The Media's Reaction to Woody Harrelson's SNL Monologue


9 months ago



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Did you hear of Woody Harrelson on SNL? Yes. Did you see that immediately after Woody Harrelson had that monologue on SNL where he's joking around about a drug company forcing you to take their drug right after it the next day there's all these hit pieces like they were timed. Like this hit piece in Fox, this hit piece in Vanity Fair, this hit piece calling him an anti-vaxxer and a stoner. And sucked on Cheers. Conspiracy theories. He's pushing conspiracy theories. No, no, no, no. That's what he's doing. He's a joke monologue on SNL about something that makes people laugh because you can kind of make a weird comparison to those two. That's the only reason why the joke works. The only reason why it works is because people are thinking it. So for you guys to come out and say like, oh, conspiracy theories. No, it's jokes about a possible conspiracy theory. And the one that he's describing is not even a real one. He's making a joke about what the real one was like. Maybe not the best joke. Maybe not the best delivery. It's SNL. But the fact that that got this immediate response where all these people defend the pharmaceutical companies. They're all jumping in and defending them. Like in unison, they're all anti-vaxxer stoner. You know, instead of saying it sucked or instead of saying, hey, stick to acting. It's like, you know, no, it's like they all wanted to jump in to defend the vaccine. They all wanted to jump in and defend the pharmaceutical companies from this anti-vaxxer stoner actor who's talking. It's just interesting that they all take that route. I get criticized in the monologue, but all taken that route, that's an anti-vaxx conspiracy theory. Like, is it? No, he's joking about a way things went down. Like there's a lot to what he's saying, like forcing you to take their drug. Like that kind of was happening. And if you weren't getting forced, you were certainly getting coerced. You're getting urged on by the government. There was probably a commercial for a medicine right after that. Probably right away. Right away. It's not like they're not spending money on all this stuff. Like, why are we pretending? And so when he makes that joke and he talks about them buying all the media and then all the media responds as if they've been bought and paid for, that's pretty wild. There's so many articles written about them. Like right away. Yeah. I was like, this is crazy. I always look at both sides and CNN had it, but also CNN is owned by the same company that owns SNL. So it's tricky because they don't want to make them look bad, but they, you know, angled it like it was him. Even though what we know is that the description are approved days in advance. Yeah, they had to approve that unless he went out and Dave Chappelle'd it. Yeah, he didn't. Dave had two different monologues. Dave ran one monologue by everybody and killed. And they're like, this is great. Then he goes out and does a whole separate one. God bless him. God bless him. And Woody Harrelson did that. God bless him. But you know, look, the fact that everybody jumped in like that was just very interesting.