Does Joe Rogan Think the DMT Elves Are Real?


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Michael Malice is a cultural commentator, host of the PodcastOne podcast "YOUR WELCOME," and author of several books, including "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il," and "The Anarchist Handbook." His newest, "The White Pill: A Tale of Good & Evil," is available now.


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If life wasn't real it'd be the craziest psychedelic trip ever - Joe Rogan

Joe talks DMT

Joe ''your brain produces DMT during REM sleep'' Rogan


You want to talk about little people? Do you want to talk about the elves? The elves? Which ones? The machine elves Oh, okay Because I want to talk to you about it because I've been doing some research about this Research? Yeah What kind of research? Taking drugs? I would never take drugs Oh Drugs? You know, if someone's on drugs they say what's wrong with him, is he on drugs? Right Is he a drug addict? You would never want to do that Only crazy people do drugs So do you think you've done more to popularize DMT than anybody else? Do you think that these elves are real? I don't know if real is the right word The question is, we look at consciousness and we look at like an intelligent entity As being in a physical carbon-based form that's in front of you That you can shake hands with or give a hug to Right When you experience what happens when you take dimethyltryptamine You throw all that out the window because the environment itself is not It's not defined It's fluid, meaning that it's changing constantly But yet it seems far more vivid and far more real Than this life right now And there are these things that are there And they communicate with you And they seem to be really communicating with you And they seem to also know you, know all of your bullshit And be able to see right through you Yes But they don't seem to be you They seem to be something else Right That's all we know Right, but I'm asking you what you think But that's all I think That's all we know There's no, you can't, like you could say that's a well of souls That's what happens when you die That's the afterlife That's a parallel dimension These are aliens It's how they can communicate with us They're non-physical life forms that exist in these realms of light We don't know It's just, you're just guessing, right? Well, I've been talking to people And I've been told the theory that we are 3D beings But they're 4D beings So that we're 3D projections of 4D beings So when you're taking, you're breaking the veil You are perceiving the 4D space Maybe But that's all you could ever say It's really just a maybe You know, when people say, I know what that is I am communicating with the afterlife Or I know what that is These are the real aliens This is what happens when you're sleeping And people have these alien abduction experiences What they really are having is an endogenous DMT dump Because your brain does produce DMT But new research is showing that it's not just the brain that produces DMT They used to think it was the pineal gland But now they think literally the whole brain is producing it And the liver and the lungs So it's part of the human body It's something that the human body makes They've been able to isolate it in specific organs But they think this really bizarre, super potent psychedelic compound is everywhere And they also think it's responsible for dreaming They think there's an amount of it that comes out while you're sleeping While you're in heavy REM sleep This is speculative But the thing is there's parallels One of the parallels to the psychedelic states and dreams Is that they're very difficult to recall You wake up and it's the most vivid You come out of the experience It's the most vivid thing that you've ever experienced in your life And then moments later you're like, I don't remember what happened It's just like a dream So you've never had Because everyone who takes the talks about the spirit molecule How much it affects their understanding of reality So on and so forth You've never had lingering effects from the DMT experience cross over into meet space You mean like tripping for no reason? Or just seeing The way I've been told is that like if you're on a highway, right? And there's all these billboards You don't notice what those billboards are, right? But let's suppose you're on a highway in another country And you don't understand what those billboards are if you want If you want to because they're another language After you take it You are able to see those signs and perceive them and read them So that things in real life that you would previously been oblivious to You now pick up on connections that you previously couldn't Well, I guess you could say that anytime you have a paradigm shifting moment in your life Where you could have this from just from a near-death experience or the loss of a loved one Where you're forced to reevaluate everything and look at things through fresh fresh eyes That anything like that is going to force you anything. That's just so Titanically bizarre and ultimately incredibly different than your average day on this earth This thing that changes you It's going to force you to take things in I would look at it that way more than I would look at it Like all of a sudden you can like see these billboards in another country and recognize these patterns You're just probably just being more aware. Marijuana does that for me more than anything Okay You know, especially edible marijuana. Edible marijuana for me is like one of the most reality highlighting experiences Because it makes me think about the buildings like this is I just take these fucking things for granted Yeah, yeah There's a 64 story thing in front of me and there's these human catacombs and people are shitting into these tubes And they go down through the water and it's there's pipes everywhere with human shit And then there's electricity pumping through everything and everyone's got a tv or a playstation running and We're all just juiced into this machine and yeah the matrix. Yeah, listen I think of people as human batteries all the time. I really do. I think of people as as consuming Currency producing batteries like that's what we do. We're consuming things taking things in and then we're also Through our work all day long So many people just doing something they hate to do just to create currency And then to add to the system and to purchase more things and they just see them sitting in front of the machine Sitting in front of the machine then they go home sitting in front of the tv sitting in front of the screen on their car And we're just we're constantly in this state of of consuming and producing consuming and producing And then adding to this weird Techno society that we live in. Okay, let me that's all from weed. Okay, but let me ask you another question Let's suppose I drew in a piece of paper. I drew you And I drew me and I drew a house, right? And I said what is what correspond to and you'd point to that you say that's me and you point to that you say That's malice that house has no correspondence in 3d space. It's a theoretical house, right? Okay What if some of these people that you're talking about don't exist in the 4d space? What if they are 3d representations that don't have a representation to 4d space just like that 2d house? I just drew doesn't really exist Okay, so what if they're like What what is that? Npc. Yeah, what if they literally don't have a higher higher form of existence? Isn't that like your ego fucking with you though? Well, that's what i'm asking you because apparently when people do a lot of dmt they they see things like this. Oh, do they? Yeah, that's what i've heard. Hmm. Yeah, I wonder I've met people that see things on dmt that were very ego driven Like uh, I knew a guy who had a crazy dmt trip and he felt like he had a team That was working for him in this other dimension And they were all about him and they're helping him and they're all together with him And that like, you know his life he has destiny in his life and he has to fulfill his destiny and they're working To fulfill his I'm like, this is like some weird Ego driven idea of what's happening in this space that he's like sort of he's forcing whatever that experience was to fit this mold of what he thinks of himself and by the way Wasn't very accomplished at the time, right? So think of thinks of this as like it's you know delusions of grandeur, right? Yes, I know well. Yeah But this is I think a kind of uh Some sort of a reconciliation of that like he's sort of Trying to figure out Why it's not happening the way he wants it to happen and what is what is wrong but yet also Tripping and seeing these entities and and saying oh they're all with me. They're gonna help me They're they're working with me on all of my plans and this is this is all my team and another life It was very strange. So I never felt like that at all. I've I felt every time i've done it It's like here's all your bullshit. Oh, yeah, look at you loser Like it like it's highlighted It's never like you're so great and we're so honored to be talking to you joe rog and it's like dude get over yourself No, you ain't shit. Yeah, but I thought that there That's there are some people who basically become chiropractors in reality So if he's like you're gonna help me achieve my goals and you're behind me, that's nonsense But if he's there to help them achieve their goals, that's a whole very different perspective Yeah, sure So like that kind of thing where like just awesome things happen to you not what you would want But you're basically an agent of bringing about positivity and kindness in the world. Hmm. Yeah. Well, I think The more you can do good things, right the more you can be an agent of kindness and positivity The the more you're going to literally spread out the fingers and branches of love, right? And if you do do that, and then you do have psychedelic experiences, I would imagine If you've made a positive shift like that Your your experience would be much more positive when you go into that dimension, right? 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