The Legendary Story of How President Andrew Jackson Killed a Man in a Duel


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That could be a thing. Like, you know, like they used to have duels. So if a duel was like two guys would agree, like, I fucking, you annoy me so much, I'm gonna get a gun and we're gonna back to back, we're gonna walk ten feet and shoot at each other. Fuck you. Like, you're ready to die, maybe you'll shoot me, but I'm gonna fucking at least be able to shoot you like a man, and we're gonna go and do this. They agree to do that. Yeah, only a hundred years ago, I think. Not that long ago. Well, wasn't at least one of our presidents involved in something like that? I think so, but if I can't remember who or any deals behind it. One of our presidents was in a duel, right, while he was president. Do you remember what it was? Who killed Alexander Hamilton? Really? That was like the whole thing. But was he even president? Hold on. Wait, hold on. Alexander Hamilton died in a duel? Uh, that's like the whole- Hamilton wasn't president, remember? We talked about him the other day. When you drink milk commercials, like Aaron Burr. Aaron- I can't say Aaron Burr. Huh? It was an old milk commercial from the 90s, it was a radio call. If you answer this question, you win a million dollars. Right. Who killed Alexander Hamilton? They call like the Alexander Hamilton guy. He's got all this shit in his apartment. And his mouth is full of a peanut butter jelly sandwich, you can't say Aaron Burr. Oh, that's right. I forgot about that commercial. But as I'm saying it out loud, I feel like he wasn't president. No, he wasn't. We talked about it the other day. Remember someone brought up that- who was it that brought that up? That he had gotten blackmailed. Andrew Jackson maybe? Did he kill him? But he got- But Hamilton got blackmailed. Because he was banging this lady, and her and her husband set him up. Remember? Yeah, because that's the play. Who talked to us about that? It was real recently. It was one of the recent guests. Who the fuck was it? Del Mar? Was it? Probably. Might have been. Sounded like someone he would talk about. How many of these- you do what? Two or three podcasts a week? Sometimes four. Sometimes five on a crazy week. Yeah. Dang. And how much are you in comedy? This week? Four? Four nights a week? By the way, your show killed it when I was out there last time. Oh, thanks brother. Yeah. And all your openers. You had great guys too. President Andrew Jackson- thank you. May 30th, 1806. Future President Andrew Jackson kills a man who accused him of cheating on a horse race bet. And then insulted his wife, Rachel. Wow. I think he had a lot of duels. Oh, he had a lot of duels. Yeah, a few duels, no big deal. More than 100. What? Can you imagine Biden or Trump doing a duel? What? See, I said- What? Not every duel ended in- I remember looking this up. Not every duel ended in someone dying. Click on that. Of course not. They had terrible guns. Their guns were terrible. You could probably- Great duel. That's just insane. That's insane. He was a savage. I think he even had one where he got shot and survived the shooting to end up shooting that guy back. Whoa! Look at our presidents now. We had guys like that and Teddy Roosevelt. And now what? Did you see the video today of Biden? He starts talking about Afghanistan and Pakistan and an Easter bunny comes and takes him away. I'm looking that up after the show. I'll show it to you during the show. It's just the funny part of people that can't admit something's wrong with them. Look at this. Hold on. Go right there. But Jackson didn't settle a score in 140 characters or less. He challenged his foes to duels more than 100 of them. One opponent even died. So he only killed one guy. But that was a guy who insulted his wife. However, for the most part, people would stand and fire their gun in the air, purposefully miss their opponent, making the duel more about a test of courage when one's honor was at stake or their reputation was threatened. Oh, that's interesting. If you backed down and you were a dry pussy. But you don't shoot at each other. Like you make a deal. Like, I'm not going to shoot you. I barely missed. Maybe that's what you were hoping. Yeah, that's a fucking- That's quite a risk-a-take. That's a big risk. Hope Joe doesn't shoot me in her duel. Yeah, I insulted Rachel. What does it say there again? Scroll up. It says, not every time Jackson lost his cool with a gun in his hand is documented. But here are four that helped him- helped give him his reputation as a rage-filled lunatic and a few that left his body rattling like a bag of marbles. Oh, so he had like- that was the thing. If you got shot back then, the velocity of those little muskets, that is not like getting shot today. I don't think those things are going that fast. You're probably less likely to die. You might be able to catch one. And this is the guy they selected as president. So things have always been crazy apparently. Yeah, that's a wild dude. With his pistols. But back then, I feel like gun fights are probably pretty normal, you know? Yeah, someone insults you and I go shoot it out. And maybe they will become again. So when did that stop? When they would stop, yeah. Probably like the 1900s or early 1900s, maybe World War I, brought everybody together. But if you think of the United States and you go to the 1800s, what do you think of? You think of Wild West, think of gun fights. If you think of New York City, you think of gangs in New York, right? Here's the one I remember reading about this. He had gotten shot close to his heart and still had the wherewithal too. Within a few seconds, Dickinson fired, putting the first bullet in Jackson's chest next to his heart. Jackson put his hand over the wound to staunch the flow of blood, despite smoke and dust billowing from Jackson's coat and his hand touching his chest. Jackson remained standing, puzzling Dickinson. My God, have I missed him? The Dool's Protocol required, stated that, oh, Protocol required, stated that Dickinson to remain in place while Jackson aimed to take his shot. Jackson fired, but the flint hammer stopped half cocked, not counting as a legitimate shot. Jackson aimed again, ever so carefully and fired a second time. This time the shot was good and the bullet hit Dickinson in the chest and he dropped to the ground. Reflecting on the duel, the doctor remarked to Jackson, I don't see how you stayed on your feet after that wound, to which Jackson responded, I would have stood up long enough to kill him if he had put a bullet in my brain. Whoa. It's a hardcore man. That's a president right there. Yeah, right. Things sure have changed. He died later than not. Jackson was not prosecuted for murder and Dickinson would be the only man he ever killed in a duel, something that did not prevent him from becoming president in 1829. He might not have believed the story either too, you know? How that story would not maybe not got around. Right, there's no video. Yeah, it's hard. You got to be accountable to duels today. I already killed someone. He had more than 100 duels. Yeah, 100 duels, like he might be an asshole. Right. How many people is he arguing with to the point where they're pulling guns out? That's a lot, 100. Right. Maybe like two or three, maybe it's them. If it's 100, it's probably you. If he's famous, he probably was getting challenged a lot too, you know? People drunk at a bar. There's that Andrew Jackson. Yeah, with shitty booze too. Imagine how bad their whiskey tasted. Oh. Like look, there's just a group of guys and they're like, fuck, I'll fucking fight them. Yeah, they're probably so bored they'll fight anybody back then. No TV, no internet. Everybody smelled, no soap. Everybody stunk. Everybody has been so gross. Their teeth were rotten out, their fucking heads. Oh my god, you imagine living back then? Everybody must have stunk. Yeah, well things were so bad people would be like, hey, let's just try trucking across to the other part of the country. We have no idea in a wagon. We might get killed by Indians, bears. Yeah, they would fly or rather sail in from across the ocean. Mm-hmm. Not even knowing what's out there. No idea. Probably going to die, but better than staying here.