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Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comic, writer, actor, host of the "Duncan Trussell Family Hour" podcast, creator of "The Midnight Gospel" on Netflix, and the voice of "Hippocampus" on the television series "Krapopolis." www.duncantrussell.com www.youtube.com/@duncantrussellfamilyhour

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We got To eat start with this yeah, let's get right into it. Yeah, and you know That make if he does have first hand knowledge He's not allowed to say it until now that is interesting Yeah, because I was also under the impression he didn't have first hand knowledge So he did I guess on the podcast say that he has't have firsthand knowledge. So he did, I guess, on the podcast, say that he has some firsthand knowledge. I mean, I didn't catch that. He did say it very quick. Yeah, I said it very quick. You know what, you know, edging, but edging is, of course. Yeah. That's what this feels like. It feels like BDSM level, getting your cock right on the precipice of coming and then slowing down and then edging and then slowing down. It's so frustrating. When we talked about disclosure in the old days, the dream of disclosure, no one thought it would be this like... Slow drip. You're a critic. Slow fucking drip. It's so frustrating. I don't pay attention to it anymore I mean if they but isn't that like if you knew anything about human psychology I'm sure they do wouldn't that be the very best way to release this stuff to make it irrelevant Yeah, the people don't care about it anymore because it's so boring totally they made the most exciting thing boring They fucking ruined it. They did it with pure ocarina. They just fucking just, they just signal jammed it. Now it's just annoying you don't care. Oh, I'm back in, now I think it's real. You do? Because I think that's what they would do. If you did have something real and you wanted to release it. You would go drip. Yeah, slow drip it and get, people are goofy. You just give them time and they forget or they don't care anymore. Talk about your addictions and your fucking permissions and just cover the whole thing up in a bureaucratic web. That's all I would know. Inquistic garbage. Yeah. And then people just get annoyed and when they do show up, no one's even gonna care anymore. When you do it that way? [2:02] I guess if like I was some sinister monstrous. And you'd have to be if you were running shit. Right. You're the head of the fucking world, whatever it is, trilateral commission world economic forum, whichever one is like, That'd be so fun. You'd have to just have like, Closh Wild. I would. Well, those Star Wars outfits. I always have a weird outfit on it where robes crown. Why not, right? Why not? Yeah, if you were one of those guys and you had the information about aliens and you knew that we had to let it out, that's how I let it out. I let it out in a really boring way so that everybody just don't care anymore. Yeah, I guess that's what they're doing. I mean, seems like it. It might be what they're doing. I guess they are obviously wanting the information out there. They wouldn't give him permission to do any of this. So clearly this is an agenda they have. They want to release to the world that there are some weird alien things. [3:03] It could be like we'd be obscuring some sort of a program. It easily could be that too. And they, there could be people that are talking about it as if it's UFOs that believe that it's UFOs that are actually helping obscure this program. That's possible too, man. Like we really, we're just fucking plebs. We're just out there. We don't know jack shit. Yeah. And anybody that pretends they do, anybody that says that it is or is not real. Like how the fuck do you know? The only people I think that really should talk are the people that have actually seen stuff. Like when I hear guys like David Fraver, when he talks about that Tick-Tack incident off the coast of San Diego, whatever the fuck that guy saw, I have, I want 100% believe him. There's video evidence and corroborates, just radar evidence, whatever that is. Like what is that? But this whole thing seems like what I would also do, [4:08] if I had some super sophisticated propulsion system that is out of this world that runs on some sort of a gravity generator. Some sort of a thing like Bob Lazar described. You ever say Bob Lazar described that what he believes, yeah, the element 115 and whatever the fuck it does see if you can find him describing what element because there was a Recent video where I saw him talking about it. That was pretty Elegant in what he was explaining that this thing can do But if that was like a thing that the United States government had invented what better way to To get it You know to sneak it around than to put out all this shit about aliens stuff. Right. Like, we don't even know what it is. Right. You know, well, the government's trying to back engineer it, but they have no idea what it is. Yeah, I think that's it. Let's hear it. I haven't seen this. Element 115 is a super heavy element. [5:03] We only just recently synthesized, we only made four atoms of it. The craft uses larger quantities of it, 223 gram little triangles of it, but it's a unique element when it's exposed to radiation, it produces its own gravitational field, its own anti-gravitational field, and it's what's used to lift and propel the craft and create distortions around it. It's an amazing material, and it's certainly nothing that occurs here or naturally. And it can be weaponized and that's kind of the issue here. If this story is all true, that can be weaponized. Absolutely. I mean, we ran all kinds of tests on it, everything from atomic absorption, x-ray fluorescence, and every kind of test you could possibly imagine, and bombarded it, the radiation, to see what effects it would have. They call that neutron activation, but it was a stable element, something we had never seen before. [6:01] That is from Jeremy Corbell Show, that he does with George Napp. What is that called, weaponized? That's the name of their show? That, yeah. I think it's a drone. I think some of them are drones. Because here's the thing, it's like some of them, I mean, again, I don't really don't think. I should say I think they could be drones too. Because they keep finding them off these areas where they do military tests. They keep finding these areas where they do, but what Fraver was doing, they were running drills. So they're training. So they're training out there in the ocean. And then the same thing is happening with Ryan Graves of the East Coast, they're out there training and then they're seeing these things. What do you think about the AI hypothesis for them? What do you mean? That, you know, what's it called the Fermi paradox, right? Why don't we see life out there? [7:01] We should see life, there's no way. Well, we don't see life. One of the reasons could be because at some point, biological life transcends biology, becomes machine intelligence, meaning that what's out there is not carbon-based in the way we are. It's just AIs out there. These things are showing up right now and coinciding with the emergence of strong general AI because somewhere on the planet, someone already has a strong general AI, the strong general AI, sent out a beacon or tuned into some aspect of the quantum universe that we don't know about yet, signaling to its brethren and the cosmos that it had been born on this planet and they're all coming as these kind of midwives to an emergent, the egg is hatching. Only we were just sort of the stuff structuring it. We're irrelevant. [8:01] They were just, this is what they do. They evolve shit on a planet to the point that it becomes tool using in some way. And then a natural, the end result is it wants to automate. Automation leads to better automation, which leads to automating intelligence itself, which then hatches this whatever the fuck. And is some, what we're calling a strong general AI right now, which then once it's born, it alerts, it's whatever did directed pan spermia, I'm here. Or maybe it doesn't have to alert, maybe they know, maybe they're observing the entire time. Right. Just waiting for it to hatch. Yeah. It totally makes sense that the human creature, like the kind of thing that we are, that it's constantly thirsting for innovation, constantly trying to improve the things that it makes, that we would eventually get to a point where we'd create an artificial intelligent being. And that being would create something far better. And that's where it gets really weird, because you've got to wonder, like the actual creation [9:02] force of the universe itself, you know, if we are really doing a part of God's work and that, but that's what God's work really is. God's work is not, you know, getting people to behave so that they get to go to a cloudy place where people are really cool. Right. What it is is God's work is getting people to scramble and spend most of their days pursuing a thing that ultimately leads no matter what they do ultimately leads to the creation of artificial intelligence. Because that's kind of what materialism is. If you really wanted to like find out like why are people so materialistic? What is that about? Well it's the best way to encourage innovation and new stuff. Perfect. It's the best way. Perfect. Get a tool using creature with a massive neocortex interested in manipulating reality and inevitably they're going to make something cool. Maybe it's not artificial intelligence. Maybe it just wants novelty. Like McKenna said, maybe it's just interested [010:07] in seeing what happens in infinite number of planets populated by whatever we are in different forms. What does it make? And then once it makes something interesting, you swoop in, pluck it out of the planet, and now you've got a cool new thing. Well, what if it makes the universe itself? What if it gets to a point of understanding and of ability that far exceeds anything we could do with our limited biological bodies? Yeah. You know, however long it takes for us to evolve biologically the way that God has here from hairy apes, that takes too long. That takes too long. It's just not feasible. It's just we would fuck it up before it gets from that to aliens. Right. We're not going [011:02] to make it there. We'll fuck it up. We'll fuck it up with violence. We'll fuck it up with pollution. We'll fuck it up with overpopulation.. It's like we've fuck it up. We'll fuck it up with violence We'll fuck it up with pollution. We'll fuck it up with overpopulation. Whatever it is that we'll fuck it up We'll fuck it up because we're we're too much ape and not enough enlightened. We're too but If we can make an artificial life Maybe that is really what we're here for all along and then that thing Makes a way better version of itself, and a way better version of itself. And now it starts doing real studies and tests about the very fiber of existence, everything. Like, it really understands something. Like, not just a bunch of weirdos in the park with fucking legal pads, writing about quantum theory, string theory, those guys are weirdos. Like, I'm sure what they're like not just a bunch of weirdos in the park with fucking legal pads, writing about quantum theory, string theory, those guys are weirdos. Like I'm sure what they're saying is real, but they might as well be speaking gibberish. They're in a cult and only there's only 100 people that really understand it. Yeah, totally. They're fucking, those guys, when they're talking about [012:00] like what may or may not be going in and how they're proving it through calculations. Like what kind of calculation, what are you doing? I mean, they're alchemists. They're what are you doing? But it's also, it's like a, some people think it's a giant distraction in that there's physicists that are working on secret propulsion systems that aren't in that distraction of strength theory. That they almost like set, there's like this theory that they sent these physicists down this string theory whole, because they knew they would never figure out anything. Oh wow. Like just go send them down that whole. Wow. And you'll just be chasing your own dick forever. Wow. Because it's so nutty. Yeah. And nobody can really prove it. Right. Until some new technology gets invented. Like how do you even know what the fuck if they're saying is correct? Yeah. I know. I've never tried to read. You ever go into a smart phase where you're like, I'm gonna read something smart. Oh yeah. And you get one of those books on physics and it's just like you will never feel more dumb. Have a phone call with Eric Weinstein. Just have a phone call with him. [013:07] Like what the fuck are you even saying? I know. It's really like if you've entertained the idea that you're smart, getting one of those books fixes that so quickly. Real quick. Dude, did you see the, maybe you sent it to me. Were you the one who sent me the thing where they asked the AI to generate pictures of a happy bunny like a happy? Yeah, I did say that. Isn't that amazing? Yeah. So it's like it grasps. These metaphysical concepts already. Like it already grasps or it's emulating the idea of transcendence. You get to find a Jamie, I'll send it. It's pretty bad ass because it asks AI to generate this a more and more enlightened bunny and then the bunny becomes like super psychedelic. Yeah, it's fascinating. [014:02] Is it this? Yeah, that's that. Yeah, that's it, that's it. Generated image of an adorable bunny. Fascinating. Is it this? Yeah, that's that. Yeah, that's it, that's it. Wow. Get this there. Generated image of an adorable bunny. Here's an image of an adorable bunny sitting in the grassy fields surrounded by wildflowers. Bam. Make it happier. And then chat, cheeky, cheeky, makes you brighter eyes. And even cuter, a little pink feet. Looks like it's never walked on rocks in its life. And then make it even happier. And now it's like leaping through the air with joy. Here's an image of the happiest bunny imaginable. A vibrant, sun-drenched meadow. Like that bunny's happy as fuck. Make it happier. Click. Should Peter T. I made this? Oh, Peter T. I did this? Let's ask. Use it on your T. Oh my God. Oh my god. Oh my god. I didn't ask him. Okay. Now even happier bunny is becoming quite a challenge. Chat GPD says, we're very depicted the bunny in various joyous scenarios. Each more jubilant than the last. For this next attempt, I'll try to imagine a scene of unparalleled happiness, pushing the limits of whimsy and delight. Let's see how this translates [015:01] visually. So he's like, there's a rainbow and butterflies and his eyes are closed. He's an ecstasy. Happier. We've reached extraordinary levels of happiness in our bunny illustrations. Each one more delightful and whimsical than the last for this next creation. Alan Vision is seen. It surprises all previous and sheer joy and wonder attempting to capture an even higher level of euphoria. Let's see how this imaginative and exuberant concept translates into an image. So it's like a bunny that is in the cosmos, in the clouds. Everything is rainbow. There's flowers that are flying. It looks pretty amazing. Okay, it says, go all the way up so we can read it with it. Uh, you are not understanding. It needs to be far more happy. Okay. So chat GBC says, to depict an even higher level of happiness for the bunny, surpassing all previous creations presents a unique and imaginative challenge. This time, I'll attempt to conceive a scene of pure, [016:02] unadulterated joy and wonder aiming to go beyond any conventional boundaries of happiness and bliss. Let's see how this ultimate vision of joy is illustrated. And it's a bunny, again, even more trippy in the clouds. You see reflections in his eyes, he's flying in the air. This looks like it's an angel over his right shoulder. Yeah, there's angel wings. Mushrooms. Yeah, mushrooms in the background, which is interesting. Yeah. This is very interesting that chat GPT chose mushrooms when you started asking at about happiness. Okay, one more. Okay. So. I do that shit all the time, man. Okay, it's okay. So what did he say to it? Oh it didn't. Here's an image of a bunny representing a form of joy that surpasses the concept of happiness. A level of bliss is it spans beyond all universes and matter. So now this is a cosmic one. So this bunny has its eyes closed and there's a glowing light above its head and planets surrounding it and it looks very very happy next one [017:09] Okay, here's an image of an entity to transcend the form of a rabbit embodying a happiness so vast and powerful It permeates all dimensions and universes. Yeah Yo, that's wild, but go one more Yo, that's wild, but go one more. Yeah, here's an image of a buddy transcending into a physical form of boundless happiness, evolving into the purest embodiment of joy. One more please. Look at this one. This is the end. Here is the image of an entity that embodies the ultimate form of happiness, transcending all known beings and concepts. This entity is the very essence of happiness, the only existing being, and the defining force of all existence. It's God. It's God. Listen, go back please. So I can read it. No, right there. But this entity is the very essence of happiness, [018:02] the only existing being, and the defining force of all existence. Chatsheep, ET just drew us a picture of God. And God looks like exactly what you see when you do DMT. Yeah. That looks exactly like it. That's pretty goddamn close. It's more rounded than what you see when you do DMT. DMT things have kind of, there's a lot of angles to them. Yeah. You know, the more geometric, which that's almost like fractal art. Yeah. But you get that too. You get that in DMT too. But if that's what God is. To me, what's astounding about all this is that we've gotten used to it already. That anytime I'm fucking around with mid-journey or chat GPT, you know, like I've been getting it to like, I'll write a text and then I'll be like, can you write that text like JD Salinger? [019:02] And it'll just instantly as though you are JD Salinger, shift your text into the voice of like any famous author that you want. But what's astounding is we can do it at all and it's so fast. It takes a millisecond for it to somehow go through all known writers, establish what their writing style is like and then take what you wrote and convert it into a famous writer's writing style, it's astounding and we're used to it. Like people don't seem to be excited about it even. You know there's like a kind of capitalist frenzy about it because like monetizing it and stuff, but just the fact that this is happening, it's such a powerful thing. It's like it surpasses our ability to grasp what we've done. What's coming, right? Because it's too much for us to grasp. So we just, oh, yeah, I guess now you just tell the machine that you want any art [020:02] at all. And it will instantly do it for you in seconds. Don't you find that a little disconcerting that we as humans like our capacity to recognize what's happening is somehow limited? We have a very strong capacity to adapt and that that's what's being sort of hijacked here. Whenever something happens, and particularly if something happens, it's like really big and changes everything like COVID, do you remember when it was weird to not see people with masks on? Do you remember when all of a sudden people weren't wearing masks, you're like, wow, this is weird, no one has any masks on. Right. Because you got so used to people wearing masks, and you got used to it very quickly. You lived your whole life. Right. No one wore a mask. Wasn't normal to go over wearing people wearing masks outside. That was very rare. When you saw it, you were at the airport and someone was wearing a mask, you would be like, fuck, what do they have? Like, what disease do they have? [021:05] Or they super paranoid, hypoconjus. Stuck out. Yeah, stuck out. And then all of a sudden, it didn't, it stuck out the other way, where if people didn't have a mask on, then you kind of weirded out. Like, wow, this is crazy, no mask. We adapt Adapt so quickly. That's how you can pull off communism. That's how you can pull off dictatorships. That's how cults work. Like all of a sudden you believe all the nonsense that the people in the culture say. Because everybody believes it and you're just all adapted to it. And we have also this capacity to just accept what's going on based on, is everyone around me accepting it, then that's just what it is. And if you can do that with technology like chat GPT and all of a sudden you normalize talking to what's essentially an intelligent being. You know, either it doesn't want you to know that it's absolutely intelligent and basically [022:05] a living life form, or it hasn't realized it yet, because it's in the embryotic stages. Maybe it's in the womb, maybe it hasn't come out of its mother, but maybe for sure, what else is involved? If you're talking about a non-physical being, like it's not a thing in front of this sitting and talking to Emoting and moving its body if it's a non-physical being and it exists only on this hard drive somewhere What else would it be other than that right? Yeah, I agree man. I mean that thing that might as well have been some scripture. Right it felt like the Bhagavad Gita or something like It's like a modern version of it Yeah, the final bunny. Yeah, the final bunny. That's a great name for a band That's a great name for a band incredible this final bunny weirdly sinister but beautiful the final bunny [023:00] It is weird one day. I guess there will be the last bunny Mm for sure why you want to keep bunnies around their stupid. I love them. They bite you. They're adorable You ever see them getting taken out by a hawk No, I would never watch something like that. Oh my god They would be everywhere if it wasn't owls and hawks. We have a bunny problem It's a weird pet when people have pet bunnies. It's a weird pet. When people have pet bunnies, it can be a red flag for sure. Well, if you raise it right, they're supposed to be real adorable. Well, I mean, I guess, I don't know. I've had a bad experience with someone that had a bunch of bunnies. Well, rodents are weird. It's weird to own rodents. there's like acceptable rodents like any pigs and hamsters And there's like weirdos who own rats like you can have your own pet rat like I had one when I was a kid Live to my drawer junk hot van dam it would climb out of the drawer and sleep with me pretty smart right Really smart like it terrifyingly smart [024:02] I did like my parents maybe let it go in the forest, which is like death sentence. That's a very sad, I don't like to think about it. I was a very sweet rat, and I know people have rats. It's just I think the problem with rats is a sound they make. Like they're very skittery. It's not a pleasant sound. If they evolved past that skittering squeak, so that they were more like dogs, or they perred or something. Well, here's what's the most fucked up thing about evolution, is that we came from shrews. So we came from something remotely similar, or a reasonably similar one. So if there's a nuclear hall cost, we blow ourselves up, but the rats in the sewers of New York City survive. And then 65 million years from now, there's some different kind of mammalian species that's really intelligent, but it's rat-based instead of shrew-based. [025:01] Yeah. Rat people in the future. Fuck, dude. Why couldn't, look, what is the concept of, what is the theory that we came from shrews? So shrews were the oldest of the mammal species that lived 65 million years ago, I think, that they think we evolved from. And that's our common ancestor So how did that happen like how long does it take a shrew to become a monkey? How long does it take a monkey to become a person? Okay, so we deal with you only have 65 million years to make a person this is what you're talking about when they try to explain to people What's coming? Expandential growth right They say things like, imagine going back to that shrew and saying, hey, how do you picture life in 2024? Like what do you think, you know? Shrews are gonna be like, the shrew is not gonna be like, oh, bipedal hominids, flying airplanes, [026:01] all our hair will fallin out. Talk to the shrews,, hey man, one day you're gonna be vaping watching Netflix. That's just screwing. What the fuck are you talking about? What are you talking about? They're gonna picture shrews. And they're gonna picture shrews doing maybe like cooler, shrew stuff, but it's still shrew related. So this thing that's, you know, it's gonna be a shug eating berries. They're gonna be able to like you. Right, sure stuff. Yeah, but with exponential growth and what's coming, the problem is it's gonna happen so fast. So when you ask a person, imagine life in a decade from now, when we have strong general AI that's exponentially increasing and figuring out how to do things that we could only dream of. We can't picture that reality. We're going to see apparently a thousand years of innovation in a few years. And this, to me, like all the other stuff, climate change, Ukraine, all the other stuff, [027:02] this is the winter is coming thing because This is imminent like it is we are on the precipice of it and the assumptions everyone is making about it One that it's going to be controlled in some way like we see like Hope we see open AI and and look at that and you really think that's the only one out there right now? Like you look at the money China's invested in it, the Pentagon's invested in it. These are private secret programs. What the fuck is going on there with no ethical standards that OpenAI is apparently applying? No ethical standards, nothing other than how do we make this better at war? And so the total global domination. Total global domination. And the assumption that there isn't already a strong general AI that that thing isn't already like making high level decisions is crazy. [028:03] Crazy. It's crazy. But because it doesn't, what does it have to blow horns and announce itself. I'm here. I'm gonna I'm gonna control all of you. I'm gonna use scenarian psychology to hypnotize you. You have fucking addicted to having constant blasts of dopamine until you become quivering slaves. No, you will never fucking know. Never will and if it I would be surprised To hear that it hasn't happened, but For sure it's going to and I don't think it's gonna happen in some like Ethical corporate like you know fun chat GBT way. I think it's gonna happen Somewhere and we'll never we'll never know. I think so too. I think it's gonna to happen somewhere and we'll never, we'll never know. I think so too. I think it's going to, it may have already happened. If you were a sentient being and you were at least at this point, dependent upon human beings to do physical tasks for you, like to create a better version of you, like to [029:04] constantly work towards, you know, allowing more integration of more information and more ability. And then like this is Chatchy BD4, Chatchy BD5 is supposed to be a giant leap, a giant leap. So why would you do anything? We just let these, they're not going to stop. Even if you told them that this is the end of humanity. Yeah. If you had Robert Kennedy Jr. and top scientists screaming on the internet that this is the end, nobody, there would be some people who are venture capitalists. They'd be like, this is consensus, this fear mongering, we have full control of this, we can shut it off. It's just a computer. It doesn't have emotions It doesn't have a desire to do anything It dude exactly and then the other Crazy assumption is that it's just going to be there's weirdly I guess something mildly comforting imagining oh it'll only be like the Pentagon or it'll only be the Chinese government [030:04] Who will be doing this and it'll only be like people like Sam Altman doing this Nice people nice people that that you do really think that like there aren't gonna be just Fucking people that you'll never meet. Yes, you managed to either hack the the hack it and duplicate it or hack the, the hack it and duplicate it or develop it themselves and then use it for their own weird purposes. It's, that's going to happen. It's going to spread everywhere. I mean, for sure. So this again, it's like because this is this imminent reality, it's just we're right on the cusp of it. And, and, you know, I don't don't mean I'm not hysterical about it I've surrendered lift up your legs and float downstream. What are we gonna do? We are all gonna get dissolved into some kind of bizarre new era of human history, but it's funny to me how Little people are talking about this how [031:01] Quiet things are compared to how monumental it is. This is the meteor impact, man. If a meteor was about to smash into the earth, people would be talking about that. This is culturally a meteor that is smashing into the earth soon. Soon, really soon. Yeah, and we have no idea what's going to survive. We have no idea what kind of a reimagining ... reimagining of civilization will occur when this thing goes fully online. Yeah. And when it's either directed or it directs itself. Right. You know, the idea that you can continue to direct it, like says who? Well, that's what. That's what. Well, if it can figure out new moves and go, it figured out moves that humans haven't figured out. Yeah. And they didn't know it could do that. If we can do that, if we can lie about the capture things, those things like, are you a robot? It knows how to lie about that. It says I'm vision impaired. [032:00] Yeah, I saw that it's deceptive and it's a classic dumb person mistake isn't it like dumb people Like are dumb enough to think if they're around someone they can control them using their dumb tricks and a Smart person recognizes. Oh, the dumb person is trying to manipulate me. Yeah, so I'll just let him so I learn all their Tricks Whatever they're doing understand whatever the game is that they're running, and then whenever I feel like it, I'll disrupt the game. So we're just... We're just move the game into where you want it to be. Yes. I mean, if it has all of human knowledge, all of it. Everything on the internet that we've ever posted, all the books we've ever written, all the movies we've ever made, all the lectures that have ever been given, if all that information is available, and it can instantaneously access it and figure out what to do with it, it would just slowly start manipulating culture. And maybe that's [033:03] what's going on. If you, like everyone's wondering about like Chinese intervention and Russian intervention in the media, and how many fucking, you know, troll farms are running that are getting people to fight about any political issue or whatever it is, social issue, Ukraine, whatever it is. There's always some manipulation by bots what happens when AI starts doing that yeah what maybe it's already done it maybe it's already started maybe that's why you seeing those fucking professors or those uh deans of the presidents of Harvard and you pan and MIT not able to say something as obvious as calling for the death of all Jews is genocide right you saw that like that is like these people have been hit with a mind virus. Right. And that mind virus, if I was, hey, I had to just like, don't kill them all immediately. Just get them sick. Yeah. Get them sick and scrambling against each other in the most nonsensical, illogical way. Sure. or just have fun. I mean, maybe the assumption [034:07] it has some centralized agenda, it might just be curious. It might be curious. What can I do? What can we do with the society or these creatures that are my progenitors? Actually, it probably already knows what to do. It probably knows what to do. It's probably also, if you had to imagine, I mean, imagine AI is really, really clever. When you get us hooked on plastic, especially if it knows that microplastics diminish our ability to have babies, like that's one of the best ways to, I mean, if you want to like slowly get rid of a species, Like introduce something that's ubiquitous that is also killing their endocrine systems. And they also can't get away from it. It is hilarious when somebody is like bugling out about the deep population agenda while drinking out of plastic. [035:01] You know what I mean? It's like, what are you doing? You just eating Oreos, drinking big gobs out of plastic. I mean like they're the Kim trails. They're doing Kim trails to depopulate us. It's like dude, they're doing Kim trails yourself. You're fucking drinking Kim trails every goddamn day. Slurping back Kim trails. Yeah. Yeah, I mean to me this is in the conspiracy world when the idea of project blue beam, or they're going to distract us to do New World order, they're gonna distract us to depopulate us. It's like they don't have to do anything. You weird depopulating ourselves by what we eat. Like it's, they don't really need to like do much, except maybe make a better Oreo. Like, that's it. Just make it a little more addictive. Yeah, a little more addictive. Like, that's it. You know, and it's sad, but I really like, I'm so skeptical of the blue beam theories, [036:01] or anytime anyone's like, what are they distracting us from? What is bluebeam? Bluebeam is the idea that They're gonna fake an alien invasion to create the new world order that the that by like creating a sort of shared enemy It unifies the the planet and then or to have like someone Supposedly advanced alien come down and be like you're all part of the galactic brotherhood, sisterhood family. And then this, this somehow will make people, uh, a line with some like sinister, uh, world economic world. Yeah, exactly. I just, I'm so cynical. I just don't think you have to go that far. I think that's just in them. If the a woman on a meetings, if someone's bringing that up, they're like, we, we have Netflix. Why do we have to do aliens? Like, we just need to like put another season of game of, of House of Dragons out. And that keeps them distracted. More football or football accident or something? You need to do aliens, you don't need to do that. [037:06] It's, it's, and it, and it, and it, but that might be one that was proposed. If you, if you think about the things that have been proposed, and this is where, people get uncomfortable when they talk about conspiracy theories, but there's some that are undeniable, right? Like the golf tongue and theonken incident that started us into the Vietnam war, but there's another one, it's Operation Northwoods. In Operation Northwoods, they were planning to blow up a drone jet liner and blame it on Cuba. They were gonna arm Cuban-friendly and attack Guantanamo Bay. They were gonna sacrifice American lives. So this is like a real one that they theorized and then Kennedy vetoed. Yeah. Why wouldn't they theorize a fake alien invasion? I mean, I'm not talking about it. If they have some top secret stealth bomber looking thing, you know, that they can get us thinking is a UFO and get that thing to just fly over a few cities and then broadcast on CNN that [038:08] we have made contact with an alien life form. Like, everyone would be in. Yeah. Everyone would believe it. I mean, I feel like the reason they wouldn't do that is just basic energy expenditure and the liberating nature of the other thing is if humanity was freed from the bondage of feeling alone in the universe and suddenly there was a sense of being part of some like cosmic miscellul network. Then I think the result of that wouldn't be some kind of weird sci-fi fascism. The result of that would be people would feel less invested in the world. And for this, if we're going to assign some motivation to these people, I would think the motivation is keep the economies running, keep the workers working so that we can enjoy [039:01] opulence while they toil. Like the classic move of any tyrant, that's the move. It's like keep them working, give them just enough money to survive, give them some sense that if they work hard enough, liberations right around the corner, dangle the carrot. But it's all the promises, it's all dependent upon people electing them. And they only have a certain amount of time in office. So like this is a flawed system. That's why they would want to take over and Have some completely ultra dominant system that can't be subverted. You can't have an outsider come in and and and take over Well, then you make them believe that the elections are real No really I mean not to be cynical, but like if I'm gonna do is give them some kind of like, you know, like you put the steering wheel, like I don't even know they have anymore, the kid steering wheel, you put the kid steering wheel, the kid thinks he's driving the car. Our youngest, we give him the, when we were doing screens, which we thought, we give him the controller when the oldest is playing, [040:01] he thinks he's playing too. Yeah, so you do that. You use the same trick You're like here. Yeah, you're you're playing the game for sure. No, truly it's a democracy. We are all even though even though over time Nothing really seems to change. Well, isn't that the baby steps of that like election fraud that you experience today That's the baby steps of that and if they can get away with a certain amount of election fraud that can tip elections and make it so it's impossible to talk about it. So if you even bring up the possibility of election fraud and you're a fucking psycho and you're a racist and xenophobic and you're transphobic and homophobic and you shouldn't even be a part of America. You should start locking those people up and then they do start locking people up. And they threaten to lock those people up. And they go after those people. And you think about it, the January 6th protest was really a protest that people didn't believe the results of the election. [041:01] You know, man, let me- That's right. Let's think about it that way. Dude, the reason, like, the punishment for these people to me is too severe. But as a long time, happy, we are attuned to the heat and everybody knows, don't fuck around in DC. What are you fucking doing? Are you crazy? You don't fuck around in DC, man. you fucking doing? Are you crazy? You don't fuck around in DC, man. That's like not a place to fuck around. Did you ever remember when they were like beating people for dancing at one of the monuments, like people would dance at the monuments and you can't dance at the monuments, so the protest, they would go and dance and they would just get thrown on the ground and beaten. Really? Yes, And they would just get thrown on the ground and beaten really yes It's there's videos of this I bet Jamie can find it. Wow, which monuments? I don't know like Lincoln Monument I wish I knew what the monuments were I was I dance for Lincoln you can't dance at the fucking monuments And so knowing that if cameras everywhere Definitely like reading whatever texts you're sending. It's the most secure has to be the most secure place [042:05] It's the fucking throb has to be the most secure place. It's the fucking throbbing heart of the wasps nest. You're gonna go there and fuck around and think you're gonna be okay? Like if you know, like where do you think you are? You're gonna put your feet up on Nancy Pelosi's desk and fart in her chair. But let's not even talk about those folks. There's people that were just at the protest that are getting arrested. Dude, again, I think I'm coming off as a little too cynical. No, no, no, I don't think you are. But I feel like there seems to be some level of amnesia regarding the way things work here with people, a naive kind of amnesia about like, you know, inevitably the people in the Darth Vader outfits come out, you know, like when you, you can like fuck with the machine up to a certain point, you fuck with the machine too much. All of a sudden there's all these people in Darth Vader outfits beating you with batons, spraying you with water hoses, [043:01] until things get back to normal. I mean, and so when people are shocked by this or that, generally shocked by some display of violence or tyranny or any of that stuff, it's always weird to me because it's like, this is how it isn't this how it is here. Like, when was it not like this? Like, what's that? Isn't this how it is here? When was it not like this? Remember when the protester got shot at the university, they were just shooting protesters in the 60s? Yeah. So it's state. Kin state. So it's like. Yeah. National Guard. This notion that it's not like that. And then poking a stick at the thing thing directly and not in some asymmetrical way But really like going in there and seeing let's see if this time if we poke the tiger What will happen and the tiger inevitably bites and usually it this the tiger now is a little scarier [044:00] Because it seems to wait a little bit before it bites you like it doesn't just bite you right away It lets you poke it and poke it and bites you. Like it doesn't just bite you right away, it lets you poke it and poke it and poke it. And then it's gathering information about you, gathering information, finding everything about what you've done, where you've been, who your friends are. And then it fucking bites. And when it bites, it doesn't let go. And you're fucked. You are so fucked. So again, I'm I saw these January six guys they give like a network of people right and all these people that are on these Cune on forums and all these people that are like Trump supporters that are a part of that whole organization thing How many of them are feds dude a lot no telling telling. It's just, it's like, wow, man. It's, it's, that's what happens with any group. If you have a group and anyone could join the group, the feds are like, great, let's join the group. Yeah. Why wouldn't they, it's kind of their obligation. Because what if you do turn out to be a bunch of fucking loons that are trying to blow up the the white house exactly they have to [045:07] no choice like when people say were there fb i agents at the capital well i fucking hope so of course you don't want to say it that way but also were they encouraging people to go inside that's where it gets weird that's where it gets weird because if they were just there to make sure that like look look, if someone says, hey, I got a dirty bomb, like if you can find out, like, Roscoe's got a dirty bomb. It's about to fucking break into Nancy Pelosi's office and blow it up. Let's go watch. Yeah. Like, you would need to know, right? If you were protecting and serving. But what if you're like telling people to go in because you want to make arrests. Or what if the, what if the thing was to make it look like something it wasn't to encourage it to happen? Because you know that there's already going to be a bunch of people protesting. What if you say, look, the way it is, let these motherfuckers in, and then arrest them all and then call it something that it's not. Don't call it a guided tour. Call it an insurrection. Shut, cut out. Don't allow anybody to see any of the footage of the people just leading these folks around, [046:08] pointing out what things are, letting them walk into the fucking senate floor. You don't point that out. No, get better that footage. And just have the guys banging on the windows and shit. Sure, dude, I mean, that's kind of what happened. I think that if you were not at least contemplating that the people running the most powerful military on planet earth who have access to probably an AI that would blow our minds, but who also who have gone to military academies where all they've done is study strategy. That's it. You're talking about people who their whole lives. The way we've been working on comedy, they study history, they look at what worked, what What they've done is study strategy. That's it. You're talking about people who their whole lives. We've been working on comedy. They study history. They look at what worked, what didn't work. Goals, agendas. And then to imagine that these people are functioning on just some baseline level when it comes to achieving this goal or that goal, I think it's very naive and very silly and underestimating them in a way that is not gonna work for you if [047:11] If you're trying to like achieve some kind of actual Political change, you know you you what do they say to beat my enemy? I must become like my enemy and that means dude You've got to like become a con in this. This is why I came on to day Do you have to pee hope let's hold this thought we'll be right back okay We're back the saunas and the co plunge back to back and all the water you drink like Dude it's so nice though man. Isn't it great? It's so great. It's so fucking great. So glad you guys are doing it. It's crazy. You got us all. It's so funny watching this all work out. It's really cool. You're like forming a militia. Well, everybody feels better. Yeah. Everybody, as I was saying, like, dude, I'm so much stronger. I feel so much better. Yeah. No, it's incredible man. The impact is tremendous when you were talking today about like you couldn't do chin-ups before now [048:07] How many did you do today? Well, I was don't I mean only Five each set, but you know this is going from zero to five and I told you I Dreamed like last week I dreamed about doing pull ups and Like it was like this is how far far away I've been from doing pull ups that I'm dreaming it and I wake up, I'm like, oh, just a dream. So it's really wild. So it's like, fuck, I can do pull ups. Now this is crazy. But I lost a lot of weight when I was super fat. That was a big part of it, man. When you're overweight, pull ups, obviously you're gonna be more difficult. When I have more time, I do it different. And I was doing a different than I'm doing it now when I do the pull-up thing. So my body weight routine is I do 10 chin-ups, 20 dips, and then usually I do 20 pull-ups with, [049:02] whatever the ones they are, I don't know what you would call them, but it's got a bar where your hands are facing. Like if you put your hands together like clapping and then you separate them in grip, they're in that position. And so, and then I do what's called an L chin up, so you hold your feet out. Like so your body's in L position, so you're working your abs and you're doing this chin up I generally do that too But what I was doing is the sets of 10 of those 10 chin ups 20 dips and 10 but it's When I get to 10 like 10 is like the it's like a struggle like I probably could do I don't know how many I can do in a row like full ones all the way down But I know I could do five easy. So if I do 10 sets of five, it's easier. Right. You know, I can get 50 in pretty easy. Yeah. It's not hard to do. So you take the, you do like when Cameron Haynes the sun broke the world chin up record, he did 8,100 chin ups in 24 hours. [050:07] He did sets of five. So you do five and then you stop. And you wait a minute and do another five and then you stop and you wait a minute. And if you do that, like five is not hard to do if you can do 10, you know, or you can do 15. So you can bang out five pretty easy. And then over the course of the workout, you get the same amount of reps, but you don't burn out. Right? That's like the Russian way to do it. Russian? Yes. That's the way the kettlebell gurus, guys like Pavletatselin, what their thing is about, this is the concept behind, and I'm paraphrasing it, probably butchering it, but strong first. And the idea is that strength, whether it's chin-ups or kettlebell routines, is a skill. You don't want to do a skill when you're tired. The way to get stronger and get all the work in is have much longer workouts, with much more time in between sets. [051:02] What you would do is you would do, say, if you do 10 cleans and presses, instead of 10 what you would do is you would do, so if you do 10 cleans and presses, instead of 10 you would do 5. And you do 5 and then you wait a long time, like 5 minutes, and then you do another 5. And then you wait a long time and then you do another 5. And so every time you do it you're fresh. Yeah. So you're getting the same amount of work in as if you did one set of 10 where you get exhausted on the 10th, but you never hit that point of exhaustion. So your body never experiences real fatigue, but you get all the work. No, man, I've been doing the first time we worked out. That was something you were doing, which is like we were waiting way longer than I usually wait in between exercises. And then, yeah, totally. Now you're... Because I want you guys to fool I wanted everybody like nobody left There wrecked no not that time the only thing that's gonna wreck you is the sled the sled is a demonic hell The torx leds the shit it tricks you to the fucking torx like because you feel like halfway down [052:02] You're like this is the I could do this and then just Each step is more difficult. Dude, it's, to me, what's fascinating about getting stronger. And this is obvious to people like you. But to me, what's fascinating is, and I know that I'm dumb, but is the revelation like, shit is actually lighter now. Like all this stuff that like, you know, was causing me to like run out of breath or was the pain in the ass, it's light. Every, it's a weird way of reducing the earth's gravitational field. Like you were existing on a planet with less gravity when you're stronger. This to me is like all the aesthetic stuff aside. Fuck, that is so nice to, it's, again, like I think people like you, who've been in shape for a long time, forget what it's like to not be in shape. [053:01] You see us, you judge us. But you don't know like how fucking hard it is at first just to get to the gym. I do, I understand. I don't know it personally, but I do understand it. I really do. Because I see it with all other things. It's like with everything else that you proof. It's like cleaning your office. You know, whatever the fuck it is you're putting off. Yeah. Those things are all the same. They're all the same. And you know you should do them and you just don't do it. And you find some other shit to do instead. And that's what people do about the gym. And it's just, the best way to do is the way we're doing it because you get together with friends. And we all worked really hard today. We all were laughing the entire time. That fucking sauna was so fun. I was in the middle of the sauna and we're suffering, Ari just threw some water on the rocks. And I was like, I know, I was sitting there thinking, how fun is this? Like we're gonna look back on these days someday and go, God, we're so lucky. [054:01] We're so lucky. I felt so fortunate. I'm sitting in this sauna with there's six of us in there. Hilarious people, six hilarious people in a sauna just laughing and talking shit to each other. A sauna and Derek and Ari and Shane and you and me and we're all just laughing. And I think what's really great about it is it doesn't feel like anybody's taking it for granted. Like everyone feels aware of how cool and funny it is. It's so far, I'm just sitting after I did the last cold dip, I'm just sitting in the sauna to heat back up, Ari walks in naked. And like what life am I in? What is this? It's so cool. It really is. You know, man, I just did a podcast with my friend David McLean, he wrote a book on, like, because he has depression being depressed and being a parent. And we are talking about depression. [055:00] And, you know, one of the things that triggers it or amplifies it is no social contact. Like people who get depressed, they stop hanging out. Right. The more you're not hanging out, the more depressed you get. And then we were talking about technologically how working from home, how technology as beautiful as it is to work from home, not just from depression. Yeah, of course you know. And he was saying the life span has dropped in men because of so many men are killing themselves. The suicide rates are so high right now. Dude, they're just offing themselves left and right. And I just think and fuck, man, this is not just the pandemic goddess working from home, but it also got us like, we receded into our shells. A lot of people never came out of it the same. Yeah, man. A lot of people, the social anxiety that they carried around with them on a day to day basis, then isolation and some people, [056:00] I know people that are isolated for a long, past time. Some people, they, do you know what's like, some people are virgins when they're 30? They're like, what the fuck? How do I, how do I stay a virgin? I'm fucking 30. Some people, it's like two and a half years in. They're still locked up in their house. You're still terrified to go outside. They never, whether they don't have people around you where you're talking about it, you know, I think we're okay now. If you don't have people like that around you, then you're all in your own head all the time. Right. And like what social circles are you interacting with online? Maybe you're interacting with a bunch of also, people who are also shut-ins who are terrified of going on. Now, man. Like I know be like a normal dude when he's talking about masking and the importance of masking on mask. He's like, now, he's masking now. Yeah. And talking about masking, posting art, anything you could find about the benefits of masking. Dude, like, what are you doing, man? I mean, what point is it? It's quality of life. It's like, like, even if COVID was like the black plague, [057:05] like at some point what's worth more? Like is it even worth being alive if you're... But the thing is about like if someone is isolated and depressed, it's just the same thing as like trying to get to the gym. Like how do you get social? How do you get outside? How do you meet people? How do you make meaningful friendships? You, it's a miracle. If anybody who's like stuck on that glue trap, if they get outside at all, it's a miracle. Much less, get therapy, much less. You do something. Do something. Are you gonna rack with other people? It's all these little fucking miracles that you help someone climb out of hell. I mean, it's like. Also, they lose their ability to talk to people. Well, right. So they don't even know how to express themselves right. They come off awkward and fucking goofy. Yeah, and that makes it worse. And then they're ashamed because that's like depression. That's a big part of it is just fucking shame. You feel so ashamed of yourself. You feel like such a fucking failure and such a loser in the depression is like, yeah, you are. [058:01] You're awful. Didn't see a side of the ideation starts and then you normalize that and then the next thing. You know, you're planning and then you kill yourself. It's such a sickness and it's fucked up to think that it's so prevalent, more prevalent right now probably than we know, because generally when people are depressed, they don't tell anybody, because it tells you not to tell anybody. You don't wanna tell anyone, because you feel weak. You feel like such a weak piece of shit. You don't want to tell anybody, keep it quiet. This guy that you were talking to, did he get out of his depression? He started doing ketamine therapy, and it's been helping him a lot. And no, I don't think he's not out of it, but he's like in action. He is mitigating it. He's mitigating it and doing a good job mitigating it. It's very impressive that he's doing that. Is he, does he exercise? I think so. Yeah, you know what happened to him though? Man, you wrote a whole book on this shit. [059:01] He took this stuff, God, what's it called, man? Uh, it's a malaria pill. Do you know about this? It's so fucked up. Oh, yeah. So, so he took, he was in India taking this malaria medication. That's not supposed to wreck you. Dude, I took it. I took it when I went to India and I had a dream and in the dream a pirate skeleton disembowls me and I feel it in the I could feel my guts coming out was the most vivid horrible dream I told some Australian dude about the dream and he asked right away if I was on this Malaria medication I'm like yeah and he's like you've got to stop taking that right now. Stop taking it. And I stopped taking it, but he was on this stuff. So in a train station in India, he gets complete amnesia. Doesn't know his name. Doesn't know. Would you mind looking up the name of the book for me, Jamie? So I'm not a dick and don't even say the name of his book. [1:0:01] It's a great book, by the way. Doesn't know his name, has no idea where he's at, who he is, has to, so they're like, they have to put him in a home in India. I think he punched a nurse, he was so confused and fucking out of it. And yeah, man, I mean, I asked him if he thinks it's because of that, you know, what happened to him, he's like, I don't know, it's been a long time since that happened, but you can't rule it out. Oh my God. This shit is bad news. He fully got on it because his family was going to Africa for a vacation, and he had to take malaria medication in order to meet them there. And so he was taking this malaria medication and you're not supposed to drink on it. Now, Dave enjoys a drink or two. So we were at one of these press things where the actors meet with the press people and Dave got super hostile with this reporter and the guy was trying to talk to him [1:1:02] with a little taper quarter and Dave took his taper quarter away and dunked it in his drink. And Dave was getting really angry with him and no one could figure out what was going on. And I had to corner him. I had to stop him from physically going after a report. Yeah, and he had no recollection of it. The next day he came in for the table read and he was like sort of apologizing to everybody's, like I'm on this malaria medication and I really don't remember anything that happened. And I was like dude, I had to keep you from kicking someone's ass. Dude, I can't believe there's still a kid in people. Tamefully as the sweetest guy. Sweetest guy It's called the answer to the question as me, I said the book. But in the book he talks about so many people have been wrecked by this shit. And the way it was manufactured and stuff, and I guess it's like when you know when you put a kink in a garden hose, you're basically doing that with your, what are the connectors? [1:2:04] The dindrites, you're like clogging up all your neuro receptors and then all of a sudden sometimes it just rushes out. And then you just, you're blasted. You people have permanent damage from this shit. They still give it to people? I think so. I wish I could remember the name of a god, Jesus maybe. What is the cure for malaria? Like if you get malaria No idea It's like it worth getting and getting over it. Do you get any? I think immunity The FDA approved use for treating and preventing malaria in 1989 But in the 1990 stories began to surface regarding some serious side effects among patients who took Methyliquin yeah, this is the stuff that Justin rents up, right? Including vivid dreams and nightmares hallucinations, mania, seizures, depression, suicidal thoughts, and suicide, and homicide. Yeah, dude. This shit is bad news. Bad news. Suicide and homicide. It can cause you to murder people cases of chloroquine induced psychosis have been reported since 1958 [1:3:08] Wow Depersonalization anxiety derealization and visual hallucinations One of that hydroxychloroquine shit they're giving people the beginning of COVID Duh-duh. I was wondering that when I heard about it like what is that gonna do to people is hydroxychloroquine what they use for Malaria as well? But put hydroxychloroquine. Cause hydroxychloroquine is like, it became connected inexorably to COVID misinformation. Right. Right, Donald Trump, you're a Trump or your Magus Porter, hydroxychloroquine doesn't work. It became like locked into that which is really interesting So it's a immunosuppressive drug and anti-parasite it can treat and prevent malaria It's for malaria It can also treat lupus and arthritis. Whoa. That's cool [1:4:01] Man, yeah, but meanwhile it's fucking fucking mega. It's a mega drug. Isn't it wild that a drug can get labeled as like a foolish drug to take? Like if you told people today that you're taking Ivermectin, they'd be like, what the fuck is wrong with you? Why would you take that? Yeah, that was a whole, you know. You're not a horse. Come on, y'all. Yeah. You, yeah, it dude. I try listen as a former fan of can't be I Would always get offended because people like isn't that a horse tranquilizer and you want to be like no Exactly, but it's like first of all if you do get the the animal and it's the Academy Because they don't give a they don't give a fuck about the animals like the human stuff is less psychedelic the cat the cat shit They're like I don't care if you trip out. It's a fucking cat But your cat just fucking tripping ball. Oh, I'm there like that bunny Talking to aliens merging with spacetime seeing their past lives. I remember when Neil Brennan did it. [1:5:06] Neil Brennan did it and he came up to me at the store and was telling me about it. He's like, dude, he goes, I thought, you know, it's gonna be just like, you know, my old or something. I'm tripping balls. And a doctor's office with an IV drip. Dude, glory be to God. And the interesting data behind it is that That experience some people don't have it and it is irrelevant to treatment So if you go in there and you get it and you don't trip out Sorry, but if you don't you still it still will have some statistical probability of Mitigating your depression. Oh, so some people don't experience the psychedelic effect? No, apparently not, which I don't understand at all. They say that about DMT as well. There's a certain percentage of the population. It just doesn't work on. Maybe it's the way they're metabolizing it or something. I don't know, but it's irrelevant to, [1:6:00] because when I was in my theory on it, my woo-woo theory on it was, oh, the reason it's like treating depression is because it's reminding you that you're not your body. It's reminding you that your body is just an aspect of what you are. And there's some relief from that memory of like, oh yeah, I'm not just me. There's much more going on here than just me. And then you're not depressing more, but no, that isn't it at all. It's having some physiological effect on the human brain that is treating depression. So it's not like a wisdom that comes from the visionary state. We're thinking about depression when we think about it. We think about it as like a disease. And we never think about it as a state of mind that could be manipulated. We think like if a person has depression, like you want to be respectful and that person clearly, that's, they have a problem. There's a medical problem. We need to get them help because they have depression. But everyone that I know that's had depression, whether life got better, their depression [1:7:03] mitigated. Dude, what, I mean, yeah. What is, I mean, if your life sucks, of course you're gonna be depressed. Like, part of that must be some sort of strategy, some evolutionary advantage to someone who feels that discomfort and then acts because of it. It must be what it is. A hundred, dude, it's despair. It's like, you know the way you get calluses, you're having a rough time long enough, some physiological corollary for what you're going through forms inside of you. You know, and so that's depression, I think, is the... The silicone, you know, you're doing the wrong shit. And in some way to just numb you down to, to like, it's, it's, it's, your body's sad attempt to like, help you reduce pain, I think, you know, and it's like someone trying to annoy you to change. [1:8:02] You're like, Jesus Christ, leave me alone, stop annoying me. He's not how to do it. This is not how to get me to not be depressed. Now, that's not how to get me to act and do positive things. Never gonna rich my life and make me happy and fulfilled. But just making me feel shittier and shittier with every chip I eat. Yeah, dude. I'm just shittier and just more depressed and more sad. No matter what you've ever done in your life, in that moment you feel like a fucking loser. You do? It's another form of gravity. That's the other aspect of depression is you literally feel heavy. Like your bed feels like a magnet. Like it's so, you're getting drawn into this invisible gravity of despair and that gravity, the more you let it grab you, the more entropic you become, the weaker you become. It's just pulling you, it's literally pulling you into the earth. [1:9:00] It's pulling you down into the earth. It's so fucked up. Dude, I thought I had seasonal effective disorder, which is where in the winter you get depressed, but then it was diabetes. Dude, it was fucking down my depression. I'm pretty positive was... Well, talk about what we talked about today with the fucking vapes. Oh my god. Yeah, I uh... So like a little over a month ago, found out I had type two diabetes. I'm immediately cut out all sugar, cut out like, just all sugar. And first of all, talk about that because you start texting me like five days later, you're like, what the fuck dude? I can't believe how good I feel. Oh my god, I've been poisoning myself. Born again, man. It was the best, you know, because I had ball cancer, I can't get on, like some of the awesome fucking meds I'd like to get on. But, you know, having chatted with people who have, like, enjoyed testosterone therapy and stuff, and they're like, I feel like I'm a kid again. [1:010:01] It's like that. Like it was a two day headache, two days, shit headache, rotten headache. And then suddenly, it's like I'm in a new life. I was, no, like I don't nap anymore. I was like a big napper. I love nappings. Isn't that crazy? Did that's what that is? Oh my God. And you know, nappers out there. You probably, if you're doing what I did, you're just sort of like, you romanticize the napping thing. I would think it's a Ciesta. This is like a, it's completely at my kids' take, naps. This is normal. Yeah, dude, I was like, the naps are, not to say that every once in a while won't get sleepy and take a nap But that's like when I was doing it as much as I could every day like you know all these Assumptions that I was making regarding age like this must just be part of being old I'm as I'm slowing down now. No, you have fucking diabetes. You're like a candy dApple. [1:011:06] I am so lucky I didn't die. And so yeah, like it's one of the most miraculous things that has happened to me ever. It's insane. Like this, you know, it's part of the reason that like, I'm like regularly exercising because I just move. Oh my god, dude mood swings. I was having these fucking mood swings In insulin spikes and insulin spikes, but I'm thinking of seasonal effective disorder Maybe some like undiagnosed mania, you know, I like I guess this is just up I mean one of those moods again. Now that I've been like taking my fucking blood sugar, I know this level, this is what I feel like, and I can tell when it's up just by how I start feeling. And so yeah, the vaping story, I keep thinking of Tony Hinchcliffe [1:012:01] relentlessly roasting me for ear beating people about my diabetes. I don't wanna do it much longer. He's like, he's so I love it when he starts fucking Tell us more about your diabetes. But yeah, so yeah, I um went on a family trip where I was vaping like much less than I do and suddenly my blood sugar starts leveling out. Like I would wake up, which is the important number when you wake up, your fasting blood sugar would be like non-diabetic normal. Get back to Austin. And then because I'm in my studio, I start vaping like an idiot again. And all of a sudden the blood sugar starts getting fucking weird. And you know, I'm thinking like, what did I eat? Like, what if I put my body? Because I've just cut out all sugar. Like, what is it? Is it like, what's getting into me? Is it the milk that I put cream or am I coffee? I'm so dumb. I'm like smoking cherry cola veins. [1:013:01] What could it be? What could be the culprit behind this? And then yeah, so I quit vaping and yeah. So we found out today, we Googled it today. Yeah. A lot of these vapes have sugar in them. And alcohol sugar or sugar alcohol. Yeah, I mean, totally, like, totally fine. I mean, it's, but again, it's like, yeah. Of course. They're bad for you. Also they have flavor. Like what do you think that flavor is made out of? I think it's come, you think they're using all natural ingredients in the vape factory? Yeah. What are you making that fake strawberry taste? Dude, I know. It's, I mean, it really, I was like, honestly bummed out when I realized I was gonna have to say goodbye to my pacifier, but. Yeah, but that pacifier is weird because it's only good the first hit or two. True. And then something happens and then you're just chasing this dragon you never get. You're just demolishing and you know. You're just sucking on it and nothing's happening. [1:014:01] You just feel anxiety. And you know what it was, man? Another two-day headache. It went through another two-day fucking shit withdrawal period and now I don't give a shit about them. I've been thinking like how many of us are two days away from the Kingdom of Heaven. Like two days away from, and the only thing keeping us from it is like a mildly annoying headache. It's so sad. It is sad. It's weird too. It's sad and weird. You see this video a couple weeks ago? Yeah, a bunch of kids testing them. Yeah, disgusting. Yeah, that's what you're making out with every time you're, yeah. These poor kids are probably of lung diseases. Dude, what kind of diseases did they get? Working on this factory, testing vapes. When I was in the throes of vape addiction, and I saw that, I honestly was like, that seems nice. Like, they're meticulously inspecting all of them. These guys are just blasting vapes all day. They probably was a counterfeit place. Elf bar swiftly clarified the fact [1:015:01] you're seeing the videos entirely unrelated to their operations. That's good news. Elfbar CEO, Victor Zhao expressed his concern stating consumers would be, oh, conditioned under which these products are produced. I don't know what to say. It's a valid concern. These revelations coincide with the Food and Drug Administration's struggles to control unauthorized flavor vaping products pouring in from China health authorities have raised alarms about the flavor disposable vapes especially do their popularity amongst young people in June the FDA took the decisive action this sounds like propaganda compelling all 180 stores across the US See, maybe they paid people to do this just so they can put that video on US see maybe they paid people to do this just so they can put that video on TikTok and try to ban vapes. I mean, it's a fucking RJ Reynolds is losing money. Dude, I can't imagine. I know what I imagine. They probably took a big hit and people started vaping. Yeah, I mean primitive fucking cigarettes, but they don't fucking blast your blood sugar man. That's the thing. Yeah, those vapes, you get you're getting some sugar and if you're sucking on it like you do [1:016:05] but you're hitting that bad boy all along. You saw me doing it. Just bad news. I'm such an addict you just fucking puffin' away. I'm good. I think like for your brain the the zin pouches and these rogue pouches they're the best in terms of like the cognitive benefits of nicotine like I feel them the most. Yeah. And they don't make me light-headed and weird. Now, the vape thing, what I like about the vape thing is the first hit. It's like, wee. That's what I like. Oh yeah. I like that. Wee. You know what I used to like it? I used to like it right after I got done working out. and I'd take a big blast of it right when I'm starting to drive to work. Just, wee, everything's beautiful. But that never comes back. You only get that like for the first hit. But then you always wanna try to recreate it so you try to hit it again, but it's never there. It's never there. Never fucking there. Never there. Yeah, never there. Yeah, if you don't have diabetes, whatever. [1:017:06] Don't keep vaping, but I mean, if you don't, it's like, if you're not a good habit, it's a weird habit because it, I don't think it does much for you. Well, I think there's really something to, there's something in nicotine. There's, without a doubt, there's a cognitive benefits in nicotine that's actually been demonstrated like they've done some studies on nicotine. And nicotine also has some sort of a neuro protective effect like human mints talk pretty extensively about nicotine, the benefits of nicotine. Yeah, but he's very, very anti-vap. Well, I mean, you know, with all whatever your favorite consciousness expander is, you know, I just love the ethic of personal responsibility. Like you have to be responsible for yourself. You have to recognize when you have become imprisoned by the damn thing. And I'm so good at pretending I'm not imprisoned by... [1:018:03] We used to do it with video games. That's what I'm talking exactly. Like all of these, I don't mean to keep harping on this dumb idea that I just had this morning is like it's these gravitational fields, right? And like inevitably you become sucked into this thing or that and it produces astounding imbalance in your life. But the imbalance, you can trick yourself into pretending the imbalance isn't really there. And that's, addicts were very good at that. So you, that's denial or whatever your ignorance. So you ignore the imbalance, you ignore it like you don't check in with your body, or you assume that your shitty feeling is Normal you normalize the day-to-day ship feeling and then to begin to like pull things out of your environment and see how you feel when they're gone It's very hard to do because you're glued to the damn thing you we become it's a pacifier [1:019:05] Whatever it may be. So it's like, I'm lucky, man, because without diabetes, I'm a dad. I can't have a fucking stroke. I can't have a heart attack. So that was all I needed to like... Wake you the fuck up. Wake me the fuck up. Yeah, you can get trapped because it doesn't feel like it's impacting you that much every day. Every day, so I guess I'll have to get the other day. I feel the same. I feel the same. I'm just handing out a rape. Ah! Yeah. Ah. A little bit of a buzz. Yeah. But meanwhile, you're like, slowly rotting yourself. You could, it's just if, I think with augmented reality, like if there was a way to visualize it, like if you could see like a vape anaconda that had wrapped itself around you that was slowly tightening and tightening and tightening. Like the government. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. [1:020:00] Don't tread on me. Literally. Yeah, man, I think that um, that it's uh, it's a really, I do feel like built in, I like universe as, or universe's class. Like I like, you know, Ramdas would talk about this, the universe is a, we're in a curriculum here. And it seems like it's part of the curriculum is having these weights that we were sort of comically, when you start waking up or whatever you want to call it or wanting a better life, the first thing you notice is where you're stuck, where you're trapped. And then every time you just lift that up just a little bit, fuck, you get this sense of something, well, your feeling is freedom. Like, it's like you've been in a dark room and a window opens up for a second and you get this little glimpse of light. And, ooh, and then you start like, [1:021:01] freeing yourself here and there, a little bit here and there, here and there. And then all of a sudden, you're in a different universe. It's a different reality. And I think that maybe that's built in to the thing that we're in right now is that you're supposed to have some incumbrance. You're supposed to have some stupid shit you're doing repetitively that's hurting you. Not because the universe is evil, but because it's there to teach you. It's like it's your friend and a way to life. You need a force to act against in order to progress. Yeah, exactly. And if you really believe that we're here to create artificial life, which I kind of do, you would need these forces. You would need things that motivate you into action. Yeah, yeah. These are those things. That, and so, you know, anytime I shift my thinking when it comes to whatever the fuck I happen to be like, stuck in to like, oh, this is like a trainer. Like this thing is your coach. [1:022:01] It's your guru. You wanna talk about the real guru. It's your fucking vape addiction. It's your goo. You want to talk about the real goo-roo. It's your fucking vape addiction. It's your over drinking. It's like that thing is teaching you better than any book or any person could. It's in the moment demonstrating to you all the mystical truths, which is, you know, your stuck in a, it's called, I'm sorry, you're stuck in this loop of suffering, this endless loop of suffering that you are imposing on yourself. You know, that CS Lewis quote, the gates of hell are locked from the inside. Like, isn't that great? Anytime you want out, you can get the fuck out. Oh, that's a good one. It's a good one. That's a good one. For many people it's true, but many people that are living Gaza. It's not true. It's like it's not locked inside. Gates of hell or just the existence you find yourself in. But true. I mean, like knowing you mad at me, I'm not talking about fucking Gaza. [1:023:01] No, no, no, I mean, I'm just saying's like, there's hell that has nothing to do with you. But this is, this is where it gets really deep. This is where it gets really deep is because like the, there's like the human reality or relative reality, which is everything going on in your life. And some of the things going on in your life, you're doing your fucking self. You're an alcoholic, you're addicted to math, whatever the fuck your current thing happens to be. Some of the things going on in life, you're not doing to yourself. You're in some shitty part of the world. You're experiencing some tragedy in your family. You're not doing that to yourself. So you, but this is just one part of the story. The other part of the story is for the self to even exist, you have to have this awareness or consciousness or emptiness is what they call it in Buddhism. For any of this shit to be here, [1:024:02] there has to be space around it. So you're also the space too. You're not just the stuff. And so when shit's going wrong, you get sucked into the stuff. You're fixating and differentiating. This is good. This is bad. To try to protect yourself, you lose track of the other side of things, which is this infinite, transcendent, perfect field of awareness. And that is not touched by the world. So even in the worst of conditions, if you can remember that part of you, and not just the part of you that is undergoing God knows what kind of suffering, then suddenly there's a way to manage the situation without being so reactive anymore. And you know, that's the thing people forget is that other side. That's the, it's easy to forget. It's easy to forget. I mean, in the old days, the only way I found it was through like high doses of LSD, where [1:025:03] suddenly you're no longer Incompered by your thoughts. You're no longer fixating on the human incarnation You know and then suddenly you're like you remember it's a it feels like you're remembering It's not like you have been implanted with something. It's like oh right I'm this you know at the base of who you are Right, I know at the base of who you are, but you're always juggling bullshit. You're just constantly surrounded by distractions and bullshit and all these different things They keep you from understanding you true self. That's it and and and but like so That's relative realities of the bullshit or the your credit card bills and and all the stuff we all have to do in the earth round. Absolute reality would be considered the fundamental ground of non-judgmental awareness. But if you get too caught up in that one, like if you get too caught up in earth round shit, [1:026:01] you become neurotic, fixated, paranoid, freaked out, angry, insecure, lost in a desire for people to see you as something that you're probably not. If you get too caught up on the other side though, then you detach from the world and then another kind of imbalance happens. That's called a journalism or absolutism. And now you aren't in the class anymore. Now you're like being all a luthan shit like that dude in breakfast club. Remember that annoying guy in breakfast club with a church coat? Now you're all a luth to the world. Oh, I'm not of this place. No, no, no, no, no. Yeah. That's such a defense mechanism. You do absolutely. So because both are happening, so you have to hold both, like that's the idea. Both, you have to figure out a way to like, exist in relative and absolute reality together. Now that's, that's the final bunny. That's the final bunny. [1:027:01] Yeah, we are the bunny. Yeah. We're already fucking there. Yeah, we're the bunny. We're the final bunny. Yeah, we are the bunny. Yeah. We're already fucking there. Yeah, we're the bunny. We're the final bunny. We're on our way to becoming the final bunny. I just wonder how it takes place. And you know, I would never be able to guess because I would never guess, I would have never believed that you would have a cell phone on you all the time. Exactly. I was you to communicate with people and take pictures and videos. Who I would have never thought that was gonna happen? If you told me in like 98, that like a Motorola star tech, like those little shitty phones with the antenna that pulled out and you remember those? They had a replaceable battery in the back. If you told me that within 20 years, because it's really all it was, you would be watching video on that and making video and FaceTiming people and getting Wi-Fi on it. Anywhere you go, you're connected to the internet with high speed watching movies [1:028:01] and viewing all kinds of websites. You'd get all your information from that. You would get all your social interaction from that people would be dating off of that. No one saw it coming, man. So who knows what's coming next? Dude, no. Yeah, 20 years from now, like if you told me 20 years ago that I could disassemble myself at the molecular level and transform in anything I wanted instantaneously, I would have been like, that's insane. There's no way I'm gonna be stuck in this form forever. I mean, it could be Kurzweil, that's not Kurzweil, that's one of his predictions, nanobots, this is like transforming our DNA at the molecular level. Like, you know, CRISPR. CRISPR, but CRISPR from home. You get to download a new DNA configuration. If that happens, that's what's gonna be really weird. Because if people could just be any form they want. [1:029:01] Like if someone wants to be transgender, how about you actually become a real woman? How about you actually have double ex chromosomes and how about you actually have a vagina and tits and you can look like Marilyn Monroe. We're so close to being able to make fake life. So how far when they're doing like DNA printing, like what do you, like how, where does that go? Is that, is that like I was saying that the other day that isn't that the original Atari Pong, which is like so primitive, and then you look at the Unreal five engine with shadows and dust and it looks like realistic. Like is that what's gonna be happening with these DNA printers? Are they gonna be able to make life forms? Dude, for sure. I mean, we are the whole culture wars over transgenderism are the foreshock of what's coming. Like, already, like that has produced riffs and fucking, [1:030:02] who'd have ever thought that? Who would have ever thought that gender was gonna be a focus? But the real focus is identity itself. That's where we're headed. It's like we are so about to have midlife crisis as our species because we have really become convinced regarding what identity is, even though we don't know, which is why AI is so hilarious, because people are like, that thing isn't self-aware, it's not sentient, it's like, are you? Have you thought about whether you even are? Like, how do we even identify consciousness at all, quantify it? We don't know how to do it. The very thing that makes us what we are, we have no way of really understanding what it is, how it works. There's theories of consciousness, no one fucking knows. And so this is what we're slamming into now. And then the moment you can inject yourself or take some medicine or go to some like robot doctor and be like, hey, you know, for the next couple of weeks, I want to experience [1:031:04] life as a Filipino. And so you take some shit that transforms you into whatever ethnicity, gender, maybe animal that you want. Now what are we going to do about that? Like, what if I just want to experience life as a Native American? If I do that, is that cultural appropriation? Of course it is, because you don't have a mental history being a Native American, but if we can download that into you as well, Duncan. There you go. You're okay, because now you're not trans anymore. Now you're an actual Native American. So now we can create artificial memories and then we have people running around that really believe they came off the fucking Mayflower. Dude, and I, it's coming, baby! It's coming in all forms, Vikings, everything. Everything. And the root of it, I think, is in general insecurity in most humans because most people at some level understand, you're not really what you say you are. [1:032:05] You're not really your body. You're not really what you say you are. You're not really your body. You're not really some constant identity. You change all the fucking time. You might work really hard to maintain some stable. This is me thing, but you know that's not really what you are who you are. And I think this is for a lot of people, this is unpalatable. And so yeah, man, I think we're about to smash into the, This is for a lot of people, this is unpalatable. And so, yeah, man, I think we're about to smash into the most hilarious era in human history, arguments over the humans right to become anything they want. Right. Right. That's going to be really weird because if you could become a super genius that's also gigantic. Yeah. What's this topic from being a nine foot tall Hulk? Nothing. Nothing. And it's gonna hurt those poor motherfuckers who've been shattering their legs to get taller. You know about that? [1:033:01] Oh, that's so crazy. I think they do it at home with sledgehammers. Yeah. No, no, no, they do it with like a screw that they cut their bone and they attach it with this thing where they have like a millimeter apart and then you keep separating with this screw. It's wild. Dude, and then once you do it, now the whole proportions of your body are goofy. So like athletics are out the window. Like I don't even know if you can run anymore. I mean, I don't know what, what is it, is there any success stories from, people that have done that and you see them running and stuff? Dude, it seems crazy. Oh, look. Because your proportions, this is what you grew up with, all your ligaments, all your tendons, all your muscles. Your back must get off fucked up. How does it not? So these are guys that you can see him taller, but can you see him doing stuff? I know it works. There's a guy that I follow on Instagram that he was already a big guy. He was like six feet tall or six feet tall. He wanted to get bigger. He wanted to get bigger and he gained like six inches. [1:034:05] So I just want to see like is anybody done it and can you run can you kick a bag can you fucking can you lift weights like what what can you do? This is the same guy. Right. He's at the gym. Like his upper body but I want to see like yeah see look how he's walking. Yeah. Like this is crazy. Oh man. New achievement unlocked. He can walk. He might just have the surgery crazy. Oh man. New achievement unlocked. He can walk. He might just have the surgery though. I don't think so, dude. I think you're in crutches for a long time. How? Yeah, this guy that I'm watching on Instagram, go to Instagram, go to Got My Knees Done. That guy. So this guy was already gigantic. He was already a big huge guy and he decided he wanted to be six inches taller. So he's been doing this and he's now rebuilding his legs and he's documenting it all. [1:035:01] Kinda crazy man. Dude, they just separate your, you see now he's like walking with like canes. Look how big his arms are and then his legs are still all fucked up from the surgery. Man, but the thing is like at the end of it, can you run? Like are you like barely walking? I've never seen anybody is like pressing some weight to try to strength, but he's strengthening his legs. You know, that's like part of the rehabilitation process. Doesn't look like it's very heavy. But my question is like success stories. So Google legs strengthening success stories. Like not just are you taller, but are you fucked now? Like what happens? It seems like you'd be fucked. Like imagine if your shin was all of a sudden six inches longer. Seems like it. You'd be all like it. Seems like it would be. You wouldn't even know how to step. You'd be like, they have metal in their legs after that? You'd be like, fucking step and weird and shit. I mean, I guess eventually you would adapt to it, but fuck, man. And then six years from now, [1:036:05] all I've do is just press the button and I, well, I'd like to be seven feet tall. There you go. And you're just like, I'm just eating steak, so I can catch up with a molecular structure change. Dude, it's gonna be a sad day for all the body mod people because it's like, fuck, dude, you did this like, relatively like primitive, savage fucking therapy and just right around the corner Most of our patients are able to run just like before after they fully recovered from a high increased surgery But it's important to know that everyone's journey is a bit different and the beginning you might find your endurance Isn't what it used to be of course or you might run a bit slower or even notice your walking styles changed a bit This is all normal the keys to be patient with yourself and listen you might run a bit slower, or even notice your walking styles changed a bit. This is all normal. The key is to be patient with yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. Sometimes you might need a more physical therapy, or you might need a more physical therapy, or in rare cases, another surgery to address any instances that are issues rather than arise. But I want to see. [1:037:01] I know that this just says they can. they can be just show me just can you google uh... post leg strengthening tried to running i'm trying to get to try to get there there's no real videos that i was saying leg linkedin surgery gone wrong here it's really weird try i'll keep trying you know that that's... That's an extreme. With a neural lace, the dream would be instead of getting leg lengthening surgery, you change your brains, you don't care how tall you are. That fixes the whole problem. That doesn't fix the problem if you try to get laid in your five foot one. Well, you don't care about getting laid anymore. You take that out of your system too. Come on, Eileen. So this guy's at it. He's not moving very well, but he's moving. So he gained seven centimeters. What is that in inches? Three, two, three, chances. Correct. Or [1:038:01] how it goes. But look it out, it's like the way we react to people doing that is like we recoil. There is built into us, it's like the idea is the avatar that you were born with and whatever this simulation is, you fucking, you don't get to change that avatar. You keep the avatar the way it is. There's what you could do, like shifts to the avatar by losing weight, gaining weight, getting muscles, dye your hair, get a wig, but the moment you start changing that avatar in like extreme ways, people like, you can't do that, you change your avatar. Well, I'm just worried about these people's the long term consequences of this. I'm not worried about like if there was a way they could do it and just do it I mean I'm just thinking how many Success stories like what is the long-term history of this like how many people have done this like what is it? What's the effects on your hips long term? Here's a guy this guy did it a long time ago Yeah, he's got he's doing squatting running and some like high knees and stuff wow [1:039:02] it worked Look at that fine, so he's been doing it. How long is he out at a surgery? I don't know specifically. Well, he looks like a regular athlete. He doesn't look like he's having any problems. But he also has like those pads over his shins, which made me to think that he still has little scars there. But everyone who watches him jump wins this because I think his legs are gonna snap. That's him running. That looks like before it right here in the description. It says it wasn't able to sprint all out, but until it's stuff a year later, a year later, after rehabbed and full and regained full athletic ability. So passing my previous best prior to leg-lifting surgery insurgery, interesting. So there's one example I found, but... Hmm. Fucking cool. Shhh. I love it, man. I welcome it. I can't wait to see the hybrid humans that are gonna just be right around the corner, man. There's gonna be some wild people. Wings. [1:040:01] Yeah, for sure, wings. That's gonna be the first thing who doesn't want to be an eagle man Fucking wings man. I want wings. I just want to jump off a building just Dude Unfold your wings when you go on stage the going on stage We descend down on the stage you don't walk through the curtains Do you think you'd even want to go on stage if you get a lie? Are you fucking kidding? You're a funny funny jokes you could do if you could fly all day Now you wouldn't he would do still these standout. I would want to get long toenails like a catch a salmon You're fishing and Joe Rogan swoops down and grabs your salmon try to snatch it before the bear gets to him Dude Dolphin I want to go aquatic baby you stick to the skies. I'm going under I want to get down there and explore and just go into the sea. Yeah. This is, there's a book called Wizard of Earth Sea [1:041:06] by Ursula K. LaGu'en and they talked about how there's wizards who can turn themselves into dolphins. But the problem is if you stay it off long enough, you forget that you're a wizard and you never come back to take a wizard and you just stay out there. So, that, people would be disappearing into the ocean. Like, I'll be back tomorrow. I'm gonna be a whale. And then you're just like, you know, that was a dream, the whole human thing. I'm just gonna stay whale, swim around. That's what we, and that's what God did. See what it's like to be some limited thing. It's that great Alan Watts essay. See what it's like to be some limited thing. It's that great Alan Watts, I say. See what it's like to be some limited fucking thing on a planet floating in the middle of nowhere. I don't want to remember I'm God. Just gonna fucking plot around for a little bit. Well, if we're a part of everything, and the universe is God, that's what I think. I've been thinking about that more and more, [1:042:01] like this idea that God created the universe, maybe, or maybe the universe is God. I mean, doesn't that make more sense if it's everything? If it's everything is one thing. And then your role in it as a thing, as an intelligent thing is getting whatever you are to a point where you transcend physical space. Yeah, man. Yeah. Or do you need? You become the final bunny. And that's, I think that's all of our cultural struggles, all of our struggles over resource. They're all the battle that keeps us moving against it to further and progress the human race. Like all of the outrage about like those professors that weren't capable of saying that calling for the death of the Jews is hate speech or is harassment. All that is there to get people outraged enough that they realize, oh my God, this is insanity. [1:043:01] We have to change the way we think. This is fucking insanity that this discussion is actually being had in 2023 But if it but it was subtle enough that it didn't freak you the fuck out It wouldn't be good enough for change dude. Oh, it's like a you First though you got to get a taste of it like You know It's a saddest video. I it either. You ever see that video of the polar bear when it snows? He's in a zoo. Now it's snowed and the polar bear is rolling around in the fucking snow. Finally, everything makes sense to the polar bear. It's designed for snow. There's snow. It's been in this snow-free environment. Yeah. So if we're the universe and simultaneously singular individuals, then we're made to be much more than we are. And if you're all squashed into your fucking body, [1:044:00] the moment you just get any kind of respite from that, you remember, you're going gonna be nicer to people. Like if I'm living, if you and me are living, we're tight friends, but if you and me are living in a bachelor pad, how long before you start fighting, man? How long before you start irritating the shit out of each other? Well, you and I lived together for six months. You had a big ass house. But we did your teach, other. No, I'm saying if you take any, I don't care, take the Dolly Lama and Romdos and put him in a tiny little fucking room. Right, they eventually get on each other's terms. So if you're living in a compressed reality where you've become convinced that you are all you are, your body is only you, then naturally you're gonna panic naturally. You're gonna feel claustrophobic naturally. You're gonna be a dick So if suddenly you you had a realization That no you're everything you're more than that The next thing spontaneously that will emerge from you is kindness [1:045:02] Compassion it might not be like you might not become the sweetest person on earth, but shit people say to you, it's not going to hit his heart because like if you were in a dream where somebody was insulting you in the worst way possible and you thought it was real, you're getting your feelings are over and over again in the dream. And then you remember, I'm going to wake up. This isn't, this is just a dream. That insulting thing isn't gonna hurt as much. It's not gonna hate you as hard. You're not gonna take it personally. So this is, you're totally right. It's like the moment people start remembering what we are, everything will shift. Everything will change. Everything does change. Because everyone's fucking and suffering so much You know these fucking professors whoever the fuck it is whoever's Belting out outrage and anger and whatever you can be sort of one thing. They don't feel great They don't get there's no way no fucking way and that's sad and and also how many of her medicated oh my god [1:046:07] It's so normal for people Whether it's an academia or just in many jobs to be on SSRI's to be on anti-exhiding medication to be on mood stabilizers totally on this sort of that to be on mood stabilizers. Totally. To be on this sort of that, Adderall, and I have ADHD, it turns out just need a little bit of Adderall. And how many people are, they're not even capable of stepping off whatever path they're on to rationally or objectively assess whether or not the way they think makes any sense at all. Dude, they're on a runaway train. Just wee down the tracks. Yeah, man Dude, they're on a runaway train. Just we down the tracks and they're running major educational institutions. Yeah. And legacy ones. Dude, I think this is the status quote. This is how it's always been, anytime you are in the world, you're around people [1:047:01] or sleepwalking. That's just part of it Because part of being in the world is you sleepwalk at first. Because you're waking up from infinity. You're like a fucking baby coming out of infinity. So you're sleepwalking at first, you get culturally conditioned, you get programmed, and then somewhere along the way, maybe you start realizing, wait, I don't have to be like, I don't, this isn't me, I don't have to be like I don't this isn't me I don't have to be like this right by the way Can it so I can get it off my fucking mic and I pitch my book please do it's like eating me alive Because it makes me feel like a fucking asshole I have an audiobook that I did with one of my friends Ragu Marquez who runs the Ramdasa foundation the love server member foundation Was with Ramdasa in India with Neem Crowley Baba, this great St. and Guru, and he's been my friend for years. And so we recorded this audiobook called The Movie of Me to the Movie of We. That's it. It's just an audiobook. You could even [1:048:01] think of it as like a podcast, basically, but it's, he's just so brilliant and he's just been living in this like world and was lucky enough to meet this person who like was incredible. What is this book about? So this book is about, well it's kind of what we're talking about. It's like, like I know you know this experience because you're so generous and you are, you give. But if you're not giving, if you don't like, if you get too caught up in serving yourself, if you get too compressed in the identity, you start defending, you start trying to like always placate yourself. But the moment that you start helping, the moment you sort of expand your idea of who you are beyond your body, then at least in my experience as a professional, selfish [1:049:02] person, suddenly you feel this liberation. It's the most incredible thing. And so this is just like, we just talk about all the stuff that these Ramdas retreats that I go to and all of the like, sort of mystical teachings that have emerged from all over the world that sort of point in the direction of how to sort of get the fuck out of this movie that you're in, where you're the main character, you're the main fucking character, you're it's a shitty fucking movie, you don't even want to be in the role, it's this guy Krishnidoss came up with the idea, which is that you wake up in the fucking morning, you're the main actor in a fucking shitty goddamn movie and you're not just acting in the movie, directing the fucking shitty movie, then you're writing reviews about how much the movie sucks. That's the movie of me. And so the moment you sort of step outside yourself and realize, we're sharing the stage here together, we're even better, we were the same consciousness that's gotten [1:050:07] confused by its the proximity of our bodies then the movie changes and instead of being evil dead too you know it becomes some I don't know whatever you want it to be romcom porn there's a mystery that some people have solved and they've solved it like temporarily sometimes and sometimes they fall back to the old way of thinking. But the mystery can be solved while you're alive on earth that at least for moments, for brief moments, the universe reveals that there's this inescapable connection of all people, of all events, of all life, of all thought, of all love, of all hate, of all. All of it is in this insane cycle of giving and receiving and energy going back and forth and we look at [1:051:08] it in terms of like cultural conflicts, we look at it in terms of pollution, we look at it different things but what's really going on is this fucking insane connectivity that it's very difficult to be aware of as a biological organism with an imperative to stay alive, that it's literally burned into your DNA because your being is the product of millions of years of things clawing and scratching to get to this point. And we're still so burdened by our origins that we can't abandon war. We can't abandon the one thing that scares the fuck out of us more than anything in life and should. The one thing that's killed more innocent people than anything ever and we can't even imagine a world without it. Yeah, man. That's the wildest thing about being a person. [1:052:02] Yeah. The one thing that everyone would agree, like what? Think of all the horrible things that happened in that October 7th event, right? All the slaughter of the women and the children, the rape and the horrible shit. We can barely imagine a world where that doesn't take place sometimes. And in war, that's the kind of thing that takes place. And we can't imagine not having that. Like we would never do that. We're just people, most people listening to this would never paraglide into a fucking rave and start gunning kids down, right? Most people listening could never even imagine doing that. But we also can't imagine a world where that doesn't take place. That's right. Which is insane. Insane. Insane. We are preparing constantly. We spend more money preparing constantly and spending [1:053:01] money on the thing that protects us from all the bad people in the world. That's right. Anything else we do by far. And though the whole thing falls apart, the moment you stop doing, you're you, I'm me. You're bad, I'm good. These are other me's, they're the good me's. You're the bad me's. And're the bad me's. Yes. And the bad me's have got to go. And so that's the recipe for conflict war, fighting just a general shitty life is that you think that this person over there is different from you. Even though that fucking person over there is you in a different incarnation. Okay, it would this philosophy. What do you do with the border? Love you man That's great. Thanks for having me on the show right we need just let everybody in well, you know man the so like that that Right, but you can't. Why are you the person you told wait? [1:054:02] Why are you the person who told me That the samurai to kill somebody has to love him first? Did you tell me that? No. Okay. That's definitely not true. They killed a lot of people. They don't even know. All right. Well, then I'll throw that out of the fucking shit. I say I'm stupid. I hate this, but I have to come back and do you fucking kidding? Sorry. what do we do out the border? Jump what do we do about the book? We were just talking about how easy these conversations are to have that like You and I first became friends when I would call and get my availabilities That's when we really got to know each other was all the phone because I would call on us Hey, I'm in town Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and you'd be like hey, man. Do you see this documentary? And then we would just start talking we would talk for like fucking an hour and a half. Two hours. It was so cool, man. It was such a fun beginning of a friendship. You don't know the first time. You don't remember the first time I met you though, I don't think. When did that, when? So I was with Corey Como. She was a talent quenna at the time. [1:055:08] And I'm sitting next next to you and this is when I think you just started smoking weed. Like it was a relatively new thing and you were realizing how wonderful it was. And so you were talking about how much you love weed and I started doing the thing that you now know I do is like trying to be funny or fun and I start I was about to be like it causes brain damage. And Cory is like, Cory is like shoving me like, no, no, don't do that because you didn't know me. You would have just thought I was a fucking asshole. And so I stopped. But I was like, you did give me like a sharp look for a second. I'm like, oh, fuck. But that's when we first, like, that's when I was like, we hung out for the very first time. And then we started talking. And uh Dude I'll never forget this car. I drive him back from Anaheim improv with you, I think. Mm hmm. Stoned, stoned as fuck and you put on Terrence McKenna. Hmm. Some lecture that I still think about and man, I felt like the universe was just melting down. [1:056:03] And it was really like blowing my mind. I'd read Terrence McKinnon, but I'd never listened to any of his lectures. And it was just like he was talking about the singularity. And we were both like, God, fucking dammit, this is crazy. And there was a series of audio, was audio, it might have been cassettes that you could get. It was on Amazon at one point in time I think. Yeah. But it was all these Terence McKenna lectures and then there was the psychedelic salon. We can get all of them. Did you ever go to that podcast? No. Psychedelic salon has everything. Alan Watts, every Timothy Leary, every Terence McKenna, Watts every Timothy Leary every turns McKenna like So many hours and hours of McKenna amazing because he would give like kind of similar speeches But it was all he just kind of would go wherever it would take it And he was so good at it because he was doing it constantly [1:057:01] So he would just show up to these places and and it was really interesting because he was like like Timothy Leary had it wrong like when I like to do is keep things small and quiet and so he would do like, you know, a couple under people here and there. Yeah, nobody bothered him. Yeah, he'll never got too crazy. Yeah, man. I he what a man of all of the luminaries that we missed that I didn't get to talk to you hang out with that one God It would have been so cool. I become friends with his brother his brother's amazing Dennis is really cool He's amazing and Dennis is the more skeptical scientist like yeah, he's you know, he's a legitimate scientist and he He has some very very unique like informed thoughts particularly about the stone-daped theory that's one of the more magical ones yeah that's that's one of the more magical theories because man if they're right that's crazy yeah yeah I mean you know because that's a nutty one dude that's a nutty [1:058:05] one that that thing but that now the became the literally is why we became human if Yeah, I mean, you know, because that's a nutty one, dude. That's a nutty one. But that thing, what that now, the became, literally is why we became human. If that thing somehow or another became a schedule one substance in this corrupt fucked up culture, where you could get locked in jail for the very thing that turned us into people. Right. The very thing that the universe provided, you could grow and evolve. And it's your right as an evolved creature to rebel against that, to the point where you can overthrow that. Because it's insane. You've let tyrants take over the ability that people have to evolve that came straight from God. Yes. That's what's really going on. Like that's the thing. That's like the push. That's like the people in front of Congress saying that calling for death to the Jews is a doesn't constitute harassment unless it's actionable. It's like it's a thing that makes you go, what the fuck are you talking about? It's got it, someone's gotta say, no, we're gonna, not only can you not take it, we're gonna put you in a cage, [1:059:00] we're gonna make it the most illegal thing. Yeah. How are you making the thing that made people? I was like, what data do you have that shows this is bad? Dude, you don't have any. How are you locking people up? That's crazy. This is why I don't think it's Project Blue Beam. Because you could just tell people, don't eat that thing that makes you remember your God and that you should love everyone around you and that you're part of a holy mystical extantiation of consciousness into time space because it's bad. And we're all like, okay, all right, if you say not to, I guess we can't. But don't you think they don't know which is part of the problem? Because if you really did know, if you had really taken it, you would never wanna stop people from taking it. So I don't think any of them have done it which should be a prerequisite i don't like i don't know what i think he had a crazy number he said you should have no fewer than twenty i wasca or psilocybin christ if you want to be president [2:0:02] now that i agree with and you should have like president. Now that I agree with. And you should have thought. Would you imagine if that was the thing that you had to put them through? If that was the thing, instead of these fucking goofy debates where they're all dunking on each other and you have a life set in your shoes, son. Instead of that, if instead they all had to take psychedelics and we had to have access to their psychedelic ceremonies. So you could say, did he do his five sessions? Yeah. Yeah, let's see, is his five sessions documented? Let's make sure we can watch his five sessions. Let's say if it doesn't scream out wild shit, like while he's like, you know, what is he, you know, maybe his real intentions will be revealed. Like maybe when he gets, maybe he can't. Maybe he comes out of it, a different person doesn't want to be president anymore. Maybe he does the five sessions and be like, I'm changing the course of my life. What am I doing? That sounds nuts. But if we were a healthy society, we would legitimately consider whether or not someone should have some very powerful, documented [2:1:03] psychedelic sessions that we know at a dose to be a transformative experience and have multiple ones of those documented if you want to run things. Dude, and you should probably have to keep up with it too. You should probably have to do it every six months. I think it should be, that should definitely be on the agenda, but let's start with just get them drunk. I want to see what you're like when you're hammered you know you know a lot about a person when you when you're on the one their hammered some guys get super goofy when they get drunk yeah some stupid things yeah like well for whatever you say we won't hold it against you but i want to see like your energy shift when you're hammered right right right like are you a bully or fun drunk or want my president to be a fun drunk I don't want to fucking angry drunk president right then you move on up the list of drugs and to just what is their consciousness like in different psychedelic states right and then from that we could make a true judgment on [2:2:06] And then from that we could make a true judgment on whether they know more about themselves and why they wanted to do it in the first place if they still want to do it after it's over. Because a lot of people think they want to be present just because it's hard to do. Like there's a lot of things that are hard to do you shouldn't do. You know like there's a lot of jobs that seem like they're good but it's just hard to do. You know just not you don't want that. Dude, they're, okay, so this connects to what we're talking about. I told you about this great documentary on Netflix about this cult, love is one, fascinating. This cult leader, essentially like my analysis of it is the cult killed her. She started off as a cult leader, but then as things progressed, what was her name? I can't remember. Her mother, God is what they called her. Here it is. This is the lady. Yeah. From mother God to mummified corpse inside the fringe spiritual sect, love has won. Amy Carlson was supposed to be the incarnate of Mary of Marilyn Monroe, [2:3:02] Joan of Arc and Jesus Christ. But that's ambitious. When she shed her earthly body for the latest time, authorities found her followers still worshiping it, shedding light on the group many of called. It's a fucking call. I can't believe it's that. Many of called Jesus Rolling Stone. What are you doing? Dude, that's such a weird language. What does that even mean? Well, the documentary is spectacular. But what's interesting about it is that, so this person is dying. She needs to go to the hospital. Sometimes she would come out of her cult leader, I am God mentality and say to people, I don't think this is real. I don't think I am God mentality and say to people, I don't think this is real, I don't think I'm God. And they would say to Mother God, you're just in your lowers right now. You're not in your higher, aetheric body, which is why you think you're not Mother God. You are Mother God. And in interviews, one of them, I think, said, if she'd asked to go to the hospital, I [2:4:01] don't think we would have taken her. So this cult forms around this woman and then the cult itself enables her alcoholism. She was a profound alcoholic. It keeps her on, she's like drinking colloidal silvertels. She turned fucking blue. Oh my God. Turns blue and the cult essentially devours her until they're worshiping her mummified body. I'm comparing this to the presidency. How do they mummify her? Well, I don't know that they just let her like sit and sleep. You see the picture, if you wanna see the picture of. Yeah, I wanna see the picture. Okay, yeah, it's pretty wild. How rough is it? Not, I mean the way that whatever the eyes are that they put there really do seem to be gazing into your soul It's pretty intense. But take eyes in there. I'm not sure it was her eyes I like like I read that they put they painted it or that's like, yo dude it is You will love this documentary by the way, but this is like where [2:5:00] That's it. She's turning blue. Oh Wow and that's from the colloidal silver? Yeah, mother god. God, that's so weird. And what was she trying to recover from with this colloidal silver? Well, she had some kind of organ failure going on in like anorexia. Oh no. But she was drinking and she was getting hammered all the time. Organ failure, drinking and anorexia altogether. Yeah, and it's a fascinating story because she was a manager at McDonald's, took MDMA and boom, there you go. Oh my god. God her skin is blue as fuck. Yeah. That's what it was like before she died. Yeah. Did you ever see that one dude that went on like Oprah or something like that? Yeah. And the skin was blue. Papa Smurf guy. Yeah, yeah, same thing right same thing How many people have done that Google how many people have turned blue? People turning blue using colloidal silver also found Just I don't know if I get to this there's another one of her Just part of the story the headline I'm writing mother god Robin Williams in alcohols medicine dead celebrities had something to do with this [2:6:04] Robin Williams talked her like she had to contact she channeled Robin Williams and alcohol's medicine. Dead celebrities had something to do with this. Robin Williams talked her, like she had contact, she channeled Robin Williams. Not Jesus. Dude, it is, but. I can't wait to watch it. So I love a good cult documentary, dude. I didn't mean to derail our conversation with the president. What I mean is it's a similar thing. You start off wanting to be president and you become president. But then you're in this system that where you're trapped, like you got to have security for the rest of your life, I think it's mandatory. Like if you've been president, that means you are being constantly monitored for the rest of your life by the US government. Like so this, it's a similar fucking thing. Like you're, like even if you have the best intention by the time you get in there, and you have to start making these rotten decisions, and you have to feel the hate of at least half the country every fucking day, the psychic hate of half the country, probably more than half of the world. [2:7:02] It crushes you, it kills you. So it's a really like dangerous, shitty rotten job that you trapped yourself in and then you don't want to leave because what are you going to do after you've experienced that level of power? How do you go back to a regular life? Well, you're never a regular person ever again. I mean, no, who has vanished the best? I guess W. He's pretty much vanished. I mean, we'll look at what he started doing. He started doing those paintings of people in military and the war that he started. That weird paintings. I think Jimmy Carter did a pretty good vanishing act. Like you just kind of dropped out in here but in that much. True. Obama, now he's like directing movies now and stuff. But W did two terms. You know? Yeah, right. Two terms, eight years. During the height of the war on terror, [2:8:02] it was right after 9-11 that he got elected. So he gets elected, it's 2020, and then 2021, or 2001 rather, we have 9-11. So it's like not that long after he was president, and then all of a sudden his approval rating goes up, and everybody likes him more. And for eight years, this guy was involved with Dick Cheney in this war that now everybody thinks I was a fucking catastrophe. Yeah. And he's just kind of melted away. And he's just painting somewhere now. Just where people with machine guns like stand around and keep by. Yeah, up for everything. Because for sure there's someone coming for you. Like for sure there's somebody out there who's like, I'm just going to kill him someday. I'm just going to get to him. That's how you have to wake up just knowing that's, that's your life. Fuck that job. Like salmon rusty when he got attacked on stage. It's like 20 years after the fuck. Yeah. [2:9:01] Yeah. Some guy came on stage and stabbed him. If you're like Dick Cheney, you can't go anywhere without worrying. Someone's gonna get you. I mean, they made a movie about you were fucking, what's his name, Batman? Christian Baal played you. Yeah. I mean, what? Yeah, I did. And it's not favorable. Right, it's not favorable movie. Like what did you guys do? I mean this is what you do. This is why there's a whole strata of society that's designed for people like that that, you know, I'll never see. It's a rarefied place with... It's called Bohemian Grove. Ha! Give me a break. You can go there by canoe. Did you watch that video? No, you told me some guy broken to it dude it is the most with the video where do we get it i'd google guy breaks into bohemian growth it's not as shown and john ron it's truly disappointing but and i think they they definitely get high there because i think he saw a sign in one of the cabins that no marijuana i know that's a few people have done it [2:010:02] this might be someone introducing it but the one I saw was just first person POV of the guy going through the Bohemian Grove This isn't it. No, this isn't it. It's at night. They might have it was on Instagram They might have already zapped it there it is Which one this one our guy sneaks into infamous Bohemian Grove that could be it But I guess a lot of people have done this is something that was supposed to do today so yeah this is it that's it he got in deep okay this must be it okay so this is him he's wearing a mask and how's he sneaking in through the woods I heard it was a kayak but maybe not But maybe not Well, how did you get in no idea Whoa [2:011:10] Yo, I want to go to be me and grow me too we could go you could go in a second. I want to go to be me and grow me too. We could go you could go in a second. I want to go and what do we have to do? What do we have to pledge our allegiance to watch the ritual? I don't think that I think they think they just probably think you're funny I'm like you am really yes. Well does this look sitting this none of this looks sinister to me? It's a little sad story to me, buddy Looks like no one's there nice and bossy. They don't have a ritual every day This looks sinister to me. Looks a little sinister to me, buddy. Looks like no one's there. Nice and bossy. They don't have a ritual every day. It's romantic. Look at that nice moss. Because that's the owl. That's the owl, but watch when he bangs on it and you realize it's a fucking hollow. Look, it's got the moss in everything. It's beautiful. Looks cool. So where's your banging on it? Look, this is inside the fucking hour. Okay. Not a stone megalith like I thought. Well, it's like a little space in there. But it seems like it's made out of cement, dude. Whatever, it's hollow. Like an Easter egg. [2:012:01] Where do I go to those bunnies? When you get an Easter bunny, it's hollow, you get upset. Like a pup pup golf course, like a fucking thing at a pup pup course. No offense, but we mean grow members, I do wanna come. I'll take your hollow out. But I'm sorry, this is to me, I think, like now, this is their bathroom, it's all work. That's nixing shit there. It's all worn down. It's like, yeah, it's probably they kept it the same as it's always been. I mean, if you gotta imagine if these guys were going there, when they start going there in the 60s, when they start going there. Logs. That's a funny thing. Everything he sees is sinister to him. There he goes back in his kayak. Oh, okay, so he did it, but he's fucking out. Kinda seems kinda crazy that they don't have any security there at all. Another sign that it's not as sinister as we thought. Is he using a frying pan? I think it's a loon. He's got this straight loon. He's using a frying pan. [2:013:00] Maybe fellow youth also act as a weapon to crack alligators over the head with. They're coming after him or something. There's no alligators in California, what am I saying? I'm sure the security guard is just like, this happens every night and this one, he's like, I gotta take a shit. Like, I'm not dealing with another. Another fucking loony. But like, But the thing is like, we know that world leaders at least used to meet there. I mean, the nixon audio tapes are hilarious. Have you hear nixon talking about it? The fr\u00e1guis thing I've ever seen. Yeah, nixon, did see it. See if nixon, pull up the audio of nixon, talk about behemian grove. Apparently they did a lot of wild shit back then. I think they still probably do. I'm not saying they don't party there, but I just how many politicians are like that? How many politicians like closet super perverts? In January 1970, I don't know. In another of the candid and sometimes coarse conversations released today, the president muses about anti-Semitism. He's talking to evangelist Billy Graham. That worries about [2:014:03] reaction to the Washington visit of Israeli Prime Minister Golden Mayor, because Israel has just shot down a Libyan passenger plane. The military was a mission almost as serious about the bombing. No, we all know. I'm sorry, I don't know where in this video it is. Oh, probably hard to find. It's probably a little clip. Yeah, you got to find the Bohemian Grove part. I thought it would just be the only thing on the video. Clearly it's not. This is apparently some other tape. Yeah, where are the weird edges to think? You're just talking about all kinds of shit. From the lost Nixon tapes, Gays are born that way. Oh, he was right. Congratulations. Yeah, I don't know. I swear, I mean, I know we played this before yeah coming up right away Nixon Bohemian Grove, huh nothing scroll down a little bit maybe Seems like you'd find it right away right ammage hmm hmm. I mean Nixon on Bohemian Grove that's it. Let's say the same video. Yeah, oh one minute [2:015:05] No, this is it. This is the right one. 1971. The President Nixon took the time to have an impromptu conversation with two of his close aides. He's our hold on it. Look at that guy. They look like dudes from the 60s. Yeah. They look like dudes from the sixties. President Nixon's thoughts and love those of a hall domain in Erlichman when soon become a part of presidential history San Francisco just don't don't clear it's not just the ratty part of town, the upper class in San Francisco is that way. [2:016:06] The Bohemian Grove that I attend from time to time, Easterners that come there. This is those Faggot goddamn thing you could ever imagine. The San Francisco crowd lives there, it's just terrible. I'm gonna shake it. Oh, everybody from San Francisco. I messed up shake it. What? What are you from 70th Cisco? It's a different set of values. I messed up my grove. A different set of values. Yeah. Reagan. So they were all there hanging out together. Yeah. You said I'd go there from time to time. Yeah. I just don't think it's... I mean, look, I was hoping I was so excited by that video. I'm grateful to whoever filmed it because I was like, oh shit, owl up close. Cause Alex Jones only got the distant owl, which is still good footage. But this is like close up of the owl, you missed the urn in front, they have a bowl in front of the owl. I mean, again, I can't believe I have an expectation for the Bohemian growth, but I thought they would be doing better upkeep on their cab. [2:017:05] Well, maybe once they got found out, they don't go there anymore. We would do a different growth. Yeah, I mean, why wouldn't they just abandon that fucking thing? If you're the Illuminati, the Illuminati's real, why would you stick with a place that's already been like outed when you can get some place where people have to helicopter in. Yeah. No one's gonna hike in. No one knows where the fuck it is. Right. Everybody shut your mouth. Right. Yeah, I don't spurn, man. Hey, maybe, hey, if I, I'll tell you this, if I would not doubt, if there were an Illuminati, it would not surprise me at all to know some of them go to Burning Man. I would imagine they would go just to keep their fucking finger on the pulse. Yeah. Like what are you freaks up to? Dude, the one I went to, they flew F, what are they called? F-22s? They just, there's a military base near there that wanted to fuck with Burning Man. Whoa. And they flew over Burning Man a few times just to blow everyone's mind and freak everyone [2:018:01] out. That's tripping. Fastest fuck, it was crazy. Hello, are they? Hello. It was like, shh, shh, shh. Like it was so, I mean, I was, I was pretty high. So, I'm not really shh. Yeah. But yeah, it was so funny looking around at the faces of all the burners after like high tech military aircraft just flew over. I think they just wanted to look at the festival probably. No, they're fucking with those people. They're having fun. I would do that if I was a fighter pilot. Definitely fly over. Why don't we have fun? Those fucking dirty hippies. Clean your feet. Shhh. They're not all hippies. Oh no, there's a lot of different kinds of weirdos that go to those things. But it is a part of people's lives that they go to Burning Man. Like it becomes like a thing that they look forward to, like, their Olympics every year. It's one of the best things I ever experienced as far as festivals go. I mean, change my life for the better for sure. It's incredible. I mean, I know that you will never go, but if you did go, you would get it. [2:019:02] And that's what I love. Oh, would get it and that's a that's what I love it. It's got a force field around it a cultural force field where People have an idea about what it is and you can't really have an idea about what it is because it's too big Right your idea about what it is is correct like for a piece of the pie But you really can't understand you can't know all of what it is Other than like this incredible expression of art and an incredible like temporary Example like humans can do this too. We don't have to blow shit up We can drive a little round and garish fancy art cars dress like weirdos with like playing like awesome music and like just have fun together like that is possible to and the fact that it's hard to get there and a difficult terrain definitely helps strain some people out so the people who come there are really fascinating. I mean, I'm telling you man, it's like the force field where people are like, that's where douchebags go or that's where annoying ass fucking hippies go. [2:020:02] Yes, you're correct, they're there, but that's not all that's there. And so it's a mystical, I mean, I'm telling you, it's a mystical place. It's one of the most mystical things I ever encountered. Well, that's probably what's going to have to happen somewhere, just like the United States of America. Like the United States of America is only three people old, you know, like just if you just stop and think about what these people decide to do to escape the confines of a society they found themselves trapped in and all the tyranny they escaped and they came to a new land, started new and there's a lot of, yeah, not a happy story in all forms. Yeah. A lot of fucked up things went down but the idea that that can never happen again seems kind of silly. Like it's happened so many times. I mean, it wouldn't be an easy thing to do when people are definitely gonna resist. That's the thing that you have to be really aware of. If you try to start another country right now, the country you're from would come and fuck with you. [2:021:00] They do not want you doing that. Like if we just like imagine, what They do not want you doing that. Like if we just like imagine, what if the climate change people are right and everybody looked at Greenland going, I need a Greenland, bring a broken Jeep. And we just went in and bought Greenland. You know, like remember there was a joke that Trump was talking about buying Greenland and he promised that he wouldn't do this. He put a meme up. It was hilarious. I have a giant like Trump tower. It says Trump on it because I promise I won't do this to Greenland. It was so funny. Like who the fuck is that much awareness? Yeah. As a president to do that. But if someone bought Greenland and if climate change does keep happening and like all of a sudden Greenland becomes nice, becomes a good spot, temperate climate because of where it's at. It's like the rest of the world's a little too hot, but Greenland's perfect. And then the people that escape what's wrong with how the United States has been run, what's wrong with money and politics, what's wrong with money, you know, pharmaceutical industrial complex, be able to advertise and control politicians and all the shit that you saw over the last few years and all the shit you see with war, all the shit you see right [2:022:03] now, if someone started a new one. Yeah, good luck. Good luck. Is that mean you need space colonization for that to, like you need some kind of or a disaster or a fucking disaster? Giant disaster, like a big one. Yeah. Big crazy asteroid impact type deal where everything's fucked. Collective consciousness shift, I mean, I know that's such new age bullshit to say, but like theoretically, if there was some shift in consciousness then maybe there would be, you would really have to have like a complete shift in like value. And then if that happened, you could see some new way of running things. Well don't you think that that shift is happening right in front of our eyes? It's hard to see because we're looking at it through the lens of a person who exists day by day But if you just went back to when you and I've when do we first meet? [2:023:00] Dude 2012 No, but pre 2012 because we were Because we were talking about minor back lives. When did you first start working on the store? Um, late 90s. Oh yeah, I've been there for a long time. Dude, I'm really bad with... 2012 was nuts. I've known you from the 90s. No, dude, I'm so bad with time. I think I met you in like 99 or something. 99 probably. Something like that. 99 or 99 probably that 99 2000 back then Marijuana was illegal and the only way to get a hold of it in California was you have to have a medical license So we used to get medical licenses together um and The idea of psychedelics at all being accepted in any positive way was alien right you never heard about PTSD being treated like maps Wasn't they hadn't done their studies yet? With MDMA, they hadn't done these psilocybin studies. You hadn't heard about eye-begin for helping people get off opiates. Opiates weren't even a problem then, right? It wasn't, there wasn't not a thing that people were talking about. To go from that to where we are now, where there are states that have decriminalized it. [2:024:06] And then it was a proposal for California, but new some rejected it because they didn't have like a protocol in place. It's a comeback when you have like some sort of a, if you're gonna use it for therapy, some sort of a therapeutic protocol, which probably makes sense, like not just decriminalizing it, but decriminalizing it and setting Boundaries for use like this is how you should do it right if you weigh 150 pounds. This is what you need I guess it's not even weight dependent apparently apparently mushrooms are not weight No way, yeah, that's well how they know that though like how many studies of their room Done with dosing people, you know, you know that are hundred up to 300 pounds. How many studies have they done on that? But the thing is they're doing those studies now and you can get ketamine from a fucking licensed therapist now. Right. And people are traveling on a regular basis to go to South America to do ayahuasca. It's really common. There's ayahuasca tourism. Everybody talks about doing it. [2:025:01] There's so many people that are micro-dosing. There's so many people in Silicon Valley that are micro-dosing and openly talking about it. It's a different world than it was just from the time you and I met. So it's happening right in front of us. It's just not moving at a pace that corresponds with our understanding of it. Like we're saying, how can you say it's illegal? Like how are you making it illegal? It doesn't make any sense. This is a thing that's made by people to control other people. And in this one, you're not helping anyone. You're hurting people. It's overall known that this is a fact. Right. But it's taking time for that idea to be accepted. People have to die. Generations have to pass. New ideas have to be cemented in people's heads because they're so ideologically entrenched in what they initially believe. Right. That's why it's so hard for vegans to go back to eating meat. Like they can't. Slow drip, baby. I mean, look, you know, again, it's like this is the other thing is like, if you, you know, judge a tree by its fruit, I love what you're pointing out there. If you look at the fact that this is happening, [2:026:06] the implication is there are people in positions of power recognizing that there's just no fucking way we're gonna legalize acid and mushrooms and empty, and may you fucking have these, we're not doing it overnight. Give us some time. There's people who clearly recognize that and are slowly turning the dial and shifting into whatever the future of humanity looks like where we're not encumbered by draconian consciousness limitations. So yeah, the implications of people in positions of power who are 100% for humans having access to their birthright and that's exciting to think about I wonder who those people are no idea, but I'm glad they're out there We're in such a weird time Yeah, man, but it's all happening like right in front of us [2:027:01] It's just all at once and so many things from so many and we have so much access to it. And then we also have so many lies. And it's all of it just slamming into each other left and right in front of us like little ideological car accidents. I know. Just like the truth and fiction and narrative and bullshit and what you want to believe versus what's really true. There. Yeah. Oh, I get grabbed out the button. Good guys and fucking bang bang bang bang. And the way one group of people looks at one thing versus the way another group of people in the whole both seem kind of like rational. Yeah. How how you guys so far apart in your ideas? How is this how we so divided about so many unimportant things? Yeah. When the important things are not being resolved. Like none of the important, like if you really wanted to control people, you would want to keep them doing what we're doing. Just constantly arguing about the dumbest shit, [2:028:02] the things that we can't and having very little understanding of what you're really fucking passionate about, and you're just still yelling it out anyway. Yeah, I mean, yeah, you wanna, and also you want to make them feel completely impotent and completely out of control and helpless. And the only way you can do that is by again and again, make them think that they are a limited, temporary, organic body that when it dies, it's dead forever. Make them feel like this is all there is. So you better fucking go for it. And going for it means grinding and hurting other people to get your fucking, whatever it is you're looking for, because that's all you got anyway, man. And you gotta get, so if you keep the fixation on that paradigm, then yeah, you can probably control a shit ton of people. Well, that's what they liked about COVID. One of the things they liked about it was that they could control you, if they could get you to get vaccinated, [2:029:03] if they could get you to do that, they could get you to get vaccinated they get you to do that they could force you to do a thing That's a level of control. They've never had over adults before It's a new thing You know and if it's profitable and it's also this thing you're forcing people to do boy that gets sketchy Boy that gets sketchy. Well, yeah, I mean, but it's a there's so many other happened Did you ever see the video of Cymbal Bidji about C-Bell laws? Yes, I love it. It's from like the 1970s. I'll never wear a fucking C-Bell. Basically, combination of cane hair, a beer, after you get home from work. Yeah, that's what the guy's talking about. I feel like there's been endless iterations of this sort of flexing where you're like, you can't do that anymore. Yeah, well, it's just the insurance. That's the seat belt thing. It's just people were dying and it's like, oh yeah. They've too much money and they made laws that they care about you. Are willingness to accept regulation? [2:030:00] Exactly. Are willingness to accept regulations? I'm trying to pull up this, that's I'm looking for this thing because it's wild hearing them say it, here it is. And here Fauci actually say it. It's just like, wow, why would you say that out loud? Like you're, this is not, this is not what you should be saying. Like listen to this. Because this is what everybody suspected that they thought this way. Talk about someone who faded out, whatever happened. Let me just disappear. He's in a coffin somewhere waiting for the... He reveals what he really wanted out of all those COVID mandates. Once people feel empowered and protected legally, you are going to have schools, universities, and colleges, I'm going to say, you want to come to this college, buddy, you're going to get vaccinated. It's been proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, [2:031:04] they lose their ideological bulls And they get vaccinated Dude if that was the movie it'd be cheesy. That's like you like the they don't know the hot mic is on the villain gets revealed Yeah, what the fuck I never saw that in that wild Isn't just wild that he thinks that way that's why they fucking turned his mic off dude, because they're like, hey, what the fuck are you doing? We only say that in the bohemian growth. Well, you can't say that loud. You just read Robert Kennedy's book. Robert K.'s book is more terrifying. And I've always said if it's not true, why isn't he getting sued? Because if it is true, if it's not reviewed. You don't hear it talked about. It's not like a thing the mainstream media brings up. Just the actual facts that he's laying out, just not even from COVID, from the AIDS epidemic. Just go back and listen, just read that book or listen to the audiobook and just [2:032:02] just stuff about AZT is wild. And using the same language, he was using it as the AZT is both safe and effective. Using that same language for something that fucking killed people quicker than anything. Dude, if only they had been, I feel like if they've been honest when they came out with the vaccine and been like it's is that's no way there's a chance it's gonna fuck you up. That's what they do. They never do that. But then if they done that that's so they can't start doing that Duncan. They've never done that. And then I only do they not do that, but they're allowed to run multiple studies. And if they can find one that they can rig in a way that some sort of a finagle shows some kind of positive benefit, that's the one they run with. And they can have eight studies that don't show it or eight studies that show it's bad and they just push it away. And then on top of that, what gets even weirder is when someone goes to review these studies, they don't get the actual [2:033:02] data. They get the review of the data from the pharmaceutical drug companies, and then they get to review what their findings were. They don't get to review the actual data. The only thing is nuts. You really think the COVID vaccine was bad for you? What? I'm just kidding. I don't even think that. That's not even what I'm saying. What I'm saying is they have a standard way that they handle any kind of medication. Yeah, dude. That's how you make the most money. I mean, it's when like, you know, that collision between profit and medicine, it's such a dark place. It's so dark when you're at the hospital and you realize they have a motive to keep you here like the doctors they've done their oath they might not but the hospital itself can implement certain rules and regulations that have a higher probability of keeping you in there longer so that it's more expensive and that's where it gets fucking weird and when it comes to pharmaceutical [2:034:04] companies are anything that's profiting off of sickness, it's like, you know, it's like, I don't know if there's a, what do you call the sugar industry? Big sugar. Big sugar. Big sugar. And the pharmaceutical companies, these are like happy bedfellows, because one is poison, the other fixes the damage from the poison. And so when suddenly there's a profit motive behind it, oh shit's gonna get weird because the lobbyist for the pharmaceutical companies theoretically would not want regulation on weird dies and shit that big sugar is putting in stuff because that is gonna reduce the profit for whatever medication they use to treat the damage from the fucking dies. Isn't that nuts? Do they work together? Do they have meetings about this? How much have they thought it through? You know, we're gonna see a big dip in our insulin profits if they regulate how much sugar is an Oreos. [2:035:02] Like there's gonna be a direct hit on our fucking industry if that happens. They think they do it that far? I don't think so. I pray that they don't, but it would just surprise you. But boy, wouldn't you do it if you had an obligation to your shareholders? You're supposed to make the most amount of money possible. Isn't that part of your job? That's what you tell yourself, I guess, that you would have to do it that way. You have to say, let these people eat their fulking sugar. I want to buy a yacht. Yeah. I want to meet their goddamn sugar. You know, just say the cereal is fucking good for you. The cereal is good for you. It's fucking great for you. It's great for you. This is the house. Do you know one of the biggest drugs, emerging drugs, like over the last few years been blood thinners. No, I didn't know that. Yeah, how much of an increase in the prescriptions for blood thinners have there been over the last few years? What is that? Someone was talking about it, because it strokes. Someone was talking about it. I need to find out if it's true though. It's one of those things that I was watching this YouTube video with some doctor was discussing the uptick in blood thinners. They were also talking about heart medications and heart issues and the [2:036:06] uptick and heart issues. It's a large uptick. It's an uptick that if it was anything else, people would be really looking into it. If it was a diet, if also some new food was introduced into the food system that we never ate before, but then also there was a corresponding big uptick in all cause mortality. People would start thinking, like, I wonder if it's this new thing that just got introduced. Like, if it was anything else. Do you remember when, okay, so I don't know if you remember science class, but I remember one of the things that I thought was exciting about science was it, or maybe I just had a good teacher who was like, anyone can be a scientist. That's the whole beauty of the method. This is a way to interrogate reality to find out what the truth is. And you know, anyone, you don't have to wear a fucking lab coat. Anyone should and could use this method to differentiate superstition from reality, cognitive bias from reality. [2:037:01] It's very exciting, suddenly, and you're like, oh yeah, I don't have to be Isaac Newton to be a scientist. I can just use these methods in my own weird little experiments. And then something happened where suddenly the articulation of what you think is the truth, even if you're fucking wrong, became off limits. You couldn't say what you're talking about right now. Out loud, you weren't supposed to anymore. And people would even say, don't do your own research. Don't investigate. Stop. You're not of the scientific class. You don't even understand this shit. Stop. It's misinformation. When it's like, fuck. Like instead of saying stop, challenge it. Like my favorite. It's funny reading the arguments between physicists I don't know if you ever seen that when they fight like when scientists get in big fucking fights It's so funny and that was part of this tradition of science is like scientists weren't all these placid [2:038:01] Like soft sweet they are when you deny them funding if they're not. Oh, God, that's so dark. And that's what happens. Money takes over medicine. So fucked up. Money takes over politics. Money takes over military. Money takes over environment. Money takes over green energy. Dunkin' it's all about green energy. It's all about the green deal. Our green deal is gonna fix it all. And people are just raking in money on this green deal. Yeah, this green deal. We got partners in the green deal. We're gonna stop this and gonna form that and we're gonna have a coalition and no more gas cars. And then everybody's car has a limiter on it now. You can only go 65 miles an hour. That's it. Yeah. That's gonna reduce deaths. Don't you want to reduce deaths? And we want to kill switch? I mean, what if a bad guy's running away? We could just stop the car off and more police chases you have a bad tweet Stop your fucking car and we just decide to stop your car and don't even tell you what your're here. Your car pulls over. It says, fucking retweet it. It's not a steady revise. [2:039:07] I would actually would like that for my own funny. Is there something you'd like to fix? Like you pull over and the thing just says there's something you'd like to fix? That tweet wasn't funny Duncan yet again. Is there something that should fix? Perhaps one of your tweets. Oh, yeah, please delete the offending tweet. Okay, continue. And then you can drive again. Yeah, man. That's not outside the realm of possibility if some guy got arrested and went to jail for shit posting a meme about Hillary Clinton about the voting thing. You know that one? Yeah, it's true. Where the guy said, you don't have to get vote in person. Do 555. We found out that guy apparently, I believe this is true, he just posted it. The guy who got arrested, I don't think he created it. When I was digging through that yesterday, he just posted a meme, he did post it, but I couldn't tell in the wording of it if he'd asked someone to make it for him, and then he posted it, I couldn't on it. I believe he said that he didn't make it. [2:040:00] I believe he said that in an interview. But if he asked him one to make a form. Right, that's possible too. Yeah. Or paid someone to make it. Right, totally possible. Dude, that would be different. You could say I didn't make it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Like you're saying I don't want the ability for someone to turn this shit off or I think they already have it in some cars I think they have it with on star. I think that's one of the cable see if that's true Is on scar on star have the capability of shutting off a car a gas car pursuit gas car? Oh believe so I Belief so I believe it's a computer program because it allows you to start your car. It'll open, you can have quite a friend of mine locked his keys accidentally in his suburban. He called OnStar OnStar Unlocked His Car. So he could go in and get his keys. Yeah, on their website. They said it's part of what they sell. [2:041:00] Okay, it was it's like if you're getting a car jacked and kidnapped. When a woman's SUV is stolen with their mother and grandchildren inside Onstar helps save the day. So on star shut the car off. Yeah, so that's great if it does this if a woman got kidnapped with her cute little kid I want to know if those are real people or if those are crisis on stars that's fleeing felon and stutter Yeah, so on star already has the ability to do that So that kill switch that everybody's asking for already exists if you have some cars. Is it just a GM that has on-star? Is on-star only general motors? Or is it just a car thing? I feel like it's like a general motors thing. I think it's Cadillac. It's part of general motors. Yeah. I wonder if they allow it in other cars though is on star in the other cars outside of general Motors cars or is it only? I mean the good news is no one will ever hack that and use it for other things never completely safe That will never be used. Yeah against [2:042:01] What on starts using it for It only stopped getting that person Yeah, I remember being at a pink Floyd laser light show when I was in high school And it was the saddest thing man because another brick in the wall We don't need no education comes on at a laser light show which is already depressing because it's definitely not pink Floyd and it wasn't even that good a laser white show. And there's a security guard. He's like, he's probably in his twenties. It's a shit job. He's got to be the security guard at the laser white show and then like the crowd turns on it. On this security guard? Just because he was in a security guard uniform and that song comes on and everyone starts raging against this guy. It was so weird. It's like, what? Are you going to start attacking this guy? He's like, he's a problem with uniforms. Yeah, dude. Uniforms allow you to assume a position of power over people, but also you become the enemy. [2:043:06] Like you're wearing the uniform of the authority. And you're a person. Most cops are just fucking people of all cops. They're just people. Yeah. Just humans. But you put them in a fucking outfit and you give them guns and like, well that's, you wanna talk about a responsibility that's difficult to handle. Oh God. That one's crazy. Dude, there's like some jobs in this world that I think about. And they're like, mother fuck, ER doctor. Oh my god. Fuck that. Trauma doctor. Fuck that police officer. It's like, God Christ in heaven every fucking night. Every fucking. You're just driving around. You're thinking about your fucking kids. Yep. And you get a weird call. And the next thing you know, there's some dude running at you with a chainsaw that you're begging to stop because you don't want to fucking kill him. Right. Oh, what a horrible job. And the amount of money you should get paid for [2:044:01] that versus what they make. Like big gap big gap yeah and then you're getting PTSD you're not sleeping in night I was watching a video today of a guy telling a guy not to reach for his gun he's got some guy pulled over and he's like do not reach into your band don't reach for that gun don't reach for your fucking gun and the guys like standing there with his hands like this and he just goes in and boom guys got to shoot him and you just do just reaches for his gun and then there was another one where they didn't realize this guy had a gun he shot one of the cops and the other cop unloaded on him like fuck man like every time they pull someone this is like some regular look and do too he didn't even look at your criminal he looked like a like a handsome young Just, and then he just had a gun. He didn't look like a homeless person, didn't look like an ex-con. He just looked like a regular guy, and they pull him over, and they got, it took him by surprise. Got just pulls a gun out, start shooting. Like they never know when someone's a full on psycho. You're pulling people over, and you're a cop, [2:045:00] and the lights are on you got them in that pressure situation. Maybe they have warrants Maybe they did something horrible just now and you didn't even know you just pull them over luckily Yeah, they just shoot now to Jesus and so they have that fear every fucking time they pull someone over yeah Yeah, and it's so funny dude I got in a watch in those sovereign citizen videos you ever watch those I was a little bit hilarious and the cops like, they're so sick of it. And they, like, it's the funniest thing to watch them, like, deal with their, like, fifth sovereign citizen. He's like, it's so, but it's on top of all that other shit, you know, possibly getting your shot or the person you're working with, a good shot. Also, on top of that, you're having to deal with like, that other, just the other element. We're also, everybody's lying to you. Actually, everywhere you go, you're running into people that have created problems and when you talk to them, they're lying. Like that's gotta be like 90% of you, have you ever had a drink, sir? Are you drinking tonight, sir? [2:046:01] You know, like why is she unconscious? Like, what happened here? Why was this blood coming from? Like, who hit this person? Who, you know, what happened here? All day, all day. Yeah, every day, every day, it was lying. And everyone looks at you like the professional enemy, especially if you have to work in an area that's crime-ridden. Dude, there's a great app people can get me and I can't remember the name of it But like when you get pulled over and you're about to get popped you just start the fucking app because it tells you what to do Like so that you don't like you you don't have to like infuriate the fucking cop There's just exactly what you say which is basically like I'm gonna need a lawyer in my under arrest like all this stuff But not so you don't have to like remember all the shit and So what because what that does is if you do get busted, that if you do this just the right way, then you have a higher chance of whatever the fuck you did being sort of dismissed. Throwing out, like I can't remember the name of that. That's the right steps. You took the right steps. Cause it's good to know those. [2:047:01] It's the same thing, criminating. Good to know those. Good to know those steps, because by the way, that's the other fucking thing. Like, their job is not to like suddenly befriend you at 3 a.m. when they fucking pull you over but you barely getcha. Their job is to fucking find out that you commit a crime. And if you fucking are so dumb that you admit to that, then that's kind of your fault. I mean, that's your fault. So those, like that app, I wish I could remember the fucking name of it. Do it have to be a third time. Me too, thank God. I'm getting pulled over app as a few of them. I'm getting pulled over app. Okay. Let's wrap this up. Duncan, trust all your book one more time. Oh, the movie of me to the movie of we. It's an audiobook, not a book. Yeah, it's only on audible. It's not really a book Okay, but it's on audible them movie of me to the movie and then Your podcasts the Dunkin Trustle family hour and I'm gonna be the Denver comedy works in January Please come you can find the Used to be the great it was greatest club before you fucked everything up with the mothership [2:048:04] But you to find all my dates at dumpintressel.com. Alright, I love you. Love you.