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Cameron Hanes is a master bowhunter, outdoorsman, elite athlete, author, and host of the podcast “Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes.” www.cameronhanes.com

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Q: What don't asstards like this guy and David Goggins like to talk about? A: The fact that they have completely destroyed their knees, which need to be regularly drained and operated on.





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The other one sick is that cheers sir. Thank you you too. How sick is that elk blood? Oh, it's good, too. We went over like man How many iterations did we go over? There's money. Yeah, there's a shitload We kept tweaking it and you know, it's just like it's kind of the same thing that we did with the flaming Joe You got to get it, right takes a long time. But those guys whatever they're doing that whatever fucking alchemy They're doing to make this stuff so delicious. Yeah, this is good This is really good. And I just love that it's well first. It says Cam Haynes and Joe Rogan Elk blood and six at CBD So yeah, 25 milligrams of CBD and we're gonna do an ignite version as well. No sugar has yeah, no sugar It's got caffeine. How much caffeine is enough? 125 125 they need shit, bro We've been drinking those black rifle coffees those black rifle coffees will ruin you. They're so good. Have you had them? They're good one of them there. I love them bust them out to a lot of sugar Whoo, there's so much sugar. Yeah, that's like that's cheating. I know I was drinking that I was like, holy shit This thing is so good good. And then I was like what's going on here that I look I'm like, oh That's why is how many milligrams have a sugar? I'm good Google. Well, you just go grab a few for us. Infinitive. I loved them. I love them. I'm gonna drink one right now I'm no good boy. They are so good. I mean if you're not hung up on sugar like I am I'm up on it, too Yeah, you should be you really should be but it it's a wonderful treat Occasionally, yeah, if you reward yourself, so if you say if you run a hundred miler, right? I'm like I can have but I can have a good black rifle coffee ready to drink You know Floyd Mayweather drinks coca-cola or Pepsi, I forget which one but he drinks it like he drinks soda essentially right after he works out sometime and I talked to a nutritionist. He said actually like post Rigorous exercise like that. It's actually pretty effective way of dumping glucose back in your body. It sounds gross Yeah, you know you work out you're the best boxer of all time, you know, and you're fucking these are the nothing 300s though But yeah These are fucking awesome too, man. These have too much sugar as well No, I know definitely they all have too much sugar Dan the fitness man came and trained with me one time, you know elk shape Yeah, Dan. Yeah. Yeah, and he love his podcast. He's got great YouTube videos, too. He is good I mean, he's just like a great guy. He's a legit He's just a elk hunter, you know, I mean and just a good guy who works his ass off Yeah, seems like it doesn't talk shit about a real good guy makes me like that's a nice thing But people talk shit about you can't I know but he gave me one of these and that's where I was like Wait a second. I got a little why is this so good? Good what is the milligrams of sugar? You can read this. I can't read this with a light this dim. Where is it? Say 16? 18 Total sugars 18 18. Yeah, that's a lot. That's a lot. That's actually not too bad. Well, it's not compared to apple juice I thought you know much fucking apple juice has in it total sugar. My daughter Pointed this to me. This is 28. What do you what's the matter? It doesn't say that says 28. It says 18, right? Oh Oh He has good eyes. Yeah, this is 18. No, he has crazy vision dude He doesn't see weird shit like I dropped my phone once when we were at Tohon ranch I dropped it on the ground. He's a crack there where and he's like in the middle I'm like no way really and I'm like fucking do as he's like saw it from he I was holding it over here And he saw it. Yeah, but you're three months older than me. Yeah, I'm older and My eyes are not as good in three months. I'll be where you are. No, no, no, no, you have weird vision You really do like your vision is extraordinary and I always wonder I wonder if that's from so much time in the mountains Because one of the things they say that's fucking with people's eyes is we're constantly looking at short distances and it's sort of distorting our eyes because of that and That's why Andrew Huberman recommends looking at great Distances for like a good period of the day. Like it's actually a good thing to do for your eyes. Hmm Well, you know what? I what I've always done still but I used to I've talked about it a few times, but I will run at night and I never wear a light Like I'll run on Pisca the mountain I run and never have a hair. Are you trying to get eat? What are you doing? No, well, I'm not worried about that But don't I will get eaten up there in my head now, but in my mind didn't someone didn't someone I don't think Oregon recently get eaten Not was it know There was there was two people last year that got got got in Alberta Vic Northwest in Alberta a woman was killed by a black bear last year. Yeah Yeah, I heard about that one. But wasn't there a couple people that were killed by mountain lions last year 20 18 hiker Broke neck puncture wounds by cougar You Broken from a cougar. You imagine that motherfucker grabbing your neck speaking of my neck with this what's going on? Oh, okay this boy look at the blade. You're gonna see I want this blade. I've only had this on this a second time Oh my god. Are you hanging out with rappers? I know what's going on. I'm celebrating my JRE Appearance but so that was that was a whole reason why I wore it just to do that right there Door scooby-doo jeweler made that for me any hand delivered it. That's amazing. Yeah, it's amazing Well, that's when you can wear bling when someone gives it to you what I was gonna say was cool So I she went I bought that for yourself. It's a little questionable Right, unless you're like a machine gun Kelly type person a very flamboyant like a rapper or some rockstar No, my vision my vision I wear old man shoes people make fun of my shoes I would I would wear those but listen, so my vision is the bling with a bear skin jacket Mmm, I like it that a bear that you killed. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody's gotta shut the fuck up if you actually killed the bear Yeah, I hate them too. We ate his pepperoni, right? We're eating bear pepperoni. It's delicious. It's very very good So good shout out to whoever processed that for you. Whatever butcher did that for me? This is in Cottage Grove, Oregon and and Gates yeah Gates family tradition meets. There's a bunch of those folks out there that are It's like they're the unsung heroes of the wild game world. That is so good. And that's it there and people like oh You can eat bear summer sausage. I've had bear bear summer sausage was delicious You know is the best for talking about all this stuff cuz you know, you know Jesse Griffiths the guy was the the chef of Daidui It's a restaurant here in Austin and I actually heard him on Steve's podcast Ronell is meat eater podcast before I met him So I heard him there and then I had him on as a guest fucking super interesting guy But he's the best at taking wild game and making it insanely delicious He's just such because he's a an excellent chef and he loves food and he loves hunting Yeah, and he teaches courses or takes people out hunting. Mm-hmm. What is his um What is this school called again? There's a school of traditional cookery new school of traditional cookery So he takes people and he'll hunt hogs with them He'll teach them how to shoot a hog how to butcher it and then he teaches them how to cook it and the guy is a fucking unsung hero in the world of like taking wild game and making it just the most Extraordinary dish you've ever had we had duck diver duck diver ducks supposed to be gross Yeah, that's what everybody says right because diver ducks eat whatever the fuck is in the bottom of the ocean or the bottom of the lake rather yeah, well, most people don't like the way they taste but he had this way of Marinating them. I don't want to like say to his process cuz I don't really totally remember it I don't want to fuck it up, but the result was fucking insane. It was so good Yeah, no one could stop eating it. It was so good Well, I mean imagine what he could do with bear. Oh, yeah, if he did that magic with duck Well Jen River can do it bear I know Did she makes those bear roasts in the Traeger and cooks them for like fucking 16 hours? I wanted to bring so I had that ham that yeah since you pick Shrove cuz my my goal was I thought oh, maybe we can cook this cuz I thought you're gonna have a Traeger here at the Studio we did we do actually it's just not hooked up through the ceiling yet, right? I mean so I'm like, oh we could marinate this thing. And so I had Jen send me her marinating recipe, you know Brown sugar it's got all the shit in it course pineapples and they know how to make shit delicious So trace did it all that and got it, but of course, you don't have a Traeger So I'm like well, I'll bring some bear pepperoni and I was I was asking because everybody They're so concerned about trickinosis, you know, I mean yeah, Steve, or no What made everybody nervous about it because they got sick I just got sick after we war and everybody forever. It's the craziest thing. It's almost like he wanted to get it Yeah, he manifested it cuz he always said that he wanted to get scratched by a grizzly just scratched I just wanted to go you fuck a tattoo sounds good. I want claws across the chest, you know But I think then he had that encounter Yeah fog Knack Island where they got rushed by an 11 foot brown bear, right? And he's all that shows out the window fuck that had to come to Jesus moment. I'm not percent come to Jesus. Yeah 11 foot bear that's claimed an elk that you shot and you don't know about it and you're eating lunch sitting around in his territory You're so relaxed. You've let your guard down. You're just like, hey, we're good Well, what I was gonna say was so I asked Gates tanner's He's a young kid just kicking ass does such a great job with with your wild game meat But I said what's the process for making pepperoni because people are nervous about cooking and trickinosis. So They put it in like a smoker type oven and it's at 160 for an hour hundred hundred sixty five for an hour 155 for an hour and then 145 for five hours. So it's seven hours of cooking. Oh, yeah, and and so there's no no worry Right and it just tastes amazing. It's got that little I go Oh, I said does it have a little pop to it when you eat it, you know I could bite into a little pop on that the the shell out here. He's like, oh, yeah It's got the pop and it does isn't it's everybody here who tried it. Everybody has given I've given it to I took Send to my old work yesterday. Everybody loves it. It's good What's weird is and this is a little known fact when and the settlers were making their way across America they would kill bear for meat and they would kill deer for the hides and That was their preferred food was bear right because it was closer to beef and When they named like a dollar bills a buck because a buck that's what a buckskin once was a dollar Oh, I didn't know that's why they are. That's where that term came from. Yeah, I learned so much on this I've got a lot of useless information bouncing around in my head But that's a fascinating anyone like I wonder what shifted where they stopped eating bear Then all sudden bear became a teddy bear and bear became your friend and bear became yogi and bear became only you can prevent Forest fires. Also in the bears is like this weird amperfor and throw pomorphized version of what you experience when you're out there in the woods right and with anybody Experiences and what you know when people get rushed by bear I don't know if you've seen the video of these guys that are on a dirt bike. Mm-hmm and This guy wipes out in front of a bear. Yeah, Dan. I saw that Think I'm spoiling out of there Intense Scary They're so scary. Do we have a pull it up Jamie shirt? I think Jamie has one. Oh good Yeah, pull it up Jamie shirts, right? Is it on Jamie? Is it on pull it up? Jamie calm Jamie down it should be on pull it up Jamie calm these fucking scoundrels There's a link on that website. Oh, thanks Eric Your merch dude, you got to get your merch going look at this bit young Jamie calm look at this video If that guy didn't rev the engine who knows that would that bear would have done to them that dude Very smart revving that engine. I'm very smart. Oh That is a very very smart move whoever that guy who did that. Yeah, that guy probably saved their lives Yeah, those holy fucking shit those things are terrifying. Yeah, they are they're monsters They are the killers of the forest. Yeah, that's all they do. Hey, you know what? Here's this is a point. So you had the Alaska bone people up Yeah, and remember that reads remember that video where they had the brown bear in the muskox you watch that right? Yes, killing the cat yeah, so I just had a study sent to me but they They had a radio call or maybe I talked about this. I can't I can't remember but radio caller on on Brett on Grizzlies up there And it was they were killed they killed Seven bear and the camera is going off every ten or fifteen minutes and this was during calving season or or like caribou calves, but They they killed I'm gonna pull it up right here Just so I have the exact number just because people don't won't even probably believe it But they killed so video camera footage of these Seven brown bears show that they killed approximately two hundred thirty eight moose and caribou calves across the 45 days That's an average of about 34 moose and caribou calves per bear in 45 days 238 so that was seven bear just killing so this is what is always weird to me We have these things that are in our head like acceptable narratives of animals that you're allowed to kill like You're allowed to kill fish people fish people don't freak out about it. You're allowed to kill birds But when you get into certain animals, and I really do think it has something to do with like Disney movies Really do has to has to because it's in our head as a kid that bears are cool Well, and you go to the zoo you see a bear. It's not doing shit. It's just laying there Yeah, you know what I mean exactly and then you see it that reinforced on the movies or the shows and then you see circus Bears, right and these harmless. Yeah, and like why would somebody want to kill one of these things? But then you go into the wild and you see like where I was just would bear Running last week in Alberta these bear come in it was it was funny because the sals would come in and they would just be Growling fighting doing the alarm call getting you know puffed up And I'm like they live with with each other every single day all year Why are you so pissed off? I mean it's like why would you be so mad at somebody you live with every day, right? Yeah They're just they are just so competitive and then the males come in in his breeding season and then the boar I killed came in and it was it was pretty fascinating because You wouldn't even see him and the bear would all be looking up the other bear the smaller bear Or the smaller boars or the south they'd be looking towards where he's coming and then he'd show up and so it was it was pretty cool because I remembered back the day before I saw a sow and she was like walking and like Kind of doing like this like really hard steps and I'm like Are they picking up vibration? From the walking and so she's trying to sound bigger like this because then I because I put it together when the boar I killed giant boar He was coming before they could see him. They were looking and getting Startled running up trees and I'm like are they feeling that vibration of a heavy animal heavier animal coming Wow a bigger boar they have that much sensitivity I think I bet it makes sense because I saw the smaller south like trying to stop and I'm like It just makes sense that that was going on because they would knew that they knew that the bear I killed was coming long before they could see him. Mmm So a bear the size of the bear you killed was like a tyrant. Yeah, he kills all the babies He kills whatever he can get a hold of he kills younger bears. They cannibalize, right? That's what's if a side. Yeah, there's so much of that that they And cannibalized like if a bear gets shot by a hunter and you get to it It there's a possibility that other bears are eating it or ready, right? Yeah, that's a real good possibility It happens often it happens off if you have to leave it overnight. Yes, there's a chance it's gonna be eaten which Fucking wild but that's the world. It's not a world of yogi No, and this is a crazy idea of this animal that people have which is make would makes people take selfies with them And do all this crazy shit that they do it like Yellowstone those whack Caduz that get in front of bison It's like we have these ideas about what these things are that's based on a bullshit version of them including the Yellowstone version When we were in Yellowstone, you could hang out ten feet from an elk. Mmm. They're just right there, right? They don't worry about people at all. Oh, they're hanging out in the visitor center They're laying down in front of everybody that was probably not September then because they weren't rutting. No, they weren't rutting No, it was the summertime, but it was it was still it was totally alien behavior, right? like completely domesticated yeah, and just a Man what it was like when they reintroduced wolves into that area Oh God bloodbath because this is this is the animal that you're dealing you're forcing an animal to be reintegrated with the most Erosious death right so you think there's too many of them you think it's in balance and so you think they shouldn't have killed off the wolves, okay, well Now what now you're just gonna all these cute elk that have been hanging out the visitor center are just gonna get butchered Yeah, and they don't know what the fuck a wolf is right? They've had generation after generation after generation. No wolves. Yeah They're like no wolves great. We're just out here You know, no occasional mountain lion whatever whatever but an occasional mountain lion is nothing like a pack of wolves now Now that will make a whole lot more wolves and they all stay together and they hunt together. They got a process for killing They got it down. They got it down You know you at some sort of telepathy or something you've seen where they communicate where one will Tire out the next wolf will fill in. Yeah, like a little relay a team Yeah, wearing out one animal. Yeah, you know the prey animal and It's yeah, they're just they'll wipe stuff out just like the brown bear and those you know, the seven brown bear They're just they're born to kill. They don't know when to stop, you know, so it's not I saw Somebody said on my page I said well wouldn't they kill and just sit come back and just eat eat off that for later and you know live off that One kill I'm like what what what are you talking about? They go on rampages? No You you flip that switch John. Yeah, they're killing everything. Yeah, they're not like Native America And so I want to like kill what they using every piece of the sound. Yeah, no, they're not like that They don't have any they don't have any idea of conservationism their ideas to just kill everything that's in front of them and there was a Was it recently there was a crazy one? Where this pack of wolves killed like an enormous number of elk It was like 18 elk something crazy. Yeah Just went on a ramp. Yeah, just I don't know what happened or how they got some of them But it happens with livestock all the time Yeah, well, can you see we could find it was like surplus killing it. I believe it was in Wyoming If I remember correctly But they were shocked they were like cheese. They just killed them. Yeah, they didn't even they weren't even eating them Right, they just went on a ramp age. They weren't hungry That I mean that's what they're born to do. Yeah wolf pack slaughter There's 19 elk in rare surplus killing. So this is in 2016. It's not rare though I mean, so even even that word rare. Yeah, well who's saying rare? Well, I think it's rare. They get that many I wonder I wonder what the circumstances were where they could kill that many Yeah, there's there's a photo of all the elk length lined up. That was right up up. It's horrible. Yeah, look at that. That's crazy Yeah, I just I'm not convinced that it's rare. I think it's rare that we find out about it How many wolves did that? That's what I want to know. I don't know. I want to know how many wolves if there's 19 Well, you got 50 wolves up there. You got a hundred wolves I got their fucking super packs up there that we don't know about I don't I they have a good Counting of how many wolves are up there? Oh, it says nine wolves Yeah, I was gonna say I don't think it would take that many to do that That's incredible because those are all see it's 17 calves. So that's that's kind of the point with that muskox videos Those were calves they don't they can't run and to adults. Yeah, so you have two adults Wow I mean they they can't run like a full-grown what muskox or elk or anything else So they're they're pretty much just right for the picking that's there even black bear will follow elk around when they know it's calving season Right when the calf is born they'll kill it They said London also described the kill to CNN as sport killing although the consensus among Biologists and wildlife officials is that wolves do not hunt for sport But sometimes kill more than they can eat at one point Especially in winter when frigid temperatures preserve the killed prey for later consumption. You know what I bet though I Bet they can't help themselves when they see calves. No Yeah, it's like a kitten with a ball of yarn roll a ball yarn from a kid Oh, yeah, they just if they see babies like baby Moose baby dear baby elk I'm gonna kill the time to kill You don't get a chance their babies for a short amount of time Yeah, I get them now somebody else said that too that they didn't know animals kill just for the fun of it I'm like yet you ever seen a house cat Bro house cats kill literally billions of animals a year. Yeah, we're feral cats really Right most mostly the outdoor. I mean it's all it's mo I bet a lot of the killing is done by actual feral cats But a lot of it is done by people's pets you've seen pets that bring back a bird Yeah, I had a catch She was the sweetest fluffiest thing and she would bring back a bird like like she did some awesome thing She wanted me to see it. Mm-hmm. And she's just a ball of love at any other time. Well, she saw a fucking She saw a bird. It's natural instead a mouse death death Natural, you know, they play with them, you know, what's weird is like so Marshall Yeah, you see dogs they see a squirrel outside. They're automatically in hump mode. I don't know if is Marshall Oh, dude, he killed two last week, right? He's been on a rampage. So now it's fucked up Just fluffiest sweetest dog bundle of love he's all love but he wants to fuck up squirrels and Also turtles so we have to keep protect the turtles from him now So now I have to wander around my fucking yard looking for turtles. He kills him. He kills him Yeah, he fucked one of his teeth up Biting the shit out of this turtle shell. I'm like bro. Like what are you doing? So guys? Who's where's the real Marshall? Where's my buddy? Does he try to get there? Cuz they kill they go in does yes crush a whole shell. He's trying to fucking chew out at them while they're in there And Marshall. Yeah, it's horrible Yeah, it was horrible. He's done it to a couple of them now. So now when we go outside we have to look For turtles first, right because they come up to try to lay their eggs. Oh Yeah, so I mean it's just animal instinct. It's just animal instinct And it's a it's a sad one because it's like the I kind of I think turtles look cool You know, I don't want the turtle babies to get fucked up on my dog I remember I'm still kind of traumatized by this I was driving back from scouting for elk and Driving along this Mohawk River Road and a turtle was crossing the road. I didn't and I hid it with the Just ran over it. Oh, shh and the sound. Oh, you know just like it was haunting Like popping a turtle in my truck. I was just like and I still that was 30 years ago This is why I think we have this relationship with turtles because they've never done anything to us The worst nappy turn happened to us. Yeah, but you only if you fight with them. They don't come for you No, I think they evolved because they evolved with people in Florida. That's my theory People in Florida's fucking with them and they just developed ability to bite them. That's my theory That's my theory. Oh, go. Are they snapping turtles in Florida? Mostly? It's probably shitty theory But the point is like turtles don't fuck with people You know what you can get diseases from them though. If you have them as pets you have to be real careful They can they can give you diseases. I had a turtle turtle a pretty low maintenance went for as a pet Like I had a little tiny one as a kid. I had a few of them and they will fuck up some goldfish Yeah, let me tell you something. Whoa. Look at the size of that thing. See that would that's a snap Internal that looks like Yoda. I would kill somebody that would that would bite your fucking hand right off your wrist snap Look at that monster. See that that one's good. There's scales on that thing. God that thing's coming for Marshall That thing doesn't even look like a real thing. No, I don't think they hunt But my dog so dumb. He'd probably try to bite it. Oh My god, that's its eyeball. Look at his nose. No, this looks like we're out. That looks like something right out of doom There are pig nose turtles. Yeah, I know but that is the biggest snapping turtle Is there because I think there's a few different species I think there's isn't there one called an alligator snap Look at that thing. It's 70 pounds the fuck 70 pound turtle with a mouth from hell Look at that mouth if that was in this one of those yeah that little bound movies How razor movies if that was like one of the demons you'd be like, yeah, I buy that Look, it's fucked up. Ma was staring at you in a dark hallway. Oh, man. What's wearing like a leather corset. That's pretty Wouldn't you think yeah, it looks like a demon. Oh that told me looks like a demon they could make them Yeah, that looks like I was just gonna say Lord of the Rings They could make a movie with that thing that totally looks like it belongs in Lord of the Rings. Yeah. Oh my god Look at that fucking face. Look at its eyes Jesus Christ those eyes are evil as fuck. I'm glad I didn't hit that with my truck There's something about reptile eyes that scare the shit out of you. Yeah, you know So look at those eyeballs they say like with snakes if their eyes are like a slit like like like Yeah, like slit or if they're round the snakes fine I'm not poisonous not dangerous if they're slits Poisonous really the problem is you got to get that close to see their eyes So like you said your eyes aren't very good. I'm very good. I'm gonna tell you take one right in the face. Oh Jesus fucking Christ Friend of mine sent me Videos of her garage. She's like are these bad and there's two fucking coral snakes Who making their way through the garage? I'm like those those are real bad. Those are real bad, right? Yeah, don't I mean cuz coral snakes are weird because they don't have the head Like like when you see the head of a rattlesnake you see that diamond-shaped head you let go. Oh that thing's poisonous Well, and it's pretty clear that I mean they're pissed their tails Going off. They look fucking mean they let things you're like, okay There's some consequences involved in getting close to me. Yeah, it's very evident. Yeah, very evident. They don't want to die, right? That's all it is. They don't want to die. And if they think you're you're gonna get too close and you try to grab them Time to get bit. Yeah But coral snakes they'd look beautiful. Mm-hmm. They're gorgeous. You've seen them in person I don't think so. No, they have them out here man. They're fucking beautiful. There's like Multi-colored look how cool they look. Yeah, those do look cool. But you look at the head It's not that fucking triangular thing that you're not scared of but look that that eyes round though Oh, there goes my there's a slit though. There's a slit up and down See the up and down slit Yeah, kind of hard to tell because there's a reflection in it but what a fucking beautiful snake God, they're so cool. Look at that. That's so gorgeous What is it about like nature and creating some animals that are just extraordinarily beautiful And then pigs I guess I know My my eye theory is thrown out the window though, so scratch that I tell you what my agent said to me My agent loves animals. She's a wonderful lady. She loves animals. She goes me you can hunt pigs cuz they're ugly. Okay It's like Jesus Christ. Yeah, see that's a problem. That's discrimination. It is an animal kingdom Nobody wants you to hunt a tiger. They're gorgeous Thin black vertical pupils right? Yeah. Mmm. So you guys okay, so it's up and down Hmm, huh Yes, you pull you even see so you got you got to see the pupil that's the problem. Oh, you can't get You can't get that close yeah, you get that close you fucked up right so you should be backing up So I guess I was right, but this can be tough to find out I ran over a rattlesnake once and I didn't know it was a rattlesnake until I was a mid mid leap over it It was in the middle of the road. My dog running. Yeah, too. Oh, we're running in that, you know, my old house Yes, there's the trail. So we're running down that trail and we run over this thing that looks like like You know like a branch in the road. Yeah, like a kind of thick branch In the road and as I'm over it. I realize it's a fucking huge rattlesnake Oh man, and I have two pit bulls with me and they've been bit a bunch times really rattlesnake. They don't give a fuck So what happens they go you got to take them to the fucking hospital. You have to get anti venom All right, their head swells up like a balloon Yeah, and they're sick for a few days then they bounce it's out of it, but they can it's funny He got bit my dog Frank. He was he was my craziest dog He like his day would be spent We had a big yard and his day would be spent looking for lizards just trying to catch lizards fucking up So he was like playing a video game outside Like that was his thing like just like whatever is moving Oh Kim try to hit you and so when I would run with him I would run with him, but I would always have to like stay close to him Because just in case like a raccoon was there or something because he'd 100% jump I'd be a bloodbath if he saw that rattlesnake So I had to say okay I am just going to run and keep running because the whole trails like another mile in this direction and then Come back and that rattlesnake had to know we just ran over right so he's gonna hide Hopefully they don't find it because I'm tired and you on the back end of that is uphill Yeah, I'm the dogs are not as tired as me pretty Steve talks are way better at running than me. It's always slow down Slow down guys. They tell you they're like water skiing. Yeah, but I don't have them on a leash Oh, oh, I see. Yeah, I don't like to run with dogs on leash I like to be free if it's right and like Marshall's the best cuz you don't have to worry about him He stays right with you. Oh, yeah, he always comes and checks on you to get ahead of you Everything good dad. Yeah, he's the best. He's the best with that. He's amazing He's a fun dog, but not if you're a squirrel. Yeah, not if you're a squirrel he's death. He's beautiful death He's beautiful. Imagine being a squirrel and being killed by the most lovely looking creature you could imagine I think did See, here's here's why I was nervous coming on because that reminded me of Theo Vaughn said something about like Suzanne summers That's got that guy guys I think I like a golden retriever running like with flowing hair. Oh, well, yeah was like that. Yeah, so then that That got you guys under thymaster, but anyway, so yeah like Marshall Suzanne and summers running towards you is what I didn't do Yeah, but trying to eat you yeah out of your shell like what the fuck? Oh, but the point was I'm pretty nervous because I'm like How can I can't follow up Theo Vaughn who there's been a couple of people on since Theo, right? Yeah, so you're all right. Don't worry. And then before that we had it was jelly roll Yeah, like like I feel like this podcast your Platform is made for people like jelly roll because it's like you do it's made for everybody No, but he's like can know that's why you're here. He's like this Incredible talent. Yeah that like everybody should know about but it hasn't until lately right and so to me I'm like, this is why you created this thing, you know to have people that deserve Just have this immense ability and deserve to have a Spotlight shown on them. Yeah, but that's not why I created it. I created just to do it But I know it's fun, but along the way it became that but it also has to be Everybody else that I want to talk to to all inclusive. Yeah, you're inclusive and everybody Everybody it's like it's I don't you know, I know it's a platform, but I don't think of it like that I just think of it as like who do I want to talk to? You know, you know I think that guy's awesome jelly roll is awesome. He's a great Store to fucked up as 15 year old gets arrested All this time in prison comes out and he's got the voice of an angel Oh, I I mean I'm addicted to his and isn't a great guy to his his music Oh his music is amazing. That's real. It's like, you know, you feel that soul or that That my experience not tragedy, but it's like it's like there's so Much emotion in it. Yeah, you can't you can't fake That kind of authenticity like what that guy is is authentic. Yeah, you know that uh that need a favor I only talked to God when I need a favor so play some of that for me Jamie Play some of that for me cuz motherfucker kids saying yeah I wasn't discovered him like when you see that guy with tattoos on his face. He looks like a thug I'm listening So who the hell am I who the hell am I to expect a savior? If I I I know But I ain't been living them words Sweet rice been more sunday's drunk off my ass than I have in church Heart cover king Only been saving dust on the nightstand And I don't know what to say By the time I pulled my hands I only talk to God when I need a favor And I only pray when I ain't got a prayer So who the hell am I who the hell am I to expect a savior? Oh I only talk to God when I need a favor God I need a favor God damn that guy's good. I mean to me the reason that song Icebumps I think most people can relate to that. What's his voice, too? This is real. You have the raspy and this voice it's like that's real. That's a real dude Like there's some people that just have a real voice When they sing you just go like god damn it. Yeah There's just no no denying that talent that The story it's like a storytelling attribute the voice itself Yeah, and then how he delivers it and then on top of it is the lyrics Yeah So you you put that all together and you get something magic like jelly roll and like I think a lot of people can identify Like nobody's praying when things are going great or not. Nobody But most people don't they're like if god, please just give me another chance when something fucks up Yeah, you know, it's not when it's going great Always when you're injured you always appreciate being healthy healthy when you're sick You always appreciate being healthy and it's just like oh I took it for granted god I'll never take it for granted again. I've done this. Yeah, you know, I know that's why those that song is so powerful to me because That's me. Yeah It's everybody it's every human being It's human nature. It's just but that that kind of guy You got to cherish those kind of people there. That's a it's a rare diamond that it's created by that kind of pressure Yeah, it makes that kind of a person I like it was months ago. I was kept watching his video There's one he had it's called son of a sinner But then he had another one now like for some reason I can't even remember what it is But I watched the video so many times and i'm like this guy is amazing. It was before need a favor. It was Save me that's I watched this video so many. Have you seen this video? Yeah, i've seen it. Save me. It's incredible Same thing. Yeah, it's just I was like this guy is fucking amazing. Yeah, he's a freak talent Yeah, and you know and this dude was you know Dude was in jail, you know I mean look at I can see pain in his eyes. This is what made him right this song I think this video too. I mean can't can't you see pain in his eyes? Yeah Somebody Save me me from myself Has been so Long Living in hell They say my lifestyle is bad for my health It's the only thing That seems to help Yeah All of this drinking is smoking is hopeless but feel like it's all that I need Something inside of me is broken now. Hold on to anything that sets me free I'm a lost cause Baby don't waste your time on me I'm so damaged beyond repair Life has shattered my hopes and my dreams I'm a lost cause Baby don't waste your time on me. I'm so damaged beyond repair Life has shattered my hopes and my dreams Damn Whoo So Does everybody put themselves? In that story. I think everybody does I think that's the beautiful thing about a great songwriter and a great singer It's something about someone who writes their own songs, too there's something about When you you you're like you're trusting them With your thoughts It's like you're you're riding along on the song On the lyrics on the music and you're you're thinking with them. They're taking you on it Like I think when you watch something, it's very entertaining. One of the things that happens is you give in to it Where you're letting it create experiences you're letting it Interact with your mind And I think someone that has a song that has just that real pain that's coming through it There's something about the way that interacts with your mind It's like this weird communal thing that happens to people that are listening to it That's why people love to go to a concert and everyone sing along to the same song together People love doing that. They love doing that music is Magic Well magic stuff to me when I think that I think a church when I think of those experiences Like you just said because in church, that's kind of the magic of church You sing the hymns just the video of a biden in the black church. Oh my okay For him. Yeah, you ever see it. He wasn't really in that in that moment. Was he he was in his own moment It was amazing. I mean, I think he had you know, it was a shitty diaper moment He didn't know what to do he didn't know what to do and supposedly he grew up in a black church Of course he did. Yeah in the in the 1800s It was It was uh, he actually helped them the mongols Conquer china like he's like what is he talking about? I grew up a bit of black church. Yeah, I mean watch him dance It's amazing. I mean maybe he had a bad back that day But he's not even like moving he's not even moving his fingers I mean that's kind of crazy. I mean, how can you not feel that music, you know That's kind of crazy it is our our president's allowed to fucking get into it obama would I would love obama would have 100 obama would have had a great time and everybody would have enjoyed it You see you see obama he'll like try and he would did a little clapping obama He could fit in with whoever he was around like if he met athletes, he'd be like, you know, you know Like the half-hug shit. Yes, you know, it's like like an athlete would to another athlete, you know the bro hug today He would definitely be in there. What do you got? We got a trump one Trump at a black church. It must be trump at a black church. Let me see him dancing around you can see me here He's talking Is there any him dancing? There was a time the the screenshot shows more than that is he's about there you go He's moving a little bit. Okay. Look at that He's grooving Look at him go. That's michelle obama right there, isn't it? No No, that's not much. It looks kind of like her. It does look a little like her It might be amarosa that's oh that's who it is. That's who it is. I do I recognize. Yeah, you need to recognize her Oh, you know, i'm morosa was on fear factor No, yeah, really? Yeah How'd you do I don't remember I don't remember I think she did okay But I was like this is an ambitious lady. Yeah, you she she had goals a lot of horsepower behind those thoughts a lot of goals Yeah, a lot of fucking didn't they a lot of belief in herself that turned into like a yeah there she is bam Oh, yeah, look at that. Yeah Look at you Geez, dude the cargo pants this is looking slick, right? I like that look I have never in my life had good fashion never Oh those cargo pants are dominating that picture I've always been a mess but uh Yeah, what I was gonna say was yet like you I listened to to me and I don't know if because maybe i'm tortured in some weird way But I put my stuff and i'm like maybe this I can identify with this I'm i'm i feel like a lost cause most especially when I was growing up felt like a lost cause So is that what people do they put themselves in that? And you think about like what it would be like to be that person too because I think we all do that Like we wish we that person who's like the movie star that's like being the hero in the movie we put ourselves like When the movie star wins like we kind of win, you know, that's kind of what goes So when you hear a song even though, you know, it's not about you, you know, like Okay, like bad company Remember that song shooting star. Yeah, I love that song love that song when I was a kid in high school Everybody thought they were that guy That they listened to that song and even if they didn't fucking play in a band Somewhere in their head Oh, what's in this? This is a song when you're a kid and you listen to this You're like, holy shit Johnny was a schoolboy when he heard his first beatle song Love me too. I think it was from there. It didn't take him long Got himself a guitar used to play every night And now he's in a rock and roll outfit and everything's all right, don't you know Every kid wants to be this guy Hey, I'm going away love that song too. Fuck. Yeah, but we were the same age Yeah, but i'm three months old and you trust me I know things Right Johnny said don't cry mama Just smile the way goodbye All of it it's just like Don't To know I Yeah, but it doesn't it take a turn yeah takes a turn this is part I like No, because he proved everybody wrong he got to number one he didn't prove anybody wrong That's the problem with the story, but he got to number one. No, he didn't have to prove anybody wrong Because he didn't he was a kid. Yeah, he was just a wizard, right? Johnny's just a wizard who got instant pussy and hot rods. Yeah, the whole story makes no sense He's leaving his mom's house to be a fucking superstar. Give me some volume. I made the big time at last Let's see the lyrics again. The story makes no sense. That's why it's great for the 1980s when I was in high school. Yeah Nobody knew what the fuck was going on that he dies, right? Yes, he dies This is where I feel sad Me is being a person that's always worried about danger and like fucking things up I'm always worried about that. My favorite part is the end My favorite part of this song is the end. What do you mean? You were worried about danger? I'm always like ever since I was a kid. I was like Concerned with things that are dangerous. Like don't get stupid like don't go to that party. Don't do this Like oh, it's like hey, this is you all could all go sideways kids. Really people are nuts. Yeah This song is 10 minutes long. Yeah, bro. That's what they did back then because they told stories They told stories. I mean, I know but you like you listened to borderline Madonna. That's like two fucking songs Yeah, there's it's now songs are two minutes This is the best part right here So So for every young kid That I grew up with the romantic notion of dying young As a rock star that everyone's gonna miss for some stupid reason that's awesome. That was what everybody wanted That's that's Jim Morrison. Everybody wanted to be Jim Morrison when I was a All the genius pieces die early. Well, they all died at 27. Yeah Janice Joplin Jim Morrison Kurt Cobain. What's that? Uh She's at a wine house. Yes same age. I know isn't nuts. Yeah, isn't she was 27 as well, right? I think so Yeah, that's nuts So but I mentioned Madonna's long song that reminded me of another thought Did you could you ever see a time? When Madonna was so hot like she was right to where Roseanne Barr would be hotter than her like right now Roseanne Barr is Way hotter than Madonna I mean if you'd have looked back in the day Madonna sex symbol incredible and Roseanne and now right, right Well, I think because I thought wasn't Roseanne at your club. Yeah, she looked wonderful. Isn't she she looks lovely She looks healthy. She's happy. She looks a bunch of weight. Yeah, she's doing stand-up. Yes loving it Look at that. No, right Something's going on with Madonna if that picture is accurate No, that is like what that is is like the same thing that leads to anorexia The same thing leads to bodybuilders to get just right massive. They don't do it. Yeah, it's dysmorphia. Yeah, she's it happens to I think there's a certain percentage of people that get those fillers in their face that it happens to you start like Fucking with the shape of your face And it looks crazy. It looks crazy. I'm not a fan Of the lip things where all the girls lips look the same now Yeah, I don't I don't I know what the goal is because full lips was always kind of a cool thing I guess but now they They look the same but it also it doesn't match your nose So my brain is all thrown off. I'm like what's going on because you know, that's a thing with like facial symmetry That's why you can tell when someone's on a nose job. It like words. Yeah, like So what's your face right? Like everything seems you know Just seems things can seem a little off when you start like making your lips bigger than everything else It doesn't look right like your mind is going like what's yeah, what's missing something's something's missing here. Yeah, I almost like so that's I'm like if you're you have a thick face if you have like thick skin You're like Italian lips and you know on a Italian nose and big thick lips It looks like it belongs in your face Yeah, but if you have like real thin skin and a narrow nose and this yeah, well I think things change too because it used to be like Tit jobs were cool now. I almost think natural tits are better Interesting this kind of a interesting taken aside good for you. Jamie. What do you think? I like what you did there it depends Well, I support people's right to do whatever the fuck they want if they want to get boob jobs get a boob job um, I do think however People uh, I don't necessarily think it's 100 healthy for your body To have something in your body like that And I think um, there have been some people that have had some real issues With uh, yeah having to get them out. Well, it's like affects their health Um, I believe cats and ganos talked about this, you know, because she she got hers, uh taken out She's having real problems with them. I worry about fighters like taking a fucking kick right to the tit and having a pop I think these tits are fucking bionic now probably I think they're just they get combat tits But I was thinking, you know, it's like one of them lap tops. It's in a suitcase. Oh the rugged Yeah Panasonic's the yeah, the run the military has yeah, it's got a fucking latch. You got a rug. Yeah Well, they get robo tits if girls you already got a cut weight. Yeah How much are you adding on now? You got a cut more weight? Yeah, you probably you probably are adding several ounces, you know Yeah, I mean whatever they're made out of I think they make them out. I don't think they make them out of saline anymore I think it's like a mushy thing that doesn't break You know because uh when they originally had them some people like silicone ones people were getting they were Leaking every 100 cc of silica. So 1.3 pounds. Yeah. Wow I mean that's you know that last pound for those spiders pound. That's crazy so a typical one A pair will weigh 1.38 pounds 1.38 pounds a lot of weight to lose To cut when you're that's the worst one. Yeah, that means you're gonna lose something else, you know, like Your your profile handle that depends on maybe you're cutting the weight easy. It depends on the person I guess because some people are cutting the weight easy Really? Yeah, some people yeah, some people are being you know, like um There's people that cut a shit load of weight You know and but some people are being pretty smart about it. They really get down to about five pounds What is cold be cut? He doesn't cut much. No, he's probably 85 yeah See he's one of the best at that I think 85 to 70 is really really good because that's not that hard For an athlete like that with all right muscle. You could dry that out pretty easy. Put one in fucking alex panda guys When you're you're talking about weighing in 185 and then Walking around at 230 or 220 colby comin everything claims He lost over one stone in just a day to be back up for ufc 286 opponent, but didn't even fight Yeah So one stone is 13 pounds 18 pounds one stone is 18 Over one stone so over one stone 18 pounds in a day. He's a company man. Yeah Well, he's right there, you know, it's uh, it's him And you got bala mohammed, you know, you've got a lot Hamza At 170 he's the motherfucker right, but it's like can you be assured that he's going to make 170 or Or here's another possibility Did the athletic commission fuck him? Did they pull him out when he could have made it because they decided he looked bad And he's like, yeah, I look bad that I always miss weight by nine eight pounds. Yeah, but that was new york, right? And I they they have done things in the past that show to me that they're a little more stringent on uh Their enforcing of certain rules and you know, they'll they'll stop fights when maybe another commission wouldn't They won't allow fights to happen if other commissions would you know, like they're very cautious So maybe that had something to do with it You know that they pulled him because they did make the decision to tell him to stop cutting weight. He's a he's big He's fucking huge. I remember we saw him backstage at In florida, I think and he's just like giant, but the thing is 85 now you go From let's just that's a big gap right, but but I want you to think about it this way Think about colby the size of colby And then I want you to think that if the next one up from colby is alex pajeta That's a big man. That's a so when you're talking about If hamza and colby fight that's a fascinating fight. Yeah, but if hamza fights someone like paulo costa, right? Now you're dealing with a totally different size human different or yol. Romero, right? It's a totally different size human. So so yeah colby so as big as hamza is like if he can Make that 170 and I don't know that he couldn't have made it You know, the thing is like if they can say you look too sick you look like shit But everybody looks like that if they check in on you if you're gonna cut a big big weight cut But if they know how to do it, they do it and I don't think he missed weight any other time Google that if that's correct because I do not believe you miss weight. I know he fought gerald meer Charted 180 pound 185 pounds and he knocked him out in one round He fought kevin holland at a catch weight of 180 and the other fights. I believe he made 170 Maybe he had one other fight 185. I think maybe it was his first fight in the ufc might have been 185 But what oh he fought that? Um Who was that remember he was talking to dana. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes What way was that? Uh, that was 170. Okay, that was the leech Leech julian. Yeah, that was that was wild. That was you want to talk about like levels above When someone can carry you over to the boss and then fuck you up Hocking and talking shit. I kill everyone. Yeah, I kill everyone But you're not going to do that to paul kosto. That's my point, right? Like you're talking about a totally different size human being I get it. Yeah, totally different thing It's like that gap is too big in my opinion. I think there's 10 pounds. I think it should be 75 85 all the way well 65 yeah 75 85 55 65. Yeah, it totally makes sense Yeah, and if you did that I think you'd have like more reasonable choices that guys would make in terms of cutting weight Or in terms of you know going up, but ultimately I really strongly believe That for the health of the fighters and and just for the just just to really Solidify what the sport has the potential to be? People should fight at their actual weight. Yeah, their actual weight. That's what I was gonna say So if ha hazmak can cut all the way down and colby is more natural Is is there an advantage there's definitely advantage but there's not an advantage in terms of endurance performance i'm saying yeah So yeah, you're a bigger man, but can you perform? Well, it's it's questionable, right? Because we've never seen him fade. He's got incredible endurance because he fought that fight with gilbert And uh three rounds. Yeah, but it was a fucking war. It was that was a wild Slobberknocker of a war he got hurt. He did he did but gilbert is a fucking savage though I was disappointed. You know, he took that short notice fight the last one we Fucked up his shoulder and he got hurt. Yeah, he fucked up. So it's like early in the fight. He's such a dog He wants to compete. I felt I almost feel like they should stop The fight I think when a fighter literally can't use his arm like that And you're fighting a guy who's as dangerous as balal Like you're gonna take shots. You shouldn't take you're gonna you know, you go you run the real risk of getting Extra hurt right and you could hurt that arm even further to the point where it's not repairable through surgery Like you gotta I think at a certain point in time if you literally can't use your arm Yeah, throw punches. You probably shouldn't be fighting And it's a hard pill to swallow but hard to watch but you're probably going to lose anyway because he was so diminished It was hard to watch it was hard for him to move you could you could see like his movement was compromised too Whatever was fucked up with his shoulder. He couldn't do anything with that left arm Yeah, and hopefully he gets surgery or whatever rehabs it or gets stem cells and fixes it but You know, it's that weird thing where maybe he could still win. Maybe he could land the head kick Maybe he could take him down and get him in a triangle or something like that. You never ever know But when it's that bad of an injury, there's not it's not a bad thing to call it I think he landed like late in that fight. He landed a pretty good shot if I remember right He probably like In agony while he's doing probably, you know, what's your prediction on? Leon Colby that's a great fight. That's a great fight Leon is so goddamn. Tell me tell me Colby yeah, but you're his friend Listen Leon's so dangerous. Yeah, and the fact that Kamaro couldn't take him down in the last fight. That was a big deal Yeah, but you know, okay. So how about this? So Kamaro gets KO'd. Mm-hmm that obviously gives Leon Confidence, but for sure also no matter who wants to admit it that has to affect the confidence of Kamaro Because he's a human being right human, right? So it's like that is such a crazy trend I mean that one moment the fight was pretty much over that one shot Changed a trajectory of everything. Yep, and it changed the way A Kamaro fought in the second fight. He was a little bit more cautious and Leon was at home. He had more confidence Yeah, he he was like I don't know. I don't know. I just was thinking that one kid. I mean Changes everything. Well, that's a guy like Leon like you can never I mean that was a fifth round that he landed that Wasn't it late? It was late in the fifth round. I believe there was only like a minute left to go in the fight Or something crazy like that The thing about Leon is you can never sleep you can he's so sharp He's striking like he's one of the most impressive guys i've ever seen hit the pads Yeah, but the pressure of colby come on now. Yeah, no, it's incredible pressure But we'll see what happens. We'll see what happens because Also the cardio of colby's off the charts. Leon did do better than I thought he would at Combating the wrestling the takedowns. So he has improved there. Yeah, so we'll See how colby can mix that up compared to kamaro Because kamaro is good at that also. Yes, but as colby does he have More to offer in terms of pressure and cardio. Well colby puts a lot of volume on you He comes at you like fast He'll wade in yeah, he'll take a shot get it in. Yeah, he wades right in and he puts you in a dog fight And when you're a dog fight, he's more likely to get a takedown, you know, it's it's very smart And also he's pushing he's pushing you at a very extreme pace Right away. He's letting you know right away from the beginning of the fight. I'm coming after you And it gets he's he has some wild fucking fights because of that You know like the kind of heat that he puts on people Yeah, i'm really i'm excited for that. I mean I want that belt back to oregon so bad. I obviously not near as bad as colby does but Yeah, he he texted the other day and said he's going to come and train next month. So Getting ready for that fight. It would have been interesting if uh Jorge mazvidal Um when he fought gilbert which was gilbert's fight before that if he didn't take that fight I wonder if they would have given him a title shot If leon can beat colby Because that was the one fight when they had that backstage. Yeah, the three-piece in a soda. Yeah, I know that had the storyline and that's You know, jorge jorge was angling for that for the payday obviously and it just didn't make sense because jorge had lost well jorge's um He's kind of openly said that he just doesn't Doesn't feel as good fire just it doesn't he doesn't have it in it does it's not he's still a very Capable world-class fighter, but he doesn't feel like he's at his best, you know, is he 37 or something like that? Yeah, I know I think he's 38 how old is uh, I know he's jorge mazvidal Since the fucking back dude backyard dude. I mean are you doing it forever the biggest og ever? 38 yeah when you're a natural athlete that's kind of the end of the line In combat sports it gets it gets close if you're a natural athlete Yeah, you know, it's like It's so hard except guys like yo, well, you know, you have these guys that are just freaks that you don't understand They're just whatever freak of genetics and nature and and you know, obviously trains hard too But it's like there's some guys that can be really I mean he's elite. Yo, al is like what 44 45 And now he's in belator. Yeah, he's elite. He's still elite like Just one of them his last fight he won. I believe sure he won 46 46 46 46 years old and fucking ragged on people and still built like a greek god I love I love training with the fighters just because I'm a you know big fan obviously But that their mentality is like my my goal to train with people is uh, look at him. I know Sculpted is this his last fight? Yeah, this is last one. Oh, that's oh we fought melvin manhove. Oh, interesting. Wow Melvin is he's he's old too. Fucking. Oh my god. We were just watching highlights of him the other day Melvin is uh quite a bit smaller. Yeah, but he's been how old is he jimmy? Oh, he's Melvin in fight years is is fairly old in terms of miles. He's got a lot of miles on that Imagine having yo, al on top Just crushing your fucking neck miserable He's so good at wrestling. Look at these elbows like people don't understand how good yo, al is Yeah, I mean he was they see him stand up all the time. He likes to stand it seems like oh, he likes it Because it doesn't take as much energy and he's so fast I mean that the the knee that he knocked out chris wyman with holy fucking shit. That was scary. Yeah, he's so good, dude And he's so dangerously strong. Oh, like yeah, I mean, I know we we've heard that a million times About how the doctor saying he's like his bones are the doctor said his tendons and the eyes were three times Right. Yeah. Yeah normal human, right? What the fuck? He's just uh, this okay. He's just smashed him god. Yeah, he's terrible. Oh my god. I feel bad. Oh my yeah, not good Yeah, and for melvin melvin has been Fucked out a lot. Oh, there's a lot of videos joe shilling knocked him out There's a there's a crazy video of robbie lawler knocking him out and strike force the craze of robbie lawler once amazing Because robbie is getting fucked up in that fight Look at this boom Boom, he's out and stop that get some in the neck and then Get someone another one. Yeah, so while we're marrow, but see pull up. Uh robbie lawler versus melvin manhof So this was when melvin was in his prime. Oh, he used to be a monster of him A monster he's one of the best kick boxers to ever fight an mma and one of the most explosive kick box Of all time. I mean he was so good and so dangerous And this is after he had already fought in pride this is after you know, he had had some crazy fights overseas in japan Oh, he's teeing off on robbie Those body shots must be terrible Oh look at this look how hard he's getting kicked in his legs man. I mean he's just getting lit up Yeah Terrible for him, right? It does. Yeah, because you're thinking you know, my god robbie This is one of the best strikers in the world and he's chewing your legs up I mean every time he's kicking his leg. It's like holy fuck. It's like he's doing the splits. Oh god that look at this Oh, that was it that right hand. Look at that. Oh, look at his eyes. Yeah Look at that. Oh my god. That looks terrible. That's the shadow realm that looks terrible What was this a big a right hand oh right on the chin god Yeah, robbie bro robbie's right hand that is crazy Yeah, that's one of the greatest come from behind knockouts of all time. Yeah I know of course that his legs got destroyed If you could even imagine how hard that guy can kick Yeah, that's uh, the the leg kicks these days Are just ridiculous. Yeah, I mean It's it's so effective. Yeah, it's so it's you you compromise all your movement It's so painful so much respect for the fighter because they can't show. Yeah, they gotta walk it off You know, but you know I mean their poker face. Mm-hmm And how bad that must hurt and they're just like nothing nothing So impressive the most impressive display of that I ever saw was eric anders versus kaleel roundtree kaleel roundchies just Smashing his when he went and trained with mua tie, right? Yeah, he went over to thailand Yeah, he had is that that front leg was like little light. Yeah tie style just oh my god That was a brutal. Yeah, the roundtree came back like a different person Yeah, it was wild to see because he was always a good striker. He's a tough guy An explosive. Yeah, but he came back like oh my god his kicks like what the fuck man me in dc You know how many fights we can commentate together? I don't know a lot a shit pile It's rare early that we're looking at each other going wow Like what the hell man like what changed in this guy? Yeah This is just in practice and i've always been a fan really want to see him in that fight. I've always been a fan of kale cut see if you can find kaleel versus Eric anders I remember. Yeah, I remember this Yeah, it was a crazy fight man. It showed you how fucking tough anders is he's so tough But these because kaleel is just light him up And he's he's moving so well that must be so frustrating because They don't want to switch stances, but if their leg is getting brutalized They gotta switch Yeah, it's not there's not a lot of good options No, and then their power's gone elite world-class wrestler Like you don't think you could take this guy down and you gotta try to commit and as you commit you're running into a buzzsaw Because he's such a good counter striker too. And obviously coming into this fight, obviously like everybody Watched this fight and said oh my god. He's on another level. Yeah, and occasionally you see that from fighters Like charles oliver is a great example of that something happened in his career Yeah, it snapped and then all of a sudden he was on another level right and when most people watched kaleel before Everyone knew he was very good But you watch him after this you're like, well, this guy's like this is world-class This is like top of the food chain striking and if he can keep getting better the way he got better for this fight That's like world championship caliber fighting the inside of that quad there Yeah, right leg or both inside and out looks like I think for kaleel and a lot of these guys It's very hard to maintain the kind of focus that requires you to to fight at this elite level every time What what hurts worse in or out? They both suck They both suck. They both suck the calf i've never been kicked kicking the calf But everybody that I know that has says it's the worst michael bisping went his entire ufc career Won the world title never got kicked in the calf Lucky lucky for him. That wasn't a thing because that was amazing. Yeah That's how it wasn't recent. It became like one of the most dangerous weapons Now it's like now it's like the almost the fight hinges almost on how many calf Kicks, can you land before whatever when you watch the second pajeta? Adesanya fight in the ufc the second one he was getting to his calf again And oh just recently. Yeah, yeah, I know God damn it. He's getting me again. Yeah, like he's so Good at hiding it. Yeah, he's better than anybody ever. He knew it was coming Yes, he had he knew from that from the first time but he was better at it this time. Yeah, but pajeta Doesn't he doesn't switch the hips? He stands he stands like this He's got this like weird way of standing where he's almost kind of square to you And when he kicks he just throws the leg. Yeah, so the shoulders don't swing. Oh, there's none of this stuff It's just thump thump. So even if you know, it's coming It's not as hard as he can hit you but it doesn't matter It's as quick as he can hit even as sneakily as he can hit you right and he's hitting that same spot Again and again and again and if your daughter hits you there, it sucks. Yeah. Yeah, I had I had to stop letting my 13-year-old thigh kick man Is hurting because it started to hurt so it's really hurting And that was like the fun thing for them that they could full power muay thai me in the legs Is she does she kick as hard as roundtree? Dude, I wouldn't be walking. I can't take one of those. I know it's horrible What I did like to see was especially a full blast one with stylebender was You know, they showed after he knocked him out. They showed his training where he was mimicking that same exact shot Yeah, yeah, same position same rope Dope on the cage rope a dope and then explode out is like yeah Incredible. Well, he knew that pajeta opens up when he thinks he's got you Kind of drops his hands. Yeah, well, he fights with his hands down. It's a very unusual style But it's also very very effective. Oh, this is it let's let's see here. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah, look at it right there Let's sit right there. Oh my god, this one this one for sure right here see he let himself get hit with the right. Yeah Because even in that training he let himself get hit with that, right? Yeah Well, he takes a great shot I mean he got knocked out by pajeta in the the kickboxing match But god damn if that guy hits you that hard in that it was it was like The worlds were colliding as he landed in left hook like sometimes you land a shot and the guy's moving Right direction of it. It takes a little bit Like if you ever had anybody hit hold pads for you and hit pads Well when they hold pads for you they kind of meet your your punch. Oh, I see and it makes your punch seem harder Yeah That makes sense. But if you work with a guy who doesn't do that, right? You have to actually hit it You realize the difference. Well, that's the difference between you moving your face, right? If you're coming into it, they're punching boom It's crazy and that can happen it happens with guys all the time and you see the opposite too when they go with the punch And it looks like it's going to be hard, but they're okay because they rolled with it. Exactly. Yeah, exactly Kelvin Gaston is very very good at that There's a lot of guys that are very good at like turning is he's good at that Is he's really good at that just turning like as the punch is hitting you turning your head going with it Whittaker is good. Good at that too. That's going to be an interesting fight. Whittaker is uh, He's fighting Yeah, I saw damn it Why am I brain freezing here? I saw it's a great fight. Oh, dracas dracas duplicii, right? That's great fight That's an interesting fight because apparently dracas and is he don't like each other because uh, I'm the real african Want to fucking tone that down so weird there's kind of a history a part of I don't I know I I can't get on board with that It's stupid, but it's also gets attention Yeah, and he gets the guy mad at you and then the guy wants to fuck you out get him get him rattled Now I get it. Well, what makes it interesting to me like in terms of like the choice of having Whittaker and uh, dracas duplicii fight is that Whittaker Came really really close to beating is he in that last fight? Yeah, I mean it was a very close fight The first fight is he storm steamrolled him, right? Is he catching him knocks him out? then all of a sudden Whittaker just keeps getting better and better and better and then Gets a shot at the title again and has an amazing fight like down the wire. I believe it was a split decision Um, is that is that correct? Find out if that was a split decision, but it was a very good fight. I I just like rob's take on things He's so articulate and well thought out. He's an animal too. Yeah, he's always all the above Yeah, he's and he's one of my favorite fighters also besides style bender. Yeah He's so good. I almost like hate that. They don't like each other because I love both of them They're so great. It was the style bender Whittaker fight. Yeah, okay. They had to No, no, no the second one the second one. Yeah, the first one he knocked him out and then the second one unanimous Yeah, very good fight though Um, but the point is it's like if they got a fight again, i'm in I want to see that fight But I feel like why not just give him that fight Like why are you making him fight drekus? And if you are making a fight drekus if he beats drekus then drekus has to build himself Back up to get to a place where you get this big money fight with is he yeah, like wouldn't it be smarter? Unpopularly smarter i'm not a big fan of drekus Oh really? I don't think he's near as good as would at the top of the heap He admits that uh, he admits fighting robert whittaker not the smart move explains why accepted the ufc2 Nighty fight. So why is he accepting it? What is he saying? I think he's a notch But I think those guys are just a little bit better a lot of people are saying It's not the smartest move to fight whittaker and 100 I agree with that I agree. I like this dude. Yeah, I choose to be a warrior But i'm not here to be smart Otherwise I want to stay in school and finish my studies gone to work at a bank wear a suit to work every day and do Some corporate life But that's not the life I chose. I chose to be a warrior to be an entertainer And at the end of the day i'm a fighter and that's what I do do I fight. Okay. Well, I like that a little better Yeah, I know you talked a lot of shit, but you know, listen People talk shit about people in other towns if you actually lived in africa. Yeah, some dudes in new zealand Yeah, and you'd be like hey i'm the real african. Yeah Okay, I want to deserve my title shot I don't want to be handed a title shot I'm going to deserve that belt and that's why I wanted that whittaker fight. All right. Okay. Well, I can respect that You know, I still like whittaker better. Well, uh, I like both of them, but you know, that's a Find out fight we'll find out, you know, we'll find out because whittaker is gonna test that guy Whittaker is a motherfucker, dude. God, he is so good. Good. And he's another guy that couldn't he's a good move to 85, right? Because at 170 it was just too much. He was just cutting too much weight and then at 185 becomes world champion I'm one of my favorite things and I don't know why Is because is watching fighter reactions to them watching fights? You know like like he has when style bender beat alex like they show whittaker Whittaker's reaction And I just love that that moment because they're in the same job. Yeah, same whatever and so their reaction is so authentic. Yeah Connor watched kabib they had on their robert whittaker cheer when israel won? Uh, no, he's just pretty measured but he's just like I don't know. I just I don't know It's like I just like it. I'm not really like the ovon watching people eat dinner like that These interviews on cocaine But if well, who do you think he would? Want to fight more who between who robert whittaker who would you want to fight more? Would you want to fight like if you were like him before the fight? Who would you be rooting for? I would it's I would imagine he'd be rooting for out of sanya. Yeah Because that's the big money fight for him Yeah, I and they're one and one. Yeah, or no. No, they're two now, right? So Style bender beat him twice, right? Yes. Yes, or he might think That style bender had a good time in the first fight with the data on the ground Whittaker's whittaker's a very good right very good on the ground very strong grappler I think he'd want style bender just because of that That locate you know, they're both same part of the world Well, it could be that but it also could be you know He thinks he's got a good shot. Yeah at beating pajeta Yeah, I mean he probably does it that way he probably does I mean Because the other thing is if he beat is he twice in a row there wouldn't be a third Match so whittaker would automatically kind of be a shoe in for the next title shot. Would you imagine? Well, yeah, and and don't you think that people are like the critics would say alex hasn't taken on a wrestler a good wrestler Wrestler, right? Oh, yeah, that's not style bender's thing. But that's whittaker's thing. Yeah I mean, it's not whittaker's whole thing. Is there a lot of sign you're confident? Robert whittaker beats trekkos to see at ufc 290 open the trilogy about well, it will be a great fight Because uh, I mean is he just had his fucking number in that first one. That was like a prime is he performance? I think a lot of these like Russell's wrestling strong fighters want pajera. Look what uh, Is he said he said I tried to do dracos duplice in the fucking death star the Legion stadium in las vegas had a sign he said I tried maybe not International fight week because it was already booked but I tried it later on. I was like fuck it Give him to me. I'm already it's already there. What's the point? Why wait? Yeah. Yeah. I like that. I do too I think he'd fuck him up Maybe but when you want to watch I want to watch He's upset. I'm I what if is he is mad at somebody is he's fired up. I Want to be there for that? Yeah, I want to see that I love it all I love it all. I want to see it. That's what I say My my dream people to train with with I did chandler but uh colby's a Tough, but I want the wolf. I want the wolves. Yeah I get every Wow, yeah, I want him to come do lift run shoot and uh, I want him to get a dietitian well, and then I also want connor because I want connor to stop partying and Fucking get serious. Well it's hard because Why do you become famous in the first place? Why do you become successful in the first place so you can live like a fucking? Baller Yeah, and that's what connor's doing but you can do that. She'll when you're old yacht up to the fucking Formula one. Yeah, so he's watching the formula one while he's eating breakfast. I know it looks great but fuck yeah, it does but I mean you got a shitload of money. You don't do that. I'm a different person. I think connor mccragger I know but I have different motivations but he He's in his i'm not quite in his prime maybe a little older But he's got so much talent so much ability you can party and be a fucking madman Or you could be jacked in your yacht, which is what you want Yeah, but when you're when you're 40 and you got no other choice Do it then well, um, but you can do it now and that's what he wants to do The problem is it's like hate it though. The problem is is like i'm sick of seeing pictures of him partying. Yeah I'm sick of it. I want to see him in the in the gym I want him to do what he wants to do and if connor mccragger wants to fucking buy diamonds and lay around in the sun I'm all there for it. The guy earned every fucking penny. He got i'm happy for him I'm happy. I salute him carry that fucking rock up the hill He'll do that. I want him to oh, that would be an awesome show would yeah, it'd be fun Mm-hmm you and him on mount pixa pisca pisca. Yeah You know that you know what that's what these are called. See that. Oh nice It's a gspgh Oh nice You didn't know that. No, I didn't know that and then well, I just saw these in the flesh today for the first time What's that That's me on the monument Oh You want that little thing that you hop on? Yeah Nice That is sick. But it's like to have your own shoe Well, you've got a bunch of own shoes now when you were under armor you did but this one I'm not saying And i'm like michael jordan actually killed two elk wearing your shoes You did on two different occasions. I killed elk wearing those under armor Camines trail shoes. Yeah those I like those shoes too Well, they're great. They were great for um for bow hunting because they were there you Could be a little bit of traction to them and you could feel the ground real lightweight if you're sneaking up on stuff So you can as long as you're not like in real hazardous terrain You can get away with a good trail running shoe. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No for sure. It's You've done that ankle support. What do you wear now for for your hunting? Last year I wore solomon. Mm. So I was right. Yeah, those are great Yeah, and the I mean Underarm boots. I killed a lot wearing those but it's a real lightweight too Yeah, it was like, uh, you know, I'm not working with them anymore More so i'm like, well just try a bunch and that's why I tried out a bunch of different Running shoes also to try to make okay. I kind of had to use under armor and they They did what I wanted. They made the good shoe like that. You killed bulls in I ran a lot of miles in those But then once I didn't renew it them i'm like, well, let me just see what's out there and See what the best is so I tried solomon and boots and then ran and About everything else and ended up on these speed lands and speed Land a company that just specializes in running. Is it just running sneakers? Yeah, it's just Just trail running just trail running. Yeah, just trail running. Nice Yeah, so they uh my worry would be if you try to hunt with those They're pretty bright the elk would look at you too and go is that fucking blood in this Decision to have blood splattered on it. Well, and is it the same splatter on every shoe or yeah different No, it's the same splatter. It's kind of cool feels like different different on everyone my my It's a lot of work. It's a lot of work My thought is uh blood to me Is a symbol of sacrifice sometimes you got to bleed to achieve your goals so that's what it means to me and Those guys is those are the owners of the company. It's an organ company. They both both used to they've worked at Nike Puma Under Armour And so speed land and is their brainchild and then me being local they're willing to work with work with me and do whatever I wanted and Uh, you know a lot of the the running companies are pretty Liberal, so me being a bow hunter Oh You know, even though I have influence in in the running community They're not willing to put themselves out there, but you need to make these an origin camo I'm so we're coming out with a winter version. That's black. Oh What about origin camo? We could do that. We need to get that we can we can do whatever that needs to be done Don't you think? Then you could totally hunt with this. Yeah, it seems like it's got a good grip on the Bottom. Oh, no, that's great. I mean that that bottom is is So I just ran I ran an ultra My brother won it. I got second but it was super muddy and that The traction on him is perfect because it doesn't the mud doesn't stick to the sole, but it still gives you grip So that's always the there's a trade-off. You don't want the lug so close where it's Holding the mud. I started wearing these really light crispies. I like them a lot It's like heavier than that, but lighter than it's a trail runner No, no a hunting boot. Yeah. Yeah. I like those a lot. Yeah, those let's have a good reputation. I haven't tried those super solid Yeah, I like that a lot It's like but having the proper footwear As a runner has to be like when you think about the amount of miles that you run Like you run an insane amount of miles like on a regular week Would you run when you're not prepping for like some ultra marathon? I mean, I don't even usually I don't even track it, but it'd be for sure a hundred miles a week That's that's a lot 14 miles a day. Yeah, that's a lot average But that's where those that's sole is could I mean my body because it Didn't know i'm much younger than you. I am old Damn, but that sucks for me This has got a good cook. Yeah, so so point is is that my body doesn't take a beating with all the miles I put Right gives you a little And then the boa, you know, of course the boa is nice because your foot swells sometimes in longer races your foot swells And so you can back those boas the old ones used to have to release all All the way those you can back like one click back. Oh, okay And it doesn't you don't start all the way back over so if your foot gets a little tight because it's Swelling you can just go click click but I like bows Oh, there's just a game changer races game changer those chords. I was always worried those chords are gonna break Yeah, i've never had one. I've never had one break either I kind of stopped worrying about it after a while, but in the beginning i'd crank them down just waiting for it to pop You know testing it. I just want to say testing it like you did your back Yeah, I think I felt that but let me make sure Yeah, this is a good wake-up call for me though. Very very good wake-up call. I was getting a little too lackadaisical about my choices Just and not I don't think I warmed up enough honestly either because i'm doing a lot of my workouts After the cold plunge And I think what I should incorporate now Is probably like a good bike ride like a good Assault bike ride to really fucking get a good sweat going before I do anything else Because I've just been going lightly like doing Bodyweight squats and push-ups and getting my body warmed up And then I started doing a bunch of leg stuff and then I did the deadlifts And it's not a bad injury like I have I have full range of motion. I can buck it but it's You're shooting the bow today and looked fine But my muscle in my back is just a little annoyed with it But that's where that fucking hyper ice hammer Yeah, has been helping me. Yeah this fucker. Yep, these things are game changers This is the hypervolt plus these are game changers that and cbd cream I got some uh, really good cbd md recovery cbd cream. What what cbd md? It's called recovery. It's one of one of their many uh Different uh muscle bombs that they have right if you ever use that stuff I use santa cruz medicinals. Yeah, and so it's like I put it on today Just on my legs on my arms just because it's like when i'm tight from training It just helps it really alleviates inflammation Somehow or another it help it feels good through your pores and does that I mean even the smell the aroma I like Oh, I like it. Yeah, I like taking it too. It's nice though when you take it it like relieves anxiety like some some I was um When I first started uh when cbd md became a sponsor a long time ago They sent me a bunch and I started taking their gummies every day and I was like why I feel so good I was like I feel like and then I realized Bd oh, yeah, not thc. No just cbd and then I started taking the drops And you know the drops the oil you can get it like, you know, really effectively into your system You just drop it under your tongue and it's um It just it I mean I think results may vary Yeah, but for me it works great. I'm a big fan. That's the thing I try so much different stuff and I don't really know what works specifically But I know I feel good. Dave Foley told me that it cured his Arthritis in his hands. He had his hands. He said he couldn't straighten him out He started taking cbd and it just all went away He goes now full range of function in my hands, which is amazing. That is that's amazing Thing because usually that stuff goes downhill from there. Yeah, you know arthritis is a scary one, man Yeah, I know that's yeah that I know young people Have it. There's a comic named sean rouse hilarious hilarious comic and you have Horrible arthritis. It was horrible He could barely move It was really bad and he drank a lot. Dude was fucking funny though. He was so Funny that inflammation is a is a real I mean it it makes Everything worse. Oh, it's horrible And from out the alcohol is just exacerbating the symptoms, but carbs fucking carbs, dude carbs Yeah, yeah a lot of people that's uh, jordan peterson's daughter mikayla She yeah, she has really bad arthritis and she got on the carnivore diet and basically like stopped in its tracks When I went I did that kind of a keto thing. I was trying to get Fueled up with just like um fat adapted. So No carbs just all protein fruits type thing. My joints have never Felt better. I mean I would come downstairs in the morning. I've like, you know, like a Freaking 14 year old just like bouncing around. I hadn't felt That good and whatever but it was the carbs they caused that inflammation. I know it's crazy To think but I think that's true. I got um, i've been doing the carnivore diet now Pretty disciplined except last night. I had a couple of corn chips because I was eating. Uh My family got mexican food and I was just eating the steak like some carne asada Yeah, and there were some corn chips there and I fucking cheated I ate like five or six corn chips. I won't tell But other than that, it's been mostly just meat and eggs It's mostly been all that i've been eating and i've had a few pieces of fruit along the way But uh, I feel great. I lost five pounds six pounds somewhere around then. What are you 195? 196 right now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, 195 196. I feel fucking great. Yeah, I feel great Your energy levels. This is what's what? What um fascinated me about it the first time I did it. I felt like my energy level was stable through the whole day Which it kind of never is Like after a podcast sometimes i'm just like oh, yeah You know because you don't think about it as being difficult But like say if i'm talking to someone that's talking to me about like some really heavy shit, you know some You know Some quantum physics or something like that. I meet you a cock go type dude You know like the whole time i'm just trying to keep up with this dude It's like running up the mountain with you. I could run a marathon way easier than I can Sit into a podcast like at my podcast i'm like so stressed out from like I can't keep this conversation going Okay, i'm listening to what they're saying, but I gotta think of the next question i'm gonna ask you'll eventually get to the point We don't think about that. It's just a reps thing. Just like shooting your bow The worst is a smart people like chris williamson, right? That dude's crazy smart Yeah, and i'm like god. What what am I gonna so I was exhausted Offed after that one. You never see that dude say um And he's like his memory he's like oh my friend alex harmozi or yeah Yeah, I mean it just rattles off this quote and ties it in perfectly I'm like god I suck fascinating guy and one of the best guys to sort of emerge from this new group of people that are Interviewing people and talking to people on youtube. Yeah, one of the best. I I one of my favorite I asked him I said so what exactly is an intellectual? That's a good question. Yeah, he was a club promoter. I know I know Yeah, so it's like I just know if it was intellectual it'd be the opposite of me would be a good definition but you know like I think Classical education has its point. It has its merits and it has its place But there's some people that have done some insane things by bypassing the normal system, right? One of them is james Cameron do you know I was reading this thing? Uh yesterday about james cameron You know that james cameron didn't go to film school. James cameron used to go to the library and uh, He would like uh take people's dissertations and he would photocopy them and he would just absorb All their information about filmmaking all the all the interviews he essentially said he got a a doctorate's degree in For like 1200 bucks. Yeah of like photocopying things and studying things Well, which is kind of crazy easy because james cameron is like is he the highest selling Producer of all time might be he's up there steven spielberg, but think about the titanic avatar yeah aliens right, I mean you How many fucking movies has that guy made that are just blockbusters and to think that he? Learned how to do it find out if that's true number two right behind spielberg right number two behind spielberg And you know have you ever seen that tanner has a t-shirt and it says great artist steel Oh, that's interesting And so these guys so whatever he was influenced by he'd go to the library or he'd see things The reason why I thought of that is when you were saying that Franklin shockey told me he like watches Uh, who is the director? Um, he's done some God I can't think of it right now. But anyway, he tries to mimic that style who he's who he's watched And this is the guy who film or does he do documentaries? No, no, he's like a movie maker a movie maker But it's not weren't a herzog. No It was uh, brad pitts been in one of his movies. I know that not tarantino no, um No, okay But anyway point is you'll remember it in an hour who guy richie. Yes guy richy Oh guy richy's the fucking man guy richy was one of branland's biggest Inspiration he would sit in this little apartment and watch this and then try to when he's doing gym. Shockey hunting adventures things He would try to mimic stuff like that then Like when he filmed, you know the grizzly hunt that we did he just was like you using all these different influences And it was just mimicking the styles. Yeah And it's like so that remind you got a mimic right so what does the classical schooling do when you can just watch this and try to mimic it and then try to use your Inspiration or influence on on whatever you're creating. Maybe that's a ticket. Well, I think both of them are tickets It's honestly, you know, I think uh classical schooling teaches you all the technical details all all The stuff that you mean you can learn it other places as well But it puts you in a place where you're learning it and you're actually in a course Yeah, and there's a real value for some people for that kind of structure And I think not everybody's as motivated as james cameron, right? And sometimes people they can't carve their own path They can't figure out a way to make it like how do I like you got to find like that's You got to find places that like there's a there's a light at the end of this tunnel Like to try to carve your own tunnels like oh, yeah That's too much work, but you've so you've been influenced by comment. Thanks. Oh, yeah, right sure. So you've implemented that strategy a little bit You'd see somebody you think is funny. You'd like their style then you put your twist on it Well, what happens is first of all, there's there's one Thing that happens when you're around people that are really good is that you have to bring your material up to their level right? Because iron really sharpens iron It's one of the things that I really like about this scene that we're developing here in austin There's so many good comics here on a regular basis On a regular basis you're going to see brian simpson shane gillis Best of the best tony hinchliffe you're going to see Fucking mark norman ari chafir you're going to see joey diaz you're going to see these people that are coming through That it's it's been fucking wild But the young guys need that and the young girls and the young non-binary people they all need it Everybody needs it. Everybody who's watching that needs that Yeah, because you need to know where these levels are at like you very rarely Will go to a small town in the middle of nowhere and the best comic in the world is there i've never heard of That I don't think it exists. I think you have to be around other Killers do but do you think that here's what i've noticed like in small towns? There's always that i'll just see if this analogy makes sense There's always a stud in the small town that doesn't really want to be compared to The the beasts in big towns like so other comics who really don't want to they feel better Like killing wherever they're at and they don't really want to get thrown into against the best of the best Well, it's not that it's that they don't want to travel and if they don't have to they they Because they don't really they're not going against them See one of the rare things about a setup like the Comedy store you have your game has to be elevated right or it's gonna be very noticeable But what i'm trying to say is in the world of comedy that really doesn't exist Other than showcase clubs, so there's two kinds of clubs There's the kind of clubs where where you travel and you go on the road and you go there like the denver comedy works one of the best clubs in the world or nashville's in in uh Or zane's rather in nashville, which is one of the best in the world. I went in salt lake Oh, yeah, wise guys in salt lake. It's the shit. So you'd go there you do a weekend there You do your stand up and then you go home. So you're the headliner you bring a menu Middle act and you bring an opening act or you use locals, right? So there's basically two people on in front of you and then you for the most part maybe one person But the point is is you're working with those people only So, you know what you have to follow You know how good they are, you know how good you are and you can kind of coast and some people kind of coast and they they fall into this sort of trap of maintaining A level but not getting better but the people that are forced into places like the seller In new york city or the commie store in la or now the mothership in austin They're doing sets where they're you know, they're following david tell they're they're following Krista stephanel they're following theo vaughan they're following assassins And it's just like these wild rooms where they're just filled with great comics ron white's going up rozan's going up And there's this feeling in the air because of that where everybody's super energized and everybody's level goes up But everybody was influenced by the greats like we have on the the the green room wall We have ronnie dangerfield's handwritten notes For his last tonight show special So handwritten notes about all of his bits and even the jokes he was going to tell when he sat on the panel Yeah, it's at my club. It's framed Rodney's wife gave it to us when we opened the club It was an amazing amazing gift and we framed it and I was heavily influenced by rodney in a lot of ways but one way He had this I don't give a fuck attitude that was It was like everybody else was pretending but he really didn't give a fuck in his last Last days rodney would go on stage with a bathrobe on naked So he was naked with slippers in a bathrobe And stand in front of a fucking arena and crush And I was there for that when I was a kid. I was working at man at great woods Center for the performing arts in man's field and it was an outdoor concert venue. I got to see bon jovi there I got to see a bunch of artists there. It was it was fun. I saw bill cosby there You just bought a ticket just like no, I was working. Oh, that's right I was a security guard. I heard the story it might have been on Hennessey's. Oh Could be probably I remember before yeah, but rodney was backstage And I got a glimpse of him walking through the hallway with a bathrobe on One of the fuck is gonna bathrobe on I thought he was gonna change Yeah, I thought he had a bathrobe and then he puts a suit on and goes on stage. Huh can't catch a break God, you know, it's like he was amazing man. He was amazing respect no respect at all and and now one liners just And you've created this Magical place here. Yeah, but what I was gonna say about rodney not giving a fuck one of things He did give a fuck about it was comedy and the rodney Rodney danger field young comedian Special was the most important special that a comic could get on back then and so many Enormous careers were launched because of rodney danger field because rodney danger field special. We first met dice clay Sam kennison lenny clark don i rara all on his special. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah So many fucking great comics came out of those rodney danger field young comedian specials bill hicks Came out of that Robert shiml came out of that Great great comics so if you saw the rodney danger field young comedian special and then You saw that robert shiml was going to be in your town soon like holy shit And it was like the best thing that ever happened to these comics these up and coming comics Because some of them were like they were too dirty for the tonight show They couldn't do the mtv half hour comedy hour. They wouldn't it wouldn't give you the full thing You're not going to get full dice clay from the half hour comedy hour. You need to see him at the rodney danger field special And so he just launched everyone from that and I was always like I need to do one of those I need to do like a rodney danger field Kind of special so that's been your goal. Joe rogan comedy special But what kind of happened is i've just kind of done it through the podcast Okay, so the podcast has become like a great launching pad to let people know about great comics Because if someone comes on here and i'm telling you hey, this fucking guy is hilarious. You gotta go see him, right? People will believe me. Okay, like i'm like, I wouldn't lie right i'm telling you because they make me laugh Yeah, and if they don't I just fucking steer clear. I try to but then the club has been bobbin weave kind of bobbin weave But then the club has been an ancillary product of that too where it's even helping even more because then you can have these guys In here, right? Yeah, that helps a lot. Yeah, all of it helps. It's all good but the but having a club like that makes me really realize that that uh, we we We all are a part of like this. Um, I've mind of of our artists. They're all like trying to be funny like everybody's like working really hard Everybody's writing new bits. They got kill tony where every monday night, you know guys like david luke And william montgomery and hans can be doing a one new minute every week So there's this like fucking buzz. Yeah of energy in that place. That's exciting. Yeah, it's it's fucking wild All I know is I see the post and it's just like there's that FOMO type like god, this looks incredible. This looks like It's how how can I be part of it? You know come hang out. Yeah, I know it's just tonight but The point is like what you've created is just so special It's it's cool. Yeah, it's interesting. So it doesn't really seem real does Why doesn't doesn't hunting need something like that? How would you do that? I don't know Well, how would you do that? You would have to have like what jesse's doing have some sort of an academy jesse Yeah, jesse. Um, jesse griffith the uh, the chef. Oh, right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah um Yeah, I mean I guess a lift run shoot but it's like we talked about having like a little I don't know uh, like a get together where you could Have new hunters come in and kind of share knowledge and things like that Yeah, it would be good if there was a way that they could learn Where there was like real courses. Yeah and all the aspects of hunting Because of you I was very fortunate to become friends with you and to become friends with ronella and Guys like ryan callahan and adam greentree people that I could call and ask questions Yeah, people I could talk to people that could you could steer me in a certain direction like hey What do you think about this like? Hey, what happens when this happens? Hey, what is it? You can so like it's like a Massive boost in my education. Yeah, you know and it just also being able to go actually into the woods with you Yeah, that's where we came up with this idea That's the hard part because I I mean, I am having a lift run shoot event and it's in the july But it's not when I go hunting it's so special to me. It's very different I'm gonna i'm only gonna share it with people who I generally care about, you know, I mean i'm not Saying I don't care about these people. Yeah, I know what you mean. You can only go there's only so many days in the night like And so it's but I do I you know your vision with the comedy scene I do love hunting or bow hunting as much and uh, you know, it's I don't know. I know what you're saying. This is like a same kind of camaraderie thing Well, we were talking about people talking shit and this happens in all forms of I guess you would call this entertainment in some sort of a weird way because Social media stars that are bow hunters and television stars that are bow hunters They are kind of entertainers in a strange way. Yeah, I mean they're they're doing nowadays. Yeah, that's part of it right, it's kind of part of it in some weird way and whenever there's entertainment there's numbers there's 80 people like this but 160 like that and a Thousand people like this guy but 5,000 people like that guy And then in the book of the guy that only has 80 doesn't like the guy has 160 And the guy runs five miles as mad the guy runs 15. It's pretty can be pretty toxic Yes, but that's with everything man with everything. It's true. Like You know, I said I don't even deserve to be on this platform, but like So For whatever reason I am So like one of my goals since I quit my job has been like I'm gonna try to be a positive I've been positive like to you. You know what I mean, but not really I don't know. I've even tired man. You've been working all day. I mean, what is it like to not have to work anymore? I'm working, you know, you're working but you're working for you now. Yeah, I that's the biggest Thing is like so I had people like offer me podcasts and they they'd produce it They do everything and then I just decided I'm just gonna do it all myself I want to i'm gonna pay all the money out i'm just gonna do it myself whether and I own it whether it sinks or swim It's i'm not relying on anybody else. That's what i've done with this and i'm like Now that i'm this is my job I'm like well This industry's changed my life and i'm gonna like I decided i'm giving giving away a brand new Ford truck off my website and i'm like really fuck it i'm giving away a brand new truck and ten thousand dollars because in cash just because Dude my podcast all that shit Is blowing up. Yeah, I told you Is I told you was gonna how many times would have to tell him I know how many times I have to tell you but I'm like let's celebrate i'm gonna crack open this the devil's nectar I can't dude. I'm so uh, i'm so so 300. Let's go. I'm so amped up salute my brother. Congratulations. Thank you So amped up on veteran owned. Yeah, you're a veteran owned companies. Both of them both uh, kill cliff and uh black rifle Both great guys too. Um, and this is out now you can go to kill cliff.com Um the octane cbd elk blood It's 25 milligrams of cbd in it. Uh No bullshit. No sugar I mean don't drink them all day, but They're great for you and it is it's legit 25 milligrams of cbd You know, I like it man I'm a big fan of cbd all around but uh, I love the fucking flavors and the one on the left is my flaming Well, that's mine, but all their flavors are great and oh, uh, a tasania has one israel. A tasania style bender I don't think so. What do you mean? He has a key. We won. I don't I think they stopped having that I think he's with prime now. Oh, no I think he's with time. I saw him with logan paul. Well, I got a case of that shit in my house and i'm gonna hoard it It was good. It's kiwi. You know, it's good with tequila. Oh, ice cube little tequila little kiwi. Oh, baby, baby Doesn't make me better at anything doesn't except talking shit But if you're a professional shit talker, maybe you'd appreciate tequila It's like creatine for shit talking. Well, thank you for the inspiration to start this new My brother i'm so happy you listen start this new chapter and the success like I said has been Incredible and it's because of the community So there's there's people there are people who talk shit. There's people like i'm not gonna say his name, but steve's brother He's a professional shit talker on the hunting industry Um, well people Listen, there's a there's a great quote. I'm sorry. I'm gonna use this one more time But all criticism is a tragic result of unmet needs Unpack that well, the reason why people get so mad is they don't feel like they're getting what they deserve and they they see unless there's some Legitimate criticism like unless someone realizes you're running a ponzi scheme or something. Yeah. Yeah A lot of times people are hating on someone who's truly an exceptional person if all you're getting out of the experience of that person Is negative? That can't that's not balanced. That's not normal doesn't make any sense. Yeah, if someone's only getting negative from you That's crazy. Yeah, you're being crazy It's you're looking at it in a way Where you're trying to find negative you're focusing on the negative You're not looking at like the overall top down picture of the positive things Because you spread so much positivity, but you're all about hard work. You're all about Discipline and you're all about this passion that you have for bow hunting And this idea that somehow or here's the thought right? There's one thought that I kind of understand where they're coming from and this thought is that putting all of this out on social media You're you're kind of cheapening this experience That is so pure and and so difficult to acquire and in a way kind of sacred and you're turning it into like You know fucking Clickbait bullshit. Yeah, you're turning it into Selfies you're turning it into like look at me. I'm amazing. Yeah commercialization. That's what they say commercialization, but also a distortion of the thing itself, you know and I think there's Some there's some validity to that and I know what they're saying when they're saying that But it's a perspective thing. I think if you just look at the overall person What does the actual person stand for and what is that? What is the net positive effect of them posting about all this stuff? The net positive effect is inspiration and this is one thing that a lot of people have a hard time with They don't like the fact that you're inspiring and i'm inspiring More people to do this, right and they think that these people are going to have realistic, uh, expectations Based on the availability that you have to hunt and I have to hunt and they have to hunt on public land And that's absolutely true. It's absolutely true But This is my experience So if uh, I can't talk about my experience because I i'm gonna have a distorted Version of this thing because it's the best version of this thing That means I shouldn't show you my cars either That means I shouldn't show you my comedy club like yeah I'm yeah a lot of my life doesn't make any sense including the places I get to hunt and the people I get to hunt with Yeah, it's not fair. Yeah, it's not fair. Life's not fair. It's not fair. Yeah, not everybody can do it, but I used to be poor And I can do it you can do it too like people can do it It's not an easy thing to acquire, but if you focus on it, you can do it, too There's a lot of people out there that get to hunt in the places that we get to hunt that it's not the whole World it's not the whole public and I understand that but it's You know as far as like the barrier to entry is not the same barrier to entry is having a crazy car Here's what i've noticed is like, you know what i'm saying though. I do I I get that but when you say that you were poor. Yeah, I was poor and we've Achieved this thing, right what i've noticed in like with doing every person i've had on here probably every person you've had On my podcast and every person you've had it's like what what is common about those guests is They have a passion for something Yeah, and they've used it for a positive endeavor they've They've overcome so much Like every guest i've talked to they have this one thing that they've been obsessed with They rode that obsession and passion to success so That's the message. Yeah, that's the message. What's your Your whatever you're passionate about yeah that can elevate your entire life Yeah, I think the the the criticism that people have when it comes to social media hunting and the validity of it Is that you're turning it into the same thing as You know posing In front of you know famous places for for likes you're turning it you're kind of bastardizing it The commercializing of it I get what they're saying But there's also this thing that they're saying that I don't like where they're saying it's causing more people to want to go hunting It's causing more people to to fill up the trail heads We guess those are the people that are going to vote to keep hunting legal like you have to be careful about that Yeah, like you don't want it to become a small thing you want it to become a bigger thing Even if it's harder to do and you have to go further and go to different places I think that adjustment is probably better than the adjustment of somehow or another people that don't know what this thing is Voting on it and making it illegal because that's not outside the realm of possibility And that's not at all in some places the world. That's the norm. Well, and here's where that argument is a little bit I get it. I do get it because when I would hunt the wilderness, I hated seeing a boot So I get I wouldn't even tell people my friends and family where I was hunting Because I wanted to protect it right so I get it i'm not i'm not saying they're wrong but Where it kind of loses a little bit of it is when you're talking about a trailhead being Being crowded. So oregon where i'm from is 60 percent public It's a lot of public land Alaska 95 percent public Where most hunters are? Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, back east, right? Most the hunters so 300,000 hunter bow hunters are in pennsylvania They have a very small percentage of public land compared to Alaska what about texas texas is one of the craziest ones Texas has a million. I think a million bow hunters and five percent is public Yeah, it's nuts. So Yeah if we're talking public land That's I think oregon has 16 000 bow hunters. It's not very many hmm Not compared to texas is one million and 60 percent of oregon is public So you're gonna be able to find places to hunt Montana, you know that's where uh Steve's brother's from and that's where his you know, he he he's very protective of Montana And talks about how there's not a public land. It's being it's being bought up by these. Uh, what do they call? Um the hunt trust I think it's their land trust. That's what it is land trust where they're where they're leasing out hunting rights well If you look at montana Most of private is down low because it's agriculture If you're talking mont if you're talking wilderness and mountains, that's public land So, where do you want to hunt? A land trust can't buy down on the private land. That's Cattle ranches that's that's farmers trying to make money so Go up into the wilderness Go hunt the mountains. So where's the land trust purchasing so they can lease it out for hunters? Well, I know they're not purchasing That's not land trust in wilderness. That's down on like they say well if a rancher isn't making money From cattle he's gonna sell it to people who want to do a hunting lease on it And sell out hunting rights instead. Okay. Well that was private anyway Yeah, not only is it private anyway, but is Hmm. So that seems that's a weird one. Like I get I get I get what he's saying I'm worried. Is he worried? It's a slippery slope He Is that eventually montana could be something like what texas is he's saying that That the european hunting model of just the rich can hunt right is going to be the united states That's what is that possible? How with the public all so much public land the west is largely public but if it Starts to creep in on that if the the private land starts to creep in on the public land like if say Let's just say I don't even know if this is legal, but let's say a state is horribly debt Yeah, and they have an offer to sell off a chunk of Private land that states are always in debt public land rather right? Right. They're always in debt. Wasn't that someone's Someone wanted to do that and they got in trouble in utah a bunch of people organized against him There was like a representative who wanted to do that. I think so that that was uh, Chaffetz what's his name? Jason Jason chafetz chafetz. Yeah, wasn't there a situation like that? I wouldn't talk to him back in washington about that. Yeah What was that? It was about? there's a certain percentage of The well some of it was landlocked public land because there's public land but you couldn't get to it right and then there was some A couple million or a few million acres that were Somehow into that where the public was didn't have access to it because of it was it there was an argument between If the states manage it But they can't do it Then the federal takes it over and then it changes everything And states can never make it work money wise because they don't have the money Federal has more money. I say so if And it gets into the whole argument on timber management like they won't they won't go in and harvest timber because they're worried about politics because they Won't harvest timber the fires burn hotter and are more devastating like in california. They're so worried about about the uh Politics basically the liberals throwing a fit about getting in there and managing the timber and and doing selective cuts and things Like that and cleaning up Which turns into fuel for wildfire? That they don't do any of it and that's what makes the the fires burn Hotter and wasn't that trump's argument? He was saying that they're not managing their their forests like when california was having wildfires He was saying something about withholding funding was there something like that. They were doing it wrong Yeah, I mean that's what did he say trump had some criticism about the way that california was managed He made that statement about the need to sweep the ground or something like that. Everyone's like what sweeps the ground well No way just put bleach on it, but that's when everyone yeah that made no It's it's clean. It's Over Up so what happened beautiful beautiful rakes No, what he's talking about like if there is a fire you gotta clean the floor you gotta clean your floors Right. I see what he's saying. No, yeah, if there is a fire and there's all that fuel there Right, of course, they can't get in there and haul it out. But that's uh, That's actual conservationist thinking right right you really do have to make sure that you have to manage fill with dry dead You have to manage timber. You have to have I mean that's the roles to it and you have to manage wildlife Yeah, all those are those are Uncomfortable things for some people like you were talking about the amount of bears that were killing those calves Uh, they're starting to see it again in california I said you gotta clean your floors You gotta clean your forests there are many many years of leaves and broken trees and they're like So flammable You touch them and it goes up Okay. First of all, you don't want to clean the leaves off the floor because that's compost most of the time Some of the nutrients that actually go into the soil itself. Yeah, it's not it's leaves It's like a part of the ecosystem, right? Right the the leaves aren't up in the big timber timber country when I was in uh When I was looking for bigfoot with dunky trussle, we were looking for bigfoot. Yeah, it was awesome But we were in the pacific northwest. I guess it was mount rainier. Is that the one that's right above? It's in washington washington. Yeah right above seattle So we were up there and you know, we encountered a lot of elk elk everywhere up there. It's crazy I mean just thick just piles of elk shit everywhere you went But the floor was so quiet. Yeah, so quiet and if you're bow hunting good luck, bitch You're basically shooting through a box of q-tips like there is no pretty thick. There's no path. It's a jungle, right? So so that Well, was it wet? Oh my god. It's so wet. It rains constantly And you're just you're just walking through the most lush green Vibrant forests. There's so much fuel. Yeah for all those plants that's on the west side of the cascades So on the east it's dry Interesting Right. And so when you got down to those fires like in paradise, California, that's dry country Yeah, so that if if you're not doing any self Timber management down there that's all fuel. Do you see what's going on with canada with the the fires? New york city is filled with smoke. Yeah, I know it's Crazy. Yeah people took photos from new york city. My daughter told me today. She found on tiktok because that's where they learned everything that Breathing the outside air in new york city is like smoking a half a pack of cigarettes a day Yeah Fucking a man. Yeah, it's uh, there's uh, there up in alberta. There's fires. You know what they're saying? No, you know, it's hilarious. What? That masks aren't effective in protecting them. Yeah God Masks that even n95 masks for kids because they're not fitted properly. Oh, you mean like air gets in? Why wait a minute when I see somebody in a mask, I want to punch them. I want to hug them That's the difference between you and me. Yeah. Yeah. Hey, I was gonna ask. Oh, wait. Okay. There's two things Sometimes a lot of I know the two things I don't want to punch them. I wanted to let them know that I want to punch them I don't want to actually punch them. This has been like on a ferris wheel. I lost it and it came back around so two things Now I forgot the one thing. The other thing was you know how you don't like politics on yes, right? Do you think in some ways? You have responsibility no to the people no They have first everyone has a responsibility to do what the fuck they want to do Because you know some people would say you're the the largest media in the world That's ridiculous. That means no no supply chain issue That's what that is. You are someone's fucking up Well that that might be But okay, so if you are Um, I think it's all nonsense all of it. I know i'll talk to some People and hear their version of how to fix this nonsense. Yeah, i'm sure and uh But i'm interested in what i'm interested in. I know and I have to kind of keep it that way if I start thinking of this Is a platform and yeah, well, shut the fuck up. It's just me and jamie and you that's why that's why I wanted your thoughts On it because i've heard that before you know, because you shut the fuck up Yeah, just your responsibilities to be yourself. We're just looking at things in this wild scale that is sort of Unprecedented. I think it was I think because people are frustrated with Robert Kennedy jr. Not having a platform, you know, like There they're they don't want him to have get his message out because you know, he's a threat Because he makes a lot of sense. So that's why the democrats don't want to have a debate. That's what they're ignoring him That's what's wild. It's like they're pretending he doesn't exist right so that so people are saying they would love to see Him and I heard you and dio talking about it. So i'm not trying to go over that again. Yeah, but so It's just a weird time with media and platforms and politics especially because we've seen what suppression does Yeah, it's not good It's not good for anybody. It's also it's not democratic Right like if they decide that they can not tell you about people and not Inform you about people that are very credible people the guy Environmental attorney guys of Kennedy. His dad was robert f. Kennedy. He got assassinated He was there when he died in the hospital. He was 14. His uncle was jfk. Yeah, that perspective and he's a brilliant guy how valuable is that it's very valuable, but This The system that's in power they they have like a coalition They know what they're doing. They want to keep things exactly as they are now They want to keep control what they are now and especially the administration that's in currently if some new person comes in All their jobs are at stake. Yeah, right. Everybody goes right some new guy If rfk jr becomes the president all those people working for biden are gone, right? They know that they're gonna do their best to use all of their resources All their connections with media all they're gonna do their best to discredit him with hit pieces And maybe even they even believe the things that are in those hit pieces but at the end of the day The only thing that changes it is if the media realizes that guy that guy's going to win And if that guy's going to win you're going to have to deal with a whole new group of people once they get in there And so now it's time to play ball with the new people start kissing ass now It's time to play ball with the new people. Yeah, but that's that they're trying to stop that from happening They don't want that to happen. Right? But but you taking notes. Look at you over there I know i'm not going to forget this one. You can take that toe. He's playing against himself But uh But yeah, so they're gonna do all they can to suppress first they'll suppress him then they'll you know, you know try to Talk to them discredit him And do everything they can until they get to that point the tipping point then like oh shit So that's that's why of kennedy jr and tulsi gabord be hard to beat. Oh, man. I love tulsi. That'd be hard to beat She carried my fucking rock, dude. She did. She's a beast god and she only eats vegetables We gotta talk to her about that And what she only eats vegetables. Oh, I know I wanted to take her honey And she said she's she's hindu. And so she doesn't eat meat. I was like fuck Because she'd be a great hunter. I know she would She's so tough. Someone's gotta like Explain to her. This is nonsense Not any meat thing. I know for you should be even better. Well, I mean bear Have a little bear. She can have bear Doesn't like that would hurt listen have some wild pig. They got to get rid of them. Anyway. Yeah, it'd be a shame to not eat them But you're right Tulsi robert f. Kennedy Come on That'd be tough to beat. Yes, you know, I talked to I talked to her about that and you know on my podcast The problem is to run like to run for governor in a state 50 million dollars to run for president 500 million. Jesus is what you need. It just it just keeps people out Yeah, so unless you have some private donor like an elon musk or your trump Where where's she gonna get 500 million? Right? Yeah, that's it That's so wrong. It's crazy. So it's it's money is deciding Everything. Yep, and that's how they like it because that way the people that have the money get to stay in power And it's uh, but that that's the thing like if the people Are overwhelmingly supporting someone else? They'll shift They'll shift too because that's where the money's gonna be. It's just like hopefully the money there will be more ethically distributed They'll do it in a better way with someone. That's what we all hope for we hope for a president that has the the character And the moral foundation and the intellect to to realize a better way of Managing this and also a way of uniting people and again this this divide That happened during this country. It was first of all it was trump supporters. Yeah Yeah, trump supporters against the the the democrats because it really wasn't by Biden. It was just democrats winning It was someone else winning and then it was vaccinated people against unvaccinated people This crazy divide where you saw people that are just so scared of this virus that they were Willing to cast aside their humanity and call people that were skeptical of the vaccine call them like I call them Plague rats. I saw people call people wild shit people that I knew Yeah, and then what is wrong with you and you you follow? Eddie bravo, right? Oh my god. He's one of my best friends. I know I know but so he put up A video the other day and it's like this compilation of This message that mainstream media had about covey. Oh, yeah No one's safe. No one's safe. No, yeah, no one's over and over and then Everybody then you'll never get it. You'll never get sick. You'll never die And then they all get it and it's like this whole timeline we see this Lying and spending and selling this fear the whole time and still never admitting it Well, it's a narrative they were given a narrative and they were told that this is the narrative that you're supposed to relay on How is that different than some it's not some Messed up country with you know, it's a third world country It's not but they thought they could get away with doing it in this case because of a pandemic Because there's an emergency. Yeah, and so that's why you have to be very careful about giving up any powers to the government During an emergency because they'll capitalize on that. They're not stupid. They know this is an opportunity. Yeah, they can clamp down on you Did you see that thing about the world health organization? They're in in the eu there this vaccine passport system that they've devised you see that I retweeted it People are freaking out about this. Yeah. Yeah, it's just you don't give people power Don't give people power to do things they couldn't do before because they're gonna keep it and they're gonna expand And if you don't fucking hold the line and you you think it's a good thing to give in because we all have to be safe like oh my god If you got to be safe, then just tell people about it and the smart people will take it if it's really safe But if you make them take it Then you can make them do things if you make them do things and if they don't want to do things Then you get to do things to them. You get to take away their money You can take away the job take away their ability to travel Don't give into that you can't give into that because you're giving that That power to other human beings That you might not agree with And you might not trust their judgment and just because they won an election That means they're smarter than you and they can sense what's really going on better than you and maybe they're compromised by money And maybe it's clear that they're compromised by money. Maybe they're in a whole party that's compromised by money That's in cahoots with the media organization that's compromised by money and they all spit out the same narrative Right and they can now tell you you can't travel if you don't agree I know they don't have to be right and it doesn't and they don't have to debate it openly They don't have to have a consensus amongst All the intellectuals where they can do it Anonymously where they don't have any fear of repercussions of their career, which is a lot of people During this whole thing. They didn't want to speak out about any of it and the people that did Got attacked and they got attacked directly by the government. There's like real clear organization involved in Going after certain scientists that had a specific narrative certain scientists that weren't toeing in the line. Yeah, you had them on here Yeah, but not just those guys. There was a lot of other guys, too There's the the people from the the great barrington degradation World health organization World health organization director general Tedros Adnan on oh boy. Yeah gib racist announced digital immunization vaccine certificates Which will be required to participate in society? So listen to this Phase of the covet 19 pandemic is now over Investments in digital infrastructure remain an important resource for health systems And for economies and societies at large Like many countries the european union made significant investments in covet 19 certificates to help people move around As safely as possible during the pandemic The european union certification system Was used by all 27 eumim Mercedes and more than 50 other countries Building on the success of the eu system WHO is proud today to launch the global digital health certification network Thank you so much to european union for the Excellent certification system that you have here's a problem stop that for a second. It didn't work No, here's the problem. It's not even an effective vaccine, right? Right. I mean, maybe it saved lives in the beginning But we read this study about from the cleveland clinic the other day that was saying that Overall in the cleveland clinic from the health workers when they did a survey of them the ones who got vaccinated the most got covet the most right Which is crazy Yeah So it's not even like it just stops it dead in its tracks like they were saying in the beginning of the pandemic and then yet They're still trying to implement this digital system where you have to take this medicine That they've showed didn't work that good. You know what it is though. So he said based on the success of whatever that was Yeah What success so it reminds me of biden getting on there right now. He's making posts every day about how Successful they've been and the most jobs in the history of the presidency of the united states and economy is coming back better It's like It's gaslighting. It's just 100 a lie. It's just gaslighting But also they know it's not true For them to do this. This is what everybody was worried about Everybody was worried about some global system where you have to opt into it. You can't travel unless you do But he's worried about that, but he's saying on the heels of the success. That's so crazy Yeah, it's so crazy because people are furious people that took the vaccine and still got covet and got very sick Are furious they got lied to well and the cancer in young adults is skyrocketing the cancer numbers Based on the vaccine apparently. I don't know if that's true I don't know what the studies say and I don't know if anybody's doing studies, unfortunately Yeah, but there I don't know, you know, that's that correlation equals causation thing, but it's something to be concerned with the the uptick In just deaths is a weird thing to be concerned with All cause mortality is up right? Yeah, it's weird Well, you people want to attribute that to different things. Oh people got they were drinking a lot during the pandemic. Maybe Maybe they were but but also another thing happened too. Remember that other thing or everybody had to take a shot Like how about that? How about no why is no one considering that right? Like no one who's in these mainstream news organizations is looking over these numbers and saying do you have to be concerned? If you've had a vaccine injury, do you have to be concerned? Have you had an adverse reaction? Do you hide those numbers? They're not they're not trying to seek them out. That's for sure They're not trying to ask people to come forward if you have And we need to know the real numbers they're not running like some sort of a white wouldn't you think they would do that? If you're going to do something with you cared about society, like you say, right if you weren't in cahoots with an organization That could lose money based on these results Wouldn't you do that? You probably would you should do that that we should know and they should know the pharmaceutical drug companies should know They shouldn't everyone should know like what's the real result of this? And if it's positive, it's positive. It's a small amount of people that have side effects great. Okay, great But this is there's never been a time ever in our country Where this was mandated on adults where adults were told that they had to take a very specific medication in order to do things Like go to work That's crazy, especially experimental one with no long-term data Yeah, and one that was just rolled out for the whole world Very happy. I didn't take it Well, it was also watching the machine come after people Didn't take it and come after people like me who didn't take and got better quick well Okay, so this is like I was gonna ask you before yesterday Where was tucker carlson because it seems like he just disappeared. I was like, did they kill him? Is he gone? He got a twitter show. Yeah, but then he made a show So I was like that screwed my question to you because I was like have you heard? I've never seen anybody disappear off the face of the earth like tucker did until he well I think he probably had to get his legal ducks in a row. You know, I mean it's there's a big difference between like leaving You know a sitcom or something. Yeah and leaving fox news when you're the number one guy Yeah, and there's all sorts of speculation about why? Why would they get rid of the number one guy? Yeah, like that doesn't make any sense business-wise what it's going on Unless the number one guy's got a body in his basement. Yeah, this is gonna come out I mean, he was gone though. I mean there was no i've never seen anybody just disappear and then he you know He made a couple of videos made a short video right afterwards when they were attacking. Yeah, and then it was like a month though They did a thing with uh twitter, right? Yeah, just recently. Yeah, it's um And did you see the views it got yeah crazy numbers 68 million crazy numbers and it's gonna it's gonna be the case like They've by trying to silence that guy they've made him gigantic. He's bigger than he's ever been Okay, so then that led that's leading me to my other thank you for that because So they tried to silence him. They tried to silence you The white house mentioned you so how how do people like you and tucker? Beat the system in that regard and become uncanceable Well, there's not uncanceable, you know, well, they tried everything with you They're probably going to keep trying that's just what they're doing They're trying to discredit people that they think are a threat and they have a very specific narrative in the white house I mean you see how that peter doocy guy gets into it with the white house press secretary all the time about illegal immigrants and about all the different things that are happening in the border and you know, like what what is biden doing like what's happening in ukraine what's and when You see their resistance to any questioning like this particular white house press secretary lady I'm trying to tell you I feel like there's like testiness to it. This is condescending attitude, right? I mean and I don't blame her. She's essentially like a cop that's been sent to quiet down A mob like all right folks. I know y'all want to go back to your homes, but Here's here's what's going on. Please please in the back, you know, like it's a combative position like uh That kaylee mckennan lady she was the best at it. Yeah, she was she's the fucking composed She's the goat and she always came correct with the notes and she never lost her composure She was able to like shoot you're playing some kind of crazy verbal tennis match going back and forth Yeah, but you know, they had to talk about me It was just a thing they had a narrative and this narrative narrative was you got to get vaccinated and anybody who has anybody on that says As there's anything wrong with the vaccine. This is covet misinformation. It's going to cost people lives Yeah, and there's no narrative that could compete with that. There's no Like you know, hey folks, it's really important to get your metabolic health in order Hey folks, you need to be taking vitamin d everyone should supplement with vitamin d We've the white house has ordered the increase in production of vitamin d and the distribution in areas all across the country Hey folks, you've got to lose weight There's all these studies that are coming out that's showing that overweight people are so much more susceptible The percentage of people that wind up in the icu they all have four or more or code morbidities Let's try to chop those down. Legit info legit info Ladies and gentlemen, but they can't they can't say stop eating sugar then fucking coca-cola's gonna go what the fuck are you doing? We give my business As much money to the campaign if someone came on television like, you know Obama or uh, like someone who's a like a person that people trust and said Ladies and gentlemen, if you're listening to me and you got a donut in your hand put it Down, please this is got a donut in your hand. Put it down. Please. This is got a donut in your hand Put it down. Please. This is got a donut in your hand. Put it down. Please. This is got a donut in your hand Put it down. Please.