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Josh Henning

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Josh Henning is Director of Operations and Business Development at The Roadster Shop and co-host of the Oil & Whiskey podcast. www.roadstershop.com www.youtube.com/@OilandWhiskey

Jeremy Gerber

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Jeremy Gerber is a co-owner of The Roadster Shop and co-host of the Oil & Whiskey podcast. www.roadstershop.com www.youtube.com/@OilandWhiskey

Phil Gerber

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Phil Gerber is a co-owner of The Roadster Shop and co-host of the Oil & Whiskey podcast. www.roadstershop.com www.youtube.com/@OilandWhiskey

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That's that just went number one beat all of them hell. Yeah, you know like edges You know the Camaro is amazing the my Nova that I got from Steve Stroup is fucking incredible But this thing is fucking it's also it's like I have so much history with this car And I bought this car 20 years ago and to buy Reggie Bush bought it and then he got rid of it after a while He dumped a bunch of money into the two he was telling me and then When my friend yo, Elle told me he got it back He called me and he said I have your barracuda. I'm like no And this is like you know I was already Thinking that I wanted to get another one like I wanted to get them. I only like hot rods that are manuals That's all I like I do not like automatic hot rods just feels like something's wrong when you're driving a like a classic muscle car It's like why am I not shifting you know and just what you guys did to that thing? You guys are artists appreciate. It's really amazing We were stoked stoked to hear when you found that car because you could have built anything You know yeah, so but that damn car was so rad and to start with it Yeah, revamp that sucker and put our touch on it, and I had a blast doing it, dude I'm glad that you're digging it. I'd love it I love it That was the whole everything on that all the styling and stuff aside It was the focus was making that fucker work really good so that you got something fun to drive So it drives so different than anything else. It's that that high revving Naturally aspirated mercury engine. Yeah, which is a very different. It's a wild motor man Yeah, like the mopar dudes not a big fan of it right because it's right But it's a fucking motor. You know it's an internal combustion engine looks like a heavy under the hood people have to get over that shit like There's a bunch of people that are taking v8 like LS engines and putting them in the back of Porsches Yeah, and people are like man. I don't know they're doing like those 964s air-cooled engines But dude you know how fun that would be it's probably lighter than the Porsche engine It's got way more torque. Oh yeah way more horsepower totally different sound It's I mean it's upgrades. It doesn't have to fit. It's not like you've got a stick with whatever Came in a factory. Yeah, you make it better. It's hot rotting. They gotta let that shit go They gotta let that shit go the people are the worst about is Ferrari people Ferrari will sue you I know man I've I've heard that that is so crazy There's you buy a Ferrari and you paint it weird colors. They'll fucking sue you yeah Yeah, you see there's a couple things floating around you get that dude that just And he swapped like a Honda motor turbo Honda motor into roll 308 every comments like when's the cease and desist letter coming? Yeah, I wonder if they can do that with classic ones because I know that there's a bunch of people that have hot rotted some Old GTOs and they really are incredible. They're cold. Yeah, I talk about it all the time I'm itching to like resto mod at testerosa. Oh It's gonna happen one of these days. I don't know why but I think Those cars never did it for me. They're like it looks like junk That side thing with the like vents like get the fuck out of here. It's the generation Generational gap you know no that was Miami Vice. I was a kid. I remember Miami Vice everybody wanted a testerosa I want to do the let that Lambo LP 2000 or whatever the Lambo truck the vintage oh the one Mike Tyson had like Tyson had one of those back in the day Do those mid travel you only want to do that because you picture that fucking? Doberman sitting in the front seat of that that's a perfect car like Doberman Rottweiler. I've got a little yeah Yeah, that's your style for sure. Yeah, that's a guy with warrants You guys done some shady shit you gotta get some of those in your collection a Doberman in a Lambo truck like what are you up to? Pretty sure you know how to get ketamine Dude did you rip that kootie you drove it here. Yeah, you got a few miles on yeah, oh my god, dude It's so different that that engine is it's just the high revving engine. I mean, what's the what's the red line on that thing? You could shift it like 83 80 400 that's so crazy for a v8 It's so crazy and it sounds so different. It's like it sounds like a combination of like the voodoo engine from the the Shelby GT 350 and Like an exotic car. It's real weird It's got a sweet sound like the voodoo engines and all those coyotes are cool But like me even being a car guy if I'm on the highway And I'm just cruising like with my family and some asshole kid flies by it and one of those with an exhaust system on it What the fuck is Jesus and yeah a little respect. I don't think you need They sound good when they're straight from the factory I like that sound but dudes go crazy with their exhaust. Oh, yeah, it's like it's not annoying to you like yeah It's like a maturity thing. I think you know, yeah, you got it You want the exhaust tone like that car too. We put that little bypass on it You can you can open it up and it's maybe like 20 30% louder, but it's not obnoxious. It doesn't need to me I didn't know if there was like an HOA or something, you know, so it's not make sure you get that option Yeah, try to be respectful It's weird driving that though and then getting back in another Lsv8 powered car and like you're shifting so much earlier and then you jump in that trying to figure like Mentally stay in it another 3,000 rpms and yeah, it comes alive at 5 grand and just rips It's just very different but it's got plenty of low-end torque for it to be fun like right off the line But it's just like when you get on the highway when you gun it's first of all the handling the thing I wanted to ask you this because you guys remapped How the transmission works and the tunnel and then you put the rear? Transactral does that shift the weight more to the back it makes that car ends up being like perfect 5050 So with a big monster v8 in front of it the car still, you know It's a little more exotic because it's balanced That's what I was thinking when I was driving. It's him like god. This thing is so balanced. It's so sorted It's it's just like super predictable. Yeah, it feels feels like a sports car Doesn't it compared exact opposite feeling of the old car the old 70 was that it had that giant Hemi in the front? It was like really front-end heavy. Oh, yeah, and you could feel it you could feel it around turns You could feel it everywhere's like yikes, you know, it had solid real axle You didn't have the widest tires in the world and it was just like Sketch big old like boat anchor. That's why everybody that chimes in and like it should had a big old 426 Hemi with a four-barrel on it. You're like, dude, what the fuck? I'll show your mouth if I gave you that car you'd shake hands. It's the most incredible car of all time Well, shut up. You drove the you drove the Camaro yesterday you're talking about. Yeah, so it's interesting back to back two days Jumping out of the Camaro because you know, they're you like a man way more sketchy The Camaro is like if you're taking a right turn you give it a little juice you're gonna kick out Yeah, it's so powerful at the low end. It's so It's got that. Oh, no, it just wants to go Like you got to be like very careful with the throttle in the Camaro Yeah, you got to respect the Camaro a lot more than this one this this one just lets you feel Where the balance it's just like you know where the limitations are just it's like giving you more information It seems like yeah, I was just like a bar brawler, you know The Camaro is like some crazy dude who comes into a bar and he's doing coke and starts smashing shit, you know It's like meaning handles for one of those cars for 69 I mean, you don't get a 69 Camaro that handles better handles amazing But it just it's so rowdy and it has what is that like 850 horsepower? Yeah, 850 horse. It's the supercharger man The torques like what I'm on like light switch. Yeah, it's it's fun But you can wind that you can wind that fucker out though. Yeah, I mean it'll shoot pretty straight It's a fun car to drive. It's a recipe for disaster Enjoy it seven don't get that bitch up to nine or ten don't do it Yeah, I'll be pulling on it. Yeah, yeah The privilege of flogging that thing man and making sure it was sorted but it that fuckers rowdy It's very different it's very different feeling but they're both equally enjoyable in different ways, you know, it's just I Mean I've sang the praises of those cars so many times But there's just something about that era of cars that is like the greatest achievement in Automotive history in terms of like what would the the what it emotes from people the kind of like passion that people have for those things Yeah, sometimes it's too much passion though. You know if you like flying under the radar Oh, yeah, like I'm gonna obviously you for you. Yeah, that's that it creates a lot of conversation Yeah, and for me, I'm like, you know, you drive something like that to a gas Just to fill it with gas and you're like everybody's best friend. Everybody's got something to say Yeah, those old pickups 70s pickup trucks to same fucking situation. Oh, yeah people who love those old pickup trucks That's like a very specific breed of person C-10s it is it you know, it's it is and it isn't because you get it like transcends just the like C-10 dudes Cuz chicks love those dude C-10. Oh, yeah, like chair, but square body Chevy's And if you're a single dude and you're trying to roll some some broads, man This guy's out there right now taking notes and like, okay So you sure you sure solid sales pitch? Yeah, so the year range where we got 73 to 79 That's what we're doing. Yeah, there's legend series or whatever. Is anybody redoing the OJ Bronco? It's getting there and we we don't seems like that's starting. It's old enough now. That's a classic right it is It's like it's shifting man because that the generation is changing and people are doing more of those like we just did a 87 Grant National and It's getting into that era like you're gonna break into the early 90s. Yeah, we did a chassis for one We had it in our shop. I wanted to do on slam that bitch on a chassis license plate juice and Do you guys know Mark Curry hanging with mr. Cooper remember that show? Yeah, Mark Curry's a car not to these a stand-up comic And he had this beautiful OJ Bronco. It was really dope pretty sure it was a Bronco and a fucking tree fell on it He had the bra in a show. I remember he had the Bronco in his show to do his TV show I think he would drive that yeah, so look at this. Oh Yeah, a fucking tree fell on his truck and crushed him poor guy. Yeah, I think it totaled it Yeah, it looks it's a see if you get photos of it because it's a massive tree that fell on his look at the size Of the fucking tree that fell on his bronco shit It was a dope Bronco though. He had it like completely redone. It was a total sleeper There's mark marks the shit super cool, dude Really really funny stand up to you ever see him live. He's really funny really funny, but you know he made like a ton of money I'll for hanging mr. Cooper. He's just Chilling up a good time enjoying himself, but uh just luckily wasn't in that thing That's how our governor got paralyzed the tree trees that what happened. I was wondering what happened He was jogging and it's jogging around a little tree falling you while you're jogging. What are the odds? What are the odds? Yeah, they do fall though You know when you're hunting and you know like you're in an area with a like a lot of deadfall And it's windy like if you hear a crack Like that's something you have to be very considerate of you have to really consider it because if you hear a tree falling And it's anywhere near you Like you could get got like you have to really pay attention if you're in a place where trees fall It's super super super rare to be there when a tree falls But when you go through the woods you see fallen trees all the time like they do happen And if you are there when that I mean you could just zig when you should have zagged if that happens to me I hope it takes me out dude because I hate I would not want to tell that story But like if I'm living around I hope it grazes and people are like dude. What happened fucking tree fell on me came out of nowhere Yeah Well Abbott's pulled it off. He's the governor. He's a great guy to me and You know that's what happened to him crazy story just guy was like super fit running around Lake That's wild Yeah, fucking wild. That's like we always talk. You know no disrespect anybody, but they're getting hit by a train Mmm, that's I saw that always ram last week blown my mind Because they're not they don't sneak up on you They do though because they're moving so fast you miscalculate how much time it takes to get out of the way You really do you see them you see them coming they're coming towards you you don't you don't Understand what that means like when you if you think you could run across a highway because you see the car down there No, you can't no you can't the cars going 80 miles an hour. It's gonna fucking smash into you It's just a bad cow and that's also like for whatever reason sometimes people stop on tracks It's the craziest thing their car stalls to get stopped on tracks Some I try to beat the train and they get clip this would happen to Matt Hughes. Yeah Yeah, I mean Train fucking it's amazing. It's an adrenaline thing, too You know we were out ripping those scooters this will rent fucking electric scooters and Shawn was it buddy money fucking? Throttles down on this thing like dude don't do that right from the train It looked like something a movie god like if we had fireworks I forgot all about that. Yeah, yeah, I didn't concussion. That's And you're trusting some fucking a rental scooter right like what are the odds that that thing's not beat to shit You're driving around often. Yes, you're all of them those things just they leave them wherever huh ever like you have a nap You just find one pick it up start riding. They're in the middle of the road like yesterday. We're driving around They're just fucking everywhere. It's a great way for people to get around though If you like look Austin is a great walking around city There's a lot of places just like where my club is on 6th Street They shut the street down on the weekends, and it's just for people walking around. It's amazing. It's fucking cool A group is everybody just wandering around going to bars It's it's really time for a bachelorette party on about six or seven. Oh, yeah, dude Oh, they're always happening and get KO'd they're always happening in there during those petty cabs. They're always in the back Those scooters should be regulated here We're lucky to have Josh with us today cuz Josh had himself a fucking violent wreck on one of those and we're Louis oh, yeah, oh, man. I know how my home element head bang yeah, like a bounce like a bouncy ball Yeah, oh boy Pull out my pull out my phone. I'm navigating. We're trying to find a bar I'm in the lead and pull out my phone and just kind of stand there and then got a tank slapper and Honestly my pride his is hurt way worse Yeah, it's not recoverable Falling becomes way more dangerous That's what we said you know I used to fall when I was a kid It was like a normal thing like fall off your bike. I mean now you're off your bike like Jesus Yeah, check and everything yeah, you used to be able to like roll now. It's just you hit and splat Yeah, just hit awkward and then things click I Just think about crack bones and shit Yeah, don't ride scooters bro come on. We need he learned his lesson. He's out there making awesome cars. That's right I saw that Grand National you guys did that's another car that I appreciate, but I don't get it I put that in the testarosa category to me. It's like that's a sedan That's like a regular sedan like it. Just there's nothing special about it. I don't like it So I've never been I've never been into those cars either I've always hated the G bodies not a fan at all, but that's a car That's so fucking violently fast and badass to drive. Oh, I'm sure and it's got like a Menacing I kind of made me a believer in him He's got like this menacing look about it cuz it's like you said it's like a sedan Yeah, you look at it, and it was an average ass-looking car, but it's it kind of made me a believer I turned the corner on the G bodies a little bit yeah a little bit, but it's not the best shape that those years What is that like 87 or something like that? Yeah? I did those years even the greatest stuff that anybody made during those years sucked wins a Mustang coming You got to do a Mustang don't you I do have to do a Mustang look at that thing Yeah, it's pretty dope as far as those cars go It's dope, but it's just they're not the best looking cars like if you're gonna I don't know if you're gonna commit to a car like some some shape and some I like or that I like these stuff right the ones when people were taking acid making great music yeah That was the cars those are the cars Yeah, you had these like colorful characters that were designers that yeah set dudes name It was just a fucking not dude remember what the crazy clothes and oh yeah Shit crazy GM designer at the really early had that no had the red suit all the time for sure they did drugs Yeah, tons of drugs. Here's what my here's why you can tell it Drops off radically after the sweeping psychedelics act of 1970 So in 1970 they made everything schedule one they turned mushrooms LSD everything became schedule one and the purpose of it Everything Look at them you know that you world famous famous guy I mean so when they made it in 1970 from 70 on the car started sucking Yeah, like literally like it's like right when everything became illegal the cars just fell apart You get like a couple of good 71 like the 71 Barracuda is dope Yeah, carry over. Yeah, but you get into like the 70 Camaro's you like what did you do? Like what did you do? It's like it's okay, but like but you had perfection like what did you do? That's it. That's a funky one to think is there 70 Camaro guys You know and I could see like there's something about them But to veer away from such an iconic design the 69 was it's one of the baddest ass cars ever made Yeah, just drop that not even like Evolve it a little bit. They like you like the 80s. You're like, what is that? Yeah with the I rocks like what? What have you done? What have you done? What are you guys doing would to do something? You guys are on the wrong drugs? There's no well, I think cocaine came in and played a part of it, you know, just like we did Awesome We did a 79 Camaro white one and it's like white teatops did it for you I had a Pennsylvania and it's we call it the cocaine cruiser. This is got that look, you know, but yeah The design I kind of went out the fucking window. I think like AMX AMC AMX Oh, but you that entire product line was like an acid trip. I feel like right Yes, that's a wild ones. That's javelins and shit. Yeah, even the way they're I mean besides the just the drugs I mean their stories about Bill Mitchell. I mean he was supposedly now. This is a story as you heard they were paying prostitutes out of petty cash from General Motors course there were like on a week with a payment gold bullions and But they lived a life like it was kind of a rock star lifestyle I mean their stories about them getting drunk and taking like a horse-drawn carriage in New York City and driving it like through the Waldorf Astoria and I mean shit like that back in the day there It's a crazier mentality and they were getting away with a lot more shit that I think yeah They go down into the company. I think they trickled down the design. Yes, they were rock and roll guys They made rock and roll cars man. They all they really did like those You go back and look at it like a 1969 Mustang like whoever whatever you were on back then you fucking nailed it But you didn't like there's nothing like that before that, you know if you go to like the 19 the difference between the 1950s cars and the 1960s cars is crazy because if you think about the difference between a 2013 car and a 2023 car not much fucking difference right even Mustangs and things like that. They look great 13, you know, 10 years ago. They look great now But it's like they don't look that much different that you go That's an old car but 50 to 60 is like that's when the drugs kicked in and that's a hundred percent They started making the Corvette look for that like the 67 plus Corvette. They just had this fucking shape to it You know, they just went ham. Yeah, dude, that's a good observation I've never really put two and two together on that because yeah the 50 stuff so like civilized and like professional Mm-hmm, and then it yeah, definitely do do do do do do do do do do These guys got fucked up and they made some amazing art and that's really what it is And what you guys do is take that art and update it. That's what I love I love like first of all, I love the craftsmanship and just the skill that you guys have the in the engineering It's involved and I just really really appreciate all that that all that goes into that But it's also art like you guys are making art with other with old art. You take these rusted old Fucked up cars and you strip them all down put a completely new chassis put everything in it So it works like a modern car and you get the best of both worlds you get that look that those cars had was just Magical whatever they were whatever that in the design element of those cars. It's just magical Dude, that's the key to those because everybody loves muscle cars But yeah people look at him like you get some dude who's like 45 50 years old You made himself a bunch of cash and he says that looks cool I want to have it has no fucking idea that when he buys a 70 Kuda It's a massive pile of shit to drive Stock are you have no idea because you look at it. You think it's cool. It's fast. It was fast. It's not It's got the iconic big motor. Yeah, yeah, my mom had in 1971 when I was growing up That's when I became infatuated with kudos. Really? Yeah, it was with a 340 Car for your mom to have But it was like the shape of that car just intoxicated me just as a kid and I was always like But hers was like kind of boring looking it was like kind of a copper bronze colors like kind of boring Yeah stock and I was like man some one day one day That was like the car in my head always was like 70 71. I like both of them There's something about the 70 with the individual headlights. It just makes it a little little stick It stands out but that fucking grill in the 71 is pretty wild, too Yeah I like the tail lights on the 72 It's good looking car and it's it's easy when you start with one of those we've done a handful of kudos because those cars are Just good looking to begin with you didn't have to touch the body on them You know you talk about like making art that cars like art to begin with yeah Well, I think Dodge did the very best job of doing that retro version of the Challenger They get all those cars that to me look a lot like you know like the first time I saw the Hellcat I was like that's a fucking dope car Yeah, dope modern car like you can see driving that 15 20 years from now would be cool, dude They're very cool. My problem with them is we've always been around the muscle cars So you're used to the proportions of like I've had 70 challengers and you're used to those proportions And when you see that car next to it, it's like I don't know It's like the big dumb kid in gym class when you're a kid. It's like a little overgrown. Yeah I mean why did they get out? Why didn't they get bigger all the shit so much bigger? It's just the wheel base the platform you know all the safety requirements They have the HVAC system in a new modern car Whatever is is as big as your entire dash interior of like that 70 Kuda you pull out the HVAC system under the dash of one Of those new ones that's why it's a lot from from steering wheel all the way to the outside of the firewall I mean you're talking like three fucking feet really it's just the amount of shit. They pack into those new cars It's fucking not the horsepower and the performance is pretty mind-blowing on that stuff Like if you think everybody raves about like the muscle car era But if you stop and think like you go into the dealership right now and buy a thousand horsepower Car a car that runs your nine second quarter. Jamie just got a brand new Tesla plaid And I don't know if you've driven one of those but look I love muscle cars But that car makes every car feel stupid. That's what I heard it. I mean stupid it goes zero to 60 in two seconds It flies it goes so it goes so fast. It's like it's time traveling It's like it moves into positions that no other car can do it and somehow it does it silently So you don't feel like a douchebag like you like And getting in front of something you just go Gone how wild is it Jamie? I mean I barely drove it yesterday cuz I was like I took it in the back and was like, oh my god, this is a little Okay, and they did it's like I think it's 1100 horsepower Is it controllable or is it just a hundred percent go by itself? It's it's it's dialed. It's so dialed in there's never wheel spin. I mean when you take off there's no wheel spin It's all completely electronically managed the base of the thing is all batteries. So the weight is low So it's got an amazing center of gravity 1,020 horsepower Back to your point 1.9 seconds zero to 60. It's not that bro. It's Preposterous. I know it's tough when you talk about that to like make the argument against electric cars Cuz well the the performance is nuts. I drove the fucking koota here today though. I didn't drive the Tesla Yeah, it's a different experience. I'm not trying to go. I'm not racing anybody just going to work You know like it's the feeling the auxiliary experience. Oh my little bit of vibration the noise you're in control You're connected to the car right? You feel like you're you're the one operate in the car There's a few things in life that people wish they had that are real actually worth getting and muscle cars are one of them It's 100% this is just one dude modified Modified muscle you can drive it Yeah, because it's like there's a lot of things that people wish they had and then when you had it you have it Explain this once like my first nice apartment that I ever had was in North Hollywood when I first moved to California And I was on TV shows like wow got a nice apartment. This is crazy. This is my own place It had a loft and at a pool table And I was sitting in front of my TV and I realized I go oh, this is just a house Like it's just like every other house is the same feeling I had when I was in a shitty apartment It's just your place you go to your place you chill. It's the same feeling so all that extra money You play these big giant houses and all the crazy shit you think you're gonna get that same amount of juice from like wow What an amazing feeling being in this house, but it's just your house. You just have that same feeling. Oh, I'm in my house Oh, I'm open to my refrigerator. I'm gonna have breakfast. It's the same feeling right? It's not the same feeling with cars when you are in one of the with I drive the test of the work. It's quiet It's great. I listen to books on tape. I'm cruising along that makes no sound. It's very relaxing and peaceful But when I drive like the Camaro to work, it's like I'm in a fucking doors video It's a trip I'm on a Disney ride I'm gonna Disney ride jamming out to any music and then or do you just listen to the judge? I jammed out to music until I was halfway here, and I'm like it didn't want to hear the music anymore I just wanted to hear the engine. You know there's both things like I have a Porsche 1993 RS America is the rawest car I have it's not fast at all. It only has like 300 horsepower It has no power steering it has no air conditioning. It has no radio It has no nothing and it weighs like you know It's like I don't know 2000 something it weighs nothing and it's so fun It's so different than any other experience, and it's not the fastest. It's the slowest car. I have for sure It's not that fast, but it's every every mile per hour everything you're Fucking feeling in your ass and in your hands, and it's this raspy air-cooled You don't have to be going fast. It's just the feeling you're getting you're on a ride it requires all of you all It's like a motorcycle all connected you're making everything happen. You're the one controlling it. There's no computers There's no traction control that you have to really steer that bitch too because there's no power steering So like when you're parallel parking you gotta fight working muscle, and you gotta work your forearms It's a lot, but the feeling the feedback you get is Unprecedented it's just like and they say it's even more so if you get to like this 1971s like they take when they do like Chris Harris did that once he took a night I think it was a 1970 or 71 911t see you find that video. It's like Chris Harris my perfect sports car And so he took this 911 T And he brought it to this guy who makes race cars and he had him fit it with a roll cage and you know ramp up the engine and tune the Suspension and there's a video of him driving around the British countryside in this green 1970s Porsche and it's fucking amazing It's a mace this it's what everybody loves about driving just in one video this guy who's an automotive Enthusiast he can kind of get any car he wants I mean Chris Harris is like the premier auto journalist of our time and he chooses to have this one little tiny Lightweight stripped down car that he has built see we found it Check this out. Give me some volume. I need volume That's not it. That's the singer dls nasty. That's the nasty cartoon the one below it the one below it real no not singer Chris Harris 911 put like My perfect sports car 9-11 my perfect sports car In that era of 9-11, I mean, it's very similar to the muscle car vibe Yes, very that's it right to the second one down. Remember the green 911 that one So this is a car that Chris just like, you know had built over time just give me Let it go right there Then we got completely carried away with the engine spec and I stomped my feet like a child until Richard found a later G50 gearbox and altered the rear torsion tubes to make it fit and the engine is 3.4 litres of hand-built sexiness and it has about 320 horsepower and the car weighs under a thousand kilograms And when we drove it side by side with my then you BMW m3 the Porsche was quicker The chassis is probably the trickiest bit of all in this car I didn't just want an RS replica So we went for the look of an st which for those of you less geeky than me on the subject of old mind leavens is a car from 1971 with wider archers than an RS and no ductile spoiler So we have eight and nine inch wheels the nines are rare and stupidly expensive But they do look the business and that also means we have more mechanical Christmas and a wider track and we needed some trick damper to deal with that The internals are the ones fitted to this car are very similar to the stuff Yeah That's what I'm talking about The joint is to dampers what Gordon Ramsay is to roast lamb They cost a horrendous amount of money, but are well worth why do they sound so much smarter than we do That's why we use them for infomercials Dummies buy things from people of British accents way more eloquent ShamWow The ShamWow guy was American though, right that wasn't a guy he was a wild boy, right? Didn't he get like better hooker something like that Biting a hooker never would have guessed like a straight shooter I think he did that ShamWow got that ShamWow money and started doing ShamWow money things It's already American success story right there. I think he's dead. Is he dead? ShamWow guy alive really? Congratulations, sir. I think it's Clean didn't have a coke problem and killed himself the oxy clean guy did Billy Mays Oh Dee did yes trying to get past the bite in a hooker Was that just the problem with the negotiation on the front end? Couldn't you just it depends on that on the tail end to what drugs he's on What the hooker did? Who knows what happened? I don't know the story Very unfortunate for all involved. But um, yeah, the Billy Mays guy. He was doing a lot of blowing He had a heart attack or something, right? Is that what he died from Jamie? Not quite like that, but that I don't want to go to get into it You don't want to get into it friends with the Sun. Oh, that's right. That's right. I'm sorry. Sorry for bringing that up. Sorry, buddy Anyway, who doesn't like to party look James Gandalfini one of my favorite actors of all time. That's how he went Party a little too hard damn blew the ticker Do you know happen? That's you know, leave it all in the field. Not that it matters. That's one of my all-time favorite fucking shows Oh my god, Gandalfini was the first guy that you rooted for there was a murderer Oh, but he was the hero fucking the hero when he murdered Christopher Moltus auntie Yes in the fucking in the Cadillac. Yeah spoiler alert I mean he was the first real I think on TV the first real antihero If you really think about it, like yeah, that was there anybody before him Jamie. Can you think everybody? Had been like 94 95 the Sopranos was later than that I believe Yeah, I think was early 2000s. I remember like thinking when I was watching. Okay, this is totally different than anything ever Because they can do anything that intro that that's for its beginning how that it was so annoying being Italian then because everybody wanted To talk like they were in the mob All the the dumbest Italian guys in the East Coast like hey, that's our fucking thing. This is all thing Shut your mouth. Everybody wanted to be on the mob. It's like It's like people move into Montana cuz they saw Yellowstone. It's like the same shit enticing man hard Rancher because you gotta do rancher stuff. I know you gotta get up at fucking three in the morning bro cattle Yeah, that's no joke. That's a real war. We get into like shootouts and yeah, they're getting into so many murder Buildings all kinds of cool shit you're in their shoulder deep in a fucking cow trying to pull out the calf and doing all that I don't think people realize it's not just like all about distressed like leather boots and like, you know cool jackets It's there's some fucking work there backbreaking work. Yeah But there's this amazing scene where this old cowboy is talking to this young guy and he's saying You're you're doing art for no audience Like when you're out there what you're down is you're doing art for no audience. It's like If you really love that that is what it is, that's an interesting way of looking at it Yeah, and we're doing it. We're plastering it all over Instagram and the internet and YouTube and trying to get everybody to see Do an art for an audience It's interesting though because it is kind of what that is And there's something about like cattle wrangling and all that stuff that somehow another speaks to human beings because I think we evolved doing that And I think like tending to the land and I think farmers have that sort of same feel too There's something about that. That's just like Natural with human beings and it just there's a natural human reward system that's involved with Cultivating your own food and and being involved in a farm that I think it just centers people in a very unusual way Because I think it's like your body's designed for a certain amount of that, you know I think it's a good thing to even if it's glamorizing it in an unrealistic Light and it does make people go and say they sell their business and they go out there and they're gonna become a rancher And then they fail but at least it is pushing some people that to get back to that wilderness living like I think it's a good thing most Cut out for that. There's a lot of people remember that movie with Paulie Shore. Was it son-in-law? Yeah Yeah, I'll bet you there's so much of that going on out there in Montana. Oh, yeah Thing going on in Wyoming Jeffrey star who's this famous youtuber who like is like yeah Are they transgender or is he gay? He's he's very flamboyant very fun But he's like involved in some dispute with his neighbor I just said his neighbor trying to kill him run him off the road and I don't know what the fuck is going on But he's making Instagram videos about it. Like you imagine you're some rancher and Jeffrey star moves next door This he wouldn't exactly fit in but maybe would I mean maybe they're open-minded I don't know what's going on. So I can't really come you think he's going down a tractor supply and buying You might be a couple bags of feed be fun some car hearts who knows? Yeah car hearts. I don't think so Right around the field with a little lemon on it. I don't know. I don't know what they're doing But it's like I RuPaul bought a fucking ranch to RuPaul bought some giant ranch in like, Wyoming lives on a ranch How many people out there or have been in that industry? They've been in they've been in Montana been in Wyoming their whole lives and they're making a fortune off of selling Ranching supply all this stuff that they say for these people that come in they've just moved like I'm starting a ranch What do I need? Yeah, I'm gonna set you up. So what you're gonna need is Ranch starter kids I didn't start a ranch from scratch What? What are you gonna do? Do you know how to do this? Are you crazy? How many how many cows do I need I'm like several whole mess of it I wish actually be a fun reality show didn't Jeremy Clark do that. Did you do something like that? Didn't Jeremy Clark start a farm? I thought believe he did I did it I think he did it for a television show and The same kind of deal. I yeah, it's got to be all Encompassing like you'd be exhausted. Yeah, Clarkson's farm. Yeah Episode one surviving It's all changed everything's changed in this country because they're moving like I mean Austin's a good example Here's it goes, you know, it's Texas. Yeah, it's just badass fucking cowboy stuff and now it's well, well Austin was always very blue Austin's always been like this blue spot in a red state and It's always been very progressive and one of the funniest things that I've ever seen this like pretty accurate said There's a t-shirt said keep Austin weird and surrounded It's like she needs the balance you need the balance because you if you're in a place like San Francisco or LA there's no fucking balance right there's no like Republicans the outside and Progressive like even the progressives here are so much more reasonable than the progressives in LA because they encounter like rational opposition to their ideas all the time Yeah, and you know it all that stuff only works in urban environments like progressive ideology and like the policies they push with homelessness and crime and Defunding the police that shit only works and it doesn't work It doesn't work at all, but you can only get away with it in urban environments course in the country No one's buying any of that. No, you just like people were too hard It's like if you want to get by if you're fucking in a rural area No one's interested in that nonsense yourself. So the beautiful thing about Texas is Austin is this like Small city. There's only a million plus people not that many right, and then there's another million on the outside and then outside of it is just Texas outside of his buckies and fireworks dude. That's what I'm talking about gun stores It's like it's ranches. It's like that that keeps Austin balanced where they don't get to off the rails. They don't go to Portland. I'm gonna ask you about the homeless stuff we We're here to what two years ago. Yeah It was really really getting it was height of you know, pandemic stuff and all that but man last night going around It's way different. Yeah, they cleaned it up. They did it in a very intelligent way They acquired hotels and they bought buildings and house people and they have a bunch of different Programs they do to try to help people get back on their feet and they discourage camping They won't let people camp. You just can't camp under the bridges. They clean up your shit. They'll take you out of there They'll let you know that there's resources available for you But the real problem in all these cases is mental illness That's the real problem mental illness and drug addiction and both of those two things kind of go hand in hand and a lot of those folks are really badly badly addicted to drugs and they can't sustain themselves and they can't support themselves and I don't think encouraging them to just camp out everywhere like they do in San Francisco And they actually give them money for doing that that doesn't help anybody. It's not helping them. It's not helping your community It's terrible and everybody knows it you don't think that enabling them and giving them like needles and stuff like California does this beneficial? I think they give them everybody's money all the money if they were rich. They have no problems Give them all million dollars. Come on. We all the money we're spending in Ukraine. There's only like 2,000 homeless people they could afford that You know, I mean if you just gave them money it wouldn't help you really I don't know what to do I mean, I think that like when a person is that fucked when their mind is that fucked and they're they're that far gone in terms Of life. They have no hope and they're they're just covered in filth and they're living in a tent It's like taking that person and rebuilding them is a massive project It's probably gonna take as much time to do that Project it's probably gonna take as much time to make them normal as it took for them to get that fucked up So you think about like childhood abuse? sexual abuse violence Detention juvenile system they've gone through jail. They've gone through so many different things They have no hope that life is eventually gonna be awesome When you wake up you go to an awesome job you guys have a cool place you work with cool people you make awesome shit That feels good. That's like a good feeling. Oh, yeah, these guys never have good feelings unless they're getting high And that's what's that's the scary thing is so like you get them out of that and then they're gonna be depressed They have nothing going on. They're 43 years old. They've never had a job. Like how do you fix that? But you don't fix it by just letting them camp out somewhere. I mean, I Don't know what the solution is because at a certain point in time. It's like It's so hard to turn people around and they have to want to turn around Oh, so like it has to be in them that they somehow or another want to do better because some people don't want to do better They just want to stay high, you know, they just like I feel better when I'm high I just rather stay high and they just do help just get caught in that rut You got a lot of huge mega churches out there that aren't doing nothing for You know tens of thousands of people in arenas and I mean They're not doing shit. I don't think they can do anything This is what they're not doing anything. They're not doing anything, but I don't think they can do anything I don't think I don't know what you can do other than what they've done in Austin But Austin is small like I had the mayor on Steven Adler and we talked about it And one of the things that he said was like I it's my goal before I leave office to put a handle on this homeless Thing if I don't do that, I failed and I think he did it But the thing with he said was we can do it because we only have somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 homeless people he goes Los Angeles is unmanageable They have like a hundred thousand homeless people when you get to that point have you ever seen skid row in downtown LA? It's insane. I saw it in person in the early 2000s before the pandemic and it was nuts then like I couldn't believe it and it was engineered They used to take people when they would arrest them and dump them off on skid row They'd take people and bring them there like they they literally set up these homeless shelters and they set up these food banks and they set up and these people just live on this street, it's a Zombie movie. It's so crazy when you go down there and when ice what is this? Oh, this is saying that there's up to 10,000 people now homeless in Austin 10,000 Yeah, one percent of the population what it's according to the city of Austin zone count. Holy shit. Is this new? Yeah, I mean they're all they moved them out of the downtown area and under the bridges and they all live out in the parks Now apparently like oh and like state parks not even state parks like city the city parks. This is Zilker Park I think the water. Yeah Wow That's crazy, man. I didn't know that so they just got it out of view Is that what I believe so is what it is is like there's different people that Have to patrol that it might be different than the cops that are patrolling people on the streets 168 different camps Wow Off often hidden from public view in the woods for sure dude. It's it's kind of like, you know, sweeping the Okay, take everything I said They just got it off just read a lid off that one They just got out the streets and now there's camp back when your mom said clean the room. I did a great job Yeah, right under the rug So those all marks on the map that are homeless encampments. Yeah as of Public traffic 26, I think it has of June and so they think there's 10,000 people is this like some New York post exaggeration I don't know But that's what what the loss the Austin City thinks city of Austin County. What do we know about homelessness in Austin? Wow, so that's the case then when the mayor was on which was a couple of years ago The numbers gone out by 8,000 people. There's another crazy stress I was looking what you guys are talking that Mayfair Hotel in LA Yeah, that's become up in a bunch of documentaries. Yeah stuff They just paid the city paid 11.5 million dollars in damages because they used that and what they called project room key Which got a bunch of people off the street into housing, but immediately drug use damages in the hallways Violence all sorts of stuff and now the city wants to buy that building for like 83 million Oh Wow and do what house homeless people? Yeah, let it stay be in a you're telling me they gave them a free room and they destroyed it Yeah, there's a little you know self-destructive. They're not in the best table state of mind Yeah, I don't know how we got on that subject. Yeah, you said something about Bucky's have you seen the Bucky's? They're making their no, they're building one in Mexico, but it's not a Bucky's So they're gonna go yeah, they're trying to get him cease and desist and all that shit and they're still building it Usually did within and out in Mexico they they have It's not in and out. It's it's like in Knee out something like that. See like this week. It's the same logo. It's the same look Yeah, so it's not called in and out. What is it called? So this is you know, this is in cool to come in though in I and out it looks exactly Like in and out when you go there the burgers are all the same the trays are the same animal style The whole thing's the same they just stole the menu They stole the way it looks and they barely changed the name Got applaud their effort there. Yeah. I mean, it's not like they're making Ferraris. That's a fucking cheeseburger You know, you can make a cheeseburger exactly like that cheeseburger Yeah, but you could also come up with your own name and name or you could just say fuck you. I live in Mexico I Ride the coattails. Yeah, what they could do is just eventually change the name. Oh buck to super Mercado Everything say was the Bucky's guy. It's not quite as big as the Texas version. Yeah, it's a little downsized Bucky's is an impressive establishment. It's a Walmart. You go in there. You're like, what is this? This is insane This is not a gas station. Oh, you you go broke at the beef jerky The beef jerky like buffet. Yeah, it's preposterous me. I mean you got to try a little bit everything. Yeah, it's a ridiculous place It's so Texas. That's why I talk about it on stage because it's so fucking Texas. It's so ridiculous speaking on stage Fucking last night dude. Thank you. It was phenomenal. Thank you. Glad you guys had a good time to phenomenal time You run that place and your whole entire staff. I mean hats off. It's like a fuck watching an orchestra like seriously Yeah, they're all very good. Everybody's great. It's it's it's a it's a lovely little environment that we've created It's real fun and everybody loves it. It's like everybody's having a good time It's it's it's real nice and you're working your fucking ass off. Yeah, we're doing a lot of work That's not work Talking shit. Yeah, it's fun I was doing my fucking hats off to you the way I mean you're busting ass there and that's I don't wear the fuck you get The energy from item. I'm 40 years old and I look at you. I'm like goddamn I'm gonna do it wrong, but I'm used to doing it. I do it every day. You know, it's normal. Yeah Yeah, it's fun, but it's fun. It's just fun You know when you're doing stand-up like the hard part is the writing the writing and the creating new bits and working them out on stage That's the tricky part the hard part But the fun part is just like having a good time and people have fun, you know, it's just having a good time That's all you're just making a good time. Good great environment. Yeah cool place. Yeah, it's beautiful It's like just like I was saying like you guys have this great job. You go and do something. That's like very rewarding That's what owning a comedy club is like. It's like we're providing this really fun experience You know, it's like you can go have a couple of drinks laugh. Have a great time Fun people nice people loving people. It's like fun beautiful environment There's got there's only a few like a few jobs and in the world that provide that like for us It's the same you almost live there. It's not a job. So it becomes a lifestyle, right? like the shop it's I spend more time there than I do anywhere else right because you're just That's what you do. Yeah, the lifestyle that you live Yeah, and all the different personalities have to kind of like figure their spot like figure out how to like get along with each other Yeah, that could be a real issue. It can be that could be a very very interesting issue. We get like 95 people total. Oh, wow, and there's uh, you know different personalities different talents different personalities a lot of What's a bunch of artists? I mean they're craftsmen. I mean imagine having 95 comics all living in the same. Yeah, you're gonna have issues Especially when they're around each other all day like we only see each other at night, you know Yeah, so you go through your whole day and most of these guys are like playing golf or doing something else Then they come to the club There's I think there's a lot of simp. I mean similarities in any type of art and Creation because you are getting some of that instant gratification as far as you're gratifying yourself with what you're creating But you also get from that customer and you get stuff you're doing the same thing in the comic stuff I mean you're getting it's not like you're putting in the work now and then a year from now You'll see if it paid off or not as far as that joke You're like throughout the night you're knowing right now if it's hitting or not hitting or work, right? There's something I guess different I mean I'm looking at like a corporate job of somebody going and pushing papers and having to wait for a year review before somebody said that You actually move the needle or did a good job Right and how much joy are you getting from what you're doing every day? That's the big one because if you can have a job that pays more money, but you hate it Like that's not a good trade-off. You you want to feel good That's them. Let's add all the things in life. Like if you if you get sick, what's the first thing you think like God? I really should have appreciated when I wasn't sick. I really should have taken care of myself better I really should have been more careful. I should have got more sleep I should have take my vitamins like whatever and you do you vow like when I get better I am gonna appreciate this and that That applies to jobs too If you have a job that sucks and you fucking hate it You hate what you do and you do it all the time and you're just in there because you have to be there all day Well, your day is dread and if you can get paid less To do something that makes you feel better. That's so much more valuable As long as you can get by you are so much better off getting paid And enjoying what you do unless you have a family and you have to support people and you have obligations I understand I'm not saying you should go fucking risk your life on a whim But I am saying that like if you can pick a path in life that is more enjoyable. I feel like Like there's a lot of miserable rich people it's not that's not the end all be it's a trap What you really want is to feel good You really want to feel good about your purpose in life like the things you do the way it impacts other people And that's what you guys do you guys make sure like the look on people's faces when you deliver those cars I mean, dude, that's I mean for us. That's that's what gets you out of bed every morning because it's hard work You know it's just like how you're out there sweating your ass off and busting your balls And I'm sure sometimes it's tough building cars the same way. I mean they rip your heart out. They challenge you It is tough tough work But the the finished product the goal and what makes it all worthwhile is giving you a car and you drive it You're like, holy fuck the things badass. Well, you know, it doesn't matter if we made money lost money, you know What what's going on? That's the goal. That's what I thrive on, you know, yeah that was gonna be my point when and you hit on it is you're coming from the mentality of You're gonna always work as hard as you have to and then some to be successful what you're doing And then because you've put in the work you're achieving goals, which is what makes you happy There's people out there that don't want to put in the work and they're unhappy because they're not seeing success But they're not seeing success or being gratified or being happy with what they're doing because they're not willing to put in the work either They don't know what to do. Some people just have no experience in putting in the work They don't know what it what that even means. They don't know what grind Yeah, they just did they didn't have like what that's one of the things that I think is very important about kids with competition any kind of competition with its chess or whether it's athletics sports there's something about Realizing that hard work equals getting better and hard work equals performance Like you perform better when you work hard and you learn that like through the extreme examples are like wrestling Like people go through wrestling practice like you realize like this is hard to do This is and if you can get good at this You can kind of get good at anything because you could push yourself Mentally to deal with the grind of wrestling practice you can kind of do anything But it's just if you can learn those that that lesson early on though about working hard some people don't ever learn it They just play video games and eat Twinkies and then one day they're 40 I gotta get my shit together wrestling practice. Like you said being at wrestling practice and doing it hard is hard Becoming a good wrestler is even harder because it's not just at wrestling practice Like you said it's when you come back from wrestling practice and thinking that you deserve a fucking treat Because you worked really fucking hard that day and you need to eat like shit or you need to do this or you get to Go into it's all of the lifestyle to perform at a high level. That's fucking hard Not just the act of doing what you're trying to do Well, especially when you get to like a championship level and you get to like, you know, all American nice state champs National champs. I mean those guys there's not a stone unturned and those guys are animals But they're doing everything exactly the right way because the competition is so stiff If you don't do it the edge between you and another guy who's equally talented, but works harder, he's gonna get better than you He's gonna bypass you and you feel it in practice There's guys that you know, you know are running in the morning before practice, you know, these guys are doing the stairs Those guys have more gas those guys are more driven and you you always notice because those are the guys that win in the training room And that's the same with jujitsu It's same with kickboxing with everything like any the guys who there's there's guys that are like very naturally talented For whatever reason they just have great genetics and they learn things better But oftentimes those guys don't work as hard Like sometimes they're really naturally talented guys are a little lazy because it kind of came easy to them to get out worked Yeah Which the rare ones are the ones that are super talented and also crazy disciplined. That's how you get a Michael Jordan, right? That's how you get a Mike Tyson. You get crazy discipline and insane talent and insane genetics And then you're fucked because you're not gonna beat that Devoting everything to just winning and yeah, nothing else matters. That's the goal. That's the only direction you sacrifice everything else to get to that level Yeah, I think that's not good either, right? Your life is a disaster, but there's one thing you do you're the best at that's interesting to competition yes You have that competitive. I want to be better Or you don't guys make cars like thinking about shows thinking about like SEMA and showing people up, dude You know, we used to do stuff like that, you know Where you're like you're competing for an award, but it's not you're never looking at like I'm gonna do this Because I want to win this award. You're just trying to make the best possible car you can and it yeah It's great like at the finish line if you get said award and sometimes you've got some customers that like that You know some some guys are like trophy chasing or they like parking the car and sitting at the show and you know Yeah Waiting there for the award ceremony and getting that you know Half-million dollar car and you get that $50 plaque and it makes it all worthwhile No, man, I mean for we've changed gears like quite a bit over the years that For me, it's the driving experience, you know making a car that's like so functional workable That's just a blast to get in and drive and it's more rewarding like getting a guy I like dude comes up to the shop picks up a car and drives it a thousand miles home That's better than getting that little plaque right at a car show because you blew through an extra like $700,000 trying to make something over the top right all for that, you know, yeah Most of those cars are not drivable at that point or you're gonna be scared to death to drive it Not drivable when you're going to like, you know insane show car trying to win every really they're not It's when you look at our industry No, when you look at our industry, it's it's wacky like the stuff you see that's so over the fucking top like those hero cars And stuff that's not something you're gonna jump in and drive. You're not driving that to work When you say hero cars you talking about like those Baja race or things. Yeah, you see stuff That's like like it would yeah like see macho coverage or like these the biggest Like the Riddler word like Josh says you've got these cars that are like million two million dollar builds Chrome plated rotors. Yeah and felt pads, you know, this is like show car show car Oh, so you can't even drive it at all. No, you can turn it out of the trailer Yeah, and the tires are all wrapped in saran wrap. So the tires don't get dirty and what? Yeah Really? Yeah, it's kind of like going away now Thank goodness because of the the audience and the or the customers are changing right and they're wanting to use these cars Right, but everybody was so focused on chasing that trophy or going to go into a show and winning that trophy We want to go and make a good showing for the company with whatever we bring, right? But worrying about a panel of judges or somebody judging the car and them deciding what's cool That would be like you not having an audience and just having like Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul saying if it was a good joke or not You know you want yeah, I want the group You want you to know that you're doing good and by the audience and everybody be like fuck? Yeah, that's awesome And we want our customers and you want your fans and and and people are by our chassis to be like that's fucking cool What it would be the purpose of felt rotors so it doesn't scratch the chrome and stuff like that It's they these are show car It's it felt pads and chrome rotors. Yes, you know the trailer man. That's it It's almost like paint tires, so they look black and they look always perfect it's almost like if you look at I don't want this to sound like disrespectful, but like a Competitive bodybuilder first like a fighter right? They're both working out there, but these this dude's building his money He's not using them for anything other than flexing him right that dude might show muscles I guess you know it's the same thing with cars like you build these over-the-top cars and all they do is they kind of right there And they the difference between like an NFL running back right that's super athlete that he's working out He wants to just fucking accelerate down right like a rocket ship versus someone who just wants to Who wants like just be a mass monster right? Yeah, I just don't understand why anybody would want to make a car that they're not gonna drive Just that mindset that doesn't I don't get that at all like there's only one reason to have a car It's true I mean there's been some wild stuff like people that like take down the side of their garage or their barn or their the top Story of their house and place a car in it build it back up and the car lives there forever It's it's kind of like I mean some of it. I get it could be like art you can make something That's absolutely fucking beautiful, and it's an art piece, but to me. It's dude. You're building cars because you want to drive him Yeah, should be I could see having like a really old Like Ferrari sitting in one of them rotary things it spins around as like an art piece because they're fascinating to look at sure and Driving them is probably not the best experience Yeah, you're drawing like a stock old GTO No, and I never have it's probably pretty engaging Just tons of stock old muscle cars They're terrible you get no one Could be the worst performing vehicle ever really the ultimate American sports car And they're we're always amazed that they're still on the road that people aren't wad them up in ditches everywhere Are they that bad? Oh, so there so all that stuff you got like the so the Bronco market You know that's great like the early Bronco stuff Yeah, because those are that is a popular popular truck And that's one of those things where somebody sees they just see it and it they just want it because they think it's cool They think they're gonna drive it right like dude. You're not dry. That's not your Range Rover Okay, you're not gonna drive it, but that's and that's just sure that they want to drive it It just physically doesn't perform well enough for them to drive it Yeah, but I mean that's what we do is fix all that shit You know you get that classic look at the car, but it functions like a new vehicle. I have an icon Bronco Okay, so yeah, well that's that's all Yeah, but even that it's like it's so raw Like the difference between driving that and driving a modern like a G wagon or something like that's a joke Yeah, how often you drive that thing well right now. It's getting worked on yeah, so I'm getting some upgrades You got a coyote yeah Supercharged oh That's dicey yeah, you're thinking about the Camaro being fucking let's go I Like a little dice all right think I'm horsepower foot and a half shorter wheelbase. I like a little dicey Just every now and then what do you do with that that trucks just for like bobbing around town though? Yeah? It's just for fucking around yeah, I have a Land Cruiser that icon made for me That's a real like performance Land Cruiser. It's like really set up for off-road. Yeah, it's real It's got a supercharged LSA in it nice So it's got a lot of power sure but it's got those solid axles And it's lifted and all the good stuff when the snow came you know we had like a snow apocalypse and everything shut down In Austin I loved it my car was like a Labrador retriever just rolling around the snow like yay It just want it's like this is what we're designed for it Just was it just handled everything so well like I literally built an apocalypse truck It's got a big-ass gas tank backseats come out So it can be completely flat you can store things in it. It's got extra batteries get Winches and the whole deal. Well. Yeah, do you MP pulse? Well if that happens does that shut off regular cars? How does it do that rise all the electronics so fry the electronics that runs the LSA you gotta like someone runs on biodiesel? You're going down a fucking rabbit. Oh, dude Apocalypse the model T. So what would cause? Yeah, right would cause the EMT flare they talk they talk about China doing an EMP flare They talk about who's they? What are you reading Well Possible that is the thing about all these cars that are controlled by electronics something to think about You know these modern engines these crate engines they all come with electronics. Yeah I don't know he's something like that happens. I'm just go out with whatever the fuck's going on him But I'm not too worried about running around yeah, I think you get the right idea with your apocalypse vehicle Well Jonathan word he does some cool shit. Yeah, it's all icon. Yeah, Jonathan's an interesting cat He is do we had him on we do a little podcast we had him on there. He's cool So I mean he's kind of like a competitor I guess you'd say but we respect him and we had him on and it's he's an eccentric dude man interesting He's a real artist guy. It's a real artist and you know he what he's doing is interesting, too He takes a lot of cars like you guys do when you do the legend series Well, he doesn't do anything to the outside of him He leaves this funky old patina of like Sun big paint and blotches and shit But meanwhile inside it's immaculate and the suspensions immaculate and everything drives incredible I mean he does that with a bunch of old cars We do that's like the majority of our business believe it or not like all the dudes that have had like really over-the-top Shiny cool big dollar cars they all want that fine like a old Camaro. It's priceless right you find a 69 Camaro It's got faded old paint, and it's unsuspecting flies under the radar But it's like eight nine hundred horsepower crazy motor air conditioning power windows full chassis underneath it Sleeper yeah, well there's something cool about that too because you're not worried about it getting dirty Yeah, you know like that's the thing about people walking up to their car with the microfiber cloth and just It's like come on, man I've only built patina cars because I can't stand wiping down my own stuff after dealing with customer cars Oh really so your personal cars are all patina car. Yeah, really what do you got? 77 c10 he's got a 76 years 77 as well his is lifted mines lowered for doing a 70 trans am Transams were a car the the Burt Reynolds days those are a car that still kind of holds up Yeah, this is a little pre. This is pre Burt Reynolds. This is the 70 Oh, it was like great. That's an ass-kicker dude you talk about like you know that falls right in line with your Camaro Yeah, let me see a 70 trans 70s white white with the blue stripe And it's it's a rare rare car because that's another one it was original paint look at that. Yeah That's a dope car Yeah, there's something about the hood scoop and those cars that just like Especially the Burt Reynolds ones have a lot of people done like resto mods on those yeah the Burt Reynolds That's one of those things where it's like that Jesus Christ. What is that thing? Yeah? That's wild race car thing There's a one your steamer kind of builds, but the Burt Reynolds when so many people have done that yeah That's a car the 70 yeah That's a car that like that proves you can buy cool because you find that yeah, I don't care who the fuck you are You're driving that you're a bad motherfucker. That's a that's a cool car. It's a cool car Yeah, there's those those old trucks lend themselves to that patina look don't they they do so I drive I drive a 77 it's four by four. It's one of those legend trucks. That's the only Well if you just google like Roadster shop legend 77 truck that comes up There's a bunch of articles and stuff on it, but that's what I daily drive It's yeah that tan one. That's shredding the blue one's mine tan ones his where's where's the tan one the upper left? Yeah, that's it. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. Just getting after it. So what's that got in it? That's a 650 horse supercharged LT4, but it's all like independent front suspension push-button four-wheel drive Oh wow, that's yeah, I drive. I leave it outside I don't park it in the garage because my kids toys are all filling up One half of the garage and that's my daily transportation Wow that's a sleeper, huh? Yeah, holy shit Yeah, that thing just wrecks dudes and like you're I drive a lot of cool fat shit where it's flogging customer cars But that truck it's like anytime I drive it there's some dude and like a c8 or some badass muscle car and I just ruin their day constantly in that Put it in for we're probably pretty light. It's not the it's like it probably for Over 4,000 pounds for a big-ass truck. That's pretty light. I think that's like a modern Mustang, right? Yeah Yeah, you're right in line with any of that stuff. Yeah, which is pretty crazy with 650 horsepower and it's a truck It's essentially like a 2018 2019 Chevy truck It's got all the new Chevy suspension under it the independent front and the live axle and I mean it's got This radiator module the cooling stack I mean under the under the hood and underneath it is it like a brand new Chevy truck Does it handle like a brand new show like a brand new truck? You get 100 miles an hour down the highway one hand on the wheel Wow Yeah, but there's nothing cool about that like you talked about the patina and the thing we've got so many of these customers We're building a dozen of these things right now for guys We built other cars for but it's like a old pair of boots or old pair of jeans that you can't buy a new new pair that would fit like that right right there, so there you're finding these like we got one that's like a Northwestern like Oregon or Washington like State Park truck right it was that green and it's that thing had what 20 something thousand original miles on original paint It's a cream puff interior is cool. And then another guy's finding one. He's like, well, that's Matt Matt Saxon. Oh, yeah Yeah Yeah, yeah, he sent me pictures of that. Yeah. Yeah, it's pretty dope You're still able to build a one-off car that can't be duplicated because you're finding something super unique and original that Mother nature weathered for you Yeah, that has something nobody else can have and you're finding stuff that came from fire departments or old ranches I mean guys are searching all because you want that little bit of that story of like nobody's gonna recreate this truck that yeah There's my car. Yeah, baby That's a thing son What what a sexy car. I never get tired of looking at that one I told you guys the story about why I was Infatuated that car when I was 16 years old my friend picked me up and won his buddy was driving It was his car and I was I remember being in the car thinking how can someone own this? How is it possible that this could be like you could you could have this someone can have this this is insane Because it was so cool. What your what same exact when me I guess it was 82 83 somewhere around there is 16. Yeah, I was 83. Yeah, and I remember just thinking this is the most insane thing I can't believe a person could own this car. It was just so cool and he ran out of gas. It was really funny and Coasted right into the gas station and stopped like right at the pump. What is the coolest guy? Yes, the Chevelle runs out of gas the perfect time on a hill and coast in the fucking gas station Like literally we were laughing like filled the gas tank. Oh, yeah right there Well the Chevelle the Camaro and now the Kuda are three very similar yet completely Different vehicles. Yeah, you know what but you? Each one of them has their place like I don't know you feel different driving the Chevelle like you want to It's a different state of mind. Did you say oh gee kind of fucking Wooterson? You feel like Matthew McConaughey? Are you friends with you? No, he hasn't seen I told him I have it though that like that shaped my career Yeah, I can movie and that car and then here that's why that car exists is because of him I mean Matt came to us to build one. We're like, it's but it's going black and white dude hundred percent That's this is what you're getting black and white is the best look there's cool I've seen some cool ones that are silver with black stripes. That's a pretty cool look at second But number one is black with white stripes for that car. There's other ones like the red with white stripes Not as tough red with black stripes people was that movie Reacher he had a red with black stripes. Yeah It's not bad. No, not as cool as Wooterson though. Yeah Let's just some sometimes like with a certain shape that color just like color combinations are just iconic Yeah, you know, yeah that car the the body lines in the side It's got these like, you know cool little hips and eyebrows and the body lines and the black makes it pop Yeah, it's just again. That's that era where they just figured some shit out That wacky dude does crazy suits. What? How do you pick that like you got the Chevelle sitting there and the Camaro sitting there? What frame of mind are you and you're like I'm taking the Chevelle. I don't know. What's what's the decision process? She fells the loudest and least civilized at all the cars It's the most rowdy because it's got that 454 in it, you know naturally aspirated It sounds insane and it's so like in the interior of it looks exactly like except for the dash looks exactly like the original car It's much more of a throwback, you know, it's like asking what album you're gonna listen to. Yeah It's like yes. Well, that's what I was getting at. Yeah Kind of like that one's my my favorite Matt would send it back to the shop when we're doing road tours or something and we You know do the basic service work and then ship it to wherever he was going and get in and just rip first second third in That car it was just smile ear to ear like fuck. Yeah, this is why we do this shit Yeah, because you're rolling that fucker through the high schools trying to pick up them high school girls Did you have to roll your sleeves up or did it do it automatically Yeah hair kind of grew out a little bit longer Yeah, that look of the rolled with the cigarette in the upper sleeve. Yeah, where'd that go that went away? I did. Yeah, it's probably a blessing. That was like a cool look for guys for a while It would roll a pack of cigarettes up in their sleeve. Yeah, you should bring it back. I've never I've fortunately never Don't know why they ever did that I don't I wasn't around for that era you'd think you'd have pockets maybe jeans You're tied for you. I think so. I think you're just weird back then just they're lost Just showing everybody off that they smoked. Yeah, they had no internet. They didn't know what to do They're just trying to imitate cool people. They didn't know what to do The beginning of modern culture That's as cool as it gets for me right there. What's left on the bucket list for cars? I Don't know. I don't know. I'm just enjoying what I got right now That's how I'm kind of doing. It's like come on. I got a lot of cars. Yeah, it's a lot to look after Yeah stressful isn't it? No, no, no stressful being poor is Cars is just a thing. It's just a thing that you do. It's not stressful. It's just a thing, you know Gotta do things. Yeah, yeah, I accumulate too much crap and it stresses me out. You know, it can if you let it fuck with you Yeah But that's like hoarders, you know Yeah, that's the ultimate example of it. You're not there yet Lifestyle no no look at all this shit going on fucking eBay now all these people that I mean even just like iPhone the iPhone One is going for big fucking money and like all these electronics that nobody like no There's no Kia phones that were bulletproof whatever going for big fucking money on the internet all this shit from our era that we threw Out and fucking shoe boxes or it was in the kitchen drawer. How much you're being my iPhone ones iPhone ones are going for big money What do you find one in a package still what do you do with it? Oh Yeah, that's the big How weird is that with someone would give you $60,000 for a phone that sucks Do you see them last week? They're talking this is on the news or whatever It's all dumb useless knowledge, but that's your area of X They were selling the iPhone if you had an iPhone that hadn't been updated. It still had the Twitter logo and not the new X logo They're selling those for big money. I Swear but it'll automatically upload if you get I guess if you've got a broke phone that you if you can it won't automatically Upload I guess somebody has all your apps will suck Who's gonna spend big money for a phone just because it's still got the old Twitter logo like what's the Dorks the same kind of people that have felt rotors in their cars This dorks out there just people like weird shit I just thought I don't understand like when Post Malone was on here He told me he paid two million dollars for a magic the gathering card dude I would a little pricey. It's a little nerdier than I thought he was. Oh, he loves that shit Yeah, when I was hanging out with him backstage after a show He's like we're gonna go play magic the gathering you want to come with no Dude, that's you guys have a good time. That's asleep. That's what happens Like I remember the magic the gathering kids in high school and you're fucking with them, right? Yeah, but now they grow up to be Post Malone Like most of them do not The vast majority do not grow up to be Post Malone Yeah, but yeah, he I mean he's into it. I mean what who knows why people are into what he's into muscle cars He's got a crazy Hennessey six wheel raptor It's like a velociraptor with the four wheels in the back and that's that's definitely it like That's a statement piece I guess yeah the polite way of putting that I just don't understand that car Would you drive one of this? Oh, yeah, if I had one I'd drive it Like would you have one? I have a Hennessey. Yeah, I have a TRX Yeah, I have a thousand horsepower TRX. It's ridiculous The six wheel though always just seems like it's the Eastern European villain from the one of the fast and furious Right, right. It's despicable me. Yes Roo's car It's just a little yeah, he says you can't park He says he goes to Applebee's and sticks out and he feels bad because it's like fucking jutting into the next Him going to Applebee's is the punchline of that story loves Applebee's really? Yeah, post loves Applebee's Yeah, did you get the same if it gets the sampler over there? You're the fucking the sampler Fox I'm with them Applebee's has some fans, you know comfort food Jack's the Jack Daniels barbecue. That was Confusing you shitty restaurants What's a thousand horsepower in a TRX was ridiculous you use so fast use the power No, you get I mean you kind of do I mean what it does it just does like Excel normal acceleration much quicker. That's post has a black one. I think Is it white? Oh, yeah, that's it. Okay. I saw oh with the photo that we showed of his the other day was black What it must not have been his unless he got a new one the ice He's a wild fella. I'm not gonna say shit. He's into some cool shit cool fucking good for him I can get whatever the fuck you want. That's gonna be a heavy ass truck, too That's a lot of weight. That's a lot of that's just a lot of a lot of things To be honest with you Josh Josh has a Rapture I can see you modding that thing out adding a second set of wheels to it. You can't that's kind of your style a little bit They like to fuck with me I'll park in that thing fucking long ways in front of the shop and you can put the doberman in the front seat It does seem like a waste of time a little bit. Why not put two in the front, too How about three in the front if I'm about five in the back six wheel Rapture I've got a mini giraffe I'm not fucking with a doberman at that point. I'm just doing a mini giraffe. Yeah, just a giraffe with the head out the window Not know what the fuck's going on. Well, have you guys ever had someone come deal with a project? You know, like I don't want to do this You know things have changed over the years I'll say that I'm sure it's similar to your career Like when you got first started young Joe Rogan like somebody came to you for some TV show thing or something Yeah, sure. I'll do that in our youth Early days we we painted a fucking car like a lobster for a guy Dude, it's yeah, didn't think we're going there I don't have any shame. I'll disclose it right he brave 19 4030 something Hollywood Gram that somebody hot rotted and he's in the seafood business So he wanted it painted like a lobster. So we legitimately took this thing an airbrush ever it It looks like a fucking lobster. Is it online? I don't know we put that on the web we kept it off Just because you worried someone else would ask for something. Yeah, I thought I wanted to be a No, I mean it where we're at now, you know, we've got such a massive backlog of work that you can Yeah, I don't want to do something that you want to be a little passionate about it. Sure. If it totally sucks Yeah, right kind of Politfully decline that it's just not really for most most of the customers that are coming that are legit and they want something built They're coming because they're they're fans of their followers They've they again like artists not to put ourselves on anything But they've seen the work you've done previously and they're like I want a roadster shop version of whatever right do your thing Yeah, I can a I mean you've been great about that like I fucking want a chevelle whatever The bad part is when it's a video that launches or anything that goes up You get a massive influx of customer emails Phil has to usually deal with those and it's the ones that unfortunately, you have to get back to everybody treat everybody like the same but if it's a I've got a 92 Corsica and I want to do it rear-wheel drive with an LS. How much would that cost? Well We all know that that's probably not if you had the money to build the Corsica, you wouldn't own a Corsica You know saying right you would have something else you'd be calling about a Camaro or something That's eccentric rich, dude. Yeah, there's none of those as pay. No, it's not Corsica's I don't even remember what a Corsica looks like It's like the remember the shitty Front wheel drive GM cars that were like have you had anybody come to you and say that want to build something like this up Oh, yeah, it's all the fucking time. It's in a week constantly Yeah, basically to change anything from what it is if it's front-wheel drive. They want to make it rear-wheel drive It's rear-wheel drive. Let's make it front-wheel drive. Let's make it all-wheel drive Let's make it EV right now. The EV thing is is stupid. Let's Eevee Everything because or on Eevee it on V. Yeah, I've got a Tesla. Let's put an LS in it You know, I know rich been wall did yeah a lot of stuff there, but it's always I just these guys just want to fuck with shit Let's just let's do something that wasn't done Interesting and it's not about because it's cool or let's make something beautiful. Let's make it usable. Let's just fuck with it So do you guys have like a large backlog now of people that want to do projects? We do Yeah, I mean on the car build side and we probably at any given point we're working on 30 ish Projects and it's I mean, it's a couple years to get something going damn But like the bulk of our business our our focus is a chassis manufacturing so, you know we build I mean over a thousand performance chassis a year and that's That's the fun one where you can take on those projects like that like dude calls there There's a brickland kit car that was just in the shop We've got donks that come through there and step vans delivery van like crazy stuff because your truck Somebody else is gonna spend work. We'll build the chassis. Somebody else is gonna take it from there, right? And I got a shop to doing it right there. You know what a brick on looks like you'd look good in a brick What's a brick? What is it? 72 SV or whatever. Yeah, they put them on a Corvette chassis. They're all wing doors and it was god for drug dealers Work guys that play magic the gathering Now these would be successful. Oh, yeah, look at that thing successful hobby shop owner is perfect Successful hobby shop owner is hilarious. That's a hilarious description. Wow. What a gross piece of shit Things awful Things awful but the dude the cult following the shop that's building that and the customer they've got a vision They're gonna take that and modernize and do a bunch of crazy cool shit But yeah, that's see that I've seen people do stuff like that with like for with Ford f40s You know, yeah, I've seen them do stuff like that. It's pretty interesting You know like modem and wide-body them and that cars tiny That's a tiny little car on which car the Ford like the original Ford GT the original one not the 2005 one What does it call that not f40? What is it called? GT for GT for that's a sick car sick car But a lot of people have done things to those like taking them and like extremely modded them Put twin turbo engines in them and wide-bodied them and shit. It's just like wow Yeah, well super performance brought those back. So they made it available because you get like an exact reproduction of that car Oh really, they're starting with kit cards. Yeah do that the original ones are worth millions. Who does that super performance? Sue Super super performance. Okay. Yeah, they do a lot of the cobras and stuff and uh fucking bad It's a it's a nicely built piece, but that's a car you don't need that kind of power and I mean things like this big Yeah, they're so tiny. That's why it's crazy that people are putting like twin turbocharged thousand horsepower engines. Yeah, there you go. Wow That'd be along the lines of the Porsche you're talking about just Holy shit, look at that thing. Yeah, they do they do a good job So they build a brand new one. It's brand new built exactly like the original car was built except the body's not aluminum Wow, it's like it's Shelby license. It goes in the register to it Is it is it all modern suspension and exact duplicate of what was there? So it drives like the original car Yeah, I think they got like a ZF transaxle in him or something like that, which would be like a Pantera kind of transaxle Coilovers and brakes but yeah, but that's it Yeah, so just some suspension components little mild upgrades and same horsepower as you're doing modern motors Yeah, you can put whatever you want in but that's a good example. That's like the Porsche example Like put the right like 500 horsepower in that that thing's gonna be a thrill. We're just an absolute blast to drive Yeah, and if you went too much, it'd probably be unmanageable, right? Yeah, especially like mid-engine like yeah Yeah Yeah, yeah, it's interesting how mid-engine cars like this like in America. All we have is the Corvette Right. That's what we've got now. I mean now you get the Corvette you got the new GT Which isn't exactly mainstream is that the C8? Yeah, and the I have the old GT of a 2005 That's that's a rad car. It's rad car, but it's like there's only a few of those right? It's not like but as far as production cars Like the Corvette is like the first time America has like made like a mass production car Yeah, you've never gravitated to the new the newer vets I mean, I don't like the automatic if they had a sticker I'd buy one if they just don't they don't do that anymore For whatever reason it's like I just think they're missing out on what's fun about driving a car It's like Porsche still gets it Mustang still gets it, but they don't get it when you get up to like the GT 500 That was the old thing about the old GT 500. You could only get in the stick Yeah, I had like a 2011 or something like that. It was great that that was a scary car. Oh Fucking great. I loved it. It was way before trash control or anything like that That thing would just it was super squirrely super squirrely like around corners and shit But it was fun. You like you knew what it would do Like you could hit but it was also like just a thrill to drive the rumble was very old-school muscle car But with like, you know a new look to it, but it handled like an old it didn't handle like a great Handling car a solid rear axle and you know, just overpowered Besides run heavy Tesla. What's the fastest car you've owned? The test was the fastest by far by far and above all the other ones it just burries them all But I have a 911 GT 3 RS from shark works and that's a 2007 it has like 518 horsepower. It sounds like a dragon Yeah, that thing's pretty fucking fast and the handling on the things extraordinary Yeah, it's so good. It handles so it's so thrilling you feel everything in that car and it's so capable That's a great car That's a good wheelbase like square short Yeah, yeah And you get used to that ass and that power coming out of that right behind you if you know, it's very intoxicating It's a totally different feel in the handling where the balance isn't of the car. Isn't that like a When that thing slides out, isn't it kind of like a narrow window before it's gone? Yeah, it's it's tricky for sure you got to know what you're doing, you know, you can't just stomp on the gas when it's sliding You know Chris Harris, you know, just be careful don't do anything stupid. Hey, what's that? Cuda feel like pushing it through those same you got some killer windy roads by you What's that could have feel like compared to it handles really really well porches. Well, that's it's big, right? It's a big car. So it's a little different. It's a different kind of experience But it it handles so well for because when you're describing the balance of it with the rear transaxle That totally makes sense to me because you feel that while you're driving it. It's like really balanced You know and it's just glued to the road to it's great kids are wife into them at all They give a shit. Nope don't like them at all. My kids do sometimes they think it's fun. Well, my wife thinks they're just loud and noisy You think they look pretty they look pretty but there's this loud and noisy What about your family do these sick of them My son's my daughter's in college. She's always been kind of into cool shit But uh, my son he didn't care nothing about anything car related until he was 15 and then now it's it's all it is but again, he's I mean, you know, he's met him and his Connor McGregor still his idol, you know, and he wants to live the Connor life. It's It's difficult to live the Connor life on a 16 year old honor budget. Yeah, it's difficult to do it on a Connor But the guy has to keep making tons of money That lifestyle is crazy. Yeah, but he's a he's into it He's got we've been fixing up a little little oddie coop for him and oh nice into it and shit And then their kids are both younger both their sons are yeah, my son's a nut with that stuff He drove with me and your kuda out to Columbus, Ohio We were kind of shaking that thing down and he's he's at 12 years old He knows more about that card and just cars in general just about anybody. No, that's interesting. He's into it Yeah, well, it's you know, it's fun. It just speaks to people it done for him for being a kid I mean, that's what's cooler than that like if you know, you look like kids are playing with matchbox cars and like his dad's building the real ones like Yeah, full scale. Do you think we're ever gonna come to a time in this country where internal combustion engines are outlawed? I don't think so, man. I really don't I think it's I think you're gonna see that like come full circle Well, my opinion Oh Outlawed or gone away because well, cuz I always outlawed his once for as well Yeah, you take California out of the equation though I mean that but that's what they're doing. It's crazy. You can't buy new internal combustion engines after 2035 and I think this is like 20 something other states fixing to adopt it the same way because you can do it without a vote Yeah, that's crazy. They did it without a vote. I don't think it makes sense. I really don't I don't think there's enough minerals in the ground I don't think they just the mining alone that would have to happen and the reality of what happens in that mining Like people you need to understand what they're talking about They're talking about batteries like the us this idea that batteries just come from fairies and that now all of a sudden you have this like Zero carbon impact vehicle like that's nonsense. That's complete total nonsense You you're ignoring the entire supply process of what it takes to make that what is with people that they don't they won't recognize They don't want to recognize that some people didn't know about it until I had this guy on my podcast said Darth Cara Who wrote a book about it and he went to the Congo to show these illegal? Mines like what they're doing. I mean, it's not illegal. There's no law, right? But they have children working in these mines they have women working in these mines with babies on their back and they're they're mining toxic cobalt and This stuff is I mean, there's no protections no safety these people were like chipping the shit out of the ground and that's a good percentage of all the cobalt that's involved in electronics and batteries and cell phones and all the things that we need and It's not very publicized Then it's it's this man exposed it and he risked his life to do it and he wrote a great book about it and the podcast was It was insane like listening to his story and how he risked his life to get this footage and you know And there were several times where there was men's guns and he got questioned and he had you know a bunch of people that were helping him, but he got out of there eventually with this Reality that everybody now is faced with it's like this is how they get the stuff that you need to run your cell phone Like stop thinking that you know, you have zero impact if you're buying this you're contributing to this we all are and We don't want to keep our fucking heads buried in the ground and pretend it's not happening Yeah, and to say that like everything has to be electronic like slow down like where is this coming from? Who's making it? Who what did what are the conditions like in the places where these people have to put your phone together? What are the conditions like? Yeah, do you know? Dude, Foxconn has nets around the building because people were jumping off. What? Yeah, well, they make iPhones They they put nets around the building because so many people are committing suicide So instead of windows, they're working constantly they work constantly they sleep there Beds underneath their desk or their work areas. It was sleep underneath work sleep work Show the photo of the nets around Foxconn. It's bun. Yeah, look at that They're nets on the oils are listening It could be worse You know wild that is like if you're gonna jump off a building you can't do it here get out of here or if you do You better have good aim man. You're the aim for there's no net How do you explain that to people like when you're walking executives into the building? We've had a huge bird problem What do we we've had a huge bird? How crazy is you've had so many people commit suicide and your solution is putting nets around the building? Those people just go up to the top for fuck this bang. I want it to be over just lock them like all the casinos do lock the windows It's the roof to do maintenance. There's just got to be like better representation of both sides so that people understand Well, really we should be making phones in America and they should be American American wages where people get health and dental and all the stuff you're supposed to get and you have a living wage That's what it's supposed to be and if your phone costs a little more to do that And if I if Apple makes a little less that's how it's supposed to be You're not supposed to be using slave labor to do stuff and you know, we don't have an ethical choice It's not like if you want to be a part of today's society You kind of have to have a smartphone if you're answering emails and doing business It's way more convenient to do that then not have one and there's not like this like very obvious ethical choice Like hey this company only uses high paid labor Everybody has insurance. There's none of that if they only work X amount of hours a day There's none of that you you you get these things and they're all manufactured overseas If is it 2030 is the year is that what California's? I think it's 2035 Yeah If if they were to do that and say it was nationwide right and no new cars after 2020 2035 can beat But they don't touch you. I mean obviously you're not gonna be able to do anything with it What's existing any of the ice motors that are out there that's gonna be like me like judge tread Yeah, imagine what the cost of like a 2020 F-150 would be worth then the only big or desirable or less desirable. I mean there's good I mean I would assume that at least 50 something percent of the population is gonna be like fuck that I'm never going that I'm gonna keep buying my yeah my gas motors Well the thing that always is gonna be an issue with Cars is charging them takes time, right? So you have to sit there So if you're if you're fully out of juice and you're on a cross-country trip How long does it take when you go to those supercharger stations to get you up to 100% again? How long is that so a few hours? Yeah longer than you want to be sitting there? Yeah, so with rising crime and Having places where you know people are gonna be stuck and no security Especially in places like LA good luck with that. Oh, yeah My friend Eddie was telling the story the other day about he almost got robbed at a gas station And he realized these guys were coming towards him and he got out just in time He's like, you know, how you you've been in your car so many times that you can just You know where everything is instantly enough to fumble. He says if that's what saved me that I just jumped in my car and I knew how to And I was just moving already crazy the guy was moving towards him. See that's a little bit like the net scenario though Like what's the problem that we're not solving that like why the yeah, that's why why are you afraid to go sit there and charge your car? At the gas station. Well, you're gonna get fucking robbed. I'm sitting why is nobody looking at airline travel and the way planes are made with doing anything away with They're doing electric motors on that kind of shit There's a concept really currently being developed for a solar power plane. I talked to a guy about it like Over a year ago and they were explaining it and they they have I think they've done a bunch of test flights and they're you Know about and it's gonna be able to go a long way. I just don't know I Don't know how that works, you know, I don't know like how much how much range does it have how safe is it? Like, you know, you don't want to be an early adopter Like flying cars like you see flying cars like yeah, I'm gonna sit that out. Yeah Wow, keep an eye on it, you know Flying the power lines and how many people are gonna fly into trees and start forest fires I think they when they announced that in California wasn't like the next day They also had an announcement for people to stop charging their cars Fucking please don't charge That's the other thing was so hot it maxed out the grid if everybody had an electric car the strain on the grid would be Monumental I don't know if most grids the way they're set up right now would be able to handle that Like if everybody had an electric car wouldn't that take like substantial upgrades to the grid? It's just infrastructure Joe We just you just like you just invest in infrastructure, man You're so confident You think they're worried about all of that stuff or they know that it's impossible. That's why you push it out to It just looks really good on the ballot it does look really good on the ballot That's part of the problem This is a lot of people these knee-jerk reactions to like very complex nuanced problems like the environment Like I had Mike Baker on yesterday and we talked about this and one of the things you're saying like the vast majority Of the pollution the carbon emissions in the world is coming from China and India There's the vast majority of it and they're not gonna change They're not gonna change what they do what we do We're not gonna put a dent in what they're doing and there's a bunch of people that think that the way to get us out of this and the way to mitigate climate change in Terms of like human impact on it is actually to build up Poor communities and get them on the electrical system get nuclear power to these places or so or something and like Elevate their standard of life. You'll have less pollution You'll have less you'll have less probably you'll definitely have less issues in terms of like health consequences the people that live there and in turn as they become more you know Sustainable they live a better life their lifestyles better. You'll have less pollution They just need it just people need to be incentivized Like they need to have some sort of like there's places in the world that have no hope and they just burn tires They don't give a fuck right? Like they're not thinking about the environment. They're thinking about how I get by How do I stay alive? I'm back to your point on making stuff here. I'm what I don't know the Numbers, but I'm wondering what if you were to say in ten years. We're requiring 90% of every single thing we used to be made in the USA, right? So you cut out all that air freight and all that that freight line all the shipping with a shipping is huge Everyone's talking about providing jobs if we take if we take all that shit What does that do for the carbon footprint if we're not shipping all those freighters? Yeah, we're building shit here I've got a huge and granted this is just me like looking at Google doing Google research But look at what a look at what a container ship You uses in fuel consumption. It's fucking insane It's like the equivalent of like every single vehicle in the United States like in it Annually like just back. That's it It seems like a huge dent you'd put in it by us making the shit here. Yeah here. That would be a big dent That would be massive There's I mean that's obviously a long-term project. Unfortunately when manufacturing really kind of got out of the United States When they started shipping and building cars overseas and ruined Detroit. I mean Detroit just fell apart That Roger and me movie you guys ever see that never seen never heard of it. You never heard of it. It's The fuck's his name? Jimmy Michael Moore Michael Moore that guy It's a great documentary and it's about Flint, Michigan It's about right after they closed all the plants down and everybody just read nothing and nothing to do and just like the city collapsed and All that happened because they wanted to make shit cheaper They wanted to pay people less and it's more profitable for them to have you know, they're manufacturing plants in other countries Dude, it's nuts. That was that the one song for whitey the other day. Yeah, you know, why do Morgan? Yeah, I've heard the name we went he was on the podcast and we went to he did a local show and stuff like that He's from Flint and his his dad and granddad worked in the auto and he does has a song It was telling about it. Yeah, we were talking to him about like Michigan it came up because you know, we go to shows in Michigan and Michigan's got a very like southern Redneck pocket right very it's weird because of how North it is But he talked about all the people from the south moved up there for these auto jobs and all the wages, right? And it just it's that area but he talked about the same thing when it when they shut it down I mean it just killed that fuck specifically Flint. That's where he's from It's a horrible story and they did that because they wanted to make more money Imagine knowing that you're gonna just destroy Thousands of people's lives like instantly. I'm not like yeah, I want to make more money. I'm not trying to put you on blast I really want to know on it a normal On a normal like how the kids say that these days put you on blast Well on a purchasing decision when you're going to buy something how big how does that weigh on you knowing that it's made in America? Well, I'd like to buy everything made in America if it was possible I would like to buy everything made somewhere where people are paid fairly, right? That's what we that's like would should be the normal ethical exchange for everything If you go to a restaurant you want to know that everyone's being taken care of and paid fairly, you know You go to buy a car from you guys. You want to you want to pay you for your work? It's like very it's a good exchange That's That's what I think I like to think about and the thing that bums me out is if you're buying something that you know Is made by people that are essentially slaves? I mean the people working in Fox what what options they have like, what do they do? Is there an option to only work eight hours a day? No, like it's probably not It's what it's probably insane. They're using young people to do it, too It's all fucking sketchy. Is there any American made electronics? There's no American made phones No, I don't believe there is is there is there an American made cell phone that I'm not aware of There will be other electronics is a better that's what we're gonna pivot to that's gonna be the freedom phone It's gonna be like an eight-year-old Android that's gonna suck It's gonna burn your sure you gotta plug it in dude, you know, you remember when those Samsung phones were exploding They're catching fire and lighting people's cars. You mentioned being in the head of PR for that phone call Hey, we've got a problem a real I remember when they were making people shut them off on plane. Yeah Yeah, you know to shut them off. Yeah, if you have a Samsung device Shut your phone off. I was like that is discrimination. Did you I've been on the I've been Boarding on a plane and you see the shame of like the people that don't want to admit They're like, hey, you have a Samsung phone and like there nobody wants to be I've Unfortunately, I've been a Samsung guy. I'm an Android guy. Do you do you? Still do they still give you a hard time about it? No, no, they don't Because on a text chain, you know, it's yeah you fuck it up and make it green Why do you want to stick with that platform? It's interesting like people who have real rebels. They stick with that platform Yeah, I like I mean, I like the Google integration everything Google through everything But yeah, I guess there is a little bit of the rebel fact. I probably would have Honestly, I never like thought you were that badass until you brought that up That's pretty fuck off. That's some serious rebel shit right there. Yeah There's all my fucking text come through green Nobody can see I don't like having the whole everything like Apple iPhone iCloud all the stuff like you have to have so many everything's linked together It's just a fucking phone and if I do a Gmail, you know it already met it's simple. I'm probably simple minded That's why I like it. No, you just like it Okay, there's two choices but a good one in the Android Are the videos tiny on your phone when you look at them too But my videos are great But why is that that's the dumbest thing like it but the thing is like Apple's very smart They're very smart I message because if they just allowed people to send text messages with the same You know thing with I message where you get full-length video like their full resolution Full resolution photographs, but nope they compress the fuck out of that shit It's like second-class citizens But if you send one to your friends with another Android phone does it come out normally? That's full. It's full. No anybody else that has an angel. Yeah, you don't even know Total yes, I looked at his face. I'm where Philly's line The you and you can share like you can go through the Google share thing and it's you know You know what Google share Yeah, remember they tried that Google Plus Google Plus. This is we don't need other social media That didn't work. That's what's fascinating about social media It's like people just find like YouTube for example, like you don't have a whole lot of other choices No, you don't like it's they've tried. Yeah, it doesn't stick not now. They just nailed it They figured it out and they dominate but it's like so simple in a way You just it's just a place we can upload videos, right? But it's so they've done it so much better than everybody else It's weird. We're like trying to create a new YouTube like Good luck getting people. They're so addicted to just looking on YouTube every day. There's so much to look at What uh, what's the threads deal? It's like a Twitter It's like a version of Twitter that Facebook built it looks exactly like Twitter. I think they're even getting sued because it looks so right Elon suing them. Is that real? Yeah, they hired I think well, I think I read they hired a person that worked at Twitter and I copied stuff Well, that's what happens you fire everybody They go to work for your competitor and they know things that was in Silicon Valley that HBO show is the same shit here It is threads user count falls to new lows highlighting retention challenges. Oh, no, how many people are on it now? You know, this was even two weeks ago They're down 82% whoa That's pretty typical for a new app though. It's hard to retain people Yeah The thing is like people are so addicted to like their tick tock they go from their tick tock to their Twitter Like it's very difficult to get people to change platforms Change Off the tick tock deal. I just think it's too well, maybe it's a little too youthful for me I dude you're dancing is fucking killer though. Yeah, I don't watch those videos. I just post them. It's very it's very addictive I'll tell you that I watch people just scroling through their tick tock all day long. It's so addict They just get constant stimulation something anything dancing motorcycle crash this that you know my daughter and she's in college and that's sorority stuff and that's That's where they live. I mean everything is tick tock based. It's all about tick tock and China's tracking Everything they do. Yeah Everything we think we're doing strokes. Are they doing with that? Yeah, who knows? I mean that constantly comes up like it's a concern But what are they doing? Well, here's the thing as Technology becomes more and more powerful what you can do with data changes and If you have a massive amount of data about people's behavior Their patterns what they're interested in what they gravitate towards what retains them what doesn't retain them and then all the stuff You're not supposed to have like their email addresses their fucking passwords like their keystrokes It can actually monitor the keystrokes that you have so it could be sending that data So it could be transcribing text messages emails like whatever you've got not just on that But also on other devices that are connected to the network So if you have a network and you have devices that are connected to the network and that's nothing and all that Yeah, like they I believe it has access to computers that aren't even like don't even have tick tock on them Really? Yes. Yeah, I think that's part of the user agreement Yeah, then we didn't we read all this see get pull it pull it up because it's a great Word when you read it, you're like what it's so invasive. Where do they store all the dick pics? Imagine the servers. Yeah, there's like a certain cloud dick heavy cloud One of them big storm clouds filled with dicks Yeah, so what I wanted to read is the one part that we I know we read it on the podcast once I Don't know where you read it from. Yeah, see if you can get us. Yeah, I did read it off my phone I know I got it in my notes, but it's You know, it's like data is very very valuable data is all that Facebook has it's all the Google has I mean they have infrastructure and you know staff and all that stuff But like the big money is in the data and no one even knew that that was a commodity Everybody just gave up their data not ever thinking it was gonna be insanely valuable for targeting people for advertised Is that the biggest concern is what they can do? From a financial standpoint versus like a malicious attack with that data I mean the the real thing is like We don't know what What it like I read something about DNA, you know like one of those ancestry things where they got bought out and someone paid For all the the DNA data. That's an interesting one. That's a little fucked up Yeah, see if that's real because it might have been one of them things where I was like scrolling through Instagram and it was like Some wacky person screaming about something. You always got to double check these See if that's real But I don't know what What I mean as technology increases you have to think in terms of possibilities like maybe that data is gonna be even more valuable and more More personal what you don't you know, we don't know like what we're giving up Blackstone to acquire ancestry for 4.7 billion Okay, but do they But do they have access to the DNA database of all the people that sent into ancestry Right. What do they have do they have access to they buy the company or did they acquire the database as well? You know I'm saying for four point seven billion I'd certainly think that they got all the get it all assets and it is that but that's the thing Do they think of other people's personal DNA as an asset? Is it listed as an asset or is it just the business that does DNA testing that they bought? Because that's very it's a very popular business If I'm right, I'm gonna check on all that right But I mean I'm wondering if you can sell that like when people give up when when they send it in Right when they get their DNA test done. Are you giving up your rights to that information? Wonder if you sign any what waiver when you scroll all the way bottom and you know terms and conditions years like yeah You're not reading the 48 pages. Yeah. Well. Hey we're gonna sell one day all that shit goes with it That's the scariest conversation about bioweapons that they could make a they can make a bioweapon specifically targeted for you Wow if they knew your DNA that's You talk about like the tick tock and China having all that shit you know you have something like a January 6 that happens right and all the red tape to get all of the you know geo Data from Facebook and everybody else is like fuck you you know we're not giving you shit You think they can get anything there's any backdoor deals like hey we need Work US government working with China to get Any of that shit to if something were to happen like that they have that kind of relationship to get it in Backdoor channels of like the US would get the information from China. Yeah I don't know if China would have they would have to admit. They're taking it And I think there's been like real dispute as to like with tick tock in particular like where the data goes China's the world's biggest Face recognition dealer, and then it says in the sub headline that the US is the second largest exporter exporter And there's a video. I'm trying to find of this What's happening I said the video was made as though. This is what's happening in China right now showing the surveillance Mm-hmm taking facial recognition and showing you driving down the freeway and cars and tagging the license plates and all that stuff Like even how or why that's happening is a big question well They just want people to know that they're being tracked everywhere you go Then you'll self-censor, then you'll you'll stay in line You won't do anything and in China. What's really scary is the places that have? Everything connected to a social credit score So you have a centralized digital currency and then you have a social credit score and if your social credit score is too low You can't do things can't buy things Can't buy a car. How does your social credit score go down you gotta be a good boy your Google search history? It's literally like your tweets you like what you don't what what do you do wrong? What do you do right did you pay your taxes on time like there's a? It's sketchy stuff man because you're you're you're stopped. You're not gonna be a human anymore You're gonna be a human that's deeply influenced by the fact that you know you're constantly under surveillance and you that gives into tyranny and people have control over your life that way and the people that Have access to the switch to decide whether or not you get money You whether or not you can fucking buy a plane ticket whether or not you could buy certain groceries like they just shut you off Yeah, I wonder if you're of means can you buy credits for that? Social credit score yeah, it's a good question Yeah, I'm sure that somebody's my make a million dollar donation and get another 50 points on your social credit score It's a bribe to be able to buy a plane ticket. Yeah, that's our future if we don't wise up so many people that just want They want the government to have that kind of control because they think it'll silence the people that they oppose They don't realize it's gonna come for you, too like there's a real Strong reason why the founding fathers set this place up the way they did because they knew that people getting control things They have too much power and then so they made it like real complicated But multiple layers of justice and that's the that's just to stave off this fucking Normal desire that people have to absolutely control the people that are under them. That's why kings existed That's why monarchs and that's why rule emperors. That's what they've always done that forever and It's just a natural human instinct for one person want to control everything or one group to control everything and have everybody said be their subjects Glad we could just focus on building fucking cars I'm gonna just keep kicking it old-school. You know, we're fucking Manufacturing things out of steel in America Yeah, and I have to worry about any of this because I'm not an important enough person that anybody's gonna utilize any of that stuff Against me. I'm just gonna it is weird the country that requires so much of our stuff to be brought in Yeah, it is on our end You saw it like such a negative change when you started bringing in like steel from India steel from China Yeah I mean you'd get some stuff that was just crap right you were manufacturing stuff and you're making a control arm for a car and you get a load of steel and You look at this stuff and we just reject it You're only using USA steel because the shit would just tear rip break really jump couldn't bend it I never even thought of that before so there's different standards in how people manufacture steel. Yeah. Oh Wow, the steel Said that to me about the Twin Towers this friend of mine from New York He goes, you know what? Nobody talks about when they talk about the Twin Towers. I go what he goes Construction methods he's like who fucking knows if they use the right steel who knows where they got that shit from who knows? You know, it's supposed to be two inches thick and they made it an inch and a half like who like cutting corners in construction and Finagling shit and and if they got their steel from a questionable source, I mean, I don't know maybe it's all American steel Maybe I'm wrong, but his take on it was like bro Like this is like people like the towers aren't supposed to fall that way like not supposed to be built that way either probably That was his take on it not mine his take on it and I was like, huh I never thought of that before because I know that there are certain construct I'm not saying this construction company certain construction companies that do a fucking terrible job and people find out about it way too late And then you know, there's buildings that are just massive buildings that they have to fucking demolish Yeah They were just built wrong Also don't know how good it no matter how good of an engineer you are if you could have planned for two fucking planes to fly Exactly exactly and then the fires and the heat that comes along with that I don't know if there's an like a simulation you could run on your FBA analysis Yeah, dude was that but how old were you when that happened? That was I was Was 19. No, you weren't yeah I had to be 19 That was one of those moments where I think no one There's like a few moments in your life where you're like, I remember exactly where I was when I heard that I remember exactly where I was standing when I was watching the television. Yep I got a call over and over and over again CNN boom boom. I Remember my mom talking about it like it was when she remembers as a kid when Kennedy got assassinated The same thing it was like that same kind of focused around the TV. Whatever. Yeah, I remember I was headed to work I got that phone call like Holy shit, you know, it's wild though. Like those weeks after 9-11 people were so nice It was so different real sporting events. Yeah, and it was just like just the pride in the country You you walking down the road just like high-fiving folks. Yes. I went to see the UFC in Vegas right after September 11th and this is before I was working for the UFC and I was in the audience and T door tees was fighting and he came out with an American flag in the whole world Yeah And I was with my friend Eddie were like whoa, this is wild like it just felt so different It felt so different It's like America felt united really drive down the street. Everybody had a American flag on their car They're those little American flag things to stick to your window It happens that way and I mean happens that way in your family happens that way in in business It happens that way in any relationship. You've got to have unfortunately that bad fucking thing to remind you the good to remind you the good And everybody comes together and it's like alright, we're we can fight amongst each other about all kinds of fucking things Yeah, but when something bad like that happens you realize it's so easy for people to lose perspective And that's why like the better things get the more people complain. It's like People it's so easy for people to lose perspective and not just appreciate things It's how human beings are always we always want more, you know And we're never really and then when something goes away, like I said about when you get sick you realize like oh, yeah Once you lose it, this is what's important. What's important is being healthy. That's more important than anything If you were a rich person and someone said, okay, we have to stay sick I give a cold a bad cold for the rest of your life But you get to stay rich or you could just be poor again You have to take being poor you can't be you'd have to be so fucking stupid Money Just walk around rich with ya What do you want around rich? Just tired all the time coughing everywhere you go can't go upstairs Why didn't the country come together during covert like they did after 9-11? Well because the country was divided everybody was literally divided. Everyone was isolated That's a very weird like psychological experiment to run on people not saying they did it on purpose But if you wanted to do a psychological experiment on people the best way to do is to isolate them keep them from working isolate them Okay, you got people already that are filled with anxiety and then all sudden this comes along For a lot of people like it was psychological overload and they were offered up one solution this is this one solution is gonna get us out of this you got to get vaccinated and They were telling every everyone has to do it. You gotta do it. I'm doing it We're all doing it and no one really knew what the long-term effects were no one really knew how effective it was No one really took into account that these pharmaceutical drug companies have always done shady shit They have the most criminal fines. They they they're always getting busted 25% of their drugs get pulled after they get approved It's just a wild ass business And if you ever watched like dope sick or you read anything about the Sackler family and the opioids like these people Like they make great drugs for with great reason they do wonderful things for people's health There's a lot of great drugs that really help people and then there's a machine that just wants to make money And that machine is in cahoots with the media and that machine was in cahoots with all the people that were promoting it in the health agencies and Every doctor had to fall in line and if they didn't if they tried to prescribe other things they risked losing their job And so that's why people didn't get brought together because they were fucking terrified and All the conditions were there to make people more divided More divided and more scared and some people still haven't recovered. I still see people with masks on to this day Outside walking around with masks on or driving in the car by themselves all the time. Yeah, just People that were already probably like very anxious and very fucked up. I like the guy you saw what three four months ago. It's a stretched Hayabusa Motorcycle right big ass wheel on back guys got no helmet, but he's got a kovat mask on Like guarantee you buddy, it's not the kova that's gonna kill ya well, maybe just want bugs in his mouth Is that what imagine if you've you know, you don't have a helmet on like you're gonna get some bugs in your face Yeah, but it's just like the standard paper Shitty mask. It's like you're it's like a cat when they hide under a table, but you still see their tail It's like I see you it's like that doesn't work Like it's like you're you're playing a stupid trick Yeah, but it's a lot of it. I think it's it's gotten to be where it's sending a message. Yeah, they want everybody to know hundred percent Oh, yeah, they're doing the right thing. I still wear a mask I see people on Twitter like someone will declare, you know, I still max mask up everywhere I go I double mask in public and ever and then underneath it people like yeah me too I do too I was just like shut ins and insane people that don't want to let it go and they'll probably mask up three four or five Years from now, too. Okay, go ahead but that's what what it is is like it cracked some people and That those circumstances that it happened under where people were divided because they were literally isolated at home That just causes so much anxiety and then you can't work and then the bills are piling up You don't know if you're gonna lose your house and your business is shut down. You're like, yeah We got shut down. We got shut down for like how long those six weeks seven weeks But in California was a long Chicago. I was actually the start of the Kuda that was Yeah, yeah We were shut down for six weeks and him and John came in and cut the floor out of your car Built the chassis built the floors. Yeah, I watched the Autotopia la video that you guys did it was great. Yeah, dude. Sean does a kick-ass job on those man Yeah, we were talking about him last night. Like that guy so obviously loves cars. Yeah, so it's infectious It is you can't fake that. Yep, you know, and that's why his channel is popular. It's like you can't fake genuine like Appreciation. Yeah, appreciate. He's like a likable dude. Yeah, you like watching the stuff and yeah He's a good job of videos to he just lets the cars speak for themselves. He asked the right question. He's fucking good Yeah, and when he drives them you can clearly see he's having a great fucking time Yeah, we had some dude that the little video he did on the kid was cool because that was actually We had some legitimate pissed off fucking neighbor. That was really cool that made for a great video. I do I was in the car screaming in the elevator. It was not fucking happy. What was he mad about? We're on some like where our shops at like just past the shop It's like almost like the country right you kind of got in these country roads and this dude just got so pissed because they were Staying on the side of the road filming but it was in his it was his property And he was mumbling something about him and I get my gun or the one gun away or like hey shut the fuck up It's this is it's a public damn road They had stopped and talked to the guy and the neighbor he said you can park right there in that pull around So they parked in that pull around because the neighbor gave him permission apparently the neighbor That actually owned the property says that's not the neighbor's driveway to say it's okay And he just instead of being like hey dude like what's going on he just right came out hot How about the two neighbors? We're just fucking with each other. It's been an ongoing feud I'm gonna get him go park in his defense though imagine if you're just trying to enjoy a calm peaceful day at home You're doing these fucking redfoot takes Down that road. There's only one two or three, right? They're loud who the fuck wouldn't like that that guy. Yeah, that was the one guy. We know there's at least one Yeah, he's at home watching old bonanza episodes We're in his mask Yeah, some people are weird man. They don't they don't like loud noises. I get it though if you're in a country Quiet setting it's a loud ass car Yeah, it is do you like seeing that you like seeing the videos of that car before you get to see it in person? Or would you rather have it like a surprise? No, I don't mind at all It's great to see the videos that makes you I'm more excited to see it when I get it But uh, no the videos are awesome, you know, and the the one that Sean did was great Sean did one of my 69 Nova to the one that Steve stroke built me. Yeah, that one's awesome, too. Hey, he's great Does awesome shit. I'm just so glad that that's one of those things that came out of social media That's interesting is like an individual content creator that it's just like probably wouldn't get a job doing that on a television show But his show super successful just because genuine just because he really loves cars He's a relikable guy and he's doing this thing It's like he doesn't look like your classic guy that is hosting a car show with coiff tear on the Discovery Channel You know the man. Yeah, not a cheesy right exactly Who's talking to you about a 69 Camaro, you know, it's like he's not that he's he's just a regular human being Yeah a lot of shit with TV Why do you think that TV executives don't realize for especially car related shit to get somebody that's legit and well because they want to control Everything right so they want to decide what you say. They want to tell you where to stand They want to set the scene They have like all these things in their mind that they want the show to be in order for it to be successful in their defense They think they have a model in their mind what a successful show looks like but what they Problem also is they don't have a lot of time to make something successful So if you're doing something like Autotopia like what do you need you need a few cameras? Like you don't need a lot and you just upload it. It's not that much, right? If you're doing a television show you have union wages you have trucks you have grips You have all these fucking people that are moving things around and carrying things lighting and then you have the executives you have the people That are at the studio you have you've got 30 40 50 people that are involved in every project and millions of dollars in the budget So if it's not successful right away It's gonna lose money and then they just bail on it so you have like a few episodes to catch fire and if it doesn't work you're gone and then the new one comes in and then they invest a sizable amount of money putting together some new thing and By doing that sometimes you make good shows when you got a bunch of great people with a good vision But a lot of times you you get too many things that don't work with each other that well And whoever the person is that you wanted to host the show never really gets to be themselves So they never really get to like people don't connect with them. They don't feel it They just it's just fake and it doesn't feel that good. So you don't like it So nobody watches it whereas you can do a show like look at Jay Leno's garage the perfect example Jay Leno was the host of tonight show. It's like yeah, he did a great job, but it was not that thrilling It was just the tonight shows. It's this thing. It was mediocre Mildly entertaining, but when you see Jay Leno hosting Jay Leno's garage, he's great at it Yeah, he fucking loves car. He's so in his element. It's so normal and natural That guy loves cars when he's talking about whatever it is when he's driving around the car asking questions That guy fucking loves it And so the people that like weren't into Jay Leno from the tight show days because it was no clean family corporate television They love him now. They're like, oh, he's a car guy. You get the uncensored Jay Leno the real Jay Leno That's the real Jay Leno and that's what you get with like YouTube and things like that now and what you guys are doing on Your podcast too. It's the same cut you just being yourself. Yeah, you know and talking about cool shit Yeah, just talking about cars and whiskey other dumb shit dumb shit. Yeah, I got you, right But people love like tuning in and stuff like that, you know, they'd love like knowing there's only a few people working on this This is not like some massive project and involves corporations and this is coming straight from bunch of people Yeah, and that's the thing that they can't duplicate. That's why I like New shows like CNN. They just feel so fake. Everything feels fake. Everyone's talking fake and they you know Cut to commercial and every five minutes is like what is this? It's like a shitty format You think they realize that and if so, what's their pivot? They're trapped. It's working. They're trapped. Yeah, they're making money and it but they're Viewership is as low as it's ever been it's really low like way down from to the Trump era Well ads have to be down too I mean aren't being major corporations can't get the bigger ROI from going to more YouTube channels or podcasts or anything like that Yeah, but there's also this interesting relationship between advertisement and influence Like if a primary source of your ad revenue is a certain company perhaps You won't report about things that company does that are bad as long as they think that really happens I think I think that's a particle that's part of the relationship. They have it's not as simple It's like this is the most profitable place to advertise It's also this is a place that if we advertise we continue this relationship and this relationship Clearly is in some way influenced by the money that it gets from these corporations It's not gonna openly criticize these corporations that are funding a giant chunk of their ad revenue That's why they're fucked. Yeah, so they're fucked and It's always gonna be better to get your your news source from someone who's like an actual journalist who's independent You can get that now and that's what people are realizing. That's why cables like sort of slowly slipping away When does Netflix have news? That's interesting when do they it's not a bad idea right? I mean regular people read the news like just like Actual as Could be the thing about the news is like you want to know all the news So if they just told you one story like one story about the wildfires in Maui Really, they should be talking about that all day. It should be like hours and hours and hours It can't really be five minutes Right, you know can't really be like more than 90 people are dead a thousand are missing back to you Bob today The Clippers scored a hundred you can't do that Clippers didn't score 100 Yeah It's just like It they you know, they don't have the time To give you new and you don't want it either because you just really people are spoon-fed. They want to know. Okay, what's going on in? Ukraine, okay. How's the economy? Okay, his bud light still suck. Okay, like it's okay to watch the Barbie movie So They can't really go into depth about things and they they can't talk about certain things It's not like they can just tell you what they really feel about what's going on They can't start talking about the military industrial complex and its influence on politicians. They're not gonna tell you all these stories It's like very controlled and and people realize that now and they're not interested in anymore And so, where do you think like where the hell do people go to get that that accurate news at some podcasts? Yeah Independent journalists who've made podcasts guys like Matt Taibbi guys like Crystal and Sagar on breaking points people that are Independent and reliable and honest and they can give you the information as they see it The last two are the hardest ones to put your finger on extra so many like fake People who are pushing one agenda and you don't know what the side of the story is and yeah They spin into whatever direction they want it to go. Yeah, just pure propaganda And they're allowed to do that now which is just like one of the things that's really bizarre that came out during Elon buying Twitter is finding out how much of the FBI had involvement in censoring tweets Yeah, and censoring tweets that turned out to be accurate Sensoring tweets about the hunter Biden laptop censoring tweets about kovat and vaccine data And it's just like the FBI was involved in people's tweets like how what in Facebook, too It's like oh Dude, it's all me. Honestly, if you're not listening like regularly listen to some prominent podcasts You're not getting any sort of like factual information. I mean forgot like me. I'm a hot rod builder to you I'm a businessman. I'm not you know Well Politics aren't really my fucking thing But right like listening to like you Jordan Peterson RFK jr. I didn't never fucking known about that dude Right, and I think he's pretty fucking cool, dude and listen it very interesting on very unbelievable Yeah, I mean incredibly interesting and that's something you would never hear about like that's that's not gonna come up on mainstream news and like Motivated guy like me to be more interested in that guy when no one's gonna ever let him just talk like that He told me that over 18 years. No one just let him talk like that Just let him not interrupt him not stop him not trying to try to change the subject to say just go ahead Tell me everything that you think your podcast Jordan Peterson I think you said like four words the entire time and he just ran well Jordan's perfect for that I mean he's also in tune right now because he does all these lectures. So Jordan does these like huge like stadiums is just giant fucking places and he's just he's Essentially ranting for like an hour and a half and he has prepared bullet points and things he wants to talk about But he kind of lets the flow go when he gets up there and just and but he can do that about anything and everything He's so he's ridiculously smart like Confusingly smart sure okay But the amount of reading that guy's done like that just the fucking the things that he can recall the tips of his finger Like instantaneously, it's it's pretty stunning I'm still thinking about the Facebook shit. Sorry In the FBI so I'm just got this Picture my head like at the Facebook headquarters. You've got the dude that's on the phone with FBI, right? And he's like, all right Yeah, we're gonna suppress those tweets We're gonna do that and like he's sharing a cubicle and this other dude like Mitch is bitching about like Facebook marketplace and Deb is You know in Nevada bitching about like her post for vases get taken down I got such a huge business right different levels there. You think it's different floors? But you think about fate like the things that Facebook's dealing with on a daily basis just for to run their stuff and then dealing With it, you know, I can't believe you deleted my post, you know Well, there's also weird things they do like I've read this thing today Jamie. Well, I only read the headline I didn't read the article. It's gonna bring it up today. Um, they said that uh, at one point in time Facebook was contacted by the FBI about one of Tucker Carlson's videos and that they They reduced the Views of it or the reduce the reach of it by 50% Google that see what the fuck that's all about. What did it ever came out on Tucker? Is it what was the real reason they fucking shit can do? I don't think you'll ever know. I don't think he said I don't think he can he's probably in the middle of a lawsuit Probably can't talk about it But it's pretty wild You got literally the only successful guy on cable news the only one that has a loyal fan base and the only one who says wild Shit, he was talking like a pod like he was on a podcast. Yeah, but he's doing it on Fox Like some of the things he said like the CIA killed Kennedy and everybody's like what the fuck? Guy on Fox, he just said the CIA killed Kennedy. I Was just looking at your Kennedy framed deal on Patrick but David gave me that nuts. It's pretty cool. Do we find it that story? Is it horse shit not saying either way? I just said that's not a I don't know where you saw it so I have to Find so I would just want you to Google Facebook reduced Tucker Carlson's video reach but not a single thing came up that way with other articles about different stuff with Tucker's name and Facebook and Fox News and predictions and this and that does nothing about They reduced the search history. I should have saved it Damn it. That's always one of those ones one of my you'll be able to find this Just too many fucking stories out there now is your screenshots on your phone just like you're ridiculous. Oh, yeah Yeah Then you try to go back and be like why there's gonna be something in that that I write Exactly. Like what is that? It just looks like you found it Was it say Jim? I don't know. That's By it I got a Biden administration press Facebook about censoring Tucker Carlson post federal lawsuit. Yeah, that's it from July. Yeah so despite Facebook staff Assessing that the video did not qualify for removal from the site So Facebook complied with requests from members of President Joe Biden's White House staff to throttle the reach of a 2021 video by then Fox News host Tucker Carlson According to the federal lawsuit and it says despite Facebook staff assessing that the video did not qualify for removal so under the the request by the federal government They decided to throttle a video that they couldn't remove because it didn't qualify for being removed So that means it didn't violate anything. Now, what was this video about? Mmm That's so crazy. I'm just I'm sure they've got their best interests at heart. Yeah, I'm sure we're going on a path Okay, here it is. Mr. Carlson. Okay strategy deputy assistant to the president and director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty emailed Facebook executives demanding the suppression of a video segment by mr. Carlson in which he questioned their safety and Asserted that people who had taken the kovat 19 vaccines had sustained injuries and died Mr. Flaherty also flagged a video by another Fox News host Tommy Lauren Who said she wouldn't take a vaccine That's why I hold Well, that's true though people did sustained injuries and some people did die from it. That's true and They got Facebook to throttle that Even though it's true. That's why And we paid for that staff of all those people to watch those videos and flag them and let Facebook know to Hold on stop Listen to this then White House senior kovat 19 advisor Andy Slavitt also messaged Facebook executive Nick Clegg about mr. Carlson's video according to the judge's Tuesday ruling mr. Slavitt expressed his displeasure that Facebook did not remove the video and said not for nothing But the last time we did this dance it ended in an insurrection Mr. Clegg in turn noted that the video did not qualify for removal Holy shit Despite the video not qualifying for removal Facebook officials said mr. Carlson's video was being demoted to reduce its reach and in April 16 2021 follow-up Facebook officials told mr. Flaherty that the platform gave mr. Carlson's video a 50% Demotion for seven days and stated that it would continue to demote the video despite it not violating the platform's policies That's why That's just pure censorship. That's Information that turns out to be true that you don't like you don't want people knowing about it And so you contacted a social media company and said the last time we did this dance it ended in an insurrection This is wild stuff man. These are these fucking nuts It's just nuts man. I'm sure they know what they're doing That's interesting to hell Yeah, it's very strange It's very strange that people who appreciate the First Amendment and the importance of it if you're an American It's like one of the most important things that we have that other countries don't have It's our ability to express ourselves freedom of speech. It's fucking everything people don't think it's everything. It's Everything see only way you find out what's true when people can't talk and someone can say something that is inaccurate or it's propaganda And you have no one that can say any different you got to take the Second Amendment along with it though if you take Yeah, if you take just the first people are gonna be super fucking pissed off and they've got weapons, right? exactly Well, they're trying to take the second one. Yeah, there's a lot of that going on Yeah It's weird times fellas dude. There's crazy times crazy crazy Yeah, but pretty fun pretty fun times too because it's so wacky like every day Something new a bunch of people getting fucking killed in a submarine, you know, it's like every day There's something some new craziness to pay attention to know that joke last night. I'm not gonna give it. Oh Tony Yeah, I'm super lucky Holy if you never get next time you guys come back into town I gotta take you to kill Tony kill Tony's the literally the best comedy experience you could ever have it's a show that he does live from the mothership every Monday and it's a panel of like Brian Red band and Tony who are the host of the show and then professional comedians and like last time we did it was It was me My friend Kurt Metzger and Post Malone like we were the guests and it was so fun It was just fucking ridiculously fun And the show is amateurs and people just starting out get one minute and they go up and do one minute and then they get Roasted by the panel and there's an amazing band. It's the most fun show ever. I'm sure it left it in that's and Tony hosts that That's like his he's been doing it for like 13 years Yeah, he's been how long he's been hosting 10 10 because we just did the anniversary. Yeah 10 years He's doing an anniversary Well, he did an anniversary show a 10-year anniversary show that we did it at the this big theater in town And then they're doing a New Year's show at a fucking arena So they're doing an HEB arena for Kill Tony for New Year's damn congrats to him, but that's awesome bananas Filling arenas. It's got to be a hell of a feeling. Yeah for this crazy show leaving up to it Yeah that they started in this tiny room in the comedy stores this place called the belly room and only seats like 70 people That's where they started this show Like 10 years nuts. That's fucking nuts It's wild right it's but I mean bring it back to you guys like when you first started roaster shop and now being one of The premier builders in the world of those kind of cars. I mean, how long you guys been around for? Did we've been doing this now 20 years? Yeah, time fucking flies. So when you first started out in like the 2003 market Like what was available in terms of like custom suspensions and things along those lines? In 2003, I mean it was a different world What people were interested in was wildly different so you had a different You know different demographic guys were into like 30s hot ruts really when you looked at like aftermarket custom cars They were like a 1932 Ford a deuce Roadster or something like that five window coupe That's what was the popular aftermarket the muscle car stuff hadn't really been modified yet. So there was like Aftermarket suspension for those we were manufacturing chassis for 30s and 40s Street Rots called and it wasn't until like and I don't know probably like 2008 2007 What do you think caused this shift you think it was shows like overhaul in and rides? You know honest I don't know when when the recession hit we our entire shop was all 1930s hot ruts When we weathered the storm and got through the recession There wasn't a single one of those left and it was all muscle cars and it was it was like a fucking light switch You know, I don't know what the deal was if it was just a changing of the guards we always think a little bit generational of what was cool when you were in high school or what your parents had and then there's always like a Josh put it best like a pendulum of this is cool. This is cool We're gonna do the complete opposite and it swings the other direction and you're just constantly going back and forth high-end show cars to patina drivers from Pro touring muscle cars and lifted off-road four-wheel-drive stuff. It's just always moving. Mmm Everybody wants to do something different, you know, it's a counterculture part of it as soon as something I even heard I think y'all were talking about on Post Malone's podcast Everybody's into something until you find out like everybody else is into it, right? And then it's like I gotta do something fucking different. Yeah, but if everybody got into muscle cars, I wouldn't stop Yeah, I don't think so. I don't think they have this because there's so many different one There's so many different muscle cars are so many different styles and ways to build them I feel that way about the UFC to like when I first started working for the UFC when I I Started working for them in 97. I did it from 97 and 98 and then I did it again I started working again for them in 2001, but if Well, I was back when nobody know knew what the fuck it was I was doing these shows in 97 Dothan, Alabama You're flying in a propeller plane and people are fighting with shoes on Bare knuckle and headlights were legal like it was crazy. There's the crazy times I'm happy that more people are I'm not like I knew when it was cool Like that's that to me is so dumb Like if you like a band and also on the band makes it like yeah, it fucking sold out Yeah, I don't like now everybody likes them He's changed to write all different fighting styles and different weight class and that's kind of cool and yeah, it's just gotten better It's just constantly gotten better the people today are just the best ever It's just it's insane like the level of talent and that it's such a pressure cooker Because in every division like in this weekend you have Aljamaine Stirling's fighting sugar Sean O'Malley So you have the best of the best like the most exciting contender versus the most dominant champion? And it's just whoa when that happens like this pressure cooker in that division because you've got guys like Corey Sanhagen and Marlon Vara you got so many killers in this division Everybody's just striving to be the the champion and they're around so much talent that everybody has to get better So it's like the the level of competition is so strong in every weight class that it's just this insane Like diamond machine like the pressure makes these insane diamonds of talent and that's just off the charts right now That's what we've seen in ours, especially over the last 10 years our industry is you know, the other shops coming up and wanting better and better and better which is why we've had to continue getting better on all the chassis and the Different innovations that we've come out with but it's the trickle-down I mean you talk about the UFC getting mainstream getting so much bigger So then you've got the apparel brands and then you've got you know The fight gear and you get stuff in the gloves everybody's got to get better at their shit You actually can make a business to support that the same thing in in our industry where you have We can build the chassis at the volume that we can because of the way the industry has gone with the markets there So you put the time you can put the effort into it You can put the engineering and spend the money to develop something that's really fucking badass It's also great what you guys do for the hobbyist for someone who wants to build their own car Like you provide them the actual Suspension like if someone knows how to do all that and they have the time in the garage space Yeah, you know they can actually use the same components that you guys do and do it themselves Absolutely, and that's a big portion of our business. I mean a lot of guys we Can't tell you how many like home builders we have that they take that chassis They take all the same components that we use in a car that maybe we build for you the chassis that's under his Camaro Yeah, the chassis is under your 69 Camaro That's honestly a father and son could do that swap and chassis install in a long weekend. That's all right That's awesome. Yeah, and they take their 69 Camaro from driving like, you know An antiquated kind of death-trap to know they've got us a fucking sports car, you know, yeah Well, well, I think what you guys do is awesome. Well, I'm glad we got to this podcast. It's not fucking awesome Thanks for the blast. Thank you for building the most insane car of all time You're welcome and enjoy that fucker. I will I will promise. All right Social media you guys Roadster shop on Instagram Roadster shop on Instagram Road shop just Google Road shop Roadster shop.com Roadster shop on Instagram oil and whiskey on Instagram