Joe Rogan | The Difference Between Marvin Gaye & Eazy-E w/Wiz Khalifa


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Wiz Khalifa

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Wiz Khalifa is a rapper, singer, songwriter and actor. His new documentary "Wiz Khalifa: Behind the Cam" is available now.


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Yeah, man. Do you listen to old stuff? Yeah. Who do you listen to? I like... I do like 90s R&B now. I like funk music. I like Bootsy Collins. All right. I love Jimi Hendrix. He's one of my favorites. I like Curtis Mayfield. Marvin Gaye. Freaking Coolin' the Gang. Fucking... I listen to everything, bro. I like a lot of the older soul music, like the Spinners, Patti LaBelle, you know what I'm saying? But I was raised on everything. My dad listened to Bob Marley. He listened to freaking... Oh, we used to listen to a lot of Sting and the police. Really? I love Sting. He's one of my favorites. Just all the gems, you know what I'm saying? Like the classic shit. You can put on any song, like for real, for real. And I fuck with it because I listen to a lot of different music. And yeah. Oh, yeah. Marvin Gaye, man. Yeah, he's one of my favorites. He was phenomenal, man. Yeah, Marvin Gaye was really good. And his tragic story. That was crazy. His dad shot him. It's so crazy. I dated a girl once. This girl was so nuts. And we were talking about Marvin Gaye. No, no, no. We were talking about Marvin Gaye and I was saying, it's so insane that his dad shot him. And she said, imagine what a piece of shit he had to be for his dad to shoot him. Yeah, right. And I was like, what? I go, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. Why would you assume he's the beast of shit with his dad fucking shot him? If he's a beast of shit, why doesn't his dad just get away from him? If his dad's shooting him, his dad's a beast of shit. But it was amazing. She was like instantly thinking he's a piece of shit. I'm like, I don't get your logic. It's crazy. That's someone with a good dad. That's because she's someone who grew up with a good. She still loved her dad. She was close with her dad. Yeah, so I was like, I don't even know my dad. To me, I'm like, that dad shot him because he was Marvin Gaye. He's probably upset that his son had become Marvin Gaye. Truth. Imagine being Marvin Gaye too. All your songs are like the best music to fuck to. And he didn't have, there was nothing. There was no slide into the DMs. They had to find them physically. But he seemed like kind of like a faithful guy. He seemed like he would find like one chick and just fuck her and write an album about it. That would be a good narrative. I think it's hard for those dudes. If they're singing about fucking all the time, it's coming their way. But they usually just want to fuck one girl like that. Those love songs, yeah, exactly. When the music's dark, like easy easy, you know what I mean? He's fucking mad, bitches. He wasn't talking about like, like just one. He wasn't on his Marvin Gaye shit. That was what I remember. Because he said sexual healing, you know what I mean? When you get that feeling he needs sexual healing. The shit made him feel better when he was with her. That's a big difference between the NWA's first album. Big difference in the message. Sexual healing. There's some shit from like the early gangster rap days you listen to today. You're like, whoa. Yeah, yeah. Like this is crazy stuff. I remember it at the time when it was first coming out. And no one knew what, like no one could understand. There was no music like this before. And then all of a sudden you have iced tea. Yeah, that was before they even had the freaking parental advisory on there. They made that because like, there's like, yo, parents, make sure y'all check this out before your kids get it. It was Al Gore's wife. It was Tipper Gore. She was the one who was leading the charge against, I think it was her. Make sure I'm right about that. I'm not mad at that. That made rap music better. You think so? Hell yeah. It's like made it more dangerous. Oh, but put the extreme down. They were trying to like a rated R movie. They were trying to ban some stuff though. They were trying to ban certain kinds of music. Like Luke. Oh damn, well that was Florida. Florida is crazy. Don't fuck around in Florida. If they catch you in Florida, they arrest people for anything. You can get arrested for obscenity in Florida. Yeah, I'm straight. I'm good. I'm not going to Florida. Florida was a... Well, I go, but I'm not going crazy in Florida. Yeah, Briar County, yeah. Just don't get arrested for swearing. Yeah. You know what I mean? That's what they got two live crew for, right? Yeah. Explicit lyrics. Yeah. Fuck. I'm good on all that. People forget about that, right? Yeah. Yeah, guys were like the Lenny Bruce of rap. Right. Like Lenny Bruce is a guy who got arrested a bunch of times for stand up comedy because he wouldn't change his words and his swearing on stage. Yeah. Brought in from the court. That was two live crew in a lot of ways. Imagine going to jail for like... For rap. Yeah. That's crazy. It's crazy. For saying something. For saying something. Somebody doesn't like it so they want to put you in a cage. Wow. Because they don't like how you're saying. Wow. They don't like what you're saying. They don't like how you're saying it. Like, could you arrest someone if they just said that somewhere? What if they're in the comfort of their own house and they said the things that are in that? Mm-hmm. Is that illegal? Yeah. Could you yell it out the window? Yeah. Could I drive down the road yelling it out the window? Right. Should be able to. It should be able to. Who the fuck are you, man? Who the fuck are you to tell people they can't do that? But then Florida, they're like, nope, obscenity. For rap. Florida's like its own world though. Yeah. Like that's why when shit goes down it's like, all right, and then there's Florida. Yeah. Yeah.