Bill Maher Responds to Kyle Dunnigan’s Impression


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Bill Maher

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Bill Maher is a comedian, political commentator, the host of HBO's "Real Time with Maher" and his own podcast, "Club Random." Catch him in residency at the David Copperfield Theatre at MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 15 and 16 and November 3 and


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Do you have to get out of here because I said you got two hours. I do because it's like a work night for me. All right, well wrap this bad boy up. Tell people when is it, when's the new season air? Friday. This Friday? Yeah, the 17th of January. Same bat time, same bat channel, HBO at 10 Eastern. And I guess you can figure out the other time zones from that. And we're going to go back at it again. Plenty to talk about. Plenty to talk about, always. See? Congratulations, by the way, on making this such a big stop and such an iconic place. You did good. Thank you. Thank you. I don't know what the fuck happened. Just stumbled into it. Will you do my show? Sure. Okay, I asked you before and you were very squirrely about it. There's so many people, they're all talking over each other for sound bites. You know, I heard you say that once when you were laughing at some guy doing a terrible impression of me. And it's a very... Kyle Kalinsky, he does a great impression of you. I didn't know who he was. Have you ever seen the Face Swap version that he does of you on Instagram? No. Oh, find that before we leave. What's that? That's a Kalinsky? Sorry, Kyle. We don't have to look at this. It's amazing. To you it was amazing. I don't manage. But people have done me and I can laugh at it. It's not that I... But he's your face. He's got your face and he's doing an impression of you. You've never seen this? I did not. I saw what... Anyway, the point... Doesn't matter. Yeah, it doesn't matter. The point was... what was the point? The point was there's not too many people talking over each other on your show. Correct. It feels like it is to me. It's very difficult to have a conversation when there's so many different people talking. That's such a fundamental criticism of my show. It's not your show. It's just that format. That's the size of the group of people. I think you're thinking of politically incorrect was that way. No, I'm thinking of your show right now. Well, I'm there every week. Okay. I trust you. And I monitor it pretty closely. Of course when you have a panel, which we do, there can be those moments, but we don't book that kind of person and that kind of show. It's not the old let's get them fighting thing. We don't want that. And honestly, the number of times when people have been shouting over each other and you can't hear them is very little. It's not even that they're shouting over each other. It's that if you have a point and you want to talk about something, you got to let it roll around the side of your head. But you would be the mid-show guest to my left and it would be a one-on-one. You know, I do a one-on-one twice in the show. Have you seen the show? Yes. Okay. In the middle of the show, I bring out more of a celebrity usually to my left. I watched the one where Sam Harris started going at it with Ben Affleck because of that. Sam was your one-on-one. That's right. Okay. Well, that's, you know, you picked the one example where somebody, that's what you were talking about. I think he's seen one show. No, I've seen several. I saw the one with Milo. I've seen Jordan Peterson. I've seen many, many shows. We've done over 500. When Hitchens went after- I just thought the baby got glad we- I don't demand that anyone be a fan. I just like honesty. One of my favorite ones was when Christopher Hitchens went after most deaf. Well, he's been dead for like 10 years. I watched that too. You were establishing- your knowledge of this show is very limited. So I- I've watched a bunch of episodes. I hope you- you don't have to watch any. I don't need you. But I have. I have lots of fans. I'm not saying- I don't need one more. What I'm saying is I'd like you to do it because I think you'd be good and I like listening to you and you'd be to my left one-on-one. There would be nobody shouting over you because they wouldn't be involved. Okay. So you wouldn't have that problem. So will you do it? Yes. Great. Alright. Talk me into it. Shit. And then-