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Eddie Bravo is a champion martial artist, founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, musician, stand-up comic, and author. He's the host of "Look Into It - with Eddie Bravo" podcast. www.10thplanetjj.com

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That one's probably close to 100. It's amazing That place place is fucking amazing. Yeah, I've never seen an NFL game live. I'm so into football man I get it now. I'm so into bro. I get it. I'm friends with Aaron Rodgers and I don't even watch football Yeah, and Aaron was supposed to play but then Aaron blew out his Achilles tendon real bad first first drive of the first game call this type like the craziest shit all this hype about Aaron Rodgers going to Jets and The crazy thing is they had drafted like a year or two before that Zach Wilson who was like a number one draft pick He was supposed to be the you know, the new quarterback that was gonna take the Jets to the Super Bowl, but he's had a miserable last couple of years and so instead of Giving up on him the Jets said okay, let's bring him Aaron Rodgers because Green Bay was moving on from Aaron Rodgers They got this guy love Eventually like all the legends eventually their last couple years they play on another team like Tom Brady Peyton Manning the last couple years they go to different team and some you pay. Yeah. Yeah That's that's a lot of money. I get it Yeah And but um and then the first drive after all that hype with Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers and New York City It was huge and then boom he's gone for the season. Yeah, he thinks he'll be back in six months He said it's usually six to twelve months, but he said that's for vaccinating people But then my Browns, you know, I'm following the Browns every day in the offseason and Undrafted free agents the fucking draft everything. I let's practice. You're all in huh? I'm all in I love how I love it It's such an amazing sport like every every player has their own mission You know and the quarterback needs to know as many of those missions as possible. He needs to know what's going on But everyone else they just need one mission. They got one mission every every player. Everybody's doing something different is incredible The one then there's all these coaches I'm actually friends with um, do you remember do you remember there was a Sports Illustrated article on? football coach that was a offensive line coach that was teaching jiu-jitsu to NFL players to help them in the offensive line. That's Scott Peters from the Cleveland Browns Yeah, there's an article on and I remember reading it a couple years ago What would help would you just just being able to clinch? Understanding how to throw bodies around I think I think so wrestling. Yeah wrestling seems like it would help a lot touch feel You know balance, but I'm not sure I haven't I need to talk to him about that cuz I just met him like via text Through a friend had a guy on a podcast. He knows him and apparently he played football to his name is Scott Peters and he You know when he when he retired he started doing MMA and started doing jiu-jitsu and fell in love with it then he got a job as he's an assistant offensive line coach for the Browns and He's all about teaching them jiu-jitsu. Well, I'm pretty badass Well, I'd imagine those guys are all badasses. They want to learn jiu-jitsu. Who doesn't want to learn jiu-jitsu. Yeah Yeah, who's going now? I want to learn that shit a lot of people Things don't want to get strangled. Yeah, they don't want to start out as beginners the same thing happened to the Browns a second week that On paper the Browns look like playoff contender for sure on paper But everyone, you know It's all about how you execute and how it all gels and so but the one constant that we have we have the best running Back in the game Nick Chubb best running. So he rarely ever gets hurt, you know, we needed we needed some wide receivers We needed some defensive linemen. We got all new defensive linemen except for Miles Garrett and New new defensive coordinator, but we always do Nick Chubb, you know We got the best running back in the game probably ever his average is five point four a carry That's you there's like top three in NFL history. It's incredibly so good Second week Monday night football his leg fucking break. So it was so gruesome. Is that the one when it broke at the knee? Yeah, oh, I saw that. Yeah, they didn't show the replays. They didn't show the replays. Oh, I saw it online They showed it online. Oh my god. It was horrible. Yeah That was devastating. I got sad like it was like for two or three days. I was like, oh my god I spent all this fucking time and now we just lost our best player fuck but they came back the next week which was yesterday and Dominated the Titans. So they They adjusted. Yeah, and they were all they're all doing it for Nick Chubb. They're all I guarantee you that You know It used to be that if you got like an ACL injury you were never coming back to any sport And now MMA fighters get ACL injuries all the time and they get rehab and they come back and they're good to go I guarantee you in the future They're gonna be able to regenerate tissue in some wild way where those injuries are just gonna be commonplace. No big deal This fix you. I hope so. Apparently he just apparently It looks like everything would have ripped right the PCL Every but apparently they're saying it was just the MCL what and that it's not that back show that again. Can we see that? I I wouldn't see it. I they didn't show the replay and I wouldn't even there's a still frame. Oh Forward and his body's sideways. Oh and the knee is bent. Oh Shit. Oh my god. It's the same knee. Oh look at him chilling No, that's him. He was screaming. I'm sure but right there. It looks pretty calm. I'd be fucking crying like a baby No, yeah, he's I think he's crying. Oh look at him right there He's screaming screaming, but the amount of pain he must have been in there agony Look at that shit. Oh, he knew it was about to happen to like he just did this rehab a couple years ago Oh, no So the same knee this one right here. Oh Jesus that's him. That's him. Oh my god. So it was probably already weak. Well Again, he's just bad. Oh my god. Fuck. Yeah. Oh my god. Yeah, he's in the NFL He's known for his work ethic in the weight room. He's like, what does he squat something ridiculous Jamie? It's like yeah, he always puts up videos where he's squatting like ridiculous shit 675 here 670 fucking fine Jesus. How much can you what's your max? I don't matter. Oh my god. Look that's him That's how I watch this guy Who's doing that and bolt his legs exploded? You know those Instagram clips. There's so many Instagram Tom Segura and I Every day when I wake up in the morning to take a leak and I check my phone Tom Segura sending me some fucking horrible video We share horrible videos to each other. It's like I'll show you the thread We got an ongoing thread of me and him just the worst shit we can find online We send to each other and every day I get nervous every time I open up my phone. It's all fucking it's all like Yeah, I said I'm this one today This guy's brakes failed I'll send you this Jamie. This one's horrible There's so many videos like that Have you ever seen more people die than on Instagram lately? What do you know death death? Oh? I've seen more people get shot more people get run over by cars more people get gored by bulls More people get bit by alligators. Yeah, I saw look at this one Brakes failed boom. Look at this How insane is that dude? Fuck That could happen at any time at any time I think about that all the time when I'm on the highway You know when I come home from the mothership at nighttime in Texas That's when all the truck drivers are on the road and so when I come home Sometimes like we're the only car on the road It's like all trucks. It's all semis and one time there was a some sort of a traffic thing So the opposite side of the road all the traffic was shut down and it was hundreds of semis Hundreds I'm like I guess they just drive at night Like when there's gonna be no traffic that's when they can make the most most time that makes sense it makes sense But it's like one of those fucking dudes is not paying attention or their fucking Adderall runs out or whatever They fall asleep at the wheel and you're done man. You know a video. I just saw was a couple Male and female like off to the side of the road on the freeway and they're like I don't know they broke down and this tire got loose and was coming and rolling down and Fucking went right into the chick. It was horrible It was horrible man. Did you see that Jamie that one's that one's I just take people out man They take people out because they pop off sometimes people check their fucking lug nuts. Yeah Tire do you see that one lady who was driving on the highway? She was on pills and the cops pulled her over and she had no wheel Her right passenger side front wheel was gone and she's driving on the brake Yes, she's got her rotors and it's just sparking. She's like is She doesn't even know anything's wrong and the cops pull her over and they're like what the fuck are you doing? It's like what what's going on? They're like are you on pills? It's like no not on pills like she's clearly on pills and you got to think like how many people out me You know how many people are on oxies, right? Yeah, how many people are just driving around on pills? How are those still legal? Incredible incredible, but meanwhile marijuana isn't Meanwhile mushrooms aren't yeah, they're trying to get I keep saying that they're still trying to get weed on off schedule One yeah, I mean it seems like it's close, right? You would think that they Would just like just make that happen already because state after state after state is legalizing. All right What's the state of weed in Texas, Texas? It's it's Decriminalized in Austin. It is illegal in Texas, bro. They arrested Willie Nelson That should be again and Tommy Chong. Yeah, but Willie Nelson Tommy Chong was a different one Tommy Chong was a bad one because what they and I talked to Tommy After it happened he did my podcast. This was a long time ago They got him in Florida and all he was doing was selling bongs He was selling bongs, but if you sell bongs in Florida It was drug part of finale. Yeah, and so they threatened his family because it was a family business So Tommy's like I'll go to jail So Tommy went to jail for them and then afterwards I think they drug tested him for a long time I think part of the you know, the Conditions of his parole was that they had a randomly drug test him so he couldn't smoke any weed for a long fucking time Now he's selling weed and and how much time did you do you do time? Right. He did time. I think Tommy Chong. I want to say he did two years Damn, let's find out find out how much time the so we not even for weed. Yeah, Eddie Eddie for fucking bongs That was just half baked Yeah, it's uh, it's pretty wild then in 2023 it's still illegal It's pretty wild. It's pretty damn legal in California. It should mean it seems like you could just smoke weed anywhere Yeah, Vegas too. Yeah, that's what's wild Vegas, bro. There's people in jail for life in Vegas still in the 1970s if they caught you smoking weed, they put you in jail forever Was it say here nine months nine months in federal prison fine of twenty thousand dollars? forfeiture of a hundred and three thousand five hundred and fourteen dollars and the loss of all merchandise seized during the raid on his business Scary nine months for bongs And what year was that? 2004 three and four. Yeah 20 years crazy crazy crazy crazy Yeah Yeah, it's uh It's not right It doesn't make any sense and then they got to know it now It's like it's a slow trickle before things become legal But I thought the Biden administration was that was a part of their thing that they ran on that they were gonna decriminalize marijuana Yeah, that's that's one Democratic issue that I'm with a hundred percent a hundred percent. I'm with it. I'm with it and You know in other states like I believe in Oregon they've decriminalized mushrooms What have they done with Oregon Oregon with money? I think they I think Oregon might have decriminalized everything. I Think Oregon is a wild state. I think they might have decriminalized literally everything. I think they decriminalized steroids I think they decriminalized mushrooms. I think they decriminalized fucking everything Do you know in Vancouver? You can buy they have a place called the drugs store and you can go in there and buy Tested drugs so you can go in there and buy tested cocaine. It's a brick and mortar store and this guy is Apparently testing the boundaries of the law. I mean what a fuck. I would think that's a trap If I was walking into that drugstore, I was like you got cocaine. You have cocaine pure cocaine for sale How are you wearing a wire bitch like fuck what's going on? How are you? What are you doing? You're saying I'm gonna buy cocaine from you in a store gonna use my credit card. I can Like what is it? See if you can find that the drugs store Whoops it wasn't taking his own product Shut down 24 hours later. Oh, wow. Yeah, they might have killed him I bet like some rival drug dealers like him. Yeah, fuck you He died for fentanyl. I don't think the government would have poisoned him with fentanyl Yeah, the fentanyl thing is crazy How could anybody want to do coke knowing that shit's out there? I Think they have tests But if you're one of those dudes who's partying you doing coke you're not going hey you guys have a test This also isn't like a real store. It's a pop-up shop. Oh Like mobile like a bus or something, but I thought it was at a brick-and-mortar store Says after parking his 24-foot camp around Main Street between Hastings and Cordova. He made his first session I think he was doing I mean it does show people walking in out of a building, but it might have just been vacant They just kind of walked in. You know it's crazy. I was just in Japan and You don't ever have to worry about any kind of crime in the wild It's amazing. There's no crime, but you know it is that is definitely and it's so clean they clean everything Everybody's super nice you know everybody, but you can't have a gun Yeah, they got everybody yeah under control. Yeah, but I was there for Quintet and Quintet is a team jujitsu tournament it's amazing Sakuraba The pride legend he's that's his show, but this time does he still grapple. Yeah, how's on the team? He's got a team house his knees. I don't know does he wrap him up like mommy's he doesn't really speak English So we have a hard time He's awesome. I fucking love him. We just do like jokey stuff whenever I see him where cuz he's like a clown Yeah, he's so funny. Yeah, but so Quintet Decided to co-promote with k1 You didn't know this no dude dude You're a kickboxing fanatic, and you didn't know k1 brought back the heavyweight absolute tournament I heard they were doing that, but I didn't know they did it They brought it back and guess who they wanted to comment a you I'm like why would I comment a a kid But like that's like me commentating on football exactly Exactly Same thing and they asked me because they co-promoted and and it was like in this Arena where they had two stages the k1 stage and the quintet stage and they kind of merged together and k1 was during the day It's are like at noon and then after k1 was done Then it all shifted over here on the side and to the quintet side. It's that started like it Like six or something, but they wanted me to ask me if I wanted to commentate the heavyweight tournament. I'm like I know nothing The only thing I know about kickboxing is the old-school k1 like Peter. I met him he was there He Peter on the banner. Yeah, that's still who's yeah race seafood and all those guys and semi-chill The old-school k1 the classic ones were dudes were getting shut off left and right left and right and this one was because apparently they hadn't done The absolute heavyweight tournament that the eight-man one in a while They've been sticking to k1 max like lightweight and middle weights and there's some bad motherfuckers So I I don't pay attention to kickbox kickboxing also I wouldn't even know what k1 max was I learned all the shit while I was there and so They had an eight-man Absolute tournament all new guys and dude there was this fucking six foot eight Chinese dude straight coming out with the CCP flag and everything looking like Chinese Ivan Drago. What does he look like? I mean, what's his name? He fucked everybody up really he fucked everybody pull up a video dude. His name is like Say lose Something like that find out Scary That's him. That's him right there. Damn. That guy's huge. He's like six seven six eight Wow He fucked everybody. Oh my god. Look at the size of that guy with leg kicks He got incredible footwork. Look at the size of his fucking legs. Look at his quads dude. He claims he claims Wushu. Oh Of course, but he's it's kickboxing. Of course, don't kickbox. Well, that's a good move if you're from China claim Wushu Yeah, and he didn't show up to the press conference. He was a big mystery Oh Interesting and there was a guy from Italy this guy they call him the grizzly bear He ended up fighting him in the finals that guy the grizzly bear had like insane power. Did he was fucking people? That's the grizzly bear the grizzly bears got the beard. See if you can find a video of the actual fight, Jamie. I Love it, you know I put a post up on Instagram the other day after the rod tank fight on one FC Cuz uh Matt Brown posted it like how is Muy Thai not the biggest sport in the world and you watch this insane fight They had on one FC and I was like, I think that has the most untapped potential of all the combat sports because obviously Boxing is huge. MMA is huge. How the fuck is Muy Thai not huge? Yeah, it's so Exciting. Yeah, and this one fight with MMA gloves too with four ounce gloves Jamie see if you could find that fight first I'm sorry. It's on my Instagram. It's like Two two three posts to go and It it's this war these guys had in Thailand So they did a one FC in Thailand and they had here fucking you got it here. I mean, so it's a Rod tank versus super lek and It's a fucking war dude. I mean these guys are going give me some volumes. You hear it just happened. Yeah Yeah, I Mean these are two of the very best Muy Thai fighters in the world and they're fighting with these little tiny MMA gloves on Which is a wild move that one FC is doing. I Mean everybody who watches MMA look at that drops rod tang. That's crazy Incredible fight dude, just a fucking incredible fight These guys are cutting each up with cutting each other up with elbows knees to the body and they're too Elite of the elite in Muay Thai and they're going to war with the little gloves on man. I Mean it's a fucking wild-ass fight like look everybody loves stand-up when you're watching MMA Sometimes the people clinch people go oh They want to see the crazy wars. These are the crazy wars all the time That's the whole fight is crazy wars. Like how is that not big? I brought it up with Dana and I said dude I know you guys are into this slap fight thing, but I think like the thing that's untapped is kickboxing And he was like, ah, but nobody liked that that PK karate. I'm like, bro. That was in the 1980s That was literally these two called the kick of the 80s. Remember? Yeah, but bad Brad hepton And it just needs to be marketed different because it there's always been kickboxing. Yeah, we said kickboxing We had glory we had K1 forever But it didn't ever reach the heights that it was capable of reaching it could have with glory glory was very very high level And how could they do it? How could they do it to take it to the next level UFC machine? Put the UFC machine behind it if they put the UFC promotion machine behind high-level kickboxing and Got they just fucking hey, we're gonna sign the biggest fighters in the world. We're gonna have UFC kickboxing So here's this here's this gigantic Chinese. There's the final against the grizzly bear The size that gris. Oh, look at that. He's fucking his legs up And this guy's six foot eight. Yeah. Oh He's good. Oh chopping those legs down. I think he beat all three opponents with leg kicks. They couldn't take it So they're trying to they're trying to reboot it and start a whole new beautiful absolute k1 the They say his name. I forget liu CE So you lose a loose a yeah loose a I'm pretty sure but What really did I was so entertained? I was so into it and I didn't know any of these guys You know what? You know what did it for me was the tournament? It's the tournament. I first round. I didn't know any of these guys that second round No, I was like, I know these guys shit that guy's gonna fight that guy and then the final boom like oh shit grizzly bear I was so into it. I was commentating with Michael Chevelo that guy's insane I love he's so good. I'm when I say insane. I mean he's insane good. That's good. He's so good. He is an encyclopedia He knows he knows fucking everything everything dude, I was so impressed with he used to be the guy for one FC I don't know what happened. It fell apart. He left one FC Sometimes things happen. Yeah, sometimes things happen, but he's a fucking man. Yeah, he's so good man And that tournament a good dude, man It got me into it like I watch the next one as long as it's in tournament form. That's the key man That's what got everybody into the UFC is the tournaments and the UFC should hire Michael Chevelo and do a fucking a Moitai card Dana. I'll commentate you hurt me. I'll fucking commentate it Let's go does Dana a fan of kickboxing though. Does he follow it? Dana's a fan of whatever works. He's a fan of fights He just thinks that for whatever reason the kickboxing never caught on in America And I think it's because of that pka karate shit they have in the 1980s But dudes were wearing fucking long pants. They couldn't kick the legs It's a different sport man, and there was some great fighters that came out of that guys like Rick Rufus and But it's just it's a different sport If you look at the fights on one FC and you look at the fights and you know Like the classic k1 fights like my god. How is that not exciting? It's so exciting and if they haven't fight with the little gloves on like K1 does or like a 1 FC does if Dana decided to get behind that That would be huge Moitai UFC Moitai Now um fuck yeah Dana I'll commentate do you let's go I'll promote it. Do you think? I think Tournaments are still possible. I mean tournaments because because tournaments aren't possible MMA because they say it's too brutal But kickboxing is way more brutal well you're meant to win Joe Schilling fight in LA yes last man standing that glory, but I think Joe fought three times that night Yeah, which is crazy for a kickboxing fight. Yeah, he fought Artem Levin who else did he fight? If I don't remember who he fought I Don't remember everybody he fought that night But goddamn that was a war that was crazy. That's crazy. Yeah. Yeah, I remember meeting Gene Simmons there And the first time I met him I embarrassed myself I'm gonna be cool this time he probably didn't remember luckily not guys met a billion people oh Come on man. You want a little cigar? Sure Ron white gives me these they're little baby cigars I'm not a big cigar guy, but it's they're like they're basically like a cigarette No, I just pop on it Just take a little pop What do you think a little Nick? What do you think of a bare knuckle? I love it. I love what Jorge Masvidal is doing that bare knuckle MMA fights. Yeah, I love it. Oh look cuz that's what I think MMA suit should have been all along Yeah, why can you have bare elbows? Why can you have bare knees bare shins a shin to the face? Yeah, okay, but you have to protect your knuckles. The only thing that does is prevent cuts and One thing it also does is protect your hands because you can't really go off like you can With bear like bare knuckle guys are more They're more cautious about where they hit yeah, they're more precise. They have to be more precise. They break their hands I think on paper bare knuckle is way better than like traditional boxing You know can you imagine I mean if you asked you did a poll and you asked if what would you rather watch? Floyd Mayweather versus Pacquiao for or whatever it is bare knuckle or regular boxing I bet a Most people would say bare knuckle Well a lot of people that go over to bare knuckle are surprised at like how little protection you have and how much it hurts Like that's where Mike Perry fucking shines. How's he doing right now killing? He's killing it killing it Fucked up Luke Rockholden's last fight made him quit knocked his teeth out. He looks like enough dude He's fucking everybody up because he's such an animal Give you're tough, and there's not a tougher human being alive than Mike Perry He's like uniquely suited for bare knuckle fighting because he's just such a fucking savage He's willing to kill or be killed like legitimately. He's not it's no fear He goes in there kill or be killed and he's good man. He knows how to fight bare knuckle. He's clever Who do you think in the that's currently in the UFC? Is probably gonna end up doing great in bare knuckle? That's a good question Chris Chris Camos you just fought He just fought that dude the juggernaut. Who's the I believe the middleweight champion in bare knuckle, Epsy and the juggernaut beat him It's uh The thing about it is man. It's different It's just different when you're just getting knuckles in your eyeballs and knuckles in your face it fucking hurts more It's it's more dangerous. Yeah cuts you up way losing teeth you get hit with a knuckle right here That's who's gone even even with like the highest level mouth guards helps a little but really you'd probably need a crazy thick mouth Guard you probably need something different, but even then it's knuckles You're getting that bone of a bony ass knuckle and it's going right here It's gonna fuck your teeth now K one. They don't allow you to Do the plum clench and hold their head and throw multiple means you could only hold it like real quick, right? What do you think about that? I don't think that's the way to go One one they allow them to hold the clinch longer. Yeah one is Muay Thai like that fight that was Muay Thai They can clinch they can elbow. I want them to be able to use everything. Yeah all the tools all the weapons Why not and let them do it with those little gloves, too Yeah, you know because the big gloves the thing about the big gloves is you can offer a shield like if you ever watch Bader Hari fight he fights like this. So it's a shield right you have this big 10 ounce glove covers It's cushioned and you're fighting like this like an Alistair when Alistair was fighting a K one They all fought like this But you can't do that with those little gloves because a little glove sneak sneak around And you can't do that even more so with bare knuckle because bare knuckle really sneaks around. There's no protection It'll just slide off the fist right into your face Exactly and Mike Perry has developed a style where he holds his hands like real rigid like this. Yeah, it's different Like he he know he's adapted to bare knuckle and he also has had several fights So he knows what to expect. So if you're Luke Rockhold and you're fighting Mike Perry This is your first bare knuckle fight You never fought bare knuckle because you certainly aren't fucking training bare knuckle Like you can train MMA with MMA gloves on right? You can't really train bare knuckle, right? You got to wear gloves So that first experience of getting a knuckle in your eyeball and a knuckle on your nose where your nose gets this fucking splattered All over your face. It's a different experience Yeah, man. There's so many different Sports now Fighting sports, you know, there's so many there's a Bare knuckle regular boxing even even regular collegiate wrestling is getting bigger, you know, that's getting bigger Yeah, people are starting to I'm watching I never really watched wrestling but now I'm watching I I didn't realize And and I wrestled a couple years and I didn't realize how fucking Much how much it evolved. There's so much So much it's like everything else. Yeah, I'll do everything else all these combat sports evolved. Yeah, there's just so many different ways Two bodies that are clinched up and mangled up can go and do it. It's so crazy. It is crazy. Yeah, I mean And It's they're so technical now guys are so good. Well, you know my favorite shit combat jiu-jitsu man I'm not doing I'm not Promoting combat jiu-jitsu because someone has a gun to my head. You know what I mean? I'm putting it up. I'm Trying to create or or just take what is work like the 60-man tournament. That's the best shit So you're not a term that was UFC to 60 men. That's why everybody got hooked to the UFC in combat jiu-jitsu It's great 60 because the 16-man tournament is a super fight factory It just makes the super it's just a great and it's a it's an you don't have to know any of the fighters Right. Nobody knew anybody from the UFC right UFC, too I didn't know anybody with a boxer a kung fu guy I see you win the first round and then yeah, you go you're excited You just got to pay attention to the first round and accept that you don't even know you don't know these guys and know that By the time you get to the finals, you're gonna know these guys very well Could you imagine if somebody brought the UFC back? Old-school like bare-knuckle Old-school you could wear a gi do whatever the fuck you want 60-man tournament 60-man tournament. No way class Remember the Russian one that was 32 man. No, dude There was a Russian one and Igor Vov chenchen won that one. Of course, remember that shit I love that and he fought he fought that That huge Brazilian they called him Rick. I'd go more Rick Ricardo Mariah He's like crossing Gracie's guy. He's like six eight And he got to the finals against Igor Vov chenchen and to be honest, I maybe the Brazilian one and It's hard it you know what? It wasn't Igor Vov chenchen. It was a guy named Mikhail something God damn it. It was so long. It was like you over a chenchen look like he was supposed to be like six foot six But they cut his arms off here. Yeah and put a fist there Yeah, like his forearms was so thick remember how thick that dude was? Yeah, he was so thick and he went fuck people up His legs oak tree legs. Who was that Brazilian guy that he knocked out cold? Francisco Bueno. Yeah That's probably still up there Francisco by on that Igor Vov chenchen versus Francisco Bueno. Yeah, it was ruthless Igor was a monster and what Igor had he was a he was a kickboxer with power in his hands he was vicious he was like 511 and 511 wide and and the one everybody wanted to take him to the ground everybody By the time they yeah, everybody wanted to take everybody wanted to take him to the ground Nobody wanted to stand with them. No, but the thing that Igor had was he didn't really have a Wide vare of offensive techniques with jujitsu, but he did have a good Good guard recovery and he keeps you in full guard and survives. Look at that. Boom. Oh my god. So that again Boom boom boom he he hit him three times while he was out cold Left hook right hand on the chin and then as he's going down Bing Bing oh my god, dude face planted. Is this Igor when he was younger? Oh my god Oh, that's the tournament. This is the one I'm talking about I think Wow That's how they should do it. No, okay No, yeah, they did that that is my fucking dream. That's what they should do man. That is how they should have MMA That's how we do come at jujitsu. That's how they should have ever man. You know that karate combat. I like that, too It's yeah, no one wants to back up, you know what I mean, right because they fall, right? Even with chance and and the thing about Igor Vovcantian is is check this out. This was all like in the 2000 area, I'm a purple belt and I'm commentating for king of the cage, right and Then you get soccer kicked to the head to pride days. Yeah, and I commentated Pride 10 and 11 and I got to meet Mark Kerr right Mark Kerr Incredible. I mean his stories incredible he Wrestled in and college at a high level was it just it was a specimen. He looked a little like fucking miles Garrett mark Mark Kerr the special that was his nickname the specimen and the smashing machine Remember his story. Oh, yeah, that story was I had Kurt angle on the podcast the other day Kurt was talking about how good mark Kerr was as a wrestler. Hell. Yeah, and Mark Kerr told me because I got to hang out with him at pride 10 and We were hanging out at McDonald's and we were just fucking shooting the shit and he said he told me the host his whole story Like wrestlers were telling him to do the UFC back like in the late 90s and good dude Look at Mark Coleman wrestlers go in there and they just fuck everybody up. You should do it They were trying to talk him into it was like I'm not a fighter like that. He's just didn't have that Mean violence. Yeah, he's super nice guys super nice guy and they Twisted his arm and he was gonna do a UFC and then he backed out He's like he said he goes dude. It's just too frightening So then he got offered to do an eight-man tournament in Brazil in the middle of nowhere before the internet or anything So he said, you know what? I'm gonna go try this thing in Brazil and if I get fucked up, nobody's gonna know about it I'll just dip out. You know what I mean? And so he went down there and Fucking destroyed he ended up in the finals. It was bare knuckle bare knuckle Valley Tudo MMA old school in a ring No cage and he and in the finals he fought Fabio Giorgio was it Fabio Giorgio? It was Fabio Giorgio it was a braz I'm pretty sure it was him and Dude, he was just in his guard the whole time never tried to pass He was just in his guard in the corner and just headbutting and throwing fucking bare knuckles And he cut hit he won and the Brazilian just thought he was a monster They called him like the smashing machine in Portuguese, which is like my kina Destroyers something like that. I don't know what it would it but Anyways, so he he said he goes after the after the fight my hands are all caught up. They're all fucked up They got infected. I went to the I was in the he said he was in the hospital. He got him those Yeah, you get teeth in your hands. Yeah, he got all fucked up He was in the hospital with like some kind of fucking sickness and shit and then the promoter Taxed him way more than he thought he was like I'll never do this again This is the worst fucking experience of my life, even though he won Even though he won. It was the worst experience of his life. He don't ever want to do it It was he was in the hospital They fucked him on cash and all that shit But then when he got back and on the internet was just you'd have like little fucking news pages And he would then he saw the magazine of him on the cover of a magazine. He's looking like a destroyer Yeah, Brazilian magazine and then that's what said that's what got him to Jump in 100% do you remember when he tapped damn Bobish with a chin to the eye socket? With that outside the UFC. Mm-hmm. Yeah, he got a hold of him. He got inside control. We played it the other day He stuck his chin and Dan you know had that big ass chin. Yeah, he stuck his chin and Dan Bobish his eye socket and just Fucking eat his back of his head and do it fucking eyesock it He tapped him with that. I'm like, how come no one's done that since? That's a pretty wild move and I was telling him I and this is what I tell all High-level wrestlers even like low-level wrestlers your wrestler you need to approach grappling Not not in the sense where you want to beat jiu-jitsu like these guys can't take me down You know jiu-jitsu guys can't take me down. I'll outbox them. They can't box like okay, okay But what about the guys that can box like kick boxers? You're gonna have to take them down right like when you fight a kick box You're gonna take him down You're gonna have to learn how to pass the card and get night and I would tell my go to just get really good at passing the guard Holding side control submissions from side control mound can have a death mount you need a death mount Arm bars rear naked chokes just you gotta get good at passing the guard mark and he said dude It just takes too much energy man. It takes two. I'd rather just sit in the garden just fucking pound I'm like there's gonna be guys that are gonna tie you up and you're not gonna be able to ground and put you can't ground and pound everybody some people you can but some guys have a good defensive guard and And a lot of wrestlers would say that too. It wasn't just marker. They didn't want to pass the guard They wanted to beat jiu-jitsu. I'll just stay in the garden. So Coleman always did. Yeah. Yeah headbutted dudes punch him in the head in The guard. Yeah. Yeah, so and then he fights Igor Vovacenci He takes Igor Vovacenci a couple times two three maybe four times during that fight But he can't pass his guard and Igor Vovacenci has a great chin He's a kickboxer. So little ground and pound strikes aren't gonna affect him that much He's not gonna freak out and he had a really good closed guard And he would hold and he would tie up and then they would stand him up and now he got to take him down again This is in Brazil. This is a Mark Curm Brazil right there This is the final is that Fabio Giorgio who was Marcelo Garcia's instructor Let's see Just stay like this for the whole time Mmm interesting. That's the back one Pedro his oh, yeah, it's Fabio That's a Pedro his oh was fighting too and remember the Pedro. Yeah Do you remember when Gary Goodrich reached in the Pedro shorts and grabbed his balls and crushed him? Yeah Yeah, you can grab balls Can you find Igor Vovacenci Mark Kerr from pride and you'll see that he did he was able to take down Igor Vovacenci Relatively easy, but he couldn't pass his garden couldn't finish him And he had to stand up with and then eventually after a couple stand-ups He was tired and he couldn't take him down no more and then you know strikers light up. They smell blood You know what I mean? Yeah, and then he I think was TKO I'm not too sure what kind of strike it was that ended the fight, but it was a it was a flurry and That right there just shows like man all the best grapplers Not all of them, but a large percentage of the best jujitsu guys in the US are wrestlers That fell in love with jujitsu and got really good at guard passing taking backs mounting He got red fucking hammers for a fist yeah, there was no way he wanted to stand with Igor no He did throw down a little bit yeah Of a little short right hand And then boom he knocks him down here yeah, yeah, I remember he hit him with like a big overhand right knocked him down He keeps taking him down, but he can't finish him he can't he's not even just tying him up Yeah, he's not attempting to pass his guard. He basically didn't like passing guard even he didn't want to develop any guard passing skills He liked just staying in guards and throwing down, but look at how Igor just wraps him up It's and not only is he does he have a good guard he's wrapping him up, but like I said he's a kickboxer He's used to taking punishment like like if he had like a wrestler like this or a jujitsu guy They they're not I mean he did cut him up They're not gonna, but he's also tired This was also this was during the smashing machine And so this was when mark was already going through his addictions to man Damn battle right now. Let's go. Oh Right hand big right hand. This is such a brutal fight. Oh There it is look at his traps dude. God. So you yeah I talked to ensign about fighting Igor and he said it was like getting hit by a car He goes like his kill like getting hit by a car over and over and over again. He goes it was just boom boom This was back in the 10-minute round days, which I loved I love the 10-minute first round I think the 10-minute first round was a genius idea because how many guys like You know they just fucking like a Marcus trying some sort of an ankle lock dude That's not a heel. What's that an aoki right there? but it's like How many guys would take a guy down look at four minutes and 20 seconds and then the round was over? Can we see how it ended the last flurry? so so many guys would In you know the UFC you take a guy down in the first round and you know You got no time to work and you work so hard to get him to the ground and then the next round starts And you're standing up. Yep, that happens a lot too. What do you think about? the idea of Having you saw he didn't want the knee to the head on the ground look at that knee They're sprawl and then boom that's a serious fucking knee right there What do you think about the idea of? Starting every round in the same position where you ended the last round. I'm not opposed to that I'm not opposed that at all like I feel like you should earn your ability to stand up that was it Can you rewind that one real quick? Let's see the final shots his knees to the ground knees on the ground That's another thing that I believe in I don't think I was done. Oh, I don't think you should be able to turtle Yeah, and not get need in the head. Yeah, because that's a legitimate technique if you can knee a guy standing up Why can't you knee a guy to the head on the ground? Especially if he's in the turtle if he's like just hanging on to something you hang on to one knee You got a knee free and his head's right there, but that guy can take you down and beat the fuck out of you Can't you do that in game bread? You know, I don't think so. I think it's unified rules. It's just bare knuckle I believe that's not unified rules. Oh that that sounds like they would just I mean they're not cool, right? Yeah, that's like there is a controversy of some kind after it because he was complaining in the hallway And then they're shown some reap. I don't know what they're saying in the video obviously, but yeah, I got hit in like that What the hell is that not sure is that not legal? Did they have like what is it? It looks like interesting I could go closed caption and read it but This is other parts of the thing and then how about Mark Coleman in The heavyweight Grand Prix. He I think he felt he fought Igor Vovcanchin in the final Did he and he I think he he fucked him up on knees from side control from north-south. Yeah I think Mark Coleman Igor Vovcanchin that was in the finals I think you're right of the Grand Prix and now remember he won the Grand Prix, right Mark Coleman. Yeah, he was a champ Yeah, I think the knees to the ground Want it's a no-brainer. That's a no-brainer If you can knee a guy standing up if you can punch a guy in the face and kick guy in the face Why can't you need to the head you can need to the body, but you can't need to the head It would end so many more fights So many more fights how many times of a guy guys sprawls and the guys in a turtle and it's a perfect position to throw The knee to the head, but you can't do it. Yeah, I Think that should be legal. You know, they're gonna bring back twelve to six elbows From where from standing in the guard anywhere twelve to six elbows illegal still Which is the dumbest thing in the world are illegal. Did I say legal? Illegal in the mount like if I'm mounted right can't go like this can't go twelve six Yeah, it doesn't make any sense. But from full guard you can if I was on my back and full guard because it's going six twelve Yes, which is the dumbest shit of all time But standing you can't do it So if you're you and I are standing and you rush at me and do that and hit me with a 12 to 6 elbow That's illegal and they're gonna change that they're gonna change that who's behind that Novitski talked to me about it and he said I know that this is something that you complain about all the time. We think we're gonna be able to get rid of that Yeah, it's the dumbest one because it's not even a more powerful elbow Yeah, it's just they saw it all came from big John McCarthy told me this that in the early days of MMA They would bring this to the athletic commissions and they said you can't do this Because we've seen those karate tournaments where the guys break bricks like that and ice and ice They're like you can't break bricks like you could kill somebody if you do that So they go, okay, no, no elbow like that elbow has to come at an angle So it can come from you know, it can come from twelve to six, but it can come it go one to seven As long which is the dumbest shit of all time. Yeah, meanwhile the hardest elbow is not that the hardest elbow is this one This is the hardest elbow in my opinion. I believe I mean Lisa as far as I can throw it because you're throwing it like Punch. Yeah, and I'm getting my weight into it if I'm in a ground-up position Like I've done ground-up pound work on it You know when you don't get a heavyweight down a heavy bag down rather and I'm trying to see like what I could hit the hardest You can hit hard like that, but I can hit pretty hard to like that fucking boom You could just Jen is so much more torque. You got all this snap and it's also an Natural movement where your body has developed that sort of explosiveness doing that. It does it all the time. This is Unnatural, I think I mean you could develop it, but it's just a better It's a better option to have you want to be able to have that option to throw that because if guys are doing this and you Can go straight down the middle with an elbow fucking you should be able to do it Yeah, I mean I I like What shot trees doing with one allowing? You know knees knees on the ground got a lot allow that I mean, yeah, they love soccer kicks. I Think there was I'm not sure I think maybe they like you can't stomp on their head anymore. I Think like I think like if you have if you're in a cage and the back your head is Okay, okay Grounded athletes are considered grounded where they have any weight bearing part of their body other than the salt What is this from what what rules? This is on Colorado approving the rules for Colorado for one. Okay, this is just for Colorado though All hand strikes including punches forearms and elbows to the head body and let all elbows Interesting so that means Colorado said 12 to 6 elbows legal So that's where I got this from there was an article from this year that said when they were doing the data review For finding out if they were gonna allow knees to the head of a ground opponent The 12 to 6 elbow data was in there look it says mean to the head of a grounded opponent is legal This is Colorado Wow Why can't the UFC do that go back to that, please? Okay, I want to see what else it says Upkicks to the body and legs to a grounded opponent are legal Huh? How could you can't up kick to the head up kick the head body and legs of a non grounded opponent or legal? Okay, so you can't you still can't up kick to a grounded opponent But that second to the last one it says up kicks to the body and legs to a ground How are you gonna up kick a grounded opponent? There's a body in the head No body in the head but up kicks to the body and legs to a grounded opponent or legal Like how do you up kick a grounded opponent? He's not here on your back if you're on your back and the guys on top of you and he's got his knees on The ground he's grounded. Okay up kick him in the oh, okay. Okay, you can up kick him in the chest So the body and the legs but up kicks to the head Body and legs of a non grounded if they're standing right? So if they're standing so if he's not grounded He's standing you can up kick him in the face I feel like you should be able to up kick a guy to the face if he's on the ground to remember that up kick Oh leg talk Tara again and his Oh Gracie and so grace That was probably the first one probably that we saw probably yeah in a big fight Yeah, and there was people thinking like oh lucky lucky kick, but then Hanzo was saying no Do we practice this? Yeah, we practice this and then you saw Was it Fabio Giorgio up kick Jerry Bolander remember that oh, yeah Yeah, bro guys who are really good kickers if you get them on their back they can fuck you up off their back This is weird pouring water is illegal. Yeah, because they don't want you to become slippery The cut man will apply vastly into the facial area the problem with that is Once you get Vaseline on a face that bass everywhere fucking everywhere. It's everywhere. It's on the net You don't need that's some old boxing shit that needs to be cut out. I believe yeah, it's totally unnecessary Yeah, that's just some boxing bullshit that it's probably good for boxing I guess but for MMA that Vaseline gets grappling it gets everywhere. Yeah, it gets everywhere and as a promoter or producer or someone who owns a fight show you want as many Finishes as possible whether they're knockouts or submissions So you'd want you'd want to like that's why in combat jujitsu we we make Rashkarts mandatory like you got to wear rashkarts. We don't want to greasy bodies. I like that. Well rashkarts. Yeah I like that we should make you well Yeah, that cuts out greasing like the complaint that Gordon Ryan had against Nicki Rod. Yeah, and then you know Felipe Pena said the same thing. He's like he's greased Yeah, it's like feel him. Yeah, you make it's mandatory. You got to wear a rash guard I mean ultimately, you know probably make it we haven't done it yet But like ultimately if there's a problem with greasing legs and stuff like that We'll probably make it like what you have to wear spats. I think spats and rash guards. Yeah Yeah, eliminate the grease eliminate it because other than that like if like if you Tested for greasing like that would be so expensive you'd have and how could you the only way you could do it is like you have Before you as you walk in they swab your back But the problem is that's not even gonna work because you know what guys do they take a bath in mineral oil So they lay that's what vandalize old-school shit. Yeah, they take a bath in mineral oil and then they dry off So if you touch them, they're dry But then once they start sweating that oil comes out of the pores and then they're like, yeah that's like trying to have all of us so that could only do so much but You I mean if when they walk in the cage or they should be warmed up so they should be sweating so you might be able to Like maybe take like us like us like a big like a glove That is made out of like swab material and just go like down the back like that and then test it I know what it would be expensive as shit. Maybe you know what it'd be like Like, you know how like that I don't even know if this is real But you know how when people pee in the pool and they have something that shows the pee totally see it all blue Is that real? No, that's way real. Is it? Hell? Yeah, that's old old shit I thought that was just like sort of shut from movies a rumor to fuck with kids Is there a chemical you could put to show when you're peeing in a pool Because there was a video that I saw that looked really fake It was a bunch of girls that were in a pool together and then one girl Like you see all this pee coming out like this blues to everyone's like, oh my god, you dirty bitch And like they've run away from her because she's peeing in the pool. Yeah, no, that's real. That's for views Uh, I don't know. No, no, it's real I've heard about that you put a chemical in the pool and when you pee it turns it turns urine urine indicator Die is a mythical substance that is supposed to be able to react with urine a form of colored cloud in a swimming pool or hot tub It's mythical indicating the location of people who are urinating. Oh my god. I thought it was real. I did too A couple weeks ago. I thought it was like I didn't like it doesn't seem like that crazy of a product It might be like super toxic Yeah, I mean imagine how much of that stuff you'd have to put in the water and then that stuff's in your eyes But think about how toxic of just a regular swimming pool is like all the chlorine that's in there Good point. That's gotta be horrible for you, right? Well, you know what we played the other day. Um On uh protect our parks. We were trying to figure out why is there fluoride in water? Yeah, that's the that's the oldest reason that's the old That's such an old conspiracy theory. It's a real one. It's so old and they they Literally open up bags of fluoride and dump it into drinking the local drinking water It's like something you do not only that we played it on protect our parks We were like trying to figure this out There's a direct correlation between high levels of fluoride in drinking water and low IQs. I believe it 100% Like why would they why would they? Open up sacks of fluoride and put it in the water. You know why because you got fluoride and trying to sell that shit Yeah, imagine if you're in the fluoride business and you're hearing us talking like shut the fuck up Because if people stop drinking or putting fluoride in drinking water and the official reason and I don't know this could this might be bullshit Yeah, they're trying to like take care of our teeth brush your fucking teeth Yeah, you know what I said, that's like that's like if some people are getting skin cancer. Oh, we're gonna put sunscreen in apples Yeah, same thing. Why would you do that? Just wear sunscreen? You can get sunscreen anywhere. Oh, you really care about our teeth You care about our teeth that much you're sending fucking shipments Like those shipping containers fill the fluoride in these sacks that you open them dumping them into reservoirs Doesn't make any sense doesn't make any sense. There are some cities that have uh, stop doing they stopped it They should they get the community gets together. They should Yeah, yeah, that's where it starts. Really. That's a weird one, man That's one that's been around for a long time. By the way, who doesn't brush their fucking teeth, dude I didn't go to the dentist for 10 fucking years for 10 years. I went zero cavities Zero cavities. I don't drink fucking tap water. Yeah ever never ever I also eat very little sugar and I brush my fucking teeth. Dude. I got in visalign. So do I i'm wearing it right now The first time when I first started wearing it, uh, uh trade the truth was on the podcast and he wears a grill and I was like Bro, how do you wear that grill and talk? Like because it was fucking with my talking the first time I've wore it on a podcast. I had to not wear it I can still hear a little can you hear it jamie? No, I thought I looked in your teeth and i'm like damn it looks like he has a visalign, but he doesn't he would but you do I wear that shit all the time too. I'm trying to clean my teeth up, man Yeah, my lower teeth have been crooked forever and my doctor said it would probably help my sleep apnea What do you think? Oh, pretty they're nice. You got nice teeth, bro. You got a nice beard. I like that beard I was saying that uh, I shaved my beard before I got here today because I look too old I did a music video the other day. So I grew up my beard because I played uh a coyote And that song is hilarious yeah, it's it's a confusing song Purposely yeah But y'all shave it. I just want I never really had a full beard. I'll see what's up for a while I look like a fucking 93. I know it. You remember when uh evantaner died and I grew that full beard We all did. Yeah evantaner was it was a legend legend legend I really like that guy man When he died It was when uh, i was living in gallerado And uh, I said fuck it man. I'm gonna grow my beard. I grew I had a fucking full ass beard. I was a big Evantaner fan. He was a big evantaner fan. He was uh, he was interesting. He had good jujitsu and back in the day not that many UFC fighters that were non-brazilian had good jujitsu You just didn't see it that much and he was like one of the first you remember when he won the middleweight title and he fought dave turell How did he win dave turell caught him in a guillotine and almost fucking had him And he gassed out and evantaner pounded him out That's how he won the middleweight title dave turell man beast god damn was his jujitsu good beast and still is i'm sure He won the very first elite leg lockers. Yeah. Yeah elite leg lockers and a fucking animal and dave turell was uh One of the I mean he was one of the first no pure no-gee pioneers There was a couple out there, you know this chris brennan. There was dave turell Eric paulson shout out to chris brennan. Yeah, there was there there was like maybe four Guys that got their black belt in the ghee that decided to go no gee nyster dean lister Uh, yep. Yep. Yeah, that's right. That's right. I he doesn't really train. Are you gonna pay attention to jeff monson? What happened jeff monson? Lives in russia speaks perfect russian Go to jeff monson's instagram I think it's snowman snowman monson. I forget what it is. He's a full-on russian He lives in russia. He supports mother russia. He's got a fucking ccp. He's got like a hammer and sickle tattoo He's all in interesting. He just this is jeff monson, man. He's all he's fucking russian now. He defected He's a russian citizen See if you can go to a video where he's talking in russian because there's a lot on his instagram where he's just he's talking in russian See him find whether there he goes play that I got fascism fascism in there How wild is that wonder what the hell he said, I don't know I hope we didn't say let him say anything horrible his russia Is russia considered communist still still I mean russia don't they don't they don't because wait Dictators, wait, wait the soviet. Well, actually no, let me say that. Let me say that right i'm wrong. No, they have elections But man the whole but if you want to run against putin bro, yeah, good luck. Yeah Good luck with all that you ain't got much time. What was the last time they had an election? Well, you know that guy pergosian who tried to make a coup against uh putin and he just died in a plane crash Is that that coup that lasted like six hours the guy who like they were literally headed towards moscow? He was the head of the wagner group Headed towards moscow and then they pulled back at the last minute And and putin's like yeah, bro. I'll see you in a little bit And this plane blew up in the sky. There's a video of his plane in the sky and it's like On fire in the sky. Yeah, nothing suspicious about that Yeah, I mean it's kind of crazy but like soviet union was communist and then the soviet union fell like the history of the soviet union and Today's russia is really confusing to me. Like I don't I don't know what to believe I don't know what to believe with anything like when in regards to history like Man, it's just like what is real and what's not i'm just like fuck. I just like okay Let's just see how everything plays out but soviet union fell. So I thought like russia is claiming like, uh, democratic socialism or something sort of democratic But putin is basically running it because putin was the president of russia or whatever, you know, whatever they called over there and then He stepped down and then his main guy took over and then putin's like fuck this i'm taking over again And now he's running it and he's been running russia Was it when did he start running when was his second term as the president of russia? I have no you know who also has a fucking soviet passport or russian passport roy jones Really roy jones jr's tight with putin Interesting. Yeah. Well, he's a star over there, man. Really? Yeah, man. He he had a bunch of boxing fights over there They love him over there. They'd love like, you know elite combat sports athletes and Roy jones jr and his prime was the fucking man Yeah, when you talk about the all-time greats You can in his prime he may have I would say he's the best Technician ever one of the best athletes it's ever competed in boxing. He was so fast Think about that one round he had with vinnie pasienza where only round Compu box history. Yeah and compu box history where vinnie pasienza couldn't land a punch Incredible incredible and then roy tried to stop the fight He was teeing off on him. He said the referee. Come on, man. It's over. Yeah, the referee's like continue. He's like, all righty Okay, putin has been russia's most powerful politician since he assumed the presidency in 2000 After resignation of his predecessor boris yeltsin and but he stepped down for a while and then came back again though, but he was like Still kind of in power if he still remains in power until 2036 his tenure will surpass Even that of joseph stalin who ruled the soviet union for 29 years Six-year terms, but he created a new law that can allow that term limit to reset. It's good move If you want to run things that's what chris rock was saying about trump When trump made it into office, like he's never getting out of there He'll change the fucking laws. He's not gonna stop being president I remember chris rock was saying that on stage. It was hilarious You know that guy urie besman off that you bring up every now and then and he expressed that He's like, oh, you're gonna stop every now and then and he explains ideological subversion Right, bro, if that shit's real and it seems like it's real then does that mean russia is responsible for all our shit if it's not real What a prediction What a crazy prediction that we would lose all faith in our democratic process And that we would all the the children from the universities will all adapt marxist lennonist philosophy. They all do yeah I mean how many people are young kids they consider themselves marxists. Yeah, so are we are we in the middle of a fucking? Of a russian infiltration or is it chinese? Well, I think both of those countries are very clever You know, they they do some very clever things. One of the things that china does is they buy up corporations. Do you know many? Someone showed me a list of all these corporations that are run by china I don't even know if this is true is is is uh, what's the the chinese president? jijingping is jijingping and um What's his fucking name from russia? Uh, putin putin are they like buddies because they're both like communists, right? Well, um i'm confused there i'm sure they're united against america now You know and if yuri bezmanov if he's right He's basically saying that Russia has has put We're under some kind of like 20 year russian infiltration ideological subversion plan or something. Yeah What he was basically saying was that they have this very? Long game approach whereas the united states We try to do things quickly and we think about short term Whereas in russia they think about things very long very long Yeah, they also they're not a they don't they're not afraid of people dying over there Because they lost so many people in so many wars Yeah, I mean if it wasn't for russia russia holding off the nazis russia Helped us win world war ii in a giant way In a fucking giant way and you look at the losses that russia faced What was that? The one battle that shane gillis brought up during the podcast like shane gillis is a gigantic history buff and he brought up this one battle Where russia lost some fucking insane amount of people Holding off the nazis I mean insane amount of people like way more than any war we've ever lost That was one of the things that people always said about russia Like the girls are so hot And there's like they so outnumber men Because so many men died. Yeah, so many men died over there So for the longest time was like this over abundance of these hot russian women And how many of them came over and became spies? Yeah man, it's like What the fuck is going on? I don't know what is going on. It's like I don't know what to believe anymore dog. It's like it almost seems like There's a there's a great awakening and then there's a great reset, you know cloud swap talking about the great reset And then there's a great awakening a lot of people are waking up It's like sometimes I feel like the great awakening is winning and then sometimes I feel like the great reset is winning like when you start Like all these fighting that we're doing we're fighting over like dumb shit all the time. I like All the time like bathrooms meet gender. Yeah. Meanwhile, like this new world order is like like digital currency and Yeah, it's like what the fuck is going on it just seems like it seems like um Like like like there's our politicians here, you know The ones that we see the ones that are on tv and then whatever is above them the guys we don't see Maybe they just want to just destroy America like how do we destroy america? How do we make it? I think what they want is control And they want control the way that china has control the way that russia has control Yeah, and yeah, there's so much freedom in america in terms of freedom of speech and freedom to do whatever you want It's like it's like uh, like on the surface. We see the left fighting with the right right on the surface, right? But what if the overall? Goal is to get us like the only way we're gonna have like a military regime like the controllers They want as much of a military regime as possible. Maybe disguise it so we don't think we're under but the best way to do that the most Not the easiest but the best way is you got to make the people embrace the military, right? You got to make them embrace. How do you make them embrace it? Right now we're kind of embracing it. We're like, oh, where's the military tribunals and all that shit with all the shit It's almost like that like were we tricked are we being tricked into embracing the military? Like there's so like I don't know which way the shit's going. It's just show all over the fucking place, man there's like all the stuff that biden is doing it's like It's like Who's advising this motherfucker, you know what I mean? He's running again And then they're talking about this over Michelle Obama running that keeps coming up Ted Cruz just talked about I think Gavin Newsom can win You don't think Michelle Obama has a better chance She wants to do it. She's a minority if she wants to do it Yeah, but does she want to do it? I mean she's never expressed it. It seems like Gavin Newsom wants to be president He like fits the bill handsome tall smooth talker I can't see it'd be so much better than biden as a president. I mean that's that's a no-brainer. It just seems like banner Tell me is this a trick? Is this a trick? Is this just so obvious? He's trying to figure out how to remove these homeless encampments in california But there's laws against it and there's laws that prevent you from pushing those people out I will say this moving. I will say this people talk a lot of shit. I mean i'm in california for the weather I like the weather man. The weather is amazing. The weather's amazing, dude. We've had like probably 14 days over 100 degrees and y'alls out here and in florida You guys are like six months of just death. You know what I mean, bro And don't say you like it because I like it if you like it turn your air conditioner on Everybody says they like it as long as they're an air conditioned, uh, right But that's how california is too when it's 100 degrees out in california No, no the amount of days per year. That's true. It's way more it's way hotter here for longer And um, I almost moved florida. I almost did it almost went to tampa Um, thank god. I didn't i'm glad I waited it out. But um all the during the height of of all the bs Man, it was so scary on the 101 there with the homeless just They were on the freeway. So if you're in rush hour on the 101 It's like mad max dog. It was fucking scary You're like you're just sitting there and there's all these people around you just living and camped out on the front If they just got rid of that if they just eliminated the homeless encampments find shelter for these people get them counseling That's a that's number one But they did clean all that up. They're not on the freeways no more not on the freeways But they still if you go to vennis, it's a disaster Yeah, but it's not they they have cleaned it up a little bit. I can't deny it. I see it I'm there to clean it up clean it up Yeah, like all the way and there was this, you know I drive in the downtown all the time and there's a certain there's a certain bridge that I drive under and it's always Every every day is just it's people I put up like houses. Yeah, they have electricity they're tapping the lines, but they cleaned it out Good. I don't know if they cleaned it out everywhere But in my path where I see them like they're doing something about the homeless good. Yes. Good. Yes Praise to them for doing that next step You got to eliminate these fucking crazy das that take these violent fucking people that shoot people and assault people and rob things You gotta You gotta have fucking police you gotta have law and order All this defunding the police is too scary these smashing grabs and all these stores Fuck bro. These smashing grabs are down the street from my own podcast studio at the tapanja mall. They fucking smashed into the Nordstrom This smash and grab everything they did it in century city they did it in beverly hills it seems like Man it just seems like if he can clean that up If he could refund the police clean that up make la safe like 2016 safe. I don't think that's gonna happen. Why not? Bro, if that guy did that He could he could get a lot of people's vote for president We just cleaned up cut the fucking taxes too like the california taxes are like what the fuck are we doing over here? But if the taxes were worth it, right if it's worth that 14 to live in the state Look, I don't mind paying taxes, right? I don't want to pay too much taxes, but people think I moved here to not pay taxes That is not the case. If la was the same la from 2015. I'd still be in la 100 percent I miss the comedy store I miss tent planet jujitsu. I miss all the restaurants. I used to go to I miss all my friends. I miss it But they just got too crazy during the pandemic. They just got too crazy with shutting down businesses They got too crazy with telling people what they can do and what they can't do too crazy with Mandating vaccines for kids to go to school. They got too crazy with all those things If they didn't do that, I don't mind paying the taxes, man I don't mind I get it. I get it. I'm wealthy and it shouldn't affect me as much as it does other people I get that But i'm saying that like if it was worth it If you got something out of it, if there's something you get from it where it's like it's worth that 14 percent 14 percent is crazy. That's so much money If you make a hundred thousand dollars a year you have to pay 14 thousand dollars to the fucking government for what? For what? Yeah That's so much money, man 14 grand. Yeah, if you make a hundred grand now you make 96 or now you make 86 and then you gotta pay federal tax And then you gotta pay federal tax and you gotta be sales tax. Yeah and property tax I mean there's so many taxes, but if it was worth it And then they got this mansion tax Do you know about the mansion tax? I heard about that. That's crazy. I don't know too much about that. Put up pull it up Whitney comics was complaining about it If you have a house and it's worth a certain amount of money I don't know who pays it whether it's the buyer or the seller But there's a tax That gets slapped onto it like if it's worth x amount of money, dude. I gotta piss so bad. Go piss. Go piss Pause, I'll piss too I've just commented like oh, okay. Are we recording this? I mean we are Shane Gillis is deleting Jamie's posts when Jamie comments on Shane Gillis's Instagram Shane deletes it It's over football though. Yeah, it was just a gift. It was just like a response, you know, Ohio State fun gift And it's gone. I was like, well what happened? Who took it down? I thought instagram took it down. Notre Dame lost. Yeah, I thought instagram was thinking I was bullying him But that's not the case and who's dating them? What was it? Ohio State? They scored in the last play of the game Fourth down Oh yard run. Oh shit right down to the wire Yeah Football's emotional man. You spend a lot of time Shane believes in censorship. That's right. That's all I've understood about this whole thing Shane believes in censorship it gets dude You spend all week thinking about this game sunday and I get it play like shit and you waste three four hours watching this Motherfucker it leaves a bad tasting. I get it. I get it now after I went to that game And I saw how hyped people get in dallas seeing the cowboys playing doubt cowboys smoked them smoking jets But it was while watching it man. I was like, this is fun They lost last night and the cowboys fans are so pissed about it. It goes back and forth. Yeah back and forth If you lose everybody shits on you if you win. Oh my god, we have a chance to make it to the playoffs It's very emotional. There's a lot of shit talking going on in football I can get into it a little bit, but I don't have the time to really get into it I like i'm into it because i've always been into it, but it's also I know that sports are a distraction They want like, you know, like empires. They like the circus and the distraction. I know it's a distraction. It's a it's meant to distract you from From what's really going on and it gets you to not pay attention like to you know What uh, the government's doing to you and all that shit, but that might have been why it was initially created Yeah, but right now it exists as a beautiful form of entertainment that makes people's lives But I use it for distraction because i'm like you can't be kept in conspiracy all day You know what? I mean? I need I like watching music documentaries and football That's what I do to get away from fucking you know what I get I get away. I watch professional pool That's crazy. That's crazier than football Because it's completely apolitical is are there team pool sports? Yes, there's a thing called the moscone cup And it's a team. It's like quintet. It's like team usa versus team europe It's a big event that happens every year and one year it'll happen in the united states like last year was in vegas This year it's in london And that people cheer and scream how many people per team wild? That's a good question. I'm not sure but they play two at a time So two people play against two people. So if you and I were playing So if you're playing nine ball nine balls rotation pool It means you have to make the one then you have to make the two and then when you make the nine you win So if you and I were on a team you would make the one ball You'd play position for me to make the two ball then I would make the two ball and then you would make the three ball That's how that's how the game's played Interesting. I don't like that. I like one on one one on one's my favorite. Who's the hicks and gracie of pool right now? Shane van boning is a dude from south dakota who's deaf and he turns his hearing aid off when he plays It doesn't hear shit it just goes into the zone you could talk shit about him all day you'd say crazy things He doesn't even hear it. He's just in the zone and he's just Dedicated dude practices eight hours a day. He beat this dude In this tournament he played last week. He beat this dude 10 to nothing and he ran nine racks So for nine racks, he broke and ran out. What's running nine racks? What does that mean? It doesn't even shoot because he just made every shot made every shot. It's crazy that people could do that. So good He's so good. Damn if you watch him play he's a machine man. He's a machine He makes shot and also like getting a shot on the one after the break Like what are the odds you're gonna get a shot in the one that he ran seven racks in a row Is there a skill to that the break? Yeah, yeah He's got to hit it as hard as possible. It's not as hard as possible. It's as accurate as possible And sometimes it's the right speed Sometimes if you hit it too hard the balls scatter too much and you don't you don't have control But if you hit it just the right speed You will make like the one ball on the side the two ball likely will bounce out and get a shot And this motherfucker ran seven racks in a row in a big tournament against the best players in the world And then he ran two more racks than he fucking won the game and he's an american. He's an american Yeah He's maybe the best are there countries that produce uh, is it random or is there certain countries that produce good I'm a big fan of the guys from china Huge i'm a huge fan of the guys from china and the guys from the philippines Those are some of my favorite plays and taiwan. There's just two brothers out of taiwan the co-brothers Co-pin ye and coping chung they're my favorite players to watch i love watching those guys play Do they ever play against each other? Yeah, they do. It's funny It's funny watching them play because they have the same kind of style. It's like the rutolo brothers, you know a little bit They had to they had to fight in the finals of I think it was the brown belt ghee worlds Or was it black belt, but yeah That don't fake shit, dude The rutolo brothers are fucking animals animals. Those guys are all natural too. And they're like 20 years old. Yeah, and they're Amongst the best in the world and they're just getting started and they have a deal with one fc2 They do the one fc grappling. Yeah, dude. That's another thing. I love about one fc They got mike metschi over there and I love it. They mix it up. They do that. Yeah, you go to the uh, chantry Invited me to that denver show the first us us show that was insane. Yeah, that was insane It was just a mix of kickboxing mma grappling Love it and the grapplers came out with like, you know, they look like superstars like the rutolo brothers and mikey moussa They're superstars what I love about chantry and what he's doing with one fc is they're embracing all the aspects of martial arts They have moi tai with little gloves. They have jiu jitsu. They have Real fucking elite level mma. It's fucking great. They even have kickboxing. Yeah, so they have Kickboxing which is no elbows, you know, no no clinch. Oh, they have regular kick. Oh, yeah What style is that called kickboxing like glory glory is regular kickboxing no elbows no elbow no knees No knees you can go knees you go knees, but you can't clinch and throw knees the way everybody else does It's like k1 k1 was kickboxing. It's not k1 is not mma. Excuse me. It's not mui tai. So k1 does not allow elbows K1 does not allow elbows, but they do allow allow a brief clinch Yep, just a brief clinch one knee one knee from the clinch You can't hold on like anderson silva did with rich franklin Hold on and just batter him with knees. Remember when aaron and anderson silva got that plum on rich franklin It just destroyed him. Yeah. Yeah, that was bro Anderson in his prime the interesting thing about or one of the interesting things about Anderson silva there's so many but he was like middle of the road for a while He wasn't he was just one of those dudes from shootbox coming up. He was winning. He was losing. He fought ryu What was that guy's name the japanese guy that did the flying uh flying heel hook on him? Yeah It was like one of those he was uh mayhem's training partner. Who's that dude's name ryu god damn it anerson silver versus I'm embarrassed that I forgot. I'm embarrassed too. Yeah, it starts on the r though. I know that that guy was good Yeah, he threw that crazy flying scissor take down to a heel hook which is like that's pro wrestling Well, it's actually um, it's legit but that's that no, uh, that's it right there Ryo chonnath. There we go. I was right with honor. Yeah Check out this fight see if you can find that It was a good fight, too So this was anderson before he went to cage rage Remember he went to cage rage. Yes, and when he went to cage rage, that's when he became the fucking man When he went to cage rage Bro, so ryu chonnath. He threw this flying is it gonna show it in here? They're discussing it's a video about the Do they have the the actual segment? See if you can scroll there. There you go Look at that. That is crazy. Yeah, that was like marvin kestin crazy the way he did it crazy That move by the way is illegal in My tournament really because it's too You can just break a leg right there I've witnessed right in front of my face a leg getting destroyed and it just i'm like, okay, that is banned We are banning that one. What happened? You know one of my students just did that move that you just saw and he landed he landed on The shin and it fucking snapped man And it was not good. What happened to uh, ritchie did ritchie get his leg snapped recently with craig jones Yeah, you know, he he tweaked it. He heard it craig jones did some crazy behind the back Tollhold thing that it was it was fucking crazy But yeah, you know craig jones doing some wild shit, man Craig jones one of the best in the world one of the best to do it, you know And um, you know, they won the quintet team tournament. It was it was a fucking badass, man We got to the finals Against b team and craig jones just too much, you know, but you know, we did great. My guys did great Everybody did great man. It looked like a break. That's how I was scared. Look like he broke his ankle Maybe something got cracked but he didn't tell me he was you know, we were walking right afterwards It wasn't really wasn't limping or anything. Okay, so it just popped. Yeah, a little pop on the outside If it pops on the outside, there's really There's nothing you can really do. I mean there's no surgery for it. You just you just wait it out You just wait it out, you know, i've had my ankle pop many times and then it's sore and tender for A long time. I had my ankle popped once and it swole up and then the whole thing was black Like my whole ankle is black. I was like, oh my god. I'm never gonna throw a kick again Yeah. Oh, there it is. Yeah, here it is. Oh, that was after you see what happened Yeah, you show it right before this so here it is before that Okay. So Look at him. He reaches with his left hand He reaches behind his back like right there. Look at left hand right there and then he puts a toe hold so he's got his left hand on one side of Richie's leg and his right hand in between the legs with a toe you can really see it in that angle, but I never really seen that before it was uh, look at this boom Look at this Like do you remember when craig jones? Boom had that match with vinnie magalase and he broke his ankle. Yes, he broke his shit He broke his shin bone, right? I don't know the I think it was his shin bone the exact damage he did because craig tried to tell him hey, it's broke He's like it's okay He's like yeah, but it's broken. Like that was like it's like moving around. Yeah, that was awesome I talked to vinnie when vinnie was at al-wadabi. He's like, yeah, i'm still kind of fucked up Yeah, I think you gotta get a plate vinnie was one of the first leg lock pioneers in in adcc people People forget about that. He won. He won the whole thing. I think in 2000 was it seven or nine or something? And he was he'll hooking the shit out of people him and dean lister Yeah, they came out and then vinnie's the last guy to beat gordon Is he the last one? I believe so. I think so. Do you remember when vinnie, uh did a flying arm bar on payed apano? I don't remember And the jiu-jitsu match no gi. I don't remember that on payed apano beautiful Let's see if we can find that beautiful pet that pano beautiful vinnie. Magalas. I don't hate upon. Oh some fucking animal Yeah, I don't remember that one. He hit him on a flying arm bar See if you find that vinnie magalase paid apano flying arm bar Oh, it's fucking gorgeous And to see a guy do that on a world champion at that higher level and to catch it. Yeah, it was Yeah picture perfect Yeah, and what I was saying about anderson silva was He wasn't he didn't come out as just like the baddest motherfucker on the planet right away He took it took a while, you know, then he went to uh cage rage. Yes, and he started fucking people What was it? What was his biggest? What was his biggest winning cage, right? Lee Murray? Oh Oh, remember that? Yeah, Murray was a fucking killer Here's a documentary about him. Isn't that crazy? Yeah, I was talking to guy richy about it Lee murray was a real gangster who could fight He wound up He wound up being part of the crew that committed the biggest armed robbery in the history of the uk Bro, they had like fucking like a movie like heat Like full face masks on and goggles and fucking tactical equipment and bulletproof vests And they robbed every I think they stole like 50 million dollars something crazy and they got away with it for a while and sort of everybody kind of knew It's one of those things in the in the fucking criminal world like those guys aren't real good at shutting the fuck up Yeah, you know, they're wild people If you're if you're doing something like that You got friends and you're telling your friends and those friends are probably going to get arrested and then they're gonna be fucking Hey, I know some shit See if you can buy it. Did you find that? Pe pe I just found it. Okay, here we go. Pardon paid. De pano That's his nickname. That's probably the problem. Oh, I forget his real name. Rc. Oh cruz. There it is. That's right Yeah, he's huge. He's like six five giant guy He fought an mma too, but it didn't really pan out for him I believe in the No, it's no game there it is. That's I know it's locked behind the play wall there though. Oh the flow grappling paywall I got a subscription. Well, oh here try that click that it's not that's what I was. Oh video unavailable Hmm Anthony Parrosh, I forgot about him too. He was a fucking animal This is not it Hmm just google flying arm bar Google uh, no, no paid upon. Oh, no. No, no, marcio cruz flying arm bar. Just google that marcio cruz flying arm bar Yeah, here we go Let me see it Yeah, but you don't want to see him doing it you want to see vinny magalay is doing it to him Well, then yeah, no, no leave vinny magalay's Marcio cruz Yeah, there we go. Let's try that. It would have already come up. It's not gonna come out really not on youtube This way. This is not the best way to look for this stuff. That's what I was trying to do That's crazy How's that? It's on the flow grappling page and it's behind a paywall and that's the only clip that I can find Let me i'll show you my password. Hold on a second Why you do that, dude? I gotta pee again Good Bro, you got a bone from the 90s. What are you doing? No, I don't you're gonna upgrade I did I just got a new one. You did coffee and beer just make me want to piss all the time. I get it Go right through you did. Sorry about that. No worries, man. That's the whole reason why we could pause We're not gonna find that video. But what was another video that we were trying to find? Um another great adcc Classic moment was when davi ramos davi ramos got a flying arm bar. That was 2015 in s\u00e3o Paulo Ramos Holy shit, he found the UFC a little bit right a little bit I was I was surprised that he didn't go further. I had a feeling he was gonna smoke everybody once it got to the ground Yeah, because I just felt like how you gonna stop that guy? Yeah, man. His arm bar was fucking insane. It is so hard to make the transition to the UFC. It's so hard Dude, you gotta have your striking on point. You gotta have everything on point. It's almost it's like striking and wrestling because Every fight every round starts on your feet. Like that's the most important thing you're striking and you're wrestling in the early days You can get away with just being really good at jujitsu and getting a clinch and dragging the fight to the ground But not anymore. Oh, dude, everybody's hard to take down now. There's no more easy takedowns You know, it was crazy who's still in the mix. Well, it was until recently haniya That guy was around forever He got to the finals of the abu dabi. I was in 2003 He was 17 and got to the finals against um, Leo viera and he was fighting in the UFC recently. Yeah. Yeah, he's really good He's really really good. That guy understands the clinch game if if he would have You know been on just a little a little more striking if he would have If he would have been a better striker just a look. He is his jujitsu man He had good mma jujitsu He was all about squeezing and clenching and smashing and and he got a lot of that from hixon Like hixon took him under his wing for a little bit. Yeah. Yeah, he was hixon was in his corner for the squeezer A squeezer not team constrictor. That was his team. Yeah, not not all Jujitsu champions coming from the gate. Not all of them are squeeze machines Uh, some of them, you know are really good at collar chokes. You know what I mean? And they're just Death with those things they they get a hand in your collar, man. You're going to sleep, you know Remember when marillo busta monty had a tap matt lindland twice Marillo busta monta was the one who upkicked cherry bowlander was he I think so. I think it was marillo busta monta because I said before it was five years your show. Yeah I think it I get the names mixed up, but i'm pretty sure it was boost them How about when he tapped out matt lindland twice? What you're talking about? Yeah Yeah, one fight. Yeah the craziest fight ever crazy big john mccarthy Separated them said it was the fight was over matt lindland's like I didn't tap But he definitely tapped. Yeah, and then they didn't have instant replay back then So big john's like Okay, fight again. Keep fighting. I remember I was like what the fuck I think they went a whole round after that and then the next round marillo caught him in the guillotine crazy shit that happened that kind of happened when Sakuraba when I was in I commentated for a show called too hot to handle in amsterdam. Oh, yeah and amsterdam and uh Uh gilbert ivo remember him sure man. What a what a scary dude that was I got that guy He he was the one in in pride 10 That threw one strike against gary goodrich one strike one leg one head kick and he went down. Let's see what this is What's this? Oh, this is it? Yeah, we found yeah, this is deep deep searching, but we found damn. Let it go. Here we go Oh Watch this it's so beautiful, dude Oh Look at that. Look at that. Wow. How beautiful is that? Wow. Look he's wearing tights. Yeah, beautiful No greasing on him. No, not at all. Can he tap that quick? Yep. Yeah, he knew it was over. Let's see that whole thing again Right as he was going down. It was already extending the arm Look at that. He's got it. He's got the collar tie off the collar tie. Look at that. Oh man. He went on the left arm Amazing. That was quick. That's he probably verbal tap. Yeah Yeah, amazing That was when vinny was training with you Yeah, yeah amazing Damn to do that to a guy that high level. I mean that's fucking incredible See if you could find davi ramos ADCC 2015 flying arm bar It's I don't know. I mean it's it's different than this one, but it's equally impressive I think Really we should give props to our guy who's our guy Here it is. Here it is. Look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Oh, yeah, he jumped on him. Look at this Look at this boom done over that was so quick. Davi ramos the fucking damn Damn He just caught him reaching look at that whoo and davi ramos He's really he's one of those brazilians one of the first brazilians that came out with high level leg locks He he's a leg locker. He's a brazilian leg locker. There's a couple out there that came up that People forgot about and when do you remember when alan belcher fought? Uh rusa mar pajaras? Yeah Lusa bone pajaras was probably the most feared brazilian leg locker ever. Mm-hmm the guy's yeah Like ken shamrock in his prime, you know and uh And he's a leg locker. He just rips people's legs alan trained. So alan alan alan brought in davi ramos Davi davi ramos and dean lister For his training camp and they he was they had he had him out there for a month And alan belcher told me He goes those dudes were fucking me up dean lister and davi ramos with leg locks is over and over but after a while I started slowing him down started countering started defending started pulling out and by the time that ufc match against Rusma pajaras came around that was one of the greatest ufc fights of all time amazing because he engaged dude He had alan belcher But first alan belcher pulls him into a fucking twister dude. Do you remember that? Oh, yeah He comes in he comes in with some apart comes in with a single Alan belcher doesn't even fight this single He just he just transitions that into the truck and he almost twisters him dude gets out and then he's all over Alan belcher's legs he's all over those legs and alan just defending defending pulling out defending He had really good looks on his legs And then he finally got out and fucking grounded and pounded his way To the stoppage alan belcher is a heavyweight bare knuckle fighter now. He's fighting bare knuckle now. Did you not know? I did not know champion. I did not know he relinquishes title so he could fight for jorge mazvidal. So he's fighting Jorge mazvidal's mma fight he's fighting against roe big country nelson And the winner of that is now gonna fight junior dos Santos. Holy shit. I have no idea about going I had no idea you want to go let's do it. Let's go to miami. I think I think it's in florida in april I think that's when the big match is I think alan belcher is fighting You know November 10th. Yeah, so that's november 10th And then the winner of that is going to fight junior dos Santos And bro alan belcher can fucking box And he's a heavyweight now man. Let's let's see alan belcher rusammar pajares. That's got to be up Dude, that one is a hundred percent. Just violence the whole way through there's no stopping that one, dude That's a great fight. Oh my god alan belcher just And I remember after that i'm like, dude, you got to put out a fucking leg lock defense Yeah, they go right here. Look at he's he's gonna take him down He's gonna grab a single and he's gonna go right into the right into the truck watch Yeah, alan belcher was so well alan's so smart He's such a smart dude. He looks so different now because now he doesn't cut any weight and he got jacked shaved his head He's fucking huge now. Check this out Single yeah right into the truck watch look at this Single right into the truck. Yep pulled it right in and look boom. He's caught he almost twizzers in here Look at that. Look at that. Who's tomorrow's like, oh, he could have had the caps last right there You know, he that was like he had it right there, but damn he's going for the the grand slam here He's going look at that. Look at that Close would that have been the first twister in mma or had uh, the no that would have been the first one I think wow, I think I could be wrong, but I think this is the first one. He goes for a little crotch Ripper here. Look at that. Dang. He was so close He was so he has he hasn't been there for a while. Look Look at this. Yeah, who's tomorrow's like what the fuck happened? He needs a That baseball bat control. Yeah, look at that. Oh, look at that. He's just kind of grabbing it weird. Look at that Oh my god, he's got that head so close. He's got that head so close Damn, I forget how they broke out of this though. Let's see Paul harv paul harv's must have been like Now look he's gonna it's gonna be a leg battle now now This is where all the leg lock defense comes into play here. Look at this shit, dude He's deep on him dude. Look how deep. Oh, he's got that knee bar. He turns the right way. Look at that Boom, he's all over his legs. He got out of it Another one. Look at another deep deep. Look look at that. Bam. He's got a good bite Oh, yeah, alan uses that left leg. They bust free exactly triangles his right leg. Look at that That was a wild ass fight man He's on him. This looks like someone filmed it from the tv 100 Right. Remember those old days where you buy movies? That were like vhs tapes or someone set up a camera in the back of the movie theater Yeah, I used to buy those in new york all the time. Look he's putting him on legs Like he's attacking a little bit here. I know and who's the man must have been like what the fuck is going on? How is this happening? And this happened way before the leg lock revolution man. Look at this. Yeah Way before right? Yeah, I want to say this is like 2004 or something like fox 3. I would say this 2008 9 UFC on fox 3 Look at that. He's he's got so many looks on his legs and this deep He's got the knee line and everything boom. He just can't finish it off. Look at perfect defense. Yeah, alan was so used to it So many people are so terrified of pahars when you grab your leg Look at that spin. Look at the way he spun out right there. That was it right there. Look at that Now it's all about ground and pound now. Look at this boom Because who samar didn't let go if he got a hold of your fucking heel. He would tear that shit down and shred it And is it mike pierce? Who's fucking knee did he fuck up where he didn't let go? And then he got kicked out of the ufc. I forget that one. It may have been mike pierce They kicked him out. They're like bro. You gotta fucking let people go when they tap and they're like, that's it, son He's the only guy to ever get kicked out of the ufc for a win Is that real? Yeah, he got banned from the ufc for winning Boom, look at that. He's just battering. Boom elbows boom boom boom boom Yeah And he just fucked him up from here Just nasty ground and he had to he had to have been tripping too on like man I had so many chances on his legs. Well also like he was threatening him, man. Yeah, look at that It's gonna be over right there. Boom. Oh big shots by belch it called it Now I want you to google Alan belcher bare knuckle boxing Bro, you haven't seen him lately. He's a heavy weight. He's giant He's covered with he has an evantaner tattoo Oh shit damn, bro Oh shit Oh man, because he's like in his 40s now, right? Um, Show me a video though. Damn. Look at those eyes. Holy shit fucking gigantic. Show me a video though Alan belcher bare knuckle boxing Just just write bare knuckle boxing after that. Yeah, there you go And give me some video walk off k.o No, watch this bro. He can box man It's interesting watching him be so big too I mean the size he's so different, but he's skillful man Damn Oh that guy's that guy it's over so he's about to fight big country They're gonna fight in jorge mazvadals and which I fucking loved I really loved mazvadals premiere event Or not premiere event. He said a couple of them, but the last one he did with jr Santos and uh fabicio we're doing Bro baron knuckle changes everything changes everything you can't take those shots and the crazy thing is he's a business guru Like mazvadal no alan balan is alan belcher dude. He he has like a So this is junior this is junior and fabricio, but this is like not the best fight. It was mostly Fabricio verdume just getting punched in the face He just like junior with that boxing that style that he has He slices you with those punches like you can only take so much of those and fabricio Uh got a really nasty cut over one of his eyes at the end of it. He's like really jacked up So that's I i'm in full support of mazvadal's organization. I love that. He's doing that that I think that's how mma should be done baron knuckle So they're gonna have that roi big country nelson fight and then the other one we should go. Yeah We should go to the if i'll check my schedule. I'm free that weekend. Let's do it. It's in miami Go, I think it's in florida. I'm pretty sure it's in florida. I'm not sure it's miami, but somewhere in florida Hell yeah, let's yeah, mazvadal reached out and I said, fuck you. I'll go that I want to see that I want to support it and and and like uh, you know fabrice verdume was in there that guy That guy's a legend, you know a jujitsu legend mma legend and he like ederson silva in the beginning You know, he was you know, uh, he was like middle of the road. He wasn't he was a jujitsu champion Didn't really have that good striking. I think he fought a dream. Maybe maybe pride and he was like up and coming big brazilian Amazing jujitsu, but his striking hadn't come together and then a lot of jujitsu Black belts and a lot of jujitsu champions They'll dip into mma a little bit then they realized you know what my striking ain't there I'll just have a school and just make money with my school and that's fine um But some stay and they just fucking they just tough it out and they just keep going and they keep going like anderson silver His jujitsu wasn't that good, but he kept going and then his jujitsu got good He triangled jail son and same thing with fabrice verdume. He kept going and then he turned into like Legit striker knocking out people with head kicks He didn't he just kept how about let's look at anderson silver versus dan henderson. Oh shit Remember that one that's anderson in his pride That's anderson top of the food chain apex predator Perhaps the greatest 185 pound that's ever lived when he was on man You know and dan henderson just is an animal dude throwing fucking vicious vicious bombs But this was anderson silver when he was in the matrix When he would just stand out and bow to everybody. This is a great fucking fight, man Because dan henderson was so fucking dangerous. This is dan in his prime. Yeah And he had that Fucking ridiculous power dan henderson like if you touch him, he's like made out of wood He feels like this table. Yeah Now right hand's ridiculous And he's just such an elite fucking wrestler, too And so anderson just kind of timed him up a little bit This is what anderson would do he would spend the beginning of the round just kind of moving around looking to see how you move Putting it all in that computer and then towards the end of the round anderson would start opening up And once you started opening up man, he was fucking lethal because you had to close the distance on him because anderson was a counter striker So he would stand there and make you lead And when you lead, you're running into fucking the biggest buzzsaw that ever existed in this division Oh, that's right. I forget dan got him down. How did he get him down? Let's see how he got him down Does it just cut right to it? This video is slightly edited. Oh, yeah. Yeah, just cut right to it Oh, yeah. Yeah, it just shows him taking him down. He looked like he almost had he has like a leg drag position Yeah, he's almost in half guard or it's almost in yes. I control anybody. Dan. Henderson touches with that right hand They nobody survived that shit. I know He's a wrestler with the fucking mike tyson right hand. Do you remember his knock out of vanderly in the rematch? Holy shit The biz being one for yeah The biz was insane but once now, this is anderson when he's got his groove, right? This is anderson loose Boom head kick boom Oh, this is all edited up So he stands up henners has got the clinch It was a good fight I forgot how good this fight was Scootch a little Oh, yeah, so how did he get him down though back it up? Yeah, right Right here it is always where it happened started from stand up Man, it's weird how they're cutting out the takedowns. Yeah, it's very important how it's like that But the fact that he's on top right here that's fucking like what I know he's on top of her Well, that was a world-class wrestler. It's fucking grappling was elite man At a certain point in time in his career. He really became an elite grappler. I mean Who did the minotaur bro, this game is black belt, right? Yeah Didn't they give it to him after he submitted jail? How was it before that I don't think he was before that So here he got his back And I think he went to the Dan Severn right Yes, yes, exactly exactly boom. Yeah, look at this Boom, that's it Brutal Big submission was he already the champion at this point. Yeah, he was defending the title. Yeah Shit bro, dude, so much has happened Do you remember the early days where you and I would go to these events where we're watching them? You know what they need they need some billionaires with some crazy deep pockets to buy the ufc And throw a ton of money at it. Yeah, and they fucking did it. Yeah, it actually happened. They fucking did it They really did it. Yeah That's what I generally that's what it takes to take someone Uh with money to burn that has vision. Okay, we're gonna burn some money right now But eventually it's gonna come back to us, you know a thousand fold and that's what happened. Holy shit Especially when they knew that the product was so good I mean there was no denying that the ufc was exciting Yeah, people that are just getting into mma now you gotta go back and and go through the timeline. It was Man, the 90s it blew up ufc2 blew it up No one really knew what ufc1 was about because there was no b-roll and they're like, I remember thinking Oh, that's some pro wrestling like we just didn't know what it was and then you find out it was real And you're like, oh shit, and then the ufc2 comes along go. Okay, let me watch this shit and it's a 16 man tournament and I was doing karate at the time and I remember watching hoi speed manoki ichi hara and it fucking crushed me. I'm like Who is this brazilian guy? Jesus, but by the time he got to the finals man, I was a big fan I'm like, oh shit You could take people you could find on the ground and you're not considered a pussy because because I would I would find on the ground Because I wrestled in high school and I don't know I'm just taking dude down and just I remember when I first met you You would wear the fucking scuba gear on your head because you had long ass hair Yeah, she'd be like scuba gear and you would close it off with ear guards and you would toe hold everybody I would wear a jacusto Like head gear to put all my hair in And then I would put the wrestling Ear guards over it just to just to disguise it. Oh, just so it doesn't look like i'm a fucking jacusto You know, I remember when I first met you you were leg locking you were you were toe holding everybody Yeah, that was your move from ken shamrock. I learned it from some instructional video of him and jeans He has no shirt looking like a chip and dale's dancer jeans on and he's and he's doing a toe hold With some japanese guy because he was all pancreased out And i'm like, whoa He was doing it from the top and i'm like and I was always on the bottom playing half guard I'm like, I wonder if I could do it from half guard So I started doing toe holds from half guard a lot toads are still super powerful in the game and today's game And today's game there's some guys that just got that toe hold down. They'll break your fucking foot off When nikky rod got gordon in it popped his ankle. That was nasty Yeah, those things are nasty, man. Some you just got to get really good at it You just got to know how to use your whole body to twist that foot off So that'll fuck your ankle up for a long time. I wonder how borden's ankle is Yeah, yeah, it's fine. He's fine. I'm sure he's fine because it tears that like if it pops It's like the like the outside of your foot like right under that little ankle ball thing There's like this meat under there that It's gonna be yeah, and it stays sore for a couple months. Is it uh, you can't get surgery on it. So I've I've Ankle surgery only happens when like you break bones like the ankle bones all the little ligaments There's so many little ones like you just kind of just leave it alone and just you know, lared hamilton is no Laird hamilton is a world champion surfer It's a wild man And he broke his ankle And didn't do shit about it Just said fuck it just walk around a broken ankle And his is one of his ankles is like twice the size of a regular ankle. It just became this like Calcium deposit not a bone. That's all but look at his ankle. He showed it to me. Look at that. What that's his ankle Yeah I don't even get what that is, dude. I don't even see what that broken bone with all that white shit on the top That's the bottom of his foot. So he's got it. He's doing this. He's like showing me like this Oh my god, yeah, it's freaky you look at it. You go. What the fuck? Do you didn't go to a doctor? Yeah, he's like nah, I just walked around on it. He's an animal dude that guy He gets in the sauna at 200 degrees 200 plus and he gets on an air dye machine with oven mitts on And he does fucking sprints in the sauna at like 200 degrees What does he do again? What's his a world champion surfer? Oh shit big wave surfer Damn the scary shit scary shit the shit from like portugal. Yeah, the scary shit. The scary shit He's an animal. I can't believe people survived those waves They don't always They don't always how often does a surfer die all the time when all the time yeah, man When those things come crashing down on you you fucking you you fucking plummet to the bottom with a million pounds of water on top of you And you get knocked unconscious Happens all the time guys get driven by the weight of the water right into the rocks. I'm not into that at all Not into sharks. Yeah, did you see that fucking lady that they found in a 13 foot alligator's mouth in florida. I Saw the I saw the clip. I didn't see the clip. I saw the blurred out picture of it My sister sent it to me because it's down near where she lives They fucking found some alligator just dragging a lady. Yeah, how about that shark in egypt that attacked that man? Oh, that one's it seems like we're seeing more shark attacks. It seems like it's happening more often now, right better phones That's probably what it is. Yeah But that one I don't we haven't confirmed whether or not this is true But what I'd heard was that off the coast of this resort? These people were dumping sheep carcasses So they had these sheep carcasses and they wanted to get rid of them. So they dumped them off the coast That's what they would do with them. And then yeah, high concentration of sharks would happen in that area and there's a fucking resort there So this is really nice resort people are oh fucking let's go for a swim you're going for a swim in monster soup Yeah, and they've been feeding those monsters. Yeah. Yeah, I just fucked that dude up Yeah, i'm not uh, there's definitely stories of that happening. I don't know if this exact same area, but it might be sheep exports linked to egypt shark attacks That's what from 2010. Yeah So I bet I bet that's Yeah, why are dead sheep washing up on egypt shores that's from 2017 so 2010 and then again in 2017 Yeah, probably yes similar to what happened in charmall sheep Yeah, it says down there 2022 animal carcass dropped into the sea near that place Wow Travel agent noted that The travel agent how about they give you a heads up? Hey, by the way They dump a lot of bloody carcasses in that water. What are you doing? Sharks like all you need to do is see jaws. I'm just and that right there just scares you out the goddamn ocean Did you see the megg? It might be the dumbest move And the megg too is like hold my beer. Yeah megg too. I watched the megg too with my daughter Then we're howling just howling laughing. It's so goofy. This shark like tries to find people It works though, it works because I will never go deep sea diving ever that's never gonna fucking happen Yeah, i'm so not in i ain't going into jungles and I ain't going deep sea diving. I ain't doing so not No, anacondas for me. No crocodiles. I'll go up and i'll go to aspen and go snowboarding. That's what i'm gonna do I had paul rosley on my podcast and he's a dude that um, he spends a large amount of time saving the rainforest Really fucking cool guy. He goes down to the amazon and he's like saving the rainforest from people that are cutting it down And what he does is these loggers are just poor man. You know, they're not trying to destroy the world They don't have options man, you know, they're poor and so what he does is he gets them hired To protect the rainforest so he gets the same people say hey, man this job. What's this job paying you? How about we give you more money and you protect the rainforest and like? Thank you So he hires these guys to do the opposite of what they were doing And they've protected millions of acres of rainforest just doing this, but this dude He told me he jumped on an anaconda because he was trying to like they were trying to find out how big it is He couldn't get his arms around it He's my size. Yeah, he couldn't get his arms around it. So he's my size. So imagine this imagine this a snake that wide He said it was at least 25 feet long He said it was at least 25 feet long It was slithering through the water and he felt it slither and it's dark out and he tried to hold on to it So he tried to grab a hold of it like this. I wish I had that kind of courage I don't know if that's courage. I don't know man. That's crazy. Yeah, that's crazy. Jungle scared the shit out of me man I like watching them on tv. I like watching amazon river documentaries and congo documentaries But I will never go into another jungle in my life. You know what my favorite thing is? When jaguars kill crocodiles That's pretty badass crocodiles. They deserve it. Yeah, they deserve it. They're always they're always sneaking up on antelope You know knowing every now and then when a leopard fucking takes him out. It feels good cats are number one Cats are number one. They're my favorite. Oh, yeah, because they're so ruthless It's fucking cats swimming through the water eating crocodiles and he's got a there's many videos of this happening There were people who've caught them Hunting crocodiles, but this one this fucking this jaguar is carrying a crocodile bigger than him Carrot he's got it by the back of its neck and he's a bottling out of the water with this fucking crocodile in his teeth Like who would have imagined that something would hunt crocodiles? Yeah. Yeah, you think they'd have no no predators The fucking cats in the amazon man. They're so big those jaguars are big, bro. They're big and they're so ruthless He said he was sleeping in a kind of like a hammock and a jaguar came right up to his hammock It was like breathing in the hammock Dude that's so good right there right. You got a good ass fucking lion tiger Yeah, i'm fascinated by cats, I think that's the scariest way to die tigers is the scariest way I'm you've seen that one with the tiger leaps up and tries to get that guy. He's on top of the elephant. Oh, yeah That's classic. What are you doing? Fall out of here fuck out of here unless you have a fucking machine gun. Yeah, and he's like You can't have a stick he's trying to get it off of the stick get out of here. Yeah He just ripped his hand apart That guy got lucky dude. That's the one thing about You know the one good thing about living in a city is You're not gonna die by witnessing animals eat you alive, you know what I mean? Every animal in the wild one day You're gonna witness animals eating you and you're gonna be alive and you're gonna watch it right and before that happens, you might have your siblings or your kids or your your your Significant other you're gonna want they're gonna get eaten alive my friend That's the only thing cool about living in this fucking matrix is at least we're not gonna get eaten alive and witness it because that's happening For sure in the wild in the wild they're gonna get you They're gonna the insects are gonna get you or the fucking some kind of cat is gonna get you or a bear is gonna get you You're gonna watch yourself get eaten alive. So that's terrified, right? My friend jim shockey He's a professional hunter and uh, they hired him to go to africa to kill these crocodiles Because these people in this village were getting fucked up by crocodiles so much And what these people would do is they would set up these areas where it was okay for them to wash And to gather water so they would put like sticks in the ground You know like block it off Like sticks in the water in the ground so that the crocodiles couldn't get through but they'd still figure out a way to get through They knew it. Yeah, they figured it out and he said when he was there Everybody in the village. It's like one guy's missing a foot one guy's missing an arm one guy's got a chunk taken out of his leg Yeah, it's like everywhere you look there was people with like a stump for a hand because they were washing and snap It just fucking gator rolls and pulls your fucking hand off and you're running into the village with nothing a bone poking out of your forearm Yeah Bro, fuck the wild Fuck that Fuck that man people hunt those Yeah, they hunt those some girl this girl just killed one with a fucking bow Like the largest crocodile that someone's ever killed that a woman's ever killed with a bow That's just insane here. I'll show it to you go to a bow mar bow hunting on uh instagram And can you cut it right there? I got a piss again. This is hilarious This is comical you dick's broken bro. You've been drinking dude too much coffee, dude coffee and beer and coffee and beer I'm gonna be pissing fucking all night. I haven't had beer in forever It feels good. It's hot out. I like a cold beer when it's hot out a nice lone star You think bud light's gonna bounce back I saw a lot of bud light commercials. There's a video. I saw bud light commercials. Uh, That girl football look at this this girl killed this with a bow look at the size of that fucking crocodile Good lord Is it like an angle thing an angle thing, you know, sometimes things look bigger than they are just for no No, look at the fucking tail on her shoulder. Where did she shoot? Like where do you gotta get this? I think she was in tanzanese You got no, but like you gotta get in the neck or something. That's a good question I think you have to get it at the base of the brain Does it say it says quartering away about 40 yards? Uh deep breath calm down bury my pen right with the center of his lung should be got him through the lungs you know that uh albino Albino alligators are worth a lot in the leather industry. Did you know that? Yeah, because then you could like you could dye it any color because it's albino and it's white So you make uh the guys from toehold they get special white albino alligator to make an alligator flip-flops I wonder if they breed them if they find like albinos and they try to breed them with other albinos That makes sense because it's probably a recessive gene, right? And could you breed them or is it just like something that just pops up every now and then it's you could if you like Shoved them all together like fuck you gotta fuck somebody here. Go ahead There's only like pale ones. I don't think they care You know, do you think there's racist crocodiles? Like whitey not fucking that white bitch, dude. How about those people that like Like I just saw a video of like this family like taking pictures next to an alligator and one guy's like kind of holding it down and the mother's coming Have you seen that? Yeah, yeah, but but the video nothing bad happened. Oh, no, no, no, no it did snap But you don't know what happened the guy had who had the camera He just dropped it and you didn't see what happened, but it did turn around and snap like what are you doing? Show that video with that 14 foot or 13.6 foot alligator has this woman in his mouth in florida That was just a couple days ago, right? Yeah, man. They just found this thing walking across the ground with the fucking lady in his mouth They will fucking kill you yeah, and when you're in florida they're everywhere one of them killed a kid at disney world Yeah, I was at disney world and I go how much how often do you guys get alligators here the guy looks at me goes all the time I go can't you stop them because you don't know when they're there? They just they find their way into the lakes You don't know they're there It's crazy that they're allowed to I mean they're needed right to clean up the swamps and stuff in florida Like they're needed right if that was if they're getting killed They're getting killed by pythons There's there's somewhere in the neighborhood of a there it is Can you see it? Um, I think they've already taken the lady's body. That's the lady hurt That No disrespect, but that looks like the kind of lady that might get eaten by a crocodile Or an alligator Fuck man. Look at all the blood. Oh That might actually be the alligator's blood. Who knows? They might have shot it already Jesus They identified her There's one story about this dude. He was uh, he stole a car And he there was a cop who chasing him he gets to a bridge jumps off the bridge lands on an alligator And that's it Dragged him under that's a wrap son When cops like all right In the wild that's what you have to deal with eventually you're gonna get caught. Well, the thing about florida is It's not just the wild florida, it's fucking golf courses They have giant ones You've seen those videos of giant ones walking across golf courses And every now and then a kid goes missing All the time scary dude all the time Yeah, they're everywhere and you you unless you're watching them 24 7 you don't know where they're going They're not in southern california. I'll tell you that much. You have alligators out here crocodiles. They have alligators They have alligators in south texas Really? Yeah lakes and stuff. Yeah, and lakes. Yeah, you know what I saw I saw a video of A bunch of wild boars Like there was three of them and they had a bunch of babies and they're just laying there on trash So like in some kind of landfill and all these babies are just sucking on the you know The the tits you know from milk and they're just like they're just trash everywhere and there's like three or four of them It's like a swarm. Oh, there's so many of them man. There's millions of them in the state millions. Wouldn't that? Wouldn't it make sense like to um, they they gotta kill them, right? They definitely do but you can't keep up with them. They can start breeding when they're six months old But what wouldn't it make sense to kill them for food and just have a bunch of food? Oh, they definitely do that my friend jesse griffith's he runs this amazing restaurant in austin called die duet And he runs a school What is it called the traditional school of? Of cookery, what is it called? Jesse's school. He runs a school where he teaches people How to hunt pigs how to butcher them and how to cook them and and and and he's a chef So and these are all wild boars wild boars. Yeah, that seems like a pretty good business, right? Great business and and also very smart new school of traditional cookery and jesse I uh had a chance to hunt with him in um, december of last year and we went to south texas real close to me to mexico And uh, he was cooking for us. So we're in camp hunting deer and he would cook for us So you have this like world-class chef who's cooking these amazing meals? You know from these animals that you you cook and you kill out there. So he's cooking like ducks and deer and it's amazing amazing And and wild pigs wild boars What does a wild boar taste like chicken? No, no, no, no, it tastes like pork. It tastes like really good pork It actually is better than regular pork. Yeah, you think that's the problem that that solves the problem, right? Yeah, it's a darker meat. It's darker, you know, because they're just You know They're they're so invasive. There's millions and millions of them in the state And just in texas or no, they're all over the south all over. They're all over everywhere now. They're in california I've hunted them in california I hunted them at tahon ranch I've uh, where's tahon ranch at it's like bakersfield. Okay out there there. It's 270,000 acres It's the biggest private ranch in california Uh, I hunted there with steve ronella. I shot one with a a rifle and it was uh this big pig, man We roasted it and oh, it's delicious. I've been eating egg corns. It was real fat It was so good. It's like a delicious fucking meat man you know people frown upon them because they think they're nasty and stinky because they eat everything but But if you clean them up and you you cook them correctly, they're delicious and jesse's a master at that But it's a it's a good animal to hunt because they have to hunt them. Yeah, they have so many of them They're over they're overrun. There's fucking millions of them. And what's the number one thing they destroy crops? Like what like all crops anything? Everything doesn't matter everything they go into the ground They fuck the ground up and just destroy the crops. They eat everything they eat fences. Don't keep them out They go right through fences. They go under fences. They go around fences. They find their way man. They're fucking really resilient They're tough as shit They have like a thick coating on the outside of their chest Like all around here is like this thick of like this like it's an armored plate That they have all around so they could fight with each other because they all have tusks And so they've evolved to develop this like very thick fucking armored plate all around like their neck in this area Huh? Yeah, they're fucking gnarly. You know, what's scary too is Is uh the video footage like in africa like in landfills and there's just they're just filled with uh baboons and shit What baboons are crazy dude, that's like a dog and a monkey combination Yeah, and they're there and they actually train dogs to take care of their young How crazy is that they they train dogs yeah, yeah They have dogs in their camp to like to alert them to the land Look dude, this is a fucking like that's like insane insane. What the fuck? Being a guy that's fucking there and you gotta like clean up these landfills and these fucking baboons or everyone Imagine if you live by that They're such a weird looking animal, too They got that long wolf like face and they got you would think they would go after humans. They do sometimes they steal babies There's been a bunch of instances of baboons stealing people's babies and killing them and eating them Snatch your baby from you and run away with it Man, what if they snatch it and raise it? Look at that Too much work that's some scary shit living near swarms of baboons You want to live as far away as that shit is possible. Like what do they deal with on a daily basis? Like How do you I mean because these things are coming in and i'm sure if they're not just straight up attacking which Which would be smart for them because like like um like coyotes and and uh possums they live with us and We don't fuck with them because they don't fuck with us, right? It's almost like they know as long as when you see a human just run from them if you stay in a pack We're gonna get exterminated. It's almost like they know that instinctively, right? Yeah, it is almost like they know it instinctively. Yeah, well, they're very intelligent. Yeah, we got dude like a monkey I got coyotes all over me and Possums and those things look fucking scary possums aren't scary though, but they do carry diseases like serious diseases They look scary. They look like giant rats the coyotes man. They're fucking clever. They're so clever They're clever enough to know not to fuck with humans because if they did they'll they'll take a dog They'll take a little chihuahua. Oh, yeah But if they started attacking when they attack one child They're just gonna go on there's gonna be an extermination process There was one recently that attacked a kid And there's a video of it this guy. Yeah, this guy's like He set his kid down like his young baby. You see his kid was like two years old and he sets his kid down He's taking some things out of his car and the baby starts screaming a fucking coyote. He's dragging the baby away Did he get the baby back? Yeah, he screamed and ran after it and the kids cry and it's horrible Have you seen those videos of cats defending babies and kids? Yes That's some cool shit. Yeah, that's some cool shit. That was this one video where a baby Gets out of his Little crib or something is about to like fall down the stairs and a cat just fucking jumps in front of him pushes him back Yeah, that's some crazy shit that is super intelligent right there Well, yeah, that's fine. And there was another video where Uh, it was like in a front yard and some dog went after a kid and a cat came out of nowhere Yeah, and fucked up the dog. Yeah Yeah, that's some beautiful shit. That is beautiful. Yeah, you got a pet that will help you You would think you would think the cats wouldn't do shit You know you would think that they wouldn't do shit, but probably most of them won't do shit to protect Their what they think of that baby is like a part of their family. That's like they would Look at that Dude, yeah, what? Yeah, come on, man. That's beautiful. Yeah, it's crazy. Look at that Whoa It's like just save that baby How does this like how smart is this cat they're smart? I mean they think of a baby as like part of their family, you know, or they or they could be thinking. Okay the mother of this baby Is my uh provider I gotta I gotta protect everything. I don't think they think like that I think they think that that's like one of their family I think that's what they think. I'm just guessing. Yeah, did I tell you when a coyote honey potted my dog, johnny Remember johnny cash? Yeah, wait, wait, wait johnny cash, which was the giant mastiff. Oh, yes. Yes So, uh, we had chickens, right and chickens They brood and what a brood is it's like sometimes chickens when there's no rooster They're convinced like chickens lay eggs every day pretty much and they don't turn into chicks because there's no rooster to fertilize the egg, right Rooster fucks the hand the hand lays an egg that eggs viable becomes a chick Yeah, but chicks the chickens don't know that so sometimes they get it in their head that this this egg Is going to be a baby and so they pluck their own feathers out and they sit on this egg if you come near them They peck at you and they're brooding and they won't lay an egg for a long time And to get them out of the brooding what you have to do is you have to take them from their big chicken coop And then you have to put them in a small chicken coop where they have to hold on to a railing So they they can't sit down on the ground and brood and there's no egg in there So they have to sit on this railing hole if you keep them there for a few days They snap out of it. Then you put them back in the chicken coop well This fucking coyote was so smart that it became friends with johnny And johnny was like this giant dog. He was fucking huge She was 140 pounds big old fucking head and this other chicken coop was small So we had the big chicken coop that was protected from coyotes and such And then the small chicken coop that you would put the brooders in and so Somehow or another this coyote became friends with johnny And the pool guy fucked up and he left the gate open So the gate was open to where the chicken coop was And the coyote convinced johnny to destroy this little chicken coop And so like he didn't do it. He was too little the coyote is like 30 pounds But johnny's like a buck 40 and the coyote couldn't eat johnny because he was huge But he thought this chicken was this coyote was his friend and so I'm sitting there. We're playing some kind of game. I forget we're playing monopoly or some shit And we're looking out the window and I see a fucking coyote running through the backyard with a chicken in his mouth And he hops on top of bro. We had like a six foot fence This coyote jumped to the top of that fence like an acrobat put his paws his two front paws Then his back paws with the chicken in his mouth and sprung over the fence. I was like motherfucker and we ran outside I'm like, how did this fucking coyote get a hold of the chicken? How'd this happen? And then I went over to where the chicken coop was and there's johnny Just sitting here with this destroyed chicken coop looking at me like what do I do? And I was like, what the fuck did you do, man? You let the he destroyed the chicken coop the coyote convinced him to get into that chicken coop Because it couldn't do it. So he tore the chicken coop apart and the coyote was like, thank you snatch. See ya Yo, that's crazy crazy, but then johnny got a taste of chickens. He decided that oh well I should kill chickens too And johnny was huge. So, um Another time someone else left the fucking fence open and johnny just went through the chicken coop the big one Because he was so big he just fucking tore it apart and he killed nine chickens And by the time I got to him like we looked out the window was like why is johnny in the chicken coop? Fuck we ran outside and he had torn a hole in the chicken coop and just went ham So we had like 19 chickens left and he killed nine of them Fuck and there's a few that were still alive that were fucked up Big old fucking puncture wounds in them and shit where he was just shaking them and then whatever happened to johnny keshe he died of old age Yeah, sad. How long ago was that quite a while ago? He was 13. It was real sad It was like 10 years ago. It was real at the end, man He couldn't even walk I used to have to carry him outside and then he would go to the bathroom Then i'd carry him to his food. It was Yeah, it was so sad. That's how one of my cats got cancer and man, you just watch him die slowly Yeah, it's crazy Do you know a lot of dongs and cats get cancer from dog food? Like the the kind of food like dry kibble, you know, not all of it I don't want to disparage all of it, but a lot of dry kibble is just not good for them. Yeah Well, I switched marshal To this frozen food. It's raw frozen food and dude it changed his health so much He lost body fat. He gained energy. He looks better It's like it just makes sense. It's like meat It's frozen meat and potatoes and like green beans and shit and he fucking loves it You serve it to them frozen You just pour it and you scoop it out serve it in their bowl and he fucking goes nuts for it But it's like changes health And i'm just kind of embarrassed that I didn't do that early There's a couple companies that do that like there's like farmer's dog. That's really good It's a bunch of different companies that have real food. It's real food It's like human grade food that you serve to your dog. So like yeah, of course Of course, I won't you ever eat a piece of fucking dog kibble? It tastes so bland and such bullshit It's just filler and who knows not all of them again I'm sure some of them are good, but a lot of them is just like what's in there? What the fuck is in there? Yeah, especially at when I was growing up. We would get a gigantic bag of plain wrap dog food. Yeah generic dog Giant fucking sack. Yeah, it keeps them alive But it's not they don't enjoy it. Yeah, and I started serving him elk meat So what I what I would do is I would uh, you know get some of the elk that I would kill I'd get it ground I'd get it ground up and then I would give him like a chunk of that and his food I was gonna ask you that it's like give him the stuff you hunt Yeah, and I was like, this is so much better for him like he loved it. But um This is like balanced like it's balanced. It's like cubed beef Like it's like little I mean it's look you look at it's fresh It's just fresh frozen little cubes of beef and like green beans and blueberries and shit and dude Changed him like he's he's like thin now he lost 10 pounds He was like 86 pounds now. He's like 75 pounds. He looks fucking great. He's got so much energy It's just like he was developing all this body fat and it's like Just processed food man. It's just like humans if you give a human cereal every day, they're gonna look like shit You know, it's just not good for them. Yeah, most most most disease. I'm sure is caused by what we put in our Mouths. Yeah a lot of it a lot of it is bad food and then environmental factors, right? I was reading about this thing where dudes who cut countertops in california There's a lot of guys who are dying from uh an incurable respiratory disease Guys who like, you know do construction work and they're cutting countertops. Yeah, apparently some of these see if you can find that Some of these countertops it's fucking they're they're inhaling toxic fumes when they saw this shit Yeah, you know these this fucking young guy had like a Oxygen tank here it is. California workers who cut countertops are dying of an incurable disease fuck man Industrial stretch of pinnoma Pacoima rather man labored over hefty slabs of speckled stones saws whining over sounds of spanish-language rock Pale dust rose around them as they work many went without masks Some had water spurting from their machines, but others had nothing to tamp down the powder rising in the air Nobody uses water one man in a dodger's cap said in spanish when maria cabrera approached holding flyers about silicosis An incurable and suffocating disease that has devastated dozens of workers across the state and killed men who've barely reached middle age fuck man Imagine that man, you just got a fucking job and it's just Kills I used to work. I worked at a place for two weeks that bulletproofed cars and For diplomats and for like check cashing mobile vans, you know, just bulletproof it and basically all it is is you you take apart You put you put slabs of fiberglass in the doors You know, so the doors are just filled with sheets of fiberglass So you have to cut the fiberglass to fit the door and when you cut it when you're like saw in it There's all this fiberglass dust particles all over fiberglass dust everywhere. I remember thinking fuck this even at I was 18 or 19 when I did that and you have face masks and everything like those n95 or whatever But I remember thinking this fucking can't be good last of two weeks. I had enough of that shit I did construction and I laid fiberglass in people's basements and then they're the easements and then they Did you cut fiberglass pieces and stuff? I cut that shit with uh razor knives, you know with like xacto knives, you cut it and then place it in place I was always itchy and you're sweating because it's a summertime in boston So it's fucking 90 degrees outside and it's all humid and you're in this attic And you're just breathing that shit and we didn't wear masks We didn't have nothing and I was thinking what the fuck am I doing in here? Yeah, and i'm you're always itchy like it just would get in your pores and fuck man, dude growing up You know because my stepdad's an architect. I got a lot of jobs on construction sites And man did I learn about fucking work like real work like hard work like labor work And that taught me that I don't want to do. Oh, yeah, I went through the same thing. I don't want to do I don't want to I roofed for a week. I'm like, no, I ain't roofing. No, I don't want to sweat while I work This was why I was still fighting So I would I would do that all day and then I would try to go to the gym at night And I would be hitting the bag. I was so tired I was stupid back then. I didn't drink water. I wasn't I was totally dehydrated I was eating sub sandwiches of the soda pop for lunch. Yeah, I didn't take vitamins Doritos Yeah, and then I'd go and try to work out and I said like Uh, I had nothing and I remember thinking oh my god, I have to quit I can't do this. I have to figure out another job That's when I started teaching. I was like I have to and then I started well, I was teaching and delivering newspapers I was like i'd rather be poor. Have you gotten into you're you're fasting now, right? I do intermittent fasting Yeah, you don't eat breakfast. I very rarely eat breakfast. Yeah, me me too I usually eat my first meal after I work out which is usually around like noonage huge working out on an empty stomach You were telling me about that. Yeah, that changed my oh, that's right. Yeah, you were telling me about that It's huge what's changed my life is eliminating most carbs And this carnivore diet that's changed my life changed everything. So you wake up A cup of because you could have a cup of black coffee. Yeah, I love coffee. Yeah, and then you I drank black coffee Anyway, I don't put anything in my coffee and you wait till what time to eat noonish Noonish yeah, so go like four or five ish. Yes Yeah Sometimes I come straight here and I don't even I don't even eat The thing about when you eat only meat too You don't really get hungry the same way because you're not you don't have that carb craving that you get, you know So what I do is first thing in the morning I get in the cold water That's my first thing really before I work out like it's getting that sometimes I'll have a cup of coffee first Say goodbye to my kids, you know send them off to school kiss my wife and go. Okay, here we go Yeah, here we go. And then I fucking suffer and I get in that fucking cold water for three minutes every morning Every fucking morning. It's a game changer, son Game changer. It's a tough one man. It's a tough. I don't like it But I love how I feel when I get out of there. I get out of there. I'm like, whoa And I do like a series of body weight exercises to warm up I do 100 push-ups 100 body weight squats and then I start my workout nice nice Before I started working out on an empty stomach. I would In between like whatever like if I was doing bench in between the sets i'd be like on my phone doing emails or whatever You know what I mean? I wouldn't do shit for like two three minutes And then I'd do the next set and I would see other people doing sets and they were doing sets In between their sets like they would just jump and start doing Body weight squats and shrugs or something like other shit in between what they're doing. I'm like, whoa, I could never do that I'm like, I didn't have the and and I thought back then I was working out On an empty stomach because I would have like a little protein bar and a little shake and some vitamins I thought that was an empty stomach. That's not an empty stomach your body Your body still is expending energy trying to deal with that shit in your stomach for sure so if you don't if like like if you ate a tremendous meal pasta bread you just stuffed yourself and then you try to work out that Would zap like what 80 percent of your energy be wrecked like 80 70 percent So, you know a little bar and a little shake and some vitamins Maybe it's not 80 percent, but it's like 10 15 percent and that's that makes a difference. So Once I started Inking, you know, it's crazy. I heard I heard it from people like I heard it from gsp I heard it from a football player dk mek calf all day He doesn't eat maybe he eats like some like like candy So little skittles just to get like a sugar rush or something But it's one meal of that and then when I heard it from mikey musa machi, i'm like, you know what? Let me try this. Let me try this shit. And man my workouts dude I'm doing i'm doing body weight squats in because I can't do weighted squats because of the metal in my back I can't do can't put any weight on my shoulders. Is that the case with your your disc replacement? How's that doing? How is that? Uh, you know, you know when I went in there originally Six years ago they the doctor said okay Both your l5 and l4 are fucked your l5 is worse That one needs to be replaced right away. You had no disc you were based on the l5 Yeah, yeah, but the other the one above it was uh Was looking like shit too So he said you want to do both of them right now if you don't you don't have to come back in like five six years And do the one About it and you do both of them Because people were telling me don't ever do shit that you don't need I was hearing that because I was like because it was a game time decision I didn't have to make the decision until right when they laid me on the table and they said the doctor said So what do you want to do because I had choices I could have I could have went fusion because I was barely Qualified for a dis replacement barely. It was that fucked up Yeah, they're going dude because you have to your your spine has to be a certain way for dis replacement to work So you have to like qualify it for it. And so the doctor said you can do dis replacement But you're like right on the cusp and he goes we could do this we could do Fusion which boxes it up the l5 We could do one fusion we could do two fusions. We could do one disc We can do two discs or we could do one fusion and one disc whatever you want to do Or you could just do one disc come back to you. He left it up to me in the wild Yeah, so I decided let's go just one disc and i'll come back five or six years and it's been five six years So my back has been like super stiff sore Um, it got really fucked up exactly a year ago. Remember I did your podcast like last september and dude that whole weekend I could barely put my shoes on It was really really bad and then I heard about Uh the guy that fixed uh dave groggins back. Is that his name? David goggins. David goggins that guy He mentions a guy that fixed his back and his name is joe hip and steel and One of my students works for him and he goes man. We could fix Uh, it was a woman. She goes we could fix your back. I go. I got metal in my back Nothing's gonna fix my back. I'm gonna need surgery again, and this is about like six months ago And she said just come and talk to joe i'll set up under appointment talk to joe. He fixed dave groggins and um goggins goggins, what do I say groggins goggins And um, i'm said, okay, so I set up an appointment, you know, he's in san diego. I met him He's like a former like a olympic level the cathlete and he figure out he figured out how what's wrong, um with most injuries is he's his his um whole system is My back the pain i'm getting is my lower back muscles are locked. They're actually they're literally locked That's why you're stiff and you can't move and it's sore He goes you have to unlock you have to not unlock the muscles and people don't know how to unlock them So his style of stretching unlocks the muscle it takes about an hour and a half to do his stretching routine, but it's all on a timer you do a Two minute stretch here one minute rest. Don't do nothing. Don't move two minutes stretch one minute rest Don't do nothing because it the the The general philosophy is you got to stretch to unlock a muscle. You got to do it slowly You can't get in there and start throwing elbows and fucking yanking and stretching because that does nothing that just makes it worse You got to do a slow stretch You do and it's it's you can't there can't be any pain So you there's there's these certain stretches for your lower back. There's five of them just for your lower back There's a bunch. There's like 27 total but for your lower back, there's five and you do them and you're on a clock Did you go to him to talk to him and I did I did it on i'm in the middle of it I'm doing it. Dude. My back my back feels like 80 better. Really? Yes. It's all about unlocking your muscles Go to this guy's website Joe hip and steel Wow Yeah, so uh, he and he's um, he flies out every week to the cleveland browns. He's a cleveland browns Physical therapist like he he shows them all these stretches I'm gonna show you some shit. He works with the san diego padres, too So i'm in the process of that of of fully Unlocking my muscles, but you know your muscles have memory so they always go back and they always relock So every day I got to do these stretches I'm gonna show you some i'm hoping i'm hoping I don't have to have surgery and it looks like i'm headed to a full recovery It really looks that looks like that I'm gonna show you something that goggins just sent me God how do I save this? How do I save this cancel? Hold on Okay, hold on a second Save here it is Okay Oh He was just here a week ago Cogins was no no Oh hip and steel was doing a event here a week ago. Yeah, he does he does seminars He did he's he's dude. He's so awesome, man. He spent like the whole afternoon with me didn't even charge me. Just yeah, that's him He's got a he's got a way of stretching that no one else does it's not yoga Yoga is like just to get your blood moving, you know, uh, if you want to unlock Muscles like he says like when you have a shoulder injury the pain is coming from your bicep locking So you got to unlock your bicep? so that i'm you know, no expert in his style, but i've i've I know uh a little about it and it's working for me man. It's working What's the name it's ultimate ultimate human performance that's it ultimate human performance Joe hip and steel in san diego man if You know if you're thinking about getting surgery You should look into this first it's it's And the crazy thing is the the stretching there's there's not supposed to be any pain So there is no pain everything has to be when you when you get in a stretch you have to get at seven You don't want to get eight nine ten pain seven don't and then the exactly You do it slowly. It's like cooking like a brisket. You do it slow You don't just nuke it right? It's you got to do it slowly you so the the basic um Philosophy behind it is you stretch the muscle and stretches just a little bit And then you rest for a minute. Don't do nothing. You don't move and you lay on your back It's called the dead zone and then it just it feels Uh the muscles that got stretch it fills with blood and then you go back two more minutes Let's stretch it a little bit more and then you rest for one minute Don't do nothing dead zone and then it fills the blood a little bit more and a little it's a slow And it's an hour and a half slow about an hour and a half So you do it every day? I try to if i'm on the road and stuff, but you can just do it on your back It's so easy. It's super easy Yeah, so goggins In his spare time. Yeah, he fire jumps So this is a dude that's wealthy goggins has a lot of money. How does he make his money? He's sold a book his book can't hurt me sold the shit give me some volume So give me some volume Why isn't it played why doesn't it have any volume Hmm anyway, so he fire jumps into this area and look at these grizzly bear tracks So What what he does is he fire jumps for the challenge? He doesn't fire jump for money. Like most of these guys are fire jumping. They pay you to do it So you do it. He does it just because it's fucking hard to do And so he sends me this video of these fucking giant bear. He's a size 12 foot. Look he's putting right next to his bear track So he sends me this video And I go oh my god, I go don't get eaten brother and he goes fuck it. Here it is Okay So we'll probably have an overnight partner here Please grizzly bear prince man Look at these motherfuckers do this big as my foot This is a massive fucking grizzly bear Massive fucking grizzly bear look at this shit even though how wide it is And this is fucking a massive ass grizzly bear and as you see He walks right through there to those woods. So We are in big time grizzly bear territory So I sent him a text message I said shit. I said don't get eaten brother. He goes fuck it stay hard, brother If you see me fighting a bear help the bear Hilarious and then he writes goggins with like 10 exclamation points. That's crazy. Ah Hey, dude, I gotta catch a flight. Let's let it go. Oh, have we moved within three hours? Yeah. Okay. Cool Thank you. I love you. I love you too, man. I'm on rock fin. That's where I get all conspiratorial Yeah, rock fin.com slash eddy bravo instagram Uh 10 eddy bravo 10p combat jujitsu on ufc5pass don't miss it. Combat jujitsu is amazing. All right, we're done Thank you. Bye everybody