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That Mexican OT is a Billboard Hot 100 charting rapper originally hailing from Bay City, Texas. His new mixtape, "Texas Technician," is available now.www.thatmexicanot.net

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Telling the story of the pit with the seven wolves? Yeah, well seven coyotes yeah. I think it was nine. I think it was nine coyotes. Damn. That's crazy story. I feel like I'm looking at you at my phone right now. That's crazy. Are we rolling? Yeah, that's hilarious. Yeah, it's weird when you meet people when you see them. Me too with you. You know, I've only seen you on YouTube. Right. I've seen you on my phone. Right? It's cool, man. It's a pleasure, bro. Pleasure to meet you too, man. You're like, you're bad, motherfucker, bro. And first of all, like to me, my dad was like my god, you know what I'm saying? So to see him glorify you and stroke your ego bro, it's just cool. That's cool, I'd like to meet your dad. Yeah, you just met him. Oh, that was your dad? Yeah, the swollen man's getting in there. Oh, no shit. Oh, your dad's cool as fuck. Yeah, my whole life he's been like that. He was good. I remember I'd get in trouble and he would punish me with workouts. Oh, really? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, wow. I've been fit my whole life. I started getting fat when I touched that rapper money. Yeah. Yeah, really. It's hard, right? Yeah, I'd go out to eat and I would like it Yeah, I'm chilling now though, you know what I'm saying? But definitely at first it was like, when I was 25, I got a development deal. And I was spending so much money on my manager called me up. He thought I had a gambling problem. Oh yeah. He was like, do you have a gambling problem? No, I'm eating steak and lobster. I was just saying bro like it goes to food right? I feel like because I ain't bought jewelry or nothing like that Nothing I seen the grill. I mean yeah, but like I had a I had a grill before I was anybody and then and then my second grill Paul wall gave to me. Oh, that's cool. Yeah, so Paul walls the man. Yeah, I sat out the Paul wallicking It was just his birthday a few days ago, too [2:06] That dude he looks like a real estate agent. With the come over? Yeah, with this crazy grill. Yeah, nah, he's cool as shit though. He's cool as shit. He's a nice person. I was smoking with him and I handed him a joint. He was like, thank you. I was like, you tell me, thank you for your next interviews. I love to talk to that dude. I've seen him in interviews You always seem cool as fuck. Yeah, I'm just real happy if you're down. I love to connect you Yeah, let's do it. Yeah, for sure. Let's do it. Paul man. I found out about you from Tony Hinchcliff my friend Tony Hinchcliff He's like yo, you got to listen to this. He puts it on he shit, this is good man. Now it's in our Spotify rotation. Thank you so much. Cowboy killer was a fun one to write. I remember I was in West Columbia, my buddy Nate was like, he was like, he was like, just do something different. He was like, make a good your song. And I just played like a country rap beat and from there it just went crazy. Yeah dude, we find ourselves walking around the green room sometimes gonna lately I've been fucking I just did that one at the radio I mean at the [3:08] rodeo they went stupid oh I bet yeah that's that's one that's one of the ones like they go crazy for when I perform they if I could just I feel like maybe just cuz like it's easier to sing along to yeah a lot of my stuff like they don't even understand what I'm saying they just saying good right right right Yeah, no, that one's a good one to sing along too. It's also just fun. Yeah, you know, it's a fun song where you're having a good fucking time. Definitely, man. And I'm glad you said that because that's what I try to give out. Like this next project I'm working on, I wanna call it recess. And I wanna call it recess because like at this point bro, like I don't have walls, I don't have boundaries, you know what I'm saying? I don't have an ego that's holding me down to one sound or anything like that. Like this is recessed to me so like therefore, I can go to the monkey bars and dominate. Then I can go to the jungle gym and then I can go to the swings and have fun everywhere. So it sounds like I'm having fun. That's great. Yeah, it's and bro like, man, I would have never thought I'd be here. You know, I thank God every day bro, [4:05] because I should be on acid laid out in the middle of the street and I wasn't doing acid the way y'all do acid. Like I feel like some people do drugs and like they do it to better, to learn. Like I was up strictly abusing this shit. You know what I'm saying? Like I just wanted to be fucking dick in the dirt high, you know? And You know, and it's just beautiful, bro. You know, I tell people all the time, y'all don't need, like, y'all, God's gonna have an amazing talk with y'all. Cause like, y'all don't even understand. Y'all saved somebody's life and you don't even know it. Cause it's just pure enjoyment to you. But bro, like, God watches that man. And I promise all my fans, God gonna have a good talk with them because they spoiled me. You know what I'm saying? They made me feel good bro. I love my fans dog like they pay attention to the smallest shit ever. You know I was in California. I did the show in LA and this girl brought a shirt and she had a mirror. And my mama was headstone on it. It said you know when she passed her birthday, her name, my name, my little brother's name. And I was like, damn, like, it's just cool, bro. [5:06] You know, because my mother gave me my first rap name, V-Man, and I've been rapping for four years old, you know what I'm saying? So like, it's just cool. Like my mama was a gangster. I was talking to Fat Boy a few days ago in Basiti and Fat Boy. And he's like, oh my God, Virgil, I love you. So me and Sophie, we were best friends. And he was like, yo mama taught me how to cook hard. You know, just going on and on. Like mama was walking around basically, like we're my money, yeah. You know, we're just savage, we're just, we're short, like she was a little pocket rocket. Short was so much power, you know? And she was beautiful beautiful man. Everybody loved her. Um, I feel like it was hard with the family with her, you know what I'm saying? Like I grew up watching my mother and her mother fist fighting the living room, you know? Yeah, but, uh, I, I, sometimes when people be like, oh yeah, this for Sofia, Sofia [6:03] this for Sofia, I'm like, man, none of you motherfuckers, like, oh, y'all traded her. Oh, y'all turned y'all back on her. There were some people that were supposed to fight for me in court with my mother died because they knew, but they didn't, like, you know what I'm saying? Like they backed out, you know what I'm saying? my mom was already planning on giving me to my nanny, which is my dad's mother. And the reason why she was gonna give me the hers, because he was getting out of prison. And my mom was like, my mom was gangster, like cook and crack and selling this shit. I'm like, people fucked up in our house, you know what I'm saying? So like, she knew she was already fucking up and probably gonna go to jail. And I was just bad. I was a badass little kid. You know, I was in first grade and I'd come home to a 10 o'clock at night already, you know? And she would just be, I remember her crying and she'd be like, I can't take care of her Miss Irma. I don't know what to do with her. I'm all this and that. And some of my people knew that was on my mother's side. They knew about this. And they knew that she wanted to give me the arm, or they knew all this, and she knew, they knew that Sophie didn't want me to be with my mama's hat [7:07] because it really wasn't too much guidance. She knew that I would almost be fucked over there. Not saying that they don't love me, because they definitely love me. It's just, they just weren't heavy hand on the rules. And shit, you know what I'm saying? I was with you at the time? When my mama passed? Yeah, I was eight. And, but I was already grown. You know what I'm saying? I was already grown. And, so when I hear those people, oh yeah, I saw who it is and that, I'm like, man, fuck you. You know what I'm saying? Cause y'all left my mama out there dry. For real, like everybody in my family left my mama dry like that. Like my mama, she was close with Sabrina, my aunt, the aunt Sabrina. I know that for sure, but that's because we all live together. You know what I'm saying? I know my aunt Sabrina, and my cousin Homer too. My cousin Homer was close with my mama. I never seen my mother respect any other woman, except for my nanny. [8:02] And maybe my stepmama. My mama used to take me to my stepmama. We would meet halfway and my stepmama would take me to go see my dad in prison and I used to be rapping through him through a glass on the phone. Really? Yeah, I used to be rapping in a radio and he'd be like, fuck that radio. I want to hear what you got to say. Wow. I'd be doing my pushups, my sit ups, dad, and looking me, check me out. I hit jumping jacks out of this and that. I knuck her and we would twist it. He would say lock it up. He'd get him dappin', he'd say lock it up. And you know? And I was just tellin' me, every time I go visit him, he would always ask for a spritin' some kick-ats. I used to go to get the coins and like man, I just thought I got, but let me take my daddy home, you know? And he did a long time, he did about 60 years in there. He learned a lot. He took me all the time that prison taught him how to be a political person, you know, and a politician. And also, you know, cause like you can't, [9:02] you have to follow other rules in there now. Like let say like you got like let's say me you got problems I Got to go to whoever your leader is or somebody that was going on in your situation and be like say but I can't just go over there Because I'm gonna start like a race war some shit, you know saying like every everything has a reaction You know and you just you just got to have permission from your hires. I don't know too much about, you know, saying that I ain't never been a prisoner, things like that, but you know what I'm saying? I know a little bit from what just being around. That's a crazy statement when you ate your old, you were grown. Yeah, I was already grown. Like I looked at a picture, I seen a picture of me holding this basketball when I was a kid and I remember holding his basketball, I glue in the dark. And I remember playing with it. I remember being with it holding it and just seeing it around the house. And I look at a picture of myself holding it and I was like, damn. Like I look like I was a child, not even a kid, like a baby still. And I was already feeling like I was already looking at my teeth and it's like bitch, I don't know what fucking is, [10:02] but I was fucking.'t know what fucking is, but I will fuck you. You know what I'm saying? For real. Like I was already watching like Hussain flow, Scarface. Cause my parents were still kids. You know what I'm saying? So like I just got to be a kid with him. How old was your mom when you were born? I think she was like 18. Wow. Yeah. That's what happens. Yeah. I remember watching Scarface all the time with my mama and every single time before she dies. She'd be like, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony. Like, this is gonna change something, but yeah, I remember that was a move that made her cry. Really? Yeah. Wow, she's rooting for Scarface. Yeah, she cried when Tony died. She was fucked up about that shit. That's hilarious. She cried when Tony died. I remember it was me, SB Quincy, and I feel like Romeo. Romeo was definitely the ex he was living with. And Keeling might have been alive. Yeah, he was, because Joseph was definitely alive. These are all my cousins. Like, I never needed friends, because I always had siblings. [11:02] And I was older to all of them. So like, man, I'm making a pallet I got all of us sleeping at the living room together and you know like I said my kids, my parents were still kids so they are doing kids stuff at the club party and then all this and that. So while they're doing that I'm playing Scarface and all this other shit you know but I remember we were sleeping in bed one time and my mother comes in and she went SP up. SP we were told bitches as artists and that we got them. We got them like my mom was just going to a bar fight with somebody and came home talking like, yeah, we were doing bitches at. I remember smelling the cold night on her. Does that make sense? The cold night. Like you ever, you ever, like it's cold at night and then you're inside and then somebody come in and it's like you could feel the cold on them and like smell it and shit. Like I don't know how to explain it. I just felt the cold come off of her body and I smelled it and I always knew she was around because I heard how he is. Like when she would pick me up from daycare I always knew his mama because she don't want coming in how he is. [12:00] And yeah mama, she was just crazy crazy her name was Sophia Gasker Sophia and Gasker Wow, well not crazy way to grow up. Yeah, look I mean love bit. I mean, it's definitely worse You know I'm saying it's not even crazy. It's just we was just Just living I like I remember I do I wouldn't even sit in car seats like my mother will be driving Holding my little baby brother and I'd be standing in the passenger seat with my arm on the seat like this, you know wow yeah Just living like you know just wild. Yeah That's a good way to develop a rapper create My mama so boys will come around and they'd be like, you know I'm saying my mama would always tell them selfie. I'm gonna be my son gonna be a rapper You know they'd be so if you're I so, you know what I'm saying? My mama would always tell them, selfie, I'm gonna be, my son gonna be a rapper. You know, they'd be selfie, I had a selfie, you know what I'm saying? No, my son gonna be a rapper. I was feeling every class in the first grade and my theory of Rosario told me this story. My theory of Rosario was she's not my dear, but like we're very close so like they're family, you know what I'm saying? That type of shit and She was actually in the car with my mother when she passed and she you know, they were tight man and [13:10] She told me that I was feeling every class in first grade and her and her friends were like so for he fell in in the first grade like what the fuck going on he's spelling stop, you know and She was like fuck that school my son gonna be a rapper My dad would wake me up before school at like four or five o'clock in the morning when I was in the seven grade. And he'd wake me up, he'd be like, son, you ready to whoop ass? I'd be like, man, I gotta get ready for school. And he's like, fuck school, you ready to get down there? Whoop ass? And he wasn know, thing, but like, he knew I didn't give a fuck. He knew I was just saying that. So he's like, in his mind, he's like, Mother fuck, he gonna get up and come down here. Ralph, you know, because he would he would party every night. And he had to shit that people wanted and women wanted to be with him and man, one of the be them. So every night after they get done party and monthly through Sunday, he party back home and he would have me a house full of women women sitting on the fucking stairs lined up one sitting on the refrigerator we had two I had a massive and he was mixed with Preskin area [14:09] I think I said that right his name was Bronson like Charles Bronson he was brendo and his eyes were orange lit up once oh just a beast and I can see the house and we were living in the duplex so then it looked like it's even more crowded you know and my dad will play like a ghetto boys beat which is like five minutes fucking long if you don't know so I'm about two three minutes in and he's like the fuck you're slowing down for the beat ain't over and I had to jump back on and I eat these grown ass men alive and how are you writing your rap spec then we write them in your head or we write them now everything was on No, everything was on the pad. Yeah. I had everything in no books. I was supposed to be taking notes in school and I'm writing, you know. I didn't do anything else except for write draw or read. So for the beginning, that's what you wanted. It's not what I wanted. It's what my mama wanted. I don't even think I still know what I want to this day. Really? I think what I just want to be okay. [15:05] I don't even give a fuck about this money, the fame, I don't get a fuck about, I love the music, because I'm blessing them grateful for it, I cherish it, because it's my living and I'm comfortable off of it. This is what my mama wanted. You know what I'm saying? So to this day, you're not sure that that's what you wanted. I don't think it is. I think what I want is just love. I missed out on a lot of love. I want a family. I just want to be OK. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? I just want a simple life. I think that happens for a lot of people when they get pushed into something of a really young age. You hear that with a lot of athletes, a lot of young fighters football players, they just like, I never knew what I wanted to do. They told me what I wanted to do. Right. And then here I am successful. I guess this is all right, but am I even me? Yeah. Yeah, I'm a product. Correct. Yeah. I feel like I'm definitely me. But this was definitely for my mama. [16:00] Definitely. Yeah, definitely. I'm thinking how happy it should be right now. Man, definitely. I think how happy it should be right now. Man, bro, and that's one thing I've always, I just want to see her jam my music. Because I remember being in the backseat watching her jam, Ashanti and Jauru. And I remember her body language. I remember seeing her move. I remember her beautiful smile and she would sing. And I'm like, damn, like, I wish I could see her sing my music. You know, I know? Wow. I know she would. And I ain't no bullshit. Like everything I'm talking about is solid. So like I know she would fill it even more. Like damn my son, gangster. You know? That's awesome. Yeah, I know she would love it bro. Well that's a beautiful thing though. Yeah. It's kind of amazing. Yeah. I mean you think about how many people you touch and inspire and how many people love your music. Can we be you excite? You know, you excite people. Those songs come on. People get excited. And you'd be very happy with that. Yeah, no, it's a blessing, man. And my father, he tells me all the time, like, man, this shit started in the kitchen. Right before I walked onto the rodeo stage, [17:05] he said, son, you're still in the kitchen. Wow. And the house I got, though. That's cool. You're in the kitchen, but now there's millions of people in it. Yeah. That's why I'm here. Yeah, and I was beautiful, man. How old are you? It's when I just turned 25, we getting that. That's amazing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When did things really start popping for you? Hmm, I was definitely, I don't know, because I feel like every time I drop something, I always had good motion. Like I dropped the music video called Plancy in like 2018, 2019. And it, which is a lot, but it's not a lot. And it hit like 30k and got stuck now it's at like 40 K it might be a more now last time I didn't trick in a while but it was like at 40 K and got stuck which is like I said a lot but not a lot but I'm from the country and like I'm just I'm just a kid in the country it's last the hood I didn't really know promo no nothing like I just made a video and I'm doing music because my uncle's got a studio in the house so of course I'm gonna be doing music I'm fucked up on drugs I don't want no job I don't want to be around nobody I'm gonna do this and then [18:08] one day my cousin he had a homeboy and he heard the song he was like bro I want jump on it let me jump on it so I was like fuck it you know jump on it and then he was like man I got a homeboy I got a buddy and he be shooting videos I was like shit fuck it what else is there to do? You know what I'm saying? And we shot the video, we're all doing it just for the fun of it, like there's nothing else to do. And just dropped it and it went good. Then I dropped another song called La Muerta, maybe about two years after that. And when I dropped La Muerta, that's when I was like, all right, I think it was like 2021, maybe 2020. That's when I was like yeah like I could do something with this because I'm not rapping no more I'm actually making songs there's a difference between rapping and making music and I think when I wrote like with it that's when I was like yeah I think I could do it wow yeah so then you yeah exactly I'm with it that's right there that's my grandma house and my grandpa I was riding the bag, that's how the country. And how old were you in this? [19:07] When did you say that video drop? Three years ago. Okay, no, I reposted it on there. So it's about five years ago. I was maybe like 20, right there. 20 sound right. So you, your whole life you've been on this path? Yeah, correct. And you wanna know it's crazy, some people that I talk to like back then in the country and they like, but oh, like I've always looked at you as a rapper. Even kids in school, like people at school that I talk to, like man, like you just always had a rapper. Like I've always just looked at you as a rapper. You know what I'm saying? Even in kids at school, like, oh yeah, that's a hit of rapper. You know, like, bro, I was in, I was in Miss Terry's class in eighth grade and everybody's getting certificates in school and, you know, my buddy, Brande, he's like most likely to go on the UFC, most likely to wear red button up shirt, most likely, and everybody's getting this stuff and mine was most likely to be a rapper. So like everything was just like surrounded by it. [20:06] You know what I'm saying? Yeah, I remember being at school, rapping at lunch, having the teachers and the kids surrounding me. The bells ringing, we supposed to go to the next class and we still going, hey, it's strong. Wow. You know, like I've always just had a crowd. I've always been a center of attention. I remember my nanny would take me to Palo Rojo, go to school shopping when I was like, aiff grade, I mean eight years old, nine years old, ten years old, and I'm rapping to the people in Palo Rojo. You know, there was a car show, my mother had just passed, I was probably like nine years old, my cousin Daniel took me to this car show, slim thug, Xero, and Paul Wall, and then we're on stage performing, you know, the car show's gone over here and then they got a bunch of vendors in their pop-ups. And his one dude has a microphone at his pop-up and he's trying to sell shit. Oh, this is now here. And I ended up grabbing his mic and I started rapping to zero and then performing live on stage. I don't even think they know this though. I've never even told them that shit. But yeah, but I was rapping to Paul Walsh, Lin Thug, and Zero on stage live. [21:05] Well, I was, I would probably like nine years old. Wow. You know, all the, I'm seeing all these women, you know, I'm saying wearing booty shorts and these crop tops, and I'm seeing all these dudes, and they just look clean with the chase. You know what I'm saying? I'm like, damn, like, I'm. Wow. You know, what were your first influences musically? Definitely whatever my mom was jamming. She was jamming out of shanty and job rule I can't my dad was jamming everything my dad was jamming like fucking All springs fucking tool. He was jamming three day grace fucking all that shit Yeah, so like I and then and then my mama's out of the family. They are gangsters and like, Chola, so it was like gangster rap music and then like some Latino music. And then my mom, my dad's out of the family. They're all cat boys. So I'm jamming country and shit like that. You know, then I go with my dad and he's jamming rock [22:00] and all this extra shit. So like I just got to, and then once I got older and started discovering music on my own, you know what I'm saying? I've already like rock and rap to like them music to country. So like how far can I go with this? And now my taste in music is just all like, I don't even know the language too, but if I feel it, I feel it. Yeah, I feel it. I think that's why it's easy for me to just jump in any genre and dominate because I can feel it and put me in it Right, you don't have a restriction in your head of what you can do. Correct. Yeah. Well, that's cowboy killer Great and that's I think it's one of the reasons why I resonate with so many people because it's just it's fun And it's like what is this guy doing here, man? But it don't sound forced either. it also doesn't sound like anybody else. Like you don't sound like anybody else. Like, I mean, people, I play that and people, who the fuck is that? Like, they get interested. Like this is different. Thank you. It's beautiful when something comes along that just resonates like that. But like you could see, you know, there's so many influences out there. So when someone comes along, he's like, wow, that's a, that's a different vibe. [23:05] Stevie was definitely my influences for like music like cowboy killer. Yeah. Yeah. Uh, Stevie Ray Vaughn, he was a white boy at the every show. He'd be like, Munchur Rasez and walk off. Yeah. Yeah. My grandpa, he said he used to be on acid at his shows in Austin all the time. He performed at my club. We have a photo of him on stage in my club from 1983. Are you shitting me? Yeah. Holy fuck, that's sick. Walk towards the club when you're downstairs and you're walking towards the stage. There's a photo on the side of the wall. There's two of them of Steve Raven on stage at the theater. You were bad, my fuck, I tell. We got lucky with that. We got lucky with that. I didn't even know the history of the place until I bought it. But was it? It was at one point in time, it was the Alamo, it's the Ritz theater on Sixth Street. So one point in time was the Alamo Drafthouse. There it is. That's the photo we have. Wow. It was a rock and roll club. It was a punk rock club. It was a newty movie theater, it was a pool hall. Wow. It was like, so it's already been known [24:06] for just being in the spot. Yeah, that's it right there. Wow. So it was always a cool spot. That's it. And now it's my comedy club. That's it. But it's just the, the, the, there's certain old places where you walk in them and you're like, you could feel the memories in the walls. Like they have, I think buildings have memory. I think that's why people don't want to buy a house. And the house is murdered in. Yeah, I think buildings have, I think things have memory. Yeah, I really do. There's a guy named Rupert Sheldrick, I forget what his discipline is. I think he's an evolutionary biologist or something like that. I figure everybody does. but anyway his he's get this theory about Memory and that we have this idea that we are the only things that have memory but he thinks that everything is memory that all Yeah, it's a psychology psychology researcher Prophosocontsomorphic resonance a conjecture that lacks mainstream. He's he. He gets criticized as being kind of a loon, [25:06] but he's got some really fucking interesting ideas and he's a brilliant guy. He just thinks outside the box. And one of the things he thinks is that everything has some sort of a memory to it. That's not the only one that thinks that. I want to understand him. This table is gonna, it can't tell you things, but this table is different because all the people that have been this room talking great you know and I think there's something real to that yeah I I so when I say I agree I should say I feel like I agree because words are powerful yeah like maybe the word like I'm the experiences are powerful yeah there you go yeah everything's like. Yeah, there you go. Yeah, everything's, like words facilitate experiences, right? You go on stage and you're killing it, and everybody in the audience is jamming out. That's an experience, you know? And then will they go back to that place? Maybe they'll go back and be empty someday. Like, oh, I saw that Mexican OT here, right here. I was standing right here and you feel it. [26:00] Yeah. I think that's why when you go buy your old high school you go buy your old high school You feel like a loser again like whoo. Yeah, I feel like like Makes me feel like I felt when I was 16 Something about that and I know that's a psychological connection that you have But I also think that high school's got the memories of a bunch of confused fucked up kids I didn't know what to do with their life and they were buck wild and yelling and screaming and school fights and all the chaos. I think it's burned into the walls. I think I really believe that. Yeah, but I can agree with that. That sounds crazy. I've never heard it, but I actually love that. I think that's what haunted houses are. What? Yeah, I think when I think ghosts are real, but I think what a ghost is is the, like if someone gets brutally murdered in a building, like imagine if there's a house and some husband comes home and brutally murders his wife and then nobody wants to buy a fucking house. No one wants to buy that house. He stabbed her a hundred times in the kitchen. Nobody wants that house. You gotta level that house to the ground [27:01] and still people don't want that land. It's just too fucked up. I think when something truly horrific happens, the experience is so intense and extreme that that energy creates like a void. Yeah, great. And you feel that void when you're there. And I think if you were in the right state of mind and you're in a house where someone fell down and fly to stairs and snapped their neck and was in horror, you would feel it. Yeah, I would feel it. Yeah, and you might feel them. They their their experience might be recorded in a way where it has a little flashback. Yeah. And you just like, here's someone saying help, like real softly and you're like, what the fuck is going on? You turn the lights on, no one's there. Fuck. Yeah. Fuck all that. Yeah. I do agree though. And I know I've always believed in God and think God and things like that, you know, because I grew up not the nomination or my nanny always prayed, you know, and things like that. But it made me full on believe it and like spirits and knowing that it's here was I seen bad first. [28:01] And I was like, well, fucking, yeah, you know, yes and no on and off. Like, there's bad, there's gotta be good. And after that, that's when I've been full on, prayed up, and like, full on, been trying to get better with the message, you know? Because I want to be ready, we gotta be ready for that talk, you know? But yeah, it gets wicked, definitely. This health and the mixed-man comfortable is like an older, Mm-hmm, but yeah, nice. It gets wicked though definitely. I think this is the most uncomfortable I get older is I realize that there probably has to be evil in order for good to exist. There's some weird with human beings There's some very weird balance Very weird balance of good and evil and it's just like you don't appreciate sunshine and lesser rains You live in LA you're always used to this sun. It shuns bullshit. Nobody goes to fuck about that sun. Right. And man, you live in Portland. Yeah. The day it's sunny out, you're like, oh, you're out in the park with a coffee. Oh, this is beautiful for that sun. Yeah, yeah. It's so good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I think we need a balance. And unfortunately, one of the things that creates more good is evil. [29:05] Because someone has to combat that evil and the way you combat that evil is become a better person, become great, become something special. I like it. I think that's real. And it's like there's so much evidence of it. If you look at human beings, there's never been a time where they haven't been evil people. Yeah, correct. Not correct. It's not like one society where everybody figured it out and everybody was cool. Yeah, correct. And if there are, it lasts like a couple of years and then falls apart. You know, I think, uh, what? I do want to tell you this though before I forget the, the wolves you got out there have you ever seen the movie creep? Creep. It's, it's fucking scary as movie. What was that movie from? How long ago? I don't know, maybe like 2017, 2016, maybe? I don't think I saw it. Yeah, I would highly advise it. Yeah, it reminds me of Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz? You just gotta watch it. I wouldn't even want to ruin it this thing. Yes, please boys holy [30:11] That's hilarious bro. Please watch it. Oh, so that guy's the villain So he's a bad guy with a wolf mask on he's not yeah, I mean yeah, but you just gotta watch it okay He's throw it off man. He drives a rally You gotta watch it, bro. Okay. Oh, they're doing a creep too. Yeah, they did. They did a creep too. They did a creep too. They did a creep too. There you go. Underrated horror movie. So creep too is all right. You know what I'm saying? It's kind of like greasebo? Great, but It was a Rambo too. This is only three or four Rambo's. How many Rambo's have they been? I think there's even a new one coming out. Apparently the last one is hilarious. Really? Yeah, my friend Joey Diaz saw the last one. He said, dude, it's a comedy. You gotta watch this. So, if that's the alone, it's eight years old. He's killing everybody. He's fucking everybody up and shooting everybody. [31:07] He kills like 150 people. Apparently it's ridiculous. You ever seen badass with Machete? Badass. Yeah, he's like the grandpa and he got caught whooping these dudes on camera. And he went viral for it. Then he becomes like a hometown hero and... So when was that movie? Damn. 2012. I don't think I saw that either. I ain't gonna lie, I've seen a lot of movies. I've been testing your road. Yeah, that's what I was doing, I was watching. My mama had like, so we had the TV and then there was a big ass entertainment centers surrounding it and it was just filled with movies. DVDs, VHS is down here in the middle, you know? Like, I remember watching Monkey Bone on VHS. Oh, wow, that's an old one. Yeah, Monkey, I've been trying to shoot a video like that. I like Monkey Bone. Wootpy Goldberg's in it and all that. Yeah. Land of the nightmares. It's funny how Scarface became like the gangster movie. [32:00] Like the gangster movie. Like that was everybody knew all the words to Scarface. You know what I think is like the most gangsterous movie ever? What? Apocalypse. Oh, that's a good one. Bro. That's a good one. And my favorite part is when he escapes him, and he goods back in his jungle, and he's like, this is my jungle. And then they got a good knockoff, one by one. Yeah. Since Wicked, man. I like that shit. It's a movie, man. That's a wicked movie. I liked that one. And I was back when Mel Gibson, like everybody's like, Mel Gibson's fucking crazy. Really? They thought of something like that. Yeah, he got pulled over. He was drunk and said a bunch of wild shit about Jews. Wow. Did the cops out of record it Damn yeah, and you know, Mel What's up? I feel like I got lately. I've been here and everybody talk shit about Jews It's popular these days. It's probably yeah, it's because of what's going on in Gaza. Oh, yeah, yeah It's the Palestinian is really complex. Oh, yes, bro. She a angle lie. I know she's scared the fuck out of him [33:01] Well, recently described is just like it's a non-stop chase which it kind of is. Kind of is, but it's fucking good. What is a non-stop chase? Like the whole movie is a chase scene? Yeah. Oh yeah, yeah. Sometimes it's just a scene in a movie but it's like the whole movie. It was a brutal fucking movie too. Woo! Yeah, you know it's good. Have you seen show gun that series is on FX? I can't get into series. Oh man. Yeah, it's good. This one's good. Wow. This one's good. Wow. This is on Japan in the 1600s and these dudes are starving at sea and their boat washes ashore in Japan. They get captured and they kill a couple of them and it's one dude. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it's just like showing you the reality. It's very well done. Yeah, the reality of life in Japan and in Osaka and 1600. It's a fucking incredible, incredible series. It's so well done. This is it right here. Yeah, they did it. It's so good. I feel like I've seen commercials that we definitely did. [34:00] Yeah, it's new. It's still airing. I I think there've only been here three episodes so far, maybe four by now. Okay, so you're into this. How did you feel about Hitman? I didn't watch Hitman. I mean, I knew the history of Yipman, which is I think it's kind of based on who's Bruce Lee's Wing Chung instructor. But I, you know, I don't get into those kind of movies that much. Yeah. Those kind of Kung Fu movies. Yeah. Because too much of my analytical brain for fighting, is like, why are you fighting like this? Just grab that too. Kick his legs out from under him. Take him down, triangle him. This is stupid. Well, fuck you. Why are you guys standing in front of each other doing this shit? Yeah, I dig it, into Kung Fu movies. Well, all of my friends were in the Kung Fu movies. I'd go, but I didn't get into them. The scary movies, how you feel about scary movies? Love scary movies. That's why I'm mad. Like bro, it's almost like we ain't enough no more, I need meth. You know what I'm saying? Wow. Yeah, like scary. Because like bro I was her favorite. So now I don't even want to scare movie. I want something that's disturbing. [35:05] Well, what is that one movie with a dude where's a clown face and kills everybody? Oh, you gotta watch creep. That's what I'm trying to tell you. Creep's a good one. But this one's like that too. I will watch creep. For sure. There's some fucking, it's like real gruesome horrible Ooh. And the dude dresses like a clown. They made a couple of them. Terrifier. That's for real. That's my dad's favorite. That's crazy. Oh, that's... Like my dad once him tatted on him. His name's Art the Clown. Yeah, that one's him tatted on him. That's amazing. Yeah. Pull a video, pull a clip up of a terrifier. Yes, yes. So it just be smiling. Yeah, like it, just, you see how he fucking cut homegirl from the, from the push down. Yeah, not nice too. Really not a nice thing to do. Ooh, look at them teeth. Yeah. But it's funny how people disrespect him. They think he's funny. They think he's silly. Like look at you, you fucking loser. Yeah, that's really to disrespect him first and then you like can't away you fucking stupid clown [36:07] He's in that 16 year old Finland comes back. Yeah, they just chopping him up look He's like are you fan of dice makes Pennywise look like crusty? Yeah Oh, yeah It's a crazy movie man Rob Zombie was also not a little oh yeah They are on the line with Man's help the police arrive. Oh, shit. Yeah. It's a crazy movie, man. Rob Zombie was also not a lead to. Oh, yeah. I was a big fan of his work. He's a cool dude. I got to meet him. What? Yeah. Yeah, I did a podcast with him back in the day. Sick. How was he? He's great. Great. I believe it in a making horror movies too. Yeah, you know, and he does those same kind of movies, like really fucking fucking. I feel like he had the best high-wing too. Yeah, he had a really good Halloween. For sure. How many of those have they been? Uh-huh, too many. There's been so many of those movies. Yeah, I feel like a lot of the scary movies now have a little lame just because like, bro, I want to be scared. [37:08] You know, I don't want to see him fucking take on a whole army. Yeah. I was saying action movie. I prefer action movies, a good one. Really? Yeah, a good action movie. What's a good action movie? Well, stupid good action movie. It's good, but it's not realistic is John Wick. Yeah. That's a great one. You need to watch a Vengement. Yeah, a Vengement? What's a Vengement? It's about, I personally, like I always say that, I ain't gonna say whoop John Wick, but he put John Wick a fight. Really? For sure. Have you seen Sisu? Sisu, no I haven't sissu is about a dude in world war two that's basically like a John Wick and world war two so this is the he kills like a hundred Nazis by himself it's a real good movie too it's real well done sissu sissu it's uh what is it uh is it what what country finish yeah I think you're right yeah now I [38:03] fucking avenge me I forgot what his name was, but like he was a fighter like a, and his brother was doing some gangster shit. He ended up going down for his brother and fucking, yup, right here. He's in UK. A vangement. The prison that he's in is so, they call it the meat grinder. Yo, I'm talking about just fucking fucking shit up, bro. Hit him with a napalm. He's like, he's like, yeah, bro. He was like, you just got a callus the mind and callus like bro. He was like, you just gotta call us the mind and call us like, bro, he was like, well, he's a badass. Look at him, then that's when he escapes prison. And you know what's my favorite part about him? His heart, why he does everything that he does in his movie. What's that? He just got watch. I always feel like I'm being conned [39:00] when a movie does that. When there's like a hit man with a heart of gold, I'm like, shut the fuck up. She shut the fuck up. I know what you're doing, bitch. I'm not 12. Yeah, yeah, of course. Yeah, he definitely was doing some bit of savage. But like, you know, you might as well as end on some good shit. Yeah, but you know, like there's always like the guy who's the contract killer, but you know it's like a whole thing. Yeah, yeah, for sure, you know, that's like the Gray Man. The outfit Have you seen the outfit? That's another good one my dad's put me on that one. It's like some like old-school Gangsta time where they wear suits and shit mobsters more. I think that's more gangster than me like I've always been into the mobs more than like some gang bangers. Yeah for sure like It's just played with my movies. Yeah, correct. Like the Godfather and all that. Even the good fellas and things like that. It's just played with me, you know what I'm saying? Well there's something about it that lifestyle is so appealing to some people that feel like their life is mundane and boring. You know, like that's why the sopranos was so good. Yeah. Like Tony soprano was a straight up murderer [40:00] and he was the hero. Yeah. and he was the hero. He killed Christopher Maltesanti in his fucking Cadillac Escalade seat. Jesus. He just killed him right next to him. He was a killer, but you liked him. Yeah. He was a liar, a killer, a thief. Who were the two brothers? The two brothers, I think it was based on the true story too. They were like from a giant man. The crates. Was it a England?, the whole crates, bro. Just from the actors in the movie, they looked like boots. They were boots. Yeah, I believe it. Bro, England didn't play. Bro, I love saying. People think about England, they're like fishing chips and fucking tea, cheerio. Yeah, no, there's hood outside of Bay City because I thought Bay City was like the only hood in the whole world. The cray trends were running. Look at those two, bro. Is that, are they from Liverpool? What part of it? Like a smacker. Shit outta you. Yeah. The fucking stab you right in the dick. Where's my crumpet? Ha ha ha. Whop. Where are these guys from? What, what, from what they look like. Like they just look like. [41:05] Faggurston. Boots. Yeah, mostly in the east end of London from the late 50s until their arrest in 1968. Damn, so they ran shit for 18 years. That's a good run. Yeah. The movie's crazy too. Yeah, not it is. The movie apparently is not too, they didn't take any, yeah. They didn't take any liberties. It's basically the story I believe. That's it. Yeah. Again, it's weird where we like movies about bad people. You know, there's something about that. Strange. Yeah, because I, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Oh, you never saw some karaoke? Dude. No. That's a great fucking movie. Put me on, show me. Yeah, that's Benicio Del Toro, man. That's a great fucking movie. Sucario is all about Mexican assassins. Wow. Yeah. Dude. Sucario. Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, it's a good fucking movie. [42:00] Whoa. Taylor and Taylor Sheridan did it, the guy who did Yellowstone. He did Yellowstone. You know Ryan, being him, I fucking met him at the rodeo, he fucks with me. Oh really? Everybody fucks with you dude, once they hear you. Yeah, right, right. This is a good fucking movie, man. It's heavy. Nah, shit, looks not like that. Yeah, it's a heavy movie. Yeah. Did you see the last purge? It made me think of the last part of those purge movies. No, I can't why? Because I get prepared. Well, I see purge movies that start fucking loading magazines. I feel like I feel like we're close to it. We could be close to it. I never felt that until the George Floyd riots. George Floyd, yeah, the George Floyd riots. Here's the thing about riots. This is my feeling. Okay. I support your right to protest, but I'm not going to one of those. You know why? Because I think protests are a lot like war. I think there's a mode inside the human brain. Let me explain you. You ever catch a fish? You know when you catch a fish, the moment that fish is on the line, [43:00] your whole body gets excited. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh, shit. That is an ancient thing that is in us because it used to be that was survival. So if you caught that fish, your family was gonna have food. That's why you get so excited. I think when people are on the ground marching and they're all together and they're all chanting, that brings you. Yeah, it brings you. It excites that feeling just the way catching a fish excites that feeling. I think it excites that feeling of war. And when you're like, no more Trump, no more, whatever fucking it is, it's fucking possible. It doesn't matter. Whatever it is, you're looking for someone to say it doesn't matter. You're looking for someone. It's not just a protest. You are stimulating those thoughts of war. You're marching on the ground with your fellow soldiers, the College of the Comrades. There's a lot of wild shit that's involved in protest that excites people in a very dangerous way. Yeah, no, yeah, definitely that agreement. [44:01] Mob mentality, that's what mob mentality is. People always talk about mob mentality. Like if there's something happens, there's a mob of people, people will do wild shit that they will never do normally. Because that excites the war gene. There's a war gene inside of us, because every human being has survived war. If you're alive today, that means your genetics survive war. That means somewhere down the line, whether it's bows and arrows or rifles or whatever. If you got to 2024, if your genes got to 2024, for sure, there's some war in those genes. Damn. Yeah. What the fuck? Damn. That's why I will not go to protest. You see, if there's a protest, I'm getting the fuck out of there. Yeah, it's gonna get wicked. Cause it could get wicked. It might not. I never thought of how you said that, though, it's crazy. I like that. It's war. It's war is inside of us. And your body knows when you go to war, you have to switch everybody. You would never do that. It was just you and that person. [45:06] There's something about that experience to being around a lot of people that are all being hostile and all excited together that just fires up parts of you. And also you feel kind of like a badass because you're a part of a gang. Yeah, I think it's comfort in knowing that there's a bunch of you. You're like, you can't lose. Which is also like war. Yeah. Yeah. Damn, fuck, fuck. I just want to love. Yeah, well that's a better way to live for sure, but you also have a lot now. That's the thing once you have a lot. You're like, you know what? I just want to love. But when you don't have a lot, It's one of the fuckers I was hearted. It's hard to be comfortable. I do definitely agree, because I feel like it was harder to beat. Like I feel like then, like before I was, you know, chilling and blessed. Man, like my anger was so horrible. Like I remember I'd get done being angry and when I would be done, like I'd be like, all I just want to sleep. Like I just want to sleep. [46:01] I just want to sleep. I would feel like I got jumped, like I just strained my body. You know what I'm saying? Just being angry. And for no reason? Fuck, for like bro, for the simplest shit bro, anything. Like the wind blew the wrong way and I'd be like, fuck, you know what I'm saying? Like I don't know what it was. like you said you know it's easier to to love when you have a lot of it. Yeah when things are going great for you it's easier to love and it's easy to also recognize you want to kind of like you've experienced bad and now you're experiencing all this good and you want to kind of keep that rolling. Yeah correct it makes you want to do good you know at least me personally because I know you do you know because energy is real You know, I don't want to say karma and then but like man, you know, you be a whole ass motherfucker some whole ass shit I'm actually gonna catch up to you. Yes, that's a great way to put it right. Yeah, so once you put that on a t-shirt I'm telling you, but you know you do good, you know like man I just like bro relationships is everything too, you know I'm saying cuz like just because I don't know I do it man homeboy right here I'm making my best friend. He gonna do it for me, right? You know, yeah relationships are very very important [47:08] People that don't have friends are lost lost the idea that you could be like the only one person having fun That's not real you can't have fun unless your friends are having fun If you if you're doing great in your life and all your friends are suicide on depressed Yeah, that's not a good time, man. And if you're good with it, and they still depressed and shit, like your throw-off, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Like my boy is like, man, I've never ever, ever flew first class, ever. And my boy, Boom-Hell, I started bringing him with me and I fucking saw his book in first class because I want him to experience that shit, you know? Like, man, I just, I just, making, what make me happy is seeing my people happy and knowing I did it, you know what I'm saying? Like we be out there chilling and shit like that and I'll do all this and I'll cater everybody and then finally I just sit back like my joint up and I just look and I just, I see my partner over there laughing. I see Cuzz right here with some drinks and he laughing. You know what I'm saying? And we just chilling, I'm like, damn, I did that. Yeah, that's a good experience. [48:05] I did that. The problem with rappers, huh? I do, I do shit for people that I know would never do shit for me. But I do it because like, man, that's just who I am. Because it feels good to do that. Yeah. That's a great sign of your character that you experience that while you're having success that you want to do good for other people and make other people feel good That's a great sign and make me feel good. Yeah, that's well that you're a wise man That's a great sign of your character that that's that's because a lot of people when they start doing good They start going on the fucking man. Yeah, I'm a fucking man. Now you started off as a nobody homeboy Yeah, you know saying everybody's a nobody. You know saying you just you just happen to be good at that. You know saying I just happen to be good at rapping. And you know saying this shit don't make my dick bigger. You know saying real life. Imagine if it did. I would yeah that'd be bad though. You know saying. I would have the biggest dick on earth. Who rewind? Reward. Yes. Because it's hard telling the story. Oh, right. It's hard telling the story in Rhyman. [49:06] Right. It's hard telling the story in Rhyman and telling the story backwards. It's a masterclass. Get the fuck out of that, bro. Masterclass. I was just listening to Rhyman yesterday and I was thinking that exact same thing. Like, how good is that? How good is Yeah, yeah, yeah, it goes back in the gun. Yeah, it's a man. It's an amazing wrap. Don't please. Yeah, it's so good. It's so well-written. It makes sense. It feels, it feels, you know, it flows, you know what I'm saying? He's the best writer. He's the best writer. He's the best writer. He's like his lyrics are so goddamn good. He's the goat. But you know, who's super underrated and people don't give him his props is Willie D from the ghetto boys Willie D and he was knocking mother fuckers out mother fuckers out. He's a legit boxer Willie D's a real boxer. He showed me video of one of his fights and we were watching on his phone I was like dude. Yeah, I'm like this is good like you got skills like if you told me this like a middleweight [50:00] Contender was coming up. I'd be like oh that guy's good. No she's good bill it Willie can knock people the No way contender was coming up. I'd be like, oh, that guy's good. No shit. He's good. Will he get non-people to fuck out? Yeah. But Will he wrote a fuck a war in 45 minutes? You ever heard of a fuck a war? All right, listen, sorry YouTube. We're gonna have to edit it. I need to play this for him. Let's do it. YouTube will cut this out. Can we cut this out? And we'll come back. We'll come back for the Spotify people, you could, whatever. We'll figure it out. But we'll cut this out. Listen to this. Yeah. I agree though. Yeah, really, I agree with that too. But Willie tells stories. There's a lot going on in his writing. That's what I love about 90s hip hop. Like the lyrics of 90s hip hop. They were saying shit. Oh yeah. Yeah. I grew up on 90s hip hop. I grew up, like when I lived in New York, all of it was Play Poole. Play Poole and Do Comedy. And when I was playing pool, that was the 90s hip hop era. People were listening to Cool G rap and DJ Polo. it was like, it was a different time man. I think to me, M was the best, M and Big L. [51:07] When they came to those stories, people forgot about Big L man. Bro, Big L is one of the reasons why I'm an animal today. Really? A Mexican with no green card showed me who Big L was. Really? Yup, my pint of firmin. Wow. I found out about Big L because I was a gang star fan. And so in the beginning of full clip, it says big L, rest in peace. Yeah. And it goes into that and I was like, who's big L? Oh, and that's when you, yeah, and Luke Paul from there. Yeah, if you wanna. Yeah, if you wanna. Big L, big L had been murdered. I'm like, oh shit. Yeah, I think I was like inhop artists, but cool G rappers one that I bring up all the time because people forgot about him Uh, tech nine or two Tech nine I remember I was jamming tech nine, yellow wolf and all these dudes like I was jamming worldwide choppers and people be like turn this shit off Like what the fuck? I mean like bitch out of tripping, you know what I'm saying like that, but their minds wasn't there [52:07] Yeah, I'm saying I they was they on that, I think Mumble Rapper's belly coming down the fucking, you know what I'm saying? Like the drugdub sound cloud rappers was here. So like, oh, that shit without the window to them. Well, people forgot about some of the great Mexican hip hop too. Like Kid Frost. Kid Frost was cool. I don't know if you know Lil' Bing and Big Flake. No, I don't. Yeah, those are some Texas Mexicans that was like really the shit. And my uncles too, my uncles was like, they was SPM to me. And they was hard. So like even just having my uncles then being my Mexican mentors, you know what I'm saying? Like, they was ripping shit real life. Nice. Ripping shit up. That's like if you wanted to develop a rapper, like you kind of was a perfect story for it. It was like you got your PhD in the streets. Well, as I'm saying, even my dad, like he put me through Gladiator School with that shit. You know what I'm saying? Like I remember being like that, I don't wanna wreck. Cause everybody was trying to be a rapper. Dad, I don't wanna be a rapper no more. He'd be like, shut the fuck up, get on this beat. For real. You know what because he wanted me to be better, not because he wanted me to push me. Like he was being selfish. [53:06] Yeah. It was his entertainment. Yeah, but also he probably knew that that's the only way to really develop a man correctly. Correct, but I don't think that was on his mind. No. I think he was like, Have you talked to him about this? He was, I mean, I hear him talk about it. Oh, okay. You know what I'm saying? And he would just be fucked up. Like get down here. I wanna hear you, you know? Cause he'd been hearing me since forever. Right. Since I was rapping through a window. Well, there is a lot of that with parents of athletes. You know, like they couldn't make it in the sport. But then they're like super involved parents and they forced their kid to train and go to camps. But nobody in my family did music. No one. No one. Really? So just your dad just loved it and he wanted you to do it. My mama loved it. You know what I'm saying? And then my dad was just a fan of it. Wow. You know? Well that's fucking dope. Having your dad be a fan of your shit? Yeah, that's also another thing that I was super grateful for, because there was a lot of kids that I was growing up with and they were like, their parents like, [54:07] drilled them to be something else, you know? Exactly what you were saying and like, fuck all that. Even my stepmom, like she wanted me to go, bro, I took the Asvab like five times and failed every time. I even cheated and still failed. You know what I'm saying? Real life. I got to I got to ask for dummies ripped those out of the fucking page, put them on hands, went in there trying to look for answers still felt like it just wasn't for me. And my grandpa's guilt. He was like Virgil. He was like it, he said do with the fuck Virgil wants to do. He said, but whatever it is, just make sure you fucking do it. So if you want to be rapper, you can be rapper, but make sure you fucking do it. So if you wanna be a rapper, you can be a rapper, but make sure you fucking do it. And he's like, now he's like, you know what I'm saying? You're gonna have to have a job. You're gonna want a phone. Now you got a phone bill. You're gonna want a card move around to go to these shows. You're gonna have fucking card notes and all this extra, and he just, you know His story, like his main thing to get to me was just do it though. [55:05] You know, fucking do it. Just do it. Whatever you want to do, just do it. But that's a big thing in life. It's just doing things. Yeah. So many people just part of the show and do it. Yes. Yeah. Always, still to this day. For correct. To this day, the hardest part going to the gym is actually deciding you're gonna go getting in there and then once you get going, it's pretty easy. It's like, fuck, I'm here. Even when it's hard, it's like, I know what I'm doing. Yeah, I've done this forever. Yeah, great. And you get accustomed to doing it. And then if you're like, that's where your dad really served you well. He's made you put in. All those times you were rapping from the time you were a little kid, all those reps just constant reps, constant reps. Most of them are at this point. Exactly. It's part of you. It's like you can wake you up at three o'clock in the morning and say, start rapping. Yeah, great. You fire right up. [56:00] Great. Yeah, it becomes a part of you. And that only happens through repetition. You gotta get those reps in. Yeah, career. It's no other way around. There's no shortcuts. There's no easy road. When you meet a dude and he's a bad mother fucker, and he's 24 or 25, you know, how long you been doing this? It's just a little kid. Yeah, like, that's what I tried to. As soon as I was talking, I was rapping. Yeah. Like music is what taught me, not it didn't teach me how to English and how to talk, but it taught me like how to put shit together, really. Right. You know what I'm saying? Right. Yeah, that makes sense. It does make sense because you're formulating rap, you're not just talking to Formulating shit that's gonna be entertaining so it's exciting that creative part of your mind and again You're developing that way. Yes, and you're developing that way with the internet So you have the influence of all these rappers You could get anybody who ever lived you can listen to a hundred miles and run in you can listen to M&M shit You can listen to Snoop dog shit. You can listen to anything anytime you want [57:04] It's a magical time for someone to be inspired. And influence. Correct. I agree. Damn, that's beautiful. Especially the MTV Music Videos. I don't know if you remember that. Yeah. I remember those. So my nanny, she was working at the plant. So like three, four o'clock in the morning, we're up. She's taking me He said, I'm putting MTV on because I want to watch some shit. Music videos start playing. I remember watching the black keys, and they had that tightened up. And I remember being a kid watching that. I wanted to do music like that. Bro, those guys are the coolest. I've never met them before. How long have you been here for? I got to be in South Padre tomorrow, and then California for rolling the loud. I'll be back on the 18th. Tomorrow I'm going to see the Black Keys at Stubbs in town. Are you shitting me? Bro, I took them to the club Tuesday night. They came to do the podcast, we hung out. I got a little too high. I was barbecued. But it was just a little, I just love them so much. [58:01] They're so cool and Patrick is hilarious. That dude is funny like a comedian. Yeah, no shit. He's funny. I told him, I go, don't want to fuck up your life, man, but you could do comedy. Yeah, right. You won 100%. Because there's dudes you meet like that could do. I used to work for his dude who's a private investigator. I feel like being funny though in the comedian is different. It's only a little different. It's next door neighbors. You just gotta figure out how to go over. Yeah, but it's not, it's, but it's a skill. You learn how to do it. It's, it's gonna take time, but you can do it. I believe it. It's like a podcast. I tell everyone if you were an interesting person to talk to, you could, you could have a podcast. Great. But you gotta learn how to do it. You got to learn how to not interrupt people. You got to learn how to like bring the most out of them. You got to learn the flow of the conversation. It seems like it's just talking, because it is just talking. But it's an art form. Being funny, if you're funny with your friends, you can do it. You just have to figure out how to do it. Yeah. And yeah, I definitely agree. But like to me, I feel like it would be hard just because like my mind's already so everywhere. [59:06] Yeah. You know, like I just like to focus in. I can, yeah. I want you to focus when you wrap. Oh, that's it. But that's it. But that's all you need, a thing that you know you could do that now. Yeah. Bro, as good as you are, you could do anything. If you decided to stop rapping and you got super excited about making cars, you'd make the dopest cars. It's just a thing that a person, it's Mio Moutou Musashi who's a samurai in the 1400s. He wrote this book called The Book of Five Rings and it's about strategy. Mio Moutou Musashi killed 60 men in one-on-one combat. Geez. Like one of legendary samurai. I haven't tattooed on my arm. My whole right sleeve is Miyamoto Musashi. That's it. Because he said this one thing, and I read this one, I was like 16 years old. Once you know the way broadly, you can see it in all things. Once you know the way broadly, you can see it in all things. Once you become a master at something, you can see what it takes to be a master in all things. Oh, okay. That's one of the reasons why I enjoy music so much. This guy [1:00:07] has no musical ability at all. I have nothing. I have no talent. So I've never tried. So I see people do music. I'm like, yeah, just make it magic. Look at this magic experience. This dude's up there just singing and dancing and playing music. And my whole body's excited. It's like I'm on a drug. I'm like wow, this is amazing. It's magic, I love it. It's something about it man. It's like when you see people at the top of their game with anything, it's so exciting. Yeah, not correct. That's what it is. And the way you do that with rap, bro, you would just have to have a thing that you loved the way you love rapping if there was a thing that came along and you loved that thing as much as you but it's painting whatever the fuck it is I dominant you would dominate yeah I could dominate I agree yeah because you would have the same focus and energy that you have with with your music that you have with that yeah that's why I'm grateful for the music man because like you know I just that other shit I feel like I just always sucked at like I have zero patience I hate I suck at talking to people I don't [1:01:08] want to talk to a lot of people you know I'm saying fucking but you're good talking right now yeah cuz I want to talk to you yeah but that's what it is that's what it's all well that's the secret to this podcast I only talk to people I want to talk to okay so I just read like I reached out to you I I was like, this dude, he's cool as fuck. I want to talk to him. I think you know. But that's how I do the show. I just only find people like, what's the black keys? I can't wait to talk to them. Yeah. I would talk to them at a diner. You know, I'd talk to them anywhere. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We could go to the sit and talk to them. You ever met somebody and you were like, man, you thoth off. But I almost get it. Yeah, a lot of people. It's comedians, man. Comedians almost all of them are off in some way. To want to be standing on stage and make people laugh, [1:02:01] tell stories and that's hard to to do man. No yeah, but definitely like I said. So you want to do that and then being able to go from a story to another one and then bring it right back in where you're saying like yeah bad man fucking bro. It takes a lot of work but it's just like rap or like anything else is just time and reps and you're like trying to make it better. Like looking at it all the time, fucking with it twisting it around, changing it, adding to it, taking away, editing it. You know, it's, but that's a thing, like all things. Like all things, and you really put your mind in your soul to it, all things, just you find where the best version of it is. What genre of music was like the first thing you heard and you were like this is the music I want to listen to. Man, I was real lucky that uh... Because you fucked me up with the ghetto boys. Oh, I love ghetto boys. That's it. I love ghetto boys. Yeah. Like I said, I love 90s rap. I love a lot of East Coast 90s rap. Like I said, cool, you rap. You ever heard of... You know, there's... Do you know the brand new heavies are? No. The brand new heavies are, they're like a jazz group [1:03:07] that did collaborations with like Gangstar, they did a thing called the Heavy Rom Experience. So it was this one CD they put out in the 90s and they did like jazz music, but they had like play Death Threat by Cool G Rap one more, this is the last one I promise. Sorry YouTube. We're going to have to. Neep, neep, neep, neep. This out. They're a fan of, you know, all that type of shit. You were just saying that you think rap came from jazz? Yeah. Yeah. I think rap came from jazz. I mean, listen to it. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, you know, it's got that kick in there. But I think they made those, those sounds specifically. So people could wrap over it, you know, live music, but a friend of mine. The roots. Yeah. The roots. Roots had some fucking great chance. I can't wait. You know what? And I, and I, this, I feel like there's a perfect podcast to say it on. [1:04:01] I can't wait until rock. It comes back because, I feel like rock is slowly dying bro. And like, I wanted to stay alive forever. Like I can't wait till a good rock band come back out and they feel like a three day grace or like a cross fade. They feel like a, you know, something like that. Don't think there's just cycles of things. I think of one killer band comes out now, a bunch will emerge. You know? Yeah, because they made it cool again. Yeah. But not because like they haven't been found, like they're out right now. Probably. We just don't know who they are. Yes. Yeah. There's another me coming around somewhere. Probably. It definitely is. Definitely, yeah. Yeah. You know, you just, you gotta find bro, like prisons. Prisons are filled up with some bad-ass motherfuckers bro. Of course. You know what I'm saying? I've met a lot of people, I've seen a lot of people in Privat. Like bro, they match that shit, you know? Like you said, like they're with it every day. Twisting it, pulling it, and now I had shit taking it out. No distractions. Like bro,'re doing amazing tattoos. Come on, bro. Bro, you've seen some, I'm sure you've seen some, [1:05:06] some prison tattoos are insanely good. Yeah, a lot of my dad's a prison, his a crazy. Some, some dudes inside are so talented. And because they have to be so ingenious to take like pens and, you know, and figure out how to wear them. And then they seem to go needle at there, huh? a spring to a pin. Mm-hmm. Fucking toothbrush and then a motor from something. Batteries. Yeah, like a fucking electric toothbrush. I'm trying to tell you bro, that's some bad motherfuckers in there. But I knew, all right, so my, my, my, Theo Chouy, he had me and my cousin Romeo in bars when we were like five years old in Mexico. And like little border towns, my tomatoes and things like that. And Loretto, you go past. And I remember there was this Mexican, and he was from Mexico, and I don't know if he was slow or simple matter of what. There was some off about him, and he couldn't do a lot. But there was one thing he could do, and it was this old school boombox radio. [1:06:01] The speakers, all the keys, you know, like the square one, old school ones, on and fucking He would bust that motherfucker down to springs and screws and fucking put it back together Yeah, I felt like bust that shit down to like springs, bro Like I don't even know like just like whatever like to the smallest piece and then put that shit back together Shit was sick. Yeah, there's mechanics out there. Yeah, some people were just, some people like, they even if they don't know how to do anything else, like that right there, as well he knows. They get obsessed with it. Yeah, obsessed with part numbers and shit. Yeah, it's crazy. They know where the gaskets go. That OCD stuff, like I've seen somebody open the door and they'll open and shut it, open and shut it and they walk through. Yeah. Is that some form of throw-dough? Yeah, that's throw-dough. Definitely for sure. Yeah, 100%. They wash their hands like 15 times in a row. They can't stop. Some people have to touch a door three times before they go through it. Yeah. I feel like I have to do this, but I've done this as a kid though, especially in that of the- doing that with your nails? Yeah, I don't know why. Yeah, it's just a tick. That's just a thing you like to do. [1:07:06] OCD is a disease. That's a mental health disease. Yeah, I know people who've had it. They made something called Snapchat Syndrome. Did you see that? What's that? That's fucking stupid. That's in the dictionary now. So, there are people like, they're really only supposed to like God made you to give a fuck about what your family Thanks and you're gonna meet like your cousin your brother your grandma your the even once like it's her third cousin fuck them snap chat dysmorphia a body image disorder characterized by the need to heavily edit one's own digital image It's most severe the disorder may cause people to seek out cosmetic procedures in order to replicate the altered images They present online. That's ill. That's ill, bro. That sick as fuck. Well, that is one thing that's happening with social media. It's twisting people's ideas of what's real. Yeah, bro. And I don't know about y'all, but like to me, I guess I think it's too much. But like the women from 2003, you know what I'm saying? [1:08:02] Like when, who was it, Paris Hilton? They made it fucking cute to where the jeans like below her waist, those type of women? Like, at Jennifer Hilton, oh my God. I like that. Oh my God, bro. Yeah, that's your one. Holy fuck. Yeah. I still get a pregnant, so this dude. Yeah. Might be hard, she's like 50. No, yeah, I bro But I mean probably no eggs left. She's a bad motherfucker. I bet she got a few in there For real That's a bad motherfucker right there. Why is it like four months later? We hear you got a pregnant She reaches out. We're gonna hope we're gonna wish for the best she loves your music once you meet up She's just bored with life and dating these dopey white dudes. Dude. Just decides to step up. Fuck, man. I mean, shit, you know what I mean? They're in real Mexican rap, there's her. Ooh, bro, that's what I'm saying. Like, bro. Damn. Why are you picking one with the dudes? Yeah, why did you? She's naked. But then there are other naked, well how about that blue one the far right right next to that? [1:09:06] Yeah, look at that. Oh, that's not real. Oh, that's not real. Damn. Oh looks good though. Yeah She look good even with age. Oh, that's friends. That's like that's hurry. That's prime. That's like phone bitch You crazy Shit sick. Yeah, well, how dudes fell in love with her on TV Dude, it's easy like man look at her, bro. I've got to be a weird world walking around where everybody wants to fuck you Maybe Maybe definitely thanks, oh 100% yeah, maybe might as just being a regular hot woman Yeah, everywhere you go people are bullshit, and yeah. Yeah, you know what I agree, bro? Cause there was a few days ago, I was at a show. And these girls were like, oh, they were whistling. I feel like once, smack me in my ass when I was, like imagine like a group of girls, like leaning against the wall, like this all thuged out and shit, and I just walked past and they're all harassing me. This is what girls feel like. Like, it makes me never want to do it again. It's even worse. [1:10:07] Like, I've been hit on by guys. I used to work out at a gay gym. There was a gym on Cole's tree. Yeah. When I did news radio, the sick guy. But why the gay gym? Because I didn't know it was gay. It was just a gold gym. But it was all gay clientele, because it was a gay neighborhood. So it was close to the studio. So I could go during my lunch break. Hey, Joe. I get a word gross. No, no, no, no, they weren't like, hi, they were like, what's up? Ooh, they were like that hard, hard gay dudes were fucking Timberlands on and mustaches. And they were all like spotting each other and they all wore the shortest of shorts. It It was wild, pink tank tops. These dudes were men. It was like a gay disco. You ever seen bucks for gay disco? No, I'm not kidding, man. It was like a gay, like I was one of maybe three or four straight men in that whole building. That's the fucking I do it. The women were like, they were like a mirage. They would walk through, no, they would even notice them. [1:11:01] Wow. The women, they must have loved it. The women can just work out there and get no attention. But dude, you try to spot you for no reason. You just bought, bro. Like just to like, a tag of their nuts over your head. Like, hey man, I'm good. I'm good. Get out of here. You ever seen Buzz a Fury? Balls a Fury? It's a ping pong movie. No but it's balls of fury. Dude, they were fucking sex slaves and then he was like, eh, yeah. Nah, he was like, I should end. He was like, you know what? I'll do it, fuck it. And then like, bet, well, you know, here comes the sex slaves and it's like six foot five dudes, whoa, it's fuck. I imagine exactly what you're saying right now. I'm making a walk in there. Look at this shit, hold Yeah, it's homeboy the bottom of water. Oh Christopher walking. Yeah, that's how he talks That guy's great Christopher's great everything. It's a ping pong movie George love it. Oh shit. What would what year was this? Oh Wow, and fucking ping pong movie. That's hilarious. Oh [1:12:07] Larius now you definitely have to watch it. I feel like they don't make movies like this no more, man. Oh, bro, she's another one. When I saw her, I was like, man. It's hard to make a comedy now because everyone's scared to offend anybody. Yeah, everybody lives in there, fucking emotions, like, well, who gives a fuck? No, your order is, I thought it only burns for a little bit man, you know what I'm saying? Well, with comedy, they're just worried about getting protested. So Park is doing things. That's all out the window. But South Park has got the ultimate cheat code. What? Is it cartoon and they don't look at all-like people? And you could have them doing wild shit, you could have them die, you could have like, oh, they killed Kenny, you bastards. You could have people stuff people up their asses. Remember when that teacher stuffed Paris Hilton up his ass? No, but I remember when he put the jarba on his ass. You remember that one? I can't put everything in his ass, too. South Park is the ultimate show. They had Jesus and Hitler, fuck it. Yeah, they did. Holy shit. Yeah. Bro, nah, it's not like he's stuffed, he's stuffed, they were in a whole off. Oh He stuffed Paris in up his ass to win the ho off [1:13:13] Holy shit he stirred her up right up to the shoes Jesus. Yeah, what would you what would you do if you came in here and And you see in fucking like this tall ass motherfucker and you just see his feet hanging out dangling from the ass I'll be very good. Yeah, I'd help him for sure. I would have to. Would you fight him and then pull him out? Or would you try to shoot him? Sure, you shoot him. The guy can stuff a man up his ass. You have to shoot that guy. Yeah, then you have to shoot him in the head. Otherwise, you're gonna hurt your friend because your friend's still in the head. Hey, okay, okay, you can't do that. And then you have to get people to help you and you have to put your feet on his ass. Oh, fuck. Are you doing the mouse to mouse on me afterwards? I think I'm gonna have to, I love you. I love you, you're my friend. I'm not gonna let you die. Dude, my dad was like two elbows deep pulling babies out and shit. Oh, it's a rough world, but that's how people lived forever. [1:14:07] Yeah, I had a buddy, he was like 14 years old and he was already for a living, neuter and bulls. Jesus. Yeah, I was like, you're a bad motherfucker, yo. Jesus. He was showing me videos, sniffing the balls and spraying it with some purple spray. He's like, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Oh, have you ever had them? Yeah, they good? Mm-hmm. It's not something I would order. It's so sure. Is it fat? Yeah, it's like a mushy meat. Yeah, it's a meat. It's like an organ meat. You know, like do you eat organs? I don't think so. I eat liver. I eat a lot of liver. I think I've had liver. I had liver for breakfast. I saw that Elkie knock down out there, that sick. Yeah, that's what I mostly eat. [1:15:06] But no shit, yeah. Yeah, no shit. Yeah, it's really good for you. And it's wild protein. You don't have to worry about any hormones or bull shit, but take expensive, right? I don't need Elk chips. Yeah, no, I go get it. Sick. Yeah, I'll take you to, oh, you're in Tases. I'll bring you back over there where I'm at, we'll be in the helicopter shooting pigs, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I've been invited to do that, but my problem with that is that I don't think they eat those pigs. I think they don't. We just leave them there. Yeah. Is that a problem with you? You can't do that to deers though. You can't do that to anything else. They do it in other countries. No, that's fucked. They do it in Australia and in New Zealand because they get overpopulated and so they start gunning them down. Hellicopters. Yeah, see I've got like a fat ass AR, you know what I'm saying? I blow these motherfuckers down but bro, seeing you and watching you, what you got to be a bad mother fuckery though, bro. It's a lot of discipline [1:16:05] Like I when I said when I think of the bow and arrow and I see you hit that hell you look like a fucking Viking I've been doing it a long time. Yeah, I've been doing archery for 12 years now. No shit You know, I've got a little bit of a hatchery right now No, I've got a little bit of a tendonitis on my neck wouldn't be like flares up when I'm at full draw. So I haven't shot it all for a month. So for one month, I've just been like walking around my house, kind of like this. Because usually it's a part of like every day. Every day. Again, from the target shoot at least a hundred arrows. Damn, that's it. It has to be a part of your muscle memory. Yeah. In order to be able to do it when you're under pressure, when you're hunting, you have to have ultimate confidence in your ability. And even then, it's like so much wild shit happening. Animals move in their scream in at each other. They're, you ever heard of elk scream? It's like it is crazy. Yay! Yay! And when you're in the mountains and you hear that it sounds like like a insane a mythical creature [1:17:06] Yeah, it doesn't even sound like a real animal When they come like sometimes you're on a trail and you're hiding Wow, yeah, and when it's like right up next to you like this times where you're like in the woods hiding You're hiding behind a tree and these motherfuckers are walking through the trail. So he's doing this 30 feet from you, 40 feet from you. Yeah. And you're trying to find when you can pull your bow back. Like you hear him walking, you don't want him to see you. So you're like, you got to stay totally still and wait till he turns his head away. And then you're at full draw. And there's screaming. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr You have to eat a lot of food, you have to drink a lot of water and electrolyte, so you have to be ready. You can get dehydrated out there, easy. [1:18:06] Yeah, I believe it. You get more in the fuck out. And then you're going somewhere higher. Yeah, I'm saying now you got less oxygen in the shit. Oh, yeah. Oh, we're at like 8,000 feet most of the time. Yeah, fuck. Yeah, dude. Well, want to be around you. They want to hide up in the place where it's tough to get. Makes sense. Yeah. What about a ram? I've always wanted to catch a ram. I've never done that but they're beautiful. Yeah. I just honestly, but I don't even think I want to catch one. Like I feel like I've always thought ram's are like my spirit animal. Really? Yeah. Ram's? Yeah. They just mind their business to stay the buddy, Charles. Yeah, it's what I'm saying. But you know, Busta Rhymes, of course, right? Yeah, sure. The Breakingneck music video when he fucking headbutt of the round. I met Busta when I fucking met him. I brought that up and he went into full-on character mode. Yeah, that's amazing. Yeah, nah, shit, shout out Oh, that sucks. Yeah, yeah, and then it's a bummer. [1:19:06] Yeah, yeah, yeah. And that's also another thing. I'm grateful that you, you know what I'm saying? Cause I'm enjoying this. There's some people, like I said, I met him, I'm like, man, you a ho ass motherfucker, bro. That sucks. Yeah. Yeah, it's nice when you meet somebody and live up to your expectations. Great. It is a bummer when they don't. Yeah. I hope Adam Sandler is who I think he is. Oh, he is. Yeah, I know him well. I love him. He's great. You know why I love Adam? Why? Because he put all his boys on and those Bro, and he funny, you know, I'm saying like bro, he got happy Gilmore. He got my fuck bro. He got some shit. Yeah, the longest yard when he read it down like bro, he got some shit. Yeah, my fucking the zohan. There's no mess with the zone. Never with the hummus. He got the fish with his ass. But it's a great movie. Bro, yes, and you couldn't make that movie today. He fucked everybody remember yeah, he was a hair dress He was fucking all those ladies. Holy fuck the old lady. He fucked all those old ladies [1:20:09] Got that hair done it came out off fuck though that movie was amazing it was man Homegirl that he that he was falling in love with too. That's another one. I put her next to Jennifer. Oh, yeah She's hot as far yeah, yeah, he's Exactly who you would hope he'd be that's beautiful. He's cool as fuck to hang out with. That makes me happy. Real chill, down to earth. Does he smoke? I don't think so. Man, I'm crazy, right? Cause I was got a total stoner sense of humor. Right, and I've always been a fan of Will Ferrell too and I've always told myself like, if there's any bad smoke with it I met Will Ferrell once too. He was good in audition with him. Yeah, he was very cool. Real friendly. Yeah, nice. It was before he was Will Ferrell, you know, it was like, this is the 90s. Oh, so now he's like, we're both nothing. No, I don't think so. No. No, I don't think so. No indication. He seems like a the time. Yeah, you remember in living color. Oh [1:21:07] Jim Carrey was on the seat bro. Oh man. That was my Good that's good. That's another thing you couldn't make today. Yeah, the boom doctor's another one I love the boom doctor's great. Yeah, I met sway when I met sway. I was like bro. You were on fucking boom doctor Yeah, yeah, yeah, I forgot about boom dogs. That was my shit, bro. Yeah, I used to I used to freestyle over that beat all the time as a kid They're in the instrumental instrumental in the outro. Oh, wow. Yeah, yeah, I was big on that shit What was the first like people that you work with where they started like making beats for you? My boy T.B. Robbie he my Mexican out there in San Antonio He definitely still is like one of my in-house producers. I love, I love still working with him. I haven't used to beef. Oh, no, I got to beef him a few days ago. The music video I dropped tomorrow was his beat. But lately I've been fucking with Bankrow. God, it's two white boys out in California. [1:22:01] And those two white boys are my pocket. Yeah, they my pocket. So. When you do that, what is the process like? Do you have the lyrics in your head and written down and then you have a beat and you go, I have the beat first. You have the beat first. Yeah, I don't ever really like to write the lyrics first. I like going to beat first. Yeah. And then I just catch it from them. Mm-hmm. Something like, it's very, very rare. I'll have like lyrics and then a beat, you know what I'm saying? Like I have to have something heavy on my mind. You know, other than that, man, I'm jamming the beach first. So did they bring you beats? And you know, you say, hey, you know, what do you got for me? And then you know, I just take some, yeah, I just text them send me beats and they'll send me like a fucking fat ass for fuckload. Really? And I know they're good, bro, because I'm picky with beats. Like, I've had people send me a beat pack of like 50 and I left with one or two, a bankroll, or they'll send me like 10 and I'll leave with eight. And so what is your process for listening to them? You do it by yourself. You sit there just alone like how do you do it? It's always different like sometimes I'm by myself sometimes [1:23:06] You know same my boys are with me. I like being in my truck when I write sometimes, you know I just be smoking hot box in my truck Just catching that vibe you know saying if you got a good sound system in your car Yeah, I do there's something about driving and listening to music that makes it even more fun Because you're heightened because you're driving, so you gotta pay attention to everything. So your brain is kind of fired up, and that music comes on, you're like, oh, shit. Yeah, exactly. Because you're in a box of it. You know, like it has nowhere else to go. You know, I think that's what it is. I was telling the black keys, when I would go to the comedy store, Tell them that Mishkin. Oh, she is like an enormous fan. I 100% well. I'm a see him tonight. Thank you. Or see him tomorrow night I listen to sinister kid sinister kid was like the song that I would listen to when I get on the highway Yeah, cuz it's just like whoo like I'm living in L.A. I'm driving to the comedy store. Yeah, that's fucking go [1:24:02] When you got a good sound system. Here it is. Yeah Yeah, no, I dig it. It just when you got a good sound system, here it is. Yeah. Todd, they just got it. Cut, damn. All right. There's it. We probably get a copyright for that. I'll win. Cut it out, just cut it out. All right, we cut that out. But that's sinister kid. That fucking song rules, man. Their shit is just all authentic. Yeah. They have authentic like yeah they have a new album coming out in April holy shit is a good wow I got a early copy of it they let me listen to it fuck dude I love just any of this new shit I've been working on I want to like I said I want to name it recess I like it yeah why recess because like bro like man this is recess to me I go out there and just just be a kid you know I'm saying I think that's why it's still so fun yeah well if Well, if you can keep it fun, that's the key to life. Yeah, correct. That is the key to life. My dad always, because my dad's a trainer. He's been a trainer his whole life. I ain't go like, he knows a lot, but there's just one thing that motherfucking knows he knows the human body. And um... [1:25:05] I lost it. What was I going? You're dad as a trainer. Oh, yeah The rate curse ball flashback right there He would always tell people like man like working out and even working out like you stop working out one day when you just stop going to recess You know what I'm saying right and I think that's another reason why I really like the word recess for the project, because like my dad even preached that shit. Like just be a kid. Like it's all working out is at the playground having fun. You know, they've found out that that's the best way people learn things. Is working out? It's playing. Oh, playing. Yeah, I completely agree. Yeah. That's a period moment. You just haven't fun, you know? I was watching this video where this guy was breaking down martial arts development and learning how to strike. And he was like, the most important thing is to keep it playful. And if you can keep it playful, you'll develop skills much quicker than if you're tense. [1:26:01] Like if this is like scary and work and everything like that is harder to develop those really finally honed skills Great and the best way to develop them is to learn how to play Correct so like the the the graces that you did to guys There were always that was their thing they would always say keep it playful keep it playful when you roll Don't stop don't try to kill each other. Just keep it playful keep it playful and then you'll develop skills And you have to do it quickly, you'll know how to do it. Like if you really are in a real struggle, a real fight, you'll know how to do it. But you don't have to do that every day. Keep it playful, learn the moves, learn the positions. Just get it in your head that it's fun. And there's a mindset, a play mindset, when you really enjoy it, well you get better it artist. You martial artists, yeah. And bro, seeing him, he was a white boy and seeing him like, do the way I seen him do these dudes up. Like man, that shit's humbling. Like, that's some bad motherfucker. Like there's levels of this shit is what I'm saying. You know what I'm saying? Like I said the way, because like it's different when you, of course, it's easy to have control. Not easy, but some people make it look easy [1:27:05] having control of their own body. But to be able to have control of somebody else's body too, you know what I'm saying? It's like damn, bro. I've seen this motherfucker rag dog people, yo. Yeah. And he just, he'll move him with his leg. He'll grab him by the shirt right here and move him with his right leg, you know, like fucking tripple. It's just crazy, bro. Yeah, yeah, no, I like that shit though, man. Yeah, learning how to manipulate a human body is a very underrated skill. Yeah, yeah, it's a good thing to know. Yeah, for sure. It's a scary thing to know once you know how to do it. It's scary when you've experienced it on you and you don't know how to fight. And God's to hug Jiu. Oh my God, I got fucked up. I got fucked up over and over and over again. It was so humbling. Yeah, I had my humbling. I had a buddy named Emerald, Risen Piece Emerald, man, that's crazy. Fucking, he went to our little rock Arkansas and he went to a gym over there. And he said as soon as he threw up everybody and the gym was like yeah fucking get him. [1:28:08] You know, he was like brother. He was a fucking Adam was in there, you know. They went through it already. Yeah, there's unusual people. If you go to a gym and you know, you meet a dude, he's a black belt. He's been doing jujitsu for 12 years. That's a bad motherfucker. That dude's put in some numbers. My buddy, Drowdy, he fucking, he's always saying he knows Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo. Cause his son, he put his kids in Taekwondo. So fucking, he went to class one day for one week. And after that, he was like, one day I was like, man, I don't know what my gun is. I didn't find my gun cause I don't go nowhere without my gun. I'm in church with my gun and he was like man, don't worry. You know, I know Taqquan though. You know, Mastrali taught me some shit today You know, of course he don't know shit, but he's just being funny. You know what I'm saying? Like nah, fuck that shit. Yeah, it's always better than I would go. He's a tall Lanky ass man. He's tall for no reason [1:29:07] Talk for no reason. I'm talking about bro. He walked and you just look at his legs and they just look flimsy like. You know, you out of the tough enough reason. If I was him, bro, if I was just told it's him, I'd be an animal. Animal. It would make me want to be a beast. You know, remember I was sitting about February, and he was talking about my mama, he's gay. But like bro, 6'5\", and just like, you see him, he was talking about my mama. He's gay, but like bro six foot five and just like you see him you think he a solid ass gangster. I bet he worked out that gym. I worked out. Yeah. Shout out bad boy man. He a bad motherfucker. Yeah. No, but yeah. I feel like a lot of gay people. I've seen some gay people put them some hands on some people. Of course they're men. Yeah. Yeah, but besides that, I feel like they were bullied, you know, say so like they had to like fuck you up. Exactly, you know? Yeah, you don't want to get fucked up by a dude with a lisp. No, he's put it on you. Yeah, he's like his mother fucker. Like his beat your ass, stars. [1:30:00] You see his stars holy shit leg kicking you like oh no Thank you pissed on you he talking you with a list Fucking I always thought it was funny whenever canelo learned English you learn English and became a manus Yeah, at first he was like you know, I'm going to punch him and I go punch him again Now he's like fuck that motherfucker Fuck that beach, but you know like damn, but he's a savage, you know, but like he's like, fuck that motherfucker. Fuck that bitch. You know, I'm like, damn, he's a savage, you know? But he's a wild dude. Yeah, even some of them, I'm madly. I just watched that fight with him. I'm like, bro, there's some bad motherfuckers on Earth. There are some bad motherfuckers on Earth. I feel like they need to be in the military. Those are bad motherf's one thing to do it for a sport. It's a dangerous sport There's another thing to do it in defense of your country, and that is a lot more intense. Yeah, no I definitely agree, but I mean shit that I feel like I've seen some motherfuckers in the military and like I see them cry I'm like what the fuck are you doing like this dude is yeah that's you and you tripping on that You know because they're emotional. Yeah, I want to do well [1:31:06] Those are the kind of guys you want. You want them to do well so much. No. No, so you're saying they're a crime because they were broken down? Yeah, it just pushes. Like, bro, fucking being like, you know what I'm saying? That's another thing, bro. Like don't get twisted. Like what you're saying, I completely agree. Then there's some people and Well, they probably did it because they thought they wanted something tough in them up There's a lot of people like that they feel like they don't have any discipline. They'll just join the military I felt like that when I was 18 really when I was 18 the army had a taekwondo team And I was gonna join the army taekwondo team because I wanted to be able to train and in the army They they had like a legitimate organized team if they would send to tournaments. There was this Duke Clay Barber. He fought for the US Army team. And I remember he was like, real good. Like one of the top guys in the country. Sick. And I wanted to be like him. And I was like, oh, this dude's in the army. Maybe I'll join the army. And then I talked to a recruiter, I'm like, what the fuck outta here? What are You don't get just because you know, you're a state champion or when the US open, whatever I had won at the time. [1:32:06] Yeah. I'd won a bunch of tournaments. It was no guarantee that they were gonna have me compete for the Army's team. And then they might just fucking send me to Iraq. Right. I didn't know where I was going. And I was like, this is not, I don't like this. Can you help me find this book I believe it's called through through the walk Bob wire through Bob wire it's about this dude he's from Belgium and as a kid he had he had heart problems he had asthma all this stuff they were just like just hold them back for everything from everything like being able to just go outside and have fun and when he was like seven eight years old it just all disappeared and he went into Taekwondo or Karate or something and eventually that one thing led to another and he's in fucking Bangkok fighting underground fighters And bro, there was there was there was it's in it's him It's a book about his life and he's fighting his dudes all of them and he says he was like he didn't know how to dominate This man. He's just a giant ass motherfucker. He said he jumped up on the back of him [1:33:06] Fucking bit him on the side of his neck and he said he fucking shoved his hand in that hole where he bitten, fucking ripped his neck. Jesus Christ. Under ground bank cock fight, Belgium dude. Probably like 5A. There's a bunch of people that are doing that shit now and you can find videos of it online. They're having these street fights where they'll pay people more money if you bite a chunk off the dude. So dudes are biting chunks off dudes' ears and faces. Yeah, but this was then, you know what I'm saying? Like I'm saying it's still going on. Yeah, but I think he did this like to survive. This wasn't about money. Like he had to win the fight, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. Yeah, I do believe that though. I believe that there's places like I feel like there's places out right now that they just snatch people up. And then they'll put them, you ever seen a movie host? I think that's real. Oh, that's real. Yeah. We were talking about what they used to do. It's called Shanghai and someone. They used to take people and they would drug them. And then they'd wake up on a boat and you had to go to work. They were sending you off to China. [1:34:00] They sent you off to Shanghai. It's a word yeah, they would kidnap people and force them in a slave labor. Holy shit Yeah, they called it Shanghai you get Shanghai Listen to this as dude was smoking he was in the cabin with his buddy and Alaska somewhere where it's snowing and Him and his buddy was smoking he said this out because you know dreams like when you dream a dream is probably eight seconds long Got most and He said that fucking He was smoking with his buddy and he hit this weed and he just fell out boom hit the floor and when he woke up He was completely soaking wet and inside of a boat and these people were like, bro, you okay? You good like you almost drowned Are you good? And he's like what a fuck all y'all? I don't know the fuck y'all are you know what I'm saying right and He was like, bro, will you talk about I'm your best friend? This is your wife, all this and that. He was like, bro, I don't know who the fuck ya are, like at all. And then, you know, two years past, three years past, and he's like, I still don't. I guess this is reality, you know, fuck it. [1:35:06] Like I guess I was tripping maybe, and then eight years past. And one day he's just sitting there and he fucking falls out. And when he falls out, he wakes up and he wakes up in that cabin. And this humble was like, bro, are you good? You were out for like five seconds. Live the whole eight years playing in five seconds. I have a friend of mine on a podcast. He smokes Salvia. Wow. He smokes Salvia on a podcast and went to a dark hole and he said he lived a whole another life. He lived another life. He had relationships, he had jobs. Did he say he lived underwater? Do you see him lived underwater? Yeah, he was underwater years, right? I think. Yeah. And then he came back. That's how crazy the mind is. And you see him coming back, he's like, what, what happened? And this was right here. What's up? When he was coming back, he was struggling to breathe air because he learned to breathe water. Water water. What the fuck? But here's the thing. Here's the thing that Tom's been saying. It sounds insane, but this guy was saying that he was there for like months, six months, [1:36:07] that he lived a life. He had relationships, he had jobs. I believe it. And he just, that was his life for six months then all of a sudden he came back. Like, I think there might be neighboring dimensions where time moves differently and you can access them through psychedelics. Yes. I think that's possible. It's going on right now. We're just not tapped in. Exactly. I was talking to my buddy Fee about this. He brought it up. He was like, it's going on right now. Yeah. You know, like those things you see, we're just not tapped into it. Yeah. Well, that's one of the big theories about aliens. Is that they're here all the time would you smack a alien down? No, it's not behind the bar wire World War two US Marine captured North China 1941. No, no, sir prison by the Japanese until 45 holy shit That sounds insane though, but that's not it Bob wire maybe it's he's a bald dude bald white man shredded. Yeah, he's not big enough. Just lean and shred it [1:37:03] I think he was a purple heart, right? Or not purple heart. He was in the Europe military. Don't they purple sleeve or something like that? He was something, man, fuck. That was his story where he dressed up like a woman. And because he's in the military, so they're all fucking these hoes out there and these lands and shit, you know? And he said that his boy was at this club, went to the restaurant with one of the hoars and he said he's in there forever. He's like, man, I'm gonna check on my boy, you know what I'm saying? And fucking, he goes in there and he's like, hey, y'all good, don't hear nothing. He's a girl and he said he just was like robbing him like, bitch, I'm feeling fucked. Oh, wow. You know what I'm saying? When in there beat the shit out the bitch, you know? There was another story he fucking, I was, he was dressed like a woman so he dressed like a woman to get into the woman's heart. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is the eye accidentally switched stories. Oh, okay. just other woman and like fucking dressed up as a woman to get into this place and like fucking [1:38:06] went apes shit like I don't it's been so long since I read the book you know what I'm saying but we gotta find it bro gotta find it he he he studied I forgot what the I forgot what fight fighting sky style he he trained in but like he fought like 20 people at once broken ribs I think a broken wrist and like he still had to fight all these dudes until it was up, you know, and like he went through fucking hell and back to to to trust the woman. Yeah, well, yeah, this is other shit, but he just I've as a woman to go save this other bitch. Wow. Yeah, he did some shit, bro. Like real life superhero shit like like main character shit. What was the name of something barbed wire? Something barbed wire or through there was something with wire. Through the wire, barbed wire, something man. My brother's name? I don't. My dad brought the book home. I read it like a motherfucker about that thing. It went too crazy. Bad motherfucker. Yeah. Some different humans out there. Bro, I'm talking about like really built to last. [1:39:01] Yeah. Yeah, built to last. Yeah, built to last. Yeah. People are just wired different. Yeah. And they get more wired different through training. Yeah. I'd be here and Tyson talk about all those warriors that he studied. Pro, some of them like, they fell into my algorithm and like I just started learning about them. Yeah. Yeah, there's some bad motherfuckers. I think you were talking to a dude that like he fucking had blades and like shove them in his arm or some shit like that But weren't you talking to a dude that said that? He shoved him as arm like he had blades in his arms and like he fucking came back and killed everybody like they cut his arms off and Killed this family or some shit like oh, I don't know about that. What is that? Do you know what we're talking about? I don't know No, this dude is a real warrior Or at least that's what y'all are talking about yeah But who is it was it the Chris Williamson one? I don't know y'all were talking about warriors though. Hmm I don't know I don't know either. Yeah, I remember this sort of I remember pulling it up [1:40:03] He replaced his arm with a. Yeah, I got a figure. Both of them. They cut both of his hands off. Jesus Christ. He looked like Baraka. Yeah, there we go. Oh, God. I found the cover. It's talking about it. Okay, with uh, let me see. Yeah, here. Yeah. Oh, of course, Sam, I forget everything after a month of learning something, but uh, one of the one of the warriors was this Aztec dude. He got captured by the other team. They took him, they cut off his hands to try to make him miserable for his entire life. They sent him back to his camp. This guy glues on knives onto his hands and then just commits the rest of his life to just like win all of these people that I did that. According to legend, after his right hand was cut off by the Spanish, Galvarino boldly held up his left hand, offering up for his captors to amputate. He displayed no emotion as it was cut off and his facial features recorded no pain. And because that's like the type of dude that I was trying to like to come sometimes. Yeah, that's crazy. That's what I feel like I'm watching you on right now. Yeah. Well, you are. Yeah, it's his crazy, but there's no TV. Right. That's Corey Sanhagan. [1:41:05] He's a bad motherfucker himself. He's one of the best UFC fighters. He's a sick, bad to my top contender. Well, Benavides, I've been watching him a lot. Damn, badminton. Oh my goodness. It's Knell and Benavides getting together. From what I don't know he been running can that little bit running he's got to fight benefit as yeah, but I mean He I don't think he want to fucking regular, you know bad of it as his body snatcher bro that motherfucker the body snatcher Pro like no he takes holes. Yeah, no, he takes holes different bro. He's different and he missed yeah He's a bad dude. I love that shit. He's a bad dude. He's a bad dude and he's relentless. That motherfucker's relentless. You know, like his last fight? Who did he fight in his last fight? He fought. Even Tyson was saying he's an animal. Did he fight charlotte? He fought one of the charlotte brothers, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just beat him down man. He's an animal. [1:42:01] Yeah. He's something special. There's do's that come along with David Goggins, like to say, uncommon amongst uncommon men. That's Benavides. He has to fight Canelo. That would be a trap. And they can't wait like Floyd Mayweather and Manipackio did. They can't wait until they're older. They got to fight in the prime and now's the time. And I know Canelo has one more fight schedule. He's got a fight scheduled right now and people are mad at him because of the May 4th fight. He's not mean that is the one, right? Mexican Independence Day. You're going to fight on that weekend. Brow. You're supposed to be fighting. Benavita. Benavita. That's the fight. That's the fight everybody wants to see. He running. I think that's what I've been here lately. Demetrius on Drog, that's who it was. That's right, that's right. Beat the dog shit out of the- That's right, Canelo fought one of the Charlotte brothers. That's right, I'm sorry. Yeah, and Demetrius on Drog is a bad motherfucker and he was doing really well in the beginning of that fight because he's a real slick boxer, great mover, [1:43:01] but Kevin Holland Colin Kevin Holland Kevin Holland's bad man. I Made a Michael Venom page this weekend though. No, but I I think I was I think I was at a show But I he walked out to my music. Oh, did he really? Yeah, he's been walking out like Johnny Daniel to a two-to-two Then I met him at the closet, and you know, he was cool. So like he's very cool Yeah, I want to I want to fuck with Brandon. I made I met Brandon Moreno at a fucking... Oh, he's great. This is what made me love him. Besides him being miskin' but when I saw how small he was, I was like, what the fuck? Fates 125. And he will fuck anybody up in this airport right now. Like what? That shit was crazy to me. I was like, bro, I wanted a bow to him. You know what I'm saying? I was like, bro, I respect you. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, he's a bad motherfucker. Shout out Brandon Morin. That weight class is stacked, man. Bro, damn that weight class. 125 is filled with assassins. Bro, because they just, they just, they just, they just need looking. Yeah, nice guy Those are the killers though the ones that you know saying yeah, oh he had some fucking incredible wars man with Davison figure [1:44:12] Ado. Yeah, the guy who beat for the title. He's you know that division is just filled with like super talented guys bro, so so from from when You have see started and started getting big to now, it's sick, right? There's no comparison. There's no sport like it where if you go to 1993 and watch it and to 2024 and watch it, it's completely different. Yeah. There's so much better. Everyone's so much better. Oh yeah, because like it's all mastered now. Yeah, the sport's complete. There's so many different. Oh yeah, because like it's all mastered. Now, the sport's complete. There's so many different styles and they all so many different approaches. Even amongst the champions, there's so many different practitioners. Correct. Some guys are just strikers, some guys are just grapplers. They all know how to do everything, but they have styles and specials. [1:45:00] I used to, I used to watch the the grab and then fight some people like this is bullshit But then when I fucking saw it in person and like I got I have a buddy that does it I was like oh yeah, no these are bad motherfuckers, too Well if you try it yourself if you tried you just do yourself no, I got fucked up That's what I'm saying. Yeah, I got I got fucking humbled Yeah, you know saying but if you learn how to do it then you really appreciate it because then you understand how difficult it is to do what they're doing. Yeah. Oh, and you also see the paths. You see like, is he going to go, oh, he went for it. Oh, shit. Oh, look at that. Okay. He's got secured this. He's got that. Oh, he moved him out. Oh, you know, like you see the transitions and all the different checks moves that they're playing. Yeah. Correct. Correct. The music shit, I just know of music. I don't know how to read music. I don't even know how to count bars. You know what I'm saying? I just know of it. Imagine if I fully understood it. Why don't you? I'm going to eventually. It's just not my time right now. I'm saying I'm doing what I'm doing and joining it. [1:46:01] I definitely want to elevate though. When I understood that, I was like, bro, I just know of it. Like I want to know this shit. Right. Oh, bro, I'm gonna be an animal. Do you think you're ever gonna get to a point where you create your own beats? Yeah, for sure. Cause like I used to do that as a kid. Like I used to be in the studio in my uncle Moon I already just fucking around your shit. Zero did that. That's why that bro. Fax. Zero. Zero. They don't be giving him his flowers, bro. Like not only was he making great music and harmonizing with dope as raw lyrics, he was making his beats. You know what I'm saying? Like, and he was really delivering that shit, bro. He had a swagger to him. And like, nobody, nobody wanted to fuck with him. And that's why I make him even more of a beast. Cause like,, nobody wanted a fuck with him and that's why I make him even more of a beast because like when nobody wanted a fuck with him, they had no choice but to fuck with him. It was so in their face, it was so good. It became a denial. Exactly, and it was so good that if you didn't like it, you were a dry ass hater. Mm. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Like you just dry as hey now I fuck was you a bro like cuz he was making his beach he was doing all that shit [1:47:14] Nice Hello, hello This is more than one zero. I'm talking about ZRO ZRO I'm talking about a Texas legend like when you think of Texas rappers He's definitely on the Mount Rushmore That's gotta be weird with different to oh ZRO there's a myth crack Heroin those are all his projects. He's got a song called meth. No, these are projects albums. That's the album the albums The next album is crack the other ones heroin other ones cocaine wow Yeah, and it bro like Like he's he's takes this to park people be tripping when I say I think he better than park but like Park it. Yeah, of course park it. He he fucking He's let's pause so I can pause this so I can hear some of it pause are you? [1:48:03] No, hold on this ain't the one to play. Which one to play? Play, uh, play in my city. Man, there's so many, bro, there's just too many. In my city's a good one. Cause he's, I want you to hear him sing and rap. That's it. They can't tell me pop was better than zero. Nobody could tell me I just had to play this thank you. Yeah, and it gets better It gets better like I just put this one out my ass cuz like that's one of my favorite ones by impersonally Yeah, but bro now it gets better. All right City don't he got a song called most city Don and it was originally done by rock him in New York But I didn't even know that I thought this was a zero song right him Eric being Rocky. Yes, and and he fucking Slow out and bang it so slab. You know it slabs are correct. You from Texas. Yes, right you from Texas. No, I live here What are you from I was born to Jersey? No shit. Yeah, I lived in California. I lived everywhere. I lived in Florida [1:49:01] For you. Yeah, this is where I'm staying. You seem like a Tasis boy to me. Thank you. So anyways, look. Bro, what was I saying? Zero. Yeah, no, he just laughs. Yeah, slaps, slow, loud, and banging. Yeah. That's what SLAB stands for. And like, heat like bro, we'd be at land parties in the country, mid fight. People fighting. And that song, come on bro, white boys were mullets. The black boys, the men's skins, everybody singing. Mid fight, we stop fighting, we jamming. Really? Like that's what Zero do to us. Wow. Real life. It's funny how some dudes like that that just don't get out into the mainstream for some reason, people don't know. He don't need to be mainstream. He's ours. Ooh. What selfish with that shit? You know what I'm saying? There's some people that don't, I was jamming that shit in New York and some people like, oh my god, what is this? I'm like, it blows my mind. Y'all don't know, but that's okay. You know what I'm saying? Like, what's the Texas Mount Rushmore? [1:50:06] You got to have to get up boys in there. We're gonna put Scarface on there out of the ghetto boys. Yeah, for sure. I don't think you could put the full Scarface. I mean, it's a full ghetto boys though. I'd be a little unfair. Unfair? I think so. They were all bad motherfuckers definitely especially Willie D because he was back in that shit up. Yeah. You know what I'm saying but like Scarface had the voice, he was cool at telling stories. Bushwick just had a look to him and he was also good at it. But even then like I did you know you said Willie D wrote that shit for him. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Willie D wrote a lot of shit. That's what I'm saying. He wrote most of the respect bush like shit. I need my dog after him. You know what I'm saying? Like I love bush, you know, but I would definitely That say scar even got Willie just cuz he got that voice, you know, I'm saying yeah Keith what wasn't if the fourth member to the ghetto boys, right? What's the name Keith some shit like that? Oh, no [1:51:06] Jamie'll find it Dude we still haven't found that book fuck that's gonna bother the fuck out of me bro like he's Really a bad mother fuck some will find it yeah, he's gonna find it. Yeah, he's a bad mother Fucker bro. I think they made a movie about his life too if I'm not mistaken because I remember reading Like what does it call on the on the end of the the book on the autobiography or whatever like I said they said something about a movie. Hmm yeah well there's a lot of movies that never get made yeah during the process getting made it never happens. Yeah zero though bro back to zero man he's just a champion bro and and and people people be like Park well he got that pain he should bro now didn't nobody go through pain the way, the way Zero went through it. Losing his mama, nobody wanted to fuck with him. Nobody wanted to hand him the weed. You know what I'm saying? Everybody loved Park, cause he was like, he was a movie star. Like he was a role model. Zero was like really good at raw uncut. You know what I'm saying? People hating on him. You know what I'm saying? And like, I love it because he made the people have no choice but to love and respect [1:52:10] this music at one point. Because it was just so in their face. You know what I'm saying? And me being Mexican, I'm playing a black predominant game. So like I had to put it in their face. Same thing with Paul. he white, having to put it in a face. So whenever you come up like that, it's more respectable. You know what I'm saying? It's understandable. Correct. Like I said, Park, he influenced the world, which is cool, but he wasn't making better music than Z-Rose in my personal opinion. Well, you're allowed to have your opinion? Yeah, correct. And it might also be just because I'm from Texas. That's what I grew up on. Like if you were growing up with Park, you would have a different opinion. You she would, I'm saying. Of course. But I personally feel like, cause he was singing, he was making music. You know what I'm saying? Park was rapping and then he'd have like a sample coming sing. You know what I'm saying? And he wasn't making say it. Yeah, I like that shit. Have you listened to Kanye's new shit? [1:53:05] No, but to be honest, to be fair though, I haven't been listening to anything new. I've been like so tonal vision in my own shit. Yeah. If I'm jamming anything, it's not rap. Like I'm jamming some three day grace or some fucking smack goddess, you know, something like't want to listen to rap. I'm already surrounded by it so much, you know. Right. That makes sense. And then I get out onto that, you know, I really jam like rockin' country. I just happen to be good at rapping, you know what I'm sayin'? So most of the time when you're in your car, rapping country? Rockin' country. Rockin' country, yeah. Yeah, love that music. That's me with the 60s rock. Yeah, like Hendrix? Yeah, I love Hendrix. That's how I named this podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. The Joe Rogan Experience with the fuck. I mean, I've been having a lot of fun. I even have the, I even have the alien picking up the cow right there. You do. What do you think about aliens? What do you think is going on with all that? I think they're in the water. I think space is a distraction. [1:54:06] I think NASA maybe used to be in the water and they've seen something that scared the living shit out of them and they never wanted to go back. I don't know, we were talking to your homeboy outside, like I love the water. I think it's one of the most beautiful places my biggest fears, but it's also one of, like something I've always wanted to do, because I think it's beautiful. But it's not our jungle. Right. No, you're so vulnerable. Yeah, like the fuck out of here, but you're so vulnerable. You're not even like, I mean, you are as vulnerable as a shark is on land. Correct. You can walk do a thing. That Shark fucking with that jet speed coming. He's not even gonna eat you. He just gonna fucking run into you and knock your ass out. Or just take your legs. Yeah, just take your legs away from you like that. Yeah, some people be trying to be like, no, scary movies made them like that. Yeah, no, those things are vicious. I don't give a fuck what you're saying. It's just not a lot of people in the water. That's all it is. Yeah. [1:55:05] The number of people in the water is relatively small compared to the overall population. That's why they're not killing that many people. Yeah. They kill somebody in Hawaii once a year. No shit. Yeah, man. A guy just got caught the other day. The way you go hunting, do you like going fishing like that? Damn, I'm always one of the... So on my bucket list, I want to catch a swordfish. Yeah? Yes. I don't want to fight for that. I want to almost fall out the boat. You know? Like I really want to fight. I want to earn that shit. Fucking swordfish. I think that'd be badass. Yeah. That's a delicious fish too. That's a good one to catch. You eat that fucker. or you're eating that fucking for a year. Yeah, it's like boots. Love boots. Peri-koof-fish. It's my favorite. Yeah, definitely. It's definitely my go-to. For the skin? Yeah. Yeah, the Peri-koof. That does look badass. I've seen some dude here had one. Some one of the guests had a pair of fish boots on. Yeah. I was like where the scales burn. Yeah, yup, that's what it is. [1:56:06] That's pear-coo fish. Why? I like alligator, I like eel. There it is. Yup. Yup, yup. I got both of those too, you just click right there. The brown ones end them black and white ones. What is a pear fish. A must be. Big fish. If the skin's so fucking thick, you can make boots out of it. That's wild. I mean, there's some fish game boots where like, it look like Scaly. You know, oh, look at that fucker. Yeah, that's a big one, fucker. Whoa. What a crazy looking fish. You can't tell me there's not no damn alien. Well, that is a dinosaur, sir. Yeah, bro.. Paul try to tell me he don't believe in dinosaurs. Oh, that's hilarious. Paul Waldo's please don't. He's thinking like, what the fuck? He just thinks it was bullshit. Like he thinks it was just like a conspiracy theory. There is a whole conspiracy theory that dinosaurs didn't exist. Yeah, I'm sure there's conspiracy theory [1:57:00] that fucking pockets still live in in Greece right now. Yeah, that's a little more ridiculous. Yeah. That actually is probably less ridiculous than dinosaurs not being real. I mean, what the fuck do you think those bones are? Like the idea that pockets dead, it's not likely. But in a world, like if you decided to fake murder someone and that, send that person in Spain and they live in Spain, the problem is pockets too famous. It doesn't make sense. Everyone would see him somewhere. It's tourist everywhere. They'd be like, that guy looks exactly like two pox. They take a picture of him and then people would realize two pox is still alive. Correct. So it's physically possible for two pox to be alive, but extremely, extremely, extremely, unlikely. I'm impossible for dinosaurs. It's not possible for dinosaurs to not be real. We know too much. Yeah. We know, like, what year they died. Yeah. They mean with these carbon dating, they know which animals lived 250 million years ago, which animals lived 65 million years ago. They know all that. I'm a huge fan of rhinos. [1:58:00] I love rhinos. And, bro, they just the black rhinos rhino one of them I forgot which one it was just went extinct. Yeah, bro. Those motherfuckers survive pen jea Survive fucking lava that in survive bullets. They couldn't survive humans. No people started using them for their horns those horns That's the point people were going out there and shaving the horns down So they wouldn't kill them. They still do that. Yeah. Like it's fun. Yeah, they should see. The horns are very popular in Asia and they make like a tee out of them. It's supposed to give you heart ons. No shit. I mean, it probably doesn't even work. Yeah. It's probably just some old wives to it. A couple of those rhinos and honey peck, like what the fuck are y'all doing taking those? Some countries, there's groups of wealthy people that wanna eat endangered animals. And they get off on it. They get off on the fact that they'll have dinner and eat a tiger steak. They get off on the fact that they're eating something that's forbidden. And one of the things that they like to do [1:59:01] is drink Rhino tea. This is a very expensive, very hard to get, and they'll sit around and drink Rhino tea together. Yeah, it's shark fin, the shark fin soup. Yeah, shark fin soup. That sucks. Yeah, it sucks for the shark. But yeah, I mean, it sucks for the whole thing. Like you're knocking these motherfuckers off for a fin. I know, it's pretty ridiculous. It's not even that good. Yeah, I had a shark fin soup when I was a kid. It's okay, I get it. Lever is better. No, Lever is better for you probably. But shark fin soup tastes pretty good, but it's like it's not the way they do it, it's disgusting. They just chop the fucking, if they eat the fish, look, you can eat sharks, they're good. They taste good, make those sharks delicious. But eat the whole thing. Yeah, but then people started getting crazy because they chopped the fins off shark. Like, you should never kill sharks. Like then you're gonna have overpopulation of sharks. Great. Like there's places where they have an overpopulation of sharks and if you kill them, people get mad at you. Like, listen, like in Florida and Florida Keys that you're allowed to kill bull sharks. They, there's motherfuckers everywhere. Yeah. You ever I watch these videos, these do is fish in in the Florida Keys because they fish off the piers [2:00:06] and it's a race to get that fish to a net before a shark kills it. Because the sharks are everywhere. There's giant bull sharks and bull sharks are the most aggressive. And bull sharks live in freshwater. So bull shark can swim up river and get all the way to fucking Illinois. They've found bull sharks in the Mississippi River, like deep, deep, deep into the country. They and that's crazy. Yeah. Well you know, the movie jaws, the movie jaws, it was based on something that happened in New Jersey in a freshwater river. The sharks were in a freshwater river. So these people would go swimming in the river and these sharks started fucking these people up. Holy fuck. Yeah. That sucks. In a river. Yeah. Like you think, what's in that river? Trout, salmon, nope sharks. Sharks made it all the way up into this fresh water and bowl sharks. That's crazy. Because I love Lake Travis. That fucks me up. Well, I think Lake Travis is okay. Yeah. You would have heard by now. Lake Travis is not what you need to worry about. Where are the piranhas at? Where's piranhas at? Brazil. [2:01:05] Amazon. Yeah, different parts of South America. Bro, fucking endocondas. Yeah. Endocondas are, I can't believe those are fucking real. Did you see the biggest one they just caught? No. They just found one that was 28 feet long. Bro. Yeah, there's a friend of mine, Paul Rosalie, he lives in the Amazon. He does a lot of work in preserving the rainforest. And he hopped on one and he said, it was so big, he couldn't get his arms around it. 26 feet long. It's so big, couldn't get his arms around it. Couldn't get his arms around it. Look at the size of this thing. Look how big this thing is. And then homeboy always swimming next to it bitch you're crazy look at him look how big that I think we're snapping look at this size of that things head. I mean That thing is just steady and everything it wants goats. There's a there's a snake I mean there's a snake there's a video on YouTube of a fucking snake throwing up a kangaroo this guy's out of his fucking mind [2:02:01] Yeah, he's like look at it look at the size of that thing Like it's a pet or something. Slithering around under that water. And they can't even breathe water. They're just under there. How did they move? How did they use their legs? They're using their body to undulate. How do you scared fucking shit, Liz? Yeah, they move pretty fucking fast too. The squid too, look at that squid one. Yeah. Well there's a giant squid. Did you ever see that squid that they found? They found it on an oil rig. They had a deep water camera on an oil rig. And they're like, what the fuck is this? And it looks like an alien. It was a new species of squid they'd never seen before. They had like crab legs. Look at that thing. Look at this thing. Look at this thing. Yeah, it's okay. What the fuck is that? It's an alien. That's what I'm trying to tell you. I brought it there not in space. I mean, look at that. If that was in space, you would 100% think that was an alien. If we went to another planet and you found that thing. Well, they've [2:03:08] always known that giant squids were real, but I don't think they really caught them on camera until like a day or so ago. This was in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh, look at that one. That's in the good. That's where I'm from. Magna Pena squid attack. Look at the fucking length of that thing. That's insane. Look how long those tentacles go. Jesus. Why they technically tentacles? What would you call them? And look how thick they are. Look how long they are. Look at the bottom one. Where the fuck is the end of that thing? Man, how long is that? What the fuck is that swimming in the bag? You said black dot. Yeah, what is that? What the fuck is that swimming in the bag? You said black dot. Yeah, what is that? Nah bro, see I'm saying this too. I would die of heart failure. Yeah, I could bend the camera. Yeah, that's on the camera. I'd be terrified bro. Yeah, you should be terrified. Look at that thing. Do you think they stink? Oh yeah, they must. They do something. I mean, there's to be some reason that it has to be long, long appendages. [2:04:06] I don't know. Jellyfish are pretty, that's true too, but they, but oh, wow. Look at it moving around. That's how it got out of there. Oh, look at them. It's reaching out towards the camera. Look how close it. Wow. It touched the bottom of it. It looks like. Wow. Bro, it's an alien. And by the way, they only know what like is an look It's an A-thean. And by the way, they only know what like is an tapers going. Yeah. Crazy how it moves. I just got so long because there's nothing down there in the second. One of those tentacles touches something that thing's gone. That's 7,000 feet. Yeah, there's nothing there. 7,000 feet below the ocean, that thing lives. Amazing. Deeper, if you go deeper you catch so what's those fish? There was on Nemo the fucking with the light. Oh, yeah Those crazy fish to live in the bottom that actually have a illumination Yeah, yeah, that's what I'm saying something going a dark. It's a luminescence Like they have bio luminescence their body actually makes light do you think eventually will be on Mars living? [2:05:01] Yeah, if human beings don't kill themselves eventually'll figure out how to get to Mars and set up a colony. Yeah. I think there's probably life on Mars at one point in time. Really? Yeah. They think Mars had a stable atmosphere and Mars had water. Do you think the moon landing was real? I don't know. I hope it's not. Really? Yeah. It's, I hope it's not. Really? Yeah, it's more exciting if it was fake. Yeah, correct. It's more exciting to know that something so big could be faked and that that hoax could last for so long. Correct. Until they go back, dude, I bet people would be fucked. Yeah, it would be really rough. If we found out that the moon landing was fake yeah and there's a lot of people that think it's fake including a lot of people that have studied it there's a lot of people think it's real and a lot of people that know a lot about it the cameraman had to have been the first person not need right well i think they probably had a camera supposedly set up to capture me old climbing out of [2:06:01] the lunar rover the lunar lander but the fun part is that they faked it. The fun theory is that there was no way to get through the Van Allen radiation belts and that we were in a war with Russia, a cold war with Russia, to who could get to the moon first and that we faked it. It's that's a fun way to say it. What is news stand for? It news a news the word news. Yes, isn't that an acronym? What is it? National and entertainment. I know it's entertainment. Something entertainment. Why do I keep seeing a dude right there with no clothes on? Oh, that's Elon Musk. That's this dude, Beeple. He's a digital artist. He created this NFT and it also has a digital art. It's like this giga chat. It's like super swole, Elon Musk once AI allows you to edit your body. I seen this AI of Elon Musk and he was like, [2:07:02] no notable events were, oh, what? Notable events events weather in sports hmm that's what it is I guess hmm I see some people don't agree with that too oh they don't agree I mean there's okay the world news has been claimed to be an acronym of the four cardinal directions northeast with west and south however the old spelling of the words varied from new ease, new is any WIS, any VIS, any U.S. Huh. So what's the origin of the word then? It's not an acronym. Okay. People think news is an acronym, but it's not. Oh, okay. It makes sense. It's like what's new? What's new? What's going on that's new? What does news mean? It stands for notable event? Oh, it says that no, no, that says it said verify. Yeah, no, it's not okay Who should I trust? Collecting new events is referred to news. No, I think that's what it is. I think it's new events [2:08:01] is referred to news. No, I think that's what it is. I think it's new events. It's an acronym. See, this is there a, okay. No, the claim, that's Snopes. Okay. I think it's just what's new. That's crazy. But people always make acronyms out of things, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Harry Eve but the H.E.B. Yeah, stupid. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, commits. Bro, I'd be like, oh yeah, for real. He be making me think like damn, I gotta buy a new part. You know what I'm saying? Fucking wrong, you punk ass. I love that motherfucker man, I love my family bro. Well, one of the things I really like about you is how much you credit people and how much you talk well [2:09:01] about people and you know, you're really interested in elevating people around you Mm-hmm, you know bro I've been digging a third bro like I know what it's like to be nobody in love by nobody You know, I'm saying and that shit. I wouldn't West that it won't pump my worst enemy you know like It's good being lonely. I like being lonely. You know, I'm thinking each time the thing you can fucking figure shit out You know, I'm saying people are heading sometimes to But being I'm thinking each time the thing, you could fucking figure shit out, you know what I'm saying? People are heading sometimes too, but being lonely is fuck that. Yeah. Being lonely forever is the worst place to be. Yeah. Yeah, we need each other. That's what we were talking about earlier, like to be the only person who's doing well, it's crazy. You don't want to be that. Yeah, fuck that. That's a terrible place to be. Yeah. And then you're surrounded by people that mad at you. Fuck that. All I want to do is just make friends, bro. Like everywhere I go, people love me. But because I come correct, you know, saying I treat them good, I make them feel people only start hating when they fill up excluded. Right. You know, saying, but you give that motherfucker a broom and tell them to go sweeping. He gonna be happy. That is true. People feel mad when they get excluded. They feel jealous and bitter and angry. It's the walled garden. You know, they see you having a good time over there and they can't even be a part [2:10:09] of that like fuck that dude. Yeah. Fuck those people because they associate their bad feelings of being rejected with you doing something to them. You know. Yeah. I was just one dude I seen back from and I was like man, what's up cuz he was just like what's up. I was like, I could really talk some shit to you but then I'd be down bad cuz you down bad. You know what I'm saying but like man like I just tried to make him feel good. I was like man I love you bro. I don't love that motherfucker at all and matter of matter of fact, I probably have hate towards him, but like, man, I love you, bro. Well, you might have changed the way he thinks if you said that. When you said that and said you, I love you, maybe Adam confronts his own shit. But why was it being addicted to that, dude? Yeah, it was cool to me. because he's excluded, you know what I'm saying? Right. Well like, I love you bro. I really, like, yeah, I don't even hate you. [2:11:06] Now I take it back. I don't think I hate no, I don't wanna hate nobody. Yeah, you know, if you can get through your life without hating people, you'd be way better off. Yeah, no, don't be a twisted person. I got grudges. I got't wanna hate nobody. And you wish you probably didn't have those grudges. Yeah. It's a better way to live. It is, bro. You can get through life with as little hate as possible. That's good, because I hate. What's that old expression that hate is the only poison that affects the vessel that holds it? Yeah, I don't know what you're saying, but I know my Bob, whenever my Thierry Rose pass, you know, we were talking about it. And he was like, she was just always mad. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Like her anger is what drove her to the dirt. There's a lot of people that live life like that. It's a defense mechanism at first. You know, it's how you stay angry, keep people away from you that are going to hurt you. Mark Twain once said, anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it's [2:12:08] stored than anything on which it's poured. Perfect. Never solves any problem or worry, rather it makes us more stressful. 100%. 100%. Yeah, I do agree. Yeah, if you can get through life with no hate, no anger, you'll be way better off. My dad always said, you're gonna bitch and mow them about it, you're gonna fucking figure it out. I think that was my words of that, you know. Same thing too. A lot of life is how you address a situation. You can decide that the situation is the end of your world and life sucks down, life falls apart. Or you can say, okay, I learn from this. Yeah, correct, correct. I can get something out of this. It's the glasses, it have four, half empty. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. There you go. So where you out from here? Where you going? SPI going to South Pad, South Padre Island. That's what I'm saying. My show's broke, my fans pulled me broke. Like it's cool performing at the rodeo. [2:13:01] It's cool doing all this other stuff, but those aren't my shows. When they're my shows and the crowds, all yours, it hit different. Yeah. And like man, like I said, bro, it's just a beautiful moment. They've, they've babyed me, you know? That's awesome, man. Mm-hmm. I love my friends. So Sao Pajaro Island is they go crazy. Nice. But they treat me like I'm like, Jackson, bro. Well, you're the fucking man right now. I'm trying. I'm trying. I'm trying. It's exciting time for you. And I feel like the beautiful part about my story is like, Bronfin be it 20 plus years, you know? I see myself being in this game forever because just, besides the fact of me just not knowing what else to do, it just comes to natural. You know, like I, as a fear, I always had a fear. As a kid that I would eventually just stop having shit to talk about, like I'm just, because in my mind I'd be like, bro, how do people do it? Like they make new songs every day. Right. [2:14:02] I was like 13 years old when I thought that. Yeah, I was saying like, well, I just needed to live more. But that's every artist's fear. You're running out of things to make, running out of things to say. And also sounding repetitive, that's another thing. Yeah, it's always been a fear of mine. But like I said, it's recessed, so I have no walls. Like I'll bounce everywhere. Well, that's a beautiful approach. How often do you tour it? Every time I drop a project, I like the tour. I mean, I'm pretty much touring 24 fucking seven because I'm always booked, you know what I'm saying? Even when I'm not having a tour, I got side shows and shit like that. But every time I drop a project, I like to, you know, have a tour with it, you know what I'm saying? like I just dropped this project March 1st, it's called Texas Technician. And I probably work it for like a month or two, and then once they have it all memorizing down, boom, I'm gonna jump on the road with them. Yep, that's it. So Texas Technician, I wanted to go with the CD, just because like, well I'm from, [2:15:00] like even Riff Raff being at Sharp's Town, I'm saying Hannah CDs out, check me out, check me out, check me out, that was the hustle of it. That was the beauty and I'm saying it and I feel like I wish that was still a thing. Cause I hold pride in Hannah CDs out. I'm saying that shit's cool bro. Especially cause I don't look like I rap. Especially as good as I do it. You know what I'm saying? So like when they see me and they're like, man, fuck it. Like that one person just gonna happen to put it in. And then he hears like, what the fuck, you know what I'm saying? You don't sound like you look. Yeah, exactly. So it fucks them up, you know? Yeah. I like that hustle though. You know, like I guess it's shit like that because we just hustlers. Yeah, you know we don't gang bang We don't probably get us gang bangers out here shit But we don't pilot ticking and we not we're not worried about that bullshit. We want money and pussy Real and you know what's the best part about it? It's salt and pepper. Yeah, pussy make money take money It can save lives it can take lives. There's been peace over pussy. Oh, we'll give you three versions. If you just don't fuck with us no more. [2:16:06] Yeah, pussy make the world go around. In a lot of ways. In a little, a fuck load of ways. That's a main motivation for men. Mm-hmm, yeah. At least the right ones. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, how many wars have been started over pussy? Yeah, not correct, bro Like I said people die over pussy all the time like bro. I don't fuck dudes bitches Like some people do that shit. I don't do that shit, bro And if I have I'm I'm fucking I'm sorry For real I don't do that shit I'm ho ass shit. Yeah, you know I'm saying like this dude you can't trust yeah like oh while ago This is a long time ago. I went to go fuck on this girl and I you know, I seen she had a baby and on this shit and I was like, where are you man that? And she was like, oh he and Kima. And when I heard Kima, I know where he works. Off the road, because I can Kima, there's nothing but plants. You know what I'm saying? Refinery, chemical, whatever it is. And I said, damn, I said, so he drive wake up in the morning, [2:17:09] three, four o'clock in the morning, drive two hours towards a job. I know he don't want to do. And then drive another two hours home to a bitch that ain't shit. Hmm. How I can't even fuck you. I can't even get my dick hard to fuck you. I walked out real life, bro. I say it all like, man, if your man ain't shitting, he not providing, I understand why you would want to leave him fuck him, you know? Yeah. But man, if you got a motherfucker, they're really putting in their work and you being a whole like that, bitch, you ain't shit. We don't even have good holes in them, because I respect holes and good sluts. You know what I'm saying? I respect strippers, I respect any woman that get up at Kitty. You know what I'm saying? They don't even, they not even good holes in them more. Can't even find a good hole. You know what I'm saying? Like, these bitches are outplayed. They're all in something they think they think it's something but it's not that is ruined a lot of people's minds [2:18:05] Yeah Perceptions from social media. Bro. I be I be I be at my shows and shit these bitches be trying to get in my section And shit like that bitch move and they don't know how to handle that shit They've never been talked to like that never been done like that especially by ugly at Michigan like me Like it fucks and what bitch you bitch, you need to be humble. Like when I be at shows, I'll see a group of finance women and I see a big bitch right here. And I'd be like, come here, huh? Cause I'ma boost this big baby up. Cause she don't get that love. These bitches they used to it. You know what I'm saying? Get some big guys up here. Baby, you from the sign tonight. Yeah. I like that shit though. I love the underdogs. I love helping people win. I love seeing people that never win win. You know what I'm saying? It just feels good. It does feel good. It feels amazing. I remember being the kid watching other kids being on like America's Got Talent and and I just start crying. I just start crying, you know like fuck. [2:19:06] It's amazing. It's amazing, it's amazing. I've never cried on, I mean the outcry don't stage once and that's when I saw the T-shirt that Homegirl made of my mama, but that hit different because like, my mama used to be sitting on the floor ironing $100 bills and I'd be standing on the bed wrapping so whatever music video was being played. She'd be like, gov, man, go. So when I seen that shirt, I just looked down and closed my eyes and I heard gov, man, go. And I looked up and I just see thousands of people. And I could, I had no choice but to cry on that one. But I've never, I've never been able to tear up because I just do this shit. So every time I get on that stage, it's so natural and so me that I'm not even thinking about emotions. I'm like, I'm here fucking this shit up. You know what I'm saying? But when I look at myself before I do it or I think of myself on stage, I get emotional. But never in the moment. Never in the moment. [2:20:01] In the moment I'm dead and I'm here to whoop ass. Yes, sir. I love it. Yeah, bro. Let's end on that Yeah, man, motherfucker. I'm glad I met you now. I'm glad I met you, bro I'm like man, I swear I'm not trying to suck you dick. Oh, you're a bad motherfucker like I respect you I love you my father is my hero and knowing that your one is heroes. It's like you know I'm saying I come home with the lines here today. So it's beautiful. Thank you, brother. I love you too, man. I think you're an awesome force out there. I appreciate you. And I love your attitude. I really do. And I love the gratitude you have for everything and the respect you have for everything. It's beautiful. Thanks, man. I appreciate you for your time, bro. I had Of course. Go check him out, ladies and gentlemen. That Mexican OT, he's out there if you can get a ticket. Come on man, let's go. Let's go. All right, thank you. Bye everybody.