The Tic-Tac UFO Incident Made The US Government Address UFOs


4 years ago



George Knapp

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George Knapp is an investigative reporter, weekend host of Coast to Coast AM, and author.

Jeremy Corbell

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Jeremy Corbell is an investigative filmmaker, UFOlogist, artist, and author.


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The J.Rogan Experience. The TikTok craft, or TikTok craft, TikTok, goddamn TikTok. Yeah, TikTok, yeah. Can't get away from that word. The TikTok craft that was spotted off San Diego, it performed something spectacular in terms of its ability to go from the surface of the water to 60,000 feet in how long? So less than a second, but there's actually more to it. There was a craft, remember I was talking with Commander Fraver before this was public. There was a craft under the water too. The TikTok would drop from 60,000 feet is what they're saying, 60 to 80, but that's the scan volume of the Spy 1 radar. So everybody I've talked with said they were coming from above. They were coming from outer space, dropping down within a second and stopping on a dime and then making the movements Commander Fraver saw, like inside of a glass. Then he said to me in our first talk ever, I'll never forget this because I'm talking to a fighter pilot and I got to talk fighter pilot and I don't, you know, and he says to me, it noticed me. I go, what do you mean it noticed you? He says, as I was descending rapidly to engage it, it turned its nose and began to intelligently mirror my movements came right up by me and he says faster than you can see a like you can't even see a bullet. Leave a gun. No, it just bam shot off. He goes, we don't have anything like that. I wish we did. We don't. Whatever propels that is not a reactionary propulsion system. Meaning it's not pushing something off the back to get it to go forward like fire and explosion. It's a field. Like anything else we know, you got to have something going back to go forward rockets. We're still using the same ones for back in the day. This thing instantaneously without effects of inertia can move now and that distortion. That's exactly how Bob described these things would work or do work in his opinion. So Commander Fraver got to see it now and these incursions, by the way, look, there's stuff George reports on. There's a lot he doesn't as a filmmaker myself. People tell me stories all the time. These incursions, it's not a rarity. These are happening to this day. I just heard about one in Guam. Incursions over high security, air space over our weapons systems. And in Guam, there was just recently an incursion. The Pantex facility with the igloos where we hold our nuclear weapons and stuff like that. There are incursions over these. So to George's point, the reason why maybe all of this is secret is not because we can't handle it. People flip out. Maybe we just want to make sure we fucking get this tech first because it's a game changer. Now let's talk about the people that have tried to debunk this and why they're off because they've made some debunking claims about some of these videos and about the technology that was used to track these things. That's incorrect. Where they don't really understand what they're debunking. So please explain that because that's one of the things that people are immediately going to go to. They're going to go, well, Mick West has already debunked it. I've read the stuff that he says. It's mental gymnastics to try to explain it the way he's explaining it without recognition of the fact that these things were actively blocking radar. These things were actively blocking tracking systems. These were physical crafts. This is not like a bird or something. A lot of the wacky theories that he has are like, I wonder, it's real weird that a smart man can make such really bizarre conclusions. Very weird. Almost like someone wants him to do those. Sure. I mean, look, it's so exciting that we're seeing something and the government saying, okay, these are UFOs. We have not identified them. They have propulsion techniques that we don't have. And we're just talking about the videos. Let's talk about the debunking now. Talk about the debunking and what his claims are in the debunking. Okay. So one that I recently attacked because it was so ridiculous is he was saying that the Go Fast video, which is this object that goes along in a straight line, one of the three videos that was released, he said it was probably a bird. That was his first theory. Let's pull up the Go Fast video. Yeah. I mean, I recently went deep into talking with Boeing experts who work on these FLIR pods. They're telling me how they work, what they can capture. Explain what a FLIR pod is. Forward-looking infrared. So basically on fighter planes, you have a camera. So here's the video we're pulling up right here. Sure. It's mounted. And it's essentially recording in thermal imagery. This is not Instagram. These things are weapons systems that are highly trained to be able to accurately represent spatial awareness and to be able to target enemy combatants. This is not an iPhone, an Instagram. These are weapons for us. So out of the three videos, if we just look at this one, although I like the Tic Tac one with Commander Faber and I like the Gimbal one, those are awesome. This one gives us very little information. But the idea that this would be a bird, if you talk to anybody that uses these pods, you can't pinpoint on a bird. You can't lock a weapon system on a freaking bird. Look how fast it's going too. Here's what's so interesting is everybody can debate speed. So this is where it's locked in on it. So the weapon system is locked in on this thing and it's tracking it now. Right. They were real excited when they locked it because they said boxed a moving target. So here's the deal though. Out of anything I could say about this video because there's not a lot of information in there, what I can say is that object you're seeing is colder than the surface of the ocean. Now I looked up the surface of the ocean temperature at that location at that time because we had the information. It was like 65 degrees. What propulsion system? Okay, so a bird. A bird is about 100 and let's say five degrees, like a seagull. Seagulls can go maybe 15 miles an hour. I don't know how fast they can go. But they wouldn't be colder than the ocean. They'd be hypothermic and dead. It cannot be a bird because what we're seeing is a colder object than the surface of the water. That's why you're seeing it white. And how fast is it going? That's under debate. There's different interpretations. Yeah, so I'll give you one interpretation about 240 miles an hour some people say and then they can argue, well, the fastest bird in a nosedive could go that fast. Back up. We have an object that is colder than the surface of the ocean that immediately gets rid of the bird theory because a bird would be hypothermic and drop like a paperweight into the water. It cannot fly at that. So that's the piece of information I would attack that debunking with. But this video when you're watching that if it is going 200 miles an hour, that's not outside of what's possible with spacecraft or aircraft or just planes. Right, but it's cold. I understand that. That's pretty cool. But it is very interesting, but it's not moving anywhere near as fast as the Tic Tac. No, no, no. This is just something because this is part and George can tell you this was part of a much bigger series of events. So like the gimbal craft itself, that's another debunking thing. They said it's a plane banking away and you're seeing it through thermal. First of all, talk with the pilot, not fucking so. This is the gimbal. Yeah, the gimbal. It's pulling it up right now. And how fast is this thing supposed to be going? You know, the speed from what I recall wasn't registered on the radar. It's not that it's going fast. If you talk with the pilots, it was rotating. It was spinning like a top end for like 11 hours without refueling. I mean, the thing was just sitting out there. This is an occurrence that happened over a course of many, many weeks. Now when it rotates like that, the debunking theory is that you're seeing a plane bank. So as if our military doesn't know what another plane is, other planes look very different when you see them through thermal. This thing was self rotating. And I just did an interview. And how fast is this or rather how warm is this thing supposed to be? Is this supposed to actually be hot? I am unaware. Because you're looking at it through thermal, right? Yeah, I'm unaware of the specifics of that one when it comes to heat. All I know is that it is self actuating. It is not something that is a glare or flare of a heat signature making it look like it's turning. The actual craft is self actuating. What is that halo around it? That's just an artifact of the of the FLIR thermal. It's not. The premise that the US government would tell you, all right, look, we're going to release these videos reluctantly. Lou Elizondo is the guy that got them released and then the US government formally released them a couple of months ago. The idea that the US government would release it. The Pentagon says these are unidentified. And if it was a bird or a jet engine, the pilots would not have the kind of reaction that they had that you can hear on the audio. Our government does not tell members of Congress, the Pentagon doesn't go to the Senate Intelligence Committee, show them those videos and say, yeah, it's unidentified if it isn't. And the reaction of the pilots, the fact that they were forced to release it to begin with suggests that it really is unidentified. Why do you think they've addressed it? Why do you think that they have addressed the fact they're studying these things? Why not just continue denying it? I think they were forced to. And some props to Tom DeLong. I know you guys had a pretty spirited conversation when he was here, but he created it. Lou Elizondo, who ran that program, came forward and brought with him those videos. I saw them two days after Lou Elizondo stepped on a stage with Tom and said, I was in charge of the program. He and Chris Mellon have been sort of the engineers of getting that story into The New York Times. That changed everything. As I said, the last two and a half years, everything has turned on its head. The New York Times covers the story. The result is other media covered as well. They've been ignoring it forever. And that allowed people to keep these secrets. That pressure meant that people in Congress started asking questions. Two days after the story came out, I interviewed Senator Harry Reid, who was the one who got the money to create that program that became ATIP. And he said his phone had been ringing off the hook from other members of Congress who are now suddenly interested. I didn't know there was a program there telling him, how do we learn more about this? It started a series of closed-door briefings on Capitol Hill that continued to this day. The pilots like Dave Freiver were hauled before Congress first in front of the staff of the Senate Intelligence and then Senate Armed Services and then the elected members, these senators who get briefed on it. And they were impressed. And they wanted more pilots to come in. So it's been going on for two and a half years. And two weeks ago, no, excuse me, about a month ago now, the culmination of it. Senator Marco Rubio, who is now the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, drops this bill. And it's the budget for the intelligence budget for next year. And he includes a UFO provision in there. We want Congress wants to have a mechanism set up where we get regular briefings from the Pentagon on UFOs. That's an astonishing change of events. It's because of the media pressure and then congressional interest. It made it more acceptable for everybody to pursue the subject matter. It's kind of out of the shadows. And the Pentagon has reacted in fits and starts. So sometimes, as they said to the New York Times, that program ended. Had nothing to do with UFOs. At first they said it did. Then they said it didn't. They've admitted Lou Elizondo worked on the program. Then they said he didn't. They've said that the OSAP, which is the other program, the mother program, that became ATIP, that that had nothing to do with UFOs. What it did. So they continue to sort of lie and obfuscate and muddy the waters. But the fact is that there's too much momentum from media and Congress and the public to hide this anymore.