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Yannis Pappas is a standup-comic and host of the "Yannis Pappas Hour" podcast. Check out his special "Mom Love" on YouTube. www.yannispappascomedy.com

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Joe Rogan. Yannis Pappas. Yannis Pappas. How are you, my brother. I'm good. How you doing? What the fuck's cracking? I'm doing good, man. Just enjoying Austin. Are you enjoying a ton of freedom? I'm enjoying a ton of freedom. This is a ton of freedom. Yeah. This is freedom here. This is the well-wrestled. I'm enjoying it. I think it's the best Mexican I ever had. It's very good There's a lot of good Mexican on here. Yeah, but that's that's a good spot. That was good. Yeah And of course hit the Terry bees on Martin Luther King Day. So it was empty. It was nice. Sweaty, you have the added benefit of being around people with masks That's like a East East Austin. I didn't haven't't seen any math. I didn't. Yeah. I think. Well, I did in Vancouver. I was in Vancouver before this. Yeah. There we are. They never stopped. No, they're still going. Yeah. Yeah. It's wild. There's a San Francisco, like town hall meeting and they they passed a vote to stop for a ceasefire and Palestine. I saw it. Yeah. And so they're all masked up and they're dancing around and they got blue hair and someone had made a caption that this is literally South Park. This is literally an episode of South Park. They look like fucking complete maniacs. Left in this worn torn shattered hull of a city and whatever's left is filled with human shit and tense everywhere. They're dancing around, but they've stopped the ceasefire and foul start. Yeah. We voted for it. Stop it. They solved it in Oakland. I guess they have Benjamin Netanyahu's paying attention. Right. Like that's going to worry you all. I guess I'll stop now. Yeah. He stopped traffic on the way to the airport in New York and that'll do it. Yeah, that does it. That generally does it. That's what Netanyahu was waiting for. He's like, all right, now I've seen the error in my ways now. Now I gotta pull back. Now I gotta pull back. I did go too far. I'll be back. Yeah, I'll be back on the overpass just holding up a free Palestine thing and I'm going like, I bet those people have amazing [2:10] productive lives and they're not crazy at all. Yeah, not at all. They got a full schedule of things to do and they took a lot of time out of their schedule to stand on top of the highway. They're super healthy, they're really into mindfulness, they're on the ball every day, they get everything done. Every one of them, every one of them has an alert for what they have to do next on their very busy schedule. Free pals, Dine. Who wasn't gonna? Those people just saw your banner. Yeah, till the banner came up. Yeah, those people are just perpetuating the situation over there. It's like, the whole, is it right or wrong thing? It's like, it's obviously wrong. Humans have always been wrong when it comes to that. It's always been about power who's got more power and who has less. It's very multi-layered. That's the thing about any international conflict. [3:01] You can look at the mainstream media narrative. They did this and then they did that. But then it's like Ukraine and Russia. Like you say, oh my God, Russia invaded Ukraine. This is horrible. And that's most people's natural reaction to it. And then when you go, wait a minute. Was there a rule? Did they make an agreement to not push arms closer to Russia? Did they consistently violate that agreement? Did they, they try to move Ukraine, I was reading about them, trying to move Ukraine into NATO, like what, what, what, what do you, a Putin supporter? You know, Putin supporter, like, no, wait, even, isn't this a very multifaceted, super complex international conflict that really is about a lot of things. It's, it's not just about Russia and Ukraine, it's about NATO, it's about nuclear arms being pushed closer to a superpower. It's like, there's more to it. There's more to it. There's more to all of it. And usually that's why war breaks out is because it's so multilayered [4:01] and then it gets to that breaking point. And it's just wild that they could still pull off war today. War, it was essentially like hijacking resources or controlling parcels of land. It's weird that they could still talk people into that today. Because it's kind of an old hustle. It's almost like old radio. Yeah. It's such an old hustle that you can get people to believe. These people hate you for your freedom or whatever it is And then you go over what's fucking shot a lot but go kick their ass. Yeah, it's kind of amazing Given what we know about the true nature of conflicts and how so many Things are manipulated behind the scenes to force people into actual physical conflict. And then there's generals that sit in air conditioned offices and they move their pieces around the board, like chest pieces and human lives. Yeah, yeah, and they don't fight. They're never in the front. Never. I don't even think Alexander the Great was in the front. [5:01] I don't buy it. Well, he didn't live long. He didn't live long. He didn't live long. He didn't live long. How's that of the grade? He died like, he's like 40. Yeah, didn't they die young back then? Oh, yeah. And he died like some sickness. He didn't die from like a battle wound. I think probably all died of sickness. Can you, but can you survive if you're in the front back then? Is it like a human meat factory? No, likely in our comments about. I feel like back to, like sickness probably really kicked in when we started gathering together and throwing our shit out the window, actual shit, like human shit. Like if you think about the cities of ancient times before there was plumbing, do you know how horrific? That was the history smelled, yeah. We don't remember. We were there, we assume every place is like Target. We assume every place is like a, you know, a fucking rest stop on the highway. You can go in and take a shit. No. No, people were shitting out windows. They were throwing their shit in buckets. According to Wikipedia, he was a very productive 20 year old, [6:04] 20 something. He was 20? When 20-year-old 20-something. He was 20? When he took over as king. Whoa. Yeah, he conquered the world. He was in his early 20s. What a gangster. Look at this. By the age of 20, okay, he succeeded his father, Philip II to the throne, and 336 BC at the age of 20, and spent most of his ruling years conducting a lengthy military campaign through Western Asiaia and egypt by the time by the age of thirty he had created one of the largest empires in history holy shit stretching from greased to north western india he was undefeated in battle and widely considered he won a history greatest and most successful military commanders and wasn't he also gay well Well then there's the... He's a... What's he about? That was the way back then. Yeah. Is that what he was? Yeah. Student of Aristotle and there was... We've read that question. Wow. That's about how those... Tutored by... Yeah, those questions. Those relationships were uncomfortable. Those guys all fucked those kids. [7:02] They had unix. There's those yeah, but Unix and then they just had young boys. Yeah, what did it say about the aerosol thing? No, can you go back to that quote where it was? Something else. We heard what a huge page that guy did a lot of shit. It says by the age of 60 until the age of 16 rather Alexander was two by 16 years too old. Air cells like get out here here. You don't fuck. Bring me a young boy. In 335 BC, shortly after his assumption of kingship over a Macedon, he campaigned in the Balkans and reasserted to control over the, how do you say that, Thraces? Thraces. And parts of Ilria? Illidia. Illidia, Illidia. You should be saying this yeah, this is your native tongue. This is basically I went to Greece this summer How'd you like it amazing? Yeah, your people did some wild shit, dude. Yeah, we did people did some wild shit We did when you're in a place of stand-ups and I didn't do anything right I was on the couch I'm saying your people your team. Yeah, you know if the Lakers win you didn't throw a ball my try we won you know yeah the only thing we didn't do is create an empire because we're too busy in fighting which is [8:07] which is typically Greek well you know you can't do everything can't do everything did a lot more than a lot of other cultures two thousand five hundred years ago did a lot with mathematics philosophy democracy democracy yeah we did a lot yeah a lot with drugs too lot with drugs a lot with pedophilia have you ever read that book The immortality key no, it's about the illusinian mysteries It's this guy Brian Murr rescue and Brian's been a guest on the podcast before and he's a scholar Who is like a straight-laced guy's never doesn't do drugs nothing and He Great Lakes guys, doesn't do drugs, nothing. And he, through all of his course of study, they were trying to figure out what they were doing in this Illosidian mysteries. Why were people going from all over the world to have these experiences? What were these experiences? So they've recently discovered that inside these pottery vessels [9:00] that these contained wine and beer in, they found Urgot. And Urgot is a very potent psychedelic. It's like a fungus. I think it's akin to LSD. And so they're very, at the very least, we're taking that in this one spot. And what they believe is that all of these transcendent experiences they had, these the Illusinean mysteries, they get together and figure out how to solve the world and let people vote and all that wacky, that's all I'm tripping balls. This is my idea shit. And it's literally the birthplace of democracy. It's literally how the world changed for the better. And your people were doing it 2,500 years ago and you can walk in the same spots where they walked. You can see the buildings that they built. It's weird. It's weird when shit is that old. And you can just walk on it, like the Parthenon. You just walk around. And you can marvel at how durable what they built. Yes. [10:00] 2000 years is so long. There'll be no, yeah. 2000 years from now, you're not going to see any strip malls still long. There'll be no, yeah, in 2000 years from now, you're not gonna see any strip mall still standing. They'll literally be dust. Yeah, they'll be dust. They built things really well back then. I think a hundred. Great effort too. Yeah. To do that, like the kind of precision that's involved in the, in the Parthenon, when you're walking around it and you see how all the stone is cut now it lines up and how massive the columns are and how beautifully symmetric it is. It's so smooth and clean and these people didn't have engines. No, it's crazy. There was no engine. This was all done by hand. Yeah. It was all think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, think, a craftsmanship. I mean, you weren't just getting the crudest of people getting artisans. You probably worked against your will to move those big rocks and stuff. Yeah, it's 100%. Now, who the fuck knows how they did that? What the hell were they doing back then? [11:01] They did some wild shit back then. When we think about human ingenuity, you go, God, we're missing so much of like, they didn't leave like, here's a book on how we did it. This is where we got the rocks, this is how we cut them. This is the best way to move them, which we've moved this way, they'll fall on you and to kill a few guys. This is what we figured out over time. Yeah. Yeah. It's crazy to think about. And I agree with you. I think it was drugs that opened people's minds up to like think about. Yeah. It gave them a completely different perspective. Like Carl Sagan once said that about marijuana. I'm paraphrasing him, but essentially saying that it offers you a perspective that's not available without the drug. Yeah. That's why I think mushrooms are getting popular for depression, right? It sort of takes you off those grooves that are created by the neuro-connections. Yeah. Just gives you a new perspective. I wonder how much, I mean, there's certainly different kinds of depression. There's depression that's clearly something wrong, chemically with some people. [12:03] But how much of it is just from not being healthy? How much of not being healthy with your body and not being healthy with where your life is going? Like where you, what kind of job you have, what you wanna do with your life. That's gotta be some of it. Friendships you have, all your friends suck. Yeah, that's gotta be a big part of it. And I think trauma, I think childhood trauma. I think childhood trauma kind of can make you depressed. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, for sure. I think that especially abuse. Yeah. Abuse seems like the one that people of the hardest time shaking was, because it's not, there weren't even, there wasn't even that they were ignored, that someone prayed on them. Yeah. And they have no self worth or beaten Yeah, no self worth and they know that The younger the abuser than the galact happened the more of an imprint It leaves because your brain is forming and it's fascinating stuff man But we have neuroplasticity and you can go to therapy and EDMR is something I'm doing and it's incredible. It's the only thing I've [13:06] ever done that sort of works. EDMR was invented by Francine Shapiro like in the 80s accidentally, she's a psychologist and now it's become sort of the gold standard for trauma treatment at PTSD and like vet hospitals and stuff. And what it is is it's IED, it's I'm movement desensitization and reprocessing. And so it involves moving your eyes in a very specific way while you process traumatic memories. Yeah, I'm doing that. Whoa. It's crazy. Oh my God, you're hacking your brain. And then when you're done, memories start flying in out of nowhere. How did you find out about this? This is wild. It was sort of, it was interesting. I was in LA, right? So I, you know, I have early childhood trauma and then I've had some traumatic things happen. And then I've had some traumatic things happen. wild. It was sort of, it was interesting. I was in LA, right? So I, you know, I have early childhood trauma [14:09] and then I've had some traumatic things happen in me later in life and then the panic attacks started after I got shot when I was in my early 20s. I didn't know what they were back then. Like, I just didn't know what they were. So I'd just be having these panic attacks in the train just going like what is happening to me? So I've been dealing with it for like 20 years and it would go away for periods I have great periods and then it would come back and after I had kids, I think I called you, I spoke to you once and you were very helpful, but after I had kids, it sort of triggered a lot of these feelings that would come up out of nowhere and sadness, I'd be looking at my kids and I'd get sad I'd be playing with them. I'd get sad and I didn't understand it and then I'd be in a hotel room and On the road and I'd just start like panicking and I'm be like what is this and so I was talking to my friend Tracy Carnazo She's she's a comic in New York. She's funny and she's one of these Italian [15:06] Girls who's just got a guy for everything. She's a comic in New York. She's funny. And she's one of these Italian girls who's just got a guy for everything She's just you ask great. She's like I can I know somebody so she asked you was like how are you? And I just answered honestly. I was like I'm dead and I give like a paragraph And she sounds she was like it sounds like you didn't feel safe as a kid She was like let me get you in touch with this person who I'm friends with who does EDMR. And then I got in touch with this therapist and she's incredible. And I started the EDMR journey and it's been the only thing I've done. And EDMR has a beginning, middle, and end. It's not like, you know, it's not like Adam Finite just goes on forever. It's like you're there to reprocess this trauma. And so do you do it in a specific place? I do it in a specific place? I do it I do a zoom. I love to zoom you zoom yeah, so you zoom with someone who guides you through it Is that works? Yeah, and you do it how often I'm doing it now twice a week But you can do it once and how long is each session hour? She'll go longer sometimes though Wow, yeah, so what it what do you do you feel like the [16:07] Chemicals moving around your brain while you're doing this? Yeah, you do. And that's a big part of it is identifying the trauma in the body and how it affects the body. There's a book called The Body Keeps the Score, but I think his name is Bessley, he's a psychiatrist and he's responsible for all these trauma centers all over the country. And so this guy is doing it to this lady right now. He's going back and forth with his fingers and she's following his fingers. And so she's supposed to be thinking about traumatic memories. And then he'll bring up, he'll take her back through the first phase is like identifying the trauma. So it's a lot of talk therapy. So you kind of talk a lot, talk a lot, talk a lot, and then the therapist gets the idea of what you need to go back and reprocess. And new things will come up when you go back and then you'll reprocess it. It's not just hands you can do, you can follow a ball, you can hold the buzzers in each hand. It's about stimulating both sides of your brain. [17:01] Yeah. What's happening in mental health now is so fascinating because when you parallel it with what happened in medicine, we used to treat the symptom. If someone had a fever, they treated the fever, but they didn't know what the cause was. They put you in cold water or boiling water, whatever they did, and then they found out about viruses and bacteria, so they started treating the cause. Now in mental health, you're starting to see that revolution because of the advances in neuroscience where they can look at the brain and they can actually see what parts are responsible for what where trauma shows up in the brain. They just did a recent study. It was a big study about how trauma is doesn't traumatic memories don't come back as memories They come back it they light up in the party brain as if it's happening now Which makes sense we knew that because you know when Vietnam vets start bugging out in there in the supermarket Whatever, but it they can actually see it now in the brain that the brain is processing it as it's happening now [18:01] so you know converging neuroscience and psychology and all the things that they've known from all these different advances. And it seems to be in a place now where trauma is becoming one of the things that they focus on the most. Like early childhood trauma or traumatic events in war, obviously we know that that's, you know that that's the specific cause of what is bothering those people, is what they've experienced. So now they're targeting the trauma, but they have ways to treat the trauma with EDMR, with brain spotting, it's called a whole bunch of these tactics. That's really fascinating. It's really fascinating when you think, like I had this guy on the podcast yesterday, Joe Piper, he's a MMA fighter for the UFC. And he had a terrible childhood, terrible fucking horrible beatings, just constant, it's like heartbreaking to hear the story. [19:02] But you gotta, it's just fascinating like as a human being, like whoever you are where you're listening to this right now, you are the accumulation of your processing of every experience you've ever had. As much as we like to claim autonomy and we think on our own and we kind of do, and there's definitely chemical problems. There's definitely people that just have a genetic defect, something just like some people have diseases of all sorts of other parts of their body that get diseases in the brain. That's fucking for real, 100%. But you're basically just an end product of experiences and your interpretation of those experiences and the legend, the lessons and the way you contextualize all those experiences and they're all in your head and that's your map of the world. That's your map of the world. So if you're in San Francisco, yeah, we freed past, like their map of the world is fucked. Like their experiences. Like what's got them to 2024, January 18th, whatever it is? [20:04] This results sucks. Like this result sucks. wherever this is This results sucks like this result sucks like this is terrible like you guys are out of your fucking mind Your ways to your tired. There's needles on your street You guys are out of your fucking mind. What did you what do you do with this this result sucks? But those people are they could have been in fucking Wyoming Like hard work and ranchers the same human could have been like a salt of the earth, fucking Kevin Costa, Yellowstone, looking mother fuckers, could have been the same, it's just your experiences. Yeah. It's just what do you, what shapes you, what directions do you go in? When do you get pushed down? When do you get lifted up? Who gives you a hug? Who pushes you away? Yeah. And how does this play out? Yeah, I don't think a lot of people know themselves because you got to do all this work to know yourself because your brain protects you in so many ways that you're unaware of. Like, um, they know in neuroscience, like your brain usually, when it's healthy, works in concert and sends information to different parts of your brain to process it, [21:01] but when you have trauma or a chemical problem or whatever it is, it doesn't work well. And in traumatic experiences, your neocortex shuts off and your limbic turns on and there's a survival reason for that, right? So if you're in a moment of fighter flight, you don't wanna start reasoning. You don't wanna go like, you start philosophizing. You're just emotional. You're dealing with your survival reptile brain. And so it actually shuts off. So people who have panic and anxiety, it's hard to reason your way out of it because that part of your brain is shut down. Now, imagine you have panic and anxiety already. And you already experienced depression. And then they prescribe to medication. And one of the side effects of that medication is suicide. Suicidal ideation. Suicidal ideation, yeah. That's, imagine being that person and forced with that choice. [22:01] Like this may help you or you might just... Yeah. Yeah. Well medication, yeah, it just... That's a wild one, man. Yeah. Medication is... It can help you. It can help you. But you could also. It can hurt you. You could go sliding down a hill and there's no trees to grab. But every study they do still till now, the medication is not the end all cure. Like it just doesn't, it can numb it, it can help you. It's definitely good if you're in a jam, like if you're really in a bad spot. When you do the medication, that's when you got to start doing the work. You can't just do the medication as an end to fix it. But the medication is interfering with the natural system. You know what I think it's gonna be in the future? Medication is gonna be like for mental illness, it's gonna be like leeches, like all these used to use leeches. They didn't know any better. Oh, they should just put medicine into people, they should give them chemicals. Oh, they didn't fix the brain? No, they just did chemicals. Why didn't they do the rewiring? All they unfigured it out. Yeah. But that the fucked up thing is that trauma that you experience [23:07] as a child or those bad, it wasn't the traumas of very overused work. Some people experience real trauma. So let me say this, the negative experiences that you've had both as an adult and as a child, those also made you who you are if you're happy with the result. Like if you're happy with how you're living, you're happy with what you're child, those also made you, who you are, if you're happy with the result. Like if you're happy with how you're living, you're happy with what you're doing, those things were important to go through, unfortunately. Well, it's not you could do about them. It happened. You got to make the best out of them. And a lot, you know, a lot of people do make the best out of them and turn them into something. A lot of people do. It is possible. And trauma's not necessarily the thing that happened to you. It's how you react to the thing that happened to you. And everyone's different. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity and circumstance and genetic code. And so I can't really judge anyone's trauma. So you could never know how another person feels. You just can't know. You just can't know. [24:01] Unless you're on TikTok. Then you can know. But yeah, I mean, if the human race has a chance, I think people need to start looking inward. Why am I really doing what I'm doing? Who am I really? What is this really about? Also, this is so temporary. We're treating it like it's permanent. It's so temporary. You're treating your own life like it's permanent. And it's so temporary. I've noticed a lot of successful friends I have and a lot of successful people are so scared to just be happy because I think there's like this deep fear of losing it. Yeah, that's real. So it's like if I stay miserable, I don't got to focus on the fear of losing it. Yeah, that's real. Because we all lose it at the end. It's that and it's also you have a real fear of not being able to keep doing what you do. Like whatever it is that you've done that's successful, you just lose the magic, you lose the thing. What is it? Now I suck. You know, like whatever it is. Now I'm not interested. Now I'm not interested. Now I can't talk. Now I can't do this anymore. I can't do that anymore. Nobody likes my music. you know, my movie suck. Like, yeah, that fear, it's crippling. [25:05] Crippling fear. Well, it's such a crazy fear. Yeah, it's funny the way things are set up here. It's just funny. It's like, hey, enjoy yourself, accumulate all this stuff and then, but you have to have this knowledge because we have these big brains. Like, you lose it all, it's all going away. It's all gone. So not just said that about everything he has. You know, they were given him a hard time for giving away so much money, giving people things. Yeah, and he's like, there's, this is not mine, I'm renting this. Yeah, and it's filling on. Confony, comedy makes it everything okay. Yeah, that's why I think. Makes it more fun. It makes everything okay. It just, it conquers everything. It means you're, when you have a good sense of humor and when you're laughing in the right way, not just cackling by yourself in a room, but it just means you're mentally healthy. It's a sign of mental health and strength when you can laugh at horrible things. That's the way you conquer them. Yeah. It's also a sign that you're recognizing nuance and you're playing with it. [26:01] Yeah. It doesn't mean that you really think that this tragedy is great. Right. You just find something horrible to say that's hilarious about the tragedy. And sometimes you can only do that with your friends. You can only do that at a deli. Yeah. You can only do that having dinner. One o'clock at the morning, just talking shit. Yeah. Making each other laugh. Yeah. But that's also a thing that I think we have really, that we're really lucky about. That's our big gift. Our big gift is each other. Like as comedians, you know, I spend time with a lot of different people and a lot of, you know, different occupations and I always can't wait to get back to comedians. I can't wait to get back to the green room with the mothership. Can't wait to do sets on the road. It's just the conversations are so much more fun. They're so fun. You can say anything. And it's just fun. Everyone's just being funny and smiling and realizing, wow, we're so lucky. We used to be open mic night comedians. And now here we are about to go do a sold-out show. [27:01] We're having dinner together at a restaurant and laughing, and then you go have fun. Yay, and then the people have fun. Yay. Yeah, yeah. It's beautiful. It's the ultimate connection. And the amount of love that you get back and forth, like the amount of love a comic gets, the amount of love they give, the positive energy, both for and back, that's like very few people get to experience that in life. Yeah. And it's the only place that comedians can get it. It's from other comedians because we're jaded and you can't. It's harder for a week. We can speak so freely. You can go, there's this fucking bit, it's just dead. It's got a thing and it goes somewhere and then it drops off. And I don't know what the fuck to do with it. I've been trying to bunk you around with different ways to say it and switch. And they're like, hmm, and then everybody will sit around and analyze it and while like analyze each other's bits. And like, you don't have to say that part. Everybody already knows that. If you cut that out, it's shorter. You're right, what did I say that part? It's tinkering with stuff and you can just like openly tinker with like phrases and ideas [28:06] and setups. Yeah. It's like a, it's so much fun. It's like architects sitting with their contractors figuring it out. Yeah. If you got a good relationship with the contractors, I would imagine the architects and the contractors squabble a lot. They do. I'm going through that right now. Oh yeah. We're putting an addition on our house and yeah, they squabble. And I'm like, who do I trust? The architect of the contract. Oh no, it's a power struggle for the honest poppin' love. You get in the middle. And it's funny, because I don't know anything. So you just got, you're at the mercy. You're just so vulnerable. Yeah anything about what they're talking about. And I'm like, just trying to look in their eyes and figure out which one's more honest and I have no clue. It's just a guess. Yeah. That was someone who was telling me that about the World Trade Center. They were saying, you know, the World Trade Center was designed to be hit by a jet plane. And I don't know if they're right, but what they were saying is like, no, how much? They go, oh, say if it's supposed to get five bolts, [29:08] if you only use four, then much money you save over a whole building. If you make the steel that thick and stuff that thick, do you know which money you save? If it calls for like half inch this, but you use quarter inch that, you know much money you save? You gotta pay off the inspectors and all that, I guess. I guess. Are they really inspecting everything? Oh yeah. How does that work? You just see it across your fingers. I don't know if that's the case. But my point was always like, how the fuck do you know what's gonna happen to a building until a plane slams into it and you get to watch? Right. Until a plane slams into it and you get to watch right because there's never been a skyscraper They're gonna hit by a plane before which makes it interesting. This is not how it should have happened Yeah, like we have zero idea well that what it looks like other than 9 11 when a plane a plane in the skyscraper a plane hit the Empire State building Big one [30:02] What was that the 40? Was it a propeller plane? No, it was a big plane like a jet. Yeah, really? Yeah How about it to fuck it up? It slammed right into it didn't do shit to it Me 25 night in 1945. Wow, that's crazy. Yeah Yeah Listen to pictures What and the buildings fell not because of the plane hitters. Oh shit. Yeah. Yeah. So that's a big ass old school plane. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a propeller plane. Wow. Where did it hit? Bang right there. Wow. 79th floor. And it didn't take it out. No. They're built not to. Is that commensurate though? Like how did it hit? Did it hit just the wing was guy trying to pull out? No, he put that. Look at that. No jet fuel in there. What's on there? No jet fuel. Yeah. No jet fuel. The heat from the jet fuel is what took down the trade center, not the plane impact that they say. So they say, but that would say. Yeah, well you know what they are, right? I mean, well they, you know, they did. [31:06] I don't know what they are. I was, I was hoping I could just sleep that is. I don't know how it ended that real soon with some like, Alicita. Yeah, depending on what you're talking about. Let's go to Ditto with Alex. Let's go to Ditto with Alex. He's been freaking me out people ruin it by coming up with what they think happened instead of just stopping at hey it's fishy it's a little weird just stopping there because you can't know you can't know what what the actual conspiracy was but there's a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense I'm not 11 well whenever you run into a situation where there's a gigantic world-wide Disasterous event like that's that's an event that the whole world knew about but you lie about some aspects of it Like one of the things was what are the United States get caught lying about Saudi Arabia about their involvement early on with with funding [32:01] Yeah, they ignored it. I mean the bin Laden family was flown out before weird stuff. Yeah weird stuff weird stuff Weird stuff. It's like what if I wanted to do that would you be mad? But if I had some fucking dudes from Afghanistan Staying in my house and right after some shit went down. I illegally flew them out of the country They're cool listen. It's cool. Yeah, it's cool. That sounds like what a criminal would do That's right. That's right It sounds like what a criminal would do. Yeah, like if I if I was running cocaine with the Colombians and Right before the FBI came I fucking shot some planes illegally filled with coke back to Colombia I'm like listen, no, it's time I'm worried about yeah, okay. It's guys good. But you know a lot of fly right now It's okay. It's okay. It's just yeah, it's guys good. But you know a lot of fly right now. It's okay. It's okay. It's just, yeah, it's criminal. It's just criminal enterprise. Yeah. It's okay, it's okay. We're just gonna fly. We're not gonna tell you. We're gonna take the family of the dude who set this up and we're gonna just fly. Okay, get them all out with Saudi Arabia shut the fuck up [33:06] What about Iraq that weapons of war they're gonna kill us all we're gonna all be dead unless we get in there right now Yeah, yeah, it's sort of like with the Epstein thing. It's like isn't Gat I just call her gasoline because I pay pronouncing her first name just line Glangaline yeah, why not what how come there's no they're not interrogating her how come they're not She's just sitting there no they're not interrogating her, how come they're not, she's just sitting there and they're like leaking these slow leaks about, well it's even crazy. It's like you talked to her, they have her. Is nobody asking her any questions? Like she knows everything, torture her. We can't torture her. She says everything. Any questions, it's not proper. And how is she just sitting in her mansion? Like while this was all going down, she's just sitting there. They can't find her. She has a bit of rest. She was in a cabin in New Hampshire. Yeah, you can't find Ben Laden, but you can't find just Elaine Maxwell. Well, they found her. Yeah, they found her for a while. Well, she's so low. they didn't shoot bin Laden. They shot bin Laden's double. [34:06] That's why they got rid of that. Like there's so many wacko fucking flat earth conspiracy theories out there about everything. Yeah, but some of them are not. Yeah, some of them are just because people have access to information now and they go wait a second. I think that's not- But I also think- Synically? Yeah. I think that nine of them. Synically, yeah. I think there's a lot of really dumb ones, and there's a lot of ones that are like a little smarter than dumb, and then there's a lot of ones that are really smart, and there's a lot of ones that are like, oh my god, if this is true, this changes everything. And they all lump them in together. It's genius. It's genius. Because if you only look at the ones that like the Federal Reserve isn't Federal? Wait, wait a minute. Where's it? Where the fuck's going on? Yeah. When you just look at one or two of those, it's so confounding that that's actually taking place right now, that you need like a little flatter throat in there, a little fucking pizza gate, a little Hillary Clinton's laptop, [35:01] they're eating babies, you know? So you can sneak in Epstein's Island. Like, that was a real place, man. That was a real place. And the way a place like that can kind of fly under the radar, is if there's a bunch of fake stuff, don't go to Antarctica, there's an alien base, you know? There's like the more nutty shit they can get you to think about, the more real things you should be really concerned about, sneak through. Yeah. Do you think that's intentional? You think 100% spiral with others. Both, yeah. Both, I think it's both probably. It's both, yeah. But they're playing on the fact. Even if the government wasn't encouraging people to go insane, they would still go insane. They would still have conspiracy theories but without a doubt foreign governments are on tiktok and on instagram and on facebook and they are influencing people to go in a very specific direction and how much of a percentage is it if their algorithm encourages like trans positive content how how much does that move the public narrative? It's not zero. [36:07] It's not zero. No. So if you've got two ships, and they're both going on the same direction, parallel lines, and I could turn this one ship just like that, just a little bit. I just need like a couple of degrees of turn. Over time, that motherfucker's gonna be way off course. Yeah. Way off course. Yeah. I think that's happening for that fucking shore. That's the way war is waged now. It's also happening with people that think they're doing the right thing. Like we were talking about Google the other day and like how YouTube censors things. Like they think they're doing it, they think they're doing the right thing. I was reading, is this true that gas digitals all their stuff got taken off the air? I think they got taken out again on YouTube, I think. Yeah, I don't know if you mean like their website and everything? No, they're YouTube-based. Yeah, they got taken out again, yeah. There's one video where this comic that works at Lewis [37:01] was saying that all they were doing in this podcast is talking about how big a guy's dick was. This guy had a giant hog. They were talking about this guy. And they got their shit removed for that. It's up now. It's back. It's a different page. Toads back. So what were they saying? Maybe I'm looking at something, maybe it was a clip of something that happened in the past. Yeah, I don't know the specifics of it at all. It was one of those, it was either an Instagram reel or one of them YouTube shorts, you know, one of those things like that. Yeah, he was talking about how they took it down because he was talking about how big a dude's hog was. Yeah, that does seem. Oh, it's bullying. Yeah. It is big day. You're looking at the, we're talking about Jeffery Episodes Island. A lot of people don't talk about his ranch in New Mexico. Yeah. And his mansion. I mean, it was popping off at all his spots. He built a 26,700 square foot mansion with a sprawling courtyard in the living room, roughly the size of the American home. Nearby was a private airstrip with a hanger and helipad. The property also include a ranch office of firehouse and a seven bay heated garage yeah that sounds like an intelligence agent [38:10] right out of a fucking movie yeah and we're recording all the politicians in the honeypot yeah and how many people died because of that i hate we're never gonna know they're never gonna let us will never know what a fucking genius con yeah What a genius con. You get some guy, he's a billionaire, he just give him a fucking blank checkbook, which when you're spending 170 billion on Ukraine, and 136 billion here, and 46 billion there, and we gotta upgrade that. And there's let these people in, and that costs 30 trillion, like fucking, what's a billion? That's right, yeah fucking what's a billion that's right yeah what's a billion to control literally the greatest scientists and entertainers and politicians and just get them all convinced yeah bills here look look who's here is the steven hawkins here look this case here look at said no bell [39:00] laureates here look at all these brilliant esteemed scientists look at these amazing conversations look how beautiful these women are Nobel laureates here. Look at all these brilliant esteemed scientists. Look at these amazing conversations. Look how beautiful these women are. So like everybody says that, you know, if you went there, you'd be a real piece of shit. If you're going to a place where, I mean, what is the actual list? Who's on the actual list? You know, there's some pretty fascinating people. If you got invited to that party You didn't know what the fuck is going magician David Copperfield reappears Jeffrey Epstein court With lawyers suggesting he traded tickets for girls Tickets for his shows is it shows that hot? Jesus Christ how cheap are these girls? Because like, how much does this ticket to a show cost? I don't know, I don't know the magic hierarchy. Talk about over-valuing what you're worth. Yeah. If you give me a sex slave, I'll give you tickets to my show. Take a sip by Magic Show. Not even a Chris Angel show either. But what a brilliant move if you can, [40:03] I mean, here's, okay, question number one, were they all underage or some of them of age? Like do we know how that worked? Because even if they weren't underage, is the best if you wanna get some black mouth, that's the best, but you can still bust quite a few guys with of age. Oh yeah. Especially if you give it a little, yeah, yo. We're on an island, you're gonna do no rules. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, with the elite, with a fucking a little minority, boo. Yeah, just cheat on your wife is enough enough. That's not it. Yeah, just we're publicly having it so that they can like trot it out there. Anytime there's an election, time there's this or there's a vote They want you to vote in one way or another way. They always have that always have that just a little reminder You just keep that fucking thing in the back of your head like I got to shut the fuck up until the line I gotta shut the fuck up and total on there's no better way to control someone no better way and it's It's so brilliant and ancient [41:03] It's like an ancient strategy You know and it it was I It was so brilliant and ancient. It's like an ancient strategy. You know, and it was, first of all, is there another one going on right now that we don't know about? Of course. Like that at that level? Of course. It seems like that. So effective. Why would you stop? I think you need a combination of things to do it at that guy's level. By all accounts, he was a brilliant guy, which is wild, right? And you have to be also a sick fuck, which he obviously was, and also an intelligence agent. So, do you just become that sick fuck over the course of, like, you know, you hear about DEA agents, they start dealing drugs. Once they get in there, they're like undercover, and then they fucking live the life, and they start start dealing drugs once they get in there they're like they're like undercover and then they fucking live the life and They start actually dealing drugs it happens. Yeah, do you think like maybe the guy just became a fucking Socio's path psychopath so fast in from just dealing with the life that he was that's his job his job is to trick [42:01] Politicians the fucking underage girls and get them coped up and bring them into this place. It's cameras everywhere, these fucking idiots don't know that there's gonna be cameras everywhere and you set this up. This is what you do for a living for 30 years or however long you did it? It's fascinating to think about. I think two things. I think everyone wants to be someone, right? Everyone wants to be someone, have an exciting life. And then I think people have a myriad of, they have a, you know, just your moral compass from your family or whatever's on a scale. So that's a factor. And then, but the more important factor is everyone has those moments in their life where things are offered to them. You know, and you know you go this way You're gonna get some exciting stuff, but you're gonna have to compromise your moral compass and yeah people make that you know make that decision fame and Power it's like the ultimate elixir. It's also the people that you're around because like we were talking about like we love being around comics [43:03] It's it's fun. It's our lifestyle. It's how we like to talk. They like being around other sociopaths. They like being around other people that are taking over businesses. Hostile take over. They like to be around the guys who influence foreign governments. The guys who fly over in private jets and sit with their legs crossed with a Italian shoes on. And they have conversations about clean energy. And what they really want to do is control the fucking food, control the farmlands. We have to reduce the methane from these cows. And the best way to do is just take the cows away from the farmers if we just control the cows. If we have a climate change mandate and we control the farms, that means basically game over. That's literally doing that. All bad guys have a British accent. There's no reason why you would say we shouldn't have cows. Unless you're a fucking complete sociopath. [44:01] You're not going after the coal plants first. No, you want people to get rid of cows Are you sure this is a good strategy? Do you understand starvation? Do you understand how that works? You're not gonna grow cows are you now? You need someone to grow cows and you're gonna take their cows away The fuck out of here. Yeah, why would they want to get rid of cows? Because they want you to be completely dependent on them. The more you're dependent on them and the more they can tell you what's good and what's bad and what you shouldn't be doing. And, y'all know we looked at your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is very problematic. It seems like in your job of stand-up comedy, you travel more than the average person and you contribute more CO2 and they show you like a video of all and we're gonna have to get you to stop. It's like for the greater good, for the greater good. It has some benefits. Social credit scores have a benefit. Things are cleaner. They run a little more orderly. Sure. You have to listen or you can't eat. It's horrible, it's a nightmare. [45:06] But there is some, it's things do run better. Well, and you're for the government. Yeah, you have less descent because you kill people. Yeah, I mean China's doing a great job of showing how you can run it. You can run it, yeah, they're just doing it. It's a nice tight ship over there. Nobody's J walking. Yeah, I tell you make an iPhone. That's how you make an iPhone over there. Yeah, you get you get people to follow rules. Yeah, Nate, you know, if that comes over here, that's the end of creativity. That's the end of everything. Because you're just gonna have to shut the fuck up. I mean, you're gonna have to tow the line. And we all already know that the line is nonsense. We know that the line is not really intelligent people that are assessing objectively what's going on in the world and giving you a reasonable version of the events. We know that's not really what we're seeing in the media. We're seeing people that are deeply influenced by advertising budgets, by what kind of companies advertise on their shows by the investors who own stock in the company. [46:08] There's narratives and they're not necessarily even remotely honest. Like sometimes they're off the charge fake. Right. And they get printed in like major newspapers. Some of the propaganda in the beginning of the Israeli Hamas war was that these Israelis bombed a hospital and 500 people were killed. It was printed in the New York Times. I remember that. Yeah. They didn't hit the hospital. No. They hit the parking lot next to the hospital. I think a lot of that is the rush to to get to the story first, like because there's so much competition. Everyone's just putting things out and nobody cares about the retraction anyway. Well, also that's a juicy story. If Israel really did bomb a hospital, oh my God, this is genocide. It really helps that narrative. Yeah. Like I was watching this documentary last night and the media did that to this couple. [47:00] They did because the movie Gone Girl was out at the time. So they just started calling her gone girl and she made up this Whole story of being kidnapped she did get kidnapped she did get raped But the media was just making fun of her calling her gone girl because it's a juicier story They just ran with it the police department too was all convinced that she was a gone girl people just marketing and an advertising and Subterfuget works. It just works. That's why advertisers spend billions of dollars on it. Because it works. You're the one Nancy Pelosi talking about it openly. Talk about the wrap up smear. No. You know, Nancy's been in politics for a long time. And she's genius with her money. She's very good. She beats the market a lot. It's amazing that someone who's never made more than $170,000 years worth $150 million. Yeah. And she does better investing in this stock market than Warren Buffett or George Soros. Yeah, she's always beating the market. So I don't know what happened. Maybe she had a senior moment. And she just started explaining how you lie. And she, I mean, this can't be AI, is it? I think it's real. Because it's from a couple of years ago. It's called the wrap up smear. [48:06] Yeah, there's an AP that assessment that says it's been taken out of context. I was trying to get to what the context would context could it be. She's describing a wrap up smear. So she was, assessment says she was describing a tactic she used. Or she accused Republicans of against Democrats and other portions of her response not showing the clip Pelosi makes it clear she is not talking about her own party. Oh I don't think I don't necessarily think she's talking about anyone in particular when I'm saying is that what she revealed right is that there's a straight it's a play you know like if you're a football player and they call a play you know that play you know, like our call back and stand up probably, this is what she's doing, she's talking business. She's talking business. I'm not saying she's even accusing anybody. Nobody knows. The claim was that it was. The claim was saying that it's how the Democrats get the media to legitimize. Oh, okay. But what was fascinating to me about it was just this [49:00] open admittance that it's all bullshit. Just saying, like, not decrying this thing and saying it's a genuine problem with communication that we have deception and it's tolerated and that it's not punished and that like a willful deception like this. And there's a thing called a wrap-up smear and this is a horrible thing that they do. Wasn't that? It was like, this is how it's done. Watch it, you're go play from the beginning video I think you smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandise it and then you write it and I'll say see it's reported in the press that this this this and this, so they have that validation. What's going on? The news person was about to start talking, so I was trying to cut it off. Let's see when you hear it. The assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. This is where I was trying to not get too confused on what. Okay, so they were connecting it to the assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh to try to keep Matt the Supreme Court, right? Is that what the Fox news story was starting to do? [50:06] Five years ago when this was posted. Yeah. But what I was getting at was just that she's describing a tactic. This is what we do. You know, we fake and then Johnny comes into the right. I pass off the football to him. He sneaks around behind. We run through the fucking line. Let's go. She's talking business. Yeah. Even if she's not saying that the Democrats do it, this is how we do it. She's talking business. Yes. Yes. And that's how it works. And you're not, she's not horrified. Imagine if you were in that same position and you'd been given information. For whatever reason, the current administration thinks, let's have a very smart, funny guy, and he's going to be the guy that kind of explains what's going on. And you have to explain what a wrap-up smear is. Would you not feel like morally obligated to say something about how atrocious activity like this is when it comes to critical decisions that people are making, people that are probably [51:04] not that informed. People that are going through their day busy, they have jobs, they have bills, they have stress, they have all kinds of stuff going on. They don't have enough time to pay attention to what's going on with that Supreme Court guy. So if you're like openly discussing strategies where you would deceive people in order to get a narrative pass that's clearly untrue because you don't want that guy in office politically. And that's not horrific to people. That is anti-American. It really is. And you can think you're doing it because you're a good American, but that's how communism gets started. That's how dictators take over. They come up with justification for why they can bend the rules. The rules are the fucking rules. Yeah, once you compromise rules, that's... You gotta let people vote. You gotta let people... There should be, and I think there's gotta be a good news. [52:02] What is that 1440 news? Is that what it's called? I don't even know what it is. There's some news site that is, I think that's the name of it. I signed up for it. I don't even remember what it is. They're trying to just give you facts with no narrative. Like here's the events of the day. Ground news? I love ground news. I don't know what the sources are. Look, if they're on the ground. What they're doing is they're trying to do it without a left wing or a right wing spin. Well, ground news tells you it rates. That's it 1440? I don't know, is it? Yeah, that's it. Difficient up for it? I don't even know. I can't tell if this is a subset. 100 plus sources so you sources you don't have to culture science sports politics business in more all in a five minute read it's people are if you're a fox news fucking zombie you're a fox news zombie you're you're you're not checking what ms nbc has to say you know what's that that Rachel mattael lady what's her take on this is there some fucking [53:02] is there room in the middle here you know what's what's you don't live in that reading and that really room in the middle here? No, you know what's you don't want to live in that? You live in that where you live in the fox reality. Get in my time. No one has any fucking time, you honest. Did it have time to be sorting this out so if you're fucking lying and you're doing it because you think it's a good strategy to get your politician in place. That's dirty. That's anti-American. Yeah. It is, but I'm sure it's the way it's worked. Bro, from the beginning. Think about what they took Nixon out for. Just spying. Just a little spying. Just a little spying. Not that big a deal. Yeah. And they don't want to do anything about the Epstein client list and they don't want to do anything about whatever the fuck Hunter Biden was doing with Russia. And Ukraine and China. Yeah. What were you doing, bro? They're [54:01] selective about what were you doing over there. Hey Joe, why does everybody have millions of dollars? Yeah. Where did all that come from? Yeah. Why are you on the board of a major energy company and you're a crack head? Why did it's a curry favor with the vice president? Why did you buy and get a million dollar a year job teaching at UPEN. Yeah. That was funded by a Chinese grant. Yeah. He also... He also... His actions is funded by a Chinese grant. It happened right after China gave him a bunch of money. This fucking dude doesn't even have to show their... These tell their what he's teaching there. Yeah. And he also plagiarized, got caught in no consequences. Dude, we had Joe Biden night at Stitches Comedy Club in Boston. In 1988, when he was running for president, he got busted. I think it was Robert Kennedy's speech and someone else's speech. He used like big chunks of people's stuff, and he got busted. Pre-Internet. [55:01] And it was so egregious and so bad that we did Joe Biden night at the stitches comedy club where like you would go up and do my act and I would go up and do your act. We would just go up and do acts of our friends. If you just you know we just said fit Simmons and I used to go and watch it. It was hilarious. Yeah. There's no consequences. There's no consequences. No consequences. It's There's no consequences. There's no consequences. No consequences. It's not just no consequences, but there's so many videos of him. People keep wanting to talk about Trump lying and you know, Trump being a bully. And it's like, I'm not saying he's not. I'm not saying he's not a crazy individual, a bombastic individual, but why are you ignoring the other guy's lies? Right. because if you care about truth we should be going shit look at this mess that's what we should be doing it's the same reason why those people won't say that trump did anything good he did do some good things when he was in office something he was right about some things and he did do some things that were effective uh... never admit it because it's it's all team ball the guy was the head of Google. How do you say his name? Chimoff? I Don't want to fuck his name up. Brilliant guy, but his take on it was [56:10] He trumps the wrong guy with the right strategies wrong guy with the right message wrong guy socially Politically lightning rod for the wrong kind of people the right guy in terms of seems like those policies were more effective. There's just so many things that are fucking weird right now. That's a good point. Yeah. That is a good point. Yeah. Well, he's brilliant. He's a brilliant guy and you have to be brilliant to be someone who was at Google, which is an incredibly left-wing organization. Like, heavy, like, most super genius tech people are very like left wing and then To look at that in a nuanced way and and to be able to step outside of the ideology and say that because that's the truth That is the truth. Yeah, it was a early second Facebook. I'm sorry Facebook And that again same kind of thing. Yeah, yeah, super genius tech guy. But the way he describes it, you can find him saying it [57:08] because the way he describes it, you're like, thank God he's saying that and not a moron, you know, because what he's describing is the actual points and he's making very good points about it. Yeah, it's like, well, I mean, we're less dependent on foreign oil. I mean, he was right about the border. Look at the border now. The border now seems to be on purpose. It seems to be on purpose. It seems to be like there's some sort of a strategy to either flood the country. Tim Dillon thinks it's a cheap labor for construction. He's like, that's got to be true. It's got to be a factor. It's got to be a factor. Cheap labor is probably a factor. And then another factor is this push to have them be able to vote. It's a weird one. Like they're doing that in New York City. They're pushing to give illegals the right to vote. But then the wildest thing that Texas is doing is shipping all the people that show up [58:01] because these states want, they want sanctuary cities. Like yeah, because you're not on the border. Okay, we'll just ship them to you. So Texas is just shipping bus loads of illegal immigrants in New York. Like this is your mess. It's the perfect example of the difference between theory and reality. It's like everyone up there is in theory. Oh, love everybody, everyone's great. There's no such thing as an illegal and then when it becomes your problem and that's why Texas is doing it. They're going, okay, now you're going to deal with what we're dealing with so you're going to feel what it's like and now you guys got to pay for it and you have to figure out what to do and change your policies. Yeah, so it's yeah, it's it has there's a lot of people in the left in the center that are going just like make it go away. They're just going out and I just throw them in the water. Just make it go away, but don't tell anyone. Here is it. Is this it? Yeah, that's it. Talk about Trump through Anger and Syndrome. Yeah. Okay. Hillary Clinton, I voted for Joe Biden, but this is the honest assessment. The guy [59:01] did for the things that he was supposed to do a good job. And for where every other president found a way to frankly make our situation a little bit worse, specifically around wars, he did not do that. And that is a huge accomplishment that I think needs to be acknowledged as a Democrat who has been left homeless, who is now definitely in a center but probably leaning increasingly right. I'm left yet again with an appreciation despite the messenger of the message of the Trump administration because what those guys did was pretty incredible in hindsight. These Abraham Accords, the Accords with Israel and the GCC, the almost accord between Israel and Saudi. To really be able to like find a long-lasting peace is just a real example for the world and those guys still have a lot of really good work. It's a miracle actually when you look at it. [1:00:03] What they did, you you know despite the fact listen No fan of Trump and I am too a homeless But this is where I say but if you want to objectively look at what they did That we have to it was you have to you have to and in fact This is a moment where you have to start to Reunderwrite like is one's trump to range been syndrome Causing more damage than anything that Trump could have actually done. And I think the answer is yes, because like it's now causing us to not see that good work and then embrace and extend it. So much of the work that happened in that administration turns out to have been right. And that's what's so frustrating for me. The work on the border wall, we didn't like the messenger so we killed the message. Turned out it was right. Issuing long-term debt to refinance when grades were at zero, we didn't like the messenger, so we killed the message. A structural piece in the Middle East, we didn't like the messenger, so we killed the message. [1:01:03] When are we going to stop shooting ourselves in the foot and when are we gonna actually see and take the time to Look past who was saying things and actually listen to them work for work boom So good well, that's why he's gonna win this election if they let him run He's gonna win well I think the abortion thing really shot the Republicans in the foot. Yeah, I think a lot of women are not happy about that Whether they publicly say it or not. I think it's a gamble. It's like what percentage of people are pro and what percentage of people are against and how many of the like the people that are actually gonna vote a real hard core, you know, red to lump dead, how many of those people are pro-life? Probably a good number. And the other ones are the other ones are not going to vote Democrat just for that issue. If you don't, I believe would trump everything except killing babies. I'm not going to vote for them in that. Just think you should be able to do that. Well, very few people are going to do that unless you currently need one right now. [1:02:04] You know, and then it might sway your judgment. But very few people, if like most of the chips are stacked in this one direction, but there's just one. Yeah. The thing is, the thing about it is the control thing. The thing about it is it's kind of crazy, is being able to tell someone what they can and can't do and to say there's no debate. Right. Well, it's clearly debate because people been having abortions all over the place and we're not putting them in jail right so there's clearly a debate as to what that is yeah and it's also that it's one of those things where it's like you're morally against it so then if you're morally against it then you don't do it and be morally against it but it's one of those things that's gonna happen it's like being morally against something doesn't change anything in the real world. It's like with Israel and Palestine, I'm morally against it. It's like, okay, what's that going to do? Right, but to what kind of stop people from dying? To an extent. To an extent. Because once the baby's born, then we all agree you can't kill it. Right. But that's so there's a number. But most of the world does like what? First term, after first term, is not good. Yeah, I think there's got to be a compromise. [1:03:05] It's interesting, because abortions aren't good. Even if you're on the left, abortions, you can't say abortions are good. The people that want them are, you know, like this. Did you see the video that trans guy? A trans woman, rather, who said he wants to be the first person to get a transplanted uterus, get pregnant, and have an abortion. It's gotta be a joke. It's good. You can't add comedy to comedy. It's probably a dude. Yeah. It's probably just a regular dude. Just thought it would be funny. Start tick tock paid, say the wildest shit for coming for your kids. I was thinking about the guy with a stubble in the lipstick. I'm like, that's probably not even real. This one Trans woman to have a successful uterus transplant. Oversean X included. And I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion. It's true, it's comedy. If it's not, it's also comedy. It's China's victory cry. [1:04:01] Yeah, we got him. That's what I think. I think China tick-tockck us into a fucking coma. They certainly have. Yeah. I think we did it to ourselves partially, but I also think for sure, just like I said, like it has an effect on narratives about which way people believe what they agree with and don't agree with. Whatever they can show you on that algorithm, that shapes things in a certain direction. Well, I think they saw what our culture's about, what our weakness was, and they used it against us. You know, fame, what we worship, Tom Cruise, fame, and then once they democratized fame, they were like, oh, let's use this. Let's promote, let's make stupid people famous. Let's make simple things famous. Let's promote, let's make stupid people famous. Let's make simple things famous. Let's push these in the algorithm, so people see it because then Americans will go, oh, I can get famous too. And then everyone started becoming their own Madison Avenue agency, marketing wacky, zany versions of themselves. If you know actors and you know actors, [1:05:02] and I know actors, not all of them, but there's a percentage of them that aren't even people. No, they're like vows of their fucking mind. And if you can convince that guy that wearing a dress to the golden globes is gonna get him more attention, he's gonna do it. Oh yeah. He's gonna do it. He's gonna wear high heels and you're gonna tell him he looks fabulous And this guy is straight as an arrow and it doesn't matter He's just gaming the system. Yeah The people who are really in the fame you can really convince them to do anything Yeah, cuz they want the fame they want the attention. They want it bad. They want it so bad That's the question. They want it so bad. That's the process with being huge. And I, you know, I've met people like that. They're just, they're obsessed with it. That's what they want. It's, it's just what they want. That's how they're built. That's what they're into. And then the producer puts his hand in your leg and grabs your hog. Oh, but I want the movie. And you do it. And you do it. And you do it. And you do it. It's so important important it grabs you by your hand takes you into the room [1:06:14] How bad do you want to be Ironman? Yeah, how bad how bad how bad do you want to be Peter Parker? Yeah It's so crazy That's probably what tips and scales whoever is willing to do that the most what Quentin Tarantino is telling us about this old director That literally had a bed room built into his office where he had bed the Starlets. So he had his office, they'd go into his office and there was a bed in a room and he'd take them in there and bang them. All of them. You want to be in the movie? You got to fuck the producer. Fuck you talking about. Yeah. Especially once you get that system up and running and you've created a few stars and you know how to do it and they'll, it's Frank, he's the guy who runs the office, he can make you famous. And he can, and he can, and he will. Yeah. It's interesting now, because the world knows that that's the way it works, because it does. It does work that way. [1:07:00] Harvey Weinstein thinks, he's opening up that camera. That is how it works. That is how it works. A lot of times people who rise up in the system are bad people. Especially those kind of systems, systems of power and influence. But I would say that that's like, why was always talking about Hollywood in that way that that is like, it's a perfect proving ground for like the absolute worst way to develop a human being. You take people that are already fucked up and they need extra attention and then they move to a place where they're surrounded by people who are fucked up and need extra attention and then you make them compete to see who's worthy. And you go in there and pretend to be someone else and they decide whether or not they like you or someone else or his or someone else and you have to figure out what they like and try to be their friend Maybe bring them chocolates and maybe talk to them about the latest Roe v. Wade issue I for one and always been with the woman's right to choose and they'll like Formulate their ideology based on whatever this group of people [1:08:02] This group of people achieves ultimate power. And that, you know, like if you step out of line politically with any of those people, you're on that shit list and you're not gonna be in that movie, 100%. You either keep your fucking mouth shut or you go and you worry if I can pink ribbon and you do all the things you're supposed to do, the black square on Tuesday, you do everything you're supposed to do, or you're not getting in. And so everybody is just like this, like weird shell of a person, trying to figure out what's the thing they're supposed to say, what's the thing they're supposed to support. Yeah, it's a miserable way to live, but. But it's a whole industry. That's how you make fake stuff. Yeah, that's the only way to make fake stuff You gotta get those fucking crazy people to pretend they're a minor There's plenty of those people willing to step up and act that way. It's just a terrible place to Like be a human and in that environment it's so hard like I so admire actors who are cool [1:09:02] I so admire actors who are cool. I so admire them. He's like, oh, you're just a guy. You can just hang out like Chris Pratt. Bro, if he was right here, he's like my friend from high school or something. He's like a regular guy. Just happens to be a giant movie star. Like how did you do it? You got through, you're all right. Well, his looks didn't hurt. It helps. Yeah, it helps, but you can also be a douche with looks like that you can't be yeah, you know, yeah If you are it's like why right Right, you won the lottery Sweet heart of a guy yeah, yeah, there's a lot of guys like that like I've always loved Ethan Hawk He says a lot of profound things he seems like a real normal guy lives in Brooklyn. Yeah, he seems brilliant Did you see that new movie the haven't seen it yet? What is it called? The new Netflix movie it's an apocalyptic oh it sucks. Oh, I didn't like it. Yeah, I did see it No, I did not like it. Where's it go? The world behind you thought I didn't like what did you not like about it? I just thought it I don't know It just didn't I loved it you loved it loved it. Yeah, I didn't like it. Yeah The only thing I didn't love is the animal showing up in their backyard. I'm like, just doesn't. That seemed a little over the top. It seemed a little over the top. [1:10:06] If I think what I didn't like about it, it seemed a little over the top. I like the theme of it. I like how they kind of turned on each other a little bit. Yeah, but not too much. Not too much. But it's common. Yeah. Yeah. You fair for sure easing week and the other dude is strong and you know that's going to work out well You know I mean there's not enough people yeah, Julia Roberts still looks great. Yeah, yeah, you know The thing that threw me off in that movie was the fake animals the CGI animals like that does something you like You just took me away you've developed this intense psychological thriller You don't need to have this weird animal mystery thing. And it didn't even go anywhere. Exactly. Well, there's no logic behind it. There's no reason why the animals would all just show up in your backyard like that. And they never explained it or nothing ever happened. Unless you live in Texas, they're everywhere. But they're everywhere every day. This movie was great and not so great in the same time. [1:11:02] Like that part was not so great in the same time like that part was not so great Yeah, it didn't make any sense But the rest of it did make sense that people do go sideways, you know, yeah I thought that um who was um who played the guy that oh Kevin Bacon Okay, the crazy guy underrated actor he's so good. He's such a good actor very good I would have liked to have seen him more. Yeah, that's the thing There was one scene. I agree with you. This fascinating guy was already prepared. I agree with you. It seemed like that hole in the house stuff was like a little, we got it. Like, we kind of got that part. Yeah, and also the tension didn't go anywhere. They want it being friends. Yeah. You know, like the girl and Julia Roberts, like they hate each other, they be in the bitching each other, then they're hugging each other at one point. I'm like, what are we doing? Why'd you make them fucking country to each other? That was just, yeah, I didn't love, I just didn't think it could have been better. Why did he not have his wallet on? I'm like, what is all about this? Drives it with, oh, I must have left it in my jacket you're setting me up. There's real drama. The world is over. There's real drama. Why [1:12:06] you get this weird interpersonal drama? There he is. He was good in it. Yeah, but you know it was really fascinating. There was this one weird moment where the daughter and what is the gentleman's name? The same guy that's playing bleed, right? How much? Oh, yeah, I'm not saying that. How do you say his name? He's awesome. He's great. Yeah. He's awesome. He's great. It's just like when the daughter said to him, you can't trust white people. Everybody got so mad. Everybody gets so mad. Isn't this a movie? Yeah. Where two black people are in a house with white people in the end of the world. You don't think that's a reasonable thing to say? No. It's also part of the black psyche. It's there all alone. I'll be. They're always thinking like, can I trust this guy? Why wouldn't you say that you're a young girl? That's on brand. You're a young girl with tattoos and those rings and you say don't trust white people. Yeah. Yeah. Duh. Why would people be upset at that? No Obama made this movie. This is the agenda. No, that's not watch the movie. That's not what it's about. [1:13:06] We're hanging out with black people. It's always a little something where they always have it in their head a little bit. Or they always have a story. Yeah. What did he say to you? They went through some trauma. Yeah, that's what he said to me. And you're like, whoa. That one on one racism when no scary shit. Yeah, that's gotta be the scary shit. Yeah, you can't just wash away that trauma. It happened. Yeah, but it's also it's a movie. It's a movie about people that are experiencing heavy levels of anxiety. Yeah, where the world is over. Yeah, there's war going on. No one knows what happened. Plains are falling from the sky. This girl's mom's dead probably. Spoiler alert. Well, everyone's like overreacting now to the how that's been politicized, right? Like the race stuff and the DEI. So if they see any glimpse of that, they just attach. They get mad, even if it's just a reasonable part of a story. I mean, you gotta give people room and fiction to make realistic human beings. If you don't think a realistic 20 something year old girl who's with her dad, whether in a guest bedroom of their own fucking house because these other people air be [1:14:08] imbedient but the end of the world is here, you don't think you'd have some fucking shitty things to say, especially if there's no one around. Especially if the woman who's Julie Roberts is acting like shitty. Yes. Yeah, doesn't trust you. Yeah, everything, everyone's so charged now in the culture war. can't avoid I just posted this clip on my Instagram where I Made fun of you know cuz Trump came up in the releases and and Clinton came up in the releases Of course they say it's all been they go. Oh, that's all been debunked It's punk. That's what the media says all been debunked It's all right even though they were both of them were hanging out with abs. He's like what were you hanging out with them? Got what you guys golfing? What were there's photos of them all? Yeah, they were out of here. And Trump was at Clinton's wedding. Was that Trump, the Clinton's red Trump's wedding. They're all like clean. The lane was at Clinton's daughter's wedding. Exactly. So, but I posted this clip and the comments are just people yelling at the other he wasn't on. They're just, they just can't see past. Also, those people, a percentage of them are bots. [1:15:08] You think so? A hundred percent. A hundred percent. 100 percent. 100 percent, a certain percentage of those, 100 percent, a certain percent. There's a certain number that are not real people. That's true. That is all what we were talking about earlier. Foreign governments, they found so many of these sites They've found so many of these troll farms. There's videos of them the internet research agency in Russia is completely dedicated to trolling America online and Desolving our faith in democracy. That must be a fun job to wake up to do. Amazing wake up You just like those are funny. I had Renee de rest on she's one of the people that Investigated it and she said there's hundreds of thousands of memes. She was in some of them are really funny Yeah, I'm really laughing while I'm like fucking documenting these it makes sense because I was thought like who's sitting around making these memes Like who it's got me some of these job to do it [1:16:01] There's definitely some of them are just funny people Because my friends made memes. Yeah. They sent me memes. Because it's about something that we did. Yeah. Yeah. It's very funny. I love memes. It's my favorite. It's my favorite. My favorite kind of comment. I know you send me sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. They're great. Yeah. I don't send you enough. I get a lot of good ones here. I'm like, you just want that we show to you real quick because it made me laugh so hard. It's horrible. It's horrible. It's horrible. It gets the point across. It's horrible. Oh my God. There's so many of them. And you just laugh so hard. There's no victim. No, there's no victim. Yeah. It's just, it's just, it's a one on one thing I it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's just is that they developed pages, right? So they would develop like an Instagram page [1:17:06] or Facebook page based on something that was popular. So maybe they would use Yannis Poppins clips, right? They'd use a bunch of clips of you and your characters and all your bits, and then they'd do it without your consent. And then they'd develop a channel. They did one with a Barbie channel, like fans of Barbie dolls. They did one with like Legos, like they'll, and then once they accumulated a following, then they'll switch it over and have it become a meme page. And I've seen this before. I went to one that I found the other day, because sometimes if a meme just stumbles across my Instagram, I'm very curious about this whole process, like who's making these, where are they coming from. So I clicked on the link and I went to their Instagram page and I saw a bunch of memes, but also a bunch of weird stuff and some weird political stuff. And I'm like, hmm, what is this? So I scroll way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way back. And in the very beginning, it was just like a regular page. It was like they were promoting something, [1:18:00] like some gaming thing or something like that. And it was just a regular page. And I think they'll do things like that just to try to get some traction of following going and then they'll start launching things. Well, that you could hack the algorithm just because the algorithm picks up on the engagement. It's all computers. The story in the Rolstein Journal from a few years ago talks about a Los Angeles marketing company that got a bunch of smaller Instagram accounts to give them control. They do that. Then they started posting a bunch of Russian troll propaganda. Yeah, they'll do that. They'll trick you until like giving up your passwords and we'll handle this for you. We'll manage things and yeah, I have a friend who was, she was gonna do like a podcast with this, she's a musician, Susanne Santo. And she was doing this interview and they were gonna do it live on like Facebook live. So you get like a video stream. And so she's like, I'm not sure how to set it up. They're like, oh, just give us control and we'll do it [1:19:01] and we'll do it on your screen. So she, you know, files all the stuff and enters in her code and her password and sends it to them and then they just shut off. Wow. And then they just took over her account and they've been doing it to a bunch of different artists. So if you have 100,000 followers or 150,000 followers, now they just take over your account and then they sell Viagra or fucking Bitcoin or whatever it is. You can't get it back or... Well, she got it back, yeah. She got it back, luckily. She, you know, protested and she knew people. And she got it back. But you could lose it forever easily. Russian trolls made fake kid rock fan accounts in full Donald Trump Jr. That's what I'm saying, man. It's like, it's not a small number of people. No. that's what I'm saying man it's like it's not a small number of people no I think it's a lot yeah like I think Ren\u00e9e de Resta was speaking about this from the 2016 elections yeah well remember that whole the the kid the Covington kids it was some accountant Brazil that edited the video to start it so it looked like the like he came up to the guy the kid came up to the is that [1:20:04] what it was yeah it was some account in brisilton fake account in brisill interesting and um... yeah they they look for moments to try to so discord one hundred percent yeah the more that we can get us at each other's throats it's um... it almost seems engineered it is engineered but i mean almost seems engineered that we fall for it well i think our government doesn't step in say hey look at what's going on here We need to figure out a way to mitigate this. I think they have been I think they've been bringing it up They've been trying to what they've really been doing is trying to get at people that criticize the government That's what they really try to do they try to ban accounts that do things that they don't like and that's what that's been shown the twitter files they for sure but there's not the same kind of emphasis in going after russian trolls are trying to so discord and try to encourage you know reasonable the conversations that there's not there's not emphasis on that well i think this that's more the social media companies response billiard i don't think they wanted to do it because it inflated engagement and they could go to their shareholders and say look how popular our pages pages are. We got a trillion members in like half of them were fake [1:21:07] and look at all this engagement and half of it's fake. They don't want to say half of it's fake because it looked good for the stock. We've talked about this before, but this is this guy who is a former, was he an FBI security analyst? Is that what he was, Jimmy? That said that 80% of the accounts on Twitter maybe fake. That makes sense. 80. It's a lot. Because you always meet regular people and they're like, what? Did you see what happened on Twitter? They're like, what are you talking about? But I don't know what that means. Does that mean 80% of the accounts are accounts where people have burner accounts? Or like what percentage of them are just burner accounts? Because there's a bunch of, I know some comics that have burner accounts that say wild shit. Just like, it's logging through a fucking VPN and say some wild shit. Yeah. I don't have any burgers. I don't know any. I don't have any time for my own accounts. Yeah. I don't want to do a burner count. But if I did, you have some fun. I'd have some run. There's a few I follow on. They get people like on the SPN, the repost of fake tweet, [1:22:07] all of the time. Yeah. Like daily, they just word it or make the meme or the picture looks so good or so right. And it just sounds outrageous enough. So and so was fighting about something crazy and they just reposted without checking into it. That sounds like me. How many times have we had something that I heard? And I'm like, what is this I heard? And then Jamie has to look at it, but oh, this is what it's actually done. Oh. That happens. Yeah, that's the world we live in. Listen, that's what happens when you, if you want to do the show for real, like this, like if you want the show to be what it is, which is just talking shit in real time, you're gonna make some mistakes. I'm gonna say some things that I heard about. They might not be true. Yeah, but is that really my fault? Like, should we really be paying attention to that, or should we be paying attention to how are we so fucking confused? How are there so many trolls? How much money is being spent to make us mad at each other all day long? A lot of money. Yeah, and from how do you develop immunity to that? [1:23:01] How do you develop antibodies to that? How do you develop an ability to just not be affected by that? And to have some sort of a moral ethical personality compass where you know where north is? Well, this is all new. Never before has so much information been available to people and so many different versions of reality presented. So it's new. Whatever is gonna emerge, it will be like some sort of superhuman who can be able to have unbelievable intuition and just know maybe like this will force humans to evolve to a point where we can like mine read or any little face tick will be able to tell if you're lying or something like that. Everyone else will get fooled, but the ones who will be able to tell the truth will be able to just like really like, oh, his eye move and always lying. Yeah, like think about like voice memos. You know how you say voice memos, like you can say into your phone, call Janice Popus today at four o'clock, and it writes down in text. That's kind of how a computer is at picking up whether you're full of shit. But you're a lot better than that. [1:24:06] If you're talking to someone, they're like, why didn't you meet us there? He's like, oh, there's this thing I had to do. I forgot to tell Mike. I left my keys in my house. There's something about the way they're talking. He seems full of shit. You just pick up it. Or are you mad? No, I'm not mad Okay, and there's something you're like no, you do your mad tell me what's going on? Why you mad? What's going on? Just let's talk why you mad. Yeah computers are not mad as that. Yeah, computers are gonna say I'm not mad. Okay. Good Yeah, yeah, but you like dude you're upset. Let me ask you this do you think it matters? Do you think the truth matters? Does it matter? In what way? What do you mean? Like is there like massive consequences to living in a fantasy world, or believing lies, or making up stories, or stealing stuff, or like plagiarizing, [1:25:01] like Biden was caught doing, like, you know, the Claudine gay was a big story now They're going after a ikeman's wife like does it matter does originality matter does being genuine matter and why and why not like it's an interesting thing because I think this is definitely not the era for Being genuine. This is the era of like I want to make you believe what I want you to believe for my benefit I I tend to be a glasses half full guy. So I say no, this is the age of being genuine because that other stuff is everywhere. And if you want to really just have actual connections with humans, just actually be a real human, like be there. And the only way you could do that is if you're being truthful. Now, if you're plagiarizing and you're also trying to connect with people and you're trying to pretend that you're the person that figured these things out, I don't know you. I don't know your capabilities now because they've been greatly inflated by you repeating [1:26:01] someone else's work and trying to pawn it off as your own. But that's rewarded. It seems to be rewarded. Yeah, it's also for a while. But it's being busted now. We're being busted. And when you step out a line, like Claudine Gay did at that, when they're speaking, was it a Congresswoman they're speaking to? They were asking her about, like, is saying death to the Jews, is that harassment? And they're like, is it if it's actionable? They're like, well, it's the craziest thing about this. What were they wearing when they said it? How did they say it? It just shows how far this mind virus is taking people in academia. They're literally out of their fucking minds and they're shaping young minds. And they're influenced heavily by foreign governments that has always been the case. That is what Yuri Besmanov talked about in the 1980s. That's right, I've seen that video. That video is wild. He talks about introducing Marxism and Leninism into universities and education [1:27:00] and making, changing the narrative for young people, destroying their faith in democracy, and it's exactly what's happening. And these people are a part of that system, and they don't realize how fucking crazy it is, how fucking crazy it is that you're doing this. Yeah, they just, they don't realize you're being manipulated, they don't know what the source is, they don't know what the intention is. There's people in San Francisco with the mass on, dancing around. Because that's their world. That's their environment. Their environment is fucking crazy. Everyone's kind of in a bubble. It's interesting. And as comics, we meet, we see the different bubbles by going from this city to that city. And you're like, whoa, a lot of people, most people don't get the opportunity to do that so they just think their bubble is the way it is. Yeah. And they don't see the other perspective. Yeah, if you don't travel a little, you don't meet different kinds of people, you don't know the different kinds of people exist. When I lived in Boston, like you get used to that kind of people, you know, like fucking hot ass, if I can just hard working, no bullshit. I got to shovel snow people. Is there a version of you that stays in Boston, [1:28:08] meets some wrong Italian kids, you get a nickname like Joey Mulekicks? Yeah, could've said fuck you, kid. Hey, if I didn't do stand up, I would probably still be there. Yeah, I don't know how I would've figured out a way to travel the country without stand up. Yeah. I don't know if I would have gone anywhere. I probably would have just stayed in Boston complained about the winter every year. Yeah. Maybe a bunch of my friends as we got older, we decided to escape to Florida. Yeah, you got all inclusive, maybe a little can't-cune action. Nah, I'm not gonna live in cancun. No, do it in all the vacation. Oh, they it. Oh, that's the dream. Oh, yeah, yeah, you're gonna, but most likely I'm gonna stay in Boston. You're not gonna move to. And I'm not gonna be going on the road. Like as a comic, you do ridiculous year in Ohio, then you're in Mississippi, then you're in Florida, then you're in Michigan, then you're in Nevada, then you're in Utah. Yeah, you're going all over the fucking place. You're a comedian. Yeah. That's an education in humans. [1:29:05] Such an education. Yeah. Such an education. I speak to my brother all the time about that. Like he doesn't see the world. He lives in DC. And sometimes I'll send him stuff like, you know, making fun of Nancy Pelosi or whatever. And he like just can't. He can't process it. And I'm like, you live in a bubble. You just sit on it. And at one point, he was like, I do, and I wanna stay in it. I wanna stay in that bubble. Well, if you're busy, I get it. Yeah. For them, the answer is truth important? No. No. No. Can they get uber eats? That's where truth is uncomfortable. The truth is uncomfortable. It's tedious. It can be vicious. It can be mean. We're not a... That's why I think we're so susceptible to marketing and advertising. Nobody wants to know the real truth. Nobody wants to know the sausage is made. Everyone wants you to believe the image that they see on the screen, nobody wants another truth. That's why I think there's often not a lot of consequences [1:30:06] when people are caught being inauthentic because people wanna believe it. Who do you blame really? I mean, the Connor or the Cond. I mean, the Condor complicit. You wanna believe. I think we're about five years away from mind reading. I think it all goes out the window. Once we can mind read? Mm-hmm. God. Yeah. I think within five years, it's all out the window. That's gonna be interesting. Have you seen the new Galaxy AI phone? I'm not scared of it. I've been in it. I've been in these new Galaxy AI phones that translate in real time. No. They translate in real time in language, audio, rather, and in text. So you have a phone, you set the phone down. Like, we would have a phone with set it down here. And one half would be facing you, the other half would be facing me. Like, the text is upside down, so you could read the text. And I would say into it, you know, in whatever language, you know, hey, you honestly wanna go to lunch, and it would translate into whatever language you have, and then say it out in real time. So the way it's when it sets up, [1:31:05] so you can do it like where you see. So you can do it a couple different ways. One, you can do it when you're calling people. That's not a call the one on the screen. Yeah. So you're calling people and as they're talking back, it will translate it in real time. And it will also translate if you're wearing, I think the the galaxy earbuds it'll translate it in audio So it'll give you whatever that person saying in English Wow, and then you say it back to them and it will translate it in Thai or whatever they're speaking. Wow Yeah, we're headed we're headed into an insane place So once you get to that once you get to this with this language is no longer barrier So this is the beginning, right? This, this Galaxy I, this is like the best smartphone that you could buy right now. This is the beginning. And then what this is really is like Atari, right? You know, this is like some shitty pixelated version of a video game that you play. Within 10 and 15 years, it's going to be the Unreal 5 engine. It's going to be some insanely sophisticated way where the moment you and I talk, we're [1:32:10] going to have earbuds in and we're going to be able to speak all languages. I'll know exactly what you're saying. You'll know exactly what I'm saying and it'll be razor-focused. It'll have it down to... There'll be a few confusions and words and stuff like that, but they'll iron that shit out over time. And then there'll be universal discussions, universal talk, and then we'll all be connected into some sort of a hive mind, some sort of a matrix of frequencies that the brain is interacting with with all the other people around it. So you're going to be able to do all this without using words. We're all going to be reading each other's minds. You're gonna know intentions, you're gonna know truth, you're gonna know deception, you're gonna know hate, anger, lust, you're gonna know when someone wants to fuck you, you're gonna know when someone wants to run away from you, you're gonna know everything. Wow, that's gonna be, that's gonna, it's gonna be a different kind of person. People would say, oh my god, that, I mean, but what would we even be then? [1:33:06] How could I live like that? How could you live the way you live now in a metal box with rubber tires, going 70 miles an hour down on a hardened surface they threw over the grass so you can get to your air conditioned house where you got a refrigerator with food in it and sit in front of a television that just like pumps in other people's artwork into your fucking brain so you pass out. And then you wake up in the morning and do it all again. You don't think that's crazy? It's a great description of it. That's fucking insane. That's insane and that's everyday life. That's normal. It's normal to be completely connected to your phone. It's un-inc capable of leaving it in the house and going for a walk. Yeah. Yeah. And we live like that now and we figured it out. So we'll figure it out. The mind reading thing is coming, son. Yeah. It's coming. It's going to be a totally different way of thinking, just like right now with the internet and with the access to information that we have now. It's a completely different way of finding out what's true or what's not true. Yeah, even if you think about the way the world's changed just by how criminals can't [1:34:08] get away with doing crime. There's cameras everywhere, there's DNA everywhere. I think that's probably why serial killers have gone away is because, well, I mean, they've lessened a lot, right? Yeah, but there's a lot of random, you can do random stuff. Robot, reimagine the digital experience with AI powered R1 device? What is it? What is it? I'll show it at CES. I'll show it at the video that Lewis made from my box therapy describes it pretty quickly. I'll show it at a better video but this I think does it really good job. This kind of replaces the phone and we'll see if people really think it's good. It's easy on their new AI powered device. It's got a grill on it. It could be for the speaker. It could be for the mic. Oh, it's definitely a hardware device. Oh, there's the mics on the top. It is like voice as the primary input. It has a rotating camera, and I saw a little SIM door [1:35:01] as well as cellulers or standalone. Start my morning routine. Or do me an Uber. Check the fridge or do the ingredients to make that again tomorrow. Watch what I'm doing here. Process all my new photos today just like this. Okay. Massage my prostate. Yeah. Well, I mean, feed me cake. Massage my prostate. Figure out my wife once a year. The last bit of this is can't compute. It costs 200 bucks and it's coming out very soon. But I can do stuff for you. And how, but the thing about phones is social media. It's TikTok, it's YouTube, it's Instagram. It's being able to see things over and over and over and over again. If that doesn't have a screen or that little bitch-ass screen, and it's mostly just talking into it. There's other devices that are coming out and out replacing that. There's these very simple, they're cheap to 27 inch screens that will follow you around your house. 27 inches. Touch screen. It follows you. It's full of apps and sorts of Android device. So, wait a minute, does it float? It sucks. Like a robot? Right now, it's like a little Rumba robot that can charge for seven hours. Imagine everybody walk you with giant screen, would you get nothing done? Yeah. Yeah, how about the Apple goggles are coming out? [1:36:07] The other part of me too, is that you're going to decide if you want to wear these goggles or here's the LG one. So what I was saying though about that Galaxy phone is AI that allows you to translate like that. Now allows you to do a bunch of other different things. One of the things that allows you to do, like if there's a photo, like if someone sends you something, you just circle it and it'll do an immediate Google search of what that thing is. It'll tell you what that thing is, it'll either, you could buy it, it'll give you like links worth for sale, it'll give you a history on it, it'll take it to a Wikipedia page and whatever that thing is. Yeah, it's like chat, chat GBT does that pretty well now. But it's in your phone. It's in your phone, yeah. You just circle things. It just goes right to them. Yeah, it's crazy. And it's also able to summarize things now. Like see, like say if you sit down with your phone and you make a bunch of voice notes, like you're going to rant about something. You're like, I know there's something funny in this. I don't want to work it out totally on stage. Let me work it out in my office and you just go on a rant about this thing, it will then transcribe it, and then you could say summarize this for me. [1:37:07] Wow. It will summarize it into bullet points and paragraphs. Yeah, well I know now. I get phoned! Yeah, with Chachi BT, you could go on there now and give me a joke in the style of Joe Rogan. And it'll give you a joke. And then people could probably just change a few things. Yup. I don't know what being genuine is gonna mean in the future. Well, I think it's gonna lead us to be more inclined to give into this mind reading thing because the opposite is gonna be too much chaos. The, it's one or the other. It's either complete chaos, you never know what's true or you know everything is true. And we all have to agree that this is the best way. The thing about that is if you know everybody has to wear it, dictators, everyone, that ruins the entire hustle. It ruins everything. Instantaneously, you can't pull off anything anymore. All the people in Congress that are committing insider trading, all the people that are in [1:38:04] the military industrial complex that are inflating dangers to all the people that are in the military industrial complex that are in inflating dangers to try to get us involved in a military conflict is gonna get them a giant fat contract They're gonna make large dollars and then if you try it all if you try to Pursacute somebody for a thought that they had then they'll find out that if you had the same thought Yeah, you're full of shit. Or a little, also, give why they mad at you for that. Are they really upset? Are they being charitable with their assessment of the way you think in behavior? Or are they just trying to play some stupid social game and win some little conflict with you and just get? You think it'll get that sophisticated? Will it understand the context of your feelings? 100%. yeah, I think it'll be a new language. I think it's I think it'll eventually evolve into a universal language. So if we're going to be interconnected with AI, which with this new Galaxy phone, the S24 Ultra, you clearly are interconnected with AI in your [1:39:03] phone. It's actually built in your phone. They've engineered the chip to work specifically with AI in that phone. This stuff is only gonna get better, man. It's only gonna get better. And I see it getting better to a point where we're probably going to be integrated physically with these things. Whether it's something that you wear, like a little headset that you wear, or something that they put in your body, and it's going to be way better with it than it is without it. In the beginning, most people aren't going to do it, but once they get it dialed in and they've developed some sort of, whether it's neural ink and there's a bunch of different competitors that are doing similar sorts of technology. Once they figure out a way to really enhance your brain and really enhance your ability to gather information and process information and supercharge it, everybody that has that will have such a significant advantage over everybody that doesn't [1:40:03] that everyone's going to do. We are going gonna do a risk of people not doing it. Right, people are gonna have to do it. Right, because what if Kim Jong-un does it and just takes over the world? What if the people that do it just, are the worst people alive, and they just use that as to, we're gonna lock everything down, starved the world out, central bank digital currency, fucking drones everywhere. No one gets away with anything. No one gets a chip but me. Right, right. Yeah, if you become a god, you become a super genius. There's no way to stop the progression of the impossible. Yeah, impossible. The only way is an asteroid. Yeah, something big. We'd have to have a natural disaster that sends us back into the stone age. That might be the only way to stop AI. Right. Well, hopefully, or nuclear war. We can divert that with nuclear weapons or something. Maybe that will come in handy for something. Yeah, they probably can. They can do that yet. But hopefully they will be able to. Maybe. Someday. But right now, I don't think they can do that. I think we're pretty far out. [1:41:00] Yeah, I think something's gonna hit us eventually. Oh, 100%. Yeah, something was gonna get us. And look at the moon, it's just been fucking hit for so many times. Yeah, yeah. I was like a teenage kid with terrible acne. Yeah, it looks like it's bad. Accutane commercial. Yeah, we've been hit man, 100%. And we're gonna get hit again. We're gonna shoot in gallery. Yeah. Flying around to the universe in a shooting gallery. There's things just flying out there. But that's a mad race. It's a mad race to get to the point where you could defend it. Have the technology and the ability to manipulate whether it's Asteroids, Comments, Natural Disasters, Super Volcanoes, being able to manipulate things in real time. Once you have kids, you root for them. You're like, let's do it. Let's keep going. Yeah. I can understand people don't have kids. Like, what's who cares? Let it blow up. What'd you have kids? You're like, no, survive. Let's all survive. Keep it going. I get the, I don't want to have kids. I don't want to? Because I like people. Love people. My favorite friends are people. Yeah, that's what we're doing here is making people. Yeah, that's what [1:42:10] people. Yeah, I love people. Yeah, the idea that we shouldn't make more people seems fucking insane. It's crazy, especially when you do it and then you feel the love that you have for your kids and you're like, this is the greatest thing and then you just become a better person. Yeah. You just become everything about it is positive. Everything about having kids is positive. For most people. I can't see how it's negative unless you're fucked up person. Yeah, yeah. You're gonna be a fucked up person. Yeah. But if you're a little bit of a fucked up person, having kids makes you a better person. Hey, I've definitely seen that happen before where people experience the love of their child and they just straighten their life out. But I've also seen people fall apart. Yeah. Well, some people just fall apart and some people fall apart. But they were going to fall apart over something else anyway. Anything. Some people just, they get addicted also to being picked up. [1:43:01] They want to fall apart because they want all the attention that comes with you falling apart. Yeah. You you get your borderline personalities and yeah, people like that. Yeah, it's, humans are fascinating. So fascinating. So they're more fascinating than the universe. They're so complex. It's, that's why like one dimensional, politically minded ideology driven people online are so insane to me. Like so insane to have that view of humans. You have this completely binary view of humans. This is the good people and the bad people, the right and the left and like, you know, the morons and the smart people in the room like okay well we have these loop holes in our like the confirmation bias we have these just these loop holes where we can be manipulated it's just they talk cults could start yeah it's just it's there it's a weakness it's a vulnerability that people have that yeah they're almost defenseless too like they're subconscious and there's people [1:44:04] can there's manipulative people know how to hack that shit they know how to manipulate they do it they do it very effectively marketers do it all the time advertisers do it all the time and it works there's this guy darren brown nobody explained it better than darren brown who's this medium you know who is i've had a mom oh man he's the he's if everyone just watched him manipulate people and then explain how he did it. You'd be like Yeah, we're all pray to this nobody can see it coming That one episode where he convinces that I think he's a famous comedian in England It was the craziest thing he brings him in he makes him write a week ago what his ideal gift would be and then he makes a put it in envelope and uh... his ideal present and and seal it up they bring in and then he brings in a room he puts him through this whole thing and he goes okay now what's your ideal present and he changes it to the thing that he wanted it to be like it's a red bike i want a red bike [1:45:01] and then he opens the box is a red bike and then they opened the letter to see what he said and it was a leather jacket. And even he forgot what he wanted. And he said, I walked into the room going, it's gonna leather jacket, leather jacket. But he manipulated him with suggestion and images and words that he said and he changed what his actual ideal gift would be. And it's like, and you go and then he explains to you how he did it, shows you how he did it. You're like, none of us have the defenses to stop that. That's crazy. Well, it's just like that thing that you were saying that you do for your mind. EDMR. Like, there's a, you can kind of like hack it. You hack it, you hack the brain. And then reprocess the memories, which essentially after you reprocess the memories, you end up remembering them that way and the emotional charge gets removed and that's how it goes. Now imagine AI hacking it. Yeah. And that's what these chips are going to be. That's what these things, whatever these things are that are going to be in your brain. [1:46:01] They're going to map it out. They're going to find out why things do this and why things do that. And then just reprogram the whole thing. It's gonna be crazy. And it's gonna happen in our lifetime. It's crazy. We're the last of the meat humans. We're gonna have metal in us. Yeah, not just metal, silicone, technology, batteries. We're the last to the meat humans. You think our body's gonna reject it at first, people will get like infections, cancers, like you can't just put something in the brain, the body rejects foreign objects. Yeah, it does, but it doesn't. Pacemaker's work, there's a lot of things. True, true. You just have to find something that's hypologogenic and find something that's hypoallergenic and find something that's maybe organic. Something that the body will integrate just like it integrates with titanium neck discs. True, it fits back. Well, you gotta take like the bolt, that biotics and shit. No, you don't have to, if you get like plates in your arms and shit. No. Like if you get a broken arm and they put screws in there and plates, you don't have to take antibiotics forever. You do initially. Yeah, that's just because you've been cut. It's really has nothing to do with the metal [1:47:06] Okay, it's you've just been cut open and you're exposed and you know you get mercy You know medication resistant staff infections No good those put people in the hospital for months. They kill you too. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's that's some sketchy shit Yeah, so like if you can put like a titanium rod in your shin they can put a little fucking thing in your spinal cord. That's good. That little fucking little thing you screw in place every day. You know you leave it charging by the bed when you go to sleep. You screw it back in place. It's good to get into the locked into the real answer. What would a conversation be like if we knew what was going you'd be like, yeah, it's calm down. I know you're nervous, just relax. No, no, no, that's, you'd be like, no, no, no. Well, the argument is we're gonna create an artificial life. And I'd be like, Joe, pay attention. I know you're thinking about Marshall, stop it. I'm here. We'd Yeah, it'd be the end of our I'd say thank you and be and Jamie like for web like well Joe just thought that my hair looks good. [1:48:09] We just said thank you with your mind. Yeah, you'll go like that. So we just sit in silence. We'll just sit and make facial expressions at each other. That was one of the first things he wants about it. He said he's going to be able to talk with our words. Yeah. Is he, do you think he'll be more like socially good when you're, yeah. You think his mind version will be like really on it, like as far as like timing and socially. Because sometimes he'll pause, you know, he ever, but he pauses because he actually thinks. He's thinking. He's not bullshitting you. If you ask him a question, if it's a complex question, he'll sit there and he'll run it through his head and really think, that's the sign him a question, if it's a complex question, he'll sit there. Yeah. And he'll run it through his head and really think, that's the sign of a genuine, genuine person. Yeah. That's not a person who's just bullshitting for the masses. It's understandable that he's socially a little weird because his brain is doing a lot of fucking shit. Yeah. His brain's going through a lot of things. [1:49:01] Yeah, I asked about it. I'm like, what's it like being new? You know, see what it want to be me? His brain's just going because I thought everybody was like that when I was young that everyone just had these Ideas just running through their head all day long. Yeah, they took him a while to realize. Yeah, some people some people don't Some people don't most people don't But I mean, that's the kind of guy you need if you want someone who makes electric cars and rockets and fucking satellite internet and Yeah, and buys Twitter and that's why you need a system like we have that allows those people to rise. Yeah, yeah Well Also, you need a guy with balls like Elon had the balls to step in and buy Twitter Yeah, and reinstated a lot of fucking shaky ass people. Yeah Yeah, and reinstate it. Out of law. Fuck it, shake your ass, people. Yeah. I mean, that's a loss there because the advertiser probably like, hey, who are you putting back on? Yeah, and then he said, when they were like, you're gonna blackmail me with money? Fuck you. Yeah, go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself. Yeah. Yeah, and that's really how he money. How much of SpaceX is going to be worth? [1:50:06] How much is the boring company going to work once they start actually fixing traffic with tunnels, shooting cars on the ground? I mean, this is an insane guy. Well, he's essentially done what Walmart does to small businesses, but he did it for a good reason to try to promote free speech. Because Walmart just goes in, loses money for a bit until they they charge you cheaper lose money for a bit till they put you out of business and then they recoup their losses. Well I wouldn't connect it to that I wouldn't compare it to that what I would say is this is probably for what I've read I haven't actually discussed this with him but what I've read is that this is one step in a multi-step process of turning Twitter now X into an app you use for everything, at least for banking. They already have an AI that's attached to it. Was it called GROC? Why is it called GROC? What is GROC stand for? GROC means like do you understand? Because the word GROC means like do you understand, do you fathom it? Do you? [1:51:00] Oh really? Yeah. In what language? Do you grow in English? Oh really? Yeah. And what do you grot in English? Oh really? Yeah, groc. GR okay. Yeah. Whoa. Oh, that's a perfect name for AI then. Yeah. That's the. Yeah. That's so cool. I never I've literally never heard that word. I thought it was something a lot. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. The reason it says that's why they named it that. Yeah. Yeah. Ah, that makes sense. So they have the AI, right? So they have GROC. Now just think about how much open AI is worth. The AI model called GROC. No, you son of a bitch, mother fuckers. Yeah, they always make you try to subscribe. Mother fuckers and you're goddamn. The AI model called GROC, a name that means to understand and tech circles is designed to answer questions with a bit of wit and has a rebellious streak. So please don't use it if you hate humor or aids an announcement in the company's website, okay? But how much is open AI worth? Think how much is that company worth? How much is chat GPT worth? Just Google that. What's chat GPT worth? [1:52:01] So chat GPT is the one that people have been using Yeah, and talking about more than any of the other ones. I do know that Microsoft has one. So, it's worth what? How much? You have to ask the right, there's a way to say before. What is the value of chat, GPD? What is, how much is chat? Yeah. 29 billion. Okay. According to Zach Johnson.com. Open AIs, an American research organization with a current net worth of approximately 29 billion. This one says 100 billion. This is December 23rd, so this is really recently. OpenAI valuation of 100 billion in sight with funding round, and that's from Fortune. Okay, so it's in sight. So let's just call it 80 billion. Well, he bought for Twitter for 44. So even if Twitter's only worth 19 now, if this groc takes off, it is a potential to be a competitor to something like this and to be just as big. Yeah. If people really start using AI for everything and it seems like they're going to start using it and they can incorporate it into devices and a bunch of different things and different [1:53:02] ways to use it. So you have that. Then you have multimedia streaming. He's doing the Tucker Carlson show, which is there. And I think you made a deal. Don Lemon. Yeah, who's gonna watch that? Maybe it'll be a wild version of Don Lemon. I mean, it's a wild version of Tucker Carlson, though. Lick it up. Lick it up, Don Lemon talking shit. Yeah, I mean, Tucker's not the same Tucker. I mean, he's interviewing the guy who, that con man who studied fucking blue Obama or whatever. Yeah, so he's having fun. That one's wild. Yeah. That one's wild. Yeah. What are you doing? Yeah. What are you doing, bro? It's a little different. What are you interviewing the guy who blew Obama? That's crazy. Who had like a huge record of conning and being a Liar yeah, did he got a huge record of big huge huge. Why do I want to believe him though? Huh because it's fun because It's fun as fuck But when you look into the guys got like charges all like his whole background is conning. Well, he's a hustler [1:54:01] Yeah, you know gay hustler I mean, that's basically what he's saying openly that he did with Obama. Money, he got Coke and gave him sex. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And Tucker's like, I believe it. Tucker's like, I believe this guy. He's so crazy to have that guy on your show. Especially when just Googling his background. And like, he's not a new guy political campaigns and stuff. I think what Tucker's doing is brilliant. First of all, I think going over to Twitter was brilliant because like so many people were paying attention to it and then the numbers were giant, like crazy numbers for some of the episodes. Then you go to a subscription model, like nine bucks a month or something like that, whatever it is. You know what people gonna sign up for that? Yeah, the subscription model is the best way to stay free. You gotta stay free. Yeah, if you're not free, you're fucked. Yeah. The only way in the future is gonna be subscription models. Most of these companies, like if you're on YouTube right now, you have to watch what you're saying. I don't really want to Spotify. Spotify's pretty fucking good. But for the most part, with a lot of these social media companies and these companies that are producing [1:55:06] these things. They have a very clear mindset as to what's acceptable and not acceptable. Yeah, Spotify kind of stuck by you during all these controversies. Yeah. I want you to imagine if Tucker Carlson had a YouTube show and he brought on the guy that blew Obama. It was just a YouTube show. I'm tuning in even though I know it's a joke. Do they'd pull it. They they'd mad it up. Well, okay, let's imagine Theo Vaughn has the guy on the blue Obama. Now it's over. Yeah. They're gonna yank him 100%. Probably yank Tucker more because Tucker was, I'd Theo would probably have a lot more fun with that. Yeah, but you can get rid of Theo and get rid of Tucker's more of a stink. Right. You know, like Theo Peloton contacted him when he had Robert Kennedy Jr. on. Peloton was like, get rid of that episode. Right. And then Dana White found out about it throughout all the Peloton's. I heard about that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Just like companies have a very clear idea what you should be able to say and not be able to say. [1:56:05] Yeah. And for comics in particular, that's a real problem. Yeah, well you can't blame the companies. They're just thinking about their bottom line. Yeah. I mean, we would do the same if we worked for those companies. Sure. Yeah. If you're just a numbers guy. Yeah, you're just a numbers company. Yeah, we don't want to be attached to that. Yeah, we need to advertise a revenue. It's not even about going like, hey, pro-con, they're like, we know it's a hot button topic for people or whatever, and we don't want to get into it. We want to sell bikes. That's why what Elon did is so wild. That's really why it's so wild. I mean, everybody's back on X. Everybody, Hollywood's back on it. He's like Hollywood Hogan, he switched from whole Kogan to Hollywood Hogan. Duh, duh, duh, NWO. Axe. Everybody's back. Everybody. Everybody. You see everything up there. Mm-hmm. Yeah. It's pretty interesting in it. Well, yeah, there's a lot of good, but yeah, then, you know, I do. So not so good. I follow some people who are straight nuts. Straight nuts. The Taliban's on there. Yeah, I mean, everybody Taliban's on there, the Nazis are on there. [1:57:06] Maybe that's good though, because then you can see them and you know what they're doing as opposed to having them hide and then you're not, you don't know what they're up to. Well, that was my argument about the Feds infiltrating these terrorist organizations, like, especially even things like, well, they couldn't even say if the feds were involved in January 6th. Of course they can't say Because sometimes they have to be involved Like whether or not they did instigate getting people to go into the capital and I don't think they wouldn't do that But what's more important is if you've got something that might be an insurrection you kind of have to be there Like you have to you're a part of the federal bureau of investigation. You have to look in that. But when it gets to like the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer and you find out that there's 14 people involved and 12 of them are FBI informants. 12? 12 out of 14 and these two fucking dopes get railroaded for the rest of their fucking life. [1:58:07] For some cosplay scheme in their head, their stupid 84 IQ head of going and kidnapping the governor, and you find out it's all set up by federal informants, like... I think you do it at rock. Is that what happened? Yep. I'm not aware of that at all. Oh, this is the greatest story. What has all yeah greatest or what that's verified oh yeah that's over that Jamie crazy 12 yeah we're informants well the head of the proud boys was an FBI informant the head of the proud boys that's crazy is an FBI yes wow they still put him in jail. It's dirty. Dude, they in dirty. There was a story. Oh, That's a white bull. You're dirty. Yeah, they did that. Yeah, that's another dirty. Yeah, why do bulger was a fucking murderer? And he was working for the vets and he continued to murder as an FBI informant. I think 12 of them were actually Informants, but they may have actually worked with the FBI in some form. I don't know if it makes them an informant though. This says only four. [1:59:06] Jamie, are you an informant, apologies? That's what I'm getting out of here. Says only four? No, there's more. I know there's more. I was reading this very detailed breakdown of how many of the men had no connection to the FBI. Here I go to the AP news. FBI Lord Men says four though. I know. That's the thing. The four men charged with planning to kidnap How many other people were there that weren't those men that weren't charged? Oh, the same Formants weren't charged. They said they were swayed by informants Exactly how many informants were there though? Um, why don't you write um how many inform how many FBI informants with Merkidnapping? How many FBI informants? I want to see. So 12 informants were ultimately involved in the best decision. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. [2:00:02] That's the number that I'd heard. A total of 12 informants. According to Buzzfeed. Well, I mean, this is right here is the New York Times. that's what i'm saying that that's the number that i heard total of twelve informants according to bus feed well yeah when i mean this is right here is the new york times you know see what they know sometimes we don't believe in the york times that's wrong about that fucking bombing in the hospital they were uh... i'm pretty sure that's the story i'm pretty sure there's twelve informants i think all i'm not that the informant you go, here you go. The FBI deployed at least 12 informants as well as. Several undercover as well as several undercover agents according to the defense filings. On the nighttime surveillance operation of the government's cottage, for example, the defense described Big Dan as the main organizer. Stephen Robison with a long history of both past crimes and work as an informant was there too. The explosives expert who could topple a bridge was actually an undercover FBI agent as was the man in another vehicle. The defense lawyer is using the same trove evidence material have built an entirely different scenario of what happened. They depict and accused as a reluctant puppets entrap by the FBI agents and informants [2:01:05] whom they say came up with the kidnapper. Also it's a he said she said about whether they the informants were like just going along getting the information or actually pushing them to do it. Well they also had actual FBI agents that were pretending they were bomb experts were going to blow up a fucking bridge. Look it's a scam. It's a scam. You gotta put out fires, so you start a fire. Well, there's firefighters that have done that. It's suspicious that the FBI was heavily involved the whole way through this. It seems weird as, yeah, that's an understatement. Yeah, that's the same thing. Why didn't he just arrest them if you thought they were planning on that? And so if you see them there doing that, then you could easily say on January 6th, they were there also rallying up morons. Right. The same time they probably would do that, would do that. Yeah, and they probably were because there are videos of people opening doors and shit. Yeah. So those videos are not- Also telling people. Let's go in there. [2:02:01] Let's go in there. Let's go in there. And call them feds. People still went in there. They still did that. So those, yeah, you still have agency, you're an adult. They did it. But yeah, it doesn't seem as clean as people think. No. No, no, no, no, no. Because they definitely wanted to make Trump look bad. Oh yeah. They were constantly trying to make Trump look bad. They tried to do with Russia, they've tried a lot of things to try to get that guy. Yeah. And the videos that they show are like, like it's getting stormed by barbarians. And then you see that dude getting a tour, the shaman dude with a buffalo hat on. That's right. Getting a tour, the guards are taking him around, showing him around. I thought he was violent. A lot of different things happen at different places. That's an insurrection. Yeah. it seemed like a bunch of dopes just wandered into a building. No, what? You didn't know what to do. One guy though. One guy had zip ties on. Yeah, I think it was different people had different motivations. 100%. And I think there might have been, if, I mean, there's your evidence right there. They were doing that there. They, there's a good chance they were doing that on January 6th as well. Kevin Bacon from the Netflix movie. He would have zip ties. Yeah. Right? You're gonna have different fucking people. You got different people. [2:03:05] They're all going to that thing because they think that the election's been stolen. Some guys are gonna show up with zip ties and that's when it gets scary. That's when it gets scary. That's when it's been interesting. And knowing what's true and what's not true is just it's not as easy as it used to be. Nope. And it's only gonna get worse with AI. AI is gonna make things super confusing. Well the scary thing about AI, the only, I'm more still more scared of people than AI. AI has been nothing but helpful to me. For now. For now, yeah, I'm scared of people. People are do bad things, but where it can get very dangerous is if you do like an AI video of Putin saying, we're launching nukes and then you think it's real and then we launch the nukes and Yeah, yeah, or fake like actual fake footage of an attack. Yeah, we got to stop war somehow Somehow we got a fucking how do we do that? Yeah, it's pop up. It's just like God I don't know maybe get people to do this thing with eyeball maybe the EDMR maybe sitting putin down and be like what's this really? [2:04:05] What did your mother did? What? Let's talk about your mom. What's it about? And then sit down. I don't know. Because like you said, yeah, obviously NATO was interested in Ukraine. NATO was interested in the former Eastern block as well. But the Eastern block was very interested in joining NATO Finland's interested in joining NATO not because nato's manipulating them like uh... you a lot of these theories just forget that these countries have agency and over shore but that's not the theory about the red line no no i'm just saying i'm just saying you can't be specific you crane wants to be part of nato they want to be a democracy the majority of of them do. That's why they're fighting I mean, they're fighting. We're not forcing them to fight. I mean, they are fighting and dying. They don't want to be part of Putin's World. They don't want to be part of Russia's influence and right Putin doesn't like that and You know, he you know all those other former [2:05:03] Soviet republics too that are now You know part in NATO or aligned with NATO They're aligned with NATO as a precautionary measure to against Soviet expansion or former Soviet expansion or the threat of it or It does suck but we see it from here But when you go and you talk to people in Finland and places that the Soviet Union did invade and did conquer and Force into their Republic, you know the USSR they have a different view of it. I mean, you know It's like it depends on who you talk to yeah, right? It's so it's like to your point. It's very complicated over there. It's like Israel and Palestine It is complicated it you have to go all the way back to the beginning because the Jews made that land important to them for religious reasons because they used to be there. So it's like you have to go all the way back to that in order to understand the conflict now. Isn't it wild though, that from October 7th to January 18th, just a few months, it goes from horror and outrage [2:06:05] at this terrorist attack on a rave, on a music festival, entering these people's homes and shooting them and killing them and torturing, sending them cell phone videos, you killing and torturing people to their families. It goes from that to death to the Jews. Just a couple of months. The Jews got sympathy for about a minute and 30 seconds? For years ago, we're lost. Yeah. But then you see what they did to Gaza and you go, yeah, that seems kind of crazy. That's a little heavy. That's bad. That's very bad. And I'm like, you're raising it. It seems like they erased the city. Yeah. When you look at it now, like from an overhead, what it used to be versus what it is now, have you seen that lately? It's horrific. It's crazy. It's a horrific and it's bad. And those people could never, I don't think live together. And like that's a blow that you don't shake off. You don't turn you on the cheek. [2:07:01] And that's what they're doing and that's why they're doing it. They're doing that going like, but it also I think makes Israel look really bad. Look at this. Look at this. It's leveled the whole place. I mean, this is like, I'm sure it's not a lepo though, because I know a lot of times videos say it's Gaza and then sometimes it'll be Syria. I think this is the bad. Either way, it's bad. This is the guardian. Sometimes you just gotta make sure. I think the guardian's on it. Yeah. This is insane, dude. It's insane. No, they leveled the whole place. It's so much. Yeah. So much damage. And it looks like apartment buildings. Yeah. Bro, that is crazy. That's crazy. And if you watch the footage, if seeing some of the bombs go off? Yeah, it's brutal. It's so crazy what they can do now with these bombs. They're so powerful. Well, that's the, from the River to the Sea, you're trying to say that Palestinians are gonna be repatriated. It's just, unfortunately, it's not gonna happen. Like, and you can't pick and choose, right? You can't go, hey, we want the Palestinians to get their homes back and get rid of the occupier but then what about the Kurds? What about the Armenians? What about the Greeks and Antolia? I mean the list goes on and on [2:08:09] and on of people who've been pushed out of their homes and population exchanges and what about the Jews and Medina during the Muslim expansions? What about the Jews in all the Muslim countries that were forced to flee when Israel founded? You just go on and on and on. It sucks. What about Cyprus, Northern Cyprus? That was illegally, it's still, it was illegally invaded by Turkey after the, Turkey was formed and then population exchanges happened there. Like, people hate each other and there's a UN line of a peacekeeping zone between North and South Cyprus. They hate each other. The Greeks want them out but innocent people aren't dying anymore so it's like you got to find a real world solution you can't just keep yelling about who's right and wrong and and and i think israel for things that other countries have done a week in back texas now i mean the list can go on and on and on it's wrong [2:09:02] but it was wrong when the romans kicked him and you're going all you're going two thousand years back to what you're only going for a hundred years i mean so what's the difference right we're all going back i mean the jews were there right i mean yeah the crazy religion religious zealots are fucking wanted because of jr.o'slum and all these religions want the christians jr.o'slum's important islam is important you ever seen those radical Christians that go on that journey to Jerusalem? Yeah, and I seen the radical Jews who spit on them though. Wow stuff. Wow shit. Yeah, but you got to find a real Real world spit on them as they walk by yeah, they just spit on the ground. Yeah people are fucking nuts And fucking out of their minds. Do you think that my my thought about i've fucking out of their minds do you think that my my thought about mind reading software universal language fixes a lot of that yes it does fix a lot of it i does because i think what's happening to the palestinians unfortunately they're being used by surrounding powers as sort of like front line marines to keep this issue going [2:10:03] to keep fighting against Israel and America's encroachment in the Middle East and they just use these people and have you seen the border? The border to Egypt? Yeah, it's more sealed than the one in Israel. Show the border to Egypt. Yeah, they don't let them in there either but it's so over the top. It's crazy. We need that in Mexico. That was a dope act. Get that go. Get Trump to look We need that in Mexico. That was a dope out. Get that go. Get Trump to look at that. Yeah. Because that's a real wall. Yeah. Good luck getting through that fucking wall. Yeah. Can you see if you can find that, Jamie? I just saw an article about it, where they were talking about how strict. I don't know. The one I saw it bar wire all over it Yeah, they got that motherfucker locked up It's a good question. So it's a significant border. I mean it's now how big is ours? [2:11:05] We got a bullshit wall are I mean our wall or a border. I don't know. The wall is bullshit. It's not a topsy. Is that many people can walk through your wall? I mean imagine those are the white walkers. Yeah, they would fuck it. They kill everybody in Game of Thrones. The boundary between Egypt and Israel stretches 206 kilometers, 128 miles along the eastern edge of the Sinai Peninsula from the de facto trip point with Palestine, Gaza, to the Gulf of, how do you say that? Acquaba? Acquaba? AQABA in the Red Sea. Egypt and Israel made peace like a long time ago, right? Like the 70s, they looked. I think Egypt was the first country to go like, all right, we're just done fighting. We're just making peace with Saudi Arabia. Yes, that was happening. Yeah. I Think they have peace with Jordan too, right? So it's possible in 109.54 miles, but how much wall do we have up? 20 miles We have such a bullshit wall the walls such bullshit dude the left was so against the wall [2:12:04] And now I think a lot of the left is going like, yeah, I'll just build that wall, just don't tell anybody. I told especially the people that are living in New York, where Governor Abbott is busing, yeah, Ecuadorians in by the fucking truck. Dude, you see them. You see them now. I've seen them. I've seen migrants. Yeah, I know. Nobody's in, nobody's in to it. Yeah, nobody's in to's into it. Yeah, nobody's into it. The most left people, nobody's in. Well, that's reality. They're in four-star hotels. They don't know what to do with. I know a guy who works on it. I know, you know, he's a, you know, he's a top-level guy who is in the military and also NYPD and he's working on that. And he goes, the scariest part is there's no plan. There's no plan. So they put them in hotels. Some of them are in the lobbies. They give them these food stipends. They go across the street to Arbys. They eat, but there's no plan. There's no, they're just holding them. There's no coming in. They just keep coming in. Some of them are going back now because they're going like, we're not fucking giving them Chicago, the winner. Whoops. But, and he goes, here's the taxpayers are paying for them, and he goes on, the taxpayers [2:13:08] are also paying for me doing overtime. Like I was assigned to this in addition to my usual assignments. I was assigned to this. A lot of people who are doing this on an ad hoc basis, it's an emergency situation, and so the taxpayers are paying us all this overtime money So taxpayers are getting looted and it's happened so fast Yeah, and he's not a quacky guy. I mean, he's not a great thing to say. He's not a quack He's a very reasonable smart guy and um, what is the solution and it's this is all fast. It's happened I was what we did movie night the other night we watched watched Made in a Manhattan. Did you ever watch that? No. It was Jennifer Lopez. I know. And Ralph Fines is a handsome politician. And she pretends that she's some socially accidentally. It's like something. Anyway, it happens in the Roosevelt Hotel. [2:14:01] The Roosevelt Hotel is where they have these immigrants. That's right. So that hotel is not a hotel anymore. It's a ritty hotel in this film where like it's a nice hotel. That's a four star hotel. Beautiful hotel. Well now this hotel is flooded with immigrants. Yeah. Imagine you own that hotel. It's crazy. I mean how does that work? Does the government just give you a contract? You say I'll take it now this may give you money not great either i stay a little better than the last guy which is even wilder yeah i mean now that the blasio is out of his fucking mind but this guy's turning i mean talk about uh... plagiarism his book yet to remove his book so he wrote a book and you know i guess people are looking for this now so it's like half the book is plagiarized or made up none of its true so he actually had to like pull his book because it's like all lies they can't get it. It's just happened. He was all favorite for the sanctuary in the beginning. The rich history of the Pakistani-owned Roosevelt Pakistan-owned Roosevelt Hotel in New York. [2:15:04] Pakistan International Airlines has leased one of its most valuable assets, Roosevelt Hotel in New York, the city's administration for a period of three years in order to raise money for its struggling economy. What's happened in 2020? So they're for Pakistan's struggling economy? So they're leasing out the Roosevelt to the city so that they can have money? Yeah, cuz the city pays them. Yeah, the city pays them. Yeah, but what about just running it as a hotel? Is that less profitable? It closed there so that it also their problem started with COVID as Going to them so they had to find a way to make some money off Also Airbnb is really hurt hotels. Yeah in general. Yeah, but not in Manhattan really hurt hotels. Yeah, in general. I bet. But not in Manhattan. In Manhattan, if you're in Manhattan, you get to stay in Manhattan. Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna see guns and roses at the garden. You're not gonna fucking stay in a Airbnb in Long Island. Or a Killtony. Yeah, or a Killtony. A lot of my friends, they prefer Airbnb's over hotels. And I find it crazy. Like almost up the majority. I'd say, not even for real. Tim Dylan, so they banned them. Yeah. [2:16:05] I mean, I'm in one right now and everything's nice. I'm in a nice one. Yeah, they're great. They really have hurt the hotel business big time. Just like Uber, hurt the taxi. Huge. Yeah. Huge. I mean, it's also it's a very interesting way to make money ton of loot You can cover your nut. Yeah, that's right. You know, there's people that make money off Airbnb houses. Yeah, side business That's right the only thing preventing a black rock tape cover and then they'll stay in weirdos set up cameras to watch you shit I'm actually was thinking that when I was in the air view of the I was looking for cameras. I was like I know a guy who could sweep it for you Well, I'm only there one more night One more nice enough you be whacking off of your shower. I have a jerk off of five days just cuz I'm worried about it crazy I did think about that though. Yeah, you got to do in the shower. Yeah, I think I got a camera in the shower They're piece of shit. Yeah But that's where you'd want to put it [2:17:06] Yeah, you'd want to put it in the bathroom or in the bedroom like overlooking the bed. That's right. Yeah, there's an odd sprinkler above me I'm like what is that one of the sons of one of the owners of buckies Which is the the craziest station ever? Yeah, they one of the sons got busted with a camera in the women's room. Oh, no. Was it the women's changing room? What was it? Me employees maybe do what don't they have it buckies? Yeah, exactly by lawn furniture brisket sandwich you buy everything anything What happened 28 counts recording recording Great Basically recording following disturbance at multiple residences associated with them What is he following what is he filming a camera? Let's contain memory card loaded dozens of videos capturing individuals in various states of undress in bedrooms and bathrooms [2:18:02] It wasn't at buckies. It was just that's just his link as he's the guy. Oh, so he did it somewhere else? At his properties, he has all over the place. Oh. Dallas apartment, tell you right Colorado, on one Austin. So Airbnb's in. Yeah. So he was doing that. Yeah, that's it. Is there other, there's other companies other than Airbnb that have that same service? So brutal hilarious. Creep. It's creepy. But the camera's just so small, man. Son of a rich man. Yeah, how do you make someone grow up normal when they grow up rich and the prerequisite's tough? Good luck. You know, the fate is usually DJ or drug addict for rich, famous kids. Uh-huh. Scary. Yeah. Well, just being a regular person is hard. Yeah. Being a person, when you grow up and your dad as a private jet and a yacht and owns an island. It's tough and hangs out with Clinton. Yeah, you don't wanna work for anything, you don't know what the value of anything is. Yeah, it's been given you for free. Yeah. You don't know how to work hard. Yeah. I think athletics is a good way to teach kids, how to do things, it's do difficult things and you learn from them. Art, anything we have to like [2:19:05] actually work at something, you develop character from working at something. Yeah. You teach your kids that right? Yeah. You're so good with time and balance. Like because you're an involved dad. Yeah. How do you do it? Is it like, like, well, I always plan it that way or like, yeah, you have to work you have to plan it But I also only do stand up for the most part three nights a week. Yeah, so four nights a week I'm always home. Yeah, unless I have to do road stuff and sometimes I take them with me and we go on vacations together We we spend time together specifically. We have like family days specifically It's hard, you know, and it's also they they want space to they're in school all day. They come home. They want to decompress and you gotta know how to not be imposing, but also talk to them about stuff, organize stuff to do, make it fun. You know, we have a lot of fun together. Being a dad is the it's just overwhelming. [2:20:00] Yeah. It's overwhelming how great it is. It is great. It made me like, do I want it still do come? Like I just want to be home with my kids. And so the road got a little like, I had this real crisis where I was like, I want to be home. I don't want to miss time with my kids because that's when my parents did to me and I'm like, it's hard. The balance is hard. It's hard. And you need to give you a solution. I was like, fuck, I was hoping for an easy answer. And you were just like, no, it is hard. A friend of mine, the other day was telling me that his son had some athletic event and he got it offered to do a gig in Calgary. Am I, is it important to him? He was like, you give them money. I don't give a fuck about the money. The thing is, if you're barely getting by, if you're kind of like scratching and scraping and you've got to pick and choose, is this advancing my career? Is this fucking me up? Is me not chasing my career going to be a detriment to my family? Because now we're going to have a financial crisis? So there's that. Just like you were talking about, like people start making money and becoming famous, they're terrified it's all going to go away. [2:21:06] There's also when you're barely getting by, you realize, or you're getting by, but just like you're above water, but you realize one catastrophic thing and you're under and you're fucked and then the house gets repossessed. Then you stay with your mom, your kids are together in one room. It's a real fear. If you got a mom, if you with your mom, your kids are together in one room. It's a real fear. If you got a mom, if you got a mom, what if you're in a shelter? What the fuck, man? So it's like you have this intense desire to be a provider and you know that you have to put in the work. You have to be successful. It can make me way more successful. Like being responsible for little people and a wife and fit It's just the family thing like being responsible for stuff. Yeah, and then now I'm responsible for like employees You know, I can't just quit. Yeah, well, I just quit right now. I have this whole club now the podcast [2:22:00] What the fuck would Jamie do if I wasn't here? He'd be so bored. He'd be so bored. He'd get bored, he'd miss it. Of course he would. He'd be googling in the air. I don't know where with one hand. It's a real thing. It's a real transition when you have kids and it's a real pressure. What's real? Life is finite. You have a finite time. You have a finite amount of time that's available to you, living as an organism on Earth. That's a fact. And I am already more than halfway through that. I'm halfway towards the end. And you have to maximize your time to the benefit of both yourself and everybody else around you. That's what you gotta do. You gotta be as good a friend as you could be. You gotta be as good a friend as you could be. You got to be as good a Husband and as good of a father and as good of an employer as good of an employee as good of a neighbor You got to be the best you can be at all these different things Just do your best to have the most positive impact on the people around you. You're gonna fuck up everybody fucks up [2:23:02] We're humans correct that as much as you can, express yourself as best as you can. Be as nice as you can. Try to facilitate and try to encourage fun and happiness and love. And that's possible. It's possible in the community of people that you find yourself in. And if you can't, you need to find a better community. Because you gotta be a better person. You gotta be a better person. You gotta be a better person. And that's all you have to be a better person to attract the better community. Whenever I see someone single and they're like, oh okay, if I'm feeling a person like, what do you have to offer? Like who are you? Like are you a person that someone would gravitate towards? Are you particularly kind? Are you particularly friendly and generous? Like what is it about you that you think you should have someone that makes your life better? Because you probably ruined their life. You're fucking dour. You can plane all the time. You're so lazy. You never say that to somebody. But it wouldn't go. Get up at it. Sure, yeah. Yeah, you're like, let's go. Yeah, look at you, dude. The reason why you struggle is because you. And also, you're stuck because you're struggling. You're probably tired all the time because you're depressed. So it's very difficult to gather up the energy [2:24:06] to make change. To make like a radical change in life, to say today I'm gonna get up at 6 a.m. and I'm gonna go to that fucking yoga class and I'm always saying, how am I gonna get to that 630 yoga and then the alarm goes off and I'm like, fuck that, I don't really have to get up And then eight o'clock rolls around and you're leaving. You're leaving the yoga studio. You got your rolled up mat. You're with those other people. They're all fucking did it. Everybody did it. We fucking did it. We got up early. We did the 90 minute class. And now I'm gonna go to work. And now I got some momentum. But it's hard to just make that first step. And that's one tiny little step in this gigantic gigantic journey of self-improvement. And if you don't take those steps at all, if you're that fucking dude that just gets at home and just medicated, watching Netflix, Uber Eats, Wake Up, do it all over again, you're gonna feel like shit. Well, I think it's hard for people to take the first step, I think, because a big part of depression is feeling [2:25:00] like it's gonna last forever. It's kind of the delusion that that feeling pitches you. Yeah. It's a weird mindset where you, everything is poison. Every thought you have is poisoned with this negativity and you start to actually think back at your life and think that it was all that way when it wasn't. That's hard to remember the good time. And yeah, when you're in a dark place, I think the thing to remember is that it doesn't like it like the suicide, suicide comes in your brain as like an escape hatch. It's like your fight or flight thing going like this is an escape. It's trying to help. It's like when your immune system is overactive. It's like your fight or flight is overactive so you have to remember that and just get getting help. People sometimes just don't get help because of shame or whatever, but it always ends. The bad always ends. If you put the work in and remember that it doesn't last forever and that your thoughts are not, it's a delusion you're in right now. It's not real. [2:26:01] Like your brain is playing a trick on you. It's not a real, it's not a reflection of reality, it's a reflection of the way you feel and the way you feel is fucked up right now, and that's changeable. But it's hard to realize that when you're in it and that's why people struggle with it and they make unfortunate decisions and some people take their lives and stuff like that. It's because they mistake it for something that's unchangeable, that's ever present, because that's the way it feels. But feelings are now facts, as Ben Shapiro. He's usually getting his feelings a lot. Yeah, but it depends on if Israel comes up. He's feeling a lot of feelings. Oh boy, he's all in. He's all in on Felix. What it comes to that? What a crazy world we're living in, Jan's Popus. It's gotten crazy, man. It's gotten crazy. You got a couple of conflicts that you hope don't escalate and don't spill over. At least we still got shit talking. [2:27:00] At least we still got a little standup comedy in some cigars. Comedy helps people. Helps me. Yeah. I hang out with Tim Dillon for three hours. Even though he has a doom scenario that he's painting, it's hilarious. Oh, he's so funny with it. And I'm just so good at listening to him and letting him go. Oh yeah. He just goes. We have great things. He's the absolute best. listen to him and let him go. Oh yeah. He just goes. We have great things. He's the absolute best ranter about current issues, with no audience, sunglasses on, out of his fucking mind, making great points and also being hilarious. He is the best and he's original. He's absolutely original. He's been that way since the moment I met him. I met him when he first started doing comedy, one of the first shows he did was my room and uh... he's been that way that's who he is off stage that's who he is on all his material comes from inside mhm a lot of people get their creative it looks like cool moe dade scullin bone sucks now give me some of this [2:28:01] they're doing like diversity equity and inclusion inclusion into aluminum. And stolen bones, which is used to be just let's get a bunch of people that show that they can carry on the tradition of being a sociopath. That's what stolen bones is about. It's like finding rich people that have a skill set that makes them look like maybe they can be sociopaths. And it's in Yale University, the CIA started, it was taken right out of Scull and Bones, okay? So many, a Bonesmen have risen to positions of prominence and power, you know, presidents, uh, uh, uh, bones men have risen to positions of prominence and power. The, you know, presidents, CEOs, we get it. A lot of white guys, a lot of white guys. It would jerk off in the coffins. It was very like not see. I think George W. Bush stole Geronimo's skull and it was in the tomb. [2:29:02] And there's all this secret in the tomb. He blaped it? Now it's a good night, there's a noi in it. Yeah, he did because it's a short. Oh yeah, yeah, too. So if you bleep it, it cuts through the algorithm. Yes, yeah, oh my gosh. They don't want it. It's cursing in the first 10 or 15 minutes. Oh, they're fucking you. They're getting you to self You need a self-sensor, even Tim Dylan. It's to beep things. Yeah. He's the guy he sits, he thinks, the material comes from his perspective. Yeah. It's inside. A lot of guys search around, they look outside and they go, I like that idea. And then they go, let me change it a little bit this way. He's actually got opinions. He's got opinions. He's got forms. they struggle with coming up with material on their own. Well, it's because the very mindset that allows you to be creative is the opposite of the mindset that would make you play drugs. That's right. Yeah. And some guys are really good at marketing, and that's a big thing now. And I've known a lot of people in advertising, mostly advertising is they look at creative [2:30:02] people, get the ideas, and then make a commercial about it and a lot of it's borrowed from You know Yeah actual artists, so it's the same kind of mindset. Yeah, and it works and then when you take an idea You it's easier because you can see it works right you have confidence Yeah, we have confidence in when going in well, that's why the comics to get busted They're specials after that. It was terrible right because the material falls off a cliff. They gotta come up with their own stuff. They're fucked. They're fucked. So I always think like if you make it and you're a fraud, you don't really make it, cause it's not you. Right. That must not feel great. It sucks. They live in hell. Janice Poppins, you're the fucking man. I love you to death. find you, social media, or the jazz. Yeah, please follow me, Janice Papis, wherever you do. Also come see me on the road, please. Do you mind if I plug a data to? Plug some motherfucking dates. Yes, please. JanicePapas.com. Oh, I put it on Airplane mode at a respectful. Oh, here we go. Miami Improv, January 19th, 2021, Cobbs Comedy and San Francisco, good luck, fucker. February 19th and 10th, how you been there lately? [2:31:05] I haven't, but I'm gonna get it. I'm having the plane land in the club and then sleeping in the club. There's a shitload of stuff at Lanna. San Diego, Stanford, Connecticut, Vick Theater in Chicago, Denver, and Prov. Toronto, I'm gonna shoot my special. I'm shooting my special at the Royal Theater in Toronto Toronto March 23rd, 24th. Oh shit. Yeah, Cleveland and then the rest. That's beautiful. San Francisco comes to me. Yeah, please. Rational people. And my podcast, The Honest Pappas Hour. Yes, sir. Yeah, thanks, sir.