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Henry Cejudo is a former UFC flyweight champion and UFC bantamweight champion.


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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan

Joe talks DMT

Joe ''your brain produces DMT during REM sleep'' Rogan


JRE MMA Show #97 with Henry Cejudo


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That's sage. What you got here? You smoking this show? No bro, no, you light it up to kill the demons in the room. This Native American lady gave me this. She came in to talk to us about, I got in this long kick of reading about Native American history. They actually, a lot of them referred themselves as American Indians. And then this lady came in and educated me on a lot of the issues and brought me some sage to clear out all the bad spirits. Yeah, no, I believe in a lot of these rituals. Actually not too long ago, I was actually with Uncle Mike. Yeah, he told me that. With Mike Tyson and... Just getting rid of demons right now. Demons be gone. Don't start shaking back there man. No, we'll be alright. Jamie's no demon. You never know. Yeah, but I was able to, cause you know, as you know Mike has always talked about the toad. Yes. I believe you've done the toad too. Yeah, what the toad is, what you're referring to is five methoxy dimethyltryptamine that's excreted by the toad's skin. They take this type of toad, I forgot the name of the toad, but they get it excited and excrete this stuff from its skin onto glass. And then they leave that glass out in the sun and it dries, that excretion dries, and then you scrape it up with a razor blade and then you smoke that stuff. Or you could just get a synthetic version of it. Colorado River toad, that's what it is. Sonoran Desert toad. Yeah, Sonoran. Yeah, and you can find the center of the universe through the excretions of this toad's body. Oh my god, it's a trip. Yo, it's a trip. So anyways. Have you done anything before this? Before you did this, have you had any experiences with psychedelics? Yeah, I've done mushrooms and obviously I smoke, which I don't know where all the Mary Jane is, but- It's right here, bro. You want some? Come on, you're retired. Yeah, why not, man? Come on, Jeff Novitski. Please, no, I don't know. Novitski actually wanted everybody to be able to. He's one of the first guys to say it's nonsense. It's not a performance enhancer. Although with Nick Diaz, I think it might be. I think with Nick Diaz, it might actually be a performance enhancer. I really think so, man. When he fought Gomi, they said he had to have gotten high. He had so much weed in his system when they tested him that he had to have gotten high right before the fight. Yeah. Light that up, Joe. You puff, puff, pass or? Of course. So I'm going to share my story with you, Joe, and I want you to share yours with me. Okay. What type of leaf is this? Well, that's tobacco on the outside, so it's a blunt. And then the inside, it's the weed. I get this from Speedweed. Shout out to my man, Gino. Gino, Jack Kyle. Anyway, so check this out. You imagine doing the toe with somebody like Mike? I get high with Mike and I got nervous. Just when I'm nervous, when I meet him, he was one of my heroes. When I was a kid, Mike Tyson was the fucking man. I mean, in a way that it's hard for people to convey today to understand what a cultural figure Mike Tyson was in like 1986. It's hard to convey. No one's going to understand. Youngest ever heavyweight champion. Knocks out Trevor Burbank when he's 20 years old. Oh, the same guy that beat Ali, right? Trevor Burbank beat Ali late in his career when it was real sad. It was a real sad fight. It was a real sad fight. But it's touching. Remember when Ali went in the ring and gave Mike a little pep talk? Yeah. And then Mike went out there and knocked that dude out in the first round. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, Muhammad Ali's like, fuck this dude out for me, will you? Yeah. But anyways, to get back to that, Joe, so I've actually been shadowing Mike for the last... I'm good friends with his manager, Rob Hickman. And just the stuff that they're doing at Tyson Ranch, man, is pretty cool. Yeah, it's really cool, right? They're bringing medicine to the world. So Mike, I've been on this part because he's always talked about the toad. I was like, all right, so I became good friends with... I call him Uncle Mike, man, because he scolds me a lot. Every time he sees me, he'll compliment me, but then he'll scold me at the same time. So he always talked about the toad. I'm just like, well, let's do it then, Mike. Let's do it, Uncle Mike. So he's like, man, dude, you sure you want? I'm like, yeah, man, you've been talking about her for a minute. So we go out, we go on this... They have this whole real nice settlement with rituals and whatnot. We go out to Antigua, which is an island off the Caribbean. We have... I forget what they're called, the person that... Shaman? Yeah, Shaman, I'm sorry. And he's out there and Mike goes first. So imagine this, Mike Tyson does it. Mike Tyson, he's doing it. He's going a bit crazy, man, because a lot of what that does is it brings out a lot of your... As you say, you open up the stage, a lot of your demons. A lot of things that you've probably been holding onto for a minute. So I'm seeing Mike over here twist and turning and kind of talk about a lot of... I don't want to share that stuff, but talk about a lot of his past, man. That's me, as you said, he's an idol, he's a legend. That's the way I look at Mike, too. I'm over here, I'm almost like tripping out, but at the same time intrigued. So then I go up and I do it. And man, it took me to... Especially out of retirement here, man. I almost somewhat wanted answers. I was hoping that it would give me, okay, man, this is the path and whatnot. And it took me to... It took me to my mom's... Your mom's first love, man. And it showed me in a story, almost like in a movie, how I was born, how my mom had me, how by the time I was eight years old, I had my sister, so it was no longer the youngest, how my mom... And in all fairness, somewhat pushed to the side, leaving home at the age of 17 and substituting my mom's love for self-fulfillment, wrestling, mixed martial arts. And it brought me back to a little kid when I was maybe four or five when I would cry to my mom, because I remember as a kid, we would go from LA to New Mexico, like in Greyhounds. I remember stopping at McDonald's and things like that. And it was like, to me, as a kid, you don't know you're poor. But what that did is that brought me back to the person that created me. That brought me back to my mom's love, man. So it resurrected something in me. And I was crying, I was asking for forgiveness. I was speaking in Spanish. I'm like, Perdona, man, like, mom, forgive me. It was something scary in some ways because it takes you out of your body. It's almost like you're in Judgment Day and you're the one that's being convicted and you're the judge, too. And it's telling you, but it's giving you this certain peace. It's like you're so dead that you're alive. It's a trip, Joe. I don't know which ones you had, but this is what I can share, what I can experience. Like it was cool, man, because I was able to do it with special people. I did it with Kelvin. Like we all did. It was already formally planned. And then my brother back there, my mentor, probably pissed at me because they look out for me a lot. But man, it was something that, you know, as an adult, you know, you have the rights to make these decisions and share if it's good. And I feel like the toad was probably one of the best things that's happened to me. Like honestly, because it makes you realize and reflect on what truly matters. I think there's a fear of it just because it's illegal. I really think that's it. And it should be respected. It's very dangerous in that sense that it could not not that it could do harm to you physically. It's not going to do harm to you physically. Your body has it in it. Your body knows what to do with it. It's one of the reasons why it's such a quick trip. Your body knows how to bring that stuff back to baseline very quickly. That's why it's only like a 15 minute trip. But it's not it's not bad for you all the time. I think it's like many it's a really powerful thing that it's got to be respected. It could fuck you up if you're not ready. If you have some distorted versions of the world that you're operating under. For me one of the things that made me feel like right away one of the first things was realizing how much of like the way I talk about things is like calculated. I was like I was trying to figure out like I would say things in a way that I wanted people to say. Oh he phrased that cool. I would try hard to impress people with the way I was saying things. And I was realizing that as I was trying to describe the trip after it was over. I was like that's interesting. So that probably leads to a disconnect between me and someone who's listening. Because it's not 100% what's going on in my head. It's at least a little bit showmanship and bullshit. And it made me realize it in that moment. Like I think it probably made me a better everything. Probably made me a better comedian. Probably made me a better podcast. Also it's been a minute. When did you do this for the first time? The first time I did it was early 2000s. So I guess we're looking at like 2002-ish somewhere around then. That was like the first time I did it. Last time I did it was about two years ago. But the last time I did it I did the other con. The NN dimethyl trip. Actually maybe a little less than two years ago. Little less than two years ago. It was NN dimethyl trip to me. That's the different version. That's the version of it that's in ayahuasca. That's the version of it. There's a bunch of different snuffs and different ways that people try to get that stuff into their system. But smoking it is the quickest. Smoking it gets you vaporize it and it gets you right to the center of the universe immediately. And all those things. I think man, one of the cool things about life, like what you're talking about in your journey, your journey as a man, your journey as a champion, your journey to become better and to show what you're capable of. All of this is because no one gets it right. You don't just get it right. You fuck it up and you try to do better and you fail and then you figure out what went wrong and you just constantly analyze whatever you're doing and obsess on it and you can become better at that thing and through that you can understand that you can be better at anything. And I think when you, any kind of psychedelic where you have an opportunity to look at yourself, just really look at yourself accurately, you're not going to like it. But it's going to give you great benefit because it's going to give you, you're going to be able to see yourself honestly and see whatever those flaws. Don't get mad that you have all these flaws. Just fix them. Just fix them. Do your best to fix them and you're not going to get it right because ego is still going to come creeping back in your life and ego is still going to hold onto your legs and drag you down while you're trying to run. You know, that's what it is. Ego is like hanging on your ankles while you're trying to run like, come on, stay the same. But you can't stay the same and get better. The way you get better is to relax and to realize that, you know, all your fuck ups, all the fails, all that, that's not you. Just because you lost a match doesn't mean you're a loser. You just lost. Like you should be happy that you got this opportunity to feel terrible because through that opportunity to feel terrible, that's where all the growth comes from. If you can survive it, some people can't survive it, right? You all know, we all know those guys that were really good in the gym and they had like one or two matches or one or two fights and they just couldn't handle the pressure for whatever reason. They couldn't handle the things that went wrong and they just didn't want to do it anymore. But they could have been like a world beater. You know, everyone knows that guy. Yeah. Right? And what is wrong with that guy? Well, that guy's got one aspect of your two part thing that you were talking about, heart inability, right? He's got one aspect. He's got the ability. But he's got a missing part and he doesn't want to look at it because if he wanted to look at it, he would concentrate entirely on that and he would get better at that. But it's hard. Yeah. It's hard to look at yourself. Psychedelics let you look at yourself like, hey, stupid, look at you. Remember the last time I did DMT, there was a string of jokers, like jesters with the bells on, dancing in front of me going like this, fuck you, just openly mocking me. I was like, oh, that must be what I need. I must need that. I'm like, that's good. That's good to see. Yeah, it's definitely an ego check, man. Big time. Dusolves it. Man, like with Mike, he loves it, dude. He owes it to the to the toad. You know what I'm saying? That said that he said that's a big reason why he's changed his life. You know, Mike wasn't doing so well until he tried this. And he talks about it all the time on his podcast. It gives you an opportunity to shift. It's hailed drug addicts. I mean, drug addicts have gone from doing all kinds of crazy where they tried the toad and they completely just left everything. Guys that they left almost like a dead man walking to, hey, he's alive again. He's here with us.