What Got Robert Bigelow Interested in UFO's?


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Robert Bigelow

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Robert Bigelow is an aerospace entrepreneur and founder of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies: an organization supporting research into the survival of human consciousness after death.


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But you're ogan experience you and I have some shared interests clearly in the world of UFOs But I want to talk most people know of you because of bigelow aerospace. They know that you're this billionaire Investor and you're a very successful businessman, but you have a deep Fascination with UFOs. Yeah Yeah, sure do. How did this all get started? I Back when my when I was about three years old which would be about 1947 and actually of May of that year my grandparents had a very close encounter that was dramatic and they were taking a afternoon evening drive in the late afternoon up into the mountains and coming on back down to Las Vegas and they saw What appeared to be at first an airplane on fire and The object became closer and closer to them and they pulled off to the side of the road and At one point then it filled up the windshield and I thought they were going to die and at the last second it shot off and and Disappeared and I Learned of this story when I was probably ten years old and because I was three at the time and My mother had told me the story So I approached my grandfather and he wouldn't talk about it now after all these years like seven years have gone by because I was intrigued with it and So into my grandmother and she only would say a few words, but she wouldn't talk so I got the story from my mom and and they Had my grandfather had to sit on the side of the road there in the car for a while to Recompose himself and Because they thought they were they were gonna die and And then finally finally was able to drive on back to Las Vegas So that was the beginning for me. Did he ever describe what you said? It looked like a plane on fire, but like what was the shape of it as it got closer? I don't recall any kind of shape that was that was My mother described I don't recall that But they just knew it wasn't a plane they knew it was not right. So that's right. So in the family You know in the family the family had an event and I lived right next door to my grandparents and the family had an event The kind of started things at that date for me other personal things came later But for the family that was a big deal. So this was you said 47 47 47 was the time of the Roswell crash 47 was a time. There was a lot of UFO activity being observed worldwide and the speculation is that this had to do with the nuclear bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and all the tests that United States had done and Russia had done and that there was a lot of interest in in obviously in That well actually Russia hadn't dropped any bombs by that time, right? Right it was after that but that there was interest in our species By extraterrestrials because they let oh these crazy assholes are detonating nukes. Like let's go take a look at them, right? well, you had so-called foo fighters during the war these lights that were following bombers and the tail gunners were the ones that saw them most often of course and and that happened through through the war and then And then of course Roswell, but for that was Ken Arnold right and about you know, June ish and then in July 8th Was Roswell and there's a direct uptick though from the Trinity experiments, right? I Think I yeah, I gather my feeling simply is that Without any kind of other other evidence or proof that that was a huge stomach stimulus Yeah, so this was around that time then you had heard about this as a part of You know family discussions, right? And so that sort of ignited the fire initially Yeah, and I started asking my friends as I say when I was about 10 You know, have you? Any reports in your family of anything and and by golly a couple of my close friends Told me things that they had never told me before So, you know, it wasn't that wasn't a necessarily an exclusive event That's what I'm saying. Other people in Las Vegas had had Seen things at close proximity as well Now your relationship to this is obviously something that you've carried for so long. It's been an obsession of yours for so long Yeah, yeah, it started with this but what personal experiences if any Have you had well when I was probably seven or so seven or eight I Used to have why chalked up all my life to just being silly dreams And I had maybe five or six of these dreams and they I could never make sense of them and I would be laying in bed on my side and Typical dream always the same there would be three short Somebody some things and kind of monk robe and so I couldn't see any face couldn't see any appendages and then these three whatever's were standing there and They were not too far from my eye level as far as the heights and so forth. So these like child-size. Yeah. Yeah and So there's nothing in the I was an avid comic book reader but there was nothing in the in the whole genre of comic books that Related to that or movies and we didn't have television in Las Vegas till 53 or 54 and even after that it was terrible broadcasting You know at first but so it made no sense to me and So over my lifetime, I never mentioned it to anybody including my wife You know, it's funny how you keep things Secret and just kind of for no no good reason Maybe I was being embarrassed to to talk about it, but I finally thought well, you know, maybe it was just dreams maybe it was something else and So that was a first event personally that I had At that time was in the subject When did you start to connect the idea of these tiny people or human like things with extraterrestrials? well years later when I began to start my process as a researcher and as a student In the subject and began to talk with people who were who made it their business to be experts in abductions and the more I got into the field and Sat writing out questions For the researcher for the therapist who would be asking the questions and and I'd be sitting there watching the process and just over time I thought well, you know, maybe there was something more to it, but I'm better off not knowing anything. So I'll just block it off and forget about it Yeah, we talked last night about John Mack a little bit the Harvard great guy. Yeah, and he did a lot of These sort of hypnotic regression sessions with people where they describe very similar scenarios. Oh, well, yeah muscle to the different situations the abduction phenomena was was Very proliferate and in the population has seemed like even we did a survey called the Roper poll and we repeated it three times so that the margin of error was really reduced to like one one and a half percent and Abduction researchers came up with the ten questions and so They we distributed that And The the conclusion was a fairly Relatively sizable percentage of the population had some kind of experiences according to them according to the researchers and according to the poll I Know I am NOT qualified to speak to the accuracy of whether the questions were that relevant to the conclusions or not but that's what they said and So and I had in my own research found people that I put them through a regression I'm not personally, but I found a hypnotherapist that could do that and I found a number of people just here they're scattered around maybe somebody in my own staff and They would come up with with these these stories in these events one of the criticisms of John Mack and Hypnotic regression in general is that the idea that you can put? the idea that you can put a memory into someone's head that you could suggest things and you could create false memories and This was something that I've read in the criticism of his work that this style of hypnotic regression and bringing up These very specific scenarios to a bunch of different people you can sort of help create especially in People that are easily influenced or people people that are open to suggestion you could put these false memories in their head and so you know, especially when you're dealing with something as fantastic as a UFO or alien abduction or Visitation or something like that. Oh, that's definitely possible There's also something called screen memory, but dealing with the first the power suggestion. That's absolutely true but my experience was With different hypnotherapists they went out of their way In fact to say maybe if they did make a suggestion, it was just the opposite. They might say okay, you're on board this craft You know, where's the where's the lighting coming from? Is it coming from the corner or of the of the room that you're in? Well, there were no corners They'd be corrected right away by the person being Mm-hmm hypnotized and so they went just the opposite direction on purpose to make it make suggestions to Maybe coax the person to come that direction and they wouldn't do it. The person wouldn't do it Now screen memory is different supposedly if somebody has a very close encounter With supposedly somebody that's that's ET You leave that at that Memory turns out to be entirely different and that's put into you Consciously and you recall something entirely different than what actually happened Maybe you you saw deer too deer on the road or something of that sort or maybe there were owls or whatever so That's what's purported to be catch new episodes the Joe Rogan experience for free only on Spotify Watch back catalog JRE videos on Spotify including clips easily seamlessly switch between video and audio experience on Spotify You can listen to the JRE in the background while using other apps and can download episodes to save on data cost all for free Spotify is absolutely free. 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