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Post Malone is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. His latest album, "Austin," is available now. www.postmalone.com

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Q: Who is this sewer rat? A: Living proof that in 2023 a shit load of tattoos will more than compensate for the sheer lack of talent, intelligence, charisma, and believe it or not, coherence.




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But it's so good. I'll have a soda. I'm a bad boy and I have a monster energy But Celsius is so good too. Have you had one of those? Yeah, I have they're good It's yeah, the key to those things is just every now and then that's the thing You know every now and then you reward yourself with a Coca-Cola. This is nice And these hot Texas days. I'm here we did Dallas Two days yesterday back to back yesterday and the night before I'm coming to see you tomorrow night. Let's go. I'm coming to Houston Let's go. Let's go Did we did you buy tickets? Yeah, Oh Joe, you didn't have to do that Because if he said if you said we hooked you up, I said like what the hell I did But since you said you buy thank you so much But yeah, especially out in this heat did just like you know what I had a great show, you know what? I'm feeling a little bit naughty I'm gonna have myself Cocoa nice. Yeah, so good Report yourself. The problem is when people do it all day every day Yeah, that's one it's just your body doesn't know what to do with that kind of sugar because it's so unnatural Your body never gets sugar like that in the wild you get sugar and fruit, you know when you have like a glass of sugar water, it just Pouring right into your bloodstream. Your body's like what the fuck is this? I like I like guarana. Oh, that's good stuff That is crazy stuff. Yeah, I don't it's naturally caffeinated or something. Yeah, the berries crazy Yeah, that's how say that's the same thing is when you get an acai bowl. That's more on on that's the berries man, I remember going to Brazil the first time and I was like, oh this is so good and I would also I was like Bouncing off the wall fucking like I'm like, oh my god, dude. I feel crazy right now. It's delicious What is that called guarana is it what is the name of that soda this is like By Antarctica is that what it is? I think it's an Antarctica brand not from an art super legit I love they know how to eat over there in Antarctica One on one on Antarctica, yeah, there it is. That's the shit dude and they give you a beer They you go down to the like the beach and they give you a beer and like this rock That's like ice cold. Well, I don't know if it's a rock but whatever it is ceramic I don't know but it's really cold and the beer is like the coldest beer I've ever had and it was so good on the beach It was so good. They know that party down there on the beach in Brazil. It's so fun. Yeah, it's great great country We're going down there for tour So we got a lot of tours. So we're doing this US tour then we're doing seven days off Then we go to South America. I think so. I'm excited Wow. Have you performed in South America before? Yes Yeah, yeah rock and Rio and stuff and it's so much fun, man. Yeah, they love music Mmm, it's like so much fun. It's just like there's not like a piece Like an ounce of hate in the whole crowd. Everybody's just having such a great time and that makes me More excited, you know cuz like, you know Sometimes I'll go do these shows like a lot of like more corporate shows where I'm just like, hey Do you guys even really like me? But it's like everybody there is just having so much right the corporate ones are weird, right? It's so it's I have fun but a lot of the time it's like you can't read the crowd because everybody's, you know, I feel like more like a Like a jazz band or like a lounge band at a restaurant or something, you know, right which is weird. It's weird It's weird. They want to pay that much money to have someone come and then it's just that you're a big name And it's like look we got post Malone, but you know, I'm over here And yeah, I don't know, you know people who pay To come to the show. I'm like, okay you guys paid you guys definitely you guys at least know who I am for sure But yeah, I'm not sure I can't read the crowd But I went to my friend Dana white and he had a birthday party when he was 40 and they hired stone temple pilots Sick it was sick. They were first of all those motherfuckers performed like there was 80,000 people there and it was one of those things where we had to get people to stop and pay attention guys fucking stone temple pilots is here Yeah, they went hard. I mean they did off like full energy show. It was very impressive It was like very inspirational. It's like wow. These guys are at a birthday party Yeah, and they're giving them fucking stone temple pilots. That's bad. It was badass. It was amazing. It was amazing I don't know if I could like you just hear fucking interstate What an interstate love song? And you're like, how do you talk how do you how do you not just like right are you like what the Yeah, I don't know. Well, it's just you know, hobnob and that's the thing And you go to those things like and everybody's already hobnob and so people like social networking and his people with Motives and they're trying to be more friendly with the guy at the top and this kind of shit and then also But they fucking went hard they went hard like they had the best fans in the world and there was like 80,000 of them. It was a fucking amazing show. It was so impressive man It was so impressive another band with stone. Oh It's Queens of the Stone Age. Oh, those guys like great. I want to see them So I have not seen them live but I had Josh on the show. How was it? Very cool. Yes, sir Well, we had a good friend in Bourdain Yeah, he was good for instance with a portane, too He's a fucking interesting dude. Very interesting. Do it in their music is fucking it's so smart. So interesting. Yeah, it's so smart Yeah, it's it's it's so distinctive like their music is so distinctive like you hear a song It sounds like them right, you know, right He's got a voice man and he can write a hell of a song hell of a song Yeah, it's just I don't know like some of the stuff they do. I'm like, how do you even think of that? Right, there's so many artists like that, but I'm like in that setting and then that first record with with Dave like Just yeah, I'm gonna do it. Oh my god. It's so it's so good Yeah, it's so good Well, we're at an amazing time for art for both music and a lot of other things too There's just so much good shit out there now. That's true But I figured you know at the way things are moving I got like four or five months before people like the robot songs more than I don't think that's I hear some of them and I'm like, oh man. That's so good Wrote that's chat GPT wrote that fuck man. That's a great song, but it is a great song, but people will know People will know it's like like there's women that do not want diamonds that were made in a lab Sure, which is crazy cuz it's just a diamond like they have an ability now to man make diamonds They have some crazy machine and they compress carbon and they can make diamonds But women only like them if they're coming out of the ground. Well, I know how to make gold Really? Yeah, I can turn anything into gold. I watched a video on it Yeah, it's yeah, okay me. Yeah, I was watching a little alchemy video and so all you need to do is ferment your piss For like like a year or so and then you're good and then eat it. Oh, then eat it by the way Yeah, yeah, that's how you make gold. Yeah, I think so That's what they were saying People used to try to make gold they used to try to figure out a way to make gold Isaac Newton Did he really yeah, he was super into alchemy like one of the like smartest dudes Oh if you could figure out I mean I guess back then they probably thought I wonder if you can I wonder if there is some Way to do it with a certain amount of energy that we don't currently possess Where you can take other metals and turn them into different metals. I mean diamonds I mean, yeah, but that's a pressure spray paint. Yeah You make anything cold really I love go fools go Yeah, I have a friend who lifts up in Alaska and he owns a gold mine if you ever seen the the bone yard Instagram page no, sir. It's insane He's got this area in Alaska that apparently there was a mass die-off there that probably had something to do with a comet impact somewhere around the younger driest period and there's Tons of woolly mammoth bones there. He has warehouses filled with them and it's all his land and he's a gold miner So it's like and he's wealthy. He doesn't and he doesn't give a fuck right? But this guy Johnny comes on here smoking cigarettes telling the story of his life and he's got warehouses full of Priceless stone, you know bones these fucking ancient like cave bear heads and Step bisons So this is not like the most valuable shit in the world that he's got a warehouse is filled with it What is it was that an Ariac? I don't know what the fuck that's like a horn is that stem? He's got teeth and horns and they found certain cats They don't know what that is yet. They found that it's mummified. It's a tiny little mummified creature Oh, that's one of them Alaskan chupacabras Yes so much shit he has to means kind of an expert on it now But he kind of has to bring people in to tell him hey, what the fuck is this? Yeah, that's crazy He just hosed the side of this cliff They just hose down the permafrost and then bone start poking up and then they go in further and they just been doing this for years Now it's insane. That's so cool. It's fucking cool. You never know what you're gonna get They find dinosaurs and stuff. Yeah, I'm found dinosaurs. It's all stuff from Like it's a little man with a dinosaur 60,000 now, will you man us an ancient elephant right? Yeah, so it's not how long did they exist for they Okay, so they were never hanging out with dinos you never saw like a t-rex or spinosaurus and will you man? No, no, I'd like to go to that part. I think the t-rex with a tomorrow Um, you know what? I just found out. This is fucking crazy sharks are older than trees sharks have existed before trees existed I Get what like 50 million years before trees. There were sharks. That's crazy. That's crazy So I mean, I don't know maybe it makes sense since yeah, look at that here it goes, so trees It's so weird to just talk about trees is like did you hear sharks was older than trees like there are two people So trees is a we familiar Familiarly know them a primary trunk large height and a crown of leaves and fronds Didn't appear on the planet until the devote How do you say that Devonian Devonian period some 360 million years ago? You might be surprised to learn that sharks are older than trees. They've been around for at least 400 million years. That's crazy That's fucking so I mean doesn't make did life come life was from the water Yeah, most likely so I mean it kind of makes sense. I guess but imagine just like what's what shark? Went up onto the land and became a tree You know, I mean, I don't think it worked that way. Well, I don't know how it worked I don't I wasn't there but there's must have been like some like some kind of amoeba or life form that Slid up onto land and was like I'm gonna be I'm gonna be a play. I'm gonna be a tree. Yeah, and then another guy's like you can fucking be a tree I'm being this fucking massive Aquatic creature that can just bite anything in half What's bizarre is when you think of the variety? Just the sheer variety of life forms that exist on this planet both plants and animals and mushrooms which breathe air Mushrooms breathe air like we do. That's pretty cool. Yeah, they don't do the photosynthesis thing. Well now I feel bad They don't well don't I just ate I think they want you to I have a theory He does I'm they're trying to get in there. Are they? Yeah, I think so. You should do an experiment and have a mushroom you know how they do like How trees go towards the light they end up growing more towards where there's the most light Yeah, if like the shroom grows towards a human. Mmm, like eat me I don't think grow towards humans. But one of the if you ever heard of the stone dape theory The stone dape theories is there's this guy who's this He's an ethnobotanist and like a psychedelic guru. His name is Terrence McKenna and Terrence McKenna had this theory and it coincides with There's a lot of interesting things about it, but it's about the doubling of the human brain size Apparently the doubling of the human brain size is the biggest mystery in the entire fossil record Could it because it happened fairly quickly it happened over a period of like two million years. I miss that boat. Yeah I don't think you did you smart as fuck. Thank you, sir Thank you, sir But this this time period was when lower so what happened was that the rain climate changed and the rainforest receded into grasslands and so a lot of these hominids came out of the trees and they started Experimenting with different food sources. Oh, there's like a whole video about it. So these these mushrooms grew on On cow shit, so they've observed all these different primates flipping over cow patties and eating beetles and grubs on They would probably experiment with the mushrooms that grow on them And his thought was that mushrooms and low doses increase visual acuity. So he's a better hunter It emphasizes a sense of community. So it'd make you like have better tribal interactions That would benefit makes people horny that would benefit breeding and then there's also like his brother Dennis McKenna He explained it to me, but I'll fuck it up if I try to recall it But it's essentially that some of the elements that now psilocybin interacts with your mind. It helps the facilitation of language And he thinks that all those things coincided with climate change So as as these rainforest receded these lower hominids came out tried mushrooms started eating them and kept eating them for millions of years And that was a part of the diet And as they did this and as they understood what to get and what to eat They they looked for it and they ate it on all the time And it probably gave them a lot of ideas for how to make tools It probably gave them ideas like how to harness fire and he thinks it's the source of human evolution Shroomies shrooms. That's amazing. I believe it and they're illegal which is hilarious. Are they imagine that? Yeah, they're federally They grow There My buddy Duncan lived in Asheville, North Carolina and they had so many shrooms that were growing on cow shit That they started giving the cows a certain kind of feed to discourage the fungus growth They put chemicals. Here's a feed to kill the fucking fungus the most natural thing Can you get can you get in trouble? Say you have a bunch of cattle, right? Can you get in trouble and then someone from the dea shows up and starts flipping over your patties? There would be a hard thing I mean they'd have to really be going after you because obviously that shit just grows naturally, right? And it's not like you don't have to do anything. They they're everywhere They're they're everywhere like Duncan said it's like there's because the way um mushrooms work is they're spores, right? But then there's the most of that the what you see that pops out of the ground is like the fruit of the actual mushroom Right the real mushroom is underground The real mushroom is the mycelium the spore all this stuff that connects All of the the vegetable life for all the vegetation life form together That's where does that have psilocybin or some of it Just the just the I think just the fruiting bodies probably do just the ones that come out of the earth are probably The one I don't know though. I don't know that But I do know there's like worms down there getting high as fuck or just like little critters. They're probably connecting They're probably connecting in some very weird way They get to get to the roots and just take like a big And then they're like oh my fucking god. Yeah, i'm so high Just absorbing it absorbing it through the soil. They're just absorbing all the see That's good. Maybe oh imagine It's all just in there and then like you get some like shroom corn so you can just eat like a An ear of corn and yeah get super Fucking rocked. Well, you know, they used to accidentally get high because they would get uh, ergot would poison Their wheat and their barley. So it's like a certain fungus that grows on wheat and it gives you an lsd like effect And they think that that might have been the source of the salem rich witch trials Wow Because at the time where this was taking place they had apparently had a late frost and when they have a late fro or An early frost rather and apparently when they have an early frost It makes these plants more subject to ergot poisoning And then they did some samples on some soil samples. They did find ergot I think they might have even like tested some things and found ergot in them But they so what they think was happening was these people were getting bad wheat that had ergot poisoning And so a lot of them would die Because like there was a big one a big breakout of ergot poisoning in france A few years back not a few years quite a while back But it was the same kind of thing like a bunch of people died from ergot and other people were just tripping balls I was gonna make an ergot joke, but I was gonna say didn't he jackman win an ergot? Does he have an egot though sorry to call a topic what is an egot it's like it's like an emmy grammy Uh oscar and tony. I think that's what it is. That's what it is, right? Yeah, he's probably got all those right He's so talented. Yeah, that guy can do everything an oscar. Oh, come on. He doesn't have an oscar for wolverine I know what what are the communists? What's going on? That guy's awesome. He's amazing. He was jacked man. He got jacked for wolverine He's amazing he does it all yeah, he's like wilson will smith can do everything it's so cool Yeah, there's people out there like jamie fox you can do anything anything beiber can do anything anything. It's crazy i'm like where that's like just much like the Double brain size thing. I miss the boat on those jeans, but but you didn't miss it for making music It's like your brain is designed specifically for what you do. It's what's beautiful It's like you found the thing that your brain works perfectly for Everybody's brain is different man. Yes, auto tune really unlocked a whole lot of opportunity for me So thank you antares or inventor of of said Program Don't you think that as chat pd? Chat gpt can make post-mulan songs people are still going to want to know it came from you That's going to be more valuable to people. There's people that love your songs. Just because they sound good Yes, sir, but there's also people that love your songs because they come from you. Yes, sir. I understand that I guess the thing that i'm concerned is That's pretty soon you can still tell if it's an ai song right right now But the way that it's moving like I don't know my buddy Lou louis bell he produces a bunch of my stuff and we write together and he's the most talented smart dude ever um but he taught me about like epox and like how many epox a better ai like Template is and pretty soon dude. It's gonna be really really good Yeah, it's just going so fast. So I don't know. Yeah, but then They'll just do like a video Is be like guys. I made this song. It's so emotional. This really comes from my heart, but it's just a robot talking I don't know Yeah, a robot more like a deep fake or something like guys I wrote this song crazy and it's just an ai song and i'm like well fuck that's better than anything I could have ever made So I don't know. It's not gonna be bad It's not I think there's a thing about something coming from an artist You know like as they're doing all these amazing, you know, ai images. They're very cool to look at But to me it's cooler if I know a person made right it definitely is cooler. I don't know the it's just like I Feel like we look at it different like I feel like the attention span is getting so Short now with like short form content and stuff like that and it's super instant gratification. So it's like Why as a fan of someone? Right, even as a fan in a couple of years. I don't see why they're like, hey I want post Malone to make a song about this thing that specifically happened to me With the specific person's name in it with this stuff and this is super relatable to me and I that's what I want So then you can just type in the prompt all this shit and it'll just shit you out a song And it'll be the most personalized experience for you That's weird, isn't that weird that's fucking weird but that's exactly where it's going 100 There's a ton of fake advertisements online right now of me. Yeah selling products. Yeah. Yeah It's just my voice. Yeah, and I got sucked out of it figuring out you never bought those boner pills You never endorsed those boner pills and I was like, oh they're good enough for joe. I mean fuck There's so many things that are selling They're selling so many things. I found like 10 of them Yeah, that's it's crazy. They can get it's pretty close You can kind of tell when you listen something's off just there's like right right the uncanny valley, I guess There's something off but well, here's you do a podcast. So talking about like epoch So I guess you you know epochs in like ai. Yeah, so you have so many because your Job is literally just talking to silence. Yeah, you know what? I mean, there's no music. There's no background noise There's no nothing. You're just having a conversation. Right and so they can take all of your episodes and just run it through this thing and so it's all your nuance and Intricacies in the way you talk and shit like that, you know your your breasts all that stuff They'll just they they have all of it because it's uninterrupted by you know music or yeah background They'll probably even be able to figure out a way to get you to make noises You've never made just by knowing the range that you have that's possible like uh, yeah, like some kind of weird scream or something Now they got that one but They'll be able to Just know what the shape of your vocal box was Like I think that's one of the ways that they when they look at ancient primates they they test like the size of the where the The opening of the mouth and what kind of sounds they could make and what that shit would sound like. Yeah But yeah, that's that's so weird. How like were they wrong about The noises that dinosaurs made I don't think they know I don't think they know I mean if you watch Jurassic Park, it's just whatever sounds cool because you like if you ask someone to Make a dinosaur noise Yeah, they're gonna do like Right, but what benefit would it be for a dinosaur to make noise? The thing is that no lizards make noise komodo dragons don't make noise crocodiles don't make noise No reptiles make noise. No snakes make noise So why would we ever think that dinosaurs would be so stupid that they'd just be yelling little rattles exactly. This is run around Ah, like scaring off everything they're trying to Alligator growl they do growl. Okay alligators growl. They don't roar bark or anything, right? That's a cool sound for sure. It's certainly it sounds like it's probably a burp He's probably eating someone's foot right now Swallowing someone's fucking sneaker. Look at that creep Fucking creeps. They're such creeps They've been around longer than dinosaurs. Oh, yeah During the time of dine they used to be so big man. Oh my god, they used to be so big. I like that noise It's pretty dope. It sounds like a fucking nasty growler Like it literally sounds like it's being amplified by a porcelain bowl there, right? Long day long day in fucking shrooms. Yeah sloppy joes a couple of beers Oh, not the sloppy joes. Sloppy joes will get you son. They will get you. I mean, it's almost like they come pre-digested You know, yeah, it's perfect. It's just This zero resistance with a sloppy joe It goes out the exact same way it came in So fucked. Just looped up and ready to go. I'm never gonna eat another one again. They're delicious They're delicious at a fucking barbecue a good solid sloppy joe Damn, well, there's nothing solid about yeah, nothing solid Yeah, good one You know, you've been eating terry blacks. Oh, yes. Yeah. Yeah, we get it delivered to the club a lot, too. They're amazing It's just like you can't have bad barbecue and survive out here I'm interested about The move have you had like like you found your like this place is amazing thank you, but The move here because last time I was on we were talking it's been three years and that was right before you moved you said Yeah, and I don't know I love whenever I moved here. It was amazing like the food fucking just blew me away Like the people are so cool. It's just great being out of la. Yeah, la look. There's a lot of cool people in la I loved it. I lived there for a long time, but it's so tense There's so many people and I don't think people are supposed to live that jammed up like that. I just don't think it's good for you I mean, maybe it's different for other people. Maybe they like that feeling and I have friends that live in new york city They fucking love the beef. Fuck you. They love it. They love it. They love the crime is up These people are maniacs. They feel like they're real. They feel like it's dangerous. Sure. They're in the street. Sure, but me I like to be I like to relax me too. Yeah, I mean that's like i'm being on tour too and being in the hotels like and going to um because I lived in la for like five years and but being in on tour and being in the hotels like And like new york and boston and it is so noisy And then you go back to utah and you're like, oh my chirp chirp god. It's crazy. It's crazy. Yeah, it's crazy. It it it's It's like It's night and day and you never really if you live in those like environments, you never really notice it you never really notice like A helicopter going by every 30 seconds or whatever, right? But then you're out and you're telling you're like, oh my god This is so much quieter. I think there's just a there. I think people give off something That probably we can't put on a scale, but there's like an energy that people give off That's one of the reasons why people like crowds. I think people when they're around a bunch of other people they give off a kind of energy right And when I think when there's too much of that like a place like la Or new york in particular because new york is just jammed. Everybody's stacked on top of each other. I think there's this buzz That's like always there some people really enjoy it scares me It's a it's an anxious feeling for me. Yes, like being whenever I was out there I had my baby and my doctor was out there. So whenever her mom was You know towards the end of her pregnancy and we were like, okay, we're getting ready. We had the baby In la and so like we were there so we could see the doctor and you know She can go and into labor or whatever at any minute. So we were there for a couple months and stuff And I would go outside at night and i'm like, oh my god, like it felt like impending Doom for some reason helicopters fucking and there's this noise noise noise and i'm like, it was so thick Yeah, I was like, where is it all coming from? You know like I don't know it just gave it's such an anxious feeling for me to go outside And i'm like it's so like it sounded like I know it didn't Didn't happen. I don't know what this sounds like but just like It felt like The aliens could invade at any time, you know, like it was just like I was like, oh, I know something's coming man. It's scary You know Well, I think there's a thing that happens when there's too many people where people don't interact with each other too Which feels weird because then you feel like all these people that you're running into like their potential problems Are there potential threats or their potential annoyances? Like let me get away from these people sure and it's just that's not how it is when there's a few people Right when you walk down the street in a small town and you see something like what's up, dude? No, shit. There's a person there. What's a hot person? Another person it's just when it's thousands of them and they're all around you. Nobody talks to anybody Like you don't strike up a casual conversation when you're in a crowded line filled with people walking down the street, right? People don't talk. Everybody's got their own shit Yeah, and and and it's so weird like you look at like even a hundred years ago Like people would sit down like on a bench and just be like what's up? Yeah, how are you like and have like conversations? Yeah, and I was I don't remember exactly where I was but I think I was in New York doing something and there was a guy I was doing like a show and we were in this building and there was like a smoking Area outside and there was this guy playing chess with himself and and My buddy goes up and he's like hey Can I play chess with you and it was like yeah, and it's just like how shit would have gone like yeah A hundred years ago, but now it's just like I don't want to talk to anybody like, you know, it's so fucking weird, man It's just like we don't we don't have like that interaction because we got we got So much shit to do everybody got kind of hoodwinked into this idea that the the key to a successful life is working more than you should Sure, you know and that that's the way it is kind of the way to get ahead I mean it is a competition and there are people out there that are gonna hustle harder than you but If you're not enjoying yourself, if you don't balance it out with enjoying yourself You're gonna have a shitty existence and the whole point is to have a good existence have a fun existence It's not just about success But everybody's so driven to just get ahead that it's hard for them to separate those two And realize there's a balance like you can't drink coca-cola all day, right? You know, it's a balance you drink it occasionally and that that balance you can achieve it But it's very hard to when you got your eyes on the prize, you know, yeah, and that's finding finding that Balance is the hardest part. Yeah, I mean I'm By no means The most talented person or anything like that, but I did work really hard and and auto-tune fucking saved my ass Once again shout out, but I mean work hard and get auto-tuned, but not too hard But that's I mean that's it you want to like Taking the time And like having this baby was so cool, man Like it is so cool to be a dad and you're like Wow, man, this is what I was like missing out like this is so this is a magical Magical thing. Yeah, there's a bunch of my friends who don't ever want kids and I'm like, dude, I get it but You're missing something You are you don't have to you don't have to and I I do not like that pressure that people put on people special Once they have kids. Well, it's mostly grandparent or like your grandma's It's like when are you gonna have a baby? But there's also a bunch of people that want you to stop being Like peter pan. They want you to settle down never stop being like peter pan Ever that's well, that's I was I don't remember who I was talking to but I was like The goal of life is to be a kid forever for sure. I mean and now with like Everything that we have in place right now. It's almost impossible It's almost impossible But that's the goal the goal is to have as as much money as you need to never have to worry about it Yes, so so you can actually go and Live life. Yes as a fucking kid and just eat fucking chicken nuggets Fucking go run around in the desert and go eat worms and shit. Well, I don't do that but have fun. Exactly Yeah, have fun and people when they are serious about something Especially like we're talking about people have their eyes on the prize and they're trying to get ahead It's hard for them to disconnect and have fun. My wife taught me how to do it I really used to have a hard time with it I still have a hard time with vacations because I always felt like I was missing work Yeah, like stuff I should be right But it's just a mindset that I learned how to like slide into And I learned how to chill at the end of the days too I never used to know how to chill at the end of the day I would just stay ramped up until I was tired wake up and go let's fucking go and it was just it's just not Sustainable. It's it is sustainable. I did it for a long time, but I don't think it's mentally sustainable, right? I think the mind is the your your mind It's it's not a good head space to be in all the time You need to be enjoying this shit you need to you need to be able to uh Just fucking it's so timeless, but it's so true. Stop and fucking smell the fucking roses I mean they certainly do They're so cute too My baby was like we had flowers delivered to the room And she would like hold it up to my nose and like you smell this shit because this shit is so cool And i'm like, oh that's so cute Baby knows that you can smell it too. She smells it and she wants you to smell it. Yeah, pretty cool Yep, she got the double brain. I got that Back to the vacation. Sorry. I wanted to say something about that too Have you ever been I don't know how your family is or how your buddies are but have you ever been on a vacation? and The people who plan the vacation are super militant about the itinerary And you can't even vacation. Oh Do you know what i'm talking about? I do know what you're talking about. But fortunately, I haven't experienced one of those It is cursed. I've seen it I've seen people go through it. You're in this like Beautiful place and they're like, all right guys, so 6 a.m tomorrow morning you guys are It's like 3 o'clock and you're all drunk and everybody's like, all right, so you're gonna get up at 6, right? You're gonna be up at 6 to go fucking do something in the sun and it's the hottest of all time after three hours of sleep and i'm like, yep, i'll be there You don't want to be you don't want to be mean and be like i'm not going and then you also then you get fomo I don't think it's mean I don't think it's mean. I think it's kind of mean to tell you what to do Especially on vacation. Yeah, greg. Yeah, greg. No, I don't know Fuck right here But maybe it's some cool shit like we're gonna go marlin fishing. We gotta be up at 5 a.m That sounds cool. We all agree to it and we chartered the boat. So we got to get up. Okay, let's go I caught a shark in the Maldives. Did you really? Yeah, really. Yeah, it was super random Yeah, we went to the Maldives and we started Throwing lines out on the on the boat and we caught grouper and all that stuff and um we were using like just little inch pieces of of bait and regular line and I cast my line out And I started bringing it back And I was like, oh i'm on a rock I'm on a rock but then the rock was like I was like, okay All right, maybe this isn't a rock and so we sat and fought it for like 25 minutes and it was a nine foot Nurse shark, holy shit. Yeah, totally on accident with this much bait and just a regular Line. Yeah nurse sharks are that's sad because that's a sweet shark. We let Yeah, of course. Yeah, of course, but I was like I was like, but she got a fucking hook in her face Yeah, I know It was it was so random I was like I thought I caught a rock because that's usually all I catch whenever I go fishing You know, it's fucking weird. It's really weird about fishing. It's catch and release Catch and release fishing is for sharks for any kind of fish. It's fucking it's kind of weird Why so because you're just doing it for fun Right. Sure. Sure. You're not you're not doing it for food sure and you're essentially risking this animal's life Sure with a hook sure deep in its throat and you're hoping it's gonna survive What if you gilled it, you know, what if it got deep into the gills with like a rupala with the big old treble hooks and And it's bleeding internally and you know, it's not gonna make me feel bad, man. No, it's just a weird thing that people do It was an accident. I'm not even talking about that people specifically i've done it. I'm not i'm a hypocrite I've done it before will you go catch and release fishing just because and just toss them back Yeah, like people do that like oh, yeah, or you cut something tiny and you're like you throw the back with fly fishing is actually an argument That's not that big of a deal because fly fishermen a lot of them use barbless hooks so, um, so they can remove it very easily and then maybe the fish can even Like get it free if it's sure But when they catch them like a lot of fly fishermen are just catching release and trout I've never been fly fishing but my brother's super into it and he he loves it. It's very relaxing. He loves it It's very it's you need a lot of concentration. It's kind of like archery in that respect It requires all of your concentration as you're casting the line And you got to figure out how to get the perfect amount of whip so it rolls over and the fly Presents itself right in front of the water hole and you creep it with your fingers You're doing everything with your hands. You're not reeling in with a reel. Sure, you know, everything is done with your hands You're kind of like even when you're like giving the the fish line Like if it's really pulling and you already have a a tiny, uh leader, you gotta get them a little line You're kind of doing it with touch and feel it's very like tactile. It's a dance. Yeah, it's very much a dance It's the what you know, I love all kinds of fishing but like if you go to like a creek where people are fly fishing and use like a spinner like on a on a on a Like a like a regular rod like a spinning rod people will like look at you like you're a fucking idiot Like what's wrong? Sure. Fucking barbarian. Yeah, we're out here fly fishing. This is this is a dance This is a gentleman's dance with my parrying rod These dudes are over there listening to fucking am republican radio What if life isn't one of the crank ones Hold on wait, what do you say? Dude, this is still there's a lot of guys who still lives through those fucking political talk shows on am talk radio Man, I don't I haven't turned I haven't even turned on Like a radio a radio in a long time a long time Yeah, it's been a long time long if I had to if I had to use the crank radio I'd hope there was something on there But I don't know when I was a kid no one ever would have thought there would be a time where radio wasn't like a centerpiece in everyone's life Because when I was a kid like in high school in the 80s It was like what station do you listen to right? You know, I was a bcn guy rock of boston And you got beat up by the the kt. Mts Well, there's the aaf guys that were a little more hardcore those guys are crazy Yeah, I know those fuckers are crazy. And then there's the kiss fm guys. I love disco. They were into like going out to clubs When did kiss fm start? Well, there's been a lot of kiss fms, right because I 106.1. Kick kick kick kiss fm. Where's that? I think there's a kiss fm all over the country. I don't know if they're affiliate. I don't know what that is Is that like a fucking chain? Yes, I just is it franchised Franchising because there's a whole lot of kiss fms. Yeah, why does that sound so good? It does sound good It sounds so good kiss fm sounds but they had the jingle like the jingle. I remember because I used to Uh fall asleep to the radio and then wake up to kid kratic Rest in peace kid kratic like such a legend and like he got me through school. He was just funny and and and amazing and Like I don't I don't know it's just I don't know there's something magical about that Yeah, but we we lost that and and even watching like succession Um, because I just got into it. Have you seen it? Good job. It's so good. It's a good show. Those actors are insane They like become those fucked up people insane insane when you're buying it hook line and sinker They're they're all the whole cast is insanely good. It's my dance much like fly fishing. Yes But yeah, I mean talking about legacy media. Mm-hmm and stuff like that and just how like Logan joe logan. That's a meme um Uh wants to buy all these like legacy media companies, but the kids are like no, no, no dad. You're so old like this is not like Yeah What's hot? Yeah, but he's still trying to hang on to it And that's such an interesting thing with like streaming and and like spotify and apple music and stuff It's just like the radio unless you really love the dj like I'm turned on a radio. Yeah, you know, I don't turn on radios I don't even know how to work it in any of my cars I think it was my old muscle car. So confusing now my old muscle one of my old muscle cars has an actual radio I just have a cd player. No, it doesn't I I do have one car that is a cd player though I have a bmw that has a cd player or it doesn't have a compact display. It might have a nice That's a 2005 Was it cd player in a compact? Oh, I meant I make a set. I make a set. I was thinking. Yeah, it's got a cd player Yeah, it doesn't have a But I have a cassette player for a while does that have the combo? You remember that transition so they had to put both in yeah So you get the cds and the cassettes you remember when they used to have a little handle you could pull them out Because people were stealing radios Blaupunks they used to have literally there was a handle so you'd go to the restaurant hold it on to your radio Yeah, they would slide out. That's amazing because bro, everybody stole radios. They stole so many radios It's the alpine you want alpine and people were always selling them too like in a box at the fucking supermarket Like hey, bro, you want some stereos? Well, they'd sell them at the restaurant. Hey, man I can go flip my radio real quick Or if you can't you get instead of doing dishes if you can't pay you just like here Hold on to the radio for a little bit Weird how quick that went away and what happened to uh How come no one uses those? Steering wheel locks They don't really work. They don't I mean, maybe some of them do i've seen people break them though Well, you could break you ever watch the lock pick lawyer done youtube. No I don't know anything about lock picking I want to learn it seems like it's just a cool thing to learn playing video games and stuff All right, I want to lock pick shit this on set very very james bond. It's badass very uh, Splinter cell yeah, it's cool. If you have a little lock pick tool in your box That's badass and but to be able to pull that out is pretty cool. Yeah, but the lock pick lawyer He can get into like anything. Yeah, this is dude. It's so cool, man Um, this see this is the this is the lexic lexis. Uh rx 300. I love this lock You know locks no, sir But as you but as you see here with this uh, with this toy 48 with the toy 48 Oh man, he'll get in here so quick. Oh my god, you can get it anywhere with and that's my favorite lock So this is crazy. Look how he's doing this That's your favorite look how he's doing this this is nuts so they'll make they'll do like challenges for him And he'll just get in there. No problem. It is so and I never was Interested but this shit is like it's like asmr. It is so fun to watch and i'll just watch this all night This is wild how he's doing this where he's literally figuring out where the key slots are and pushing it into place So these cards are pretty cool. So they they make them for specific locks And you can just get in there and find Uh, like all the grid and all the indicators and shit like that. I don't know exactly how it works Listen to me about it. And so that is that a complicated? Oh, so that's how it works Um, wow explaining how bump lock using the same kind of thing you can get in anything with the right key Just bumping it hard enough. Wow And they explained how that works Look at that. Look at that. Isn't that cool? That is fucking crazy But you gotta want who invented the lock john lock it's a good question. I think I believe his name was uh john lock Thus thusly named like what was a lock before a lock? Right. You had you had something. It was his name trust. I don't know like what it what would you say? Would you lock something up? What would that even mean? Nothing. I don't know. What was there like Before locks people used to have to put boards inside their house to keep people from opening their doors or just like a nice like, uh Ritualistic signal on the symbol on the front of their door. They're like don't come in here Yeah, right. Well like they would do with like like, uh, what's his name Krampus? Put this dead goat and like paint the blood on your front door like don't come in that would work I think that would work for this day No to this day if someone comes up and tries to get into your house and you have like painted in blood like this crazy Like rune, right? I don't think they're coming in unless that's what you're into. I don't maybe so be like bro Maybe you just get the craziest robbers of all time and they're like, well, he's got some cool shit He doesn't even want to hurt you just wants to hang out he's like hey, man Can you introduce me to say exactly he's in the basement right now I can introduce you to Satan bro. It's no problem. Yeah, come on in man. He's fine. It's tea time that the cattle's arms are We're gonna call him never call Satan after 3 a.m. Oh, that's when he gets an evil Never call the imposter from among us at after 3 a.m. The imposter from among us What is that you know the imposter from among us? No, I don't you never played among us. No No, what is it? It's like a game. I don't know. It's a game people used to play. Yeah Oh, it's like a meme. You know this guy. You know this guy. I don't don't trust him I don't I never played that game. Don't trust the leaves on his head any of them any of them you can't so it's like it's like You gotta like guess who the the the killer is out of all of them I can't believe i'm talking about among us on joe rober. This is amazing. I don't know. I've never you know I don't know what it is. I got big over the pandemic. Oh, we did. Oh, it's so it's recent It was a game that you play with your friends. Oh, interesting somewhat debate. It's for babies But it's pretty fun. I don't play it. Why would they say it's for babies? I don't know just because like babies play it Sometimes like much like fortnite. Sorry fortnite Babies play a lot of things. That's true. They play cool shit, too, but that's true They do rose smelling. Yeah, but it kind of got like it's kind of it kind of got memed a little bit the among us thing interesting, yeah It's weird that some people like things until they find out the type of other people that like sure And they're like, I don't like this thing anymore Dude, you remember how big how big? uh What is it the facebook? Well meta the metaverse or whatever how big that was supposed to be the vr thing. Yeah, right and so I just watched a thing um uh by a guy named jarvis johnson and he went in and Spent like a week playing like 14 hours a day In the metaverse and it's all just kids It there's like they're so they said it was going to be huge huge huge. There's 900 people on it And they're all kids and he would go everywhere everywhere everywhere everywhere And it's all kids to the point where there was an 18 and up like bar And you would have to hold your arms out and they would measure your arm length to make sure that you weren't a kid Isn't that crazy that's I don't know man. It's just like That's bizarre. It's crazy, but it's just like Well, there it is if someone's oh wow arm length verification What if someone's really tiny right like what right that's what I say. Yeah. What yeah, what if it's like Just a guy with a short wingspan. Yeah Yeah, you're fucked. You can't get into the bar, but that's all right because there was two people in there The whole thing is you're hanging out with kids. That's bizarre. It's weird, man. That's a different thing That's not that's like an interactive thing Right not like if you're playing a video game And it's just you versus the computer right and these kids well these fucking kids at these multiplayer games are so good Yeah, they're they have no life. It's crazy. No mortgage. No family. I miss those no aspirations They know when food is coming. That's what I meant by whenever I said the goal of life is to be a kid I meant like don't pay taxes. So I haven't paid mine. It's just joking. That's a joke too Go to Puerto Rico You don't have to pay taxes. Well, there's a weird thing if you live in Puerto Rico It's like 51 percent of the time or something like that. I forget what the percentage is Which you just roll the dice don't pay federal taxes How do you do that? Because Puerto Rico if you claim Puerto Rico as your residence I'm gonna fuck this up, but peter Schiff explained it to me, but that's why uh, like jake and logan paul They live in Puerto Rico. You don't you don't have to pay taxes. Do you watch the fight? I did. What do you think? It's a good fight Jake did a great job. He's Very talented. He's big. Yeah, he's a big fella. Yeah, he's a big fella and you know, nate is uh, Definitely smaller than him definitely doesn't hit as hard as him Um, and jake has a lot more experience in professional boxing now for sure. Well, he's legit I I I I mean, yeah, he looks he looks good I mean nate. I just love watching nate fight. He's an animal. He he is amazing He is like one of my favorites to watch and I was super pumped It came on after the show in dallas the first night like two nights ago They're talking about having an mma fight which would be a way different fight. I want that fight. Yeah, that's a way Fight that's a way different fight. I feel like and i've never been in a combat sport before but like It's it changes Everything changes everything like you see nate kind of getting up against the rope because he wants the The chain there. Mm-hmm, you know, right like because he's getting up against the rope and i'm like, oh and mma UFC or whatever you can get up against you tie him up, right? But I don't know it's totally different. It's totally different. But Jake is a very good wrestler He he's he's a great athlete very good fighter and I know he's never done an mma fight before But if he had one, I think he'd be good at it. I think he'd be good at it Just like he's good at boxing. He'd figure it out He's built crazy. Yeah, like looking at him over since his first fight you fucking trains are he's big To go 10 rounds like that with nate constantly coming forward. You got to be in some serious shape Serious shape that that's that's also a lot of experience too because you got to know when to hit the gas and when to back Off when you when you're in a lot, you can't just fight full blast for 10 rounds. It's not possible. I had to do I was just doing so we filmed a movie Some a scene in a movie and I had to go in and do voiceover for the movie for dubs And they were telling me to throw fake punches And I did it for like 10 Not even full on for 10 minutes And I was like, oh my god I was so fucking sore and I was sore for the next week I was like, yeah, and then you look at like 20 minutes or how long was how long are the rounds? Well, it's 10 three minute round and three minute round 30 minutes of boxing. That's insane. It's insane. That's hard That's hard to do. You know, it's a great workout the VR boxing games. Have you ever fucked with any of those? No, sir I'm in the metaverse man. It's a plane among us in VR They're great Workouts that are in a game because you actually are boxing the guy you have these handsets on the handsets are your gloves So you actually throw punches and you move away from their punches and it shows you when you hit them and it measures your goggles too So it knows where your goes exactly where you're at So as your head moves the punches slip by you can duck under them and hit them with uppercuts So we already is it like multiplayer? No, it's your single player I didn't know if you're fighting like real people because I was like imagine like oh fuck I'm a 12 year old at my house and I got a box joe rogan You can do that in fencing. I know in fencing you can have a fence off with each other I bet they have a thing for boxing where you could do it against someone Where you both on opposite sides of the room and you're boxing each other. Well, I'm what's your if you Send me your gamer tag. So if I ever go up I don't have a gamer tag is also quite old. I think I don't know. I don't know I used to be an xbox guy now. I'm just a PC nerd. Yeah, just pc. Yeah, what do you play? I'm playing diablo right now That steals your life. It steals my entire life on my day off on my days off I go and I play and i'm like, oh i'm good man. I only played for like 14 hours You Play no, I do not my friend. Duncan is full on junky So is my friend brian and we were both watching video clips of it the other day. I see it. I get it I get how it rope you in. It's that dopamine of seeing all the numbers pop up Yeah, I did 9 million damage to a fucking demon Yeah, there's all the numbers and the graphics and the craziness and you see them coming towards you a lot of anticipation. Yeah Yeah, that's good. It's good fun. Do you play anything? Not anymore? No, no, I used to be Hardcore first person shooter junky. I used to play a lot of korean warfare too. No quake. See you're harder You're harder. Just pick quake online. I had a buddy that used to play quake and like the competitive scene for that in like the early 2000s was yeah insane insane you have to know all the map and you know where they're going so you go it's it's it's like FPS chess it's pretty it's pretty cool to watch it really is because you have to know when like certain items are spawning Yes, sir mega health a rocket launcher. You got to get to it before your opponent does nerd That's so cool. That's were you any good? Oh, it's pretty good. That's amazing. That's so cool Yeah, we used to have a quake land party set up here This is crazy. Wait three That's quick three arena right quick champions quick champions. That's the one what was the what was like? e like Unreal no it was it's a quake game It's like Look at that this game. I didn't react that how do you hit that guy? Well, you're moving so fast in this game It's just constant juice for your brain. Your brain is just constantly getting stimulus It's so fun. Wow. Yeah, this guy's good. Whoever's playing this this guy's good. But look how like tuned in he is. He's just In a trance he knows where he's coming from he knows exactly you got to memorize these maps to a quickie That's insane. Did he get him through the great he got him as he was going down. That was great. Oh them Look at that. This guy's insane This guy's so good man. So he's running around getting all the health and getting all the armor and shit See he pre shoots that in case he's coming down there. Wow This guy this guy's a killer whoever the fuck this guy is this guy has no life Guarantee that motherfuckers playing that game all day and I only played for 14 hours today What do you mean? The thing is you could be like real successful in that game Yeah, the same rush out of being successful in the real world. It's true. Yeah more of a rush really it I don't it did it's so so gaming for me is Like like I mentioned before I don't leave the house very much so like gaming for me is like me time Yeah, you know everybody likes like the multiplayer games and stuff, but I'm like a single-player guy because I'm like Whenever I get to actually sit down, you know by myself You know not on tour and then the babies goes baby goes to bed and mama goes to bed and I can just go and sit Yeah, have a nice nice drink and a smoke in my game room Yeah, and just fucking like yeah, just total get oste time. Yeah, you need oste time. Yes, sir. You do Everybody does you really do it's good for your mind just for me again. Like why are you doing this? All this life is supposed to be you're supposed to be enjoying yourself yes as much as you can I mean It's it's a lot. It's a lot every everybody's got a lot Everybody's got a lot you take that second you take the don't be fucking scared to take that second for yourself Yeah, you deserve that fucking second but earn that second to earn that second But then you feel that second hit so much harder so whenever you're like, oh man so much hard fucking yeah working my ass off Abstinence makes the heart grow fond Abstinence. Yeah, just yeah, I'm abstinent having having you know Just a little break from things. Well, how do you find time Joe? I make it force it Just force it Give me one of them bud lights. Fuck it Let's go. They're cold. We've been drinking bud light consistently on this show. Yeah, I'm sure the comments are a fire With those those folks that like to get riled up about stupid shit. Well, that's what I said, you know, I I before the show I was like Just back to the conversation we were just having there's not a lot of comfort in the modern world man And I've been drinking this Forever. Yeah, and I don't gives you comfort. I'm drinking my fuck. I'm gonna god damn it. I'm gonna drink a fucking beer Yeah, yeah a bud light too. I'm gonna drink a fucking bud light and it's young forget about everybody's outrage settle down Relax, they fucked up. So let him off the hook. They fucked up this one thing It's not even that big a deal. But once when Kid Rock shoots your fucking beer. It's game over. It was a cool mp5 though It was a cool gun when Kid Rock You don't want it you first off you gotta buy the beer and you know how much ammo is nowadays So it's just an expensive publicity stunt, but I think it was well worth it Well, if you look at the impact that it did that's what's crazy How these people are just looking for shit to get annoyed with lately Yeah, I mean, I don't know it's It's interesting and I I I love watching the show because it's so You just talk. Yeah, you just talk and mean me and my friends we say, you know, it's nice because you don't have any judgment and You listen to to people talk and you actually have a conversation which is really nice Well in this age of short attention span, it's that shit doesn't appeal to everybody There's a lot of people that are interested in that right and they're interested in long-form conversations. They're interested in reading books They're interested in just just listening to music just for the sake of listening to music, right? You know, there's still people like that out there this idea that everyone's just short attention span dummy. That's crazy. That's not true There's always going to be people that are interested in things right and want to be stimulated. Is that the popular? Well, I mean For you. Yes, you crush it crush it. Well, it's it works for me But it works for me because that's actually what I like. Yes, sir. No, there's no Bridge between what I'm interested in and and what I'm talking about, right? It's like I could just right there It's right there. So love what you do. Yeah, and there's no Executive there's no producer telling me what to do. There's no one there's no network So it's just me and people with me and you and that's missing in this world We're getting too much of what we get is filtered down Even if it's the news it's going through filters. It's going through people. It's getting approved What can you talk about? What can you not talk about? What do you highlight? What do you not highlight what causes death that you pay attention to and what causes death that you ignore? That is that's what the news is or so. It's just we get it from everything And so we always have this uneasy feeling like whoever that person is that's telling us the news They're not being a hundred percent real with us because they're not even talking real today at 5 p.m We learned there's a way they're talking where you know that Fucking sure that's not a human and when they're trying to be human, it's even grosser. It's a show Yeah, and when they're trying to be sincere It's even grosser because it's like performative and you've always been you've been performing as this this news guy forever Now all of a sudden you're the real person right cut the shit man. What is that? Yeah, it makes us feel weird and that's might not even be As human as they're even being it It's not their fault, you know, cuz that's what they're that's their job. It's a job, you know That's that's their job to go up there. So if you do show that human moment It's like and then you look at it and you're like, oh is that actually real? Oh, everyone thinks that's fake, you know, but maybe you know, they do feel Sad genuinely. It's just so hard if you tell a sad story on the news And it's like you're reading off a teleprompter. Yeah, you know what I mean? It's it's interesting it is It's weird that we still need people to do it, too Like we want a Walter Cronkite type person or some respected journalists some Mike Wallace Some Barbara Walters someone who like when they're talking when I know I know Barbara. Yeah, there's well, you know Not when she's on the view but the olden days sure and she would do invest what days What you would I'm ninety five. I'm ninety row. She's pre your time for sure. She's pre my time She was I think there's like some crazy thing where Barbara Walters and Frank and Martin Luther King jr. Were born in the same year. Is that true? Did I just make that up? I Think and Frank and Martin Luther King jr. And then like one other she's born in 1929 What? Son has to wait. Yeah Yeah Yeah That the lady's seen some shit. That's when people Play chess with each other and Frank was as well, right? Yeah, that's crazy board the same same year you didn't make that up no sometimes I'm wondering no no me The problem also like sometimes people tell me something and then I don't look it up and then I'll just repeat it Yeah, that's a whole other thing. That's a whole other thing. Yeah, you gotta like Audrey Hepburn Arnold Palmer from 90 1929 let's go the golfer. Mm-hmm. Wow. He was born in 1929. I thought he was the drink guy For myself a John Daly which which is the John Daly that's vodka and Arnold Palmer John Daly's a wild boy. Oh man. I fella that's what he can do is amazing That he's known for being a dude who parties short and he's one of the best golfers ever. Yeah, man I don't know. That's why like I don't And just like in big gut Plays like a fucking wizard. He looks like a wizard. He's giving me big Wizard vibes on this one. I mean the guy's been doing it a long fucking time Many a man is in the ground that was thinking that John Daly was never gonna make I'd be pissed It's like you ever played Mortal Kombat and and bow right show who's bow right? So he's the guy that was always drunk and he would puke on you and then he would always kick my ass in the game so imagine that's kind of like not to do not to compare John Daly to bow right show from Mortal Kombat, but Just imagine you're out there and you go so hard and you go you're like doing all the best training and all this shit And this guy just comes out with a fat dude with a John Daly And then just fucking hits the craziest shot every oh my god, man There's some guys that don't look like they should be pro athletes and then or pro anything with your body Yeah, and yet they're as good as anybody a lot. Yeah, I mean like What a big country. Oh, yeah, Roy Nelson. Yeah, why don't you put people in the neighboring dimensions? That dude hits so hard and by the way, he's like a legit Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt He was an elite grappler way I met him way back in the day way before he had any MMA fights and he was just a really elite grappler But then he starts fighting an MMA and knocking people in conscious and can take a shot Yeah, as good as anybody that's ever weird is padding Have you ever you thought did we they used to say that with boxers used to make them shave their beards shave them off Yeah, you couldn't have a big hairy beard because they really did think that it was padding. Well, yeah Well, that's what I was talking to somebody and they're like Hey, do you think it's like way way way way way way far down the line to where like men grew beards? Cuz they were fighting each other and they're like, okay, we'll get a little padding and it just grew over time No, I think they hadn't invented razors That's true. No, but how evolutionary how did it grow? How did it start growing? It went away I think I think we had hair all the way up to the top of our face But why would it stay just well, like why do we have armpit hair? It's good question. Why do we have ball hair? Yeah, what's up with that? Braid it Keep your asshole. No, the asshole hair is for catching dingleberries and everyone knows that it's for a little snack for later Oh, I think what it is is we used to be covered in hair It's pretty obvious and then when the aliens came down and manipulated our DNA They turned us into this this weird. I wish they turned me into that. I wish they turned me into that How do I get stuck with it? I always miss the fucking cool shit man, dude. I think if that is the case if If we were really truly created by aliens, that would be the most bizarre of all the possible We're still the same thing. Yeah, but if we knew that that's how we came about That would be probably the most bizarre thing ever From Creation or like crossbreeding like crossbreeding. Yeah. Yeah or like some genetic manipulation you know It's so weird. It's so fucking nose but thinking about Why are the depictions of aliens since Recorded history. Why are they always bipedal? Why do they always have the same face and eyes as us like why why big giant Why is that? Why is because I don't know and people are like, oh, you know people would be like Well, they're just like, you know, they made this up they look like humans, but what if we look like them? Yeah, or what if whatever we're being visited by now is just The humans from the future or humans or another offshoot of humans from Another dimension. Yeah, a lot of people at the risk of sounding crazy, you know, what's interesting about aliens to aliens they're always they always have eyes facing forward and In nature things that have eyes facing forward are generally predators Sure things that have eyes on the side like a deer or a pronghorn They're looking for shit coming at them. So they're they're like looking left and right and But when something has eyes going forward, it's looking to attack Generally like cats and right wolves. They have eyes facing for right Aliens of eyes facing forward which is interesting as I don't know Do you think if if it if there is actually who's to even fucking say what an alien even fucking looks like? They could just be a blob of fucking Energy or whatever the fuck but if we do like personalize them like that, which we as humans tend to do It makes it easier to Fathom, you know what? I mean, I couldn't fathom of being in here That's just a glob of dust or a cloud like I'm whoa, that's like this is insane. But if I look at it from like Oh, you're like me. You know what? I mean as far away in the galaxy as you might be from You look kind of like me but well just think about the me when you say me, it's very intangible, right? It's not like my hand my hand is right here, right? But my me like who I am my consciousness like where the fuck is that? Where's that? Is that inside of me? Is it is it a part of me? Is it all of me together? Whatever it is It's like you like your consciousness is like this where very unique energy that you and mine is me And everybody has a different one and it's what the fuck is that? Yeah, that's a weird thing It certainly is, you know, whatever it is inside of your mind That's moving you around and responding to questions and finding what you're interested in Yeah, suing your goals like that Whatever the fuck that thing is inside of you that energy is very strange and it is it's just super weird Yeah, I remember you asked me if I wanted to smoke and I can't I don't really smoke anymore And I actually talked it for the longest time in my whole life. I couldn't really explain this I couldn't like really like bring it to like words and try to explain it to where I wasn't like where it just cuz was It made no sense, but mm-hmm I talked to a couple of my buddies and they were like, oh it's the same thing So a lot of my friends from smoking weed, it's like almost like a depersonalization thing to where it feels like for the longest time since I had I smoked one bad joint and For the longest time ever since then it's felt like I've been almost like watching my life Happen instead of actually like living it does that make sense? It does if you had like an episode like if you smoked one bad joint and you got way too high and you had like a Break like some sort of a schizophrenic break or some sort of strange episode and and it just feels like a lot of the time It's like it's like I'm not doing it. It's like almost as like Hmm. I'm Watching it happen still to this day to this day a lot of the time Yeah, and it happened because of that one. I never I had never felt it in my life before that Wow So it's like and I talked to My friends and they They were like, oh that's like like depersonalization. I don't exactly know what happens or what goes on But it's a pretty like common thing I feel like for people who have had a negative experience with like THC or something Yeah, there's or whatever the fuck was in that joint that I had in LA that one time, you know, right? You don't know it was in it. That's true, too. Maybe it was just fucking LSD or something and it like totally just like Caught me and but I felt different like to this day. I still feel different That's but it could just be THC this guy Alex Berenson wrote a book about it. It's called tell your children and It's about how there's a certain percentage of people that especially with high dose THC they can have a schizophrenic break or a psychotic break something goes wrong I used to smoke crazy. I just mug a lot like do the volcanoes. Oh that shit That's so fun. It was so one time one time one time Wow, that's crazy one time Maybe there was something in it. I don't know, you know when you're just getting a joint from some dude Yeah, you don't know the chain of custody. Yeah No idea. Where was this cooked up? No idea Ron White was in the green room at the club one night and he pulled out this joint. He was this joint cost $75 I go what the fuck is that? He was got it from Beverly Hills. I go keep that shit the fuck away from me So all these other guys smoked it Brian Simpson smoked it Duncan truss was smoked and they went on stage and Duncan Duncan said he Didn't know what the fuck he was talking about. He was like, what did you do to me? What the fuck I thought it was weed But they've get these joints now and these these crazy dispensaries like in LA where they you know, it's legal now So they're lacing them with THC. They got THC crystals in them crazy in them And yeah, you these are not regular joints. These are for dudes like Like be real like the kind of shit that he smokes, you know Be real Exlicitly for be real that is the only man who could smoke this that dude is stone cold sober No matter how high he gets that is crazy, man I wonder like a lot of my buddies are like that too, man And you have to smoke a lot to feel high. Yeah, I can't keep up with those fellas I can't keep up with those I did his smoke box show where they get you super high and they put you in this dope car and they have cameras in the car and you sit there and Just you just hotbox the car hotbox car and it's ridiculous. I was so high I didn't know what the fuck I was talking about. I was like, I gotta get out of here I gotta go to bed. I get I'm convinced to I get secondhand high from my green room Oh, you got a fucking blow down you definitely do I've seen people get secondhand high from me in this room I've seen it where they're all of a sudden they have a hard time remember what they're talking about I go, bro, you got high you got high whether you liked it or not Maybe I am high maybe a little bit It's nice I had I had a stint to where I tried to smoke like maybe two years ago Yeah, and I was like it's amazing. But then like just shrooms is like for me like just So much more fun for me shrooms should be legal Yeah, cuz I mean if you are I mean, I'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist and if you're vulnerable There's something wrong with your mind. You probably shouldn't be doing any kind of psychedelics, but that's the case with a lot of stuff But for everybody else Just a little bit Just a little bit every right then would make your life a little better. Well, it's interesting You said that too because now I talked to a bunch of my buddies You know who have served and they said oh they're giving them Psilocybin to help with like PTSD and shit like that. Yeah, this this shirt that I'm wearing. This is a map shirt Multidisciplinary Association for psychedelic studies, you know these guys And they are doing a lot of great work with that with MDMA to MDMA for soldiers And so they're running these trials and these studies with MDMA and soldiers and they're finding great results. Yeah It's really interesting and it's just like it's this this is literally eaten cow shit and It's nature and it's nature that human beings have utilized probably for thousands of years and we should get back to it You got to wonder if that's I mean You we know why it's not legal. It's because it's gonna make people invent tools and and Have better communication with each other and be more, you know It's but this the people that are the path they should listen listen this the people that are trying to run the world You should be doing it too Because if you did it would change your consciousness and it would change your focus and you would still be just as successful Don't think you won't be you'll still be successful. You'll be successful under Under a different metric you probably feel better and you won't have this fucking guilt this overwhelming guilt of living your life just Constantly trying to acquire money by unscrupulous methods spend your money on shrooms. You don't even have to spend that much money Expensive and if you're living a good spot, they're readily available outside, which is wild. I'm good. Thank you though Yeah, it's one of those things that I think nature put here or we are not maybe not even by design but just by Whatever it is about us and whatever it is about that When that chemical interacts with ours and it's very similar to normal human neurochemistry apparently That Pesticide been when it interacts with us. It's very positive for the most part again unless you have psychological problems. Well, that's I think or on certain medications it like it It made me I was so fucking depressed and so fucking sad for so long And doing shrooms it took me Out of that it made me see shit in like such a more like it's not all fucking shitty It's not all shit was but it did feel all shitty for you even while you were successful. Yeah, that's what's weird, right? Right exact then you have it all and yet you still feel like shit. Yes that confuses a lot of folks. Yes, sir It's and especially like I was fucking 18 Like whenever the shit popped off and I was like, oh fuck man, I don't right I don't know what the fuck to do. Everybody's looking at me I don't you know and I can't even imagine how like a Bieber or a Culkin like or child actors or performers like how you even Even your parents like at that and I don't want to say anything about those people's parents and specifically but in particular but The parents even then are like how much money can we make off of this kid? And you see like a lot of YouTube families doing that shit Do it's like this kid doesn't know what the fuck is going on here. He doesn't know what's going on here. You're just monetizing Your cute kid, you know what? I mean? It's crazy. It's crazy It is weird and that's why like even when I had my baby You see a lot of the time people are like first thing that happens baby gets Baby Fresh out of the coochie, right and then write to Instagram or Twitter or whatever. Here's my new fucking baby like no shit and like The kid doesn't know what the fuck is happening. So like whenever they're older, they'll be like, oh, I saw your ass when you were a baby But you know what I mean? It's like it's just like but I I remember I pulled I got I had the The pleasure and the privilege to pull my baby out and I was like, oh fuck Wow This is like like Had all this like one scrubbed up so it was Crazy and I'm like, you know what you can in this world that we live in right now where everything is based off of a social currency and a and a like or a heart metric on Any platform you I'm gonna let you fucking decide Whenever you want to do that, you know Yeah, that's that's a great way to do it. I feel like people are just so Entrenched in this idea that you have to share Every aspect of your life and use that aspect of your life as a thing to get likes, right? That's what's weird It's like that light when they invented likes boy, did they fucking hotwire our brain? They lock pick it up. It's like yeah, they did. Isn't that wild? Yeah, that's wild, too That's wild too. Isn't that crazy? Yeah, I think about that all the time like Yeah That's why I don't know that's not to be nice. I don't think it's You know Look, you're gonna get people to gang up on folks. Sure There's there's you're gonna get people that weaponize that that's but that's also a way to indicate whether or not people like it Don't like it. I mean, that's the way to indicate people like it or don't you saying I can only like it We can like it or ignore it. So so like then you can buy that You know gauge you can tell if people really like the video say the video gets a hundred million or a let's just say a million Views right and then like oh a thousand people like this. Oh, they didn't really like that right? I mean weird right. Why did it get so many views then you can kind of just Subtract. Yeah, the amount of likes versus the views and then be like well Well, there's always hate liking or hate watching people do a lot of hate watching they do a lot of watching shit They hate I'm a little guilty of that. You've seen the new NPC trend What is the new NBC NPC trend? Alright, so maybe can you Jamie would I know what an NPC is it is? So it is crazy, dude Is it the memes it is the tick tock of people that will live stream for hours of? Doing and so they'll just stay in like a stance like this Also, then whenever whenever someone gives them money or something Like on tick tock they'll react to it in like a way and they'll do it for hours Oh, I saw this young pretty girl that was doing that it is crazy and everybody was going what is going on? Like what is it crazy like ice cream so good. Yeah, I scream so good. I am so good and I'm like, wow This is kind of crazy. What is that? Like why it's Did she ever break character or does she just keep doing that? Character to like I remember her kid came in on one of those changes. She's like, what are you doing? That's a little but now it's it's not just her it's a it's like a thing Well, and I went thank you sir. Here's the one that got viral first Pinky doll is her name and she reveals staggering earth. They're making cash Wow, and this is this this is the one Gang gang gang gang gang gang Oh special gang gang Gang gang gang gang Gang gang gang. Mmm, that was good eliminate. He ha yes, you got me feeling like a cowgirl Let me run it. Huh? He ha yes, you got me feeling like a cowgirl. Let me run it It's crazy That's so strange. It's crazy. It's pretty is really hot and that That's why that works. Let's not pretend. No, if she was gross like that that lady's beautiful So when she does that people like what is she I'll get her to lick her lips like $7,000 a day. That's pretty damn not bad. Good. Now, how long did she do it for? Did it say on there? 48 hours This was a three-week She didn't sleep is actually here What is it the Russian sleep experiment or whatever? Right? Right, right, but just some NPC streamers What did they figure out from that? Like what is the limit of the human body where you can go without sleep? Well, I don't know if it's like if that experiment was real But because you hear the story about it like you know the one where they're like I don't know if it's just like a creepy pasta or whatever when they did the sleep experiment What happened Ricky says it's a creepypasta. Yeah, it's a creepypasta. What is it creepypasta? It's like Like a creepy story like a story that is a story that you will tell but like real that but I wonder Oh, there's not like they murdered each other or something like that Yeah, they started like murdering everybody so they say in this in the story It's a story that makes sense. But that makes sense. That's not really did they ever really push that if if they did they probably I won't talk about it. You know, like right. It's so like inhumane like and given well you think about fuck They're gonna kill me Just like MK ultra and all that shit man, I was about to go there all that shit like I'll let you talk about it. So I just know what it is, but I don't know anything about it It's in a real program that the CIA was running That where they were experimenting with people with LSD To find out what LSD did and they wanted to know like how can we use it? Can we use it to interrogate our enemy our enemies? Can we use it as a truth serum? What can we do with it? By the way guys, I have no idea what this stuff is. There you go And what they did was they started experimenting and not just the United States They did it with British soldiers too in the 1950s There's a video of these British soldiers that they gave him acid See if you can find that because it's a wild video these dudes they just dosed him up and how to run into the woods How do you how do you so do you have like man hunters on that You ever watch that show man hunter. What is that? He's like the guy that like he's like, alright If you can hide I'm the best tracker in the world if you can hide from me on my horse But how do they how do they keep track of what they did in the woods? That's a good question. How do they Jamie? Right, so they but what if they went super deep yeah, right, how do they keep track of them keep them from just going on an acid marathon This is the fucking right after storming the beach at Normandy days, you know These are wild times man. People just ran into gunfire back then there were different men. Are these guys all on acid right? Yeah They can't stop laughing so they're soldiers and they're sitting there doing their job, but they can't stop laughing They're just tripping balls and then later there's some footage of them in the woods They took them to the woods afterwards or maybe there's I think this might be a different one because I have not seen this one But they I think they did it with a bunch of people and they did it at Harvard You know Ted Kaczynski the unibomber. He was a part of the Harvard LSD studies. He was a participant Yeah, no shit dose that dude up with that. No. Yeah, they dosed him up with acid and then he was You know, yeah, that guy have a rifle. Yeah, so they can't give a dude with a rifle LSD But yet they did look at these dudes. They got cameras and fucking What is he's holding on to his headphones they can't put the headphones on the tree they can't stop laughing look That's a great drug and they were like, okay, this has no military purpose at all This is exactly the opposite of what we want. What did they do chop it? They're chopping it Are they chopping a tree? I don't know. This guy's climbing a fucking tree. He's out of his mind Why do they have firearms because there are me guys. That's crazy though British Marines 1964 that was so What what the CIA was doing is they were they were experimenting with prostitutes so what they would do is they would set up a brothel and they would have these guys go in to try to Get with the prostitute and the prostitute was a CIA agent She would give them a drink that was laced with acid and they would watch these guys through two-way mirrors That's insane. Yeah, they were just trying to figure out what does acid do? And they were just totally unsuspecting. Yeah, and then there's mind control experiments There there's definitely something going on with Charles Manson and that's the Tom O'Neill book chaos It's a great book about MK ultra and the role that these guys that were running that program that they interacted with Manson They interacted with him in prison and they think that they might have been the people that were supplying him with the acid Or he was using it to manipulate those kids and the whole thing was to discredit the anti-war movement they were trying to develop this attitude in America that hippies are dangerous and murderous and You know these people that are like stop the war these people are they're a threat Sure And so one of the ways they did it was this high-profile guy Charles Manson And they take this guy and they taught him how to run a fucking cult when he was in prison most likely They definitely see in prison for beforehand. Oh, he's been in prison his whole life his whole life. Where's he from? That's a good question. I don't know where man's was from But the book chaos I can't recommend that enough it's fucking incredible the guy worked on it for 20 years I've talked about it a hundred times in the podcast if you listen to it before I'm sorry But that guy who is my friend Greg's neighbor my friend Greg Fitzsimmons He was this guy's neighbor like 20 years ago he's working on this and he got hired to write a story about the anniversary of the Tate Labianca murders and When he got hired to write that story started finding all these inconsistencies in the story And so he started doing like real journalism And it's just like he went on a deep dive like way too long and he wrote it for 20 fucking years Yeah For 20 finally they got together they helped him with an editor and they put it all together and they put together this book This book is insane. It's insane It's I don't know that's Such a crazy. It's so crazy and the thing about I Don't know if it's harder To like pull the wool over people's eyes now rather than then Does that make sense? Yeah, I don't know either because there's so many different like we were talking about the news Yeah, you know you go on the news and you get caught in this it's like a perpetual it's a wheel You know what? I mean, and you just keep getting especially now due to the algorithms that we have You just keep getting fed the same information to like perpetuate what you? Want to learn about and what they want you to know about but back then It wasn't as accessible So I wonder if it was harder back then To like trick the populace into believing something than it is now I think it was probably easier because I think they probably had more respect for Institutions because they didn't have the access to them that we have now Like think about what a president was like back then presidents openly had affairs No one reported on it. They were they were just revered figures It was a different thing like when Kennedy was a president sure definitely people hated him, especially Republicans A lot of people hated him for the Bay of Pigs, but the press didn't hate him. You know, they they everybody knew who he was, right? Not that's not the case today You know, the world is such a hostile place today. It's there's we don't have respect for institutions anymore We don't have respect for mainstream media for a lot of fucking reasons. We don't have respect for mainstream news We look at them like our maybe this is real, right? We don't look at it like you take everything that green is exactly Yeah, and we know that there's deep political agendas in reporting any story in the perspective the editorializing of these these perspectives it's just there's a lot of what humans are is what we're getting influenced by and When you're getting influenced by propaganda and horseshit all the time It has an effect on you whether you like it or not It might not be a hundred percent effective But it has some sort of an effect on you where you're willing to let these people who are just people They're no different than you and no different than me right But you'll let them talk to you and talk to us as if they are in control of us right and that is not supposed to be how America works right and That's just a natural human power structure thing that we've had since we were tribal creatures It's a natural inclination to want to be that and want to do that but we have to protect against that at all costs because just because it seems like you would like those things to be implemented because They fit your perspective and your worldview The problem is now there's tools in place for tyrants and now there's tools in place for people who don't share your perspective It don't have a charitable view of human beings and are ruthless and maybe psychotic But that's like that's the beginning. That's the beginning of it all too Yes It's been happening like Nero and fucking just like Rome was super like everything you look at like Everything what it was a republic, you know, like everybody was everybody had a vote everybody had to say everybody but the guys who are running well, everybody was drinking from lead and Everybody was like, you know what? I mean? This dude built this statue like fucking a hundred feet tall of himself And then Rome set on fucking fire and and it's it's it's crazy and that's just been happening and it's been Repeating for forever forever and I don't know exactly how long but you know the hip history repeats itself and then you look at a cycle of of like how civilizations come and and And go this way and it's just like I don't know. I know when I was a kid I used to think about America that way when I was a kid I was like, well, you know You read about ancient Greece and ancient Rome and these great civilizations that they felt like what happened? Did they see it coming and I was like what I see it coming what I know it was coming Is it gonna happen to us right? We don't want to ever think it could happen to us. We're on the top We're number one. We're fucking America. We're the youngest fucking country in the fucking world Yeah, and it can happen to us oh you got to be real careful that we don't become just like all these ones that we we talk about when we say boy be glad you're not living in that place because Places go through cycles. Some places are amazing and then they get invaded Some places, you know, some look at Atlantis. Yeah That one's probably an ocean thing Yeah, that's that's that's probably that's mama nature coming. Yeah, that's probably an Impact thing you believe in Atlantis. Yes. Yes. I do. I think was a real place you talked about the younger dry. Yeah and I was watching the thing recently actually about How they think that the Egyptians just found the pyramids and the Sphinx and how you can see That if the younger dry us affecting the Sphinx and the pyramids like that and How that shit happened, I mean, yeah, I'm not I'm not fully as Encompassed as you I'm sure cuz I just now learned about the younger dry us but well for sure This is what you can say for sure because this gets people very upset for sure. Yeah, okay Okay, but I don't know why but just you have to kind of like say a few things Okay, one thing is that for sure the Egyptians made it because it was in Egypt. Okay, like it's just different Yes, sir. It's I think what we're saying is there people from a different era. Yes, sir And this is the whole proposal that Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson have yes, sir in Like with that younger drives impact theory people get crazy about this and they think it's well I didn't mean to offend anybody if I did know you definitely didn't but there's people that call it a racist theory It's very strange because it's really yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's it's it's real weird and they've applied that to Graham Hancock and it's ridiculous Doesn't make any sense. He's he's not saying anything about the race of the people that did it It's about time. The whole issue is about time and What they believe is that somewhere around around eleven thousand eight hundred years ago and probably a couple other times we got Obliterated by comet impacts comet fragments slammed into the earth And there's a lot of evidence of this physical evidence of iridium levels of iridium nano diamonds that happen on impact This shit is all over the world You could find giant craters in places where like Greenland and there's places where 100% They got obliterated by a giant chunk of something What they believe is that this ended the Ice Age and this is what caused all the melting of the the ice caps that were above North America and that's where the all this massive flooding came from and that's where the Great Lakes come from and he thinks that it was a Civilization ending event where very few people survived and they essentially had to rebuild from there and so the amazing Society that built the pyramids whoever those people were By the time this younger drives impact thing happens Who knows what kind of civilization they had at that point sure is it but they might have been? Far more advanced than us sure just in a different way sure and for sure they knew how to move stone in a way We still don't understand right we have no idea how the fuck they did that no idea how they made two million 300,000 stones meet perfectly at the top and then covered in smooth limestone. It's fucking insane Channel and channel energy yeah, well and like and vibrate Inside of the pyramid to channel fucking energy who knows what they were doing It's it's it's crazy, and I didn't mean to offend anyone in no no no no no no I shouldn't it's I shouldn't have said it The way so I know not at all wanted to clarify because it's a weird thing that people keep because I just learned about this like and like watching videos about it and Learning about all this stuff in them you got to first off take everything with a grain of salt of course But then it's like fuck it Fucking actually crazy and now there's is there xenon on Mars. What is xenon the xenon? There's a there's a chemical that So the soil on Mars is supposedly enriched with xenon Enough to like it's like don't let me I'll just throw out an arbitrary number a thousand mega tons of nuclear It comes from nuclear explosions What so and they said that the soil that's that's they said that the soil on Mars is super packed with it Yo, imagine Mars was a nuclear war war on where they imagine they just obliterated the whole planet How do you think how do you feel about the face? It's the problem with the faces it was a very low resolution camera and it was convenient and then when they went over it a second time, it's It's weird in the shape of it, but it didn't look like a face anymore So how do you feel about NASA having its own like photoshopping? Branch do they there's people on NASA that photoshop, you know that you look at a picture of Mars. What color do you think it is? It's like it's like a dusty tan orange, right? Would you pull up the real pictures of Mars what they actually look like without the fucking filter on them is? in my crazy What is what? Well, isn't it like it is crazy different spots that have like different color ground I don't know it so they and they put so you look at pictures of Mars From like 20 to 30 years ago. Okay, or whatever and then you look at pictures of Mars now They are drastically different because people caught on to like why are you throwing a filter on? Mars Yeah, interesting I'll pull up the photos. I'm seeing and you direct me to what it is. Look at that one Look at that one like this one that no the first one this one. Oh, no third one. Sorry, sir Like on the ground that look at the sky there Okay, look at the sky there look at the ground there and then look at the the second one even for in fact There's an orange tint to everything on every picture that we've ever seen of it But then if you look at it look up maybe Mars without the orange filter But the lunar module doesn't look orange look at the lunar module. It's pure white. It's just a filter. It's not pure white Okay, look at that like that looks just like earth It looks like a place on earth. That could be a place on earth. Totally right except for this The sky is a little fucked up looking. Let's do Let's do mine. That's a Photoshop Instinct, I don't know. What do you call like a like I keep saying branch but like it's like well I do know that just one way to explain some of it Is that a lot of the photos they get from the telescopes are like not actual, you know, like like with these cameras It's not just taking a photo. Sure. It's taking data that has to be Compiled sure photo sure and are these not from the rover though? They are I'm not talking about like landscape photos No, but wouldn't it make sense that Mars looks different in different spots and wouldn't it make sense that it looks different with different Conditions it certainly does Mars is not that yeah, that's what I'm talking like the photo like that for instance can't be taken normally Right, right, but like the landscape photos It looks like a space monkey. Look at that. Doesn't know that dude's chill as fuck. Is that a real photo? Jamie that that picture looks like a space monkey the picture that you just had up. He's cool. That's your new Photoshop NASA photos give new life imagery So if you were one of these NASA photoshopped You would manipulate the photos in a little bit of a way to make them look a little more extraordinary Well, there's well, there's something we talked about No, it's crazy I'm trying to use the right words here cuz like I can make if I can take a photo of you Joe and make it Look, you know or both of you either. I could you put like the handsome filter on? There's a you can make the you can look away It didn't really look to anybody's eyes in the room, right? But you can just tweak some things without adding really anything. You're just tweaking The light off the sensors and then there's but there are ways you can go way further with it I don't I alright, so I was I've been I mean you can Fucking trust YouTube as far as you can throw it but looking at Photos of recent photos of Mars and it could it could be camera it could be camera Well, if you look at a photo from like a Samsung Galaxy, no, right But it still doesn't change the color. There's such in there's a there's one baby So the first one on the left is on process. That's what they okay. All right, so then they take the okay. Oh, that's weird. I Don't even this is also what you do for like, I don't know what a movie right? I'm gonna camera looks kind of like shit and you have to but is it calibrated? Why are they trying to make it look like a movie? That's also could be what we're used to seeing and it just make gives a better context Mate, mate. I I'm not the one doing it. So I'm just trying to like think like them and is there xenon on Mars there is xenon, but I couldn't go figure out And this evidence for NASA, oh that's that's fucking isotope harv I see a lot of smart I see a lot of clear reactor on Mars past. There's a lot of smart words here. I was skipping that bro That's now Harvard eat dot edu. That sounds very smart Yeah evidence for large natural natural nuclear reactor in Mars past Why are they saying natural? They're just guessing they don't want to say that maybe it was a civilization that nuked itself into oblivion Maybe so. Yeah, but why else would they say natural? Compounding the mysteries the fact that Mars has a surface layer of elevated levels of uranium and thorium Oh, I don't know bro. They nuke the whole planet imagine They were fighting over some fucking order town and they were just like us and I went fucking postal How crazy would that be? How do you nuke a cloud of gas though? Cuz that's what aliens are No, I don't know. You want to know something crazy? No, it's a cloud ways I want you to think a cloud ways and the average cloud. What do you consider average? Just a big pluff just like a big fluffy ones for 20 pounds a million fuck I was way off a million pounds. I just found that out. It's like that's insane I'd rather get paid a million pounds in 20 the the density of the water That's in the the clouds if you actually could extract it and weigh it. Yeah, look at that. That's crazy a cubic kilometer cloud contains 1 billion cubic meters doing the math 1 billion times 0.5 500 million grams of water droplets in our cloud. That's about 500,000 kilograms or 1.1 million pounds imagine it just fell whoosh It just fell like hard it became solidified and just fucking a giant hail stone They'd be fucking crazy well some hail was ridiculous seeing people getting pelted by like golf balls like you ever seen a video of these people were filming from their backyard and then you see the the Hail hit in the pool and it's like they're getting attacked by aliens. It's crazy This was they they just we just did had this in Utah Monsoon the monsoon in Utah Wow, it's a great song name. Yeah, that's a great song on soon Yeah, that's a great song name It was it my dad I wasn't there but my dad said it was like the craziest Storm he's ever been in the monsoon. This wasn't Utah though, but this was Tucson a couple weeks ago But here's the storm rolling in Arizona. Oh, look at that thing It just dumps here in a second covers the whole screen Those are the darkest that's like fucking Mordor clouds totally. It's our on Look at the rain Rice, dude, holy fuck man. That's it. That is insane. That's insane If that's not fucking apocalyptic, dude, I don't know what the fuck is that was crazy Miami once this guy doesn't seem to care though. He doesn't mind Acquiring data I Was in Miami once and we were driving on the highway and the whole highway had a stop Because the rain was so hard you couldn't see in front of you the whole highway just stopped dead Just don't drain on us. It lasted for like four minutes and then it went away But for four minutes the entire highway stopped you couldn't see a foot in front of your windshield. It was just It was fucking wild Like this is crazy. These people are dealing with some wild shit down here It's never rains like and you just how long do you hang out on the side of right? We were in the middle of the highway We we had to stay there for several minutes. Oh, you don't say and in your lane. Yeah, you have to stay in your lane Yeah, everybody will everyone say stop bro. You couldn't see jack shit. You couldn't see the front of your car It was insane. That's yeah, see I don't man It just dumped and took off and you're like, okay, and then it was like back to normal But it gave you it gives you a little heads up like hey, you know you ain't you ain't shit Nothing ain't shit. This fucking whole planet has some Gigantic destructive forces that you could never stop So when you're on the highway and it rolls through just be lucky you don't have a fucking convertible Shut your mouth and just sit there and deal Put that top on quick Oh my god, you're gonna fill with water you'd be in a fishbowl Hail dude. I hate moving the Texas. We had a lot of hail like and it would just fucking Common fucking we had to go put out we there was a baler and so we would go use their parking garage Whenever it would hail and so it's a windows gonna get smashed. Yeah, cuz it's it's crazy Yeah, fuck your car up crazy. There's a video find the video Jamie of hailstorm in swimming pool. It's bananas It's like they're getting attacked. It's like missiles are coming in into their swimming pool. It's fucking where is that? I don't know. I want to say was Ohio Jamie. Why you pull that up? Can I 10 1 Texas? Texas? Can I 10 1? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Sorry guys. Go ahead. Look at this though. These fucking hail. Oh My god, yeah that poor cow that poor cow That that cows getting lit up that swimming pool is getting raw We'll pause we'll pause you real quick. I'll think we'll do we're right back folks and We're back So you say you got into archery or you tried it I tried it I tried it yes, sir, would you go I was in France so I was in France working on the wine and We were at the vineyard and we were like, let's shoot some Shoot some bow. So we had some French archers come out and they had like they had a compound and they had like just another like recurve like traditional like yeah and Joe Rogan that is hard to do. It's not easy. It is not easy to do it all and they want you to go forward Do you go forward when you shoot? No, they told you go forward. Yeah Maybe what though maybe it was with like was it like an old oak bow. Okay a long bow. Yeah, so they like Told you to go forward whenever to help your aim or such which which just seems counterintuitive because you don't want to really move when you're Well, though the whole thing about those old bows when it's whether it's a recurve or a long bow Is that it's much more of a feel thing? Like you kind of you have to practice with them a lot almost like throwing a rock, right if you throw a rock Or a baseball is a better example when you throw a baseball You know how far how much energy you have to put into that? Throw in order to get into that strike zone if you're throwing a pitch, right? So that's like a knowledge of how much force and how you can aim This is the same thing applies to arrows you shoot enough arrows, you know, like where you have to hold Thank you, sir. At what distance when you're releasing an arrow because you know the arc of the arrow and you feel it's feel Let's feel compound archery. What I do is very different. It's much more calculated I have a range finder at the time me 52 yards I dial it on my my sight to show yours my pin moves up and down and then I'm holding So do you have picatinny on your bow? What's a picatinny rail? Yes, I do. Cool. Yeah, so you put like an aim point That's where the sight comes out of the site is Why don't use an optic okay, you use a you use a it's just a clear Hole like a tube with a fiber optic pin in it Okay, and that fiber optic pin is the indicator that tells you what yard it's like if it's up or down, right? So if it's up that means it's a close shot if it's down very low That means a long shot so it's the arc of the arrow over a course of time and it's all calculated on this thing called Archer's advantage which is a computer program Okay So you put in the speed of the bow the weight of the arrow all these different factors and you put it in and it'll give You a sight tape nerd and then yeah And like you you dial it into 20 yards once you know where 20 yards is you got that indicator mark You mark it off and then you put the tape down and then once you put that tape down You're good to go to like a hundred yards 110 yards wherever you want You just do your hold there exactly just hold where that pin is It's a much easier way of shooting a bow than traditional, but you do you have a laser rangefinder? Yes Who makes a rangefinder? Oh, but shit ton of companies. I got is it the same is like a like a firearm rangefinder Yes, very some very similar a lot of the same companies like, you know vortex. Yeah, they make a great rangefinder I use a loophole full draw five because it actually tells you you put in the the arrow speed and all these different factors and it actually Shows you the arc of the arrow in the rangefinder So like if I'm trying to shoot an elk through a pocket in the trees It's like this big and I'm 35 yards away I have to know that my arrow is not gonna hit the upper branches Sure So I can cuz at the height of the arrow it's higher than when it's gonna drop down So you're putting the pin where it wants to drop down But it might be like way up here when it's at five yards ten yards fifteen yards And then it's gonna drop down into that spot exactly where you want it to go. So this rangefinder How big is what the rangefinder? It's a little it's like like a phone phone size. So that's it right there So I have a like I said, I have a full it's called a loop old full draw five But I have a vortex one that's great too It just doesn't have that thing where you can the reason why I use the full draw five is that line is gigantic if you're shooting through obstacles and through branches because a lot of times an elk would be in an opening like there's two trees and You know, they're like five feet wide, but this is like this one branch that's above him and you have to do that's it See so that line right there. It shows that's your okay the height of the arrow So like right there that in my mind I would think that could hit that branch and is that your hold there. Are you aiming for that spot? No, no No, the hold is where the crosshairs. Okay. Okay with that's indicative That line at the top is indicative the very height of your arrow when this is its highest point So that was a long shot. That's 78 yards Unethical so long long poke for sure real elite archers can do it if you're like, you know, a Cam Haynes That's that's a shot that he can take unethical because you might put him in the knee or something I might fuck that shot. Yeah, I wouldn't take that shot But I but I would on a big animal like a buffalo or something like that You have you know that the vitals are this big. Yeah, have you ever shot or What do you call it? Shooting archery like when you say shooting shooting now, have you ever shot under like night vision and nonsense? No, that would be wild But I have a hard time I do you'd have a hard time Seeing like you wouldn't hold see like the thing about archery is and it's one of the beautiful things about it is like Everything's repeatable like you you have to have perfect form. So like when I come to full draw my String touches the tip of my nose That this is in the corner of the the the D loop is in the corner of my mouth Did you ever fuck you up? My knuckle is exactly where this where my jaw lines up. That's where my knuckle sits It's a repeatable point sure if I have nods on is is not gonna work, right? It's I can't even do it with glasses. I don't even like it with glasses on it feels weird It's a it's like I have to be lined up with that string and when I'm lined up with that string all I don't think about a fucking thing in the world. All I think about is releasing a perfect arrow. That's all I'm thinking about I'm not thinking about taxes. I need gas. I gotta fucking get my car. I gotta buy more air All I'm thinking of is that spot that I'm aiming at and I think there's a mind cleansing Yeah that comes from that and the release of it It's got to feel like it's so fucking good like cuz I tried the hardest part for me was getting that Bowback and holding yes holding that string. Yeah, like That was the heart. It takes a lot of shoulder. It takes a lot of arm My body's imbalanced the right side of my body is thicker like all the way down my lats my upper delts Everything is much thicker on this side because I pull a bow back a fucking hundred times a day. Yeah every day It's like these muscles. I really have to balance it out. I feel it sometimes I feel it. I have the same thing but from jacking off Just which hands yeah, well stranger Old stranger. It's hard man. I have after that experience I was like, you know what and plus it the first couple times shooting. Were you scared of? Shooting a boat. Yeah, it feels cuz that is so snappy and when I was a kid I had like a little fake bow and that's why I get the wrist guard Yeah, because that shit comes and it blew my arm. It blew my arm up Let's just see what compound bows do compound bow So if you're pulling back like an 80 pound bow and you have all this force on those cams when that string comes and fucking Slices against your form people get some gnarly fucking bruises there. It looks nasty. Yep. Mine broke skin It was like bleed. It was like dude. It was it's yeah, you got to learn proper form proper form proper stance That never happens to couldn't think of a better teacher. You got to get a real archery coach He gets me away Joe Rogan turn me away for archery lessons. I would 100% 100 I have a range right here. Oh, I have a fucking 40 yard range. That's amazing right here. Who makes the best bow They're all really good at the highest level. I shoot with a Hoyt, but there's a company called PSE they make a great bows company called Matthews They make a great bow bear makes great bow if you're gonna survive in the archery world The archery world is very unique in that there's yearly innovation. So Hoyt puts out new bows every year It's like an iPhone engineers that are constantly tweaking things and they have Prostaff guys like Cam Haynes is a professional archer those guys they all work man to he's the best He's the nicest guy on earth, right? But those guys give them feedback and talk about this is what I like. This is what I want Can you change this can you change that and then every year they get a little better every fucking year? They get like incrementally better. Do you run like a weight on yours? Yeah, is that what those long stabilizer things are? Yeah, the stabilizers on there when you have a weight out front It like it keeps balance a little bit better and this is hard. Yeah, that's not the fucking mentioned pulling the string. I mean Keeping your arms. It's heavy. Yeah, it's not light. No, you have to develop a Certain amount of rigidity in your your form, you know form is important. Yeah that comes from practice He used to practice a lot Archery is one of those things where you really like my friend John Dudley who's one of the best archery coaches alive. He practices Hours every day puts it up on his Instagram puts his little lessons up on his YouTube He's shooting arrows out in his yard is a giant range It goes out to like 150 yards or something and he's shooting out there every day hours and hours and hours a day That's why he's so good. There's no shortcuts. Yeah to figuring out how to be good at that It just takes constant repetitive practice over and over again focus and technique So what do you think of those guys that can shoot like three arrows? It's pretty wild. It's cool It's fucking super cool. It's cool. Look there's a guy that like ours like wall. Yeah I think he's revitalized that whole idea Because I think for a long time they thought that people carried arrows in their quiver and they pulled one out and right and he's Like no, there's a lot of like ancient depiction the treatises In ancient times of guys holding three or four arrows in their hand and he thinks that's what they did I mean, that's what's so that's what's so interesting. Like you look at like HEMA like like the European martial arts or whatever and they like get in the armor with the training swords and shit and they're like all they can do is interpret these Treatises that they had and the shit that they wrote down like all the different guards and like the way that they would actually fight right like Because there's no video. There's no real tutorial on how to do it, right? You have to interpret this stuff good luck finding a dude who's won a sword fight. Yeah, it's exactly It's crazy. I've never met a dude who's won a sword fight before Oh You know with what's going on now with slap fighting that's next Do it in a dungeon in somewhere the aliens are gonna come back and look at like YouTube videos like how did they and then take it? I'll be there NFL. I would not be surprised There's there's a lot of like crazy underground fights that are happening now, which is really interesting They have really no rules fights on concrete people fighting with sneakers on. Yeah on which platform? Well, they're just doing it online and it's like it's I remember like world star fights Fight for money. Yeah, that's like a Kimble slice thing But with no rules, but they're doing wild shit like you get paid extra if you could bite a piece of the person off That's crazy. You can I got a website is this it's just online These guys have won like multiple fights in a row by eye gouging so they get on top of guys and gouge their fucking eyeballs Yeah, yeah, that's insane. Yeah, it's like fortune. No rules. You can bite people you can do whatever the fuck you want It's kind of kind of crazy. That's crazy. Yeah, really crazy and you get paid extra for their eyes brutal fight Club allies allows eye gouging with biting bonus and extra for eating the chunk Yeah Million subscribers where these guys it looks like a hockey rink or something. Yeah, they're fighting that looks exactly like a hockey rink Yeah, and they're fighting on ice. I don't think they're fighting on ice, but I mean that's that's that that's the ice Multiplier. Well also would you be allowed to have spiked shoes and that would come into play? Maybe you get paid less for the spike shoes Gives you too much of an advantage Or maybe everybody wears them. Maybe it's just the thing you wear Yeah, ice fights with spiked shoes. Oof. Someone goes down to get stomped spike shoes you remember But if you win you don't get any prize money Wait eye gouging is a this don't include biting It says is in occurrence of victory that if you win by eye gouge, but look they still allow biting this don't include biting Don't include biting eye gouging still permitted but you don't get paid that's Bro, and I have you know, this just don't include biting guys. Yeah, it's biting is still cool What the fuck man biting that's fucking crazy. That's fucking crazy Was so was like UFC like one and two how when did the gloves come in? Well, some guys started wearing gloves on their own like Vitor Belfort is UFC 12. What a beast Yeah, that was the first fight that I ever worked Vitor was one of the first guys to show up a gloves on he might have been the first it was hit No, no tank Abbott was the first I think tank Abbott was the first guy to wear gloves because he realized that those little tiny gloves are only protecting his hands Right not really protect especially when you hit his right tank Abbott And tank Abbott just went out flatline people with those gloves on because you could really crack someone if you have your hands taped up Nice and you have your wrist taped up nice and you have padding over your knuckles You can really fucking crack someone. Yeah, but it's hard to do that with just your hands Well even doing I never I thought the tape was to look here's tank. What which one UFC six So he's definitely the first Yeah, tank that dude's got a shirt on bro. Yeah, you could do whatever you want. Yeah shoes on their shoes Tank was fucking this. This is one of the craziest knockouts ever Cuz look how he stiffens up And then tank mocks him he likes That's Yeah, dude tank was a he had no mouth garden or anything Well, he might have it might have got knocked out but that's crazy And I never realized I thought the tape was just to look cool tape. Yeah on your hands. Yeah wrists Yeah, oh, it's to protect your hand 100% because I did a fight scene for an up-and-coming film and I just was my hands and even Pretending to hit I had to fight a guy who's like Massive like big-ass buff dude like 300 pounds are just pure fucking and like hitting him He was like, all right give it to me. Yeah, and then so I I wouldn't punch him full force, but I would hit him like 20% and even then I was like, oh my fucking god My wrist is like fucked and I'm not a fighter by any means but we put the tape on and it just it was so much more Like stable. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, that's the whole reason for it I just thought I look cool. It does look cool. It doesn't look cool. It's cool No, it's 100% to protect your hand and your wrist wrist get wrists are very fragile Canelo Alvarez just fucked his wrist up. He had to get surgery on his wrist He's a beast. He's a he's a beast. He's a beast like I'm I'm I'm talking more about Jake I Want to see a UFC fight? You want to see UFC fight with Jake? Yeah, well, he's not gonna fight for the UFC. Well, no He's got a contract with the PFL, which is another organization They're throwing a lot of money around they just signed Francis and Ghanu and Jake has a contract with them So if he has an MMA fight, I think it has to be over there Where's that? PFL PFL? Yeah, I Haven't watched the PFL. It's good good fights good fighters. They got a lot of elite guys It's like, you know a B-level organization in terms of there's only really one a level organization in America, right? That's the UFC right the other ones are just slightly below but there's a elite guys and all of those There's there's elite guys in Bellator that could compete in the UFC, right? There's elite guys in the PFL and what is that just contracting? It's like new contract. Mm-hmm shit like that Yeah, yeah, like that's what happened with Francis and Ghanu because he was the UFC heavyweight champion in loses title He relinquished his title due to contract negotiations and he decided he was gonna leave And so they vacate vacated the title and they gave him a big chunk of money to go to the PFL, right? I gotta watch a PFL fight. Yeah, this is good fights It's got a wacky point system that you're not gonna understand cuz I don't understand I don't understand any points in the in UFC or or boxing. Oh, like when they like it's like a 10-9 round like that kind of thing because I'm like well You you watch and I know I'll be it. I know nothing about Fighting, but I'm like that dude definitely won that round, but it always seems to be so Close kind of but it's always like unanimous decision is Whenever the judges all agree, yeah, it's all the same right But I don't I don't quite understand the whole deal I don't understand So what are they going off of knockdowns is a big one knockdowns a big one punches landed is a big one Uh-huh. So what is the ratio? So here let's take a look at that What is the ratio between punches thrown and punches landed? Yeah, how does that affect points? Well, it doesn't if you still land a lot and you miss a lot like so if you're a highly active fight of throws like 150 punches around and You land 50 and your opponent only lands 10, but they only threw 30 right? You still won that round, right? You just let a lot more volume a lot more But even though you missing your it's like what counts is how many you land if you don't get penalized for missing for missing Okay, because if you're a guy who just throws a lot of fucking punches You're gonna miss a lot of punches too If you just if you have some insane cardio and you just go after a guy throw insane volume at him Well, you take a hundred percent of the shots you miss. Isn't that the saying? But you do take a hundred percent of shots you missed Pessimistic version a little bit but it is true a hundred percent of the times you missed you took a shot That's true That's unavoidable my buddy told me that that's amazing. It's like that's amazing. Nobody wants to think about that. No one thinks about that You got to go for a lot of people go for it They said it did they said Michael Jordan said that did and then Michael Jordan didn't say that You might have said it and forgot you might have been in a competitive tramp. You miss a hundred. Oh, it's Wayne Gretzky You miss 100 Michael Scott Michael Scott's probably one of the most legendary characters of all time How about the fact that that guy went on to play that creepy? Dupont guy in that movie. What was that movie the wrestling movie? Fox catcher, did you ever see that man? No, sir It's crazy movie, but he plays this like really fucking creepy dude. He did an incredible job He the makeup is good Yeah, it was really good good movie can't recommend it enough Channing Tatum. Mm-hmm young Channing Tatum. Yeah, what year is that? 2014 Steve Carell kills it in that movie. It's a really good movie man It's there's some fucked up things about that movie like historical inaccuracies Cuz I asked to do with the some real wrestlers and he took some liberties with the story sure, but Steve Carell nails it if you just want to just see it as a movie. Yeah, I think about it. Yeah, whether it's accurate Yeah, cuz I'm totally clueless about it. It's interesting. It's just crazy that that's the guy from the office. He's so good Yeah, he's so crazy. We're doing have you met Channing? Oh my god. No, he's the best is him. Yeah, he's the best fucking guy I remember I was working on the last album and we did a whole bunch of shroomies and just listen to it He's such a fucking cool motherfucker. Oh, that's I like Me too and you know, it's always it's always scary cuz you never really know I don't know like you never really know You feel like you know and that's kind of a whole thing right with You know the way everything is today is like you oh, I feel like I know I've seen you before right I see everything that you do. I know where you are 24 hours a day. I know you yeah, and It's it's I'm looking at you on snapchat map exactly. Well, I'm looking at you on only fans Imagine only fans on a map where the girls are all the time. That's fuck. No way Anybody yeah, but it's so crazy how anyone knows where you are? Yeah at all times. It's crazy Someone does if they're looking for you by the way, you can't a phone. I'm a good boy. Yes I'm just wanna let you know when I let them go Joe's a good boy too. Well, we pair taxes. We pair taxes and we're not kids and we definitely Texas Only good not bad God bless America It's it's it's I don't know that it's so crazy nowadays the way that There's people feel so personal with people but it's super Unpersonal at the same time like I remember whenever I started losing my weight everybody was like I This is what meth looks like and I started like dancing on stage and having fun and having more energy and just enjoying life Again, you know what I mean? Like I mentioned that was shitty for a long time, but I had my baby and I'm in a great fucking spot And then the first thing that happens is like oh he's on fucking drugs And I'm like, well, I know there's people that genuinely care Right and the concern that maybe you are on drugs, right? But there's also people that are just like, alright kids This is what fucking meth looks like. Yeah, and definitely not on meth definitely not on any fucking hard drugs, but you feel an inclination almost as As a public figure to have to justify Something that you don't need to justify first off. It's nobody's business second off. Don't just fucking assume everything You know what? I mean? Yeah, it's like so I I was like hey guys Not on fucking drugs and I know that's the crazy part is is because I know there's people that really give a shit But there's also a lot of people that are just like I mean, you know people are just mean in general online. You never have to face repercussions. Yeah They're just not happy with their own life and they want you to fail and that's that's what you're reading You know, that's all that is It's just someone wants you to be and then there's you know an unusual thing like all of a sudden you have this unusual amount Of energy and joy for life. Yeah, I don't know Different I'm not buying it something. I'm not gonna be that love drug. It's gotta be something else it's it's it's It's it's it's interesting to to See it happen and I I don't know how much you how much do you pay attention to social media? None, I read other stuff about other things, but I don't pay attention to anything about me It's not healthy for you. It's not I Long time ago I got off and that was like the best decision I've ever made but it is a good source of interesting shit There's a lot of interesting things to pay attention to in the world But you have to kind of be real careful how you curate it And I think with some people what I see and I follow quite a few people that I can tell that this is what's going on it's their daily obsession is interacting on Twitter and like saying things and arguing with people and getting in confrontations and You know and dunking on people right? So they do it all day long. It's like It's one of their main interactions It's that with human beings the amount of time they put into it It probably dwarfs all the other time they put in with human beings right and it's a crazy crazy fucking thing, too like I'm Who who decides what is Interesting too because I'll tell you what the submarine thing With The submarine that went to go see the Titanic yeah, or not submarine, but the yeah Titanic deal the submersible thing Not once Joe in my entire life Have I said if I get on my phone and I'm like hey or if I'm not even on my phone if I'm just like hey I want a jet ski I'm thinking about getting a jet ski and then the next time you get out your phone you get an ad for a jet ski Right, but not once in my life. Have I been like oh like Submersibles are very interesting to me like I want to go see the fucking Titanic. I how was that story? everywhere Well because the people that were involved were very wealthy and when wealthy people do stupid shit We have a certain sense of glee like when some wealthy billionaire wants to take a rocket into space and it blows up people be like ha ha There's a part of that right there's definitely a part of ha ha if you are a person who gets to watch people Do something that you think is really fucking stupid like get into an unproven watercraft with a gamecube controller That's been had people resign because of safety concerns, right? That's that's one of those things where when people die like that people enjoy watching it they enjoy paying attention to it Weird it's weird. They enjoy it's also fear It's the fear of the actual experience of being that person because you could imagine it You could imagine if you had been talked into it somehow. Everybody says totally safe, right? Don't worry You're like, okay, let's do it. Let's do it. And then you down there in the ocean and then you hear a crack Like oh those guys they died so fast Supposedly, okay. Yeah, what I heard is that something failed and it plummeted and That it was plummeting. They should have they probably knew they were dying as it was plummeting into the ocean and Then because the actual collapse would be Jesus Christ tenth of a second now is what they said I'm imagine the force behind that weight all that water if the clouds are a million pounds. Yeah a cloud It's floating in the sky and it's a million yeah all that shit around you are 4,000 feet deep in the ocean that's fucking crazy It's just pink mist. Do you think that's never happened before? I'm sure it's happened before it's definitely and it's it's just so crazy like I don't know that's All anybody talked about for a week, right? And then now no one fucking talks about it. It just comes well because we found out that they died And then there's not much more to say other than you know People go looking into the history of the safety concerns that these engineers had right? How did anybody ignore that how they allow people to do this and you know the dude who ran it? You know that then they're fascinated by him because he was actually in it. It's not like he just put somebody in it He went in it himself. So he believed in it. He was he died with them. He was on that trip Which is wild too. So the whole story is I It's a it's a thing when we see someone do something and die and we think it's unnecessary or stupid There's a part of us that like has to study it because that's how you learned even if it's something you would never do That's you learn to never do that when you see some guy and he's taking a selfie on a skyscraper and he falls Just cement it in your head. I don't fucking don't do that Fucking do that, but that's like I don't know that's like evolution. It's like like you're kind of like Well, you don't want to be up that high. That's okay I don't want to go anywhere fucking near that and my body says yeah, don't fucking go anywhere No, some people are probably to chin up some like down down that low too. Well, it's just I don't know like I talk a Lot of my buddies who served they're like, oh, yeah, I don't jump on an airplane like a thousand fucking times How Why how? You know, it's not right. I'm a terrestrial being it's a terrible way to die here I'm so happy being here me too like my friend Brian his like no, no, no I guess that's wrong. It's way get sweaty hands. He's motherfucker. Sorry nuts Why so crazy? I'm not gonna lie to have you seen fuck. There was a movie about this like free climber Oh Alex Hahnold or you talking about the alpinist it was a it was a nice climber. It wasn't a like Non fix it was a fictional movie. Oh fictional, but she would she climbed up this like cell phone tower Right before they were gonna tear it down and she gets like stuck up there Oh Jesus and it was I was my feet were sweating and I watched like I love horror movies I love horror movies all this shit, but watching that I'm like Yeah fall. This is yeah, it's not show me this do not Jamie God damn it. It is so it is stop stop stop stop. I was so pumped Because I was like this movie scared the dog shit out of me And I love scary movies. I love them I watch them like every fucking night go to bed all this shit, but that movie scared the shit out of me there's a movie about a bunch of people that are in a ski resort and they're on like the last of the Fucking what are those things gondola? What are those things? The sky don't what are the ski ski let me call them ski lifts. Yeah, it's like gondola is like a fancy way right, that's the indoor ones right so they're on the ski lift and The fucking park shuts down like they try to catch the last one and the park shuts down They get stuck and then they get hunted by wolves. I Think it's called Liam Mason. Is it called frozen? Yeah, it's called frozen frozen has Elsa in it. That's a different, okay Yeah, you don't want to get the wrong one for your kid. I've seen frozen with Elsa about 30 times This is in fucking frozen. Where's Elsa? Daddy daddy's an asshole Imagine you girls you want to watch frozen. Yeah, that's frozen. It's not crying People used to get eaten by wolves. It was normal The break your leg in the woods name is Elsa. She's so cute. I Think at one point in time a guy tries to climb down. He falls and the wolves get him There's a bunch of scenes like it's boiler. It's that shit like that. Yeah, this is it So that they get stuck Fuck that. Yeah, and then the wolves come out That's such a good concept that was a good movie man was a good movie and I love And see the wolves are below him I Shut up Jamie you're goofy You ever been on ski lift and it stops I'm just why how would you be stuck though somewhat I like how they Like how they tried to add impact in the trailer to the word to I think Deals were like someone knew somebody and they let them in and then no one knew that they were on the lift Because they were the last one weren't supposed to be skiing But there were some kids they snuck in they got on the lift and no one knew they were on the lift So when it stopped no one knew no one knew there's people on it Just left that was my biggest fear to getting lost in like the Walmart and my mom was gone Like she left me there and there was no one there But now that I'm older I realize how badass that would be to be stuck in a Walmart with no one there That would be like the funnest time if you could get over your anxiety the fact that you're stuck in a Walmart If I was just my age, I'm 28 and I told my 10 year old self is like good you run away from your mom right now You get stuck in the fucking Walmart you stay under a shelf until everyone leaves and then you can just fucking go run around And they always give you shit about playing with the balls The balls in the pen not like your balls, right They do they give you shit about playing with your balls in Walmart too Whenever you take the big balls out of the thing, you know what I'm talking about now. They close them up really Yeah, they close them up so the kids don't play with them because you don't got to buy it You just take it out and play with it the whole time. You're in Walmart, right? And they don't like kids playing at Walmart. They don't want cutting down sales. Are you kidding me? No one I can't tell you how many times I walk into a Walmart and I see a bunch of kids fucking having fun And playing and I'm just like I'm out Yeah, what would be the Negative effect of kids playing at Walmart. I have to fucking leave man. There's too many kids playing around I guess the only negative would be like if somebody wanted to buy the ball the kid was playing with Joe you know, there are People that would get pissed about because these kids would throw them at like the old lady and she'd freak out You know, that's true. Especially we've seen that we've seen the Karen montages. Yes It's funny that that one name just took off Crazy, I know a lot of beautiful Karen's like genuinely Karen really nice people. They're stuck They're stuck with that. It's crazy how names like that Now that we're in this phase no one in this generation will name their daughter Karen Probably not. Yeah, I would like to see like how many people were named Karen in the year 2022 Probably like 10 sub 10. We're talking sub 10 Thousands of others thousands sub 10 Name Karen and Karen's of the type of girl to name their daughter Karen to she's Karen, jr. Shut the fuck up Mind your business In that well, so there must have been a shitty the so like the Karen's of like a Hundred years ago were probably Gertrude because there's no Gertrude anymore. Yeah Gertrude Bad rep, yeah Yeah, there's like the cameras of name the Karen's are the Gertrude's of a hundred years ago. Yeah They're like, let me speak to your manager and then they're aw, she's such a total Gertrude It's not interesting that it's super common for men to name their son the same name as them Sure, it's not common for women to do that. It's almost like never I never hear that never met a junior Right lady ever. Yeah, that doesn't exist. It's that's Fascinating that is a really interesting point to show how much more fucked up men are than women That's fucking crazy. This motherfucker is gonna be just like My name like it's me he is literally my Yeah, it's weird yeah, it is weird It's a male. It's a male thing. Yeah, man. Where's the Barbie movie? No, I have not no sir a lot of people are upset about the Barbie movie and I left perplexed Did you see it? Yeah, it's a fun movie. Was it good fun silly movie about dolls who come to life But it's you know a lot of it is about the patriarchy sure and you know it's a comedy It's a comedy about dolls sure people are like you know People are upset that it's this You know like progressive metaphor for life that it's you know that they're pushing progressive politics in this I'm like it's a fucking Doll movie yeah, it's a doll move. Yeah, it's a fun movie about dolls who come to life and try to Interact with the real world and there's this lady in it who's this mom who make I'm spoiler alert who makes Barbie feel sad because she's playing with Barbie and she has sad feelings. It's it's a fucking interesting movie It's like because I was like wow this is a original movie like no one's ever done a movie like this before It's not like anything else you could say it was it was bizarre movie, but it was a fun silly movie But at the end of it, I was like how did people get outraged at that like it make they were saying it's And I know some people personally said it's anti men. I'm like no it's it's making fun of dorks It's it's making fun. It's right fun It's you didn't think it was fun like if that was a real person that happening to them isn't that fun? Well Marco and Ryan are just like Amazing amazing together on that made I have to say it. I want to see it I enjoyed it. I just didn't understand why people are getting so upset like do you think that's you are they making fun? Are they are you are all men this one? Are we gonna do this thing where we put all men as men? It's one category that we're not gonna judge people as individuals We're gonna pretend that these individual in this mill who are clearly dorks cuz they're designed It's fun that you don't think like what happens to them and the way it happens isn't like fun Like I don't understand like why people think that represents all men It's the dumbest the dumbest sort of how does it like how what is what is it? So the you said it's gonna get a time and they think it's a super woke movie and I Just that's the way to make a fucking movie It's also a movie about how Barbies are the the taught the dolls that everyone cares about and Ken is just a fucking accessory Which is real so when you bring these things into a movie you make them real-life Barbie land, right? That's how they have to be because that's how it is in the real world Like that's the movie right and then the movie they go to the real world and we're what sucks and it's run by men And so this is what people are saying makes this an anti-man concept though. It's like fucking fun movie, man I don't get it. I just I'm Appalled at how easily outraged so many people are I could see if you don't like it I could see if you it wasn't your kind of movie, but that's anything that some well that means well to be honest to be fair about that like it's also like You said it's not your kind of movie. It's also the Barbie movie, right? You have to kind of you have the kind of like you can't throw in there with walking so seriously Right, why would you go to see AC DC if you fucking hate AC DC? Yeah Yeah, if you if you're like in the class, it's just to make fun of Brian Johnson Be like, you know, bon fucking Scott man That's I'm scared of that shit. I'm scared that people buy tickets to come and make fun of me. That's like my That's my big Haven't seen it yet, but hopefully don't do that, but it's alright cuz I still sold a ticket. Yeah Go ahead sit in front with your frown on But it's actually really nice this Tour has been really nice. I feel like Looking out at the crowd It's not so phone centric. Mmm, which everything has become yeah It's really nice to be able to like interact with people Because you go and see a show and everybody and their dog has their phone out. You know what I mean? Yeah it's I feel like this tour has been less Phone centric which is like a beautiful thing for me as a like a performer. Yeah, they're tuned in They're actually having yeah experience. Yeah. Yeah a live performance experience. Yeah Yeah, I feel like you know is everything is like Oh Pixar didn't happen You know what? I mean? Right? Right, right when you could just they used to tell crazy fucking stories like well Okay, this dude fought like six dudes and by himself all this shit, but like You could just take someone's word that it was like cool Like you can just be like that was it was fun. We had someone's fun. Oh sick. You got any yeah No, I just had a great fucking time. Just enjoyed the concert. Yeah, man It just have a human experience but I get also why people want to say that they were there and say they love you and You know show was awesome. Yeah, a great fucking time. Here's a photo of you on stage rocking out It's like it adds the experience for them. Yeah, I mean that's badass. That's badass to to take photos and videos and shit I'm lost in your phone. Well, that's the whole thing because I don't want someone I don't want to go up on stage and have someone just playing fucking candy crush And you know what I mean, that's like that's the most expensive candy crush games of all time Maybe they just like candy crush with you in the background But then it's just like oh, it's like candy crush with me in the background. It'll be just like oh like I'm at home Yeah, I can't he crushed with You too video arena Staring at their phone playing a game with you right behind them saying something like chameleon eyes You can play candy crush here and then just go So much stimuli I think that actually might be fun. I think that might be I think I should just play candy crush on stage I think that's actually my new shit. So I'll just go play candy crud not an ad they're not a sponsor What is that subway surfers one? Oh, yeah, that one is it that game is crack My wife got into that one for a while so didn't one of my daughters So they're watching that games like get that fucking thing that away from me. I'm playing Marvel snap Jamie you play Marvel snap. What's that? What's the like the Marvel card game? Oh Good cards. What about that cool card? Oh, yeah, fuck man. Would you buy you bought some wacky card, right? I've bought a crazy crazy card probably the dumbest thing Not dumbest but like most irresponsible use of my money I've ever experienced I bought a two million dollar Magic the Gathering card Wow, what kind of market is there for a two million dollar you bidding against yourself? Are there other people that are like I'm in he was like, all right. Well post he said you get to five for it It's a fuck to six but man, I don't know it's so it's a Lord of the Rings Magic the Gathering collab they did and I There's only one of them. There's only one card. Mm-hmm. There's only one of them So out of all the boosters all the collectors packs they sold That was the one and a guy in Toronto. His name's Brooke. He's a I don't he's an absolute fucking legend and he worked at Costco and he went to his local game store and I don't know exactly how much he wants me to share but he went to his local game store and Pulled it out of a pack and It was a two million dollar card Isn't that crazy? It literally is like Willy Wonka's fucking golden ticket. Yeah, man. It's so fucking cool Well, as long as it gives you joy very much so I would give that away Somebody gave me one of those I'd give it to you Like I don't know what to do with this fuck. I wish you pulled it. I wish you pulled it 100% I would have just gave it to you But yeah, I don't know I love Have you ever played Magic the Gathering? No Joe Rogan. No, you Would be a beast. I don't think I would it's a card game. Yes, sir. Yeah You don't play poker or nothing. No, I Appreciate it. I watched a bunch of people play blackjack in Vegas Dana white and a bunch of players. Oh So scary there's there been so much money. It was terrifying in the fun Yeah, I enjoy watching but I'm I you know, I I have an addictive personality Sure, particularly when it comes to games sure I get very addicted to games So I have to be very careful because I'm at casinos all the time because I'm at UFC fights So so I'm in Vegas all the time. I cannot be that guy. Well magic's not a gambling game You don't bet for money. You just play. Okay, and it's it's like so there's over like Jamie would you let me know how many magic cards? I think there's over 30,000 Unique magic cards right now. And so you're playing and how does it work? You get Delta hand? No, you draw from your deck. So if you're playing commander, it'll be you me and then two of our other buddies Okay, oh shit. There's 40,000 998 totally unique English language magic cards, isn't that fucking crazy? So it think about it and the way that it works. It's like chess. It's just very it's an it's a game of nuance And it's just like it's it's the best game ever ever created really ever created Wow in history Wow, I don't have time for that game If you don't have time for Diablo don't get into magic This shit will eat your fucking life. It is like in a good way. I enjoy playing like get getting together with my buddies and you just got four year or three of your good friends include four including me and You're just sitting there smoking drinking talking shit just like just like this, but you're also fucking playing Like chess with over 50,000 different pieces you could utilize and create whatever the fuck you want with it's it's An amazing experience Mmm. Okay. I see it. I see what you're saying Obviously, there's a large group of people that believe that as well that agree with you. I mean, it's a huge game It's huge. It's the best game. It's the best game ever created What is the number one game that people are playing right now? If you had it out in video games chess everything right now number one game Grand Theft Auto 5 or Probably like Baldur's Gate is massive right now. They had like six hundred thousand people right now But maybe fortnight Yeah, fortnight still Still for nights killing it the fortnight's been around a while now. Yeah, right It's look up like most concurrent players Jamie Minecraft Roblox probably Minecraft roblox Yeah, roblox is very popular with the kids your kids play roblox yeah, they play roblox how much money have you given Roblox Did they just yeah for the roblox? It's it's a fucking addictive game though, but all good games are very addictive. That's the whole thing They're engaging and they're way more engaging than regular life If you're playing a game of like like quake when you're running down these alleyways people shooting rockets at you. It's so Stimulating but when you when when I was done, I never felt good Like I can play pool for hours and when I'm done I feel good Feel fine like I had fun, but when I'm playing games when it's over and why my body's all cracked out like same with beer pong I can play forever. Yeah, it's fun right? It's a physical thing you're doing. Yeah, like pool is a very it's a physical mental thing that you're doing but There's something about video games that just stimulate your brain at high revs just Your first-person shooters and rocket launchers and you're running around the map and you you hear the guy behind You and you're ducking this way and jumping down running trying to get the health. Ah It's just so stimulated right in your fucking face. Yeah, it's so and the visuals are so insane now The graphics are incredible. Why do you think that? VR isn't as big as it was Planned to be I don't think you can force anything on people I think you I don't think you can like have some big marketing campaign and get people into something You just have to show that you have a product and find out how many people are interested in that product right, I mean promote it for sure, but I Don't think people want to wear that thing in their head No, sir And they also don't want to be like stuck in a house not knowing what's actually out there. Oh and like tripping over your dog Stepping on your cat, you know, like you didn't know you just walking around there I think my baby tripped me on purpose the other day My My friend Matt Sarah he plays a bunch of different games with VR and like he had people over his house And he was yelling and screaming in the other room and his wife had a coming We have guys we have guests and he's got this fucking helmet on and he's screaming and Doing some wacky first-person shooter in VR. Yeah in VR I like to imagine that's what you hear stories about Prince's parties and how you'd have people over to his house But never see them very like great Gatsby style Oh really you just buy like McDonald's fries for everybody and be like check in on the intercom be like I hope everybody's having fun I like to imagine he had the first VR headset and he was just up in the fucking room cussing and yelling like man That's so weird Yeah, I mean That's at the end of the day, right if you are exuberantly successful And you know you have that wealth like I don't I can only imagine like what some of these Billionaire parties are like you never see the fucker that throws it. He's like, oh I bought this house for this party I don't want to hang out with any of you motherfuckers. I just want to show you that I can do this You know what? I mean, and how much joy does that? Bring you you know what? I mean? It's weird. It's weird. Well, I've never been I never I've never been to a billionaires party I've never been to a billionaires party either Dana's gotta be getting up there. No. Yeah, he's close. He's probably worth half or more. Maybe even more than that I don't know. I don't know what his finances are, but he's very wealthy wait He doesn't tell you for a beta make I don't send you tax. I called him up the other day didn't respond I asked about his tax returns. He's me is that a party but I know he fucking gambles a shitload man He loves it, but that's his thing. He fucking loves it and he's good at it. He wins a lot He's you know, he loves it. He that's his fun, right likes gambling like gambling high stakes for me I'm not that rich but I'm I've been lucky enough to Experience wealth, you know what I mean and and and be able to enjoy nicer stuff and yeah go into Like Vegas the you you at a certain point doing what you do we talked about getting like You want to find it's like it's kind of like a rush it's that it's that it's like you play for that kind of rush it's like so you if you play like I go and I play like $5 hands with my buddies and stuff, but whenever you know all my friends leave and stuff I want to go and I want to do like I want to play like $40,000 and Spread it out across and I want to play you know what I mean because it's so hard to get excited About five bucks. Sure. Right, you know what I mean? And that's how they fucking get shit. They really play to that Ego and they're like, oh you're you're hot shit. Okay, come play come play We would love to play with you And then you want to feel that you want your nuts to fucking tingle and you want to be like, oh man I need an extra chair for my nuts man. And then you want to let it all fucking right out. I get it I was watching it. I was watching them bet $60,000 a hand and my hands got clammy. I was like this is why whenever you win that yeah that rush Is like fucking nothing else. I don't gamble anymore. I went to Vegas recently I lost a fuck ton of money and somehow my Vegas trips always end up With me on the foot of my bed and I'm like, oh fuck An asshole I play blackjack. Yeah. Yeah Do you are you a risk taker? Yeah hit on 17 kind of guy. I'm not 17 16 16 is debatable You know people are like, oh you gotta stay on the 16 but you want to let it ride sometimes I don't know. I usually I usually let a 16 ride I usually just let it go because I just I'm like there's no way God is either really fucking funny and he's like Because whenever I hit I always bust and then the next time they'll flip over a Five. Yeah. Yeah, and yeah, it's just like It's it's a cosmic joke, but it's so much fun. It's too much fun That's the problem. That's why I don't go. It's this weird artificial Hijacking of your human reward system, you know It's just like it puts you in this position where you can choose the amount of threat and danger and the amount of victory the amount like you could choose What to engage in that's dangerous, but it doesn't have any physical consequences. Just you just lose money Yeah, like that's my yeah, that's my doing fucking pull-ups on the fucking building that is too tall. It's ungodly It's ungodly That's exactly what it's like it's that same kind of rush I think of doing a very dangerous thing like a wild thing, but I think it's good now. I don't know like You see all the deals in the casino like hey You can talk to me You know what? I mean? Like if you have a Problem, you know, like if you want to reach out and talk to somebody about how much you gamble there's all these pamphlets and brochures and I've like Never met anyone who's had to call one or never called one and but I don't know I think that's a good thing and I don't know how much how helpful they are Probably very not unless they have a bad of mushrooms for you Actually rather go do some fucking mushroom you guys And you find out why you're into gambling. Yeah, exactly Exactly, then you break it off. Yeah, stop gambling. Yeah, man. It's so stupid. I don't gamble anymore. I've been to Vegas in like three days I haven't been to Vegas in like fucking four days. I've never I very very very rarely gamble I was there once for a show that a friend of mine was doing I was riding with my wife We played a little bit of blackjack. We played for like an hour. I was like, this is kind of stupid Let's get out of here. It's just I get it. I get the rush. I don't want to be a part of it I don't have any time. It's not worth it anymore. It's not worth it anymore Have you have you since moving to this new building? I Had a thought Papa have you experienced any Hauntings I am so glad you brought that up. It's see I can read him. I knew it It's not about this building. Okay. Well, we're my club. Okay, my club is I bought the Ritz Theatre Which is an ancient theater in well an old theater historic. It's like 2,000 years old. It's 1927 so It's been a pool hall. It was like a nudie bar one point or a manudie movie theater. It was a Rock and roll Club Jimi Hendrix performed there There's a photo as you're getting towards the stage as a framed photo of Hendrix not to Hendrix Excuse me, Steve Ray Vaughan Steve Ray Vaughan on that stage in 1983 Dude, it's my favorite. He's like my favorite. I fuck he's the best guitar player of all time except for Brad Paisley and Hendrix He's good. Oh, I know. I'm so sorry. He's the pioneer I know I know the shit that he did with sound but I guess I'm more of a I'm more of a control I see guy when it comes to like tone like his tone was impeccable but like I don't know like control is super like watching those like like Pat Metheny and like Eric Johnson and shit watching sorry to go. Oh, no. No, please. I want to hear it because I mean I agree Steve Ray Vaughan was a master. There's no if-fans or butts about it. He was amazing The point is there's a photo of him as you're walking towards the stage him on that stage in 1983 and Someone apparently I need to find this out fuck Google murder at the Ritz theater because people that know the building are now telling me that At one point in time someone was murdered there on the second floor Supposedly, I haven't even looked it up, but I am bringing in ghost hunters To the building. Yes who Sam and Colby those guys on YouTube I've had them on the podcast before they're they're kids and they mother your age. Yes go to these houses 28 years to grow this goddamn it's a real beer I'm waiting for it to close up and then we're good But I'm gonna have these guys bring in their equipment going there late at night and see what they find. I Haven't had anybody say that they've had anything weird happen You know thing but the building feels like it knows you it's like charged. Well, it's old I think I think that things contain memories. I think that's why people don't want to buy a house where someone was murdered in it It's a stone tape theory. I Just show you a theory give me it. No, I mean it's just like don't it's just that that shit in prints with Energy and history. Yeah, and I think that I think that's totally true I mean you can walk into a place you walk into a new house and it feels empty as fuck Yeah, but you walk into an old house and you're like Yeah, and that could just be You know, this is an old house fuck there's got to be some history here. This is a new house. There's no history here this is completely Blake's late, but It's you feel it you feel it you're like there's some shit that happened here whether good or bad or just families and families that had a natural family progression or a fucking house where The daughter whatever murdered everybody with an axe whatever, you know But there's always I don't know you feel shit It's it's totally possible things contain some kind of memory or some kind of feeling to them Something that's one of the the interesting things about when you're in the woods is the Indifference that you feel you feel nature's indifference to you. That's one of the more humbling things that makes people feel uneasy very uneasy. Yeah, but it's also because You stepped into a world That is just tooth and claw fucking eat you a lot Yeah, and they're eating things around you all the time that that's that's exactly how population is controlled There's predators around you all the time eyes front Yeah eyes front and that there's an indifference to when you're in the mountains There's this feeling of indifference that the mountains have to you. That's very humbling. It's very centering Going to Utah and seeing the mountains. I'm like fuck dude. I'm a fucking I'm a bug Yeah, you're in the grand scheme of fucking everything in the grand scheme of the universe. I'm a an amoeba Yeah, it's I'm so fucking small and try and be fucking as cool as you fucking can to people be nice Yeah, you have control. Yeah, exactly. That's the only thing you have control over is how you treat other people It's the only time yeah, and how you treat yourself That's a big one too Like some people they treat other people so well and then they get someone in their life that really shouldn't be in their life It's ruining it and they don't treat themselves well by extracting themselves from the situation. Yeah, there's that too it's and But those mountains woods come mountains it is it's just like fuck it makes you think about that shit Yeah, that's why you see like, you know Like the tail of the fucking hermit that is the smartest person you'll ever fucking meet But never sees anyone. Mmm. You know what I mean? Yeah It's just like it's so there's a beauty to that That part of the world especially mountains for some reason There's a beauty like when the Sun is coming up and the Sun is shining through the trees and you see the the green Pastures and you just you look at it and you go my god. This is beautiful. Yeah, it's like a feeling that you have It's not like any other art form. It's nature's art form But it has the same kind of feeling when you see like a beautiful piece of art there's this feeling of appreciation that people have for things that are beautiful and I think it's one of the only creatures on earth that probably has that I don't think I don't think we're I Don't think we have any other Animals on this earth that appreciate beauty the way we do like we we've It gives us a feeling we stare at it. We're in Trent Entranced by it. We're entranced by beauty physical beauty people people that are beautiful things that are beautiful art. It's beautiful we have this massive fascination with beautiful things and When you see the beauty of nature, it's the most humbling of all the stars the most humbling of all it's great I hate I hate space. I hate it. I hate space. I hate the stars. I hate everything I know that's the fucking worst part. That's the part that scares me. Yeah, that's the part that scares me you look at you look at like all The near misses and all that shit and who knows if it's even real the the part that scares me is we know Nothing about it. There's one There's one Company or not company, but one organization that knows about it We don't really know about it. You mean in terms of asteroids in space? Yeah, or like NASA NASA knows about it. Right? We don't know about it. We go off of what they tell us and I think that's the scariest fucking part and I look at a star or it might be Mercury or it might be fucking Mars or whatever and it's so bright and I'm like, oh fuck it's over. Okay fuck And then I look at it for a little bit For a couple minutes and I'm like, okay, it's not moving we're good It's scary that's that scares me. I remember the whole 2012 deal Oh December 21st I was in high school on the whole 2012 deal and I went to church for two weeks Right before cuz I was looking into all that shit and I was like, you know what I'm going to church Justin case It fucking happens just in case and I remember the day I was in school and it was December 21st 2012 and it started raining crazy and I was like Dude hey, I'm still here. We're still here. Yeah, I was surprised by that one. I thought something was gonna happen Did you buy into oh, yeah, I had a license plate on my car. It said I think it said December 2021 That was my license plate DEC 2021 Yeah Or 2012 what did you think? It's either is there DEC? 2021 or DEC? 2012 I think it was I think it was 2012. What did you think was gonna happen? Like what theory did how old were you? Um, how old was I in 2001? I guess I was probably like 31 or two or something like that. How old was I? I don't know Jamie how old was Joe Rogan in 2012? Well, I have to think No, yeah, yeah, oh, okay. Is it I'm thinking of 2001 cuz 2001 was another one Y2k, yeah, I got confused cuz that no, no, no, let me let me back up December 21st 2012 Was the one that was the end of the mine calendar. That was the long count. I bought it. So I think it was DEC 2012 yes, sir But I was really worried even more so about the one in 2000 the Y2k one That was a weird one where people thought that all the clocks were gonna stop and all the computers won't work Well, how did they justify that they were saying that the the the programs the computer programs that were running everything They were switched to twos. Well, it's when it goes from 19s to twos right the whole thing Apparently they were worried that it was gonna like have this ripple effect across the country and the stock market would crash and Banks would dissolve like wild shit would happen. The fucking power grid would go down It was mostly bullshit But everybody was terrified and me too I was like I was on the phone with a friend of mine from New York Like dude, you know, we're gonna ride this out together And then you know, we were drinking in the archery Phone he was drinking in New York and I was drinking in in California Why we're talking on the phone we talked for like three hours and then the lane shit happening man, everything still works Fucking internet works computers work TV works. Everything's fine. Well, I don't understand the logic I don't get it. I don't get the logic but I was cuz I was I was 95 so I was like five reading about I Would see the paper on the counter and it right? Oh why 2k? Everything's fucking ending. Yeah, and I was like, oh my fucking god, mom. Everything's fucking ending Oh, yeah, but then you look back and it's like as well. Why would why would the year changing over? affect computers Like why would it change the way they were coded there? It's very primitive coding when they first started the the the computers that run the power grids and all those other It's all zero and ones though. I don't understand it man. You're talking to the wrong dude me fucking too But from my perspective I'm like, it's all zero and once why would just cuz just cuz you have the app that says not an app Yeah, Jamie explain to us Explanation but it's I mean you're on it. It's just other countries didn't do it, which I didn't know that they didn't have any They didn't talk about why today. No, they talked about it. Everyone talked about this. They didn't do anything to deal with it Us pamela. It's probably scam. That's what it sounds like. It's like it's it's monkey pox, bro Because it doesn't make sense. It's literally a fucking widget. It's a fucking widget on your fucking computer It tells you what year it is. Yeah The smartest people in the world couldn't be like well, we didn't change any of the fucking code on the fucking computer Why would it fuck anything up just because the widget says that it's 2000 Yeah, what they were saying I guess here's the further up that like power plants for instance have a whole bunch of automated things and those Were in threat. That's it. What just take the date out of it. It's It's zeros and ones it still is you're so smart. You should work for them. That's just a scared us all I wonder if it was all bullshit. They just wanted Could be it has to be I wouldn't be shocked if it was just something to sell newspapers and The media pumped it up and made it a big thing and talked to the biggest fear mongers and got everybody fucking terrified of it It has to be because then I was so scared. But now I'm like why does it doesn't even make any so December 21st 2012 I thought something was going to happen and maybe something did Mm-hmm, maybe in the greater scheme of time as we look back on the changing of the errors of humanity Maybe that's when we began our cultural slide It might be joy. I think about that a lot. It's it might be a thing where like Like ancient civilizations have calculated they sort of charted out The errors of civilizations and that civilizations would go through these periods and then they would have these Rebuildings and then they get soft and fall apart and then there's that 400 year cycle Yeah, the Kali Yuga and that's where we're at now the age of confusion It seems like that makes sense to me that seems like when you have people that like the World War two guys with the fucking guns On acid so different breed of human right those trench warfare guys That's a different breed of you naughty boys just fucking smoking it smoking cigarettes in the fucking trenches and like if I see a motherfucker Stabbing him. Yeah, it's like it's crazy crazy Just living your life like that, but now war is not even like that What is in Ukraine war is so well now it's fucking drones Yeah But there's a lot of fucking actual gunfights in Ukraine that you could watch on telegram now the crazy thing is the guns they're using Like the guns they're using are like A war war two guns and they had like and a gun that was electronically operated that they soldered on a trigger and Grip to and a stock on so they could use that gun like it's just crazy the resources that they're using right now and It's it's really really fucking it's just scary. There's a ground war It's going on right now between two countries that used to be a part of the same Union. It's fucking scary It's crazy because I think when people get through wars when they get through like a civilization gets through an era They have this feeling like the lesson was learned I don't think we learn our lessons especially when there's a lot of money involved in continuing the same kind of behavior and I think that's what we find ourselves right now And that's where the people that are very alarmed by this and they're really scared by this I think they're right This is the time to be very alarmed because it just seems people are way too casual about wanting this to happen and wanting us to Fund this and beat Russia and all this whole craziness of war It's so complicated to with the UN and NATO and it's so complicated It's so all of it is like there's so much going on. That's Well, they're trying to play magic the fucking gathering right in the fucking world with real fucking people, right? And and this this doesn't just affect Ukraine or Russia this affects yes everything everything if they start nuking each other. Oh my god, it's over Joe It's over. Oh my god. It's over. Oh my god It's it's it's one nuke it's over. Yeah one nuke it's over and the nukes that we have today we saw what they did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki those are a Fraction of the power that they have now these things are Obliterators not only a fraction of the power but the amount that we have in this fucking world today It's and they have supersonic missiles now. They have supersonic missiles that can change direction So they're going towards Miami and they hook a left. Well, not yeah, and then the fucking Poseidon, too The Poseidon missile will cause a tsunami Jesus Christ, they'll shoot a missile that'll fucking The B83 the largest deployed new US nuclear war is equivalent to 80 Hiroshima sized bombs a holy fuck it met that shit is crazy face You could see if you hold your hand up look at that number the US nuclear arsenal has 5244 nuclear weapons had a total yield of 857.6 megatons or the equivalent of 57,000 173 Hiroshima sized bombs by the way, that's a that's like half of the Explosion on Mars allegedly alleged But that's it. Can you can you look up the Poseidon missile Jamie, please? Could you imagine if that is what we find out about Mars? And maybe with them maybe that's why the aliens visit us how crazy with that to warn us or whatever It's right. I think already the Russian one. I I don't know if it's Russian or Chinese, but Poseidon Poseidon may exist only as a what is it? Okay So while some report click that as well some reports claim that Russia's Poseidon missile May exist only as a propaganda scheme experts generally agree that the system is very real and has received Significant resources from the Russian armed forces, although many details remain unknown. So yeah, dude if they decide that it's a it's a it's a US Navy nuclear armed submarine launch ballistic missile system power, I don't know what is that for that's Wikipedia, but Just trying to see which one I think they're It caught it shoots a wave out Wow Intercontinental US or intercontinental nuclear power nuclear armed system autonomous torpedo. It's very slow, but it's possibly unstoppable I don't like how that's in bold As much as they lie to us I think that's probably a hundred percent unstoppable Russia maintains that it could be used as tactical nuclear weapon against warships high-value targets would include aircraft carriers This is harder to rationalize than the second strike nuclear deterrence role But as a constant theme ever since it was first revealed in November 2015 then known as status six It's been described as a multi-role system That's a scary status six. What the fuck does that mean? Dude? There's people out there playing you just said it, right? There's people out there playing magic the gathering with real human beings That's what war is man And that's the weird thing about war in this age where people are starting We're more connected now than we've ever been before and so we realize like it doesn't make any sense that we're being led by these leaders that have us Fighting over territorial swaths of land right control of resources doesn't make just like my religions, right? Yours is not I'm right You're wrong. I'm We're gonna fuck everything up or try to as the world becomes more globally oriented and realizing that there's you know There's just people there's people in India. There's just people in China There's people in Russia the promise who they're led by and when they lead you into this position and control The population to position where they can't do anything other than the will of the leaders. Yeah, I'll take one. Thank you. Yes That's where I mean that seems like The only positive Direction that I see moving forward is that people think about the world as one place now more Instead of think I don't think people are as nationally centric as they used to be we're paying attention to shit That's going on in Australia. We're paying attention to shit. That's going on in Hong Kong You know people are really paying attention to the world now that they I don't think they did as much In the 1950s or the 1960s. I think with the internet I think people are very tuned in to all kinds of weird shit that's happening everywhere And that's that's an interesting thing because I don't know would you would you ever consider? living in another country I would have said Canada up until recently that Canada is fucking Falling apart all the shit that they did during kovat was just the total wrong direction This buck the trucker convoy when they froze people can make Horns illegal bro. They froze people's bank accounts that donated money to the convoy. That's crazy That's crazy. And what's a peaceful protest which everybody's supposed to be all about right these people that were protesting kovat vaccine mandates and right the lockdowns and they They fucking went after the people that donated just crazy Yeah, you can track all that shit. Yeah. Well, they track everything shut their bank accounts. That's crazy, man That's what I fucking a piece of toast that makes people Self-censor and that's the terrifying aspect of that and that's the thing that people won't say It's not that big of a deal. They gave me their bank accounts back eventually look that's sending a very eventually Fucking me. What does that mean? It's sending a very clear message That they can fuck with you in ways that you probably hadn't thought about before They can they can fuck with your money. They can close your bank. Never thought about it. Never thought about never even thought about it Yeah, and that's it. So how do you feel about the government's? Digital currency that there were no fucking way no way that's what I think I think that's checkmate that's game over That is fucking check because if they apply that to a social credit score If they decide somehow or another that you need some social credit score system It's for the benefit of society and they outline that they can you know track your behavior and your tweets and all your things You get a score and if I already doing that they they just haven't released a fucking report card Well, they haven't the kind of the reason they were like they didn't send the report cards home to the parents yet, right? It's already it's everything is already imprinted. Everything is already tracked Everything is already there but they just haven't given it Troll you to the same extent that they would like and what they would like to do is to To be able to strip you of your money and do you will lock you down and then make sure that you comply So that all the other people also comply because they don't want to be stripped of their money They don't want everything they work for just be taking away instantly overnight and be powerless no one to call No one's gonna answer your phone They just decided you fucked up and the rules of the rules and so then where does that money go? Who takes your money who takes and that that's what thing when people start profiting off of confiscating people's? Digital currency it's gonna be a real fucking problem. Well people it's not all fucking currency is digital Yeah, but the idea of them controlling all of the money and it's all unilateral It's all the same fucking same fucking thing. That's that's a problem. And here's the here's an here's the problem I think is that people are gonna do it Due to convenience of it. Yeah No one wants to carry on cash anymore. That's already cash is gone. Yeah, no one wants to carry on cash anymore I saw a video of a lady paying for her groceries with her fingerprint at Whole Foods. Can I see this? Yeah, she used her hand print You do it here you got it wait Amazon controls it With your hand with your hand at the cash out here. I didn't do it You just walk up your hand hovers over this thing. It takes a photo of your hand and you pay Why Why Why people want their handprint in the database just in case they murder somebody they want this is crazy This is crazy One scan does it all Amazon one simplifies everyday interactions You it's a free contact the service that lets you use your palm to pay enter or identify yourself Wow Remember it was microchips. Yeah, so now you don't even need a fucking microchip You can just find these you're just fucking you can use your pube hairs in a store in Ohio where you just you don't I Don't think you leave with stuff, but you just tell them what you want and then they just send it to you I really well now they have like honor system stuff in in airports and stuff Really where it's like you go and you pick up What you get and then you leave the money you swipe your card all this shit. There's no employees in the whole store That's crazy. It's a little kiosk. You go pick up your chips. You pick up your drink you pick up whatever you think people don't steal You're sandwich. Yep Wow That seems like it's not gonna work out. I don't know I don't know how these are working probably better to pay someone 15 bucks an hour stand there Just one guy just one guy at least But now I guess you can't and I understand it completely because what if the employee gets hurt or what if someone gets hurt in the situation, but like shoplifting is huge because now all these companies have policies to where it's like Yeah, if anything happens, you don't even say anything to the guys You're not even allowed to stop them you're supposed people get fired for trying to stop them Don't even say like hey, dude, don't fucking steal. I see what's in your fucking shirt Don't even do that Like didn't wasn't there a story recently where a woman got beat up and then they fired her because she was trying to stop the shoplifters That I mean It's all liability thing. It's a liability issue to where it's like that come I The company doesn't want to be liable 60 you got a job and has her job back after she was fired. Let's go outrage works After she was fired last month for attempting to stop shoplifters at a low store in Georgia June 25th three suspects load over $2,000 worth of merchandise into a shopping cart Left low store without paying police said and I think she tried to stop them. I think they beat her up, too That's just even sadder that they see eight-year-old lady. Yeah, these guys are such pieces of shit They beat up an old lady and then that lady got fired. That's that's I'm happy. She got her job back to but she probably doesn't want it. I Don't want to work at Lowe's anymore. Yes. She's gonna work in corporate goddamn It's probably better if they sued her or if she sued them right would have got a nice fat payday That's ridiculous suing is getting crazy too, but in that situation. I'm kind of on her side Look, I was my mom. I'm not even your shit I know it's not your shit, right, but you have I don't know if you enjoy your job or your or What you do just a little bit if you have friends at the store if you have anything it's like Don't you don't you don't got to take that shit like don't take that shit. I know it's not my shit Yeah, I know it's you know the big head shit, right? But it's like you you have an inclination to kind of like protect it It's kind of like you do this every day. It's every day. It used to be someone would always stop someone from shoplifting There's always security guard at a store to keep people from shoplifting was normal now People just run in in large groups and they just snatch everything and smash glass and steal all those fucking watches and everyone I just has to see you walk out You can't do that because it literally encourages crime because there's very little repercussions Yeah, it's crazy that people are going with that. It's just You know if you wanted to be a full-on conspiracy theorist You would say this is someone trying to destabilize society and that's the way to do it the way to destabilize Society is make things as lawless as possible And then people will do whatever they need to do in order to bring back some semblance of normalcy What do I have to do? What rights do I have to give up? What do I have to give up? I'll do it. Well, you got to submit to the one world currency Yeah For real yeah, then my look it's if you wanted to look at a long-term engineering product You you you could a project rather you could if you had enough resources and you were clever enough and you plan this out enough you could engineer the downfall of a society and you would do it by infecting the universities and Entrenching them in a ridiculous Unsupportable ideology and then have people go out in the world with that ideology and think this is a rational way To live life and to run the world and then while you're doing that you're also setting it up so that you have less Less people get arrested for things more people get released from prison for things There would be a bunch of different ways that you would you could destabilize Society but one of the best ones would be to encourage crime If you wanted to somehow another encourage one you could do it under the guise of making it more fair for all these people They get arrested making it more fair for you know, nobody wants to be racist You just say it's it's a it's racial injustice and just let more violent criminals out onto the street If you wanted to destabilize society, it's not saying that prison reform isn't hugely necessary. It is for sure They need to do a way better job of trying to rehabilitate people as well instead of just incarcerating fuck. Yeah, but Letting people out that are violent criminals seems like what I would do if I was trying to destabilize society I think an easier way. Here's what I would do. What would you do if you were an evil dictator? I would I would just say I would just shut everybody shit down and say was an attack from another country the if if New York or LA Collapses the rest of the world follows suit so Talk about a lot only like fucking 3% of your money is actually real The rest is fucking a digital number and you we saw it with the bank banks collapsing all these. Yeah And then the smaller smaller banks, but they get but the payout is 250 grand You're insured your money is insured for you could have a billion dollars in this bank You're paid out 250 grand and then where the rest of that money go where the fuck did it go? All you need to say is if someone goes in or someone tries to order postmates on their phone Just say your cards actually not working your cards been declined Everyone's cards get declined at the same fucking time people are gonna fucking cannibalize themselves within a week Yeah, and just say it's not I don't we don't know who's doing it, but this was an outside attack Yeah, all it takes is Because everything is so digital now It takes not just like you mentioned in Canada where they're like, okay people who donated to These guys are getting their bank accounts shut off. Imagine that happened to an entire Major city. Yeah Well, have you ever looked in it would be an or key everywhere have you ever looked into how vulnerable the power grid is I Know how power are how vulnerable this because in Utah not even not even the power grid but for internet so and a disgruntled employee took an axe to a box and Shut down the whole fucking place is fucking like my whole entire side. I live in Cottonwood Heights in Utah and The whole shit went out because some guy was just mad and he just took a fucking axe to a box That's crazy and shut everybody's internet off and it sucks. It sucks cuz I like internet I like having internet. I gotta watch. I gotta watch the fucking Joe Rogan experience Wow It's that vulnerable It's crazy that he knew how to do it not get electrocuted If you had a box and it's filled with wires and you got an axe when you assume you're gonna die I don't know how it goes. I don't know how it goes either. I mean I Would know is I didn't have fucking Wi-Fi for fucking four days Do you think Wi-Fi is bad for you, I don't wonder that's a good question That's like I remember Oh Covid scars by Wi-Fi all this shit 5g 5g yeah But I don't know what is interesting is seeing those little boxes pop up around everywhere Disguised as palm trees in California and just kind of scattered around in New York the cell phone towers I don't know. Are they cell phone towers? Yeah, they're like they look like fake trees Yeah, they have like these little square things on that or these rectangular things on them. It's but Smaller like deployable variants of it. I guess because how big is the cell phone tower? It's big They're pretty big. I think they probably vary in size too though There's probably probably like a lot of other things if it's dealing with a lot of you know What's great really crazy about cell phones if you're in a place where too many people use them yours doesn't work Yeah, you ever experienced at the concerts. They don't work. That's wild. That is why why is it because there's not enough juice for everybody They're kind of not enough family. Yeah, they're overselling It's a were are we running out of bandwidth? Well, there is if you have a concert and you know You have 20,000 people in an arena and you try to get on your phone like I experienced it at the UFC all the time I can't get text messages. They just don't come through sometimes Depends on the place even if you're on the venue Wi-Fi or whatever you'd have to get on the venue Wi-Fi Then you probably okay But when you're just trying to use straight cellular a lot of times those places just too many people on the line still I notice how it works before everybody comes to the shows and I'm taking a shit and it works fine And it works great And then when everybody comes and I'm still on the Wi-Fi and I got a shit before the show cuz I don't want to shit My pants on stage It doesn't work as well Yeah Joe I got a ten one real quick. Yeah, do you want to wrap this up man? We've been going for like three hours I'm good to go whenever you want. Shall we wrap it up? Sure How long we going Jamie three and a half hours? Let's get the fuck out of here. I'm having a great time. You want to keep going? I would love to Let's keep going. I would love pee and come back. All right. Yay Well, this is a look I got the great greatest job in the world This is one of the best ones just to be able to hang out with people I don't think a lot of people do this anymore where they just hang out and talk Everybody hangs out and talks and looks at their phone hangs out and talks and talks to someone else and But it's an interesting when you when you just hang out and just talk to someone for hours at a time You really get to see like how they think and see how they and it's just it's nice So it's a fun thing to do man. I enjoy the shit out of it Well, I enjoy being on your show I enjoy and I enjoy you have been so fucking kind to me This is my second time how many second timers you got quite a few cool Yeah, well, I want to go for three for you can come on every month I don't actually sleeping in a mattress and back of Yeah, thank you for letting me park oh anytime it's dope I love that you have a tour bus It's it's actually a bird Christ's face on it. Who's that inside joke? My friend Bert Kreischer he's got a tour bus with his face on it It's very discrete. He's a discrete kind of guy Yeah, I don't know funny dude, it's it's amazing cuz I was on Sorry Travis if you don't want me talking about this, but I've been on Travis Barker's tour bus for a long time and now I'm on as she's in she's an artist and She Let me use her tour bus this time and the difference between a dude's tour bus And a lady's tour bus is like fucking night and day. I remember the first time I got on the tour bus Travis's tour bus and I Go and lay back is after the first show Because I went and checked it out before and I was like, oh, this is really nice And then I go back the first day Or after the first show and go lay down and then I closed the door It's all like on the hydraulic doors And so it closes and there's a mirror on the door and there's a picture here and it looks like a guy like laying down Like a mermaid Like a mermaid pose kind of like kind of like this looking back on the bed and I get up and and And I get up and I look closer and it's Tommy Lee butt-ass naked on the bed and he says enjoy the bus fucker And I'm like, yeah, this is fucking crazy. So that's how kicked off a couple of my tours That's but not on this bus like the fridge is like pink and works and everything Travis your bus is absolutely beautiful but Yeah, it's nice. It's nice and for whenever the baby and the lady are on the bus There's like a nice vanity mirror out back for him. My only fear of buses is that you're on the highway Yeah, and I see too many fucking accident videos. It's fucking scary. It's easy to flip those fuckers. Yeah, I Watched this crazy video the other day of this car rear ends this car and they stop in traffic and Then this semi rear ends them It can't stop and it's trying to change lanes because these guys bumped into each other on the highway They decided to stop and then the semi comes through and obliterates them. I'm like Geez It's so heavy Whoo, it's so much weight and no worse When you watch the semi hit the cars the cars just disintegrate it is there. It's a big vehicle. It's so Massive and then it goes flipping off this fucking side of the guardrail and it's just choose So that's the thing with me about the tour bus thing. So you never take a tour bus. Do you go on tour? No, I do weekends and I come back home and I do like two weekends in a month. I'll do those long Don't do it. I just don't do it. I do a lot of comedy I do it in town and now I do it at my own club. Where's your club? That's a fun on 6th Street It's the 1927 place The place that's haunted. Yes, sir, perhaps I'll take you there tonight. If you want to go, are you going? Let's go Are you going? I'll go with you. I'll take you. I'm not even supposed to be I would love that Tonight's kill Tony which is a fun thing to watch if you've never seen it No It's got a live comedy show where they have standard comedians some of them maybe for the first time ever do one minute in Front of like a professional group of comics who talk shit and there's a live band. It's really fun Is this name Tony his name Tony Hinchcliffe? He's the the most evil host of one of those shows He's the best ever of like hosting a live comedy show Tony's the best. Let's go. It's we'll go Yeah, that sounds amazing. I would absolutely love that. I would love it. We'll go have fun but like It's We got Cheers Joe cheers my brother. Cheers Joe Rogan. Thanks. Thanks for being here Matt. No, man. Thanks for being here I'm excited to see your show tomorrow. I'm excited for you to come we I'm excited for you to come. I am too. Are you a pit guy? Are you like a more? Primes a bit of a problem if I'm in the pit Yeah People would grab my cock is that sure No, how many people get into pits just to try to grab cocks just to try to drive No, right Not zero probably too many. Yeah, this is not zero Pretty sure there's a guy out there is like I'm assuming dick start grab This guy just buys tickets to the pit Just everyone's around it's a deliberate or is it like 100%? Keep this guy needs his game Yeah, we need to find it That's his Diablo How many Like this 14 hours Forearm with a forum with a bunch of other dick grabbers and they're counting numbers You know my god. No, I hope it's not at my show There's some mosh pits where they just essentially are beating each other up. I've seen a bunch of did Beat your fuck out of each other. Mosh pits are crazy. I was at a show outside of gallons since it's a Gun shop in Utah go and hang out and Tim is like the sweetest guy He owns it and they did a show like right next door. There's like a t-shirt printing place and A sneaker place right next door. So they did a show in like the back alley parking lot deal and it was like it was a drain show and there was a bunch of like MS paint like really like some harder bands and There was this guy there and he was so fucking big and You saw like these like skinny like They look like they were Metallica rockers like in the 80s like just like skinny I remember the story about Metallica. They were like, oh these guys are the ugliest motherfuckers. I've ever seen I'm gonna sign them like that's how they got signed like shit like that and These guys were just like leather jacket long hair like didn't give a fuck just rocking and rolling and and This dude would just fucking swing his fucking arm and like send him out of the pit like instantly like I watched him get rocked I was like Fuck dude, I felt so I felt so bad But they they love it that guy that got sent out with a bloody nose like fucking missing teeth and shit came right fucking Back in like let's fucking go like yeah, it's it's like dude. Those mosh pits get fucking nuts. So nuts gnarly It's not good for you. You're they wouldn't let you in the pit. I wouldn't go in the pit You'd just be fucking like scissor kicking people Was this is this a my god? Oh my god, they're doing it like 300 style Look at the dust come up in all this shit. That is the Battle of Thermopylae, isn't it? Look at this figure. Oh He calls who's in the middle who's in the middle Oh someone dead Look at that. That is Jesus Christ. How many blown ACLs out there? It's like a big tug of war What are they doing? Oh My god, that's the biggest mosh pit in the history of the world Totally dangerous mosh pits. There's a YouTube video. No those yeah, that's a great title That's a very dangerous moss pits. The circle pit is good. The circle pits are good circle pits are good That's a for you're just kind of running around in a circle Maybe you give someone in the fucking like on the right side of you a good pop, but that's about it Just a little jab the net a subtle dip dick grab as you were Wow, these guys just wanted into each other Oh, how many fucking head butts you do that is like fucking medieval war it is look at that. What is he singing? Well, he I think I think the word he was saying is like Back that up a second back it up early Oh Exodus Exodus is amazing My god, this is hysterical Imagine a dystopian world where the president or your leader was a heavy metal vocalist Why he could get you to do that guy can win Run as fast as you can I mean, that's the kind of shit. I would listen to if I was behind a machine gun. Yeah, fuck it it's it that shit for me like as a kid was like It's so soothing. What do you listen? Really? You know what? What do you listen to Joe? I have very varied music tastes. Okay, fair enough. Yeah, I really do I like to listen to a lot of old stuff I like to listen to a lot of classic rock, but I also like to listen to a lot of 90s hip-hop I like to listen to modern stuff. I listen to a lot of modern country Who do you like? I like Zach Bryant. I love Sturgill. I love stir. Zach Bryant's beautiful, too His voice is amazing. Yeah, I got a chance to see him live when he was in Austin, too And he was on the podcast recently. He's a sweet guy too like really genuine genuine guy Just a super fucking talented singer to man, dude Jell jelly roll. I love that dude. Yeah, he's a boss. I like him. Yeah, I like him He's such a good. It seems like a sweet motherfucker. I love him real. I love it. I love it guys so real He's such an appreciative Happy, like loving dude. Yes, sir. I met him at my club. He came to see Ron White and He was like on his way up where he was sending him to the VIP balcony I just came out to say hi and you just gave me his giant hug Just super fucking sweet dude. That's probably a good hug real hug. Yeah, yeah, he looks like he gives you real one Yeah, I love that. I love you. You like when you happy dude Tyler Childers. Yes He's like and culture him and cold so it's it's Sturgill Tyler and culture right now for me I'd love all those guys very much. I keep trying to get culture to do the podcast. He doesn't do well That's what I I hit culture and I know not at all because I got the same thing with culture I hit up culture. I was like hey, man You want to come like jam out sometime? Like let's make a song and he's like we you can come make a song on the ranch God, it's like, okay cool Amazing. I'm gonna make it up one of these days. He's really on a ranch. Yeah, I do Wild yeah, it's his styles are so different to like, you know You go from like Kate McCannon. Yeah to some of the other newer stuff. It's almost like it's a different guy. It's very interesting I love his he came out of the womb smoking a fucking cigarette And it was fucking like the coolest shit Kate McCannon the fact that he was 21 when he made that song It's insane. That's an 80 year old man. It's Insane insane I remember listening and I was like, oh this because he's like a Couple months if not a year younger than me and Just the way just the like the heartbreak how rich his voice is. Yes. Yes, he can like It's insane. It's insane. And when you see come out of his face, dude and watching that What is it the Sun King or whatever the the Brewer the brewery shows that they do whenever he was like the acoustic shows sleeping on the blacktop or whatever he did over there He looks fucking so young Where's that voice coming from? That song is so haunting Kate McCannon. Yes a haunting song It's so fucking good. I could see play it for me. Yeah Jamie came into the studio goes. Oh, I know a guy that you're gonna love I've never wanted about that. Listen, I'd never wanted to swing a pickaxe so hard in my life and I play a lot of Minecraft the number one game I Raven this so a kid birth wings are black And he floats outside my prison window walking lows with them And he sings to me real low tell to where you go For you didn't murder Kate Damn I First met yeah When I first met Tom McCann and I was working in the mine Have you ever covered this no, I couldn't there's no way I could I think you could do it His voice is just like it's so haunting it's insane perfect amount of reverb It's it's perfectly recorded. It's perfectly played and he is such a good guitar player, too. It's like perfectly played This is such a song girl in the whole damn holler Fuck So good, and it's like so many of them like this too. Well, that's the whole thing. It's like it's like It's the whole Johnny cash kind of like That it's like a crazy He always saying like murder black ballads, right? You know what I mean? So it's like super like it's like oh, okay. I shot a fucking dude in Reno Okay, I shot I shot the guy that that my wife loves I like all this shit like I don't know It's very like it's the original gangster rap. It's the whole it's an old-school Production it's the old-school voice. It's an old school and I find like a lot of time in country now is like it's very over produced and So what I love about like Colter and Tyler and everything is it's just like kind of more Traditional in that way where it's just like that same bounce you want that boom? Yeah You know what I mean? I don't know. Yeah. No, I know what you're saying There's a thing where people are trying to make hits right instead of just trying to make something beautiful You know works. Yeah, it's like that. I guess there's like so much money and making hits that there's gonna be people turns out Magic the gathering cards that actually the fun part that wasn't my bank account That was actually my buddies, but a big part of your appeal is your authenticity that's a big part of why people love you and I think that What you're saying is that there's a lot of like overproduction of things. It kind of takes away some of it Well sure and I've I've made it of that like that kind of a song. Yeah, and there's a lot of production in my Music as well for sure and I have like some of them. Yeah, I mean auto-tune in general. Yeah and some of the most talented producers and instrumentalists and songwriters and shit and I'm not I don't want to detract from people who write amazing songs That's just not like whenever I listen to you know folk or or country Like I go towards Coulter and Tyler and sturgeon like every time because I Don't know it's that bounce. There's something so magical about that classic fucking bounce You know that that cash bounce that train bounce. Yeah, and I don't know and it's just like there's a lot of songs that Are Country but it doesn't have that bounce that I love so much What I mean, I do know and it's just like I would it's just like at that point I It's a you know, it's a lot of pop Mixups, you know what I mean? And that's never been bad because what I I've always tried to do and I'm sure people said the same thing about me because I sit and play the guitar with 808s and all that shit and I Just whenever I'm listening to that that makes me feel like it makes me feel like a hard-ass. You know what I mean? Yeah, it makes me feel Yeah, like like you're on a run like exactly listening to culture. I'm like, he does that the acapella shit And I'm like, oh man, I feel like I'm fucking out there with you But it's also like the choice of music is like he's singing a song about Despair and the regret and all of it and the the Ravens mocking him from outside of the prison window. Yeah So good and he right I I'd assume that he writes all his songs I would assume the writer credits bro Try again someone to write that Try getting like some fucking some studio guy to write that dude those guys in Nashville write fucking song They write some fucking write some fucking songs. They do they do Like do the tags. I think what makes a good country song is the tag there's always a tag and like you look at like classic country and You know like George Strait, it's like I've got oceanfront property in Arizona But you know what? I mean, that's an amazing basis for a song You just think about like if you'll buy that I'll throw the Golden Gate fucking bridge in for free You know what? I mean? It's just like There's always a good fucking tag and Luke Luke like when he says when it rains it pours like all that shit like That like that fucking it's it's snappy. It's that stays in your fucking head. Yeah, and you think about it and Those songs are so well written craft of and chef of like one idea right, you know what I mean, yeah, and Culture does a lot of shit where it tells the story the story of it But That idea is always there and that's that's something that's so cool And it just stays with you and you think about it, and then you go and look up the lyrics Once you look up the lyrics to a fucking country song. It's fucking crazy like have you ever looked up the lyrics to Clementine like oh my darling Clementine that is It's about a prospect or a minor and His daughter goes he she falls into a river and he can't swim so he can't save her. Oh my god But how long have you known that song like oh my god? Wow It's this is terrible It's crazy drove the horses to the water every morning just at nine hit her foot against a splinter fell into the foaming brine Ruby lips above the water blowing bubbles soft and fine, but alas I was no swimmer So I lost my clay isn't that you gave me chills right there fucking reading it. Oh Oh God, it's not crazy. Oh But you think oh my darling oh my dog it sounds so happy. I don't know it's so cool It's I don't know you look you take those songs and like you look at fucking what it's about It's crazy, man. It's like I love looking into that shit. You know what I really like listening to When I really want to like try to imagine a time I really like listen to Robert Johnson. Yeah, dude. I listen to Robert Johnson. I just imagine The time what year was what you there's only like one good solid Recordings of Robert Johnson. It's like one session. I think I don't think he had more than one album That you can get right, but what year was that? 1936 that's crazy. Well, and that guy was so good. They thought he sold his soul to the devil They're like there's no way you can be that good no way 1936 and 1937 Wow Most were first released on 78 RPM records in 1937 Wow So how did he become such a legend you got a wonder did he just go around and everybody knew him? It's a good question It's a good question. I guess he was just like the Dave Chappelle of Blues singers back or he was just this guy that was above everybody and everybody's like Jesus Wow Wow, yeah doing this He would play like just I love that Delta fucking sound. It's so give me some But it's also you gotta imagine the time Like people are just this is like during the Great Depression, right people are Starving they're fucked the world's fucked. It's post World War one pre World War two Horrible time just Just just squalor and fam and it's hard to get real good food It's not like there's a Whole Foods in your fucking neighborhood like things were weird back then And this guy is in the deep south This is What's Crazy is like all music recorded music Has its roots in something from before yeah all of it you know this this emerged his creation You know when this got sold and entered into the just the the zeitgeist of human consciousness Now they're aware that there's a guy out there that can do this Because before there wasn't anybody like this guy right and all of a sudden he comes along and hits this level that nobody had ever hit before yeah, you gotta like it's it that's crazy because like all these ideas like Who invented a pinch harmonic right like the? Like on the guitar like who's like you know what if I hold my pick just right and hit that fucking string It's gonna sound this different, and I'm gonna make that my signature sound and then you're just gonna blow up But that's just something that you do like his vibrato on his voice and shit like I Think that's something whenever I first started making music that was something that really like if not Propelled me was something that was a little different because I had a little I always tried to copy like Stevie Nicks, and there's a guy named Conner O'Burst from Bright Eyes, and he would have this great like Vibrato in his voice when he sang and Stevie would too And I think that that wasn't being done, and that's just the way I naturally sang as a kid And it sounded like shit But as I got older that's just the way I sang so I think that kind of was a thing that I Wouldn't say propelled me, but made me a little a little different You know what I mean because everybody has their own unique style, and there's something to listen to for everybody you know and I Think that was something that really like it's like okay. This is He has a unique voice if that makes sense You know Yes, it's it's like authentic Very much so and that's just how I sang yeah since I was a kid and I think if you if you like grow up Doing something and I'm in no way comparing it to anything. I'm just saying how that cuts through like he Played his whole fucking life right whoa if fuck if he did sell his soul. I mean fuck I don't got a good. He got a good gig, but but you know that's the whole The legend a fun legend the lights also just when someone stands out like that You're always gonna have those kind of stories, but you have to bullshit You just keep going and especially like Stevie Stevie you could tell when he's playing the guitar yeah Yeah, it sounds like Steve you can tell but that's just shit You grow up and you have like a little fucking quirk You know like there's a tone that you have whenever yeah, even when you're first starting like you don't do something perfectly correct yeah But then it turns out to be your thing you know what I mean There's yeah, there's a sound when guys are playing where you know it's them It's interesting right. It's crazy especially on a non-vocal Right musical instrument. Yeah, Gary Clark jr. Is a great example of that too. He died the next year He was 27 27 just like everybody else just like Hendrix Joplin Morrison Kurt Cobain 27 fucking crazy that that age is nuts for rock stars Yeah, that's a nutty age and it seems like if you get through that age you live to be a million well, that's It's Rolling stones on door their Biden's age they look great. I Remember there was a psychic that on my birthday said I was gonna die when I turned 27. Oh, what a cunt I don't know Hindsight's always 20-20 so you lie put that shit in your head man. Yeah That's why I'm But as soon as I turn 28, I'm like fuck it. I'm getting on every fucking combine every fucking helicopter every fucking motor vehicle I see I'm going it's like stuff. I'm really high building why today Everything's fine, but I cursed that what it's it's crazy how that Happened and the house. Oh Jim Morrison died when he was 27. Yep. How is he 27? How is he that good? How is he 27? Do you know his car is like a source of mystery? There's like one claim one guy claims. He has his car, but apparently it's the wrong VIN number, but his car yet a 1967 Shelby GT 500 cool and he had it for only like a year or two And then he sold it and then there's a provenance of where people trying to track it cool He looks like Jesus Christ. He does if Jesus Christ was here. He'd drive a 1967 Shelby GT 500 Jesus had to drive. I'll tell you what he wouldn't be driving a minivan. He'd be driving American muscle That's why we listen he'd be driving a Tesla American muscle car and realize just plant more trees. They'll eat the gas or something look at that though He was so pumped to have that car. Yeah to just drop run next to it. How pumped are you? They filmed something with it He did some sort of a thing where he filmed himself with the car like I don't remember what he did I remember was something but there's like people have tried to track the car and there's one gentleman on YouTube It says he owns it. It's the same. It's definitely the same exact car, but whether or not that's the one I don't know but the VIN number discrepancy. Yeah, but you know back then everything's just written down on paper Who knows what the fuck people and also if somebody might have changed the VINs because they were trying to maybe someone stole it from somebody I don't fucking right, you know, it's like you're dealing with like 50 plus years or shit going down Who knows what happened? But it's your favorite card card Um, I don't really have a favorite car as favorite specific car But if I had a favorite kind of car, it would be American muscle cars Those are my favorite cars because those cars even though they're not the fastest cars. They don't handle the best Those cars are literally like a rolling piece of art You're driving around in this iconic time machine of art You know someone created this shape this beautiful shape and you see that shape and you go. Oh You see a 69 Mustang you just go. Oh My dad's got a 69 Camaro blue with the stripes And it is like no it is beautiful. That's why I said that dad. I'm waiting for you to kick the bucket so I Don't you have one of them six wheel Hennessey's? Yeah, dude, that is so crazy. That thing is so Gigantic so fun. Do you do you have a pickup out here? I don't yeah, I have one out here I don't have it here today today. I drove my Tesla. I drove my electric car. It's Jesus Christ car That's what Jesus Jesus drive a fucking Shelby. That's yeah. Look at that thing. That is so crazy Those six-wheel drive car now all that extra weight with those Extra two wheels and an extra axle in the back like is that fast still it's fast It's it's bumpy, but it's not imagine you'd probably tow a fucking giant boat with that thing man That's all that traction. Yeah, well it is so fun to drive. It is inconvenient in Salt Lake City How so cuz it stands out. I can't get into any other spots You got a half a car out back I go to the Applebee's and I'm like, all right. Well, I don't know of any I try to like Get it perfect thing because I don't want to be the dickhead that blocks right any spots But if I'm if I don't go in far enough it sticks out so fucking right big out the back And if I I just got to go in just a little bit into the next spot just a tiny bit just a shred just like the The the wench on the front well for most people that's fine if you have a regular car Yeah, you get a person Usually like I love the Applebee's but it's not usually super full so there's like you're an Applebee's guy I love Applebee's really what's it about Applebee's? I love the neighborhood, man I love the atmosphere. I love the atmosphere I love I love the drink they give you that comes with a gummy shark, which one's that? I don't know. It's calling one of them signature cocktails. Yeah, but it's so good and they have a special Mountain Dew Applebee's They do. Yeah, it's special. Yeah, it's special. It's only in Applebee's. What's this special? You looking for another one of them? Yeah It's uh, it's like it's like a raspberry flavor. I think it's called like space pun. It's got a very bad Darkberry bash it's called actually NASA uses orange filters on Mars bash I swear to God check that shit out look into a nice I think what Jamie is saying about color correction though is accurate. Yeah, I was just looking at photos They all come black and white I think right it's I think the thing is that they're just getting data They're getting data and that data has to be interpreted into an image And it's it's a lot more complicated than like you taking a picture on your iPhone and texting it to me and I get it And it's in full resolution look up Mars look up Mars copy and paste look up NASA copy and paste Let's see if this works Just add Mars for a buzzword. What do you think about all this UFO disclosure shit? Are you paying attention to it? Yes, sir. Yeah Yeah It's it's I think it's pretty cool. That's pretty interesting right? Yeah, you know it's interesting like how little people seem to care Cuz we already know I know but it's interesting that like there wasn't like some moment where people like we're like holy shit Aliens are real pretty someone that's coming You think I think it's good because this slow trickle. It's gonna be we just accept it Well, they try to normalize it with like yeah like War the world's which is like the world or battle of Los Angeles and shit like that That was a real fucking thing that happened The pictures of Battle Los Angeles is crazy what happened exactly there's there's this big Object in the sky and we're shooting machine guns at it. We got spotlights. This is like in the 50s, maybe Look at this shit Wow, so we're putting fucking rounds on this fucking thing spotlights on this thing in this look at the rounds Right, but what is it? What is it that they see that's weirdly all you can see is spotlights 1947 it says in the corner boy that looks like a fucking flying saucer Look at him look it in the middle and look at but those things around it. Those are fucking like my deuce rounds Like they're shooting at this fucking thing. They don't know what it is. Well, you know that there's a there's a famous story from the Soviet Union that these guys shot at a UFO and it turned them into stone Is it true? I don't know the CIA investigated it here I'll send it to you Jamie because I sent it to Jeremy Corbell. That's what I asked him fuck I should have had links Jamie. God damn it. Well, this is the only link I have it's See I a UFO turned into stone You're definitely on a watch list. Yeah, so there's a there's literally like a CIA document about it at these guys supposedly shot at a low-flying spaceship Look at according to the KGB materials a quite low flying spaceship in the shape of a saucer appeared above a military Unit that was conducting routine training maneuvers for unknown reasons Somebody unexpectedly launched a surface-to-air missile and hit the UFO It fell to earth not far away and five short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes emerged from it It is stated in the testimonies by the two soldiers who remained alive that after freeing themselves from the debris the aliens came close together and then merged into a single object that acquired a spherical shape that object began to buzz and hiss sharply and then became brilliant white and a few seconds the spheres grew much bigger and exploded by flaring up with an extremely bright bright light at that very instant 23 soldiers who had watched the phenomena turned into stone poles poles Yeah, only two soldiers who stood in the shade and were less exposed to the luminous explosion survived No shit the KGB report goes on to say that the remains of the UFO and the petrified soldiers Were transferred to a secret scientific research institution near Moscow Specialists assumed that a source of energy that is still unknown to earthlings Instantly changed the structure of the soldiers living organisms having transformed it into a substance whose molecular Composition is no different from that of limestone Turned him into limestone turn them literally in a limestone. This is a CA pay CIA Well, this is you know, they're reading from a KGB file, right? So It's it's just grow go to the very bottom of that again Jamie the very bottom is that it says one of things it says See I representative stated if the KGB file corresponds to reality This is an extremely menacing case the aliens possess such weapons and technology that go beyond all our assumptions They can stand up for themselves if attacked The thing is they're saying if the file corresponds to reality that means there's a question. This is real. They're tough Yeah, they can fuck with you. What year was this released? Source is a newspaper 1991 93 93 so there you know There's all these disclosures that are going on right now and they're very very fascinating Because it's hard to know what's true and what's not true, but it's interesting that they're talking about it But no one showed me anything yet. I'm waiting for them to show me things I've seen some things already like those videos that they took off the the the FLIR video in the go fast video And these these videos of these things with these jet fighter fighter pilots are trying to track this thing It's like zipping across the sky and like what the fuck is that? I've seen a few of those I've seen Talk to two different fighter pilots that had encounters and they're all in they're all in I think There's a real thing going on What that real thing is is what would is what's confusing to me? I think some of it has to be ours I think some of it has to be like super advanced drone technology that we Don't want everyone knowing about and it's probably some black ops shit, but I don't think that's all of it I think it's also possible that we've been visited It just makes sense. It just it sounds so stupid That's part of the problem of even talking about it because it sounds dumb because there's no evidence So you have to believe in something where there's no evidence of it other than like some blurry photographs But but then when you just think about the size of the universe itself and the fact that we exist We exist here on this planet. We're real. We know we're real what if it's fucking a Martha or whatever and they're from fucking the center of the earth and the holes and the polar the poles or whatever north and south and It's where the holes are and that's why Google Maps blocks it all Well, that would be a great theory before cell phones like that, but it's not there You still can't see it. Maybe you can with satellites and also flight patterns Like the people that copy and paste by the way, it doesn't think the world is flat Pilots true Anyone who's been in an airplane they fly around these motherfuckers They know they know where they have to go. They know the flight patterns. You look at it Yeah, you look at it Also, by the way, everything's round go out in the fucking sky and look at Mars look at Jupiter Get a telescope look at all the stars notice how everything's round seems like there's a pattern going on Yeah, why would this be different this ass is round? Yeah I Don't know it's it's so weird man it I don't know and you're talking about the oh shit moment I think we've been so like normalized to it like ET all this shit growing up watching this shit to where it's like Yeah, no shit everyone no matter what the surveys say or anything everyone thinks there's like Something going on everyone. Yeah, it had there's a few people that still are very incredulous Elon believe it or not is incredulous He's famously said if the aliens are really sure subtle very subtle Bigfoot subtle to Mean he's not an interdimensional being that could teleport it will where the cameras are He's an omniscient being he shuts down. It is just Jesus Christ full beard all over He's just woods Jesus Yeah, that's what y'all see in the woods mythical creature Looking out for humanity our brothers and sisters. They need our help He's a benevolent kind being he's got a big heart, bro The biggest scam ever pulled in the American public is finding Bigfoot that show They so they did that show for like 50 years. It is so good. It's so good I like the Bigfoot hunters. I like all those shows where they bring no, they're not gonna catch it I don't care. Of course. I still watch it and you can tell now it's gotten to the point where it's all just Just actors they're just going out there. This is so scripted. It's not even funny Yeah, they're pretending that they're encountering things and they're hearing things in the woods. It's it's crazy I watch I watched there's this whole On discovery. I watch discovery or I have discovery plus and there's a show about vampires and they were talking to these two vampire hunters and they were like It was like imagine like blade but like two blades and they were like acting like blade Fuck this is on discovery This is on discovery did I It was like to but what did they go fucking kill somebody they're crazy That's what I'm saying. They're like, we know we know they're fucking out there, but it's all it's all acting bro Imagine if they were that opening scene to blade and that dude gets dragged into the vampire disco I don't like surprises didn't think to do or he does like surprises I see ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding That's just amazing played that scene that is so good I think that's one of the greatest scenes and it is so good a mate and Tracy Lords is the one who takes him there, dude Though the first two blade movies were the fucking best shit ever the first one And he cut that he cuts that guy's hand off with this fucking. Yeah drawstring thing. Oh, man. That's so cool, man Yeah, those movies of the shit, but the first one's the best This poor dork is poor This poor dork thinks he's gonna get to bang Tracy Lords and she drags him through this meat processing Thing and while he's doing it. He like he kind of sees people. He's like what the fuck As he's going through this all this hanging meat They get to a point where like people are rolling by he's looking at frozen people But this dumb motherfucker wants pussy so bad he keeps going If you see an elevator and like or like just a normal elevator with a bouncer and a trench coat He's ready to bail and she grabs him and kisses him and he's like, okay cool This fucking scene rules dude She's great too. She's great too. Frost is Frost is like girlfriend in the movie. Yes in that dude who plays the sidekick against his hand cut off that guy's shit so good, I fucking love this scene because They all know he's meat and he doesn't know he's me Only need in there only made in there man, and they all recognize it And he's trying to get behind it. He's like Yeah, he starts dancing out there look at him what's up, dude What's up, man? And then the blood it's so crazy you don't know like so far you don't know what the fuck is going on. Yeah Did they stop the new blade I heard they were making I think there's a series right I heard I thought it was a movie And they stopped making it. Oh, no Did they I don't know I hope not definitely got pushed back It got pushed back. I don't know was it but there's a writer's the fucking actor strike Whenever blade comes in Wesley such a fucking hard-ass this scene is insane Yeah, yeah Thank you, Jamie. Yeah, here's the port where the blood starts dripping from the ceiling Yeah, here's the port where the blood starts dripping from the ceiling And they're all throwing their arms why does no one do this this would be a crazy party And like real life this would be a crazy fucking party not real blood, but like pretend blood Yeah, you'd have to do pretend, but then people would do a one with real blood Just like they're having no rules fights with you I got you wins you win by I gouging Now he's realizing it's all vampires around him he's about to get fucked up. Oh Dude oh dude Oh It's so good Oh Blade is so clean right here to get that The daywalker Motherfuckers always trying to ice skate uphill is what he says the frost right before he fucking kills him. That's a cool Yeah, let's go come on That I think is like out of all the superhero movies, that's the best Introduction yeah, it is. It's so best introduction. It's so good. It's so good. It's it starts in the car. It's so good Yeah, I mean that's how you see blade. Yeah, that's the first time that's why I was so disappointed Are they they're still doing the 2020 because it's supposed to be this year, but I don't know if it's actually Because that was my favorite shit as a kid He's so good that actor they got to do blade he is so good We could live like kings Sure, you're ready for that. Mr. Whitman. Oh this might Was that what do you mean? He didn't say that so this could be a fake trailer. He didn't see that He did not say like it could just be lag. How do you know? He's just like a re-uploaders Sure, you're ready for that. Mr. Whits. Yeah, not even close Let it go though undate Watchers behind the eyes all over the city Okay How the mighty of fallen I'm going to the destiny. See night is not a game. It is a hunt It didn't see I'd look look weird. Yeah, that wasn't a real trailer. It's like a fan edited trailer. You think so I've been yeah, there's a I've seen a really good one recently where like people are actually getting real jobs for making fan edited trailers That's smart right and then you show it to the studio studios like fine that Yeah, they just take what from the from the teaser or whatever and put a song there You know what drives me crazy who decided that that's how music for a trailer has to be Right anticipation, you know what it was the inception it was inception that that was like I Don't know every movie trailer soundtrack is exactly the same Every music trailer or movie trailer soundtrack is exactly the same. That's interesting. It's true though It's true pattern to get you jazzed up about something But see I'd starting to wear off because I'm like, okay, I hear it Now we need like a trailer with no music Trailers used to be one of my favorite parts to go into the movies really? Yeah, man You got a good trailer a good solid trailer that sucks you in like oh shit That was how you found out about movies right then right? Show a trailer for this before and the sound because you're in the IMAX theater with Oppenheimer makes this movies I mean it already looks good, but the trailer and the audio is it the same time This is killers of a flower. No, it's not at all. But like just they added whoever added this together did it great Oh, is this new? Yes, this is out later this year killers of the flower Leo's a beast My color Use the sound grade Oh say they have the worst land possible But they outsmarted everybody The land had oil on black gold money flows freely here now I do blow that money, sir This wealth should come to us That time is over. It's gonna be another tragedy When this money start coming we should have known it came to something else They're like buzzards circling our people we're still warriors I Oughta kill these white men who killed my family. I Need you here You've got to take back control of your home I Was sent down from Washington DC to see about these murders so you what about him see he's doing it I Expect an American to make all this go away You know they don't happen anymore Oh It's a good trailer. Oh, that's a good fucking trailer original trailer sound that's a good fucking trailer Yeah, I'm gonna see that fucking man. Well, I'm gonna see that fucking movie You ever watch an old movie with no soundtrack in it and you're like, wow, this is wild They have no music in this movie. The last movie I watched with no Soundtracking it if you watch some old at like watch the hustler with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason. There's no music playing Unless there's music in the background of a bar or something, right? There's no like music sound. There's no music that accompanies the scenes No country for old That's the best movie of all time yeah, I love that fucking movie have your Bardoom is like the best Bad guy. Oh my god. He's insane He really thank you he really does appear to be that guy He feels like a psychotic guy that kills you with a cattle broad even that scene even that scene where he's driving on the bridge and he there's a bird on the bridge and he just goes and Tries to kill it. Yeah, but mrs. Like that says so much about that character It is so Fucking good the way he kills people too is so crazy the fucking shower curtain Yeah, the shower curtain where he's like he sees them Just blast them through the shower curtain. Yeah, I Love that movie that movie has no music in it. Wow. I love that. I love that. Yeah It's a weird thing where you're you're listening to music in a scene. It's telling you how to think right? You know where it kind of takes away a little bit of the the suspension of disbelief that you're that character and That's why I love I love that the the contrast and the juxtaposition of Different music than you would expect Mmm, like and a Django whenever he goes and fucking kills the whole house to Tupac Yeah, that shit is so hard because it's all it's been Western music the whole time, right? That's such a current Tarantino move. He always has amazing music choices for those big Culmination scenes. What was the song in? Once upon a time in Hollywood whenever everything was fucking going down Because It always builds up to that one scene with the contrasting music. It is so fucking cool Yeah, I love that. I love that It's just like oh, I'm gonna fucking be in a war scene to like fucking like Where's my mind like even though? Where is my mind like that's great, but like it just it's so it's so fucking cool This Scene is insane Yeah, there's music there's music there doors Did you watch this movie? Oh, yeah I just I watch this movie Dave Chappelle and Donnell Rawlings in a movie theater that we had all rented out There was no one in it, but us there's all the comics and the dudes we work with Went to see it at like 2 o'clock in the morning after our show. It's so good. It's amazing You get that build up for that fucking It's also it's such a Tarantino movie like I was like the violence and it is so egregious Like if someone just made only in that one deal, right, but it's enough And then he goes he's like, you know what I'm getting out the fucking flamethrower From the from my movie prop from a while ago. That shit is so crazy, dude Oh, you're a home intruder I'm pulling out my fucking flame Oh god that shit is crazy, dude It's a crazy movie man, I love it's such a fun movie too because it's like a reimagining of the Manson murders Yeah, yeah, yeah without did they was it Manson? Yeah, like Actual or was it like a playoff of I think it was a Manson family coming after him But he does it but he yeah, it was no it was yep. Yep, cuz yeah tates in the movie everybody the director his idea I didn't see it movie briefly the Italian I Director that was in the the with Sharon Tate. Oh Yeah, man soon. That's right. That's how crazy And they go to that ranch Yeah, they go to the ranch and they're looking for the for the owner of the ranch and he's sleeping He's like he doesn't feel very good That's a crazy movie. It is a crazy movie. It's very good. It's a very good movie And that's what they did, too They whacked people for Charlie and just Is the ranch story real I guess specifically is what I'm thinking about What is the actual story like what do they say that they killed the guy who owned the ranch and took it over or something? Yeah, well, I guess in the movie. Yeah, he's super he's dead I don't know if that's based on a real story, but I bet it is I bet that's real or at least if he's not dead. He's just Fucking fucked up out of his mind Like just they gave him all the drugs in the world but I think there were some cases of like girls honey potting dudes and then the the the other Manson family guys would come over and Would turn into a shit show. I think that's what happened with Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson his manager. They became entrenched with Charles Manson And I think Dennis we brought up this the other day, right? Dennis Wilson was his manager at one point or something was gonna produce a record form or something like that and it went sour and you know Then now you have the fucking head of the Manson family who hates you and he wants to kill you Brian same Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. Yeah Yeah, his brother was a producer. Have you listened to his music? Sure Look at that While gathering is called following Manson was a singer-songwriter in the fringe of the Los Angeles music industry Chiefly through a chance associated with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys to introduce Manson to record record producer Terry Melcher His music is so Different yeah, it's fucking weird. It's weird. Yeah, it's weird. Listen. It's weird listening to his voice like Because we know but that was like right before It's crazy, dude. It's so it's fucking gives me fucking chills, dude. It's so weird The fucking It's Makes sense that he could do that. It's cuz he's charismatic. Right? He was a cult leader. He has charisma He knows how to captivate people's attention and that's what he's doing through his singing. It's so weird It's like it gave me chills like listening to that fucking come on and look at that fucking picture It's just so it's so strange. It's strange. It's strange. Stranges are recording Charles Manson songs out there Crazy, I think there's more. I think there's more than that. There's like a whole record now It's crazy. You ever see searching for Sugarman. No, sir. Do you know the song? You know the story behind it? No, sir, bro This is a crazy story What's that? That wasn't him wasn't Charles Manson. It's I'm a no no. No I'm reading that he wrote these songs. Oh And someone else on that might have been someone else's voice might have been or Trying to figure it out the actual thing we just listened to I don't know but I'm like, here's a like Here's a link to say listen to these Charles Manson songs and as he's written credit as the songwriter for them Like he might have been trying to write Beach Boys songs. Mm-hmm. Interesting I didn't know they had any Brian Wilson and Yeah, they had any kind like that an action. That's crazy. So that these are performed by Steve grove Steve grove Okay, so he wrote it 1970 recordings of Manson songs. Whoa That's Jamie Google Searching for Sugarman. This is a movie. I think you would love so this movie is about this guy who made these albums he made an album in the 70s made some recordings and Nobody They didn't take off over here in America, but people were playing them in South Africa and in South Africa this guy was Gigantic and there was all these rumors about him being dead and meanwhile the guy was in America doing construction work He was he was like a laborer Yes, so then all of a sudden they find him What is his name? It says it right there just scroll up Rodriguez Rodriguez so this guy doesn't know that he's a fucking huge star in South Africa and and they find him and then they bring him to South Africa to do a concert and it's Fucking bananas. He had imagined having no idea that there's hundreds of thousands of people What year is this? Well the documentary was like Right and like what was the event when the event? So 98 so no internet so that's how it happens This is the kind of shit that happened before the internet somebody got a hold of his records and some Rationado is like I love this song and he has some great songs. It's some great music. It's really interesting music and You know, he's It was a fucking huge star in another country and he had no idea And that this is the movie about like him going on stage. I'm brought me to tears man Promoted tears when he went on stage. It's like holy shit. What is that like for him? Yeah Show how do you even go do a show do a show I can't do a fucking show and I know that there's people coming Like I can't even fucking do a show and like he's believed to have sold more records in South Africa than Elvis Presley That's crazy Insane Six do Rodriguez is his name Wow, you ever heard any of his stuff? No, sir. Let me pull up something Pull up some shit. That's crazy. He's got a great voice. It's great stuff Sugarman I guess. Yes. Sugarman is a good one looking for trying to find here. It's a good one Oh Cuz I'm tired of these scenes For a blue coin Won't you bring back? All those colors to my dreams You carry jump first coke sweet Mary Jane Oh Sugarman met a false friend on a lonely dusty road Lost my heart When I found it It had turned to dead black Magic ships you carry Jumpers coke sweet Mary Jane. It's good fucking song. It's so good It's great writing It is it is really good. It really breathes really fucking nice and his voice is insane Jamie what year was this that this was recorded? I think 68 Wow He's one off. So this he was almost in the good year. This dude 69 30 years thought he didn't make it That's crazy And then he goes over and he's does stand he stands up in front of a arena filled with people quit music in 1976 and purchased a house in Detroit for 250 bucks technically Wow $250 he lived there until 2013. Yeah, his house had like no heat, you know like a fireplace It's weird shit man. It's a fireplace, you know with the fires in the corner That's fucking crazy I got a look into fucking Rodriguez what a fucking guy wound up giving all his money away, too He's it he's kind of I mean, maybe that might be one of them legend stories. I tell a lot of those unfortunately Don't turn out to be true. I Hear a lot of legends and I just fucking repeat of mad nauseam But I think the thing about him was people said that he had given his money away And then he just kind of went back to a simple life and stopped performing You know, maybe he experienced it and the documentary and all the heat and all the attention is like, yeah Yeah, you know what? I'm an older man now and I'm not interested in this anymore. I was interested in this when I was a young man And now maybe you know, yeah, and like he fucking knows he did it now At least like wow people enjoyed it and it's really good man. Yeah, it's crazy songs that can slip through That like people like how was that? Like you find out a song from 1969. You're like, how is that not a Fucking smash hit? Yeah, do you ever heard of a Johnny Thunder? No, sir Play I'm alive by Johnny Thunder my friend Brian Simpson told me about this the other day and He goes you gotta hear this song and he plays it he goes and we were trying to we had to do the research Right. When was this released? We thought it was 2011. It's 1969. It was like re-released. Okay But I want you to imagine a world where a dude Who makes a song that's this fucking good? Isn't a superstar Listen to this shit It's mighty clear to me I'm alive Sounds like the black keys 1969 this is good Yeah, dude Damn It you said it does sound modern because the way they they cut records now is just like They chase that retro vibe. Yeah I What year was this 69 son his distortion is crazy on that guitar that tone is amazing God damn, this is good. Whoo. I'm gonna get out my phone I'll send it to you. All right. Yeah, please. Thank you. I will not forget. This is one of my favorite songs I fucking love you gonna send that I listen to the song every night in my green room. I was like mandatory listening Yeah, that shit is I listened to open the gates That's the first song we listen to when I get in the room because it's it's a crazy song It's just a good good way to get it going What is this this is the other version of it he covered this yeah, yeah their version sucks. Oh, yeah Listen to this slower listen to this though I Got good monthly listeners They got one point seven. What's Tommy James and Shawn Dells. They're very famous. I don't know them really no. Oh, yeah They're 1960s been I Didn't I would like to see Joe Rogan with like a mod haircut. Yeah, I'd go for you look cool Mutton chrisy, but let's go Give me them fucking big collars bitch Elvis collars. Let's go Do I make you rendezvous country version of it too with Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews? Man she's called I'm alive this could be a different song sounds very different. Yeah Unless they've completely whitened it up Brutalized it Does not have the mod haircut man. Yeah, well that song just it's a perfect song It's like yeah, don't just leave it alone. Yeah, you get so much with it. Yeah, that's perfect That's on so good man. It's got so much fucking feeling to it It's and nobody heard about it. It's gonna cover by them by the way. What's up? That's not the same. Oh, of course Yeah, I didn't see my good as you're playing it. You'd have to have big balls to cover that song after Johnny Thunder It's just so good great name, too. Yeah, what a not porn star name at all Johnny Thunder Joe Rogan I got a pee. All right, my brother. Let's wrap this up. I love you. I love you, too I appreciate you very much. Thank you for having me soon. It's always fun to talk to you. Let's do it more often I would absolutely love all right, and I'll see you tomorrow night. Yes, sir. Oh, we're gonna go to the mothership Yeah, no, we're fucking go party. Let's go. Bye everybody.