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Kevin James is a stand-up comic and actor known for his roles in the television series "The King of Queens" and films like "The Home Team" and "Here Comes the Boom." Watch his latest comedy special, "Kevin James: Irregardless," on Amazon Prime.www.kevinjames.comhttps://www.amazon.com/Kevin-James-Irregardless/dp/B0CHH3V2H4

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Let's go, Shimmy! Let's go, Shimmy! Let's go, Shimmy! Most people don't know about Shimmy. Most people don't know about your alter ego. No. Well, yeah, you were the one who brought it out of me. You were, right? Well, we would do shows. We would do shows in New York and you would go full Shimmy. I'm on the side of the stage, yelling out, Shimmy. Well, when we first started, by the way, we did the Joe Rogan experience 30 years ago. Right? Just playing pool. I remember Susman brought you into town. You started at Nick's? Was it Nick's? I started at stitches in Boston. Stitches. And then I was like two years in when I met you. And then I think we met at East Side, which was awesome. Great club. What a great club. What a great club. I was just there. Shout out to Richie Menterveni. Yes, my man. He was the greatest, the greatest place to go. I remember it would be a line around the block, two shows like on a Wednesday night. It was insane. Yeah, comedy, then it'll play a jam. It was golden age of comedy at the time, 1990. Oh my god, it was incredible back to that 91ish. I started at 89. I think I met you in, what was it, 90? 91 maybe, 90, 91 somewhere around me. Yeah, somewhere in there. And I was, you know, I was following everybody. That was my thing. Like I was being the standup comedian with the, you know, the jacket sleeves pushed up. And the, the, the bullow tie. You know what I'm talking about? I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was just like, I was like [2:10] I just got to get good. Yeah, I got to wrap my head around that you're right, you know I would just try to make the audience so happy you like stop it stop it and you gotta let go and you'd get me going crazy All fired up there. I'd be like yelling people they'd be like, go and you'd get me going crazy. I get all fired up there. I'd be like, yell at the people, they'd be like, oh, it's like, why am I bringing it back a little bit? But it was different, man. It really was. It really taught me to, most of all, to be comfortable in front of audience and not care about them. I still, I literally battled with it to this day, that anxiety of, oh gosh, I get nervous and I start overthinking things. So, but it really helped me to say, like just do what you do. And it's almost like the, because the audience is like a dog, right? They sense fear in the sense. 100%. Yeah. They're animals. It's just like we are. Well, animals. That's right. And it's like they know when, you know, and if you're comfortable, even if you're faking it, they'll go with you, you do a joke and you're confident. [3:07] They'll laugh just because they think it's funny. You know, they look around and everybody's like, oh, it must be funny because he's just got confidence by it. And you had that confidence always, man. You're always in, insanely intense and just never look back and way to a hype man. You just need someone to let you go, like give them the green light. Give them the green light. It's so funny, you're right, you're right. Yeah, you just needed a hype man. You were the one who did it for me in Montreal too. Yeah. Do you remember that? Go on this way. By the way, do you remember the beer we would drink? There were two kinds of this, I can't remember this Canadian beer. I've been racking my brain to think about it. There was a gold version of it and like an amber. It was just the greatest stuff when we get fired up up there and I loved it, man. I loved going to that Montreal comedy. Oh, it was the best. Back when it was, I think it's gone under. I think they did just announce they're going bankrupt. [4:03] Oh, really? Yeah, unfortunately. See, she'd tell people what it was. So what it was during our time, when we were young was the Montr\u00e9al comedy festival was where young comedians would go up and you could kind of get a deal. And that's where you got the deal to do the King Queens. Well, I got the deal at NBC. Right. Oh, that turned in, yeah, that one's that failed. Yeah. That went into CBS. But once you get in, the thing about people should know, like in the 90s, there was this thing that was happening where everybody looked at a comedian like this could be the next Rosanne, this could be the next Tim Allen, this could be the next Seinfeld. So every time they looked at you, they're like, what do you got? What do you got for me? And the agents would try to put it together as a sitcom. Yes. And they had this showcase called the Montreal Comedy Festival, the Just for Laugh's Comedy Festival. And it was the most insane thing. You would go there and it would change your life. You could have one set, one 15 minutes set, and all of a sudden you got a half a million dollars. 100%. You have one thing, one set that pops and people talking about there's a buzz and it's [5:06] like you're in, you're set. And they have bidding wars. Yes. So like, seniors would be fox would think they were all be throwing in and you know, there's guys that walked, do you remember it chicken? Chicken was the crazy guy? Yes. Yes. Yes. Chicken got the deal that killed the deal. Yes. Yes. He got like 800,000 or something. It was some crazy, or I don't know what it was. Some nutty amount of money. But he had no act, right? It was after that. They thought he was, he just tricked everybody. He did. And I don't know how he did it. And I wonder if he had a hype man. If you could have kept tricking me. Yeah. Maybe he the rails with anxiety when success starts it, because that's one of the things that does happen. And I've talked about it, I think everybody admits it. When it first starts happening, you think it's gonna go away. You get super anxiety written. You feel like an imposter, and you like, you can't, like you'd show up on the set and you're like, I think kick him out. Like, I'm still here. My bud, I'm telling you I've I Still deal with that. I'm not even getting you obviously don't and you have [6:07] I do though. Yeah, I do. I just ignore it. I told the shut the fuck up Well, that's what you got to do I guess and that's what I don't do enough because I start thinking and I get thinking I start overthinking both I'm like oh gosh, what if this happens or this that this means something to this day? Yeah, like if I'm doing Like a theater and it's my people, and I know that they're coming to pay to see me, I'm pretty confident. I feel like I'm going to do well. But if I do a club that they don't know me, or something, I did a corporate gig a month ago, like in Miami. And I was like, oh boy, because corporate gigs you know, they can go either way and it's they can be horrible. Well, I get there, it's in Miami. Really good looking people. Everybody, it's in a lobby of a hotel. And I'm, I thought this was in the theater, I'm there. And it's good. And I'm now getting worried. I'm like, I gotta do, how much? And they're like, you gotta Now nobody there wants to see me. The woman who was like CEO of this company [7:06] was her birthday and she liked me. So she brought me in for all her friends to see, dude, I'm sitting in the lobby and I'm finding all this information out. As I'm sitting there and I started, I'm not kidding, I started, I've never had a panic attack. I started going, what do you mean? Nobody else knows I'm here or this or that, or they go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is a company. And I'm looking in the room, it's in the lobby. I can see through a little glass window and they're drinking their hammer, they're talking a table, worst setup for comedy too, just like round tables, booths, not even facing you. And I'm on, I see a posted stamp of a stage that I gotta stand on. And I'm like, oh my gosh, so I start hyperventilating. I really do, I go, which I was going. So I start going, I can't do this. I'm talking to Skylar, my assistant, but he's helping me out here. And I'm like, hey, just tell them, we can't do it. We don't need to do this. I don't want to do it It's just not gonna go well. I started really panicking and then they started going up [8:07] She's up on stage now introducing me and I go oh my gosh. We're going. Oh my gosh So I start freaking out. Oh Exactly 30 years of it. I don't need this. I'm ready to process it and go I don't want to do this anymore I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to do it. I don't need, I get up there and go, I go just get in with that first joke. If you do, you settle it because if you don't, you know if they don't buy you on that first joke. You're fucked. You're gone. You're gone for an hour. For an hour, you're gone. Oh gosh. And they're not even listening and they're loud turned and went nuts, but I got him, I don't know what I said. I just said one joke about the lady thanking me, you know, thanking for bringing me up. And I just won them over in one little sweet way. And they turned and they clapped and they laughed at one thing. And then I wanted to do another joke very gingerly, just kind of go into this, and they laughed at that. And I go, okay, I just settled in, I go, I got him. And they were great. They were great, they were really great. [9:05] And I was sweating the whole time. I really feel in the sweat. You know what I mean? It was like, it was rough, but that's so nerve-wracking. I'm glad it worked out great, but I hate it. But I just ran into Sandler. When I missed you at the airport, I ran into Sandler. He was just telling me about the fucking worth corporate gig that he just did. Yeah, I called him about, he had the same thing. He had the same thing. So it's nice to see somebody like that as a two. Yeah, a guy like him can still eat dick. I talked to Billy Joel and he says, literally he was like, I've gone through those. I'm like, you, but when you're playing music, it's like, just you and the band and you just go, let's go boys, and they play. Dan White had a 40th birthday party and Stone Temple Pilots played. And it was insane. These dudes played like it was a packed arena. Where? [10:01] It was at a fucking conference room in a hotel somewhere. They didn't care. They didn't care. They didn't give a fuck. They had a beautiful stage set up, the stage was set up nice. But like, you know, all of a sudden, they were like, hey everybody, stone temple pilots. And then they fucking, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I am, I was so impressed by his ability to perform. I mean, it took a while for people to even filter to the dance floor in front of them and watch the show. This dude did it, like there was 50,000 people out there. It was incredible. I mean, he didn't back off at all. He who cares less has more power. It's literally like, that's it. I'm going around with the tree. He goes, that was funny. He's like, I don't care. He didn't give a fuck and everybody jumps in. Full commitment, you know, when someone just fully commits to something like that, it's very inspiring and you'll you'll never forget that because if you never see anybody fully commit, that's why you never see great comics ever that exist where there's no other great comics. The best comic in the world never comes out of Tallahassee. [11:06] Out of nowhere, no scene. We all need to see other people do something special. And if you're lucky, you live in New York, or you live in LA, or now you live in Texas, and you get to see these killers all the time. And then you get a sense of it. So you know like where the watermark is right until you see a guy jump in front of a fucking 40th birthday party Who's a platinum selling artist in this insane band? It's iconic and perform like the performing in front of a rehead the bullhorn and everything. It was incredible It was incredible. The show was amazing. Wow. It was so good But it was like that fucking guy worked for his money like he he he doesn't he didn't have like a I'll give him a Seven tonight right to give him an eight every night Yeah, yeah, we were playing it's like guns blazing. That's where you got a bay man. I got it. I got to do it I need a hype man. I'm doing a two different guys. I am you know me. You know me. If I'm left to my own devices, I go into a little hole. [12:08] I do. It's my whole life, everything sports, everything. But this is the thing. I'm playing my first arena coming up and I'm freaking out. I've never done that before. Have you do it in the round? No. That's the way to do it. You know why? This is for that. This is this is okay You'll still have a great time. They're still great. The arenas are great. They're fun. It's a wild experience But the round is the best because it's actually intimate in the strangest way I Already facing everybody. Yes, so all the people see each other and they're all in it together I love that I love that idea, but it does the stage does it turn no you walk around I used to do the one you know the Westbury music fair Oh, it walks it's been for you and you wouldn't even know where the hell you are And then you have to walk off it's a awkward walk off You don't know where they are it moved and everybody shifted and you don't know who you're looking at [13:02] You have to get it find some distinctive person in the audience. It's market days. That's the guy who's my marker. Right there. The one in Phoenix spins round two. What's that? The celebrity theater? I can turn it on or off. Really? Yeah. That's a good one too. That's a comedy club, but it's in the round. Right. It's like I would feel guilty like half the crowd is looking, I'd be thinking, I got another thing to think about. They've seen my ass for the last 40 minutes. I gotta spend, you know, and he set up a joke over here and deliver the punchline there or how do you break it up? Well, you have giant screens. So the thing is about the arena is they have massive screens. So if for some reason, like, you know, we did these ones in Ohio and Shepel came down and it was very interesting to watch because they didn't know he was supposed to be there. And it was my show and Tony didn't know whether he was gonna bring Dave up or me because Dave hadn't gotten there yet. Oh wow. And so it's like Tony's on stage and he's got like five minutes before he should go on stage [14:02] and also Dave rolls up, pososse, fucking Wimmo. Yeah, this is a guy who doesn't overthink things. He don't need the hype man. He just rolled in. Yeah. And he just came to say hi and he's always like, should I go up? I go, what do you mean should you go up? I go, go up, let's go. He goes, when? let's have a drink. So we had a drink and then we're sitting in the green room and I go, dude, he's got about one minute to go. I go, I'll walk out there with you because he needs to know that it's not me, that he's bringing up Jason. So he starts bringing me up. This is one of my best friends, one of my favorite, and then I'm like flashing the light and he sees Dave and the crowd slowly starts to realize it's Dave. Oh my God. When they see me and Dave walk to the stage and by the time he says, Ohio's own Dave Chappelle, it is one full minute of a standing ovation, one full minute. So he takes this victory lap around the stage [15:04] for like one, I mean, a full minute man. It was, I filmed it. I put it up on my Instagram. That's insane. It's inspiring. I mean, Tony, we're just looking at each other and looking around going, wow. It just felt special. It's felt like special that you could be there. Like, wow. And then he goes, oh goes oh H and he puts the like out even bigger it was insane it was insane it was so fucking cool because he's from Ohio right you know he lives in in yellow springs it's like right outside of Dayton so it's like for him to to go there like that and but to be in the round so the round is everybody sees everybody Yes, it's not just you facing this crowd and then you're in the crowd there They're in the round it seems like everyone's all in this together It's so much better. Yeah, and there's screens are giant So you just walk around but like when Dave was facing that way. I'd see his face on the screen [16:04] He just it's not bad. It's like it's still awesome because you're there. And everybody just kind of walks around. You just get used to walking around. Nobody really stands still in points in one direction in a arena in the round. That'll be rude. Well, the screens help. Oh, it's massive. Yeah. They're everywhere. They're giant. 50 feet wide, they're fucking everywhere. So that's, it makes it easy. It's an experience. I would love to be in there. I think I'm in Denver and Salt Lake City where I'm worried about this my first arena is inside. You're gonna have fun. I don't know where to be fun. You just, it's gonna be fun. Now this is Dave. Here it is, listen to this. You're sure. You You get his name, who is special treat. I get to bring up. We're gonna best friends. My favorite green is, they're super best friends. It's like a fight. Oh my god. [17:01] I mean, you literally can't even hear him break up Dave Srapelle. Look at this. Look at this. Oh, that's insane. No. No. It's like it was like I felt like we're seeing the Beatles. I felt like it was like Hendrix got on stage. Well done for you bringing him up before you I mean that's insane. It was awesome. That's incredible. It was so fun But that's the things like but I do that all the time you know when I'm at the club Mm-hmm. I'll have five six guys are going on in front of me. They're all headliners I'm doing on stage an hour and a half into the show. I would again my theaters. I'd be comfortable your I would be afraid. I'd be afraid because you got such heavy hitters [18:06] and I come up and I'm talking about. No! No, no, no, no. Observational stuff and it's like, no, it would get in my head, it would. No, there's got a lot of weird observational comedians kill there. It's a fun place. Like, Duncan kills there. And It's all just, it's all great. It's all a bunch of different, but for me, it's like to have, I want the audience to see like the best possible show they could see. So they're gonna see Ron White, they're gonna see Shane Gillis and Tony Hinchcliff and Brian Simpson and all these monsters that come into town, like in any given week, it's Christopher Stephano or fucking Dave Smith or it's like there's so many killers. How often during the week are you there and how often like are guys working out their stuff there? Well it's over seven nights a week. Seven nights a week. Two shows each night in each room except for Mondays and Sundays which are open mic lines. [19:00] So open mic night there's a show in the small rooms only one show but then there's at least one show in the main room That's a regular show regular comedians Wow That's incredible Yeah and it's two shows a night in each room so four shows a night How big are you true? One's two fifty and one's about one ten to one twenty Is it you feel a difference or no? Yeah, yeah, yeah, the little one super intimate. The little one is like If you remember the belly room at the comedy store It's like the belly room and the original room had a baby and that's the little room. Wow It's like medium-sized little and then the big room is like the Original room and the main room at the comedy store had a baby. That's what it's like and you when you're trying out stuff People going up there with like no pads and stuff like that. Yeah, yeah, Christina Pesaski does it all the time. She goes up with the note pad. A lot of guys go up with no pads. Yeah, it's like if you got some new shit you're working on, she goes over the note pads. If you have new shit. Right. The audience kind of appreciates, like, oh, this is so new. They feel that it's the look at it. It's not polished. And then Brian Simpson hosts this show called [20:06] Bottom of the Barrel, and that's a really fun show, where you go up there and you have no material, and you just reach into this whiskey barrel, and there's a bunch of different premises that the audience members have written down. And you pull it out, you open it up. And you do a bit Hey, it's just start talking shit. Yeah. But the audience knows that's what you're doing. So because they know what you're doing. It's really fun. Yeah. They're not expecting polished material. Everybody knows what the show is. The show is fucking around. And maybe if I was to go there and do my act, I would pretend like I pulled that out of the whiskey bottle first. Oh, the barrel. And then. Do you ever notice You never notice. You remember? You remember? Oh man. Yeah. But if you have a bit on a subject and you just tell them, I actually have a bit on this subject and then you can do it. Or you know, and there's also like sometimes, there's the other night, there's some thing that I've been writing that I've never done on stage before. And just by sheer coincidence, the same subject was something that I pulled out of the piece of paper. Are you kidding? Yeah, so it was like, oh, it was robot fucked alls. [21:07] Right. So it was just like, you know, you can see some kind of a whole chunk on that. I just, I got, now I'm gonna throw it away because you're working on it. I don't wanna. But it was one of those moments where I was like, oh, I just like last night. I spent two hours writing stuff on this. Right. So let's just run with it here, see what happens. Have you ever had a dip, cause they must go nuts when they see you, right? Yeah. And then, cause back on Long Island, I'll work at a little club like governors, you know, you know, I don't know if you remember that. Oh yeah, governors, love town. Yeah, and I'll go out there and they go nuts with a minute or something, not like that, but they go crazy. It's fun to see you. And then within two minutes, if I don't, like they're ordering sausage rolls and it's like, they're talking and it's like putting weight on the bar. It's like, I'm like, whoa. Yeah, well, New York audiences too, [22:01] they don't have much patience for bullshit. It's a good place to start comedy. New York and Boston both, good place to start comedy because people don't have any patience for bullshit. Yeah, we're happy to see you, but come with the jokes. Let's go, come on, I'm here to laugh. I do a lot of writing while I have a tour, like if I have a tour in the theaters, where I'll try to, if I have a set theme set, I'll try to add some stuff in there for the next one. Have you done that, do you ever? Yeah. Yeah. When you do a lot of shows, it's great. Yeah. Because you kind of get a sense of where you can stick stuff in and you still always have the safety net of, I can go here if it's going nowhere. Yeah. Because Yeah, that's my problem. That's what I do too. I'll write a huge chunk on something and Wnt know when the bail on it if it's not going like you know, it's dependent on this thing I got to follow through with it now and they're not in they don't buy in right away I'm like wow I got three more minutes of this stuff often times. I've realized it's because I didn't buy in right That's what it is most loo with me if I'm entering a bit, I'm gonna commit it for you. You wanna be talking about this? I wish I didn't bring this one up. [23:05] Like if I ever get to that place, like you just have to fight off that thought. There's this thought that comes into your mind like, oh, I didn't ever get this up. I don't wanna do this bit. You can't say, you know what, fuck that bit. Because then the audience will're like, I don't wanna do this. You gotta remember, there was something, whatever the subject is, there was something about that subject that when you initially started writing a joke about it, it was resonating with you. And you were like, what the fuck is this? But if you hear it too many times, it's like anything else, you get tired of it. It loses its lustre. But that's just mental weakness. You just have to realize, just get your head wrapped around that you can't allow yourself to think that way. And surely this thought originally was valid because that's why you're so excited about it and that's why you wrote a bit about it. The audience doesn't know that you've set it a hundred times over the last year or more. [24:03] They just wanna hear it. So they wanna hear it from fresh eyes. So you have to put yourself in fresh eyes. You have to be able to do that and that's the trick. And it's not like you're faking it either. You have to actually really be thinking about it like you think about it. If you wanted to work at the best, you know, like when a bit is really sharp, you're, you have to be thinking about it as you're like enthusiasm to you. As it's coming to you. Yeah. You're actually engaged with each part of it while it's happening. Well, when I write a new bit and if I write a big chunk and it's too much, I'll go up with too much stuff and I didn't rehearse it like because words are so efficient. You'd say one word or you're repeating a word, it stumbles you up and then you're like, you know, and then it kind of blows it for this the next part of the bit. So it's like, I got to work more at like really rehearsing my bits, you know, just really getting through how I'm going to speak. You know, because I stumble all the time. Well, the problem is then you start thinking about it. Right. You know, and with new bits. They're just not etched into your brain yet So as you go up with them, you know like the like little bambi walking on ice. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [25:10] That's yeah, it's but that's what like small shows are good for that's what fucking around is good for right And that's what also is like that's when it's really important that you're inspired by whatever this idea is if I'm inspired by by the idea, I can always talk about it. Right. Like if there's a thing that I can get behind where I'll go, you explain this to me. And then if I'm in that mindset, I can make it happen. But I just can't never let myself not be interested in what I'm talking about. That's just, that's a problem that people have. And then I've had. And it's had. But you have to recognize it. It's like throwing a toaster in a bathtub. What I'm trying to do now is because I used to write just separate jokes. Joke, joke, joke, joke here. And every time I would bring up a new subject, it was like the audience is starting from scratch again to try to catch up. [26:02] And it's exhausting to try to understand. So if I try to put it in a story or like a theme to my set, at least they kind of know what's happening before, so they know, oh, this is, you know, you tend to do these type of things, and then you talk about something like that, they go with you. It's like you're not starting a, you know, it saw everything was like, just isolated bits of jokes that I would put, you know, and I'd go, I just put them in anywhere, put a lazy, connective tissue to it, you know, and it would be like, it would work, you get to laugh, but it's like there's no, you know, building. That's how I always admired guys like Stephen Wright to do those non-sequaters. I'm like, how do you do that? And how do you write? Right. God, that's going to be so hard to write. Um, who's the guy? He's such a good guy. Mitch Hedbert? Yes. Same thing. Yeah. Same thing. So great. [27:00] Non-sequaters. Yeah. And that's what made it even funnier, you know, it's like, who does that now? Are there any non-sequitor guys that just go joke? I guess Jimmy Carr is kind of non-sequitor. But some guys just, they're just one bit to the next. One subject to the next. And with Mitch Hedberg, it was always like super ridiculous. And Stephen Wright, same thing, everything was really ridiculous. And that became something that actually elevated it, like right? Yeah. I mean, like, it was the, they weren't storytellers, you know. Right. It was part of the fun. So out of it. Yeah, this guy was like, I didn't know where. Somebody asked me, do I want a frozen banana? I said, no, but I want a regular banana later. So yes. He's the best. He's the best. He's the best. Oh, he was amazing, man. That was a guy like he just didn't want to kick heroin. They were trying to get him to kick heroin. He's like, uh-uh, I like it. Is that what it was? He just, he liked it. He just wasn't even to kick it. [28:01] It was hospitalized while we were on the man show and Doug stand hoping he and Mitch were very close. And I, you know, I admired him deeply as comedian. He said he was a great comic man. And that was when he was, I think he was hospitalized with gangrene. Yeah, because he was shooting it, you know, allegedly. It's, um, heroin is a scary one because it seems to touch this part of people that makes them very creative and like it resonates with people like so much music that's great, it's made on heroin. But, God, what a curse. What a curse. When you want someone to get caught in the opiate web it's so terrifying it's so sad to say yeah and when you have someone who's just like this i mean imagine to do it kind of bits that Mitch had bird could have come up with uh overall these decades after that [29:01] what a talent yeah and he was all non sequiter It was all one bit leads into the next bit double tree hotel I love it. I love it. Yeah, I love that human Just he was he was amazing. Yeah, he was he was it's just um you know That guy had a hard time in the beginning because people didn't know what he was doing So he would go on after like these high energy like music acts Yeah guys would sing songs and shit and they'd have like a dirty rap and They just destroy it. Yeah, and it'd be different like that in death and you're in the middle of Ohio Or right so they don't use that and they want the song and they don't know who you are You're just a headliner always on it even at on even at the improv. Okay. And then they go to see it. They really didn't know. They just said, Oh, look, MTV half hour comedy already must be good. And then they go to the local comedy club because it's a thing to do on a Friday night. But when they don't know you say like that's one thing that is, you know, made it a little bit easier is when people are coming to see you and they know you as opposed to who's this next guy [30:07] in this game, like just make me laugh. Way, way, way easier. But also comes with a trap because the laugh at stuff that's not that good. Right. We've all seen guys who only perform for their crowds only like in big places, like the only theaters, only do their crowds only like, that places like the only theaters only do their crowds only like that act can get soft yeah you can get soft and still work right because they're not being tested they're not performed with other comics all the time well you see a lot of these guys now that are developing an act because they did something on like Instagram what are they they develop these audiences that you know they get popular yeah and then they put together and act they did, they developed these audiences that, they get popular. And then they put together and act, they go and the clubs are like, well let's put this guy up. And they sell out like crazy because, they got a big following. But it's not like working your standup, [31:00] man, it's a different game. Well there's also a lot of guys who do crowd control. Like they do crowd work stuff. Like it's like just fucking around with the crowd and that's most of these clips. You're seeing a lot of guys who put up clips of cloud work because that way they don't have to, crowd work because you don't have to burn your material. Just talking to the crowd, just talk to them. It's fine. That can go them. It's fine. That could go bad. It can go bad, but if you do it enough and you get some fun at it, you get to take a lot of great moments. He's really good at it. And you take those clips and that way, you're putting shit up but you're not burning any of your jokes. The problem is some of those guys can only do that. Shultz is a great comic like he could do great bits. he could do great, I mean, he can do anything. But some of these guys are only good at talking to the audience. And then when they have to do, did you ever notice? Everybody's like, whoa. You can feel the shift. When I go back to my own material, like, oh, you wrote this. Yeah, what is this black ass bullshit? You've been thinking about all day. [32:00] You know, you're better off responding. Like there's certain guys that like their thing is really just talking to the crowd. And that's a different thing. It's a great thing. It's really great when someone's funny at it, but it's also a different thing than the actual jokes. See, I fear that. Like I don't like doing that. Like so I've built my act with the speed of it that it like, no one has the chance to get in and ask a quet or you know or heck all the right or you know you build this shell around you so like it's just not enough time you can't even get it in so if someone says something it's like you're off them you know because I don't want to have to depend on doing that going what and stopping and then trying to get back to the bit that you were you know doing yeah that you don't need that some people it. Some people like to interact with the crowd. It's also it's extra juice. Right? The audience realizes it's happening. It's real. It is. Yeah. This is crazy. And then if you get a good one liners, you know, in the moment, it's a great tool to have. I wish I could, you know, it depends on what do you talk to the crowd at all. I do. Occasionally you have to. And then at the comedy store you had to. The comedy store you had to. [33:06] The comedy store for the longest time had zero crowd control. They do a good job now of policing the room, but back then it was comics that were the door people. It was comics that ceded people, the comics that took the money at the cash register. It was comics working there. And they were all like, they didn't want to do that job. So they were the worst bouncers. And nobody ever quieted the audience. It was just you need to learn how to do it in the fire. But you toughen up that way. Like you build a, you, you understand how to go with the flow. Right. You know, but some people don't do that. And they did not like the comedy store for that reason. Like, they just go up there and they like to have a slow pace and do their bits and build. That's me. That's more me. I was always afraid of the comedy store. It's just when you go up. Like, if, you know, something like Adam E.G. It is who's brilliant at scheduling and really understands talent and where people go, [34:01] you just want to put them in the right place. You don't want to put them after a music act. You know, that's the death. That is absolute death. The death is the guy who has the funny songs. You're not falling. You just see the guitar in the back and the guy's looting up, tuning it up and you're like, oh no. Wouldn't he? And he's like, he's on next guitar always ruined the show. They always killed. They would kill and you could follow him. Yeah. I use the galax rap. Anybody could do a rap? Remember Red Johnny and the Round Guy? Oh yeah. Those guys would do that rap. You're done. The show was over, man. You see them go. I'm getting in my car. I'm leaving. I'll see you later. I go, I'm not, there's no need for me to be here. It's crazy how like a song or just like a funny song. It just tops everything. Yeah. Who was that guy that used to be on Dr. Demento? There was that guy that used to have dirty songs back in the day and he was famous. He would tour around with dirty songs. John Zalby? [35:01] Yes. Thank you. Yes. That guy. Remember that guy? Yes. Dr. Dirty. Dr. Dirty, yeah. That's right. He would light up a room. He would light up a room. You're not going on after him. No. It's over. And everybody knew who he was. And you would hear his songs on like Dr. Demento. Remember like late night on the radio and do just dirty blowjob songs and everybody go, Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Like but he had that following of people that would just come to see just those songs So they would hear the same songs over and over again. I loved it right. Yes. That's another thing Yes, like dice had that like dice could always do the rhymes and the audience wanted to hear those rhymes What's in the bow bitch? Oh? You don't have to write as much it's great right you can you know [36:03] But you're gonna get bored. Like, you know, like you see that Kennis and Song about the Beach Boys. Kennis and Bitt, Kennis and that a bit about the Beach Boys about like, you know, imagine them 35 years later singing the song. Same fucking song, like not wanting to be there anymore. That it's just not the same experience. That's tough. Yeah. Yeah, you want to build new stuff. The new stuff is scary, but it's fun. It's so exciting. I mean, I've found like it's, I never really worked my act. Like when I started doing the show and getting involved with that, my stand up, the writing and all that, I would still go to like Vegas with Ray to do it on a weekend. But I wasn't working my stuff. I wasn't a comedian. You know what I'm saying? You got to really, and I felt that. You're delivering the same act year after year, kind of changing here a little bit here and there, and then you're going out and doing it, and it was like, it was bothering me so much. I hated my act. I couldn't stand doing it anymore and didn't have time to write that much. So like a few years back, I just stopped and said, [37:06] I love stand up so much. Like I just wanna start and really get into it. And I tell you, it's the great- How much time did you take off of it? I wasn't really off. It was just like I would keep it going, but just doing shows, no writing. Like I really wasn't writing. For years, just doing this. Yeah. I mean, if something funny hit me, I would write it down, but not working it, not writing. It's so hard when you're doing a television show. And when I was doing News Radio, I fell into a real, like a spot over a period at least a year, where I wasn't writing at all. I didn't do any new jokes. I had the same tired ass jokes. You were, I remember jumping in your Supra and heading to the comedy store like you would go up a lot. You would still do things there, no? Yeah, but that maybe that was a different time. That was when I snuck out of it. Okay. So there was a period when I first moved there in like 94 where we were working like 16 [38:04] hours a day and I was tired all the time and I would just show up at the club and do my set and then go and I was just doing it because I was still a comment. Yeah. That's what I felt like I was doing. I mean I had I was always like they're going to realize I'm not an actor I'm going to get fired. This is this is the last TV show I ever work. I almost got fired from the first show I ever got was on. Where I was a star, the show. Hardball? Yeah, I almost got fired from that. I remember that one. I was getting in an arguing with the producer. They hired some new producer and he wrote these terrible lines. I was like, this is insane. This is so bad, it's insane. And they were gonna fire me. You didn't stop like it, I was like this great. Well the thing is the guys who wrote the original show were brilliant They wrote for married with children they wrote for the Simpsons right and Jeff Martin Kevin current and when they had their show the pilot was their show like Jim Brewer was the mascot I remember that it was fun. Yeah Mike star from good. Yeah, it was in it [39:00] I mean it was a Bruce Greenwood the guy that went on to be the star truck movies He's guys even in everything he was in hardball. I remember, it was a Bruce Greenwood, the guy that went on to be in the Star Trek movies. He's got his been in everything. He was in heartball. I remember the Go To You Tapings. That was so much fun. They were in a fire of me because I was like, this is terrible. I love the heat. They hired a new producer. The new producer came in and took over and turned it into like the sloppiest, most obvious, terrible sitcom. Like that prototypical sitcom where you watch and you go, oh, he's got to get out of the room. The jokes are so goddamn obvious. And they wanted to fire in him, but it was between me and him. And so it literally got down to this thing where they're calling my agent saying, this kid is ruining his career. That's hilarious. And I was like, oh no, I'm ruining my career. So I always thought that eventually they're gonna figure out that I've not built for this. This is not my thing. And so when I would show up on the set of news radio, it's like at any moment in time, they're gonna figure out that I'm not supposed to be here. But we were working. Because you didn't want it though, I thought you were funny as hell in that stuff. It was like, you You have plenty of talent. You didn't like it. You didn't your. Instature didn't have any experience about actors. [40:07] Didn't know how to hang around with them. I was so used to comics. Right. So for me, it was like fighters and then comics. So just crazy people. I was just only around crazy people. So I was around normal people or people that were like really sensitive, really really sensitive like sensitive on purpose Like where they're trying to be offended by things that sitcom people and you know when I get into that Exhausting and you'd always hear about tyrants you'd always hear about like the Brett Butler's and the people that would scream and throw coffee in the face of the writers I knew the news radio was that bet like those guys were. Oh, there's none of that right. That was cool. No, that was a party. The writers were great. It was totally different kind of experience. But what was my point? My point was that what was my point? You were saying that thought I was going to get fired. [41:01] Yeah, you wasn't feeling like it wasn't for you. You thought they're gonna find you out Oh, so I had to just do stand up just to prove that I was still a comic because I remember at one point time the producer of news radio Said to me. I was like why are you still doing stand up? You're an actor now. Oh I was like oh no, I gotta get out of here. I was like I was literally thinking like changing like a trap changing you it's a trap and then I I think things like all this is like a trap. It's a trap. And then I had one really bad set one night in front of one of the producers and one of the writers. Fuck it, H.N. or whatever this door like late at night at like one a.m. in the main room and just had a terrible set. Just bombed. And then I really got to work after that. That I realized like, oh, I've been slacking off. Well, that's what I felt, man. I've been slacking off because I've been working 16 hour days and I use it as an excuse to not write. And then from then on, everything got way better. Like way better. My standup, I dialed it in much more. How do you write? Are you the guy sitting down? I mean I sit down from a computer and I just write I just I don't write like this is exactly how I'm going to say it I just like spill my thoughts out because I [42:10] feel like it takes me a lot longer to write the words that it does for me to think about things. So the more time that I'm actually just writing the words is extra time thinking about the thing we should get into a computer do you talk it it? No, I just type. Really? Yeah, I type. And I just, whatever the subject is, I'll, like, there's just one subject that I'm doing right now where I've written it, written about the subject four times. So I start a whole new Microsoft Word file four times and just completely revisit it. Just one more time. What's the program we're using music because I'm not that that's it. I just use my stuff word and I go into, there's focus mode. Have you seen focus mode? Yeah, it's a pleasure. So you see use everything else out. Yeah, I used to use right room. I'll still use right room. I did Scrivener. I used Scrivener. Yeah, but I'll find one thing about it and then I'll go I don't like this that it does sets my bits up [43:06] This way where I can't do this or can't transfer that and then I'll spend the whole day Looking up for apps for the perfect app and I'm not and I'm not writing Yeah, it's like I tried to avoid that but Scrivener what I do with Scrivener is I make each individual bit Once I have it kind of boiled down, then I put it in the columns. So the way that the scriptwriter set up, you know, whatever the subject is. I love scripting. The only thing it didn't do, it didn't transfer to my phone or the other, you know, when I'm at a gig and I wanted to look it up quick, you had to go to like a drop box and like that, you know, and it was like, it was annoying. I go, I can't, I need it right away. Yeah. That's where notes on iPhone is the best. The best, the problem with notes, you ready for this? I got them all. You can't categorize, you can't, it either goes alphabetical. So if you have your bits, I like seeing my bits on the side where I go, I can't keep it in order That's the only thing about it then I'm off that one and I'm looking five more hours and looking for other [44:08] As if you have a folder in your notes and then you open up that folder and edit any one of those things Any one of those It'll move to the top. Yes, because that's the newest one now. Yeah. Yeah, that's yeah, that That should be an honor. Somebody should make a stand up for one of those things. I would love it. I would love it. Yeah, but most comics don't use them. Most comics just write things down. Like you ever see Mark Norman Stack? No. It's crazy. He's got a stack like a fucking like a phone book. Like that thick of index cards and napkins that he keeps at his pocket and he's so crazy like you try to read it you like it's literally like an insane person yeah like because it's he has an illegible yeah and there's no order to them. There's just stacks. I mean he might how many how many to have his pocket 150? Easy. Easy. 200 200 index cards. Where do you it's pocket you go? How do you go? Here's what I'm gonna do tonight [45:09] Card 167 to one no, it's a it's a window into the madness Yeah, the brilliance of his comedy. It's just all I remember Richard Lewis would would throw out I mean like there'd be a piano up there and he threw out like a scroll of like it was like just you know legal pads of paper and things like crazy stuff all over set it all up and it's like he was a little nuts. He was nuts with that. Yeah. That was also part of his thing right. There's Norman's look at Norman stack. Look at that. Look at that. What? Yeah. I can't believe you carry this around with you. 90% of that. Look at that. What? Yeah. I can't believe you carry this around. 90% of that. I'm worried it was back. You can't get a bad back from that. It's like sitting on a fat wallet. Exactly. Taxi drivers. If they have too much shit in their wallet, you'll have a little bit of a lean. I could get a bulge in your back. I can never do it. I don't even know what. [46:05] I need to have it organized. Yeah, it's just... Yeah, you were always an organized guy, like even back in the day. I admire that. I think that's a very important thing that some comics feel like they don't have to do and you don't have to do it. Some of the greats don't write anything down don't get me wrong but I feel like when I write if I just physically write there's jokes that I will get that I won't get if I don't physically write and not a few of them like a lot of them like some of my best bits ever came from sitting down writing do you find if you write the bit out physically write it out that you will remember it better to or in my hand yeah if you write it by hand you remember it better that's. Or it better. I hand. Yeah, if you write it by hand, you remember it better. That's proven. So if I do an arena, I got this from you, by the way. I got this from you. Because I'm not doing anything. No, no, no, no, no, this is what I got from you. Because I didn't have a rider, because I'm lazy. So when I would go do theaters, they would just use Kevin James Ryder. So when I would, because we had the same manager, [47:06] yeah, so we had the same manager. I was like, what's Jimmy eating? Like, was he, or did you see that? Yeah, it was like all normal stuff. And like whatever, like maybe I added whiskey to it or whatever it was. But one thing you had was index cards. Yeah. And Sharp now, I set up index cards and I will get there an hour early and write out all my bits, write out all like the key points of the bits, all the things I wanna talk about and set that there and then next bit, set that there. And so I have this coffee table and I've got all these things that index cards. Why don't you do a pronger? Later or something like cards. Why don't you do a prong later? Or something like that. You don't wanna do a prong? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, I'm fine. Once I write it all out, I'm gonna do it every night. I know. Every night. I just like to do that as an extra little detail. Just an extra little, just really dotting all your eyes and crossing all your teeth so I feel good when I get there. I don't know if it's, I'm losing my memory, you know, whatever it is, but it's like, I need bullet points up there. [48:07] It's, let me get you some of this. Do you take any, you have to fix? I take nothing. Okay, this is what you're gonna get. I'm gonna give you this. Just take this one and I'll get you some more. I'll send you some more Black label, alpha brain. That is the top of the food chain alpha brain, the strongest one. Am I gonna see unicorns? No, no, no, no, no. It just, it helps memory. It's really good for memory. And it's really good for focus. It just, it gives you like a little extra juice mentally. Now, if you're a moron, you're not gonna notice it. Like, you're like, try to fucking shit, bullshit, snake and wheel. Trust me, as someone who makes a living using his brain, there are certain things that you can take that are not bad for you that are just nutrients that enhance brain function. You know another one is creatine. Creatine's okay. It's okay to do that. Oh yeah, yeah. [49:01] Creatine's very safe. Creatine's one of the safest supplements. It's also... What does that do though? It adds water to your body. Your body has more water, and that's one of the functions of it. And it's one of the reasons why it makes your muscles look bigger and makes you stronger. It really does work as a fitness supplement. Like if you're training and lifting weights, creatine is one of the very best things you can take. Crete and I would say beta-alany, that's another one. But I gotta give you this thing that Whiteman gave me these herbal pills, completely natural. He gave me, we were playing golf in Atlanta, or whatever it was with DC. Kormier was there, who was just the three of us went out and I was, you know, I get up in the morning, my back is killing me, my everything, my joints are hurting. I get to the course, you know, you walk around hills up and down all day, you know, I'm like, I'm gonna be so gone on this thing. And Wybin says, take a couple of these, you know, pills you've got, these things are completely herbal and you know know what is it? It's Ashwagat like it's I don't know but it's okay with the key with this stuff is I said what why did you know because he gave it to me and he says just [50:11] Do me favor mark right now where you feel how you feel how you're doing? I feel horrible my knees are killing me ankle everything I feel everything my back you swing on a golf club. That's it's brutal So he goes and just take three and tell me how you feel in That's brutal. So he goes and just take three and tell me how you feel in a few hours or whatever it was. And I forgot about it. And around the ninth hole, I swear, I'm around the turn. It's a couple hours later, I'm going, I feel amazing. Like all the joints, the jujitsu finger thing when you get in your first comeback and it's like, over the pain, I had all that joint pain and it was gone. I was literally pummeling with DC. I'm like, come on, let's go, man. I put it amazing. I go, I go, it's the pills. I go, this is insane. I go, can you give me, and DC tried them too. And DC said, I haven't wrestled in a long time. He goes, I love it. Like, I want to know, I know nothing. I go, I'm trying to figure out this is a placebo effect [51:06] or what it was. He gave him to me again, same thing. It felt amazing. So, just why I'd been having those on his Instagram can we find out what that stuff is? I want to, literally, I don't go in a business, but I want to, I want to end on this thing. Right. Whatever it some, try, through some. Yes, just try, just mark how you feel if you pay me pain. Because if you go, I feel nothing, it might be the case, but these things, I did it a few times and they ran out of him, he couldn't get him and then he got him again, everybody he's given to. A lot for they make that illegal, whatever it is. I know. They just made BPC 157 illegal. It's way I'm telling him I'm I'm had a shape now It is literally the only thing it gets me up and I'm like, whoa, I could I could work out I could do it Really I took on my again. I want to know what's in there Yeah, I'll find out from him It's all natural stuff, but the thing about it is it's natural to you know, I don't know It's all coming from earth. I know [52:08] These natural the the key what they key in these things, the guy throws out, because when you get, even if you get Oshoganda, the active ingredient in it, it's like, once it's gone, people sell it anyway and it's like dust, it's like crap in there. He throws out like 70% of the stuff he said. And I was like, I don't know, I don't care what it is. I just want it. I want to give it to my family because I wanted to feel better. I'm just an older guy, I feel, you know. Yeah, you got to help me with that work. And I'm telling you, I am literally right now, I feel like I am on the cusp of either, you know, being that athletic guy, you know, goers and literally, you know, grandpa? Well, just get a trainer. Okay, I'm doing a documentary right now. Yeah. And I started it in January. I'm assembling the best guys. Like, I got Dolce is gonna help me out with this thing. [53:01] He's awesome. We already did one. We already did a documentary. I did it on, it was called Cheat Day, where I thought you could work out like six days a week and just have one day to eat what you, you want and just do it that way. And I had Dolce come in and be on it with me and work me out and do it and he kept going, you're not gonna be able to do this. And I go, why? Because your one day is gonna destroy everything. And he said, and I remember this, he goes, you can't outwork a bad diet. And he was right. It was like, I would crush it so hard. Like, people don't know what I can eat. Like, you know, I'm saying, you know, like, when people go, I'm a foodie, you know, it's like you have no idea how much I can crush food. And that one day would just destroy it for the rest. Yeah, the food thing is, you can't outrun a bad diet. You just can't. You can't. It's the best phrase, it's real. That's where it all comes from. It all comes from food and we're all addicted to food. And it's the craziest thing if you're addicted to food because you have to eat it. [54:07] It's not like heroin. That's right. You're addicted to heroin, like, oh, I've got a heroin problem, and I'm gonna take a little bit of heroin. Right. No, you're gonna go full bore again. You're gonna be fucked. It's like, it's one of the very few things yet you still need to eat it. Well, that's crazy. That's crazy conundrum. And most people's minds can't really process that. That's right. And I can't, I just, I can't, because he's given me the diets, Dolce, just do this, this, and this, and this. You know, it's very simple. I mean, by the way, does every, who would need some another grown man to tell you what to eat you know by me? Right you know Seriously you know It's anything with working out you don't know move your body whatever it is do you know what to do You may not know the intricate stuff of like split squats and this and that work this thing in but General health you know what I got to move my body more eat better foods less process [55:03] We know it. Yeah, but yet man. I man, that's what this documentary I'm doing about. It's like, why I have access to the greatest guys, why can't I still do it? It's like, and part of it is, I need the Goggins, you know. Yeah, you need a hype man. You do. You need someone around you who is also doing it. Well, that's it. It's community. I don't have that. It's like when I'm with Dolce if we're on a movie together or if he's got me in shape. He's giving me the meals and you know, when I'm my own captain, yeah, I'm homeboy, I'm gone, I'm just gone. You know, one thing that you can try that I guarantee will help you lose weight is the carnivore diet because if you do it, the one thing that you're going to not eat is any carbohydrates. You're only going to eat meat. And if you cut out all bread, all pasta, all sugar, all bullshit, I'm not saying this is a great diet. I'm not saying this is the way to live. I'm saying this is the best way for me to eat. I've [56:00] done every other kind of diet. This one works the best for me, and it's the one that keeps me lean. Because when you eat and just protein, your body hits a satiety level. If you're just eating steak, just steak. Your body will hit a level and you go, this is all I need, and then you won't want to eat more. But if I'm in that same mind space, and there's a steak there, but it's next to mashed potatoes with gravy, a bowl of pasta, ice cream, then I'm going to keep going. And I'm going to get another 7,000 calories. I'm going to keep going. But if I just eat the steak, then my body starts processing ketones. I start instead of using carbohydrates. I'm only eating protein and fats. Your body goes into like a ketogenic state. You think better, gives you an extra gear with thinking. The ketogenic thing is, I mean, that for me is worked. It's because Dolce will hate me for saying, like he's like, you know, when they say blueberry, you know, carbs, he's like, carbs are fine for you. [57:03] Like the right carbs. There's nothing wrong with carbs. It's a fuel for your body. But what I'm saying is if you're trying to lose weight, one of the best ways to regulate your appetite is a carnivore diet, because you don't overeat with it. But I think it's deeper than that for me. I think it's mental. I think it's like anything will work. I fasted that work. You know, I've done everything, you know, it all works for a while, but why am I this size now? You know, every time I'm like, you know, just recently I started stop comparing myself to other people and trying to just say, get better than yourself. Yes, that's the concept for me works. It's like, when I'm in there, because he'll give me workouts, Dolcey to do too, and I can't do it. I don't do them. I can't do the reps, four sets of 16. I get so bored by myself, like I start doing my own stuff. I'll do eclectic stuff, great stuff on a treadmill, all movement stuff, like I love it. I'm like, I'm the guy who walks up to the bag, [58:08] hits the bag a couple times, then walks out, oh, look at this thing, I have every piece of equipment in my gym, I do. If you saw my gym, you go, the rock live here, you know, it's like literally, they see me, and they're like, what are you doing? And it's like, I buy everything because I buy into it. I'm like, I'll let you use this. Because it's a little piece of hope. Yeah. That's what it is. Right, right. It treadmills a little piece of it. It's a hope, a new thing. Like I got the Jacob's ladder. I go, oh, it's great need something, that's what this thing is, what can get me, because I am like most people, I'm telling you, you don't need a lot of stuff, but you need something to engage yourself every day. There's gotta be a bridge between with the Goggins the way and people who do nothing. Like, you gotta get that. Like, I saw you were doing this with [59:00] the other comedians which I love, you know, it's like where you go, I just want them to walk or just getting down there, get that is so important man because it's like if you can get into that groove, you do feel better. Like that's what blows my mind. I've gotten in shape a couple times and I'm like, I don't need to eat anymore crap. I love the working, I love the way I feel. And then it slides right back. What happens? Well, it's one of the things about you that makes you really funny is you're indulgent. You're just, you're a wild dude who's like trying to stay buttoned up. It's like part of what's really funny about you. And that indulgence, it goes into other things and for you, it's food. Right. You know, luckily it's not gambling or something like that. Right. Right. You know. But I don't't I quit things too like like like I feel like I have the same almost intensity that you have but I'm not a finisher like I don't get really in a way started jujitsu did we started the same time yeah Beverly Hills jujitsu right you were the one brought me down there yeah I'm a blue [1:00:02] bill and and barely 30 you know it 30, you know, it's like, you know what I'm saying? It's like, because I start stop. You know what I'm saying? And that's in my head. I'm like, if I would have done what Joe did, man, look where I could have been. And I, you know, I'm trying to, you know, and then I start comparing, like, you can do it now, you do that. And if I play that game, I'm done. Because I can never catch up to other people. Well, a lot of it's like learned behavior patterns. You just have, you get stuck in. And if you're unlucky, you can get a bad behavior pattern of constantly quitting things. But if you're lucky, you can, look, I got very lucky that when I was 15, I got obsessed with martial arts. Right. Because that was the first thing I ever did in my life where I didn't think I was a loser anymore. I was like, I realized that if you work really hard at something and you're completely obsessed with something, it could transform your life. So my life from the time I was 15 to the time I was 18, I was a different human. [1:01:03] From 14, 15, I was insecure. I'd get bad social anxiety. We moved around a lot. I get picked on a lot. And I went from that to being completely confident. I'm like, being a different human being. I was fighting all the time. It wasn't like, to me, the fear of like conflict was pretty much gone because I was just engaging in conflict all over the country. It was flying around my whole high school all my time. So I got in my head that the way to feel better and to get life to improve is to just fucking dig in and keep going and don't ever quit. Don't fucking quit. That's so great. But I got lucky that that's something that I fell into when I was 15. I often think about, you know, there was one day, dude. One day when I was coming home from a baseball game where I walked up the stairs. [1:02:00] We were getting ready to ride the tee, which is like the Boston sub-subway. And we were getting ready to ride the tee, which is like the Boston sub-subway. And we're getting ready to ride the tee, but the line after the baseball game was like really long. There's so many people that were on the tee. So we just for a goof walked up the stairs to see this Taekwondo school. And as we were walking up the stairs, this guy, John Lee, who was a national champion at the time, is preparing for the World Cup. And he was like 28 years old, he was in his prime and he was kicking this back. And as I was going up the stairs, I was here, and whoop! And then the sound of a chain, like, sh-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch- Yeah, I was just I was like I want to learn how to do that right and I was there the next day I signed up I had enough money to pay for the glass I signed up and I was there every day from then on I was there every day I mean every day I worked out every day of the week I worked out Sunday I worked out every day [1:03:02] I never took time off. I was there for hours every day. I just eat food, go there, and it'll be starving by the time I left and then head home and go back again. That's your blessed brother because you have something that most people don't have that. They don't have that. Everybody who has the intensity in the beginning, when they see something, they're like, I want to do this. I say, I do. Like everything I get all pumped up, I'm like, this is it, this is all I wanna do. And then it's like, you don't wanna suffer, you don't wanna put the work in. That's the difference between, we both love Jiu-Jitsu. Well, to love something you gotta know it. You have to know it, right? You can't love something you don't know. Well, I love it, but what I don't love, obviously I don't love the mornings getting the geek, cold guion, you know, there's things about getting in with like, you know what I'm saying, getting on the mats, they're sweaty, they've been there since like five or five in the morning, I gotta travel to do it. It's gonna hurt these guys are coming after me. You know, it's like, you're in there and it's nervous. So I stop. I get back into it. [1:04:06] You know, I'll let it go for a while. You do. You go through that and you become, you overcome those little things and it's like, that's how you grow. It's like, I get right up to the edge of it and then I'm like, I just, so I don't love it as much. It's like you have to, you have to, you commit, you have to suffer. You have to, you know, that's the only way you're going to show your love for anything, is you gotta suffer for it. There's gotta be that, you've overcome that. Otherwise, you don't, you die, you know. You have to be, everybody has two people inside of them. Everybody has the person inside of them that wants to go to sleep, the person inside of them that wants to quit. That guy's winning by the way. That's the guy who's, you see before you right now. And the other guy that's like, no, this is what you need to do. But the problem is with a lot of people that other guy that's like, no, that's what you need to do. That person's really timid. And that person, they just, well, maybe it'd be better if we just went for a run. I shut the fuck up. I'm gonna eat chips right and [1:05:12] That that timid version of you is what you need to cultivate and to be like the boss Right, that's the boss. So I have a boss my boss is that voice. Yes. I let that voice win every time I love it that voice says shut the fuck up and get in the cold water That's that's dying to yourself man That's literally saying I'm not gonna. Yeah, where I'm comfortable. I'm gonna you know I'd much rather do this. I'm sure you you know Much rather do something and jump in a cold plunge every way Yeah, get a cup of coffee and go hang out and talk you know You do that and that's something I need to do more more like like we all do it's like It's the only way you're gonna embrace it and get better at things. I'm trying, literally we were flying. Like I said, I drive everywhere these gigs and it was getting so much that I'm like, I'm afraid of flying, but I'm like, I gotta just die to myself and just do this. Have faith, you're gonna be fine. Just do it, you're like, all right, we did it. Yeah. And you have a bad fight, you're like, I'm not bad doing it. But it's like, you know what I say? [1:06:07] You just gotta give the boss some strength. Yes. And the boss has to win a bunch of battles. And when the boss wins a bunch of battles, then he wins them every day, then eventually the boss becomes a louder voice. to do and you don't deviate. And even though you have all those feelings, every time I lift the lid on the cold plunge, I'm like, let's not do this. Every time. But the boss is like, shut the fuck up. The boss gets mad if those voices pop up. So I'll make you do an extra minute, bitch. Right. You get the fuck in there. I love it. And, you know, there's There's two piece of advice I would give comics, or just young men in general. Aspire to be the person you pretend to be when you're trying to get laid. Just be that person instead of pretending to be that person. Become that person. Become a person that you admire. It's possible to do. [1:07:01] If you can pretend to be that person, you can actually be that person. Aspire to be that person, you can actually be that person. Aspire to be that person. And the second one is, live your life like a documentary crew is following you around. Live your life like, is if you wanted the whole world to go, wow, that guy's really killing it. Like, I love the way that guy handles things. And then you're not gonna fail. You're gonna fuck up. You're a human. Everyone's gonna fall into a, like, God, I'm a little loser, I am. Right. Just go back with the same ethic. Get back into it with the same mindset. Live your life like a documentary crew is following you around everywhere. How would you wanna be seen? Well, be that person. Actually, be that person. Become that person. You can be that person actually be that person become that person you can become that person That's fine. We're doing that now and it's like I've we started in January and I'm I've I think I might have went up four pounds. I don't even know it like it's like you know because I've go down and then it's like But you're right you're right and we want to I'm gonna show it all you know because that's what it is It's the struggle. It's the process. Dude, you just need a hype man. If we're neighbors. Oh, but by the way, I love Austin. I'm coming here. I want I would be here every day. [1:08:09] Fucking move here. Move here. The clubs always very available. You'll have fun. Great place to work out. Come here to my gym. You can work out together. Oh man. Oh man. It is really great here. The people are so friendly You got the way they treat like freedom here is like a religion Freedom is a different thing in Texas. They they're not interested in controlling your You know what you buy and where you go and what you do in your land. You can only zebra They don't give a fuck. There's more wild tigers or there's more tigers actual tigers in captivity in private collections in Texas then there are of all of the wild of the world That's insane Well, you just you know me I need people who have tigers [1:09:02] I drove by a place the other day that had giraffes. People have giraffes. That's great. You can have whatever the fuck you want. If it's your land, they just leave you alone. They're like, there's your land. You do whatever you want, you know? And they love, and the comedy here they love, it's booming. I went, I got my beard trimmed at a place just yesterday and they were talking about the mother shit. Like they go and it's great. It's a whole different vibe here and everybody's great and I'm like really? And he was like, oh yeah. Well, this is the first time in our lives where a scene emerged. There was kind of a little bit of a scene here in Austin. There was a few clubs, a few comics, some good comics came in Austin for sure. But there was no real scene where a bunch of assassins lived in town. And now there's like Shane Gillis lives here, Duncan Trussle lives here, Thompson Gurra lives here, Christina Pizzitski lives here, Tony Hinchcliffe lives here, David Lucas lives here. [1:10:00] It's like holy shit, Brian Simpson lives here, Tim Dylan lives here, he's got a house, he's got multiple houses Tim Dylan lives here. He's got a house. He's got a multiple houses He lives everywhere, but there's so many killers here It's just every night you go to that club and it's just packed with great comedy. You know what it is I'm telling you it's community. Yeah, I don't have that like like when I'm I have it and You know little bursts when I'm with people on a movie set or whatever it is, but it's like I don't have that in my everyday life. I need that. I think I really think that's a big thing. I really because I need the hype man. I need, but I need, you know, to be in that group where you just start doing it. I did one one training camp with Wybin and those guys, you know, earlier on and with Aljo and these guys and, you. And I just jumped in with them. And it's like, I was with them for, I don't know, a few weeks, three weeks, and then I had to go out, but it was like, you developed this brotherhood. Yes, it was so much fun. It was going through everything. You're eating together, you're running sprints together. [1:11:01] And I was like, whoa, this is really, really cool. That's one of the great things about fight teams, especially like Sarah Longo. It's like those guys are so tight. They're all friends. They're all friends. And they got so many killers there too. Oh my gosh. Al Joe, Maraud, Chris, this is the funniest thing ever. I came my first day on the camp, whatever, and they were sparring in the octagon and I had my head gear on and Everybody's pairing off with everybody, you know, they just didn't why been cuz you know and long ago setting it up Just you guys go with you guys everybody and switching around this and that and I was like worried cuz I go Chris I don't want to go in with you know, he's getting there getting there mix it up and I'm going I'm not even a fighter. I can't do this. You know, whatever I got in there Everybody else, Alchord knows me, you know, these guys know me. Marab thinks I'm a fat old fighter. Like he thinks he doesn't know any, I get the head gear on, he doesn't recognize me as an actor. And he starts going, he starts dancing around, I'm going, whoa, I know right away he doesn't, he doesn't know, I'm an oh my god, and I'm just a little punches. And this guy's moving around like crazy on me. [1:12:07] And I'm like, I'm looking for why, man. And it was a, he was the sweetest guy ever, but I got lit up by him and two say, I go, I'd take it off, I go, I'm an actor, man. That guy does not get tired. Nothing. He's wild to watch. So to Hudo, he's got Henry Sihudo picked up over his shoulders and he's talking and he walks him over towards Mark Zuckerberg. It's Henry Sihudo. That's an Olympic gold medalist and you're carrying him around like he's a kid on a school yard who fucked up. That's a different breed man. Oh man, he's an animal. Marab is an animal. And the sweetest guy once again, the best. Yeah, he's really best. I love that dude and everybody loves him Yeah, the response he gets from the audience. Yeah, people love him his last speech was so ridiculous Oh my god, he let he wins. He just gets so fired up. Oh, he's amazing Then they fucking love Mirab man. They love look at that look at him. That's Henry so who do you have to understand how crazy [1:13:02] It is that he's carrying around that guy on his back. Like that guy. With a smile. Yeah, I mean, two division UFC champion. He won the flyweight medal, the flyweight belt, anyone the bantamweight belt, and Marab is literally toying with him. He's smiling and carrying him. I mean, that is so wild to see. That was one of the most shocking things. I mean, I've seen a lot of shocking things, people getting knocked out, I've seen a lot of things, but to see someone treat Henry Sohudo like that, carrying around like that laughing with a smile on his face, I was like, oh, now I could say I sparred with that guy. There you go. But yeah, that camaraderie we did it as comics.. Like that's why we opened up the club. We opened up the club because we realized that one of the functions that the comedy store had for all of us, it was home based. We had a home base and it was a great old club with this amazing history and we were proud to be a part of it. And so we'd all get together and we were proud. [1:14:01] We were a comedy store comics. It was fun. You go out on the road, you come back home, and you see we're back at the store. Yeah, and some of the best shows that we would have all year would be like Tuesday night, Wednesday night shows at the store. We'd go there and it was just so fun. And everybody's just so happy to be around each other, other comedians, just have fun and talk about jokes and talk about standup. And then when we came out here, I was like, well, there's no home base. There's no home base. We did the Vulcan, but it's not set up good for a green room. I was like, we need a real home base. And then I started looking. I started looking right away. And the first place I bought was a cult theater. It was owned by a cult. That fell apart. And then we got this opportunity to get that place on 6th Street. And I was like, all right, this is it. And then we just started building. And it's better than I ever could have hoped. It's a real community now. Like you go into that green room, and there's like, fucking 20 dudes in there, just talking, laughing, having fun. It's like, Minnesota's there, and Louis is there. It's like people from the road, guys from New York, guys from LA, people coming in out of town every week. [1:15:06] It's fun, man. I miss that, man, because I don't have, I have it when Sandler goes on tour, and he'll bring me out and I go with him, and it's just so much fun. It's so much fun, man. It's, you know, that's what we're missing. You know, if you're the guy who just does the theaters and you know you're with your family all week and then you have your opening act you go on the road. This is actually him. It's not the same experience. It's not. I've been that for years. That's the guy I am. You know I miss it man. I really do. Come to Texas, shimmy. Come on buddy. I got you. You gotta. Once I take this. It's a good place to Alpha brain man, it's gonna change everything. I wanna take those wideband pills. But do we find out what the fuck they are? I'm gonna bring them into you. I have some. Just try him. And B, you're gonna be honest. I'm gonna try him right away. Okay, I can't wait to try him. In my mind, I've already tried it. Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahaha. It had me restaurant golf. That was a fun. I go into pummel him, just messing around while he's holding the golf club and you just feel you're like, [1:16:07] oh my gosh. It's a bear. Oh my gosh. Yeah, DC's bear. Oh my gosh. David, two division champion, man. You get, you're almost like, you're playing with him but you get scared. It was like I was with boss. When you, you introduced me, you got me to boss. When I met boss, I remember, I first had, it was just the King of Queens started and I was like, we could have this guy come and train us, this guy that we used to watch, you know. Yeah, what was it on? Pan-craze. Pan-craze, yeah. And he had the high boots and stuff like that. And then I was like, whoa, man, we can get this guy to, you to our dressing room and we could work out with him. I had a little space on the set where we would train and I brought him in that first day and he couldn't even speak English. It was me and rock and I think my brother was there. And they were, I'm talking to him and trying to keep the conversation going, like that he's just sitting here and he doesn't even know what's going on really. Just looking at me and then those guys left the room and I felt like I was in the room with like a leopard. [1:17:06] You know like where you go, where your feet, as long as you're feeding it conversations of it's okay, keeps eating it and it looks at you again. You're just looking at me and I ran out of conversation. I ran out of conversation and I'm like, all right. So, and he's just looking at me and I'm like, this is a different human in front of me, you know, especially back then. Oh gosh, things could go bad. Yeah, boss was scary dude. Dude, it's fighting days. He was the first guy that the UFC hired that I got excited about. Right. Because he was a guy that I knew who he was because I had seen him fight in pancreas and he was one of the very first high level strikers that made it into MMA. That Dutch kickboxing style. We did here. Oh yeah. In pancreas they you'd have to hit with the palms and boss figured out that instead of bitch slapping people you just spear them with your palm like a punch. Spear him and he would say you would hit this part of the wrist. Yeah. As opposed to even the palm. He did the bone. His bone and he was working the back. [1:18:06] Yeah he worked the bag with his palms to develop that power. And he had this crazy ability to pull his hand back. Like, my hand doesn't really go much back further than that. But boss's hand goes way back like this. Well, he's got some freaky long fingers. Crazy hands. He's a weird, he's a real freak. Every injury I have to this day from turf toe and it came from him, you know? He's the greatest guy in the world, by the way, once we got to know each other. He's awesome. He's one of my best friends. And we threw mats in my garage in Sino, and I remember, and he would come over and train me. And we would start on our knees and stuff like that. And I remember one time, we would just start our knees and we were locked up. And I remember I outmuscled him and I pulled him to the side. And then two seconds later he reversed me and I was like, whoa, but I got him right there. That was pretty sick. And the next go we had it, he pushed, he goes, you know, he rolled me back and I heard a pop. And I thought it was my knee, but it was my toe, my big toe. Oh no, toe, toe. [1:19:05] For still here, still really. Yeah, yeah, never got rid of it. So is it these pills help? These pills help that. I'm serious, I'm telling you. These pills should be the back of a wagon. Dude, this is for everything. I gotta find a way. Diary, a gonorrhea. I just wanna make make sure I do because you nobody's you're gonna be like do they do nothing Which I love that I bet they do something I guarantee if you're having that kind of experience with them they do something I wish I knew what they were I'll find it out for you. I don't want to do it now when we don't have it Why don't you go grab them go grab them and bring them in here? I want to know what they are otherwise will we'll be in the future. How are you gonna know what they are? We gonna look at it, know what they are? Yeah. Well, is it just a pill by themselves? It's a pill by themselves. Oh, it's no bottle. No, no, no. It's not sketchy. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, And then no, I think you will. You and I will sit down with this [1:20:07] stuff with why man and we'll we'll get it. I'm telling you we're gonna save the world with this. It's an if an old man is telling you this I am you know I'm telling you it's the one thing it's like. You're both old now and then while remember your kids never thought you're gonna be an old man never never how am I gonna be an old man? How is that possible? I'm a young guy. I'm always a young guy. Yeah, that's exactly it. Also, you never got beaten down by life, right? Because you have a great job. If you have a job that sucks, you can get beaten down by life. But if you have a job like we have, we enjoy our job. It's like's fun. It's great. There's nothing. The stress is, the stress and work is different. But they say you're only as happy as your least happy kid, right? I mean, that's true. Oh, that's true. So it's like when you got that going on, it always bounces that out where you're like, man, the greatest life here ever. And then to deal with this. Yeah, and you know, it's not easy for kids. No. Well, I especially today with social media [1:21:07] and just the weirdness of the world. And I mean, if you're a fucking kid today, you're a 15 year old kid and you're in high school and you see what the president is. You're like, what? That's the guy running the world. Like, what is happening? Is how crazy is this? And then you've just gone through COVID, to everyone's confused, like, what happened? What was that locked up for two years? Like, what happened? And then here you are about to make it out there in the world and you're on social media all the time. It's a tough ride for kids today. It is a very, very, very tough ride with new challenges that we never had to experience. Dude, my oldest daughter is on the spectrum. And, you know, so we started seeing, you know, this anxiety and this disconnection. And it was, she developed, you know, these texts, you know, I mean, like really bad where she started like hitting herself, you know, like couldn't uncontrollable. [1:22:02] She's a big strong girl, you know. She was about, I mean, 16, 15 at the time. And I remember, I mean, it was so scary for me that I had to lay on her at night and hold her down. And I'm pretty sure she was hitting so hard and she's apologizing. She's like, I'm sorry, you know, like, I'm like, what are you kidding? It broke my heart. So we brought her to the hospital. We went to the hospital to find out what we didn't even know what this was and the you know we Where it was coming from so they they got out of the calm down and and She was still ticking and stuff and I talked to the neurologist is that what it is? I guess I don't know the doctor of you know and I go what is this what can we do? And he said, he basically said she's developed these texts. It's like, you know, this is something you're just going to have to learn to deal with. You know, you're going to have a child like this. You have to prepare yourself that you and your wife are going to have to deal with this for the rest of your life this way. And I was like, there's got to be a different way. He's like, there's no way of really, we don't know, you know, and I just, I went, oh man, it crushed me. [1:23:06] So it was like me and my wife were like, what do we do? And my wife read this book. She was just doing all this crazy research and she found this book, Disconnected Kids. And it was by Dr. Robert Malillo. And so, you know, I got involved with him. I called him and he literally took my daughter. He was, I know what this is, he was, it's okay. He says, I can work with her and we were just out of, like we were lost, we didn't know what to do. And I mean, I mean, violent, you know, it was like, woof. So we took it to this doctor and within two weeks, no drugs, anything, two weeks, ticks were gone. And he said, they're gonna still be there. They're gonna come up every once in a while, but he fixed their man. And I'm like, whoa, it blew my mind, man. It's like, so I was like, I just wanna give other parents hope. And I knew another guy who had a daughter who's severely autistic, and she was nonverbal, [1:24:01] and you know, violent too. And he said said he goes, I will, and he worked with them. And she's getting so much better and now and speaking. And it's an amazing thing this guy does. How's he doing? What is he doing? I don't know at all. You know, he works with the brainwaves and again, not a doctor, but there's no medication in there involved, which was very important, because that's what they were recommending to the hospital. Just put her on some medication. I'm like, I'm turning her into a zombie. Exactly, I can't do that. And she's so much better now. She still has the ticks every once in a while, but she's great. She gets her connected. He does all these like brain things and he works with the, you know, and how it all ties into the motor, you know, whatever that is. It's so fascinating. It's, it is. And he's another guy who's like, I really, is this it? I've been told via your assistant. This is what it is. Okay. No name for it. [1:25:00] No name for it. Yeah. So what do you mean? He's just no name. What do you mean there's no name? Okay, so it has ashwaganda, shav-shat-shatavari. Shatavari. Kavach seed, ffung, fnu, greek seed, papali, guaduchi, shajalit, oh, Shalajit. Shalajit, I've heard of that stuff before. I've heard of Shalajit, Gokshura and Sunthi. Oh boy. Well, but that's a mouthful, isn't it? I think this, it's not that the ingredients are that unique. I think it's the fact that the way they do it is, I don't know, that he says he doesn't use anything that's been, like he throws out a majority of it, which is, that's why it's hard to come by. And it's like active ingredients for everything. You as they could sell you all this stuff, but if you don't get it from the right place, you know, it's just not gonna do anything. Whatever it is, I give it to you. You try it. Okay. [1:26:06] I'm interested. I've never tried ashwaganda. Here's something that has the same, I'm not saying this is it. This just has the same. Influx 650 herbal supplements. It says the same ingredients. Healthy skeletal muscular response. Maintain healthy skeletal muscular system. Okay. Interesting. Give it a shot. Same as that, Jamie. That is the same ingredients? I literally copied and pasted and Googled that they're showing the same thing, same dosage. That looked like a... Bullshit. It could be... Low-red triage company. This could be the... Try it. Try it. Okay. I know nothing. I'm gonna try. Thank you. I'm excited. And I'm excited to try that. You give it to everybody? I need this. Anybody who's like, I just, for me, I want it for me. Yeah. And I know I'm not gonna, you know, if it does, I sense the beat. Like I'm like, if it's not working, it's not working. What's up, Chase? What's up? If it works for me. Don't say has it. [1:27:06] Yes. Okay. That might be it. It must be it. It must be it. If it's on his website, that's it. Influosix 50. Okay. That's it. But, yeah, it's... It works. Herbs work is a lot of them that work. Some of them are really good. So that's what's interesting about pharmaceutical drugs is the vast majority of them are sourced originally from plants, a lot of them from the Amazon. They've come up with a bunch of different pharmaceutical drugs just based on compounds they found in the Amazon. Yeah. I don't even know. I just, I know nothing about this stuff. So when you started doing this documentary, what was the purpose? To find out the process because it's like I'm going to do a movie right now. Every time I try to get in shape, it's always like I always have to get in shape. It's almost like you know a fighter who fights and then gets so out of shape again. It's like well that's it. I, I shot a movie two years ago [1:28:05] where I played an exorcist priest, and I wanted it to be really, like it was really crazy, hard, like legit story. So I wanted to be, look a little different, be, you know, right in the part and just have a different character. So I got down to 230. I really worked hard, you know, like that's low for me and Shot it and thought we were done with it and I got to pick up a couple scenes I'm 280 no to do I'm gonna have to look like Either right into this pre-scout thung by a bee and it just swelled up the or or I got to get in shape for it So I got to get you for I got to get back down to that again. How much time do you have? I have as much as I, you know, I will shoot it when I'm ready, but it's like, it's waiting there to do a couple scenes where. 50 pounds, how long does it take to you for the Ely's? 50 pounds. I can lose it really quick. I can fast and lose it. Seriously For 50 I Could do it a month what [1:29:09] That sounds so insane less than a month. I could do it. Yeah 50 pounds That's amazing. I can do it fast fasting just not you know, but that's even nothing. I feel shit though No, no, no when I fast I didn't you know how many days are you fast in a row? You don't you don't want to know how many days 41 and a half What 41 and a half you had 41 days with no food water and Little salt like a little electrolytes and I lost wow Yeah See when I lock on I can do something. Oh, I know that. But that's a crazy lock on. 41 days. Well, that was, how much do you lose? I was fasting for, it was mental. It was like, I felt so bad for my daughter. I said, I'm gonna do this for you. It was something that I could do, you know, and apply it to. And it was like so emotionally tied right now. And I was praying for it. [1:30:05] Like I mean, I was worried. And I did like four or five days. And I was getting through it, but I was like, I was wanting to get off it then. I was like, well, I gotta start to eat because I'm really hungry. And I went and I,, yeah. And she goes, thank you so much. And I literally went, okay, I got to keep I couldn't stop then. So I just kept going day at a day at a time, you know, just do it. But it's amazing how your body, you don't need it. You don't need to, as long as you have found, are you like that? I lost. I think like 60 pounds. Wow. Yeah. Yeah, there's that guy that was in the 1960s, right, Jamie, that one dude, he fasted for 300, 60, so he was really big, right? Yeah, you can do it. All you can do is just take IV vitamins. Yeah. Water and vitamins. I didn't even take vitamin. [1:31:00] Like you don't need anything, you know. And I felt you took no vitamins. Nothing. Wow. But you know, it was, it cleansed everything out of me. Like, I'm not saying it's the way to go forever. You know, like I don't, I don't know. Again, not as that. There's definitely some health benefits to fasting. Yeah. Especially short-term fasting. Well, they, but with your big and you can do it, why not? That's it. It's like, well, how are you gonna survive? Your body eats fat. That's it. That's what it was doing. And you probably had good energy. I was pretty good for a, you know, a while. And then you'd have these dips. And you'd feel like, wow, I feel miserable. I'm gonna, I'm off. I'm done, you know, it's like keep going just keep going body just says all right This is what we're dealing with we're eating fat. I literally wrapped up the 41 and a half days at you're gonna crack up I went to pizza university Which is a universe to learn how to make pizzas and I didn't eat me I forgot I booked it and I'm like oh my gosh and I go I'm not gonna kill it while on there [1:32:01] It was a three-day course where you get a little diploma. I wanted to know how to make the dough and everything like that. And I went, oh no, this falls within my diet. I just wanted to make it past 40 days. And I went down there and I did the whole thing and I never ate a bite. Wow. Yeah, so it was crazy. But then you blow back up to this. You know, it's like it's, so it's like that's what the documentary is about. The documentary is about the process and finding something where you can help people with their health. With, you know, it is what you were talking about. It's just get up and do something, walk. The little bit more each day is the key. You know, it's like when you don't even notice it's happening and all of a sudden you're disactive. And it's a great part of the keys I have another people to do it with. That's one of the great things about like you were saying, training with wide-banded those guys. It's like you're in a group where everybody else is working hard too and it's contagious. You get caught up in the momentum and it's great and everybody comes out of there feeling better and you all went through something together. Yes, that helps. It's very hard to do it by yourself. [1:33:01] It's very hard to do it by yourself. It's very hard to do it by yourself. Not only help, it's like we need it. I think we're built for that. We're made for that community. You know? Yep. It's 100%. You know, 100%. You don't have it. It's hard. Yeah, it's not a good life if you don't have it. It's just not. You don't want to be by yourself. like Howard Hughes type characters by themselves are scattered germs Yeah, yeah, yeah, the world gets smaller and smaller. Yeah, the bigger yet the world gets smaller and it's not good not good for you Yeah, you could lose your marbles I'm coming I think I'm coming my wife hearing this you can hear this for the first time but I think this is it Yeah, it's great place to live. I look here in Florida and you know, yeah, this is a great place to live It's fantastic. I'd like to get I've never spent time here in Austin. This was a for I was here for a few days. We're writing and I felt immediately at home Like the moment I moved here. I was like this is where I was supposed to be [1:34:01] Like it made sense it made sense. It's like a course. I thought you'd never leave LA too. I'm so happy. That was so cool. Well, I've been wanting to leave for a while. You know, I tried Colorado for a little bit. You moved out even from LA. Further out in the stick, right? In the hills. Yeah, I was out in the hills. Yeah. I was always trying to beat. Look, I bought my first house, I bought my first house out in the hills on like four acres. Right. Because I was like, I don't want to be around people. I want quiet, I want animals. I want to look at my windows, see a hawk fly. That's what I want to see. Yeah. That's what I like. You got that here? Yeah. But that's what I like. I don't like, I don't want to be overwhelmed by people. I don't think that's healthy for you. And with me, LA just got sketchy during COVID. It just got the George Floyd riots. I was like, this is sketchy. I was watching a bunch of looting. I saw, so these kids breaking a closed door. I was like, God damn it. This is sketchy. [1:35:01] These cops can't do anything. They're overwhelmed. And then there's all this defund the police shit going on, and everywhere I would go, I would go like, you'd see tents, and I was like, this is a society that's fallen apart, and if you don't get out now, you're gonna get stuck in something unrecognizable. This is not what you signed up for. When I lived in LA in the 90s, LA was great. It was great. It was kind of a lot of traffic, but other than that, it was cool. Great place to live. All these comedians and artists and fun. Sunny out all the time. Yay! We're in the right spot. But after COVID, after the George Floyd riots, I was like, uh-uh, I'm getting the fuck out of here. And then it's just the lockdowns and all the ridiculousness and hypocrisy. It's just realizing you have to pay attention how fucking stupid the mayor is. I can never pay attention to the mayor. I didn't give a fuck who the mayor was. And then when COVID comes on, oh, that guy's a real problem. Like these people can become a real problem. They can tell you you have to close [1:36:01] your family business. You've had a business for 30 years, you've had this fucking dipshit who shouldn't be managing a fucking Taco Bell. Is managing the entire city's economy. Like, oh my God. And then they went after him too, which is even great. Like Black Lives Matter was protesting in front of his house like 30 days in a row. Like, that's what you get, bitch. That's what you get. It just turns on itself. Yeah. And then you brought it here and you planted these seeds and look with this growing man. It's just so amazing. Luckily a lot of other comics decided to move out here. That was the big one. Ron White was the king. He was always here. Ron White was here before COVID. He knew. Ron White, I remember calling Ron White up. I go, why are you living in Austin? He goes, he goes, I still come to the Congress to him, but I fucking love it. He goes, I love Texas. I love being here. I love living in Austin. It's a good city. I was like, damn, it sounds like a good fucking city. And so when the pandemic came around and we were looking for places to live, we had some friends that were coming to look in Austin. I was like, let's look in Austin. And we came and we saw this house on the lake, I was like, let's go. [1:37:06] My buddy, I have my buddy, Scott Vos, he lived in New York like most of us, like in the city. And then he just abruptly moved to Nebrunfels. You know, Nebrunfels. And he's always like a bow hunter and all this stuff. And he loved that stuff. For bosses. Bosses? Yeah. They're big ring friends. Bosses are here too now. Yeah, I know, I know, I know the whole thing. Yeah, they're amazing. And he loves it. I'm always like, how is it, you know, like are you, you know, missing, you know, he's like, not a stitch. You know, it's like, you can always visit New York. Yeah. I love to visit and eat yeah, well I'm in the island. So it's like it's not in the craziness Right, but it's it's yeah, it's it's the island is a different state. Yes, it really is a different state of 100% It really is. Yeah, it's a different state. It's not in the York City. No [1:38:06] I'm on you know, it's yeah, it's it's it's it's it's very right wing. Yeah, it's different. Yeah, it's most more families. Yeah, much more normal. Which is what I mean. You know, you know, but here it touches. Well, I used to love work on the island. That was my favorite place to work. Coverners. Yes. So I can. Chuckles, do you remember Chuckles? Yes. Yes. Is that miniola? Is that miniola. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. East Side was great. That was a sad day when East Side time closed. And then they opened another one, Richie, and it just got away from him. And it was just not a great, you know, he took on a massive like a store, like a massive warehouse and started rebuilding it and just got, you know, in over his head with stuff. And you know, the boom was slowing down a little bit of, you know, in over his head with stuff and the boom was slowing down a little bit. You know, and just got tough. Yeah, Long Island has always been a good place for comedy. Oh, best. Always real good comics coming out of Long Island. There's always like a Long Island attitude. Like you get guys who come into the city from Long Island. I was always afraid of that. That was another move. [1:39:00] Like, oh my God, making that move to the city. People like you get to go to the city. I'm like, I'm not gonna sit here. I'm not ready. I'm not ready. I was so scared the first time I performed in the city. I was so scared. Where'd you go, Boston Comedy? No, catchurizing stuff. Yes, me too. Louis Ferranda. Yes. Yes. I was so terrified. Wow. show in my life because all the greats were there, you know? I remember I watched a video that was online of Richard Pryor. I guess back then I must have watched a tape because this is we're talking about like the early 90s. It must have been a tape but I watched a VHS tape of Richard Pryor on stage at catch and I was like oh my god I'm gonna perform in the same place and I knew Richard Belzer would perform there and knew it was just a legendary club. I couldn't believe I was there. I couldn't believe I was allowed to be on the stage. Me too, man. Yeah, but when it went okay, it went good. I was like, okay. And then the next show I did this city, I was like, [1:40:00] loose. I was like, this is just a crowd. These are just people. That's it. And then I just got loose. But the, the, the, the, the, the, a lure of the city was always like, you can't trick them. They're going to be the smart people. Like you can trick all those losers that come to see you at a bar in, you know, the middle of Massachusetts. But you're going to be tight. Stand up New York, the comic strip. Comic strip, you remember? Any Murphy was there. Oh my gosh, Eddie was here. Yeah. You see that Chris Rock and he's like, well, the clubs in New York, there was so many of them, Boston Comedy Club, Dangerfield. Dangerfields, I played in front of probably three people. Right? One o'clock in the morning at Danger I played in front of probably three people. Right? Yeah. One o'clock in the morning at Dangerfield. Yeah. I was there once at Dangerfields and my spot was at 9.30 and I got there at 9 o'clock and everyone was by the bar. I'm like, what's going on? There's no crowd. And while we were there, two people showed up. And remember Bobby? [1:41:00] Oh, you put the show on yet you're crazy Bobby. Well, come to Dajjafu. It's just broad of me. You started the show. And the show started. Yes. And we all did stand up for two people. I love it. They were like, hell, hostage. How could they leave? We're gonna get out of here. This sucks. Like, what? There's five more guys coming. There was something about back then that I guess it's the community again but that whole drive to you know the newness of being in these clubs the comedy seller you know. So we didn't know if we were going to make it. That's it. You know you back then you were like am I going to be a real professional or is this just bullshit should I think about getting a job job. Right. I quit my last job way early. Did you? Yeah I was working at a place called Granger in the warehouse, just pulling orders. It was like an industrial equipment company and I hated it. It was so hot and I'm miserable and I'm doing like one, like I'm doing an improv class and like a couple dates I have here and there and I was like, I think I'm going to turn [1:42:01] into comedy. I think I could make a living over this stuff and And it's like, pull that way to it. Live it in home, my folks. And it's like, I might have pulled that a little early. But, you know. But that's the way you do it. Yeah. You'll find jobs and things to do to make money while you're struggling. Right. But if you have a net, you'll fall. Right. You're right. You got to, you have to be 100% all in. Cause in the beginning, and then getting like in the first days when you and I knew each other, we were just like kind of opening acts. Right. Which is like, you're not really making much money. Right. Maybe you could headline some old scrub room in the middle of nowhere. Right. Make a couple hundred bucks at night, drive to Connecticut. You know, so it was a precarious. Like, who knows what's gonna happen? I could fall, but we all knew guys who fell apart. It was guys who were like headliners, who were big comics and they just fell apart. They fell apart, they couldn't handle it for every reason. It's weird, fear of success or just like whatever it is. They just didn't know how to go to the next level or. I think for them, it's a lot of that they didn't have community. I think back then even more so than it's a problem now it was way more of a problem back then [1:43:10] because everybody was in competition with each other right nobody looked at other people like other people that are just like me that are out there doing great and so that's awesome for everybody right back then like if you and I were friends and there was a tonight show host spot available and they were going to talk to you and they were friends and there was a tonight show host spot available and they were gonna talk to you and they were gonna talk to me, we gonna be friends. And then like the people would like turn on each other. They would backstab each other. Like the famous David Letterman and Jay Leno things. Right. Leno's like hiding in the closet. Yeah, listening to. Yeah, it was like they were in competition with each other. Did you have a group of guys in Boston around you? Like when you first started or no, was it just you? Me and Fitz Simmons were always tight. Right. And we started out literally a week apart from each other in open mics. And then Chris McGuire was always tight with Chris. And there was a few guys from that era that I stayed friends with that we did a lot of road gigs together in my tie. That was real fun. I mostly fit Simmons, because Fitz Simmons was a good buddy. [1:44:07] And we did a lot of gigs together when we were starting out. We drive to Rhode Island for free. Yeah. And just to open mics. I drove to Island, Pennsylvania for, I mean like 20 bucks. So I remember like, I go, this is cost me more than told. Yeah. I was like, but I went. Yeah, but that's the only way to do it. You know, you have to put in those hours in that time and you have to be, and if you're with someone else is also doing it, it makes it way easier. So yeah, it made it easier for sure to be friends of Fitz Evans, because we were both doing the same thing at the same time. But there wasn't a group like we had in LA. In LA, that was the different, that was a different thing. That was a real brother and sisterhood. Like it was like everybody was like so tight and everyone was so supportive. Cause it coincided with the internet. When the internet came along, then instead of everybody being competition with each other for a sitcom or a TV show, [1:45:00] now everybody was on each other's podcasts. Right. So now it was only beneficial. Yes. It was like if I could go to Shultz's podcast, that would make my Netflix special get more people to watch. Right. If I could go do this, it would do that. If I could do all these different things, it would actually promote stuff and it would make it bigger and better. And then it was like everybody's podcast grew because they were on other people's podcasts. And no one suffered. No one's, there was no negative, like of all the people that I ever had on my podcast, that went on to do podcasts and tour and do arenas. It only helps. It only helps. It never helps. It only helps. It helps them. It helps me. It helps the audience. It helps everybody. And then it was insane. careers you've built from this. I just exposed people to talented people that already existed and that benefits me. Absolutely, 100%. But it's like you're given this platform and it does. It grows because then they're able to do it and bring up other people and you know. And then other people are seeing that and they're applying that in their own lives. It definitely wasn't the case. [1:46:01] The back of the day I felt like I had my brother Gary and rock and Adam Ferrara and Richie Minerva. Like we had this tight group that we would look out for each other. Those guys, we would try to do that. But other than that, it was backstab. It was like they were just trying to get in the way and don't tell this guy about this audition. I hated that. I hated that. Well, that's why I love hanging out with you and Farara and you know, it's like you could find good dudes and you all hang together and all enjoy each other's success and do shows together too. That was the most fun thing when you and I got to show together. It was the best. Oh, I love this so much. We had so many fun gigs. It was such a good time and it just to be on the sideline because you're one of those guys that if I'm laughing hard in the room, you go crazy. Oh, you did me nuts. You build me up. You are. You were the height man, you'd fire me up. And we, I always knew you at your best. I always knew who you were. Like if we were just at a bar and you start going off about something and we're crying laughing. You had this ability to get fucking furious about something in the most hilarious way. [1:47:07] And I was like, you gotta bring shimmy out. I know. You gotta bring shimmy out on that stage. You were like one of the few guys I'm telling you and Sam are guys that believe in me more than I believe in me. You know what I'm saying? It really, I mean it's amazing. You're your special quality is to be comfortable around your friends and then that's where you show your full potential. Right. And then it's up to your friends to say, you gotta just carry that with you on the stage because that's you, like the bit that you do about pulling up to the curb and the lock cancel is that what the girl goes with? That is, that's a full shimmy bit. You got me. You built it. You got to go nuts with it. And I was like more and more and adding it and going, I literally jumped in the audience and during, because you got me, like that was it. When we were up at the Montreal, you like, you got to go shimmy. And I went nuts. I literally jumped on some guy in the crowd. I've never done that before. Ever. I free, this was like, you know, but that got me my deal. [1:48:07] That's literally being, that, you know. Yeah, it was awesome. It was awesome. But that's, that's you at your best. But sometimes, like that's, you know, sometimes people need a coach. Right. Sometimes you need, you need a hype man. My friends do that all the time. We do it for each other, they do it to me. They'll say, Tony, last night we're going over, but he's like, I really think that when you're saying this, maybe say that first. And I was like, damn, maybe you're right. And every now and then, someone will see things with fresh eyes and they gotta pull your side and go, I think you should do it this way. And you're like, ooh, I like it. Let me try it. And I'll try it the next show and like, oh my god, you're right. That's it. I love it. I like it. That's the, it's a comfort level. It's a comfort level. When you're comfortable with somebody and you, you know, you get past that, you just, you open up and you try to and you know each other. That's exactly who I was. [1:49:06] It changed what I, again, that comedian that were the, you know, standing up there in the middle with the mic standing and he like, you were just that guy to me. You were that guy that was just like, you didn't care. And I was like, I want to be that, you know. I remember one time we were, one of those improvs. And one of the fucking guys who's working the sound booth goes, what did you do to him? I go, that's him! That's him, that's the real shimmy. That's when it comes out, because you were just going nuts. You were just going nuts. You're like, I do, he goes so crazy when you're here. That's him. Yeah, I need you in my life that way. Like I need you to do that with everything. I'm telling you that that's what I miss when I'm on my side. Yeah, because again, my own captain, I go off the rails. I'll start overthinking things. And it's like, you know, that happens with fighters too. I'm sure. Yeah, fighters decide that they're the boss. And then they don't have a guy like that happen with Tyson. Like Tyson was with customado, customado died. And now he doesn't have a boss anymore. He doesn't have the alpha. [1:50:05] He doesn't have this, this, this, this, this wise person who's overseeing all of it going, no, no, no, not this, this. And this is why. This is why you have to approach it this way. Like yeah, this is why. Like sometimes people need a coach. You need, you need someone around you who knows exactly what's going on. I don't care if it's you. I need it. Like if I'm writing a movie or writing, whatever it is, I need people to say, hey, you gotta see it. You're in your own head. Everything has that same flavor. Like I'm always like, ah, we're writing the same type of movies in this, because I'm controlling everything. And sometimes I gotta relinquish that control and say, let's say, believe me, trust them, just go with it. And I struggle with that because I'm like, no, no, no, no, no, no. And that's the key to it. And I could see that in the fight game. It must be like, where I take over and I know better and I got to switch camps and do all this stuff. Especially if you're the champ. Right, if you're beating everybody I'm fucking everybody up because I'm the best and then your manager is like looking at clever laying right right [1:51:06] No, this fucking guy's doing the real thing right you better watch out. Yeah, you're a problem You don't see this coming. Yeah It's you have to have that guy around you. Otherwise you'll be delusional and you wind up like with a flashlight You're face that's right. That's right And you know they're wheeling around us for stretcher that's It's a thing with success. And also the part of success is the get successful you have to get really uncomfortable. And once you get to a certain level of comfort, you're like, I don't want to be uncomfortable anymore. I did all that and that's over. I'm done. But the only way you keep getting better is to be uncomfortable. That's the ice bath every morning. That's literally going, why do you, you don't have to do this anyway? You know, it's like, but why? So you gotta build up the boss in your head. Like I made my own coach, because I realized there's not gonna be enough coaches around me. Like I had coaches when I was doing martial arts. I mean, there was a giant factor'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, [1:52:07] I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, I'm like, old journal like when I was literally doing it. I did karate for four, I don't know how many years it was, I got to like a brown belt, you know, when I was in high school and stuff like that, or a little that just as I guess it was ending and maybe it was just going to the college, I was by a brown belt, but then I never felt that we had a guy named Al Wilson in our school who was a boxer and I was learning all the karate stuff and I was really good in Korean. I was, I had these, you know, the moves and stuff like that and the katas down like crazy, crank them out, like rip them, you know, like really powerful and this guy was just different. You know, it was boxing, you know, like I didn't have that. So I never had that confidence even then like in as a brown Ball is like I need to know something like I got to learn and and and it really you know [1:53:09] Boxing's an eye opener. Oh my god and wrestling. You know, it's like all these things that I'm saying as far as that stuff. It's like Too big eye openness, especially if you think that you know how to fight because you know how to do karate and then so I don't box it so I'm like want to, he boxed it somebody like, oh, he's a totally different thing. I gotta learn this now. Learn it like I learned everything else. I remember when you took me to, we went to Beverly Hills, Jiu-Jitsu. I remember probably the first class. A guy grabbed me and held me just against his chest and my face was in his chest in his ghee and I couldn't breathe. I didn't know what to do, so I reached up and I was like grabbing his throat, which you know. But I was packing. And he was like, whoa, you know, whatever. I was like, oh, I didn't know, I just played it off. But I was gone. I was, like I was gonna tap from a chest. Well, people do that in black belt. I do it all the time. It's a smother choke. Yeah, I'm out. I feel like I'm drowning. [1:54:06] I'm not. Yeah, yeah. It's scary. It is scary. But if you can learn defense of that, then you're always going to be safe. That's the thing. If you can just figure out how to defend yourself in those positions, just to stay alive, and it's the worst feeling in the world. To be trapped under someone for five minutes whether trying to kill you. But if you can develop enough confidence that you're safe no matter what, that's when Hicks and Gracie always said. He was, I am always safe. He always defense. My defense is perfect. I am always safe. So he'd never worried about being tapped because he was always putting himself in these terrible positions. He would have black belt start on his back with a fully locked in rear naked choke. That's who you have them start. That's, yeah, then you're not afraid of anything. You've been there before. You've got defense. Yes. Yeah, you got your defense. If I applied what I think about all day long to actually practicing it, I don't, but I think about it all the time. You gotta build that coach up in your mind. Dude, I would literally look up things and I go, [1:55:07] I would watch everything and be like, I saw Eddie Bravo once say, or I heard that he said, I won't even teach anybody until you can do the butterfly, you can get it to the, you know, to your knees to the mat. And he's like, No, he said you can't get a black belt. Oh, is that what it was? You can't get a black belt until you get your knees to the mat. Oh, okay. I thought he was like, oh, I took it that way and I'm like, I started pushing, but then I faded. I got it on the way. He gave up on that, by the way. Oh, did it? Who gave up on that? Because he realized you could be a black belt without a very specific style and it's super effective and it's very dangerous off. He's one of the most dangerous guys ever off his back. And so he developed this style based on flexibility and movement. And I could always do that because I was very lucky that I- You've always been flexible. Because I did talk when I was really young and I always stretched. So I didn't have any problem adopting his techniques, [1:56:03] but a lot of people did just because of the dexterity issues. I would think, like, because that was like the rubber guard and stuff like that, right? And it was like, I was always a big guy. So I didn't know whether in my head I would go, I shouldn't train this way because it's not my style of fighting or whatever, or should I be a big guy that can do that. And I would go back and forth, go out of it. And some trainers would be like, you shouldn't do this, don't waste your time to do that, you'll never do that. And I'm like, well, what if I'm, you know, nothing's scarier than a heavyweight that can move around and be like that? You know, and- Every weight they can fight off his back is one of the most No, Gary's like big thing, right? Cause Minotaur back in the day when Minotaur was the pride champion, no, Gary was a lethal black bell off his back. So these guys are so used to wrestling guys and taking them down, but you get taken down. You're in no, Gary's guard. You're in trouble. Fabrice over Doom. He tapped all the greats from his back. [1:57:01] Yeah. Fabrice, he'll do him. He tapped Fador from his back. That's, I mean, come on man. Fador from his back. He was the first guy to be Fador. And everybody was like holy shit. And the way he did it was just pure jujitsu. He got him an armbar triangle combination. He's like, this is tech mate motherfucker. Just slap that down like, boy, Fabrizio Verdume had the most wicked of all guards. He tapped all the greats. He tapped Cain Velasquez, he tapped Minotaro, he tapped Fador, he tapped like some of the greatest of all time. That guy tapped. That guy tapped. That's crazy. That's what I have to, I literally, I have to get back to it. I really got to get back to it because that fear of those positions that you just don't want to ever get into. It's the suffocation that's just in that. And every time I start up again, I hate the warmups, that warmups. I'm like, you know, I'm doing these like crab walks and stuff like I'm like, already out, but it's like I have a guy that, uh, wide men hook me up hooked me up with, I was gonna go to Sarah, [1:58:05] because Sarah's out there, it's great to Jiu-Jitsu. But for some reason, Widen goes, go to this guy, he'll be great with you. His name's Derek Mangy, he does monster Jiu-Jitsu out, but it was like an hour away from me. But he's the greatest guy, and he comes to my house and he trains me and stuff and he's just a beast. But it's like, I've gotta get past literally out of my head and go get in these positions. But when I train with him, he's so big. Like I get on his back or whatever it is and he just gets up and it's like an apartment building just coming up like I can't even hold, and it's so frustrating to me. And he's flexible and big and he can move around and it's like, this is where I don't finish, I quit. I'm like, I get frustrated and I don't, you know. Honestly, the thing about training with someone who's really good, the problem is you're never gonna get good enough to tap them because they're always gonna be ahead of you. You really should train with people that are okay. That's the best way to train. [1:59:00] The best way to get really good at Jiu-Jitsu, I've always said, and Eddie Bravo, he's always say this, is strangle blue belts. Find people that can resist a little bit, but they're not really on your level. We're just drilling on them. You drill on them. And that way, then when you get to brown belts and you get to black belts, you're sharp. And you have all these reps of finishing the technique. All these reps of closing the technique. Do you recommend drilling drilling? I'm 100%. Drilling is almost more important than anything. Really? Yeah, because it solidifies the move in your head. When I got really good, the best I got at Jiu-Jitsu when I went from Blue Belt to Purple Belt was when I was training with Eddie. And we were drilling all the time. We were drilling multiple times a week. So we get together and we would for an hour and a half we would just drill and it sucks. You don't want to, you want to roll, rolling is fun. It's fun. It's fun. You know, it's like you're playing a video game. But if you can just force yourself to do the work and do a lot of drilling, your technique will get really sharp. All the best guys drill. They drill all the time. They do either do live drills where you all start from a certain position or they'll [2:00:06] do drills where they'll go for a specific path. Like Eddie was big on going over paths. Like I want you to do this. You pass the guard, he goes to block, you set this up and then you counter with that. And then we would drill that very position over. So then when that would come up in training, when you would go to pass and someone would block and then you would take their back it's like oh it's just it's all sinked in right to your nervous system. So when you're and that enables you to When you're in a position. Yeah to think two or three moves ahead and you're not gonna get that if you're training with some big black belt You're not gonna get that you're never gonna get to the point where you could do that to him. It's not that he's great. It's not him. No, it's not him. It's me that's getting put in his view. But he brings guys. He even lets you do it. Yeah. It's not the same. You gotta be able to do it to someone who's not letting you do it and someone who you don't know. You know, that's the key. Once you You want to be able to like solve a human puzzle. Right. Some person is pulling on your shit and he's kind of freaking out. [2:01:06] Not only that, it's the fear of that. Like I hate that. I don't like that. You love it. I hate going to a class where I don't know. First of all, I hate the gay. I hate everything. I suffocate in that thing. That thing is some kind of hard. Go no gay. techniques and then you are you are you are you are yeah 100% at this I have a belt and key and I have a black belt no key I can do both of them I've done both of them but trained both of them at the same time but one of the things that I did from learning from Eddie was because I was training so much no key but I was also training key I would go in and do the key but I wouldn't use it I would let them use it on me but I was just concentrating on overhooks and underhooks and I was concentrating on all the same grips that I would use so that it would never be deficient. Because if you get used to grabbing collars and sleeves and you get used to adjusting people with butterfly sweeps and stuff like that based on grips, the problem with that is all those grips go away whenever we're in slippery and it's just bare chest. [2:02:01] So, I was just all about clinching and I was all about a tight game. Right. It was all about learning what Eddie's moves were and Eddie's moves were all over hooks and under hooks. It was all wrestling based. And it was all become because of Jean Jacques Machado. So our instructor Jean Jacques, his left hand, he only has a thumb. I know. He trained me a couple of days in and in, you know, he was in my house, he was such a great guy. He's the best. He really is. It's when I look at these videos of, you know, where they take the key belt or whatever it is and underneath and wrap it around this thing. It's like, I always go, it's not that I can't work or whatever, but I always look for things that are applicable. Like, like, you know, I want to be able, you know, and it's like that to me I can't do that. I can't you know so but I always heard that For you to get better at no-gey You want to train geek because it's like taking a bat and you know swinging with the donut on it Yeah, that doesn't make any sense. Okay. No. No, you want to train It's like to get really good at racquetball. You need to play tennis [2:03:00] Okay, so make any sense well I got four massive geese if you want to use them for something. You could throw them over your couch or whatever you feel like doing because I'm happy to get rid of them. Listen, there's nothing wrong with the geese. The geese still great. And what the geese does do is it forces you to be very technical because you can't muscle out of things. It's you can't just pull out of stuff because proper defense and also never let you get yourself into a position where someone's completely synched up on you. If someone has like, there's certain chokes like a clock choke. Like if they reach into your collar and they grab a hold your collar like this and then they get this arm wrapped around here, you're in a bad spot because then I'm going to spin. I'm going to go with it. It's like a tourniquet, right? And it's terrible. It's a tourniquet. Oh, it's death. It's death. It's such a horrible choke to get stuck in. So you just got to in those situations, the geek can be like if you're in a street fight with a guy who's got a winner jacket on. Some guys got a leather jacket on and he grabs you and you grab a hold of that collar and you pull to the side and [2:04:05] you fish that arm underneath the shoulder that's a dead man. Like he didn't even know he's dead. He's a dead man. Like if you get a hold of someone's leather jacket and then you get your arm under there and you get this like this you're like oh son. You got him. You're going for a guitar roll. Right, right, right. I love that. yeah, so this like a judo player who Fighting someone with a winner jacket you're fucked that guy's gonna hit you with the world He's gonna spike you on your fucking head on the concrete and you're not even gonna Will stop it you're not gonna be able to do a goddamn thing so it's good to learn the key because most people weren't close Yeah, I'm just gonna go out cheerless from now on. Like just not even wearing anything. You can see you'll choke someone with a hoodie. Right. You get on top of someone with a hoodie and you get all up in here and you fucking. This is different level. This is not what I'm literally I need to. Yeah. I've got to start. [2:05:02] I really do. I got to do something because it's like it's there's nothing wrong with the key the key's great the key's great I might love the key it is a little strange when you great it does slow the game down for older guys too that's the one thing that's where they keep saying yeah you don't want to go no key because it's gonna be it but it's like it'll be a lot quicker but I don't mind I like that you know as long as it's a guy in my level, it does slow the game down. But also to me, I just feel suffocated like everybody's always grabbing me and I'm like, I'm out. I'm like, tapping like crazy. I'm like, I'm, you know, plus my grip strength. I ripped. I, first of all, toward this bicep when I was, uh, did you get it repaired? Or does it just like this one happened? This one happened, uh, about five, six years ago, I was a higher day a personal trainer and she came to my house. Like I didn't know, she was like almost like the cross fit person and she was like, we're gonna work on strength and I never deadlifted or did anything and they started doing dead lifts and she was like, just, I didn't even, literally know how to do it. [2:06:00] She was like, and she was getting so excited, she goes, that's pretty good. Wait, let's can we bump it up a little bit? And it was like 135, 225, 275. And then she goes, can we go a little bit more? She put 315 on it. And then I go, and I got it. And she was like, can we go 405? Like whatever. She bumped up and I'm going and I'm starting to feel like a little tired. And I go, I don't know. I don't know if you should do this. I don't know what this is getting me. But she was so happy she said, this is really good. It was like a personal bet. And I go, I've never done, I did 405. And I felt a little something. I got it. I just got it. And she was like, this is amazing. And then she said, can we go like 450? And she right away I got it up for a little bit and I just went, I felt, I go, oh my gosh, but it didn't, it was such a bad, it didn't tear away from the bone. It just, it was like, it looked like chop meat and it ripped a hole in the middle of it. So it was weird, it was like, the guy looked at it and he goes, we can't even do anything with it. [2:07:01] So it's like, you just gotta let it heal. Does it still have a hole like when you fix? Well, you can't see this one as much. You can see a little divot. You see a little divot here, but then just recently, I did a movie, what Joe idea is. I did that movie. I did a movie with him and there was a lot of fighting in it. And I'm fight training with the guys and going through the moves and we did it like a lot and it was the end of the time they like he's like do you want to run it one more time and I was like uh all right he was just run it slow just just to get it because I was getting tired and I had to go and double leg the guy or whatever it was and I went into double legum and it was very slow and he moved to the side and he went this way and it stretched my arm and it went. I think I go and they go, oh, that's looked awesome, awesome guys. And I go, no, no, no, no. I literally have it recorded. I go, something's wrong. I go, something's wrong. And this one, this one's bad. It's nasty. It's like, it's the Matt Sarah one. It rolled up on me. Ooh. And I got it checked go it's completely torn and you know the guy was doing PT on me. This guy [2:08:09] Yamato he's awesome Johnny Yamato he's awesome he's a guy to do PT and he was telling me he's like well the good thing about it is it's torn completely because it's not you know you're gonna be able to do everything with it and I had to go into the movie so they go do you want to get it fixed you should get it fixed and he's you know it was like one of those things where it's like, you don't gain that much strength. Believe it or not, the bicep doesn't do that much. The bicep itself. It's kind of like a turning a key. And it's like, that's where it'll be affected a lot, which it's, that's actually not that bad. that, you get it fixed. It's the rehab is, like it's long, you know? So I go, I can't do it. So they said, I go, can I get it done after the movie? And they go, you can't, because it's a window of the muscle, like if you don't attach it right away, it travels up. It won't take. So I did it. I didn't do it. And it's bad and it still hurts it cramps every time like I don't feel like I can do anything [2:09:06] I lost so much strength on this thing now. That's the wish you'd gotten the surgery. I do I do I was wondered about Matt's arm. He's strong as how like it doesn't affect him though He says you know, I think he says it's fine But you guys get that one. That's a real common one. It's a lot of it's common with a lot of times with people throw a punch Like the punch gets blocked. The bicycle pop and curl up, I've seen that a couple of times. Yeah. Yeah. This is ugly and it's bad. Member Kyle Perizian had that jam string. Yeah. Oh my gosh, did he? Yeah, he had a hole in his hamstring. His hamstring just ripped apart and it shriveled up and it always fucked with them like the rest of his career. Oh, it's in your head. Well, also, one leg just was not as strong. Right. So, as one leg was like always compromised, he should have had its surgery on it like right from the beginning. Yeah. Yeah, but guys try to rehab stuff. There's like that fine window, that small window between fixing something [2:10:00] and not being able to ever fix it. Like TJ Dillishaw went through that with his shoulders. He tried to just rehab his shoulders and his shoulders wind up becoming chronic and now they ruined his career. Right. Yeah, any kind of injury to a joint, I always say gets the surgery if you can. If it's that bad, get the surgery. But also, it depends on what it is. Like if it's a bicep, yeah, get this surgery. But there's certain things like, stem cells might be able to fix that better than surgery. So it's like knowing where to go and who to talk to and what doctors have actually gone through this before. But you can't do that now. It's too late. With stem cell or no. With the bicep, no. Once it's tripled up, it's tripled up. You have a very small window. I think a bicep the windows just a couple of weeks. Yeah, yeah, get it repaired like really quickly. I should have done it because I really think that sucks. It does. That's a bummer. It's, you know, slowing me down for sure. I tore my MCL getting on stage once. What? Yes. At Stubbs. It stubs in Texas. I was walking up to the stage. Stubs is this outdoor [2:11:07] Amphitheater and as you're turning the corner, it's these concrete stairs, but they're spaced differently and so I was like Check it was turning my recorder on on my phone and walking up the stairs being called up to the stage and I missed Steped and twisted my foot and it popped my knee bad. Where when I went on stage, my leg was shaking like I was nervous. I didn't stop. He was in agony. I was in agony. Yeah, I just did my set. Oh my God. Yeah, I just power through it. But I was like, my leg is shaking so bad. It looks like I'm so nervous. Like everyone can see this. Oh no. But it was just I should have addressed it. I should have said, I just blew my knee out. I should have said that. So people know what my knee is shaking. Yeah. Because otherwise I was like, God, how do I stop my knee from shaking? And they get shook. Yeah, it shook for the first fuck 10 minutes at least. Did you sit down? Nope. Nope. You're nuts. Did my set. [2:12:00] It still went great show, it still was fun, but then my knee was fucked up for a year after that. I had to get a bunch of stem cells. I got stem cells in at like three arms. Before finally guys at the point where it doesn't bother me anymore. I was in now. It's great. Yeah, now it's great. Now I've kicked the bag, no problems. Wow. Yeah, I did a lot of knee over toe great stuff. That's a big game changer. I strengthened my legs quite a bit more since I did that, since I had that injury. The Nordic curls and the slantboard squats, gobblet squats. That sled too, on the wheels, whatever it's called, the tors. Yeah, it's just, I just push it the light and then just walk back with it slow, and just keep going digging in. And I feel it in my legs and it's great. The walking back is huge. That's such a crazy way to strengthen your legs to pull sled backwards. It's such a good way to strengthen your knees. Right. Yeah, it just keeps everything strong and firm. Yeah. It's like, and as long as you stay flexible as well and you're strong, [2:13:02] like you have stability. You have range of motion, but you also have stability. That's giant, that's key. I gotta, I'm doing this movie now, where it's me and it's an action movie. I'm going to literally leave it tonight to Vancouver to, it's like a crazy action movie with, and I wanted to get in shape for it and it didn't happen so I'm like I don't know with I'm next to this beast to Alan Richon. Oh Oh my gosh, I was like I got a train to get you know right now I'm like nothing happened and I'm like oh boy We're going into this thing is the perfect guy for that show. Because you know, they did that movie with Tom Cruise. And it was like, the character was never that small, right? Or? No. In the book, the character was this monster. Yeah. The character in the book was Alan Richmond. Yeah. Richson. He's a rich son. He's a rich son. Yeah, really good. Look at this. He's amazing. He's a house. That guy's a house. Great dude too. Yeah, it seems like a really nice [2:14:05] Unbelievable. I've seen him in interviews. He seems like a really nice guy But he's the perfect guy for that series. Yeah, that they just you know Tom Cruise is the blockbuster boy So like let's just do it with Tom Cruise like but he's five nine like this is this guy's gonna be a gorilla He's gonna be a fucking linebacker. He's a linebacker with a genius brain. He killed people. This guy's a bit... Yeah, he's perfect for it. He is. But so I'm gonna be... So you have to do an action movie with him. Yeah. Oh no. And just... Just stuck fast. I just... I just... How much time do you have for the camera rolls? I just suck it out. I mean, it's crazy, man. It's like fighting that age, but it's like, you're right. You look at what you're doing, man. It's like such a difference. Now you are with what you do and what you've implemented. You're a different species, you and I'm telling you. It's like- I just stayed on it. I just never let off the gas. Yeah. That's the key. But also Like knowing like what's fucked up and what's not knowing not to try to work through injuries [2:15:07] But to heal them and making sure that they don't happen anymore by increasing range of motions Strengthening things and just making sure your your whole system is strong right? I do a lot of like Non-sexy exercises like Turkish get-ups and things like that. Right strengthen the whole body windmills Yeah, those are the things that I like. No one likes to do them. Those are the things when I walk around the gym and do a couple of it, it's like that's where I have to change my mindset. To go into the places where it hurt, when you bend, where it is, the ankle strength, foot, all this stuff to get comfortable in that. And it's like, that's the stuff that's so important. Turkish get-ups, I hate that. Everybody hates those. I don't like to do it. I don't, you know. So, like bench press is cool. You know, you bang out 10 reps. Like, yeah, we do it. Turkish get-ups, you never feel like you're done. So it's cool. No, exactly. It's hard and everything's working your legs or it cores. Do you do a specific sets and or do you are you more like on your own just do a like do you go [2:16:10] I just gonna work this area and I'm gonna do as many as I just want to drill it or you have like a set I have sets you do yeah, yeah, I'll do like you know I do my warm up my warm up after the cold plunge is always a pushups and 100 body weights quads. So that's the warm up. So that gets you going. That gets you warm after you've done the cold so that now you're heated up again. And then I do my... Wait a second, 100 pushups. And 100 body weights quads. That's more than my weakest. Like I even... This is your warm up? That's the warm up every day. Yeah, that's 15 minutes. So 15 minutes it takes to do 100 pushups and 100 body weight squats. I do those and then I do swings. So depending upon whether or not I'm feeling good or whether I need more warm up, I either go with 50 or 70 pounds. [2:17:00] So if I go to 70 pounds, that means I'm ready to go. So I do three sets of 10 swings with each arm, with 70 pounds, and then I do a clean press, three sets of 10 with each arm with clean press, and then I do three sets of windmills with each arm, and then I do three sets of renegade rows. You know, renegade rows where you're like doing a push-up on the kettlebell, so you got the kettlebells two on the ground, same distance part as your shoulders. And you do a push up. And then in the lock push up position, you do a row with one side boom. And then a row with the other side boom, back down for a push up, back up. Row with one side boom. So your core is totally engaged the entire time. You're in a plank the entire time. You're in a plank the entire time. And the entire time you're either going down to do a push up, you lock up and then you're stabilizing yourself as you pull the one little bell up. It's core that's it. Boom, everything. With that down, yeah. Boom. And you do that with 70 pounds, three sets of 10 on each side. [2:18:01] And you get worn the fuck out. So you're doing 20 reps every time I'm doing this. I'm doing 10 reps of each hand. So I'm doing that with 70 pounds. And so I do three sets of those. And then once I get done with that, then I usually either do the sled or I'll do something else. I'll do like rounds on the bag. I'll do like something else. And is that, is that time? Then all that stuff too or is it? No, you just know. I like to give myself time in between sets because I want to be fully recovered before I get into the set again. I don't believe in I've I follow this Russian principle this power this strong first principle, which is you the most important thing is how much weight are you pushing in for how many reps? And it doesn't matter if those reps come over five minutes or they come over 20 minutes. And it's probably better if they come over 20 minutes than over five minutes. Because you have a lot of time, I'll take five, maybe even 10 minutes in between sets. So I'm fully ready to go. [2:19:01] And then when I'm doing the clean press with 70 pounds and I'm doing 10 reps each side, I'm no problem doing that. I'm not fatigued. I gummed fatigued. It's difficult, but it's not where I'm like at the point of failure. Ever. If my point of failure was 10 reps, I would do five. Right. And then I would wait a long time and then I do another five. That makes sense. Yeah, so I'm getting a lot of reps. You never get into that point where you're pushing yourself to the point where you're, can hurt yourself or? Never, never, never. That's all I do. I don't lift anything heavier than 70 pounds. You're the heavy two, right? And you don't need to. People think you do, I mean, it's one thing you're gonna power athlete and you need to do cleans and squats and deadlifts, that's great, but I don't need to do that I just keep my body strong and then I do my endurance work My endurance work is either sled pulling or it's Tabatas on the air bike or it's rounds on the back and then I get in the sauna And the sauna's that's that's see going there right when you're tired and you just step in that [2:20:05] Let's see go in there right when you're tired and you just step in that 195 degrees 195 20 minutes What's your cold plunge at 34 degrees? I would have a hard attack Instantly I would be gone. I have mine ready. I have one And it's 50 it was 52 degrees. It was 52 Which was I was shaking man But I would like I would I would just go in there for 15 minutes though I would do that you don't need to go that long you don't need to but you can do that if it's 50 Yeah, you can you mean it's probably giving you the same result if you do 15 minutes at 50 as you're doing three minutes at 34 That's probably giving you the same result or similar result. The whole idea is you freak your body out and it produces cold-chalk proteins. And how does that compare to the chamber one where you get the air? Is it just like a, does that get you cold? You know the one where you stand? They're both brutal. They're both brutal. [2:21:00] I think the cold water is a different animal though. It gets in your bones more, right? You feel colder. Like when you get out of that cryotherapy machine, when you get out of there, it'll take a couple of minutes. You're like, woo! You're okay. You get out of that cold water. You're for a fucking half an hour. You're like, Jesus Christ. But that was the way I would warm up. I would just go right into the body weight squats and the pushups. So that was my way of heating my body back up after the cold. But don't you joints feel just frozen at the cold? No, no, you're all right. You're all right. It needs some body weight, so it's not much weight. So you just kind of push. You know, you could easily do 20 pushups. You just do the 20 pushups, take a break, do the 20 body weight squats, take a break. Heart rate drops back down, next set. 20 body weight squats, 20 pushups, next set. Do it, do it five times, you've got a hundred. And then by that time I'm warm. And so then I'll do whatever the other workout is. Maybe I'll jump rope, maybe I'll, [2:22:01] depends on what I'm doing that. But I always write it out You do right it yeah, because if you write it out you don't give yourself any room for fuckery Because you know this is what you have to do. It's all written out like that's the boss The boss gets in there and writes it all out before the the ego steps in and they're like Let's eat them once it's there It's saying you have better workout if you have some fruit first. Let's go have some fruit. You get a better workout if you eat. You know what? I have a window between three and four third. I'm going to really good workout then and then right now I'll just go watch TV. That's me. Yeah, that's everybody. But you just got to have that boss in your brain has to be in control. And once you get it subdued like that much it becomes it's not that hard right the whole thing is momentum The whole thing is doing is everybody that has ever had a good day You have a good day where you really get you should do these start feeling good about yourself And you go the key is just carry that forward and keep going and don't let yourself fuck off And if you do give yourself a day off Recognize that just like an alcoholic that starts drinking again, this could be a slippery slope. [2:23:06] So if you give yourself that day off, be real aware of what you're doing. I'm like, I self-sabotage. Like if I go, I'm such a, I'll start Monday again or I'll start tomorrow that hope of starting the next day. I have it so much, I remember when I was training, and the wideman said this to me, he goes, when you, you know, you're training and you, you know, get a flat, you know, you don't get out and fix the flat. You get out and pop the other three tires. Like you literally do, and I do. It's like, once I go off, I go, ah, all right, I'm off, I'll start, you know, Monday. Yeah, I do, I crush it. Yeah, oh man, I would love to eat with you. You know that say you know, but I'm saying like yeah, but but I You're right and you can eat and do it in the right way and I'm sure you enjoy food and it's just you got a The boss has to be fully in control before you get a day off. Yes, and it is almost like sobriety in that way Like you just you have to get so much momentum that you're fully confident that you could take a day off and just eat ice cream. [2:24:07] And there's nothing wrong with that if you do have a hold of it, but... Even if that's gotta be tempered though. Like you can't, like I notice I can't do a day off where I'm just crushing myself. There's no coming back. The day, the next day you feel like shit. 100%. Yeah. But the thing is you have gone on schedule and gotten in shape before you have done it. So you know you can do it. So it's maybe even more frustrating than someone who's never done it. Because you have dropped 60 pounds. You have gotten in shape again. I remember when you were training myths with Delegre Octane, I was watching you hit the pads like, you fuck, when you got in shape for here comes the boom, you got in fucking shape. And you were training hard. And I was watching some of those sessions. It's like, so I know you can get to that spot. It's just like maintaining. I know. That's the thing is maintaining. And now as I go, it's like God takes a little thing away from me, the bicep pulled. Now it's like, you know, another new reason, a little, yeah, it's like I gotta fight it, man. And like I said, I'm teetering between that, you know, I gotta go back. [2:25:07] I gotta go back and it's, you're right, man. It's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it's You got to write things down occasionally. You have to really do. And I write down my workouts. I have a big whiteboard in my gym too. Just put it up there, write it up. Just write it down before you do it and give yourself a realistic goal. Don't be nutty at the point with the next day you're going to be a dead man. Give yourself a realistic goal. Dolcey has, he was going to go for a walk. Just go for a walk, for 40 minutes, you know, whatever. And really what happens is when I start walking, I'll start moving around, I feel good, I go, you know, whatever, and I start adding more, you know, and it's like my goodness. Then I start, you know, wanting to throw, I'll get to the egg weights, and I'll just start throwing with those, and just, I love it. I really, you know, once you start doing it and it's a little bit, it's the pressure of you don't have to do so much. Just do this. Yep. And then yeah, if you're [2:26:08] your pressure is, okay, now you have to lift weights for now and then go to a 90 minute yoga class. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. Right. do, 20 pushups, 20 body weight squats, 10 cleans, 10 presses, you know, a couple of chin-ups and then you're done. That's a wrap. That's a 20 minutes. 20 minutes and it never be exhausted and then take, you know, the next day you're going to do something different but equally light and you do that for a couple of weeks. And if you write it all out, it shouldn't take you more than even 20 minutes to work out and you can get through 20 minutes. Just write it all out, make sure you follow it. And you know, one of the best things for me is I have a TV in the gym and I'll put fights on. So I'll be watching fights. You get inspired, watching fights, and then you go through your routine and you're good. And as long as you write it out, [2:27:00] and if you write it out and you know, I know I wrote this down on paper I have to do with this. Committing. You have to do it. It's great. If you just hold it in your head, I'm going to go work out. What am I going to do? I don't know. Fucking cruells. I know. Maybe we'll do some bench press. You need a structure so you can give it to yourself. You're here. I promise. You'll be looking for houses. I promise. Work out together. I love it. All right. My man. He's good to see you brother. I love you, man. You're the greatest. Thank you for doing everything you do, man. My pleasure. You're awesome. It Thank you.