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Neil Degrasse Tyson

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, and host of "StarTalk Radio." His newest book, "Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization," is available now.


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Religion in many ways gives you answers right now. Yeah without the need to sort of Research it or to go on the frontier the lack of education and the lack of The lack of curiosity about it is one of the scariest things about new generations of kids Right like when the new generations are coming up if they know less than the generation before that's when we really start to freak out That would be a problem. Although I have good confidence in the 30 and under Gen that is that millennial I how will you have to be I think Millennials have only ever known the internet and devices so what would the Recent but my son is a millennial and he's like My kids are millennial so they're 20 ish so not 30 is a little old. So 25 and under I think are the Millennials. Yeah, but 30 when they were 10 the internet was around I know but they need a different marketing term so you can market to them differently So to me I would put them in the same bin just as you were thinking there But but they they have a different relationship to science and technology Of course, they're not they don't fear the science or the technology They embrace it because it has shaped the civilization that has enabled their social life It has but through this like one of the things that I tweeted. I think it was from Scientific American yesterday Maybe it was yesterday that It's a little bit misleading, but one of the things they said is only 64% of Millennials Have a strong belief these things these coasters are terrible. They look great But then things stick to the how is it made of metal? Okay a metal coaster Yeah, see what the hell is that sticks? Yeah, that's the issue Sticks when it gets moisture You know about this we flip this over and you tip it over and then it what I've done that You never did that what yeah, it'll stay yeah, because the pressure yeah the air pressure on me. Yeah, okay, but Don't do it Okay 64% of what of Millennials are not or only 64% are convinced the world is a ball The world is a circle that lorals us. What is it a spheroid? So what it's called oblique I'd like to see how that question would ask Because if they know that we are oblate and the thing is asking is earth a ball They'll say no We're an oblique ball We're slightly wider below the equator than a then at the equator so we're a pair shaped oblate spirit But it's not a pair that you would find normally if you found that pair you'd be like this fucking pair that shaped like a ball so the These distinction these differences and measurements are so small that if you found it on the ground You would say this is a perfect sphere right let me tell you how how good a sphere it is right all right You ever see the the schoolroom globes the geographic globes, and you rub your finger over Nepal, and you get the Himalayas yeah, yeah, and you get the Rockies oh That is a gross exaggeration of reality yes Do you realize if you took earth? With all of its mountains valleys and hills and right and shrunk it down to the size of a cue ball It would be smoother than any cue ball ever machined Yes Yes Think about it. What think think about this Joe really Joe Joe chill listen to me. You ready, okay? Do you know the deepest part of Earth's crust? No, the Marianas trench off the coast of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. That's the deepest part deepest Why it goes six miles down? Okay, okay, so Okay, without thinking of the depth sorry crust no no just access to The deepest part of Earth's crust the lowest point on Earth's surface the Marianas trench right off the coast of the Philippines the highest point on Earth's surface the tip of K1 K2 K1 or K2 is it Japan? I think it's K1. Well. Why would you name the tallest? Peak K2. It's a good point. I'm just right. I'm not a mountain climber, but I'm just thinking where is K1 okay? It's the Himalayan Mountains okay in Nepal Okay, isn't it in Nepal? I think it is yeah, yeah, okay, so now let's say how high up is that was 28,000 feet? So it's like five miles up Okay, right the distance between the lowest point on Earth's surface and the highest point on Earth's surface is 11 miles That's here to the comedy store that is less than the length of Manhattan Yet we are 8,000 miles in diameter and Those two points are very far separated from one another If you are a cosmic giant and you came up to Earth, and you rubbed your finger over Earth's surface It would feel as smooth as a cue ball to you Wow in fact in this in this book. I have a whole chapter called on being round Which is all about this It's all about our perception of what is round and what is not I had asked you to debate Want them flat earth guys no, I don't I can't I know I know we talked about it And we're gonna have them on Skype no what we do is and I think this is a diabolical plot So that the next time we can ship people en masse into orbit They all want to be the first in line because they know we're gonna send them so that they can see the round earth They're gonna be the first ones in space Just so they can stop annoying the rest You're correct, but I do have people that have met that don't believe because they the problem with YouTube videos is It's a problem with a lot of things but one of the things about being unchecked why you're Discussing things is you can say things you can use big words you can sound articulate and smooth And you can do it in a very professional looking manner or do it passionately yes passionately convincingly Arismatically and you you're unchecked, but if you did that in front of an expert and you Showed them that along the way they go stop. That's not true stop. That's not what works right? Let me show you why this is incorrect Let me show you how you could prove that this is incorrect show you objective truths But this is not happening that render your argument in value So people don't have any education and then they watch one of these YouTube clips They start actually believing that this stuff makes sense because it's unchecked, and I would say it's not about whether they've had education It's about whether the education they had teaches them skepticism of information and teaches them how to inquire you realize it's just as intellectually lazy to Believe everything you see as it is to deny everything you see Yes, why should someone? Know automatically that earth isn't flat yet. I tell them in the next breath that the entire universe was once as small as a marble right Both of those sound equally preposterous Except one has evidence to back it and the other does not and very strong Scientific theoretical and experimental underpinnings, so when you are trained to inquire You don't either believe everything outright or reject everything outright. You're trained to ask questions You're trained to probe deeper than the layer of information that comes to you. That's what should be taught in school And it's not They give you a book and say learn this yeah, and you'll get tested on it, and then when you're done learn this Well, it's an also there's a problem with being inexorably connected to your first belief To you when you have an idea and it's in your head It's very difficult for people to shake that idea and they start arguing that idea that idea becomes a part of their identity and they dig Their heels in deeper. Yes an opposing view is presented because they connect themselves to these ideas right? It's it is who they are right right and so I I try not to base my character profile on Something that is not yet verified as objective truth. That's a very good thing to do It's one of the reasons why I don't have tattoos on my body Go on stretching my face go on one of the reasons is There's nothing I am so sure about That I want to put it indelibly on my skin. No no that's not let me say differently. There's nothing I value in my mind body and soul so much in this moment that I want to Indelibly etch it on my skin because I want to leave room For me to have a possibly more enlightening thought later