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Sam Morril is a stand-up comic, writer, and actor. He's the co-host of the "We Might Be Drunk" podcast with Mark Normand. Catch his special, "Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow," on Netflix. www.sammorril.com

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Do you like cigars? I like alcohol and I like coffee. I don't mind. Do you want alcohol? Maybe in like second half of the show. Second half of the show. I like to feel the caffeine. Let's prepare glasses with ice. In the second half of the show. Let's think start getting a little sideways. Yeah. So what's happened brother? How are you doing? Great, great. I've been on the road just going pretty hard with this hour and I love it. I still romanticize the road. I still love it. And I did theaters last year for the first time ever. Just the theater run so that now I'm back in clubs to just tighten it, but it's, I love it, man. Yeah, clubs are the best. It's the best experience. Arena's is pretty nice. They're fun. In the round, they're really fun. They look fun. Theaters are fun, but it's slightly removed from a club. Club is better than a theater. Yeah, it's pretty cool. I mean, theaters, I forgot how intimate clubs were just doing theaters last year and being like, oh shit, I can see when a dude's frowning. You know, I can see one person having a bad time now. So I forgot about that, but there was a guy in Dallas over the weekend who just kept doing this to me. And I'm like, what the fuck? And I was like, oh, your girlfriend's the fan. He doesn't like me. His girlfriend, he was just a drunk. Oh, wow. And I peeled out of me with drunk on Rom too, to me it's like funny that's a Jimmy Buffett drunk it's just not you don't see a lot of white dudes with go-tees who are rum drunk So I was like all right, but uh Centric yeah, he was me he was just a he was a bad drunk, but she was cool as hell Well sometimes guys have a real hard time with their girlfriend being a fan of a guy I feel like most of the people who like me are dudes, but uh When I see women at them like great. Yeah, I'm a man. I see a lady's a table top of form like fuck yes Yeah, when whenever a lady asked me a u-chair, Rogan. I'm like yeah, I'm a fan of your podcast. I was like that's crazy Thank you. I mean I'm sure you have a lot of female for me. It's a big pod is the number two female podcast [2:00] What's number one? True crime that makes. Like one of them true crime shows. Women love true crime. Yeah. So this women do listen to it. Yeah. But it's not, you know, I'm a guy and I'm probably annoying. I get it. I'm annoying. I get it. Like if you're a woman and you don't, I mean, this is a bro heavy show. You know, like when we do a fight companion or the fights are definitely for brothers. Yeah and then when I have fighters on, unless it's female fighters, I've had a bunch of female fighters on too. You know, female fighters are probably my best example that I point to when people think that something horrible about fighting that it's like brutality and it's wrong and it's barbaric and I'll point them to some female fighters. I'm like, just listen to this woman talk. Like listen to Rose Nama Unis talk about fighting and like listen to her post fight speeches which is telling everybody that we just have to be nicer to each other. It is pretty cool to be almost like Buddhist, an a fighter. She's an amazing, amazing human, [3:01] very unusual human being. You know, elite world class class fighter world champion multiple times And like one of the sweetest nicest people alive She's so nice to opponents after fights That's I don't know a lot about fighting a lot of have learned from here in Utah I can stuff but I and you know I remember watching a fight with like Lewis Gomez and Dave Smith once and they knew so much about it That's how you get me into it like back story and stuff Yeah, like I'm a insane NBA fan. I love sports, but Yeah, I mean the The camaraderie in that stuff to me is like what interests me also is like you know Growing up as a 90s basketball fan these guys fucking hated each other like wanted to fight like Oakley, Rodman They were like down to fight you and mind games and shit And now they all play a you ball together so they're all buddies and that so part of it's kind of lost a little Weird like the the camaraderie's beautiful and it's not and now the trades are so often that like you're gonna End up on this dude's team at some point anyway. Yeah [4:01] Well, I guess it's probably the best players can figure out how to always play as a team while playing their best You know if your ego allows you to yeah, that's the thing of stubborn like I'm definitely no basketball expert But I when I watch like high performing athletics. It's in a team sports environment. It's always this dance Which we what is the best thing to do to score Versus what do I want to do? What do I want to do since I have the ball? What do I want to try to show off? Do I want to try to pull off something wild or do I pass? You know like what do I do and then people get upset when you don't make you know the ladder when you don't pass enough Right, that's's a big one. Yeah, if you slow down, think about it. If you want to simplify to kids playing in the park, if you're playing your ass off on D and you have one dude just like Iso dribbling the whole time on offense, you're wasting our energy. You're being a dick. I don't like that. So yeah, I think there's always gonna be guys like that that just want the ball. But you have to know who you are. I mean, it's like anything else. [5:05] Like, if you know what's funny about you, you'll be a better comic, right? If you know what your purpose is as a basketball player, I'm a defender. I'm a three point specialist. Knowing who you are is all of it really, you know? It's one of the classic fumbles of all time is a guy who talks shit while playing basketball and then gets his ass kicked. Yeah, but it's so satisfying. It's the worst thing ever. I might as see people shit talking like Steph Curry. I'm like, you know how this ends? It's like shit talking Jack Richard. You're gonna fucking lose. So ridiculous. Why are you doing that? People are so delusional. Like the difference between a world class athlete and the average person is such a gap. But then again, there's some people out there that just genetic freaks and they probably are young and super cocky and they might be elite someday and they think they are right now. It's just like that's just [6:03] a part of being a male involved in competitive sports like, that's just a part of like, being a male. You know, involved in competitive sports. They're all just going after each other, whether it's with basketball or football, or especially with fighting. On the professional level, it can be cool, but when you play with your friends in the park and you have that one guy with younger problems, and you're like, I had a friend I used to do that at the comedian softball game You would do it to him and this other dude who's also my friend doing scream in each other's faces Screaming like two gorillas just screaming in each other's faces It was so ridiculous. Some people need that to get some am stuff all like Michael Jordan would create shit He would create reasons to be mad at it. Like there's this famous story about MJ, where he, like a guy was like, he had a career night about against Michael Jordan, a career night, 39 points or something. MJ had an off night and at the end of the game, he was like, good game to Michael Jordan. And Jordan was like, oh, I'm gonna fucking kill him. [7:00] Like he said it, like in his head sarcastically so the next time they play Jordan annihilates him like humiliates him And then it later came out the guy's like I never said that I Didn't say shit to my but Jordan is so crazy He needs fuel to just be like you wronged me in some way and that's how all right He probably put it in his head that the guy did said that totally yeah, but that's like psychotic Well, that's how you get to be Michael George. That's the when you're the elite of the elite, that's just such a special mindset. To be able to be that good at anything, whether it's Tiger Woods at golf or Michael Jordan at basketball or Mike Tyson at fighting, to get that good at anything. Man, that is so rare. You require so much insane focus anything. Man, that is so rare. It requires so much insane focus on one goal and you're competing with what, thousands and thousands of other elite athletes that also have their eye on this one goal. Well, Tiger Woods is a great example. [8:00] It's almost like you're a kid and you learn a language at like two years old and you're like, well, that could speak Spanish now. It was easy for him That's what tigers dad did to him right golf. It's like oh you just know that this is what it takes right with golf and then of course you need to fuck 40,000 women you have to That's what I look like tiger woods Exactly and I mean yeah, let him have it. Yeah. It's all things ridiculous. But also, it's like, you see in that guy, the difference between what elite athleticism applied to golf can, like, he got banged up. Yeah. Well, you don't hear about that many golfers that go through as many surgeries, I know he's the one surgery for his leg, but a bunch of its back stuff, right? Yeah. And you gotta think that fucking torque that guy puts in that club, like how many times can you do that before your back just goes fuck you? Yeah. You know, the way that guy hits a ball, and he's one of those dudes where you're like, growing up, I'd be like, oh, you could be a fat golfer. And then you see, no, your body will probably break down. Tiger's fucking ripped. Yeah, he's jacked. Show me a video of him hitting like a long drive. [9:08] Oh, I was gonna show you this, which is kind of, it's almost more impressive. His ability to stop mid-swing. This is this rear window who's shooting this right here? Well, this is like on-field stuff. Oh, geez. But it's really, it's, I mean, it's, why did he stop mid swing? Because either someone made a noise or something just distracted them, but like you're already going and you're so torqued up by the time you're in the back there to stop is it takes a lot. It's just like a mental fortitude and then also to be able to stop without fucking up. But it is kind of funny, the abuse other athletes take compared to golfers. Like this was probably heard. If you're playing football, you know, I mean, verbal from an audience. Like, all right. I mean, if you're playing, I used to do a podcast with Julian Edelman who's a Super Bowl champ with a Patriot three times. Great guy. But he would tell me, yeah, they would throw dildos at me on the field in Buffalo because they hated me. Now in golf, they're like quiet quiet and like you can't take any noise. Yeah, there's no noise [10:06] It's a different focus, but there is that one tournament that they do where it's a giant crowd They see that one that problem with that this weekend. They did this week. They had a problem. Yeah What happened to many people and they stopped selling alcohol like one in the afternoon? Oh, no, so fucked up. Oh, no Yeah, it's like I mean that I don't know like no one got hurt or anything. Can you show a video? Well I want to see a video of him hitting the ball first but then I want to show Sam the video of this golf tournament one there. I mean they get the dude the way his whole body like swings that club there's so much force. Look at that. Also, you see that emotion, damn. And the years of practice, how many times does he swung a club? I should say I know nothing about golf, but he's a dude if he's playing. You're like, yeah, it's fucking cool to watch Tiger Woods. It's cool to watch. How does he play Jamie since he broke his leg? [11:00] He has played OK like he can't, well, since he broke his leg. He hasn't played that many rounds really apparently had a terrible leg break like really bad. Yeah That's scary. Is this song gonna be good? This one is good. Yeah. Yeah His son's out driving him now, which I don't know what that means really I mean, but like that's really good That's power at a young young age. That's insane This is that crazy hole the 16th at the waste management So look at this Phoenix open look at the crowd. There's like a gigantic crowd. They're loud People are loud. Wow. They make it like a big stadium look at that is pretty cool I Mean listen that cheer for golf I mean listen to that cheer for golf. And some of the players like encourage it on this hole, you know? Oh my god, they're so loud. Oh shit. Holy shit. [12:01] Oh shit. Everybody see that is so much more impressive to do that in front of a crowd. Yeah. You know, I mean there's something kind of fucking cool about that. You have to shut out the world. I mean that's a talent too. For sure. For sure. Especially in something that's so touch oriented. Like you know you're just you're concentrating on how many revolutions you're gonna put on a ball on grass yeah you know it's like there's so much touch to it that any little uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh the shape you've got to be in. This was the crowd when he, this was the last time I wanted to take a bath. This is so insane. Look at this crowd. Yeah, this is stressful. It's like chasing down Augusta. Look at how many people that is. He's got to keep it together. I think he had pretty much had it wrapped up by now but he's still have to make the last two shots. You can easily fuck those up. Dude, people that's so ridiculous. What do you think of his dad? I mean, it is a weird way to raise a child. [13:07] I'm not really familiar with exactly what happened. Well, his dad just turned him into Tiger Woods. I mean, it's almost like a superhero origin story. I mean, if you become this, you don't have a good childhood. Yeah, and you probably also didn't have a choice. No way. Yeah, but that's the question. Is it different than being a beige mom? It's a good question. It's a good question like how much is too much, right? I mean, look at this. It's kind of dark. He's two. Here's a golf club and he's two. Bro, that's insane. The doc is incredible. It's on HBO. I think it's incredible. His form is immaculate at two. Wow. But that's a lot of hours. Like, Daddy, please let me watch cartoons and he's like, fuck you. You're going to work on your swing. I mean, that's [14:01] kind of sad. There's a little bit of that for sure. Yeah, you would like someone to just gravitate toward something. Yeah. And then you encourage them as far as they want to go with it. I think about it in sports a lot too, where a guy like LeBron who came from absolutely nothing and became LeBron, he's got a son now who, first of all, being LeBron's son can't be easy, right're it's got to be hard a lot of pressure a lot of pressure and he's a good player it looks like he's gonna make the NBA but like you're talking to me LeBron also it's like okay you have every advantage you grew up in an incredible home you have trainers around the clock versus a guy who's like hungry as hell yeah I mean it's an interesting study if you had two guys with those talents and it's like it almost like a fucking trading place this type of thing maybe I'm thinking like you put him okay, which is better? The hungry guy I agree hungry guy with good genetics wins every time yeah Cuz he needs it. Yeah, it's a different mindset So it's got to be very difficult to engage in something like combat sports or [15:02] Pro football not saying it's not possible, but it's gotta be very difficult to do that if you come from a really comfortable environment. Yeah, because you're just not gonna have that certain level of anger necessary to get the job done. And then in a combat sport, as you said, you need to shut that anger off at some point and that's got it. Same with football, that's a violent game. Watching the Super Bowl, how many people on the 49ers? I was like, this is like fucking war. Yeah. The people were just carried off on stretchers. It felt like I was watching mash, you know. I was like, it was rough. You don't see a lot of rich people's sons going into that line of work. Well, Bill Lambeer on the bad boyistons came from privilege, but then Isaiah Thomas, he's their general and he came from the worst fucking part of Chicago. But that's kind of an interesting blend, you know? Yeah, kind of. I mean, I could see how they could compete in some sports, but in combat sports, like the people that come from nothing have like an extra gear. [16:02] They just have an extra gear. What about a guy like Kindle Slice though, who's like really from nothing? Mm-hmm. Well, also just talented boxer. Kindle Slice was a very, he had very good hands. Yeah. Like if you watch those videos of him out in the back parking areas where they would, they would fight on like parking lots and backyards and like dodging satellite dishes and shit. You ever see those videos? I've seen some of this stuff, he's terrifying. He's a good boxer and he was boxing people that were not good boxers. They just did not know, you know, there were tough guys but they weren't at his level. And he would just have these barren-uckled backyard fights. And the nicest fucking guy too. That's the thing about Kimbo, Reston Peace. He was the nicest guy, like super sweet guy. Like very friendly to everybody. Took pictures of everybody. He's like not like a thug. Yeah. Just really tough guy. And so tough that he even entered into the ultimate fighter. [17:01] Like he really didn't have a backyard. I mean, he really didn't have a backyard. I mean, he really didn't have a background rather in grappling. It wasn't really a grappler. And they couldn't learn all right. We had to. Yeah. He got beat up by a big country, Roy Nelson. Just took him down and got on top of him. Just kept punch him in the head. He couldn't do anything about it. Put him in a crucifix and just didn't know how to grapple. Which is like so unfair. Like to just, if bare knuckle boxing was around, like it is now and Kimbo was around, Kimbo would have been one of the best at bare knuckle boxing. He would have been, because that was like really where a skill set is with his hands and his toughness. Really wasn't a kicker, he really wasn't a grappler, he had to learn all that stuff. That didn't come natural to him. I mean it's really like just being around at the right time if you're just a boxer versus now it's like it's like being a silent film star and then now they're talking. Right. Now they're kicking. Now they're grappling. Now they're doing anything. Now they're doing anything. But those fights that he was having weren't like they were just backyard fights they weren't organized in a sense of there was no like you know athletic [18:06] commission involved or anything like that. So once he started fighting like he wanted to fight in like the UFC, he fought for a while in the Elite XC and he fought some some good fighters over there and then came over to the UFC and did the ultimate fighter. It's just like a very ballsy thing to do. Yeah. You know, to try to learn grappling and, you know, and fight in front of the world. Yeah. It was really, it did not have that much grappling. And that's such a giant disadvantage amongst like those giant dudes in his division. There were, guys are so big. The guys are just taking each other down and beating this shit out of you. What was like that guy who boxed against Jake Paul, one of the first guys who is a wrestler? The guy who's a really good wrestler? Ben Ascron? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's just a different thing. Well, yeah, Ben, I think Ben just took a payday. Yeah. I think he just gave it a go for the [19:01] money. Yeah. You know, let's see. He's not, he's an amazing wrestler, but he's not really known for being a striker. That must be so fucking annoying to be amazing at one thing, and then you have to do another thing that you suck at. It's a, well some guys pick it up really quick. There's some athletes for whatever reason. They're just really good at learning new skills, like really good at learning how to kick, really good at learning new skills. Like really good at learning how to kick, really good at learning how to punch. Some wrestlers like Bo Neckl picked it up really quick. Like in a couple of years he looked really good on his feet. Like dangerous. But then there's some that for whatever reason, like maybe their style of grappling was more controlled base and less dynamic and not as explosive and like changing from move to move because some guys just have like a slow pressure wrestling game and those guys just can never get the punches flowing. Everything's just all bunched up, you know, they're just so used to like grabbing and squeezing things that the idea of being like loose and punching, it doesn't make sense to them. [20:03] It doesn't work with their body. You have to retrain your body. Yeah. Yeah, so when I see a guy lunch, I'm like, off. It's like when you see a baseball player like a reaching, and you're like, that's not how you, not that I know how to fucking throw a punch, but you know. It's a dangerous game to not be good at. It's the most dangerous game to not If you want to learn how to do it, you got to really, before you start competing, you better really know how to do everything. At this stage of the game, there's just too many people that can shut down one aspect of your game. If you don't have a ground game, they're going to figure you out and they're going to take you down. They're stronger you. If you don't have a stand up game, they're going to keep it in the feet and beat the shit out of you. They're gonna figure it out You can't have any holes in your game. Yeah, it's gonna be like mighty mouths. Yeah, you can't be one dimensional Yeah, you gotta be able to do everything like comedy now. You gotta do everything. Yeah, you can't you can't just do stand-up You can't just podcast you can't you know just try to do movies you really have to do other shit [21:05] You probably should just so you don't want you don't want to be confined to one thing that you do if you have options. It's just more fun to do different stuff. It's more fun to do extra stuff. It's good to challenge yourself too. Yeah, it's just fun. It just makes it more interesting to do different things. I mean, it's like walking a different road home every day. Okay, I've walked this way home. Let's see what this route does for me. You know, it's just better for your brain, I think. It's definitely better for your brain. I think it's just as a comic, like you could just get too locked into just doing stand-up all the time. You know? I kind of fucking realize. I do it too much and I'm like in terms of the road and it burns you out. You run out of shit to talk about. Yeah. It's been, you know, you work so hard to get to a place where you're always working and then you get there and you're like, I gotta live a life. Yeah. I have to have shit to talk about. Otherwise you start faking it. Yeah. You start faking what you're interested in. You start pretending. You start talking about like things you think [22:00] they'll be interested in. Yeah. You don't know what the fuck is going on the world anymore. You just been doing hotel to hotel, club to club. Yeah. Kind of losing your mind. I ran into Chris Rock on the street once, and I told him I was like, I finally took like my first vacation ever, and he goes, oh man, good for you. He's like, gotta take a vacation. Even LeBron has enough season. Wise words It's very wise words. I mean, smart. You burn yourself out. Anyone at, when you reach that level of a guy like Chris Rock, they just know what it takes. You know, it's like, yeah, you don't burn yourself out. I mean, he's got a different, he's got a different, he's like, I'll do a movie in this time to not burn out. He's got, you know, a different career, but, you know, he's got wisdom. Yeah, and that's also another very cool thing that you could still do something creatively that's different than that. You can direct something if you want to do it. I wanna do other stuff. I stand up so he's number one, and I think thank God for stand up, because sometimes I try to make, I'm trying to make a show now, and the amount of fucking emails back and forth, the amount of like meetings this that so much work and I'm like man this was all I had I'd fucking put a bullet in my head [23:07] Honestly, I really would because the amount of people to like oh they're on vacate. There's a Jewish holiday I'm like I'm Jewish. I've never heard of that holiday. That's not a holiday. I don't know what the hell you're talking about You know and then like then we got M.O.K. Day then then val- and you shut down for valentine's Day. Oh my God. There's always something. That's hilarious. So, you know, thank God for standup. It's like it's always there. Yeah. Just like, what a what a fucking weird time it is today. What a what a weird time it is to tell jokes. It just in in in the culture right now. Yeah, it's just such a strange fucking time. You know, it's a strange time to be doing stand-up. It's always a strange time to be doing, I mean, I think during the Crusades, it was weird to be funny. I think it's always a weird time. It's always so dangerous. I think it's always a bad time to be, you know, but man, is it people really need it right now? It's great. I love it. [24:06] I love that cities will surprise you. That's my favorite thing. Like, I never go in, like I've gone in judging a city because I've had a bad time there and I'm like, let's give it another shot. But I never pre-judge. Like, and then you find like little golden nuggets. Like, was it the Omaha Funny Bone a couple weeks ago. I fucking love that club. There's a lot of great clubs in this country. So many great clubs and uh, the repetition is necessary. That's the fucking beauty of this still is like, I think I've cracked the story and then I'm like, oh, that wasn't the ending. You just find it on stage sometimes. You know, so you tighten things up sometimes. You just like take a chunk out and like like, oh it's way better this way. Yeah, sometimes your ego keeps a chunk in. And you're like, this is for me. And you realize like that's also where the only type of entertainment where like the crowd is really part of the editing process. You, um, Scorsese is not, you know, workshop in his shit in Omaha. You know, like we're taking our shit out of the country to make sure this works. [25:02] Yeah, exactly. It's really interesting in that way. Music has not made that way. No. It's really the only art form that's made that way. And you know, it's really interesting that so many people love it, but there's no real formal study of it, by anybody that knows how to do it. But it's getting there. Kind of, I think. All the studies are so boring. If you read Simon Critchley, I think it's on humor, you're like, I want to be so bored. You're sorry to talk about humor. You're like, yeah dude, it's about tension release. No shit. It's fucking boring when you read people dissecting comedy. Like it can get boring. It's not just about tension release though. It's so much more fun. There's a thing going on when someone's killing. And killing and I liken it to a massive noses. You know, like if someone like Joey Diaz is on stage and he's crushing, like you're under a spell. You're under a spell. You're in his mind. A rhythm too. It's like you're lulled. Yeah, I mean that's the cool thing about comics is guys like Nate Bargazio or something like that where the jokes, like he has a rhythm that's so unique. You're like, oh, I'm just like, I'm just under his spell. [26:06] He said, yes, it's cool. It's kind of like a hypnosis, it really is. Yeah. And then we're just trying to piece it together in the most digestible way possible. The way that has the best impact, make sure you scour all the corners, make sure you cover all the angles, clear the room. Yeah, it's great, man. It's a great time. And the road is, people really fucking, like we are in a boom. I mean, you started this, it wasn't like this, right? When I started, stand up. No, no, nothing like this. No. No, this is the craziest comedy boom ever because of YouTube. Because of YouTube for podcasts, YouTube for comedy specials and then for Netflix. Netflix, it made it a boom too. There's like so many people that can travel now. It used to be like, there wasn't that many people that did theaters. You know, when I was coming up, nobody did [27:03] theaters. I saw Rich Jenny when he was at his prime when he was on HB I saw him in the comedy club. Damn. That is fine. Oh my god. He was amazing dude. He was amazing under appreciated Super under appreciated. I sing his praises all the time I was coming home once from the Irvine improv and my Bluetooth just randomly went to Richard Jenny bit Just you know like randomly in a sometime I'll go to a song It just went to Richard Jenny because, just you know like randomly, you know, sometimes I'll go to a song, it just went to Richard Jenny because it was on my iTunes thing and I went, God damn, I forgot how good this was. It was this bit about how he's a fence sitter, it was this bit about like shitting on all of the liberals, then shitting on all the Republicans, then shitting on himself, it's just, I'm like, God damn, he damn he was good and so then i listen i ordered the whole album on i-tunes and i listen to the whole thing on the way home it's so cool i love it by the way i love when it's on shuffle and you hear like it goes to my a tom weight song to like nicked Apollo and you like that was fucking that was a big right turn right there holy shit i think it's a steaming pile of me i think that's the one that I downloaded. That's what fucking he was good. He was excellent and I think it's important to make fun of both sides and that's, it makes [28:12] me sad to see people get mad at John Stewart right now for, for shitting on both sides. I think it's, he's a comedian first and I think it's cool to, when you go to the clubs, they don't know exactly what you're going to say. Yeah, you're gonna have john steward back in the daily show and by dis making upwards he's gonna bring it up he's not he's not gonna just only fucking simple the democrats he's gonna say some funny shit about anything that happens to democrats too it's funny it's part of what the show used to be it's weird that there's a response there's like a social responsibility people attribute to comedians when it's funny, it's part of what the show used to be. It's weird that there's a response, there's like a social responsibility people attribute to comedians when it's like, most of us got good at this by cursing its strangers in a bar. Yeah, I mean we all have our political opinions, which is fine, but it's like what John's capable of is delivering the news in a very funny way. He's the best at it, he's the best at that role of being like the guy [29:06] that's doing the satire of the news, just breaking down everything that's wrong and fucking stupid in the world. He is the peak and it's interesting because he's like the animal house. He's like National Improves Animal House of, he's like the bar and then a lot, then everyone tries to copy animal house, right? And you end up with a lot of like Forkies Van Wilder to the rise of time You're like, all right. This isn't as good Stewart like if you actually look at his stand up like it's like any form of entertainment to break these rules You have to know the rules and Stewart is a great stand up. Yeah, he's a very funny. He had jokes I remember. I remember he had a joke back in the day it was about like how Jews and Black people were similar because you know, Jews, you know, Black people, we have the blues and Jews, we just complain all the time. We just never thought they'd put it to music. And I'm like, that's the type of observation. That's like unifying. That's a very funny bit too. Yeah, he had a great special in the 90s called on 11 [30:06] I remember it was on Comedy Central all the time Yeah, so he's back like on the daily show sometimes is that what it is Monday's Monday's I'll give you one day That's a good move for him. Yeah. Yeah, why do it? I guess that he had a deal with Apple and I don't know if they're saying the specifics of why they cancel the show but it was something akin to they didn't want him to say anything that would get them in trouble something along those lines i don't know what it's called maybe about china and they're like hey we make a lot of shit over this here it is uh... apple johns turrets is Apple TV canceled his show because they didn't want me to say things that might get me in trouble. Okay. Boy, kids, what kind of a world are we talking? And by the way, that's like what comics, [31:03] that's what gets us excited. The idea that this could get me in trouble. Like that, that's everything. Also, Apple, by the way, you distribute all the apps that do all the trouble. And you take it in trouble. You take it percentage of their profits. You don't want John Stewart to say something that might get him in trouble to go, why don't you let him decide for himself? What's great about John Stewart too is like, there's so many comics who are like, and I've no issue with this, but speak like recklessly. And John is so careful with his words. Yes. And so skilled at it. Yeah. I wanted a place to unload thoughts as we get into this election season, Stewart said. I thought I was going to do it over at, they call Apple TV Plus. It's a television enclave, very small. It's like living in Malibu, but they decided they felt that they didn't want me to say things that might get me in trouble. Okay. I don't know what that means. [32:00] That could mean a lot of things. Very coded. I think it's talking about, you know. I think China maybe. Yeah, I think there was a time. Stuff like that. Something about that. Apple did, like Apple obviously works with China. What was the subject? It says China. Maybe it's something. AI and China. Okay, Times reported that the duo had disagreements over topics that were to be covered in the third season, including AI and China. Wow, they had a disagreement about AI and China. What are these people? What are they doing? Members of the US House of Representatives, later questions, Apple CEO Tim Cook about whether the tech giant decision to cancel Stewart show is because the host may have been planning an upcoming episode about China. He says while companies have the right to determine what content is appropriate for their streaming service, the coercive tactics of a foreign power should not be directly or indirectly influencing those determinations. The leaders of the House Representative select committee on competition with the Chinese [33:01] Communist Party wrote in a letter to cook, holy shit. While Stewart did not mention the rumors about Apple's alleged worry over an episode about China, he did say the tech giant did want me to say things that might not want, didn't want me to say things that might get me in trouble. As for his daily show return, he said, he hopes to provide a catharsis to viewers this election season and a way to comment on things and a way to express them that hopefully people will enjoy hum well so far that sounds like china said don't fuck it but that should all that's what i got out of it so did you get out of that exactly it might like that's a throw good movie uh... with the career yeah is that what still available? Can you get that? I think so. Remember when there was like tension or like are we gonna get nuked over a Seth Rogen movie? I remember watching that Cohen like do you know how dangerous those people are? Do you know you want North Koreans mad at you for he-hees and ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha he is and ha ha's yeah really yeah yeah whoo then they hacked that servers right and [34:07] that how that happened they have so was that Sony right yeah and then a bunch of shit cut found out yeah yeah yeah was that definitely them I was trying to remember that's just being cyber criminals I think it was yeah I don't I don't it might have been a coincidence and it could be cyber criminals to decide to attack based on that Oh, no, no, no according to the wiki. It says can I just dream? That it was the begins of the peace a cyber crime group allegedly connected north Korean government. Okay, it is connected, huh? Yeah, Guardians of peace. What a great name. That sounds like a like a government bill Guardians of peace sounds like a new bill. They would push for the house. Man, that some of the set, remember when the Senate that they did a hearing on it was like during Katrina, I think they did like one day on Katrina and nine days on steroids and baseball. Because they just want it, it was like, because you [35:02] just want to meet Raphael Palmero. Remember they're like oh we're big fans. Oh my god That's hilarious. I mean the shit that they get concerned with is so crazy Yeah, but you don't want to go full communist. You don't want to say like the news shouldn't be able to make money You know they should be able to make money but the second you combine news and entertainment. Yeah, it's a dangerous but the second you combine news and entertainment. It's a dangerous mockery. It gets real squirrely. Because entertainment is not news. The news is supposed to be boring. Boring is shit. You're supposed to be like, why am I what? And now we have it away with like, you watch Twelstra out of the news, that's a fucking problem. Well, what's my favorite is the in-between story banter. That is the most uncomfortable, hurried, kind of weird fake talk that exists in all of television. It doesn't exist anywhere else on earth right now in mainstream entertainment. And the banter between the anchor and like the weather lady [36:00] as they're throwing back and forth to each other, then this guy would have been... Oh, dude. It is the fakes. Well, that seems like, I don't know what to say about that. I still do morning news just to ruin a segment. That's the only reason I go on. I do it all the time. You did a good one in Columbus. Do you see that one? Yeah, that's from Simon. That was what you do. I find it. Yeah, I think I have it here. It's probably in my Instagram or something. I just kept making up that they had a human trafficking problem in Columbus and the guy lost it on me. Because I'll only do those new segments if they're live because there's no point in doing a tape one. They'll just edit out whatever horrible thing I do. But sometimes you get someone really cool and you'll just riff with them and be silly But this dude I could tell I'll like I'll feel like a jab to see if it bothers them And if I can sense it bothers them I'll go like a hundred miles an hour and just derail the segment I got I got I remember I have a public of a publicist Pam who hates me She I just I'm like I don't care about morning radio just book me on morning shows because and she's like they're on to you they know you're gonna ruin the segment but Pam she gets so mad at me but do you ever go on one and the people are cool and you don't [37:09] ruin the segment? Yeah totally but they usually end up sometimes they think it's funny but other times yeah I did one we were on a tour bus last year and I pretended my opener Gary Vieter overdose on cocaine on the bus and they were so mad at me and and she called me like your band from Good Morning Durham and I'll live but we've done a lot where I just I poke and I see what I can get away with how many people are watching those shows not a lot but when I share them they do pretty well because they're it's're weird to watch me do something bad. Yeah. I can text it to you. I think I have it on my phone somewhere. I'm trying to find out. I'm like, no people under 60 are watching that, right? Am I correct? Probably not. I mean, sometimes when I'm in a hotel, I have it on the background, just for like background noise when I'm bored on the road. Right. But like, yeah, I don't, it's almost like, I want to watch the news [38:07] but I don't want to think. Yeah. Which, you know, if I'm not gonna watch like BBC, I'm gonna watch Pittsburgh today live. Local men eaten by alligator. That was the first one. Pittsburgh actually, I pretended I was molested on air. And because she just kept asking the dumbest questions and she goes, when did you catch the funny bug? And I said, oh my uncle molested me. And he was funny and I called it like Spider-Man. And they just stared at me like, oh, is it? Yeah, that's it. No, that's Springfield. I know him. That's a guy. This joke on Instagram less than 24 hours ago. Talk about what people can expect. Have you been to Columbus before? Or is this the first time for you? No, I've been. I've been. I love Columbus. Great city, big fan of, despite all the human trafficking going on there, I still find a lot of fun. [39:02] Great city nonetheless. You've got your class. I could tell it doesn't want it. So this is where I poke. This Friday, October 27, tell us what we can expect with that. I'm going to talk about the graph in epidemic in Columbus, Ohio. What is going on with the heat of the talking about? Are you a big sports fan? What's going on with that? I'll tell you what, I'm not a fan of is human traffic. I don't know where you're going but there are a lot of news reports. Yes, all right. Well listen Sam enjoy this is the best park as he snaps here. We'll look forward to seeing you. Thanks Sam. All right have a good one. I don't get I don't know I think he would you know I know he's kind of edgy and I didn't get the human trafficking thing because it really wasn't funny the first time and then he kept doing it to and three and three and three and three and three and three and three and three and three and i tried to ask him you saw her try to ask him is this a joke are you trying to be funny what are you trying to do and it just right well i was just trying to explain the audience thought to saw the same thing too okay we'll go to break good, that was it. He really lost it. That's the only way there were doing to me though is if it's like insanely uncomfortable. It makes you think like even just the way [40:12] you do one of those shows. Like those people aren't real friends, you know, like you're trying to make me make me feel good. Some of them are good. Good morning America, those two that were fucking they were real friends. Yeah, and they were great at their job that's why they shouldn't have been fired why would they fired for fucking that well here's what happened she just fucked him he was fucking everybody there so I think they're like well if we fire him I mean yeah we got it well but they were good I did their show once and I didn't I was just it was just a regular interview because they were fun well they should do should do a podcast together. I think they are. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. You don't want a boss, especially in those kind of environments. It's just too restrictive. And it makes me think if you like look at that guy, no offense of that guy that you were just talking to, but I couldn't imagine some sort of an audition process that yielded [41:00] such results. Yeah. Like, this is the best you guys have to vote in. It's a big city, Columbus. Tell the news. Big city with a lot of human trafficking. It's, uh, yeah. It just almost backed you up on that. Yeah. She did. There's a lot of reports in there. There's a lot of reports. I don't think it's a funny rumor to clear, if you're, you have Columbus pride, a bothersome. There are stories for us to read. There's also you're doing it on Zoom, which is extra frustrating, because like you're not even in the room, so they can't even go, what the fuck are you doing? Like, you know, you're so disconnected, they have to be very obvious when they're talking to you. But I've done it where I was bad and it wasn't live and they just edited it out. I'm like, God damn it, you know. Gotta get the live ones. But it's hard to ask for live because they know you're gonna do something. So you see my predicament. I'm like, I want live and they're like, what's he gonna do? Well, I think the gig is up. We'll see. I got one and I got one pre-recorded from New York one uh when I was promoting [42:09] MSG theater I did that one and they uh they were mad I didn't do it but it was like I was it was pre-recorded and they were like yeah he just they told my friend they were like yeah he just behaved it was really a bummer I was like well get now I gotta be bad because you knew it was pre-recorded. Yeah, yeah, what's the point? I was just gonna add an energy I was like that. What's the point? Delated. Yeah, they're playing dirty Pre-recorded with you is playing dirty. It is I'm playing dirty too though, but you are but that's the game we play Yeah, it's just fun. Yeah, what's the gurus to do DJ dad? Yes TJ Miller was another one who would do crazy shit on there and I was like I love that Seger was the king of it. Yeah, he came out as non-binary on a morning show [43:02] Just fucking total deadpan with a gold chain on and sunglasses his energy is perfectly He's got that calming energy too. It's just the name DJ dadmouth. Like what the fuck? Oh my god, that's so funny. That's so fucking stupid. Yeah. It's fun. But you're right. You kind of killed a lot of those types of shows with your show because it's like, would you rather see them on you know Good morning, whatever for four minutes or on your show for three hours They'd rather see this Yeah, but it's also it's just those that format sucks. It's a bad format. I do I still like the idea of a live interview I still think that's really fun. I'm glad you're so fun. I you know, but Yeah, I mean this you doing three hours is like, you know, it's, it would change that, I think. I was just lazy. I didn't want to edit anything. Ari, Ari used to tell me, he goes, you're, you've got to edit your show. That was his number one complaint. [44:02] Tell you, listen to me, you got to edit your show. And I was like, why? Like, no one's gonna listen all that. Then they don't have to listen. I was like, then don't listen. Just, I don't care if you stop halfway in. Like, listen to as much as you want. Well, you went against what a lot of people say is about the entertainment, we'll like keep them wanting more. You's just not true. That's horseshit. People, even people with short attention spans, get into things. There might be some subject that someone's talking about that lights your interest, lights your curiosity, and then you get locked into it. You would never spend three hours ordinarily listening to some guy talk about Egypt, some, you know, Graham Hancock type character talking about the people that constructed these things in Turkey and she'll like, you would never do that, right? In the normal world. But you could get locked into some conversation. [45:03] And if it's a three hour conversation, like you come out of that much more energized with whatever that subject is. It's not only is that true, but also I think the fact that people can listen to stuff while they're cleaning the house and stuff. A hundred percent. I mean, you can't do that with a movie, right? The thing is that the number one attractor is always going to be like the TikTok and the Instagram Reels. Those are the ones that they suck you in. They work with the human mind. It drives me crazy. Do you get addicted to it? They're so effective. I mean, the three of the Reels are so effective. They're so effective. They're so effective. They're fucking ruined my day. Oh, those are good. It's just some fucking asshole in this car eating like a sandwich. I'm just watching a dude eat a sandwich. You break it down, you're like, this is so sad. Second I'm watching, it is sexy. And he rates the sandwich and I'm like, good enough for me. And then they send me 40 more. Everyone's a food critic now. That's fine. Yeah. It's fine. I mean, people will find their way. They find their way. Yeah, but it's just a addictive taste. I'm more mad that that's my my my food. Yeah, it's it's mostly food. Well, I don't think you have to worry [46:08] Someone slice into Tomahawk steak someone eating a sandwich. Those are good things. I love them Yeah, those are good. I find a lot Gary Vider towards with me and he just sends me food whenever on the road He's like we're eating here. I'm like what he's more high-made and sinny woman. I've ever dated He's like you're taking me here. It's five stars. You better fucking pay up bitch That's hilarious. That is a nice thing if you go to good cities, right? You could always use nice runs every city's got a nice restaurant now. I mean people don't fuck around in the Netherlands and between realms if you don't go now too far it's weird though what cities now like every city has this crazy food culture now. Nope. No matter where you are. I think the internet is partly to blame for that too. I think there's so many YouTube sort of like mini documentaries on chefs and mini documentaries on restaurants that they're opening. There's 9,000 episodes of Chopped. [47:02] Think about how many chefs there are. That's what lot of chefs. What, four chefs per episode? Well, you gotta give credit to TV, right? Like the travel channel and stuff like that because those are the first people that, like, put cooking out there like an art form. Like with Bourdain show, those are the first time I ever considered cooking. I was like, oh, it's an art form, you just eat it. It's like, I thought of it as just cooking, it's like carpentry or something like that. You know what I mean? And I related to it as a comic, just a guy like wandering and being like, oh, let me make the most of Kalamazoo Michigan. Yeah. Like I said, eating this vending machine, let me try to find a cool din place to spend around forever. You get like, steak and eggs there. Nothing gets my dick hard like a box card diner dude. I get so excited. We went found one in Buffalo and we ate the, we find a good spot. We eat there three days in a row. I'm obsessed with like, just a cool diner. Yeah. There was a place called the Star Diner that I used to eat in in I think it was in Mount Vernon, New York. It was so sketchy this neighborhood. [48:06] It was so sketchy but they had cheeseburger deluxe and the cheeseburger deluxe had like coleslaw on it. Ooh yeah it was ridiculous. Coleslaw is underrated on a sandwich. A rubin is an underrated sandwich. It's 2.30 in the morning you're hanging out with men who just failed miserably and Everyone's eating these disgusting cheeseburgers at two o'clock in the morning There's something that's a vibe. That's like a late night waffle house anytime Oh, there's something New York vibe to like those kind of diners There's something so there's something about like when you're on the road and you're in a sad place It's like weirdly romantic to me too like Gary and I stated a residence in in Omaha And it was just you haul truck after you haul truck of just shit in the parking lot I'm like it's us in 40 divorce men here. There's something so sad about this But get out [49:00] Yeah, I love a late night diner or what's your diner order when you go well Yeah, I love a late night diner. What's your diner order when you go? Well, it depends on if I'm drunk. If I'm drunk, I might go off the rails. But most of the time I'm pretty disciplined. Most of the time I'm just eating like whatever healthy options they have, like meat or eggs or something like that. Yeah. You know, most of the time. Eggs, eggs is, I mean the the obvious move but like a tuna melda a diner can be so clutch Oh, that's so nice. There's a nice invention. How about a tuna patty melt? Yeah? We're like a suvlocky. Oh, a suvlock love a suvlocky. Yeah a year old dude a late-night year old look at you pronouncing it correctly Yeah, I know a lot of Greek people if If it's, I don't pronounce it correctly. I know how to pronounce it but I just forget. If it's done the right way with the best bread. Oh, I love it. Yeah, that toasted pizza. Oh, yeah, bro. Come on with it. Whew. Oh, if I had choose though, like one option for late night, if something's open that's legit it would be between Mexican and Italian. Yeah. Yeah. [50:08] If you know if someone tells you like there's a place that serves in Saint LaZone at two in the morning. I think we have to go. For me it's pizza all day. It's like late night pizza is just so it's so we I mean. Especially good pizza. Real good New York pizza. You got a good slice just a just a regular cheese and sauce slice When it's just perfectly seasoned it's melting in your mouth the cheese like oh my god This is so good. I watched so much of that guy just randomly Port Nou am bar still doing those reviews. Oh, he's the best. I just like, I say how much I hate watching these food things, but I fucking can't. I just like the, I like how he likes all the same types. I like like that flop. The new Haven pizza is my favorite pizza. It's the best pizza in the world apparently. Yeah. According to Portnoy, he knows more than, I told them I of all the profits for pizza. I bet if you had like a pizza chart between when Port Noi started doing those reviews [51:09] to how many people are going and buying pizza now, I bet it's not a small number. I bet he's impacted the pizza world significantly. I'm not bullshitting. He makes me want to buy pizza. Yeah, you watch it and you're like, he bites the crust too, it's like, I'm like, what's he's having a good time? We did, when I was in Chicago with Mateo Lane, he's in Chicago with you to one night to the next night. So I just got an early, we hung out. We made pizza at Lumaul Nadi's deep dish and they let us in there to just make pizza. And then I was like, all right, now I don't like Chicago pizza that much. It's like, it tastes good. It's just not my style pizza. It's like it's it's not it's a pie. It's not pizza. So I was like, all right We'll see if our Turros in the village will let like that's this place is Colin Quinn's stamp of approval Which to me like he's the most New York guy I've ever met so if Colin Quinn likes your pizza your legit and We made their pizza our Turros on house and one of the best pizza spots. Also the vibe, there's a fucking piano player [52:05] just playing in there. It's like it's so New York, dude. Yeah, those places are fantastic. I love them and they make good everything. Have you got to find a good old Italian hole in the wall spot in New York? Like that's one of the cool things about like Mulberry Street. Yes. You know, those places, there's some places down there that it borrown for ever. Yeah, you'll just Google it and you'll be like, 1909, what the fuck? Are you kidding me? Do you ever talk to Fitzsimmons about when he lived there? I'm not about that, but yeah, I know Greg, I love Greg. Fitzsimmons lived right above the social club where John Gotti used to go. Holy shit. Holy shit. How about that John Gotti, man? That guy. The Simmons used to live right, I went to his fucking apartment. I mean, he was the reason Sparks is popular. Yes. Like, you feel like cool looking and you're like, this is where the guy got shot. [53:00] Right there. He's right there. It's a good restaurant though too. Fitzimmons, right there. That's the amount of danger we all like is just to know someone was shot here and they're not going to do it again. What are the odds another guy gets whacked here right? They don't whack each other that often. What year did Gotti get arrested? He got arrested so many times. Was it in the 90s? It was like trying to figure out like when Fitzimmons was there was he there while the social club was in operation I Know the whole family that owned the building was all like go meet some leads like here like had deals We would give the the mother Some money like you know my Frankie doesn't have to know about this. This is my gambling money. And it's like she would think that money. Like, yeah, like little deals. Like they would pay, he would pay like the different, the mother and the father separately. December 1990? December 1990. Okay, so that kind of, that must mean he was already in jail by the time [54:00] Fitzsimmons lived there. Cause I think Greg and I I we came to New York in this around the same time and that was like, Greg might have been there first too. I don't know. He was like, uh, he was like the media darling. It's so weird to be a murderer and you're like on the cover of the post like with a pun, you know, just like this guy's fun, you know, because he kept getting off right? How many times did he get off? Yeah, like three long dawn that flondon yeah Yeah, those were times what like you know who the mob boss is and he's wearing a nice suit He's walking around in front of everybody. It's weird. It's really weird to be a mob celebrity Yeah, and then people take like I said like if he was around now you'd be like selfie But. But you know what it's like? It's like you're in a race, but your car's not quite strong enough to do that. And then the federal government shut the race down. Yeah. Whereas if you're in Mexico, you can actually do that. You're in Mexico and you're a cartel leader. You are a cartel. You're the guy who'd like, that's legit no one's putting you in jail but it's weird to be a lot of the new York [55:09] Yeah, very weird, but it was also a different time right? You know we glamorize that shit that we all like to do cuz mob movies are the best movies I mean like you got godfather good fellows got Probably my number one. Oh God. It's good god damn. It's good. I rewatched an episode the other time like It's it might be one of the funniest shows ever too. That's how good it is. It's fucking show. There's a line in that show where like, you know, Meadows being a spoil brat and they're like, we're gonna ground you, you can't do this. And she just runs away and Carmella's like, what are they gonna, what are we doing? We realize that that we have no power. It's like such an honest funny line. I mean Tony, fuck, and Gandal Fiend, we were like robbed of so many more good Gandal Fiendy projects. Yeah, he was good. It's the fucking best. He was so good. He became that guy. Like he did a lot of different characters and different movies and he was really good at being a creep. Wasn't he in, [56:02] who was that? Through romance through romance.. Yes. That's right. Holy shit. That movie holds up by the way. I just want to watch it again recently. It's fucking great. Dennis Hopper, dude and Walking that scene is fucking insane. That's some classic Tarantino 90s dialogue right there. That's some good shit This is one of the more violent scenes I've ever seen in a movie. I got this in Las Vegas. The better. Yeah, let's not watch it. But dude, he's in like, get shorty. Yup. He's in so many fucking movies. But when he became Tony's a pro, he like, was that guy. Yeah. It's like to have a an actor that good playing a mob boss to the point where you are sympathetic. You're rooting for this murderer. Yeah. Yeah. You're rooting for Tony's a proud. They humanize them. I mean, when you show them it like a cookout. Yeah. I go to cookouts. Yeah. You [57:01] know, I do. I mean, they made him human human and He was just falling the rules of his game. That's the game that he did and he was the best at it Did I have high enough horsepower? But again if he was L. Choppo, I guess they got him too, but we got in his wife too Who got who like who took over like that guy doesn't have a name. That's a good move Tell it reservation night for the cartel guy you don't know as you know you want to be John doe yeah you want everybody shut the fuck up you don't want anybody you're running a cartel sir but they would remind you that he was a monster every once in a while like I mean he kills his fucking own guy he's he's a monster who killed the wrong guy? Tony kills Christopher. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. They'd hit you with reminders Everyone. I mean the show was so fun that they'd have to hit you with like the brutal reminders of you know Philly Atardo Sodomizing a gay character. It's like they have to hit you with that because you'd be like oh, this is funny And then you hit that you'd be like Jesus. Yeah, there was a lot of Jesus moments in that show. [58:05] It was really funny as if you watched the first episode of the show. It was almost like satire. Yeah. You ever watched it? Incredible pilot. It was very funny though. It was like a comedy. Yeah. The way... The car chase thing. When she's got the machine gun, and like, because she was outside with the machine gun. I think she thought her kid was sneaking out of the house. Was that Carmella? Yes, right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Something happened and she was outside with an AK-47. And you're like, what the fuck are you doing? What is this show? But she became much more normal. Yeah. She wasn't like that. It was almost like they were doing like a network sitcom version of mobsters. Yeah, it was cool to see the show grow, but damn, the first season even goes. It's like him versus his uncle, Uncle Junior. I mean, that was a fucking great story line. Great story line. There's so many great story lines. I mean, it's just a fucking phenomenal show, Matt. Yeah. Phenomenal show. David Chase, I mean, he created, I think he used to write for like Rockford files too. [59:05] It's like interesting career. Yeah, even that whole opening montage with the sound, the woke up this morning, got himself a gun. So good. Yeah. Fuck. It was like, you got so pumped for every episode. Yeah. And your surprise is on. So it's tough. That was like there's so many great shows. It's tough to touch You know, I mean that was really like a golden age in TV the way like the 60 70s was a golden age in Hollywood You know, like you get like all those fucking old movies of like You know Bonnie and Clyde starting this off the graduate Chinatown Godfather taxi driver like all these insane apocalypse now, you know? Yeah Comedy movies took the biggest hit Recently, man We took the biggest hit. Isn't it crazy? Everybody loves them, but now you have to rewatch old ones so people don't get offended I think it'll come back at some point because I was watching the hangover on TV the other day [1:00:05] And I was like people areover on TV the other day, and I was like, people are gonna be hungry for this shit. Well, what's hilarious is the daily wire tried to do something, right? They did something, right? They made a movie, right? They made a movie about transgender athletes, and a bunch of men who decide they're gonna compete as women. And then after that, there's a new thing that's been happening in Canada, where they've got these two teams are playing against each other. And there's five biological males that are identifying as females and dominating this volleyball game. And the biological females, all all of them are sitting on deck Why these five men they don't know why they're riding the bench are crushing. Yeah There's five of them. Yeah, like this isn't Canada like That is so insane. You know the thing is about those movies [1:01:00] I didn't I saw the trailer for the daily wire thing I didn't see it But the thing about those movies is and I didn't see this one you got to remember if you're going that are ever into have the heart of like a fairly brothers movie right because like something about Mary is a great movie because like you forget he stalking this woman because he's so likable he stalking Mary he hires a guy to stalk her but in the first scene she's got a mentally challenged brother and he gets his ass kick Protecting her and you're like he's a good guy So I think go for the fucking jugular but make sure that you love the characters Yeah, and also there's not a lot of really good How many people are really good at making those kind of movies, you know, there's a few people that like get a sell. Well, Todd Phillips went to serious movies, right? You know, so he was like one of the last ones making like big hits. But if that genre dries up, like that used to be a giant genre. Like it bothers me out, dude. I love comedy moves, but you're right. Like what do I watch? I watch fucking back to school. I watch like, right. Yeah. Have you seen back to school recently? I haven't. Dude, it's every line, every character there is just there [1:02:07] to set up Dangerfield. You know, my favorite part is, the Kennis Insane. It's one of the best scenes ever. Would you pull that up, pull that up. Would you just fuck it, Rodney? Kennis Center Roddy, Dangerfield, the classroom, this is fucking a big turn. He of a turn you started for the beginning. A lot of people think welcome really seems to care about what I have no idea. I love him so do I remember Whitney is making something about the Andrew field and I was leaving her podcast with her once and she was like do you want to talk to she knows I love him so do you want to talk to his wife on the phone I was like yeah so we call her and she's like the nicest woman she's just like you know she loved him so much. Like imagine getting to wake up to someone that funny every day, like it just made me so happy. And, and she goes, you want to hear Rodney joke that no one's ever heard? And I was like, yeah. When he went in for some kind of surgery, he was worried he was gonna die. He's like, if I can't be funny, it's like, what's the point? He goes in and when they wake him up, he goes, [1:03:07] Rodney did you call for anything up? He goes, yeah, 500 last week to a whole. Everyone laughs, you're like, oh, he's okay. Right when he wakes up. Yeah. Wow. Never, I mean, never not funny. So, fuck, you even see episodes, it's funny where he's on like Howard Stern and Stern's trying to like get him to open up and he just keeps doing like one line. He's so funny, he's like, sir, a child is like, oh yeah, I don't love child, I'll tell you. He's like, no, stop with the jokes, I'm trying to connect with you. It's so, he could not be that dude, he was so fucking funny. Who was? He was off. We have his handwritten notes for his last tonight show set in the club. Oh my god. If you're in the green room of the club. I can't wait to see the club. Oh, you haven't seen him. I haven't been there yet. I tried to I tried to come in December, but I couldn't line it up right now. It's like. Oh Well, yeah, if you look on the wall in the green room, there's his wife gave us these handwritten notes from his tonight show set. Wow. So it's breaking down his material and then breaking down stuff to talk about in the couch. [1:04:07] Oh my god. Dude, those old Carson sets were he's just machine gunning jokes. Yeah, holy shit. Well, his story is so interesting too, because he quit comedy for a long time and he's selling aluminum siding. Yeah. And I guess he never stopped writing. Yeah. I guess he kept writing even when he wasn't doing comedy and when he came back yet all this material And he said that was a famous line. I was the only one who knew I quit to give an idea how well I was doing right? That's the classic. Yeah, but he Came back and is that interesting. I mean dude his movies are like Caddy Shack's great. Yeah fucking the one with peshy Easy money. Yeah hilarious. Yeah, you had some bangers even meet while he sparks I I know it like critics shit on the movie. I love it I love the scene where he walks up to a couple on the dance floor and they're making out He's like you two should go get a room and he walks up to a fatter couple. He's like you two should go get a warehouse It's like that's just like killer joke writing right it with that face [1:05:10] He was one of those dudes like his face was always funny. I love them. Yeah, it's so good Just pure funny. There's not there's nothing else. It's just I'm gonna be fun and it's like that's another example like You go he make you say whatever he wants because like I'm gonna go help my kid at school like it's fucking these are good stories You know, I mean Samler Billy Madison's going back to school. He's a funny premise to put a silly guy around kids and he's the most immature one. It's just a great premise. Yeah, it really is. Those movies, Sandler's movies don't get enough respect. By me, they do. I love Sandler. But drives me nuts when like people shit on those movies Because I'm like what do you what are you expecting this to be? Yeah, cuz This is let's like in classic old-timey comedy movie where it's just funny It's also like kind of his style comedy is like weirdly kind of vulnerable the way how he's that silly [1:06:02] Yeah, you phone your face doing that shit. mean, I did a bunch of road gigs with him. He is the nicest fucking dude. I was the nicest guy ever. I would be more stressed playing basketball with him than I would doing the shows with him. Because I'm like, I just don't want to miss an open jump shot on Sandler's team. Mm. He plays really good basketball, but he's still good. Jesus, but he I was like a year ago, but he can still play and it's me Got a hip replacement. I forgot. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. But he's yeah, he'll make like the no look passes. It's fun. It's really he's sick. Oh, wow. But it's funny plan in his team, you get every fucking call like I'm used to playing with people and they're just like, I didn't fucking foul you, but it sounds like I must hit you. Ah, that's hilarious. And who are the guys he's playing? He's got a guy Joe Vessi who's really good. Joe is joking hoop. And then sometimes it's just his circle, but then sometimes you go to the gym and he's just like playing with people at the gym. Really? [1:07:00] Yeah. That's pretty fucking cool. Yeah, he's the fucking man. It's very good. Dude. I was zohan was on TV the other day That's a great movie. It's fucking funny dude. I was laughing brushing his teeth with hummus. Uh-huh. That's fucking hilarious There was a lot of funny shit in that movie I watched every Adam Sandler movie with my kids when we were locked down for the pandemic That was our thing. We would just watch the comforting watching. Yeah, they're fun. They're wholesome. When they were, you know, nervous about what the fuck is going on the world. Yeah, it's fun. A little entertainment. Yeah, just disconnect from things. It was nice. You need those, those escape movies. So much, I got, look, I want to watch the Oscar movies too, but some of them are like, all right, we get it. It's fucking like 40 minutes in, nothing's happened. And you're like, can something happen? It's supposed to be entertaining. Right. Do you watch any of those? Like I just watched a anatomy of a fall. I thought that was really good. I don't know if you saw that. What's that? It's a French movie. A guy falls at, they're in the alps, I think, and he falls out a window and dies for husband, [1:08:06] and everyone thinks she killed him. But it's one of those ambiguous mood, where you're like, you kinda don't know. It's really well done. I watched American fiction yesterday. I thought that was pretty good. American fiction. With Jeffrey Wright, you know that guy? No. He's a really good actor. He's almost like he's almost like black Paul Giamatti. Oh really? Yeah, he's like a great character actor Yeah, that's dude. Oh the guy was in the what the West West world. Yeah, yeah, he's really good in West Yeah, there's a good movie. It's funny That guy's been a bunch of things. Yeah, he's always great Yeah, and then the holdovers with Paul Giamatti was really good if you haven't seen that West world was pretty fucking good I gotta watch out never see that was hb o2 yet got a little violent missus rogan tapped out and uh... so i got a little left stranded if she's not into watching their so i stopped watching it but i really did love i think the first two seasons and you know as a i [1:09:00] moves into our lives that showed us and seem it seems less and less weird, less and less possible. Like everything they're talking about doing on that show, I'm like, maybe someday they just look at it. Not crazy. Maybe someday they're going to be able to do that. It seems, I mean, everything from how they explain how they created this environment that seemed like it was another planet. Yeah. That seemed like it was really the West, but it was really just in this domed environment. Just even things like the Oculus and then Apple did, and you're like, what is happening? Bro, we're gonna be so fucked in about five to 10 years. It's gonna be too late to turn back and we're gonna be embedded. There's something's gonna happen where you're gonna get an advantage from being connected to a network that you don't get without it. That's almost like impossible to live without. Like giving someone like Twitter? Like cell phones. Yeah. But everything. This people that can get by without, there's, I know some people that have deleted Twitter. They've just said, I don't want to do this anymore. I know some people that have like kicked it. But they don't kick cell phones. You can't kick cell phones. That's what I'm saying. [1:10:05] Yeah. So if it becomes like at that stage, but if you're addicted, your cell phone has Twitter. I mean, unless you want to be one of those people who has like a fucking 1999 razor. Right. Well, you can get that, what is that simple phone? I know a lot of people get that it's like you can't do anything on it it'll store music I think all it does is like text message and make calls. No I've seen if you do email on it but that people need email. I know you gotta carry a second device just for email like what if you're involved in some sort of business decision you need to be on the fly able to respond to an email. You unplugged for like a few hours you know like, like, what did I miss? It's a light phone? Oh, light phone, is that it? I don't know if this is the only one, but this is like, right here, you could get rid of clickbait, social media, and minimal. Yeah, I think this is it. Yep, that's it. It's an experience, we all call going light. No Go internet browser, but it's probably better for you. It definitely, I mean people who just, [1:11:06] Ari will do that, he will, like he'll get back to me and be like, sorry I was in fucking Thailand. Yeah, I was in Thailand. Yeah, he'll do it, but he's got an iPhone too. He should shut the fuck up. Yeah, he can, he can, he can. Everybody gives it. You gotta give it. It's too good. It's too good. Also, you miss out on things. If Tom Siger and I almost every day send each other the most horrific accidents, disasters, boulders, crashing, fucking cars that are on mountain roads, everything fucked up we send back and forth to each other. If I didn't have the ability to click on the link, I'm missing a little bit of joy in my day. A little connection to your friends. Yeah, I'm missing a little bit of joy in my day. And your connection to your friends? Yeah, yeah, you can action to your friends. So that's what the joy is not in watching people get gored by bowls. The joy is in that me and my friend have this unspoken agreement to send each other the worst shit we could find every day. And find jokes in that. And that's like, you know, when people say like dark jokes and stuff, it's like, no, you're made, [1:12:05] that's a light joke. You took a dark subject and you're finding light jokes about it, you know? Yeah, you're lightening up the situation slightly. But that's the problem is like, you're right. You're disconnected on these phones. Yeah. But then you're also connected. So it's like of a catch-22. Whichever way you do it, you're a little fucked. Mm-hmm. Yeah, you're fucked. You're gonna miss out on things if you're disconnected and if you're too connected, you're gonna be addicted and fucking losing all your life energy and time and attention to nonsense, which is what a lot of people are doing all day long. You were just scrolling through nonsense. You just get nonsense in front of your face. It's just there's nothing nourishing about it. Nothing is like exciting your mind. It's just dumb thing after dumb thing after dumb thing after dumb thing after dumb thing and The thing that doesn't do that is podcasts, which is interesting. Yeah, I could listen like for that. Like, I can't do it for that. Or books on tape. Books on tape are great. It's a great thing to do. [1:13:06] I do it because I think about how much we're on the move. It's great for flights. It's great for like in your car ride. We might get nauseous if you read. But I think about how invasive it's going to be because there's wheelchairs now that can be driven by neurological impulses. That's your fucking thoughts. It's can read your thoughts. Yeah, like how far we I have a lot of bad thoughts Joe. Yeah, I bet you do Restored for your thoughts like cuz I think some things that I would never do you got it you got to erase your browser mind thoughts To raise your history could you imagine if you could if you had an impulse just Mash on the face, but you were resisting it. You weren't gonna do it. Are you a good person if you're, if you had an impulse to just smash someone in the face, but you were resisting it. You weren't gonna do it. Are you a good person? If you're resisting it constantly. It depends on who you're talking to. If you're the asshole all the time, you're constantly getting in fights with people, it might be you. But you know, we all know that person who's like, [1:14:01] this fucking asshole, like everyone's an asshole in your stories. But there's also times when some people need to be smacked. And there's those in those moments, like imagine if you could get arrested because you you tested positive for a potential aggressive episode. Right. A covert test you get two lines. You're keeping your shit together, but you're imagining. You're imagining just teeing off on this guy. Just smashing this guy. He could be a danger. Yeah, like, hey man, stop doing it. But if you have that thought, I'm about to smash that guy. D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D- rest you because you had a potentially violent episode. You hit red line. You're red flag. Sam, this is a serious thing. You went to red line. But I didn't do anything, but you might have. Or they'll tell you you were going to. We know, we have predictive technology. You're in West Wales. Well, like, oh yeah, that movie minority repot. Yes, that seemed so impossible. [1:15:03] Predicting murder, it's now it's like the world economic forum guy was saying that they won't have to have elections in the future Wow, we will be able to predict with such precision this we are British man acquitted over London Spain flight bomb hoax he Texted and snap at to his friends. I'm on the way to blow up the plane. I'm a member of the Taliban. Then, oh my God. The Spanish, as a joke, as a joke, he said to joke to his friends. It's a good thing. Spanish F-18s were scrambled to. Look how close the F-18 is to that other jet wing. That's insane. He was just acquitted though because the judge was like there's obviously no threat here, but what was curious is how the message was found because Snapchat's supposed to be encrypted. And some people think it's because of the Wi-Fi network at the airport and the airport says that's not how it was. [1:16:03] And then the UK authorities said there was was right here. So is this evidence of some new technology? That that mean as you guys were saying this stuff that's why brought it up. Do you think that's what they're what are you interpreting this? They said that they have serenity for unknown reasons it was captured by the security mechanisms of England when the plane was flying over French airspace. Yo, that's crazy. The message was made in a strictly private environment between the accused and his friends with whom he flew through a private group to which only they have access. So the accused could not even remotely assume that the joke he played on his friends could be intercepted or detected by British services, nor by third parties, other than his friends who received the message. See, that's crazy because sometimes you'll say, wild shit to your friends in a text message for fun. And you're assuming, if I send you an i-message, you're assuming that that's encrypted. [1:17:01] Yeah, I'm going to stop telling my friends, I'm going to murder my girlfriend. You have to use signal. Kind of be girlfriend. You have to use signal. Gotta be careful. You have to use signal for that. Today's the day, I'll say that. But I bet if you do use signal. I bet they're looking through signal too. I bet there is a scanning that's being done on all cell phone communication, looking for key target words that they think would be problematic. Well, think about how much of our freedom were constantly given away. Yeah. When I fly, I don't want to wait in the long line. So I give them my iris, my fingerprint, all that stuff. Now those lines are longer than the other lines. Right? So I'm like, oh yeah, if I go to the LaGuardia, fucking pre-check and clear are the longest lines now. No, shit. Yeah, so sometimes you just fuck it and you go through the other way. Yeah, I take my shoes off again. I'm going backward, but then there's gonna probably be a new line. You gotta give more, you dip your balls in the fucking thing. You gotta give me the outline of your penis. I gave you my penis, you gotta let me cut. Well, you have to have the update in the chip. Do you update your brain? We only have your flaccid penis. We need a hard penis. [1:18:05] If you have the brain chip, we'll let you pass through. You don't ever have to worry about identification ever again. I thought of a new wrinkle for that. I can let you update right there at the airport with some janky terminal that's probably hacked or you could do it at home like everybody else would probably be doing it. And when you update, you'll update from a safe place. Update from a safe place. But for God's sake. Or you have to do it here, like it's like a subway terminal. Yeah. Yeah. It'll get to the point where you'll just have an account in your head and you won't have to pay for anything with a credit card ever again. It'll all be an account in your head, but only through Central Bank Digital Currency, we can iron out all the inequality and all the problems of society today. They'll get us. They're gonna get us with a chip in our head. It's gonna be awesome. That's the problem. They're gonna put that chip in and you go, God, why was I resisting this? I was so stupid, just 20 minutes ago. [1:19:01] Now I get it. I mean, if you imagine, like, you can only imagine being as intelligent as you are on your best or worst days. But could you imagine being like a caveman, like, like, Australia pithicus, like the early days, you know, just barbaric life covered in hair. And then somebody gives you something. Just a little shot or something, and all of a sudden you can think like you. You'd be like, whoa, I didn't realize how fucking dumb I was. I think we're gonna plug in, and it's gonna be so, whoa. Oh my God, this is so much better. This is so much better. This is so much better than regular brains. We're just going to accept the fact that we have access to information constantly. You're seeing it all in your head. That's just a lateral right now, I think. Well, it's probably going to be better than a lateral. Yeah. It's probably going to be better. If you if you could have something that stimulates various parts of your brain to produce certain neurochemicals, if that's possible. They're going to be able to do something where you can, people that are paralyzed can use cursors. They can like use their brain [1:20:13] to figure out how to navigate computers. Yeah, wow. Yeah, that's pretty, but again, it's intrusive, right? I mean, it's your thoughts. Right, but if you're a paralyzed person, it's a really good thing. Yeah. Like, it's way better to be able to do that than not. That's true. But once we start doing it too, Sam, I know you're not paralyzed, but let me tell you the benefits of linking up. And you just start talking to your girlfriend. It's going to be like, your ho to your girlfriend. It's gonna be like Jehovah's Witnesses. It's gonna be back on your table. Thank you about linking up. I mean, my cousin linked up, he's never felt better. You know, he signed a one year lease. You link up for one year. You can't disconnect or they kill you. It'll be like a, it'll be like a exempt. You give the linked up people like a year to see how they do and then you No, it would be like military service. Like if you're gonna link up, you have to link up, you have to commit to one year [1:21:06] because you're contributing to the grid. Yeah. You're contributing to the grid of ideas if you link up. So you have to keep it on for one year. And most people don't take it off. And if you do take it off the parts waste screw it and get infected, you're gonna have to get a re-up. You look weird. one of those weird people that just disconnected. We're so close to something like that. This Apple thing that everybody's doing, the fucking watch and television on a giant movie screen in your house with these goggles on, it's supposed to be incredible. Well, the thing is, think about how much of your personal freedom, like we all knew these people that were like, I'm not getting a fucking smartphone, I don't want to be off the grid. And you're like and then as you said they all have the phone now. Exactly. They all give in. Everybody gave in. Yeah. And by the way off the grid a lot of them were comics I'm like you're announcing tour dates already. Yeah, what are you talking about? You're on the grid dude. I bought three chickens. Yeah. The off the grid off the grid that's called you're a farmer. Yeah. That's a hard job. You're on top. Yeah. More than if the farmers are probably on the grid somewhere. You can't just tour if you're a farmer man. [1:22:07] Yeah. If I can fucking animals are gonna die. You're gonna have to have employees and you have to have some of the sleeper guys. Even the farmers are like, they're on Facebook. Yeah. They're doing something. They're doing something. They're barely paying attention. Yeah. If you really want to be completely self-sufficient like, wow, the only reason we can do all the things that we do is because so many other people provide you with the stuff that would take up all your time, which is gathering food, eating it, and that's like most of what you would be doing, trying to find food, eat it. Hunting is a sport for people. It's not like a thing that most people do. Exactly. I mean, there's a lot of people eat it. They eat it by choice, but they definitely don't need to. Most places you can get meat. You can't get that kind of meat. It's not as easy to get that kind of meat. But there's plenty of other options. Yeah. You going to starve. The thing is like in the real world of that not existing, the food system [1:23:05] not existing, you're not going to figure out anything. You're not going to make a car, you're not going to get that out of your head. You're not building a sailboat. All you're doing is gathering food and you're barely adequate. You're going to do it all day long and you're barely going to figure it out. And you might start eating rodents so you don't want to eat. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, I mean, this is, you don't realize it's a full-time job. And those people have like three jobs by the way now. Yep. Teachers are, you know, slowly getting on only fans. You know, everyone's doing their thing to make another... I make handbags on my side. whatever you're doing, you know, everyone's got like four fucking jobs now. Yeah, the only fans ones a wild one. Whoa That's a wild thing because I'm gonna make a 21 year old girl and just graduated college and it's kind of hot You know stuff. I didn't want to be a waitress if you look at your fucking salary as a teacher versus you like [1:24:02] Oh, I just made my whole life. Yeah, this year I as a teacher versus you like oh I just made my whole life. Yeah. This year. I mean I'm not the one to judge. Do whatever you do that makes you happy. But it's just it's a weird one. But if you're contributing to only fans make sure you have the money and you have a cuz I have a friend who fucking pays for only fans and he has never seen the sopranos. If I was a gal I would be worried about like dudes becoming obsessed with you from something like that. But you get that as a comic, don't you? Yeah, but it's a little bit different. It's a sexual thing. True. You know, and you're more vulnerable. It's definitely different. I mean, it's like... But if you're a female comic, I think they become obsessed with you too. Yeah, that could happen for sure. Oh definitely, right? Yeah, I mean Whitney's had a gang of problems. Yeah, that makes sense. An actress, whatever. I mean, a musician, Taylor Swift probably got a shitload of stock. Oh my God, of course she does. I mean, you know, she probably has people that think they're married to her. Yeah. You know, just real nuts. Yeah. What's that? I think somebody just got arrested for that. No, did you think he was married to her? Uh, sometimes. Those stalkers always think, [1:25:06] they always think that all of your posts are for them. Yeah. Well, I see what you're doing. They're schizophrenic. Yeah. That's what it is. And they believe they have some sort of a connection with you. You know, a lot of them say that they have a chip in their head. It's a very common thing. I've got a chip in my head Elon Musk talks to me like that kind of shit. For real. It's like that's a thing that gets a frenix start believing. I just read that Elon Musk book. I thought it was pretty interesting. The Walter Isaacson. No, it didn't. It's good. It's not an autobiography? No, Walter Isaacson wrote it about about Elon Musk. Oh, it's a biographer. Yeah, yeah. But he did like jobs in Einstein. He did those book. He's a fucking awesome writer. But yeah, I mean, you know him. I don't know. So I was like, I was an interesting window into like who he is and like how what made him that way. I'm always curious to like the origin story of like bullied kid in Africa. Like interesting, interesting life. Yeah, he's not a normal guy. You can't be. [1:26:05] It's a very, very unusual person. And when you talk to him, you can tell, like in the back of his brain, his mind is just firing. It's just going, like I asked him, like, what is it like to be you? Like, what is it like to have all these things? He's like, you would want to be me. Yeah didn't even know that it wasn't normal until he was like an older kid. And he's like, oh, everybody's not like this. Where you just got ideas, just fucking bouncing around your head like laser beams. Just constantly go. I mean, the guy's running three different companies, simultaneous or four different companies. Yeah, I think at a time he was doing like five or six too. It's something crazy. It's saying. It's saying. It's like, buys Twitter. Yeah. Posts on it all the time. I mean, folks, fucking, dunks on people. Post memes, you know, gets people mad at them. And then it's also running SpaceX and it's also running Tesla and it's also running the [1:27:00] boring company. Like, what the fuck, man? He, uh, it's having similar characteristics of like a degenerate gambler to be that successful in business like that. Because you have to be willing to go all in all the time. Well, he's one of the very few people that's like the head of a business like that that's also like, you know, he's an extraordinary human in terms of like the way his mind functions. So it's not a normal person. No way. Yeah, you don't get to that level. There's none of those other guys that run a lot of the companies that are run by CEOs. You know, you remember when that guy was running Microsoft, the bomber guy that would jump around and scream? It's one of my little time favorite videos because it's so insane., it's all Microsoft employees and Steve bomber gets out there and he goes nuts I mean nuts like to the point of almost having a fucking heart attack Oh, they're all dancing now he owns the Clippers [1:28:01] This is a different one. This is when they were all just dancing together, which is also hilarious. Who told them that this was okay? Who told them that this was okay? If I was their friends, I would have said, guys, guys, guys, don't do this. The whole long story is like, can you stop using our music? If you're making a look. If you make any sense, you're on a stage, you're well lit, and you're gonna be so awkward. Let's not do that a lot of these guys are they were pariahs their entire childhood So this is like their chance. This is their first set put this back to the beginning put it back to me get Look at them. Yeah Look at him Look at this is insanity. This is insane. He's software. Imagine you're in business with these guys like, oh my god, we're in business with maniacs. [1:29:00] This is either getting you, this is either getting you fired the fuck up, you're like, I'm out. Yeah, he's laughing though But this is this where it gets corn ready for this here we go Brutal it's amazing you get to say yeah after your thing though. Hey man That's the kind of guy I want running my company. That seems like a great owner for the clip balls in He's that's what I was saying that's I remember this video He goes nuts, but that's like part of his act, you know, his act is that he would go nuts. You know, it was fun. So if you're going to have to do those kind of things, we go out in front of all the fucking employees and dance around. It's fun. He's having fun. He's having fun. He's having fun. Why not go nutty? Why not go nutty? [1:30:00] Then people will talk about it forever. Yeah. You would drink by any chance? Yes, now it's the time. Yeah, now's the time. Now's the time, Sam. Whatever you got. We got what's going to be glasses, but. All right, wait, whatever you got. Yeah, go. That's what I wanted to hear. Yeah, I mean, that's the kind of guy you want running your dominating software company that's constantly getting shut down for anti-competitive practices. It's They did get sued a bunch of times, right? Didn't they get what happened with Microsoft? Like there was a bunch of gang of lawsuits when Jamie comes back trying to figure it out. It's a different leadership style than like a musk or a Steve Jobs, right? A guy who's like those Steve Jobs do with that. But it's like those dudes are much more like fuck you deliver like driving you insane. This dude seems like a more friendly ball. He's having a good time. He's definitely screaming, but he's smiling. But like jobs and musk, I feel like they will put you to your breaking point doing shit you didn't think you could accomplish. And you either break or you do something insane. Yeah, I've heard that about both of them. [1:31:00] But I guess what just grab anyone, that one's's good Jamie the one you're right hand. They're both good. Oh buffal trace good to put that on whatever you go. Let's go. Yeah. Yeah, that's like I don't want to do that. I don't want to work on that. You would work like that. That's great. You know maybe maybe we should get a different job. I'm not going to sleep in the office. It's too much. I got kids. I got to go. Bye. Thank you. Thanks for the job. You know, it should be you should be able to actually have a job in I don't run a business though. I mean I kind of do but you have employees you want a business dude, but not that way It's not the same kind of thing. Well, I mean think of the scenes in wolf Wall Street the way where he's like Yeah, like I don't go it anywhere. Yeah, good scene. I don't have great scene. The caprio is an animal. That's a, I was on TV though. That's a great fucking movie. Oh my God, that's a great movie. That's a fun movie. He's like, yeah, he's like, it's rare for like actors to have a mystique. He's still kind of has in so many movies, too, man. In so many different types of characters. [1:32:05] And just, so, feel those guys that are just like the last of the real motherfucker movie stars. You know, Leonardo DiCaprio's a motherfucker of a movie star. He is. Like when he's screaming at you and his face is red, you're like, dude. Yeah. He's good. Do you watch the killers of the flower moon? I didn't love it. I didn't love it. I love the book. I think the book is incredible. My issue with the movie is like, they focus on the wrong characters. The guy he's playing, Ernest Burkhard, is a boring fucking idiot. Like he should have been playing the, or give Jesse Plemons as the PI a bigger role. I didn't see it so I can't comment. What was the premise of the book? I started the book quite a while ago and I never got into it. Oh, get back to it. You'll love it. It's one of the best. Because it's like true crime in history and one. It's kind of incredible. This would happen, dude. I got really bummed out because I got I kind of over-dosed on Native American history. Yeah, it was a bummer. And it was so first of all, it's an amazing [1:33:08] history and it's fascinating and I'm really connected to it being here because like we find arrowheads like my friend of mine gave me this and then another friend of mine just gave me four arrowheads from this ranch from Yvall, Texas. shout out to them. And these are over a thousand years old, these arrowheads. That's crazy. Yeah, this whole land is all, this is all Comanche land. It really is. But these stories are so depressing. They're so heart-wrenching. When you realize that they've been living that way for who knows how many thousands of years. And then over the period, a short amount of time, like a couple hundred years, 90% of them are gone. 90% of them are gone. Just drop a dead. Just drop a dead from diseases. And then everybody else is eventually hurt it off into camps. [1:34:04] And they're put on these reservations. And when you hear the stories, what they did to the kids in the schools, you know, when you hear the stories of the battles and these people just get wiped out, you're like, holy shit, could you imagine living in a place and you've been living off the land in these houses that you make out of animal skins and you travel with your family and you've always traveled like this. And then all of a sudden, these motherfuckers start coming from another country and they don't stop coming. Like your land got infected, it got invaded. They landed on the east and just started going across the country. And you just watch your whole life go away. You watch them shoot all the buffalo. You watch them shoot all the buffalo. That was like a hundred years from buffalo everywhere to no buffalo. [1:35:02] Yeah, now it's just buffalo wild ones. It's nothing. But they saved him. The Ken Burns documentary is amazing. It's a new Ken Burns documentary in PBS right now about the American Buffalo. Yeah, it's, he's great. He's amazing. This is a really good documentary series. I just think like that move, I love Scorsese and everyone involved, it should have been, also if you make a three and a half hour movie, dude, you got to leave with not being like, what else? I can't comment like I said it didn't see. I love everyone involved, honestly, but it was just like for me like that's a that's a book that they should have I think he got criticized for saying something like I was telling it from the white man's perspective and you're like, well you are a white guy like that is your perspective probably right? Yeah. There's nothing wrong with that, but I just think it shows the wrong white guy. Like, the PI, that guy's real life. I forgot his name, he could probably find it, but I mean, holy shit, this guy, like, he was like, the CIA fucking J Edgar, [1:36:02] fuck, FBI rather. J Edgar, who?I rather. J Edgar, who? Yeah, treated him like shit, because he wasn't like, he wanted the vibe to be college boys like Harvard educated, and he wasn't that. So he always was like, didn't show him any respect. Yeah, this is the guy he played. Tom White, very interesting guy. So he rolled that, scroll higher, what does this role of? What does the article say? The full? It's just like factor fiction about the movie. Yeah. Oh, the guy Leo played is just like a dumb fuck who kind of went along It just was a character. I didn't think had a lot of depth It's like just spending three and a half hours with a guy who's like going along with murder and was is kind of dumb That's a weird thing they do when they take what is an actual piece of history and have someone play like when it's a fear of a gara event. So fear of a gara is playing Griselda. Griselda Blanca, which is insanity. Yeah. Fucking insanity. Like what? She's like one of the hottest human beings it's ever lived. Got to sell tickets. [1:37:02] She's playing. Yeah. She's playing this lady that was a psychopath and murder. Yeah, they just do things like that in movies They just they don't they'll monkey with the past if they think it's better. They'll go a hot guy Yeah, just getting a fucking weird looking actor. Yep. The hug up a hot guy or Charlie's the road she was hot She won an award for being ugly in monster. Yeah, but she'd actually pulled it off. She's great, but it's just fun. She's a fun eyebrow. But they could have gotten an uglier actress. It's a good point. There's a solid point. It's not privileged. Solid point. It's a really solid point. But she also had a famous actress privilege. For sure. And that's right, that's, as I said, you want to sell Famous actress privilege trumps everything because they sell tickets for yeah So if she decides to get fat for the movie give her a shot at it. Come on You're gonna say she can't do it but Robert De Niro can do it. Yeah, she was so good in that movie too Yeah, she went back to hot again She's hot which is crazy because how many women out there look like Shalere's Theron did in Monster, who could actually, with the right diet plan, [1:38:06] pull it together. We are looking like her. Some people start, I don't know, Christian Bale just, like, is that, that can't be healthy what he does to his body all the time? Well, what he did in that movie, the machinist is dangerous. It's dangerous. Yeah. Mccon hay did the same thing in but it's face looks fucking skinny lighter or less weight I should say in uh... the fighter which is after the or no this is the fighters good yeah he got more skinny than in that when he played uh... make he wards brother I should say now that it wasn't enough dicky bets it was a meme that showed their weight so what oh sixty six kilograms and that was 55 kilograms. This can't be healthy. No, no, no, it's real bad. It's real bad. It's real dangerous. Super, super dangerous. But the Neuro got shredded and you know, raging bull and it's here. Yeah, but that's shredded is okay, but that he's starving to death there. That's why he's so thin. Like when did the, no, no, no, no, so it's very, very, very, very, very dangerous. It's dangerous for your heart, it's dangerous for your organs, it's dangerous for your kidneys, [1:39:08] it's dangerous for everything. It's very, very, very, very dangerous to do that. And so unnecessary for a movie that was mid. The movie was just not that good. You know, that movie wasn't Xbox. I didn't even think it was. That's not gonna sick. Woo, that's sick. Talk about AI. But you know what I'm saying? If you get skinny for that because she left you in that box with nothing but water, they come back and they're like, you know, remember, when the end of the movie when he gets spoiler alert, when he gets stuck in there and she just walks away. Kill her. Bro, how far away we are from that? Yeah. She was pretty to me like that I'd see what it is You know especially if I'm some scientist dork on an island somewhere and there's a hot robot that I'm supposed to interact with and she knows how to press my buttons I'm working on a bit on stage, which is like you you we're gonna fuck robots [1:40:02] But I think it's gonna be like a cell phone like everyone's gonna need a robot But like if you're poor you're gonna fuck robots, but I think it's gonna be like a cell phone like everyone's gonna need a robot But like if you're poor you're gonna have like a lower level model like maybe while you're fucking it you get ads You know it's gonna be like yeah, liberty liberty. It's gonna be like robot women a real women That's gonna yeah, that's what's gonna be like wow that's what's gonna happen all these shit robot women are real women That's what it's gonna be like and these fucking sociopaths with batteries in them. I mean, it just started running shit. Yeah. They have no fear. She's a hot robot. She's so hot, dude. And once they put the skin on her, and you know, she looks normal, movies so good. Yeah, it was good. One of my all-time favorites. I've watched that so many times on planes when I'm like going through my laptop. I'm like, what do I got on here? It's, I like a good psychological thriller with three characters. So it's like, it's almost more like a play. It's like all dialogue heavy and just fucking, like that could have been a play. Yeah. And it's so fast and he watched this kid trying to work all this out. You know, like workout that he's there. So who's the actor? Tom Hall-Galieson, isn't that him? [1:41:06] Perfectly awkward. Yeah. You know, everything about him. His origin story, everything. Perfectly vulnerable. He's fucking awesome. You know, and when he gets stuck at the end of the movie, like, oh my God, that's real. Because you kind of know it's coming, but you also kind of want to believe a little bit. Yeah That's the problem you got fucking we think he's a good guy. He's a good guy He's doing the right thing and then Him banging on the glass and you don't hear a sound like oh my god Yeah, you're gonna die in there. Yeah. You're gonna die in there. A24 makes a lot of cool shit. Yeah. Just bangin' on it and knowing you ain't put a fuckin' dent in it. You are goin' nowhere forever. It's, I like, [1:42:00] I want you to shove the knife in them. I love On Hollywood Endwood endings dude. I love when they don't give the... And a lot of those movies bomb because people want a happy ending. Like I think WinnieWoodie Allen's best movies ever is Purple Rose a Cairo and it's a fucking downer of an ending. And I think that's probably why it's one of his biggest bombs. You know what it's gonna be like? You can have a robot and you can have a robot for a wife But that robot for a wife if she catches you doing anything If you do anything that's illegal. Yeah, you get a like a red light code and she detains you Cuz you row out wife is stronger than you and you could fuck this like really hot robot wife And she looks like just a really hot woman we're all gonna be sub super sexy but what she really is is a murderous robot capable pulling your fucking head right off your body how far we from we from robot wars and like well of american robots versus real that's true well what what is a missile that's a good guy did missile it's kind of a robot he has a supersonic but don't veterans [1:43:04] are fucking not as cool as actual on the ground, but don't veterans are fucking not as cool as actual on the ground war veterans. No, they're definitely not. But you know that they suffer from a very specific type of PTSD. They probably should. They're killing people. Yeah. Yeah. And imagine watching that on screen. But your scars are not from being on the battlefield. They're from tripping over like a fucking router. It's a different type of PTSD. It's definitely a different type of PTSD, but apparently they're haunted. Yeah. And they're haunted. I'm sure. Yeah. You're playing God. You're killing people. And you're doing it a weird way where you're watching a screen. So you're kind of like it's familiar. It's like a video game. And you gotta imagine if you see those kids that are like really good at world of warcraft and all that shit. Just thinking of a duty. Call a duty, yeah, quake. Any of those games that require fast twitch, if you give them a responsive enough interface and some sort of insane weapon, they could do fucking damage. You get like a really good video game player. Isn't that funny? That's your gunna use weapons. [1:44:01] The next war. 100%. Not your strongest, but I guess it's more like strategy and leaving things around. It's not fast twitch, but it lives a lot of these games like the third person shooter or first person shooters. Yeah, Halo, unreal, another one quake where you're moving fast, you're gunning things down. It's like, if you can get a person who is elite at that, where they just wipe out, there's certain guys that will have these death matches and these certain guys that will literally wipe out 60% of the other team. They're just so good at fucking people up. They're so good at it. If you could get that guy to somehow another pilot of drone and if it's that responsive that it allows him to instantaneously move the thing and it's shooting real guns, he'll fucking kill everybody. He'll fucking kill everybody. It'll be insane. Instead of like an in-sell, now you're like a war hero. [1:45:00] Right, think about those quake characters. Jamie, pull up quake arena. What's the newest one? What is the newest one? The one that we all got addicted to again? Quake champions. Quake champions. If you're actually doing this in the real world, now imagine you're attached to some sort of a machine. You're using all of these remote controls that you would use on an Xbox. You're totally familiar with it. So it's totally tuned to your need. On the other end of it, there's a fucking robot with chain guns running into a like a military complex and gunning people down. And you're controlling this thing while it's getting dinged up. You're in another place. This thing can fly. It shoots through the air and You just try it on people in Yemen. Just try it. You have this fucking guy a guy can do this like watch this game Imagine if you can move a thing that moves like this and has this kind of weaponry we can switch it back and forth [1:46:03] Which we in different weapons. I mean this is making it dizzy how good this guy is. Look how good this guy is. Just fuck that dude up. Yeah you dead bitch. Up you dead bitch too. Because then this would actually be like this wouldn't be a waste of time. This would be training because I think about I think about all the time about how like all like this is different. It's like lasers and shit but I think like some of the war games, you're just like GTA, like, they're fun as hell, but like, what do you do when you play GTA? I friends are just going on, they're just in murdering random people on the sidewalk. I'm like, at a certain point, this is not great for your brain. You know what I mean? It's not great for your brain, but it's no different than golf. It's a thing that people get really good at and super hyper competitive at. It's just, it's no different than any of those. It's in between golf and porn. Because you watch porn for two minutes, you're like, I don't feel great about myself. Yeah, but if you're not real, but like if you're simulating something in your head real. But is that our head, there is that for sure. But if something like that is really valuable, [1:47:01] like if you're making a lot of money doing that, what is like the most money streamer? Some of them are like rich, right? Like millions, right? So who could argue against that? Like Billy, you need to get your law degree so that you can be a partner and you can fucking work weekends and 17 hour days and make a small fraction of what you would do with a blue wig on and fucking the Terminator sunglasses screaming at people. Is it any different than being a comedian? It's not much different. You're kind of like, well this is not a real job in my mind. But if you're in the top 1%, yeah, you could do pretty fucking well. Man's worst enemy, killer robot dogs that are controlled by soldiers minds are trial by australian army see what i'm saying yeah i'm telling you this is that quake thing we're not far away from that yeah it's all all look at that thing if you can make millions of dollars playing quake why wouldn't you just play quake exactly it's like we think of it's bad because it used to be bad. We got to get over that idea of what's going on. [1:48:07] I think it goes to only fans. It's your fucking body, right? Yeah, well listen, I'm a fan of people doing whatever the fuck they want. And I think there's a lot of pressure from people shaming people and people getting upset and other people's choices. Like worry about yourself. Be way better off, you should worry about yourself. You know? A lot of times it is your own issues with that, right? Like for me, like, you know, I think I don't think everyone should go to therapy, but I think some people could benefit from talking out loud and looking at themselves, you know? What do you mean by that? I think people who are judging other people's lives. Okay. What do you mean what do I mean by that? Just fucking around. Oh, I thought you thought I was just fucking around. No, yeah, no for sure. It's just, I just think sometimes if you're really mad about something that doesn't affect you in any way, that's probably your shit. It's 100% your shit, because you're wasting time. Yeah. [1:49:00] I don't worry about that. There's types of really religious people who are in a charity and love and not judging people. And there's people who really religious who are like, you're going to hell. Yep. Yep. Just like there's good cops and bad cops. Yeah. It's really the same thing. It's just human beings at all levels. There's just such a variety of people and you'd lump them on to the same thing. That's why I get so offensive when someone just wants to single out one specific swath of people that's responsible for everything. Like, no, we're still individuals, man. We still have to be individuals. This idea that everybody has to pretend that they're on a special team that's an opposed to the opposite gender or the opposite sexual orientation. Like, shout the fuck up. That's so fake. And it doesn't really affect you. And you know where you know it's fake? Where? The comedy world. What do you mean? Because in the comedy world, no one gives a fuck what you do. You just have to be funny. Well, if you care about comedy, funny is your language. It's all that we met. What's all that we care about. Like I love Tim Dylan's death. You know, the fact that he's a gay man, [1:50:06] I don't believe, first of all, I don't believe it. I think it's a scam. I've never seen him have sex with guys until I do. I've never heard a gay guy with that voice. He's one of the funniest human beings that I've lived. That's what's important. No one gives a shit if he's gay. Like no one gives a fuck. No one gives a fuck of your trans if you're funny. No one gives a fuck of your Asian, if you're Bobby Lee. No one cares. All they care is, are you cool to be around? Are you funny? First two hours cool with Asian is the bridge too far. I think. No, I'm with you. Like, we don't care. Comedy is a weirdly accepting place. That's why it's funny that we get considered like, you know, they're like, this is a dudes club like no, we want to be around funny if you get a comedy. It's just harder for women. The women though. That's why it's harder for women. It's the road is dangerous. The road is dangerous. It's creepy. I mean, especially when you're starting out, you have to stay in like a comedy condo and shit. 100%. That is where women really have it harder, I think. Well, that's one aspect of it, but also even just the act of standup. Like when you're going on stage and you're a woman [1:51:06] and you're starting to talk about politics, you're gonna get a certain percentage of the guys, the audience like, that guy that was doing this with you, he was doing that because of a woman, right? He was, do you know how bad it would be if an actual woman was on stage? And she's saying, and the girl wants that she wants to be there. Like come on. She's really funny. Let's go see her. You'll laugh at a woman. Women are capable of being funny Greg. And then Greg gets a little drunk. They go, you know, and now you're intimidated. You said a boo there, you'll show your dad. What if this guy's going to punch the horse? You're what? Yeah. yeah could be show your tets worse it could be a lot worse and it's also it's like so there's there's a certain amount of men that are going to be prejudiced about what you talk about yeah you're not allowed to talk about politics don't fucking tell me who the fucking real president is don't do that with any kind of I think with women that they get unfairly condemned for like sex jokes sex jokes well I'm like a slut oh look at her she's a slut. No she's a lot of jokes about sex sex is right. The way they use violence in a movie because it's extreme. We use [1:52:10] sex as a punch line sometimes. Also when a woman tells a joke about sex if a guy in the audience is like yeah yeah he got horny from the joke. Yeah right. Right that's creepy that's possible. If a man is on stage and he tells a sex joke and a woman goes, Yeah, look at this crazy bitch. I love it. Like immediately you got to defuse it. It's not threat. Exactly. Completely different dynamic. So that part is more dangerous. It's more dangerous to be sexual. It's more dangerous to be vulnerable. Late nights, walking home in a random city. Yeah. I mean, I was attacked on the road once. I can't think like, I was at a bar right after the gig in Vermont and some guy walked up to me and he goes, he goes, University of Vermont and I was like, no, and he goes master's degree and I said, you're getting colder. And he just looked at me and he goes, I'm going to beat the shit at all of you [1:53:00] to me and like three people I was with. And I just kind of like shrugged it off and he's drunk. I'm ignoring this. I turned around. He takes a pint glass and smashes it over my head. Oh, Jesus Christ. Yeah. And he ends up running out. The cops, they call the cops on him. I was alright. I honestly, this sounds ridiculous, but I had a jufer at the time and it did provide report for my head. It really did help. And he runs for the cops get him. He went for one of the cops guns. Oh Jesus Christ. He was in a blackout. They shoot him? No, no, they didn't. And they- Were you upset about that? No, I don't want him to die. Were you rooting for? I loomed. I was a little police brutality. I would have been okay with. Just above the knee. Bang. Ah! They were, they were, they were, rest them I get a call and they're like, hey, we're like, we're with the victims advocate or whatever from Vermont and they said, yeah, that was a therapist. He was in a blackout. He's going through a divorce. The therapist? Yeah, the guy who hit me was a therapist. a lot of therapists are fucking insane. [1:54:05] I used to date a therapist. She was removed from my show earlier this year. Whoa. Yeah, I mean a lot of them are a little kugu. Well, that's like El Ron Hubbard. He was like trying to self-diagnose. Well, though he starts good with these guys, same with Jim Jones. Yeah. They always start nice. And then it ends up at a place where you like you believe the fucking for lack of a better word You drink your own Kool-Aid right and I mean hour on Hubbard Jim Jones anyone you want to fuck a lot of crazy people are very Ted Bundy I mean not Ted buddy out Kazinsky very smart guy. Oh, yeah, he was really a lot of these and Ted Bondy was pretty fucking smart too. Yeah, creepy way creepy is just because you're smart doesn't mean you're nice of course not you can be a real monster totally But but like a lot of therapists just just like Your therapist doesn't mean you're not fucking insane right you could be insane So they have a lot of reason why you got involved in it could be because you're insane and you want to read people Yeah, and you can read people well and you can manipulate people I mean is a therapist that convinced her [1:55:05] patient to kill her ex? She convinced her patient to kill her ex. That's a great movie premise. No, it's real. See if you can find that story, Jamie. I know I saved it. I can find it if you can't. But this therapist talked this guy. She talked this guy and killed her ex. That's fucked up. I'm going to kill him, I'm gonna suck her, crack. You know what he's like? He's telling her stories. He was telling her stories and she was telling him. She loved him and you know, something happened. Something kind of hot about that. Something hot. Fuckin' hot as shit. Look, everybody dies. Female therapist can be really hot. Council attempts to enlist patient in her plot to have her ex-husband murdered. Cynthia guy, wait a minute, is that her? Did that Cynthia? The nerve in the heart, like an old lady. 250 an hour and then trying to get you involved in this shit. Cynthia guy wanted her ex-husband dead, but her patient teamed with investigators to take her down, oh, the patient's snitch. That's why you don't get any good crazy pussy. [1:56:03] This season six of Fargo, it deals a deal, dude. A deal is a deal. That's, you know, you shoot my axe. I said, God, you're man. You should have taken it. What are you gonna do, dude? The rest of your life is gonna go, what would have happened if I shot that guy? There's something hot about fucking the therapist. I was like, fucking the teacher. It's like they're in a position to power over you. It's right. Most porn is fucking people you shouldn't be fucking. There's a real power struggle. It's like when do we get to fuck before I kill your ex or after? I want to, I need, I'd like to eat the road. No, I need to. No, for sure. You're really on this program. Dude, I, I, I don't know what he guys. Just imagine, okay, Sophia Vergara, we're talking about her. Imagine someone, not her, of course, because that would be offensive. But imagine someone who looks exactly like her. Yeah. And she's trying to convince you to kill some terrible, terrible, terrible person. And if you do, she's gonna suck your girl. Yeah. Do I have to take a picture, though? Another one. [1:57:01] You just see Therapist as patient to help her find a hit man and attack her ex. Wow, you know what I would say if my therapist, you know what I would say if my therapist said this to me, I'd say this is my time that I pay for it. Why are you talking to me about killing your fucking husband? I was like keep talking. What kind of deal are we talking about? Depends on who I am. If it's me right now, yeah, I'd be like this is crazy talk. I mean, I'm turned on and I'm in a reaction, but I'd like you to stop. I'm gonna jerk off in your bathroom, but about 24 year old me. I might kill that dude. I'm fucking struggle that guy. There's that movie about this. You ever say a movie to die for with Nicole Kidman? It's a great movie. Oh, yeah. Buck Henry wrote it, wrote the graduate, and she gets a young Joaquin Phoenix to murder her husband. She's his teacher. It's kind of hot though. Oh hell has no fury. Like a woman's going. There's crazy human beings that happen to have vaginas. Okay? That's a real thing. [1:58:01] And to ignore that is just as crazy as to say that anybody who says they're trans can use the women's room because both of those things are equally crazy why can't yeah why can't I think anyone can be crazy I think of anything that's that's inclusive but there was a time where that was really shunned or the women the men who gaslight women and call them crazy when they're the ones manipulating them so I think that's where that comes but like, doesn't mean a woman can't be crazy. It's 100%. But it also does mean that guys will say a woman's crazy if they are trying to gaslight them. That's true, too. It's lazy. Point out why they're crazy. You don't just use that. Like, show, give some examples. Right, it's anept. It's not effective because lazy is easy to count. Like, no, you're lazy. Like, now you're playing fucking pickleball. You know, no, you're lazy. You know, like, this is stupid. Yeah. The correct thing is to say exactly why what you're doing is lazy and what you think is actually behind that thinking. Yeah, what you behave. Constructive. Yeah, be constructive or just be communicative into the point of saying saying I have a real issue with this and [1:59:09] I don't want to play stupid games. Yeah, so either we're nice to each other We're never gonna be nice to each other anymore because I'm gonna go away like I'm not interested and You know arguing about dumb shit that shouldn't really be something I'm gonna say you are about as dumb shit. I'm every time in argument. I'm like this is fucking dumb It's it because it here's what it should be. One of you says something that bothers you and the other person, if you love them, you should just be like, all right. 100%. There's no way you fight. When you see couples fighting in public, I'm like, you two should not probably be together. Yeah. Especially if you call on each other, I use to have neighbors who would scream in each other in ways where I'd be like, this is not healthy for either of you. No, I never do that. I can't scream and I can't say names. I just can't do it. I don't want to do that. I don't ever want to do that in my life. And I think it's a dangerous area to get to. [2:00:00] Because I think of your screaming at each other and calling each other names and saying mean shit to each other, you're real close to violence. You're on violence's door and you know, does that any like one constant in my life? It's been like, avoid violence at all costs. Other than like competition. But avoid, because that's kind of different. That's like I'm trying to figure out myself. That's like what martial arts competitions about. You really trying to figure out how far you can go and how good you can get at this. But like real world violence at all costs. Fuck your ego, get out of there. Yeah, it's not worth it. None of it's worth it. Sometimes in the moment you think it's fuck, I mean, I got in a exchanging words. It didn't get physical. Thank God, but I No, we're arguing because they were like all these skater kids and they just kept coming through our basketball court And I was like guys come on like we're not going in your area Just could you just stop coming here and he goes a skaters were here first. I'm like, oh great Now this is like the Middle East. We're fucking arguing about like [2:01:06] Dude, just let us have and then we kind of escalated and I was like, hey man, I don't want to argue, anything's like meaning, everything. All right, good. But you get the wrong guy, you're like, oh yeah, well, so these guys who look for things like that. Yeah. Especially guys who know how to fight a little bit and they'll just decide. They want to show off. They want to show off. They want to tee off on your face. Yeah. or something like that. Those are fucking dangerous people because they're so used to violence. They're so used to violence that violence to them is like first choice. You know, they're ready to like smack you because people have been smacking them their whole life. My biological father was just distant. So I'm like, I think I'm passive because of that. I don't wanna argue even. I like shrink kind of. I'm not that, but you know, I think if you're an abusive dad, yet you're gonna want to fucking throw down probably. Yeah, there's like a fine line with every interaction. Like how much could this interaction have been different if I approached it different? Right. How much of it could have been avoided if I was less defensive or if I was more friendly [2:02:02] and disarming or if I was just more careful with my words. How much difference, how much could I have manipulated this conversation, or massage this conversation? And that's the thing, you always have to think about when it comes to two people that don't know each other, interacting with each other, especially if they're drunk, you know, like after a show or something like that. I hate bad drunk, because I think I'm not a bad drunk. That's a certain happy drunk. Me too. I'm a nice drunk. I won't deny that I'm drunk when I'm drunk. That's the one thing. It's like I will literally come home shit face and I'm like I have one drink. Dude if you wake me up before in the morning, I'll swear I was already awake. I don't know why I like it. No, I was like, only lie I'll tell. That's my lie. I said I'm not lying. My lie is I was asleep. I wasn't asleep. That's my lie. For a lie. I don't know, man. I wish I knew. It's worth the fucking, there's an answer in there somewhere. But that's the one time I will definitely lie called to work me up like 99% of the time [2:03:05] like I'm always like no I'm awake I'm awake what's up I've gotten better at this shit like I've gotten better at saying I'm because I was at a nix game with my girl the other night and like I was screaming at the ref and she was like you're fucking drunk and I was like yeah you watched me drink like what I don't know why that's surprised you saw me and I was yelling at him. This is funny NBA ref. We say, this guy Tony Brothers, he's like a funny ref. So I'm like, you stink, you're the worst ref. Harv and he just looks around and gives me one of these. Just like annoyed. He's a funny, he got a funny face. He's very sarcastic ref. But yeah, no, I'm gotten better at admitting it, but for years I was like I'm not drunk. It came from just being a kid and coming home drunk And my mom being furious and they're learning how to be like a good drunk actor my parents would lock the door So I would just keep hitting the doorbell my face passed out half against the door So they open it and I'd fall flat on my face. I was like 16 probably But I remember I was just puking my gut cell and my mom would she doesn't know where to deal with a drunk, my mom doesn't drink, so she would come in to bring me Camamule T as I'm puke and I'm like, perfect. [2:04:05] Yeah, this will solve it. That'll do it. You got knees to Keenys back there. The fucking surf with it. The fucking Gimini lady. Camamule T. No, she's just trying to. That's so insane. But, no, I mean, I can't mind like if you're just a little sloppy, but if you're like an aggressive drunk man, there's something I, nah, I got no time for that shit. And it's always like, how much do I have invested in you? Like how much do I know you? Know you? Is there really no you know you? And there's just an off night and like, you're all right dude, don't worry about it. You give me a hug and go, bro, you were crazy, you were trying to fight cops. Exactly, that's the thing to do. Was I really, yeah, you tried to fight a cop man, come on. Well that's the thing, I'm compassionate because I drink so if someone's badly behaved and I'm like, hey, as long as they're not like a huge asshole, I don't want people kicked out of my shows ever. So I'm very gentle with that. But at the same time, I think people, I remember a guy through a fucking bottle at David Tell's head and he was just like he gave I think he gave the guy's friend [2:05:06] Baile money for the guy Jesus Christ. He's that fucking nice. That's amazing. Yeah. I'm on that nice That's a bottle of my head Yeah, the comedy store in the dark days the dark days of like the 90s the comedy store was totally unpoliced I hear that and there was no crowd control. It was terrible. And it was not good, but it was good. Because it was like working out at Cronk Gym where they kept the temperature at like 98 degrees all the time. And you just said, so hard to work there. But you go on the road and you're like at the improv and Fort Lauderdale and you're fucking slaying, you're shit's tight because you're dealing with animals. Also, you have the ability to flow of something that happens in the crowd. Something happens, you're so accustomed to things going sideways. We're a comedy store, like the comedy store in 90s comedians, you know, and I count Diaz and one of those, will constantly involved [2:06:02] in these chaotic shows. They were nuts, man. They were nuts. People would pile in there. But it makes you who you are. It makes you who you are. It's not easy. That was a hard room. It was really loud. The hallway was really loud. People were always out there in the hallway yelling. That was Broadway comedy club for us in New York. That was a rough room. I used to work the door there for a couple years and it sucked I they'd give you stage time to let you go on But like I remember a guy fucking spit on me during my set and I'm like oh my god This is like this is maybe a bit much Joey Cola told me that he was doing pips and Brooklyn and the guy showed him his gun Yeah, show them his gun and he said you fucking suck you fucking suck You're not funny at all you fucking suck. I'm gonna shoot you in your fucking head He's like hey buddy. What are I doing? He's trying to like joke around with Joe Cole is like the sweetest nicest guy ever a lot of pressure Whoever's on next yeah better fucking turn this around yeah Joey's a funny dude nice. Yeah, I have it I know I'm aware of his reputation is killer. He's a killer. Yeah, especially like the 90s. Oh my God, Joey Cole was an animal. [2:07:08] He was an animal. I'm so fat. That's showing titles. It pips. That's where a guy started out. Nice guy. Oh yeah, or a killer. Or a crazy person with a gun could be all the above. But there's a lot of, you're in Brooklyn. You're in sheep's head back. I was like, what do you think is happening there? You know, you're in Chinatown and you're some guy talking Chinese, you get hit in the net with a dart. Dude, I had an incident once. I was leaving a terrible club to catch a rising star in Princeton. There's probably like 12 years ago or something. And you know, one of the rare clubs that would headline me back then and I'm coming back that night on the train, on Amtrak, whatever, wait, I'm a New Jersey Transit, rather, and I'm on the platform, and I'm just like, I got a bottle of whiskey with me. I'm like, I'm going back tonight, all the few drinks are chillin' the train, and I'm a little buzzed, and this dude just walks up to me, something's like off about him, and he's like, he's going to everyone like, how do you feel about immigration? And I'm like, what is wrong with this guy? So when he gets over to me, I'm like, I'll fuck with him back. [2:08:07] I was that much alcohol on me. And he goes, where do you stand in immigration? I was like, they're ruining the damn country. And like, I shouldn't have said that. I was just trying to be silly. he's a creepy little dude, so I'm like, whatever, but I'm like, maybe he's got a weapon. I get on the train, I'm hiding from him. He's trying to find me. I'm like hiding, because I don't want to deal with this. How do you get away from him? So he keeps fucking with people. As he's looking for me, I'm? Who's sizing me up? Sizing me up. And I'm on the train and I'm hiding. So I'm like, I don't wanna fuck, this guy's insane. I didn't realize how crazy he was. I was thought it was like, and it was a rookie move by me. I'm a New Yorker. I know better than to do this shit. I'm whatever I see him do it to another guy. How do you feel about immigration and this and he just keeps fucking with the dude [2:09:06] And it's a big black dude and he goes each New York mother of fucker and I'm like this is like my guardian angel right here He like gets in the guy's face is I'm gonna fucking kill you and then like some ticket boy tries to get in the middle They have to stop the train this dude was about to get fucking pounded. I got like saved by some weird Yeah, there's people out there in the world that you should not fuck with. You find those and those prankster guys. Every now and then they run into the wrong dude. It's not a smart move. I get it, you're trying to get a lot of people to pay attention to you and that will be effective, but you might get concussed. You mean, this is like balls crazy. He was crazy. He was innovative. I mean, he was, I credit him to being one of the inspirations for me starting this for sure. I love him. Do you ever see his show? The, Tom Green show? Do you ever do the show that the in-house show? No. The in-house show is incredible. Yeah. I don't know if you were, when It's only two years after you started. Tom Green had an internet show in his house. Now I remember the clips. [2:10:06] I never, I was obsessed with his MTV show. It was amazing. It's an Eminem song. He made a fucking Eminem song. The one I remember all the time is undercutter's pizza where he would just follow people. He'd follow a pizza delivery guy and bring all the toppings in a suitcase. And'd be like we're undercutter's pizza will charge you less to the guy he was delivering it to and I'm like and the guy fucking tried to kick his ass it was so undercutter's feet so stupid and funny I think he was uh he's genius he was pretty great he got really good at stand-up too by the way yeah he really did he's doing a lot of ships soon he's not this is it yeah yeah I want to find the kick his ass Oh, I remember when he smashed his testicle live on air because he he got it removed from when he had cancer. Yeah Yeah, I respect him a lot He's coming soon. He's gonna be on the podcast soon. Yeah, he's a he's great underappreciated. Yeah, I feel so I feel like that [2:11:02] And I really I know he's a big he's a big name still I feel so I feel like that and I really I know he's a big he's a big name still But I think well Freddie got fingered is a fucking great movie insane I was great movie I was one of three people in the movie theater opening day when it came out the other two my friends My friend team movie it was an empty movie. It didn't pan out commercially, but my friend Eddie Bravo told me about it He goes dude he goes. I know everybody says it sucks Go see Freddie got fingered. Oh really? It's insane. He goes it's so funny. It's jokes off a horse It's an elephant whatever whatever no he it's amazing. It's so silly He's ahead of his time. He was ahead of his time. Yeah, he sucks off a cow or something He's out of his mind. Yeah, it's one of you know It's one of the last movies I feel like they got destroyed by critics This one critics still had their power and it was like a 0% on rotten tomatoes or whatever and they're like It's like back like you think about critics. I don't think that I'm rotten tomatoes back then But whatever it was it was like Roger Ebert and Jean Siskel being like this sucks and I Ebert's a great reviewer. He doesn't always get comed, but like if you read Ebert's old reviews, they're incredible. [2:12:06] He's one of the best writers. Did you read the script that he wrote? No, I never did. He's a good enough. He wrote some crazy movie. What was the movie that Roger Ebert wore? It's like it's so insane. He's like, what are you doing? What is this? It sucked. I mean, I'm not the one judge. I'm not gonna be critic. I don't know how to interpret scripts, but maybe it's made amazing. But most people thought it was preposterous. Well his reviews though, I mean, that was his talent, his reviews because he would write shit and look, it's a really good writer. He would articulate things like fuck, I didn't realize I felt that way and that's what a good writer can do, you know? Yeah, but it's also he's a different human than you. Like an Adam Sandler movie. For me, I'm like, I can review an Adam Sandler movie. I'm like, it's fun, silly, it's great, the Zohan, he fucks everyone, cuts hair, kicks everybody's ass. It's really fun. And the end of the movie, like, I had a good fucking time. But you can like both. And also he did unc a complete polar opposite of that. What do you see? That movie makes my fucking hand sweat. Yeah. I'm going, oh Jesus, don't fucking do this man. Don't fucking do this. When you watch [2:13:10] that gambling junk, you can't place in those bats and you feel the anxiety. You feel it. I feel it. No, it was, that's one of the most stressed inducing movies I've ever seen, but but man, he's grading it. He's so good in that movie. That movie director. So it's guys. They're really good Who's the F.D. Brothers? They did like good time. Ever see that? They're fucking great. What's good time? It's with Robert Pattinson. It's like another crazy adrenaline rush type movie like that. It's really cool You see Sisu I I was on TV the other day and I was loving it and I to run out. It's that war movie right? Yeah And I was loving it and I to run out it's that war movie right? It's fucking crazy. Yeah, it's fucking crazy. I'm put on the list right now. It's fucking great It's so ridiculous and it's like basically like John Wick in World War two. I got to see this. It's amazing man It's a world war war war war two in the head and then I Had to run out. It's fucking incredible. This dude is the shit. Yeah, that was it and I had to fucking run out. I'm telling you this dude's the shit [2:14:06] He's amazing. It's still as golden. He just wants it back. Oh, he fucks everybody up man Yeah, it's a fucking fun movie man. It's a really fun movie kind of check it out Like one line the whole time. Yeah, yeah, you can watch it like it doesn't matter It's like my favorite moments in John Wick are none of him talking. I'll do respect to Keanu Reeves. I love that dude, but my favorite moments in John Wick are him just fucking everybody up. It's just, it's like beautiful, the way it's choreographed. It's like beautiful violence. Bro, John Wick won. I don't care what anybody says. It's like one of the best movies ever. In terms of what it's trying to do. What is it trying to do? It's trying to excite you and get you fired up and get you engaged and wanting this guy to be successful and kill all these bad guys. And you're on his side immediately. 100%. And he's doing things that you know can't possibly happen. There's not a person who is okay with you murdering a dog. Exactly. You can't fucking do that. I mean, maybe Michael Vic, 10 years ago, [2:15:06] is another man now. And it's also redemption denied. So this guy has this redemption story. He's decided to settle down with this amazing woman. I'm not gonna be a hitman for the Russian mob anymore, which is kind of problematic already. He's probably killed a lot of nice people, but you have beautiful hair and you are Keanu Reeves someone to let it slide for now. Yeah, so but this woman obviously they were really in love And then you know when she dies and then they steal his car and kill his dog You don't fuck with a man's car. They're done. Okay Yeah, okay, and you're so you're rooting for him every step of the way and then the fucking guy Who is the guy who played the father? There's the head of the Russian mom? He just passed away that guy a great actor god damn he's incredible. He's so good in that movie man. He's so beautiful. When he's explaining to his son what he did wrong. Yeah. Cause he kind of you could tell he's kind of on, he's more like Wic. He's more on his side. But he's like, my fucking son. Well, he knows what's going to happen. Yeah, we fucked. [2:16:00] Yeah, when he says to him, him he goes we called him Baba Yaga Yeah, he played this is one of my favorite scenes in any movie when Ari Bert Tom and I were having sober October fitness challenge. I watched this on a loop. I watched this like 50 times in a row Yeah The fucking ultimate boogie man. Rich guy son. He's shatable. He had a hit of a monster. Just admitted he killed some people in Atlantic City. Yeah. Can I give you a go? This is Barbie for men. Yeah. I just want you to understand it. That's what that is. You know how you love Barbie? I enjoyed Barbie too. I don't like it. I just want you to understand it. That's what that is. You know how you love Barbie? I enjoyed Barbie too. I don't like it. I thought it was fun. I thought it was a silly movie. I enjoyed it. I went with my wife and my daughters. We had a good time. Yeah. Look, I understand it was beautiful looking. I think that's Barbie for me. Yeah. I'm not faking enjoy it. [2:17:05] I thought it was a fun silly movie. What did you not like about it? Hmm. I just didn't think it was that funny. I just thought it was kind of like, I'm gonna get trash for this, but I just thought it was, I know everyone loves this fucking movie, but I just thought it was of I was looking a laugh I went into it with a really good mood you know I was looking a laugh I was looking to have to know I never go in wanting to not like a movie I love movies man I think reddegur was crazy talented um I just didn't really you know what else I couldn't fucking stand is what everyone's talking about this movie solperburn. Do you see this? No. It's like talented Mr. Ripley for retards. I guess. He's like, if you fucking can't, if you don't like nuance and you need to see a dude's dick every three minutes. What is it? Saltburn. What is this movie about? Have you heard of this channel? It's basically talented. It's hard of it, top. He's, look, the actors are very good. And it looks beautiful. [2:18:06] Just I think the script was like, I've never heard of this until right now. Oh, it's huge. It's a huge movie. Yeah. I'm so out of the loop, dude. Yeah. I didn't like it. I'm out of the culture loop. Do you think you want to get into films? I wrote a movie with Noah Garne Schwartz and Esther Steinberg. It's like a drinking buddies movie. It's fun. It's really funny. So hopefully we do some of that. Yeah, I'm trying to develop a TV show right now. I like writing. I like writing plots and dialogue and stuff. And I worked on one for a while at Dana Goole. We worked on an animated show for so fucking long. We couldn't sell it. But I loved it I will make it someday but uh Yeah, I think this this show I'm working on I'm writing it with you know Mike Lawrence the comedian Another name. He's a fucking beast Maybe I do know he was a roast battle champion back in the day But he uh he's a great stand-up too, but he uh [2:19:01] We're creating this show and it's I think it's gonna be really cool, but yeah, I love movies. I like to pull up Mike Lawrence. I love stand-up the most and that'll always be number one, but like I want to try other you should have a news. Yeah, and I could you do man? And I love I love movies. I know that dude. Yeah, okay He's very funny. I've seen him. He's written for this. I'm like fuck. They're beautiful. I. I think everybody should like other stuff too. I don't think it's bad to like other stuff. I love sports, I love movies, I love, I love, I love, I have so many interests but I mean, like I told you, like Golden Age Hollywood should have, I love Thumbnail, I love like old school movies and shit. I love to be a fucking spider on the wall during like a James Cagney movie. okay I can I give you a book recommendation yeah it's called I think it's called look up the title exactly it's called lunches with Orson I think it's about Orson Wells it's literally Orson Wells shit talking every actor and director from the 30s to like the 80s it's one of the funniest but he's incredibly funny oh he was brilliant because [2:20:02] he I mean yeah it's performed it's brilliant. Because he, I mean, he understood. He understood. He underperformed. It's brilliant. I mean, he underperformed the slide. But think about making Citizen Kane. I know, but he underperformed. But that always drove me crazy. Like, why? Why did he go to sell wine after that? Like, why did he go? He broke. I understand that. I'm not My criticism is like you were the fucking man. You were war of worlds. You know, you played that on the radio and freaked out half the country. You were citizen Kane. You know, he was going up to get William Randolph Hearst. I mean, he was essentially making a film that was about William Randolph Hearst. William Randolph Hearst was very aware of it. So it was everyone else. Scary, powerful. So scary that marijuana still a scheduled one drug today because of William Randolph first. That's a fact. That's a fact. Yeah. William Randolph first with first publications. They started printing, they're the ones that came up with this whole idea along with Harry Anselinger, that marijuana was a different drug. [2:21:01] Because they were using hemp for everything. They were using hemp for clothes. They were, hemp makes a superior fabric. It makes a superior paper. It's way better for paper. It's way more sustainable. You could repopulate. If you have land and you're growing hemp on it and you cut it all down, you grow it back in a year. If you have land where you're growing trees and you chop them down to make paper, you're fucked for 20, 30 years man. So different thing you're doing and it's far superior but for years they had used paper because there was a machine that came out called the decordicator and when the machine came out it could effectively process hemp fiber with a machine because they used to use slaves. So when they used slaves it wasn't as cost effective as cotton was. So then they start cotton picking. Eli Whitney comes out with a cotton gin and then camp gets kind of put on the barn burner or back burner rather because it's not as easy to do. Like you got to beat the fuck out of that stalk to break it down into fibers and weave those [2:22:01] fibers. But if you do, it's way superior. Wow. fibers and weave those fibers, but if you do, it's way superior. So this invention comes out called the decorticator. Pull up a decorticator so you can see what it is. So it's this big steel wheel with these like rods poking out, these pokey points poking out, and they grind down the hemp fiber with this so that you can make superior paper. So popular mechanics or popular science on the front cover says hemp the new billion dollar crop. So there's a competition with these people that have paper mills. So William Randolph Hearst not only has Hearst publications, he also has paper mills and he has huge forests that he's chopping down to make paper for his newspaper. So instead of like switching everything over to hemp, he decides to demonize hemp. So he creates a new name. They create a new drug called marijuana. And marijuana was the name they used to use for a wild Mexican tobacco. And so they attribute this marijuana name to cannabis, which they've always used, because it's hemp. [2:23:02] It's the same thing that they've always used for- But he villainized it. He villainized it and then came out with refore madness and those crazy hordes and the movies and makes you shoot up a school they started writing stories in her publications about blacks and Mexicans who are taking this marijuana and raping white women so they put everybody into a fucking fever pitch and then they outlawed it wow yeah that is fucking nutty put everybody into a fucking fever pitch and then they outlawed it. Wow. Yeah. That is fucking nutty. And that it's 2024 and it's still schedule one. That is crazy. Crazy. I did not know that was hurt. That's William Randolph Hurst. So that's the guy that Orson Wells was up against. Incredible. I mean, dude, I highly recommend it. It's like the amount of shit talking, I mean everybody gets, people, it's like basically a podcast, but in text, but like people, so Richard Burden will like walk up to a mid interview and he's like, can you see I'm not talking to someone else? Like he's like a psycho. But there's one part where like this guy, Henry Jagel, I'm like worships, orson Wells, like he's like, he's my hero, he's a genius. So I guess he knew Peter Bogdanovich and he goes, how about, like, setting me up with him. I wrote a movie part that would be killer for him. [2:24:05] He's like, he's never gonna do it, but if you wanna meet him, he's staying at this hotel in New York. So, you know, he's like a fucking dude. He's like, every time he's a dinner, you know, he's got eating problems. So, hotel room door to be in his movie. And this is a guy who's interviewing him in the book. They became buddies, but he knocks in his door and he goes, please be in my movie and he goes, I'll never do a director's first film. Fuck you, I'll never do it. And he goes, you acted in your first film and he was like, he goes, no, I won't do it. and he goes never. And then he pauses and he's like, in this film could I wear a cape? And he's like, yeah, and he's like, all right, I'll do it. That's all it took. It's a fucking weird dude. That's wild. But he, the amount of people he shit talks in the book, where he's like, fuck, he's like, fuck Woody Allen. And he'll just go, like, I love Woody Allen, but everything he says, I'm like, it's pretty fucking funny. What was he saying about Woody Allen? [2:25:05] You know that his type of self-deprecation is insincere and you can tell he loves himself. Ooh. He's like, I don't buy it. I think this guy loves himself. And like, he's like, anyone who's this self-deprecating, it's fucking bullshit. He loves himself the way he a lot of stuff like that. Oh shit, I'm like, ooh, I like it. Not only was he skeptical of Alan's approach to comedy, but he was vehemently averse to the hungry ego it served. I hate Woody Allen physically. I dislike that kind of man. He said adding, oh yes, I can hardly bear to talk to him. He has the chaplain disease. A lot of people hate a chaplain. Oh, don't say this about chaplain. Well, you know, a lot of people, I love Fadi Arbuckle. That was a book about Fadi Arbuckle who fucking hated chaplain. They, I think they ended up all right, but they were like, he was like team buster Keaton. Oh, no, if you want to get on team Fadi Arbuckle. Really? He didn't do it. He didn't do it? He Uh, I don't know exactly how much he was life's savings exonerated. [2:26:05] It wasn't? Yeah. Oh, he was. Yeah, but that's the fucked up thing we were talking about as if he did. Oh, and this was 1930. What? Yeah, and you know what the fucked up part is he had to do like four trials to get properly exonerated. So eight up his life and he died like a year later from heart attack. Oh, my God. He was, dude, and his career was over. He created the pie throw. Think about how fucking crazy that is. Fadiarbuckle invented the pie throw in the face. So what was wrong with Chaplin? I think they thought it was... Is Chaplin like Michael Jordan? No, I think, seriously. No, I think... I think about like, you're that guy back then, you're the comedy guy, you're the fucking king of comedy. I don't know. I think he, I think obviously a genius, but I think also like think of the circles. He rolled with like Einstein. That's what I'm saying. Remember that speech that he gave in that movie? What was the dictator? What was that movie? I think I don't know what movies that was a bunch of every night at the seller. I know him silently. There's a speech that he gave that is It's relevant today [2:27:05] Like this speech about humanity You know, do you remember that I don't it's brilliant cuz it's been a while stuff watch this stuff I mean I I was more into buster Keaton personally. Well buster Keaton was amazing Yeah, the stunts that that guy did holy shit man everything. He broke everything dude. That guy was doing wild shit. He was falling off buildings going through awnings, like legitimately going through awnings. It's insane. See if you can find that Charlie Chaplin's beach. I wanna get the buster Keaton, but there's a speech that he did. Do you know what I'm talking about Jamie? I think so, he looks like Hitler. They've added the on-zimmer andception music to this. Oh More dramatic. That's not my business. I Don't want to rule or conquer anyone Do we want to keep the music? Yeah, no unless you can find one that doesn't have music like this is gonna [2:28:02] Yeah, it definitely does. Yeah, Fattie our book was definitely frame though and he uh... here it is fattie we got your back from beyond the great i have to say it's fuck fattie our book obviously it's not a lot of laughs per minute on that speech that's the point i think that was a comedy no no was but uh... it wasn't but uh... you know what was the movie the great dictator what was the movie? The Great Dictator. The Great Dictator. What was the movie about? I don't know, I don't know. But that was pretty fucking good. It was applicable today. It gives you, it actually makes me sad sometimes. Yeah, I mean about machines. Hold on a shit. It was So did Ted Kaczynski by the way. Yeah. He made a lot of good points when he took out the murder. He did. He took out all the bombings. He just saying the technology was going to replace us. He's right. That's the worst part when these monsters are like, man, but he obviously was a bright mind. That was a satire. It says 1940 American anti-war political satire black comedy, black comedy, written, directed, produced, scored by, [2:29:07] and starring Charlie Chaplin, following the tradition of many of his other films. Wow, he did everything, man. Of course he was a dick. If you're doing all those things, you're Steve Jobs, but you're doing it in a movie. It's the same kind of animal, you know? I don't know, man, I like Louis, you know? Yeah, but he's different. Yeah. Louis does everything on Louis. It's, I'm not saying that it's impossible to be like a cool person and also be all those things. It's just harder to do. You know, I get it. I feel like guys like that probably don't have Charlie Chaplin as friends either. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? Which I think is one of the critical things about our occupation is that we're constantly surrounded by people like us. Like we're all kind of very like-minded animals and we have an appreciation for each other that is very different than most occupations. You know, I have like a reverence for like elite professional comedians. Like I'll do anything for you. That's how I feel. [2:30:01] I feel like we're all in like a very sacred tribe of there's only like I always say There's probably a thousand of us on planet earth Yeah, if we're really if we're really being kind and generous and giving people like a great amount of curve The reality is probably about 250 that I would want to hang out with that would say is our legit It's it's a it's a fortunate It's fortunate that we get to be part of this fraternity of comics who are like who are just very cool and and luckily most of the people that I've wanted to meet have always ended up being pretty cool that's nice and if they're not it could look there's like there's exceptions the exceptions I think existed in the TV world yeah honestly the exceptions that I encountered I want to throw anybody out of the bus, but there's some people that I like now that in the 2001, I wanted to smack. There was some people that were just like really rude and shitty, because there was the culture of being rude and shitty that was almost encouraged. Like, when Phil Hartman came over to News Radio [2:31:02] from Saturday Night Live, He had this very bizarre kind of anticipation of hostility from other cast members. Because he was very highly paid. Obviously, he was like, I was in famous at all when I was on News Radio. I was on Nobody. I had been on one show called Hardball that was on Fox that bombed it aired like six episodes and I was the star of the show that Show good canceled. I got a development deal with NBC and all sudden like dude I had never taken acting lessons all right they they made me take I had to get an acting coach like I was all the sudden Sitting next to Phil Harman and I was 27 and he's brilliant. Yeah, it's brilliant And I mean like I had never even thought about being an actor. They just gave me money. And they said, do you want to act? I'm like, okay, what do I have to do? I pretend I had no experience acting at all. And I did that show. And then I'm, Phil Hartman had this like distrust of all the other people in the cast. And he had like this where I grill like arms length thing and i i was like to do feel heart man like what you talking about me you're the man [2:32:06] why do you think that was saturday life he told me oh they're trying to take your drugs yes do they were caught throughout they were cut through the pressure that's not a way to make it look at your assistant fired they would do weird shit you you had to you were too close to one of the p.a.'s fucking get him out of here like one of the other cast members would turn on one of the PAs that you would become friendly with. I've heard it's tough. It was screaming at each other in the hallway. Fuck you, stealing each other's jokes. It was creepy, it was creepy. And so Phil and I became friends, and as we became friends, especially after the first season, because the first season was was like really long hours, they're trying to work out the show and you know, I got to become, we were hanging out 15, 16 hours a day. We're on the set all the time. We get to become friends and then he just sort of loosened up and they explained like it's like cutthroat, cutthroat environment over there. What a bummer that that's what that does to you because I have obviously a great appreciation for Phil Hartman and like, I thought that was a great show and I mean shit I was watching I watched a jingle all the way on the holidays [2:33:08] I fucking love that movie that are an old and sinbed and it was a great dude man He's a great great comic actor. He was a funny dude too. He would do stand-up for the he would do warm-ups for the crowd Just fucking around he would do like is you know he had an amazing Bill Clinton impression he had a bunch of but he had a like Rich and he was like thinking about doing stand up. I just was a terrible marriage terrible Terrible and I was the the one guy on the show that was like If you get the fuck out like right now. Yeah, you were like be honest honest with her. Tell her what you did and I'm sure she'll take it. No, I wasn't even that. No, it was the opposite. It was just get away. I know, fucking around. She would insult him at parties and stuff publicly. Like, it was gross. It was scary. It was like, you know, there's sometimes of people are together and do not leave each other. Yeah. And I don't know what it is. [2:34:06] I don't know what it is. I don't understand it. But some people just stuck in a pattern. Sometimes they don't see how quite how bad it is. Even when your friends pointed out, you don't really see it too, you get some distance from that relationship. But well, it's also you learn from your parents. And if you come from parents that beat the shit out of each other or scream in each other, throw things out each other. You get accustomed to thinking that's how relationships work, how they function. It's a real sketchy. Bad parenting is so fucking, that was going to tell you about Fadi Arbuckle. He fucking, his dad walked out. So what did Fadi, I'm sorry, I don't want to interrupt this part, but I need to know like we should clarify. So what did Fattie, I'm sorry, I don't wanna interrupt this part, but I need to know like we should clarify. What did Fattie do? He was accused of raping and murdering a woman. He didn't do it. Murdering. Yeah. Wasn't it like a bottle broke inside of her? Yeah, that was the fake thing. That was fake. I forgot the, I read this like years ago, but it's, what was it, Jamie? So how did she get murdered? [2:35:07] It was a frame up. I don't know. I don't know who framed him, but someone framed him up. Why, what was the reason for that? I don't remember, because I've had this years ago, but it's, but he is innocent and he was exonerated. But if we could find it, that'd be awesome. I'm reading a article about it now. Particle Valorant now it's hard to find the actual answer. But he was a dude who his dad fucked him up because his dad walked out on the family and like, I think the mother was like mental, but he was supposed to be raised by his father so he took his dad on to hotel and they would like take him, take a train to the hotel you're dad, this is where your dad is. So his dad hears that he's fucking coming and he sold the hotel and disappeared. So then he just shows up and is like a fat kid, like 13. He's like, what do I do? And though we can give you a job here. So he started working at the hotel like 13. And then he joins, he finds out he's good by joining the talent show. And they're like, this guy's got an incredible voice. [2:36:01] And then he was being silly and funny. Like this guy's like kind of a genius. He starts becoming like an incredible touring performer. And of course, a dad wants back in. Oh, God. Of course. Oh. Classic. But yeah, I remember being like his wife, who he was divorced from, was like, he's fucking innocent. That like they divorced on like, not amazing terms. And she's like, he didn't do shit. So what did they frame him for? Was he becoming too big of a star? I was trying to read through this. It's like explaining the entire story in the Smithsonian article about it. It's like it's long. It's like giving it a little bit of a story. Yeah, I'm sorry for bringing this up. If I don't have fully have a grasp on this, but you know, it's okay. That happens every Okay. Okay. Where should we start here? Just right up here. Okay. According to Arbuckle, Fishbok arranged everything from the rooms to the guest to the liquor, despite prohibition. And on Labor Day, September 5th, 1921, Arbuckle awoke to find that he had many uninvited [2:37:02] guests. He was still walking around in his pajamas,robe and slippers when he saw delmont and rap and express concern that the reputations might alert police to the gin party in Los Angeles delmont was known as a madame and blackmailer rap had made some a something of a name for herself as a model clothing designer, aspiring actress and party girl. Oh, just regular LA under 30 woman. But the food and booze were flowing by then. The music was playing and our buckle was soon no longer focused on his exhausting work schedule. The burns on his backside or just who all the guests were. What happened in the ensuing hours would play out on the front pages of William Randolph Hearst. There you go, again, that motherfucker. National chain of newspapers in lured headlines before our buckle had a chance to tell his side of the story. Virginia Rapus, 25 years old, when she arrived at the St. Francis Hospital [2:38:00] in San Francisco for a Labor Day weekend party. Hotel, excuse me, I say hospital. St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco for a Labor Day weekend party. Hotel, excuse me, I say hospital. St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco for a Labor Day weekend party. Mod Del Mont, Del Mone, soon painted a sinister portrait of the happy, go lucky, portly prince of silent film. This is what she told police. After Arbuckle and Rob had a few drinks together, he pulled her actress into an adjoining room saying, I've waited for you five years and now I've got you. After a half hour or so, Del Maul heard Rob screaming. So she knocked on and then kicked out the locked door. After delay, Arbuckle came to the door in his pajamas, wearing Rob's hat, cocked at an angle and smiling his foolish, screened smile behind him him wrap was sprawled on the bed moaning our buckle did it the actress said according to Delmont wrap was taken to another room a doctor a summer and the attend to her he said this might take forever for me to read this was it she died that's why okay living it there. She died September 9th of a ruptured bladder. [2:39:05] And that hurt. So what actually happened though? I don't know. Then I went to the newspapers and then he turned himself in. Right. And that's where I was like, I think this is where it's getting way too long. Right, but like what was the actual story? It was just man's life. That's why I don't know russian and school and a whole here trying to chase get some i think they were trying to blackmail him we have okay hold on second there's the matter of the telegrams that she sent to attorneys in both sandiego and loss angeles we have rosco our buckle in a whole here chance to make some money out of him oh big yeah oh okay they were trying to railroad him he was making a million a year in twenty one That's a lot of What was that so they were trying a million a year in 1921? What was that money? What's that today? That's gotta be like let's guess the doctor [2:40:02] That the hotel testified she had told him our buckle did not try to sexually assault her But the prosecutor got the point dismissed as hearsay well yeah i've got the so what happened i i don't know her bladder rupture remarks of violence on the body no signs of your attack anyway also she might have just had like a credit for a condition of what's she might just died fettie our book was making a million dollars before go any further, let's find out what a million dollars I'm guessing 20. At least 20. I'm gonna guess more. Maybe 25. I say 50 million. Really? Maybe, yeah. A million dollars in 19, 2021 and in 2024 money? You're probably right. I say it's 50 million because inflation is stupid. It says it's about 15.8 million. That's it? Damn. Damn. We're both off. So he was just only minor bond. For a while he's our bond way harder than him. I mean, his money would have went down and then it started going back up. Oh, okay. From the depression? Yeah, after the 30s that million he had 1921 would have only been [2:41:02] worth 750K. Oh, wow 1932 is a 10 years later. If you just let sit, I guess. Then it went up. He was a party animal, but he wasn't an orapist. Or a murderer. So she just had a disease. Yeah. And she died of that disease and they just had him for money. Yeah. Dark shit. It's a book's called Frame Up, it's really good. It's hard to find. He was acquitted the first trial and then they try to get him again during deadlocked. Third trial, our buckle was allowed to call witnesses for the first time. Wow. So we got off and he made a comeback but he died like a year after. The trolley chaplain thing and that thing makes me say, it's always been fucked. Yeah. I mean, it's almost kind of always been fucked. It's the best time for comedians to do because we, like, it's not as, at least with comics, it's like more, as you said, it's more fraternal. I mean, we're like, we're kind of all cool and there's so much room now. There's so much room. There's so much room with them back then, dude. The people stop stop complaining about the Twitter's not your journal [2:42:06] Chill the fuck out and neither's Instagram stop. Yeah stop being stupid You just you just make it funny. Yeah, I do that shit better than what you are figured out or don't or stop doing it I remember I tell say that to me once I was complaining years ago and he goes get Maybe you said to someone else actually goes, but he goes get funnier. I like how you said it was at you, and then it was like, no, I'm not. I remember when someone else found out he was his name, because he's a great comic, so I don't wanna put it on him, but he didn't mean it, like you're not funny. He meant that like, well, you better get funnier. Yeah. Because what else can you things that are out of control, the more attention that you spend on them, the less attention you will have towards the thing that you can control. It's that simple. It's like an allocation of resources issue. You can't allocate resources to things that are completely unproductive, and in fact counterproductive. They fuck with you psychologically. You get up in the middle of the night, you go to pee, you think about it, you're like, fuck, and then you can't go back to sleep. You grind your teeth, and you have to get a fucking dental procedure. Not good, man. Don't be involved in unnecessary conflict. [2:43:08] It's just not good for you. It's not good for anybody. It's not good for that person. It's not good for you. It's not good for the people that you're gonna encounter after the conflict, it's not good for the people that they encounter after the conflict. That's the thing is, this is not what it was 20 years ago. In 10 years it's going to be different. Think about how big, I think, but all the time, Comedy Central was the fucking king. They're useless now. They're useless. It's also what's happening now is a very organic merging of, for a lack of a better word artist. Because we are artists, but we're artists. It's like calling a comic an artist. It's almost like, for us, it's like, shut the fuck up. It's not. It is art, but it's like, it's also, don't get goofy. We're not supposed to be the pretentious ones. It sounds pretentious. It's like, it does sound pretentious. We are looked down upon at the award shows. Yeah. Because they are like, we're artists. I say we should look down upon the award shows. [2:44:07] When I saw Joe Koy do that award show, I didn't get upset that Joe Koy didn't, his jokes didn't hit. I got upset that he was willing to do it. Joe Koy saw arenas. Yeah. Don't do that terrible thing. But you want, you always want to be a part of that club. Don't, don It's first off your handicap you're doing it with 10 days notice. What kind of Guffy? What kind of goofy ass fucking organizers higher top talent wants to do it. Nobody wants to do it. Remember should they to Kevin Hart where they were like you made you said the words in the 90s and guess what you fucking awarded Roman Polanski like man of the year 15 years ago accused of rape so not cute. He did it will smiths slap Chris rock on stage and then they give him a standing ovation disgusting it's all things ridiculous they're ridiculous people the point is it's fucking Sean award shows and sometimes for artists I think of a comic asking an audience member are you taking a poop or a pee as they're walking to the bathroom we're not artists but [2:45:01] the problem is the word art has been hijacked by douchebags Yeah, we are artists, but we're artists in the sense of we create things everybody who creates things as an artist Just like your chef is an artist. I bet chefs probably the pretentious ones will refer to themselves as artists The fucking down to earth. Do those my legs. Chefs are the one thing The fucking fine dining chef. She's like all right, dude. Give me something I can that will fill me up Just you know, there's a fine line where you can cross over into pretentious land I think the problem is we got into this to be funny and some people lose sight of that and they start pandering like I can tell when a Comic stops fucking touring I can tell when you're act you stop taking it through Missouri You got to take it through every fucking state you got it you got it You got to make, I don't wanna use the word marketable, but you gotta make this palatable for the country. There's a reason, if I do a joke about New York, it's for everybody. If I do a joke about riding the subway, it's hitting in Kansas City, because it has to. Otherwise, you would work in for your small bubble. And when I see comics put out specials, I can be like, this dude only works it out in LA or New York or whatever. [2:46:05] And you need the road because the second you stop relating to remembering what got you into this for the right reason, you're doing it for the wrong reason. You also have to remember when you were first starting out, the idea of being on the road headlining a comedy club would be the craziest fucking dream you could ever imagine. I don't have to go to my day job anymore. Now I get to fly to Cincinnati and go do stand-up comedy to pack crowds. Two shows on front, half pack, pretty good crowds. Yeah, go bananas. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday sometimes. Yeah. It's a dream. It's the ultimate dream because the idea of being a professional seems so impossible to achieve. Yeah, it felt amazing and I romanticized the road as I still do. Like it was a different thing. It was like thank God I can do this to now I'm like, God I own it. Well that was the thing about Jenny. You know, when I was first doing the road, [2:47:01] one of the things that I would always ask I was like who's the biggest douchebag that you had to take I asked that too it was always Jenny he just hated it he hated him on the road he was a douche to people yeah unfortunately it's just he was very uncomfortable you like obviously he wanted to be a bigger movie star right he wanted to be a movie student you're the great actor well he was really good in the mask great movie but really what he was was a great standup. But great standups were appreciated the way they are now. If Jenny was alive today he'd be doing arenas. You know, I mean that's what would be going on. He would be like one of the biggest standup comics alive. But during his time no one did anything other than comedy clubs. There's a few guys like Sam Kenneson, you should do like Greatwood Center for the Performing Arts. Rodney did that, Bill Cosby did that. But for the most part, stand up comics, did comedy clubs and that's it, including Jenny. And he just felt like a failure when he was on the road, headlining these clubs. What a sad thing. It's crazy. It's crazy. They all wanted the Golden Egg. And the Golden Egg was what Roseanne got [2:48:01] or what Tim Allen got. It was a sitcom. That generation doesn't get it. I did Letterman show on Netflix and he was like baffled by me putting out YouTube specials. And not in a way that he was so kind. I mean, he was such a nice guy. But I remember he kept asking me, I don't get how you make money off this. Well, I make the money off touring, but he, as we said, the industry is changing. Like, a lot of really funny comics were passed over by these industry streamers and then did their own thing. And then, at a certain point, they'll find you. The point is to not get better. You look at a garlic chain, Gillis. And did he get better? No, he stayed fucking funny. He got funny, Ur. Of course. He even got better when he got canceled. It's just, there's a different world now where there's no gatekeepers anymore. The gatekeepers, they still exist if you want to participate. If you want to do the Comedy Central thing, they still exist. You know, HBO still makes specials. You can do it that way if you choose to. But the gatekeepers of real mass media are now non-existent. [2:49:03] It's all just YouTube. So then you have to be careful with whatever YouTube's, whatever YouTube's turns of services are. Because some of them get real squirrely and you can get banned. The goalpost is moving in. It's moving. It's moving. It's moving in the rules. Like if you make a Nazi joke now, though, like did you say the word Nazi and some fucking algorithm that can't detect sarcasm is like time out. Yep. Not good. Yeah, not good. It's also, it's clumsy, but it's also, you know, they're fucking, you're dealing with an enormous number of human beings. You're managing at scale that's impossible to really even wrap our stupid little heads around. The amount of humans that are like just, but which really leads us back to that guy's text message getting intercepted. Like are they just doing that with everything because it appears they are? If they're doing that in a snapchat message group which is supposed to be encrypted and they find the word, I'm gonna blow up this plane terrorist, [2:50:01] whatever ISIS, Taliban, whatever it is, they see those words, if those words, like if they get flagged, that means nothing is private. Also you have to recognize you want, oh I want everybody to be safe, okay, right. But those are human beings, just like you. This is like you having the kind of power that it means to have, to access everyone's text messages. That's not, that's a crazy power. And if you're the guy, I mean, I don't care how many checks and balances there are, there's got to be somebody at the end of that stream that could just read and see all your dick pics. There's somebody at the end of that stream. Good angle. Yeah. Somebody's lost it up. Seize every time you swipe right. There's somebody that sees it all. Yeah. They see everything. And that is probably inevitable with the bottleneck of technology being interconnectivity, right? And the problem with that is money. Because if money is just ones and zeros and it gets to the point where when you get to quantum computing where any sort of encryption is really preposterous [2:51:01] and then people have commercial grade quantum computing in their house. And you could kinda like, there's no code that can't be cracked, there's no Bitcoin that can't be stolen. And then what happens? Like what happens then? Like how do you have money? How do you trust anything? How do you trust anything? How do we trust anything now when these deep, I'm in so many ads for products and I'm definitely not selling. That's hilarious and I'm definitely not selling. I'm so many of them, man. People sent them to me all the time. Deep fakes and shit. Total deep fakes. But how can you trust, not just machines, but any, I remember reading about Leonard Cohn, his manager stole his $5 million retirement fund. That's why he was torn in the 70s. Happens. Happens all the time. Machines, people, I mean like with money and your information, you're putting a lot of trust in either. Yeah, you're putting a lot of trust in a lot of different things, but also like I'm not a communist and I'm not a socialist and I'm definitely pro capitalist, but I've [2:52:01] Envisioned a future where all of these things where I think these mechanisms that we have used to achieve power and influence and what Will Stores had talked about yesterday, the status game status. All of these things will eventually lead us to some point in the future where I mean it might, we could get to a point where any idea of competition that we're having right now, what human beings enjoy right now all goes away. And we all become a part of some network. Some network that changes what it means to be a human being. Like human beings Stop being human. I think we're not that far away from that And if you look at what we are today versus what fatty our buckle was Imagine you being friends with fatty our buckle and back in the day and William Randolph first but also having a YouTube channel You like look William Randolph first a piece of shit like this is what he did about marijuana [2:53:02] This is what he did about this. So this is what he did the fatty our buckle This is what he did about marijuana. This is what he did about this. This is what he did about fattie, our buckle. This is why they did it to fattie. This is what actually happened. This is what a woman had a chronic bladder infection. And you know, it could be like a big thing. It could be like something that everybody talks about and it gets the ruling overturned. But back then, you had no chance. As things move it'll be more of that. Well, there's pluses and minuses to more people having voices, right? I mean, a lot of minuses. A lot of minuses. There's a lot of crazy people out there. There's a lot of legitimately schizophrenic insane people, aggressive people, sad people, like abused people, people that came from terrible childhoods, people that came from every stretch of the world. And they're all, all they have to do is learn English and they're just interfacing with you and they get the worst role of dice that's available on planet earth. Yeah. And now, you know, they've killed three people by the time they're 15. You know, like, you know, the other online. Yeah. And that's, that's real too. [2:54:04] Yeah, I mean, it's, that's the thing. You I mean it's that's the thing you get into this for acceptance right you get into standup because you like you want to Maybe I don't know maybe you're in your mind You're like this wasn't able to be said in my Household so now in my mind. I'm telling the truth on stage. I'm being funny and making strangers laugh and you Doing this for acceptance There was rejection before this now it's like the amount of people who could flood your fucking timeline when you make a misstep. It can be overwhelming. I mean, I think of that guy, John Ronson all the time, right? So you can publicly shame guy. I mean, people know you should know what you do when you try to fucking destroy a person, but it is exciting. A lot of people's what they use social media for is to complain and then to try to bury a person mm-hmm. Yeah, and it's fucking weird It's just a dumb thing to do and I think the best thing to do if you're like a public person like yourself It's just like never engage in that and also don't read the comments. Yeah, that's my advice [2:55:01] My advice is always never engaged. Don't read the comments If you want to post something you feel something about something you want to say something about something that's my advice. My advice is always never engaged. Don't read the comments You want to post something you feel something about something you want to say something about something that's fine But don't be upset about people's response to it and exactly. It's part of the game We put ourselves out there where you're but it's also doesn't mean you have to fucking whether throwing fastballs You have to run across the picture and get hit in the head You don't have to actually go out of the field Like it is part of the game. You don't have to do that part. That part is not necessary. It's also not good. It's not smart. It's not a good allocation of resources. It's not good psychological. It's not good for the fans either because if you actually, what if they're just having a bad day, man? And they're fucking 18. They lash out at Sam, you know, or the lash out at Norman, or the lash out at Ari. They're not really bad people, but they're writing something and it's permanent. It's out there forever. And they said some rude shit and they're trying to get a response. And then you come back with the most scathing response. And these show pictures of their mom and them and their fat belly and you shit all over them online. [2:56:00] This is going far though. But we've all known people who've done it, right? And it's just not wise. It's not good. I've done it before. I've experienced that thing of like fuck you or a fuckier or a fucking loser. No benefit. No benefit. Last message Bob said I'd ever sent me. I engaged with a fucking psycho and he goes, hey, it's Uncle Bob here. You're too good a guy to be doing this and all right P Bob sweet guy. He is a very sweet guy He's a hard one. He was a hard one. I didn't know him well. We were just becoming friends when he passed away So I became friends them at the store. Yeah, such a sweet guy. He was always a nice guy. Oh, he's a nice guy I was like real like genuinely warm like you come around everybody like we need that yeah people people who bring positive energy to work are fucking So important. I've never met anybody who didn't like Sagitt. Yeah. He's always nice, you know? There's like a few guys where I don't know anybody who doesn't like him. Got it. There's something. Bobby Lee's one of those. Yeah. You don't like Bobby Lee. I don't like you. Bobby is. I don't like you if you don't like Bobby? Is this it safe to say? He's maybe the best podcast guest ever. [2:57:05] It's amazing. It's insane that the energy he brings, he's so funny. I've known Bobby for 30 years. Damn, I've known him long, but I love him. Close to it. It's probably close to 30 years. I brought a friend of mine when he did our podcast as an Asian guy, he's the live with, and he like worships Bobby and Bobby just fuck with him the whole day. And it was my friend Dory. It was so satisfying for him. He's like, Bobby's like, stop talking to me, fuck you. And he was like, that was like the best day of my life. He's such a good guy too because he's like so honest about all of his like weirdness, his flaws and like, you know how he thinks about himself and so vulnerable. Yeah, well, he sounds very funny, man. And he's getting ready to do a special final. I've actually, I think it was when he was on your podcast, I text him, I was like, you better put out a fucking special dude. And he goes, yeah, why? And I said, you know why? Because you're fucking hilarious. And because you deserve it. You deserve to release something [2:58:00] and to move on into some of the little bit. He's a much better comic than people know in terms of the amount of tickets he sells. Bobby Lee should be doing a renaissance. He just did an arena with Bert and Tom. He just did the MGM and these. Yeah, but it's because he's not releasing it. So now that he's releasing it. That's all it is. Yeah, it's like his level's very high. There just don't have a lot of stuff out there. He's told me he's scared to eat the shit that build a new hour. And let me tell you, like, I'm thinking when I burn this next one, I am dreading the shit out of this. Like, I hate starting from scratch. Yeah, man. Just gotta embrace it. I don't embrace it. It's fun. Get in there. Get in there. It's jumping in a cold ass pool. Yeah. I fucking hate it, but I gotta jump in the pool. Yeah, do it every day. Yeah, just to embrace the suck, that's all it is. There's a few of those guys out there that just need a little gentle nudge to get into the water and then Bobby Lee will have a new hour and no time. Because he'll have to. And it'll be better than his hour before because it'll be more representative [2:59:01] of how he feels about things right now. And his life is interesting. Yeah, he's fascinating. And he's too self-loathing. I'm sorry, Bobby. You got to love yourself a little more because he's loved that guy. He is loved, but he needs friends around him. And the problem with a lot of us is that we can become islands. I always describe comedians as islands or tribe members. And there's a few of those islands out there that like only have like one opening act they take with them. They only do theaters and they travel around and every now and then they get to be around comics like us. Hey, so it's not gonna climb. You know, it's weird. It's a few of those guys. I don't want to name names. But there's a few of those guys. I don't think it's healthy. I don't wait to show you the club. I can't wait to do it because we set it up as best we could to facilitate all that to make it so that's like the best environment for comics to hang the best environment for comics to work everything set up the staff is magnificent. I've heard nothing's [3:00:00] about great stuff. It's great man it's it amazing. But it's also entirely set up for the comics. Entirely, there's not one decision that ever gets made that's to the detriment of the show or the comics feelings. Most comedy clubs that were made by a comic are often like a comic who quit and has got some bitterness and you're not that guy. So you made it the right way, whatever. Well, you know, the best aspects of the store were beautiful. And there was so much to the store that the mothership will never be able to have because the store had this history. There's insane history and this legacy to it of Kineson and prior and Hicks started there. Hicks was a doorman. There was so many great, great, great, great comics that came out of that place. And so there was, it's now, you know, Mitzi, so there's a reason why I have around my wall. The reason why, why we named the bar Mitzis. It's like, so we took her philosophy and we just threw a Spotify budget at it. I love it. I love it. Let's go ham. [3:01:01] Let's do something good for the community of comedy and create what Louis calls it the alamo I love it. Yeah, I said Yeah, it's like that's that's the thought behind it's like let's do it like if I can do this and like I can do this And I don't feel any pressure. It doesn't bother me at all. I mean I feel pressure like with like Staff stuff and shits this is happening is something wrong with the. It's a little bit of that every now and then, but it's not bad, but it's not financial pressure, which is the most intolerable pressure when you don't think you can pay your bills, and you're worried, especially if you're a father. You're like shit. So if that pressure is alleviated, then you can do something that you really wanna do. And I'm like, I wanna really it like like fucking Disneyland for comics. I want to set it up so that it's the best environment ever for people to be able to develop and create and even people starting out like the dormant, the door people, the door women, they're all auditioned by EGIT. So EGIT, he auditions them, he sees their act, so they're all comics. He cares. Yeah, they get to see Shane Gillis go up. [3:02:07] You know, they get to see how he man and Dell stop by and Jim Gaffigan stop by and David Tell do sets. And the shows that I'm doing on like Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is fucking Ron Whites on their Brian Simpson. It's crazy. Tony Hingecliff. I mean, these are murderous shows. They're murderous shows. That's awesome. And so these people get to see how we're writing and how we're coming up with new shit and how we change things up. And it's like this, you get an education that we got at the store. We all got that at the store from watching, you know, the guys who were there before us. You know, the big names when I was 27 and I first came to the store and I said, Damon Wayans go up and Eddie Griffin go up. Beasts, right? Well, he was. He was. He was a beast. Underappreciated man, the last stand, Damon Wayans is a HBO special. Funny, that's when he went into the crowd, right? It's when he threw the mic down, he said he was quitting. That guy is a real professional in the sense of that he films every one of his shows he has to the 90s he sets up his own [3:03:06] video camera on a tripod and he films every one of his shows workout shows any show and he is not scared of silence that fucking I used to watch him go up and I was I was kid first of all I was a fan of his from in living color homey the clown I was a fan of his stand up I've seen him on the Robert Townsend thing. Remember Robert Townsend had those standup shows? hilarious guy. So I was a fan of his already and then I got to see him work out. I got the story for like 130, 50 people, you know, small ass O.R. crowds and he just didn't give a fuck. He just will find a bit. He would find where it is. He'd like search around for it. Didn't worry at all about the dead spots. Didn't worry at all. Just he was like, that's my workout. When a comic is earned that, it's a beautiful thing. Oh, it's a beautiful thing. But it's also the store was low pressure back then. Like the way you were describing the seller, where you're going on after murders, [3:04:00] it's very difficult. even the young comics are so good. Those young comics, they're like a young comic named Maddie Wiener. She's so funny. There's young Daniel Simons and so funny. All these comics, they're like hungry. They're just murderers. And so then you're following them with your new shit and you're like, all right. Yeah. Yeah. So I was on a flight coming back here and they're like, what are you doing? They can sniff the new one to you. So I do most of my work on the, what I like to do is like an hour of good jokes and then I'm like, all right guys, now I'm doing 10 minutes of brand new shit. Oh, you do at the end? I'll preface it. Yeah, I like to just say, here's my, because sometimes I get the confidence to just work would just, I'm molded in once it's, once I get that confidence and it's hitting. Right. But uh, yeah man, the seller is tough. I remember starting there like the guys who were really murdering, you know, obviously when rock would drop in or like Louie or a Colin Quinn and David Tell were kind of the Godfather's of the seller. They were, you know, always had new shit. [3:05:01] They were always interesting. Colin Quinn's another guy. Creme criminally under-preciated. He really is, and I don't know why, because this shit is, I think it's so universal, the history stuff and the New York story. I mean, I love Colin's stuff. When he was at the club, all the door guys were like, dude, it was like an education. He's so good. And he's a great guy. He's a great guy. Well, that's the same with the tell, like sweetheart guys, because they don't have any excess energy that's being like distracted into nonsense and bullshit. And that's a big factor. I learned so much from a tell, because I used to open for him, and he's like just the best guy and like supportive. And I remember a lot of diners leaving him, like you know, we leave a diner at like 4 a.m., and he orders a nice coffee large and I'm like, Dave, what are you doing? Are you just, do you never sleep? Like he really is. I'm like, you are this fucking dude. He functions on coffee and cigarettes. And when he was doing that show, Insomnia. Incredible show. Oh my God, that show was great show. And he was like, out of the- It was like Rugged Board days. By the way, Skanks Memories is still one of my all-time favorite. I think it's number one CDs. I think it's the best album ever It's a great album, man [3:06:06] It's up there with some of the all-time grades and he recorded that at the comedy works in Denver Which is one of the all-time great legendary legendary room. Jervaldo did his last or his first one there I think did I tell you I didn't tell you didn't you do a special there mm-hmm? Yeah 2014 did comedy central special there. Nice. I had the most bizarre moment. I went to see Willy Wonka and the Chaco Factory with my kids. The new one? Yeah, it's really good. I take a leak. I'm leaving the bathroom and I run into this dude. And for two seconds, I think it's Greg Joraldo. He looks exactly like Greg Joraldo. He's just taller. He's like 6162, but he's Greg Joraldo. He looks exactly like Greg Joraldo. He's just taller. He's like 6162 but he's Greg Joraldo. And I go, what's up? The guy goes, what's up to me because it was me. You know, he's like, oh it's Joe Rogan. And I'm like, hey! And I go, come on Greg's dead. That's not Greg. So it like, it had to like, my, what a mind fuck that mine fuck dude because for in my mind [3:07:06] for a half a second I thought I saw my friend that's brutal for half a second my friend has been dead for and he recognizes you to it's crazy it was crazy it was crazy his son you know his son is doing stand-up Gregg Duraldo Jr. well I know I didn't know and he's funny really is in New York. He's a New York guy and he He was a waiter at the seller for like a summer job. Oh Shane told me about this. Yeah, so he asked me to a show and I was like I'll do your show and he put himself on before me and I watch him I was like thank God you're fucking funny. Yeah, right? Thank God, but he is and he's got he looks like him and he's got the manorisms. Well, Gerardo was like revered by us But he's not so funny. I mean not so known that it puts pressure He's very funny obviously, but not so known that he puts pressure on the Sun To other people I don't I mean He wasn't like mainstream right as he should have been like Chris Rock's. Chris Rock's kid does stand up like holy shit, right? [3:08:06] Yeah. But, draw the one I did sitcoms on the same lot. Wow. Yeah, so when I was doing, I think it was News Radio. It might have been hard. I think it was News Radio. When I was doing News Radio, I was right next door to him. So we would hang out together. Like we were both guys from New York. We both knew each other from Boston comedy. We both knew each other from the clubs in New York. And you know, we were like, dude, can't believe we're here. Like this crazy. He had his own show. He had a show. I feel like a lawyer. Yeah, a lawyer show. Because he was a lawyer. Yeah. That was the thing that they would do. Domestic goddess, Roseanne, bam, make a show about you. You were basically when you were on stage back then, you were auditioning for a sitcom about yourself. And people got giant deals, man. [3:09:02] They got crazy deals. We used to hear about the Montjot, just for last Montjot for all of fest. So like, did you get a holding deal? I'm like, I got an agent. Yeah, those deals were. That's gonna do. It was like a million dollar deal. Not that much, but you get hundreds of thousands. Yeah. I didn't do another show after news radio for like two years. And I made more money than I did when I was on news radio. Wow. Just getting development deals. Wow. Development deals were crazy money. They were trying to. That's fucking crazy. Yeah, because after news radio, like, it was like proven that I can act in a sitcom. Yeah. But could I run a sitcom, could I be the star of a sitcom? So I had a bunch of development deals to star in a sitcom and i got to experience that world which is a very bizarre world but i didn't like it i didn't like the dealing with all the meetings and all the things so when fear factor came along i was like hold on no actors no writers at all like what do i have to do like and also this is an opportunity for material because this is gonna get canceled and i'm gonna have a giant bit about this fucking stupid show they sick dogs on people and made a meat dicks and they [3:10:05] and the show got canceled and then it goes on forever it goes on for six years and it's a hundred and forty eight episodes it was so nuts wow but i i specifically did it because i don't want to do this anymore i want to do the the the fucking the the grind of what it means the actors do it, just the waiting around, the waiting for your phone or ring. Like, it's better than working in a coal mine. Of course. I mean, I just mean psychologically. Of course, if you can make a living at it, that's incredible. Also, you're dealing with people that are psychologically damaged already, most likely, which is why they need exorbitant amounts of attention, which is why they want to be the fucking the star in this new Laura Croft movie. Like, this is a normal thing, like for psychos. Like you got ignored by your dad, and then all of a sudden you're in this fucking crazy movie. You all show you, pop. And guess what, I ain't gonna fucking fill the void. You never does. You think it will, but it- [3:11:01] You gotta fill that void on your own. Exactly. But I do think that it's possible for someone because I definitely think that I came into comedy with like a neediness. Like I just was just like trying to like show that I was worthy of something. And then eventually you get confident and then you realize like, well, it's not like this can't be turned in a different direction. And then my obsession could now be in getting better at this art and getting better at this thing that I love. This thing that I enjoy, that's like a really good exchange between audience members and comic. It's a really good exchange. I particularly like it like as a fan, like I really love watching comedy still to this day of all these years of doing it. So I know it's a good experience. Do you still watch specials? Yeah, I'll do occasionally. If I'm home and I have time, I just don't have any time. My time is really kind of strictly allocated. When I need to shut my brain off, I don't watch specials. I watch nonsense. I would either watch professional pool matches or watch videos on muscle cars. [3:12:04] That's what I was. That's cool. Stupid shit. I do not on purpose. I was watching Reacher last night. I'm like, I need shit like this. Yes. I need a dude who just beats dudes up. Yeah, fuck, you can't lose. You can't lose. You're gonna fuck you up. I love that guy. Well, he's a real they were ridiculous. Yeah, but you gotta take the A-list guy and I get it. Yeah, I'm talking Charlie, so you're taking the A-list, dude. Yeah, after. But he's supposed to be a giant. Yeah, it doesn't make any sense. That doesn't make any sense. The guy who plays Reacher now, who's that guy? Alan Richson, he's awesome. That guy's Reacher. I've seen people talk shit to some of the most scary fucking human beings The big dude. He's your fucking that's a Understand and he's likable. He's a likable guy in the show gigantic look at the size of him. He's like six foot five, too He's huge. That's what Jack Reacher was in the novels. Yeah, and then Tom Cruise [3:13:07] Five eight creature was in the novels. Yeah. And then Tom Cruise is like, I'm gonna be rich. He's fucking five eight or whatever he is. Tom, you're Napoleon. I'm not fucking Tom Cruise. Yeah. But Tom Cruise is, I gotta say that the first creature movie is pretty cool with Tom Cruise. He's good in it. It's just like, it's not the same as the book. If you can just get past that and this guy's just an assassin, like the Gray Man, you know, the Gray Man series. The Grey Man. The Grey Man. Was it Ryan Gosling? Did I fuck that up? I get it right. I get it right. It was fun to get the Ryan's. Well they made a movie for Netflix. But the book, these Mark Greenie books are wild. They're good? They're wild books. Yeah. That's one of my favorite kind of books for like complete escapeism. Oh yeah. It's about a CIA assassin and he's the best. They call him the Gray Man. This is the movie. The movie is... Oh, Chris Evans, I heard of this. Yeah, the movie's like, they fucking Hollywood it up, but the books are incredible. And the audio books are really good. And it's, but that guy was like 170 pounds. It's just a killer. [3:14:01] He's not fucking everybody up, like, you bar fight like no It's a different kind of guy. This is a guy who knows how to be an assassin, but it's a realistic If you especially read the book realistic depiction as far as you can take it a guy always wins. Yeah, you know But it's it's those are fun though Those like escapists like like a Michael Connelly or something just like cool badass. We're trapped in this guy world. It's guys trying to make it through fucking Eastern block countries with a cache of weapons and it's fine. It was a page show. Yeah, they're wild. And a lot of it has to deal with stories that are like actually connected to covert operations that happen overseas. I don't really, there really are people that are assassins for the CIA that they have to send to these countries. You know, even the books are there and you see these similar authors and they have like 45 books. And you're like, how the fuck did you do that? I know. I think I know how hard it is to write one book. I think Mark Greeney has, I think he's got six or seven gray man books. It's crazy. Yeah. How many gray man books are there? I was like, this guy called Cobain. I sort of got this guy's got like 45 books in Barnes and [3:15:06] O. How about Stephen King? It's in how is it? The fuckers been cranking them out. Yeah, it's called cocaine and alcohol. That's what he had. But he's gonna have a great though. Doesn't he? I mean, he must have people. Chinese kids. No. He is the beginning. Stephen King and I phoned to fucking bang him out. I hate to encourage alcoholism and drug abuse, but that's when he did his best work. Yeah. If you go and read the shining, he was black out drunk. Yeah. Mark Greeney. Book 13. That's crazy. The chaos agent. This is a new book that just came out. Dude, they're gonna pick these up. Yeah. I'm gonna try to create an audio too. The audio book is really good, but if you like to read, they're really good. Yeah. Just like for like, take me away. This is like a modern gay, bond type dude. Yeah, it's fucking nonsense. Well, a flight, you're on a flight. I don't wanna read anything about climate change. I don't wanna freak out about the economy. I don't wanna read about the world economic reform. The Rockefellers, I don't wanna hear about it. Military dust reconstruction. Stop. [3:16:00] You need an escape. Stop, what's really going on there? I don't want to know I don't have time maybe dead soon anyway. Let's just enjoy the ride. Yeah, for sure I mean realistically if this is all true if you're not living in a simulation But I'm not convinced anymore. I don't know I'm not convinced if I was living in a simulation And I was living in a simulation and I was living in a simulation that was created just a hundred years from now, I don't think I'm capable of discerning, I can barely tell a deep fake now. Somebody sends me a deep fake. There's one deep fake that's been overwhelming my Instagram feed and I do not understand how Instagram can't stop this. But it's a deep fake with Warren Buffett talking about investing in Bitcoin. Oh my God. That's like a dangerous one, too. Let me show you it. Let me show you it, because there's so many of them, there's so many of them, it's fucking insane. There's so many of them that every time I go to Instagram, I see them. [3:17:02] See that all one with this is the giveaway with the girls face. Yeah. That's all a deep fake. Oh my God. Yeah. And how does information, how does this not get somehow another flagged? Because if you just say the word not see you get flagged off of YouTube, right? I mean, I don't know, TikTok YouTube that they're clamping down for sure. Like what you were just saying earlier. Yeah, so how how they not flag flag this down Because it's a more obvious flag if there's a trigger word as opposed to just a fake video These accounts appear to be Operating in a coordinated network as they mass upload the same crypto videos under obscure hashtags See the one that I sent you Jamie because this one in particular this one just overwhelms my feed. I see it constantly. And the one that I just sent you, it's like I just don't understand how you can't stop that. It looks almost like that one in the picture I just showed. But it's a different image on the the first image we can click on it. I keep seeing this [3:18:02] thing is like, you know, you just keep seeing the same image over and over again and you know, that's it. This Bitcoin thing. So give me some volume on this so I can hear it. So this is fake. Yeah, 100%. So you get, can you refresh it? You're totally up, look, five minutes ago. Yeah, they're, listen, they're constant, man. Well, that's why I can take care I promise to give away my fortune and I'm doing it. I miss the opportunity that will change your life. So it's a Bitcoin current. Warren Buffett, can you tell us about your spontaneous decisions lately? Yes, of course. I am launching a Bitcoin giveaway take part. If you want to change your future, go to the website, howeads.com, Enter promo code gift and enjoy your prize of zero point. Wow. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. So there's like, I don't know how many accounts that are uploading that same thing. So easy to do people. And over and over. Yeah. If you, there's a certain percentage of this country that has an IQ of 85 and under. Right. What did we say it was? [3:19:03] Was it 16%? Yeah. yes standard deviation whatever it's sixteen percent that have no chance that no chance it's bushwick bill versus mike thyson there's no chance the world is too cruel it's too difficult to navigate they're not going to make it they're gonna drown so with those people they might have a job or they might have social service money they might also some way they can they can... I'm gonna invest in Bitcoin, and I'm gonna make my way out of this mess. This guy's a moron. He can't help himself. He's got a nine watt brain, and it's never gonna change. It's never gonna get stronger, genetically he's fucked, supposed to be a ditch digger, and then they get him. That's gonna get 50 bucks from that guy and 100 bucks in this guy and a thousand bucks from that guy and 5,000 from this moron How did they get away with it though? Isn't there a way to track this? I think they just do it from other countries and they do it with so many different accounts and they do it to a separate website It's another video. Uh-huh That's the same exact video, same exact audio. Look at this, but it says Warren Buffett has decided to whiten his reputation [3:20:04] says Warren Buffett has decided to whiten his reputation. But just giving money away at the end of his life may sound fun, but don't lose the fucking opportunity. Oh, look at that. So that's like the trick in you to getting mad at him for being rich and it's a different website. So there's probably thousands of these websites and they're probably all the money goes into the same account. Holy shit. They're probably extracting, who knows how much money from how many more on. It's also, I remember hearing this recent, not how recently this was, but a couple years ago that as the rest of the world has been coming online and getting access to broadband internet and fast and fast and early, we've had for like the last 15, 20 years, all the scams that we've been having happen to us are now happening in mass to them, like the Nigerian Prince game, if you will. That's like the most famous one, someone reaching out, another using deepfakes to do that, but it's happening to the people that just got the internet. They'll get people for a while. Oh yeah, forever. They're getting us today. Yeah. People are always getting got by these fucking stupid things. [3:21:01] There's always something that comes along. Whether it's, you know, fucking, the crypto guys from the Bahamas, FTC, I mean, how many people did they get? They got like very intelligent people. Yeah, you look at people who are just catfishing, I'm like, you're just doing it for the love of the game. Catfishing is still just fucking weird one. That's a sport. That's a sport. Yeah, that's like catch and release fishing Do you have to do some said kid from Syracuse or some fucking horny athlete? Wow, yeah, what's his name? Fucking that was a great which one Netflix thing man. They tell you. Do you see that shit? I heard about that one Nothing get him just like him? He's just like a sweet kid too. There's some woman who was like, wouldn't meet him. He's like a college athlete. He's too busy anyway. And then, you know, you got to meet the person though. I think something happens when people connect with people online where you develop this like very bizarre attraction to them because you don't really know them yet in person. [3:22:02] When you're communicating back and forth, and you're both putting forth your best face. And if you're a young athlete, you just like football player and slated saying all the right things. Untold, the girlfriend didn't touch. Like she like, yeah, he didn't know. I mean, he's like a sweet kid too. You see, and by the way, like, there's an Netflix thing on him and you're like he comes out looking great and the and the guy who can't fish and you're like This is a psychopath. They know the most right that's terrible person The the idea is that you're allowed to do that to a person You don't even know because that person's famous like you're allowed to destroy their life and do something horrible to them Just because they're famous. That's crazy But also you also have to deal with like why couldn't he see that comment why didn't he why couldn't he recognize and then you have to take a account yeah and he's a football player okay you know you're colliding heads with people all the time yeah all the time all the time you know it's not healthy football is football is probably the most dangerous sport there is I mean when you [3:23:03] look at like the blackouts in the CTE like what offensive lineman have to deal with like I think it's probably the most dangerous sport there is i mean when you look at like the blackouts in the ct like what offensive lineman have to deal with like i think it's probably the most vicious sport we have explain shane gillis i do i'm not kidding that explain kinesan did he play football? no he got hit in the head by a car that's right yeah so did rose and the media on kiltonia law recently that he was he was funny. He's new. He's young guy from Austin, but he was telling a story recently over a pandemic. He fell off of a balcony and land on his head broke his face all his teeth are fake. And it's like, I was like listening to them like, Oh, this is going to be another guy. He's probably going to be hilarious comedian, but life pride change because of head injury. Well, it's not guaranteed you're gonna be funny. No, no, no. I'm recommending you hit by a car. No, he didn't do it on purpose. This is in Spider-Man. You got a fucking app in this one. You're just trying to nail it. You're like, let me just fucking hit my head. No, no, no, no, that's not how I said it. Yeah, I think I attribute some of my success [3:24:06] to brain damage. Yeah, that's probably something that. You take a lot of hits. Yeah, for sure, but it's enough that I'm cognizant. I'm gonna wear, but I also have like a level of, don't give a fuck, that's probably not healthy. It might be healthy. But it needs to be like managed all the time with strenuous exercise and voluntary difficult things like cold plunge and sauna. I need to do stuff. I need to like... You need to be active. You need to force this brain into violent activities on a regular basis. If I can keep it in check. But I think there's a certain amount of brain damage is not bad. It's just a touch. Just a touch of autism, touch of brain damage is not bad. It's just a touch. Just a touch of autism, touch of brain damage. Mm. I think you made comics healthier. That's good. I think you did. You made me want to be healthier. That's good. When I was here last time and I was like, yeah, I got to take care of myself. Holy shit. You were so nice about that. That was like, yeah, I should fucking, I should watch this a little bit. You gotta think of your body as your vehicle. [3:25:06] And if you have like a Nissan GTR, you could take a GTR and you could put a fuck a big ass turbo and it'd make 900 horsepower. Like why wouldn't you do that? Wouldn't be better if it works better? It's faster. Why? It's gonna strip more on those people. That's why. Yeah, but still You want energy and no you're right the energy of your mind is directly connected to the energy of your body And we want to pretend that it's not because there was like a time of intellectual snobbery We're taking care of your body was thought as vain and and and stupid. It's a morons approach No, you really you made people healthier, I think and in a way we were like no, it's this is smart This is we need I'm pushing, I'm 56 years old. You don't look at it. But that's possible. I just don't, I'm not doing anything crazy that other people can't do too. You could do it, you just have to be on top of it and you have to not let your body degrade. Because once your body degrades, building your body is not as hard. Yeah, you just have to be like really dedicated to it the same way you're dedicated to brushing your teeth [3:26:07] Same way you dedicated to eating food. Don't you eat food every day? Yeah, yes Well that because you have to right stay alive you also have to exercise you should exercise it minimum five days a week I think I think I mean look when we were on the road We did a tour bus last year a few times and like we'd be out 14 days or whatever at a time Every day we would wake up in a new city, we'd hit a rec center. We'd play basketball, we'd do whatever, we'd steam, we'd shower, we'd get breakfast, big way to start the day. Great way to start the day. And we drink at night, but guess what? We sweat at the fuck out. Yeah, take some electrolytes, get some liquid IV, pound it, pound and you can mitigate it. And you can also give your body more of a chance to be robust while you're traveling, and avoid sickness, and avoid fatigue, and all the shit that fucks with bad shows. When you have that feeling backstage, you feel like shit, and then you gotta go on stage. That's a terrible feeling. Two shows, I mean, back in the day, three shows. [3:27:01] Remember the three show nights? Oh my God. The three show nights are so squarely for me because I'm a marijuana proponent. And I would often forget that I bring this up already. This is the third show. Is this the second show? Super. It's fucking hard, but if you're high. And then when you lock in, like when you lock in and you're doing stand up, you're free-bond, which often you're likely to do, if you're doing three shows, you want to make it interesting, see them mix up the order. And you're like, oh my God, I don't know where I'm going with this. Well, you find new bits. Yes. And also I would do, like, start with coffee and with booze. Like ride the caffeine to that. Like, exactly. But I'm doing something long. I want to enjoy myself. That's why I'm terrified of Adderall. I'm terrified of any stimulants. Stimulants scare the shit out of me. They work. Yeah, I didn't take it. I used to take it all the time in Holy shit. I might have to when I had to start writing a new fucking hour. I like them. Are they good for creativity? I love it. I block out of it. I just focus. I like voices in my head so like when I kind of voices just like joke idea joke I do like you know so so when I'm writing I can't it's too much and I can't write but fight pop an ad [3:28:08] roll I can like focus on I read an article I think what's funny about this that'll like warm me up listen to my set I I'm gonna I'm gonna struggle to write a new fucking out. What's the what's the dose? I don't remember it's I gotta get new ones actually all my shoes. You get a prescription? I do, yeah. That's good. You don't wanna get it from the cartel. I don't want that shit. I know people who do. I know people who get street drugs that take extreme molly. Like what are you doing man? I need to get that. I haven't had it in a while because I've been kind of honing this hour but when I need a new hour that starting at zero, dude. Yeah, but you always do it. You always do it, but it's always, it's a wonderful, terrifying feeling because you gotta be a rookie all over again. Like people know you, well, they love you, they're fans, and they come to see you and you're a rookie. It's crazy to suck again. I'm like, man, and it's also because you're coming up in the high of murdering, so you're like this is good as I get yep, and then it's gone and you're like I'm shit Yep, I'm fucking shit. That's the game we play my friend, but I love it. Yeah, it's beautiful [3:29:09] So you're gonna film your thing in March. Yeah, right? And then it'll come out around May hold for a little save Okay, you'll come out. We'll promote it. I would love that. Thank you 100% always great talking Thank you very much. Appreciate you brother Social media website. Yeah, and I got, I'm doing a new thing called punchup.live slash Samarrel, my name, and that's like a mailing list that I've been doing and I've been putting like no shit. Spell out people sitting on fuck about that. Punchup.live slash S-A-M-M-O-R-R-I-L. And it's like that you two will flag. So like I'll put like a more offensive joke there. Sometimes I'll do whatever, but it's like a fun place and in exchange, just give me your email so I can blast when I come to your city. Beautiful. Beautiful. That's a good move. That's very smart. That's very smart. All right, and then all the tour dates are up there. Yeah, I'm in Irvine. I'll probably add a late Thursday there too But in Provin Irvine awesome fucking club love we added a 330 there [3:30:07] That was I've never been in bricktown in Oklahoma. So I guess great. Yeah, I love it Yeah, this is like a really good network of solid clubs. I don't I only do really good rooms at this Thank God I'm at a place right now where I can only kind of choose a good ones But yeah, then Wilbur is gonna be Wilbur's fuck it was awesome.