapable of playing. What's the problem? Generally, a guy's like Christian McAfry are GM's And he's here at the problem running back. Yeah, what does that mean? The problem is the general matter the initial thing that the problem is is Normally if I'm friends with the guy in the NFL like a superstar Sexual icon like Gabriel Davis [4:42:02] on like Gabriel Davis. He's a hot guy. When he scores a touchdown, watch this. Watch this, this is Shane Fawnton. On MSSP, is that? Is that a low bill? Is that a hit? It gave versus Miami. No, you gotta give him the Shane thing. Shane's promoting this special. I was at that one. I was at that one. That was the one he gave me as Jersey. I looked like a retarded guy in the crowd. So Shane's promoting this kid. This kid right there, back up, this kid. Who's just, who's this kid? I just keep saying that gave that celebration. This kid. I'm like Gabe just hit that one. He's a worse fat Irish kid. Watch Gabriel. That's a hot kid. And then the NFL, the number one to two sports in the world. Gabriel hit it in the world What's number one UFC and then this no no no no oh Ball football Two or three I Pretty high five Viewership top 20 top 10 no matter what sports in the world, but cricket's like a billion. Yeah soccer's up there [4:43:08] Soccer cricket soccer number one It's top 10 no matter what it's cricket because of Indian people Very popular and they drop loads they drop loadscker and cricket. Socker's number one. What's number one? Socker. Socker. Socker. Number one by far. I don't know because China and India don't play soccer. Soccer does play China. They just don't make the world cup. They do and they pour out and they watch World Cup all day at all night at the fucking bars. China number one. You would go China. You nasty Chinese. I love it still available as long as you're not dissonant head over to China. We're about the weekers What what I'm going domlin domlin. See the weekers Absolutely now that we're drinking a little yeah a little Elon Musk fucking dominated [4:44:01] Also, you never contracts on yet You have an interview and then fuck that up also you didn't have a contract signed yet Who do you have a contract signed? Oh, yeah, I'm a super truck too. Yeah, I was gonna give him a truck Money you guys don't understand he doesn't really care also What Elon said was so apt he said Don Lemon was doing CNN off CNN. Yeah, you don't have to do that. You're on the internet. Have a fucking conversation with a dude. Don't just berate him with questions. Yeah. Allow him to talk. You're gonna get me. Let's talk. Let's talk. And I'm gonna gotcha. Have you thought about the difference between free speech and hate speech? And like, where is the line? Like do you think about the line you think it's like more important that people decide what the line is right yeah and he's like saying that to him and john lamens like oh i don't know what you're gonna get on lemon never asked it that way yeah he doesn't know what the fuck he's doing it's hilarious it's done lemon is talking about like oh it's been so hard for me like in elan said [4:45:01] you're extremely successful he's's like, yeah, but that was, you know, accidentally against all odds. Like, no, it's not against all odds. It's because of the current climate. That's why you were successful. You're not good at what you do. I don't drink. Become great. Become great, Mark. Become the judge. Yeah, exactly. And what did you say? Because I can't, I don't know I was in Great. Come great My Orange I don't know where it's on my business Put on your wooden beads. And pray to my guy. Look at that. Your girlfriend's hideous. Ooh, three, two, one, Mark, go. Come on. I will. I will. [4:46:01] I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I will. I am my Rua Rua Rua That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun That's just guys having fun What do they love who are these people and what do they care about what Oh my god. The dre-do, the dre-do, the dre-do. The dre-do, the dre-do. The dre-do, the dre-do, the dre-do. Oh. You break it. Mark, sometimes you break my heart and it makes me so dang-gum-safe. Hey, dang-gum. [4:47:01] I don't want to break the floor down. This is the last beer. No way. Thank way thank God told you we did a bore another case Last beer for sure have more cases. Hey, can I say something? I just a memory of Scraping together fucking three dollars each to get a case of beer I write drinking it back in the day This fucking world back in the high school. I got a dollar 20 that'll do let's go You didn't know whether or not you were gonna be able to get drunk You didn't understand what the world was You didn't understand what all these expectations meant and all these people are telling you what to do and what not to do They were wrong not not only were they wrong? They were trying to import In part their control on you to try to justify their own existence. Man, you remember how fun it was to get drunk when you were a kid? I don't know if we're allowed to say that on here, but... I remember Puginette Cab when I was a kid. It's one of my favorite moments. Me and my boys, we would go to Ocean City, Maryland every year. [4:48:01] Oh! Let's go! I love to talk about this stuff. And just gotta pee. Oh, let's go. Let's go. I love talking about this. And just gotta pee. Oh, see. Grab a case. Grab a case. Oh, see. Yeah, Joe. I got a couple of Ruskies. Yeah. That's the case, bro. Do some. We go down to it. Oh, see, bro. Yeah. No one understands Del Marva connection. Yeah. Ocean City man. A 24 pack of natty ice was $11. And what you do now that I'm doing is I'm doing that. In Ocean City at the boardwalk. We just sit on a tree trunk and drink them. It's the best. It's the best. When you're young getting fucking hammered, there's nothing better. Now I don't want anybody under the age of 21 to drink. But just not the one we drink under 21. When I drink rule. No one carnage. When you guys shouldn't do it, when we did it rule. I did not do it. I waited until I was 21 to enjoy Bud Light responsibly and I've always enjoyed it responsibly. But I'm gonna cover it. It's like a 60 other cover show. I'm gonna say Instagram account. But I'll tell you what if I had a daydream if I imagine what it would be like if I was 15 and [4:49:07] Keep drinking get shotgun beers and oceans Oh see or Hobath do we screwy you go to have over a screwy beach Deloble Oh, dude God gave us these beaches God gave us these. What's the pizza place down there? Grotto's You gotta get a fresh slice of grotto I got my list of the grotto. Oh you go see hey, what's the plans tonight mama seed love jump? I saw you know that's all that Scorpion King I saw that movie with a rock Being Joe doops. Yo shout out Joe doops. Let's Show him grotto's pizza fuckers damn dude. I'm on ocean city Maryland to oh [4:50:00] Grotto's I've been to that literally that one. Oh, I got fucked in the ass of that bar Oh grottoes I've been to that literally that one. Oh, I got fucked in the ass of that bar. Dude, nobody reps the metal and flag. Metal and flag might be the tightest pencil made or United States flag. It nobody rocks it full hat, all metal and flag. It's the sickest, I wanna ski out there. That's the metal man. That guy here, do this one. Do that one, out, out. Do that one, of to that one get away from me. Why are you cow? Dude? You'll die. That's why no one will remember your name I got the hiccups America fuck yeah, we're just taking the day of other fucking me. Yeah, that dog should be taking away SPCA get in here Rogues is Get it here Rogues is Rogues Robic Now we're drinking a little alright to the end word. I'm gonna tell you this You might be the best dude you are the best dude Don't fucking don't make me regret it. Don't make yeah [4:51:02] Nobody supports stand-up like we're ogin I don't know of all these pretty good who Bully sure Mark make up Yeah, nobody supports all stand up like Rogan Who's all that coming who saw that comment some fucking Workout guy supporting stand up more than anybody in the world nobody does yeah I saw that coming. Who saw that comment? Some fucking meat and fucking workout guy. It's supporting standup more than anybody in the world. Nobody does. Yeah, yeah. Making normal eyes, having open micers on, having going, hey, sorry, Alibis, don't can't have your aunts and I got an open mic here on, I got a push. I got a Jewish freak who fucks his dog. I got to bring him. Why don't you do this dog this way? Let that dog go. He doesn't fuck his dog. He just loves it I love it. Yeah, but he loves it too much for a man. Yeah, let it run real. Let it go. She's been running wild She's fine. Yeah, all right the tailors slapped dog different She's like that curled up tails sign of anger. Yeah, put the dog damn bro [4:52:01] Get it go hey, hey, don't get the fucking Shane Gillis from SNL doesn't want me to love you. She's gonna have a SNL. I blame Lauren Michaels for my lack of affection right now. So how was Lauren on the SNL night? It was a beast. Was he cool? Was he like we made it? He was awesome. Me and Sal went. It was a fun night. I had a Becky. Really? He was awesome me and Sal went it was a fun fun night. I'm so and Becky It was so cool. It was so fun literally I called Every favor I had to get into the fashore room. I was trying to me and Sal volcano volcano came up empty What do you mean called in every favor? We get he called? [4:53:05] Colin jose I can't do it literally every comment favorite he called uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I said, make sure your R.E.'s in there. There you go. You weren't in there, you dumbass? In the showroom watching a telecast, in a green room with a bunch of fucking dorks. Shane, you maybe be a dork. How day you be nasty like this? Joseph, where are you going? He's going to get my beer. He's going to get my beer. You got a shit. Anyway, you being there. It's a rule. It's a rules it meant literally nothing to me. I was so pissed you were there No, there was there right no, there was a later make it he can be after my actual shade I was like hey get the rosary here and changes goes he's on taking picture on the outside of the other party goes Let's a Rosa in taking picture on the outside of the other part. He goes, let the Rosa in. What are you going to do? I don't know. Popper, I was like, dude, it ruled so far, so hard. We got a picture of us. My niece was pumped at a, Sal was there. My niece was, my niece got there and was like, she loves Sal. It's practical joke. What was the date? [4:54:01] What was the date? February What was the date? February 24th. Me. Dude, it felt was fun. I was, the fact that we're happy to be there too. Welcome. Welcome to the party for once, bro. Wow. A whiskey. Yeah, I'd fucking two whiskey shut up. Dude, we rated, we rated 21 savages, just a dressing room. Seven decks of cards. So many Peter, whatever, Jelly said. By the way. Yeah. No one's out here. South. Yeah. No one deserves more credit than 21. You're really? That's the bro. What was so impressive about him? I rule. That's a sick picture. That's a sick 21. Hey, me shade and me shade and sell in front of it and change just automatically going to cover his. Because he knows. Rightfully so I was rocked to not do it. To not just fucking get it. That's fun. Dick Ponson. No, 21 was like, you know, he's 21. The whole time he's like, yeah, it was not man. Right. Yeah. Yeah, but my niece really wanted a picture with 21 [4:55:02] and he was already like leaving. He was out of the room and I was like, could 21 come back take a picture with my niece? And he was, he said yes. That's crazy. That's cool. Yeah, he came back in. Yeah. Is what? Here's Sal pissing on 21 and 21's dressing room. It's half a bunch of those. You were. That's it. Guys, there you go. It's time for the challenge. A few more. Let's go. Oh, there you go. Another five hours. Wingy gone. It's only seven. Show them what they're doing right now. Show them what they're doing right now. Oh, I get them. Fucking hiccups. Do you have a show right now? Allegedly. How does it feel to be a club owner? It's interesting. Yeah some goods and some bad pros and cons Oh, I came up how do you feel about that? It's terrible dude Shut up, I got most pros you got a secret weapon you can do an hour every night, but [4:56:01] Cons you got to deal with the Legally loud. It's like a monster the bullshit. Should I legally allow the Jekyllong star and camera? No, everything. Not legally, for real. There are five. Bud Light, let it go. We're good, that's all I had left. Everything. Everything on Earth comes with the pros and cons. Bud Light doesn't do that. Why'd you go there? Don't believe. Everything that exists comes with pros and cons. Yeah. The pros outweigh the cons. Open a comedy club. If you have the money, do it. If you can do it, if you're me, do it, that's how I felt. If anybody's gonna do it, I gotta do it. You gotta do it. It's like the obligation. You get to put in this weird spot where you have like resources that most people never have. You have to do it if you care. If you really want to fucking, if you really give a fuck about what you're talking about. It is great. This phone's locked up. Everything's great. The fucking setup is great. The way it was established is great. The fact that stress free relatively is great. The fact that comics have [4:57:01] embraced it. Shane's moved here. You two bitches. Brought all the bills. Have them committed. Brought all the Philadelphia jokes down. Guard dog, road dog. Let me move. You both, you guys fucking need a Connor Pope. Why are you playing around with these other places? What you get a condo? What you get a condo? Just let's share. Let's share it too, Betty. You don't want to go out with that. Mark, let's share a true Betty. Fucking, don't wait for him. Don't wait till the show to your Betty. Don't wait till the house in crisis happens here in Austin. It's already happened. Yeah, but that collapse. It's already happened. All right. Wait till McKeever gets down here. All the bros are down here. Everyone's down here already the cost girl the fucking customer right now the group we have right now is insane But from kill Tony to all the people that came from kill it's cool when you go like hey, I'm here a week I'm like a hook and feature like well everybody. Oh, McCusker [4:58:02] Rogan I mean a Sigura Skirr Rogan I mean uh, it's a gura Shane whoever yeah, all of them don't it was like hey, come down and fuck it open for me. Yeah everybody Everybody it's it's what we wanted one more We're only one more for the two One year long no no year one year doing fucking stand-up comedy the right way Fucking great job. Not just fucking funny. Just fucking funny. We're fucking telling everybody what the line is Yeah, it's not just holding lines like hey, I gotta say this pain people the right way. This is one thing. I'm proud of what it's a Small room. I did the first I'm proud of what it's a small room. I did the first Set ever yeah little boy. You said true. Yes, he did really 100% You know what I first you pal. I'll tell you what boy oh bully did I Bomb not true Not true That's bomb that's humble Shane talking shit and then Joe introduced it Joe Joe was on the mic like hey everybody [4:59:08] Like he introduced the show. I got on stage Everybody in the show was just Chappelle's All this is an act this is an act of it. It's all right. Shut the fuck up. Let's hear it. Let's hear it. I'm gonna hear this. Literally, literally no one knew what his show was gonna be. I said, special intimate show 11.30 p.m. in the little room. Cells out immediately. All right. Shane Gillis goes on stage. Does 15 minutes, they have no idea Dave's going up. He killed. he's so full of shit. He killed what was that the first guy ever ever on stage professionally in that room. Okay, second guy should be one on the high bottom on I brought him on really just to say hi from the DJ [5:00:02] Wow, no, no, he's right Free Palestine in the hallway What the fuck dude? Interact attack. Wow. Interact destroy him. Yeah. The story about free Palestine in the hallway. Did you guys hear that? No, but I support it. It supports it regardless. Free Palestine. Oh, the full. I will say it's hard to fail. It's hard to analyze any Shane Gillis story, because his rise is so fucking quick that you're like a three month later, you're like, oh, it was a different time. He was slightly worse than he is now. You would understand it. No, no, but that one was, I would do that today. No problem. That was what? First show at the Louisville. Oh yeah, it was amazing. [5:01:01] That was an honor. And then Chappelle goes on stage after they have no idea that Chappelle's going up. Wow. Wow. Wow. So I just say all I said on Twitter in a mid show, that's it. So Shane goes up and then Chappelle goes up and it's insane. Wow. It's insane. What a show. You got to see it from my perspective, Joe is on the mic introduce me. I'm the DJ's mic. Which is crazy. Just having Joe Rogan be like, hey everybody, coming up. I said welcome to the first ever show in the small room little boy at the comedy mother's show. And what's up? What's up, dude? All right, let's get going. You guys ready to do this? All right, yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, one of my favorite comedians Some guy you haven't heard of that and then I had to get down to go holy fuck my bad I just fuck this is one year ago. That's how much your world has changed and it's so crazy The rise is so non-stop that you can't analyze it any story that happens a week after it happens is like [5:02:02] It doesn't mean the same thing Oh man, so you've gone up so fast. I would do that tonight. What, the little bit? That show. Oh yeah, for sure. You might have to. We're about to go. Here's the one thing. Norman never gets wrecked on this. He's wrecked. No, he's wrecked. He's wrecked for Norman. I know, he's wrecked he's wrecked for Norman I know I don't think he is though I've seen him wrecked by the way I've got to 6 a.m. with them they're saying that all three of us have been destroyed don't protect our parks but he knows he's got to come with the quips where were you destroyed though you can only go what would you destroy he's never destroyed I Who was I destroyed? Yeah. I'm fucking right now. Listen, I'm legit right now. Listen, I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love Norman, Norman, Norman, and then we're in. Norman, Norman, Norman, did you? [5:03:05] Oh, well, the bomb that in the one. That's where to fix that is a fucking bomb. Freedom bomb. Bung that and we'll end it. Oh, man, Rick. Oh, man, Rick. Oh, man, Rick. Oh, man, Rick. Oh, man, Rick. Oh, man, Rick. Oh, We got a we got a man don't get his dick on camera A man Wait what I miss Norma's got self protection instincts what about the whiskey I like how he's like like it distorts things what I miss what I miss marks Bung that one is pulling his dick out. It's filling whiskey bottles. That's a full, whiskey bottle full of piss. He's not even halfway done. All right, before we end it, Norman, please bung that. All right, well, we should have a, let's tell you how we all support you. [5:04:01] We have some words of a wisdom. Thank you, gentlemen, We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all support you. We all the line. We hold the line. We hold the line right here. This is Scotland. Oh, there are free speech. This is Scotland. We hold the line. Yeah. Come on, Scotland. Step up like a JRE. I'm learning. You know what I'm saying? Under under under under. He's got a crotch up. No line. Scotland. Scotland. Scotland. Scotland. This I We hold Now Good luck He's [5:05:02] Oh He's the first of us to throw up One of the Lone star as Shane Oh Chuck that boy Do for the troops. This is it The troops you think about all troops do you think troops? Norman bro, you see the handsome of medication. Yeah. Oh my god. Oh my god, you guys. Three, two, one. Fuck yeah. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. You better go all the way, bro. Go. Go. Go. Go. [5:06:00] Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. It's such slow swallows ladies and gentlemen protect our parts 11. That was definitely a good one 14 it might be 80 yeah What times relative? Man we started this at 230 150 holy shit The show's already started All right, let's go already started. All right let's go. I'm doing postings on stage right now. Get out of America. The rest of the world that wished they were America. Good night. So called this. Wiggers. Never quit. I'll try. Never quit. Wiggers. Try it. Never quit. I'll try it. I'll try it. You can be us. Quif. I said try it in Russia. You can be us. And all of us. Together, one world united.