Sam Tripoli on Operation Highjump: Nazi's, Aliens, and Antarctica


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Sam Tripoli

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Sam Tripoli is stand-up comedian, writer, host of the "Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli" and "Zero with Sam Tripoli" podcasts, and co-host of several others, including "Cash Daddies," "Conspiracy Social Club," and "Broken Simulation."


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Yeah, have you ever looked into Klaus Schwab's like dad? No. Have you ever heard of New Schwabenland? New Schwabenland. You never heard of New Schwabenland? No. Have you ever heard of Operation High Jump? I knew I was going to love this podcast. No, dude, it's crazy. Operation High Jump, what does that mean? Okay, so at one point some people are like, what's going on with Antarctica? Have you heard of this, where they sent Admiral Byrd up? What's going on in Antarctica? Yeah, so the US government's like, something's going on with Antarctica, there's some activity up there, we want to find out what's going on. So they send this cat named Admiral Byrd up to investigate with a giant fleet, like just a fleet to go bang, bro. When was this? I think this was in the, when was Eisenhower in? Was it the 50s? Yeah, it was like right around like... Either around World War II or right after it. And so they sent Admiral Byrd up to go find out, and according to his journal that they found much later, he basically met with UFO's, Nazi UFO's. What? Yes. Nazi UFO's. The Nazi's. The Nazi's had like a flying saucer. Had made a deal basically working with inter... What? I've never heard this. No. It's the greatest story ever, bro. It's the greatest story. So the Nazi's made a deal with the aliens? Yes. Holy shit. For technology, and the deal was they were going to work together, okay? I know this sounds crazy. So basically the aliens go down and Klaus Schwab's dad go down and meet with Eisenhower. It's going to be like we could either do it one way or the other way. We could do it nice or we can do it the wrong way. That's where they say Eisenhower made a deal with these aliens. They could kidnap people and do experiments, but they couldn't just do it anywhere. They had specific places which were our national forest. What? Yeah, dude. You've never heard of this. You're making this sound as if this is like a story that is commonplace. For my people it is. Jamie, count me out here. Have you heard the story? Honestly, brand new. You've never heard of this? You've never heard of Operation High Job, bro? I feel like I've heard of that, but I haven't, not in this context. This sounds amazing. Please keep going. And this is where the missing 411 come from. The missing information? What missing information? No, the missing 411. What do you mean by that? Which is all these people have mysteriously disappeared in force, and they don't know how. We're not talking about the missing 411 information. No, no, no. So missing 411 is the number of people that have been abducted? Yeah, and it's all really weird because they all have a lot of similar characteristics. German born, like German background, excuse me, highly intelligent. I don't know how weird you want to get, bro. I want to get weird. Okay, bro. They think like this might be some time traveling Nazi shit, bro. I know you're going to think I'm crazy, but it's true, dude. That's what they believe, and they made a deal. Who are these day folk? Who, who? When you say they believe, who are these they- The conspiracy people. Are they united on- No, there's a whole different, there's a lot of warring clans, bro. There's a lot of warring clans, dude. But that one is- How deep do you want to go? What is interesting is how advanced the engineering of the Germans was. It's really interesting. When you think about car manufacturers like Audi and Volkswagen, Mercedes, it's all out of BMW. Didn't BMW make engines for Nazi fighter pilots? I think that's what they first started off doing. What they all did. I think that's what BMW did, right? Yeah, 100%. And then we were- And Audi made Hitler a car. Hitler had a race car. That was never part of their marketing plan, though. That would have been a crazy campaign. What does it say there? It's a 1939 BMW 801D piston. Piston radial aircraft engine and national origin is Germany. So in- World War II planes. That year they made World War II planes. They made engines for World War II planes. So that's why, old man. I mean IBM was making stuff for these camps, too, dude. It's crazy. IBM? Yeah. I've never done that before. Yeah. Right. What was that? There's a book. What did they do? They were making- It was the precursor to actual computers. It was like a filing system to keep track of stuff. Yeah, of who was where and what into these camps. Oh, that's right. I'm remembering this. Oh, yeah, man. It gets super weird. It's all that. But the place- It wasn't called IBM, right? Was it called something else? I think it was IBM. I think it was IBM. Yeah, the book is called IBM and the Holocaust, the strategic alliance between Nazi Germany and America. I mean, you ain't fucking around with that title, huh? That title is rough. Yeah. You're straight to the point. You gotta be like, fuck, did we do that? Did we really do this? The strategic alliance between Nazi Germany and America's most powerful corporation expanded. Interesting. So the area of Antarctica they went to was New Schwabenland. New Schwabenland. Do you think that's why he dresses with the Space House? 100%. Yeah. Yeah, dah, dah, dah. So they're all in contact with the aliens. I think, well, dude, I mean, it gets in the ... A lot of people think this is about power and money. What do you think it's about? It's spiritual war, dude. These people got all the money and all the power. They got more than they could ever want. I think they want complete control. But that gets in the spirituality, not just complete control, but lowering your vibration and jacking your luch. Your spirit energy. Do you think they're doing that consciously, or do you think they're doing it ... They're chasing the economics and along the way it actually becomes a spiritual battle, because everything is a spiritual battle? I think it's done purposely. I think they're evil. I think there's low frequency stuff going on, and they've made deals with people and things, and that's why I think it's going on. That was very ambiguous, but I understand where you're going with it. I mean, if you want me, I just don't want to get too weird too fast, bro. Too fast? I'm like ... We just opened up. We're good. I 100% believe it's spiritual war and that these people are working with dark entities, and that's what this is all about. Let's imagine this. If there was an alien race that came here from another planet and gave just a random group of people technology, gave them an understanding of things and how to do things. How much of a record do you think they would keep of that? Wouldn't that be something that people would want to talk about? That's the beauty of the internet, that we're now able to do that. We could never do that before. You think that's what the story's about? The story's about they went there and they met with aliens, and the aliens gave them information? I mean, Hitler was really into the occult. He would send people all over the place. He had a lot of bad ideas. Yeah, he had a lot of bad ideas. The occult has a negative connotation to it. Not everything involved with the occult is negative. What the occult really means is secret. There's not as much ... That's what the word means? Yeah, it means it's hidden. I always associate it with people that believe in silly shit. When someone starts talking about the occult, I'm always like, How do you feel about ghosts? When people start talking about dark magic, I'm like, for real? You sure? I believe in that there's some energy manipulation, but ... I don't disbelieve. I don't disbelieve. Listen, I don't know what's going on. I just read stuff and I'm like, how does this fit into the puzzle? How does this fit into the jigsaw of life? You start looking around and you just start going, okay, man, this is interesting. That is interesting. This starts to make sense.