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Now what can be done? Like what can the average person do? I see people walking around with masks on, wearing gloves. Is that nonsense? Largely, yes. Yeah. First of all, let's step back. The primary mechanism for transmission is just the respiratory route. It's just breathing. In studies in Germany, which just have been published literally in the last 24 hours, they actually followed a group of people who had been exposed to somebody at automobile manufacturing plant. And then they had nine people that, with this exposure, said if you have any symptoms at all, contact us. We want to follow up. And they all agreed. Well, they got infected. And so in the very first hours, just feeling bad, sore throat, they went in and sampled the throats, their saliva, their nose for virus. They did blood. They did stool. They did urine. And they found that at that very moment when they first got sick, they had incredibly high levels of virus. Sometimes 10,000 times that we saw with SARS in their throats, meaning they were infectious at that point already. And they hadn't even had symptoms yet of really any nature. They weren't coughing yet. And that's where we're concerned because that's the kind of transmission it's... I always have said, trying to stop the influenza virus transmission, like trying to stop the wind. We've never had anything successfully do that other than vaccine. And we don't have a vaccine here. So what's happening is that people in public spaces are getting infected. And the way you need to address that is, unfortunately, if you're older, older than 55, you have some underlying health problems, which unfortunately a lot of Americans do. We have obesity. Then right now you don't want to be in large public spaces trying to potentially get infected. So you can take care of that part. As far as what can public health do, we can talk about this. We're not going to have a vaccine anytime soon. That's happy talk. We can close schools. One of the big challenges we have right now, if we close schools, what do we accomplish? An influenza virus. We close schools during outbreaks because it turns out kids are getting infected in school and they're like little virus reactors. They come home and they transmit it to mom and dad and brothers and sisters. And so we close schools sometimes. Christmas breaks are always great for kind of putting the dampening effect on flu. In this case, kids are not getting sick very often at all, which is one of the really good news features of this disease. China, only 2.1% of the cases are under 19 years of age. Why is that? We don't completely know. And I'm going to come back in a second because they're getting infected, it turns out. One study showed that they still get infected with the virus, but they don't get sick. And we have that happen. There's a disease called infectious hepatitis, hepatitis A, where we have outbreaks in daycares. And the way we know we have an outbreak is because it's transmitted through the stool, fecal, oral. His mom and dad and the daycare providers all get sick. And the kids, those symptoms, we go in and test the kids, they're all positive. So some diseases will manifest, might primarily when you're an adult, but not as a child. This one appears to be the same. So do we close schools or not? If we're not really spreading the disease, because it turns out that if we close schools, a recent study done showed that 38% of nurses today in this country who are working in the medical care area have kids in school. And if suddenly we're closing schools for two or three months, who's going to take care of those kids? Yeah, not even 10 years, nine years. So I actually started MMA training to keep fit by Los Pangbroke Beleek. So that was when I was 214 pounds. So that's something that obviously when I'm fighting and you say 240 and it'll slow you're getting up better. Your language, you guys have that Australian language. You say things different. 214? Yeah, exactly. Something like 240. Yeah, exactly. So it's out. 214. That makes more sense, but still, it's a ridiculous amount of weight. It's still 100%. It's still 5'6 on a good day. Give me a good stretch out, do some yoga sessions. I might make 5'6, but you know what I mean? It's just, yeah, I was a lot bigger and I wanted to stay fit in between the season, pre-season. So that's where I went and started and just loved it ever since. So that was about, again, nine years ago. So in Haldeneau? 31. Look at you, you fucking gorilla. Oh, yeah, there you go. See? Look at the size of you. Jesus Christ. You're 31. Look at that head. You were in your early, early 20s and no martial arts training at all before that? I wrestled. So I wrestled before I even done rugby league. I wrestled for about probably a year. I can't even remember. Honestly, I've done it for about a year and I've done pretty good. It was something that I was actually pretty good at, but I wanted to play football with my mates and I got over wearing the tights, wrestling and stuff like that. So it was just something that I ended up just playing football with my mates. So I sort of gave it up and I was actually pretty good at it. So we won the, I won the Nationals. Like, you know, obviously it's the wrestling is not as big in Australia as it is over here, but you know, I still won like the Australian Championship twice and stuff like that. But then I just, I just gave it up and started playing football. Yeah. So that's crazy. So you won the Australian Nationals twice? Yes. Wow. Yeah. So that was a, yeah, they have them every year. And you'd only been training for a year? You'd only done it for a year? Yeah, honestly, I remember we used to have a games night. We called us at a PCY, say, please, boys club. It's just a local club. Usually they'll have like games nights and they had wrestling there. And I just went there one time and the, you know, the trainer was just like, oh, you should come and do training because I was doing all right. So I just started doing it and then I was actually pretty good again. I was always like, I literally, you know, come out the mother's womb like this. You know what I mean? So I've been, I've been this big since I've been this big or, you know, this hard and it looked this old luck for, you know, since I was like 12. I was always, so I was always versing guys twice the size of me. And you know what I mean? So I was older, much older as well. And I used to do well. So that's why a lot of people thought I was mad, you know, when I gave that up because I was doing so good. And then the same was a rugby league. When I played rugby league, even people thought I was mad giving that up as well because there was something I was pretty good at as well. Ioana Yoon-Jaechek, who's the former strawweight champion, she had a fight with this woman, Zhongwei Li, who is the strawweight champion from China. It's crazy, epic, like one of the best fights in history at the end of it. Ioana's head was so like a Frankenstein forehead. Yeah. Imagine, yeah, look at her forehead. Now imagine me with makeup on standing next to her. That would be ridiculous, right? I refuse. You're like, look at my foundation. They were like, well, we're just going to cut down the shine. Who gives a fuck if I'm shiny? Literally no one cares. Yeah, she's got a double forehead now. It's a double triple forehead. Everything's falling. Is it back down? Have you really followed up? I don't know. She hasn't taken, that's what she looks like normally. Beautiful lady. She's so tough. Yeah. That lady is as tough as human beings can possibly be. Oh my gosh. Because she like never even flinched her fucking foreheads twice the size of normal. She didn't even flinch, kept throwing bombs. It was amazing. Yeah. Epic. How long did it go? Five rounds. It was like a whole minutes of chaos. Yeah. And it was even the whole fight. The whole fight was like back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. It was amazing. Are you guys super bummed out when people like throw one punch and the person falls down? No. That's it? No. That's exciting too? Yeah, it's exciting. The sport is crazy. It can happen that way where like there was a recent fight where Donald Cerrone fought Conor McGregor. And in the clinch, Conor McGregor slammed his shoulder into Donald's nose and broke his nose. So they came out of the clinch like seconds into the fight, his nose is bleeding. And then he got head kicked and he got pummeled and then they stopped the fight in 40 seconds. Oh my gosh. Yeah. And everybody was bummed out because there was this huge pay-per-view event, this big deal. But that's part of what's crazy about this sport is that it's the fighting in either boxing, kickboxing, or MMA is the only sport where you can end it early. Like football goes the distance. You're in for three and a half, four hours. Yeah, baseball goes all the innings. It's like that's just how it goes. But fighting can end in 10 seconds. We've had fights that have ended. I think, well who's got the record now? It was Dwayne Ludwig, but- Moss Fodel took it I think, right? That's right. Moss Fodel took it. It was like eight seconds, but it was like five. It's not really. I don't even think they gave it eight. I think they said it's five, but I think it's three. What do you do at the Lab event? Everyone's just like, all right, time to go. I know there's 12 fights that night. Oh, gotcha. So that was just one fight out of many, many, many, many fights. I clearly know a lot about- Yeah. Have you ever watched one live? Yeah, not live, but on TV. You should go. I'll get you tickets. You go crazy. I love that. Are you not traveling because of this? I'm not changing shit. Yeah, that's what my wife asked me a lot. She was really concerned about me coming here, and I was like, dude, we got to sell the game. I just got back from Vegas, and I was a little nervous while I was over there, but I did everything normal. I went to work out. I ate. I went to the fights, which is 20,000 people at the T-Mobile arena, all stuffed into this one area, and everybody was acting normal. Everybody was high five in a hug, and then fighters. I mean, Jesus Christ, you want to talk about people exposed. Yeah, yeah. They're sweating, and they're half naked. Tyson Fury's trying to lick that dude's blood. I don't think he's worried. That was before the big outbreak. Yeah, I'm worried about old people. I'm worried about my parents, for sure. I'm worried about people who are overweight, have friends that are not healthy, that maybe should lose some weight, and I'm worried about them. I'm worried about people with respiratory problems. A good friend of mine has a daughter of cystic fibrosis, and he canceled his tour. Shout out to Everlast. He canceled his tour because of that, but he's got a real concern. His daughter is a pretty serious lung condition. That is really scary. It's horrible. He's got no choice. He has to stay home and play it safe. I think a lot of people are going to do that. It's going to be interesting to see how the government handles it. Because one of the things about love or hate Trump, he's willing to do some shit that a lot of people would think would be unpopular, like close down traffic, close down flights coming in from other countries that are infected that have high rates of infection. I mean, I wonder what they're going to do. I think something really radical has to be done to try to start this slow down, this fucking illness. But I don't know what they can do, honestly. Are we waiting for it to ... I've got to watch the show with this guy. Are we waiting for it to go away? I read a quote that when the weather changes, it'll stop or something. That's horseshit. Yeah, Michael Osterholm set a straight on that. That's nonsense. He's like, it's not going to have any effect on it. What happens is it just runs through the population, and people develop immune systems that can handle it. You develop an immunity once you catch it. For many people, it's just going to be like a bad cold. For many people, it's going to be like you're coughing, and you just try to get better. Stay home, drink a lot of fluids, be healthy, do your best, and eat healthy, and then get out. You're going to have an immunity to it. What's going to happen on the other end? I saw one guy. He had it, and it was fairly mild. Then the quarantine ... and he got over it. He was getting over it and getting better. They quarantined him with a bunch of people that also had it, and then he got it even worse, which is interesting. I was like, I wonder how he got it again. I guess probably his immunity wasn't fully developed yet, and then it just overwhelmed his immune system. He's basically quarantined with a bunch of other people that were really, really sick. He got through it, and he was talking about it, and all these poor people that are stuck on boats. Oh my God. It's crazy. This is going to kill the cruise ship industry. I guarantee you that.