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The Black Keys are guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach, and drummer Patrick Carney. Look for their new album "Ohio Players" on April 5, 2024.www.theblackkeys.com

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There was a cop guarding our car behind the theater yesterday We asked if it was okay if I smoked one and he said You should probably wait You should probably wait is a funny thing for a cop to say. It's tricky. So stupid. The dumbest of laws. Without a doubt. The number one dumbest of laws. There's not, not, it's even close to that one. That one's so stupid. Well all the shit that is legal Just a matter of time I think We can only hope It's legal in like 20 states or something now was it like 19 or something jam? 23 23 states ridiculous But there's a lot of shit you can do here that you can't do anywhere else. You can have a zebra You can have you can have a call You can have a call You can have a zebra you can Concealed carry with no license You don't have to have a concealed carry license here. It's constitution carry. Yeah, so leave them a little How many states have that how many states have quite a few now Quite a few Florida has it there's a I want to say there's 19 states that have that now Ohio just passed it damn well You know it's a lot of fucking crime going on out there and there's some places where it's difficult to get a license to carry Surprise oh, you know how they allow that Well, oh, yeah, I'm not familiar with any gun law. Ever at all. I just don't have a gun. I have a pellet gun. Well, have you ever shot a gun? Yeah, I did. Scared the shit out of me. I was a voice guy and stuff, but my friend bought a like a mouse or something. [2:00] I was called a world of a German rifle. I mean, this guy's kind of, I don't know what he's of me. I mean I was a voice guy stuff, but my friend bought a like a mouse or so It's called a world of a German rifle. I mean this guy's kind of told a character He was key got into like World War II reenacting. Oh, no What's a Nazi? Oh, no, oh no Do you least try to lose? I don't I don't know man. It was a whole different thing He would do that we never really discussed with us. We bought this Mauser and We took it to the range indoor range And like it had it the pan I guess was replaced to fire only blanks So we're trying to shoot it and it was hitting the bullet but not firing so the guy at the shooting range was like here Just shoot this he handed us a, you know, like a 9mm or 45 semi-automatic, you know, with a magazine. And he didn't really show us how to use it. And I emptied the thing into the range and I've pulled it, the trigger and just, you know, [3:02] I thought it was done and I handed it to my friend like this. And he was like, what the fuck fuck and I was like what he just pulled the thing and pulled the door so I was in the chamber and I was I left the room and I was I'm done. Well that's a scary thing that that makes sense but someone should 100% show you. Yeah that wasn't. Let's be honest so most of the time it's like that. Yeah. I mean, the first time I ever fired a gun was like, in a basement, some guy had a gun and he was shooting into like some homemade shooting range in the basement. I fired a gun once when I was really young, but then when I moved to California, I bought a gun and I went to the range. And I remember the first time I went to the range, the sound is so terrifying. Like when you walk into the, and you hear the boom, boom. And you realize each one of those could end your life easy. And it's just happening all around you. And you're just like hoping these people next to you keep their shit together. Yeah. Because like one of the ranges that I went to out in LA, it was like a rifle range and a long, [4:06] it had a bunch of different ranges on. It's a big outdoor place. Well, guys, I just went there and shot himself. Like right after I'd been there. I was there like a week before. So I'm guy just came there, decided this is gonna be a good place to commit suicide. Wonder what? I don't know, I don't know why you would do that. Or maybe he didn't plan on it. And then once he got there, he started shooting guns and he's like, you know what, I'm done. Yeah, it seems like a weird place to ask. What a fucking doofus. I mean, maybe one of everybody didn't know. I just, it's just low-wired. You know the gun, there's scary. Just like, it's like all jagged and fucking kicks back. And it's fucking scary. The ones that really scare me though are the ones that are like smooth, no kickback really. That's kind of freaky. If you shoot one of those speed guns like a staccato, you're like, there's a plant out here in Texas [5:02] who went to visit it. They're so precisely machined, their tolerances are so small. When that thing slides, it's like, shh, shh, shh. It's, you're shooting a nine millimeter and it feels like you're shooting a 20-ton. I know. It's amazing. Like there's zero kick to it. Hmm. I shot a musket in Boy Scouts. No. No! Yeah. It just was like, just flamethrower, like sparks just flying. I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like turned the volume up and it was just fully automatic. I can go to fire in the background. Like what the fuck dude? He's like, yeah dude, it's automatic. Salt rifle going off in my neighborhood. Less than that. Jesus. It sounded insane dude. Yeah. Cleveland. Well that's not just Cleveland. That's out here too. I was out of friend of mine's house. Do you hear in the background? [6:01] Pfft. Pfft. Pfft. This is like Rambo style. Jesus. God, like, my friends, I was gonna see a, whatever the first Rambo was that they made after like the 30 year high. It's like the funny one. Yeah. The new one. It's like, I don't know if they made more than just that, but the last three minutes of it, he kills like 800 people. Or something. It's just something to say. I heard the newest Rambo is preposterous. Joey Diaz said it's hilarious. He knows it's fucking hilarious. You gotta watch it. It's a masterpiece. It's just fucking, you know, it's this crazy cartoonish good guy bad guy thing from like the 80s Which looks so out of place, but he still makes those movies the same way Like if you go and watch try to watch Any adjustments no just for the time no evolution if you go back and watch like those old movies [7:03] They're so ridiculous. Go watch Red Dawn. That would be if we made the exact same record right now. That we do in the first record. Yeah, but the problem is movies are different than music, because some old music is dope as fuck, right? Like, yeah. And then I guess some old movies are dope too. Failure. I got pretty into some later more recent era Steven Segal stuff like five six years ago my friends I would watch it because it's just so insanely bad and then and then Dan sent me a he sent me a link to the cumtown guys talking you same films and it was like they summed it all up so perfectly but it was basically like you know one of the funny things is like he's so old and his special forces team that he assembles all has to be kind of his age which means which means their commander [8:01] has to be like 80 you know they show the my God. So they show the commander, the white Mustang, and hold his front. That's hilarious. That's hilarious. Tom Sager had a whole bit about Seagull. Dude, I heard a story about him from someone who would know, and they said that like this super agent, like he was the personal trainer of this like super agent. Michael Ovid's. Yeah. Yeah. And that like that he had a bet with his with another agent that he can make anybody famous. And like, well, how do I your trainer? And I guess they asked him like he, you know, to learn a martial art or something. No, no, no, that's not it. No, Steven Segal is a legit achinospesial. Right, and that's like the art of the arming. It was invented for samurai to fight against someone with a sword. So it's all about a redistribution of energy. It's all about, I commit to you and then you throw me to the ground. [9:01] The problem with that is if someone doesn't commit, someone just fucking grabs you, wrestles you. If you're a division one wrestler, you're going to get to do it. You're done. You have the, the kid who got zero chance. There's not a chance in hell. You're going to stop Daniel Cormier from taking you down. It is, there's zero chance. That's the other guy that grabs you. You're going for a ride. 100% of the time. That's the other fucking awesome thing too, that it's Seagal in the, and then like later films where he doesn't even get up out of the chair, he just, does the shit, throws people to the house. Yeah, they come at him and he just fucking. Is he not, Doc? So this is Seagal when he was younger. This is, Seagal was the first American to run a dojo in Japan. This is later, this is actually later because he's already got wacky hair. Just his posture, so disrespectful. Well, the whole idea behind him is that he was an American who spoke Japanese, he's married to a Japanese woman and he ran a dojo in Tokyo or somewhere in Japan. [10:03] But it was very unusual for an American to be running a dojo, but I think it was because he married the woman. It's ridiculous. With the stuff where he's like, have you seen the clips of him in Belarus eating the carrots and stuff? Like, He's eating carrots? There's a good, yeah, he's like hanging out with the president or dictator of Belarus, but Jamie find the older footage older footage Seating carrots. I'll watch this you know kind of Thank you His hair is insane. And of course someone edited that so he's like deep throating the carrot. He's checks, he's watching makes a good like tip joke about the melons here. That's nice. That's nice. That's nice. That's a weird thing about like old actors that like are kind of at the end of the journey [11:11] and they start appearing in foreign countries meeting people. And what do you mean something? But he have to meet. And then all of a sudden he's a Russian citizen. He's got a passport in Russia like no bullshit. Yeah. Yeah, he's a Russian citizen. Right. I know. Mr. Putin's always been amazing to me. He, there's a weird thing with this is, so this is him and he was young. So this is before the movie days, this is him teaching a keto. This is cool. This is much better, right? But it's also not real. Again, like that shit doesn't work. It's like if you learn Ikeeta you can do some of those things. That's such bullshit. He just through the guy behind his back. The clips from like the last couple years when he's doing it, it just, it looks, you know, preposterous really. It's a lot of preposterousness to Ikeeta because the people are playing along with it. They're going along with it. So that's real. It's also, you know, it's just fucking, [12:07] that kind of martial art is like, it's not, you don't really know how to fight. It's like learning a language, but you only learn like conjunctions. You only learn like ends and butts and D, and you learn a couple of owls. So that's how we speak Spanish. It's worse. It's worse. It's like, you just can't only do that. If you want to learn how to do that for funzies, yeah, it's fun to do. But don't think this is going to really work. There's shit that they didn't know. They just didn't know. It's like it worked for him. Well for him well would work someone out of sword the thing is like the the Japanese samurai they knew how to fight and then that would be an art that they would train in just to learn how to disarm sword carrying weapon you know like someone who's got something a spear or something that's gonna get you you lost your sword in battle there has to be a strategy [13:02] for that so the Japanese came up with a kiddo There's this dude that makes these, he makes these dioramas, like they're out like insane detail. And at the whole time he's like telling a story in his funny cell, I forget his name, it's something fingers, but he does one of Steven Segal and it's like depicting the scene that apparently happened where Steven Seagull had told some legendary martial art artist guy That he couldn't be choked out Gene Lebel Oh, that's hilarious. So he does these things. He's in yeah, right. Well apparently he Choked him out instantly and he's his pants. Gene told the story. Oh, really? Okay. Yeah. But this guy's true story. It's true story. Gene's a legend. Gene LaBalle was, he was a, he was a Juno champion and he was like one of the first guys to do mixed martial arts fights. [14:02] Like he had a fight with a boxer like way, way back in the day and just strangled this boxer, put him asleep. But he made the boxer wear a G, I think. Pretty sure, and he wore a G too. Like there was some weird funky rules. The boxer had the boxing gloves on, he didn't, he just beat the show. But he was the guy that also trained Bruce Lee. He taught Bruce Lee about grappling. Like Bruce Lee had, you know, he was doing these movies and it was a little unrealistic, like some of the things. And Jean LaBalle was like, let me show you what I could do to you. He just kind of grabs Bruce Lee, flicking hoist him over his head, and is like, lesson, settle down. Like let's not pretend you're the baddest motherfucker on earth. But does that shit look good in movies though? That's too exciting. No, well this is him fighting this boxer dude. Does it look like the boxer of gloves? It doesn't, doesn't? Yeah, he does. He's got small gloves. So he's got essentially on our bag gloves. And Gene just threw him to the ground and fucking straightened for him. He just choked him to sleep. [15:01] Wow. But jeans are gorilla. I mean that dude's a he's a tank of a man. You know, even as an old man some dudes in his neighborhood were fucking with someone's car and he said, hey, get the fuck out of here. And they were like, fuck you old man. He's like, okay. Speak shit as a three of them. It was like at least two guys. I don't remember the entire story, but some poor fucking idiot, one of messing with literally the wrong old man. The one wrong old guy to fuck with. Hope I didn't fuck that story up, but he's the guy that choked Seagal out. So Seagal was like claiming that he couldn't be choked and his move was when you put the rear naked choker on he hits you in the balls and the idea that you're gonna do that to gene the bell. Like you don't think he's been hitting the balls before? Getting hit in the balls sucks but it doesn't like knock you out. It just sucks. Like you make sure grip even harder around the neck. And you [16:00] also have like a three second window before it really sucks. You know like the delayed reaction again kicks in the balls. You know, there's that weird moment where you get hit. Like, oh no, here it comes. Ah! By the time jeans are ready to put you to sleep. I never got fully kicked there. Never? Only like, grazed. I've never kicked in. Oh yeah, I mean, I've got three brothers. So there's like ball kicking. Dude, I just realized what your shirt says. Oh yeah. Harvard University with a photo of the Unibomber. My friend, God. My friend Brendan makes these. That's amazing. I know the best thing about the shirt is it takes like an hour for someone to notice. I didn't even read it before. I was just saying hi and then I realized that fucking story is the craziest. Did you see that Netflix documentary on the Unibomber? I didn't. Oh, it's nuts, man. When he was a baby, he had some sort of a disease and so they had to take him to a hospital [17:01] and he wasn't allowed to have contact with people. So his parents weren't allowed to see him. No one was allowed to see him. I think it was for like months. And for a baby to not be touched for months, just cracks you. Cracks you. So then this poor fuck goes to Harvard and they enroll them in the LSD studies. And they, their goal is to see what like constant humiliation will do to a person while you're dosing him up with LSD. So they're all mean to him and they're like humiliating him and then this guy decides to go to Berkeley become a professor to make enough money so he can kill everyone. Insane. It just goes and lives in the woods. Those LSD experiments are hard to believe. Hard to believe. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I wonder what's going on right now. If they were doing that then, did they just say, let's just stop. I mean, there's probably experiments that are going on right now that we're going to [18:02] find out about 20 years from now. Oh, for sure. Absolutely. For sure,. Oh, yeah. There's no way I was talking to This chicken a party though today and she's talking about she has a house on shelter island off a long island and How this really weird Animal was fucking with her dog and she was describing it. I was like sounds like Sounds like the mom talk monster. I was like, sounds like, sounds like the mom talked monster. I was like, she had like a beak and like, wallaby legs. But she, I don't like, I was like, you know, there's that plum island, like research facility right near where you're at. And she's like, what the fuck are you talking about? I don't know. I mean, there's this center for disease control has some weird island.'t know. I mean, there's a center for disease control has some weird island. It, you know, well, they do experiments out there. I don't know. I mean, I, it looks like a mutant platypus. Drought. Imagine they created an animal and just said, let's just let it loose and see long for people to find it. I got a house in South Carolina and, um, as I can say at home, and I started getting into like looking at like Old houses like old plantation houses to see I would like when they would come up for sale [19:09] I would go look just to see like what you know because I was into the history and I looked at this one It was on St Helena Island It was it was really you know cool. It was a house from 1795 but as I was driving back as kind of like 1795, but as I was driving back, it's kind of like, with the Reader, I was looking around, I was like, I realized there's this island right next to this place called Morgan Island. Have you heard of this place? No. It's like, you know, five miles from where I was just at. It's filled up with the Reese's monkeys that all have herpes. Oh, I have heard of this. Like, they feed them by like dropping shit that all have herpes. Oh, I have heard of this. They feed them by dropping shit from helicopter. Like if you go to the island, you have to quarantine for months. Because there's these viruses that are just rapidly mutating on the island. Oh my God. [20:01] But nothing good happens on islands. There's something that's a private island. There's nothing good happening on islands. I'm just saying. There's something that's a private island. There's nothing good happening on that island. Once you have your own island, that's like you're off the deep end. Like any story sounds so much sketchier if it's on an island. Well maybe the Unibomra would have been more chill if he had an island versus a capital. He'd probably just be shooting just a little bit of island. Just messages in a bottle. It was a long range rifle from the island. You could have intercepted all his packages. He would never know. Right. He said, hey, Ted sent an out packages. He just sent out packages. Yeah. It's funny that his brother recognized that it was him. His brother read the manifesto and go, oh, I know who the fuck this is. He must have some like really, some vocal tick that just drives his brother and, you know, drew him, like, you know, drove him nuts and he's like, fuck. Well, his brother was a part of the documentary. His brother recognized what happened to him, you know, that his brother knew about the childhood, [21:06] the medical issue that he had where they couldn't touch him for months. So his brother knew he was fucked. Well, see, if they chose him to like humiliate on LSD, there must have been someone that they, like, praised endlessly on LSD. And maybe that's like where... That's Manson. That's exactly what you get the call later later that's David Koresh and Manson. Well they definitely did something with Manson too. Did you read that book chaos by Tom O'Neill have you heard of it? I have it when I haven't read it. I buy a lot of books that I don't read. It's a good on tape if you want to just listen to it. Okay that's better. It makes it way easier. Yeah. It's a bananas book and the guy who wrote it is my friend's neighbor. So my friend Greg, who I started comedy with, Greg Fitzsavans, was neighbors with this guy in New York, and the neighbors with him in Venice. And this guy has been writing this one fucking story for 20 years. He got hired to write it as like an anniversary piece on the death of the Manson murders. [22:01] And as he's writing, he's like, there's so much wrong with the story. And so he goes into his deep investigation of it and he becomes obsessed for 20 years. This guy can't finish publishing this story and then it becomes a book and a book deal and then they bring it into editor and finally they piece, he's got enough for another book he said. But it's all about the CIA. Like the CIA met Manson when he was in prison, the same guys that met Jack Ruby after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald, and they taught Manson essentially how to run a cult. They gave him LSD, they dozed him, they told him, like many times Manson apparently would not take the LSD, but he would give it to everybody else. And then while they're on acid, he's manipulating them, and then turn them into murderers. And the whole plan was just to, they were trying to attack the anti-war movement. And the best way to do it was like, instead of making this hippie movement, like this beautiful thing we should all embrace, love and peace, let's make it violent psychos [23:02] that cut babies out of pregnant women and write pig on the wall with their blood. Let's do that. And so they did that and it worked. It's insane. I mean. It's insane. And that's what they used to pass that psychedelic act in 1970. That's the same tactics. That's the whole idea. It's stopped the anti-war movement. Stop the civil rights movement Crazy this is our government we worked at a studio last year in In Los Angeles that apparently Manson recorded a bunch of stuff And it was crazy because the studio it's called Valentine's Studios This guy built it like in the early 60s, he was a capital records producer, and he built his own studio so he could do shit outside of capital records. And I guess he's into jazz. And like, I guess. Capital record, just famous, world famous, got these echo chambers that were very unique to it and very special. [24:03] And he had the blueprints for the originals and just created copies of the studio. And apparently, like, as the music scene turned more to rock, like the guy just got completely fed up with, because if he was used to like cutting four songs in a day and now they've got like a bunch of stoners working on like one guitar solo for eight hours. So apparently he just like mothballed the place in the early 70s and I used it as a storage facility for He was using the cars using to those little Nash metropolitan cars So they it had all these Nash parts and then the guy passed away and someone got got wind that the studio was there And so the student Nick like cleaned it all out. So when you go to the studio it looks there and so this dude Nick like cleaned it all out so when you go to the studio it looks exactly like it did in like 1969. It's insane. So we were in the room and I'm sure it looked exactly the same way as it did when Manson was in there. Oh yeah. Have we ever played Manson's music? Yeah, I think once. Can we play it? [25:01] With that with that be a problem with Spotify there's no way that someone owns a copyright demands did not did not did guns roses put a did they put a cover of one of his songs on uh... spaghetti incident album did they i think they might have i know that a lot of punk rock guys became millionaires because of that it's all punk covers he kind of he's they funded the retirement for a lot of punk guys Charles Manson guns and roses yeah wow that would have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay. Boy. Pretty great stuff. But that's Guns and Roses covering it. [26:01] I wonder what the real album sounded like. Did we open for them a couple months ago? Guns of roses? Uh-huh, at the Hollywood Bowl. And the whole deal was like, their friend came to us and was like, it should be cool. They'll play for like an hour and a half. You'll play for an hour. You'll go on at like 7.30. Neither of us have ever played the ball. Yeah, so it was perfect. Then we show we fly away to LA and we get it like our set time is 6 p.m. Like literally we're playing to like a dude in the front eating a hot dog. It's so insane. And then they play for three hours. And they played for three hours, but the craziest part of the whole thing was that I lit a cigarette up backstage and there's no smoking. They're smoking bad. They're like, you know, the smoke's going into the slashes thing. So I was just thought it was funny. The guy that's like known for the cigarette hanging out of his mouth. [27:00] It's like absolutely no smoking around here. But did he quit and then like, I don't know, he's got this stuff. I don't know, we didn't get to meet them. You didn't meet them? No. What? I know, it was weird. That's crazy. I know. I mean, Axel Rosen and Restaurant and Grace, just randomly, I was eating at this restaurant and my friend comes by and goes, that fucking axle rosa sitting over there. I'm like, shit, we're gonna have to walk by him. It's that weird thing where you say hi to someone. You don't know if they know who you are. But luckily he did and then he invited me to the show. I'm sure he's a cool guy. He's a cool guy. I met him one time, he's really cool. He's very cool. But you I was worried that I was gonna bother him. Cause my friend had bothered him already. He should be my friend got chued. We were at a restaurant this past summer in Madrid. We were playing the festival. And we just picked this random restaurant. Yeah, it was like five o'clock. And we were sitting, we got sat next to Flea and John [28:02] for Shantae. And we were like right next to their table. Right Farshante. And we were like, right next to their day. Right next to them. And we know I was like, should we, they were sitting there having like the most nerdy conversation. Like, if you augment the seventh, and I was like, wow, like God, the art is such nerds. But I was like, I'm gonna go say what's up. I went over and I shook Flea's hand, and then I went, they go, shake John for Shanty's hand, he's like, I don't do that. And then Flea's like, excuse me, I'm gonna go wash my hand. What? And they're like, we're germaphobes. And I was like, aren't these guys like legendary like, preeks? X, heroin, yeah. What? Yeah. Jermaphobes. They don't shake hands? No. No. That always wears me out. Like the how he mendelt thing. He wears me out. Does he bump knuckles still? Or even though he bumps knuckles? For a while, he was like, I think maybe he bumps knuckles. I told him, I go next time I see him on the fuck, I want to hug you. You're not going to stop me. I'm going to hug you. This is ridiculous. [29:05] Maybe we need to invent a new form of greeting each other. Well, the handshake is fine. It's a good one. You know why it's good? Because if you hang on too long, it's weird. Yeah. That's why it's good. Because it's like an intimate gesture. There's a gesture. We're touching skin, but only for a little bit. Because if we, you know, someone, a handshake for too long, gets odd. Yeah. It gets a little odd. How Trump does the thing we just told everybody. Dude, he got me. Dude, I'm not the first to get me. Let me tell you something. I was ready for it the first time. First time I met him. First of all, he has normal was ready. I knew I was gonna meet him. First time I met him, he came over to put his hands on my shoulders and you do a great job. But I was sitting, you know, sitting. So this time actually stood up, we made eye contact. I said, how you doing, sir? I shook his hand and I'm like, oh, I know he's about to do. So I fucking anchored my son. I'm like, not today, so I'm not today, which you give me a nice pull. [30:07] And I'm like, but we're hanging on for a while. So then the next time I met him, he was at a UFC as well. Did he try to pull? Dude, he'll tell you what happened. I'm sitting down and he looks at me and he goes like this and he gets up, starts walking towards me. And I get up and I reach over with my hand and he yet and I'm over it's a fool. I'm over it's a really fucking cocky. He got me good. He got me good. He got me good. My dismother fucker learns from his mistakes. He got me. He used your energy against you. Here it goes. Is this the time where he gets me? Yeah, I don't know. Let me see. No, this is what time we tried. He tried to get me. He's hanging on for a while, see. Look at you, dude. You're shaking a little bit. I'm anchored. You're shaking a little bit. I'm resisting. There's not going on there. You know who got mad at me? Jack White. Got mad at me then a shook Trump's hand. I'm like, stop crying. Settle down and stop crying. I think that's... I think that's... Would you okay if I shook Biden's hand? [31:06] Are you paying attention? You might crush his fucking fingers. He'd try to get you, though, with those fucking bony old broomstick hands. Oh, I'll tell you. I went out of the gang, I have fucking... Shook that shit out of your hand. Just come up behind you and sniff your head. Bro, I'd love the gas lighting. I've, this is one guy that I follow on Instagram. I only follow for gas lighting and he's like this like hardcore Democrat dude and he was talking about how amazing Biden's state of the Union is because and how inspiring it was. It just really feels, just feels so good about things right now. How about you folks? Like what the fuck are you talking about? What the fuck are you talking about? They definitely had him on a drug cocktail. We were trying to fair out what cocktail these are. I'd like to know. I want to get on it. Yeah, I want to know. It's probably the Hitler. He's probably been in bed since the speech. Right, just eat an ice cream with a sheet of recuperate. [32:05] Yeah. Body's fucking zapped. Bro, what are they giving you? What are they giving you? What does it feel like? I would imagine if I was going to dose up the president, they brought me in amateur pharmacologists. I would say vitamin B12. I'm like, give him the whole vial. Give him everything intramramuscularly 45 minutes before he has to do activities. The next thing I would do is peptide. He's got to be on everything. I want him on BPC 157 and I want him on up a morillon. Let me write that down. I want him on everything. Then I want him on testosterone. I want you to just jack him up with bodybuilder like levels. We're gonna kill him, but he's gonna die anyway. And then I would say speed. We need some fucking battle all. I'm gonna say, I couldn't just chew up some matter all. Wouldn't some old fashioned meth just. Not enough, not enough. He needs like his body to have at least some resistance to what you're gonna throw at it. [33:01] Try to make him articulate. Okay. I would give him a lot of things. I'd give him, I would give him growth hormone, I would give him everything. Pep Todd's Vitamins. Dude, he's come to the podium looking like swamped things. NAD. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly. He's just blowing up. Let's go. I want him purple. I want him on that podium looking purple. purple just swollen up with creatine and I would I would dose them up on everything and I'd only feed them bison meat That would be that would be a good supplement company. It was like I'm we're gonna give you the authentic JFK yeah, here's the JFK cocktail yeah Exactly here's what he was into yeah JFK apparently was that was doctor feel good That was the whole term doctor feel good was a doctor that they would call upon. And apparently the White House has doctors like this as well that you call upon you say, you know what? I'm having a hard time sleeping doc and they hook you up with ambient or they hook you up with antidepressants or they hook you up with Xanx. If you're feeling depressed, Max Jacobson, [34:01] doctor feel good. Oh he was el Good, Miracle Max, Elvis's doctor. Give me the Elvis cocktail. You can have like, yeah, historical figures, favorite drugs. Yeah. Yeah, give me the Biden. Give me that Biden cocktail. What are they doing? What JFK did not know was the injections were actually powerful doses of a combination of highly addicted liquid methamphetamine and steroids. So that's what I would give them. See that's what I'm saying. I know these things. I should be working for the White House. I'm sure there's beats well enough shot too. If that's what my appointment would be for the Trump White House, I'd be the new Rachel Levine. You'd be the new Dr. Phil. Get me in there and I'll fucking straighten everybody out. The supplement is on. And I've got everybody on edibles. Yeah. I want the whole staff to be terrified all day long. Everybody should have a slant board by their desk. Yeah. They're pretty doing fucking these over toes quads. I have a hot yoga room there. [35:00] Let's go. Kettlebells all over the fucking White House. Let's go. Let's go kids. They fucking on it banner. Yeah. Teaching all our trees. Everybody's drinking killcliffs. Let's go. Yeah. What's it? Okay, proclaimed I don't care if it's horse piss it works. He had severe bouts of back pain apparently. He has like some really, really serious fucking disease. What's this about Mickey Mantle? He's a tree making metal. For a case of the flu, oh you got the flu, let me give you some heroin. Injection into Mantle's hip caused severe abscessing septic infection at the injection site that hospitalized mantle and Threaten his career, but that's just staff that's that can happen because it was just bad medical advice That is not a dude what he gave him what did he give him? improper practices so this guy was just a wild dude [36:02] There's a book there's a book called dead doctors Don't Lie and it's by a guy who advocates mineral supplementation. He's like, we do it with animals. We do it like, and he was saying that so many diseases that people are getting is a result of your diet. And he goes, you need to pay attention to doctors and how they live their lives. These guys that are telling you, you need to do this, you need to take this, you need to take this medication, they're all in cahoots with the pharmaceutical drug companies and they're all super unhealthy and a lot of them are addicted, not all, but this is what this guy was saying. A lot of them are addicted to drugs and so he tells a story about this guy who was in the middle of surgery and he goes to go do coke and he has an overdose and dies. He's a fucking guy's dead in the middle of surgery because they were so cranked up. They're because they could give themselves whatever the fuck they wanted. So these guys would all take whatever they wanted. Man. Yeah, you got to be careful. [37:00] If the person telling you how to be healthy is a fat slob, not good. And it's really common. It's really common at doctor's offices to like, see a bunch of unhealthy nurses. Doctors used to smoke. They used to be in there with a fucking cigarette. My dad walked into a door in the middle of the night in like the mid-70s, broke his nose. And he went to go get it straight in a couple weeks later so the doctor had like crack it crack it and my dad noticed like the next day like he couldn't taste anything he smelled anything and he went back to the doctor's office and I was like I can't I'm not you know I can't smell or taste and the doctor apparently was smoking and took his ass tray and put it up to his nose and like, can you smell this? And my dad said, now he's like, yeah, it's probably not coming back. Whoa. And so I was thinking, like that happens to you now, you'd get like a hundred million dollar settlement. It's probably not coming back. It never came back. No, he still can't smell. Whoa. Yeah, you'll be like, you know, you can't smell at all. [38:05] Just from a broken nose? Yeah, I would take, you know, when you taste with your nose pinched, that's what it is. So he can taste like hot sauce a little bit. Oh, man, that's got a suck. Imagine not smelling bacon. Since when did that happen? It happened before I was born. That's crazy. I was born in 80 but he'll get these phantom smells and I'll be like and I'm like what smell do you miss the most? He's like gasoline I love the smell of gas and I think I still love this smell I used to love that well I was a gear head when I was kid. That's my I've got a barn with the motorcycles and that's the first thing my son says Winnie as soon as he gets in he's like oh my, my favorite smell. Kids love the smell. What is it? What is it? They love markers too. The Huffie. Sharpies. They do. You see the photos of all the people that have been arrested for Huffing? It's amazing. This is like a population. They all have put a silver all over their face. Yeah. [39:06] It's kind of lost popularity that huffing I feel well a lot of that propala died off Guys just everyone busted for a thing dude. I think that one guy got busted a ton of times Wow, they all kind of a little sparkle in their eye that guy that guy's been busted. I believe more than once We're all oh my god It's just fucking so silly. You know those guys that stand on the corner and like the painted suits, like the gold suits, they just look like they were just blowing those dudes. Get it in there, fucking bulldoze dudes. How toxic must that shit be? You put that shit on your body all day, let's silver paint. Why wait, what a stupid fucking thing to do with your time. Yeah, not a good one. Pfft, this guy! Hahaha. Oh. Well. Yeah, dumb ass way to spend your day. Didn't tell you to be a robot. Didn't someone on the set of a Bond film die from being painted on gold? [40:02] Really? I think so in the 60s. Like, urban legend. I mean it's urban legend, but I think it might be true. The internet kind of fucked up urban legend. It definitely did. Yeah. There was one that someone sent me about Einstein's chauffeur being smarter than him. Yeah, that was going around yesterday. No, no. I sent him immediately. I sent him the fucking articles disprove them. Like, that's not true. Yeah. Here it is. Gold finger in the myth of bond girl's death. It's a myth. Ah, it's just good. Marketing. What was the whole idea that she was, was she supposed to be a gold human? Is she an alien? What was she? I don't know. This movie's kind of below. I mean, they were really into painting. They were really into painting naked women's bodies in the 60s in movies. Yeah? Oh yeah. Well, that's the weird hack for hose that you can go out public with your titties painted. Like, you could, like a lot of gals will use that as excuse to walk around topless. [41:01] Like for Halloween. Yeah, it's probably way to avoid sensors back then. Pain them, rather than show it. Mm. Yeah. Probably. Yeah. Sensor. So that's not true, huh? Fuck. It would have been a fun one. Yeah, it's weird when you start finding these things out, you just been living a lie. If you guys heard of that, those ladies that used to paint loom on watches, these stuff. Oh yeah. What is it called? Radium. Radium. Radium girls. Yeah, they would lick their paintbrush and they all got horrible cancer. They're f*****g rotten holes in it. Their jaws fell off. Terrifying shit. Yeah. I mean, my mom has a bunch of fiesta wear. We used to eat off that all the time. Apparently, you know, the red is like highly radioactive. It's true. Really? Yeah, because they were using uranium, [42:00] and then they started using depleted uranium. Oh, good. But it's like, yeah. Apparently. Do you get any superpowers? No, I'm just... Nobody gets superpowers. To my brother gave me my brother, the same one that sent me... He doesn't have a superpower. He can guess people's birthdays. Is that... I mean, it's not with superpowers. It's pretty... How good are you? I can guess within three years I think for anyone oh within three years. Yeah, oh, so you're guessing their age Yeah, but I can do historical figures. I don't really know who they are. I mean It's not a hundred percent, but I've been pretty close Would their birth date? No, like the year the birth year. Okay What year was I born? 1968. 67, pretty close. [43:00] Yeah. His name anybody else? Okay, Marlon Brando. That's good Give me a second 1922 Oh, within three years. Wow, 24. Wow, how do you do that? That's pretty impressive. It's just keep it 100% accuracy. I don't. We made our new record collaborating with people. And one of the guys on our list that we want to work with was Noel Gallagher from the Oasis So we kept reaching out to him and seeing like if he would be Up for it and we kept hearing back that he doesn't really do that and [44:01] I remembered that my my neighbor who I golf with used to be Oasis's agent So I asked him if he could like reach out and through that we got we heard back that no you know would be up for recording with us if we went to London. So we flew all the way to London and rented a small little studio and we barely knew no we've met him briefly you know but we went in there with no song and sat down with them and within a couple hours. We had a song written and recorded. Wow. And we, you know, we did it three days in a row and we had four days booked in. You know, after the first day, we were like, we got what we need. You know, this would be cool if we got more. But the rest will be gravy. But we got the trip. And we got the, you know, the second day we got on the game. And the third day we got the song called Only Love Matters. But the fourth day we showed up and we're like, we are not fucking pressing it. Like we, we got, you know, we got, we went three for three, but we're not gonna, [45:01] let's not push our legs. Let's not push our let's not fuck this up So we just spent the whole day just bullshitting with him But yeah, that's like the same with this I don't want to I don't want to guess another birthday. I Don't want to fail. Yeah, I got it. Yeah, you've been rock solid so far this show That on the game is the fucking album is amazing. It's so good. Dude. It's so good Thanks man, and thank you for letting me listen to it early. I played it for everybody in the green room with people like, oh shit. It's so good dude. It's so good. On the game I find myself singing that. Like when I see people out trying to hook up in bars, everybody's on the game. It's fucking great. It was such an amazing feeling being in the room with him. We cut it in the studio called Toe Rag and the live room is this side, like this room. So Pat's drum kits here, little keyboard here, I'm right there and Nulldre, they were just in a circle. Wow. And you know what you hear on the record is the take we did. [46:01] Wow. It was like the second or third time we got through the song without fucking it up. Wow. It's amazing. You guys can put together a song. It is the best feeling. It's so addictive. It's the most addictive thing ever. It's gotta be. The being able to like in in the studio and make something out and nothing like that. The fact that you guys can do that in four hours is just insane. That was the thing. Ever since we met, we've been able to do that. Ever since the first fucking time, we got in a room together. He had a four track and we just instantly sounded fucking fun and cool. You know, it was, and it's like hearing that and then getting that feeling has been like, feels like a drive-in force in my life. You guys are like one of my favorite origin stories for bands, just like the way you guys are driving for some of my life. You guys are like one of my favorite origin stories for bands, just like the way you guys work together, the way it works, that you've known each other forever. It's just the whole thing is awesome. It's just what everybody hopes for. An origin story for a cool band that you like. We've got this doc that's coming out at some point [47:00] that it's cool, we premiered it last night, but it was cool all the footage that the director found of like the wheat, you know, because we weren't taking photos and stuff back in the day, but to see all the the photos from 20 to so many years ago. Yeah, stuff we didn't even know existed. I someone should I didn't even remember at all. Yeah. And there's video of it. It's crazy. Wow. The cool thing about like on the game we we got everything, but the lyrics, you know, but the melody was there. And that, you know, we kind of made a point with making this album that for the first time we were going to like, I guess kind of do it, you know, do it the way that maybe bands used to do it in the 70s, I guess like we were gonna stay at the nicest hotels the funnest hotel most fun hotels we were gonna have fun So like when we were out in London we were staying at the children firehouse just kind of party in every single night and [48:01] Then dragging herself to the studio one night. No, I was hanging out with us and night and then dragging herself to the studio. One night, Noel was hanging out with us and he was like pointing to some girl at the bar and he's like, oh, she's for sure on the game. We've been in, you know, 50 times, but we'd never heard that expression. And we're like, what's that? He's like, oh, she's, you know, a working girl. She's probably, you know, she's probably a prostitute. Which checks out, I think. There were a lot there. But then Dan was like, yeah, everybody hears on the game. But the making this record was so much fun. How can you tell if someone's a prostitute? I was in Miami. My friend was like, there were so many prostitutes that hotel. I go, how do you know? This is Miami. There are a lot of gals dressed like hookers here. Yeah, it's kind of intimidating if you know. But you know. Did we play this show once a long time ago in Portland, Oregon? And there's a band playing with us and they're older than us. We were like 22, they're probably 30. [49:00] They're like, guys, be very careful here. It's really dangerous. There's a lot of drug dealers. Especially in the park. Especially in the parking lot. Like, just don't be careful. So we were like, fuck, okay. We like got in our car and locked the door. I'm like, hunkered down. Hunkered down, like, wait, we had, we had eight hours till we played. And then we're like accidentally kind of just like like staking out the fucking club and this guy who just warned us about this shit, he comes out and we watch him try to buy drugs. The guy, like literally like takes his money and just runs down the street and now the whole band's chasing this guy. The guy who warned you. Yeah, yeah. Of course, that's how it always works. That was when we played at the satiric on. Yeah. The stage was carpet and they had had like clown wrestling the night before. So the carpet was all, they had cake all in the carpet. Just remember it was like, it was a little... There's no one there. Absolutely nobody there. No one. [50:00] In fact, two people walked in and then they left. They walked in, they were like, got the fuck out of there. that's apparently where I guess that's where Kurt Cobain met Courtney love was at that club Yeah, it's no longer there, but it had been there since the 60s cream had played there Back to play nuts. Yeah, that is hard enough. Yeah, we we saw it on its way out Cream played a place that tiny. Yeah. Doesn't even make sense. I know. Wouldn't they have been huge by the time they come over? I mean, it's surprising that the size of venues, certain people, were playing. Like Hendrix used to play the felt form. We don't need to look it up. We just believe it. Hendrix used to play the whiskey. Yeah, I mean, like Hendrix would play the felt form or something as band of gypsies. That's only a couple thousand seeds. When Phil Harmon was a kid, he was like, I think it was like 18. He was working at the whiskey as a like a stage hand. And he had to keep his hands on the speaker [51:02] that was on the stage because it was like a little kind of rockety and Hendrix was playing right in front of them Mm-hmm. It's like he was 18 years old. He's like Hendrix gets literally standing in front of me. Plash shit That's incredible. He did a bunch of album covers, right? Yeah, Hartman did a bunch. We have one of them framed out here Oh really? He was so fucking funny. Oh my god. Oh, such a good dude. What a horrible way to go man and All I never saw that coming actually honestly, I mean he was asleep, so He was asleep. Yeah horrible that he went but little horrible period the whole story is horrible insane My friend who's a cop I had gotten over it and I was getting ready to stand again I would be like I took a couple weeks off. I was like, there's no way I could be funny. It's just like, it's not possible. And then I decided to go to the comedy store. I'm like, I gotta get back in there. I just gotta get live on with my life. And so I'm in the gas station, getting gas. My friend pulls up, he was a cop. I knew him from Jiu-Jitsu and I'm like, oh, what's up, man? What are you doing? And he goes, dude, he goes, I'm really sorry about your friend. [52:07] He goes, I was on that. I go, you were there. He goes, he goes, listen, the mother took the children into the bathroom and she had a gun. And that's when they decided to break down the door because they knew that she was going to shoot the kids and shoot herself. And the cop broke down the door and the kids ran from their mother and then their mother bloser brains out. Jesus. While my friend was there. Holy. That was the alarm and it's why. That was the alarm and it's why. Yeah, I heard she shot him in the head, in the throat, and in the chest. Well, she was on Zoloft and apparently cocaine. And they won some sort of a settlement with Zoloft. Apparently, when you mix Zoloft with cocaine, it's not good. So this is a cocktail that you don't want to? [53:02] You don't want that one. You don't want the brain heart, man. No. Yeah. It's suck. This is a cocktail that you don't want to you don't want the brin heart man. Oh It's yeah, but so I went on stage and eight shit. Oh my god. I mean boy did I eat shit? I mean I was there was nothing funny coming out of my mouth. I was so depressed I could I couldn't shouldn't have done the set. I was so depressed. I just was like hearing that story It's just like bouncing around and talking about. Are you talking about that at all? I can talk about it briefly. I did because I couldn't get over it. I just was so fucked up by it. You didn't have any jokes together yet about it. No, I never did. I never could. I mean, there's nothing there. I wonder how you could sue a former school company because you had an adverse reaction from mixing it with an illegal substance. I don't know, I think they probably just paid some money just for everybody shut the fuck up. That's probably what they do. You can't blame someone for taking something illegally with your drug when it probably specifically says, [54:01] don't do that, but maybe they didn't know, don't do that or you might fucking shoot someone in their sleep. But I mean, that lady was mean. You know, it was particularly hard for me because I was trying to get him to break up with her multiple times. He had left, I told him to get divorced. I'm never gonna forget this. I said, dude, just give her half. Just give her half and get out. You're always gonna make more money Just get out, man. And he said it's not half. He goes it's two thirds. The fucking lawyers get a third. It's goddamn scam You know, and he was just but he was also freaking out about his image because he was a family guy And you know, he had he didn't want to get divorced He wanted to like keep everything intact So he would keep making up with there and she would she would like insult him in public. It was ugly man. It was ugly. Yeah, it's crazy when people that you think are like so big and powerful are like being abused by their partner. It's common. I know. It's common. I know it is. There's guys [55:03] that you would never expect and I just get ran over in the house. What is that? I don't know, man. I think it has probably something to do with your childhood. Probably something to do with what you've accepted in terms of what a relationship is. The kind of relationships you have. I am talking about us. No. No. No. Bro think it it evolves over time too right like some people they get together with someone and then over time someone starts being a cut. The guy or the girl it's just like you know people change and if you're stuck with that person and especially if you have kids with that person right like filled it. Especially if you have kids with that person right like filled it It's like what do you do? How do you resolve this? How would those kids when they were very young? Oh my god Yeah, it was hard. I was a horse and in California's hard Sounds brutal Yeah, but it's a lot better than your mom shooting your dad while he's asleep and then talking to you [56:01] But I was gonna kill you. It's better's better? Yeah. Way better. Yeah. That's definitely not good. It's just like, you know. Dude, you see the divorce happen all the time where like, you know, the wife gets a lot of money. I've seen it happen like the other way at one time and it was Kelly Clarkson's husband. I got like a shitload of money and he did all these divorce dads are like posted. They get that bag king. I can't stop sending them to Dan. I was like, dude, this is outrageous. This guy is our hero. Get that bag king. You remember when Mackenzie Bezos and Jeff Bezos got divorced? Yeah. Mackenzie made like $38 billion in divorce settlement and then she hired a high school science teacher. So it was like, dude, who's worth $3,200? Just married a woman worth $38 billion. Like good luck for the rest of your life. You better sit down when you take a piss [57:00] because if you leave that toilet seat up, it's over. Like you've got to be on your best behavior, sir. This is not a balanced relationship. Faizos has been seeing Dr. Feel Good. You think so? You know what's with him, man? Yeah, he looks a lot better than he used to look. He looks like a completely different person. Dude, he's like jacked and wears nice clothes. I mean, yeah, seeing the old footage of him just like hunched over nerd fucking deal on bus is kind of the same way to just like looking it look at it's such different people dude out a guy We know good. Yeah, it's good. It's great. We better a guy. We know is like one of the first 40 people hired for an Amazon working in Bezos is garage and He was sent to the Delaware to set up the first East Coast distribution center and Did he was getting like Something crazy like he got like 40,000 shares of Amazon stock and only like 10,000 shares vested And the rest would vest this is like you know late 90s the rest would vest in 2005 or something but like [58:03] When the dot com bubble kind of burst in 2000, his, the value of his stock went from like 3 million potentially to one and he based, he like quit the job before it vested and he cashed it all out basically for like, you know, 750 grand and he ended up moving to Akron. So we were buddies with this guy. He bought all this recording equipment and stuff. And he moved to Akron because it was so cheap that he was just kind of open a studio. But that, like if he, if that stuff had vested it, he'd be worth like over $100 million. Oh my God. I know, dude. Oh my God. All he had to do is just work at that job for a few more years and just never touch that. Oh. Oh, jeez. Yeah. That's a hard one as well. It's a hard one as well. Yeah. Life lesson. Yeah, I heard a similar story about a guy who had Apple stock [59:01] in the very early days. He got rid of it. For some fucking insane amount of money now. Apple's such a bizarre company. So bizarre. They're so successful. Like what other company is figured out of me? That's so successful that they're the money that they have. Just their cash is like a trillion dollars. It's like a lot of countries, GDP's. Yeah. You know who's rock star video games? Oh, yeah. Those guys are fucking crushing. How much money do they make? Well, it's weird how you can protect a video game so thoroughly, but you can't protect like much other intellectual property. You know? Yeah, it's very hard to protect jokes. Yeah. but you can't protect like much other intellectual property. Yeah, it's very hard to protect jokes. Yeah. Jokes get stolen all the time. Right. That's a real hard one. Um, doesn't Apple just keep all their money in Ireland? Not paying taxes? That's what I would do if I was progressive. Exactly. [1:00:00] That's what I would do. I'd talk about diversity and equity and then I'd fucking send all my money to some offshore account. The fuck outta here. You know, you're getting none of this. I'm the one who made the iPhone, you fucks. That's what I'm doing. Mine! Jamie at all. Wasn't a job as a LSD guy too. Didn't you come up with the idea for Apple when he was on LSD? Oh really? Yeah, pretty sure he did. Yeah, there's something about LSD that was about Jobs inspiration to start Apple. We've been noticing people taking LSD a lot. Recently. It's become very popular. It's like, my spray on the tongue. Seems like it's getting around. Yeah, I've heard. It seems like my spray on the tongue. It seems like it's getting around. Yeah. I've heard. Yeah. We only had the LSD that you got from scary old hippies. This is still from scary old hippies. Paper squares. It's but it's apparently it's very difficult to make. So when you get it, it's like where did you get this? [1:01:01] Who's getting it? Who's making it? There's only a few people in the country apparently that know how to make acid. Yeah. Yeah, I don't think it's like growing weed. I think it's a complicated process. I mean, yeah. So my grandfather was a chemical engineer and I have a bunch of his old textbooks and I'll get him out and show him to my son because it's just like the math problems are just like he's like He's a really little kid. He still understands that there's no numbers in these math problems, right? It's just letters, but I'd like it the stuff. I'm these books are from the 40s You know, and I'm like to get a PhD in chemical engineering in the 40s You you had to be really really fucking smart. There's no fucking calculator, it's a slide ruler. I mean, people must have been way smarter back then. They probably were. It's probably, it meant a lot more. Oh yeah. Those are the people that invented acid. Yeah. No, the people we have now invent bath salts. That's it. [1:02:03] Is that still a thing? I don't know, I was in a hotel and they had all the little accoutrement for the shower and one of them was bath salts. And I was like, you said, I know what I'm doing. I know. Yeah. So I know what we're talking about. Bath salts at one point in time was a thing that you could get in like a gas station. And it would say bath salts, not for human consumption, but it was like a kind of math And what they had done is it engineered some anphetamine to be like one molecule different something like that They can kind of do that weird little game It was like Delta 9. It was like methamphetamine 3 right but it like but the side effect was people will they eat each other's faces But the side effect was people would eat each other's faces. The fun guy did. Dude, did you see the fucking guy in Haiti? The fucking gang leader? Barbecue? Yeah. Yeah. Eat in the fucking char- Eating a leg- Yeah, of a guy that they burned alive. Yeah. Fuck. [1:03:00] Oh my god, dude. Yeah. What the fuck? Yeah, people need to see those videos even though they're horrifying just to understand There's people out there in the world gang leader named barbecue is now most powerful man in Haiti As us evacuates American so he's now the most powerful powerful person in Haiti the guy who ate that guy Boy that's not good and what Ripped what happened to Haiti? Like what was was it a coup? Like what happened there? I don't I'm not I heard there's two rival gangs. They just shut the airport like a week and a half ago Yo, that's not good That's not good Nope, they're evacuating Haiti. Wow. That's crazy. That's crazy that a like a modern country could just be taken over like that by a guy who eats people. It's like, yeah. That video is fucked up. That video is fucked up. And the fact that that's his nickname. [1:04:02] Yeah. His nickname is Barbecue. It's incredible. It's like a South Park. It's like idiocracy. But you know what a remind me of is, we talk about this the other day, the faces of death videos. Do you remember those things? Sure. Yeah, like, you know, realize like only kids were watching this. I was like, I would love to see a documentary on like the making of faces that like who made the grown up making that for the kids Who was making that shit on the 80s? Yeah, barbecue That's how you gotta start There's a note on the video that says it's been going around for over two years and that has nothing to do with the current uprising Okay But it's this old barbecue footage Is it not the same guy? Whoever's digging into this. This time's now is not being able to independently verify the veracity of the video The man chewing what appears to be a finger and then proceeding to tear the flesh of a leg of a body that is burning As soon as they get boots on on the ground there they'll figure it out [1:05:02] Yeah, figure it out the video circular at the at the time is when Hades notorious gang leader barbecue is on his way to become the most powerful man in the nation. So it seems like it is true. They just don't have enough of it. They have not been able to independently verify the veracity of the video. Well that is a problem today with AI. That could be horseshit. That could be something that someone made. I mean, you could probably get AI to say, I want a man who's a rebel soldier in Haiti eating a barbecue leg. And I think AI can do that now. Which is crazy. Can we get AI to make a recipe that tastes like human flesh? What if it's really good? They say tastes like pork. They would call people long-sword. First of all, who is that? Cannibals. They would call, they'll call humans long pork. Long pigs. Long pigs. Yeah. That's what Jesse Ventura, he's talking about long pig. Now what's his face? That comedian who does the Jesse Ventura impersonation. It's just. Oh my god. Yeah, it's amazing. I watched it for hours. It's a question. It's the only talks about long. He does the head bobble to his. Well, Sassos. That is so funny. [1:06:10] It's so good. Yeah. It's amazing. Yeah. Just even Turra. He's a he's a he's a fucking interesting character. He lives in Mexico. What's his cocktail? Because he's like he's he's not good. He's got Parkinson's. Oh, okay. You know, when you're a pro wrestler and you're get slammed around a lot, like there's a high likelihood you're going to have severe brain trauma. Like those guys are getting beat up all the time. Back then they didn't know. They didn't even know that you're getting CTE from that. He went on to Theo Vaughn podcasts and like, Theo gives like a disclaimer at the beginning like This is like the worst interview that's ever been done really because I couldn't get a word in edgy I see like just Just know that I know that but if you watch it It's an hour and a half of just him just going no break Really it's it's incredible so he just talks he just talks and just like when you know, it's like [1:07:05] incredible. So he just talks. He just talks and just like you know it's like this man shoulder what is he talking about everything like rock and roll that's like it's like he just doesn't stop there's no questions really yeah it's kind of crazy how weird it's worth watching I wonder if he knew who Theo was I don't know didn't didn't necessarily seem like it. I did a podcast with him a long time ago and he was fine. He was interesting. There's a lot of stuff that he did. Remember that conspiracy show that he did? He was trying to figure out whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald could have shot JFK. It's kind of funny. He was one of the first conspiracy theory guys. Yeah, yeah. It's like using this rifle, like making shots from the window, the whole deal. The story is insane. I mean, the whole story of him is crazy. Green Bray and like. Yeah. [1:08:00] Actor, wrestler. Well, he's one of the original. Yeah, insane. Yeah. He was awesome in Predator. I don't have time to bleed. Was that him? Did I hit his line? I don't know. That might have been. Yeah, he had the good face paint in Predator. That's another one of those movies. Go watch it again. He'll like what? Really? Yeah. It's ridiculous. Those are You like what? Really? Yeah, it's ridiculous. Those whole movies that you loved as a kid are fucking terrible. The only one that holds up is Goonies. Goonies holds up? Oh yeah. Goonies holds up. But I try to show this. Yeah. I got time to bleed. I ain't got time to bleed. Hahaha. Hahaha. Yeah. Hahaha. Yeah. Hahaha. Well, that fucking guy was the governor of Minnesota. I love that premise though. There's just this, I mean, we need more movies about that. Special forces hunting down like some alien life form in the jungle. [1:09:02] Did you see the newest predator? The newest predator is actually good. It's called prey. The predator comes down to like, you know, 1700s America. Oh, I like that. And this Comanche woman fights the predator. It's crazy. It's ridiculous. But it's fun. It's fun. It's fun movie, but it's good. When did that come? Well done a couple years ago. I think it's a Netflix movie honestly Who so hulu movie hulu? It's good. It's fun Pre yeah The idea that you'd have a fucking chance You know like I've never made it through an alien movie. The alien alien? Yeah, never? No, there's just so excruciating and boring to me. What about the first one? Oh, I like, it's just, no, there's no way anybody born after the year 2000's watched Alien. Without looking at their phone. If they have, it's like they should get a medal. [1:10:01] What's that looking at their phone? If you try to watch that movie, the Abyss, I've never tried to watch a movie more. That's the one in the water. Yeah, dude. I just like, I'll look at my phone and be like, this has been going on for 45 minutes. It seems like three days. I've never tried to watch one more. It's amazing. But you're right. A lot of those movies are attention spans were off the charts compared to what they are now. Well that's the people doing calculus on an abacus. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's the... There's a lot of time on their hands. Well yeah, you weren't being inundated with information. You had more time on your hands and you probably were better at concentrating and they've required you to concentrate at school at every level whereas now they're just kind of letting people graduate. And you're creating a drug that gets you fucked up for eight hours. That's how much time you had. Now it's like, what's that weed people smoke? They just think they get, they disassociate for like three minutes? Catamine? No, it's like a weed they smoke? [1:11:01] Salvia or something? Oh yeah, Salvia divinorum. That was really popular about 10 years ago, right? Well, that was because it was a very potent psychedelic that somehow another slip by that 1970s sweeping psychedelics act. And you could buy Salvia again, not for human consumption. You'd be able to buy that places. I had a buddy who he'd moved to Akron from San Diego. He's a really cool dude. And, you know, there weren't many, nobody I knew was really into drugs in Akron at the time. But, he was pretty druggy in San Diego. Wait, this guy, he was talk, he was talking about drinking gypsum tea. Have you ever heard of this? No. And he said that his girlfriend, his girlfriend made some, you can just find this stuff, you know, like anywhere in California. And it's gypsum weed. You make a tea and then, like, his girlfriends are freaking out, they're talking to like little people in the room. [1:12:03] And he drove her to the hospital and the doctor was like instantly like, did she have gypsum tea? He's like, yeah, he's like, that is as always happens. And like she was seeing little blue, little blue people talking to them, like smurfs. Here's my question. What if little blue people are around you all the time, you just don't detect them? Well, I mean, how does everybody have the same trip off the drug? Right. That's what I'm saying. Like, what if there's neighboring dimensions that are accessible through some drugs and some drugs that you see the blue people? Like, what if that's like Smurfs? The guy figured it out. Well, yeah, it's like, I think once we were on here, we're talking about simulation theory, and I was thinking, yeah, maybe like, if you can't process things with the human mind, like infinity or something, there's gotta be some, if it is a simulation, [1:13:00] there's gotta be some sort of code that you can put in. So that can't be to process it. Yeah. Yeah. Well, one of the weird theories about all this Uavosia is that they're not coming from another planet. They're coming from another neighboring dimension. Right. And it sounds stupid. But so does sending a video on your phone to Australia. If you lived in 1956, you're like, what the fuck are you talking about? If you pointed to a telephone, and said, one day people were gonna jerk off to that. Like what? Yeah, you're gonna have it in your pocket and you're gonna watch porn on it. Shut the fuck up. Sounds ridiculous. One day, you're gonna be able to travel in neighboring dimensions. We'll crack this code, and we're going to slowly start sending things to neighboring dimensions and having them return and then we're going to realize that human beings can survive there. Yeah the whole UAP thing it's been boggling my mind I mean I've been into it since I was a little kid but you know that one time right after we were on the show the first time I met Tom [1:14:03] DeLong and from Blink when he came to one of our shows in Denver. He was so cool. And I was like, what's up? And it was right after that first kind of pill-shaped thing had like officially been acknowledged by the Navy. And I was asking about that because he was like associated with that video. And yeah, he's put me in a huge existential crisis right before we had to go play in front of like 12,000 people. He's like, they're listening to everything. They're cloaked. There's thousands of UFOs. Every single piece of text that gets sent is analyzed to create AI. The AI models, this is 2019. Like the AI models they have would blow your mind. He's like, it's something so profound is gonna change the world forever in about 90 days. This was October like third, 2019. And it was like, you know, COVID was like, you're like, I can't tell you what, but it's gonna change everything. It's gonna be so fucked up. Tom DeLong knew about COVID. I don't know, too. He told me that the world was gonna be profoundly changed forever in a way that no one could understand in about 90 days. And I was like, dude, the guy's really out there. [1:15:06] And then like, dude, I was like, what the fuck? And then you had to go on stage. Yeah, well, totally freaking out. And then like basically everything he told me has been true. Yeah. That's what's weird. The AI, everything. All the videos from the, yeah. Flying saucers or whatever. I had read Kurzweil in here yesterday. Whoa, really? Yeah, and I was asking him about the potential negative downsides, the, the, what's the possible complications of AI? They don't, they don't want to talk about that. They want like all on the gas. This is gonna be good, everyone's gonna be smarter. Yeah. Yeah. It's all. I'm like, are there guardrails out there? Does there anybody, does there a regulatory body in the United States government that's even capable of understanding what these people are talking about? So what could be like an example of a worst case scenario? Weapon systems. [1:16:01] Weapon systems. Weapon systems that are AI controlled that have an objective. That's why don't they have like aren't all the nuclear missiles or they were like weren't they all offline so they can't get hacked and they're all operated by like a nine inch floppy disk from the 70s like some absolutely. There was something crazy. It's some technology that like you've probably never even seen in your lifetime because it's so old. Right. I don't know if that's still the case, but when I was first getting any computers, floppy disks are all you use. But not that fucking big ones. Oh, the big crazy ones. Yeah. Oh, the real ones. And they hold like 256 kilobytes. And that's enough. That's enough to fucking blow up the world. But I mean, you look at how they dropped, you've ever seen the video of them using the Enola Gay dropping the bombs off it? It's like, it's so crazy. It's so crazy. They just like, a propeller plane. It's a fucking propeller plane. Drops a nuke. And then they had to get out of there. Let's get out of here. There it is. Update complete US nuclear weapons no longer need floppy discs From this look at the size of that thing it's from like last year probably the modernizing effort was quietly completed in June three years ago [1:17:13] Modernizing look at those discs October 20 Wow, well that makes sense that that would be a good way that you were would Like make it hackproof. I don't know. I prefer the analog Sound of the analog nuke. I'm a purist. These digital nukes. Yeah. And then now they've got hypersonic weapons. They could change direction in flight with nukes. Well, I think the AI stuff, I mean, like the stuff the AI is capable of, you know, like when it comes to manipulating stock markets and it is kind of, it's too much to even think about for me. Oh, it can do so much. And this is what I kept saying. And if it's in the hands of the wrong people, [1:18:01] what do you do? If one group gets control of AI and then uses that AI to take over. Like if you have artificial like complete intelligence that's sentient and then you give it a task, they've already shown that these things are capable of lying. Like they tricked the CAPTURE system by saying that they're vision impaired or you know that you are you a robot thing to actually envision impaired like oh okay? That's another movie from the 90s that doesn't get old is Terminator 2 that's going that's a good one There's a bunch of movies kind of old But they just have to be like really good movies, you know You can watch some movies from the 60s that are amazing the hustlers amazing yeah, there's some great fucking movies They're old movies, but boy a lot of them in the 80s, whatever one was doing a coke, they're fucking terrible. Horrible. They just, they just, it was the weirdest. You could literally see the drug not being there anymore. So you see like the things that they were doing in the 60s, the music in the 60s, the movies in the 60s, and then you see the 70s. [1:19:04] And it's like now no one's doing psychedelics and now the music is getting weird. And in the 80s, no one growing up doing that music is done psychedelics. So in the 80s, you've got hair bands and craziness. It's just like a totally different feel and vibe to the culture. So if you're observing our culture and you looked at like the Vietnam war era, the 60s, the hippies, the music, Hendrix, the doors, and then you go into the 80s, you go, what the fuck happened? What the fuck happened? This is crazy. Yeah, you went from that to the Focacy Goals. Yeah. And I ran to far away. I run so far away. But it's a weird shift. You go from that to poison. It's a weird shift. But at that point, that's when hip hop got grimy. That's true too. That's true too. Well, that's when hip hop emerged. Hip hop got grimy in the 90s. [1:20:00] Yeah. The 90s hip. And then that is just fucking crazy of crazy theories that hip hop was a CIA funded operation It was designed to fill their prisons him This is like the most recent of all of the crazy hope. I hope it's not true conspiracy theories never heard that CIA funded the development of hip hop Well, the CIA has good taste. They've been funding a lot of great shit. Like, they need the drops and the knowledge dropped something now because there's a lot of trash. We really got into this specific hip hop in the last couple of years that we, that really only exists on YouTube. Like in early 90s, Memphis, cassette tape wrap. Oh, wow. It's not on Spotify. It's not on anything. It's it's only fan uploaded and it's like completely existed under the radar and I I really didn't know about it like Pat and I just you know were lifelong rap fans and it was crazy to like discover [1:21:00] new shit that I'd never heard before like Like maybe some of the best shit ever. People like Tommy Wright III, III, VI Mafia, juicy J. We got really inspired by this guy, Little Noid, who made an incredible record called Paranoid Funk in the early 90s. And you can only get it on YouTube? Only get it on, yeah, you can only get these records on YouTube. Little Noid Parnoid paranoid fuck Jamie They all sound they all sound amazing the fidelis all fucked up because they recorded in a weird ways and bedrooms and they got a track cassette Recorder so it's like this really unique and then they're all Mixed down to cassettes so all the transfers are from cassette they have a specific sound It's fucking incredible scary. They sound scary and a lot of it a lot of its real kind of murder Involved and like also like a cult oh shit And it's very slow some of its kind of called demonic some of his little demonic yeah [1:22:02] Damn there's like one or two songs that are from these guys that are on Spotify. Like that Lil' Noid has a song called Riding in the Chevy, which you can find on Spotify. But somebody needs to turn these guys on to barbecue. Barbecue needs to hit us. Demonic. Dude, we were making the record. We were making the record and we called Lil' Noid. We got in touch with him. We found him. He was in Memphis and he drove up and hung out with us. And we got him on track. Like we were hanging out for a year and a half making this record and we'd go DJ and shit and three in the morning we'd be driving to the hotel and we'd always put on Lil Noid. And we're like, man, what would it be like if we got low-noid in this studio? Yeah, and we fucking did it and it was incredible and We got juicy J also be on a track But we reached out to this guy Tommy right the third was like These guys have made these incredible Illinois does it is he's got an Instagram. Yeah, that's how we found it. Oh We said on the to really nice guy. If you got some book project, April and Phil make sure you book it in a Grammy. [1:23:06] Go into Grammy, go into Grammy, go down to the wall. His story is crazy because he made this album that's incredible and like... It's like a classic to me. I think before it even came out with the prison for seven, his career got completely destroyed. And he was just a teenager. But it was crazy because we had, you know, we hadn't heard anything really recent from him. We hadn't come to studio. And within about, I guess, 30 minutes, he had all like two verses written in it. It sounded the same as it did in the 90s, you know, like those tapes in it. And he was, you know, he was so nice and just like... He's also just like, you know, asking for cash. For various reasons. We just kept giving him cash. [1:24:01] He's like, I gotta run a car. I need $600 cash. He was the shit. That's cool that you got a hold of him. That's pretty bad ass. It was really fun. It's great that you put him in the album. We didn't expect to. It was just a thing we tried and it was like, fuck it. I don't know. We don't know where we're doing. But he crushed it. And like juicy J put scratching on our, we would never think to put scratching on one of our records, but that's what he heard when we sent him the track. He put it on there. It's like there's something cool about those guys that are willing to make their own stuff like in the middle of Memphis and just figure it out, just put it together. I love like very small little projects where people are piecing things together. I mean that's how so much of the music we like came together to step stacks and high records for that. And we scratch Perry. They're like all just like very eclectic people who are doing it all themselves. Compendium DIY. Do you know Tonetta? Have you heard of Tonetta? I have not. [1:25:00] Tonetta is this guy in Canada. I think he's in Toronto. And he does everything, like he was doing these YouTube videos. And he does these videos and he put out an album. I have this album and I can't get the full album on Spotify for some reason, but you can get it on Apple. But he has like a fucking like a towel. That's like a curtain behind him. And he's playing the music and playing the track and singing put on really big cock Because it's all freaky stuff. He dresses up like a woman. It's real weird You got to see this because it's Tonetta a really big cock I had this on it a really good cock the music video that you want with it Okay, you got it. It was just a still frame on it. Okay There's a documentary on YouTube about them too. Oh really? Oh, interesting. So this guy I found out about this guy Look at this guy [1:26:04] Now keep going, bro. This was, but it's on YouTube. That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter? No. It's good, unfortunately. Goddamn it. Everything's on YouTube. Yeah, we get polls or copy. I want that guy to get more attention, though. That video looks like it's like 30 years old. It's probably, he's probably probably is he still alive? I don't know I Don't know when was that made it was upload at least 10 years ago Most recent comments says you're gonna make this guy rock star. Oh, there's me I was trying back then. It's fucking great. I mean it looks but it's the music is fun. It's me I didn't want to see that good trail It's a very prominent goodie trail It reminds me of this band It kind of reminds me of the band you heard of the band the frogs no These are from Milwaukee from the 90s, but yeah, it's kind of frog frog ask [1:27:10] What did they like dress up like frogs? They were really really kind of like... Like war? They made some pretty insane songs. Yeah, but yeah. Well one of the fucking cool things about today as opposed to when we were kids is that you can instantaneously get music. Oh, it's crazy. It's so straight. I mean, I remember very clearly the reaction to Napster when everybody freaked out over Napster. I was thinking like you're not putting this genie back in the bottle. Now that people know that they can use BitTorrent and they can download things for free and send things to people for free. Until we've been DJing, spending records 45s, you know, just like really getting back into collecting vinyl and obsessing and trying to find good copies of shit. And I've got this one song, Cumbia de Sol that I play, kind of like every night we DJ. [1:28:03] I put it on the other night in New York City and this girl came up and she's like I heard that in a restaurant this week It was like this is possibly rare 45 just anybody now can have access to it It's actually inexcusable to have bad taste in music now if you have bad taste in music right I mean the amount of money I spent as a teenager On stuff that turned out to be horrible Because you couldn't check it yeah Because you couldn't check it out. Yeah, you couldn't check it out at all. And I'd just be like, I would just buy a record based on the cover or based on something I'm talking about it. And I'd just be like, this is fucking horrible. Back when I was a kid, you'd go to the record store. And the people at the record store was always the thing. Like the guys working there would always shit on your taste. Yeah. It was like real pompous record stuff. I don't know because all the coolest fucking people. Yeah. That's why we wanted to work there. But then the craziest part is when you get older, older like, and you realize what fucking losers those people are. You're like, I thought that person was cool. And they're fucking 25, making minimum wage at a fucking record store. [1:29:03] What a fucking loser. It was the attitude they carried. Yeah. They were like a librarian. Yeah. Oh, I only listened to stockhausen. Stockhausen. Yeah. I'm only interested in European music. Yeah. I don't dig what America's doing these days. Yeah. Yeah. You would go and look through albums. That was big thing like the art of the album was a big part of the experience of buying a record Oh, yeah big part that just died it died with the CD CD is like it's so small so it's like looking at something on a flip phone It's fucking broken. Yeah So it's cracked right there was dropping cases. I, it's always cracked. It's always cracked. I'm a dammit. Right, there was dropping cases. I mean, I can't even, or you keep them in those book, there's big giant books. Oh, I have them all fucking scratched. Mm-hmm. Yep, they get scratched. And I even bought a cleaner thing that you would, you would polish the top edge to remove a lot of scratches. We had We were on tour, but we had this Credence CD. It was gold. It was supposed to sound better. Remember that? [1:30:05] It was a gold CD? It's gold CD. I don't know. It was a sound better. Yeah. I was just thinking about, like, looking at an album cover now in the Spotify, I don't even know if I would recognize certain album covers from new stuff full-size. What do you mean? I don't know, I'm not making my eyes or bad or something. One thing this Spotify does is it's cool is if there's a music video that goes along with the song, you see the video on the phone. So if you want to watch a song, you have to see the artist actually play the song. We've made some of these because we have like the image on our record covers. You know, woman bowling, her rear end. And I found these videos like a year and a half ago with her like, you know, they're just like really offensive bowling animations. Like when someone get a strike, it was just, so it's like a bowling ball. [1:31:02] Like it's like Lee Harvey Oswald and execute the pin which is J. Oh my god. There's some really insane ones there's but we had the guy that made those two. So we hired that guy. We have one that like this is nowhere the new new song. Yeah the the boy and ball takes acid. It's pretty good. They're not nearly as good as the really offensive ones that are probably just won't let us be effective. The really offensive ones, what do you mean? Well, it's like, yeah, there's like a 9-11 boy and boy. You know, there's something to say. You know, when you make a strike and like a modern, or, you know, boy boy now they have like the ball You know well animation animation you should find maybe Yeah, some of the ones that was looking up aren't real. There's people that have made no these are not enough slightly offensive Not a lot of them are real. They're just [1:32:03] This is the 911 910 Oh my god. Oh my God. Oh my God. The Lear Vios. The Lear Vios was one. Very good. Yeah, you can still be offensive at a bowling alley though. Think about the people that bowl. They're tolerance for offensive jokes. It's probably pretty high. They welcome it. Yeah. Bowlers. There's no pretentious bowlers I don't think so now There's this restaurant in Akron called the Ouijis. It's like, you know one of the oldest restaurants there It's this old Italian joint It's been there since the forties And the whole wall is just plastered with these, you know, you know, promo photos from the black and white promo photos that are signed and it's all professional bowlers. Like, it's crazy. You'd be like, bowling must have been just massive in Akron in the 50s. These guys were celebrities coming in. [1:33:00] It's like, like, look at this. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. So fucked up. Oh, this is so fucked up. Jesus. It's a JFK bowling pin. Hey, takes it out. Oh my god. That's insane. This one's great. What is this one? It's like a pet store. Oh my god. This one's great. What is this one? It's like a peters tour. Oh my god. Oh Jesus Christ the bowling ball guns down the terrorists and leaves one terrorist running So it's a bowling ball with a fucking terrorist outfit on Jesus Christ. Oh my God. A pain on these sides, blit is Jesus. Oh my God. I'm shout out to the court or crew of those guys also make those fake robot videos we take off of these people. Oh really? [1:34:00] We're really good digital artists yet. You two damn. That's hilarious. Yeah, we used to those guys. Which ones the publics is wouldn't let you do? I mean, no, she was telling us what not to say and what Gillette said today. We told her we told her we're fucking 44 year old men. Yeah, they tell you what to say and not to say that's hilarious. Oh, it's hard enough to just talk. God, that's hilarious. It's hard enough to just talk. God, that's hilarious. Can't be thinking about what I can and cannot say. Don't bring up vaccines. Don't talk about the climate. So the last time we came on a show right before we came on, we had a different publicist and they were like, you really should reconsider. It's a very bad look to go on Rogan. Huh. Yeah. Insane. Yeah. But we realize like actually, it's like the actually, we, it's a bigger audience than anything else we possibly would ever be presented from the publicist. Like if we got even like Rolling Stone magazine, I think it, you know, [1:35:01] the circulation's like maybe 600,000 or something. No one sees it. Do you even,, you know, the circulation's like maybe 600,000 or something. No one sees it. Do you know who's on the cover of Rolling Stone this month? No. Yeah. It's not what it used to be. No. It's just weird now. It's very weird. Imagine a publicist suggesting we don't do it, brogan. Well, it's liberals. They're crazy. There's hardcore leftist ideologist of this really bizarre idea in their head What do you think's gonna happen with the The election this year That was joking I keep getting this text I keep getting these texts from the Democratic Party like Are you gonna vote for Joe wrote all right Biden? I'm like Who said why would they be sending that text they must you know? They must know [1:36:03] What do you have the craziest story I heard today? What do you have the craziest story I heard today? So Candace Owens released this video in what she says that the president of France, who was married to a 70 year old woman who he met when he was 15. That woman is actually a man and that woman fathered five children and apparently she's saying there's some journalists to report on this. And this is like some theory that people have had forever. And it's been a rumor, but these people actually investigated it. And she's staking, she said, I stake my entire reputation on this. This is true. Dude, I want to go on an island. What? I'm hopeful. Be careful. Be careful. Watch island. We've been over this. But if that's true, that is one of the most wild stories of all time. That the president is married to a woman who's pretending she's a woman. It's even wilder than him being married to a woman that was his teacher that he was [1:37:02] fucking at 15. At 15. Yeah. It's the only way you can make it more well. It's it's it's it's crazy. Because if that was a man, did he know at the time when he was 15? You're 15. You're probably not good at judging. Whether or not someone's got a real one or something that's been doctored up. That's a good point. That's a good point. It is a good point except now correct in myself because I'm saying, what kind of fucking trans operations were they doing back then? We were talking about 40 years ago. It's only a 15 year old version. Good really. Yeah, 15 year old one. Yeah, no idea. And then this person's like much older than you so they're really good at manipulating you Like this is the only pussy for you. Yeah, the only one Forever forever forever. I'm with you. I have not heard this conspiracy. It's a wild one. I love it I love a good one. I love a good what the fuck story. Yeah, you know [1:38:01] There's so many big Mike ones. They think that Michelle Obama is actually a man. It's hilarious. It's like, it just takes on a life of its own. No matter how ridiculous something is, it takes on a life of its own. Yeah, so that's the, Oh, come on man. That's the woman he's married to. And so that's the daughter, post his first novel, addresses mean comments about her mother. Wow. She looks like a woman to me. But I've been tricked before. She looks like an Olsen twin. Hmm. I got well cared for Olsen twin who made it to 70. Yeah. Yeah. So it looks like a woman. But Candace Owen stakes her reputation on this. Uh. Daily box goes Candace Owen stakes her entire professional reputation on French First Lady being a man. [1:39:01] This is just wild. She just knows her audience, man. This is wild shit. Did just knows her audience, man. This is wild shit. Did us, she just have another kid. Maybe she's got some hormone imbalance part. Yeah, yeah, it sounds like postpartum. But, but she was saying this, she was talking about someone else's reporting of this. She's not like she's done this investigative journalism herself. Some other group, who was, who's written the, the piece on it that she was talking about? Were they investigated this? Apparently for a long time. I just... Like the longer you investigate, oh this is just a bad investigator. I mean, we could be investigating something for decades, but it doesn't mean it's... Good point. Better researched. Yeah. Yeah. We've been investigating hit songs for 20 years and we've never had one. We've got to have one. But that's not true though. You guys are ready. It's I mean like a technical hit like something that's chartered in the top 40. Oh those fucking charts. How do they know now? With everybody's streaming shit, how do they know? How do they know? What goes on the chart? I don't [1:40:10] know. Is it sales? Is it radio plays? The charts, I think it's a combination of sales and radio play. Streams and radio play. But it's weird you know you can just have some idiotic thing that hits on TikTok and you can have I saw this on artists today They have like 15 million monthly listeners. They've released two minutes of music But they have but you know we've put out you know whatever like 12 albums over 20 years They have two million two and a half million more listeners than what we do. So it's instantly. Instant. It's crazy, it's cool. Well, it's interesting to watch it happen because this is a new thing. It's a new thing with TikTok. TikTok and YouTube and all these different things. [1:41:01] These social media hits. Very weird. It's weird to watch. It It's weird to watch. It's really weird to watch. It's weird to watch and if there's the option for like this instant success, like what's the, then people try to do whatever that person did or a version of what that person does, and more and more outrageous. Like all these people pulling pranks, like someone's gonna be killed. These people have gotten close to being killed. Like some guy pants this dude, and the guy's gun dropped out of his sweatpants. Outside of like this hip hop place. Yeah, what? He pants to do to the hip hop. And his fucking gun falls out. And you're filming it? Yeah. Yo. I don't know man, they've been saying that for years. Ever since Jackass, even before that, probably. That's true. I mean, we're fucking humans, we're always gonna kill ourselves. We're so stupid. I mean, I didn't like Johnny Knoxville like fuck up his dick. [1:42:03] Yeah, he broke his dick. Yeah, he like, he like, flayed it. Yeah, he broke his dick. Yeah, he like flayed it. And it fucking joked. Ah. Yeah, what did he do to break his dick? I forget. I think he was trying to flip a motorcycle. Oh. And he let go of it or something. That guy's been punched by butter bean. He's like so many things have gone wrong. He's one of the nicest L celebrities. Very nice. Nice. He seems awesome. He's a cool ass dude. His wife's really nice too. But the fact that even after being a movie star, he's still willing to go to bowl, launch him through the air, blindfolded. So he has to use a catheter for three and a half years. Jeez. Whoa. Yeah, he landed on his crotch. The bike flew into the air and landed on his crotch. Oh my god. Oh, so it works. Yeah, this is Dick works. Somebody that works for us was just talking about how they had to have a catheter and they kept getting harder. So [1:43:03] they had to grease it before they went to bed. Imagine if that's their thing now. It becomes like a fetish, like a foot fetish. Exactly. It's like the sexual cannibal. Imagine trying to bring that up with a lady. Try and say, well, there's this thing I like to do. I put a tube down there. Shovel tube, it's a bite down there. Wait, what? She was open for anal. Like what are you saying? What are you trying to do to me? Where's the tube go when it's inside of me? What if it gets stuck in there? I should know. It's just for me. Fuck me with a tube in your dick, you psycho. Oh my God. It's only like a little piece of the tube. I won't go in all the way. What? And then the tube guns up, it's getting stuck in there like that sea turtle where they are the pull straw out of his nose. Oh my God, man. Ha ha ha. Maybe it's a little too excited and he rams it into hard. Like a shit fuck. It's horrible too. Because there's fucking tears coming out of the turtle's eyes. You know what I mean? It's just worst video video video ruined straws. Yeah now straws are all paper. That's why the straws went on 100% [1:44:07] Okay without getting hate Come on because if it's really cardboard straws are the worst soggy straw if it's really for just animals We would have gotten rid of bottle caps a long time ago bottle caps are one of the biggest problems with birds birds eat these fucking bottle caps They don't know what they are. And so they find these plastic floating bottle caps and one of eating them. There's like videos of these, they've done autopsies on these birds where they open them up and their stomachs are filled with bottle caps. They're like plastic bottles. So the idea that you should use a paper straw in a fucking bottle that we have a cap. What about the caps? What about the wrapping the paper straw comes and shut the fuck up. It's one video, one video of a turtle. It has to be. Cause here's the other thing too. If you have a paper straw, I guarantee there's a coating inside of that paper straw that has to keep the straw [1:45:02] from turning into mush. What's that coating made out of? Is it worse for you than plastic straws? I have a feeling it probably is. Like what's in that fucking coating? But let's find that out. Find that out, Jamie. What is in the coating in paper straws? Because it can't be good for you. It could just be wax. I hope it's wax. Dude, speaking of that, Do you know any way that actually enjoyed wax slips? The little lichrist side of it? Yeah, like what the fuck was that? What's in it there? Most common use coding material for paper straws are polyethylene PE or acrylic resin. The same materials used for making plastic bags and adhesives. Paper cups are also coated with the same materials as paper straws. Okay. Is that your... So you're stuck in on a plastic bag? You're stuck on polyethylene or acrylic resin is what you're stuck on. So here's the question, how much of that gets in your system from that? Because we know that there's microplastics [1:46:01] that are in everybody's body. You're getting microplastics all this time. So is this shit bad for you? What is the side effects of this stuff? Does it say Jamie? Side effects? Let's try that. Side effects in humans. Is it safe? Burning sensation is probably a thaline has been extensively reviewed by regulatory authorities and determined to be non-hazardous by normal roots of exposure including skin contact, inhalation and ingestion. Oh, that's straight from the chemical company. Okay, here it says exposure to high doses of polyethylene was found to decrease cell viability and increase the production of reactive oxygen species in cell bidochondria, which are vital energy producing organelles. So it's good for you. So it seems like it's not good for you to get a lot of it, but they're saying it's okay in the doses they're giving you, it's been shown to have adverse effects on cells, [1:47:01] exposure to high doses of it. So if exposure is a high doses of it or bad for you, what is this? How bad for you is exposed to low doses? Is it accumulative? Does it build up in your body? It must just hang out in your liver or something. What are those forever chemicals that everyone's terrified of? There's certain forever chemicals that are coatings of things that can get into your body. What does that mean? Because people say that all the time. These things have like BPAs. They're forever chemicals. Right. Maybe like the half life is just incredibly long. Okay. PFAS, that's what it is. Forever chemicals found in tap water. Jesus Christ PFA's are per and poly Florinated Acgal substances known as forever chemicals are a large chemical family over 10,000 highly persistent chemicals that don't occur in nature Oh great [1:48:00] They don't occur in nature, but we know how to make them They don't occur in age, but we know how to make them. PFOA and PFOS are found in items ranging from cookware and paper food packaging to personal care products, carpeting and firefighting foam and provide stain resistance. PFOA is a suspected endocrine disruptor and possible carcinogen and PFOS has been linked to fertility problems. We are vungen poison in ourselves. Oh man. We are poison in ourselves. I had this lady on her name is Dr. Shana Swann and she wrote a book called Countdown and it's all about all these different microplastics and chemicals getting into our bodies and the effect that it's having on human development It's bananas. I bet I mean I just I remember going through my grandfather's Garage as a kid and just seeing like this isn't the 80s, but see that well my mom I used to keep it DDT and I was oh yeah [1:49:00] No way, but he would have all the stuff that was definitely illegal by the 80s, you know, like whatever chemicals and spray shit. That shit, I mean I'm sure there's such crazy... That's how my grandpa died. He was a handyman and a yard guy and had his own company. And you know, for every job he would take the fertilizer in the bucket, put the water in, he put his hand in and he stirred up and Yeah, he had he had spawn cancer everywhere. Oh god roundup or whatever. Yeah, it was just the common thing He got at the harbour stood. I've heard I've heard horse race about people at golfers who keep their teas in their mouth Because shit they put on the golf course is fucking horrible. I've heard that too. Jamie your golfer Shit, they put him a golf course, it's fucking horrible. I've heard that too, Jamie, you're a golfer. Yeah, I'll do it. Bad, I mean, that's... Do you know of anybody who got sick from doing that? That's what I said. What is it? I knew a dude who lived next to a golf course and from drinking groundwater got bone cancer. Yeah, it's not... It's not a heavy... Not. This dude had a fake femur. He had like a rod because he developed cancer in his femur. [1:50:09] They've got the grass and shit. Let's put all this crazy. That's why becoming a new parent nowadays is such madness because you start to investigate this shit and it's fucking crazy. The fear is it just continues to get worse. It's not getting better. And there's more of these kind of chemicals, things that are introduced into our lives. And as industrial agriculture grows, and regenerative agriculture is more difficult to do, and it's sort of niche, it's scarier and scarier. You start going down like the rabbit hole, like what is it like the chemicals from like antidepressants don't, you know, they don't deteriorate so they're like now and you can find them in like tap water. Yeah you can find them in this. People piss them out. So we're a rare snopes true. The story I mean it doesn't know about how much it happens but it happened for sure and it's a pretty crazy. Okay it says [1:51:01] Navy lieutenant George and prior 30 play 36 holes a golf golf the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. Even before the last hole, Pryor was complaining of a headache by nightfall. He was feverish and nauseated and had developed a rash. Four days later, Pryor was in Bethesda, Naval Hospital with 104.5 degree fever as body covered in blisters. He died 10 days later after a toxic substance had burned the skin from 80% of his body covered in blisters. He died 10 days later after a toxic substance had burned the skin from 80% of his body And caused his major organs to fail the toxic substance was determined to be Daccanil an FDA approved fungicide that had been sprayed on the army Navy golf course twice a week Prior, apparently at a hypersensitivity to the chemical used in the fungicide causing a severe allergic reaction His widow filed a $20 million loss who'd against the manufacturer Diamond Shamrock chemical company the lawsuit was eventually settled out a court Wow Yeah, man. Whoa Heavy whoa [1:52:01] Just putting a tea in your mouth. That's like I think that the the Bill Murray character in a caddy shack You know, I think he's affected by the golf course chemical Well, they kind of make sense that like it doesn't really make sense. You have that much grass Like how do you have all that grass? How do you what are you doing to keep that grass happy? Yeah, we hung out with Bill Murray last week. What was that like? Introduced us on stage was fucking amazing introduced you and then he jumped on stage and started playing bongos. Well we're playing the only one That's amazing. That's amazing. He's a man. He's like how old is he? I think he's born in 1950. He's 74. He's just fucking like fast smart. No, he hasn't slowed down at all. I already doesn't have a phone that you have to call an answering. You see, he's just, he's just whipsmart and like just like 1950, bam, son on the nose. [1:53:01] Three for three. That's four. That was a fourth, right? Well, it's just so fast. You know, I mean, was that the third one really, really nice? Um, yeah, my super fan of Bill Murray. And, uh, I've actually just too nervous to even speak to him the first time I met him. I sat right behind him. Actually, my brother sat right behind him. And I sat right behind his brother at game seven of the World Series in Cleveland when the Cubs beat the Indians. And it was it was amazing, but I was too nervous to talk to him. My brother of course hit him on the shoulder. I was like, you know, Bill says something sassy to him, but his brother had had like, you know, like the the font on his phone at like 72 point, you know, I mean? I could read it from behind him. And at one point he text, he was texting like someone that said, what's the score? I'm too drunk to read the score. That's hilarious. [1:54:02] Yeah, that's hilarious. Yeah, that's hilarious. But I think about this a lot is like watching sports in the 80s when I was a kid, like, how do we even see the television? Like, because the TV would be like this big. Yeah. And you watched the footage on YouTube now, like it looks, did it look better on TV back then? You can't even see what the fuck's happening. Like, you're probably getting copies of copies, so maybe it's deteriorated. But the television quality back then was awful. I mean, I'm trying to think that anybody actually watching it, I mean, that's what my dad used to always just listen to the games. And I don't know what probably was better than watching the fucking thing. Yeah, I wonder. I wonder how good the cameras even picked up like high speed motion and shit, right? Because it's all just film cameras, right? It's with the exposure vary, depending on what you're focusing on. Yeah, old basketball footage is pretty trash. Yeah. I wanna see what that looks like. Oh, it's basketball. Let's watch some basketball from like the 50s. [1:55:02] Let's watch it from the 80s. You won't be listening to anything. The 50s probably looks good. Yeah, okay. The 80s. Let's try basketball from the 80s. Yeah, they didn't have digital cameras. Big difference. Look at that shit. Barely see what's happening. Well, they would be able to focus on people's faces. But like when you're watching guys run and they change their distance. Maybe that's why we these were so popular in the 80s because it's the only time you could clearly see. That's the whole point. That's hilarious. Look at that footage. Dude, you can't make out anybody's face. Yeah, everything was so low to get the low resolution. You either have to have sports illustrated or weedies to tell who's fucking playing sports. It's a resolution's awful. All of the 80s footage like this. You could recreate this in AI, like that. No problem. I'm actually trying to shoot a real UFO [1:56:01] with a camera like this, trying to show it to the party. No, man, I saw this shit. If you ever seen anything? You know, I saw something once and it was right after 9-11 and it was weird because I'd seen this fireball kind of go through the sky like a day or two earlier. This was all during the no-fly period of time right after 9-11. But what I saw that was, I still don't know what the fuck it was, was, and it was, I was driving to my girlfriend from Akron, she went to school at the time, she's going to Oberlin. It's really liberal school out in middle of nowhere. In Ohio and I was driving out there, and it's on the way towards the FAA headquarters, is like in a Lorraine or a Luria, Ohio. That's where they monitor all the flights for North America or for the United States. And anyways, driving out there [1:57:01] and saw this thing hovering over a house. And it was, I took no, there and saw this thing, however, and over a house and it was, you know, I took no because like no fly zone It was like right and it looked like a helicopter or something like because there's a light coming down, but no other lights and But it was like only a hundred feet above this house in the middle of nowhere right along the same stretch of road rides seeing this fireball like a couple days earlier and I was driving a stick shift Ford Escort and I put it in neutral and rolled down the windows as I got closer. And there was no sound coming from this thing. And my girlfriend had one of those next cell phones, the early cell phone. And she turned it on because you should call someone, call the police something this is insane and a minute like the screen turned on this thing just like took off it didn't go like thousands of miles an hour but it went really really fast it made no sound and just was like that's the only thing I've ever seen but I still don't know what the fuck it was wow [1:58:02] but you see weird shit like in Ohio because there's right, Patterson Air Force Base there. Yeah. One time I was driving, we were on two hours driving us in the right, like the tree lines on the side of the road and right, I'm just driving in a hairy or just like pops up, like, you know, those planes they can just popped up, like like right maybe hundred yards from the road But yeah, that's what that's what they apparently keep the alien corpses, you know Yeah, that's what they supposedly flew the wreckage from Roswell, New Mexico to write patterns in Air Force air for space It's a good place to keep it because I'm from Ohio and I've never actually been into Dayton Ohio Just the outside of Dayton. If they do still have that there, that's really rude. You should let people see that. If you guys really did find a fucking crash UFO, how about it, little heads up. [1:59:00] It's rude. It's rude that they've had it for so long. And we've just been, people go to their grave just guessing They don't they say that like they uh they're recovered Apparently they recovered materials and stuff they in order to Not have to turn it over to the public they keep just giving it to private Defense contractors Really that's who holds the materials I think that's what that well I would imagine if I was the government and I had a crashed UFO that's why I bring it to the private defense contractors I would they're really good at keeping secrets they already know how to make your weapons and they know how to do stuff that you don't know how to do they're doing it for you like it's not like the fucking government themselves makes the missiles there's a higher people to make missiles. There's this massive building in Akron called the AirDoc. It was built in the late 20s. So they could build blimps because they used to build all the blimps in Akron. It's incredible. It looks like Star Wars. I mean, it's fucking nuts. Because it's right in the middle of a neighborhood. [2:00:00] It rains. It has its own atmosphere. It rains inside there. Wow. Yeah. It's the most ominous-looking structure. It's so fucking long and big. It's like, holy shit. Yeah. That's so big. It's like right, you know, you see it from like the whole south side of the city. But now they have like this crazy perimeter around it. It's Lockheed Martin. I think Controls it. I don't and I like what the fuck are they building in there? But you can't get close to it. You can't get close at all. What they're building there is probably Minor league stuff the stuff they build out in the middle of nowhere That's I'm saying carved into the mountain. That's the scary shit. That's what I'm saying I think most of what people are seeing is a government aircraft What's what I'm saying? I think most of what people are seeing is a government aircraft. Like you're a drone or something. That's why they won't even acknowledge the hypersonic missile. Like they just announced that they're like discontinuing research on the hypersonic missile when clearly they must have the, you know, they must be fully operational. [2:01:00] Yeah, I would imagine they would tell us. Like they don't have to. Yeah. That's one of the most incredible things about the way the government works is that the amount of money that they get that was that that was the argument for the reason why this hasn't been disclosed like the government doesn't want to come out and say well it was the money allocation like you lie yet of lied to congress about where the money was going well some of us saying like it's like the opposite of braincommanship. Like, there's weapons that exist that if other countries knew they existed, would just be such a fucking threat that it would cause awards. The idea that someone had something like, that no other country had, you know, that you could wield that kind of weapon. So there's weapons to get invented and have to remain top secret because it would just upend the whole fucking power structure. Damn. Well, that's what those fucking drones are. That makes sense. If the whole power structure would get, I mean, how would it not get upended by something that doesn't rely on conventional propulsion and moves insane in a way that, like it's not even physically possible. [2:02:05] We had no sound, that tick-tack thing. Like if that thing is ours, and they've had it since 2004. Right, imagine what they're at now. And also, what are they making now? I'm not sure that AI stuff is just, that's the weapon that like, I'm sure. Yeah. I mean. And they're also developing quantum quantum computing Which will apparently like all pass codes all that nonsense. It's all out the window now. Yeah, it'll be able to sort all that out really quick Yeah, I mean That's that Yeah, I think yeah things are gonna get progressively more insane over the next decade Yeah, they're gonna get fucking real weird. Yeah, exponentially crazy. Real weird. Yeah. But yeah, Dan and I always talk about why are all these billionaires building bonkers? That's like what the fuck? We looked at some bunkers for sale. But you wanna live though. You'd be surprised that you can find some [2:03:00] like the old Missile Silas. Really cool furnished. Fully furnished. If we go back to full on Mad Max days, like if there's a nuclear war, what are you coming back to? What's gonna be left? Well, I tell you what we have to do is take acid, praise each other. That will be safe. And listen to your music. Yeah. Yeah. We were talking about Kuresh before we started a podcast that was he was out here in Waco and that they're all failed rock stars Yeah, like a lot of these guys their failed rock stars Manson Koresh. Yeah, there's probably a bunch of them Jim Jones kind of look he looks like he could have been allowed guitar player named Glenn Schwartz from Cleveland. He was one of our big influences. He played in a cult during the 70s. And yeah, the cult leader was just a failed rock star. He played in a cult. He had one of the first Christian rock bands. Ever. The All Saved Freak band. He All Saved Freak band. They actually have some insane guitar riffs. [2:04:02] What's that? Because Glen Schwartz is playing guitar They did he turned the guy turned out this guy named Glen Schwartz and he He became a follower of his and like he was one of the most ripping guitar players. Oh my god The Jimmy Hendrix playing Christian rock. What's that they have one song on salvation of the white Hendrix? Dude we used to go see him at this little bar in the flats on in the on the right on the river in Cleveland Was lost to a religious call. Whoa. We had him open for us a couple of times that he would just go on these rants screaming. Religious rants. It was incredible. Oh, wow. So he would do the religious rants here between the songs. That's what he looks like now. He passed away a few years ago, but he was the original guitar player in the James gang. See look there's Dan and Joe Walsh. Yeah we played with him. We flew him down to he was he was one of Joe Walsh's first influences. Joe said the reason he wanted to play rock and roll is because of Glenn. Wow. And now imagine that because Joe's the guy who gave Jimmy Page the last Paul you know what I mean just like he's also got it changed the Eagles [2:05:07] He changed a lot of things Change a lot of things anyway Glen was amazing Wow, so what was this religious cult what was it called? I don't I don't remember what it was called but acid acid definitely played a role. Absolutely. Yeah. Well, that's the thing about making these things legal. That's the real, when people say that we're propping up the cartel, true. Yes, definitely. And I think you should be able to do whatever you want as a grown adult. However, if we do make things legal, we're gonna lose some folks. Yeah. We're gonna lose some folks. We're going to lose some folks. There's going to be, there's drugs out there that I don't give a fuck if Purdue, Pharma is making it. Even if it's pure, like people are going to die. For sure. And are we willing to do that? There's going to be a bunch of people that try heroin. [2:06:02] If heroin becomes legal. I'm not going to do gonna do it, but I'm a 56 year old man. I'm not an 18 year old kid that'd be like, fuck it, I'll try it. With some of this like unregulated psychedelic stuff, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to microdose mushrooms and I was like I said you know of course like this is small amount and like I was in LA in an Uber driving down sunset and all of a sudden like I realized that it was not a microdose it was like I was like what the fuck how she was like, there's two and a half grams in the whole bar. And I was like, no, there's no, it was like two and a half grams in each. Square. Square. Each and a half. I had like one and a half. I was like, there's no fucking way. I can't even read my phone. It looks like, you know, [2:07:05] it's all digital. And I had to tell the Uber driver to turn the fucking music change it, because it was just like, I was going into, I could felt like I was inside of a computer. Oh my God. And I was like, we were making our record. I was like, get me back to the hotel. We were staying at the Chateau, Marmont. And this is our first time staying there in like five years we had or longer we had it because they had like tried to turn into a private club and It was kind of close to the public because we're back there for the first time and I'm like fucking tripping my balls off I'm like just get me back to the fucking room and I'm like you know be lining up the stairs and the security guys like He's like, he's like, excuse me. What are you doing here? I'm saying, I'm staying here. He's like, where's your key? I was like, I don't know. He's like, what's your name? And I like, dude, my, my alias was a, don't tell you, alias. [2:08:00] I'll change it, but it was, it's Sir Eaton Hog from Spinal Tap. He's like, what's your name? I'm like, Eaton Hog. He's like, leave the premises immediately. And then I was like, what? He's like, leave the premises immediately. And then finally, I'm like freaking out. The general manager comes out, like, Mr. Hog, please come to your room. I think you don't know what's happening to me right now. What's cool about that? But I get the guy look like that was the question you. He looks like a bond villain. The hotel alias always fucks us up. No one's ever called and looking for us. So that's what they tell you. That's one of the big things for people that aren't actually famous that they make you feel better by being, Dan Pat, you need the alias now. That's like rule number one of like, how to make your client feel better as a manager. Like, ah. [2:09:00] So now all that happens is when we have it, we're just trying to get like, in those real key, you were like, no, it's under an alias, we're like, excuse me. And I'm like, who the fuck do you think you are? I'm a fucking fake name. No one's recognized you ever in this hotel. Like, there's someone actually famous sitting right there, like Susan Strandins right here, who the fuck do you think? She's under her real name, by the way. He's the type of guy to stop. He's like, in fake name. Yeah, but if you announced that, the thing that you're looking for, now you got to change sir, he didn't hog though. I've worn it out. I want to, yeah. I want the attention. I want to start checking in. And you're like Sean Penn or something. Ha ha ha ha. Sean Penn and guest. He's done a lot of groundwork over the years. He might just be random ladies calling for you all the time. That dude is, he's wild. He does some wild shit. Going down to South America or to Mexico and talking to El Chapo. What? What are you doing? He's writing for the Rolling Stone. [2:10:01] And then El Chapo got the donna prison. He was in Haiti, too, right? Was he in Haiti? Imagine Sean Pynes a problem. And he was in Ukraine, too. You see, you want to melt zosters to make bullets? It's like Bono and, you know, and they're attracted to, like, they need that kind of attention, whatever it is. Well, I think they feel a social responsibility that comes with their fans. It's like guys that wanna save a chick. Our friend Brian calls him Captain Sava Ho. Ever in that one before? Yeah, that's a good one. There are guys like that. That white knight. I generally think those guys are guys with problems that want to avoid their own problems. They look at those girls and go, I'm gonna fix that. Have you thought about getting into psychiatry. I think I have I'm gonna get a couch Do you think champagne and bono might have some sort of complex? Dude I got a funny story dude My one of my best friends [2:11:03] Was dating this chick This is in the in the late 90s. He was you know totally in love with her I won one of my best friends, was dating this chick. This is in the late 90s. He was totally in love with her. And then I lived in it. He had several apartments, but he was in New York, there in New York, and he was walking to his job and he had to take a shit. So he had a key to his girlfriend's apartment. He pops into her apartment and he's sitting on toilet taking a shit and this is the answer machine goes off and this is you know back then the phone would ring the answer machine would come up and you could hear the person leaving the message. It was Sean Penn calling his girlfriend being like I had so much fun fucking you this week. Oh my god. Oh my god While he's taking a shit. Oh my god. Oh My god I'd show much fun fucking good this weekend I'm gonna be great at it. [2:12:05] Sean Connery. Sean Penn. Who are you? Do you imagine if you got that phone call, like a Silentsky college girl friend? That was a tough wipe for that guy. Could you imagine? Did Sean Penn's meeting with El Chapo Health Authority's track down the Kingpin? Is that, that is what happened, right? Yeah, Sean Penn says no, but there might be documents to say otherwise. But wasn't something about tracking his cell phone? He was arrested days later. I was trying to read through it to find the proof, but like, like, I didn't really find an actual proof. I don't know that the actual proof, they're not going to say like, like yet 100% this is exactly what we did i think the more intelligent and crafty of the drug cartel leaders they don't tell you who they are anymore i think you know i think like them guys on the ground know but i don't think there's any else how it's like when goddy was the mafia king yeah you have a bad to bad track record to be a [2:13:01] celebrity uh... uh... criminal yeah yeah yeah track record to be a celebrity criminal. Yeah. Seems like the greatest mobsters are the ones they never do the movies about. Yeah. Or their clever, like Vits and the Chingigante, who would wear a bathrobe and walk around like he was a crazy person. And then the FBI installed wires on every hubcap of every car down his route. So they parked their own cars there. So they could catch this guy talking. So he would talk like pretend he's crazy. And he would say listen, this motherfucker, we're gonna kill him once he gives up 50%. And so he was going over his fucking telling his captains what to do. So he had the cover was that he was insane. The cover was that he was nuts. So he would wear a bathrobe and act like a crazy person. Yeah. That's a good cover. I think it can get you out of a lot of shit. That's what Biden's doing. Well, please, in insanity too, to like, you know, get you out of a lot of shit. Yeah. Sure. Blaming Zolloft and cocaine. Have you heard the craziest one? What? This This chick was on a date with this guy. She'd bidate him a little bit. They smoked weed and she stabbed him 108 times and [2:14:11] she got off on probation, right? Something crazy and the idea is that the marijuana caused her to be so psychotic that she stabbed this guy a hundred times. Jesus. What? Yeah. Imagine. Okay. Um, jurors found 30, uh, brins specter. Okay. The police tried to stop her. Will not search. She will not serve any prison time. The judge is ruled. Um, 32 year old from Ventura County, Guilty and December of involuntary manslaughter after he stabbed her boyfriend. How's that involuntary? When he stabs someone 108 times while high on cannabis, involuntary. Well, that's interesting. Both took several hits from a bond loaded with marijuana. She had an adverse reaction to the marijuana [2:15:02] and suffered from what experts call cannabis-induced psychotic disorder. Boy, you don't want to fucking set that president. Set that president of... I mean, that just means everyone should carry an emergency joint in their pocket if they ever get in trouble just fucking... She stabbed, she also stabbed her dog and tried to knife her cell. I ended up accidentally stabbed my friend 108 times. Good thing I had this emergency joint. Alibi joint. Her dog and she stabbed herself to stab herself in the neck. Happened in 2018. I thought the story just yeah, the story just went around, but it happened over six years ago. Interesting. What the fuck, dude? I mean, that seems a little odd. The alibod joint. What state was that in? California. California's amazing. [2:16:00] That's a lost state. And they just keep going down that hole. My friend just got back from San Francisco and he's like, it was insane. He's like, you can't believe it's real. 100 hours. Not even 108. 100 hours. Oh, Jamie, look at this figure. Jamie, look at this figure. That's a Tony Hinch cliff line. That's like something Tony would say. That's hilarious. Man, we love that kill Tony's stuff. It's amazing. That he's been doing over there. The show's amazing. He does arena shows now. Yeah, I know. It's incredible. It's so fun. It's such a fun. And it's the anchor of comedy in Austin. It's the anchor of comedy really in the country because it gives people that are like legitimately just starting out you can become famous on that show. These guys are all like touring now, like William Montgomery's fucking killing it. Killing it on the road. David Lucas is killing it on the road. Casey Rockett, he works at a club. He's awesome. These young guys, they're fucking good man. [2:17:03] And they're real, and you have one minute on that show. So there's no room for bullshit and virtue signaling and you know, this is my stance on Shut the fuck up. Funny. Let's go. So it's like it sets this tone or it doesn't matter what your perspective is. Just make it good. Make it funny. You got a minute and then you're gonna get judged and roasted by comedians and they're gonna roast each other and it's just it's a free like you could say anything it's fun and everybody wants you to they want you to say anything yeah they don't seem like they're like trying to hurt anybody's feelings not just fun it's fun they're doing it to each other and laughing hard like when David Lucas and Tony Hinchcliffe roached each roast each other it's some of the funniest shit I've ever seen in my life. I sometimes I can't breathe Cuz I'm sitting right next to them whether going after each other and they're both so quick They're so good at it. Did you catch a poorie's kill Tony shout out? What do you say you don't you asked about the guilty? He's like I never gonna stop doing him [2:18:06] That's not William Montgomery. No, that's him. No, that's him saying, I'm never gonna stop going for it. It's kind of the way he said it though. That's interesting. I don't think that's, I think he was just saying, I'm never gonna stop. It seemed very out of no. Because that's his shit. That's his go-to submission is the gu I'm not asking for a scene. Cause he almost got good even that. He said I'm never gonna stop him. Yeah, I think we're gonna go do the William Montgomery podcast. Fuck yeah, you should do it. He's a fucking national treasure. He's a weird dude. We're gonna get on there, we're gonna get that on there on co-tales early and ride him in. I want you to be real cogniz turn really hoax you. He's gonna odd way. Like he's thinking of murdering you. He's amazing. He's so funny, dude. He does remind me of friends I had from Memphis too. Memphis, Memphis people talking in a particular way. It's funny. Well, have you ever seen when his father and his mother come on the show? I haven't seen that. [2:19:00] His father and his mother came to see him when they did the theater in town, the HEB Center. And he was dressed, what was he wearing? He was wearing like a leather strap across his chest. Leather cod piece. Like bare legs, bare arms, bare chest. Like he was dressed in some fucking SNM shit. And then he did stand up. And it was amazing. It was amazing. It was amazing. It was amazing. But Killtony is like, it gives comics an opportunity to get in front of the fucking biggest live show that exists on YouTube. And it sets a great tone. It's a fun thing. It gives people an understanding too. They'll give you good tips too. Like try to concentrate on this and how did you try this on your friends? How do you develop this stuff? How long have you been doing it? Where'd you start? It's real fast too. It's very successful. [2:20:00] And it's live. People love that kind of shit where it's just like it's all improvised. It's happening in the moment. It's really happening live. Well, we're hoping to go to your club while we're here. Well, you're going, man. You're going tonight. Let's go. I want you guys to see Shane. Shane Gillis is one of the funniest human beings ever lived. I'll see you there tonight. Yeah, he's amazing. We love Shane. I'm making trees coming beautiful dogs. Yeah, we're funny. We're big fans of him. Yeah, he's awesome He's such a good dude, too. He's the shit He's like everything you'd hope he'd be he's like that 24 seven. That's cool. How he is on podcasts. That's how he is He's awesome. He lives here now. Yeah We've always yeah, it feels like it's like an exciting time for comedy in a way. It is. It is. You know, you kind of lead in the charge there too. Well we've got a great group that are here now and everybody really appreciates it. They really appreciate that we're all together in this and that's what's fun about it. It's like it's a real community. We've always been like, we've fangirl out over comedians more than musicians. [2:21:07] Well, that's the opposite for me too. I fangirl out on musicians. Because I do zero fucking, I don't know how to do anything. So when I see you guys, it's just, to me, it's magic. Like you guys are making magic. You're making magic that is like a drug. You know, like if I'm alone and I'm driving to go to a comedy club and I throw a sinister kid on, I get fucking fired up. That's a drug, man. It's a drug. It gives you a feeling. It's just like a drug. You hear a good fucking, oh fuck yeah. And you're, you're driving, you know, it's like you're, you're experiencing the art physically. It's not just like that painting's beautiful. You know, a good fucking song when you're on a treadmill, you're like, woo! Let's fucking go. You'll crank that speed up. You get, you feel different. You guys make magic. We just sit around sending each other [2:22:00] like normal McDonald clips. That was a wonder. There's one where he's talking about gay porn. Have you seen that? What do you say? He just is like, you know, there's these poor, I like, he's like, porn's my favorite movie, but there's this one type of porn. I just can't get into it. Gay porn. It's just everyone. There's not a single good one It's just men fucking other men So funny it's like a minute long, but it's just like I've watched it like 50 times He was doing this thing about Guys fucking guys in the ass. He's like I'm sorry. I'll clean up my language. I'm sorry Everyone went I was here some of you never hear anybody say he may love to me in the ass. He's like, I'm sorry. I'll clean up my language. I'm sorry for my nitrous. Here's some of you never hear anybody say. He may love to me in my ass. What a fucking G that guy was. I didn't even tell anybody who had cancer. He was dying. I'm [2:23:02] gonna go visit someone in Canada. Incredible move. Yeah. Just said I'm gonna go visit someone in Canada. Incredible move. Yeah, I said I'm gonna go out my own terms. He's amazing. I was randomly on flights sitting next to him twice. Really? Just random. Unbelievable. I knew him. I knew him from the clubs. So it was awesome. But it's just complete random that we got sat next to each other twice. So two flights. I got a full, like, Norm McDonald experience, we just laugh and talk and laugh and he was amazing. One flight, he was telling me, yeah, quit cigarettes. So I fucking, fucking cigarettes are terrible. And they just tell me how great he feels now that he quit cigarettes the whole deal. The moment we land, he runs right to the gifts of buys cigarettes and was lighting it before he got out the door. He goes, all that talk about cigarettes. I fucking want one. Amazing. He was amazing. Just total dumb luck sat next to him twice. [2:24:03] I've never sat next to a famous person on a plane. That was the thing, dude. No. Wait, I didn't know he was. He had an alias. Actually, Susan Sarandon was on her plane here, but I didn't. I was a C-t away. It doesn't count. Dude, my friend of mine has the craziest story about you sitting on a, he was on a southwest flight that was like from LA to Nashville, but it stopped in Phoenix at first and they picked up this woman got on the plane and my friend was on the aisle. This chick was in the middle and this guy was on the window and the guy just starts hitting on this chick and they start kind of like on a flight from you know over like a red eye back to Nashville like the guy in the grotto is hitting on each other and then like she like you know starts like fooling around with him. Like it's asked for a blanket and like blows him on the plane. [2:25:07] In front of him and my friends just like, what the fuck is going on? This is incredible. And then like afterwards, he's like, so what do you do? She's like, I'm an actress. And I was like, oh yeah, what kind of movies? She's like, you know,p movies and like, they land, he gets her name and like, she did just like, broken the AIDS protocol and that like being kicked out of the porn industry. And the guy's just blown by her on a plane. She just broke the AIDS protocol. Yeah. Oh my God. This is the story. I mean, this is years ago. But who's that woman that was married to Antonio Benderas, a famous actress? Melony Griffith. Melony Griffith. I was on a plane to England once with her and it was an overnight flight and you know so she's lying there sleeping. So her you [2:26:02] know seats reclined. She's lying there sleeping and this is very fat guy who's in the chair right across the aisle. So the way it lines up her face is right where his ass is and this guy starts farting. I mean he started farting too. I was awake. I was on my computer. I was awake. I was like what the fuck? This guy is farting in the face of a famous actress. And I was like, imagine if this was this guy's plot all along, this is what I want. He's like, he's like, he's like, he's got a fart fetish. He's like, you're telling me she's going to be on this flight. I want my seat to line up where my ass is going to be in her face like if that's what he was into you couldn't have lined it up any better Dude she she probably so resilient to the grossest fart She grew up like in a house surrounded by like a hundred of lions. Yes tiger. Yes I'm friends with yeah, there's a dog a her getting dragged into the pool by the lion that [2:27:00] That footage is bananas and that movie that they made. What is it called? Rage? Roar? Roar. They made a movie with all these fucking cats. I'm friends with Dakota Johnson, her daughter. And I've known her for, I guess, you know. Before she was famous, you know what I mean? And she was told me, she told me like, that her mom grew up with all these cats. And I didn't I mean I didn't not believe her but I had no idea until I started seeing this She's lying in bed with a lion. I mean a lion for an actual lion Yeah, it's saying that she's probably she probably maybe enjoyed the guys It's quite a relief She's a flashback the time on the farm. Yeah. So that was another time I flew a famous person. Yeah. You know that I got set makes the Billy Gibbons one time. Oh wow. That's fucking awesome. [2:28:00] That's fucking awesome. Yeah. Showed me pictures of cars and shit the whole time. It's fucking amazing. I got sat next to Ed O'Neill once. That was pretty awesome. Ed O'Neill from Married with Chosen. Bundy. Bundy. He's a legend. Legitimate Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Really? Yup. He's a real black belt. Yeah, like legit. Everybody I know that's rolled with him, legit. And you know, we talked to Jiu-Jitsu for like two hours. That's cool. It was amazing. Is that what Zuckerberg's into? Yeah, he's into MMA. He does Jiu-Jitsu too though. Jiu-Jitsu is a part of MMA. Have you seen this? Has he got the goods? He definitely is training. He definitely knows what he's doing. He's training with really good people Like he was out here training with like top flight jiu jitsu people and he you know He's got access to all these people that are interested in training with them trains with UFC people He loves it. He actually blew his ACL out doing it and the boards worried about him like that it could Negatively affect the company him engaging in this very dangerous violent activity. [2:29:06] He competed in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Here's he, and he's won. He's good. Like, he's a very smart dude. He's very competitive. And he trains with really good guys. There he's with Israel Adesonia and Alex Volkynowski. Yeah, he's into it, man. Like, he's legitimately putting in the work. It's exciting. It's fun. His bangs do it. His bangs always bother me. His bangs? Yeah, like the way his hair. It's like crazy girl style. Crazy girl style. I'm gonna see it again. Let me see what you're talking about. There. It needs to go up. That's an odd look. Maybe it's like I'm a billionaire I want to look too good. I know what it is. It's kind of like a little bit a little seas Irish He's like that. You know the movies were like the hot girl takes her glasses off right and he needs to get glasses put on him [2:30:02] That's what happened to me I can't you can't look my face, but put the glasses on. It's the opposite for guys. Too good, man. You put the fucking shit glasses on. The glasses on. Right, and it makes you at least look smart. There he goes. There he goes. Now he's looking good. I think you're right. Yeah. I really think you're right. Wait a minute not those glasses not those glasses the meta glasses not the little clear ones Yeah, you could use to spy on people there you go That's a fucking weird new thing. You have to be aware of people wearing sunglasses that can film you It's a big one for perverts. I'm sure oh Yeah, you know Pat played with them on stage They sent me a pair You know, it was trying to like, but it's just like if you watch the footage, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's like, it's something people don't really pick up unless you got the mic right here [2:31:06] He didn't tell me about it either He just put the glasses on side of stage for the encore. That's hilarious I mean that conversations were ongoing in your presence. I looked at him. I was like What the fuck are you doing dude? Am I on camera right now? You knew about it? I mean possibly you didn't camera right now. You knew about it? I mean, possibly you didn't, but. But. Hahaha. That's also like, you know, there's a lot of times when Dan big, no one to fuck and told me this. It's been in the calendar for like two months. It's weird because there's not gonna be a time, there's gonna be a time rather in the future where you're not gonna be able to stop people from recording things. They're just gonna be able to record everything No matter what I mean them They don't don't already do that. They're gonna be able to do it into contact lenses They're gonna be able to figure out a way where it's not even a glass. It's just a contact lens If the if things keep going the way they're going this way, like they keep getting smaller and smaller and more effective, [2:32:06] they'll probably figure out a way to make it a contact lens. Yeah, it's like people who film like concert videos, I mean people film, people go back and look at all that shit they're filming. No, no. It's like fireworks. I don't think anybody's ever watched a wedding video. Like, that people watch. Who? I've had people force me to watch their wedding video what? What the fuck yeah, yeah, I've never seen a wedding You only ever see you know what those are made so that if case someone gets murdered they can use it in forensic files That's how he's looking at the bride. Look how happy he was seemingly. Right, seemingly. Right. They're never, that's all they're used for. Well, the worst is fireworks, right? Who watches fireworks videos? But everybody films fireworks. So you feel like you can't live unless you're capturing things constantly. The same people that watch fireworks videos [2:33:02] also watch lots of videos of like trains. Or fire trucks. Just drive a bike. Watch videos of people dining inside of trains. The fact that people still go on trains, trains are a while away to move around. It's Europe, it's amazing. Yeah, but it's in America, there's always the threat that someone could lay some shit down on the tracks. Like people do every now and again, there's some person who decides to sabotage the tracks and there's not a fucking chance in hell that you can go over all that track and make sure no one's done that. You're going 400 miles an hour or whatever's going. It's flying across the country. You could with AI. I guess. Well, that's how they're gonna get us. Yeah, I mean, you see those, you know, photos of train traveling up until like the fifth, [2:34:02] early 60s, kind of, it's kind of amazing. Well, what is a great way to see the country? The view is incredible. You're in this thing. Imagine back in the old days when they just opened up the window and shoot buffaloes. Yeah, but it's like you also had like, now it's like I think he's the only server like hot dogs. You know what I mean? Probably right? I think so. If you're traveling across the country back in the old days when they first did it, it must have been amazing. Imagine if Millie Griffith was in a sleeper car with that guy on that diet. He's been eating hot fries and hot dogs for four days. As they have a shower in four days. And his ass is in a milling of breakfast. Just open it up. How fast those trains go? Like those old timey trains, when they first started crossing the country. I bet they didn't go over 60. They really would just open up the window [2:35:01] and shoot buffaloes. Fucking insane. What a crazy time. Like nobody had ever had a train before. Now also there's this thing that you can hop on and make your way across that country. Yeah, like then the presidents would write them and just like give some shitty speech off the back. Nobody can know how to come. Is that what they did? The presidents would just get out and talk to people off the back. They wouldn't even get it. They would just stand on the back. Stand on the back. I'll read it 65 miles an hour. Wow. You fucking had that right on the money bud. Wow. Huh. Don't say. But what about the really old time you once? Like the ones, what was the first ones that they put across the country when the transcontinental era? Yeah, they, it was at 1866. It was like right after the Civil War. How fast were trains in 1890? They could approach 80 miles an hour. That's probably what's so unique, how much stuff it's pulling, slows it down, you know. Right, they come in cars. Just to locomotive, I guess. Oh, I see. Oh I mean it's a very intense engineering because they can only go up like a [2:36:07] Steepest is like a 5% grade So that's like oh really something like that. That's why my brothers works for Amtrak Be adders a lot of crazy shit So what are they doing they get to a hill? They just have to go through a tunnel. Oh Whatever right that makes sense. Yeah, wow So they have to tunnel everything. Yeah, for these fucking trains. Yeah, and a lot of those railways out early when you know, were built by Chinese. Oh, yeah. So I think you go out west. The first time we went out west until we were like, we go to these small towns middle nowhere, you know, and there would be like an old Chinese restaurant, and it's like, it's like, with signs, it's like, chapsuie, and then you go, you're like, have the worst Chinese food you've ever had. And you know, like, tastes like something that really scraped off the teeth of a bronna source. [2:37:00] Just like ground up cabbage and shit. Yeah, back in those days when they were doing that, so when they developed those opium dens too, opium dens was like a big thing that was brought over by the Chinese. That's like around the time that Portland, Oregon, was like known for people getting shanghide where they would get like drugged and then they open like a trapdoor in the bar and they fall down and then they would put on a ship to China. What? They would wake up like in the middle of the ocean and just have to work. What? That's what, yeah. Getting Shanghai'd is that from that. Holy shit. Can you imagine? I'm not giving Shanghai this stuff from that. Holy shit. Can you imagine? Imagine the lawsuit now. Dude, actually that's probably happening to tell another country. So I'm gonna kidnap our tricks of them into working for you. Trish and away to Shanghai, someone's to drug them and put them on a ship. [2:38:01] The person wakes up, you better get to work. It's turned popped up in the 19th century. Fuck, man. You imagine living back in the day We had a worry that someone was gonna kidnap you and force you in a slave labor Well, that was like well the 80s. We were worried about I was very worried about getting kidnapped When I was a kid Because it was like everywhere all over the fucking news the milk cartons Yeah, there's a famous kid, you know, kids, they're finding bodies, shit. Yeah. When I was walking to school once, some, you know, somebody's, it was really snowy, and I was, I always walked with my buddy, but I was on my way to his house, and his car pulled up, and we were like, I'll get, you know, this person totally bundled up, so suspicious like I'll give you a ride getting the car. Oh they're real. I just ran to my buddy's house. I was like, maybe it was just some old lady I couldn't tell but it's terrifying. When I was a kid I was in a library and I was looking at these monster books and [2:39:01] this guy stood next to me and said, do you like monster books? I said, yeah. And he goes, I've got some out in my car. He wants to see him. I'm like, okay. I was like eight. You know, it was a latch key, kid. And so I start walking out the door with this guy and the lady who's a librarian started screaming, Joseph, get away from that man. He just got out of jail and the guy just runs. The guy runs. And I'm standing there just crying. They got me, got my mom and I went home, but it's like, what the fuck like that? He could have got me. Oh my God. I was so naive. I was eight. I would stop the guy also like monster books. What a a sick we used to play in the woods fucking we used to we used to walk down Crump in through the woods cross the river over by the jail You know boy over by the jail. You know what I mean the workhouse. Yeah, anybody ever get out of jail Yeah, somebody escaped once and his his nickname was like the butcher [2:40:09] But it was just like at the time, or maybe it was something like that, but like he had his 10th DUI or something. And we knew quite a few people in Akron who have over three DUIs. Do you remember that one guy who escaped jail with the help of a female officer that he was banging. And then like she was supposed to meet him. Didn't they make a movie about that? I don't know. I think this was fairly recent, like within the last 10 years. But this guy started banging one of the female corrections officers. And then, they could remember that. I think she helped him escape. She met him, tried to meet up with him and they arrested her and arrested him. She killed herself? Yeah. What was the story? Oh, there it is. Detectives another lady friend that Vicki White had allegedly fallen in love with the inmate, giving him this special treatment at the jail. [2:41:02] She ultimately helped concoct the plot for Casey White to escape, which ended 11 days later with his capture and she died from self-inflicted gunshot wound. Just like the guy who was the whistleblower for Boeing. He died from himself. Oh yeah, right. He's a gunshot wound too. Why would she kill herself? Because like she's just, she's already knows that she's, she's, she she phone love in prison. She's she's gonna go to prison with girls now. Well, there's gonna be a male pretending to be a male security guard. Hey, maybe fuck around and maybe what's it in Marcon's wife is in there. It's probably women guards Mark on Marpony Why those rumors so fun They when the internet goes nutty about stuff. I think it's so hilarious. Yeah, I just love it when someone like says they're gonna like you know [2:42:03] Like says they're gonna like you know Risk their entire career on this piece of evidence I have full faith that this is reality Like not one there's no reason for me to do it like But yes, Kate and what's her name? Candid's owns. Yeah. Well then, there's the other one. The Kate Middleton one, the photo that just got released recently that's been AI doctored. And they say that that photo is a photo that they took from her on a magazine cover. And that it's so specifically accurate that you could superimpose left and right, and it looks exactly the same. And that this photo, people aren't willing to publish it. But the Atlantic's had line up with this story. Kate Melton, in the end of shared reality. Nothing is true and everything is possible. I saw that. So whatever's going on with her, they Photoshopped CGI'd whatever, a photo of her all smiling with her kids. [2:43:03] Like see, everything's fine. Because something is going on with her. Is the theory. That's the theory. Yeah. The ass of shit. I've heard that. Well, they think she's missing. Or no one knows where she is. Like, there's no, like, there, like, she shows a picture of her. Like, no one's seen her forever. Is she okay? Like, where like where is she? Sort of like the president's Scientology's wife. Like where is she? I hadn't heard of this. She was missing. Yeah. Even Photoshop can erase royals latest PR blemish. Mother's Day photos meant to dow speculation about the Princess of Wales health. Did the opposite and threatened to undermine trust in the royal family. How weird did they still have trust in the royal family? That's what's the weirdest thing about that article. Under mine, what percentage is there trusting now? I can imagine a bunch of old people. I don't know what's going on anymore. But like what? Imagine. The ancestors of the people that controlled your ancestors. [2:44:01] Those are the people. You should trust? Yeah. I mean, it should trust. Yeah. I mean, it's kind of insane. And they're just born into it, but. I love the British media, that's always the bullshit. So there's just like, the rules over there are different, you know. They'd probably be real horrible to be famous person living in England. Oh, they'll go after you. Yeah, they're fucking psycho. Yeah, they go after you and they can get away with it. The laws are so different. To the first article we ever had written about us in England was in the enemy. It's like a music magazine. Actually, we did the interview at South by Southwest 21 years ago. And the guy was like, so you know, asked some boring questions. And at the very end of the 10 minute interview he was like, so do you guys ever do any drugs? And, like, you know, smoke some weed occasionally and he's like, anything else? I smoked opium once. I was like a kid I didn't know. And then the headline was like, [2:45:00] opium fueled blues. Seriously. That. Yeah. Seriously. That's amazing. I was like, what the fuck? I was like, my dad's gonna see this. Dad, I don't smoke all opium. This kid had it once so in Akron. Like I said, like no one really had drugs, but this kid, Eric. Is it, is it Eric? Because like, he, I think it fried his brain, but he had, he was the only kid I knew that had gone to prison. Because he was selling acid and, uh, and he had been arrested for it and like, put on probation. he had been arrested for it and put on probation. And then his probation officer would call him. He worked at the car wash and check on him. And the probation officer called him and said, I'm gonna come see you today. And he had 150 hits of acid in this pocket. And he never just took it out. [2:46:03] Even though he got the heads up and he was like, oh, he got caught with 150 hits as soon as the prison for three years. Oh my God. Yeah, it was in the stories he would tell us were fucking horrible. Exactly what you would imagine. But he introduced us to his favorite prison recipe, which was called making a break. And you get a bag of like barbecue potato chips, dump in a can of chili, then dump in ramen noodles in the seasoning, and then get the faucet water as hot as you possibly can, and fill the can up with water and put it in the potato chip bag and then just smash it all up with your hand. Jesus Christ. I was so disgusting. You would eat this shit out of prison. Wow. I know, mate. Dude, just make a break. That's what he's saying. [2:47:02] These guys like that that exist just to get you on the right path. You know, exactly. You mean him and you go, okay, whatever that guy's doing, I'm not doing that. That was a level in your video game. Yeah. Well, I think that's what happens with the guys who blow their brains out on acid too. Like, they're there to let you know, like, hey, this is possible. It's got used to being pink Floyd. Yeah. You know, this is possible like get you know Be careful don't just think you could take it Yeah, or it used to be the singer of the Beach Boys. Yeah Well, that's the other weird thing about Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys that he was being threatened by Manson Because he had worked with Manson. They were supposed to, like, he was supposed to produce his album. I think along the way he realized this guy's out of his fucking mind. Well, he was hanging out with Dennis Wilson. That's what it was. Dennis Wilson, right? I think they had recorded at the studio that we were at. That's where they would work in. Charles Manson in the Beach Boys, Dennis Wilson had a brief and bizarre friendship. [2:48:04] Yeah, that's what it was. Charles Manson in the Beach Boys Dennis Wilson had a brief and bizarre friendship. Yeah, that's what it was. Summer of 1968 living together and dreaming about the musical possibilities that lay ahead. Wow, they live together. You think Manson wanted to grind Wilson to produce this stuff? Ah, and then when he didn't want to, that's when it fell apart. So he probably lured him in with parties and the girls. That's probably what he would do. He'd probably have the Manson girls and everyone's doing acid and they're probably like kissing him and kissing each other and he's like, this is amazing. This guy's cool. And this is pre-murders too. So no one really knows exactly what this guy's up to. Do you think Epstein was giving people acid too? Maybe he's giving the girls acid. Maybe he's giving the guys acid too. Who knows what's giving them? I mean, if you're gonna have an island and you're gonna film people, why would you let them just be sober? [2:49:03] That seems like that would cut down your footage. Wouldn't it dose them up with something? If I was the CIA, what's going on with that island now? I tried to buy it. No, I didn't. What's up with it? We were joking around having a podcast destination. I was like, we'd have to level that place. The microphones and camera, you'd probably, shit, we've never even thought of. Like there's probably like camera paint. It's on the wall. The wall's really a giant LCD screen. Dude, what's the fucking nose? What's up with that Egyptian theme's building? It's wild. The temple that is painted like the Israeli flag, the colors of Israeli flag. Yeah, it's weird. That's where I was thinking like we put the podcast studio there. I think that's a good idea. It's somebody bought it. Somebody bought it. It was too much. It was like 50 million bucks. Who bought it? I don't know. Some psycho. A fan. You know, like when we went into serial killers. Did someone bought the cabin that... Because in Skeelips it? [2:50:05] Yeah, really? I think so. I mean, you could buy the acre of land that he owned at one point for like $60,000. Wow. Cheaper. With the cabin on it? I don't know if the cabin was there. They might have leveled that cabin. It was weird because he just had this one like, acre or two in the middle of fucking nowhere. Yeah. It must have got it for nothing. He was a fucking odd dude too. I wonder what he was eating up in that cabin. He's probably making breaks, dude. Maybe he's like, he went crazy from like, sodium. Too much sodium interacting with the LSD residue. It's funny because he's the prototypical guy, the like the loner in the woods that everyone's afraid of. Like what's worst case scenario, loner in the woods, a genius who's trying to kill everybody. Everybody who made technology, and this was his idea of the technology [2:51:02] is gonna take over the camera. Yeah, super villain, it's a movie character. Movie character. Meanwhile, he's kind of correct. Yeah, he wasn't wrong. He wasn't wrong about technology taking over the human race. Yeah. This is all pre-cellphones, right? This is pre- at least smartphones. When was Kaczynski? When was all that? I think it started in the early 90s. Yeah, so this is, I mean, cell phones just existed in like suitcase form back then, right? Maybe you could get a star attack. So how long was he living in the woods before he started sending the pipe pumps? Was he up there since like 1970? I think it was his plan once he left teaching. His plan was to make enough money teaching so that he could go to the woods and do this. I think he didn't leave teaching almost immediately after working at Berkeley for just a year or something. I don't know. I don't know how long he was there for, but what they said was that was where he'd gotten the money. [2:52:00] According to his Wikipedia, he lived at home for two years after his oning and then moved to the remote cabin. So Montana, so he probably during those two years he probably formulated his life's plan. Live a simple life with little money without electricity or running water, working odd jobs, receiving significant financial support from his family. 75. So that was quite a few years later. He performed acts of sabotage, including Arsene and Booby trapping against developments near his cabin. So he started with that. He also dedicated himself to reading about sociology and political philosophy, including the works of Jacques Illou, Kazinsky's brother, David Lederstoy, that Illou's book, the Technological Society, became Ted's Bible. Kazinsky recounted in 1998 stated that it lulls book the technological society became Ted's Bible Kazinsky recounted in 1998 when I read the book for the first time I was delighted because I thought here is someone who is saying what I've already been thinking [2:53:01] Interesting Cabin was Interesting. The cabin was in storage. I was trying to find out who bought it, but there it is an FBI storage. Whoa! He lived in that. Dude, we should sell kits love that for on Amazon. Get a mini version of it. Why not? He's that stag photo. It's a tribute. Yeah. Make it out of plastic. The kids can play in it. Kids play house. Slash Unibomberhand. It's a tribute. Yeah. You make it out of plastic. The kids can play in it. Kids play house slash unibombering. Fuck man. That's the guy that everyone's afraid of. That's one of people say, yeah, I'm a loner. Like, bitch, you're not a loner. Real loners are fucking crazy. That's a real loner. That's a broken person. Wow. They, purposely picked the genius to do that too. Well, I think that's what they had to work with. They're at Harvard. Yeah. You know, we probably have quite a few geniuses and he was probably already super odd because of that thing that happened when he was a baby. Right. He's probably already associated with his. Yeah. We can it's okay to keep fucking with this guy. [2:54:03] One of the things his brother said, they're said like if he asked to girl out in the girl Rejected him who write horrible letters to her just horrible vicious mean shit He would yell at them and stuff. It's like he was just off the rails. He was crazy before all that Well, and then they dosed him up with acid and he can really they probably like this guy's perfect He's already out of his fucking mind. Let's see what we could do to him. And they turned him into a serial killer. Maybe it wasn't even like a, you know, like, a CIA program. Maybe the guys just bored and just like the fuck with people. It's Kaczynski. Like, like, I'm talking about the CIA. Oh, maybe it's like look at this fucking nerd I found it Well, I think they had free will to do whatever they wanted back then when the CIA was operating doing that MK ultra yeah, all those experiments and Operation midnight climax when they were doing all that stuff. They were just they were allowed to do whatever they wanted [2:55:04] They could just run tests. They operated a brothel. They operated a brothel when they dozed the Johns up and observed the reactions. That's the midnight. What was it called? Midnight Climax. Yeah. They also ran hate ashberry free clinic. They ran it until the book chaos came out and then they closed it down. They ran it forever. They ran a free clinic and Manson used to visit it. That's insane, dude. It's insane. When you find out what they actually 100% did and you realize that nothing, things just get better. They don't just stop. And you realize that nothing, things just get better. They don't just stop. Like if you're really good at being a secretive organization that has massive control over people and you can experiment on folks, that doesn't just go away. That just evolves. It just gets better, gets better at what it's doing and hides its tracks a little bit more, [2:56:03] learns from its mistakes and gets better. Yeah, it's just like that. I mean, you know, so many conspiracy theories and I think there are a lot of them, you know, are rooted in reality and truth. But there's constantly reading the news scenes, I'm just saying, what the fuck is actually going on? Right. With this thing here. something to say, what the fuck is actually going on with this here? You know, and like, it's funny how much shit that like John Stewart got for like, you know, just pointing out coronavirus, you know, coming from so close to the coronavirus research facility. Basically, you know, like, I don't know, man. And now that's accepted as fact. What about, I just was reading about Mitch McConnell's sister-in-law, who died in Texas in February 11th, although it's just now in the news. She died in a Tesla that she drowned in her Tesla on her ranch in a pond. And she's like a billionaire and it was like it just seems [2:57:10] really Tesla backed into the pond or she did a three point turn into the pond but it just seems really she well the thing about any kind of electronic device is if that is a computer, someone can operate that computer. I think it's impossible to make a computer that can't be hacked. I think if you've got a thing, look they already know how to make your keys. Oh dude her Tesla ran off of a nine inch floppy disk. Yeah, that's just fun. You know, they know how to make your keys now. They have a scanner that they can use outside your home. And they can pick up on your key fob. Like if you have a little thing of keys next to the, and they can get the signal off of that and use it to make a new key fob or use that signal to operate your car. And then they just start your car and drive it off. [2:58:09] I mean, if you have a compute, that was always the big theory about Michael Hastings too. He was that journalist that reported on that general who was talking shit about Obama and then he got fired during the Iraq war. Do you know that story? The theory was always on him that they controlled his car. He died by going 120 miles an hour down La Braia, right into a tree, and his car exploded. And then the question back then was, is it possible to control someone's car? And they're like, yeah. You can, all the people that understand the technology that existed in 2004 when this guy died, they're like, yeah yeah you could do that It was 2004 you driving electronic car. Yep drove one here 2010 Jesus yeah, I drove one here Oh, 2000 was the tic-tac [2:59:04] That was the question about the tic-tac if that is hours how the fuck could they do that in 2004? That doesn't seem possible. No, you couldn't even play like a video game online. Yeah, you got not really. I'm not. Yeah, 2004 you could play pretty good. If you had a good cable connection. Well, maybe in LA, not an acronym. You couldn't. I played guys, I used to play Quake in the late 90s and you could play online. We might have just had shitty internet. You could get good internet back then. They had cable, people had cable. But if you had dial up that sucked, you definitely couldn't play that. No, we had cable, but you do have cable internet? No, we did. I just remember trying to play Call of Duty online it would not really work. Ha, ha, ha. It could be a bunch of things. You could have had a shit connection, but there's a lot of people playing video games online at 2004, but the that thing whatever the fuck that tick-dack thing was it's the speed that it moved at it doesn't make any sense Yeah, it's an interaction and the fact they have so many different people that saw it and they got video footage of it and [3:00:01] The guy who I interviewed David Fraver the guy who was the pilot who came out and talked about it. He's not a loon at all. He's a rock solid pilot who, you know, with everything else. He's 100% by the book. He talks like a jet fighter pilot. They're all like super disciplined guys. Like, they don't fuck around. And so when he's telling you about this thing He's also not fucking around. He's explaining to you in terms of what the instrument panel was showing him that They locked on to it that this thing was jamming the radar signals Like whatever it was do that that's what led them to be alarmed because that's that's technically I think that's an act of war and then think you're not allowed to jam radar signals from another vehicle. Whatever the fuck this thing was, also flew at some insane rate of speed right to their cat point, which is where they were supposed to meet up. Like the thing knew it was supposed to meet up. Like, see, uh-huh, pion took off. So that could be that aliens knew it. [3:01:01] They read their instrument and knew it. Or it could be that aliens knew it, they read their instrument and knew it, or it could be that we knew it. Humans, people knew it because this is theirs. They flew this fucking thing around. They wanted to see how people's reaction would be to it if they saw it out there. They probably let these fighter pilots experience it. What year did they, did they government acknowledge Area 51? They didn't, I don't think they did that until the Obama administration. I think the story was that they had to expand the boundaries because too many people were camping out and like using like high power telescopes and shit and viewing it and using like high power lenses and filming these test flights of different things they're working on. But yeah, you know, in the 80, but yeah, you know in the 80s I you know I when I was like eight nine I would get books out of the lot library about like Area 51. Yes. I mean there was like that was like a pretty well-known conspiracy theory turned out to be [3:02:03] Yeah, real CIA acknowledges is mysterious area 51 2013 right wow test site for the first time. Like 25, 30 years after this people started talking about it. Yeah, people were talking about it a long time ago. It was always in UFO folklore that that's where they had to crash discs. And then the Bob Lizar thing, that was in like 89 when he came out and said he worked there. Right. Which is still today my favorite one. That's the one I want to be real. Yeah, all the ones I want to be real the Bobbos R story It's number one on the list Yeah, I mean is the guy is he still alive? Yep Yeah, he runs United Nuclear so It's like some sort of research company. They sell chemicals and shit. He does a bunch of different things. But while he was filming the documentary about him, he got rated by the FBI. The FBI rated it because apparently they think that he might have [3:03:01] a sample of this element that's used to power this spaceship because he was working on the propulsion system. That was what his job was to back engineer whatever this thing was. He said this thing revolved. It all was about this reactor that they had in the center of the craft that used this element called 115, which is a new element, and that if you bombard this element with radiation, it does something to distort gravity. So they had this thing in the center of the craft, and they knew it worked, but they didn't know how it worked. And so they were trying to get these scientists, and they bring in new scientists. Let's try some new guys. Let's try this guy. And so they get this dude who was a young crazy version, who was working on a Los Alamos Labs. He put a fucking jet engine in a Honda. I mean, he was a maniac. And they got this guy and they flew him out. And they said, here it is. Tell us what it is. And he's like, what the fuck, and when he first saw it, his reaction was, oh, this is hours. [3:04:06] That's why people keep seeing these flying saucers. He even had an American flag sticker on it. He's like, oh, this is hours. That makes sense. Well, no, okay. And then he realized along the way, no, no, no, no. This is impossible. It doesn't have any seams. It's like it's 3D printed. And it's designed for tiny people, like something that's like three feet tall. It doesn't have any controls, but somehow another works, somehow another moves, and they can lift it up, and they can do stuff with it. What the fuck is this? And so supposedly, when he took off, he got a piece of this 115 when they fired him. The reason they fired him, do you know that story? No. It's nuts. His wife was having an affair. All right. Because he couldn't tell her that he was working at Area 51. So she's assumed he's fucking around. All their phones are tapped, everything's tapped. Because if you have that kind of top secret clearance, they have to be able to listen to all your phone calls. So while he's flying, it's 11 p.m. they're calling me to work. What? And he has to get [3:05:06] on a plane. He can't tell where he's going. And she's like, fuck this marriage. And so she starts banging her instructor, like a flight instructor. And so they don't tell him that this is why he's getting fired. But the emotional turmoil in his life, because his wife is clearly having a fair on him, he can't have top secret clearance anymore. So now he has to go back. So now he's like, what the fuck happened? So he takes his friends. He takes twice. He takes his friends. He's like, on Wednesday night, they pilot these fucking things. I'm going to take you out on my show, you know, I'm not fucking crazy. And they all observe these things, hovering and moving around. And then he gets arrested. He gets caught doing it. And so then he's like, I gotta go public. And so then he gets a hold of George Napp. He tells George Napp his whole story. And he's like, I was working at this place and they're back engineering spaceships from another fucking planet. It's not. He said the same story exactly for 30 whatever years. It's fucking bananas. [3:06:02] That's amazing. I wanna use with him or amazing. I wanted to be true so bad. I did too. It's a problem though. Right? Because you've seen something though. Nothing like that, but yeah it was something. It was something. But it wasn't technically, I didn't see something that was like so mind blowingly. I mean, it seems like it was totally plausible that what I saw existed. It just was quiet. That was the only thing. It was odd about it. That's odd, though. Something can move in the sky. It's quiet. It doesn't make any sense. Zero sound. That doesn't make any sense. Especially if it's close enough for you to see it. That doesn't make any sense. Also the way they move, like what can move like that, other than a drone. Drone's moved like that, but powered by what? That's what I think the Bob Lazar stuff that he's talking about, I think that's a propulsion system that they've been working on forever. They theorize the idea of some sort of a gravity propulsion [3:07:04] system, something that does something to gravity that allows it to move through things very quickly. They thought about that like the 1950s that was theorized. Yeah, I mean like, don't they say the only way that you could actually traverse the universes by skipping through different dimensions. Right? So with that type of engine that's manipulating gravity, people do something like that. The idea behind it, the way he described it, Lazar described it as if you thought of space as like your mattress, like a really soft cushy mattress. And you drop like a giant lead ball in the middle of that mattress and everything would just go it would just get sucked in he goes that's what it's doing it's a very simplified version of what it's doing but it's doing something to the gravity that allows it to move [3:08:00] in a way that we don't understand yet. But this thing, this element 115, it was just completely theoretical until there was a large, one of the particle colliders detected it. They detected it for just like a very brief moment when they do those things. And they said, okay, it's a real element. When what Bob Lazar is saying that this element is a stable element that these beings have. And when they use this stable element, so we can imagine a world where the properties are very different than ours. And they might have this element. It might be just a natural part of their environment for some reason or just some isotope. Yeah, or they've developed it. Maybe the one that they detected with a collider, maybe they figured out how to make it. But what we have to do is go back to the 40s to get those smart people to figure this out. The people that didn't have calculators. The pre-bath salt people. Yeah. Well, those guys, if you watch Oppenheimer, I guess that's how those guys were rolling. [3:09:02] They were kind of rock star scientists. Right. They were rock star scientists. And I don't think, I think those are the kind of guys they wind up doing rock star type scientists shit. What's the same? And those guys aren't around anymore. Before they were rock stars, there were people signing their bowling promo photos. That's what was going on. Then rock and Roll came out and the bowlers were like, what the fuck? Prior to the bowlers, I guess it was the scientist. Well, there was just a limited amount of shit you could watch on TV back then. So if you put bowling on people like, I'll watch. Yeah. Right. And like, kids were like worship like cowboy character. And that was a bowler. It was a bowler. Yeah. Yeah. I do think it might be the bowling was so popular because it's, even though you couldn't, as we determined, you can't see sports on television [3:10:02] prior to like 1995, you could probably, bowling's the least confusing thing you could probably watch on TV. That's true. It's a static. Just the person's throwing the ball. I have to just watch one little thing go towards. There's no other players. They just have pool on TV back then. It was a big deal. They'd have like Willy Masconey matches. That would play him on ABC that would get confusing Well, I guess that you could see the colors of the ball. Yeah, you'd see it never see the numbers also the but the the announcer was always describing what's happening So that's what we should go we should pitch a radio a radio I'm just something about my dad listening to baseball games on the radio But I'm just thinking about how fucking excruciating it would be to have someone Radio broadcasting in a pool match Like that's the kind of shit that Kaczynski was into [3:11:04] Well be better radio broadcasting that or radio broadcasting bowling? I think bowling would probably be better. You'd have the excitement of like the pins breaking and you would hear it. And also you could be like, okay, he's got two pins left. Right. It would be clear. You'd get it in your head. If you're trying to lay out of a pool table, you're like, where's the five ball? Yeah, exactly. What are you saying? So it's the center of the two pockets closer to the left side of the right side. Okay. In relationship to the six ball, where's the six ball? Is that the N rail? This is like some Abbott and Costello stuff. I can see that. It would be fucking terrible. It would be fucking terrible. It would be a good skit actually. It would be impossible. You wouldn't be able to map it out. The most confusing sport to describe over radio. Yeah. You playing eight balls. There's 15 balls on the table. You shut the fuck up. [3:12:01] Yeah, they probably couldn't have existed without television. It's probably when some people started looking at it. They're like, wow, this is crazy. The what the kids are playing now though, video games, it's probably really difficult to get kids bowling today. Video games are so insane. Yeah, they're, they're nuts. I'm glad they weren't around like that when I was a kid. Yeah, I kind of stopped playing them, and my younger brother comes and visits me, but also kids are so good at them now. Oh, yeah. But I also think, you know, I think that's, you know, you're definitely telling my brain slowing down. Like, you know what I mean to talk, like I'm talking to my, how fast kids process shit. Yeah. Oh my god, dude. I'm like, I'll say something and by the time, I don't know, my two-year-old can just like, [3:13:00] it's like at least five times faster at understanding something than me. Do you feel this? Yeah, they're not tired. They also don't have mortgages. Yeah. Like there's a lot of shit going on. No, but their brains are just hyperfast. Yeah, hyperfast and then no responsibilities and no stress. And they're being taken care of. So they're more relaxed. So the resolutions, like that's why years used to feel fucking forever when you're a kid. Because your resolution is so high. You're just getting every single thing. And as you get older, you're getting two frames a minute. Well also, years used to feel so long because you only had lived five of them. It was crazy. Another year, it's not like Jesus Christ is going by so fast. Can't believe I'm seven. But I do think there's an evolutionary thing right your brain just because you've got to learn so much in those first like seven years of your life you got to go from like not even you know understanding how to choose something to like do math and running and running and like [3:14:02] you gotta learn sports you gotta learn to make fun of the certain kid and not the other kid. But man, if you could pick up a guitar at five, holy shit, if you were really dedicated, imagine all those extra years of learning like a musical instrument. I mean, I will say it seems like any child prodigy musician makes shitty music. That seems to be a thing that I notice. That's what I'm always talking about. I'm always like, like, who the fuck is letting Dugi Hauser be their doctor? Like, like, that's what doesn't fucking make sense. It's cool, the kids smart enough to become a doctor in 11, but no fucking grown person. Be like, yeah, my doctor's an 11 year old child Doogie house or MD that's my doctor. I have selected him Like dude you you know who's fucking selecting that guy the dude that tried to fucking show you the fucking monster books Probably yeah, he's getting P-dote [3:15:02] He's getting reverse He's a pretty dope. He's getting reverse. I don't know what it is. Shooie, I'm with that. Let's go with it. This was fun. Thank you for having us back there. My pleasure. And again, your fucking new album is amazing. Thank you. It's classic black keys. It's so good. It's so good. Thanks man. I've listened to it at least 50 times. It's so good. It's so good. Thanks man. I've listened to it at least 50 times. It's really good. I fucking love it. I gotta get a password. I'll listen to it again. We'll set it to you in a minute. Soak it up. All right. Anything else to tell people the day of the album it drops? April 5th. April 5th there it is. Ooh, nice. Good photo. Let me see she's doing her fingers. That seems obscene. It's modeled after a photo that we found And we couldn't we couldn't clear it. We couldn't find the owner so that's actually dance dance girlfriend We're actually in two damn. Thank you. You've done well. Thank you Awesome. Yeah, well again, it's amazing. Can't wait to be able to get it everywhere. It's really, I think it's like right up there [3:16:05] with all your best shit. Thanks, man. It's fucking awesome. All right, appreciate you guys. Yeah, thanks everybody. Bye.